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craaiSD bt makt bpbakbm.
c*?v. t<a Tha-re was a aomewhai
Waah.ngton. Jeb- J-JJJ ,ull !hi, inM.?i..?
larger attendance al M.t/.. ron
?55 Prealdent May Wrlght -? ? ' ' N?
Uoaal Councll af Weaaen to ordei ... II "<**
l.iar hall aa ,- bj no meMM CTOWded, bUl whal
jffiS a -?<*"~_tr^.rt S?
Hvered five-mini-.te addreaaea. Ameiia ?. **^
of Philadelphia. wa. aUo f"J*5?? JJJSK
An eUborat. .paper o i 11*- ???"? '>
m Brtagtag lUllgloua Convlction te Bear t^po.
ry.II, Llfe" was the flrat thlng on IbeJ???^
Tt was read by Mlnnle D. l-oui*. ..f Hew-T rk B
aaid that Kdward Bellaray wa. the proph * of^h.
?ew rel.gK.n. Hls. she ,-on.endcd. was tb*oniy
theory by whi.h th* div.ni.y becaam a iblng
'"in- p. ,.ove... of Ponnajlvama. de.e*".- <JJJj
Anti-vivli.ee,ka, Soeiety. dl.uss-d Mra LouIih
paper. Sh,- was beartlly apptouded when ahe ae* l
5, h reference,.. ai.maK.'f Mrs. ^^ J^
woman dolng the w.,1lolfOod I Mn her . n .b
pavs no attention 10 the will Of OOO.
terrlWe BUffertng to these dumb cr.-atures.
Mrs rraneea * -Bagley. Ot Mi.-Mgan. vlce-presl
dent of the Natlonal COUBCll, also .H-cssed tbe
paper Mra. Bagley la the widow of ..overnor
SSLy of Mlchl-gan, and was one of the Membera
SSnm of the Board of Lady Managera of the
WerhTa Fair. She sald th.1t woman's law was lif-.
and her I hara.ter gmve tbe law.
Ther- w..s a woful laa-k of BCCeptanC* wh -n
rr-sid-nt S.wall Invlle.l hrr audlenre to join in the
ganeral discussion. Mts. Jenklns, of Ketroit. made
hrlef remarks. and then Mrs. Johnson. of Ibe Penn
sylvan.a Farmers' Alllnnce. nettled Mrs. Lovell by
a comment on the latter's remarks about cruelty.
Mrs. Johnson said: ?Vonsistency is a jewel. and we
all have meat on our tabtee
Mrs Lovell was on her feet ln an Instant. She said
lhat she did not malntaln that it was WNOB to MU
finything m.-ra-ifully. It was the unmerclfulncss
practised in slaughter-houses that she objeeted to.
Miss Frunces K. Wlllard. the temp. rance leader.
ii'.so made a few remarks on the BUbJeCt to the
effect that we should practlce klndllness to ev-ry
belng that had to pa*s tne boundary of death.
The next subject was "Woman's Mlsslon to the
Chureh as Minister and Missionary." and an ad
alress on lt was dellverel by Mrs. Katharlne I.ente
Stevenaon. of Maasachusctt*. She contended thal
the question of thU? day was not of woman's right
to the minlstrv. but of the right of the minlstry
t.. woman; not whether she had a right to preach,
but whether. havlng that right. *he shou'.d preach.
Woman comblned most perfectly love and capaclty
for sufferlng. and therefore she waa better Btted
than any other for divlne work. and man had
recognized woman's capaclty for the splritual.
Mrs. Kmellne B. ("heney, of Malne, delegate of
the Natlonal Free Baptlst Woman's Missionary
Soeiety, opened the formal discussion on Mrs.
Stevenson's paper She wa* loudly applauded when
she .said that. as men had formed the rellgious
liraada. she did nol aa* why women should fol.ow ln
those creeds. open dtscuaaloa by BBember* of the
council followed. Lady Henry Boaaerael made s-me
bri*f remarks. in whlrh she critleiscd Protestant
Christlanity in ellminating women from its doc
trlnes. and she malntained that so long a.? the Vlr
gln Mary was no: reca>gnizej. BO long would woman
not be netagnla* i.
Mrs. Mary LaOWB Piekinsm. of New-York lea.ler
of the Klag"* Daughters an 1 Sons, als.. flaade Mme
reference to tha* Vlrgin Man'. and this prompted
Presldent Sew ?11 to tell her audlence that ihe
fraternal deWate of the women of the ("atholic
('hurch would b> ptesent a? the sessions befor.* the
trlennlal close].
The Rev. Anna H. Bbaw malntained that woman
was dolng the praetical work of the chureh; the
men took the pulpits, the women took the slums.
She betteved that Dalty wa*. as much a mother as
a father.
Mrs. irmmallnr B. Wella, ?f Utab, who waa '-ne
?f the slx WlVBl Of a M'-rmon. and who-e .laughter
marrled a : on of Brigham Young. also sjAak-e. and
the .?ounoil to>k a recea* until 3 oclock.
The afternoon aeaalon was devoted to toplcs con
cernirig the BUbJect of the mornlng, ?'Woman*
Work in Rehgion." Mrs Prance* lv Bagley or
Mk-hlgan. Nationai vice-prealdent, prealded. and in?
trodueed Hannah J. Itailey. of Mai:ie. delegate of
the Women s Forelgn Missionary I nton of FTlena*.
who explained the missionary work carriel on ty
Quaker ? .men. ... ,, .
Mrs Mary A Davl*. of Ithode lsland. presldent
<,f the Natlonal Free Baptlat Woman's Missionary
Sfic.etv. followed with an explanation of the re
xalts aocompllahcd by her organlz^tion. .-he sai.l
that twlce the soeiety had been on the verg* pl
bankruptcy. bul prayer ha.l worked wondera In
eash. an.rplaeed lt again on Its fe.*t The y ".ng
women connected wlth the soeiety. she aaid, were
taught t.a dlseourage tlie attentions of young men
wl:h the flush of wiiie on their cneek* end the
*L**-nt of tbe cigar on thelr breath.
There was a bUXB of interest and COrdtal ap
plause when Mrs. H. Boloman, of Chleago, *teppa i
fi.rward t,> te.l somethlng about tlie National ? pun
cil of Jewtoh Wim.ii, of which she la prealdent.
When she said that the .lewish women wer.- en?
gaged ln ofTsetting the perMCUtlou* agalnst the Jews
the audlence bnake Into handclapplng. Mr*. ft.olo
man made reference to Husslan and Arma-nlan per
aecutlon and pald her eompllments to those states
men who wore smoked glasses while maklng tre?
tles for the protection of persons perseented hy "ar
bar.-us rulers. Bhe thought that leaa shou.d be
spent ln converting starving Jewa than tn feed
Ing and clothing poor Chrlatlan*
4irganl*ed work of temneranee was the next
topic and Misa Francea E. Wlllard was ealled on to
tell somethlng of lt. Miss Wlllard said. however.
that as she would have to do a deal of speaklng to
night. she preferravd to "Mt by Susan. ' referrtng
t" Miss Anthony, and therefore lntrodu ed as her
proxv Mr? Marker. treasurer of the Natlonal
\Vorrians fhristlan Temp.rai.ce I'nion. Mrs. Har
k?*r made an Interestlng addreaa, laying Btres* on
the efforts ,af the temperance unlon for the pro?
tectlon of the home. the protectlon of young glrls.
Bhe aald it w i? the Woman's .'hrlstinn Temperance
L'nion In connectlon wlth Wllilam T. Btead, that
broke up the traftlc in young glrls in London. The
atatement that women who beiong to the varlmis
progrestslve !?oeietles neglected 'hair famllles was
resented by Mrs Hark.-r. None of these women.
she said. belonged 'ai the Woman's rhristlan Tem
r.'THnce l'nlon. She wanted women eduaated s-i
that thev would be Independfnt of men, and n.?-l
not marrv merely to gala a home. Nlnety per
cent of tlie aj.plicatlons for dlvorce ln the Chlcaeo
c..iirt? came tnrongh th?* trafflc In strong drlnk.
Mrs. Ttarkf-r se. ured the heartlest applause that
had been glven to any Bpeaker.
The night's sess'a.n was devoted to Jewi'h work
and temiH-rance matters.
APr->Rirspr-s mai?k by seveiial. pa-nnoi. atrpsatN.
fleveland, Feb. 19-The openlng aesalon of the
annual eonventlon of the department of superln
tendena*e of the Natlonal Kducatlonal Aaaoclatlon
of Ameri a was held In Assoclatlon Hall this
morning. Several hunir.-d delegat.-s were preaent.
