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ture heard arlth . ' ? ' ''? ??" u,t* ,Wl ",:
i,. H .; -.. rm i M rlon ha I ahowa no dlap
.v . ? (.. folloAA M- ?' Hl - ? L'~ :i'" ?
., : . i ?-.. -,. ald Mr. Platl la hla
wai i| ?'?' ls ,ft,d
lh,; ;.. ? Morton 1- oppo*ed to th. tramfer
,..K ?f ? ..: .-..- il:. ? rrom New-Y .rk lo v
,, ,,. ? ... ? - peaee In Ihe Republican
mi aad ol ItarafcBi) ol nttion among lh* Repub
I, .?-.??. Therefore. II I*
: f any a
llrected oaalnai Mayor
Ity offlclal. Long
i. j|r< i*.:,-r ,,:,??,.1 here lo- l.iy many ol th?
:,., in .? lteput>Ucaa membera I a 1 viatted Qov rn >i
M ? ? Bm. | . j prot. l I agalnal th* adopllon of
ani auch policy. On Ib* othei hand, they aald, they
h .. reform bill aa tbe one emp ?????
B to r bioa ? from ofllc* Pollc* Jual
llke Thoina* F. Orady ai J01 nh Kocb ahould h.
;. . .,; .,, , -.iv..- New-Yorb reform Mlla 011 hl
a'- ? 10 ... pa** I.
Ooven r Mi rton - n , re. - nta I a* I rtenlng t..
, ,.ivloi wltfcoul belng In thi - la leal ??-'?
.. 1 by it. t-i'i ln apparenl ayaapathy arli
vk-w* af ilu men arbo thua c<mveraed wltb hlm.
M,,.. . action araa laken b! noon by
,...... -, o| th* - venti 11 Republli in Aaseroblymen
fr - ; New-York Clty. A**emb:ymen Pavey and
l?a r. y ctrculated for rignaturea a paper Informally
addrcased to ihe publie, exf.resa!Bg thelr approval
a.r Mayor Btrona'* courae. Th* paper when al la?1
gi.en oul for publlcatlon .aad ..- follow*:
We, the undei I I ????'? ? ?*"?"*"
from New-Yorb Pity. I. - fo B '- PtibUc and for
v r' : ' ^v ',', ?aknti
I ttcal rltuatlon In New-York ? Ity. In m. k. >.
-? m ? eni ?? ? -' m. m 1 > reflect upon tn.
|K>r*onal haraeter nr polltlcal motlvea of anj pei*
ion. The liidgmc-nl of any leader, great.01 jro*n,li
a w v- . pa 11 1 ?? uuestl m . r 1 ntli l*m, M tyor Strong
wJ " ? '? lupon . Rei ibll ?n ,ur:y Hatfor...
A* ' mJidat* he -1 ?-l upon <"" P;f< ;:? ?' ?/ ??}?
Commltter ?? Seventy, rhe Republican part). in
the clty ani county ?:' New-Yorb Btibacr.bed 10 that
platform by nomlnatlng hlm aa Ita eandldate. ano
, ,tanJl) ,;,........ ,,, hls aupport. Ai a fMdltete
May ??? Strong ha l the .?.,?:, I.-;. ??? of the Indepcndenl
,,? ? A: .... vote* w-r.- abBolutely eflaentlal to the
auccesi of the clty tleket. He ?tlll retaln* the con
IWience ..' theae men. Publie opinlon In New-York
Clty .iemand* the paaaage oi ctrtain reform rnea*
ur,.; relatlnx l. munlftpal affaira. Ihe Republican
i.artv wi! ba held responslble for any delay or rall
,.,. ? . 1 , -, ma isui -. So mlatake of Mayor
gtrona ii*u anj personal dlsappolntmenl over the
dlsiributl n of patronage wlll eacuae su.h delay or
fallure _. _
Frank i> Pavey, Walton C. Percy. Alfred R.
Conkling Charles Stelnberg, Roberl Mi'.l.r, Howard
Pavaon \Vi!ds. .Ia 1- on l...?'s .1. Loula 11. Bo'.d.
HarveV T. Aicir. w.-. ll. H K.-.nha: 1 anl William
YA Ni.
Tb re were Bla of the New-Yorb AaMemWymea
wbo decllned to algn thla paper, bul ona <>f these
sit. Alonao Bell, aaJd be aympathlaed wth its aplrlt
an.l would h..\.. algned it. bul be deemed its la
auance at this tlme ImpoUtlc. Tbere thus remaln
eoly av.- of the New-Yorb AaBcmblyroen oul of
aeventi ? ul ??'??? wltb Mr. Platl In bta war upon
Mayor Btrong. Theae flve, bowever, ."?* nol "free
moral agenta." One of them la IVIHIam Halpln,
who comea here to repreaenl l-'r. terlck B. Qlbba;
another Ib William Henrj Hoopo, ... "ho ta the
mouthnlcce of Jacob M. Patteraon; another ia
CharleV Adler. who repreaent* Pollce CommlMloner
Murray: William Hamllton repreBentfl Pol.ce tom
mlaaloner Kerwln, und the ftfth la B. th WHka, uho
Btania for Itobert X. Greacen, one ol Platt* J*u
. ,ub Eleven la .. declded majority, however,
of nevuntecn, and therefore ll is ptaln tbat :'?','.?"
majority ot the New-York Republican Aaaembly
nien auataln Mayor Btrong. v ... Y(.rli
Th* :-?**?- ol thi act on of the cleven Ne* ?orB
K..p..i.ii.?... I emblymen reached Mr. Platt when
ha arrlved here at I P m., ln .on>P>?">, ?J? . m:
ar. -man Lemuel ii. Qulgg. Mr Plat pbvloualj
thought thal he mu*t tak. promol ?2???Jf1 ""}*
.lire. t '..-. orall h powei In the Legtalature would
crumble awa; Immedlately. therefore, aftei j
cTzi.i.,' a room al the Kenmore Uot... he mtcurt 1
a alelgh and da?h< 1 off to the Executlve Manelon.
whir. li- 1.-onference for iwo houn wlth
anything 01 an encouraglng nature from the Oov?
ernor in tl.1.- of ihi* mtervlew, foi hl* foi
lower* were nol utt. 1 ';l"'.y.r 1 If.-hi
iiiirht MobI of them were aaylng thal tha re nugn
, . be harmonj in the Repubilcari party. ..:.?...-..?;
Mayor B rong, thej ??>? not colng to b"th. r ,h. .
heada aboul hlm, Mr. Platf* mtaalon ?o Albany
no t-> the preueni moment I* b* much a fallur. ....
. tizzl.- aV hl* uttempte.1 demonatratl.aalnal
Mayor Strong In New-Yorb laa. Bunday !-''-;'rV
t.. U many day* old-i Mr. Platl wlll dlacover thai
).. ha* 1101 th. - -? '? ' trol ove tha Btate
Benate, ar.d he ? ... ','''?"
s,.n .ha. he has .I-. loat .trol ol th* AaBembly.
' The l.:?"<?: ln lha > iA-Yorb d< ' gatlon to-day wa*
h , . ._,,,, ,,;. *.\ th vhal race can Mr. Platl
aU. -4."- ii"? that Miyor Btrong t- noi austalneal bj
"he Republl -ar ol New-York t'lty. ?h< n a r 1
Inritv of the Republican repreaentatlA-e* 1
clti here In Albany *lgn euch a document aa tne)
, 1 to-day? Mr. Platt hope* t<. *ee .. goodly num?
ber of the membera ot the Republican1 Btate/ om
mtttee here to-morrow al Oovernor Morton* re
, .,,* ,,-. an 1 0 Inaplrc tli^m w.-h thc I
i;* ,-?? Power of Removal blll *hould be paaaed, glA*
Ing tlovernor Morton ih<- authotlty :?> remov* all
,.,,, , ,-, heada of bureaua and commlsslon*
nnd to appolnt Republlimn* ln thelr plac?alle
. rva by auch a blll to obtaln a good deal "f Mate
patronaae. and thua prove ... hla hungry followera
ibal he yel ha* *ome powar t-> ot.tain r..r tn.-m
r'.ch ofllce*. _
Thomai C Platl left Mew-Torh for Albany yaa
I 1 lay, taking the 1 p, m. trato. H* was accom
1 ? i by Catmgraaaaaaa Lemuel K. QuIkk and . x
Posimaater OornalluB Vaa Ootl Mr. Platt'* hardly
-? i ..bj-ct in vl-iiting the State .-apltai Ifl 10
fli!|.r his cians aboot him and arra:ii-<- for the
defeai of anv legtfllatton which Mayor Btrong anl
ataa -nt want. and bo to ihapc tha bllta,
Um paai taje of which cann .t be Bvolded, a* tL> .ur
tall tbe Mayor** poarera, and. as far nr. poaslble, to
put iba aamlna ol OoinmtoBlonerB la other handa
than Colonel Btronga
Mr. Platt, arhan aaked y-nrterday befora hl* de
partura ?hat he waa Koin-.; to Albany for, replted:
"I am roIiik op to see wh it la to ba Been, and to
do whataver is neceaaary t" ba d .na
Bacb RepubUcan Benator and Aaaemblyman al .Ai
baay has racehred a pamphlet ln which are reprlnted
edltorlalfl taken fixua the few New-Ym* newapapen
which hav<: eapouaed the *lda of Mr Platt H.
virt.i's and "unaeMab tabom" ar* apokea a.f Ib theae
atortaa In lerma of hlgh pratae, whtle bla opponeat*
.-.ni th.-ir Influence an'. ?? iii Ui 1 are eern ipondlngly
r-in down.
