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I ontioiird li-om VlrM I'ngf.
-7thTh7senator rrom Arkaaaa* that. I.i all human
?Trobablhty. debate would nol change a vote ln tha
Seaate on tha* pendlng MU. Bul ther.- waa aaotbat
fuactlon of debate which had no* been alludsd to
wtA which waa ?? imj.ort.-int, perhapa. aa th* aup
loaed capaclty ..r dahata to Inf-uenee votea 1 ba
country expected, aad he thought would demand,
that a tneaaur* BO important and far-rearhlng as the
MU Rhould not ba paaoad wlthout aa exposition of
iha* objactlon* to the.m***ura on 'he part of those
-ha llffered from the Benator from Arkansaa and
"" ret,r?ented a very large constltuency of the
,;,'.<? c untry. " ""'?' * **?**f**< *'?*??
: hefor* the blll paaaed, to Inqulr* why It wr-i
??"'. ' r.r bavtna ?pent the loaa weary waaka of
tw " u-i.'i.- ot iW in the attempt. whleh waa
BnallT 8Ut -e'-tul. to rcpeal the purchaslng elauae
.f the Bberman acl, the bbbm Coogre*. was to be
asked to laatow that parchaalBg elauae ir en ln
t-nsifled form.
\l- Jonea *aM lhat, of eouraa, he had no oojec
tion to debate. Bat a- ta Mr. AMrteh'a roggeatlon
that the Hotaaa would BOt art on tne hi'.l. or that the
Executlve would not approve of lt. ha- had only lo
ny that tb? Senate waa not the gaardUn of those
who conatltuted th* Houae, and had no raap .nslh'.i
,:> for the a tlon of the Execotlve. Ti.e majority.
h? aald, aaa roady and willing to acl on the ques
,. a and wooM be glad to do it. Ther. was no
power, bowever. to cut off debate. and ther. wai
B , wlata to eul it ..ff. H? only raejueetad lhat ti.e
debate would proceed BB rapidly as poaalble, and
that the vut* mlghl ba bad at the earlleat poaalb.*
hour. 11* would, therefore, aak the Benat* to re
n.ain ln BeOBlon la-day untll a vote wa* got, If ihat
r uld be accoBBpllahad.
The general debate .... the bill then bagaa. Mr.
Vlla* (l?.::... Wto.) belag tbe flrst ****?? **;
Ihahond contracl waa naade. >???"> *? "' bWt0.v
lilrjSwSriJJn^thTcouir, Z t,-., driven
LTS3E ?-'- ??"-' tba eye of th. coun
*? had looked over the preclplca into whi.-h lt
niiBht ba aboul ... f..n. Than Mr. Vllaa came down
lo the PreaWenfa meaaaga to Congreaa laat.De?
cember. from whl m ht rea I bohm eatracta Ther*
was' -aid Mr Vllaa "an invitation to .'ongress tO
ezerclB* the functlon* whi.-h the Conatltutloa da
volved upon it and tO pr-vile agalnst Ibe reril
which ihen beeet the Natlonal Treasury and lha
happ-n*.. of our people. Bul what followed? Noth?
lng Nothlng bul tb* rrulthwa dlatracthMa of fac
Hona and factlonal crtea We have had only as a
reaull the manlfeatatlon of the imnoten.-e of t'on
rgreaa lo meet ???? condltlon of peril in whlcb the
Nation was piaced."
Procaedlng wllh hl* argument, Mr. Mia* .-ame
down to the polnt of the Presidents BBCOnd appeal
to Catlgreaa 0*1 January BJ,
??The PreBMeal agaln." said Mr. Vllas. "sollrlted
action Whlcb should preserve the roi.ntry from the
perll befor.* lt. Ha appealed to the patriotlsm and
to the h:gh *ena of publi.- duty of Congreaa He
poiated out lhat in the year pracadlag his messape
H72.000.000 of gold had been drawn from the Treas?
ury , of whl.h ov?T 8B8.a88.BM had been tak.n wltbln
twoaaontha; and he falrly proffered agaln. wlth an
experlence he had had. hl* own eandid or-inions of
Ihe course whlcb ought to be tak.n. Agaln he
Bubmltt.d the subject to aVrngress. and agaln la
voked its actlor."
Here Mr. Vilaa quoteVl a pa = sage frirn the T'resi
dent'a .ommunication to Congreaa expreaatng hls
determination. if Congress did not act. to leave
nothlng undone that furnished an opportunlty of
improvlng the sltuation or changing the BUBplclon
of the dlsln.dination or dlsabill.y af the United
Ptates to meet wlth the strlctest honor every Na
t;onaJ obllgatlon.
"Mr. President." exclaimed the Senator from Wla
consin. "I Invoke the eandid Judgment a.f all up
right men as t" whether the 1'resldent of the I'nlted
States ln that communlcatlon has nol only da
l.vered to the leglfllatlv* body a complete under
atanding of the clrcnmatanca in wh..h the Na?
tlonal Treasury and the Natlonal hor.or were piaced,
has not only tendered hls own advlce and optnlonfl
freely. has not only proffered hls wllUngncaa to
ro-op-rntc in any rcasonabla* BBCaaure, but has
plalnl*.. openlv, honrstlv, manfull) advlBed thls
a'onii.--? and "the people of th?- Cntted Btatea that
ha- ahould ezecute aii the iniwrs tbat wen I
him ln Uav to carry forward the honor <>f th*
trv aiid to preserve tha- Treasury from reproach.
jtut :he hopes of the country for action by Con
fress i\er.- ca*l to earth, and th.-ra- remalned to the
ixevutlve.i ler lo avert Ihe Impendlng calamlty
a.f gold auapenslon, noth.ng but to proceed to <-x.-rt
the aathonty which rema.ned to hlm by tha stat
ln dlacuaslng Mr. Bherman'* *ugge*tlon as to a
popular loan. Mr. Vila* .i.-s-rtei thal If .< pppulat
j.ian had been reaorted to, the Treaaury would ha\*
had to Buapend gold payment. becauae everj d.ilar
of gold pald for the -..jan aouM hav* been drawn
fron: the Treasury. A popular loan, Mr. Vlla* aa
aerted, would, therefora, hava i-ra -Ipltat. I tbe ca?
lamlty. ,,
Mr. Bherman (Rep., onl.n remarked lhal n all
th? propo.-itio.i? which he maale for a popular loan
*uch a loan waa inta-nd-Hi only lo m.-^t deflclencle*
ln the revenue, not to ai-l in keeplng up the redemp
llon fund.
.''.minit to the crltlclsm as to tbe prlc* 10 be re
. fnim the bonda. Mr. Yilas *ald thal bond*
had nawer been laaued by the I'nlted Btatea wlthout
a lika- crltlclam b?-ing ma-la-. it waa almosi .:-.'\-.i..
r'.p. he =!.'!. tbal :he contract would be followed
hy a:i iniprovement In tba* price ->f .h*- *ascuritiea.
The Ooverntneni of t)i?> l'nit-l Btate* waa noi to )??
exp.-ct.-d lo obtain money at a loaa to lha lendera.
?'I battavt," Mr. Aldrlch asserted. with mu-h
poalthrant? of manner, "thal B,8(iO,<iOO,000 in Cnlted
Stat<^ bond COUld ba BOld al i0 per ceni more thin
these bonds were sold for.''
?If the atetlngulaha l Benator from Bhode lsland."
ra'.d Mr. vdas "ha-i only happened to ba in the
j.o-ltijn of Seri-etarv of the Treaaury. perhap* his
b.Hef would nol I"- ao buoyant ..s lt la, wh?m formed
under th*. Influenn of partisan crltlclflm."
"If, as a bualne*! man," Mr. Aldrlch remarked,
"l bad IM.008.ow Treaaury note* ln my treaaury. and
If I dealred to buy KtOOo.800 <.f gold in Europe. ar.d
coul.l not serure that gold ut Ie** :'nan 1 per cent
dlscount. I should fee] llk- r^tirii.c from bu-'.: ?
"It is alwaya a mlafortun*." aaldMr. vw.f* Ironl
eally, "that tha- abl.-?* man in the world are nol
emploved tn disr-hargc i*s graat transactions."