Presldent W. H. Maxwell. superlntendent of the
Hrooklyn (N. T.I BCbOOaB, presideal. AddroaOaM af
welcome were made by Mayor Itlew. Dlre. tor Bar
gant. of the local schools. and Profaaaer Olney, of
thls clty. Prealdent Maxwell responded on behaif
of the delesat-s, and congratiilat.-d the offlclals
Of the Cleveland BChOOQl or, the a.x'.llenee of the
eduiatlonal system here. A number of flfleen
minute addresses were made, among tha- speakers
belng ('. Wartield. of Tovington. Ky.-; H. P. I.elp.
aleger. New-York Clty; r.eorge W. r'a-.-kham. Mii
waukee; Aaron CJrove. Denver. The subiect dls
cuaaed was "How to Test the Quallty of a Teach
er's Work."
At the afternoon sesaion Superintendent H. H.
Tarhed, of Providence, read the report of the
Commlttee of Flfteen on "The Tra'.nlng of Tea< h
ers." It wa.s a voluminou* addreaa, coverlng in
detall every phase of the subject. In general. the
report cal'.ed for a hlgher stamlard ln the teaching
foree of tba publie schools. Instead of tralnlng
achool*. It was reeommended that each bull'ling
have two tralning teuchers and a crltlc teaeher
to irlve them Instructlon. Two gradea of teaeher*
were reeommended. one for hlgh schools and another
for hlgh grammar aahools. These teachers were
to be prepared by a speeial tralnlng of two years.
At thc evenlng seasion. Sarah U Arnold, Sujaer
viaor of Prlmary Sahools. of Mlnn?apo'.ls, read a
paper on "Hecent Improvernent* In Prlmary
Work" und Drvllle T. Hrlght. superlntendent of
the Cook County (111.) schools. spoke on hlgh sehool
matters. ?
Among the women cducators prescnt are Mrs.
Hjeavey ' State Superlntendent of Colorado; Mr*.
Julla J' Irvlne, actlng presldent of Wellesley Col?
lege and Miss Sarah L. Arnold. superlntendent of
prlmary work ln Mlnneapolls s. hools. To-morrow
nlght the school teachers and offlclals of ( leveland
will glve th* educatora a receptlon and dlnn?r.
[M TKi.cc.KAr-ii TO THB TJUBOie.]
Trenton, N. J. Feb h\ -Over IM mlnlatera and
representatlves of chureh and temperam?<? organlza
\ tlon* appeand before the Benate Commltta.n
Borougha thls afternoon and argued for the paaaage
? of Benator Rogera'a Bmnough Lalcenalng WUa. Tbe
btlla are dealgned Ie giv- governlng bodlea in bor
' oughs tbe eX'lus.Ac rlghl 10 prant llquor Hceneea,
' taking the power out of the hands of th<* court-.
, Th.- beartng brought togetber ? greal body of cler?
gymen, repreaantlna tba Preabyterlaa aynod, Ibe
I MetbodlBl eonference. ihe MattbcdtSl preaehers"
! meetlng. and numer.aus other Inlluentlal rellgious
| organlaationa. Among ibe speakers in favor of the
Mll arere Dr. Hanlon. prealdent of Pennlngton Bern
1 inary: Dr. i,.mdon, of th'- Bordentoirn Bemlnary;
th. Kev. A. <;. Lawaon, presldent of th<- Antl-Llqu ir
I.eague of the State: Prlivlpal Perry. of I'eddie In
stltute, and half a doaen Othera Of equal pr uiiineii, ?
ln the S.ate. The;- said they arere asklng for nothinu
but the right of home nila-; the courts BtaBBped thelr
petitlons under foot. and th" reaull aaa tbal llqu ?r
was being soi.i in borougha wlwre nlne-tentha of
the people were oppOOCd 10 the traffie.
The Bev. s. Bdward Toung, formerly of ABbuey
Park. *poke direetly al Benator Daly, who la lend?
lng th.- oppositi.m to .he biiis. Hi aaked Mr. Daly
to remember th- days tt th- Rac* Traek bllls. wh. n
he aaked Mr. Daly erhal arould happen if thc gam
blers paaaed the t.iiis. and t., note arhal happenea]
last fall and th.- fall before. Mr. Daly replled hy
ajuoting Allan McDertnott'a re.nark lhat, Judglng
fr.im the returns. there were racetrack* all over
the country last rall. "Yes." retorted Mr. Toung,
"those wh.. v?t.d f.,r ihe bllla arere running." Mr.
Daly replled that he did nol aee the polnt, as ihe
? rowded chamber laughed al Mr. Toung'* P,uick
ii.-ss Tbere av.is ? Btrange *e*ne In the Benate
chamber at th. cloae of the two houra' argumenl
Mr. Bradley, th- chairman, aroec and aald: "Te
h-ralds of the cr..ss. y. have llfted up my loul."
Then. ralalng his hands on hlgh, he eontlnued: "Yi
mav r-st assur.-d thal 1 wlll alwaya be am the rtde
of temperance." His rolce .-hoke.i and hla rye*
lillcd wiih tea.s. He eould say no more. and Bal
down, while three cheera were glven amld Ibe
wavlng of many handka nhiefs
Th.* temperance question bobbed up In the Benati
agaln later In th- dav. Mr. Skliin p.s-:;.-! tWO
petitlons from the Boclety of Prienda, asklng foi
the passage of b !aw maklng llquor-dealer* i
sponslble for tlie damagc done by Ihoa* lo wnom
thev seii nquor. The petltlon* aski i for a local op
tlon ;.iav. r.n l Benator Bradley moved that tne) <>?
prlnted. Thlt-, of course, brought Mr. Daly io m
fe-t. Avith the asMrtlon that such a thlng a*...- ,.
useless a-xpense and was wlthoul precedent.
The Senate to-dav conflrmed William s. Gummer*
as Assoelate Justtc* of the Suprem- Court, and al* ?
the following: .Jeorge 8. I?ury-e. as CommUsioner
of Banklng and Insuraiiee: Ahram C, Mir.lh. I.ay {
.ludge of th" court of Errora, and th.sa. Proaecutor*
of pieas: Someraet County, Nelaon T. Dungan:
Burllngton. K. P. Budd: S.il'-m. J. W. Acton; Ber
gen peier w. Stage. The nomlnation* of Lawrenc*
T Feli. of Orange. for Insp?ctor of Pactprte*. and
Ollver Keiiv. of New-Brunawlck, for member >af in*
Stat.- Board of AaaeasorB, wer* lald ov r.
The Oovernor to-dav signed the !'.. laa Ie* mn. 11
is Benator Wlnton'a intention to take up noa tne
Palieadea Park blll, whleh has been hnr.g up ln th*
Senate slnce the tirst week of the *ea*lon. The
Bergen Senator sald to-dav that several iarg*' land
ow-ners atood realv to preaenl to th' Si.at.* valuabli
land* along the Pallaaue* for puh'.i.* park purpoaea,
as BOOn as the State s!i.,uld signlfv a wilimgness to
care properlv for such latids. under hls Pallwade*
Park blll Tha- Oovernor has al?o signel th- Benate
blll whleh forbld* the leaalng of rlpartan lan
fn.nt of the Pallaadea, unleaa there be a reatrl lon
ln the leaae forblddlng th- deatructlnn of the rock*
Mr Drake has declared war upon .he lobb) He
in.rodueed a bill requlrlna all atlorney* oi agenta
who appear for or agalnal any blll t.. reglater them
lelve* wltb the clerk of the House and *ecr*tary of
the Senate. and allowlng only thoe* io regieiered
10 act a- such agent* Or Bttomey*
The Senate Inveatlgatlng Commlttee organls. i lo
day with Fos.-r M. Voorheea a* chalrmai VI
H Corbbi of Jeraey Clty. as ,-?i..is, >l. ar i ,-har:'
11 l.ew of Trenton, as aecretary The commltt.
will devote 'h* Intenral between now .?? I ni *1 weeh
IO ff.rmula.ir.g plana for the Inveatlsatlon.
Men and WOBBen aaIio are engaged in ,-rcs ue work"
in this clty. ln Brooklyn. and In Barveral other rltle*
sat down to a good dinner at Clark's, In West Tw< n
ty-third-s; . last evenlng. and after dinner llateoed
to Bpeechea ln a general eonference about their
work, They numbered aboul 150. There waa no
wine at the tablea, and on ihe m*-tiu were prlnted
aeveral texta "f Bcrlptura and a portrall of the late
Jerry M Aul'-v.
I.r Parkburat and tne Rev. Dr. A. C. l>ixon had
ac-epted Invitationa to m.,k" addresse* al the eon?
ference, bul both a -re prevented from attendlng
l*r Parkhurst was suffering from Inflammatlon <>f
the eyea, the result of a cold, anl eould nol leav*
l i? house.
The Rev Bdward Judaon, of thc Judson Memorlal
chureh, wa* asked lo apeah In Ihe plaw of Dr.
Parkhurst. and he said "I have heen trylng I l
foiirt'-n yeara to make ? local chureh . r--. ie
mi?sion. i would prefer to gel Inaplratlon for work
rather ihan trv to make any dogmatlc atetementa
about reacue work. The ca.-e of 'th.- good Samarl- ,
tan' is a good lllluatratlon of reacue work. The
good Samaritan did nol organlae a aociety for ihe
reilef of waylald pa?**nger*, hui he waa peraonal in
hls work of reilef, He wns thoughtful, thrlfty and
bualnesellke ln his good va .rk we must learn to
do gOOd for its own sake, wlthout h,?j.f rewarl.
