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Can BB Hfll.T TT' W1THOCT )"i:i>
a nArr coaaaaroauaari "k thu tk:bt>e :
touisvllle has two representatiAe men who are
capat.le of d.scerning th. t-ridenci. s and fore
casting the forces of publie opinion in the S ir.h.
One ls Henry Watteiuon, the ga-nial aml blilllant
Kdltor ?f "Th.- Courler-Journal," who is recog
nlzed in the Eaai and Weat, as well as in the
South, as an Oliglnal thir.ker and a man of f..rce.
The other is Walta-r Kvans, a progresslve !? I ? i
of the old Republican guard in the South, who
has reeeatly aecompUahed tho anprecedented feal
of overc.mli.g a liostile majority <.f over 7,900
nnd securlng an electlon to Congn-ss by a plu
rallty of over 4,100. I'. Avas a privlla-ge to meet
these two rf presentatlve men at the close <.f a
niidwlnter journay through twelve Bouthern
States. and while I did not nndertake to 'Inter*
view" them in the profess!' nal sense uf the word,
1 eould hardly be expected to refraln fr-m quot
lag some thlngs which they aald, U nding i" .??...
lirm iii.f.r. s.-i'.ns raoelved abjewaera in the South.
Mr. Watlarson ha.1-. a marked talent for luini
n-.us cmvers ition. I have read a long. carefully
prepara d article from his pen in thai mornlng'a
"Couri'-r-Journal," in hla charatrterlatlc Btyle, but
his afternoon talk wlth me at his club if it >? >uld
have beea reproduced atCBOBraphlcally, would
have disclof.-d the same luddlty of expresaion,
vig-.r of thought and exqulalte Rnlab ..f form.
There ara few auprelatlTery g.1 talkera in Amer?
lca, i.ut he ls ..na* ..f them, nol only by virtue ..f
natural gatdallty, good fellowahlp anl brllllant
aceompPBhrnenta Irul 8l?o through bla capaclty
for orlgtaal thought.
Mr. Watteraoa does not hesltate t.. descrlbe tha
breah in the South as a permanent one. He
Bpeaka of lt as a result which vvas deatlned t.>
occur as soon at the Republican party nut the
Southern people "Avif, i:s pollclea in one hand
and the ollve branch in the other." Aa s. as
thc race question, whl.h haa hung over the Boutb
as a nienace slnce Reconstruction daya, w ia le
n.oved, thc Solld South was brohen. It ???
maln brohea nnlnea a Republican Ccngreea i.y
?the revtval ..f PMeral electlooa bllla attempta to
fusa lt togetber agam, and that is moal unllkely,
The Republican party. a.-.-.-ding 10 Mr. Watt.-i
aon, has oecmo more moderata and ronserva
tive on all publie questions than it has been, and
?with the race question out of the way, Bouthern
men wlll diAide on party linea naturally and ac?
cording to their lnt.r-sts and convictia.ns. Th>
defeat of the Korce bill and the repeal of the
Fcderal Electlon laws have brought other U- pub
llcan pollcies to bear direetly upoa the Bouth
?where they are exerting nttractive foree. While
the R.-publlcan pariy now seems to have the het
ter chance of carrylng tho next Pr.-sid.-ntial elec?
tlon. many thlngs may intervene to change the
eltuation. That electlon will, unquaotlonably,
turn upon financlal questions rather than the
Mr. Watterson talks with apprehension and
forehoding of the materlal COndJUotU of tha
country, which he eonsidt-rs much m trt alarm
Ing than Its political condltlons. He rcfers to
cheap cotton as the unerring sign of ruinous
and dlsordered agriculture. Wlth cotton sfiling
et 6 cents and below the actual eost of produ.
tion. and with wheat markcted at the lowest
prices ever known. thr- two greal staples of
Amerlcan agriculture are unprofitable, and the
farmers and planters of the country are expoaed
to terrib.e suffering and loss (n.n overnroduc
tlon. The low prices of ,ron and other leadtng
manufactures do not allow an adequate margln
of profit, and these indust>ies. llke eotton plant
lng and wheat farming. are unreiminerative.
When the largest classes of producers are work?
lng at a loss and when trusts and monopoll.s are
operated wlthout restraint. the mat'^rial Ihter
ests of the country' are cmfronted with an Im
pendlng crisis, ln which there wlll bc tremendoua
Fhrinkages of values and a vast df-al of suffT
Ing, and out of whi'-h ther*. will ctoip some rc
organization of economle forces. While an op*>
timlBt in politics, Mr. Watterson is Uicllned to i.e
a pesslmist when he conslders the evils of over
productlon, and his maln consolation is the re
flection that in the United States producer? : ra
on the whole better off than they are anywhere
That Proter-tion has been gaining gr und in the
Bouth Mr. Wattej-son frankly admits. X. av ra
crults for that cause Spi'ing up from the intro
?duction of manufactures and the dlveralflcatlon
of industries. OottOd manufacturlng, ln his J.idg
rnent. will be removed lnevitably from New-Kng
la^Wl to the cotton belt, Avhere there are Buperlor
faclilties for carrying it 08 ec jn-mi. aily. In llke
manner he anticipatcs the transfer of the Iron
Industry from Pennsylvania 10 Tenneaeea and
Alabama. Wlth Its inexhaustible auppllefl Of COt
ton, Iron. coal and tlmber, the South has all the
raw materlals required for successful competi
tion with the North ln manufacturlng. It ls des
tlned to becoma the manufacturlng centre of the
country. These ehangaa ln the Induatrlal ord.-r
are inevitable, and will involve naturally a Bhlft
Ing of aiplnlon on economle questions. AJded by
the proverbial zeal of new enva-rts. Protectlon
ma./ yet flnd its strongest support where indus
tries are B8W8Bt? that is, in th' Bouth. Mr. Wat
t.-rson believes flrmly, bowever, that ln the and
nianufacturers themselves will brlng ln fre*
trade. and that the movement wlll reoelva Ita
atrongest impulse from New-England and Penn
nylvanla after the Buperlotlty of the South in
textlle and mctal manufaatu. s has beea dema n
atrated and the while coontry is impressed
?with the aeceaalty of reaching after the marketa
of the world. 1 have not attempted to reproduca
Mr. AVatt'-rson's languap.. but only to indit-ate
tiroadly hls vlews on Natlonal queatlona
Walter Evans ls naturally ao highly elaUd over
the Republican victories of last fall. wh-n I...ul*
ville was .-irri.-d by Btorra agalnal the "Bucklng
ham Kang" and numa*ra.;is aeata galned !:i I'.m
gr.ss, that lt is with dlfflculty that ln- --.in ba
Induced to talk about anything . !-?-. Hla owa
majority for Congress was so large tha: h- av .11
b, Justifled. if he w.re nol a md st. una.-suming
politician and an int.-ns.-ly loyal RepubU>S8n, Ih
clalming it as a peraona] triumph a'ntltling hlm
to party leadershlp ln the State. It Beeittfl almoat
lncredlble to hear Republleana in th.-ir s iber
eerses talkir.g calmly and eonfldentty about the
practlcablllty of electlng a G .vernor in so rock
rlbbed a Democratlc stronghold as Kentucky;but
that ls one of the Blgns that the arhlrtlglg of llme
has nearly completed Its revolutloa ln thc New
Bouth. A Republican Oovernor of Kentucky is
not out of the question. but a tveak candldata
wlth a talnted record wlll have no chan~>- of
Mr. Kvans did not say anything tu me about
the Oovernorahlp. but he wa* most ainphaiic in
d.claring that the Kepublican party now has a
golden opportunlty for gaining recruits and mul
tiplylng Its resources ln the South. "How can
the Republican party be built up in that quarter?"
