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i:ct IN THK IfOUfeE.
! ?? ?!: TiiK mi-:.? M B! IAI.I. UPON MAf
Washington, Fei?. M.?Democratic partisansl
?von a victory over American ?patriotism in t
HiUSc of Representatives to-?lay when Mr. Hit
rrotion to recede from the disagreement to i
Senat?? amernlment to the C ?nsular and T>i*..
matte Appropriation t?in, which provides
the building i?y the G.vei nment of a submarl
Cable fr ?m the Cnitel States to Hawaii, wa?
jer-ted hy a vote ol 111 yeas to r.2 nays. T
negative votes were all cast by Dem?crata t"-?1
of whom, It Is pretty sale to say, M voted w!
Rreat relu tar. e and no enthusiasm. The afflrn
live vote.? were east hy ninet> Republicans a
twenty-four Dem?crata, F' ?pulists and sih
Democrats. Thi "straight" Democrats who
voted were Messrs. Bart'ett, Ryan and Sickl?
of New-York ; Camlnettl, Cannon, Englll
Mag-Ire and Geary, of California; lk!rt. of Oh!
M.-Gann. <?f Illinois; O'Neill, of Missouri; Shell.
South Carolina: Whiting, of Michigan; Cocklt
of Texas, and Hants, of Kansas fifteen in i?
The Populists and Silver Democrats were k
artd Pen e, of ?Colorado; ?Baker, Davis, llu.ls
and Simps..n, of Kansas, Kern and McKeigha
"f Nebraska, and Boen, "f Mlim-'S da. Ev?
member from the Pacific and mountain Stat
who was present was recorded In the affirm
No Issu.- was ever more clearly presented
sharply drawn n any question in Congress, ai
if it hal not unfortunately been true that mai
Democratic members were blindly led or co
trolle?! by partisan considerations and prej
dices. It might fairly !..- said tha! .-very memb
who "oted di i so with ev. s wl !?? open. ?Consld?
Ing the time occifpled, n ? subject was ever mo
clearly illustrated; hut light waa the last thi)
the- "Cu~ku ." leaders desired, and all thf
speeches were merely so many attempts to exel
and Inflame party prejudice and !?> confuse ai
misrepresent ih?- question at Issue, and they su
eeeded. The statesmanship of the dooryai
triumphed temporarily, at least.
The debate In favor of the amendment was
singularly brllliani one, and It would have bee
effective in any other legislative body in tl
t'nlted States except the present House of Re]
resentatives. Tt was In vain, however, that M
Ryan, of New-York, speaking in behalf of Arn?
ican commerce, begged his party associates to i
one act in the last days of this Congress i
Justify the existence of the body of which the
are members. His homely eloquence and earnei
words fell on deaf ear.?. It wa? equally in val
that General Sickles sought to re.ail them t
the ways ?if Jeffers in, Monroe and Marcy an
other statesmen who shaped DemccratlC poll??!?
In the past. His eloquerv-e and logic were alik
wasted. In vain, too, did Mr. Btorer, ?>f Ohl<
with masterly eloquence appeal to the patrloi
l?m of the majority and beseech them to banls
partisanship from the consideration of the grea
National matter before them. In the course t
his speech he read with impressive effect ex
tracts from President Cleveland's annual mes
sages of 1SS6 and 188S.
Equally vain were the clear, logical speech o
General Draper, of Massa?'husetts. and tb? earn
est plea of Hermann, of Greg >n. The latter spok
in behalf of th" Paclfl States, whose c immer
clal welfare and ?prosperity are staked upon th
protection and extension if the Pacific trade. Ii
vain were al! the appeals and arguments tha
could be used.
Mr McCreary (Dem., Ky.) called up the e.n
ferance report ?>n the Diplomatic and dnsula
Appropriation bill, and debate on the Hawaltai
cable question, the only matter at Issue betweei
the two houses, was by unanimous consent llm
lted to one and one-half h?nus.
Mr. Hooker <D"m.. Miss.), enc "f th" ????)ifei*re--s
was the first speaker, opposing the amendmen
of the Senate.
Mr. St'irer (Rep., Oblo) said he ?recognized tha'
by a pariy rallying cry inly could th.- p.-ntle
man from Kentucky (Mr. McCreary) hope to se
cure the support of a majority .?f th.- member
ship of the House f-?r the position he had as
sumed. Mr. Storer asked if Mr. McCreary In
tended hy his action t<i impugn the Democracy
of Messrs. Rutler, Cab and Morgan, n ?t to speali
of Senators Hill. Gorman and White (of Call
fornia), Senators who voted f?T It. One-fourth o]
the whole number of Democratic votes wer?
polled In favor of the amendment. When ther?
was a Democratic Administration, a Democratic
President and a Democratic Secretary of State
not a Secretary ?f State who may be above 01
below any party, according to the view taken "I
him, this project had twice been pressed upor
Congrees in 18S? and again !n ItttL He knew 1!
had been said that th" present Adminlstratlor
was opposed to the amendment under considera?
tion; but If so it would be the honest, decent way
to send a message t?? Conaress saying BO, for II
Is on record here in fa\??rof it. When the mat?
ter was und.-! consideration four years ago the
gtr.tleman from Kentucky opposed action on thf
ground that there should not be a subsidy, but
that the Governm nt should of.n'rol the cable, as
it was proposed to do now. and which he now
also oppose*. How (*ong?-esslo.'iel action was to
kg taken, except In one way or the other, he did
not know. Gentlemen wh ? f.mght this amend?
ment wer?- ni.t under the flag of Many, were not
even under the flag of Rayard, but under the
flag of the present .Secretary of State And if
they liked it they oi.ght to stay th? re (Ap
pi s use.)