The manlfettto of the atavea New-Tork Republican
Abb*hi1>1jiiibii. tasued ln Albany yeaterday. Mistain
faag Ma>i.r strong in his determlnatlon 10 admlnla*
t'-r the .-Ity governmeni la Ihe n.>n-partlKan manncr
he promis-l after h.s nomlnatlon, was highly com
mended i.y Republican* and Deirocrata allke in tbl*
clty. The ..pinion wa* expresaed thal every R>
pnbUcaa Aaaamblymaa n New-York would akjn hla
nama 10 this paper ir ed his own Judg?
ment on the question* Involved
..ne of Mr. l'latt's main ..bj".*ts ls undoubtedly
ti tinker th.- pollce blll* Hut Iu- ls also un i ?
to be anxlou* 1 lefeal Ibe ruatomary annual ap?
propriatlon ..: >:?...??. for addltlonal Btra?ei repav
Inir. bo .is t. ? * - -1. t \. Pommiasloner Rrookfleld, the
ii.*w head of th*- Departmenl o: Publie Worka, of
whatever patronage n?y be Involved ln thla cx
l>< ndlture.
Albaay. Peb. IB Benator Rejrnolda introdueed a
blll to-day Whlcb empower* the Mayor of Hrooklyn
ti Investlnrate tha- Hrooklyn i'lty DepartmentB and
the New-York and Hrooklyn )irU\yo. or m appolnt
a aon*mis.-ion to pursue such investinatinn. I'ounsel
may h. . mpi. .?..??! ard wi:nessa-s summoned. Thls
After Di
The pati.-nt i- tafl wuh a weaken.d system. re.
<li; ed ln ilesh. laa k.nc vltality. in danger of a r*
lapae. A hcalth-glviriK. strengtli-hullding tonlc
is ahaolutery m easeary, Su.-h is Hood'a Baraapa
rilla It vltaliz-s and .-nrl.-h.s the blood, destroys
thi- garnia of iflaaaaa. glvea Btrength to the nenrea
and muscl.-s. and natural and healthy action to
all the organ-- of tiie bodv. Iu thls way
Prevents lha aerlona aoaavquencea which ?-. nften
follow an attach of dlphtheria and hadj.s the J.a
tl8Bt wonderft.lly 08 the road to health. Tbou
1 of 1 ? -..ii- hava pr read tha mertta of H..,. r*
Baraapatilla afte.*- .-eri..us Biaaaa They Bad ll
axa iv arhal is aeeded. lt aaakea lham welL
Therefora get
and only
Ilo??|'M |?l||n are hand ma Ie, BBd peifacl iu
nropo:tlon and ai;pa*a'ance. Mc per box.
I ? accordance wlth Ihs Mayor'a eapreeeea n-.
favorlBg ?? munictnal iBTeatlaailoB, II any.
Beveral ahousand proteala agalnal the Bunda*
,.,.. i ing blll on re -> celvcd
Bllla wer- passed i ' ??' >e
Mr. Halpln'a Authortfllng New-York Clt) to Bpen.1
f.,,?,.?- n new ? ?-''" >?"? i
Mr Schiila's Auihorlslng Brooklyn '? -;?? i '
?:.',,?., ,,.. improi-ing Wallaboui M.irker property.
? na lhe i.nW Introdueed arere the followlng:
.- s nator Keynolda Authorlzlna lhe pay ment ol
Brooklyn hondfl ln gold coln; alao. uuthorlslng
? i ..... i: ts< S de Park land gradlng l.'??
ni . renrganlzlng Brooklyn'a achool departmeni
j.y s ,- nor <. tTonnor fl ilalni the fl|. ? oneenl
,'.lVKBeruitorC_luj AuthorlBlng ihe expendllur
V.-""." bi th. i" partn ? nl of Parks ol _c_.'v__*.
.;ti m rnlarglng th- Amerlcan Museum of Natural
By?_Jenatoi Ouy AuthorlBlng lhe eapendlture of
>... f. f,,r ihe preservatlon of speelmens.eti . in ti ?
Amerlcan Muaeum of Natural Hlatory, New ?orK
iti Benator Owena Dlvldlng B.klyn Into aev,
Aldi rmanlc dlatricta. hj_
B) Benator Donaldaon Requliing? hlejole rinerr
on publlc roads >o glve warnlng within two "''.'?''
., ... rson on foot - r drlvlng or rldlng a horae. when
lhe blcycllst la ah >ul to p u
latter liabl.- to clvll damag.
Vlolailons make Ihe
lue .,. any runaway
THE l:i:ri lil.lc.N KTRONOJ-IOL.I) WAXTfl A rTUSK
To ihe Edltor of The Tribune.
the banner Republican town ol
county of lhe Emplre Btate
a-c are necesflflrlly Inti
tenda to enfrar ihtae the <l;l
Sir: This i
the banner
IleillK BUCh,
ln all thnt
?en, purtfy and BtreBgthen the party. CoBae
quently. the great atruggle now gotng on, ea
peclally In your _rc.it clty. between Plattlam and
free nnd full clUseaablp la meat keenly watched by
our people. .. uttle later .-md the aame .ueetlon
will con.e to us for Bettlemeni. Untll then we can
do nothlng i'm watch ihe conteal ln you,- greal
clty and ln lhe Leglslature. Oivc ua good leadei
and we will be ready. l.e. other s.ctio.is of lhe
Btate only ahow us ibai th.-y are wllllag io do
their beal to free themselves from Plattlam.
Whlch has ni-.re .,r less , n-Isv.-.l our party for
yeara, aad I can aaaure you lhal old Bt. Law
rence will atand by them. We hav- worn the
yoke <,r rather lolerated it. until It has chafed
our ii-. ks. t'"t y.-ars w- hav. aubmltted to it.
aol because wa Hked it or because aa thoughi ll
the proper thlng lo do, bui for the reaaon that Ifl
aome laatancea we wer. fooled ar.d In othera ca
|oled by our local bo -
Aalde from ihe potltlclana snd Ihelr thlek-and
thin Ueutenaata, I aaaerl thal ihere haa noi been
for y.-ars. and is no. now, anj Pla l aentimenl
ln Bt. l.awr.-r.c.-. Th.- people bave been aad are
Koli.Ky a_nirist boea rule. Wh> ibould they nol
i. ? vv.. sciid delegatea t.> lhe Btate Conventlon
annually. and for what? To dellberati wltb other
delegatea from otber paris ,,r tbe Btate as to Ihe
M... || j, iu j to pui ii. b. sl ni.-ti ;,. pul m nomlna
ti.ui'.' Noi al all. Bo far as- th-ir havtni aay roloe
or lnfluence . ver ihe pollcy of the party oi mak
|n| ol oomlaattoBB, ihey could Iubi ..-. well go i ?
Alaska. Mr. I'lan for yean baa had lhe i
tatlon of attendlng to all ih..: ihey could and
often have voted ;h. programme, bui thej have
nad bo hand In Iti i r. paratlon.
1,,-ist rall our people wi - free io acl A rordli I
-,,, j aent a roll i d< l gr-tl m i i th. Btati Ponv, |tlon
for Juatlce Lealle W. Ruaaell for IJ. rnor, ai
.-,... i by him lill tn ? laat. Iti dolng thls our poll
tlclam sav we loai ev.rythini In lhe wai ol h? .1
lnfluence. patronag. Bui what nf >t We dld n.
.,,.ii man ,od or ur .- ??" r< -;- I IJ ? knoe
j.,-: ?? im.-- 11, an l are li ,\ ? lhe htghest mlmlrat! >n
foi hin We kn .? hln lo '?? ????? ? ' the ab est law
yera ln ihe I'nlted Btatei H- woul I gra ? ui I
i . pla ? In ll ft ol .. ii people We rotj
for hun We stood bj n ir - oi vl I ??? I! . .
|.. .ui nomlnated he would have glven tt.i i il
,.f the best admlnlatratloni In Iti hlatory. Uui ?
? .nd I igh I aa nol Bl La rn n dl
nol and doei ti"' romplah w ? thoughi w._l .,f
("overnor Morton then, and w. ,lo tlll b tter now.
vv,- expeel and belleva ie will glve us .. clean, up
rlxht and ai.le admlnlatrattoa. Tbe polltlclam aay
we will noi ?.-t nnythii.g in the wai of favora or
patronage; lhal Mr Platl la dlspleaa. l toward ua,
an-i thal we are lo be rut off, Hut wha: if we ar.
lt will make no difference In lhe fealty and loyall
of our people t ? tha party. We may hav- aome wh )
are Republlcana for BpMta, bui Ihe _r.-at i?i.k and
flle un- not. They are Republicans bevauae thev
kn.iw ih.it thal party la for progress for clean
methoda, for lhe WBge-earaer, and loyal alwaya t,<
the Repul Hc,
Hereafter Bt l_awrer.ee ?. i.i hav- two Asaemblj.
men Then we shail hav- our rightful vo: - ln lhe
rifr.iir.s of the State. anl be a factor of -(.in- 'ona.
