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K* 17.620.
V01- IJV.
-,,,. BENATfl pr.ci.lNKS to BE DB1VBN TO v VOTB i
\V,i?hin_ton. Feb. 19.?The very confident and
c ky plan ?>f the silwr managers tn rush the
.Tor.es Kree Coinage hlll through the Senate at a
tdnglo sittine caroe to ajrtef thls evening. a* any
mi h bbubbjb-m and Jaunty le__alatl*ro pr__?arnrae
was bound to do. Mr, Jonei and hls followrrs
w-re unwillln-: to reootrnlae the patent nbsurdlty
of their contentlon that they should be allowed to
paaa in one day a ptece of Blrrer i??rMtetloa much
in..re imdlcal and sweeping in character than the
ODO auainst whc.se repeal. two yeara aflO. th.y
had BMbnatered for mariy three month-. Mavini.
rcoourae to bo other asaaaa ot expe,iitinK l-clala
tlon than those ?n ivhlch th- friends of tho repeal
Of the sllver-purchase CteBBMB of the BO-called
Sherman act depended In the jrurrmer of UU. it
was a for-fone eoactaBora that tho free ooto_?e
managers would fall ln thelr purpo.se at the flrst
show Of BBrhBBB hostllUy on the part of the sound
money opposition. This hostlllty was not long in
doveloping, and. under the preaajOTC of the dlla
lory tactics quickly leflOTtcd to to stave off an ini
medlata vote, Mr. Jonaa** "taat of endunince"
plan prned as in_-lori..us ? fl__le aa any of those
InaatrUM-t-d and directed two y.-ars ago hy the
great "teflt of enduratve" statesman of the
Finance t'ommittee, Mr. Voorhees.
At 9 o'clock this i-vening. after about eiKht hours
of so-called debaia, over three of whioh were
BpCBt in a parliamentary deadlork, Mr. Jonea
K.ive up his attenipt to "rallroad" hls free coinage
pg..I-rCt through the Senate, and consented to an
adjournment. leavlng the blll practloally no fur?
ther advanced than when it waa taken up for oon
nlderatc.n yesterday afternoon. The lntentlon of
the sllver lea h-rs to abandon the Jonea measmre
rntirely waa alao ciearly dlsclosed hy the lntro
ductlon of a resolution hy Mr. Wolcott declaring
that, though. ln the judgment of the Senate. the
proaperily ani weifaro of tho country demanded
the opening of the mints to sllver. any legialatlon
looklng to that en I was lmpractlcabie In the clos
iBg hourw of th- present Congress.
Mr. Waliv>tt's resolution was offere_ hs a con
venlent com prom lae ealculated to pnevent any
further waatfl of tlmo ln flllbustering, and was
aoeepted aa such hy the managen* on both sldes
of the chamber. A vote upon It will doubtless
be had to-morrow. ea the oppuncnta of actual
free coinage legislation are not dlapOBBfl to Btand
out agalnst the adoptlon of a m*-rely academlc
deolaratlo-n of opinion on the part . t lhe free
sllver cornblnatlon now ,>nce more in un
doubted control of the "d.dlberatlve branch"
of t'ongrvsB. Puch a mere exjiression of senti
meni would not Bffacl in anv way the flxed
linancial pollcy of the (Jovernment, r.or could
lt be consldered a*1 an espedally dangerous
blow at the Natlonal credlt. On the other
Tiand, Us adoptlon by the Senate would serve
the purposes of the fr~e colnasre aglta
tors fjulte as acc-*ptably as the paseage of the
Jones bill Itself, for they entertaln aa little h"pe
of getting that blll through the House of Repre
at-ntatlvefl as of aecuring an approval "f lt al
the Whlte House. The passage of the Wolcott
r'-.-olutlon will do as well. thar**foP8, ?? any thlng
Clre to emphaslze the strength of the free rllver
eentiment ln the Senate and encourag-e the re
vlv3l of actlve agltatlon for free coinage a____H
the naturally inflatloni*'. Statea ot the West and
Fouth. . __ __.v._i
It ls unders'iood that the compromlse hy wnlch
a v,,te is to be allowed <>n the Wolcott resolution
will lnelude the. full oonsent of the free Mhrcr
Fi.lc to a similar rote .?). Mr. iK.rman's propoaala
for the rellef of the Tre-nury's emliarr; Bflmi-ntfl,
j. w attached aa amendroenta t.> th<- Bandry
c.vii Appropriation bill. The proapect --f lhe
adoption Of tho M iryland Senator's exchequer
, ? pBun has l.een _reatry IcaBened by the reply
? tO-day t" tv;.- Senate bv S.-T.-'I I . "..flisle
to the recent Hill riaokitlon Inqulrlng whether
anv additlonal legialatlon wa.- nee.ler) ??-, mak<
go, | r-xistitiR deflclenclefl In the Trea-urc A?
Mr Caritsle peralflta that he needfl no further
BMlstance an.l denlea the exlatance ol a deflclt.
lt ls n ,t Ukely that tha Republican nlde arlll care
to go out of Itfl wav to MUTjr il)t -Mr- GtorrnanB
i-en'-ibie p.nd practlcaJ plan. which. <-f courae, w II
be hltterlv opposed on the Denocratlc Brde by
all the rabid fr.^-trt'l ? ard "cuckoo" elements.
Washlnicton. Keb. 19.-There waa an oauBUally
h.r?e attenlance of Beaaton thls rnornlrfl. ],r.,ha
bly ln VteW Of the expecte. COBtafl. over the Free
__rrer C_>iaa?e bill. nnd the, Kalleries were also
WOB flllad wlth intereste,! specfators. The routine
morrilni? bofltaeaa, however, con^nrnfi the firrt
haif-hr/ur with matters of little publlc eoaeen.
A eommunlcation ?a? ptaBfltflJ and read from
the Becretary Of lhe Tr'-a.-ury. ln response IO a
resolution of the Beaale, Ib whlch tba Becretary
Btate* the batance In the Treaaury to ba <mcluetve
of MMM.8JM iroii reaerve BB.tn._M Th,.- Becretary
Btatea lt as his obIbIob th.c the Becretary
of the Treasury oufht ?<> l"- p.-rniaiient'.y iBTaated
arltli fluthorlty t-> i,s_e an I aell Bbort-tlflaa bou la -.r
Othir obliKatlons f.r the purpo-e of BMetlBf or?
dlnary deflciericies. fll__00_1l he I ?! BOl thir.k that
ther-- !? any Baceflfllty Bl thli tlme f'.r the exer
clseof such authorlty If !i exlsted. Hetoof the ,.pln
lon tha.t f.-r tba n- x; Bacal !?? mr the racelpti will
BBoaad the axpeadltaf-a.
A eoafereace report oa the Dlplomatlc anl Coaa .
lar Appropriat''i:i bill w;is preeeated an<i aaTeed
to. aii the dllferencea between tbe two houae. on
that bUl hav.- been arranged, except as to the
appropriation .?f MOO.000 to begln the conatructlon
of the cable lo Hawaii, or watch the coaf.
were aaabla to agree. \ further coafereBci aai
ordered ,, , thal Item
Mr loata <l??-n... Arh.) moved that the Benate
liroceel arlth tha regular order the Bllver Cola
tnto blll. An objectlon lo dlaplaclflg niorninu bual
Uf* was laterpoaed bj Mr. Hill (Dem., N v...
At thi- j,o;rit th.- credeBttali " Mr. Wllaon, tha
r- . mmemtat from tha Btate of B'aflhlnctoa, were
Iiresentad, ani ba arai aworn la thoa rompletlng
t_c full Benate raeiBberflhlp of elgrhty-elBht.
A moti.ir. i,y Mr. Oomlan (Dem., Md.) for dally
aeasions to ____? at 11, from lo-m irrow, Wflfl made
Bn_ a_r, .? 1 t0.