Concurren-e In the amendment on the part of
the House was further advocated by Mr. Draper
(Rep., Mass.), who spoke of the business inter?
ests Invoked in the? commerce between the
Islands and the United States He favored th"
annexation <?f 'he islands, and looked upon the
building of the cable as the first step In that
In the judgment of the entire Pacific Coast,
sa'.d Mr. Hermann (Rep., (?re?, no question
equals In importance that which 1? now before
the House, unless it be the construction Of the
Nicaragua Canal. Thin project <?f a ?-at?:., t?.
Honolulu Is not the outgrowth of a mere impulse
of patriotism, Inn of the business necessities of
the situation. Th" commerce of the t'nlted
States wltn Honolulu was greater than that with
any other port in the world, with two exceptions.
Mr. Harter (Dem., Oblo) said it mattered little
to him, much as he respected the present Ad?
ministration, whether President Cleveland and
.Secretary Gresham wanted this ?able built <>r
did not want it built The only question with
him wss. Do the interests of the people demand
Its construction? in view of the condition of
ths Treasury, Mr. Harter said, th!? wa? certainly
not ths time to make an engagement for the ex?
penditure of public,money. If there were a sur?
plus In the Treasury, the construction of the pro?
posed cable was not the way In which a portion
of It ahoull find ita way oui of the Treasury.
That was a project the accomplishment of which
should be left to private c ipltal. which was ready
to lay It if Congress would authorise It.
Mr. Ryan (Dem., N. Y i said he believed the
bullding ??f a cable to tie good Democracy and
good statesmanship. Congress could do no better
than to pass the bill which would se? ure tele?
graphic communication with 'hose Islands, which
in the near future would Inevitably be.ome a
part of our domain, and t<> express approval of
the Nlcaraguan Canal project. (Applause.)
Mr. Tucker (Dem . Va.) said that down deep in
the heafts of the gentlemen wh?? advocated the
laying of this cable was another sentiment an?
nexation. (Applause ) He was gla?l to have the
honor of at last smoking out the real purpose of
the advocates of the amendment. (Ironical
laughter.) He was against annexation, he was
opposed to an ambit) ?is Government reaching
out !n the effort t?> grasp anything and every?
thing that might be had. The duty of the I'nited
8t?n-? was to pass laws for the prosperity and
progress o? th? American people, and to sec that
Veto by tha beat famlllea
our conimer.lal relations with otner nations were
proper and profitable. (Applause.)
Mr. Sickles (Dem., N. Y.j mad" the 1.1st speech
In favor of the amendment mad?' by th" Senat"
He said that he was emba****assed by the action
of tii" gentleman from Ohio (Mr. Harter), who.
while occupying his seat, bad lorn ni? his speech
after reading it and had then gone to his own
place an.! answered It. (Laughter.) He wa
more sorely embarrassed, how.v.l. by the fact
that he stood among his p??ty associates unable
to agree with thHr definition of Democracy. On
that ?core he wa.s obliged to appeal from th"
Committee on Foreign Affairs of tha House to
the Committee on Foreign Relations of tii?- Sen?
at?. The policy there announce?! by Mr. Morgan
was denounced here ns ,in-Atnerlc;?n and un
Democratlc by th? gentleman from Kentucky
(Mr. McCreary). %???_would cj-nstiuct for him?
self, said Mr. Sickles.'a platform upon this su*b"
Jeet which h?? believed .M.f.-ss.d ihe I ?"in .cratlc.
doctrine. The first plank he would tak- from
Jefferson. He bad always been a Jeffersonlsn
Inn:? ?rat and was one now. Jefferson annexed
?Louisiana by* purchase, and wis denounced for
it at th" time Who criticis.'d him now? An- :
other plank h'? would take from Monroe, who '
covered ine ?holt American continent with the
declaration of a polii-y tnal stood intact to-day
and would stand for all time. ?Applause? .lack
son would supply another plank He Inaplred the
policy of Polk. Buchsnar and Walker, which ac?
quired the Territory ol Tessa. How many peo?
ple had T.-x.is. naked Mr. Sickles, at the time
she .-aine int,, tii" p?Msesslon ?1 the Unite?!
Staters " Not on..-: hit d is many as there arc in
the Hawaiian Islands and nli.e-lenth? of them
si. r i. ? -ir-. or Mexicana Lo-ii al her now. a
vast empire of millions cf souls and one of the
proudest and brightest gema in the galaxy of
the Union, still anothei plank was rurntshed by
Polk and Fierce, who, wl.-ii th? tn.'tiiis of com?
munication between our Paclflc and Atlantic
coasts lacked security, established a protectorate
? ver iii- isthmus of ?Panama and removed the
fear of danger.
