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V01- IJV...W 17,630.
thi: -i PER <'i:n't .BOND ISSUE LARGELT
-__, ., .... y ? HAT THK BYND1CATE WIU. RE
TH i:\TV TW, . VIM'TKS - I."M'< >\ AIjBO
T! ? laat fonnallty ln iho maaterly bargaln
which th,- Belmont-Morgan bond ayndli?ate han
driven arlth th.- Governmeni waa completed
yeaterday when Mr. Morgan and Mr. Belmont
announeed Ihe cloalng of the subacrlptlon llai for
h 4 per centa, The advertlBemenl Inform
Ini the pubHc thal the syndieate waa ready to
recelve Bubacrlptlona tti the new bonda araa pub
llshed In yeaterday mornlng'a papera, and before
iha- majority of people ha.i tlir to read Ihe <i<"
t.iiis of the proepectua Ihe aabacrlpUon u*t had
been doaed, and many people who would hava
Uk ? i | , have mai.* a i.il for Bome of the bonda
were shut out in the eoM. Of courae II waa
kn,.wn before th- Invltatlon for pubUc "? wa"
made thal the general puNic woold bave little
tha rapMlty wlth which th.* aubaorfrtlona were
shut off caaaed a aUM aurprlae la the banklng
communlty. Tb. Betonont-Morgan synd,;,.,
allowed th, pobhc exactly twenty-two mlnutea
,o hand ln Ita bMa. ?id ln that tlme the laati
a. icmi thal pan of it whleh la piaced In thla
country. waa oveTBubacrlbed Bomewhere In the
ndarhborhood of ten tlme*
Mr. Morgan'a banklng aouae, al No. 23 v?all
Ft., was the Bcene of much actlvity, an.l ? \*rw,t
foree of .??]? rka an l meaaenger lx>yB was on hand
yeaterday mornlng at th- openlng of bualneaa
Clerka and meaaengera repreaentlng Bubacrlbera
for thf bontla tumbled over each other In thelr
hasto to gel In thelr aubacrlptlona, and hi
twenty-two mlnutea Mr Morgan obaerved from a
p.-.int of vanUge behlnd a pla!*? door that enough
aubacriptlona had been mada to flll up all tho
avallable b ika In the olllce. an.l ho waved hls
nana8 ..,- . ?? Ivlng lerks, wh.- ln turn waved
thelr handa al the would-be Bubacrlbera, aaylng
at tho Bame tln thal tbe ttata were cloaed. Al
Mr. Belmont'a ? IB - the aame thlng occurred.
Tho aggregate amount of blda recelved eould
not ho learw i yeaterday, an.l Mr. Morgan aald
that he would nol know htmaelf until Baturday.
It is belleved :ha: iho aubacrlptlona ran up
tlmea the amount of the laaue, tti, 500.000,
ln the Btreel piaced the Rgurvat
ten Umea the amount. ln Lon-don there waa tha
aame anxlety on tho part of tho publie to pot th?
. and eabla reporta were to the effect thal
tho laaue had beea largely oversubaerlbi 1. This
Informatlon cauaed a better foelinp in tho atock
market here, and tho prlce of other Oovernmenl
laauaa sh iwed an appracaable a^-an.T. Th- men
ln eharge of the ayndleate arlll ai w begln tho al
lotment of tho i,?nds among tho Wddera, ar.d
thara is a preat deal of curiorfty on th.- rart of
the puhli,- to know Juat how many people who
put ln BUbattlp-ttona yeaterday arlll roi any of tho
COVeted paper.
The manacors of tho s>ndk-.ite leacrve tO th* m
aelvea, as siHtd in their circular, the risht tO re
Jeel any of tho appllcation.-*.. and t . allnt smaller
nmounta than those applied for.
Hom, as the syndieate knows that there ls an
enormOUS proflt In the bonda and tha! already 116
has hoen Nd for them on the Btreet, lt i? nol like
ly th.it many people who mado aubacrlptle-na ye*
torday will pot anythinpfor their trouble, anl the
pe:,or4l opmi r, ln AV.ill Btreet Is that the proater
part of the bonds will be held hy th<-* membera of
th" syndleato. to Bell at their pleaBUre.
About the only people wh-> will be ? msldere l In
thla bond deal will be thoae wh ? have aln i ly fur
nlBhed th<* gold for th* bonda People who hav.*
atudted tho sltuation thii.k thal only aboul $1.5,
ik.0.000 of tba bonda wlll ho s<,M by tbe holdera
h?re. and that the real arlll evantually flnd a
mai kel In Europe.
Tho syndieate boughl tho bonds al IKM-M, and
r.ff.-c i them f.r F,i]o at $11.' 25. Thla meana a
profil of about $7 7". on each bond, or $4,988,412 on
tho T"tal Issue This amount the Oovernmenl
mlghl have aaved if it bad offered the bonda al
$ii _?_-..
Tho ayndleate announcea th.-.t the allotmenta
nro tai bo mado in four daya, and thal it wlll
; tbe b..nds where they arlll do th" most good
to tho Oovernment. Buch an announcein*n1 Ih
Buperfluoua. Tiio Oovernmenl la n" kmger, to all
outward appearancea, playlng a part in the bond
business. PTealdent Cleveland made a bargaln
whi.'h gave glgantlc proflta to a syndtc&te of
bankera who wlll now proceed t<> plaee th.- t.ondu
where they wlll command the hlgheal pramlum.
To he Bure, th- bond Byndl at.- has promlsed to
K-.^a, tbe < ? gold reaerva inta/-t for
tlme to come, bul :t wlll not have to plve
up any of Ita proflta ln order to d<? thi*. The
syndieate is now in a poaltlon to control foi-oi^n
1-x'ha.npe, and its IntentkMI of Belllng a good
part of tho b'm'is bastdea th.* amount agreed to
ln tho contracl abroad will btlnp a-naaiiRh pold to
this country and prevent p-.id exporta from here
for a long llme t-> i orn<\
An eueouraglng feature a,f tii-r- bargaln, deaplte
the faot that tha- Oovernmenl has bo*-n "mllked"
to a eortaln ext int, is tho demand f.>r tho bomla
abroad and tha wllllngneea of the RotbachlMa to
come again Into an aetlva p..rt ln a i
Statos Oovernmenl loan
J. Plerpont Morgan want to tr.?* Bub-Traaaury
yeaterday and turned over to th<- Oovernment
tl,128.000 pr.ld whi. h had been recelved from the
membera of tha Byndtaata In exceaa of th.- total
a-.. iuat of poid required. Mr Morgan took legal
tondorj. for it. and carrled tha-m In a neat llttlo
bunch to hl-i own olHce. It was aald that thls
amount of k id meant that tho paymenl of the
Amerlcan half of tho ?oid for tho bonda had
haw-n completed, and that tho a-xtra $l.lL':t,(?0fi gold
was a bonua glven bj tha- ayndleate In accord
ance with th.- elauae in tho contract hlndlnp it
to laatoaa and k.-. p a..,tiro by all poHrible meana
lha Oovarnment gold leaerve. The ayndleate,
howr-va-r, exebaoged too many legal-tendera to
banks and gold housea for gold, and had this
amounl ovar, and it was nothlng more than gen
eroalty on Ka pan to exehange It wiih tho (;,?v
ernmenl f,.r Nigal-tcnder*
Thc total amount <,f gold recelved at*the Bub
Treaaury anl Aaaay Ofllr* on aeeounl of tha
bonda waa I1S.M0.220.80, the real of the amount
belng d ', *lti i ;.: the banka whl.-h were made
ppgal deposltarlea.
r.-i ihe Laondon markel a premlum of 4 par ceni
waa bid f-r Ibe new boada yeaterday, whl.h
arould mako th-ir prlce aboul 117'/2. llids Wo(o
mado in th.s markel al Ila, hm no futun* trana
actli na won made, aa i II will probably be a weak
h"f ?'" ;ir" " ual tranaactlona arlll take plaoa.