T1"*. vote waa then taken ,,r, Mr. JOBea'fl IBOtlOB 10
?aaa aa the Silver tin, and n wu Bffreed to
jeas 3?,. nays 'C,.
Th- hlll having beer, taken op .-,:,, ri-,1 |B full.
Mr. Jteee, aavtag eharK,. __ ,,. ,uggMtrt thai an
hour be Mxed to-day for taklng ,),.? flnal VOtl Ml
j paaaage.
Mr. UaJe CRep. Ma.) _*J_eted. and a__weate_ lo
Mr JOBMM flfhether ll was KOod publl.- pollcy to
brin? up Bt thla period of the .eaR|0n H M|1 whlrh
would Beoflflflarily lead to a leaaj debate. ari_ B|-h,
Berhapa, a_e_____-T the passai?* of the A|.pr?,,ri:u,.?i
blll; anl would thoa resuh ln an extra Beaaton of
Mr. .lon-s BBtd that th.-re w.is not . member of
th. b.ly who dld not know now how i-vrry other
BMmber of it wo__d vote. Therefore _!_?______ f0r
an hour or a day or ? weeh wouM chaasa BObofli _
fonvlctlon. The friends .,f th. ? ,,.,.?,,. w,.ri. wl)1|nK
to pm the matter to the teat .,?.. wlthoui ,>n<- word
of iafeate. if the oppooeetfl of the Mll .saw nt to
resist and to dis.-uss it, of coarse its rrlenda e iu'_
not help n i,ut th.y had to make an earaeal efforl
to _et a vote,
Ur. Aidnch (Rep., R. i . remarhed that oa Ben
ator and m penou |_ tha Ualtad Htat.-s expected
thla. meaaure t? baCQBBB B law. If there couM )?.
??>? real beneiit to the country, or If unv reaull waa
to be reached by pt?sa_fl_| the MU to coaatderatloa,
BMt aruuM be one rblnR. Bat the Senator fr-mi
A'kanias h.d to ad.nit that he did nor nped the
-ih to pa*,, th_ House or to recetvo Bxecutiva ap.
Prova:. Therefore It cani" wlih lll grmce Mr
aa-Ti- "*W' fpom "" !,i"n'iH ot ,h* b,n ""> um.
aeai that a blll of such Importat ce should he hur
r-a tlroBfti arttbout dl-cusaloB.
__ r- Gra-y_'lMn . !),-;.? sald th.it he entire.y ?Kre_.l
fnnllnued on Firih Pa_te.
London. F'-h. lt.?Ther- i* B furihtr Btlr in
Bffypt affortinK the p<.siti.-n <>f th.. Minlstry.
The Khedivo. lt wm?. wnnts tO 0U8I NtthOT
Pacha, praaManl af tha* Mlnlaterlal Councll.
whom tba Knglish si'lM'""- '?? an *n? '!! -
"El Ahram." which. ac.r.li?K to The Tlm**
oorreapondent flt Call*, muat be direetly ln
splra-o. the KRadlvc virtuaiiy cRarBM Baron
Cmmer. BHttoh AKent aad ClM-EJ-Qeneral ln
Baypl wiih dlatortlna what passed Between Ihe
I Kha-aiiva. aad th.- Baron nt thelr laal audlence.
Th. BdltOT Ol "Kl Ahram" ls a Syrim:. Who
i. Jnd. Kren.h protectlon, and who la known
Jo'betha Khe.llv.*'s chlef a.lv.,... "Tha
Tlmea" correopondenl mputee the fatofhwrf
1 meStloned to the Khedlve. and declarea that
,h, Mii,isirvar.*en.iti'"it'. Brltiah Bupport. and
I that if it la wlthdrawn th?re wlll ?><? a rea.tlori
from tha trlumph of th.* Khedlva which wlll
impcrll the proKress made under BlitlaD con?
trol. ?
Philadelphia. FBh. 19 - .Tames H Oentry, the
actor who ahot and kille.l Madgv Torke. the
aotreps. ln thls rlty Sunday evenlng, was nr
rested by a pollceman to-nlRht nt Thlrty-thlrd
Ft. aad ('(.lumbla-Hve.
He wa* BUffarlnK ftOBB n fracturod sktill an.l
was rut over the heart. where he had trled I??
commlt suiolde wlth n panknlfe.
He va. taken ta. the licrmnn Hoapltal, 880
1* now conflned in that InatltUtton.
Poll.-e detectlves ln thls rlty w.-re maklng a care.
fui seareh yesterday f..r James n. Uentrv. tlie
a--tor. who murdered Mad.- Torkc la Philadelphia
on Sunday evenlntc. They were not Indlne 1 tu
credlt the report* ihat <ientr> nilKhi Bava <om
mltted sulcide after esoaplng from the -a.-ene ..f
the murder. and they thought lt likely that he
mlght try to hlde himself ln thla Hiy for a tlme
Oentry's famlly name la 1 .onala-llo. Bla rather
ram* to thi* country from Italy wh*n h<- ara* .
Ud. and went to llve ln HL hmond. Ya.. where h*
made a small fornine ln the aale of frut:. Twenty
yeara apo Ontry began hla <-ar<*er h> a elrcu. boy,
and later he became a slnger In <-,,n.l. np.-ra BB I I
performer on the varlety atage. I.ut h? r.a v. i ?? l*
regarded as hetter than a third-rate parformer.
The murder of Miss Vorke was h OOW mlly and
brutal crime. apparently prompt.-l !??? ...* a*i mo
tive?. Oentry had heen ..ut of emplojrmenl
prolmbly wanted assistan.-e Irom th. a-.h-iik wo.r?an
to whom he had baaa paylag attantlon* Bj
letter she had ma<le an appolntmenl 10 mael blm
at noain on Banday in .!? rs-v a . Bha ????? bei
week's salary from llM theatrh al compan-j .n
r'hester. I'enn . on Saturda*. cwealng, anl alao an
advanee on her aesi Breeh'a Balarj "n ' -' '
was going tr> Baw-Terh to i-i-'-ii iundaj
did not appear at her father'a hou>* ln thll
and ahe probably dM go to Jeraey Clty, bul
faiied to meet Oentry th.re. .?n BandBl after
noon Oentry waa seen by several aeqaalaBUKM In
Fourteenth-at.. and he appearel to he BUllen an I
under the Influen.-e of llqnor. T.> <>n- BCqualnt
ann?.. who a?k?d what was the matter. Oentry
said' "Matter! A ;.- -. dear- lv in.m.. 1
puess you'd look gloomy If your glrl hal Btood
you pp."
He went to Philadelphia the *am? evenlna an .
Intralred f..r Blaa v..rk- at Zetaae'i Hotel,
Bhe was stayln;:. She hud arrlved ln Phlladl
by an earlier train. an.l sh" waa In a room wltb
l.i.in .Marke. another Bctrea*. Tha young women
wa re HlnglliK toga-tha-r in the room When Oentry
aoddenly hurst ln upon them.
ll.- r-.ughiv re-proached Ml?* v. rk- ' ? falllna '"
mee. hlm us ?ha- had prtmtlBed, and an* rephed lhat
Fhe had beaa la Jeraey ?'i.y and he bad falled lo
in.-ei ber.
'Hia-n he ask<*l ber t.. kl?s him. anl -I- ?aW she
would not untll li- hal explaJned bla . ??? ?
U'ltha.ut anotha-r wa.rd ha- drew a reA'olA'er fra.m
hls |ai.-ket and shot h.r to de,ith. dtecharglng Ui.ee
hull?-ta Intu th<- head of the w..n .... lo make aure of
hW wark. Then ha- mn a?.a> ,in 1 nian.ii:.- I t ? - - .;??