I asked, repeating a question whleh I had put
to party leaders ln other Southern States. and
recelvlng substantially the same replles. "lt
can be done," sr.ld Mr. Kvans. "by suspenslon of
all talk about Federal electlon* Ulls. Such meas
ures are 88 longa-r necessary, although the crlme?
aecti.ns empowerlng the Fe.l. ral Courts to pun
Ish electlon crlmlnals might he revived so a* to
be applled when State Courts are lnoperative.
But there ought to be no further menace of Ked
eral interventlon in aleetBMIB The Southern
States can safely be left tu take care of them
raatvaa Then the Republi.an party can also be
buTlt up by dropping all dia-ussion of the n-gro
quest;on. by syslematic advocacy nf Protectlon
and ::. ? Natlonal p dicies. and by brlnglna
Bouth, :u ItuJu- laio greater piuinlnence lu
party councll?. Cabtnet BOSltlona and the dlplo
matli Bervlee." When men like Mr. Evaru speak
of suapendlng dlscuaslon of tbe negro quesl
they do n il f.iv.u- aband mmenl of lhe eause of
freo i-uftra^fi under th? BBfeguarda of the Fif
teentb Amendment Th*> ilmply mean that tbe
Natlonal pobcfea of tne party ougbt to be made
..s promlnenl i.i tbe Bouth as in tbe N .rth, and
that th" time baa paased for barren i mtroveray
over negro domlnatlon and tbe everlaatlni ra ?
Mr. WBtteraon, a polltlcal opponent, has paid
? generoui tribute t i tho brllllanl expl .11 of this
Republican leader iti canylng the LouIbvIUc dls?
trlct JI." has Bgid that "in the blstorj of pgrtlefl
tbere was ncver a better-planned and better
f lugbt canvaas for Congreaa than that ..f Colonel
Evans, or a vlctory entltllng its hero to greater
conslderatton at the hands of hls party"; and
after forecaatlng for him hlgh rank ln debate at
Waahlngl n, has added thal whlle he may never
encounter another landsllde, before the next
campalgn opena "he will have turned his jack,
i.diiK already six in the game." After thls ehar
acterlstlc eulogy from an antagonlat, it wlll he
Inatructlve to revert t,-, the princlplee upon whlch
this Bucceeaful canvass was conducted. Colonel
Evans won hla vlcl iry on National laauea, laylng
stren upon the dlaaatroua coneequences of the
Interference by the party In p wer wlth thoae
economic polic.ea under whlch the Amerlcan peo?
ple had enjoyed unexampled proaperlty, and ln
\ Itlng BUDpOli from all palri',"l ? dtlzi ns ln 04 ? r
throwlng Democracy when ii had Bhown Itaelf
incompetent t.ndu t the buslnesa Intereata of
the Nati .n. ll.- was nol sKenl resp. Ing elec?
tlon fraudfl in the South, and demandcd a falr
nnd honesl count and lhe punlahment "f every
conBplrator againsl the free ballot; bui he dld
not make any phaa > of the ni gr ? qu< atlon pr .ml
n.'tit In hls canvaaa. llis vlcl rj waa won "ii
th.- hlgh ground of National pollcles, when busl
ii-ss was proatrated, InduBtrlca were paralyzed
and the people Idle, aufferlng and Impoverlshed
It is Republican campalgn work ol th;s kind
thal is needed In all the Bouthern Btatea. The
new factoriea and founderlea of th.tton bell
are natural recruttlng agenciea for Protectlon
vot. ra Th,- ln mendoua d< ve'.opmi nl ,<f the m'.n
eral rea >urc. i of the S >uth an 1 th - diveralflcatlon
of IndUBtrles whlch Is powerfullj promoted by
the : iw prlcea for cotton are pr .ducli ?.- ra II al
changea of publlc opinion on lhe tarlff queatlon.
Recenl experlence haa convlnced bualneaa men
who bave Inveated thelr nion-.-. In Bouthern
enterprlses that the Republican party li the only
one that can be depended upon to dlrecl nnd
manage Natlonal tii.ai. ?- li a nservath'o way.
There la throughoul the cotton bell a recoll
agalnal Democracy, wlth Ita n : >rd ol dlsh ?m red
pledges and dlshonored flnanclal admln
Istratlon. \ more favoral.pportunlty for re
organlzlng and p il i .???._ the R publlcan party
ln the South wlll n. \ ? ? ai I.-? ?: ?nd lhe bj >rk can
:?? oi ! -? l su. _?afu ly If Nat: mai laaues Bnd
ballot and reglfltratlon reform ar. mad i ..>?
maln ground of operatlons. and K- leral ?
lawa and the raee questlon ara allowed lu ,1rop
out ' ? slght.
Ih- n gro haa urgentl) needed protectlon In
the Bouth, where hla cl\ll and polltlcal i ?
h .\.. been taken away from him; bnl h< haa been
unable to gel it when the whlte vote haa hecn
i agalnal him on the raee queatlon. Wlth
the white vote dlvided, a ll i- to-day In nearly
aii the South rn Stat..-. lhe p *ltl< n of th. n. gi ?
has greatl) Improved. With electlon rc-form the
laaue of tl ? h ur from Vlrginl i to Ti xai . and
wlth sn uprlslni I hon. I men of all partlea
agalnfll machlm polltlcn, trlckery and rrime, lhe
negro has everythlng to galn from the rt >i
ratl .i ol the Republl an party In ih. South i
Natlonal lln. s. aa - ns. ntlally s whlt. man's party
co-operatlng wlth thi Popullsts ln a campalgn
againsl electlon crim. In every Bouthern Sl t<
a Republican Congreaa c, uld make no more
fal il mlatake than that of revlvlng the raee ques
tlon by th.- re-enactmer.l of Federal electlon lawa.
The Soutbern Statea can aafely be irusted to
work oul thdr own ?edemptlon from electlon
frauda and raee Intoleranec. The remarkabJe
results of local optlon as i practi, .1 temperanc
meaaure more effectlve and Bucceaaful in those
States tl-tn hich llcena. has been In _nj North?
ern State offer a convlnclng demonatratl i
th" power of enligntened opinion a icn qu
ened by publlc conacli nce Eli l ? m la
comlng throughoul the .-;.-ii'i '?? flu?e publl.
opinion demanda It, and Statei i. w Demo ratic
by Bystematlzed fraud wlll be Republican or
FubI. n, wlth a free b ill .1 honeatly - int< d.