?That. Mr Speaker." continued Mr Bl kle?,
??is ?Democratic policy, and American policy a? I
have studjed it from my >.uth up, and always
understood; and if the time ever i ene.-." he sal I
with much feeling and Impressiveness, "when I
can no longer labor for my country's progress
within my party linen i will break them and go
where i ,-an do so. I have d -n" it ?before. Mr
Speaker, and will do II again for sufficlenl reai n
Th- gentleman frort Virginie (Mr. Tucker) says
he seea annex?t* n undei this proposition for lay?
ing a cable l see it. t .... Mr. Speaker, and ac?
cept. (Applaus, i 1 BIT for annexation So
were Marcv. Buchanan, and a 1 ?ng lin?? of Demo?
cratic leaders. Mr. Speaker, my span of life
has not much longer '?? ru,). hu? I hope to live
long enough to see the star of the Pacific a Id
Its tropical splendor to the glory of ih- Stars an 1
Stripes." (AppMUSe.)
The debate was closed by Mr. McCreary He
dented that the expressi ma In Pr?-sld"nt Cleve
'land's message?? of MS ami ISS?, relating to the
Importance ofi telegraphic communication with
?he Hawaiian islands, were an approval of Oov
ernment construction of a cable, and emphasised
his argument i f yesterday attains? the Senate's
proposition that the Qovernmenl shouli enter
upon the policy of ?able consttfu?tlon.
on Mr. Hltt'a motion thai th- Hi ut? n ? ?
from its di.-agreement to the Benste amendment
and agree thereto, the yeas and nays were ailed
for, resulting: Yeas. Hi; nays. IM; pi*esenl and
not voting. 2. Th" further conference aske! by
the ftenate on th- amendment was then agr.1 |
to. on motion of Mr. M ?'fii'v. and Messrs. Mc?
Creary. Ho,,k<". and lint appointed ??s mana?
gers # __
TiiK SENATE i:i:n -i s TO i:r."Nstfi:i: its
Washington. Feb. H I? <b? Senate t?> lay Mr.
norman flipin, Md.) called up a motion wir.-h be
had made yesterday to reconsider lb? rote by
which the conference report on th.- bill in relation
to income tax returns was agreed lo On tins mo?
tion a somewhat lively discussion ensued, Mr.
Bbermsn fRep.. Ohlol arguing thSl Ihe amendment
nui'ie by the Conf?rent-*? Committee relieving ror
tiorallons of the re'iuir.-metir of .;.ort.:iK salaries
of employes, except wlu-r. ?uaolallj call? ! for. waa
made for the convenient C Of corporation.-?, ?ltd Mr
Chandler dtep . N. II ?. intim?t;m.' thai ?'. wa- th?
work o! Ih? asenta of th.- "eleven Mill?n" railroad
partnership, .vho wer. hanging around the door?
of th<- two chambers seeking lo influence legl la
Hon. , , ,
These assertions w?-re Indignantly flenli 1 l?)
Senators Veal (Dem., Mo.) and Alltaon iRej . lowai
member? of ihe Conference rommlttee, und flnall)
Ihe motion ro reconsldei ira?, on motion ol Mi
\>-t, laid on th?- tai.l" yea?, 57; na**
1.. ers or ? -STATESatEN r*?ON TO BE OI.'T Or* A
JOB" HUNOEH FOR THAT ?1?.M0 -\'.\':
Washington, Feb. 21 (Special). Tier-" sre In Wash?
ington to-nia**h! a! i?asr a acore ?,f Democrat i who
will be "statesmen oui of s Job" within t> r. days
inlesa Presiden! Cleveland shall provldi foi them
m th? mean time, each or." ol whom openl) es
prsaeei or secretly cberlshei tti" hope that h-- will
step Into th?- attru-iiv.- vacancy caused '? Ih?
? bath of Isaac P. flre.v, lat? United States M.:?.?;? :
to Mexico. Th? Incumbent of 'hit- office recelv? i a
salary of $17.5"0 a year h n 1 th-- lut-s ir-- ?upp
to be much more agreeable and i?s- oneroui thar
those of a Senator <n- Representative In ?'..-??
ol course, ?very ?itatesinan ?ho h?tp<-? to b? hj
?pointed deeplv rereis the cause which male h'*
appointment posslt.le; at least, h- appear? to
ami yet appearances ate sometime? deceitful Por
example, In this CSSB the Presiden! has be.-.n for?
mally requested- and In ?on?? cases wim s degr??
of openness which ?joe?- not border on th?- brutal
be ni?- II is itself ?brutal -to oonsl 1er the claims and
qualification? for the post of several greedy appli?
cants, ir, behalf ?if others only whispered Impor
tmltlea and suggest lops have as yet been em?
ployed, because the holy of the late In ,-umb? nt Is
still tinbiirlcl.