When vou become Involved in d..ing good there I*
n. end to It. and one must be a:i .-.iriie*-! Chrlstlan
or he had better never begin. It is the peratstenl
work that cunts."
other speakers wer- B. Fulton iiiitlng. W. I
Wardwell the Kev. .lohn Porbe*. Darwln i Meaer
oie, A. W. MUbury anl S. II. llaalley.
Peter Heffernan. driver of a United States mail
wagon. was arralgned at the Yorkville Pollce Courl
yeaterday morning for running .nto and damaglng
the ?VJU hansom cab of Colonel Waring. Ihe Com
missloner of Str.-et Cla*anlng. Clon.-I Waring ia..-.
ln court to preaa the charg* agatoat Heffernen, and
he sald that Heffernan dellberately drove the mail
wagon agalnst hls cab n.-ar the Orand Central Bta- ;
??How much aamaga waa done to your cab?"
a-k-d the poliee Justiee.
"From V". to HV' was thc rcply.
Heffernan was tban heM ta answer th* charge of
malldoua mlechlef.
The Amerlcua Crub yeaterday -ent to Mayor Btrong
a letter maklng the (obowlng atatemenu aboul
Colonel Waring: "We malntain that Colonel Waring
has proved a failure as a Btreel Cleanlng Commla
aloner, and that during tbe short term ln onVe h>
has proved axtravigaiit, Incompeten) and tyrannl
aal and d,,mlneerlng to hls BUbOrdbWtea, and thal
hls continiianc* in tha- ofllc- wlik-h ha- BOW iili
woul.j rejault In ?ra-ai |.,ss |0 .Iw- eity Itl ncna > . and
the complete demorallaatlon -.f iha- department.
through hls laek of sympathv avi.1i Ihe people and
his lack of a proper s'-ns.* ,,f Justiee, Colonel War- l
Ing being more of ihe character r,f | ilave drlv.r
than of a conadentkiue nublic oflldal.
"Wa therefore demand that he be Immedlately re
moved, bef,,r- h- has an opportunlty to work any
further Injury ln the very Important work com
mltted to hls charg.-. anl that hi- realgnatk>n be
f-irthwith requested.'
Mrs. Nancy K. M. Poat, wi,|,.w ..f Barnard Bblne
lander. dleal at her home, No. 17 Baal Sevinly-sei
ond-st.. yesterday mornlng. The ,-ause a,f har
alaath was pn.-umonia. and she had been lll only ,
t?n alays. Mrs. Bhlin'landcr was born In thls a-l.y.
and when twenty years old was marrled to B-rnail
Bhinelander. He ttted many years ago. Four chil- ,
dren survlve Mrs. Bhlnelanaler Miss Laura Bhlne- :
lander, Mrs. Kmlly Watsa.n. CharUa Bhu-latider
aad Qertnate Waldo Rblnebuidar. Mrs Bhlnelaoder
! was a waiman who thora>ughl> enJo>.-,| tbe soeiety
of her chlldren. and was domevtlc In her tastes. Bbe
rarely went Into soeiety, although the doors of
every house In the exclusive set in thls clty wera
oper." to her. She left all BU4lW*nJoyment* to her
chlldren She was of a kind T7,d affectlonate dis
IKisltlon. and her d.*ath wlll be felt ln more c|r. lea
than one. Mrs Bhinelander was one of th ,s
woanen whosa- purse was alwaya open for the poor
and neealy. but she never allowed h.r cnarlt.c .,.
t>af<*ome plltllla .
The funertil wlll be held at her home t,? morn.w
mornlng The servlcea wlll be conducted by the
B?-v. I.r. Brown, rea-lor of St. Thom.'as's PrOtMtaat
Eplscopal Chureh, and the burlal wlll be In Sleepy
Hollow Cemetery.
Tbe twenty-nlnth annual dinner of the Harvard
Club of thla clty wlll le held at I)e|monl,o"a to
morrow nlght at 6:TO o'cloak. The . peak.-r - wlll ln
Martln Brlmmer, of Boaton; Prof-ssor Uunbar. who
ls actlng presldent of the unlverslty In tha- ahsence
abroad of Presldent Fllot; Professor Humlchrast. ex
Judge Haawland, represeijtlng Vale; William B
Hornblower. for Prlnceton; the Itev. Mr. Huntlng- i
ton, Auaun G. Fox, Lloyd McKlm Uarrlaon and |
others Many alwnnl frean tBner dtlea have eoma
here to att-tid the dianer Bnd to aaa the new llar
VI-',|ivard,'KiiV? ll I'.-si'l. :-t of the club, Ol r|
I. ;_ ? v ? presldent, Frederlc Cromwell
? r.r and Kvert Jansen Wen lell
"ilnner rommlti.latota ot Charlei . I'e.m u .
William 8 Beamans, Oeorge R BhelIon. w i ?
Alexander, Samuel L Parrlah, Nathanlel B. Bmlth.
Wllllam K. Draper aa^K. Thayer Rebb
??The BherKTa ofllea la bo place for ? wo__aa.M
*aid K. .1. ll. TamaeB yeater_ay, tha ni.ni wha ha*
I.n Bberifl ef Xew-Tark County Bhaea Jaauary I.
sherlff Tamsen, when he madi :he Bbova remark,
waa trylng to give a ptauethle aUtemeni concernlng
tbe realgaatlon of Mlsa PMela A. Drtacole, who has
dlscharged the dutlea of Btenofrapber In thal or
Bce fo,- the laal flve yeara Mlaa Drl*
brlghi pretty. Mack-eyed yauag woman, aad has
lhe repuutloB of belag efflelenl and i?rreci ln her
work sn- hai been a favortte wlth flverybody ln
lhe ..mce untll Mr. Tamsen came Inl i control.
Mlaa Drlsrole Ib her letier of refllajnatlon, ?d
dressed to BherlB Tamaen, _?ve aa her reason Ior
reslgnlng lhal ahe round ll lm|)--alble kmger to
.?;,..,?, -tbe profane laagnaas and brutal ireat
m.-nt ?f Henn H Bherman. your I Bder-Bherlfl
..... Drlscol. was aeen al th- law oBIcas of aaac
Fromme. Xo. _M Broadway. when ahe aci -i-t.-l em
ploymeni yesterda) Her blach eyes flasbed scoro
fuilv when Bhe spoke of Under-Bherlff t?*erman
-Mr. Bherman -n-i aol awear bi me, ana aaw,
??i hav,- nev-r s,,,-i he dld. Bui he awow ln my
presance al othera ln ihs offlce, and ln ??'***rou"
waya made me awan tbal I waa lf poeatble to be
forced to reslgn He Ifl a atenographer >"" ',"?
ant for me lhal l would have o go. mi.?o.irs
bebaVior beeame al last unhearable aml I reelgni I.
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rarSineWJX^ l^t
'..[na flundlng oul on hla forehead ?' '?.;,.?;'./,.
in iklna .? If he wa* going lo hay an ..|" i
,': ??'., was after ihla thal Mlaa Drlacole d-clded
""i .,",.''r-'.*ii.."i.iT Sh. um... denled reelerday lhal hi
had eversworn oi used lmpro|iei la giiage r,Ml
lir-cole-s i.i-- li' ? '"? >'?< I "??"' ? ''"' l""'""
l.'.'' '..,.,,,. i.iid, dld noi wanl to <ome lo
we have a shentlenianfl.
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Xca jJiibluaticino.
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f IhM
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llai'nu nr.- ;>-:??
.? ,1 '? - I
currenl markel
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eellna ' ' '
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? Bf
dETEOROUxlY vv i vrm R .ND MK l II
oi>a < >v i' irtEC *?bi ixi i
|.,.. .[.-... ?f M
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Mai i M i .; - *
i -,.. j * HI.EV, M v r- '
II latory 11
.ii 7". . ? nti
?The Wea i of B
DAVID i:i''vi:i" ? ? ? ' rvii
. -; . - . ' 1 | . '
T i: MALTHI7B I'sn ? rt and
. . i i ...... ' \., Kaaaj rm lha ff. ; ? - ? r
i- i ilalk n '" In ITl
ii., \v .?rNMN-'.HAM i> I) l?? ;i ? v. ' Trinl. i
;._.- ('?mbrklse, and Kl.l.RN v M .BTIII It, L. ?
al Qlrl ?' ' '.?-;? 13.?h, II SO
y..r Encllah Resderi belna -1 ' mmeniary adapied ?.
pavlai and V'auBhan'a Trani itlnti U ItERNARD
ROHANgi BT, M a . I.I. |. i ?.. ?? ,f l nli i .
|P__, uxr.nl l.nio, i lolh, .1 ia
. ,.,. ? . , 'nuntrj ','' I Isi People
Bj \ IIENRT BAVAOE-UAXtXlR. Wlth 3N lllu ra
? . :?.., from drau ihor. and a 1'
Bvo, ? lolh, II ?'?"