Ojuence. Poaelbty thin-- wh.. now glve ua the . old
sh.nild.-r mav soon ???*)?? t.i us witn .. klndly greet
in. and warm hnndshnkc at. l_,wrtnce ia i greal
Bepubllcan itronghold. Bhe .s such because her
people hate tyraany, hate alavery, hate run; rule
and tx.ss rule Our rigoroua climate aeems t., breed
Independence, We love llberty. We ask end <1<
mand a volee ln 'hai whl. h concerni ua. Thos- who
battle f?r their ri_hts will Bnd a Btn hk ally ln. okl
Bl I.iiw r.-ni ... JUNIUB.
l*ot?dam. N. Y., Feb. 17. 1885
To lhe K.lltor of' tbe Tribune
Bir i am a woman, bui noi .. suffragisi I
hav. tried to study the genlufl or' politlcs for fortj
years. I hav.- broughl up flve bobj and id. ih"
need of underatandlng Ibe polltlcal Idea of eaeh
party. nad try lo _d al lhettruth. I hav- been
many tlm?-s pussled to know whal would be lhe
best thoi.Kht aad actlon, bui uevi r ln m* forty
years of study have been so pussled as bow, I'm
glad I made flve good Bepubllcan rotera, bu! I
arould like aomebod) to le? me whence came ihe
ri_hi. not tlie audaclty, foi oae man lo a.N. and
aaaome control of th<- Bepubllcan party In Nea
York state. ard am more puflsled to know, ?fter
the volce Of the peip.e on Novemb.r 6, how ut.y
man should dare io put hls flnger lu tha Nea
York <"iiy p|. and t.;: the man who was eleoted
lo govern tu..-, great i Ity whom be sh.,.. and ihom
I..- -hall nol appolnl t., ofllci Haa he a right? If
he has, rher flld l,>- gel II? I Ibougbl th- mem
l.ers .,' .to- Leglalature were elected :iom different
parta of the Btate t?. vot>- accordlng lo th- vlewa
of thelr eonstltuenta on aubjecta that came befor.
that body. I.itt I fiiid that is no. lha ca.
i- ;: man wh,, walked oul of lhe Benate chamber 'f
the I'nlted Btatea because ne a inted bla own aay,
? ln a flt of petulancy andhenow rlaei to try to gov?
ern thls State and clty, win waa Oovernor Morton
elected? Why waa Mayor fltrong elected? lf the
rltlsena or lhe Emplre Btate wanted Thomaa .'
platt to be (Iovernor and Mayor why dld the\ rn,.
elec! him? Theae are quesiona that pussle me,
ar.d If Mi. Platl or any other pereon who knows
w.ll t.-ll me he will confer a ur<:tt favor.
New-York, Peb. bf, IM-,
i". s. You kn.iw a woman'a lettei la noi proper
wlthoui a r B. Oo ln Mayor Strong; appolnl
more men like Colonel \Yarln_. and you'll awamp
nll these would-be men of power. I think lf th.
good men of the Bepubllcan party hIIo.v this
ni,,ii I'latt to dlctate aa he || Tryin_f to do. I shail
become a atrong woman auffraglal
a ?
Te the Bdltor of The Tribune.
sir: l wiite to Bckaowledgfl tho prompt recelpi
pf your Beml-Weekly in reapo__M io my remittane.-,
anl also muit, m-'re to ,-s|,ris? ir,\ most he,.r:\
approval of ycur courae aa te T. C. I'latt's bo
ism, which not only do I deteet, but If abjectly
ylelded to will cost the Bepubllcan partv the su?
premacy .n thls Btate.
Yours f..r honestv an.l the lighta ,.f the people,
Ptohklll-on-tbe-Hudson, N. Y . Keb. i?, i?f.."..
Albany. Peh II Senator RohS/tSOa'a blll ln. reaa
inK the powera of Bacorder <J..ff ,,f New-York Clty,
was tak-ti up this afternoon l.y th- BflBBtfl '"llles
Commlttee. William T. J.-rom.- appeared f.,r it Ha
M.11 tha luatlcea had ?..* into tha i.at.it of dlvldlng
the court patronage. When tbe preaeal Recorder
came in he found ? vldoufl ayatem i. force and said
|0 the court: "I BUppoae I am .-ntltied lo eertaln
patronage," and lt was r-fused him. He sald he
would appeal to the Uegialatui. lo do what was
rl.ht, falr nnd just. and bence tbe blll bow before
tba cooufldttee ..?< iBtreducad, ReferrlBg to ihe
fl'l.tK).. salary provlslon. .Mr. Jerome s.,ld the bltter
attacks ob th.- Recorder for it wera irajosl aad nn
? mly. Ko |,ri-\ii,us Kecord.-r had r-ctlv-l leaa
BBd had ni.i'le much nv.re in priv.it- practice, Mr.
C .(Y was wlillUK that those ejBBBBB tixlliK hls salary
be wttbdrawa, but thoea ma1<in? tbe Bacorder pre
Btdtna Judga muat ba rotalaad. As t., ihe power ..f
appolntment, the past course m this r.-aard had
been vtcioua in lhe extreme. Mr. Jerome said tba
court had prevlously n.-ver made appototmenta ex?
cepl f.,r polltlcal reaaona Judges Marttne. l-*i.z
gerald and Cowlng dld not remov,- Clerk "Kd" Hall
simply because they could nol agree up-.n a dlvi
sion >.f the p'under. M' then acored those judgea
for thdr memorlal to th" l.-aislHtnr.- agalnst mak
inK tba i:.rder the prealdlnj |ud_?, Thelr own
Bhowlna was thai more than 1>. |" r -ent of tndki
BMBta round for fekmy by lhe Orand Jury charged
by th. mgelvea, were dramlaaed All the Becorder
.,-k, ! vaa falr and deceat tn itmenl anl all h.
wanted was ih.u u,e power provided by the Mll
Bhould bc put wh-rc lt could I. ii, ii.-rv .< el prop
erly admmiater. I
Mr. Rvaaa lupplemented tb u remarai by ex.
plaiiiini. the cxlsllng cos-ltlons in ih. Courl of Beo*
*|08* He sald tl.ore w-r- 00 rul*? ?f^noflWvIVf^
?.,,,,.( .. nonalblllti on attendanta that tii>-> rr
.' go aodrunh a. to be, nnabk to attend
rourt: a? i lhat Bomethtag mu*-: be ilone retatlve to
?rk's fea*
which were new en .rm
,,, T ,., ?, im. r....:. BY81 ER
a any, Peb i" The Benate Commlttea on Cltlea,
logaether wlth the a\*aembly Commlttee on Btoc
late ihis afternoon took up the ivrsors
Cerst Telepbone Hat. n.-du.-.loti hill.
aenerai Benjamln P. Tracy areu.-i *' length
agalnnl th.- hill. *ppe*r1nf on behalf of .h" Metro?
politan Telephone and T.iernph Company of Sew
A irh ' He aald ir. part:
The BUtemeni thal Ibe .-harge of ihe .-.mm-any to
....h of lt* anbacrlber* ? - i ?': iav "',*-'" '"r
v.'.ar U .. mlatake Th* Irutb to Aat ?'*?*?"
:.-..?. iif of ihe I8.8m station* pay the rn. rat oi
j:, pir ear Searb .' ihem pa a rate
.: ..., ,?.?:, ?>.. amounl of aervleea rendered. de
??""?'??" K> '"' "?'??'?'"? 'r'^^Hn.rd'.wn1;:
,,.,, M.amt 2.0H0 nav rate* tu oa l.'t". ??''?i n?wn ??'
-.I, ya V fi.-lu'i-i ln ihe lO.tW are aboul l?of
what are known a* "pub r alallona. Deductlng
Jhia number from in.fifo leave* 8.181 regular *ub
., ,!i ihe averagr rate ahlch theae aub
aerlheranai doe* noi exceed 1175 per v.ir.
' tm* blll aeek* l . redue* telephone rate* t.:h
B?baerlber to a llai rate of *? per year, Thla would
cive ? Ihe rompan) ? ? lol P ' ' IrS.
"gular sobaerlberi! of aboul ""' whjch
Ih noi more Ihan one-hnlf l? ;V':""" . "',. "'V? ?
,,..,, vv Diial ..?:.'? bi year f.>r lh. bm pf maln
i'ln.^an.h.Vra.in, .h- -I--T.;- ? A.
the r"t? of la*. i- r year for each suba *rlbei Ihe
company would nol onlj reeelve nothlng by way
nf dlAillend or Intereal .... the money Inveated. tm.