Minister Gray hailed from Indiana, and of i "OUI -?
there la a grand scramble ?.f Ho-is|er Heino, rar? f,,r
rh- p.?.-". They are very hungry already, and ?om?
of rhem feu earl) starvation. <?n.- Juliana "dele?
gation" has already vtalted the Prestdenl In behalf
..f on? of the eandMates li is said that theli rlsll
caused the temperature of the White House t i di ?p
immediately to zero, and that one of them remarked
after the "delegation" had .-? aped thai for th- llf.
of him he could not understand boa a Democrai e
President could endura such a degre? of cold, it
wa- remark.-I thai neither ? *i?ii?-r.-SH:ii m Hyicim
nor Congreseinan Cooper v..,* s memb r of this Arc
ti ? expedition, and both of them hav.- su- been
heard ro say thai m their opinion it a-oul i have been
inore delicate for the friend? of tha'. applicant t.,
wall until after th? funeral, Neither of then, how?
ever, ba? been heUI.| m deny, indignantly <?r othei
wise, that he |? himself a proapectlve applicant for
? ? ? la f? -t. both of them seem rather to i n
j.y. it tiiey d0 n0t piyj,, encourage, having their
names "hep! befora the public" in relation t, th?
BUI India,:;, isn't fOh,, ,? captUM ll'at va.am-.
without a lively tuMle. North Carolina, whl h waa
so overwhelmed by the tidal wave of November
would like to hav-, and will have, a word lo ?ay
about that Senator tUneoni wall, Senator It?
s?m has a good many Democratic friend? who will
remain in places wh?i.. they can Berve the \'
ministration aft., March i. and who are read} and
willing to serve.him now The Hooalei must keep
? n eye on Hansom Km h? is not th? only Henalor
who will Boon be s "statesman ? u: ,.?? ., .,,,, ?? ?.?.
ator Hutler. of South Carolina, must be taken .?
the ace, unt. He ha? .-y.-,, mor? powerful friend?
than Ranaom, and so the Hoosleri muai keen an
eve on Butler also. Then th.-re la Itepreaentative
Wilsun, <?f West Virginia, a rnan whUh,. political
fortunes w.-r?- wrecked by his stanch devotion to
t'levelan?] and "tarif! reform." Everybody at least
everybody In Washington knows that the relation?
between Presiden) Cleveland and Professor wn?(,|,
are of th?- must Intimate and friendly, even affec?
tionate, nature, and if the latter should happen to
desire the Mexican mission be would be pretty ?ur?
to ?et It. despite the fact that a mini1,, i of that
Ill-fated Way? and Menu.? Committee C. It. Breck
inridg?- has already been rewarded with the Rus?
sian mission And s i the Hooslers must look out
for Professor Wilson
Illinois adjoins Indiana, arel Springer, win. hall?
from the former State, win also be a "statesman
out of a Job," an M ?i, ii i unless something i
done for him. If any man has serv-.l Ihe Admin
Istratlon faithfully ami ?jealously, n season and
out of season, the Sang?mon Statesman Is thai
man. it wasn'l his fault that tha Carlisle Cur
nn?.* '''" "'i,p'1 a-bornln' ". Springer was nt the
?hite HouM to-,luv of course, nor r.. se,- Hl'oiit
?ne Mexican mission, l?u! "Just to pay hi? resepert?
you know." Ves, the Hoo.leiH must watt t.
?{?ringer. And then there la Kiigor? Kllgore the
kicker-who wants a Job. Wanted ro be in led
Htates I'lstrlet-Attorney. i? is said, and was dis*
appointed. He has lived near Mexico all his lire.
?iml knows nil about It Moreover, he eras "men
- . , The Minimi Way
':mn:"n.1? '""-'f ?o ?l'-*?.U-l-.f.,rm.-.-. logopleaaantl) ant
tmferir_Oona In it,? rrudrsl mann?r
i?an?? th? ?ratera an?l
>f*V< lually what nn
Hn.i *l?ajtr??Ml.l-.
turak u
'".r*k "X .''""?? ***** '?""*- ?"'I reran without unpi?ia?ani
?yrap ?f^?s, ^^'ttui tnmei mteUee rem?<j>.
ttoned" for thi Mexican mission two years ago,
.m.I is now "mentioned" again "by many friends."
Clearly, the Hooslers must k.-.-p ? sharp eye on
Hut why pro Ionic th.- list? One has onli to
nisi.t th.? lonK ?Democratic ?political death-roll >?f
Senator? and congressmen of November, MM? '?>
ascertain who arc the men who cherish hope?
mor?- ?.r i.-ss strong and well defined of receiving
the appointment of Minister to Mexico. Many of
them will ?con be in the Meld as ?clive, open sppll
.ants for this rl'-h ami opportun- prise.
|HV TF.I.K'illA)')) To THK TIltnlNE 1
Washington, Feb. 21 Much interesl Is fell In the
prospective action of the Senats on the Allison
Oorman amendment Inserted in the Sundry civil
Appropriation bill authorising Ihe issue of MM,
000,000 of certificates of ladebtedneea by the Trees
urj Department The fac? thai it la proposed 1,v
Ulla proceM to offer a popular loan 10 the masses
in small denomination? and inroug_ easy channel.
of access aids greatly to the Importahc? of tni?