In further defence of the contra.:. Mr. \"ila?
sai.' that '.?". was the lowefll rate of Intereal at
whb'h the bonds would be aeeepted for gold Ther?*
whh no lover bid than that Three and fHc-elghths
had been offered and bad b?en refua* I
Mr. Teller (Rep., Col > aaked Mr. Vlla* wheth.-'
those boadi wara nol arorth 112 now
Mr. \'ilas sal'l he would BOOB come to that polnt.
There nas no m;in be sald engaged ln tba- trana
aa-tion who did not d.-sir. to help Ihe Cntted Btatea;
and the whole nature of the traaaaa tlon lt? a-le
ma-iit of Chlefeal value wa* that the Treasury nf
the I'niteri sihi.s wa? to a-njoy. hy the iiutura* of
tl.<- contract, Ihe ald of th.- greal flnanclerfl of
Eurape in tha Bupporl of tbe cradll of Ihe i'nlted
Ftata-s. Th* Clovernmenl had baaa obllged, ba
*aid. io go lo thoae greal bankera, tba BothachlW*
of London. and Morgan & Co., of New-Tork, to
buy gold, an.l II had had to d-al wl.h them BC
eordlng to the exigency of tha sltuation Mt. Mor
**an. he aald. waa ? Republican wbo alway* *ub
?' r. n! Renerousiy to Republican rampalgn funals;
r-i't Hiere wa* no polni - ir, thls matter .-.o.hlir;
nuslna**. Tb?- u*.' *'-? ?>'.. -.un,
? f*'e'aoii ii.-iF,^; ,-iiii.laiy. d a
rouneal for th* ayiidlcate Mr. Vlla* explalned thal
Mr. BtetBon waa a member of ,h.- law flrm which
*.,.-, .ft"...--., .,. ma- .-.nator
ir<>m \\ ls. orisin.
A co.-.ference report on tli_? bill .?!?? t,, inr t|rn,.
when ln-ome tax return* are to be mad" w-i? i r.
?enta-d and explalned by Mr. v.-t (i,e.? ' ?*' ,
and .agreed to. '
Th* aabat* on tha siiver bin waa contlaw l b
?r. I'latt (('..j'. i'on.;... who sald that ba BbOUld
f.ot enta-r ir.to iha "controvaray over the wounded
kady of our Natlonal credlt." Ha should noi ?
q.ilre wh<
^?atS ^tlaaJI'lkaiBuPr' ?"??*??? '? ?
?r. AldrlaVh r/l>M^,'?]i*t,,.:15 P' ??? ,0 ?? '""Ho" ?>V
*M dafeaiJ v''' H?r'' t0 a'1-10""'- The motlon
u.a5**l*d Yeas. 15; nays, 32
*"? -Yrya (Rtp., Me.) asked Mr. Jonea whether.
ln view of the vote Juat taken- show ing that there
waa barely a quorum present he intended to try
and keep Senators ln aesslon to-night.
Mr. Joaea aald that he would be glad to have a
vote on tne Mii. and hoped to have a vote on lt
to-night. Certaln Senators nere temporarlly ab
sent \vb,? would be pn-aent In a few mlnutes. and
he thoughi there would be no rllfflculty ln having
a quorum. He proposed to have a vote at 11
o'clo. k
'At 10 o'clock on what day?" Mr Aldrlch aakad.
"To-night," Mr. Jones answered.
"Doea the Senator ?xpeet us," Mr. Krye asked.
"to stay here tlll 10 o'do.k to-nlght to vote on this
Mr. Jon.s replled that BB lt was the duty of
Senators :., attend the sesslons of the body, he
aaaumed thnt every Senator would be ln his place.
In the course of a dlalogue on thls matter Mr.
Joneo Hske.i unanlmoufl conaent thnt the vote be
taken nt :; o'clock to-morrow
Mr .'hai.,U.T (Rep., N. H.i objected. H1* re
ferre.i to Mr. Vllaa'a speecb to-day as one that was
very Interestlng. but that had BO relatlon what
ever to the pending blll. It wus hardly to be ex
pected, he oald, thai euch an important i.in wouio
be voted on witboul some debate. H; wantee io
bear l.rlellv frorn the Senator lioiu Arkansa- aa
to whnl the blll meant, and he certalnly hoped
tbat the good-natured chalrman of tbe 1'n-11;"
Commlttee (Mr Voorhees,. who had bee? onooui
aldei of tbe questlon, would klndly tell the ?*????
himself. what It all meant. fLaughter.) He (Mr.
chandler) dld not undersUnd it. ,___? fl. i
Aaothei proposltlon to have tbe vote taken atJ
o'clock to-morrow was made by. Mr. Joaea^ana
tlona had been abandoncd.
aa all at.empta to have nn hour flxcd for taking
lha rote met wlth obj.-ction. Mr. Platt weal ob with
hia apeecb. He gave lt as his belief. ln whlch he
1 knew manv of hi- Republican aaaoelatea wouM not
: agree wlth him. that the vi.-e of the whole nnandal
iltuatlon in this country lay in th- paper curreney
! lasued by Ihe Oovernment.
That paper money. he sald, wn? reaponslble for
! tlie growth <>f paternallam in th'.a country. People
; wh.. had on.-e be'.leved that the only funcllon of
I the Oovernment in regard lo money was to coln
gold and sllver. now be'leved thal ln aome way or
other it was tbe functlon of Ihe Oovernmeni t.i
' furnlah paper money lo the people, and tlm-. regu
late th- i.usineaa of the country. Th-r.- never waa
a more fatai hereey than lhal of believlng thal pub
ilr benefli foilowed lhe Oovernmeni laaue of paper
money. The end of eu.-h a pollcy was aure to be dis
aster, flnanclal dlstress and ruln, .-ind his greateat
objectlon to Ihe ubb of allver waa ln Ihe Isaue of
paper money upon lt. Th-re wai where the danger
Mr. Platl s.iid he might aujrgcsi a use of allver.
? u-.it at th.s late boui he would nol Bttempt lo do
ao, Cut he would <av thal "f ..H 'he fooltan, lllogl
? cal, Impractlcsbie methoda proposed for Ihe use ,.f
silv.-r none had ever aurpaaaed or equalled thnt
i whi.h was b.-ing now preaaed by Ihe Benator from
? Arkansaa na th- 1 -liberaie Judgment of the majorlty
] of th- Finance Commlttee >.f tne Benat.
At this polnt I'M p. m. Mr. (_uay SUggested the
: nbaence .,f a quorum. Th- roll was called. anl flfty
1 Beaatora reapon li I
At 8 p. m. the BepubllCBB opponents of the bill
' begun a ayatem "f obatructioa ta.-tles under the
kad of Mr. Aldrlch. He moved lhal lhe Benate
proceed io executlve buslneas, and all but six of
, the Bepubllcan Senators wlthheld their votes. Thin
necessltated a call of the roll, t? which Bfty-two
1 Senatora tseven more than a quorum) re?p..n>le.l.
I Again the vote was taken: agaln BO quorum . ??
! spon led. nnd again tbe roll-cill waa reaorti ! to
Thlfl rotatton weni on untll Baally, ai 1:48, only
? twenty-nlne Senators answered t<, th- roll call:
when "the Bergeaat-at-Anna recelved bb order to
requesi ihe attendance of abaenl membera ai I
1 hh< furnlahed a Hb1 of th.-ir namea.
While the Benate wis waltlng for the appearance
| of a quorum. negotlattona were being carrted on
for a way out ..f the ditflculty. and tbe Bureesa of
there negotlattona, of whidi Mr. Cockrell .Dem.
Mo i waa the prlnclpal manag-r. was .it.par-i.'
when at 9 p. m . th.e quorum waa completed, the
' motlon for an executlve seaalon waa wlthdrawn bi
' Mr Aldrlch and the followlng resolution was of
fere,; by Mr, vVoScotl (belng the on.- agreed upon
amoag the aegotlatora): .... . ,, _,
"Reaolved, That it I- the senae of lhe Senate that
the welfare and prosp. rlty of the I'nlted Btatea re
qulre the enactm.-nt of a law for the free and un
llmited coinage of sllver at the ratlo of 1- tO I
"Resolved. That in view of the fari that ihla
Congress win expire by n.w .... the ith of March.
ar.d that ihere are Importanl appi .prlatlon ??
qulring lhe attentlon pf Ihe Benate, H la thi ?? -i. ???