Old Oovernmenl 4?, t.. run twelva an.l ..no-haif
y^ai---. were quoted y aterday ,,n tba Btock Bx
'hi-in-- at llL-'.ill:-i._.. ;.:, ;i Ivan.c of l.-arlv ona
' '?''?? ;h-- prevoua day'a quotatlona At ihe
eioae of bualneaa yeaterday it was reported thai
ii8 had been bld for tha- new bonds. but thla-could
ii'at b* rerlAed The good effecta of the bond d.-ai
?.'"iv vidble on Ihe Btreel almoal a-. aoon as tho
?ub*eriptjon ligt h.i i been cloaed. Th.* premlum
ril whi.-h p,.id haa been s.-ninp decllnad i-:i per
' 711. ar.d th.* forelgn exehange markei weakened.
ii,.- aggotlatlon has been trementloualy auecese
; 'l"r ,h" i"opi?* wh,, haya managed it. and n
?-?pn'. ti ,t i ai B bull arKumont on tha Btock Kx
^r-?r.K,>, baecausc ll has c^us.-d a dlff.-r.-nt faellng
mttr084 aboul :ha- al.ility of this c.unlrv t., pU.???
? vsl0?-"' ;U|'J kM ?loPP*. tha- a-xporis of K'.ld fn.m
,r>^ i aited Btatea to Europe,
ser-ra.t;,ry Carllale araa ln Wall Btraat for .. few
"-inut,.., yeaterday, i.tit tw did not vlall elthar Mr.
-""reari or Mr. Belmont. He was al tho Buh
ir.asury f?r a short tlme. and Aanlstant Treaa
"wOonrad N. Jordaa aald thal tha Bacraury
E-Ti . '"'i."1" In l" mak'' ;l ""^la' ??aU- Hls con
jnR into Wall Street arouaad no curiotaltv am the
?an. of the bank-rs, for he la not a man whom the
Wai! Btreej men carj to ree oi talk witii. He
came lo New-Tork to bld | <*dbj lo hli aon, ft'.
K. Carllale, wbo salleJ yesterdaj l n Qerroany.
'' X !?: W VA NK K B8 ' 1 ?:AQERLY T \ K EN
TIMEH "' ER IN' !?; 'Sl OX.
London, Feb. 20. The aubacriptlonfl lo the nsw
I'i Ited Btatea loan cl . ?< d al i oon lo
Agurei are nol yel avallable, bul a repreaentatlve
ol .',. Botbschllda aald thls afternoon thal lhe loan j
had been subacribsd for maay tlraea over. rhe
premlum on the bonds ranged from ".-a lo l?i per
cent. Promlneni flnanclal tlnnfl helleve tbal tbe
amounl agr.i to be takea here bas been covered
mors than ten tlmea.
The ^ . proepectua waa toflued tote --?;<"
afternoon aad a regalar llght enaued a *??*n*
rnr nUeea in the llne. and thi."Bjornh-g there waa .1
Xwed%&. of sui,s,,:...,s. ne^ga ?
__5at flnanclers. aad not to ti.rdlnan Inveato
who relrah- from Investlng. fearlng tl,..: th. loan
wll? not be pald In gold the greal lucceas pf he
1,... to therefore. lt aaya, .,,1 thi more a triumph
for those who are managing 11 snd for lhe crt.ll
of the I'nlted Btatea.
?The Dally Oraphlc" wlll aay to-m .rrow:
Before the llati for lhe AraerlcaB loan had b n
open two houra the loan waa 1 ov< r< 1 nrt- en III
ovi - There ls nothlng aurprlalng ln thls, however,
,,? both the .urlty and Interesi In ihli I ? itmen
arei xceptlonal. Every credll is due Mr. Cleveland for
the tenaclty snd resource wlth whlch he baa ataved
off whal mlghl have been .1 aertoua dlaaater.
"Tlie Dally Newa" wlll s'.i.v lo-morrow:
Th.re is reason lo belleve thal the parl of the
Amerlcan loan offered here _.i* covered nearly
ftfteen tlmea, Irreapectlve of any applicatlons th..t |
may arrive from the countr>'. The allotmeni l^:
ters probably wlll be laaued earlj neai week
"Th,- Btandard" wlll say:
Eatlmatea varv as lo lhe number of tlmea lhe
loan was covered. lhe hlgheai belng thirty, and lhe
loweat flve. Accordlng lo the general oplnlon, lt Ifl
between ten an.l twenty. Tho deallnga were |uat
aa actlve aa the applicatlons.
THREE MES WHO ARE .-: 1 ? 1 '?>.-'. 1 ? TO HAVE
vVUkeabarre, Penn., Peb M iSpeclali. Aft.
te.n month? the myatery <>f lhe murdei of "Bar
ney" Reick, a promlnent commlsston merehaai of
thla .ity. bas 1.n rleared up bj lhe
three men charged witi. lhe crlme. ll la rxrx l. I
tbat a fourth wlll be captured before mornlng.
Ths men ar. Jacob Hendrlrks, of Jeraey t'lly.
and Jamea Klsher and Krank Neuer, of thla clty.
Relck -as found dead it. the Delaware and Hud
s,,n frelgbtyard nn November 17. IBKi. The 1
deaplte th-- $ 1 .<_.*?* reward offered, were nnable t>
flnd a clew. A few weeka ago Det< ve Bauer, of
Ihla '-it\. overheard Neuer carelesal) drop 1 fea
v?..r.ls regarding the murder and il once ?ei
work. Hs S....11 f. 11.'i blm 1 It on Ihe 1 Igl 1
and Neuer and Flsher were carefully *a
Hendrtekfl bad ln the mean tlme moved 10 ! ?
*.,,rk and then to Jerae) Clty. A detectlve from .
Bating .- McBwaaaey's Agency In New-York waa
placed on the .:i?.- aad became frlendly 1 ih
Hendiieka Ob Monday nlght the det.
au.-.l to get Hendrtek 1 to ti li blm -'!???
atory' of th<- crhae 10 warraal Brresta beli ?
Tr,-,,av Flsher BBd N.-u. r WCr* t.lk'-n ntO
todv, an.l this afternoon Hendrlck* wai ai ? i. 1
He made a full confesalon to Detectlvi r
who ?iii brtng him to ihla .ity to mori a rhe
murd.r waa planned bi Neuer. who llved neai
lu-i.-k and knew hls hablts. Thi .ther t
,,n the o|.| man, aad, aay Ing lhe> were pi
dealen fr.,m Bcranton, Induced hirn 10 go i|
Delaware and Hudaon traiki and look
of potatoea they ha I to aell ? n th<
whlch .it that hour of lhe nlghl .-...- unfn 1 1
thev attacked him. ll- defended hlmaelf. .
the stniggle stabbed ilendrk-ka il* llme w.ti, *
amall penknlfe. At length he \<.. kllled, 1
the murderera rifl. I his pocketi ani took I
be had brou_ht with him t.< buy tbi 1 1
Thev ma'le (h?-lr < cape quletly and dlvld.
mon'ev. Flsher and Neuer, who are un
refuse to speak ahont the ?:_???. Thr- ? . ?
eape l to .:? ' the 1 1 rth i-:a:, 10-nlght. M
.lerstoori that Hendrlcki wlll turn Btate'a ei
to ?.ive h:.s necm.
HER CHOICE, " II" " 'Hl BHE HAI) Tt) I 1 ??! 1
R ton, Ft ii. S> Han 1 OoMl erg flnd
K: in...in. ? runaway ? n Nea Vorl - *
found to-night by thi pollce and aken to Bta
wh. re ths girl'a 'other n..- ihem. The
Klil looks futly Iwent) yeara oM, bul ber 1
sa;.-.- thal Bbs is leaa ihan Blxteeti Davld ?
man. lhe father of lhe glrl. la the keeper of .-.
noffee-houae in Easl H?? neai Be ond ave
New-York. and hla dauabter aaslated him. Harry
Ooldberg is a danclng-maaler, and 1 ? I
.(ii-n. the plai e Qotdberg and lhe glrl tw
amltten wlth eaeh other aod deslr rt ??. marry, bul
the father refuaed hls ronaent, a* he had .1 ' 1 .1 1
sultor for hls daughter*s hand. i...'t M01 i.-.