proposition and to the anxiety to see It I.mw a
law. The am -ndmeni authorise? the nit ai ?post
office? and United Stii!.?- depositories of certificates
of Indebtedness bearing I per cent interest, re?
deemable sft?*r two y. ir?, in denominations ??f Oft,
<-.? and MM and multiple? thereof. This meana of
relieving tbe Treasury'.- embarrassment? would, It
Is believed, strike a responsive chord In the feeling
of the American i.pk and furnish to them ?1 th..
sime time a safe and convenient Inveatmeni for
?ma i savings, and would probsbl) enable th.- Gbv
ernmenl to borrow from It? own citizen? whatever
money H requires for Its running expense? The
bill suthorises the Issui of not more than MW.OOO
.f tbese eerllftcaie? to obtsln money to meet
deficiencies in the running expense? of the Govern.
m,!,. Thus their Issue would noi require gold,
which would be ?perhaps dlfflcull ilot the massei t.
r-.-r m make their Invwtments. The maintenance
of the gol i re i rve is left l i be i'~.??i led f- r m the
sale of long-time bonds.
Much curiosity Is fell ?mon? member? of c.,n
,.?!....? who stilly financial affairs closely about the |
response which Ihe people would make to lb? Gov?
ernment's offer t" sell such ?--curlties. It la a well
known 'act thai the respon?? of the ?Trench people
t.. the ?all for subscription? to s popular loan In
i?:i enabled that country to perform the prodlg ?us
f. it ?f raising M.OM.OM.OM s? s war Indemnity. "I
was In Paris," ?aid Benatoi Hawlej to-day, talk?
ing -?H this sut.j-. t. "when thi ? si -? i?- was pui
upon the market, snd the enthusiasm with which
the ?French people lb? masse? look hoM ??f i' ?ras
something wonderful. Thousands waited m the
streets hour? before the time for opening ih? pis ? ?
where Subscription? might be made. They even le?
gan to gather si Ibes? pbices the night before tbe
subscription ?books w?r*reopew I, and sway remained
in line h? night for ih- prtvflege of brinn aaaong
the iirs-, r . sub? rtbe. The reeuli was tbat th?- sub
s.-melons m r? greatly in ? >?.- ot the amount de?
sired, aril it wai nece??ary to seal? them down |
In order to give each pel - , ?lion ->f the {fa?
llona! debt which he desired to assume. I do not
?uppose thai th? demand for i nfied ?um?"? securi
? ,,h thla woul I t" a? great, bat I
presume that a greai manj ptop? would ????
an opportunity to Inves' Iheli savings la L'nlted
State? m ? iritle? of ?m ill ?? ? '--1 ?-"'>> a?
a,, proposed i ?? Ihe smendmenl off red to the Sun
dry ?'Iv.l Appropi ? ill in bill '
A study* of Ihe rondlllon >.f the savings banks
of th.- liiit-.l its te? fully confirm? thi belief eg
i ).> ?;. m r.ii Haw!? ) snd others fai
with the subject that it" masse? would welcome
an opportunity to Invest In ? Government secur?
ity of -m ill -i/.- even ??! a lo? rate of Interest
The In i. ?? -?? ol ? ? ol deiKM Hors in sav?
ing? bank? in ihe l'nlted Btates In Ih? last fe?
years ha? been phenomenal Al Ihe close ?.f :!.??
war the number of saving* bank* In Ihe I'niti '.
State? ?as but I 17, iheli dep
in i-'??. -
number, ..r..l iheli
0OO,))OU. I. i-1 ' ? '? irnl ??- of
u.i- ! 0,1 the .???'; ? :
th- amount ot theii :? noell - t II? ?? ?
snormo) ?um Il must be remembered - ma?t?
up if "savings deposit from
nan bURln? ? ; ' ' ' ? i ?I
troln-r of th? Curl ?s and
liabilities "f th- \.tr ms els
Ikt? --X .!..). put? itie "savlni
sa*. Ing? i ?>? Hs it 11.71" -?
depoait? a! t39.9TX.tol, while the ? i*h on band In
these savings I
on rea n i I I : ' ? ?
lateral ? ? tto.X .:'?..- ins sn?l ?II?
to liai .:.'?!.'?i? Ir, .. ! lit ion ? . thli ihei I a
\, ?te i In l'nlted State? hoi I ? ? i ? Hi ite
count) an i muni? ii .o hon .- I' ?? " ? ?
? and stock? IU I Ml
? -?'.)"??. an : In othei ?lock .-:??? t i ?
?1 hu? II i .i-i ai- nt thai .?f the 11 "C -
ka nearly one-hall
in 8ta?? ... ,
bond* ??: ?to. Its. A large |
of the i . evenl ... II Into *.
popular than l'nlted State,
tnenl ill denoml ??? ?
masses, would undoubtedly prove hlgl , u
i me obje? ' of thone ? ho ?