No < n? wh" is famll;.'.r wlth Bouthern p I
w i ,i-nv lhal the R< publlcan party In th il -?
tlon has Buffered from thi character f ? >me of
its moal conepl uoua reprc?entatlvea Falthful,
courageoufl and . rllllanl many ol Ihem h.\.
b. ? n, but the polltl. al lead. i hlp haa i.ften
:-i. ? n nf a very cheap . rder, ard m. n of lhe hirh
est character, whose Identlflcatlon with thi party
would have been Invaluable, bave been unwllllng
to tak- part ln its practical managemeni on ac
r .unt of uncongenlal aasoclationa. Fortunately,
tho best Republlcane ln th. South are n a
ItiK to lhe fronl and maklng thi m?. Ives f. It. The
Bomlnatlon of ll. Cla> Evans for Oovernor of
T- nnesaee Wa? th. w >rk of lhe youngei an I i
propressive Republl. ins, and tho n i
t) - 0f C lonel E. ?' H inl rd f >i Ui
Btatea Senator. one of 'he roremoal men
of Easl Tenneenee wai a Btep In lhe sam.
r etii n. The m mlnatl >n i : T M Aldrlch and W
K Al Irioh for C mgn bb In Al ibama bi
promlni nce as Republic in )? ad. i tf
? rs of the s mthei n i al and i n li lu il
Manj oth.-r Instanc a . f th.
censful buslni ia men of th< hlgl ? -'
wlth th?- n.-w progr. aslve R. pul ' lh<
S uth mlghl l- clted Hlgh. r al u lardi : lead
ershlp hav- I- ? n eatabliahed an l the .1 ' l
tbandoned tha1 th Rej ihli. tn
party vva? to be c. nducted ?..-.-??,
p-u-tv wiih Jubi enough whlt. m. ? ln II t i didd
the Federal ofllcea wh n there wai a Nal i i
Admlnifltratlon al Washlngi n r< a : ' i u
them oul The new Republleanlsm of the -
w-d.-on.es recrulta from every Blde from augm
plantera in Loulalana, cotl n manufa lurers In
the <"ar dlri is. mlne-ownr-rs and workera In Ala
bama ard Tennesaee, and Popullsl farmera from
Reorgla to Texaa. II co- .peratea wlth ? vi ry fac
tlon or party that la In i irnesl In d. mandlng
electl n ref rm. and l' offera to men of all racea
and i upatlona the wld. pread bcneflti nl ma
terial prospertty. based upon th- protectlon of
.merican Induflti, ind h.t'- r and wlae Bnd con
?ervatlve managemeni ol Natlonal finance.
New-Tork, b> b 15, I8t- I v ? ?
Th- Aldermen bad a sesslon laetlni i four
hours yesterday, bui a greal deal ol lha tlm. wai
consumed in dlacusslng queatlom of pai
law, roltcalla motkma to adjourn and caKa for the |
prevlous questlon. AMerman Qoodman revlved the (
plan f.r placlng roof gai lena ovel plera on ihi
rlver fronl Hl reaotutloni wen referred I
C'ommitt.e on Dock* Reaol iti il l of Aldermen K-n
neflck for the coastructloB of b*on brktges ovei
? gutten ti enable trucki to reach lha Blde.
walka readily weni to the Oommlttee on Btr.
Th.- propoaltlon t, tranafei Eaaex Market Bulld
tag to tha Board of Educatlon for achool purpoaea
-.-. i. laJd over t i alloa l m. for tb ? Oran I
havlng quarl l re to apply lo the L
lature f.,r otber places in whl h to hold u,..i i i
campments, an I al o to be bear I on the aubj
Tha People'i TTactlon Company, lhe Hucklefa i
rival. aaka !. thi ? igh tl I. rm in B h >1, | ei ml
: . .. iracba an i opi rat.- Ita llnei thr.. ...
of tbi Annexed Dlatrlct, in whlch the company
proposaa to carry paasengers, extendlng thi
t-:n :, i'. ksklll. The applleatlon araa referrtd w
lhe C .mu..it.>n Rallroada,
Tha Board debated for two houra a resolution of?
fer. i by the C mmltte. on Btreeta, reaclndlng ..
permlt granted tc Jullui Stern, .i Lilln.l man, to put
ap a newspapei stand on the clty'i properij al
Nlnety-aecond-al and Columbus-eve., and drf. ,- I
i: by a vote of 1. to n Alderman Qoodman l.-d
the debate m behalf of Btern.
Alderman Cohen, ol Ball Lake Clty. oc. ipled a
..,... n the rostrum beald. Prealdeni Jeroloman.
Tl board wll] meel hereafter ..i I p. bv, on Tuea?
AmoBi t.ie paaaengen who will aall fi m this
pon on tranaatlaatlc ataamahipa to-day are
on the Berila, ol thi Amerlcan Llna, for Bouth
amptoa, <'nr;. Bralda, Tnomas Bteveni aad F. M
H. VVpod.
(.n the Britannlc of Ihe Whlt.- Btar Une, for
Uverpool- w. A. Coatea, Profeaaor and Mra T. w.
Rhya Davida, a ii. Dunn, Thomaa Qerriah, Bt
L. Crenfell, .lain.s BOWI rs-I.e- and the Mlflflea
a;.'.- and Maiiofl Boware-Lee, k H. Paraell, w.
Kankln. C. A. Reeve, Mr. and Mrs. II. Beed, ih
itev. Montagua Bcotl and sir ctiaii.-s Rlvera wn
On La Oaaoogae, ol tba Freoch Uae, for Havra
Mr. aad Mrs. V. .'rotiyi., Loulfl DUCOm, Mrs Mari
Daooaa, Humpbreys Jobaatoaa Dr. LetalBer, i. L
Leatrade. Kdward Mestre, sr.. EdWBrd M.atre, Jr..
Mr. and Mra Oeorge L M< Klroy. Mr Nl.-ollnl.
Arr.asa Norcroa.a, Oeneral A. K. Oidway, J. B.
Parker, P. Perez, K. A. Stadler and Mr. and Mrs.
Plerre flrlch
Among the pasaen?ers who arrived at Ihls port
aa tbe cunard ateamshlp Servla. from l.iv.ii.I,
yesterday were .'harlea Adler. Mr ard Mrs. Vrml
wK,"i. ?'? .,? "ahley. J \\ H Burgoyna, I'.obert
M. Donaldson. Colonel Bow land Bgerton T. w.
Oaunt, T. Ollberthorp.-, Krederl, k B. Havs. Thomas
Her.d.rson. sr ("har.ea llumr and l.adv Hu.'it.r.
o_?i.ST,'aAV __ .'.?":?*" J Ma.-klntoah. Irvln. Mc
i aiium. Aubrey i^ .Me.er. h<- itev. _>r. a. M atliu d
?'oaeph B./>1. ct., Dr - ,,,.,- h-lmer, Jamea Kaiu
Say;. ?*.V.?S :.''??ls T..on._f Itorfti; W. W I(y
UolL YWlliam A. 8mltb .u.a l_r. aud Mra tftabo
The suit brooght by Haary W. T. Btalaway for
ar. Bccounllng irom lh* corporatloa of Btelnwi ? ?