Krn.iman gavfl hls diiDKhter Ifi wlttl whlch
?nmr. l.ills. and. a- she falled to return, hl
mlaed thal she had fled to Jotn Ooidberg In ll.
When the jrouBB people arrlved at ths atatlon
and the K>rl thoiiKhl she waa to bt
raied from her lover. she went Inln hysterl.
.|e lared that she would Mfl.fl.il lulrtde tn fore ? he
would leave him. Krnuman nn l Ooldberg engaged
.n an anlmate.l cnnvereation. durlng whlch Ihe
latter pleadi 1 to l.e allowed 10 marry the
woman. and the glrl deetari 1 tbal ah. ? ,11
marry no ona slse. The :_ther remalni I ohdut >?<?
?r>, 1 ibm llme, hut flnally relented and 11 wa* bi
anged that the trk, shonld return to New-Vorit
on the mldnlKht traln and thal lhe marrla_e
shoui.i follow a." soon ?* lhe Jewtoh ceremonula
ta ba p'.ne ihrough woukl permli
Washlngton. F<h. 20. I*. BOgdanoff, Flrsl Se.-re
tary of th<- Itussian LtSgatlon, shot hlrns. lf wlth a
pl. tol thls aaoralaa al BJ o'clock, ln ins aleeplng
Bpartrnants, aad dk*d InsUntly, Tbe only eauss
tbal ls asslgned for th.. dead Is tbal h<- bad aufferad
from aauraJgla fllaca h? came to vVashlagton 1
month a_o. This m..rnli._r. shortly before 1"
o'clock, tbo rn.-.ld al hls iodKin_s rltited hla rooma
and took hls order for hre.ikfast. When ahe re
turned flfteen mtaatea lat.r sh.- was aatontohed
to Und him dead. no nolse havtng l>'<n beard in
th.- house ln .1." m.-.m tlme.
When Prlnce Cantacuaaae, the RoBstan Minister,
and Becond Bectwtarjr Botklos Brrlved on tha acene
11 thorough e-amlaatloa of lha i>->-iy waa made.
lt was found ihat while recllnlng ln his l,.-1 tlie
secretary had praaaed tt,.- revolver ag-ainal hla
rik'h. temple and rin-l. Tbe bullel had gone clear
Ihrough tb* I1.-.1.1. aad was found afterward Ib Ibe
middie of the pillow. Th* weapon, Brmly cleach-d
i.i lae rlghl han.i, i.-iy on tbe breast.
Th.- aecretary h.-.d been romplalBlna'. ths aervantfl
Bald, fof lha last tvo weeks <,f severe neuralglc
palns, and several daya had been obllged to 1
main abed. His temperamenl had not, however,
l.n mn. h aff" nd t,y hls lltness, flnd Mi B. l
kine. with whom h<- luncbed yeflterday. aald thot
h<- seemed very cheerfut The eproner _;>* aboul
t,> aacrlbe ths death t? tba late IllBeaa. when ln
glanclng over the papera oa tha -ieik Mr. Botklne
uit. 1.1 a slUht exclaraatton of aurprtae.
"Ah, here are Bonte* notea," f-ii-i Ur. Botklne,
"One >'f them says: "Kor relatlves.' the other To
I..- opened.' Bhall I open tli--t.i ."
Dr. Uainmett told h.tn thnt the se, ond one mus:
t,.- apaaad, bul th* other, belng aeaU )? flhould be
a*al to its iii-Kiinaiioii. Accordlngly Mr. Botklne
nad nlond th<- nol.-, whi.h was wrin-n 0,1 B ? ? 11 -I
bearlng ths Impertal ereat. II w_s couchad Ifl
these atrange worda:
"To a long-tlme dead aoul tbe body :j too heavj
a task. For this reaaon 1 deatroy myaelf.
lt was then seen that for aome tlme lhe decea I
had been aufferlng mentally, ihoiiKh i.is actlona
j di-i not show lt. Th* coroner accord nglj n.1
ln his mlnuten that di.nh vv ;i- du>- to d'-S|...nd--.)' \.
! an.l mada a -ortlftcate of death n> a aelf Infllcted
1 revolver wound. The effecta ol ths deceased were
turned over t<> Alr. Botklne, who looked the
drawsrs aad imnha an.l se-iici th.-m v.ith ihs sal
ol Hi- I_a_natlon,
Mr. Baadanoff was untll recently tbe Ruaalan
1 chargd ,1'uff.iires at Rio da Janelro, Braall, wher*
he ai.ly r.-|ir.-a.-nted his eountry durlng the revoiii
tlon. Hs vvas about forty two yeara old, ?"'' '"
l iidditlon to conalderable prlvate raeaaa bad ?>
- handsome salary on account of bla position. n<
was 11 liii.-helor, Ihh famlly i-onslstlng of brotberi
und Btaten resralng In Mo cow. Bvsr sin.-e hla
arrival ln Waahlngton h<- has been affii.-ted wlth -i
?,\eie forn 0. m uriil?l.,, whli'h he BttTlbUted 10
ths sudden chaiiKe from ihe elimate of Rio to that
i of Washlngton. whleb haa laudy been Intenaely
? cold
ii i'i:: i:\i-i-!? May i.i'.-I'.n i.\n,'\
SHIRE 1.11? i:i: vi.s W tVERIXO.
London, Keb. J?. "The Dally Newa" is In
?.. ? ?..! tbal Blr Henry Jamea, Lfberal-Unlonlat,
wlll ma.va- th.- adjournmenl of tho Houae of <*om
mona to-morro* to ? i? t i attentlon t,> ih- Indlan
eotton dutles. He pmpos*. to dlvlde th- lb.ii.--o.
Th-* dlvlsion wiu be extremely crltlcal, as many
Llberal* have I. in lashlre ae its.
"The x R-a" will have .1 double-leatled leader
on the subjeet. The tone of thla leader nnd the
care taken to avold deflnl.plnlona betray Boma
apprehenslon as t.. the result Th< wrlter aaya:
lt la well known. dean '- all lh* paln* Ihei hav*
laken to !???.??? ::??!'?? thf Bnancial nea rBalti<>9 of i.<
Kitn .. home, thal ihi Minl?ter* h*\*
falled intlreh io *atl*fy the r-otton Indurtry ot
1..111. aahlre, whleh naturall) I wnaltlv* lo *ny pro
I ,- ..- ?? llme* -?> iu rrom
....... m Fowlor, s-.;..i.,rv for lndU. wlll
? s.r Honrj -I im< ? ? \iaa\on
.. tx .vi.ld'e.1 Th. poaltlon ??' i i* rjova-rnmen
v | ti* ma Ie ? loar, on I th* ? ountn an 1 '. >>? rnm*nt
wlll learn i ?? . ely ahere thi oppoaltlon an.l any of
Ihe Laneanhlre Llberal*, who an - >;,;. ?-? 1 .
iv iverlng, are itandlng. Thi* I* lh. Importanl q ?? -
ln Bome rpiartera th* opinlon I* thal th- Oo*,
? rnmenl wlll rei Ign al om ? If defeated i n the
i.,:,,. . f uie eotton dutl - Pi bably the llmlta to
v hl, |. i" <; \.-i .nn* ni wlll g - wlth a i'll ?'? '" rm
l iinina the *..?!? * ol the Lan ishlr* Llbi rala w.n
!,. de. :?!?? I at a Cabli ? - - m?m mr.
? -. .... |,,,i. rhmnli ;-'? arlll dlsciisa Slr Henry
Jamea'* .il .i In r ? lei hea.led Th* Oov
k.., \ p .Bihl. Hli - lutlon.
Tlc* WTlt. r B8J :;:
?- Ralfonr. aho at ftrat *
irnr.il br Mr. i I,..-,--I"-.