..' ,'.', ' .... ,.. ,? -;. pa i year In a. tuiilly maln
? ? ?',,'" ,.i' .'.!,' r.: na ll* plant. Nothlng further
.,; i i,- s ii Tahow Ihe reekiea* dlaregaM foi lha
risht * of the companj wlth arhlch iKl. blll ha*
been prepared.
The llai rate. Oeneral Tracy contlnued, was In
equltable. and Ih* eoropartaon* whlcb had bean
.,.??!,. between ratea In IBla eountrj and Bngland
,??k no not. of th. Inferlor aervlca faMahad la
''i",,i.,r.: Mllburn. for th- Buffalo Telephone Ponj
pany, preaented a petltlon from upward of I.OM
of the company'* aubBcrtber*. aettlng forth thnt
they wer.- aatUfled wltb tba eeat ..f the ?ervl.? ?
there and aaked .... r. luctlon or chnn*;. Kciald
,>... blll was unjual I- his corporatran In that lt
ie un a ""* rate. whlla now ihe ehara* wa* onl
fot a't .il s-rvl-e. He explnm-d he applcatlon
of the blll to Buffalo and ,?*?>?**.**?,*."hriS
inatrumem* ln operatlon,, lt wouM *?"**** r?'"
..ri,.,.- for al ladit LflAO ot the a,iilis.*rit?*rs
'?^lato^V.'..;,,.:? Interrupted hy "hlnclf rtf
telephon. rompanla ? would b* atl . I tne wii
? ?? s ,-n.e., i..l m as lo provlde tha ihe rate* should
;,':,, l0 ,,.-, cent. on ihelr laeeatmentB.
Mr. Mllburn aald: "Praw ? u -h a blll and i will
L-i,Uv araue II before th*- con m.tten
KMr Habcocli ot Blmtra, repr**entlna the New
Tork .1 l%nnaylvanla Tele.raoh anil Telephone
rSmpany -nd Mr Bnow. oi lha K*w.^?J ???
New-Jeraey Telephone Company, oppaoaed Ihi mii
VmontaBte^UaaM lhal In all falrn.*;- he m? I
...ln,lt lhat ihe blll aa* open to uome of the onje.
',,.,?, bad been .:..-! agalnet ll He*|.Ifle.l
heSbjec lon* io the wlolng .?f th* loll ByBiema
Lad tC metho.1 of ;- feonlna <!.- propwejlI 10 per
., . r...,.,, ,,. i. allowed on Inveatinent*. He
,,,-ra. d to provlde amendmenl* lo eover iheae.
Mr. a,:i,!,., a*ka.*d thal the, rl ?..; be W
mi-tei io the attorney* of th. rompinlea before Ihe
ne", hearlng. *hleh ? ??- igreeil lo. The bear! .
w.is then h ijo irned '? r ?- o week*
?Vell-known bualr.e** men of tbl* rlty. i r?
........ thai ? ? laatlon*, wei
nlng to h. preaenl ai a heai
ine on ihe .:-.?" Telephone blll Thi ? rere ? ?
i,> Blmon Bterne who hei madi .. peraonal llghl In
ma ,,, irts io refltralr th lelephoi - eomi i ?
ih '.. fro?, , .... C ihe prlc- 1 he leli
;" ui ?',.. The i?oard ol Trade ind Trai
U.ABI sK A.TIOJ ?' "N ''
i | . ? ? ? '
itl 11
I. id e.ri er* ? fu
? ?-. ? M .
to . ????? patroi
whl' h I Ibeat.
the ma ? ?'? ' ...... rhlai
? i... | li from i ? ? an I put li ?
Mgi I- '., i ... . ed lh
.nn. -i im.nt-a to the blll would be m*
., . |on* I. II *rhl h were rataed I
\ uk man iger* A* th* bll i ? lore l
II provl I--1 ?- <? thi n anagei ??' every ll
...?i; hal! or ??? i- : ;? > ? II ? Bl *ho I ?'?
taln un ibatru -t? i .* t - J?- ar. I eiiii n i ?
? i ? i .
. ntei lainmei Ai . ..?...?..
,i. a .!??:.o ? : ? ? ..... ? ntrol e
Ihe manage ? ? '
unk - the rauae of
n; ived by the m tnagi ? ? i lna m i '??
Mi Hoffman ' New-Yorb iem io th*
am-.i Imeni n <| i ring lh? condu i ?:'????
cara to provll. neal foi i!l women paa*enger? and
lo . ni],. | .iii .... -i ... i;lv up Iheli --.it- l
<a. :? . ii "in lh Inl. real f reform an.1 - ? ? I
, i nmeni T.i" amen Imeni i i?e ' mu h lau
?m .na ihe member* >? ?? ? *> ta itlll m >n an I
...... i iha :.- . ectMi -ii Hoffman - . I
iii.-ni w*t read - pruhiblied aomen ri ?. **)
ina riiai a you to an) men ? ho mlghl ??? ?
-,.,.- in -.. !. .a- The ?. .?? .;?
Air Hoffman'* amendment ?????.i"'.
Mnswonh arho .v.a-a sn lha chalr, .a' flr*l declar*<l
ihi amendment* rarrled I'pon ra ....-!? -r*
howevei Ihi ? irere found lo i...-.?? ???? - ln?n
lurlgi Kern of Madiaon, -.-..' to lb? deek anothei
amendrueni, provldln* thal ptetaon ah la . any
theatre fo. ihe pur) .-a- of refreahmeni h 11 ive
no riuln- under ih* maln bCI Mi Alnsworth de
i-Urea] thal li- v?.<k . .?r:i y In favor nf lhal amen i
ment. and Jtldae K- : i. I:l*n ?-.' *?;?..- ll fai .r ol II
hut il :ii*'i lh* *ame fat* ?< - 'ha- .i-.ha-r
. number -af *p*eche* am ma.le during :).- ?
,. ii] |>, |...-i:,. many v\et - ..n Ihe maln >i ? I
g ,:,?. reR,;.:.. i <? -? ? >;i otl ? r ha i that the
... -, . . matter ? a- bena ith 1 ie .1 anlt) of Ih* Houae
on* membei Mi Y* hei m, -..' ?;. *n?, l?
,.?i, i thal Ihe i.Hl >?? i an altemp) un n the p.irt
ol >ii,. "Uachelore, tvoman-haten and hen-peckeal
husband*" . ? 8.? " wllh Ihe fiai. ?ev
The blll ra ?;-.?? i .'? - ?te?, n'ne slia.ri o' enough
10 pBM ll Klf\ M."-. Ml*-" Aa-ra- .1-1 .lK.tl.l-: II
Mr. i' i-.i-i - -.- - h* a lll try ... -? ur.
1,, (ha ?' vote* na esaarj lo ...i - lha ne. . ture
The new* lhal ihe blll agaln*) Ihe bla Iheatn
bal had falled lo reeelvi ? nough rote* lo pa
w..- generally a'elpomed amona the Nea A..rk ih'.
atrlcal managera laal nlghl Thi moBi "f ihem
had never taken tba blll very aerlously, bul *om.
wera afrald thal ll mlghl oecomc a law aml cauae
ihem anniyance Nobody denle* lhal rmaltei
,,. i,,,.i?. al aii In theatre* would b* .-. a*elcome
contrlbutlon lo the comfori of lh* whole audlenn
In-leed, tha. puhll. .?.it^ii.i..ii lhal ha* been drawn
to the subjerl of late ha* already haal a ^....i reaull,
for many women noa ...k. ? rt Ihelr hal* al Ihe
,,i;,v |f the) ...ui'i Ve| ihe look* ol gratlliide and
aalmiratlon lhal ara .*aat al Ihem :r..m behlnd ihej
would be more lhan rewarded for their blndlj
ronalderallon for tha comfori a.f other*
A theatrlcal managei ?ald laal nlKiit ln a
theatre whlcb l Intenal io bul'.d *a>on l mean lo solv.
ihe whole ?,"?.b'a-.n. i shall have every chalr ln uie
....I.H.. .f '..poll ?< BOfl ?-' s.'pj ria I .- . III |l, |, ? *,.,.. i ' I r.
worked by ? rl of button* ..r la-v^r*. al ihe ba k ol
the audlla.rlum. Jual before ihe performance i
?bail l"..k over tha. houae, and when vt l ?*. ,i hlgh
bat i -1...H Blmply *i"k the **al *.f .:;.- wearer ..f ll
Ull ihe top of 'ha* bal is luel ai bigb a* ihe head*
of the paop!* in Ihe .-.iiiie r-na who we.r no hats
Tail men ' a:. he reducnl io ihe r?.ik? in ti>e aame
way Th.- plan la parfecll) practlauib'.e. iu iheM<*
div- of *w'tchboard*. i have noi yei decideal
a\lieiher Ifl pnt.-nt ni\ vchem* or lo kt ihe whole
wori.l have the ba-n<-tit of lt."