B . ,? which h- la b Btoehholder, wa* contlnuad
before Judge Beekman ln th* Bupreme C<mri rea
ij Th.- plalntlfl had mad* objaetlona to the
: charlty account of tb* flna tha: coatalned many
, .trange entrlea and ;he defence was to tba effaet
! thai theaa expenaea were Incurrad bacanaa B waa
neceaaary for iba Bnn to aund oa tba right slde of
j many peraona and that much of tho mMpovaitorm
?waala the line ?f advetlising. There wera en rlai
of paymanta to pollc* captalna. artlata and .Itlcal
! campalgna and WllHam Btelnway, who waa on h*
?tanJ had a chanca under the croae-eaamliiatlon
I by Wheeler H. Pechham for tha pUlntlfl to explala
l"Q*_S|/0T,Sr'SS1'<-">rta>aa" '". T?aao~W 11.11?
a -i rave 1380 when 1 wa* an ewctor.
.. ii.w ai,.in tha Hewltl campalgn A--We
I wtf them tl.:'.is.of the hall and churgc.1 lt to
"Mga ?o5??ontrlbute to the Long laland cam
' ... . ? y... ,.-,? mva aomeihlng.
i":,,::,,iN\-.V .?..n.V.ftu..- 5 ?^?jjgj A We
Were very much Intereated in both aldaa,
There wa.- a roar of laughter Bt thls ,..,d (he
wltneaa haatlly mad* tb* correctlon tbal he meant
that they were Intereated on both akle.lof tb. riv*.
? !^rwna,X;.' 'th;'n.n..A mean ?.?? for charltyt
' vWTi,i V a ml.take; thal money waa pald to
} l. - . ? , ? V ,r twenty-elghl concerta al M
; .los.'ffy. and wa for twen ?- , |V( ,v ?? th
" Theiauab waa on Mr. Paekham, and Ihe court
"/, ?.,;:. . e?,n *t<-??<?. -...-??..?.?..?
g. A\h.it a ">i. >' , ._ ; pianohaiuse*
^St^lcket* f^r the" bi l. and tw.! ofthe tleket.
, / . ,?, of ihe P II ? 'i '???":< ??"?' hlM
' ,n,J ?_.DOJ ? ,i irirtn ball The baiy iii * ml.
;!';;,'. '. ??.'?? .:?;:*? ? "??'
| n ime of Pielnwny .*. ?- >n?
Receaa Aa n lak. n ?( tl
' Aftei
?" r,'T,hn,uTht ut o '
thai .-.?:?? i-i?'???? ? ? _ ? . ?:
: i'*.:! V
i ? r?tna *li ? ?? i" ?? ,aa ' .. ?lU
i The ?.'- nrenl
! kH m:,i MKNT ON THE V< BB?* '! ?K Al'
The e*tat. of Jay Rot-ld "?*
, upon .. motlon made b, -
,.?i .., ln behalf of th. eaecutoi
have the repori rf f>?vld M ' ?
? ,k for oil itlon Mrflui ?
, , "
. ... .,,,, part ol .''? ?i la*
j ,,, ,.,. Burroi ite, ... which ba found the va
. ?,,.. . , i l ? ' ? ? '?
Th-- motl ? ?? '? ' ' '"'' '
... .,., k ln order 1 I
,. i m enaln ihe
and ti I "
..... cl I ioi the eip<
administration of th* eatai
i-.i |amln r i- P? '?' "
Davld B. HUI api
th- motlon f of ihe Conl
a ... f0i .?..':?? llng tha ? n 11
r;.".i.i tbe a-iav before lh* laa w* ? I
....... i ln *i ?? ? ??? ??' ih<
? . . ... onlj ta '
t ? . -, ..:?? r. ?
f ver
... ?
by ? ? l ?
as ha ?-? ?? ? ? . ? ;
?haj : ? ?..- ? .nl eni ? . . . ?
a' ? ' ?
?j > .- . -,! ,.....? ect IO ?
? ? ? '
?1*1 wlll be aml Hl ? ? ' ll
UX as Itl tha- axa Wlll
aIso t he
.,.' iha ? -. it< . *o thal both *uma ma
fi m the r. ? - ' ??
s-,. .klng ..- ??? ihe . kim of i
p ii-j foi ? *pa -i - - f a Imli
. ? .1 . :. ? I..:,..:. nt. nded I
befaire the apta -? i ? ?. :? i ?? . . .,i ..
low II.' II 1
... ., Imli .-?!?'. f the eatata
He though) Ihla ?um .1 I ba Ha. a an i allowi i
- ? -
a . il RT I AI.I N DAfUJ I - .1: TO I-AV.
.'.;;. , . -.11' a j,^,!,!., ??!,.: r?, J.-4'.lUM
Open* il 10:80 a. I " ia 81
? ? ni, I'arl I Uel ,r? lUira I I
?. ,-?? . ii N 8337 ? ? I'
Bupra ....? ' .... .-i ? ? ... . I--A lan i
St.-lliv .... ..ln
, ,?;.,. m ? .. -: il 1 ?:-. I'arl II Ba f?l ? Ila . h, .1
- i.??- i l. l: ...-?- .
. ,? . a ...i- Part lll -n*l i
.1 l..-v ?n.l faat: S ' ' 1*15 ??a-l 9231. IM>."., I
||M*l |l*?2 4.',.a. I4M ll'-: 737, 34441 2411 2442 - ?
9KM i'.a--'. 1211, Hl'-. l~-l :"??" 18*0, IS84 101* ?
iii a .. ?. i r t I'arl l A?iJ irna i t i ib* l*na
I'lrc-ull Court I'Mit 11 A.lJ.'.iti-.l *ln? Bl*
. ., mi i. I,- rari Hl n-t i- i-..-.--r? i. .1 N ? 8193
4<::t.|. -j;,:-... :?-* :?:?. 5708 2701 AM 2BI3 3017, 945.1 _?,.;**.
;. 'J*-7*. fa30B ' ??<? ? ui r.
'Il.nl! rourt P* t IA- llfl.- Ijawr.-n-?. .1 a?.
I from fart III for I ? i
Bupertol I'aMII I ?B| !'? I'' -a..l!i. .111. J .'? ?
i, . ' .??:? ::.
;-;;.. ... . ? .,.;i.i,.i T. in, Adjoumed untll Monday,
Marcl, i
, . irl . i. .1 'i- nr .-.. ? . : ? ? ?'.:?. ? ? ?.
j n i |0l2 1833 ::?::, :.l'.. '.'J-. 1313 ... lo b Nan I
i . Teran I'arl li Idjuurm d *ln*
Buperlor Court Trlal T-irm Part in n-fon I'iik-.. j
C .-? : 13* . .? - Man i: ''? S i daj ?..:
an lai
Hun rale'* Couil Chamhen llefori I i- /;?? .... :. s N-.
IBI Mia." of il r". .'l Bllvcrman, a. I0:8u a m . ta.
-.,-, ,.r a.i.. rl M. '?? rd ?i n ?. m aa ..; ? . . i
av:;:'.,in K M:.l.i va llllam i: Tr?adw.;i, . eph U
Karna-i Lur> II. Kl**am. KatBarlna Herman I
II |f.ll*J al I" .':i' .' ii. . '!.."??- Boawald, Thomaa
?;.,.,,.. Maraaretha llrockman, Mar) ': l*avltt, Han
i,..h I. >'? .!...? r. Artemai B. Johnw>n, il I p m.
?Xurr.aaal*'* Cnurl Trlal Terw llefora Art ... 8 No.