' "," . Ci
. ?? ? ? '? rshlpo M i-ii
.... b) ,11 mean, Wlhsa
?ahi, h a -???.? En.llBh parij
-. - "' ' r * :
iw ? ' '
,11 rommli
s? ,t vqffXJXs
upon Mi Kowler'a -'??
Manch ? ? l* ? eom'
men it arti.le
Tha ..... ...a,..'
... ,ven
... ... ? ? ?
u ' "
? . ?
? ' ?
??TB Hl , - ?
. ,.: ? I I
? lt 11
' 'hal
? '
? ? ?
I,.,'.?., rlh I ? "k '""" "
miir-l.i ? heart bi
Ila 1 ?' ? " I
i... ?. i
m kgi.?? ,? Mill ?.apaau>d bi hli ? i- '?*??
? . M| I. , a'l.a.k. lh. .1- l*H
I I..--,, nye Man ly. araan io th*
ii .i ti*. i.i ..
prelli In .-1 ba urtng, I ?-'?? i
, , .,,, ? ? nr,....-. 'I
. , ,.. . um tlenlry then m.a.i'
*?*.?*. arMeh reduced io
. by Mi M '
i;, nn aa '?,il,iv.
i * m Inaanel Kwloi i I had known lladg*
rirysilale ? vv- mmvoma frlendly
.u.l wara Piigaged -.. la.- marrled, and aha- won
rlp. on i ? ftui Bhe alao l-'..i?hi me a rinic
,|,| ,,.. I J|,?. f..- I W?- tO I-...V 111
i?r in S.-w-Yorb on flunday H-r Wl ara had
i . | , ., I . i | I had wlr.,1 raa>r * niiraii.-.'?'"?
l? |. ? ?,.. kn.au ihe ..i-c of lh* BUd*>n ?mnit*.
ul,;,., ^ ituraL my ii.ii.vints a* muen m nn
aa I <lld. Her telfsram read ntM. 1 la*av- !? i ??
;il |ii i haal lonrneyed ..n i.IkIh frorn rloatnn.
.,,, i was wi l-eepi when I K"t ?-, New yora
;(. | ,|?i ..,,. ?,. . ther* untll 11 4:;. i ainved |h< ;
.ii,l iii nol *?? Hiivthiiiit ol ln r m th* 1. I-* i-"
.\ thlng, wa* .i ,i.ii.|(l'-t- wri
w..?i i? hei falhei hous* ..n.i a*ked .( i- ???' |
heard anything ol hei >~omlna ta him H* ?bio
,,,, | i, ,,i I.. tt. i a , t,.Ai. I-.- .ln. th.T.' wer.
more iraina anal I mlghl '??" ? h*r. I ?????' ?,v"
agaln, and nol aeelng h.-r t.onght a round-tnp
ii. k.-i and took .a traln for riiiUil.-lpr.i-. H '
,,,,!,,, i!nv> i :., i been iriiaVin*, on belng dl m
,?,i,i,,i .rn arrlving In I'hllailelplha i ??"' '" '?"*
.. Ml *- Wetrleti j
h.^r.i ).. wa* ne?i ?.r l -acih l.to .'
?? , Mr /.-, . ai i .. k* i -Al.. r- ara . Mia* *<"*" *
room l had a platol In mj i.ket, ?i.l- n i .i
l?,ri,,w,.| from ?> man nam-Ml Hackel In oui -""
.,.,,,, i aald In mi mlnd i ma) h.iv.- lo ci'"*
.,.,,, Roma>o i.i lh* f- ot. I fulh '.|- i"i to Un l
a man In her room, ? little blond* fellow I. w.-nt
iinatalra u.l walkeal Into th* room, and *'hen i
aa? her ? .- vary mu. h dellgbled. I aal.l "Well.
alarllng i hav* com*." l had Uved on '"??' ? '
cIhui I.i..ih f'.i ;. areek prevlom I araa .'?
i,|, ;<l\ npael l aalal "Are you glad to aee m*
Sh- -.?alll.-.l IO I" BWfljIly -ll-.|'l.lt'-'l Bl ."?? ?' P
praninre Bhe unlil: "Oh, .-.Iin. bt| i ;ara- you alo
[n. ha i- ' I ' il I |,,,! "?' *? "" kl" ' '"',".
anp Ha|n "| wlll nol' laa l retni inber). l *aio:
?-Y..-I won'l ' ' Bhe replleal "No." Theae aee.I
,,, |?. her lai i worda, aml Ihe resiill followe?i l
imih Inaanel) lealoux I had no nl ntlon o i hool
i,,,. i,, i- when i lefi Roaton B.l l araa a en?
,,, i :,,, i loveal ih. woman
T.a- tai..- wl.?'.? ntrj wj mi il Tblrty ihlrd
mi ?n<l 1'olnmbla ava . I on I bVlrmouni
park and II i* bell^vaed lhal ha haa l.n bldlng in
i '.. Wood* in lhal lo illtj ? ' Ih* la.iik Ine* ? >mm i
nna ??,. ,j.--i n<- ha i M'" "i bu n arhen
;:.';, ,?.,l m ih- ho-pltal. in addltlon lo h return
rallna.fl n k.-t to Nea 'S ? n k ani aom* other valua
"'?'i,,. murderer, although a .paratlv* atrangei '"
|.n',. ,|.,,,, ,. v. :.!. .! i Io r-xpoae hlmaelf either
,,, ,,.. ,\. i,;. -I , .1 treatm. nl or lo obtaln food. li
., n0i km wn iu*1 when ?'.a i.n . li n. -ted tl "
',..,.,,.,. . ?,. ? i . heart, bul Ihe raei thal m.
II .it lh* Btiempi al *elt destnir
ila.p waajgnHili" aftei h* bad ta,. um* w.eakened and
w.i.< I'onnsqu ntly unabli t" badly injur.' hlmaelf.
Roberl B. Drysdale, the '.-iha-r of Madge forhe,
l!l#. murlerrd aetrea*, arlll atarl from Philadelphia
v ,,i, I, i ;?,!-. ih..* mornlng. The funeral will lak.
-jai ;,i \ p, m. to lay ..' ti"- rnit.iriiui fhurch of
t.;,', ,?,| Hope, i?lghty-flrat-Bt., bet..lolumbua
' ,i \, .:-i.i.,.c ivm., ih- l:-v. i.r. n,.:i-a. Ibe paa
;,, iinit 'iii.- body wlll i>- piaced In th.* re
,., ivlna '???' " ?'' u" ?il-'w" Cemeti i ?
PCTTJXO FF IHE Fltlci: 08 011
c.l.iiiii.'i-. Oblo, I''-'- 8k Th* Buekeya Plpa
i,i,?. Company, tha parcbastng departmenl uf the
gtandard Oil Company. 8?dv.nced tha prtca ol o\\
,, |.,,,,... oblo, thia mornlng '-''j oaala a barrel,
maklna th.; prlca fat tba North Uma produet
;??!;. '"nt*. aml Botith Uma :.7'. e.nU a barrel. it
,';,,,.,ii. i-.i lhal " arm raaah H by Aprll I.
. ? -*.