,,f the Sen-?te lhal conalderatlon of auch i law be
no. entered upon al ihla Besalon pf Congreei
??I . ? thai resolution He over tlll to-morroa and
be prlnted." said Mr Jones (Dem Arh I
The resolution wenl over. snd lhe S'-nate a I p
m. on motlon of Mr. Jones. adjourned untll to-mor?
row at 11 a. m. ^
London. Feb II. N M Bothachlld * Son? and
J. s. Morgan * Vo. have lasued a proepectui foi i
l per .-.-nt lo.m of M_.H7.I0B, nomlnal, both prlnclpal
and interest payable ln the Cnited BUtea, one-hatf
of whlch is reeerved f-r laaue In the L'nlted BUtea.
| Tba price - I -" per B.008 bond Tbe acrlp wlll
carry a wupon of I payable Auguai 11 l
therewfter the Iniereat wlll be payabl- .|....rt.-..>
Th.- loan runs thirty yeai ? lt II ri d'??>.'..bl-J
at th. plei ?? " il.' Ooven ment At I - P
- .. the return lo lhe Inveelor would b
Thf Hata rioae on oi befor. rhureday rhe
ar- quoted to-nlghl al ??, pei i " ? '"' rhere
l, .. , d0 : ? thai ll -? loan wlll bi i overed several
titn. ?*.
The I'.'lm-r.i-M .;.: .ii bond ayndlrate yeaierdaj "
aue l ii- i r ?p ctui ror the t ' "' ' '-''
new Oovei ei la. aad offered the pu
; , .,.?... ..be to the bon la, wl Ich thi
boughl foi lMI*. f.r 1!.".'. l! Wlll be Been from
theae termi thal th- ayndlcate neta a treiw
proflt, an I ll >' II reaervi lhe right lo i ?
appll. .tlon- an i to deal oul ? w paper ??*
best iuiti th- manager, of lh< lynd >?? Thi .
peclus li bb follows:
-? sty-two mii.ion three hundi ' ?
aand doKara l'nit-l Btatei 4 pei cenl bond
c lupon form of Mo, Blt-i an s 11 ???. an I regl
form of IO". tl"". H.000 and J'.".1.
Bonda dated February I. IBM Pai i
pleasur- of the I'nlted Btatei after Kebruar*
Interest payable Februar) I. Hay I, Auguat i and
New-York, February 19. IBM
On behalf )f the syndlrate we offer ror aale lhe
above-dmcTlbed M2.3i:.nlted Htatci 4 per cenl
bonda. bearlng Intereal from ret.rua.j '. .;??. ind
; maturing February I. U3&- The prlc- .- H2?. t_*t
ceni of whlch l2Vi per cent arlll be payabl.i slfot
: ment. and thi remalmrg IflO per ceni "? or
i m ix< . l or upon dellvery or ihe b .nd
' vilei b-l.w with Intereal al * pei cent per annum
from Marcl I. Tb- bonda wlll be de.^ vrred aa aoon
aa they ar- prepa.ed and ete. ited bj he Treas
Departmem. Purchaaerx deMrlng l ? completi
paymenta before dellvery of tbe bonda fl be | ?
"Th-'fl-DiicVipti-n'llai wll] ba opened al 10 a m.on
Februar. 20. and wlll ba cloaed wllhout n .tl
lll.ls wlll be r.Ived l.y elther of lhe undei ?
' ; ,, paVn.-nts mual ra mad. wMamJ P Xloi
Jan i. Co., i-i caflh oi bj i -rtlned che k. New
The ^_-ht la reeerved bv ui t. reja I flnv flppll
, ,, ?,- ? aldt .-m.i;. r imount. than applled for
' and ,,';.,,'.r.i ui a'llotmenti t-*taeen Amer!. ... .... i
1 Kuropean appllcanta In any way ?- .....v deem beal.
\. kaai one half of ine bpndr fl 1 be a.lo ? I ln
London on auch terroa and condltlona aa ma) ba
i.piii led for m th- I...rni..n clrcular.
'our .ll-tm-nli wl'.l be made within four daya
'?"'",";"' ^^^"MOHtlAN^OO
,\,, ? ? vv ill ? , New-York.
s.. 23 Naaaau ... New-York.
The Vcrlp whlch RothachUd A- _ ni wlll offer ln
I,,ndon for aubflcriptlon to-dfly "i "-'^ ?__ 1'- pa)
able In InaUlmenta extendlng Into July. ll a U
bear a eoupon of O >. tor eaeh B.001). payable Au
guat 1. Thli laal the rata of ?. per ceal pei bbii im
on the pai ralue of lhe acrip, lUpiKMrtng II to date
from Kebruary I. As a matter of fact, II B a good
i deal more becauae lhe acrlp la payable Ifl laatal
1 menta, Tba reaaon Ibe prlce of tbe bonda In __m
' .iiiii, l?Vi is apparently abova tbe prlce h-r.- ii on
I account of ibe facl lhal In London all dollari are
j taken ..- equal lo four ahllltnga even, or one-Bfih
1 of a pound aterllni Consequenily 1500 tquala fioo,
Th- difference ln prlce whlch ilwa ? rulea b*t?'een
! London and New-York ls th. . ,:"'' 'V
i crepancy betwe-en the dollar ..^ re kom . oi com
merc In Londnn and th- actual dollar.
Aboul tl..mouni of gold. whlch haa i.
. ibscrlbed here .... actvunl of tln '?'V"v"!. "', i
i, n hai l" n recelved .-: the Sub-Treaaury *tv\
legal depoBltorles, and ?200,000 arrlved from Buropi
's'o'ic. >:ir.>, : expected to vtall "fl*"'^
lo-day and talk over ihe Oovernment a kHeat. bona
.;...,; wlth the laind ayndlcate managera. lt is un
deratood lhal Ihe Becretary ?" ,"',h MJ _.l_??,?
and Mr. Morgan uptown laal nlght. No '?*?[>'? '?
KlgnlBcance li aitacfied lo the Becreurr ? vktltj"
N.w-Yorh aa ..ll lhe arrangementi of he boaa
deal, io far aa the Oovernmeni li concernea, n*?
been complete.1, and nothlng n-.w remaina io oe
done excepl for the ayndleate manigera lo gatner
ln thelr pr t-i on the deal.
? ?. _-_
Wasiiiiigfon, Feb. lf' The resolution report-1
by the Benate Commlttee on Ck*?na__f-e ?nd ..dopt-d
lo-ntgbi by ihe Sennt.-. poatpoalag ?he tlme ol
takiru: effec. ..f th. revtaed lateraatlonal r-gui.
tions for preventlng .oUlalons at aaa, wbleh bad
b.-.-.i fixed for March l. uBB, eonUlna a areamble
recltlng that whll- C.r.-at Hrlta.n nn Aprll M, l_M,
communleated io thls Oovernmeni thal rio tlme
ahould bc ioa. in carrylag tba .eguiation-- mi<?
err.e. it waa anaou____l lo iina Oavaraaaaal ob
January !?',. >!,r>. tbat t?i itritish oovernmeni
found lt iinpossllile. untll I'arii iinent ha.i been con
siilteu. to f!\ ? date for biinglng the regulatlona
into for.-e, an-i earneetly reajueated ihla Oovern
BMBl to consellt io B t.-iriporary postpoi,. ment of
thdr enforcement. As it ls daslrabta that tba
regulatloris Hhould be put ln force by the marltlmi
Powers nlmultaneoualy. the tlme was poatponed
to a aiib.-.-qi.e.it date to be tlx.d by tbe 1'r.sident
by prodamatlou
|ht TBLaORAFB to the TRlBfNE.l
Washington. Feb. tt.-ll has been found necessnry
to amend the lncome tax sections of the n.-w
revenue law. even before the flrst returns of ln?
come reatulrel by It ara due. The few and Inade
quate amendment*- all too few anl wh'lly Inade
quata?wer* expiained ln the iiou.-e of BopreaenU
tive* to-day by Mr. McMillin. when he offeted the
eonference report. which was Bgiaad t... The oc
caslon was made rathOT inurestlng by Messrs.