1032 ?..i f William a' .\ v.-. ..? ." :ia. ... m . Ma 1(88,
wi:; ul Maragrel ' >'Na lll, a. i" ?'??' ? i"
.mon Hleaa Bp*clal Temi llefora i'r>..r. J
Ila .... 81 Claai
Common I'lea* Equlty Trrw IK-fa.ra UI*<-hoff, Jr . .1.
No* 88, 87, 88, i\ BO, 109, 14. :..'.. 09, 100, 107. .14. .1,
17 7ai a ,,-,. u| I.i.... I..- 1.
Common Plaat Trlal T.-r.p' Part I ll ' '?? Dalv. C J
No* ..'.;,? 12.12 244* ?'??'?.' 1320. 1321, I3IB I3.A2, 1857,
IUP7 |3ii|i ;...' 1217, 817. ISiSJ 1340 _Tl-V 1*40, 702,
1331, ISSA, 1884, I3M, 134*8, 1887, 1388, ISSB, WBO, IBBI,
18112. ''..*?? unBnlthed
i ? ri.i.i ,n Plea* Trlal Term Part M Before Ole.<
.. i'm:-., :, ba ?"?!??' f. au I:.m I f... irlal. Caaa anfln
r?i.,:, ., I'.-,, Trlal Trnii Part ni H -ft r? i: ..lt
>ta,.. : < .,t . * ? , .?? . ..? fi m Pai . fo. trlal a ;,.,,
Court Bpeclal Term Bafor* Ehrllch, C J Mo
'..'??, Court Trlal Terw r.-.n i Befor* a i.n lv.k. J
S ?- 677 *-<? 841 471 175 12411 I8B0, \:::<: |8BB, I3M,
lll* I3U2 8413 1373 1891, I40U Ull lll-' 1413 I ?""
1*10, mih 1418, \f.-o. 1431, 1432, 1493 1434. 1495, 1495<aj
'.:,!? II ..
a'liy .'.uri Tild T.:n. P.r. II Befor* Pllzalmona, J -
No* 1188 9273 12-:.. I2B0, .714 1983, HiV 9878, 1083
Clty '"..ur. Trlal ' ? nn Part lll Befora Nf*nura*r, .1 -
No* :aa,i 1309 1313, 3U0, im7. 3370, S3SB ?"??'?*.. loat, 185,
la.-..- Ca?* unfl.
Clty .'iiit -T.liil T.-ini I'ai. IA' Refor* Conlan, J
auaa* N< ? 8322, 34.A3. 33*41 S003, .1402, .u**.'.. S4?4.
.". .-.. .",17.. ?mu .'.::.', :;i7.'. SISft, 8401 3403 8403 3.114.
Equlti caaat: No* 188. 165. 181, 102, IBB, Hii. 188, IM
n-,7. ila, ia), 17... i7i. i7_ ci ai
r.i:'i;ivi:ii: ai'Inmnteu.
^u^>-a^nl^ Court.
i:y Aadrawa J
AA'IPt lir<.[, <.* AAVilini: .l.l.ii ii Juda*.
Mumoe v? Banford -Allllam C. Holbrook.
New-Tork SHvinir*. I'nuk v*. Chapman- K..iwnr.| l>
I'a. .; la . ? la ?. va, Amerlcan Si??m r*ol|i*r laawaae* '?>.
John E Ward
A.i AAiaR^nen v?. Knvn"--Kdwaid L I'firrl*
!?? \',<0 etr . vi. Ama-.uan l/,Hn uml Trust Co. ?Kreder
|. k Srnjtti.
Ji.hn Kia-m, Mrnuina Oo, \?. BaBtl -O*teao C .'alvin.
r.y Lawraaea, J.
K.ianl.n v*. Branl.n Itl- l.arl II. t-.nlth.
Con mon l'la-ai.
li. l'ryir. .1
Ailhari \? IIhi.t (.', ea***) - inutl U. i'auL
I,imi,aan va llllu?J.niin. Ui,,.k.
HetreaelBaa Ufa laauraaea Ca. va Gn> .2. '?'
ward llii.M.t.
Hupo.i r O.urt.
By Praso-flaa, J.
I . ,,.v & carrler ce, va Krui.p-A,.?..at..a ii Taadar.
r'|'.'r !n v. V;,n CleTB EdWBI I K-Bt
Matter of Dlehl Henn Tl.? ...; *.nVin(1,rno,a
_y_r re. O. A-gustui B. v_anrrpoe_
i... m a laat, J.
I>..rr va. Horr-O. I
, n.in. n Plaaa
By Daly, C. J.
KelaoaH ?allabary va atattbew B Bmmaa - .i.imea T.
Uw __. ?, -
Tn>. report thal Archblahop Corrlgan has re
celved a notlee from Popa Leo XIII. through Car
diaal i-'-!." h'.wski. t., reprlmand Blabop MeQualo, ot
Bocheater, for the atuck be made from the pulplt
of i... cath. Iral on Archblahop Ireland has aroused
... n mterest ln CathoUc clrcl i ln thla clty. Tha
mtn-.r goea tbal tbe right of Archblahop Ir laad to
?peak an i aci aa be dld ln New-York Jual befora the
I,.: . . ? lM la practlcally ackBowledged by thfl
pone Father Jam. i M Connolly, tbi prlvat. i - r.
urVof tbe Archblflhop. ^A to a Tribuue reporter
yeaterday: "1 wlll boi say whether the order of
reprlmand haa been aenl lo the Archblahop or not
I wlll say. ii .?..-v.-r. that th- artlcles bearlni oa thla
aubjecl whlch have lately been flrrltten .... _o ' j
Bbow lhe Ignorance of the people who Instlgat. i
them, anl tu prove thal they ar- exceedlngly pre
mature. lo saj the U i I I ' ?'? / ";",:/V>i ,? h
oui maklng any applleatlon n thla ? <?'?'.-/
etilrlt governlng the Church I- thal n ? l-:-n ?,- ?'
thi rlghito i".ii.",'i"- ln ??? church within ?he dlo
an> othei hl I. ,p ivlthout Bral conaultlng the
i?s,?,, of thai dloc. - For a Wahop ... '?'''r'":
i ,-.... of another bishop and mak- remarka thal
jectlonahle t i lh? blahop of the dlocese la,
Inao facto, wiulvalcnl to an Immediate auspcnaion
, h- .Uhop maklng auch remarka ln his prleatly
functlon Th:. la on? ol the rlghu thal aie most
jeYitus:*' guai I. I In the governm_nl ol the i atholli
C"Vrou'are noa talklng of bkihopa Interfering wlth
,l?. rlghts of other blal I -..';1 *?"?
renorter "l'-- a thli refer to archlilahpps .
r| .'J | aald before." replled Father Coiinoll) I
,i , ,. ,t ,?.,,- . . make an) ap] II atlon of what I have
?ald I ? m on!) tell you whal the gen ral splrtl of
.,.' Church .- regardlnu th - I "? ra
: laj
1,1, gen -rally undi-ral _nl ' " ':!
I i ... ... ..
.. - ? ?"? '
i i . ? Al KKCTINO TMB
. ? i: I. i ? \ N s VIKV,
..-,-,,..,. ,. , D. elemeni In ihi ?