Trenton, N. J.. '?"'??' -'" At " Bombat af aar.i
,,,,. potterle* to-tto) notlee* mmte ,,..-..-i af un
ethei reductlon In wagea rarylng fra.m .'?". t" M 9*t
_i ||,,. prfBBarrs. whom thc cul alfeeta arlO
hold a meetlng ta^morrow nlghl lo dhayuaa the
tfM :,,?. | .:,,!.- maj ba ordered Tha man.
ra.turera declan that th1* cul i* nacaaBary owIi-.k
o th" depreaalon of buslnaaa t'on.parattvHy
|,ttla aanltary -A-ira- i* t-ing imM al the praaml
A i.i:- 'I i BB WHEX THB
rYaahington, Feb 50. Frederl- k Douglaaa
ilr-.piM'd dead in the ballway <>f his realdenci
? ? 1 - , . ? , - , i . 1 ,|| ,,i,- . . , i .\ i ,?i ni- , ? .,?,.,,- - ....
i Anacoatla Helghta this evenlng at 7 o'clock. He
j had been -.. tln- blgheal aplrlta, .md was flp
i parently in th.- beei of health, deaplte his aev
: enty-eighi yeara, when death overtook him. This
I mornlng he was diiven ;,, WashlnBton, accom
panled by hls wlf". Bhe left him al the Con
| gresslonal Ubrary, an.l ln- went "ti i" Metaerott
Hall. where hi- attended tlie s>-s-;..ns nf the
> Wi.rnans Councll in the ferenoon anl the after
' aoon, retnrnlng l . Cedar tftlt, his home, between
.". and .i o'clock After dlnlng ha had a -hat tn
the hallwa) with hls wlfe aboul the doinga of
ihe councll. ll grew very enthua'aBtlc ln iils
explanatlon of one of the Incidenta '?f the day,
ai'i auddenly fell upcn h'.n kneea wlth hands
claaped. Mrs. Douglaaa, thinklng this waa part
"f hln deaeriptlon, waa not elarmed, bul as sho
lo iked he sank l' wer and i.>wer. and flnally lay
Btretchej upon th,' lloor breathlng hls laat.
Reallxing thal he was iu. sh-> ralred hls head,
and then underatood thal hewaadylng. She waa
alone in the hous-, and rushed to th- front ^<>r
svlth rles for help. Bome men who were near by
(|Ui. kly i- iponded anl attempted t., r< atore the
dylng imi,. One of them called Dr. .). Btewarl
Harrlson, and whlle he was Inje llng a reatora
llve ini" i,i- patlent'fl arm Mr. Douglaaa paseed
iway, aeemlngly arlthoul paln.
\ Mi- Dougtaxa h.s llved foi s..;,?t ! ma al Cedar
Hill wlth i,i .? ? l ..:i ? B< rvanl ii- has tw.
.i ,i daughter, the chlldren "f hls firai
wife. llvlng hero. They a,- l_ouM H. and Charlefl
. ,. -. and Mis. Bprague. Mr. r>,.i;_:ass was
i.. dellver a lecture to-nlghi ai Hllladale Afrlcan
h, near hla h ime. and was waltlng for a
.,r,,i.:. When talkine to >is Wife. Th- CBITtage
arn\ I J , -1 as he died.
Mi Douglaaa sald to-nlght that her husband
had apparenlly h^n ln th- beat ->f health lately
snd had ahowed unusual vlgor f<?r nn? "f hla
?. i - No arrangements, Bhe aald, would be
.. ide ror hli funeral untll hla ehl'dren could (???
li i
ll la ,i itng i ar fa l ln r mnectl m with the
.i.-ith ' Mr. Douglaaa that the verj laal hour
hl- llfe were giver ln attentlon t" ? ne nf the
plea :.. whl. h he haa de*. .te i hlfl ? ni rg n
? ? hla eecape fr.-m slavery. He was a regu
larlv enrolled m-mber of the National vVoman'fl
.- \-s,, -latlon. an 1 h ia alwaya att< n i- I
.,...? || ..va- pl ihlj a h a view t i
. . in 'ia. i- apecl that he app -ared at
\. ? ? ? ? na -, da) .Ithough II waa -. se rel
of the ? .un ii. Mr i' .uglasfl -.\ is
n aJn and when i ng h id
, ..... ord. i- bj Mrs May Wr ght
.?-.,-; ?? I Mlsa
, .,.. i th< Re. v:.- - H rlhaw
platform, -
tl . '..'.,?,,:. - i ,l m a-" "i ''1 ' "
??;!,? Mr I Mr.
,, |(C| , . , , .. ..;, ii. and. contentlng htmaelf
., i, ,- ,:. io lhe applauaa that
1 th- atiti ? in.
\t.th mg, hlfl, Ufe-long frianfl. Nothlng to
it | waa n n ln hla uaual go .1 h
tlme and lo-nlghl aft.
kn .wn ii"!' '!'?' conld rex all any
? . appearai 1 tlonfl oul ' ' ??
llng I ? the -t.it."...'m of ..
.... .. that he rubbed hla lefl hand
? ugh ll a re I ?
"' ... r. .. 1 ?
mornlng Beaalon lastcd untll aftei i
. riock. and Jusi befor- that h. ur .... n*1-1?*
,,,.,,: , ? waa itarted ..1 the pmpo?dtloii thal
. ,,,.,'-. .?. llvld* the
Sational Councll Intn an upper and loa.r
!,,?.,. Mr Douglasa 1... i.n- much Int. ?
111 ihla dtacuaal n, -? mu h bo ln t* t. thai
when ih ?'? un II r< nvtn. d at 4 ncloiK 1
.?!?,.. further onald rall .n to the rnattei h- waa
aaaln preaenl fllthmigh it had been ln- lnt?*n
,,..? ? . return 1 - hl h -me earlier ln Ih.
II,. |,.ri tb. hall n ihe adjournmenl .?f lhe
.-,.?. aboul .-. ... 1 -k .....l had been al his home
bui a flhorl Um* when hlfl death wcurred
When Mi-s Buaan H Anthony heard of^ Mr,
Dnuglaaa'fl death at the evenlng aeaalon of the
Councll. Bhe waa very much affected. ??"?'
ronderful control over her feel
Irtga. bui t" nlghl ahe could nol conceal hei
? ,?, Deaplte nei aeventy-flve yeara ahe nv
,?.,iiHte|y aimo.ineed her Intentlone of going (
ib* Douglaaa home. near A.._,-.s..a and had
... lually start.-d when aomeof her frWn.is f-.u
f.,1 that ttie 1'...r...v. wlth Its quote of bad
,...,,is. and the n Itemeni ot a jrWt to ths
pr. lence nf death. would have a bad effecl nn
ber use.i parauaalnn to auch nn extent thal she
nnally conaanted to defer the trlp 111.111 '"'"."./
,ow Si..- was very much avera* o rwtBTnlng tn
the atagrs m Metaemti Hall. .miten,ii,.? tha
w ,uld nppa-ar linfeeling for her I" do s... i>ut
..s !,n,.m7.er ,.f the mors .llstlng.-lsh-d mem
i?,a of the Councll were ni.a.-nt she agreed to
take he,- accust..m-i alaea '- ??"? rl?"ht "' ","
presidlng orBoer , .
Mlsa Anthony and Mr i..,ngi-?' "?-').-1 >
mai, frlendahlp when both reetded ln Ro. 1
\ y and thai fri n lahlp haa ronl .1 formanj
ileca lea "u- in Idenl ln connectlon wlth h-r 1
Utiona wlih Mr. DouglaaB was recalled by M .
Anthom Durini the ?aH| -i*^ of the antl
laven Bgltatlon. Miss Anthony and her ven ra
. .... i.,t... Bllaabeih C d; Btanton, ap^ared
,. .,? mtl-alavery meeting n whlch Freder ck
Ih.uglaflfl was taking ? promtnenl |"?" ."';".'
were noi weloome aa publlc apeakerfl ln Ihoae
days. and Mr. Douglaai had agreed to rea 1 an h-i
Iress prepared by Mra. Btanton Hla rendltloa ol
her wrltten remarka lld nol aull thal lady. and
.'?,.,?,._ r.'-warl. ihe took the paper froaj
hands. wlth the remark. "Here. ^rlck. let me
read ll " kni ahe dld so, thoa marking the mi
HHtlve ln the appaarance af wmnen as aciora in
publlc gatherlnga. _^ , ?,,.,___..
Mr DotigUflsa dlsllk* for lhe mors 'amlltarap
,., ;,.,t; :, ,,r Kred DouglaaB was on* of his, moai
marked characterifltlca Ai an Mtan. - of Ihla lt
is related thal whlle in th-* Eafll Room of thi
Whlt.- Houae one day. he heard 1 w.u.ian say,
"Th.-i-'s Ft -I Douglaafl." , .. ,, h.