Al.n.-t aa Kra-.it i .ti" norror .tn. wa* exciied
amona ttie.-itri.-a, peopl* h'*re by the crlme .?.;.*? the
surprl-aa- tha: *UCh <. deed .-h.aiill have been
mltted by Oentry. Of courae ihere w.<- atlll
talk about H yeaterday, and natural.) tM-r<- ??.
many opinlon*. Many a,' thoae wh.. knew Oentry
bad alwaya reaarded hlm .ih a K"-i felloa md n
rapable ?'f murder .?r any othCT erlmi Thoae
had e.*.tlmata*.l the in.ui thu- were entlrelj inabl*
t? account f-.r hls act There i*>re suggeatlons
of Insanitv. of courae, laat ihey were noi m i li
credlted Xo reasonabl* ground eould be *ho*n
for Buppoalna 'bai the man wa? Inaane, an.l .' wa*
gen< r.illy rea-a.Ktilr.e.l thal whatever v ,.- hla motlve
f..- tbe murder lt was an eBpeclally rruel uni coa
ardly act. for whlrti he waa fully responslble
M- and Mrs Roberl B. Dryndale nnd rhomas
.1 ' iirv.-dale. ih- parenta and brother ol M.
Vorke arrltred at thelr bome N" ?'* \\--i .--. .
enty-eiahth-at.. from Philadelphia, al 130 p. m
veserdav They were recelved here by Mia* May
brj'Bdate. the KlHt.-r, and K. Alfred iM.'-a-lal- an
other iir-.the. of M.h*. Yorke Mr. and Mr* L?n
dala- were too mu'h proatrateil ... !.<? aeen. 't.
Aif-e.i i.rvsdale aald to a Tribune reporter: "My
i-Mt'er'*- laa'.dv ha*- not y.l l.'-n broughl homa
Mi 'ia'lier im.th.r a.nl brother . return lo
Philadelphia to-morron night and i.nug ihe bod
here on Thuraday. Arrangementa foi the .ineri
have nol vet been completed. bul the burlal wlll
orobably be ln VS'oodlawn r'emetery. > Bhould
lika- .'. deny 'bai any Intlmacj or matrlmonlal H
lentlon* e-a'iHt.-l between my alater and the brute
who m-.ird'ra-i her."
THE ?-: '?;.'.. BTRANOE ' RAN BEUKA KI) Tn II '
Ml )?'?? R| D THE TWO BOA II .'. I i.i.a m-?:i ;:.;
Altbouah the pollce of the Ihree rttlea are work
:,., ; ard lo leam the hidl n l I ? ol lh
?trangc man who belleved lo hava cauaed th*
death i.v aaa nf Henn Knappe and John Hlma,
Ihe two rouna ???- " ?'?"r; Hoboken, while the) wen
?leeplna In a room a MlUer'* Hotel, .-AToa It and li
Broadway, Hrooklyn, on Bunda; . lh. hava ??? r*i
ijaa-n unaucceaaful.
Aft-r l*avlna th* hotel <?.. Bunday mornlng i*
Ing ihe aia*.- ci.iv. nol t'< dlatnrb th* two man, h i
belleved tha Btranaer haaumed toward thc ferrle
Hnd i-roaaed the river lo Ihla eity. Tha pollp?- hav.
learnea] :hm a man Bnrwerlng th?- deacription aa?
s...-i to enter the Twenty-thlrd-al ferrj houaa and
Uke B l-'iat I" N. w-V'.ik.
yealerdai Dr. Cutyland made an autopsj on ine
?,.i(ii.-s l-v ordei ..: t.'oroner Craamer and rounai ina
death waa th<- reauli of ga? aaohyxlatlon. rna? i:.
,,.?... has been adjournasd by th- Coroner penoini
tha- work of th.- pollce, .
An uncle of V..U..K Blm* yeaterdaj call ed a
RuoflT. morg-ue. In Buahwlck-av* wh.*r?.tke bodlei
*<n removed, and had Hlms's body taken to Ho
boken. No one has as yel clalmed tbe i...d> i.i
Knaope Coroner Croaiaer thmks thc boya wen
/.\IUA.\ l IBQI8LAtors I \< nBV.
a mi.mi.i.k CHAROBO THAT WHiBKEt 8/AB ON
TAP IR TBH .'KI.i.ak I.iniMJ A
indianaiK.il.i, Peb. i? (Speciali. Intenae eacltemer
^avallad for a few minutes ihis afternoon *" ihe
il.iUB.* during th? dlacuBakai in'<'ommittee ot the
Whole ?f the amendment*- to UM Nlchols".. TeW
paraaea Mll ..ffere.i i.y Mr. Holtoway. ot Bvanarllle.
Andrew Jacfcaon, aaaaabar from Parroll Connty,
aharK.l that a barra* of whlska-y w..? on 188 in th*
Callar and that he rhad been Invited to drlnk I.y
three or four peraon*. Th.' I h.i.nher was pa.-ke.l
with frlends of the blll. an.l wh.-ti II..II -way r-s.-iii
ed the remark ??i mtUcttng upon hltn ..nd th* Mous.-,
Jackaoa H.iid that if th. st. Bttad hlm Im cou-d
arear lt The amendmenl related t" wlnerooma,
and Holloway's motiOB lo J><'nni: them under c.-n
dlt'.on* waa loai by a larga majority. Tha* ..... ia
ftiii pendlng. , , . , ?,
The Soldlena' Home hill wa* paasc I Jual befor*
adjournnient. The Oovernor Intimates tliat, Inas
much aa thls blll deprivea hlm nf th* appotntlng
power, he wlll refus.* lo slgn It. an.l wlll not com
misalon the lloard of Trustef s ele.-ieal by the coni
tnicslon of Btate offlcer* provMed.
Bandy H<...k. X. .1 . Peb. 19. ? Kremaint P. Pedfc
Bral lleutenant, Ordnanca Corpa. was alma.st
Inatantly kllled on the prr>vinK-gr>.tindB here thla
afternoon t.y tba baestlni of th>* breach "f *
Hotchklaa gun. Tne test of a 17-lnch Hetchklaa
rapld-flrlng gun wis unaler way, at.d tWO muiids.
v.ith (ixi*i ammonltlon, ha.l i?en BtKseaaafally
nr.-! by LleJtenanl Peefc. Whea the third round
wis lird. the !>r.h .1 thi K'.n hurst. and fra?
ii nta from li Btmck I.i. utenant Peeh on the
face and ha k. caUBing Injuries which resulted In
his death in a few mlnute*. S'-ig.-ant John
Thorp araa allghtly Injured la the leff; bul ihe
..th.-.s preaent, among whom were Captala Prank.
Heath, the commandlng otllcet >f ihe provlnf
ground* and Major Prank H. Phlppe, th* p ?
d.-nt of' the Ordnance Board, eacaped unhurl
Many haal narrow encape* from Berlou* Injury.
however, as fragmenu of the breech arere *eni
i.i .iii -lir. tlona and the breectabl ?? k. after atrtk
Ing aeveral obatructlone, landed aboul 108 yarda
awaj io the ra-.-u.
Major I'hlpp* wai >jreatly ahockra i.v th.i
.-iirrei,,-.*. He --ia...! for AVashii.k". ?!: thla even?
lng An oflclal Inqiiln in'" '?-" expkialon wlll
be mad.- A defecl In Ihe br.'h blaicb ts Ihoughl
i,- the ordnan.me ra here to have cauaed the
... idem. The pl< ea whl -h can b* found have
been rollected, wlth ? vlew of aubjectlng them Ifl
an examln itii.i by experl
Thla la the tl.st aerlou* accldenl whlcb nai
occurred or, the provlng-grounda here alrci -?