, m .; known trader on lhe N< a York .'otton
? ? . ?
tl . ? * ppl bott
' -
? - ?
, i, tl.... haa been I
., imulat ?
now eapei ' -
? ? i ' ihere a bale of
.... Pfll Will MU i
. :? , inun :?
.i , ? - : ? ind the tremendou
. - ?
alll doubl
' - ;' ' ' ' "
of a
? .-. ? ? tuatloi
-. bi
' .
,i > .r .,.
, ? ? ?
Bouthern ' '
.... ilsoappe.ll
. '
? r-Vurk Ti '
B-hi.-h. li
? '
f.trmei ? .arly all th
Thi Tltl ? '?? '
m.iik ?''
' w.- ijuli wlth what
rop and
it ii vv.- :.
that alth I i< ''d Btat.
.. hi to he al full and a
? , ihe cotton .,!? I other cn.pe and |
ihe farm. i ? '' " ?"? ! '
I? ,|... , rarl of tln Taunu ? Mo ml ili In Kronlh il,
,;, | many, n< ir I n-thi Maln, is .i
hearlng lhe t he Oerman Bmpi roi. vv llh. Im
t beautlfu ? ? of n nt *
become famouB for th* wonderf I health
IU, of Ua walen the '"V Ph) -
, . | ,ui. i ' ta have made pllgi imagei
Kronth il to taste Ihe watera i : thli
aa I'- ) ' ome fnen ih rock, and II la lhe leatlmony
ira that III I the wat. ?
,, ? mai io t. Now thej bi b ,ttl. .1 .,-.'. i nl
... world, an i uff. iei fi >m the ,? ,ut,
., an i klndr. i ?: eusea tlnd rell. f from ih. Ir
allmi-nta in lh< li u -
li ihe |i'i.|.\ "f ll. ? i. N'aasau, aome mllei fr.un
Wllhelm'i iprlng, la another f.,m..,js spiing, known
a^ ii,- Kronthal The watera .?! ihis sprlng are
,..|..i,,!i\ recommended for table ? b. luae >,f
theli dellghtful com poal tlon. Th, ? watcrs are im
|, ,rt< d b) I" irB ft Tlll rd nd A 'k. r, Merrall ,v
("ondlt, and other . The agenta ln n.,s country are
ll \ Batjei I < '??.. No. ,'T \\ at< r-st.
"Tbe Army and Navy Tear Book" haa ln-i been
laaued by L R Hamersly g t'o., of Philadelphia
lt was complled by Lleutenanl Lewli B Van Duser,
r. S. N , ..ii i glv. n-porl oi all ihlpa .;, all navlea
which have been lald d. wn, launched ,..- whlch
hav. undergone theli steam trlala ln the '.'..r
ended August l last, togethcr ?Uh an accounl <>r
ih- advances made ln rmor, exploslves,
mu all arms, etc A gr< al d. .ii ol valuable and frcsh
inf .i matlon i ? gl\ ? n ln tln i b sik
What IMelba says:
1 mend 111 < * gen
ivjalt Extract. I
ust: it with my
daily <li<-t. It im
proves my appetite
and digestion wonderfull)
Bewara ( imitaii -11 Tl ??
g anulne J.ti..- \
,.,.,i . nalura,
.? n"k lo ?? B1BNBB .
Ak ..-s kew-Xvrka
After Bathing
tho first time with Pearline, you teel as if you
never had been clean before. Possibly you
haven't. Only baths like the Turkish or the
Russian can make you as clean as Pearline
does. There's the same fceling of lightness
and luxury after it, too. Bathing with Pearl?
ine costs almost nothing. It's like everything
else?you would long for it, if it were expen
sive, but you're apt to overlook it when it's
cheap. Directions on every package.
Beware l
Peddlers and *orne unscrupulou* grocer* will tell
* this il as good as" or "tbe same *s Pearl
JAMES PYI.E, New York.
faTad Bl
ine." IT'S KALSK?Pearline is never peddled;
if your grocer sends v^u an irr.iution, do the hone-al Ih'tnq-tm<1 it A*r*.
\n epMemlc of mlahap* Beataa to hava broken out
on the cable car *y*temi of Naw-York. On Monday
evenlng b car whlcb had tlone lt? lUyfl work aaa
waa belng gulded to the carhoaaa to bo Wd ap for
the nlghl ran Into another car al Broadway aad
flfty-thlrd-flt. about 9 p. nt Tha coUUlon was the
reault of a artpmaa'a dlaobedlence of artlara Tha
wera both wrecked, bul fortunatoly "niy "tn
of ih<- llve paasengera waa Injured.
than tw-:va- hour* after thi.s colllalon Bnother
ona t ...k place. Thla ti.n- tha Bcaae of tho accldent
waa al Broadway and Thlrty-fourth-at Croaa
town car No. 7 wafl golng aaat when cabla .-ar Xo.
85, golng downtown, craahed into It, breahlng overy
of gUa* and otherwlae dannaalna *h" aroaa
. nm car. There were nlne paBflengera In tha crooa.
town caral the tlm* and the cah> car waa crowdad.
II on tused . deU> ol aboul twenty atln
ut. - "ii both
Aboul an hour later, al 1 ... m., car No. 87 of the
Ura.a.Iwaj line, while movlng do**ntown, broko H*
... :, and became ataY.i i H Thlrty-flfth-Bt Tha r.
,,,!,- * igon wa* .... the -i it ?oon after the accldent.
. . ? waa fully an hour before tha car eould ba
:. an i wh .. It did ?l irt the car arhlch cama
? ?. behlnd it. i* if anxlou* to punlah th<? on.*
which cau?ed the delay, bumped lato ll arlth daa
... r hi -? veloi ti
\,, . |, ,.? x . :: happ. ned about an hour later,
when . .-? No. tt ti ich * heavlly loaded trucb whlla
ir ira* makln? the tura al F urt< ?t&-*?
The I h ril" vh "k ?t'"1 **$
the repalr wagon i im* and
ravel wa* *top| ? i
nn'l .- long line of car rllled wlth Impatlent paa
. Up Broa Iway aa far a.-, Foru
. . H. ll. Vreelar, I of the Hetropdltan
fflce in the < ..?..*!
-?..?:,*., ?n ; ??' "" N,I"n'
day nh >??? lll "( . ? ?"? ??rtl'ry
*.-..- ? ? he aald.
rhey ? irround
.,,?1, , | ,,,., . ,-, iar i-. ano stui
?' ? proper
, , . If i th" empty
. . fo'.! i ... a fu -'-?;>
? ... . ? ? have hap
r ? ? \ ? .? | also tb
rmptoy* had been dl*
lenta w< re look 11 upon i.v
not al all un u il
,. ; ? it they v. > ? Utractafd
t all "com* in * launch."
I i.. *.| THIS rOt'NTRY AS FV.t.IHH
Ti... \.. . . who llve ir. glaaa
,-? . k and lual ? ? '
? haa .-? luced IU ea
m* to *lm al nothln*.