Idea I? ??? teat the i i ? ? bllll
ii. lebt? In? ?? "' the t nlte.1 Btati - In the hai
its .,w,i people a* !.?i ..s posslbl? Should an
??,??? i of thi kin i i ????? ?? ?u ' t might
lead to the refunding of the S'atlonal Ii
ir. tin? mannet when it tali?- due In ? ! !!?:?
sgain the stud? nt* of in mblect refer l
experience of Prance In placing hei populai loan
Bven before the loan of IH7I Ihe deb? of Krane?.
mi? li-id by more than l.noo.tro/i person?, who avei
aged !.'.?.ach: whii?. the debt ..f Rnglend,
amounting to ?:?-..?....... ,.. a? hebl lo onl? ' ? ?
persons, ar, i average?! more than ??? ..'??? to ea. t,
holder Bine? the greai loan in Km-. . In IS71 it
is estimated that nearly hair the famille* of thai
nation have mon?-. Invaste?! in lb? public fund?
t'n.1er the method adopted In pla In? Ihe popular
loan the name? of all those who pun based ihe
bonds, or "rentes." a* they or?- called, are in
scribed upon th? Look- nt !h<- treasury >- bolder?
of ihe i,unos in question To bave their names
placed m th? ?iriir i Livre" i? sn honor greatly
M.iight aftei b) the masses, as wa? shown b. tl ??
Incident referred to to ?Senator llawley, where
thousands of people ?,.-i!t.>.| in iin?- many .<f them
all nris'ht. in order lo have an opportunity to aub
acribe t?i maintain the Nation's credit
the R?r*Hoot_Qi est?os debated in the senate
Washington, l-'ei,. a The Indian appropriation
Mil was considered In th? ?Senats lo-daj fei about
five honts, and thirteen additional pages of II
?.Mo- disposed ??', leaving seventeen page? for to
morrow 'n,<. reason wh) greater progress was
not mode wss that s disputed Item of IMS for beef
rattle furnished IO some Indians was talked oi.-r
for aiin-i-? tu?, t,..m- and thai th? Indian s boa!
question, which comes up Inevltablj on every such
spproprisllon Mil, was <!is.-?i. . i for ? still kmgei
time. The Committee <?n Appropriation? bad re?
ported an amendment to sink?- ..ut the two II
for the maintenance and education of Indian chll
dun ai Hampton, v.. . and at ih? Lincoln Instl '
fit'.?.n. of Philadelphia, on the ground that I! - ?
were denominational school? (Protestant), and
that, as nil oilier denominational Indian school? i
were t.? be abandoned, there should !??? no ?ii
timlnstlon In favoi of those nv? Tbe rouit of
Mu ?truggte lias, however, Ihi defeat of the Com
mlttee on Appropriations, and th.- retention in
the bill ?.' ihe two Itemi foi these schools,
At f< o'clock a reces? i\..- taken for two hours
?:.- evening session to be for ll.nslderation of
a bin aulhorisini the 1st ie ??? bond? lo the ?um.um
of I7.SOO.000 foi the extension of the ?ewei aya
lern ?if th.- ?'?ti- of Washington. The resolution
f??r the recesa was antagonist In lb? morning
hour by Mr .lien (Pop., Neb.), who, In U.lurs?
"? hi? remarks, ssserted thai lb? Secretary or ihe
Treasurj had no authorll) In la? lo Issue the bonds
provld? I foi recently; thai the law un.1er which
h?- claimed ?n? h authority bad been repealed, and
that Buch hon.is. it i uni? sii-.i iti the ?-??uns, wauld
be ii-iii te be roW He cbaractariaed ihe attempt
o. pass a ailver coinage (?ill last Tuesday as a mar?
"spectacular performance," snd b? read with
much satisfaction sunn, newapaper Intimations
nsmlng Senator? Teller (Rep., ?hi.? and Vest
il?, m . Ma i us accessions to thi Popultal party
The credential? of two real addition? t" thai i.?r? >?
In th.- Senate M ?am Tlllman. ..f South Carolina
ami Butler, of North Carolina from March i
nest, were presented, r.-??l and placed on Hie, and
Mr. Tlllman, sntkipatlng his formal admission to
the body, w,?s present in the rhamb?*t during .? por?
tion of the day, - ?, ? "i was introduced by Mr frby
il?.m. s ?'i t.. iniriy of his future ??sociales.
iin- efforl of Mi Harri? (Dem., Tenn.) i.i secura
. ..n-,.|-ra';on ..f the DlsUlct S-w.-r I!..nd hill hi a
nigh( aesalfm. in spite of th- determined npposltl n
of a minority resolved lo defeai action, whs pro?
ductive ?.f no better r??sults than have always at?
tended siii-ii efforts Ai 'he bou i of reassembling
only twenty Senstors responded t?? th- rollcall The
aergeant-at-arm* \>.?s directed to re.pies; the at?
tendance of abaenteea, hut the active servie,-- ,,?
that other and ..f many d?putlc were unsvslllng
to k<i toic-ther th^ niimh-r of S-mtors necessvry
t?. constitute a quorum, and ih?. Senate adjourned
until ? morrow ?l n a m.
Washington, K.-t? :i - in the House to-day coa
?i.liiatlon WSS begun ?'. the lieflclency Mil. t|,e
?asi o. general appropriation measures for
the Session, and ?Ivteen pi*?.? were pa?h?-?l.