Oi ..ctol.er 21 of lhal y -ar i":. ?'? Ueul na il
William M. Metcalfe and Prlvate Joarph Klng
w-r.* kllled In nearlj th name pUe* bj ihe ? *
nloalnn of o twelve-lnch sh-ll which wa* IwHng
filled for . teat Sei.I . ther ?? Idler* wei H
J..I...1 ln thls exploBlon
lleutenant, and w..* detalled ... -luty ;>
Btate* Provlng Oi indi a! Banoy Hooa
?; l tra li' THE ' i'IM'.N "l" THE 1 W
i l.rv is A.VKHI.l.
CambrltJaf*, P?h 1!? tSpe.-lali The Harvard
faculty al a apeelal ma-i-tlng thls afternoon nr
rtved a. a declaloa lhal lntercoUe*jlat< football
ahould be abandoned Th* vote la reporb i lo
? hav- -i.l U ta. l* Thls opinlon wlll '?? aenl
' .,, the corporntloa wltb a reqtjeai lhal 11 ba
forwarded ln ih.- Athletlc Commltle*. Tuls ls
almpli ..ii a'l'.ni"" of Ihe raculty. bui ll la an
uiiuaual and st.-irtltt.g de laloi !? took e*. .-ry
.,,,. i., aui pn- and .--.a:- greeted I
blttci '?il.*- nf >?' nd mong i lent?
| Ihe nveting 11 ??." !?: >P ' ? ' ' '"' *l-!
, ilstlng athletk rvlU and lt. (?<?* upon <!
vleablllty of llmltlng ihi ronteata
grounda In thi future Before Ihla nsotlon c.uld
l,. | i; hiawever, it wh* moved tha' ln lh*
l,? ,f'the fa ult) in'- r- lleglate football ahould
|. pr.ahlbll ii? mratlnn e-as i Mr
Pra.fei - ?? Uorg an lha ?*- i. liai*- of tl
Ult) made th ' ' ''' '"
taken Pai
Ra.nHlli he ? ?pn ? d hlm*< II ?<- . ;-.?*<l ' ?
lh* gun* whlcb he cbaractertaed a* "an ub
: wleldj monater Pn?feaaa?r Ame* i hall n
,;... tthletl Commlttee. alau deHlned to lalk
Thi vote of ih. fa. ull ? ?' ';: '?
athletl. affaira a* th*-lr rapaclt) If
; nnli ai advla rj ne n la tlie flrst llme. *?"?
evei thal thej hava vei lured to eapre8B|8n
>n io th- Athletlc i ? ?? n ltt< ?
7 4 V81 V APPOtS T8 i " 108 i M U ' N
,-....??* ' .1 > ? a '
I i ; r '. ; :? ' \FY
Then haj ? ?????:?
1 ?her r - ? :'' ? It h*
? . h) lh* Bhei it I ? ?: ? ?? ntn anl ?
| .;.;,. , f tl
..... lha- XVIIth Aaaa
,;....ii, ... Ib* ?-? I ? ??? ' ?'?
tha XVIIth. mai ir...- ..i No ? " ?**? '
Portj Br?l *l Th* - lai I
I-, ,. j ;,. iitna 'hi i .nnil.... . ll-ill leader ..f
Ihe XVII l. .- nol ... *.iv lhal Orea n
I, ,,,,,. ,,f ihe mo .ha 1:..- and tl il
?i.,,, ....... inten -. are * ? ? In Oreen' ?
hand* t
,;,,, ii ., v rk' . al Ihe : olla 1* r* og
nlaeal Ihroughoui hli Ae***mblj i- trl t, *i i hl*
iinaa*ru| iloui method* In manlpulatlna re ult* m
p..lliiir-i.ootii- .ar- w.-ll ki...v.i, An evldence of
tn apabllltle* ln thi llna -.*..'- ihown la ' No
vernl*. . wl en he . a. l ?? I hl* elea tlon ll lrl? t for
Hiigh .1 lirant foi Mayoi bj thlrt) ?? ren pliiral*
; jt* ,.r ihe Tammany . ull i| *e In n."
XVIIth \. embly IHairl. t
lireen I* ?? memliei ><f tii. Tammanj Mail nen
. ral I'ommlttee, an l h i ?' 1 relendwl lai be ..m
hui ,i -.|ii....?? i Wlgwam man. The i-harae
. i.,.,.;. ihai tlra-en" appailntmeni nnd lha i .-n
i,,,i, uf ..:li' i Tammanj nv*n bj Sli^nff ramaen i
Ihe reaull leal abetween Tamman) Benatair*
il |) men .ii Alhani un one [?ri anal Tam
-,-., and hli i.i'.ici- on tl.Iher, I.*- which Ihe
Temmanj lei;lalator? ..r.- lo uae tl.at. Influence anal
... defa... iha '.di- n??w pendlng In tlie ''?.?;
I'a.mmlttee ... reform il.'- abuae* in the Bheiirr*
,,:?;. .
ll,,,s I* Tam en appolntmenl nf ?> rammnny
man llke lireen to i.xplulned exi-epi on ? .m. ?u. li
il. -orv" 'll..- Bherlff'* e idn,. ?-? (>. deal vanh Tam
i, in. li..- i.ii i.r../.-.-i- - ??.i,!..ii.-i fniwi hl* "?
,.., y |n tha offi. he .... allairraa . ?)
ll/.' IXGL1XG /'? I lll II II M ARO TRI I/
MM KIIU I' !?'? '..' ' "'
.'?. S ;.i: WITII Ull NtK i.n: I.INi;
... ..... n. i.
.. ... Ka i. \:> Thi Ila: ? ml .1 'feii
a ?? klng th ' hli . in .-." i'.- .. ? ?? ? i ?"
le. ilmo " iw lha ?? i ...
than 11 a r r? Hayward wha : ? nui
.i ..i i: \\ aiki i ul .-? Paul,
r.....M ... hat Ina --ii M ?- ? I i ? ? ul llme
paul a --i .?- i|a .;'?.. man ? i ?< ??
Iron grar muat* I I i , .. k.i'--i bj ibb
nitnei doea noi ta rlth l il glven <?:. i ltb? i
U ll on ? i tlrlmlal!
There ?.*..?.? .i II lurbance lo in nvei in.- attempt*
of Air Krwln ... ? ir.ia* from Ait Orlndall ?
? rlptlon of ihe ibu ?? lo whd h be bad ba ?n *ub
.. . I. i b) a da-tecllv. .. am. I Hoj an.l bj pollc.
Mi Nye mad. an objectlon everj llme ?>
qneation waa aaked ar i i tlrtndall belng peraecuted
- ? .. ? latali ? verj tahja ctloti lo teatlmon) ol
kind bu Aii Krwln | . u ?? i ln an aff.... 'a.
(.- . thi evldi i. ??? i i .-? bmlth harpl)
..?i.r .vi l ..... ...'. rn< i
. i: ? Ull RWOre thi- :afl-. i.,. efforl* li.'l
I.. an mad. by an attorney, Charlea l.i.art. to cor
rupl hla teatlmony. Khert, ha a) iiad ueen ia i
i. .. i.iiii-: iiim-a.t ii .,..? .,' Krwln'i men. Tbe wll
i.a^a. Mii.1 he did noi iii:! oul unil! laal Baturdai
thal l-.i't rt was worklng for the Btala Beveral
other w.i.ias-aa t.-atitla.i ...iicarnln< :iia- *h ?>ilnK.
hui arhlle iii<-ir teatlmony maj ii..v- *ome barartna
upon .!"? ??!??? '.'t.i in the proceedlng*, n did not
,?.,,. .. materbil at tha* preaenl tlme, Th.* ilefeace
wanted to recall ti.<- llveryman, B'llaon, -aIim w.-.?
posltlve lhal a* aaa Blaa fllna and Harry llav
\M.r-i rldlng togetber on iha* nlghl of the murder,
bul II was found lhat B* li.d laltea B hii?ty trlp ta.
Ml -"'ul.