"Aboul Ihe I'or. * gri .'
,.,?,,: . r inl i m. I ? ii In Ihla t I are ih. r. bj
raabled t" i ? mprel end -.llll'Hi l lh< pi nbl. m
which Ihe elvlllsed .i..|...r... <? have und i . I
lhe Aai..ti. penlnaula. N 1 -
MACMILLAN \ < "< >,
ea i I.'-;. v ? n. ?. ,
B) Flei BBNBT I BATTBBI_B_. D. D. Bro, 12.00
ln flatlerlee'i i--- k la an eal tuallve eiamlnallon and
. riilclam ..f ih* n... U . ii i.i ? ".? bi ii. r rm -r .
Chrlitlanllj ob ?? " - ? ""' baale, k lenllfl.-, 1'hll i.^hl.al.
, thi. i.i r?i metal ll an ih.Irlnal nr d smai I
.olved in the .1 ipl l f I ? - 1' lallei
ronteata lh< lavi ral i-?? ? ? ? advo ?''? -
movement. and roniendi lhal .1.- plai.r i-lravaae i..
iween I. ata) irua < i.ii-uantiv is r.i.i.ish- t by ihe Apoa
By i:.? CHABUCB B PABBHl'BBT. O. D. Ilmo, |1.S_.
?Ther- mn ii- ii?' ie ni.' lhal IH Parkbar_t'i i.- wlll
hue i, v, Ida -n ?. ,...i -nl) i ?? ?",*.? it Bhres ibs wholi -li r>
..r hli rruaada ... ? ? ? -i? ---*. _-tii.ai.i- r r,,,, i ,, ba
.an-.- even ."-" and woman who Mvei li ? rllj ... i \:,
ali.r, ihere la offlclal , .rrupilun aod where la then i.n ?
wlll read It i.n how lha wotk of raformai
carrlf.l ..ii The i. ..-u la a .miiieni lo Ie I'drkhurat,
ru.i.-d by i.ia owB lianda." Tha Cbh igo Tnbaai
Wrlttea t-i HI-mmII Wlth Portrall I rata., Iva, *".--..
"II la th^ 'llvaa.- OOoB ,.f _M aaaSOBi full f Bll Boltl ol
Informatlon ..? to jII aurtl ..r paopli brtatllng v.,n, anee
dote.' lir.H,klin Eaati
"Taro daBgatfal i Iubmh Thera -ia aot a .liiii page in
either -.'.inni. " H. -(?.!. Advertlaer.
??? S..I.I t.y aii I-K.ka.-Il-IH, ,r ae lt, |,..alp?l.l, by
l.vt-ir.: iir.h tvenaa, Bi n v..ik.
Juit publlahed. full arrount ot tha nc-t- nf tr-Vmeru
ln lha Willlonn.n Sanllarlum N?* l.-.n.l r, Conn.. wlth
recordad caa**. AJdreia aa abova. with itainp, fur frea
For B >ya and Vounj; M--:i. - ('ity.
_......, , | -.;. i*| ,.!?,.. i_.Ml.st.. tt. Y.-A
l\ ??? ',. ,., , ii.nl . I; day or evenlna Addreaa fo*_cat.
,i??ue,l-BlENT ?' OAINEl Mounl Motrla iiank Hl la.
,- , fmiiTI ..ii MIMAIt BCHOOL '?- Waa* BBth-at.~
l sLth yw. Otten th- baat facllltha tor thnr-ius*.
i ^C M W?a% w
' V, aat'.!. U ,n,S .nforma.l.m J. PICKINRPK. JR. Prln
F. : Toung I.a li I Clty.
-?? .\: ?,;*,!..I.-....U: V BM IK.
.11 BCHOOb POR OIR1 -"
IBO ANI' l't- WE8T TiTM sr.
\.is, nTtUKiNH .-? IIOOI. i "K OIRL8, N?*a Vork .'ity.
MV, M w*-i 17.1, ,i . MRH SARAH II. BMKRSOK.
, ' ' Prln,.. ???! ?"> '? ? l>-.ardinK pttplla taker..
-.?., mi,-. . vm. Ml-s RIJTH MEHIXOTOX.
,11 S, ii I 1 r Olrli r.-iiioved to
V? ..... ? begn i.i. i ui i.-: * ?*??????
i uf riiETHi iicii.
Dpoundad i :? M. ? ? Beeal U*4 -J .-If \
... f. I.. 1. Ad::- . -t. . In a'hari;-. ? an.l H I. ?'?? 1 *?
ai. y BLT'B :-' IIOOI. I"" OIRt*
:;:\ i.p.-??'?,: PRIVE
Hth i??> i s,'.t'' Bir**t? Kew-T.ark.__
V iv NORMAX INBTy "7* 3BB. 9k W**t Tlat BJ..
1 ..,-??,?,.? N.. :?-?. (P ?;:.].. 1 IV.7 ? Mn-' VAK KOR'
:.:a.v. Pi la Mra i U MATTHHWB vic* pr-.n
Por B ?.'i Be?e?. City.
^,. ,,, .OLLKOK. :_-..-., it. S I
.. ,>,,, .., evenin* A l.ln ? '? real
(U . < LRMENv '? fSAINKS. M mi Mnrrl Ban* Bl-Jg.
r|A.'::. itl KI.ITZ (4CHU4II. OF l.AN'.. A..KS.
1 Maall -, fcjuare i ? I B ?*???.
Braaebta ib the , tl Amer! an aad guraeeaa ? ?**
j ?*w larm l,?.:inaj n-w.
Fi . Boya and Toung Men Country.
CAPT. T. D. I.AM-..N. ' iiMMAM'ANT.
'j parrntf arl ra unfortunate ln ".- management -t
tl.eir aon? arlll .!?. -."ll lo pi fl' b) tha advani is?? - ffend
i.v my ...... I. th* - hoot ls In t.r-?, ,n durlns Uie entlr*
v;.a" l-'HAVK M HOWF! Bupt.
I' \n:l I.I l> Arademy f r lloj Fai fleld '' ?- C m
' hlna mental and pnral'-al 'ralnln* wlth e?m
fnrti -r HOME Sftboya Pranefalt '.'???????:.* M,. Prln.
F|| .:.;? INSTITl'TK I ? ?? ? lai N i. ?'?""' yamt.
u ? i il Prlmary. Caillege, Prep "Bl .ry.
...... eouraa t rtttaoA Typewrltln*. T-l"*'.[.hv.
liaTT'l.KWOOI. INSTITl'TK ?'? ."l lll* Penn t'M
.11 . . *. M.rul -ti.a.l: n* f th* best a, ln
nd to w..k ? ?.|i ..... in ti.e dutlea A Ut*
,,..... ? i ,?:.?'? *174.
I ntORTt.lDOR fTalel A tt.. Prln.
NEWTON ,y .. i INBTITL'TE Hnmrtllia Pamllt J I I
r..r r ?? si ' 11 ee.re, per?..nat inatructl n n-itr.f
? i, l i.hII **>*m I'i".' J IrtUWK, \ M Prln.
Por v .in i 1 ',i:--s a" untry.
Sr m ,rt'b ?-' ii-"i- ,.,. ? ,.
,; \|;..| ?*: f ITT, N. V.
\.. a* .... ., 0f -? i : ? N'ew
I. Ap. ' ?
Ml I.IA M FARWBI.I, Prlnelpal
ria. *ii'l I URi ' ? E EMIN ai-- . - \ V
J for > .mt lad ta: '?n
CHARLEB F DOWP. Ph l> I'- ? -' lenl
ra-a -. i IRNARP IIOAItPIXn vv'' PAV S'TI- ? I. ?:?
| ! . nd fFrtt'RTEENTH TBAR); Prweli
.; 'a.irli_
?. ? ? -;i. ?"(..
l\ . ? Pi; inaPCnilee* Praoaratory fnr atrta; amtt
?a'.,, r r a-a-a-llT- addTM*
M:- TII.?RA I. Rl' ii ai.:,.- Prlnelpal
vi .. *;ai \ LOL'WE TRACT. A M . Aaa. lata Prlnelpal.
;i,?'?, Oawntantowa PbUadclphta
Rnglai i
__ he obl iii - i un ler nn
| . ? r I'MVERBITY nR.atPt'ATES at aa*
y.. - . ?
.... i, ? Med VIII
? ? - ."r|- ?
..,, .. .? ? Med V llaa. (Clrlal
? ? .,-1 , ,"i??*. N ^
-. .
Scliool TVgcncitG.
\* ? . ? taora
\ . - . ? ? . ln i,. !? i ? . ri
? ... ", "'..i' i ? ! ling._coi 2"" ??;
. ... FORI ION . - a .11 l'- a ?; . I
\ . , ? r-. . .- I
. . ? ,, ?pplj
a.. . ?? i -, > N-.', rtXTi >N 1 l ??*'??
, , > i! ? ?>?:? ". II - Na? V t < B *4on
|* , . . . ? ,1 r ,'.;-? ??'? ti k -r.