BartlHI Bttd Payna Of New-York. wbo ask.-l some
pertlna-nt quastlona .11 regard to matter* not In
Cluded ln the confercn.-c r.-pon. which Mr. McMIHIn
was quite, unabla- ;.. nnswer. Hls mlnd appear* I
to ba in a bopelaaaly confusad coodltlon as to tlie
meanlng of provlalona of whleh he was the author.
\i. emlnent lawyer after a careful Btudy of the
lncome tax aectlona Boceatly sald: "Thrre are
.:? .,-,(.; b hundred lawsulta In i id. aad every .?.e
of ihe BUbatantlal provlokm* of thi- law," and
aucb WOUld -.em to be th.- f.-ar of the I'ommis
sloner of Internal Bevaenue.
Mr. Payne to-day read from a latter that he had
ra-.f-lv.-l from on* Of his onstltuents. who des.red
to kna-A wbetber, under a certain -???tlon, ba would
not b- taxed twlce ln the *ara* year on that part
of hls lncome whlcb was derlved from mortgaga
se.-u.i:,.-. Mr I'.iA.i.'s c.rra ipondent wrota In good
falth Iu Ihi <' .minls-ianer of Internal Il.-vcnue
f ir a conslructlon "f Ihl* provlalon, whleh be da
ilred 10 hav* before making hl* Bral return of
incoma He aa.i- referred lo Ihe Collectoi <.f In?
ternal Revei.ua for his dlstrlct, and Informed that
if lhal ofli -er da-.-.t.-i 1 conatructlon of Ihe Uw he
would recelve ll. vVhei Mi Payne to-day real
Bome paragiaph* fr .m hbi rwreBpondenfi letter
1 and asked Mr McMillin to k!a.- a constructlon of
tha- provlalon ln 01 ler lhal ihe letter mlghl b
property an 1 ttorrectly anawered. tha- Tenne ?
*tate*man waa .<- unable or unwllllng lo do ta ..
Ihe Commlaalon r of Internal Revenue had been
when the appeal wa* ma I* i" bla*.
Th.* following is rh.- full t-xt of th* reaolutlon*
sxtendlna th* llme foi maklng ratawnfl of lncome*.
as agreed lo ln both Houaea to-day on tba eonfer?
ence ra i 11
Resolved, etc, That tr.e time flxed by exlatina
law for th.- render.ng of ncome returns to air
??On or before ihe tir-t Monday of M..r h ln e\erj
year" (Bectlon SS .. 1 of k iau?l -v UM an I - tlon
1.173 Revlaed Btatules, as amended by .?? H'-n ..4
of ihai ....' I* h-r. i.a cxtended wllh reference
,.nlv to r.-firn- ol lncome fnr ihe year 18M. ao
th..'. 11 shall be lawful t-> make return* tor th..
year on or before the 15th day of Apr!.. lv..
' Resolved Thal m ouiputing lncome* in.ler bom
ad ihe amount* n. - -essaril) pald foi Ur* Inaui
premlum* and for ordlnary repalr* ?hall i.e .ie
Re*oived>That m romputlng lncome* under aald
a.-t (he amountfl recelve I a* dlvldend* upo] . '?<
sto.-k of anv rorporatlon, company, or ?7or.-y,on
ahall nol be ln I i<led In rsae auch dlvldend* aro
al?.. Ilable ... ihi tax ??? -? per ceni 1.n tha net
proflt* of sald < ?rpoi Hlon, ompai ?. 01 .
t . : although am i. ia* m..*- noi i.-.a. i- ei
.,;., pald .'. ???? '? 1 orporallon, ? ompany, 01 1
rlatlon at the tlm* "f maklng returni bj lh* per
. . : ,- ? . f ...... ulon re. ? Ivlng sucn
dlvldend* And returna, or reporta, of th* name*
an l salarle* of..loyc* shall ..... be reajulre. rrom
employers ui.? afled for by the ' oil* tor ln
oraler to verlfy return* bj employea
? ? ??
i\.: 1 .: a ..
tntenre intereal prevalls li regar I to 1
I of th- lncome Ta* lan rh* Trlbun* ha* already
1 pr.n.ed severa article*
| to man) Inqulrli ll ma) il ?'? I H ?' ? ?'??ln?
, , 1 j0 nl re* lutlon agrea I to by C .ngresi
da*. the retun ? ui l? ?* tl >? i.ha n u*l be ma l<
. ? e Aprll li
\, Tl ? ? ?'? '' '
?i, .?- lncome for 1 i aM re* r exca
. . -. , real un.l-r tha 1 ?*? l l ? ? ?
tax bl,-... fi Ihe li la tl Revenua
lh* dlatrt. I In whlcb bl h -.-1 Is altuated *n l :
? aoi .1 -??'-? ? the qui
ln Ihl* b.ank Tha Trll ? I
compl. te copier of the I i*d te
Inallvldua me tax I
Internal Revenua l 1 ? I ? ' '
??1 . ? ? 1 '
nai aworu
returna or to nythlnc what. r tha
a.. | ? whether tlvln* 1 ' ntry ot
.,-???. . '? m
propert) Inveatmenl I a pi ?'? *B*on,
or earnlngi ? ? ? '
. ?..-?. ? taln an
? , - in Internal Iteva
... , .......
Tn- |n wn* T.x law Impoaea no tai a 1 ?
an ln ? on??? ' ?' ??" '
ln makli.: n 1 ' ? lh* Uw ?p?
. ? it iiay* fo ii.- 1 ? ? '? la ??
. ' ?' '
-,,. n rrvanl I r ?*! M ??' ? f"
rent for famll) 01 ? - ? 1 *-. 11
,,,.... rn .,.? dedu ?<? : from tl ? gr ?**
... in r.iak-.ii; annual return* ll
al.owab ?? 1 d* 1 ..' Natlonal. Blai ?
.,,.. ..... lX, - r>n incomi b puflna "'.
.. nby ?: 10 lha laa *-?? isment* upon real
...: ,?.. are nol onsl l< r# I ?- lax< 1 ? may b* i
du ?? 1 fi >m Im .n.- i. but 1 r repalr* upon
;i V b* I I I ''? '
Non.realdenta :...- not entllled lo Ihe exemptlon
?f 14,000, 01 10 anj exempilon ahalever,
make oul Ibelr annual reiurna dul) aerHled
).- oath "i afflrmnilon and dellvei the *am? to thi
?. ,,r rollector ln l ?hereln I "???
property or Intereal I* derlved f ?ltual d li
time it.-k. ri... ii in the ...-<?? ol realdenti ln pr?
parlng return*, non-resldenti may, when neceaaary.
uae two form*, an..- fo: Inrom* from all aourcasa,
. i.e f..r lncome derlved from bualnea* 01 an) othei
. .. in me I'nlted KUte* Peraon* rea-elvlng
1 f.-..? ,,r am..! imeni 1 for profi ? lonal ? 1 "ll
vla .-*-. bi in ii..- . ase of phyi 1 lan* 01 laa yer*
; mual Includ* all Bctual recelpt* f<>. ?-1 vi..- ren
dered during Ihe yeai foi whlrh leluru la made,
i..>.-.-ir..-r wiih nll unpald accounta harge* foi sei
\i<.... a,. other I..ma du* foi iii.f year, l( ^""!
and rollertlble Tha Intereal arerueil .luriiig the
I year on notea, bonda 01 other evld ?? Indebl
edneaa, If ko".i and rollecilble Bl rhe end of th
war, mual ba. ra-tiirti-.i a* lncome, .\h...ha.. ??l
?.,i,.l ,,r nol Dlvldend* payabl* ln I8M mual b
retumcl ai Inromea from laal ?.-..r .... mattei
. when declai r 1
Vmong the deduatloni whlrh are alloweal are ni
.?-..11 \ expenaea a.iually Inaurreal ... carry Ing on a
I bualnea* "i profeB*lon and nol ntherwiee ilealu '? 1
: m the return .?? the a. la 1 ui 'i he Lha pr Idj
I thal a lai ol per ? ral hall I-- levled on tbe
. amounl of all Incomes In exa-ea* ..f U '"<
Here ls an Intereatlnfl anal Important polnl m
regard lo Ihe lncome ... **:???< aml mlnor rhlblren
I Tha* iaw provlde* lhal only ona d<sduetlon a.r M.noo
shall i.. mad.- f.aiin Un- Bggregate lncome <?. ?< '
I member* In the famlly rompoaeal ol . or nom
parenta and one ... more mlnoi chlldren or h":'
band and wif.- ll-i..a. j.ii peraona who may nol
i ba,e an Indlvldual lncome of as .nuch aa ?' -""
mu*. nevertheleaa make sworn reiurna lo tne
j internal Revenue CoCector, If ihe aagregate ln
rome* a.f all iha- membei of ihelr famllle*, Inrlud
: Ing th.-lr indlvldual iii< o.o s, ihe lncome* of thelr
wlvea and 'ha- lncome* of any mlnoi rhllnren,
! amounl to ;. lolal of U.S00 or ovei ..nd if the
total Incom.- of ihe whole famlly, Ini'iudliii inj
wlfe aud the mlnor chlldren, if any, e*. i- 11.000,
ihe tax v.ill be l?-vieai jpon th* excea* of tbe
i aggregate lncome of the whola fnmlly, onl) ? "'?