At th. mornlng aeaalon hal ward <!aMiai.-,Hii was cx
iiiin.i.ii by Air. Brwln. Hla leallmaony related t<>
ii'i-i- *um* c,f money In iba- defendant a poaaeaalon
, i.,i . mi Chleago F ?' Rrbardt, brother of th<*
man who dlacovered Ihe i?..ly of \liss ning, was
n(,xi ralled. in* brothat hn<\ come n. th.* houae
and told hi... lhal there waa a dead bodv ln th*
road. They took .. lantern and, accompanled by a
brother-ln-law, wa... lo the ....n.-. ln the wttnaflf'*
opinlon, ihe woman haal been thrown anl of Iba
\ wrangle otrcurred i..iwe*n County Attorney Nye
and Mr, Brwln a fa-w mlnutea later Tb* latter sald
that he wlahed to show thnt taatlmony had baea
manufaciured t<> break down ih-- teatlmony ?'f a
_*,|.n M Mi Nye exclalmed: "I'll show vou whether
ihia teatlmony la manufacturad ?r not bafara l aet
'?We wlll sh.'W you 'hat ther.* has lieen teatlmony
uii.faci.ir ?.., Wall
Mr Brwla'fl retort.
a ir N'v ahouted ba?k: "And l wlll ahow whera
,,;, have manufaciured evtdenca befor* I k-i dpua
wlth thi* caae l ?.n i"111" >"" dowa to lha <-nd af
lhAt*thia'nolnl ih'- <''>uri Intorfarad. .-x.-iaiininK:
?Oentlemen. ceaa*. or I wlll Baa you b.,th for con
?ffj \'ve COUld not cool down so r*adlly. howevei
. rnm.rkd l? .. VOloa whl.h eould I.e hear
fhiaSSut the attorneyB' Indoaure: "I wlll teaol
I'r'wlti U rome ln here and ahoot off bla mouth."
six BOt BB" vvonK
Fo urt-. -n sh,pwre.-k"l men who had heen gal
iBntly and akllftillv reecued from a slnklng V*__
.?e| ln a ~ale, wlth tremondoufl seas tunning. were
brought Into p..rt yesterday by the Whlt.- Star
frcljrht steatnship Tautic, Captaln T. J. Jones.
Th.-v were part of th.. crew of tV/l nty-three
bbUotb of the BdtlBh ship RJalto, Captaln Baine,
of Windsor, N. S. Thi otber nine men were
taken ..n board nn unftnown Bwedtah bark
Aceordlng to a thrltttng fltorj told by Captaln
Baine tbe Rlalto aalli l from Leoboa ,le Tlerra,
f. tu, ..n Augutfl 10, IUM, wlth 2.11- tonB of
guanc, ln und f.-r Kntwerp. She encountered an
ulm >.?". unbroken aucceaalon of hea\*y iral??s ttll
the ship ivan abandoned. Early In Beptember,
arhen off Cape Horn, lhe Bhlp'a rudder-poat waa
twteted and other damage Inflloted bj heavy
sea*. Whlflfl ctu-'d the V?BB*I to put .itilo VflJ
paral > for repalra.
. >n I"et.r.lary ?'!. arhen off the A/..rrs. she en
rountere.i ,. heavy eaflterty fal< <>n Pebruary
I it had Increaaed to a hurrlcane, ?rith',lmmenae
s?iip It cor.tltuie 1 with great fur*.- for tive dayfl,
rlth terrtfl- t?-ts. The veflflel labored -> h -avllv
th.it the ? trgo ahlfted, i luclng h-r t.. leak and
to iii- tm her lee raii whi awaah. The pumpa
were st.rted. and the ,|,\v w rk'-.l Inceasantly,
day ard night. to keep th- veaeel afloat, bui 'he
arater Increaaed ln the hold untll the cargo,
arhlch -aa aaturated, Blled and choked the
: Th ? pumpa ???'??? llfled nnd taro feet cul
..ff th- Ir l ittom aft. r which pumping was cou
?in-i.-i untll Ihej rhoked agaln The crew th.-n
,...v;., -.? ,? f-n -.. balllng arlth bucketa and
barrela Thej arere nrirlj eahauated aftei
pumping .ni ' ..-.llng for f?.ui daya ar.d nlghtfl
?Ighte i the Tautl . whl h b >r d rwi
i:.ir,\ : .' : ?' io. when
? . ; . v |(. ?; ara : ?? .- I n i- atru ll. i . the
ai _ . s.,.,. ? ,,rk h -v.- n Blg ' and the
Klali ? ? r*a den .- led lhal l u ipiali - ? >ul i
;,.,?,, . . . itti mpl to reai h the i.h-k
,i? nl' bui two ?' whlch i id been n lahed
a , ,. ?.-.... hut R. B. M
, ra too* ne of Ih. h.a and
artil, k- .,- |.- and nfrt 'Ultj afi reached the
-hl ti bore them away ''aptain Balns re
i p rm:: the real nf ti." a*e? t" board h-r
? ilatng b al
talB Jrm*_. "f lhe 'iB.irtr. thi- aame after
? , ie || 01 I ngt-ttdo lt.IT.
I .... ? .. ahip Bhowlng atgnalfl of dtatreflfl
i . > Tfliiric waa Immedlately
i ?he bore lowi n Ihe wrei k Chlef
. Kei in. i*i aeai eered tu
? ? .. um "f the
, .- marlnen wh i wen -??? n itandlng nn
nglng lo l - rlggtng, the
m -fter mu h
rtiffl -.: R??' awa) and hei crear
? :?.?!!.. i\ i ? ittempta to bourd
l ,,: iv ing to ihe .gl>
i ., ;?..:.?? Ki n il ? ? i "
the Itlalt. i en?_ io pu ? ' ? nrvera. Jump
nvrrh ard an l awlm i ? lhe boai Poui dld ao
rea i the b il aafi ly, bui mIibii.I An
,:, . iful att< ?? ; ' a _a then made t ? gel the
remalnlng leti nv n Iniu lhe b >al bj meana of ?
Una fi ?;; the ahlp'fl yardarm, b it the ship.
which _..s tw..- tn under eatremel) ahori aall,
araa i .lllng ;.t.d pi'1 llng ? ? hee rll| thal thla
. ....t.i n.it be done The llfeboal vi.is then rowed
...-? under the ahlp'a Btem, and by meana of a
llne fl .in her taffrail I i lhe at.-t.i of the boat,
a h . waa ateadled b) pulllng from the ahlp,
lhe men were r.-s ue1 In darkneaa, aft.-.- sl_
houra nf almoel auperhuman effort, The Rlalto,
when aban loned, had nlne feel of arater In h-i
, cl .,, | .., .i i, ive kepl Btloat only a rea
houra longei
? __ ?
Tha Bwedtah bark CBIhartaa, ahlch arrlved here
fruiii Trapaal yaatarday. when ln latltude H:M.
loBgltude 71:18, ?n Pebruarj v ancountered a
heavy, Inteaael* cold northwest gale, and ?.,m
boarded bj Immenae h.mv whl?"h earrled awaj her
fur.h_t.li. Btove in hei forecaetle aad imaahad her
bulwarka Bha alao loai ?) boai aad had her -.-.Us
split The handfl BBd feel <>f flll the rrea aere
Ti .- t*unard ateamahlp Bervla, raptaln Ferfl_aon,
wl.l n arrlved here fr..m l_lverpo.il y-eateniuy,
aboul ihirti houra o\"erdue, waa datalned larenty
-i\ hours ... l_ueenalown awalllni malla, a/nicn
arere delayed bj aevere Bnowalorma In Irelaml.
in, i -i.i',.ni 14 ahe .in ...iiii-i. i b _.i'c iinh heavy
aqiiulls The gale beearoe e?treroel| Ber. tne
followlng day, .,,"i Ihi - ?<?? hlgh ?....i i-onfuaed.