.. ? . v .. i .?? Ma. ?? - "" ???> >' * s' T
c^ttdii Bteamrri
: . 7io
i .?,.*,.
ta to U n*?a.
. ? .. . .1 r?.,t
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i. ij .. ? ?;
, . K a ? . A i.l.l'
M.AN ?
. . l'navIuVm ? ? 'MI'anv.
.VLINO an :n
? wiii i i: STAIt r.lNB.
*mm ?_- ,
. , . .,; lt AM.HS.
? - ? ""?" ?"rt ',:;
? tii'n " *"! *? * ? ' l
- . N v. V k. 110
gen V k Phlla
? "' ,, ?? IA'- ? '? '
/i(>\ll' h;mi: i;i.\i:i:.\i.i: Transatlantlqite.
? '. . , ?-.?,?,w!,.., .Ir*.n t
ri K.ii'i:. noi i'i ANU i'\u:sn\i:
1*1. ,. ... . ? ?? , . , . ln la I- lenl lla-l ? ?
1 ' ' ,? araa) ral* '
ai"' * . ?, n
1 r,^i;.: ,,;,,.< ?. son ?i ai i i ?-???? n?? .?.?? * t.
'",,.. r ,., trenii f- all trunli linea
? 'i I'.irr. ii ii 11 \ . \. ui-i 'ii- '" Kup?pp. O ".ii;
I* .-:?.; ? F ??
?LARK ? ? ? ? '?! H'-.y .^1 i M
, .' Erla li l:
pA( |p|C MAIL : ... 0
,, , iriKN i a.. AM- - Rii:.\ lai. s s. <-o).
Kleamen I' a." Han Ft,
riAFl.ir .Mareh S, > p. m,
; \' :, II :.!> -Mt I 14, I :- ?
. UlNA ,lill -. ' '.M"ri ': -" .,' '' m
,,, , ,;i,- .A|.,.l i .: p in
? '' ' -, *-' Uaril 1.1 I P. R.
' ',.' f.. .:..".,'. ,c.- i.tit R.nerMl Inf rm,-l ti appi) Ifl
. , ,, i Uattary i'i..,--. av.-, hlagtam Bulldlng,
can a . u a*: PACIFIC lt All.'.'.- aa.
Intend, ? ?'???" '?? '
?I'.nV.L / ". -?"
, -irl-i ?' ' IHN v .Man i I, Mai l :. I ll 18
l-'mITU - - PK 1NI-IA.Api I I. i im X A i
,Mli. I UK JAI'A.N v -' lune 24 An. _?;
UIOM EUA M?"'' I" "? u '? ?sl"" '"
'? i , . i |o? ratt*
, . ? . II , I *..,>. I r
. ? ??' ' '? V_
Al.l.oKY SI i:\Msilll' I.IXKS
.i, , n ' 1 ' M '""> Taani
., w *, . ?, \y...,.,.. ., , i . i ,. ,i ' iturdar.
v |,Kl.t<Iil Fl'L BIX l)AV?' \<<\ \'\\: RV HEA
TO I1AI.VESTON TKXAB T>.? t. ? l>| rall In MKXta-O
? i \ ANP ItMN'TB IN MlV!'". knd lo PENVER,
. ,,'..,,r \M, KPIUNOS BAI.T I.AKE i'ITV. Al*8 to
. , -.? , i- ?-,. i ? . || alll irtln W Inta i Ra
I... i| li ? A \ | \ |:l(l AW, |a|<. OA
? . .i-,. Ks'.NVIl II. I4T Ar?;i -TINK TAMPA Be
RAIOII1 1 HOt'NP Tlttr Tl' l .'? laaued lo all
.. Teaai .'I.' .1. itaii Arla-ma Caiifornia M*Bl.
i, a. Ri ;???,? ... ...nn, . !.m >n'
Wl Ita f. i ? .'.I "i r ?* I- ?? 1. . ., .. . , | fr,._)
r n VAi.'a.itY a co.. Oep Agta. piar Sja, B it. N. y.
Ol. U DOSI I NIOX I. i'n B.
? Ml'..i:r and NKU'Pi>RT \i:avs. vihhivis ita.'ii
TaiX. P. C M?i rue* av,.i Thura and Bat. Fnr
Rl. htiv.nd ila JAMRfl RIVMR Mon.. ViaA. nl Bal
;?? ? av kst p'U.NT. va. Tu**., Thara and al F n >
i ?: ta .,.?? k,i n n . fooi ii.n,i,..i.. .-?. :. p in. s,i
?:??!?>? * |, .,, Thi ' t.i .', ka-t? an.t frrlsllt r.lle* l.i ull ;
,.,|. aild AV .?
W. i. 0U1LLAUPEU, Tmffl* Banaatar.
liEt) "D" i.ini: ok sikamsmii's,
lt I ?. . IM. ll . a,. . ||, .,..,. , .,,, I V ?. ,
.. \ i . ' ... ?. i, um I'i ,. ,? ,,- Ml rei Hrai Uljn.
s B I'HILAPKI.PHIA .Thuraday, Ket.. vi. | p. m.
- ai \ | .-I ueaday, M,n,i. ^. l p. in.
- A l.Ni.zi i;l. A . .-,..., lay, Mar ri I... l p i?. .
Tl,*?? Amerlcan ateaanara t-nll* aapreaaty t ,r t!,r ina.laa.
.,?!?, I, ' ., f | U , , .. ? ,
For . ,, , . i ,.,,,i M .... ,i . ; ?. ? ? ,i ,.?-).
, :'. B. MARACAIRO. BnturaUy. I .?'.. a
<i?. ? ,i Manncera, l.ts Ptonl-et
|- ._, ,
0 l, rrea* i .
Thuraday* ,',i
. ,,|.|y ...
a\ ii RHFTT, a;,-. i vn i. ... iiAsii.\.;i:\. i:. \nt.
(>nt. ii r .".: ITwar. a P, a av ii\ 981 B*way.
J. L tDAMB, ?! i: A r lt I. (VALKKR, Ant. o. rt.
; C a P. B. R. nr.? rrway ls c. . n*w pirr ni H. R
O. M SOIlRKi. Man*r*r.
TII t: KKW-YORK iluiii.Ni. Asii.i, BB RK
i . i.iVE!* AT THK . 1'H'AAN <i|. |.-|. i:. No, 1,343 Broad*
aa>, -i ? i i -,..', a.f ll.irt- llrat-at.; and Al'VKR
T1SEME.VTU hi t:.- followlna llranch OfBeaa: 2S4
I'aKi.th-aae . a. a. aorn-: Twent] Ihlrd-al.; ..'_ su.ri-ave.;
i:,7 Faiurtli-a*.... COT. F,aurtr?nth-?t.; UV1 Thlrd-ava. i 7*1
Thlrd-?a*., ? .i t'.,u> Mventh-at.; 1'>_ai Thlrd-av*., ni-ar
I ;ns Kli-i-av . 10* AV .-t |.-,,ttv ?e,,ind ?t :
IB3 rolamtaua ,. . "..' a,vanai* a. 1.333 Thirai av*.. vn AVe?l
Feurteanth -. . '.T.7 lA'eal Fortj aecond -it.; r,.M Thlrd av*.:
1 r.s Thlrd-av*.; Z.AS1 Thlrd-ava.. batw?B aine-hundriKl
? nd-tw^ir.li and '"??? Innidred-nnd tlilrtr?nth Ita.
At th* RARf.BM OPFll'BB 1<v> Raal <m# Imndr*,! and
Iwaraty nri.i *> HA \\>^t Un. hun,1r,*,l-and lw?nlv flfth*
?< . and ??>> n'.-t On. hamdrvag and-forty flfth at.. up to L,
B. m.. at rrcul.r (afflc* ralca . _
(Tcettit 5teamer?.
i__i.T?J^.- ?__?
Vt>rra . .- March 1).. .Ai?leri. Naplsa, Genoa
Kulda . -'.Mareh 23....AlgtafS. Naples. Genoa
Kalaei W. II.March :i.Genoa
Wtrra .Aprll W.'2251*
rtuda.Apru -j.:::::::::::::<_?__!
RetiTr.- ttekets'avaliabte froaa' Ms-Berraaeaa or from
Brera n. I..nd.->n er Havre.
I rai.in. ftio and upward II c'alnn. $1- and 150. Pound
Tri|. $!)- BBd $10".
T.ahn.Tii-s.. Peb. 20, Ba. im Baai* , .'i -SS., Apr. 1 fl a. m.
Kme.Tuei . Mch. 5, 11 n. rn Emi . .Sat . Apr. 8, . a. Bt
Ifavat.Tuaa.. M h. 12 ti a m.lHavel._T_sa.. Apr. B,ta m.
TraveTuea. Mch. io "a m ITrava..Tasja,. Ani. i?. 9 n. m.
!.,'-, Tu.s. M.'i. _d. 4 p. m.'I-ihn. Tuei., Apr. _.!. 4 p. m.