I .iad.i'-iir.il of H.080 from Ihe aaaregai* lncome balna
a iowed,
Vii rorporatlon* are r.-.|.ilre.| lo mak.. r>-turii"
lo the It.ta-rnal Revenue collectora, wbetber llicir
ln,.,... am nt lo BJ.r not. riuardlana nnd
Iruateea, executora, admlnlBtratoni, ngenta aml re
relver* are required lo m.ak.* returna for th* p'''
?on* whom ihey rapreaent. provlde.1 Uie Incomea
of thoae persons equal 01 exceed 111 eacb raae8l.ai?
Tha- Tribune wlll prl.r addltlonal .artlcb-s here
after alvuig further deta.Ha i:i regard to tlu- a.|.er.i
Hona1 ol th ? law The aalarte, due to *at*
rounty and inujai* Ipal offlcer* nr* cxempl :r..m tha
In.-onie tai
Waahlngto*. i-i'- 8k Anothat da) was apanl in
eonaidaratlon of tha Naval Approprtatlon Mll wlth
,,u, dlspoalng of it. Tha proceedlnga wer.- marke.1
hv aeveral eplrlted paaaaga* between Mr. ?ayar*
iii.m. Texas), chalnaaa a.f tbe ratnattttaa aa Ap
proprtatlona >*?d member* of tha OaaaaalttM a>*?
Naval Affalr* over aniendmenta offered by the
former tO raduca Ihe amount* carrled ln the i.lll.
ai?l\ In iwo of thaae was th.- Taiaa member s.i'
,.,.vsfi.i and iban Iba aa?ount* wara laaignlhoant.
At air- Inalnn?a ?* tba eoaaMerwtlon a.f :?..* MU.
Chairman 0*Nell (Data., Maaa) ovarraled the p..im
ot order mi** reaiarday bj Mr. s.\.rs agalnal law
propoaed i..'T ?.'.-- of ihe foree ,.f eaUatad m*n ln
lh>* Navy, holilHiK lhat It wa* ln order. na.twlth
?tandlna exlatlng *Utota* Hmttfng the number t..
aaaj ni.-n From ?hi? rullng Mr. Haya-rs appeal.*'!.
put the Caaaa-lttaa of tht- WhaM sunuintd to*
Chalr-14:: to 17. And agalnst thls Mr. Sayers ut
t.-red hls earneet protest.
In the course of the day several other importin'
matters were ... t-1 upon l.y the House. The JolOI
resolution reported yesterday by the Comm.ttee on
Wavi and M.-ans dlrectlna the S.-cretary of the
Treasury to mispend the shipment In bond through
tti- Cnited Btatea <>r goo.is deatlned for the freu
-<>ne of Mexlee was paaaed. Alao a blll authortslng
the Prealdent to appolnl Oeneral Don carios Hueii
a c .lor.d on th ? retlred list of the Army.
A conference was agreed to on the Agrleiiltural
Appropriation t.ill. Th<- report of the conferreea
upon the Jolnt resolution .-xten.ling from March 1
to Apnl I,",, iw.'.. the tlme within whlch Income tax
returns may be made was agreed to.
a BBW .ihitit J1TDOB tiik BOWOATE thiai. -
vvim. rr itb AlYAIltS.
Washington. Feb. ir. (Bpeclal).?Tbe Senate paaaed
to-day wlthoui opposition a hlghly deeervlng blll, In
traduced and supporUd In Congress by th<> Boctety
of the Sons of the Amerlcin BevolutlOB, uppro
prlatlng HMM tc ald in ih<- erectlon ol a monu
ment at Baltlmore lo th<- Maryland soldlery who
fell in the Revolvtlonary War Mr. Olbaon, who
had charge of the Mll In the Benate, and who
nireiv speaks on aay publlc questlon, made i
palaatahlng aad ?ffectlve ipeerfa this mornlng Ib
explaaatlofl of th.- meaaure aad in eulog) of tha
Maryland ContlnenUI llne, whose traJor aad luffer
Ings the propoaed memortal is to commemorate,
lt was feared lhal aome dlfBculty mlghl be en
countered ln obtainlng conalderatlon .?(' th- blll t<>
day on accouul .,f tne preaaure t.rougiit by the
fr.-e allver colnag. managers for a prompl dla
poaal af lhe Jonea Bll ver blll. Mr. Hill. however,
volunieered hla isalatanre lo Mr. Olbaon, and
i through iii-ir loirii efforta unanlmoua conaent waa
obtalned i.> lake lhe meaaure from tbe calendar.
Mr Olbaon'i ipeech In advocacy of Iti paaaage waa
apparently -.. overwhelmlngly auccesaful thal no
one rentured to oppose lt, and n waa rallroaded
ot, ., rlva voce vote io the Houae of Itepresenta
tlves, where Its frlend* hope t<> aecure ror ;: Bn
equall) read) approval
Th.- Presl l-ii. to da) enl lo the Senate the
natlon of Braklne M. Boss, of Callfornla, to be
I'nlti i star.- circuli Judge for thi Nlnth Judlcial
Clrcult, provided f..r b) bcI approved Pebruai
UM Braklne M lt"-- la.f t.',.- beat-known
lawyera and lurlsta >.r Callfornla, and haa aerveil
nn the Dlstrlct Bench by appointmeni ,<:' Mr.
Cleveland durlng hla tir---t term ll- waa al one
tmi- a law partner ot Benator Whlte, of Callfornla.
Wh-n ihe Howgate Irlal waa reaumed thi- morn
ii.g Juatlce McComai announced ihe Inatructlona
whlch h- a ? :, :'" i" lhe lury. The ln
atruciioBa are regarded bj members ?.) the bar a*
ty of a. lulttal, on the ground
Howgate waa noi a fugltlve from Juatlce, and
theref re th. ? , .-? operat. -
l..ii .,,- ? ii M |... ..... utioB. ' Hli of the :???
two prayei ffered by Mr. Wortl gl
foi th ?.? four were a epte I The Urat
merely earrled ihe usual luggeatlon "f glvlng the
.. .-? I ? ben. fti .i "re .-?? . The a. c
niii ..f lhe accepted prayera cautlona lhe Jur)
:.. nnd thai thi . r :.!..- ? waa .. fugttlvi fr.'in
lustlce, ;.- thal i'lir.-e |- deflned b) the Courl
leaa up n the wl I. th il fael ll
lo thelr -.,.-,- ? ,nd a reasona
Phe ii ...- . : ? ,? ll .-...- ?
a. l-r :....? rvldei ? | i has h n admltte: ?
??:? g-l offenci n.it embrac-.l In the ind ?i,..ii: < ....
?. - . pui
? in as to th, ' ' ?? I '? ' '? .nt ln
? !...:ig tl .,..?? i ag ilnsl him In the In I I
ment on trla I ry muat be rall Bed
Captaln Howgate aci ..,.??, .,,.. < ,rg< r
1 - ? . .' ill) us. I l
f ,re thej , ? Ihe itera
laat i ?.
lury t - ny period of
irs aft.
., ..? rr. ? . f forgerj an.l ? mhi iz'..-m< nl the
?..?-. thelr vi ?
!,.'-? f-nlani
Courl il oa
... .. v
... ? ? \..
' v\ m i - a ? ? ? irgui
-.,.... . ?
Includlng I ? r
: : e of tl
- . .....