?ri.iN- OT IMldt'.A IN.l THB WATBRWAYa
laa THB i'K"l LR
Albany, i-'-i- ir' (Bpedall Tha AaaemMj i-v<ia\
h. ? led tha demand of I'adir.i* commerctal bodlea
of >he Btate and paaaad lha i.in BuhmRtlng to t
vote nt th* people tte- Qtieatlon of CBUal Improve
.i.a.it its BCtton waa upon whal ih. leadera on
hoth sld'-s of tha Chamber de-;;.r. I ... be the most
Important tnaas-.ira of 'he sesslon The Ml; arsfl
introdueed by Mr, CTarkaon, of Kings. anal ls ^lnl
lar to Henalor ParBOBB** bt:l In tb* other bOUB.
It huhmits t,? a v.,:> of the peopla ...xt Novaraber
tha- iju.s.lon of bOOdhlg the State for IJ.OOu.OO.) ta?
Improva Ib* Brta, Phampiala aad Oawago eanala
according t" the Be) mow plan.
Th.* aieiaia:.. upa.i. the blll w.i*. bagua bi Mr.
BEST ano
In "Strong" Lannuage
Our new .Mayor d'darcs Be'agolng lorBB thll
town on buslness ptlnciples. 80 he roUa uphls
sleeves. luiocks oul the 'W rn. the i ,t round.
-,,1.1 oroceedfl w "remove" all who fltand 1 tn
SJ'o. T-finn" as ?ui"kly Bnd cff- tuallv as
rTkeRH EXFEtTlWRAXT v-i 1 rempi* yery
_____ f ~ r*oiroH . 1 Di.i). OR11 ? .-? ? Nr''
mon.'v ('iluri'%ROSCHITIBor otber dhmaafl
,.f Throal or Umga ,__?f_rr p__f_A8
1,1,.k?. ..-...,1 ?' .rdrwww. ."'."
6(h Ave.. tor. 22d St.
agaln ?
, 'anal
s,., ? ker '
. ln favor
/ gi i.-iwr. 1 ? Th
lt. though 1 ? >;'! he
,;.,.! proper approprlatlona for tn
ln favor of auch approprlatlona.
bbM Mr. M.< by, "because the canal is ona of th.
Mtab'lahed Inatttutlona of the Btate. and 1 '?
I, ahould I- malntalned. Bui thli blll would entail
raordlnar. and iremendoui ripenae ...
,?,,,!, Df the Btat. T. uhdertake auch an egpen
!-,,,. ai 0,880.0-0 in Iheae llmi . of Bnai ?'?'? ,l''"""
..,,.? ,.nd uneaalneaa wouM. 1 rear. call down upon
,,nr heada Ihe eondemnatlon ..f Ihe peop.i
M ,i,i helleved th ? can i> ihould becom
U .:,.,, ,- itead of .. Bl iti eapenae. H. -
that he did nol bollevi a lufflclent amoun - -? 1
could I- secured to aupplj lhe Erle Cana. bi th.
.,. pth pr ipoaed bj ihi Beymour plan.
There la no dotibt." *ald Mr Po'.ey, of New
York. m contlnulng the debate, "thal II
Important meaaure of the aeaaloi
whlch pay the Ii.tb-s: pr..;
npon w ilch would fall '
-.,' 1
,f ta\-s. and
' ?:? of Ihla
hiirden. wanl the blll pasi_*d ' 11. ? ?:.;!? 1 upon the
m.mbera to alnk polltlcal or other prejudlcea md
n 1. t he meaaui -
vir Alnaworth remlnded the membera tbat in
rotlrig tor th.- bill th-y were aimply rotlng to ib
mll the entlre queatlon to the people. "'The canals
must dther be I _
-i hey Hi.- 11, ir
but in thdr p,i
wlth the rallroad*.
,. . ,. j ???!." 1 lld 1:
heap met! ?>'! "f trarieportatlon,
condltlon thev cannol coi ipi
thle 1 ihe Bral Inatance ln
ihe hlatory <>f the Btal of the applleatlon of tho
prlnclplc '.f the reftrendum, nnd lt Be.mi t" me
ive ran very saf.-ly tn-st tha people 10 take care ,,f
thla aui stlon , ,
\lr Bullard, of Orleans, who romea from . canal
county nnd ia aervlng hi? flrst term In the Asaembly,
.,.., . 1 vlgoroua s|ieech agalnst thi blll. The Speak
,., ,..,,| the Oovernor, he said. hai ti.k.;, a s:a.,:.
early ln the aei Ion, ln fa* >r of economy, and he
f..,r..l the aubmlaalon of thi- queetlon i" tha people
waa ?. iteo backward
imritm the rolleall Mr. Abell, ..f Klngs, made the
polnt lhal ihe Btate could noi turn lh< canal over
.,, me care "f lhe Natlonal Uovi-rr-ment, because
thnt propoBlllon would be contrury t" the I'onatl
itition |usi adopted i.i Ih. ;? opli He thoughi thal
,.,.-.?.. i-. 1 effectUflll) the questlon .-?? to how th
.-. ri "f the Stat. s: , ,.| upon th.- propoattlon. Th ?
1. il was paai . -J 1 II. not a alngle member from
*.ew-York or Brooklyn belng recorded agalnal it.
,,,. i ... 1 ,:i;v w UP II IIK . "' l-"
i.ii.,. :?, id \ 11- >i" v .H,-: EXI -
.., ||B 1 V. i' v s
' '
' ?
Bi kiyn >?? ' ?<
. . lan.i
Me was I '
?' ? ?
Mr I > I) "... -,:?
. .1 . ? . ? ? ' N ' I 'ad
.?? ? ? -
? . 1 ?
.. . : . ...
? . , , i- ?.,..','. '
ai lill lohn V M.
... tha Be
? :.. .
... I ? . ? .- . P .-?"! ?
lhe Iti n party afl
:l imllton o( N? w-Yoi '?<.
? 1 li
? 1
il .-. 1 ?; ? - c ?
:. ? -'., r :..!: ?t I'-,:. ! ? \V l>| ..
... .1"
f 4 law w li- n
, t ol worka and
.. ? Btat.
lf. Bcot l i 'oi ? ?? i Nea
\ .,. .,; ;. ,i, i :., ih.ii ' ? ? lenns
? . I , the .? i . ,1 .? li- ? vl' : ?
... ii Kmltl.mli ?
.al '.i street
..... ;.
lhe l'l. . .-:??..:. ?? aa i- ? -.i I
? , . Mi .tt al.
i i of achooll ? ' ' reatlj
v .iiii.,: man II ? ? ' ?
pi ,ml ii ? ."Id not - .1,' :? i the baai* of .
, i.,., ,._. | icil thelr i ?"? to Ihe i lllei i ??? tha
\\.' s, ,,., rep . . thai ihe Hi uithoritl,
^ ,,t ..., ii i n ., .., i rn i, .< eompromlae v. hat
a ?!,<- i waa i -m. - - - t" )'? ?? '?> lhe i heap '
markel In lhe I'i
hem s. epl tln ? '?'.' "*?'" '
I . w
'\\. iioai Iman Ihen ad Ireaae l lhe . ,n mlll ?
hehalf "f the i:-id Trai ?li I'ommlai
,....s. n.-e ,.1 thil lUes.el ~;..|1- 1.1W. ll- -". I l'l. '.I : I
,].,, ',,? n,e propoaeil ? mpi .mlae llmltlna munlc
'., ilitlea ind the Btate I '
? ih .- Who ha\e .|.i..ri .--. ln thls Bta e I id
? ., .? agalna thi >i i irr ? men ol ol i Btates
. .,,.. iwo int. .. ' ? r. : - ?! n ih. 'I...-. i
the il ,t rs' int. rest Take the
,. ,.ri nt. . ? ? ? la ll nol ..;. unal l iy
; , nnd i laa whlch forbl l> , -"i le lo I.
,...,,. , irkei ? I. ' . niitrar* to h> ih. oi ? of
,,. ',;,,.., rt m< - lhal om Biale '.: .... I lea siate
,.,,,. -i . i ,-., i ? of iinothi i Btat. ll thal Is
? Btatea will i-i.'.i'....- I II
.i ?? ii i it !?? flour, i". cloth
. , t .?--?- ' -i, :, ! ,,i I ulon la a ?!
.,,.. Btate .'ni - dl ii .' ? i" lhe Bepubllcan pai
II ,.? ,n i... dev. i.'i ? d In thls Btat. ,"
. .| Mr Hamllton, "wh) . gh laboi to the
. . ?f thi Btat. ' I hav. i lo. .1 prl '? i
.,, .,| ,i , an i,. ahoa n lhal th. propi letoi - ol
,.u ,. 11.. om |.|.. ..r ihli Btate will Id our
Mi lloardman replled "ll ?? emi ln me Ih >t
,. , , onfesi thal we ? in gel toi ? I iper uutalde
4iati '
??Well." anawered Mr Hamllton, "ll seema lo
n,- w- _h ml l i;.i- th- worklng.n ul ,.u.- Blate
cniplovmenl l nnderstand lhal we have large
. mi u,. ., j.nri-., , i it.ia Bl ite whlch are unde.
? I.'