? ii. ? i. an i oftea laat*
. ing ; ? ? ??;??? who ara fon i
c.a*. up thc- lUB iry f.ir
r me dl*. . ahlch they thtak l;rk
. ... rtatlon of tbe Kroeri
r lata f flrma eaportli | i
ta, tha
, .... ompetltton of tho
... - , . plaaa* th*
...,-. th ? Amerleaa pi
. ..:, the l ??
x . who ar-* Intereated ln
Amei . and who
I Ingllah | rea* to ba
Mi Mu*? m, who I* an ?
her <.f a large tlrm ln
i & Co. - to
Mr. Mu rrlve.1 ln thla cltj ? ?>?'?'
? -., i. - ? ? mbj t. a*
. , ,, - ?? (X 2 Sl ? ' . a!i . .
a though
itlon wlth
? th ? Ameri
' ? ?
ter* wai i
-.*. r* ? ik- n lll wltb
? ,- a dinner. lt
i -. ivlng been
takrn ' tv-d near the
: waa i
I and ?? followed In tne
| ln no .a iy affecl th.* oy*ter*
, ? .,? ?.;..? ? . . from tha Ir ra .
Her. - -i ??
.... Ki _:.-?. attacks frotn
\V M .-? rea i. 8t.ii ? r Protect ir, to I. p.
ii m inn m |ire*Ma>ni ? ?? ? r ?' imml*
..... nol tba
igion . ? the oj sterbeda
....,, .,.,, ., ... ... of the w itera of
i: ? ? ,n iu) .u i ' ??? ? ?- ? ith Ray. alao ol Uing
i. , : .- .;. i it* ba) s in i ? ?...--. theae belng
k-i .wn to tha* *
? ;,,.? River* .n.i Blue Po nt* are
i k,.n \.. tha j ? .'? ?' ?* iti i "r are the> cpn
, ;_, ?? iu !. ;,.y ... the foregolng
o) iter t.. I* located ?
. n ,.,.,. ,,. nol ? oi amlnate l by aewage. an i
? .. ;,.,,, >( ar* ; ire Ma water, fr..-.* from
The membera of ti-." Naahotah Leagua of Naw
Tork mel ...i Monday evenlng al No 00 \V..?t
portj nrtb -? and eleeted offlcera for tha year a-?
follow*; Pre*ldcnt. Beverley Chew; vlca-prealalent,
Ludlow Ogden: -????'? 'tarj ind treaBurer, Oeorga K.
Th. Na?hol th l^agi.I V ar-Y irk was
rormed .. *horl tlm ago h> a number of pronl
i-hura'hmen ln thla rlty, for the purpoa* of
furtherlng the Intereata of the Nashotab Theologl
eal Bemlnary, In Naahotah, Wl*., lh* principal
,|.\ inlt) - ho ?' of the Proti itanl Bp *^ opal Churcb
|n th (A'eat. Ita preaent endowment la only $100,000,
.mi thla i- nol auffl lenl ... meet all the demand*
upon the Inatltutl *n, For thi* reaaon many appll
for .i ii..i.-si..-i t.> the aemlnary cannol i..* ao
t-ummoilated An uppantl wa* recintly made for
fuii.i- by tha I;.a Dr W'alter R Qardner. prealdent
a.f .li,- lemlnary, arho pra ented iii ? .iiii:..-i an.l
need* of the Inatltutlon before .1 large gatherlng of
men and women at the Chureh Mlaatona Houaa a
few wwkfl ago. I. waa ..t thla meetlng that the
Naahotah lx>ague of New-York amis formed A .-imi
l..r ..i^'.itn/ itl. 11 ha .n In . *l iten -e for *om* timo
in riui.i.'...|..-i: 1, and a new one avu.i lately *atab
Haha 'l ln B01 ton.
- - ?
Tha RapW Transll Commlaalon m.-t yaotarday,
hij. ,i.,i noi adoi ? .1 plan of conatructlon. aa bad
been Intended. Nelther Mayor Btrona nor Coa>
troller Fltch waa preaent, bul cammlaaloiiawfl Low,
Btatin, inni.ui and st.inw.iy wara on hand. Praa
Ideni 1 nr aald thal A\iii!a* .i.a. Commlaalon was la
poaaoBBlnn of eatlmate* of t ii.- expena. of cooatnict
lag a rapld tranall 1 11 upon tha plana at Urat 8UJ>
geated by Mr. Paraoaa and approvad by Um Board
of Experta, it waa not aa yol Informad dafl.
nltely as to tho coal of conatructlon if tha
?roada should 1 ? bulll wltb four tracka oa a
l,\,l md immeallatel) umler the *urfaca He *ald
lh_. ),,. had !? iui ? I il;'- Chlef Bnglneer t" maka
further eatlmate* of co*t bated ..n the plan <>f con?
atructlon iloa *ugge*ted. Bnglneer Paraona sai.l
thal CommlBBloner U>w'fl Ide* lo have tha- tunnel
,.-,:,.! fr in hou line to houae line wa* Impractl
rable, aa vault* of tbe bulldlng* tn Broadway an.l
thelr foun latlona extended undar tlv aldawalkfl and
Tha meetlng adjourned to next Tueaday.
Deputy-Coroner Muhar mada aa ..xaniiiiation yes
terday aftwaooa of tii.* body <>f Charlaa Jarotaaaaa.
a.f No. -'".. l.-wls-st.. the I.oa .011 was knocked
dowa t'.v Henry Konnengela*. <.i No. ?!"! Baal
K.i.irth-st . .Mon.lay afternoon ln u quarrai
Mr. HUb*r sail hls il.alli WBfl dltfl to lha* blow.
Tll'^ L.yM iMd l.'a-ll a 11. lll ll I-. alll .1 11 ll. ? l.-; ll Koll
oengelae'a famlly declara they wara playlac Jo
roloman'a parentfl ara carl ila ha wau murdajraid.
Ila; ufta.ll CXI.I.-S.-...1 a fanr aaf KWBB*aaa<aa
Anumberof serlous chargea have been made againat
the otridal conduct of Anthony Cllnchy, the gas-meter
lnspe. tor for the State of New-York Mr. Cllnchy has
his offlce at No. 115 East Nlnth-st. He ls a plumber,
and was appolnted gas-met-r I?pifl.flf March 30,
UU, tor a term of flve years, by (Iovernor Flower,
Tho Ck-UTS-fl agalnst Cllnchy are that he charged
exorbltantly for "badging" or "seallng" gaa metera
made m other States and rent for use Into New
York State. The complalnts are made prlncipally
hy gas-meter companlea ln Pennsylvanta. All gas
metera ttfled ln this State must be inspected and
taated Bjr <"llnchy or his deputies, and muat bear
hli badge, or seal, ahowlng that the> are accurate.
It is asserted that when gas metera made In other
States are sent to Cllnchy to be "badged," the Ilrat
oue.stlon he asks la "How much la there tn It for
me."' and if hls terms are not accodod to the
meters must wait for months befor.- they can be
used therehy brlnglng great lossea on the manu
facturera It ls said that he has amassed a fortune
ui thla way, and has the gas-meter c.mpantes at hla
mercy. _ .
Mr flinchy was not ln when a Tribune reporter
called at hls offlce i.-sterday, but hls pon Tti.imw,
who la aaaoctated ih the buslne.as wlth him, said:
"The chargea are entitely unfounded. Of course
WS charge for our serviee ln provlng prlvate metera.
hut that we have a right to do. There are about
thr."- p_.s-met.-r companlea ln thls State. the Amerl?
can Meter Company, at No. lll Weat Twen.y-aec
ond-st., anl I). McDonald at Co., of Albany. being
the beal known ln tha eastern part of the State."