.nl the Arn
? iiat Ulatrlct t columbla P< n
. . .? .- irni "
iy. Tlie ln<1
, .Irj, ? ? ? '
? ? ? ? ?
i ? , . ........ t
i - i In N-? '"ili i lt)
rk . wi.- ihe
low eat I .--..? ' ? "
lll'-; I . Hl M'.VV P HIPEIX ' I'.. IATB
I a i.i'-'.; MM ? ?" '
? ?? l RI. I -
n/a il : -??.- I eh II ii--i - da *?<? o\ ened al
! ih. N.i- i" I"- tmeni 'h- '? ?nati
Iiaive "< armameni Bnd lorpedoea, of thre.
aboul ? lisplaci nv nl, alth .< *pe< l <
! kn.'ts ,- alntali ? i foi al i- uil iwo eonae, utlve
i ? ? ? ', he .,|ii roprlatlon ' i ? ? M
,.., ',,, ... ? ,. three v< aaela, a hlch,
with di iheli ni.. - -1 . . .?l I- whollj "f :
manufai tur* Pro| ili u ? w. r? i '
mltle i. ....... a ||. rlnn itrl. ll) lo th- plai - i
. itloni prepare i i ? "?? Nai i Departm. nt,
oth. i - - b dden fulfllllng tl
dltlona of spee l an i ?? onomy pn - rlb. i b) the de
i |.ium-nt Th- proposala wlll all i- referreal lo ..
board of bun iu offl. ?. . ln. lu
III. hborn, Bnglnee In L'hb f Melvtlle and Judi
vo aii .;??.:? ral l_*ml) io wlll repurl to Becrelarj
Herberl on the plai ind it la not i ipecled thal Ihe
. onira I ? ? lll Im awardc i :??? at l< a il > month
Naval oRi, -i ? ar. 1)1 ? "?? i '
1 ..t ihe . imiietltl oi at.l, h - ??" hai
,nel lli.,n vs.. -.\i- "? I I
! prlce r, r lhe . .? ? ? ? '?
per ton; foi tlie i 111:1 '?'". ?" ,'"': l
pei ton, wh li th. ie?i I" . the n n i
i:s tniia, ii B ? - t ' ton
The prop wlll b. ihoroughlj i i imlne I, an i
the modille i p hi ? ? ,m lered befoi in awa
recomm. n?'. I Th. bl.l ? ? th- H*ih Iron v\ orka,
.1 l! Hlalogue .'.- Bon, K ilion Kngln ?erlng vv -^
and the lowa lri.,1 VV.uk-. !' I* thought. wlll I; ? Uld
aslde ,. .... hlgl 1 I ?? los ? si bl Iders i. ..li .,.|\
. fiiini-h-d ihe N'.c.i willi : i- ' ?? ?''"?? '- I"-!'-- Moal
gomei | .,', i Peti -I. _ll iti ra. I
.;i:i:.ss UKAriONH i "i: rilK IIKI.IKI
Washlngton Peb ll (Bpeclali. Further rrlendl)
goaatp Is ie ,i , in naval rircles aboul Admlral
Walker. Only .. few days ago ll v>->s aald thal the
Admlral'a frteads In Congress would urge the r
iival ,.f ihe grade ??! v i? Admlral for hls beneflt,
in recognltlon ... hla consplcuoua BWIIty and dls
tlBgulshed aervlcefl g-nerally, and al Honolulu more
eapeclally. The facl Ui il the Admlral la lunlor In
i?i,k and aenlor iu ...-? lo Admlral Brown would
prwveni this propoaition lielng carrted out In thej
uMi.li.f-. i nd-r ihe 11- Congreaa i ouM ad
vaace Admlral Walker ovet Admlral Brown, bui .,
ti,.- latt.. i., - i blghlj ? - lltable n cord for war
a.r\,..,., .,,. i il . , < i.mii,.... l-i ?-iii-dil-f "f I'1
I'adtic Bution ln ii- earlb r daya i f thi i
? ?hiilan eplaode, auch acHon li Improbable. The go.i
stpa have therefore dropped the Vlce-Admlral latk
Th.-v ii. m s.n thal lb. bcxi Congreai wlll glve Ad?
mlral Walker .. v.t tkanka Thls course aeema
more reaaonaUe and llkely, and whlle an act or
reeoiutlor, ,,r ibe klad wouM nol pul tbe Admlral
Ib a hlgh.-r grade. '.t wouM benefli him greatly i:?
other ways.
Accprdlng t,. .?urrenl itory Hawailan affairs
mn b- ..ne of the ,-hi.r topic: nf Intereal la tha
i.ivth ."oiign-ss a Ireat) of BBBexatloB, or oaa
eatabltBblng .. proteetnrata over tba Utkand . li
counte.i upon as eertaln "f adoptkm. ll Ifl even uld
that ike Preetdeat, deferrlag "to tha wtder dlacre
tiou ,.f Congreaa." couM aol coafllateally veto a
lf the kllld < o.l-der.lllo.l of the sul'J
Silver Plate that Wears.
Reduced Prices
f\ [ For a Hmited period at our L mon t
"".: i Square Store, 46 East 14th St -*
2438 Fifth Avenue aad 46 EaM 14th Sl., New York.
?peciiled number of years. as with Worden. In
...her caae tbe act or reaolutlon ls to speciry ror
h..w lona a tlme the benetits ar- to 1 ist. I nda-jr
another law nn .ifiic-r may be adv.inced one gr.Tl'
when bo thankwl. Should tbl- law be followed ln
\dmlral W.dlk.r's caae, h? WOUld be made to ranK
Admlral Brown nnd becoma tbe s.-nior line offl.-er
of th*> Navy. _ _
op ooamoKa to fillthb vxcairct caubbo
London. Peb. l?.-An electton wa:. heM to-day r.'
Colcheater to 011 the vacancy ln the House ef Com?
mon* caused by the realgnatlon of Mr. Naylor
i...vi....i. I. reaulted In a vlctory for tha Llberal
c ndldate Slr vYeetman Pearaon, who ?n*' de
,,.,,..,1 ai the lasi general electlon, wltb Mr. Nay
!.,r-l..-vi..n.i bi his opponent. b) .. majority of u.
Thc ron prvatlve candldali to-day was CapUtn
Wreker who n ia ?tronaly i upport^ by tha Irlah
r:';,;:",7,1^.!;;::;"?;,s ,,k,? .? .be.on.es. .,y pou.
.... .houl iii.mtry. nnd many well.
V^lW^S^ VerSfc.'^SWi ffi
I!"; ,:.;,,-;,|1:i -I'.n the reVull waa: Naylor-I.-y
lai d, 2.17S: Pearaon, 2.112
_ ?
london, Peb. 19 The fabtnel tneetlna, which
o* arwlse would have i--:. held on Thuraday, waa
aummoned ? i la) and contlnued for aboul aa hour.
Tt,.. mpp...... i thai the bualne** traaaacted
related to some change* ln the programme of the
...??..,. roi the >e**ion. There waa nol a
ahlapei In the lobble* of the Houae of Commona
luggeating dlaaolutlon, nor wa* there "much gos
?lp in polltlcal clr le?" over lha matter, a- waa
rabled by the london ageno of tha *e*f-Btyled
"Aaaoclated PreB*" of Chleago. Nol a sinzle ron
servatlve paper venturce the abaurdlty of BUgawat
Ing lhal the meetlng had even the remoteat refer?
ence ... dl aaolutlon.
? ri... uiobe," :?? renlng Tory organ, .-x
plalne I to-day' me. tlng by s.iy.ng it la uaual for the
,?,,,...[ to rreei Immedlatel) after th.* addreaa tn
,-. ;.v m the yu rn'* ipeevn I* carrled, and aur
. -' u ihe |. :ri-> ? of the meetlng was to dlo
, |M- ;. .. ,. iition of th.- war between Chlna and
v Kl'MUR Ail.'Ar Tl VT BHE WILL BEND aaaii
sll.i's n KRE IN M av.
? kland. N /... I 19 There is a n;m?ir
thal Oerman war*hlp~ a-..ii k'> to Samoa In May,
with the Intentlon of subdulng and dlaarmlng the
natlva ... : of i ilnln* ? ntlre control ol the
l^lan.li .-'? ti la nol *uppo?ed thal the Oer
? pr >po*e* ... annex tha* lalanda
? ?