Sl'KlNG BA1UNOB, 1883,
Baala.Tuea., Aprll 30 Kaiaer vv. Il..s..t. Jflae H
Eins.Bst., M.,v 4 rravi.Twss.. Jaas II
Havel.!;.- Baj ILahs.J-"-. -,un? >?
Trsve.Tuea., Ma) 14 Uler-Ton.. Jone ?
1 ...n .Tu-.-, Mai 31 Ktr.a..,*!_.. June tt
Kaala.Tuea . May 2* Havil.Tuea July J
l.ma .Bat. June 1 Baals.- .Bat.. July 8
it ? I .Tns, June IHpraa.Tuea., July t>
Begtaalag wlth s. ._ Uhn. March -8^ these ?''"?"?*'?
from Bei Vorfc wlll land nassenatrs a. houihampten oa
...e quay aJ-ngSlds speclal railway ualna for I.ondon
N . trar.afer by tender. ?
OKI.BI1 fffl ti CO.. - Bc.wllna Green._
LLuvi. :. _, >u. I . JAAtU
Kh?: Bteamera i.?me<n Bew-Tort ..n-i
Asorea, Olbr_itar, Al_let?. Naplei nnd Genna.
Balaer IV II. Feb. 33, 4 p. ib., Als-'er* Naple*. Qeaoa.
Ail r.earoen atop al G.bial'ar.
iteiu-ri ilcketa avallable foi ih- Bteamera er Hlasr ima
fr.m Naplei Genoa, Olbraltar. H.-imbui-s. Rremen. I.on
don snd Bmnhampton. Dlrael coaaertloB rmm Oanoa.
Naplefl. to i:gypt by N. O. Lloyd 9. S. Co.'i Imp. Mall
B rth aermaB Uoyd, I Hait.hurs-Amerlcan
Oelrlctn A C... G.?i A-'a.. UBS.
J Bowllns Oreen, N, Y. 137 Broadway, V T.
THE ONLY LINE malntalnlng a reaular
,,,.. i..,,,,,.... : " to
BEW -ORK HOL'TMAMl TON. iLondofl, Tarlai-HAM
n.is Uae i. .Ha the record [or jfcstesl 'Jmaa tMa roUt*
N-.,rn_.n?la.Ma. __ II * " !,V^I' JJa ??"" J ,??"
e* I-..II. ,,.?)? Aorll 11.11 a. in t'olumbia. . .MavJ.i II ?? m.
Oo'uan ? li 23 "ls c r, ll.arniir.k.May*1. B.BV
v .. ,.,,., M. '.' 1' ?> '" Norniannla...Juae * ll a. m.
' I.OTICE After JUBS 1. sleam-rs Wlll i'm tO aad from
, :? . k at s uthan ;? ,n al nflslde Loadoa trabt BO
Ti'.^.l:|,;MuViM.AMlVlK'; BEBVICB I'V TwlB Screw
E.?di_ Un,_3?1^s rn I-' M ?? McbBB-IB. st
, li Mareh 2 10 ,. m Persla ...March l?. 10 a Bt
,., Cabl"' li:.. .Btermedlate, 137. Btaeraga. $16.
!IAMIUUG-AMI:RK_AN LINE. :i: Broadway, N. i-_
i ci.vim: link.
.\. ? ii \ci.I's-|. .\ s i' the Bouth and Boutbwast.
i \ k.s. ,.\'. ii.i.k and .,;: FWIda ;
i- -., i: |{ ifoil of lt. wevell n ). ?? P m.
i-iiritoKKi .''r'!:iv- ''' "
\t .;'?.\..,|\ . M..n.lB.v. Keb. Z3
-'?MIN..I I*. .Wedneadav, Pa*. tt
Vi, uteameri '.?-???? ?- paaaeafler areommodatlona.
\\ \i i' i'I.VDE a- cn . itenaral Agmta.
:. Bowlln* 'Ir?n. N >
r ni .\ Penn, Faal T. A P Mne vla Jaekaonvllle,
,;..,.. - Kreighl ind P i -. Lm- vla LharlastoB,
T 'i Bger, Oan'l Va' . *M B'way. B. T.
a iTNAItl) LINE,
.'\. TO l.tVERPOOI. vi\ Qt'EENBTOWN.
Kel 23 2 p in. Auranla.Mch. ?. .1 p m.
M. ti .' Da in I'mbrla.. Mch. l'l. 1" ? m.
1',. in !-i., M) S rih ito-r. f ?.. of Llarkaon-st
. | .i ?.ur' . J'^> and upward Berond eaWn, HS, $40.
?i rdlng t iteamer aad a - rnimndatl
s.-er.ia. it keia io and from all partl f Buropa at
I i tr*,. ? pai ?.'-? apply ?.' "ie
fl ? So. | llowllnB Green, Nea V .rk.
VKRXON il HRo'VN A '". Oeneral Ageata
R rn J'l" Stewart liulldina No. 2K.) lir artway.
Saw i -v Kebruary 4. t^9\
1>ll.s OR PROrOBAI.B f'.r .l"iiic tbe vv?rk
) ,,. ?? ,-. rtali ? illad I r la Ihi ar
(_f.rn_.of itract n .w n IIU ln th? , m t of the
. . f , . iitini T mber anl i eai l
. , ,. : ... ? n iha rown,
, | |_e. t, Putnain - ? ??? ?'? Ne? v u. wn bi
??, ].,-, ,. ?: |.-K-_ |. m ..nd lh< v wlll ba pul II IJ
. Aqueduet rommlaalonera ai soon thereaftar
. .,..,.,,,| ,f "... ? mr,. ? for dolng aad
fiirti ?? lali -. i be "... i* by --M
n -? ifter a- : r,. ti ta.le.
nirart and 'he fp?-lfl
? ? | uila inl pr. per enve
.... io i aii . ther
,,.' rnutl ? n i. Llalned at lhe a .- mce ol tr.e
Aqu?ducl i.'ommlaalonen on applleatlon t.> the .-.evreiar>.
Ity i.i lei t th. v , ?.-! i, ? .' mmlsal, ners,
JAMEB ''. DUANB. Preildent.
EDWARD I. ALLEN. Becretary. _
W ? aii. and Peftormlafl fFortt la lha
? . ? ? . ? ? P?rk. ajjar
fourtl wa-i 4 thej ,
.... v ?,-..-?? M8, I..HS ? , IBB*.
, ... wlll be recelved.
, |,|. ?||| _rtve twn prlrea for in- eBtlre _..rk. vii.
... - -1
t maln ?? :.: a, ..- da
?:? . - ? ? ' e work.
_, . i , ? . ..,- th- name t th p--- n or per
. ? aaentatlon. wlll
? . r ll . .ma Nos. II
? i- ims, N -80
-. ? ?? ...? i 12 .'? 1 ' - i" ?
... ;. , e and hour t,.i
... ,,,-^.eii e nf tha
.? 1 . . l ..nl r-.iJ. and tba
, .. f .,., ,: led wlll ba made to tb*
.,. . -r. theraarter
., ;. ,- ni lo whom 'he c n
...??? to atiend at the
? - - Department ot Publlc vv rka. wlth tha aure
.. ...-.| i-, him ?? tneai _..! asacule .iie contracl
d?t? | iha iervU"? _ a rv, tl -
mii m ..,.r r.niure or neglect ?.lo,
. ? , mldered aa havloa a__adoned It,
poratloB, md th. rtup. I -
? rl ahall be readverilied an I relel and ?? on untll tha
,-. i ,: i ... .!???.I Tha ?? rk t->.-..mmen,
ii i ? mmlsal .ner . f Publlc vv. rka m i..
V ii. wdi aol hs twn tor lha aithdrawal
-',:-. ,'- No I.I I wlll be ? ? -i ? l '" ll r
.. ,.!.,! ? . in. persoa who i? In arreari i thi
,... ., .| i, debt i contracl nr _'..> i? .. defaultar,
.., auret) nr olherwlse, up-.n .^nv obilgatlon io tha Oar.
entlre ?. -r:< tn he corapleted within ONE IU'V
? .nd I li'iv DAV8 ifter n.e Botlea to commenee
..I, been flven by tha Commlaajoner ..f Publ
am.unt ol aeiurll) requlrad li i"l:TV KIM:
-\M> tlOI.LARB I' - full partlculara, m Clty
lllank forma ' .iti furl er Informatlon, If de
,,ls., ihe form .f am- -m-nt. in.-IU'tina .',?? ape.-if!
f?r ihe ? ?'. btalned ai Ihi offlce .f the
.??::?? \ -."- ? Ri . tn,'
v .. \ ... IS'.'.
.'. II.1.1AM l. - i lt. >NU, V *.