??Vi bv." a-k.-i \i. lloardman, ' thoubl I. ai a
prlvate i ui/.-ii. I-- permltted i" buj itone cheapei
then lhe Bapld Tranall I'ommt?_on?"
Ml Hamllton WOUld nol ansr.er All thal he
...nll sav was that prlvate rltlsena botighl i
.iirr .-ni kind of atone from lhal usisl bj citlea
\ir lloardman preaaed hla opp..nl wlth thla
queatlon "Whj nol glve ,i bounty lo "armera of
this smIik; n.-itiir. ' II,. v Imv- I.n lufferlng
grealljr from eompetltlon wiih Weatern wheal
irrowera "
Mr Hamllton replleal lhal the farmer. could
dlveraify thelr rrope, bui tbe atonecuttera were
llmlt. d io lhal one trade
albany, Peb. i!'. Aaalatanl BuperlateBdenta Par
ki r and i..iv. ..f tln- eeatern snd weatern dlvlaloni
... the canals, reapectlvely. took the oath of oAce
before lhe Becretar. of Btate thla afi.tno.-n
l\Mi:.s U .-,-,,11 III VS r*l:OM JOHN K IVAUUrl
IIEBAUR" vnii "THB BVEBIBO i"".;'i
Chicage. Peb ii' "Tha Herald" will annouace '?>?
I raorroa thal Jamea vv Bcott, Ita publlaher. hns
i purchased from John K. vYalflh the controlling ln?
tereai ln thal paper, whlch ha haa owned i r twelve
yeara, aad Mr. Walsb'i c ntrolling Intereal In "The
Bvenlng Post." The transfer Includea the purchaae
by Mr Bcotl ,.f lhe butldlnaa lu whlch lhe newspa
pera ar.- pubtlahed N'egotln lons ...- ;. ndlng be?
tween Mr. Bcotl and thi ownera >>f 'The fhlcago
, Tlmea." for Ihe conaolldalloii of "The Herald" and
1 "The Tlmes," wlth the pi ..i,: l.ilil v .,f B ICC. aful
i termlnation of the d-.i within a few daya.
Peorla, lll., Peh. II, Tha Kew fork members of
the Whiskey Truri Btockholderfl1 ProtectlVfl Com?
mlttee, Meean_ Hartakorne and iti"'. arrlved here
to-day t.< learn from the axpeii accoti itaol lb i
resull of tbe eaamlaatlon .is to lha Hnanclal condl?
tlon af ih<- property. Th.y wanl to iir.d oul how
1 niu.-h la needed t<> i.m tbe ?. mpany on Ita feel Aa
i they belleve the bualnesa ..... be mad to pay, all
I ihe needed monej alll be forth omlng, lhe) aay,
j oi reo?lanlaatlon Mr. Rlce aa I thal ll ? queatlon
i hi io the complete ,?:,-? uf ili '" ?
I f,..iii ihe n anagemenl wa.s una i. i '..> t. kholdera
I io determlne.
There wa geaeral nurpnafl Ib polltlcal eircies
,,. gtaten laland j ? sterdaj when the members of
,i,, i.oard or Pollce t'ommlealonen preeented thelr
i -i attons ;-> th- Board of Bupervlflora The board.
v.hich conalfltfl of three members. all Democratfl,
was madi up of Slcholaa Muller, who untll recent?
ly ,..,_ ,.-, [remecratl, boaa of Rlchmoad County;
l'?- ileorge ?'. Hubbard, of Tottenville. and Phillp
Wolff. ..i Btapleton. Tho latter has heid the pia.e
fOI ?eventecn conaecutlve y-nrs,. The reetgaatlona
w ire accepted,
Bunervlaora Immedlately met um a Hoard ot
.pp.lntment, wlth rounty Judge Siephen D. Bte
phena, and appolnted a new Board of PoUee Com
,.,.,s. ronilBtlcg "f two RepUbllcana ..nd oae
,,..,?,.,?: T,,ev .... Major .'larence T. Et-JTBtt,
? known sanltary englneer and a resldeat of
New-Brighton. .nd an urri ... Repubtlcaa. who a
number ..f yt ira ago wa iw-flldeol of the Board ol
|.,,i?. commlaatonera; Major BenJamlB H. wgr
rord of WeatBeld. a e..:-kn"..n Bepubllcan and
man. reai chalrman of ih Republlcaa Oeneral
rommlttee, and Robert M. l____-ard, .. larga real
-stat. owner ? :. Btaten Uland. ..-.ho Itvea al Btapb
ton Mr. Hazaard ha i :. -? i been Identlfled with
politlca, but ii -.."I i" bo - l'"m "'rit
The re Ignatlon of Nlcholas Muller nnd hlfl i il?
li I,,- .. snit of :i new meaflure now pend
Ing ir- th.- Lajgtolature sl Albany, whi.-h. if l. be
,? ,mea .-. law, will leglalate the preeenl board oul
?f offlce and provtde for a Btttgle-headed pollce
rommiaslon t" he choaen nexl falL Th- term of
offlce of th- preaenl Commlaaloaerfl is flva yean.
?ih.- .-, iii.il term of offlce was three yeara.
When Mcholas Muller wai appotated he had a
i,i:i passcd ir the L_*gtslaiure two yeara ago ??
tendlng tbe term to Bvo y.-arK. Tho memtier.i re
ilgned when lhe blll became .i law and were im
medlately reappolnted f?>r a full term. Thls pro
cauaed an outcrj agalnat Muller, and wis
th,- beglnnlng of his downfall as the polltloal
leader ... nteten Island.
>?;. . 4. iris w,r.' presented lo the Buper
yeateriUy, aa It was the tlrst meetlag of the
preeenl board, whlch waa contro'led by Nktholaa
Muller, nnd had agreed, II is alleged, t" flp*
polni ... -; - isora commlaalonen he named.
Whc-B the board mei It looked at ona tlme as lf the
? ? whlch had been agreed upon would not oe
i ..,i; After the reMKiiatlon ?t the 1 o.lcc
l.'ommlasionera had been accepted lha inemb.-rs
w :? surprlaed b> ;: ppearance ol the Supervlaor
elcct Edward i" Doy>. of Northti-'.d. an afltl
Mu-l'-r ii'ii. Mi Doyle preaented hla eredentUla
ke ! T.. i,. allow ?! to take hla aeal "* u. i_ in
? board After a few mfnutes consu.tatu,:.
ral rl itaal hu i! Um, BUpervlaor HoW
,.? i \ , -. ?? ,r x .rthfleld, vacated bls. teat in
- r Bupervlaora Naihanlei
M,ih. of Bouthfl :-i and Doyle, of Northfleld, com
... - ? ?. igalnat 'he appolntment - I a
I,,-a i....:i of I'o'.Ict t'ummiaslonera untll aome fu
i .,-,. ;.,... When Judge Stephem Informed th*
that th. ? waa al present witboul ..
Board ol Pollce Commissloners, a atflta of aftaira
, , ,,,. i not well exlat, the new commlflsloners
appolnt, i b) ballot, Meaara, Doyle and Maran
thelr appolntment.
Nlcholaa Muller w-l-.e:, seen by i r-port.-r laa:
.? ,u, : i is fellow-members la the
... ? ' gracefull) rather than be legls
?:. - by th. Republicans now m powr.
. ? . ?: ,' idlKIN .v r*0 IAID TO RAVB
i.\i.i:n *::..-.'
, i Hlrb n B ' " manifa. nirera of lace <nr
n Xotl ngbam, England, through their man
\ i: Dl. k. of No tl Mercer-et.,
., .,'. forge y aga nai a roraier em
. ; ,hn w Bmlth. The ipectOc charge
? r i (tirkln h Co i ln i iraemeai
.,,?,. . , . . th Plral Nai;..ii.. Hank of
... , ,,. . , .1 ? ??: Api ll '. UM ll la thoughi
... |oai <"???' through Bmltb'a
...... ro igh -i ??
lhe flrm an ' waa a I - -I m.m.
? . sterdaj Justtci voor
.. ., ?;.. io ball :?< inawi i
111 M
,... j ? . >.\ itaon was pul on trlal j?atei
. Brooklyn on i hargea preferred by Mayor
. . _ho wants h m r moved The caae ..me
. i,.!.,.., urown, I'ullen and Dykaaaa al Gea?
eral '
i tant i "orporatlon Counsela H< ary r. rouge
T Mu lge appeared for the clty. Jua
, i ii .-;t the lefl of his couaaei, Almet
,. j,,k. Wllllam I "illbert. who was one of
Mr jenka'a Bsststants ln the .'orporatlon Coun
ym , ,, ,. . .? the case si SBeoc-Bte couaaei with
j... '.. Mayo ' ' * -??' boI preaent Mr.
y,,,,_,. . | ,hai Mayoi Bcbleren pald the extra
, .,?..,.,. ol the prosecutlon. Mr. Yonge revlewed
ii - agalnal the Juatlce, and called lhe at?
?: '.tloua of the penal code
.,,.. autli s ,.f maglatratea.