ME HIVKB i I' III- IH'EltOVnillP A M - AA I l.l. ''O.N
i iMMIMI :? i.NER rti .' a' AN
London, Ke.a 13 \ Central Sewa dlapatch from
Tlen-Tsln -?.? hal I.I Hung i hang turned over
I in- oltlcc ol ? !'?? l'hl-LI
t Ui) ind *. i.i tudli n e ??- :M th* Em
i.. r..r ..? Peb ng >n Pebruary M, preparataw) to am
I*.., . immlaaloner to Japan.
A illepata'h ..- The Htandard" from Toklo ?ay?
thal ? ! ln the Jai anea. Dlei
i fui ..;;.. rlatlon of
? I foi
(AVE aa aa ; .'.:? ::i: .v BKATINO PABTT
\ M
ai .- ... Peb 19 V'. i.... itudent* were skatlng on
Mi ikva llivci to- lay tl ? a iy and
f them ? i Into th water and
have been ra c .ver* l.
,-n. i thlng waa opa ne i
... Ja) b) i. ? i ? r-on. The Klng In
i . . |.. i aald i thi ? mplati ! ? *pendlturea
. | . i ,.: I,,. r. ..-? of : . .atlorl to mai I them ll
u . s ? | to Impoaa a atamp duty
Ipt* for moneya pai l
an i I, bi it. .. . in ??? ll- nnnounced thal
I, -,.-? ,),,. ? . .i.- th.* tni!lt.ir>
,,...,?. ea bj ? ? ? ? i- ? on of ?*??.? nalve A\...ki-.
The Norwa i in I'hambarr, which av.is opened y**j
Irralay, rlected I i * term of three yeara, .and
........ |. unstltutlonally, by the
Bwediah Norweg >r b) the aaparate Cab?
inet at Chrlatlanla. Reclprocally. the Chamber, or
Htorthlng, c innol .1 -m u I the dlsmlaaal of the Mln
I .,. who are ? *i permltted i" take parl In par
ii..m. ni.it-> debate* The Radlcaia ar.- stili ln a
majority In the preaenl Chamber, though the lateel
,;..,';,,,..'. reituceal thelr majortt) from sixty-fuur ...
--? ? . ;, ? ,?.,:,-.. rvatlve* *tlll numbei
dfiy, and on ?ome Importanl queatlon* the Radl
ral Uppo Itlon woubl rjffer wm* defectlon In its
rank*. e*peciall) ln illacnsBlona relatlv* to the
malntenam ?? ol the paci of unlon. which made, In
IHII, b alngle n.ni-"i "f Bweden and Norway,
under one Klng. Thi* eondltlon of thlng* expLaln*
ho_, |, Ll, .,...,, posslbV ... hav often In N..r
w.n a t'onnervative MlnUtiy quletl) remalnlng In
power, rn the fac? of * Itaali al Oppoaltton majority
,,?.',.,,.,,?,? , Tnu* .: I* that the preaenl Con
laervatlve t'abtnet of Mr. Btang has been enabled
; Kov. rn for the laal few montha
u Hta?en .lo- former Itaallaal Premler, may .
,,,',?' mj dn) i" ihe heaal of the liovernment, but
ib.. general policy of the Xorweglan Administration
woul.1 und'Tgo no important alteratlon The clatin
,,r Norwa) to have a ncparat* L'onaular repreaenta
.??; m|gh| b< pr-1 more energetlcally, but th
i'onservatlvea themaelve* have *ut.pcrted the aame
reaiue*) which Klng "-. ir l* s.n.i .,. be willing i -
,., ,,,t io iu< N'orwaglan aubjei-t* The cable .li
p-iifh doea not report, however, thal he lias ex
i.i,-.,.1 .ati\ opinlon ..ii thai subjeet ln hls t\.d. a*
ih.. openlng of the Storthlng ll.- aeema ." have
merel) ln*l?ted ti|ion tho nece*slty ol levylng nea
tix,.-,' ... order to m.-.-t the Increaae of thoae mlli?
tary '..\|..ii-..- which are a plague t.. the Bcandl
navlan countrleB, as arell a* i ? all ...h-r-< ... Kurope.
I, M,,r: i?. adaled thal tha N'orweglan t'onaervath ?*
have ?ho?n ln former Htorthlng* a declded oppo
sltlon to anv Increaae of dlrect'taxea, Btlll, tha ln
.reaMrt in iha- budgel am!I have t.. come from th*
?Ki.-ket* of somebody, and n la to be notlccd thal
there ..r. m Norwa) only aboul 80,000 people em
pl< \...| in workahop* and I ictorleB, the principal ln
duHtrle* ..r ih.- country being agrleultun and
i,?.i.i,,ii. i i, is Th* Queen'a Drawlng Room,
which a ;? he l th'.a afternoon, waa largely att.-rid
ed owlng ... th gr. it Improvemenl ln tha waatha*r.
The debutantea t.i wore white, vsith paart and
dlamond ornamenta. Tb other woaatn praaeal
moatly wora vlolei or dark blua, and carrtod larga
i. 'uqueta of orchldB, lltea of tb* vallay ?r roaea The
Prtnce .n' WalcB waa abaenl owlng to an attack "f
inlluenaa, Iba reault of b cold vhi.-h he contraeted
wi,,.- Bkatlng. Th* Prtnceaa of Watoa and her
dauahtera wera preaent. The Dowager Empreaa
Prealerlck Prlncea* Chrt?ttan and a!l the woman of
Hae royal famlly iccompanled Ihe quaaa Into he
throne-room at i o'clock. Th* wlvaa of tha forelga
Arnbas* id u i were recalvod flrat
London. Peb. lt. An im-eiit for W. K, Van.l.r
bin' bo.iihi to-dai al aa auctlon aala af fawalry
in this clty a n.-.kiac.- ronalBtlng aif thlrty-nin*
pcarl*. wlth a dlamond claap, weighlng Bl gralna
Tli? prl. A\as Q.MM.
? ..??
TIIK PRINCE >>K WA1.K.-4 11.1.
I......!..... i''.'!' lt. Tba I'rinca* of Walaa, la j[.ite of
Um fa** . lhal h.- araa nrr.-iiii. fr..in Um .-rr.'.-t!. of .,
ehlll ahlch adwd blm tbl* moralac appaarad this
Bvealag al t maatlag "f ti..* Royal Old Ab* Pasaloa
Comiiilaalon. bi whlcb b* araa to praalda Tha Prtaea
wa* extr.-mely boars.- and av.is troubled wlth an
aiiiiis. lacesaanl eough. Aft.*r ronaldarahla per
Buaaton by member* ot th>. Commlaalon, ha? wa* ln
?JuceU lo loava Hlv aMMtlag a.id luiuiu to Alatl
borouch House, whe-e he was pleced under medl.al
? ?. -?
I..,:'.lon, Feb. 19.-In the House of Common? n-iay.
Hir Oeorge Haden-Powell. member for the Klrkdale
dlvtslon of Llverpooi. a-^ked the Covernment fir In?
formatlon regarding the paynient of $42.',.'X-) wh:ch
the Cnited States had promlsed as compensatlon to
tbe aealera under the award of the itehrin_ sea
! Trnunal of Arbltratlon. He destred to be tnformed.
! wheth.r any steps for the appropriation of thls sum
; w 'ii. I be taken by the Cnited States Con-.ress be?
fore the close of Its .ses-.nl.
Blr BMward Orey, Under BecreUry far ForeBja
Affairs. replled that Presld.-nt Cleve'.anl ut hla
meeaaga to Congreaa had resomasended that pro
rtflton ihOUld I- made for the prompt p.iym.'tu of
th- sum awarded. The Brltlsk Ambaaaador at
Washlngton. Blr Jullan IMuncefote, ln Ma reportB
t., th,- home Oovernment eoncerntng the nutter. naa
?Bld that there was no rcaSOB IO doul)t that he
amounl would be appropriated before the rielna
of Congresa. Thla itatement wis grseUN] from au
ildea vith criea of "Hear, bear!" ._ ,._
Blr Oeorge Baden-Powetl further In.ulred lf ne
I'nlted Butea had an agreement wlth the Ruesiaa
Oovernmeni regarding th- teal flaheries m ine
North Padftc Oceaa. B!r Edward Orey replled tnai
an agreement had been conc'uded between tnese
two coantriea In Mav almllar to th.- one exlstiag
between Kngland and Kussia. whlch, It was un?!? r
itood, would r-inaln in force untll elther country
gave formal BOtlCS of .in inteutlon 10 BflOdlfy Its
i on loa, Feb. II.?The body af another of the
i:.i.. rlctlms waa ptcfced np at Deal Mai evening.