?Kr-.i.-.i-k Douglaafl. If ro? ptaaae, flald he,
with a ? ? .nnIv l>"W. ._'_-,,,?,.ii
Al lo-nlght's meeting nf the UouieivflC? inul
Mr-. Mai Wrighl Bewatl announced tbe deato nt
Mr Douglaaa Th-re waa ; rnurmur, e*P?T"j"*
aurpHae and Bympathy. and then th* councll aet
tled down to thfl buainaaa of tha evening.
i'.e,|.,?u Douglaaa was b-ta In , K.-t-rimry.
isi7. 11. Tuckabe*. neni BaatoB. M I. Hia
niolher imi- ,i alSVB f/omail
and his f.-.th.
., whlt* mn, H* waa ? slave ea lhe
pbuitatlOB of Colcnel Edward Uoyd M" endured
greal auffertnga as 1 slave, which were the mor*
ke.niv fell on.-unt af his nncemin.m Intelll
g.e ai i.n yeara of >ge ha w..s -lenf to one
?f i.is maater-fl rrtatlvta la Balttaaore. and was
permlttad when ahoul ?ftaan y.-ars old to hlre hla
own tlme from hia flsaater, paylng ih* latter $3 a
w?*h and reUiaJng lhe real ef his earnlngs.
The atory la (amlll... h<.w l.? tlrst learned o make
the letters of lhe alphahet hy BtUdylBg the rai
penter's marka on llv plaaka and tltnh-is ln tha
?brpyard al Balilnrare. He aaad to Ihrtea to hla
mlstreaa readlng ths BIMe with u curtoufl Intereal,
and bs longsd to IsarB ihs Herret srbtch 1 n. bled
her to read and enjoy tbe holv hook. one .lay he
a-ke,| her If she would no: tea.h him to read. The
good lady raBaantsd, and he proc.led wlth Buch
apUtuda an.l raetdlty thal hla maater, who dld aol
belleve "m teacMng Blggsra to read." aumraartls
|,ut ..11 -nd to lha _o,?i aork. Ifl apita ot every
obatacM whlch _as tbrowa In hla way be al len tth
l...iiii.,| I.. read, and ln eoaapan*. wlth another
young ti,an st,,rle<1 fl Mundav .--hool Thls ex
,:i.,i ihe riKhteous indlgaatkM of tba cburoh peo
r.l- aml the Sunday-s-hool was rudely hrokeu . p
a! ,?ie of Hm -.esslons. Hls .ctislMve nulure bej|an
t,, - haf.- under tha har.lshiis ta whi.h MBaaa
-..l.._etr,| BBd th- l-iiotnlny wlih-h reated .pW. a|K
ra,e. Hla whole aoul was In rebelllon aml ,he i'
BOlVfld, Heaven helrHng him. to I.r.-ak away from
hla bondage. ror many years he kept eecrel the
manner of his eaaape. Procurlng wi?t w,,re car -l
saiior'* protectlon papera from a frlend who nad
been ? aeamao, h?- mada hlmaelf up to aaawer the
descrlptlon in th'-m aa netu-ly as pt)aalb*e,an i board.
Ing tha traln ai Washington on Beptember :i. l1*-^.
bui.i'i in reachlng New-York, and thanea pro
.led to New-Bedford. H-r- be marrlad a colored
woman and Uved for two or three yaara, aupaort
inu himself hy day labor o. iha* wharraa anal ln
va ib workflhops. While i:i N.-w-H.-dford the
young man changed tiis name from Ltayd i?
Douglaaa His efforta al Belf-educatlon at ihis
perlod arere known an.l aldad by William Lloyd
OarriBon. When be began his eareer, ho was
turni i oul of railway cara In New-Kngland, be?
cauae ha* was "guilty of belng luapected" of hav?
lng "atolen hims.-if" from his "master," and be?
cauae it wa* known that ha hal Afrk-an blood in
hla v.-ins.
ln Un- summer ?f 'a-.1l Mr. l.ouslas.s atlended an
anti-Blavery conventton in Nantucket, an.l from
th,- Buccesa of a ipeech in- mada there date* his
eareer as an <>ra:or. Thc Bgency of thc Ma-a-.a
chuaetta Antl-Blavery Boclety was u's,? ,,rf-rp,l
him. whlrh hc aeeepted; and in this capaclty ha
itav-iai and lectured through New-England lor
four yeara. H<- attracted large audltmoea i.y his
power In presentlng th.* facta of alavery as ho
knew them, and urgtng th- clalma ..f the antl
slavery advooatea I" isr> Mr. Douglaaa areal to
England, and was recelved with equal enthualaam
on a lectuiing tour thal h?> made throtmh Oreal
Britain. Tha depth of the Impresslon hp created
there wa* Indlcated by thc Hubaerlptlon of 1730,
L'ontrlbuted by hls Engiish fHenda to buy h.s fr?
dom ... "onllig to regular forma
An ln. i.'-tit of hls *tay In Kngland is worth re
peatlng. ln UM h>* was ln l.ondon uttendlm; 8
greal n.llng ln Covent Oarden, and was invited
ta> addreaa lt. Thr-rc were preaent th.. Karl of
Bhafteabury and hnndrp.ls of thc ableat nicn of
Kngland. At iha- .-oricinslon of hls clo.)UPiit
?:,...., h, Mr. Doualas wa* pe>rsonally congratulated
lha* audlence, earls, noble* and gentry <tep
plng forward and shaklng hands wlth hlm h^art
ilv. Among iho.** who eame forward ta. patronlze
th.lored man waa an emlnenl Brooklyn dlvlne.
\- he approarhed, Mr. Dougla* drew himself up
i., hi- ruTl helght. and said. "Blr, were we to have
inder cimllar dreumstancea ln MrooKlyn ya.it
?aouM nevei havi ventured to take my hand. and
v.a.i ahall i"t a|o ir hcrc" The effect waa eleetrl
,-al The ??? -v. r.-.i'i brother drew off. and ?aon after
left tho Oarden. Nor wa* there bul ? itngle pnl
,,|r ,,, r|| i.,,,,,ion ihat, after the Coveni Oarden
affalr Ik w,.s Invited to flll; and it ls belleved lt
haatened hli return to Amerlca, for thaf followed
noon after . , ,. ?
Ufr ataylng two year* In Kn^land Mr. I'oug
las* returned to the I'nlted Btatea and h.-K..n to
puhllsh In Roeheater "Frederlek Dougla***
paper." th* tltle ot whleh was afterward changed
t,. "Th* North Btar," a wcckly Journal. In 18E9
hl* nuppoaed lmplla*atlon ln th* .lohn Mrown ral,i
!,..i Uovernor *.'?.--. of Vlrglnia to mak- requl*l
don for him upon tha- Oovernor of Mia-hiaan.
where he then happened to be; m conae-auenc* of
wlic li Mr Dotiglaa* returned lo Kngland for a
nhort itay, when ti" eame back to contlnua the
itlon ot hl-, paper at Roeheater.
When th- war began in IMI hc urj;prl on I real
denl Mncoln th- Isaulng of an eraanelpatlon pr...
lamatlon and tho enllatment of colored troop*'
and when the latter *tep wasktaken Mr Dougla**
, i ?. i largelv In *eeurtng*molored reaTiilts. At
th.- cloae of tha w.r Mr muglas* dlacontlnued
l,|H paper and devoted himself to 1-, turlne; hut
,,, iftn h< I- un- Kdltor of -Thc Near Natlonal
Era " ni Washington, whleh was eontlnued by his
r, n* I.- Bl* and !':? I- rl'-li.