A Tribune reporter .-alltd at the ofltce of the
Amerlcan Meter company, where lt was Wrne.
thal rn. complalnts had l>c-en made of CUnch***!
Tho I'nlon League Club has opened a subscrlo
tlon llal ln its clubhouse for the beneflt of the
Ni braaka sufferera. Oeneral OreavUM M. iiodge
recelved recently a letter from .;? neral .'hurch
II,.we, commander of the Orand Army of the Ra
publlc in N.-braska, glvlng a harrowlni: account
of th- llatreaa of eld sokllera and thelr fami
lles 11vi..k upon homcflteads tn the border countiea
<.f thal Btate. Thla letter waa foilowed by the
loliowing telagram:
I.in oln. Neb.. Feb. 5. \K'h.
Oeneral O. M. Dodge, No 1 Hroadway. New-York."
Your letter recetved. VV- are still in gr.at nee 1
of Immediate asslstance for comradea ln the fron
iier countlea. Hetween 4.'>?> and I.0M old aoldters'
famllles are practically deatltute of everythlng to
malntaln llfe and must l.e cared for. Our meana
are exaauated. We need money to buy fuel anl
j.rovislons. A hllzzard is BOW sweepmg over the
Btate Mercury, i beiow and growing colder.
CHURCH HOWK, Pepartment .'ommander.
The Kxecutlve Commlttee of the l'nlon League
Club has lssued an appeal to its members ln
whc h it says:
Thls Is a case whlch earnestly appeals to benevo
I. nce and . atriotlsm. and it ls hoped that a fund
may be at once raised which can te remitt-.i
from day to dav to Oeneral Howe. who Is well
known to Oeneral l)odge, and who wlll prudenuy
di-trlbute lt.
A number of rUBBOCfl have been ln clrculatlon re?
cently lo the effert that Major Olnter, of the flrm
Of Ailaa __ Glnter, anl Francis K'.nney, of Klnney
Brothera. tWO of the largest stockholders ln ihe
Ajaerlcaa Tobacco Company, are about to with
draw from that company. Thls, probably, would
result ln the reorganlaatton of the company, as it
waa largeiy founde-l on the interest. of these
two men. A man who hae spent a lifetime ln the
t ibacco business. and ls constantly traveluag over
the Cnited Btatea sollcltlng oriers, said to a Trib?
une reporter yeaterday:
"There has been a gool deal of taik among
avdealera of lat. about the retlrement of
Major GHnter .mi Praadfl Klnney. One thlng thai
baa glven coior to this talk is the remartaMa
? f adveittslBg that has been done _y tbe
Klnney Brothera, ently of the Am-noan
Tobacco Compaay. In almoet every dty of tba
: Btatea Ib whlch I have been, from the E_v
.- m ? .'...st -.. tbe Atlantlc, i bava aotleed larsa nd
vertlsemanta ..f Klnney Brothera' warea Oae would
- i| : M lhat Mi. Kinncy, being one of the
pai st kbolden of the Amertcaa Tobaeca
Company, would not car,- t ? advartlaa tne warea of
hls own company Ir. t.pen tently of the An.er:cm
Tobacco Compaay, m wblcb he la so iar?ei> later*
est i. Thls baa beea gotag on only for the k_M few
weeks, bat II has beea done on such an exten.?:vi
. . tbal .?- has led tobac?? _dealera ta belleve tbal
Mr. Kinn.-y COBtemptatfld _e:ting out of the Amerl?
can Tobacco Compaay and fonalaf a rompaay _a
a aort of an o| r ? -
Another weU-known tobacco-deater aald: "Thla
runior about Klnney and Glnter gettuig out ef the
Amerlcan Tobacco Compaaj has beeu lu >?;.- i i
tlon in the trade for some WCekfl, What truth tberfl -a
in it 1 cannot tell. lt may be all runaor, and
then agaln lt may be the forerunner of tbe forma
ttoB of .. leparata aad larger company. li la well
known th.it John H. Miiler ft Sons, of Newark,
N. .1 . have a suit in the New-Jersey eouitfl I I BBBBl
the Charter Of the Amerlcan Tobacco Company.
At present lt ls hard to tell what wlll be tho out
come of thls ault. Even if the chart.-r af lhe Amerl?
can Tob.i co Company Is annulled. It BTOUM not
prevenl them from going on with th ir buulnesa
ln 8 dlflterent way. The annulmeni of the charter
;- aakad for on the ground that the company B a
trust", but the company deay that tbey BTS a trust.
Nlnety-Ilve per cent of the tobacco buslaeaa la thta
country. probably. ls done by the Ame.-.c.iti To?
bacco Company. ,, _.
At the offlcs of the Amerlcan Tobacco < om
iianv. Nos. sof and .".-9 West Twaaty aecoBd-at.. tne
report thal Mr. Olnter aad Mr. Kmney w.-re ao it
to wlthdraw from the c .mpany waa emphatlcaliy
denied Oeorge Areats, tha treasurer of the com
i.a iv said 10 a Tribune re|>orter: "I have not heard
a word about Major iSlnter's Intentlon of retinng.
Nelther "" I belleve that ba has such Intentloas.
il.. i.a a dlrector in the company. and although he
iirinir I take no Stocfc whateier in these rumors,
Vni belleve they have b.-en drculated more through
mallco than from any truthful impulsc."
r.irt i. of the Oeaeral leaatom. preaMad over by
Juatlce Cowlng. preeeated un unusual appearance
yeaterday. Every availaMa eorner was occupled
by defendanta and thdr eouaaai The eaaaa of tha
ia:-.-' Bttendance was the plaelnB uaoa the caleadar
of slxty-elght ball cases for trlal. The major por
tioti of the IndlctnientB had been or:g.tialIy founi
aeveral yeara ??.>. some eatendlag back as far a?
'.v?.. lu two tnstancs the defeadauta had died
l'oo selllng, uslng the mall. for the purposes ot _?___.
Ing | itt.-ry matter und "greaaBoodB" circaur*. bbbv
ductlng r.ifflcs .md aUaUar offeneaa were the erkMea
wlth whidi the defeadaata wera cham- i
Ob the beach witn Justlce OewUM 8BI Anthony
Comaloet. It waa a ilel.l day for tne Society for
tha Suppraaatoo of Vla**, arblcb bad Becurad the evu
denee thal resulted la th- k-dletnaeata Mr. Ooav
etock, aa aaek eaaa was called, wouM reach over
and whlsper in Judge Cowlng's ear, d'hls caae ia
not fl.iK.rant; l thlnk a flne would be ??f?ej; *PJ
-Ihis case Is very weak. and tO hunt up .,.***.'\t
dence would coal more than the nnc imp 'S'd ?. 'p
b_" few exceptlona all th_ defendant.s pleadcd gu .ty.
and were Bned MO, and $1,075 waa added to the u.s
tnct-Attorney's fund.
all other oat
mcals ___. M
Its proccss of prcparation is
?'pcculiar to itself." _j1 0b

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