A num. i"".':'?'" ? "'""' *-???** to lealll
,,, ,h- ? ?? lu t of raaea ln whlch ihe) appeared
?i \ Hjughi i" rhoa n^n uoreaflonable ad?
? i b) Juatlce vVataon.
I'hartei W PreelaBd, of the Beventb Pre
. |. , , ;,-.. , i imnl.l Donovan on Jaauary -"s. on
,,.?,, ..... aae waa a IJouraed four
. ,.i:. iid he aaa read; to pro. red
,,., ih,< iir ? day Mi Jenks agaln BBke l the v.tt
;,, ha | heai J Ice W it"'. BUggl II BB
ndlournmenl artd he repll. i lhal he had noi.
grapher of :he Kw-_
Bti ei Poll, ?? .'....,(. ? iworn testl
monj i a : een laken n ih i J. of Thomaa Bahr,
. h irgi i ?Ith aaaaull
, iffl, .- i*i...!.. il Ray. ? * the Xlneteenth Pre
. made on< "f the moal InteUlgenl wltneaaea
, ? i for th prosecutlon. Hla testlmonj
,i ,. i I.;. io witn Intereai < m February I Raj
vho ua- .-harge i bv
Henri ? oniluttor, with throwlng a atone
ui him , .1 ? illlna ..,.i vile iiame. The charge
i".iK ?n - - .nll ln 'ii' second legree, bui the
,,,, ,., . r waa noi hi Id When .nre.?:.?.! to t.-ll what
,,...i. - ,, . i, ih. I'.'..' n Btreei Pollce Courl when
,v , arml tn< : Ra) aald ln aubal ince
? i-sM.-e w tson read thi complalnl and sald he
. ??|,| . ? . , on r .-n lhal di...:?-. ai i he
, blm ln th. d ??' ' m.u. i.v the narne
.,i s.?:;h. who k. ? | i iloon al .rner ol
,;, ,n,l ind l. ?? m .. i ?- Tl cao waa adjourned
KVhruar. 2 untll the -rh. when aentence i ai
j ,. ,??,. wai- in agaln aald he 'ould nol
h.il.1 ihe prl.onei on Ihe charge and he old the
'?? tbal .1 Iie ii ?' -m.-tlc h- would dls
ilm Klllli Ri ? ia noi satlal le.1 He aald lf
m .: would hav. kllled hl. i
,. na.ui ihen ml I the | rli n ? II he would
I gtiilt) he would auapend aenten. > lo 8 charge
. ' ,ii- ml: I-. lhe thlrd di .:.-??
Hefore adjournnieni yesterdaj Bfternoon the evU
,,, n .. .,,, ?.. ,??..,. uiior waa nll n. rhe most ,,f
i, ? ,., bi p .'.ic-ii'?" ?' ; complalnanta who told
? idjournineni ? snd suspenaloni of sentencea
tn cases .,f felonloua Baaaulta. _
of every wrgfjr, thin ot thin
bloodcii peiaon doea its
work witn coaateat dirti
cultj aad B_tigue, They feel
"worn, "or tircd out, "nin
dowB " or nervous.
Feeble people who are
dyspeptic, f.ncl that eattciflfl
aft.r a BM al is sure to c.iusc
leaaened power to digest
food - because there is *o
Uttle blood, and v.hat there
is, ia earrled <>iT frum tbe
gBSt rIC o rg a n s to the
What is needed is plenty
of blood. and of the right
kind. Dr. Herce'a OoMea
Medical Dis ovcry tnakt-s
pure. ridi blood. and to gain
in blood is nearly alw.iys to
gain iti uhoieiontr /les/i up
|0 thfl healthy -tandard.
Kvery one should have ?
cctt.iin surpliis of rlcsh lo
iiitit the emcigtBciefl of
dekaeaa; "... tcsi-t ihe att.uk of conaumptioB, grlp,
milaria and fevera., Thla blooded people are slwa*
.'ittm? siik, and none of the orgBJH Of the body can
get nlong wlthoui the food they reauirc for work.
which ls, pttrr blood. To gain Bfljd to keep strcn?tli
and il.-h la th<- aecret of bcalth, naefuiacsa and
bappiaeaa. With new blood an.l refrcshed iK-rv-s a
coiinuent fcelini of rcturalBg hf>.iltli coo-BB also.
Nervous tnanifi itations, aucb bi alccplcaaBcaa, nerv?
ous dcbility and ncrvoua proatration i.rc in nlne cases
oal of ten "the eryoftbc itarved bctvbb for food.''
If vou feed the ti.rv'-s on pure tich Uood the nervous
lymptotns will .-case. It is had ptat:ci to put the
ncrvca t., deep with ao-called eelery miztufea, coca
om pounds, *or mall cxtracta; what is needed ia a
blood maker. The " Wacovery*' is compoaedofvege
table Ingrcdienta which bave bb eapeeial eflect uimti
the stomach, liver, and blood nt.ikiiiK glands. I'or
lhe cure of dv-;? psi... indlgestion, Hver cmplaint,
weakrncd vitalttv, >.n.l fw pnny, palc people, Dr.
Picrcc's i',...di-,i Medical Dli-ovcryi utnoiuc e_aak4.
TboUMUdl h-vc le.titied to lls luelila.
Pall Mail Magazine
MARI II M Allllilt
ritit ?!?:. BB CKKT8.
.Ftot -*
.By Artaar law
r Bm. 01 um
Bj i.i^v Brkaj
!? A'4?a
THB HP.i'KKN riT'lIKI'.. Oratafle...
i:ius.rat*.| by ITaude Bh*pper*r,n.
l!lu?tr*t.-al hy .1. W. \\>>t.
Kliisira-e.! by Photograph*.
?I'Tiri; MBRE'1.???'? v
|||a*tr*t*d hy P. F. i'": ?""V..,.
i'.. \ m k. n uatt
AA'l.h lltuatl .? - - frotn ll ,;'" ' ai n
l--.a.\ Hf.NTINO. .v lll. "A Clieek .H ?.- rf. R .:??
A AA'OMAN OV BRABONB .rt) I'-'art - Kphnt
i::.inrnia-.| hy l tlllllch.
tiii: ckxsis A.vi> ?ni1-: ? ondition ?>:?? thr
PBOPLH.Bl ? H Mfnek
llluatrated wlth i>i.i?"n" bj ihe v.
MARt'HBN.By Oraham II T ;im?
ll uetrated by it A. H?ll.
QI.'OU RRAT l.llV.a.NSTU.AM.t .*.l
I'lu*tratea1 I.v l> .ik'.".' P ''? ' t
HKA \VHIHPKRH... B] Ai, BlnciaW
Omy nthbf
WAR N..T!-:-. No, XVI. "A Drumma
XX. (Tweattoth) Bombai Infi
:;.. v
Af..*r ? Bketeh b) Maj i M
Pan I.ity A'.. ? .i Blr Rvclyn w.^,1 \'. c.
Illuatrateal bj Map* an>l
.*, mi-amm: ABTIBT IN K.S'.JLAND ;:. .- ,i
Bouvenlr*. "Aftei nw n Tta."
. . : ... . I'I. ?
MABTRR AM" MAN. : Broe? HamftBaB
I'.lur.rata -l b| <'? M nt. n.
V\'E8TMlNi**TER. 'I ptn VII. 1 c -?at
llluatrated by aa P*(
JOAN HAHTE. l!haptei XXII XXI\'.
. I?l H RMer Haaaaal
i ui trata d i * ' * a. .
.?;'i;-.',;- at I'fTiT.iTV. No vi. InterpU *?*?*,
t'aMBmunicatlon. The I M icope.Hv Y. T. lam
llluetrated by 1* !?' rn l
wn'H'ifT i'itK.ii'1'H'K.Hv i EaatraOl
I ?.?:,-.. arlth Thumbnall Kketahea by L. Uiuma,
ll] Fiaab <'ii?*w,irta
|.-aiii.,i-tai (NBetM II ' harlng ''? m R .1 1. .. i ,n. av. c.
Publtehlnf Ottlcta: IxauloB. H** ftiarln* t'roaa R..<M,
CGMPARl': Toronto. Tlie Tonm-.a N*WI .'.. , MnatiaaC
Tii.. Montrtal New* Oo. _
Sensitive 5tomach5 are
often made so by nervousnesii
cures nervousnesB. Itcures sca
sickness, train - lickness and
nervoua headaches. The real
"bromo caffeine" is made only
by Keasbcy & Mattison.
Small size, ioc.; large si/.e, $i.
Slla erarnltlia.
Everytlilna Peilrable ln B8varWBM at n<"*?onabl* Trlcaia
JIT Inlon Sainare. .V l\.
13 MAIDKN l.ANi:. N. T. _
AHMt A\0 v.l l r BOTBB.