Mr houglaan '..l held -i number of important
rtoiitical ofti ??- In \9T\ !'?? "-a-, appolnted saalat
.mt secretary of the commlaalon to Banto Domlngo,
aml on hl* return Prealdent '.ran' appolnted hlm
,,,.- the terrltorlal councll of the DUtrlct of
i-oiumbla ln 1*12 he wa* eleeted Pre*ld*ntlal
..;,, i,, .,* largi -n New-York. and wa* appoint?*-i
I |o earrj the electoral vote of the St.it- to Wa*h
i ingtoi I, 1878 hc wa* apiylnted by Pre* lent
Hitye* i nlted Btatei Marahal for the Dlstrlct of
Columbla in th. face of atrong oppOsltlon; he re
tainaxl thla dfflcc tlll IMI, wh-n he waa mad- Re
.,,, ,.., of ii-. ls ln thc Dlstrlct of f'olumbla, from
.-.. .- he was removed hv Prealdent rieve.
? ,.. i ., ..v,, .,, 1889 Preaidenl Harrl?on app'.intpd
hlm Mlnlater to ll i\:-. wh; h p H be realgned in
\ii Dougla** publlsbed a nnmi*r of hook-. They
Intlude "Narratlve of My Bxperlence in Blavery,
. a^ti "Mj Ronalage and Mj FYeedom, ' MSa and
? l |f, .,. , -ii;,.,. - ot Prealeriek Douglaaa. liSl. In
IMI Mi Dougla** marrled Miss Pltt*. of Waahlng
: lon a white woman. he havlng h?n at that time
.war ia*r aboul *lght*en months. Up nad
four chlldren living. I.ewl* H Douglaaa, Kredcri'-k
nouglaaa, Jr.. Charle* R. Douglaaa and Mra
B| r? _ ^_ _
Philadelphia Peb. 30. The eomplet* vote for
? and Receiver of Taaea In y iterday'a elee
tlon w i a* follo. ?
Por Mayor Oharle* !?'. Warwlck <ltpp ?. Ul.iBJ;
Robart K I'att lon (Dem.I, T>; 179; John J. Habecker
'j.p, , -. mu* Alman (Peo.), 180. Warwlck'a
' , ' " ?r ,,r Taxea William J. Roney Woo,),
,-.. m '. 79.475; '. rg<
\\ ' (ti tn iI*ro . ? i- "???'-' plurallty, K,i*X
WBISKEY Ml \ /\ 8E88I0S.
i.i-iii.i.r.i^ tw^'r. APVAXflKO rr'.i"'-.< Btnra
,;,,,,..,, ).-,,. ai Receiver* McNulta, lAwreoce
.,?l Mitcheil ot the Whlakey Truat. were bi Beaaloa
mornlng wlth dlstlll ts frem all parta of thc
.mtry antl ri ial aa well aslTrual i >nceraa be
. ..,., The dl*Uller* w-r- preaent at
,, r,-. McNulta n f.r the I'iith-w of
dxlng the prl..f whlakey, whleh la bellevad by
thc receiver* to te i ?- low. Th* quMtloa of
whether the prlce ahould be ralsed or nol was tir-t
dlsposed of Ihoae preaenl belng almoal unanlmouaty
,? f.vor of an advanee. No agreemenl .-ould ba
re^ched Bl on,.n how much thla advance should
be, the majority wl - expr ---i an opinlon Incltotag
-., , . i.? '
T,?. reoelvera have iu rt dla ivered that th* Trust
owna .-. raluabl* pUce of property la Callfaenla.
whleh was nol Included IB the ?tat*a?ent of aaaet*
ln ,,?. orlgtnal petltten for a recelverahlp IW
on behalf of Olmatead ar.d othera Bo f.r. lt has
..? found that the company is BJAtXtM better o?
than . i? r?pre**Bted I ? Judge Orosscup. lt will he
n , *k before lh* New-Yorh Protectlve rommlttea
wiu have its report on retwganlaatlon ready. The
va,.rk of getttng a "? ??"'' Invantory la ilnished. and
there remalna nothlng to do byt arork wii the de
talla of lh* p:?n. whleh ll I* underatood wlll not hc
mi de ,-ui.,:.- in its entlrety until the commlttee rc
turna t? Npw-Vork.
Peort* I". Voh. M lt is reported b.*re thal the
recelvera of tha wnNk-y TniBl wlll brlng mlta
agalnal Oreenhui and othera conc-erned ln the maa
agement ?f ihe Truat for amount* - ild to haara
!,...? takan fiom tha treaaun uader eontraeta
whii. an belleved lo bav* been made wlth mi.-nt to
defraud n l* ?ald thal one contracl ln whl.-h
Mr Ireenhui was Intereatad cpneern* a matter of
at leaat HSOO.orjn, and thal ih* Brat sull will be Bled
.tgalnai hlm. The eontraeta made between thc dif
r,i-,iit m.miaats of the Trust before thc recelvera
wlr" appolnted. ll i- under*tood. wtll \- the baata
r..r other ?utta which ^f' to follow.
?? ?
Albany. Feh. Ifl fiovernor Morton to-day eam
muted lo Imprlstmment ta.r llfe th.- Bent-cnc* of
liporR.* W. .'ram. \\h.< was convlcted in New-York
iber of th* murder of his wlfe. The
Ingraham v -ry atrongly urgea a commutatlon ..f th
.enience and la vlew of ..ll the rtreumatancea Iw
prlaonmem for llfe wlll be a safer punlahmant, an
?iil fully anawer all the demaada of Justi.t.
BATWABV8 0888X08 8BT8 .4 8RTBAOE.
Iflnneapolls, Feb, ? Tba biaaalty thcory put ap
by tbe defenea In the Hayward trlal recelved a
hiow this mornlng. Mrs. W. W. Haywaid, mother
of ih* defendant, was ..n th* staad, and Mr. Brwln
fui- thp defenea aaked:
Mr.-. Hayward. have you aver known of laaaaa
peraona In y.ur famlly?"
Th* witna.-s itartasd to anawer, when iha* state
Interpoaad ,.n ahfectkm, tha- Court susflnlng. Mr.
ESrwIn Mata-.l thal ha? adshed to Bhow that '"Adry"
Hayward, th* brother <?f tif dafand.'.t. was in
?ane, aud had made hla atateaaeat, whi.-h he be
lleved to ha* boaeat, whll* under a deluatoa.
Judge Smith Btated thal lt was for tha* Coart to
ruie upon the i*ompetency of i arltneaa to tpstify.
When "Adry" had k<>i,. oa tha* stand tha? aipfpn,-p
had aoi Introdueed evldence i<> Bhow thal aa waa
no; eompetent and the Court ha,i daelarad hlm
rompetent. Th.?refore teatlmony , ould not ba in
troduced now t,< show "Adry" lna.na.
Thc Court ali.l nol allow Mrs. Hayward to teatlfy
| ln thla relatlon. Thv defence took an *xc?DUon.
PABSM op- i:i:tai.iatio\ a.iainst mayor
|bv 1____KbBAPB to TitK Tr.truNE.l
Albany. Feb. 20.?Levl IV MortOfl ls Oovrnorot
New-Tork. Ha was elected lasi November. Hla
majorlty was unprwcadented. His right to the
ofBce an,i qu___flcatIoafl for lt wer-' aever dlapBta l.
The title was rlawless; an.l yet hundreds of Indft
vi.luals who rejolee to be known as "practical
poUtlciana" hav.- heid tha betlef, and actad ao*
cordlngly, that. after all, ha was aol actually the
Chlef ____*ci_?ve of tha Btat*. Th<* real rakrr, they
Inaiflted, was ona Thomas ('. Platt, doing busiti- -3
Bl Xo. 49 Hroadway. NoW-Yorfe Clty. Mr. Platl
di.i not, of courae, BBpUdtly admit this Battartag
charge. Me was not ?) unwise as t-) d) that. Hut
there is n . evidenca on recorrl that ha ever iaid
anythlng or dld anythlng to aap tha faith ol hia
foUowera in this poUtlcal creed of the hour. Hc
could not well do ao. He bellavod it himself. He
practtcally declared it on the night <>f eieetion.
where he aanouaced at the Fifth AvanBa H,.t.>l
that hls I'laim to th- un-lisptite-l leadership of tho
party had been Vtndicated by tho electlon of his
candldate for Oovernor. Th.- __anner in whi.-h he
aaaumed the right <,f diapenalng patronage, Bflleet*
m_- 9 BpcBkar, organtelng tha __*gtalature and di
rectlng the entlre pohcy of the Btate govern
m"ni tti'iif it plain to every ona that he cot.
celved hims.df to be dothed with abaolBta poweti
and that. furthrrniore, to him, as to hls followers,
Oovernor Morton, the man wbo had heen swept
into ..ffw by 990 Republican tidal wave, waa a
rnere Hgurehead, a betpleas, trnstful creatUN
Icnowing no law but Mr. Platt'a will.