JulIN VV >e,| T. i: n lei
.shuki, I1 , i r< il i'ai ipi Con ? lailonera
?ii-i.i-it ,i ,. t>. >\."E ri amberlaln; > >t tba
WII.I.IAM M K ..I'"'1T. I Blnklng Pund
, . . , , , ... Flm
Cmlco bn .Viutioti.
n in tianttM" ''hli. f.fteen Nltrala Pieldi nnd ilx
? ? Reili bataaflns lo tbe OoverniBenl aad sttuatad
. of T.,.,\ ... r iBformatloa ap
i the .'..naiil ?i-n. :,l f Phlll lll BCW-Yorb Snd tbi
Ii ... i'i. laileli i la and Boai m
f. rsl itnO iontti..
Ii . \ , :-.?.:. .-.n.;. i. mi ( r Bai in<- 3?0
j |- !? ?,..,.,. \", -i i .,. ir- nl -i pped Pleaaa i
THE NEW liiRK I'llllll'NE IVII.L Bl RB
. , IVI li AT l"HE l PTOWN Dl Klt'E. No. I.'.4_ lir..*.|.
?? iy. _.l .i.i n rlh ,f Tl rtj Hral il . and ADVER
riSKMI MS iii lhe f II ?lns Hral Olfl ?? '.'34
Ulahth-at. . i i i ii ? ? ?? : l?"?'-' Blxth-ava.:
I.'.I Kuurth-ave., eor, Kourteenth -. . OBO Thlrd-ava.. 7no
ihi t.ne ..., |- .ri levemh-il . i ? ?'_??* Thlrd-ava., near
Hutyftl'e" it : 1.7..S Plrsl .ne . infl Weal Fnrty sac-Bd-Bl ;
Ifllcol mbui-ave f.3 Avenue A: I.32S Thlrd-ave.; 2B Weat
T ii ?-.,., -> "81 .' . ' y ?? aeeond-Bl : f<f>t Thlrd-ava:
l.tM Thlrd ai- . ?.',,ri Thlrd-ava., belwaea One hundred
a*??i iwiirti. .u.l ' ,-..? 1.4rr,i ind-thlrtceatb ata.
rgf, AS!^?SIVE
/. aalaci famlly i. .t. i oi lha i,,k'i?si reputatlon oa tna
AMERH'AN l'l_vN Reaaonable r..t-<. .'. U BBIOOB
"oddDVtEB, ni_;HA08s8l___l_3IL
. (ine and -enlee uf lhe very i.isl.eii order. B.:lal
. ? lUltaS, fiirnlil.ed BT uiifumlahed. ln rent hy w_ek.
?n n'n or yeaTi <-uliin? of the MghSSl order; rates reaaun
tfo Uct foi UnoiiicGG iJurposco.
on .'tiaiiit'eii, tSpru.-e. Il.i-kuian. *."ulton, John. Maldea
)_?n?. i->. Barclay Partl Plass, Pa,k Baw, Naiaau.
Wllllam, ti'.li. rilff Paarl, VVi.ter an.l many other itreeti.
Rfl.VNK & WHITING 3 lleekinan-ft.
\i.vk.ii-' s r< >ni: AND HABEMENT to ie.-?,e aa ?
promlnanl n ?thweat eorai r nf Elahth-ave., near 34th
.1. ROIIAINB BROWN a OO., M v\>si m ___
e_^^^^_^_? ?^__^? ^^^?^?^?^
(Tonnirn Propertn for 6ulc.
\l(i: Y..I I.KIM! I'l.it A I'Ofl.THV PAB-f?
$;r. r ? r, acre <?,.,,. oaa mii- froovEatatla d.-pot. N. j.,
i iyabla I i Inatalmaaii ir dsslrsd; .... t.-tter land f..r poul
iry. amall trul's .., i-?...nhles . 1.1 mink-la Mere In
rormation hj .. i i:..- an.__ u. L. lU-L-ll. 221 _. lutti Bt..
l'l.ii.ei. i*.i,._. l'a
The Chureh of the Annunciatlon, at Noa. 143 anal
144 West Kourteenth-st., which waa organised In
183* with the Rev. Dr. Samuel Seabury aa rector,
waa announe*! to be sold at the Broadway Real
ICstate salesroom under foreeloaure proceedlngs.
A a?rowd surrounded the stand of Mr. Andrew, the
auet'oneer. R. Soulard and several expectant
blddera wa re dlsappolnted when lt waa announee.l
that the sale had been poetponed untll February
2*.' The referee ln th* action sald the sale would
posltlvely take plaee on that Ute.
Out of nlne offerlngs announ.ed only two parcel*
were aold, the remainder belnjr wlthdrawn or ad?
journed. At the Broadway Salearoom, D. P. ln
tcraham & Co.. sold the three-*tory brlek tena
ment. with lot ..'.xM.9. No. 347 W?st Thlrty-seventh
at.. to Jacob Koln, fot *12.1*K>
Peter F. Meyer & Co. sold the lot 25x100. on Kagl*.
ave.. west slde. flfty feet south of One-hundrcd
and-slxty-thlrd-st.. to W. S. W-Jser, for R.Ift.
It Is reported that the broker*. Benn?tt & a.raf?
have sold the Kdlnburgh apartment-house, on th*
nairthwest corner of Amsterdam-ave. and One
hundred-and-thlrd-st., for James G. Wallace. to 1*.
p Woodward. The bulldlng Is six stories hlgh.
on a plot 75x10") feet. The prlee pald was $200.1*0.
Mr. Woodward Is understood to have glven )n part
payment the four four-story prlvate rHvaillnij*,
Nos. 130 to IM West Elffhtleth-st., at a valuatlon
of $140..)00. and also that the same flrm of broker*
; have sold ihe houses for Wallace to a buyer for
P.dward Kllpatrtek has sold to Paniel Wllliams
the llve-story Amerlcan basement bull.llng, V'xtfx
100..".. No. eZ West Slxty.e|ghth-st., for about
A J Newltter has sold the varant lot, 2.ixl00 feet,
. on the North Slde of Slxty-fourth-st.. 350 feet west
of Central I'ark.
The tlrm of Ulblln & Taylor has no Intentlon of
ere.-tinn apartment-houses at fine-hnndred-and.
thlrd-st. and West Knd-av.*.. but will bulld prlvate
dwelllnga thera. Thls is a neiRhborhajod of prlvate
dwelllnga. ,_ _.
ciarlisa .J. Huyler has aold the three-?tory
l.rl.k .Iwelllng. 18.6x98.9, No. 222 West Thirty-sev
, enth-st.. to AiiRiistus B. FhM.
Bdward Kllpatrlek has sold the flve-story Amer?
lca . bas.-ment biill.linjr. No. tt West Slxty-elirhth
?t ' to I.iinlel Wllliams for about $38. <m
i', J Phllllpa & Co. were the brokers ln the aale
[ of No. 226 West Seventy-nlnth-st.
? ???
Caaal -<t Nn? KT t,> Ml: Naaejr E lianta. wlfe ..f
AViiiiini Banta, to ?A'llllaro Hanta. II
1 blvtaton-tt, Ko* 1!?2 and lli.'-j. Alhert 11 Ookfl la
Alcundar Hart. t
1 l.tti-sat, B *. I-.I.4 ft w of Hr.adway. 4!> 4x Ir
reguUr; I'liiiij, Braenaier and w.fe to Pradarlclc
Potter and an ,t>i-r. tructee*. ex fpiperty. 1
, ISth-at, No 41<? AV.aat; Borrervlll* P Tu. k and wlfe
; to Oroovenor B HubtaH. I
.lalth st aa h. _'.?) ft * of ttth ave. Bl?..?.!.. William
F ? itedman et nl. eaeeutore, *?e. of Kiiaa lo-l
in.m. darcaaad. to Tivitnas i'?wm.n jn,i aaothar. 39 000
31 ?t-st. s a, i'm ft e a,f tith av*. 2<<x<>3, l-jth part,
Bll*abetii C riar'iiner unai haabaad to a-WI* o
.Jardlner . I
Slst-at, *. s li"' ft ? "f Kh-eve, Uita.t{ lomtam
il Outtenbera and wlf? to Jif*' ?? AV-lf. 17,500
61"t Bt, !? o. 32-a ft m ot lUti-av Vb-M 10 De/nll
I Mantan, (secatot ot Ttma.thy Men..,n. de
eaaaak, to Pra i *a K-iu y et al. 1
' 44th-it. n ?? r?rn-r lat-av*. 175x114.1 lx4*iHxl Ix
_,: I.2S.38 .0x25. Ix>i?ix7.">,'a; .latries A lllan.-h.ird.
i raeatrar, rtc, -f Davld Jon** <:,,. to Ja,,.h KI--I
, li.iuer . O.SOO
18tl ... n < >KA ft w of IM-ave. aixl.m .'.; Itt.-harl
li.ilan t,-. Mar. J Pi.lan. 1
77.1.-?>. Ko 4<>7 Baat; M'.fiei. K Wallaeh t,, Karl
M Wai la< li . -'" BB
T8ih-at ?> ?, 210.1 ft e ..f Ist-av*. l-.:ixl<>._,
Prederlck N'ldliia tu .I'.l,n Q Xudlna . 1
(Mthnt. m ??. 4.10 1 f. w a,f Amsterdam av>. 25x
100.5; Herman Sehmmk and wlf* to Adam May
and Wlf* . 188*
l.a-ekm.an nt. No 7.V 1 rtth part; K. Jr.neph's llo?
plt.l. Tonkara, t., Ann E Uvlaaatea and another 10,72'>
Avenue P. No 54. H*nry "iana. to Abrahim Eln
*le|.i . 1
lHOth-at. a *. 31?D ft * of lOtli-a,*. I.l?x09.ll;
Kran.-I* I, P'.nohu". r?fer*a*. io Kal.er. Mllla.... 8 450
,17th ... n ? liaa-| ft . ,.f Kd**cotnn* av*. l.V)xl? 11;
Kdnuind .'nflln and wlfe to a.Htliarln? M a'arlln. 10
Ilitth-M, n n. Wl ft e r,f Madls.nave. ....-,!???