? -
v, ii or v ri ..itini.i: '"?!.?> mi ii is i ??" B*
RIU ' >:.\i:ri I. i'v' ? ?'?' '' : PRI-8BMT
I.I.V.,1.- I l; . < : '! ni: lll. II' "i ' BKIH
i'API ||N " I ', " IUM FB41B
,.,,t\.. ., ihi: lti-s',"i K
Thi Itlo "Xewii." of Ububi. I. Ju?t recelved on
the i.U'-i mall, gtvea lhe partlculara of .? terrlble
...ii.tnti) ui the Bay of Blo Janelro. lt
-Aboul 7:11 .... Bunda) evealag. Mk laat., a tir*
hroke oul on Ihe rerryboal Ter.-.-ir.i. aoon aft'-r
her leavlag Ihe B Domlagaa latidinK The beal i*ft
Blo 'i< Janelro witi. ? large number ef paaaeagerfl,
Mtlmat^d from v" to BB. tt"- greater parl ol akom
dlaembarked bi H DomlBgaa About tifiv paa
-.?..:-...< .11,1.:. rk- I al Ihli potflt. H Ifl _"?"' ???!
estlmated that there were from MB lo if^1 perflatM
.,:, I?...rd al th. tum- .,1 lhe ,li".ist' t.
.Ithough Ihe Tereelra aaa barely IM metrefl
fiom land when Un 111.- appeared, nothlBB effectlve
appeara t\> have been done o> h,v- the pisse?KerR,
, .. .'i.i the forethoughl "f the aagtaeera i? opeatag
the aafety valvea ..f lhe l.oll-ra to pr.-v.tit an *x
plo.iloii. Th. m.iiater atgBflJIed f?r the euirlnea to
xtop, and then BOthtag more WBfl dOBW. There
nrere appareatly but few Ufe-aavlag appHaacefl oa
|M,ard. The llre t.i.rned wlth flUCB rapl-luy. how?
ever, thnt the paaaaagflrfl were HO.m drlven over
l.i.urd, where ni.iny w.-r.- .rowaed, BOBM werfl r.-a
cue.l by the laUHChflfl and h.'ats whlcli liiislened
to the scene. ind ,i few siicce.ded ln swIiiimlnK
"The ferryboal gulnta had Just 1-ft the Nlotheroy
Bllp when th.- Bre broke aot, and lhe )nu?ter
pn.mptiy hurrted to the acoBe. l>n approachlng
ihe b.irnliiK vesaei. he mis -uildi nly surrounded l.y
an egCltOd crowd of pasHctigers, some Wltb re?
volvera In thelr haiuis. ?h.i threatened hls llfe If
be venture.i Bear the buralag boat He wa.a
therefore compelle.l to turn away and leaVO the
pasaeagara of the Tereetra to their fate. Before
iV.lt.g ao. however, he had all the benchea and other
meana of siivlng llfe thrown ov*rhoard for tlioxe
Btruggllng In the water. ln lUtle more than half
nn hour the terrlble BO-CM waa at an end. so far
?* the pHs^,.nr,-ra were concerned. The ferryboat
was new, li belng h.-r tlrst days aervlce, and the
polnt w:is Mlll fr.-iih on th.- woodwork, wMcn wUI
ln part account for the rapid progreaa of the
flames. The II. t of BBVed ...imb.r.s i.l.oiit thirty.
Bodlea were plckeil up all nlght an.l the next day,
and over a.-ventv bodles were recovered, some
outslde th> harbor. havlng been .arrled out to sea
by the tldeti. It Is thought that aome vlctlma
were earrled down wlth the wreck. lt la belleved
the total loaa cannot be less thnt. 100.
CHABLBfl r. warwio. CHOBBM mavor by a
Phiiadeiphi... Peb. llv- Philadelphia to-day
maintalned its reptital; ti for stalwnrt Republl
cii.isni, and elected th" cauadldatefl of the Repub
li-v.n party by a majorlty of from 45.000 to 55,000.
The electlon was for Mayor, Etoceiver of Tazea.
Councllmen, poUce magtotimtesand Bchool dlrect?
ors. Th>- Republicans made a dean sweep, and
elected th.'ir . andldatefl for Mayor and Receiver
of Taxes hv a greater majorlty than was ever
glv.-n to sitnllinr offlceri upon local Issues. The
. ,mdidat.-s ,,f the Republican party f'.r Mayor and
Receiver of Taxea were Olty BoUdtor ChartaB P.
: Warwlck and Wllllam J. Roney, reflpectlvery. Kx
Oovernor Robert K. Pattleon and Colonel Bylvee
ici Etonnaffon, jr., were the candldatea of the
Democratlc party for the aame ? IBcea
Beldom In the hlatory "f local polltlcfl has a
campalgn been ao Bercely fought as the ,>n?
whk-h cloaed to-nlght. The Democratlc papers
n_ade a violent aaaaull on Mr. Warwi.-k and his
aasoelate on tbe ti.-k.-t. and accuaed them of
l.-ing th.- tOOlfl "f a Republican rinn that would
use them to further the Indlvldual IntereatB of
eertaln metnbeni <>f the party. The Republican
papera retaltated In kind, an.l Bcoffed at Mr.
Pattlaon'a reform ptetform, and publlflhed col
nmns ..f matter purpi rtlng to show that durlng
his recenl term as Oovernor he used that ofllce
to further ln th-- m-.st partisan manner the ln
tereatfl of the Democratlc party.
Mr. Warwlok. in his letter of accepUnce, and
I repeatedly from tbe pUtform, denled the
j chargea <<r the Democratlc papera that he was
i under ptedge9 to any one. ..nd declared that, if
elected, he would admlnieter the offlce of Mayor
for the best Int.'testK of the city of Philadel?
phia alone,
While the Republican papera, more ..r h-ss.
niad.- the eampaign on Natlonal i-sues, the Dem?
ocrats conducted thdr canvaafl on the ground of
local Interests. Tli ? situattoll was COmpllcated
by a Buppoeed dlaaffectlon in the Republican
rat.ks. by whtcb th" foUowerfl of Tnlted States
sen it..r Quay, Btate Benator H.-ies Penroaa and
Coroner Bamuel n. Aahbridge were belteved to be
Inlmlcal 10 Mr Warwleks <andldacy. Thls stip
poaed Bghl was the oiiigrowth ,.f the abrupt
"turnlng down" of Benal .r Penroee f.r the
niiyralty notnlnBtlon, nnd the substitution of
Mr vVarwick "ti ihe day befor- the conventtoa
i by the 1 ..-ai Republican leadera, Natlonal Cora
mitteeman Daytd Martln and stat- Senator
Charlea A. Porter. Much polltlcal capttel ?*'
, made ..-it -.f thla Bupposed dlaarTectlon by th.?
1.-r.i". papera, nnd chargea "f varloua kinds
?-. tlng local Intereatfl were broughl Bgalnst
Messrs Martln and Porter. if a aplli ever really
> ?? .,1 in tho Republlcgn ranka n n.f been
heated, and no evldenci of a "kniflng" of the
. andtdatea -f th- party la visibie |n t..-d?Vs vote.
\ greal ? (Tort was made i>y the Democratlc
managen f the campalgn to ..rray the Indepen
den. Republican vote of the dty a?..inst Mr.