Mr. Plan holda this betlef no longer. The
faith in hls ..wn power was rtidfdy shaken laat
nlirht in th** Exeeutlve Manaton, aa he, Oeneral
Traey and (.'oggri-ssniati QuigK llstened with
ama/.ement t.. the Oovcrnor's i'Ui?H derlaraiion
of Independance. Hr- could acareety credtt tha
o\ Uioncc of hls s<*nses. Ho went away Ukfl OBO
ln a draam. it cr.ui.i not, it must not. be true.
H, rrturni"! this morninpr in tho hope that tt
was all a delueton or that he had misund?r
st.?,d the OovefTtOT. Hut it was m>t BO What
.ver doubts he had as to Mr. Morton'fl real
scntiments wore dlspolled durlng thls s.-cond
visit. and when Mr. Platt starte*. for hom** on
th.-- .arly aftern ,-ui train ba reallsed f->r tha
I'.rst time slnco November ii that, deaplte '>1I
his fond bopea, footlah aaatitluna and vain
imaslnati-ms. .!? splte all the absurd Cbatter of
hls henchmen. deaplte tho apparent plial ility
aad nndouhied fri-ndllness of the (Iovernor to
him. Levi P. Morton. and not Thomas C. I'lart,
Is, was and will l.e Governur of thfl Emptra
State In fact as in law.
It must not be aaaumed from this ".hat tha
Oovernor has declarad war upon the b-.ss, or
even repudiaterl him. Far from it. He is just as
fri-ndly as .ver; Just as fri. ndly BB bfl CBB be,
conaig-flntly wlth his own ideas of what is right
Bttd espedient; hUl he insisrs that BO Bhall !'?
the Judge of what la the BfOper thlng t.i do. Th!l
ls fatal tO Mr. Platt, for Oovernor Morton i> a
man of broad. elear views. essentlally progrosslva
.md ln touch wlth tho. bent at Btka. nts >'f tha
party. So. whlle Mr. Platt found him Just a*
agreeable as ever, he BOOfl beeame aware of th?
fact that he was in COUtact with a robust hut
undemonatratlve power <>f re__it____a. 11 h a
thing. the Oovernor is reported to have saiJ. ai
r.taliatory leuislatlon upon Mayor Btrdng wai
..ut of the queatlon. All talk of raprlaala must be
dropped Imniediat.'ly. Ii was ridiCttloua. Mr
Platt gaaped tor hreath as h.? UatOBCd. He
looked at the Gtovernor Inqutringly, aternly, but
the other procoeded calmly. The Mayor of New?
fork waa a Republican, to be ?ure, but was h?
not elected on .1 non-pBrtlflan platform? And aa
an honorable man. rnust h<? BOt UvO up tO hli
piumlauaT Ha had appolnted Mr. Brookfleld.
bui what of that? Mr. Brookfleld waa .nalified
f..r the place; hls RepuMlcanlsm was nnquee_
tloned, and had benot t>-.-n for yeara Mr. Platt'a
holce tor Chalrman of th.- Btate Commlttee.
M. i'latt Wlnced, bttt said nothlng.
The appolntment of Mr. Bcotl was not agreo*,
abip. of courae; but in view of tha fact that h?
was Mr. Platt'a eoaittion can ini.it.? for Mayor ol
New-Vork iu HtO, and that BBOn like Cbrnellttfl N".
Miiss, Colonel s. v. R. Croget and Bdwur.
Mitchell were almost nad out of the party by
the bos-. tor refnatng to loMaona tha nomlnattoo.
it v.as difflcull to ?*? bOW a Mic ,-sst'ui |BB 11
, 1,uld be ralaed on thi-* polnt Moreover, Mn
Beott was tha choice of th-" leadlng DenwcraiM
Inwvers .if the iiivtropulls. Aslde from these two
appotntmenta. thera was uttle to ctitlclaa In arhal
Mayor BUtMBg had done. C-'ftainly h>* hai BO.
acted Ineonfliatently with th-* ptatform up a
which he had accepted tha oflleo, Moreover, thi
last Repuhllcan state CoBventaon, whlch wai
auppoaedly controlled by Mr. Platt, had declarad
lu the rnoai unequlvooal and 1 mphatlc mannei- in
favor of home rule, ? prteclple which ha-i beeg
siiamcfully vi il.-t.-d l-v tba Hill-She.-han-Murphy
.'r.iker ring, and any attempl tO _,? etitrary t.
th.- Itcpubttcan platform, tha party law. wouM
be fraughl with tba graveat perU, partlcularlf
now, when publlc flentlmeni was so tboroughlf
cryaUlllaed agalnat i.egisiative interferenca in
local a-talrx Iba people won _?doubtedl_r with
Mayor Stronif. avefl though his BPlNNOtlMBtl
were aneoylng t,. tiv Btate nacblBO.
Hv thls time Mr. Platt'a eyaa ha.1 a fat-away
Look in them. __-metblng lik.* "buneo.-d BgBlB
aeboed floftly through his rocel organa. but dt"d
.111 hls llps' lt was hardly neo-ssary tO say
that tba Oovernor would pmbahly stand by thi
Benate and Assembly in whatev-r c.uis. ih-y
mlght take ln lealtng with rfew-Torh Clt|
measures; but Jurij.ln? by the expre^sion giveg
vest.-rday to the -.-ntiments of th- men.hori
fnun Now-Vork County, and tbe geaeral fea*
ItiK manifesled ln both Hooaefl, it will be B?
caodlnglr easy f,,r tha Oovernor t,. Btand b?
tius K.-n.-tai aaaurance.
There was a wan Bmlle >,n the vislt.-r's pale,
?rorn fa.-.-. He bowed altghtly. Thi- Oovi rnoi
went even further. In eapre?Ing hla hopet
for harmony hc could t-ll Mr. Platt that he had
aln-ady nrged ui?.n Mayor Str-.tu; tbe advfaBB
bility of makinK 110 more "exasperatitiK appotnt*
ments'-exasper itlnK to Mr. i'latt. This ln?
formation was more pteaalng t'"t Mr. Morton to
impart tlian* for Mr. Platt t<. recetvo, What
did it mean? Wimply that the mau wbo lesi
than thirty day? ago poafld as the abs.ilute
dlctator of the State was b.in.* IntflrCOdOd PN
l.y the man whom ln* wis su|.|.o..d to ov.r_
Probably nothlng tbe Oovernor said itt th?
inierview <ut dflepflr that this BtatOBMBl ol
What should be lone ln Platt'a behalf with
Mayor Strong. No wondOff thut the coiiferencfl
ended about thi. time
Ome out In ihe corridor of tba big bullding. Mr.
Platt tried to be hlnifelf agala, di'liaii'. <-ynical
and. tO BBptrflcial observers. aa conlld.-ut as ever.
But every 1 rleai-beadad unliBbar and there ara
many here-wh.) saw him going down to the BtflB
tlon arm ln arm wlth "Lou" Payn. felt that. not
wlthstandlng all the boasting of hla followitia,
the twilight had come at UM Bpoo the virici
fortunes of Thomas C. Platt. an.l thfl blgbl 9791
athand. Aa one bystander of mercanille habiti
put lt: "He ls ln procees of Uquldatlon."
To-night the corrldora are full of rumors abiul
an Old Ouard of elghty-eigtu rqerabers* of the A__

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