.'lara K Kltsn .ind hai!?l.an i to Kv?r?tt C Angell. 1
Central I'ark W*M. s w ,orr.er lOSd-ajC, 1.W.1U
125; Fredartefc Pott?r *t al. tru?t*e*>. lo Philip
Hra*nd?i . 1
lf*ith-?.. n a, 21*1 ft w ,,f CalumBua-sv*. -i'ax
l'jaill. AI?x..:.d-r Haft t" Altiert II < "ohn. I
li:1?t ?.. No ^-49 W??t. AVllllan, F AlMTbacfc and
wlfe to Mary I. Wlllouahby . -O 0OO
IS-M-at. n -. 1a?> fa e of s.h-ave. lOaixlOO. Uoyd
M< K OarrlMa. rtferea, t.a H?i*n? ixi??r.atein. 12.2.*.
Orand ll.,ule\ard. n w rorn?r 104th*t. 104xl>M 5x
IOO.Ual2B.S Morri* Hteinhardt .and M.,rx and
M a*a Ottlncer to John P Taylor . ' 100
15.1.1-?t. - k 100 ft ? of .'ourtian-l a\*. ."?Oxiu...
Adam Mav and wlfe t., Herman K-hm-iala U'aaafl
Ar.hur a\e. * ?. 332 ft n a.f divid!n? lin* he
ttv*?n |a,t? ,V> and 5rt. map N Jar\l?. Jr. t'pper
Mortaaania, Iai0-I25iiailsl22.4; Aadrew P?t
i.na.-r and wii- to Kuaen* Boa* . 3 :i<i0
a' la* t P.>?t Koad. fra.m New-Vork !?' Boaton,
adJolninK Und ot .l-lin .1 Walker run? n e HHx
? " ?;c.x ? * -..7 aix ti w 4s7. Tbiimaa R Baia*
1 ?;?. r-*fer*". to H-*nry Hunn*k? . 14.mW
::?: ?? IBDED Ha .RTOA. ;i:.-=
AndraWB, Ka'- H. fo J B Snor>k. No 72 Wer<
Plf-il. 1 >-ar. $2.11*
Analrewa. Maraar*. M B4 J. IO ll*nrl C de Port*?.
No 1.83ft Mad1*on-av*. 3 years. 3" ncy
1- . ?! Mary K. 10 Mary A U MetaOCBIIa * ?
Itlver av*. :?no ft n of lrt7th-?:. 3 yeara. 4..?a0
Biaend**. Phlltp, aml arlfa to the Manhattan I.lf*
1 iranr* .'. mpan>, n ? 1?".. ?:, \'.n 4 f". w of
Broadway, 1 y?*ar. 1.-...?M>
Uo'.and, Mary B. :o Mary A <? Mety-rhlln. % a
Ar.-uiarluaa Pla. a, 4?>l> 1 ft ? ,,f Oerard-a\*.
I .: ? . UM
farlln. a'^tharln" M, to F. B CodBB, B I 137lh-?t.
100 '?? e . f Edrawomba-av*, _ in.ria.aiie^, l y-ar W>f?io
."Tar.--. <'tiar:t,,n W, :.a Cliri Palrchtlaf, n * ror
i ?r Broadway .ir.al Hawth .rr.--?t. 1 year. X**t
Cowman, Ttvama*. ,md another lo tVllliam F h
Ke-lman "t al. ? ? 3rtth ?t. '.Ilil ft w ,,f P'ii
m.. demand . ' ? "afl
i ?- L-hhauer, U. .... ant wtfc to th" Dry Dock
Bavinga lastltuttoB, n ? i *n*r i4*!v..
lai ave, I r*ar*. aVa MN
llabn, Oeort* Vf, to Fr*d?t1ck W Hahn. n i
Rth-at, IM *?? ? f V-.r.,i- a' 1 ie.,r. 2aWaa)
jeta-it* Francla M. and w-tv . * a C *-ihier. a *
? rt.-r Manbattan-av* and lUtb-at. iemand... ni'tiai
Lararna Andr*w, ?t al. to .iabn*. Feneterer ? i
I'roton-ave, 4>? f- n of "ak;..r.d Plaee, .1 yeari 4 oon
I...'ir-* -n. I. Hrtan, to Th.'nia>a M Ber'ln* N ? H
I'onvent-ar*, 1 >"ir . 8 am
Ix,?~n.t.*ln. Helene (?, Jameg F' Hmrell atil
_? ther truateaa n * l.">J.l ft. \>\> tt e of Mh
a>-. 1 year . MM
I rd \ av a\' h. t.i tti? Mu.iiai Uf* iBauranca Co
nf Naw-Tork, ? ? Itth-aat lT.'V ft w of 5t!i-a\".
i ?".?. 5 oon
M.r ?.?, Thomaa, and Wlf* to A M Hni.l>.*liii.
?< . I.iith -? 182.0 f. ? rf Ucaaa-ave, ,- luteral
t.i.ite . . . MM
II - ::k'"'' and w-ife ??> a;^..rn? I a'oiiin*, * a
IMth it Stgl f: * af lOth-a-.*. 3 yearia. 4 "N
M-n,l*? Henry P. and wlfe 10 Searaoard Natlon.il
H,. ? . - ? mu r Lewoi a\? anl 121?' ?t. aot* Z3 '?")
N.ltintf. A-iaji;.:, and *?lf" t" i'harlen A\ Ilenr.ett
ei il, ' aecuton, n .? Ovajr-st, 5u ft w of La
fayette I'U. ?? I \a-at!. . - -"a"*!
.. \.,,!. Mary, and another io Banlca <??er*aen. s *
I7."i'h al >?) fl w of lD'h-a*.*. 3 yeara. 1 5alC
ti i.i. k-.,t iiKh. 1'anlel McL, et al to Fr-l-rl J
Ml ...lebi-.a-I.. * ia ">7tlim. 2H7.7 ft w a.f M-atnt,
:; ? ",ar? . M.4BM
p i.e Ru**n*. to Andrew li-nmfr. * ?. .'ajntral
?\e p.irt ,,f lot ."ll mip l'pp*r MutIMBIIB*. ft y-ars 3..aOr
It;.aaenth.il Morrls. -1 al to N'-w-Jer.?"v Aa*B*y
.-,, Noa .1!" and .'t'-';j Fotrayth-et, 5 y?ai>... . 2?.a'iaM
IxHilae. ??, Aara ftoa*. No* 2<M ani 20.1
alre-n-M. d-in.an I . .*> TaiXJ
.< h.ifer llenrv ,ui 1 an .tl.er t., tii" .','tm.in BlV
iii?s Bank, No 127 Wa**. i!.:t,m. I'jrcar.
fciprtnetneyer. Richard H lo tti" Teaelwra' Oo
operatlv* It'illdlr.K an.l I.outi As* <l.atl..n, part
,,f k>t 134. map .,f Mounl Eden, Inatalmenta. l 44<
S.liniiK*. Ktatia-li J, and wife to Annl* N Curtl...
n - Mth-at, 17:. ft ? of fttb-ava 3 yamra. -a1 IM
Tiavl r John P. <>' Mairrta Stelnhard: *t al. n w
?a.rner UMth al and ain.nd IL ul-v ard. 1 v-ar -1 VV
riivin. a;e,.ra? w. and wlf* to .. hn i> Crtmmtn*.
^ e a-.irner < Vlumhii* a\e and 02d-M. 1 y.ar 2.*, art*
7 taM
ticnl Cstiilc.
No Expense Whatever
for Examining Title.
The Equitable Life Assurance Soeiety
of the L. S.
T. V. JORDAM. CVrr.p'.iMller. 120 Broadway.
Low Interest
on choice Mortgage loans
charged by the
Apply direetly and aave expenae. A laraj
amount to loan for Savtnga Bank account
^?l_A- J aiai V UUIl a^a,. 1??mj,, _
Omce* <^ N. E e_ Mth a,_ A 7th ATt., n. T.
. HnfnrniaJjeb Apartmenta &o ttl
At\ WEST ?4TH fTKB?T-N*w ?PMtn_?ntf}_?,_r,<,T.
4U .nd bata. XTA tm 8kk. laaulr* mt lialtof. ea

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