M'arwlck, and .; t. to-daj ll was tu-uglit that
I the> had beea l ia .enain extegt aucceaaful. The
flght f.f the Re, elvership of Taxes wai .,bseUi>d
i.y the greater promlaence glven to the Mayoral
ty campalgn. Mr. R ney. aa the brotber-ln-Uw
lf Mr. Mnrtln. was BUbJectSd, however. to a Tinm
!,.., f flerce as*aul:s by the Democratlc pree*
nnd. a- .". lonel HonnaiTon was in Independent
Republican. wlth .1 rnagnlBcenl war raeord. it waa
thoughi fi." Mr Roney waa even n n llable to
i..., ti.., .. Mr Warwi.-k This belief. however,
waa -rrone us, .ml Mr B ney haa been elected
... ipproxlmately equal maj rlty
I,, tl,.. .,.-., I : th- tlcket. This n:,.' urlty is to
nlghl eatlmated al anya lere from ??'?..'? ' --.??.
bui th,- returna >r* very alow :n comlng in. and it
v*. nt i" .bablj be rii-riiinK before the exacl 1 ? 11
Th* Republl ms were also victonoua ln tneir
I "..un. lln.ar... t.irhts. ? x ? ptlng ln one or two 111
sc ri.-.-- where local ward Iflfluefl domlnated tne
ronteatB. md thelr majorlty in lhe Clty E_??r.cll
will be gl -a:. r than ever
?r:.er.. wa. Bghl "ii pMtce_mBgl8tratefl, as
under th- law th-ir number la apportlor.e- ?<?
r to ire vote of th- tw . partte*.
'V ti Mayor sru.itt. the pret_>nt Iwurnb-nt
0f u,.. chlef v- utlveehlp of the clty. ??>* "!';? ' ''
hls majorit* was M.000, and a" lhe laat Btate
electlon, when llovernor Haatlnga wbb elected,
I") Madelphl- gave him l_.<.najorlty.
Klectlona woro heid tn even clty. borough 3_?d
toanahlp In Pennsylvanla I day. and returna
recelved to-nlghi Indlcate thal th.- Repul llcana
?. tver> i-nae hav. elther heid thelr own of ln
, r. :- d thelr majorlty.
rn isn, i:.i UOKfl BEPfBUC'AN AM' APPBOVBB
THE W'.'M. I-...M. IBBUK
Plttsburg, Peb. 1:' Bvery ward i.. PittshurK
to-day gave .. reapeotable majority ln favor 01
every propoaltlon rontalned In lhe propoeed laaue
?t bonda to th- amounl .'f M.7tAa88 f..r publlc Im
provementa. Th.- total majorlty in th.- dty wlU
run auywhere from le.o_0 "' **?? The ium -,f
ll.18B.ttM w.u no to th- pera-anent Improvemeal ->f
tha aev-ral elty parkB! !-*??? arBI be used in the
conatrucllon of a boulevard coaaecUag th- buet
neaa part of the clty with th- parks and the r-st
.l.nce illstrlCtB ln the Kast Bnd; $:'.""".'?)" wtll Le
us,.,i iii the eonstri. tlon ,.f reaervotw and general
brttermeal of the water ayatem of the dty; t_0O,000
?,n i?- ,.i..... 1 ,t th,- dlflpoaal of the Publlc Bafety
- . .'?:-n .nJu. im ih.- purchjue ?'^.tt?,nal
Ire npnaratus .md neceaaary bulldlnga. All ol the
ward ..tii.-.s. alth few exceptlon-, were won by
l,Ti1!.^!l!''iM,Tii-_h'nv .':t\ on the propoaed bond
lasue ... the amount of |1.?_*.. to be uaed In pub?
ll," improvementa aaa favorable to the laaue, wlth
Uttle oppoaltlOB,
Bradford. Peoo., Peb II \n electlon for <-..tii
,?.?, councll took place to-dai Ib three warda out
,,' tbe s,\ Poui Democrata aud tw.. Republlcana
.'.,,. ,.i,., ,,..| The electlon will not chance ilu*
complexion of Ihe Councll whlch la Republlcaa.
Erle, i'...'... Peb. II The electlon here to-day
wus c.i.itliied to lhe Councll and Bchool Board. The
Itepubllcana Blected a majorlty ..f both bodies.
Corry. Penn., Peb. II 'Dr. R v Beaver, Penio
,ral. was el.-.-ted Ma>.,r of this cltj lo-day over
H p Dawaon, Republican, bi ? amall B_aJortty.
The Councll stand-. eictih divided.
Meadvllle, Pean., Peh H.?The returns from to
day s local electlon are BOt y.t all In. but the elec?
tlon ,,r practlcally the whole Republlcaa tlcket, in-1
rludlna the Mayor, b> handeome pluraUtlea. la as
Hured. VenaBgoboro. heretofore alwaya Demo?
cratlc. has K.'.ie Kapuhllcan.
.'ar.is'e, 1'. nn . Peb 1!? The only cntesi at to
.l.iv's. electlon here waa for <"ity I'oimclls. The new
body will stand nlne DeOOCralfl and three Itepubll
York. Peb II ln to-dajffl de-'iion the greatasl
Interest was tnatilfestcl ln the electlon of Common
.'....ncllm.n aml Bchool ."on.rollers. The RepuMl
cuns stlll control both bninch.a of the CoubcIIb
gaiBing a.. ...iditiot...) "^'?,;r,rK",_. V: *ommon
-ninch. The School Board will be a tie.
Wllkesbarre. P8h 11 _ '?'_?* vote *** t**"* ln
thls dty tO-day. I". M. Nlcholl. the present Mayor.
w-i? re-elected bv IJN pluraJRy. There were BO
Srty nim.in.itl.ms made' but the OflUBCU is Repub
II an by six iniitorlty.
.lohnstow... Feb. 19. The Republicans elected two
Aldermen and the DemocraUi one Democrats and
Ilepubllcana elected BbOUt equal tuimbers of COUB
Beraatoa. *9b. 1?- The electlon In this city to
day was for Common roundlmen. two Seleet
Ceanelbnen and Aldermen. and was parttculurly
IniDortanl because the COUncUfl aro to elect a
Clty Hollcltor In Aprll. The rdunis Indlcate that
the Itepubllcana retaln a majorlty of the CoUBClla
on lolnt ballot, but lost tbe I'omiTion rouncll by
Iti.llffereiice ln a stron? Itepub'.lciin ward, whlch
was captured i>>- a Damocrat
I__ncaster. I'enn., Keb. 19 -The Itepubllcana
BWepI thls clty to-day, carrylng elnht of the nlne
wards. The next Seleet louncil *vlll stand elght
Flepuhllcans and one Deirocrat, and I'ommon roun?
cll, twenty-fotir Republlcaim and ihree Democrata.
Albany. Feb. 19.?The year 1890 wlll ln all proba*
hlllty be the nvtst memorable ln the hirtory of
Thomaa C Platt's eventful llfe. It has wltne?*ed
the climax of hls polltlcal eareer; unless all algna
fall it will bchold hla irretrlevabl* downfall. It
has seen him attain to heights aeldom. If ever be?
fore, held by any maehine politldan. It has *een
hlm in absolute control of an a.v.-rwhelmlngly Re?
publican Leglslature. in practlcal control of the
enilre State patronage. and ln apparent control of
the Chlef Exacvtfva of thls Imperlal Common
irealth. It has *e.>n hlm bowed down to at the
Btate Capitol and tiaatafd wlth a deferenee not
usually shown outslde royal courts. It has *een
hlm saluted as the Dictator Of the Republican
party. as the power behind the throne, the real
ruler of the State Oovernment and one of the
moal iM.tent forces ln the comlng Natlonal Con
ventl.n for ihe nomination of a Presidential can
Leaa than thlrty days ago he visited thls clty
as the Bjueet of the r.ov.tnor. He ls a prlvate
liti/.'-n, a plain business man. but he was greeted
like a king. The abj ?-t manner In whi'h h.'
araa approached is almoat anpreoedented in the
hiatory cf Amerlcan poHttca. Certalnly there is
nothlng lik.* lt in the annah. of New-York. "As
he a*ame a.ut of th? elevator," aays a veradous
chronlder a.f th.- oeeaal ?, "into the eairrldor
leadtng to the Bxecutlva Chamber a groiip of
pollticlana gathered around hlm with umov
erod heada and aralted, aimost stooplng. ln a
sa.mi-.ircle In front of him. while he stood erect,
lauichlng and ghikinu hands, hls glog-y nat shin
Ing as it new. Several bys'tnders noticed the
homaga Of the p.dltioians to the leader, and It
made a profoutld lmpression upon th. m. Thls is
Just h'.w Mr. Platt was treated. and If he had
deetfed lt the same crowd that bowed and
amlrked to him would hav..* grovellM In the dust
at hls f'-et."