Amepdments were agreed to givln;? to the Kl, Id
Columbian Museum, of Chicago, oertaln portion?
of the stau- Departmen! evhii.it al Ihe Worlds
Pair iniosth d-.;; h'-ai> si. ami appropriating l*.?"
fur ih" employment Of temporary clerks In the
Office ?.f th- Auditor for the rostotll.-e li.part
inetit. to bring the buainess up to date. An amend?
ment ?a- offered bj Mr. Brecklnridge, and laid
asida temporarily for argument, to pay Ms\MI in
full of all ' laims on account of llehrine. Sea
aelsures, In accordance with -he agreement made
on August -'!. IBH, by Secretary dresham with sir
Julian Pauneefote, the British Ambassador Th?
conference repori on th- hill to provide for the
examination and claaslficatlon of mineral lands
| within the Northern Pacific Railroad ?rant In
Montana and Idaho was ssreed lo. I nder a
apeclal order mad- last week the House, at .i.'-i
i o'clock laid aside public business and listener! ro
! eulogies tayon th" life and services of the late
. Senator Frnn?-ls Brown Stockbridse, of .Mh-hlrtrin.
\t the ?-on. luslon of rhese. as a further mark of
respect, the House adjoiirne.l 'until to-morroA- at
?l o'clock. _
OP MR ''."[?mans "RIDER."
sr.M'KV i-ivii. BILL THB RBPUB
I.I'A.NS- Afin 'I'tiK.
[BT Ti'.i.K'-.aAi'ir to Tim rKiniNK |
Washington, Feb. .1. Speculation on rh.? proba?
bllltlea of ?.:i extra session of the i.ivth Congress
Continue? to be active, Senator ?'lian Her'? slgnlfl?
cant speech jresterdsy afternoon having great!}
?strengthened tii?' belief that there ;s an actual pros
peel "t the failure ,,f on or n? ?r. of the appropria?
tion Mils The Bepubllcan leaders generally hav?
ro d?sira lo force a meeting of th'- nea Congress
In March or April, although they ,|o nol shrink
at all from assuming th. political responsibilities
Involved hi Ih? reorganisation of the Houm of
Repr?sentative? under Bepubllcan control, an l the
?hlfting .,f powei .11 the ?Senate, nominally, if not
actually, fron Democratic to Republican hands.
Th" Republican policy will, therefore, be nol to ob
struci unduly any essential and necessary legisla?
tion like th* sppropi itlon bilis, bul to resist, what*
evei the consequence? may be, tha parsage of all
other bills ant laonlsed by any considerable numbei
of Senator?, and siso to prevent the loading down
.,: the appropriation bill? with obnoxious am? id
meni ?,
Tic Democratic leaden have practically .?ban
doned ill purpoae ol passing slther th? Bankruptcy
Po ?? bill, Ihe I wo m? .i--.it ? ' Il Iggllng
for priorlij of conalderatlon after ihe appropria?
tion bill?, and i! i? doubtful even whether Mr Oor
man cai retaining In th? Sundry ? ':?. II
bill hi? Importan) amendment! authorising thi Isi ?
of currency certif?cale? .ml prohibiting sny further
bond sale? except :.-. public i intract. Any effort
t? force thi? "rUler" upon the Sundrj Civil bill I?
likely t? r. -nit in an obstructive Ugh I anainst it.
and maj eventually entail the fallur? of ire- whole
bill, either b) it-,.- Inaction of Congress or through
an Executive veto. It ?- well known that, wni!
the Republican! will ?nippon Mr ?Oortnan'a plan
f.,r th?- relief ??! the Treasury and th? stopp,?..;.. ..r
any further Beeret bond ????-. ihe Administration
- Btr?ngl) ,>ii|?.,?itiK- th? attachment of the Mary?
land Senator*! "rider1 lo th? ?Sundry ?'Ml bill
While Kecretary Carlisle bat? informed th? ?Senat?
thai there Is no objection on th? part of the Treas?
ury t" receiving suthorll certificates which
he dot i not expect to be ? died up m to use, it I?
known thai th? idmlnl (ration loe? nol desire th*>
author ? given In lha form of the Oorman
amendmeni The fe-tr of Mr. Cleveland I? thai It
am leglalatl m of Ihl? * >rt I? earn-I by 'he Sundry
Civil bill, i? win o n? up th.- Treasury es t., pre
? more bonds In cas? ol (he furl
The I?. m 'cratlc m. n rt f th? F ince < 'om
mitt? '?? ? - - Igi mt at Mi Q
. irpatlon by th.- i : m
ii loi : ? ' ? fund I na of tha
Finan?a Committee. Purel) f resenl
; it the c? rt.tl at?
am? :. K th?
i i In a m ? lilted
un irr Ih? Morgan-Mi
: ..--., , i - ? itated
lenator :.>-? ?
.-..-??. .- .
iMig ? ?>
r tii- I'r- a? .i
?rill aurely be on ntra
? t ? i ? pparenl.mei from
i ? n . am if :: a?. thai tl ?