B/aablagton, i-vb. ll (BpedgD.-By dlractlaa of
tha .-*????:? ?...>? 0' W'.ir. th- f.a'.lo vir.g ii;im^d ort. - r*
of tha Corpa of Engtaeera, memaara af th* Hoard
ol Vlattors to tha* L'nIUd BUtaa Bnglnaar Bcbool,
wtll prUcaad 10 Wlllet: ? ."o.nt. N-w-Vorli. for th*
i,ur;.o.-.. ..f Rwktag th- aaml-aaaual Inapectloa of
th.* achOOl, an<l uj.on the aompiatlon of thal aati
Wlll r.ioin thelr propatr I atloni ''oioii.1! Ha-nry Al.
Robert, i.i.'ii..nant-i'..:oti..i Peter C. Halne* and
Lteutcnant-Colon 0 - ? '? ' -? th* -.r.ivei
, .- -,. ai iry for tlu publie Mrvlce.
The folUmrlng change* m th.- autlon* of offl era
,. ? .? Ai.ii.eal Dapartmanl ar,. onlei Captala
Heary P. Blrmlnghaa*, aaslauni aurgaoa, a%iii ba
r.ii.-ivd rrom duty ai Pori Oraat, Ariaona, aat
?Alll r.-p.>rt ta. Kor. T-imrcll. i-otin.. f". dut? *t
that post, to reltav* .'aptain Praaaaau V. 'Aalker,
aaalstaat 8urK..*on. Captaln R'aUur, upon beini; ra?
liaved by ?'aptain Btrmlaghaas, will repori ta
POTl iSra.u fo*- duty. Speeial orda^r <llra*i*tlng Se.-onat
Lleutenani Bdward J. Tlmberlake, Jr., .'-I Artllla-r-f,
... ioln his battery ia IB4B*0Verl. The '.eave of ab
?ience on aiirij'on'>< certlftcate of dlaabUlty, Kranta*4
Captaln Arthur l.. Waaner, ?'':" Infaatry. la ex
..n.i.l t)\<r> daya 0" acacounl of *lohnaoa, .'....ila
vvr.iiam 1. .Ai.*\.uid.*i. commlaary of Bubalataacai
alll Vlall <;r.*ad.-y. P8TI CoUIUU. K.a?t)nville or
Raton, ''oi? ..ot exce..llnir f.Hir ttBBCa I r month,
untll January M, foe th.* purpoae of innpecting
BUbalataBM a >tores
Rrtafiga* llarry Ooorge I.a- i,e. n detached from
dutv u. tb* Ai...- i-.i-.d N.i>> Vard and o::..-*-J
to thr Albairoaa.
Saval ord'-rs hava beea laaued aa fol'ows. as
sHt.in. N.i-.al Conatructor Rohori Daahl*:i, or.le.ed
to duty ai th.- N;ia> Department; i..* it.n.ini T- <J
Dewey. ordered to th* Naval War Recorda Offlc*;
I'.i-.'l Aaai*tant Bnglneer Schell, ordered to the
New-York: Lleutenani J. J. Knapp, ordered to
examlnatlon for prom I . -.in A. 1 '-'"'-?
.letached from the Xew-York rchajoliihlp Bt. ?ar> a
and ordered to tha* i-'i.-h Commlsaloa ataamer *>
Tne*"followlng Army order* luavai baaa ?*??**;
The l-ay.* o' abaence aranteal Flr* Ll. 'Jenani
i.,?.Il/o r Davlaou, mh Infantry. la ^'??\e*
Ihree montha. The followlna tranflferfl n th* I
Infantry are ordered: Beeond Ueutenanl \.:i..m
lt 1 >.>?=: lell iro.n Company C u? > ompany K. n?*v.;
ond i.i,in......u John K. .ai.ii.: from Conipany K
10 fomoiini '' iu i.r-.u.i. ot th.- Prarflldent, rirat
Lletuenant Alird Haabrouck. Jr.. Mth lnf.tBtry,
P, detalleal aa profeo^r ol mllluri -a.-i.-n- - ?nd
? ,. t- * .,1 Kiverviea A. a lemv, Poughkeapsle, N.
V and wll repori In peraon for duty Bccordlngly.
Hv dtreetlon of the Secretary ol War thc extea
lon of l-.iv" of abaence granted Flrat Ueutananl
llenry C. Flahcr, aaaiatanl Burgeon, la furtbar ?a
''?aii-reta'ry lHerbert haa approved the report af aa
?xamlnlng board whl. h recommended Lleutenant s.
H ?Si-lfri'lK.-'" promotio.i 10 co.nniand rank rma
offlcer whS wa* refuaed promotlon reveral montha
air,. on account <>f temporary phyalcal dlaabUlty, ia
? brother of Commo?lore Belfrldge, ond a aon of
the Rear-Admlral of that name, who la th* bMbm
iivina offlcer of th.* Navy. , ,.
"Vnca-c,-,.:.? Ca-tlne. bound for M?dan*ear. \et%
Ponle Delgado, Aaorea, yeaterday. for a.iirait.ai
Cantaln ?'. L. Luhn. 4.h Infantry. havlng r.-a_-h.-'i
ihe ia' Ilmlt. wa* plitced ...1 the retlred Hal af th*
' The cruisar Detroll arrlved al Hong-Koo* thla
mornlng, havlng made the run of l.?8 miltmtoom
su. ? it.or.* -'ln???? February lt. Her ne*?l *top "ri
her way tololn Admlral Carpenter arlll ^ 8t\anK
h., mo mil.-s dlatant. The Machlaj. w"J*iV'"
,i,,?iv following the .>-t.o... raacbed Bina ?
on the ">th. and *hould Wa** ther.- to-da) 01 to
m?*e?Aler( lafi Baa Joa* de OuatemaU >^;.*r.|..y
for La ui'.-rt.i.1. Bilvador. on her duty patrolllng
tha araat >oa*-t af Central Amertea.
BVR8LAR8 IX JORB H t\o,u>nilifs OTFICB
The gaaa "f burgtarfl arho hava beara op.-r.iit.iR ia
AV.*s- l--otiA-v.-a.ti.lst lata "ii Monday nlKht brok*
into the oflka of loan H. B/oodhury. R* W R'?oi
K-ortr-aecond-at Thay arara rrlghteMd away. prok
,.i,lv t.y AA" A AVoodhury. whea b* i-f.i-.i.-d front
t,o tSatra a. U* odock The prlnHp^l i-ty
hey ipoh awa> waa Ma fadal maaka. article* which
women waar at night to Impro** their eoroplexl na
Thej alao fc-"t aaaM raluahh nurelcal Inatrumenta
Tha ?"???' bad baea uimparad with and proKitdy
irotilil have beea cracked bad noi tha burgtara beaa
frlgbtatned away i" ika niid.-t ..f th.*ir work. They
uft behlnd tbam ?om* common hurKhirt.' tool* -..ci
aome cople* of "TrUhy." which probabl) had b ia
atolen Thev effected .in entrance by amaablng *
larg* pan- Of |:ia*-.a ln t.i" l>.is.ni>*nl door and tn-n
ui.ioa'kmg and unboltlng lt. t
AAord waa aanl to'th.- AAest Porty-**venth-ei *ia
tion al once, ard yeaterdaj mornli 1 ?'? tectlvea < ai.'-a
al th.* om.*a.. Mr. M'oodbury haa offered .1 rwarara
of JA-'kO for tho arrt^i of tn.' burglara,
Al the -noitiiiK ..f th.* PoUee Board T**i?ri*8
CommUalaeor Aadraw* lald bafon tb* eommbail .v
a>rs a c.nitiiunk-Hiion lated l' bruan ???? fr,rn ' *"
Beott, ?f AA'a-Mt MaUath<aL, wh. aald regardtng tuo
attack oa fJaaaral Varnum and tha facl tkai no
poUcamao avhs i.. sight thal Iw knew thai t<i '>???
nalghborhood poUcemtn wer* ln the haWt
Ulg thait tiina* at altki
wlth rtlaorderly women. . ,rmim na
??1 move th.it th* aaaauli ... <'.??"?' l',r\!"n
InvestlgHted." *ald i^>mmla*loner Ana
bIbo tbat the Buperlntendeni ma?
p iri am lh* '? urphilnt."
ri..* matnn araa refarn 1 ta
Byraaa _ .,
?B?7fl TA BT CA 81.181.8
Bacratary CarHatei with i?i
c.iiii?ia*. arrtvad la UBa clli
I Mt ,,',-l.ick. nnd W*ra drlv
unken eon I BaB
inllim . .
gem al re
v..:'. and BBB. 81 K
iterdai aftornoon tt
en ... once ta lh* nj*
Avenu. ilot.l. whara rooma had m*tn roomrmod?
them. Th.v raacbed tt.,* hotel al t.to ocio?. ?
Car.1.1. wm asKid b, 1 Trthun. rejjoru^jj fjj
uiivtiilng to Bay rcgardlng mi
or th* condltlon of the TreaBury. ,lu .-,? a*
'?Nol a word." aald Mi > *>????<', ,,' 'Vk W ."1"
?Urted for tbe elevator ? '1 cannot Wf^fi oa
Mr Cartlale'B mn wlll saii f or . y'"\ *.. m^a ??
[i-amshlp vV'**t*rnUnd
Uuoio thc vojige fOt BM BM?8
1:0 > OUllii

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