Bach was Mr. Platt on January 29. 1893-the
monareh of aii he aurveyed, and wlthout a singie
lndlvldual here. seemlngly, to diapule hls right
to a aaray as autoeratlc as that proclalaasil the
..ther day to the delegation <>f trembling Rua
slans I.y <"z.tr Ni. holas IL
Mr. Platt eama ta Albany agaln to-day. He
araa not accompanled by Oovernor Morton;
nelther did he e0OM a* an lnvlt?*d guest to the
Executlve niaaaaon His traveiiing coaapanton
was aaiie CoroetttM Van Cott a member of tha Old
New-Tork Republl an moehlnt), arho ls sald to
have had more frlend* ln oflVe under Tammany
Hall than any Bro of the local leaders. The
comlng of tha boaa was heraWed in the uaual
way, and yet, aoesefeow. it created comparatlvely
Nttle commotloa. Theta was no crowd at the
Btatlon t" Kr.-.-t him, and the few frlends at the
h,.tei wer.* Atly repreaented by that atalwan
r.-mnint a.f other days. ??\,->u" F. Payn. of Co
lumbla County, who la alwaya In aemaad arhea
thlnsa ar.- deaperate. The Le>gU4atura went right
08 aith Its bualniaa. and there was a manifest
aaatrc a.n the part a.f all the members. in-ludlng
tho.*-.* wh.. are supposed to be stlll loyal tO M
Platt'a fortana* to keep aiut af hls way. Men
who mad-* up ti.e group that thronged about him
a mainth ago appaarad te be engaged ln other pur
sutt*. and when they came ln eontact with him lt
was simply tO exchange the conAentional galata*
tlon*. Th" grovaUlBg ten-leneles that markei hi?
laal v:-l: >v.*ia- niwhera- visible. Even hl* f^ithful
hena-hm.-n. tm. to their aiercenary Inetlncte, lndl?
rated by thelr famlliar greettng that they wera
not Indlapoaed to let him und-rstand that thev
were entlrel) aware ..f his tallen fortunea and tne
greitl . hange in the situat. -n.
And wh.t .. . ha.iKe lt ia! It aeema in**redible
to think that three areeka would hava. bn.ught
II Mr. Platt left hete on January 9 wlth the
. ii,ir.* Republl ..n mechinery .<f the State ln hla
ur.is... New-York Clty and Klngs County ha.l
been aubdued al laat. All his enemlea aeemed
vanqulahed. The acAtterlag opposltton to hla
wtll w.is .... t.ivlal to mertt BttentlOB. Not a
murmur of rebelllon waa audlble ln the State
depart menta. The Legtalatura av.is quiet and
,l,.il- He returns to-day In a way that sug
j;,*>.t?a th.- legeod ?f Napotoon'a pathetlc attempt
to revlatt Waterloo ..n th.* nlght aft-r the bat
ti,._a lomnambuliat of a vanlebed dream
I'i ii- Mr Platl in.-t hls Wa'erlo.) ln Sew-lorR;
bui the terriblc effects of it are more vlslble here
at preaent than ln the B?MropoUa. The:e is no
dtnylng it: neither can the trut'i be long .xn
cealed Say what ha arlll. d> as he m?y i-'-.-.
t,. is no longer klng, and the Raoubllcan Cour.ty
Commlttee wlll n.-t recognlaa mia fact more
quickly and mora emphiUtcally than tUa i-<-'^-?
l.iti'--.. which was popularly supp-j^d to be ma
rnraonal property. ..
No one Ifl ni"!-' keanly aware of this than Mr
Platt himself. Hla lleutenanta have canvaaaed
both branchea. They profeaa the uaual conn.
dence In thelr atrength. but th.*y know perfectly
well that sha.tild any attempt be made t-. Indulge
in retallatory legtaiatloa agalnal May. Btrong.
aa was ihreatened last wa-.*k by Mr. Platt, they
would be heaten by an overwhelmlng vota la the
taaembly. and th.* Benate would follow the .*x
ample of the lower houae. The prevalllng
aentlment of both houaea is agalnst efforta at
ra iiiis.il nf any kind. No Senator or Assembly
man Of anv Btand'.ng is h.-ard lndulglnc ln
threata agalnal Mayor Btrong. The eommtm
Benae of th?* majority is aaaertlng itself. and the
declaratlon which Mr. Alnaworth ls reputed ta
hav.- mad.- to Oov.-rnor Morton, that the As
sembly must glve New-Tork aii the reform l.-g
iBlatlon u demanda, ragardleaa of Mai - st.....^*
recenl appointmenta, is the undertytng tmettnt m
both houaea, and th.> ..ne thal la bound to coatrol.
Thus f.ir Mr. Platt has a.impltsh.'d Ilttl', ir
anything. He has announced .... pUn "f;:!:'\
t.aiirn he has none yet formulated. He nas
i,'ar"'lv r.-o,\.r.-.l his equlllbHum. Th.* unfor
tunate blundera he mad,- last week in fharftng
MaV.-r Slrong with bad >?'<.. the miserabta
faliur.- ?f hls Indlgnatlon m.-" ttng ?*t ler th
.. .,..,,.. Hotel ..ti Sundav, th.- bltter conaemna
1lo ' , si.es for his action ?"!*"???"?
, I-ov. r ,.f Itvmoval bill 10 Bp throi.Kh. he
certain v of Oovernor MortOUB sup.ort the
a x et bout May-.r S.io.iks course regard ng
r.M, C m.niss.oners Murray an.l Kerwln. the
L ? ng 'I endence of the Legtal8tttre and
fhl w^keiinir of his own foUowerfl hav- ..'1
,,?ldii'if diBturb hls mental Berenlt) and
,r * t hlm from acting with hla characterlatta
,,?. li team and declalon. ln a iene? ??* I ?M
,.?2ld that he Wlll seek tO rally hls scaitered
f,?c..s bv prcclalmtng war OB the Mayor of
? New-York for appolntlng Democrnta, hoplng to
rauae partisan feeliiiK that he may utltlze in
thi*-' hH dlre etr.ergency. That there ls a leellng
<.f this kind eennot be dentad. Republlcana do
na.t llke Mr. Scott's appoititment. They belleve
that the Mayor has pald too much attOBttoa lo
th.* clalms ?f Demo.rats. but lt will requlre
s.une a.ther man than one who has been dealn-.g
wlth Tammany Hall and "l>ave" 11.11. aa
Thomaa C. Platt has for years. to lead them
Into opposltton to a man whose greate*t crlme
apparently ls overndeltty to the pledgea he gave
|0 the people before electlon.
Albany. Feb. 19 (Speeial)-ThomaB C. Platt. of
floga County. arrlved here from New-York Clty
thls afternoon. and at once took all the actlve atep*
he eould to meddle wlth the affalr* of that metropo
11*. There la a certain William U Strong llvlng ln
New-York who waa eleeted Ita Mayor by the votera
last fall. Mr Platt aeems to be Uborlng under the
deluslon that ha recelved thls honor, and not Mr.
Strong; and therefore he crltlclsed Mayor Stronr*
apii.iiiitm.nta ln feroclou* terms and strove to |^i>
siia.le Uovernor Morton and the member* of the Re?
publican LeBlslature t* prev*nt the paasage or tn*
measure. whleh wlll clothe Mayor Strong wlth more
power than he now posses.es to reform the govern
ment of the clty.
The le*dlng Republican membera of tb* LegUla

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