I had arouBd it ona of tba E'.be'a llfebejta, and
upon the lff* hand was a gold riog iBBcribed "A.
lleckman, UU." No papera or o:her means or
Identlflcatlon wera fouad.
Rome, Feb lf.?Blgnor (MoUtU, who was recently
sum"noii..| to appear to aflSWer th" charge of _____
derlng Premler Criapl. #111 return to Italy tp-aaet>
r,v. anl Wlll be .-xani.tied by ? magis.rat- Ifl thlt
Clty .n February 21.
Chlcago. Feb. lf.?Tke I'hicago committ.-.- of thi
Ceatral TratBc Assoclatlon waa in se^sior. Bll day
to-day. the maln subject dlacusaed belng fretffbt
r.ites Many Chargea have been made of lal- that
eertaln roads Ib the aaaoeUtton were freely cut
ting ratea. and those chargea were fully IB.Ul._
Into and were in ev.-ry msUace denlfld. After a
careful Inveatigattoa the statement was glven out
that the eommlttee was convtnced that the rate
of U ceata |.er IM pounds on graln. which waa
adopted at the Cleveland meeting. waa bemg
malnulned to the letur, and that all autement?
to the i oi trary are falae. The queatlon <>f redu. mg
the rate on provisions was tou.hed upon. but no
actlon was taken
li ,- Buspected that cert.un members of th.- new
Weatern Trunk Llne .'ommlt'ee are vlolatlng
thelr a.reem.nt bv slyly abettlng IM Onai
Trunk road In its determlnatlon not to abolian ex
cessive commiaalona on immlgrant buelneaa at
Canadlan polnts. A meeting of the lmnugrant
Clearing H""u'" haa been called for to-morrow.
when the matter wlll be looked into.
Waahlngton. Peb. 1'' Th. commlttee of emphayea
of the Bouthern Rallwai Compaay, whlch has
been in sesslon in Washington for nearh B .veek,
ha-. be.n unable to come to an agreement ws'h
tll.. ,?,..,resentatives of the railway conipany. The
compaay, through Ita tblrd irloe-prealdeot, Mr.
BaldwlB, made a fuil and frank gUtomeal of the
affaira of the company. and ahowed why it was not
advlaable that there Bhould be a general lacreese
li, aragea bs deaaaaded by tbe employeB. Blaca
r.-.eivmg the itatement the employeB' commlttee
haf been ln secrel lesslon aod has flaelt) con
. . ?. : noi t" accepi th- achedule proposed by
Mr Baldwln, and the grand chlefa of the varioua
tralnmen's brotherhooda have been lummoned u
thi- clty to aasist if poaalble In arrlvlng al a aatia*
factory arrangemenl of the dlfflculty. Those Into
whose handa the matter bow paaaea ar. i M.
\rtiiur of Clevelan I. Ohlo, Orand chlel of the
Hrotherhood of Loeomotlve Englneers; b. B.
clark of Cedar Raplds, lowa, Orand ' hte. of the
llrder' of Kallway < "ondu. tors; Mr. VV ilkin.-on.
Urand Chlef of the Brotberbood of Railway i rain
?,en. and i-\ P. Batgent. Orand Chlef ol the
Brotberbood >.f Railway Plromen.
Kaaaaa Clty, Mo., Feb. lf. - My ? decree of tha
Btate Buprem Court, laaued :..-,lay. the von-. :.
tlon of the Grand Avenue Cable RaUway Compaay
md the Kanaaa Clty Ballway Compaay la anmilled,
on arreal ,.f the minority Btockholdera of both cor
p.irations Th.-y ail.-ge that lhe conaolldatlon waa
effected wlthoui thdr kaowtedga or coaaeai
? ? ?
.i.i lgme.it for Bi.f-7 waa docfceted >-erday
agataai the Totodo, Aan Arbor aad North Mlchlgaa
Railway Company In favuf ol Iba MerchaaW Na
tloaal Hank of New-Vork. tri.it BBaounl belng the
deflcleflcy on the aale al aucttori of U9AM ot the
c.mpany'a flrst mortgage bonda. the amount .readaed
belng t-1""'. whlch waa applled to tba baa_.B clalm
of vi.;-." a
Al a regular meeting of th- Baard of S.-hool
Trust.es of the Tweuty-tfclrd Ward, beld m Oraav
mar Bchool No lt, al Cme^undred-and-alaty-aeca_?
-t. aad llagle-ave.. last night. the d.-cls.on tn the
hearlng of the chargea of laaubordlnatton and dere>
llctlon of duty preferred by WUUam T. Traad,
prlnclpal ..f Orammar Bchool No. .1. aaalaal Mlsa
Mary .lorian. was read. and further Charges B ?_
brought by Mr Traad aad by WIBtom Hogg, a
irustee. The dedslon ln th.- tu-st hearlng was that
Mus Jordan be reprtraanded for eaeh of th. i bargea
The chargea specffled tbal aa Februar) M Mkm
Jordan "gave to reportera of eertaln daily Bfl-B__
papera cerula falae and mallctoua BUtementa and
utteraacea." The Becond i*>actncatlea was that M
tha BPrtng Of MM. whlM Miss Jordan wis taechlag
Ib Orammar Bchool No. M. ahe offered ? ?Albert
? Brugman the sum of D9 to remunerate "
Boatoa. Feb. ?.-Oeaeral .lohn i. Bwlft, tho well
known tcmperan.e aad caflBpalgB apeaker, died to
nlghl at hla hom.- from heart trouble. ln hls slxty
Blxth y.ir. Oeneral Bwlft waa .. natlva >>f Fal
moutb. Mass.. but his parenU renwved to Utkfl
arh. ti he was bIbs yeara old. und he recetved hia
educatlon ln the academy there. CemlBg tO Coston
wii.n ke was Mvcauea, he entered buataeaa. ln
ttU and I8i7 be waa a member <>r lhe Ckmeral As
.-, ml.ly and BB ard. nt BUBOOIter ot Wilson and
Bumner. ln BH ba waa appotatad Ualtad stat.-si
?torekeeper Ib Boatoa'a Cuatom Hous.. in ishj he
enll.st.d ln the 3'.th MflflaackUBettfl lleglmeiit. and
later. as captaln of Company .'. Ilst M.-glment. he
joine.i Baaka'a rommand la IM be was appotnted
provoal judge at Baton Rouge, La., and later served
,,s captaln and Ju.lge-advo.-ate under Oeneral
Oruber, commaadlag a bctgade Ib the Nlneteenth
Army Corpa Ia uaa be was hoaorably dtachargad.
and 1,-came Adjutant aieneral of the rftate . of
l.oulslana, reslgning und returntng North Ifl ISiai.
He araa then appolnted Naval Ottlor of the I'ort
of Boaton, and ln ISdT was appolnted l>eputy-Col
lector bv Collector RuaaelL
Iii lsijj he realgn.-l and sugaged la bualnem ln
New-York Clty. and In 1*74 was agaln appolBted
l.eputy Co'.le-tor un.ler Collector Blmmoas, and
s.-ived ln that capaclty untll 1885. when he realgned.
Trenton. N. J.. Feb. l?.-Ylee-Chancellor Kmery
was thls mornlng uppolnied as advlsory muster to
take t.stlmony In the Coleman Drayton dlvorce
case Chaacellor McOlll dlamlaeed tne rule_t**J~3
cauae _hy the defeadaat should not be permlttea
io Kmend her anewer. H-r eottBml; ^v-V52or?
bury. moved for the appolntment ot the aiUliory
maaier. .
orovllle. Cal.. Feb. 19.-Thomas Durant, the hlgh
wavman who robbed the atage near here on S.itur
day. waa captured yeutcrday and aentenced to tifa
imprlaonment to-day.

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