? i n !:> ? 'i\ l| bill ? t car
. . . ? -, . ? ' and *on lemn itory
f th? Relmoni
. .-.,..-?, nt i
it Ui tot.cr
: | ilng on
% '??;???; ' ? ? s ??. 11 ? -
? ,- i ? Hi n?" -l again ind will
,-. !
i.:.,. ?, ....:?? n I - -'?
i , rrj md Z. and on Mai I
in) on ;? -rant
IB II r,- ? -'.'.it. ' ',,- , ? - ?
? . ,
tn ?? bat? in ihe B? nate on Ih?
Indian ? ; bill y? alerday, Mi ?'-. k
nil and \tt I,,,,.-, oi Arkansas, .. -k ?? l Mr
\:ii,' ti s i ? ihei m n il th? it--; ibllc in? ???? r? ?
? I--??? - ? paaaage of appi ipi ..?
t',n t.ii!? bj the lebale In ??? ...t.- meat
? i? ir. ! .,-h? r billa carrylni ... ,
e? of the (loveri men I Mt ?ildrl ?
loi I thi it the) need have no fea i
the ,; ; ? ,>;.i ..i tlon bill? i- he s .-?'.I aaaur*
I'.en. t! ?? nonr -?! ild fall Th? Republican? would
? ? . tr thai ' far a? Ihe) w.-,,- ,?,:.....?,.. I, noth
Ing should t.?- lone t . prevent s< lion, however much
the) mii,-.-.t debal.rtaln feature? ?if t>n- measure?
li.--. were meaaure? however, which, Mr Aldrlch J
aaaured hi? Demo ratlc tteot late? with equal frank- ,
neas tin- R?. II I not propose to ;
: ? n.- ; and for that reaaoi ippi pria 11 .,i bill?
w-r?. i i i?- kepi rather elo?e -, the langer line
Senator Chandler ?aid this m >rnlng ihal iin-r. wa?
no Insincerity i" Ihe speech he made yesterday In
, ba Intimated ihal ?h.r. might t... ,,., ,x a
in, lie aai?l that it ?imply expreesed a state ol
mind m which certain Rena tor? found themsi -. -
ll wa? i ' be exj-ected lha! Senator? would prefer to
ttie lime t- Ihemselve? which Intervened I.?
t..-"ii Mardi i at. I tii- following December, bul :??.
,, ... condill ti wer?? auch that Sena lora, bettering
thai many thing? wll! have to be considered al on -.
and thai n imerou? m.iiter? concerning the ?dmlnla
trail ',i o' Ih? affair? of the Oovernment will le
man.I earl) and ..??-?? scrutiny, ar.- read) '.. benm
rh'tr labor? In this direct! n u on ?? gti '.ir ,-. ?
I? concerned personally, Mr i ?handler aayi he does
not pro|.t to pul a feather in th? w n of the pa?
saae of .m Bpproi rial Ion bill, bul h? ?1 ??- Inten I thai
ther- ?ball t'" Pill .ml fall lebale "ti the many mat?
ter? >?f new leslslatlon engrafted on th.pproprla
tiiui billa, and if full debate me in? thi failure of any
of th.-i- bin.? he will no n- sorry for :>;?? r..-uit
?lull y I III i nt V*i I I nie or A o
John inri i ,.?:?' ihre? rear? old, a lawyer,
wa? found ?lead m h*d laal nlghl al hi? home, Ko
SS Weel Twelfth-?! 'ITe bal nol been pracl
.aw for a t.u,ni" r ..r ... ears iu?v. v. i^ . mplo). i .,? .,
? ? rk !??. T Roarh, a real-eatate dealer In I'.'.
rh? -i a i man, who wa? ?? familiar hua.;.
i nelghborhu I, u.i? known as "John the
t'oiinaeltnr." He lisian! relatives m Albany.
IM," liai- I" ? ti iri'-Qiin- 1 of til? ,Until
4 to 7 do.?.*;.?".
Dr. Piercers
Pleasant Pellets
/.?.??i .?,? itomiet mete tee eAtrtt /.> r< ,.? ,? Aemti ,,.??,?'
llrn.r. oui eOjft I
(?*f?g Ihrm oui /',,,,,,/, .if
? **?*"??*-ss-ON TRIA L. "?*?>*?* ***?
Thry absotutely tore Flick Head.u-h?. Hilnmsiir?-*.
Lonstipatioi* Coated Tongtie, Poot Appetite, Dyspep
?ta and kindred derangements of the ?Stomach, Uver
and Itowrl
Don't Btxepl umtt tubttitntt mid to be "just
trt goon"
Thr substituir tost, Ihr drain /<?<<.
It costs you ABOUT Ike utme.
I/IS profit fs in thr ?? ///../ US ?,'?">./."
Addrr?? fur l-'arr S?,m,if,
No. 66j .1?!n Str??t, Bl FFALO, N. Y.
\ ^ass^^?UBgt^.. Chafing Dish I
*** ^-3-^sa-r^s? Recipe Book Free \
\ --*_I_P-^^ MERIDEN BRITANNIA co" \
at ^^FirT" 208 Fifth Avenue and 46 Rast Nth St., New York, ?
?\j*a ^>?_..?.?^/*.-%/?/?/?/?_^*%*V??*eL*/%/%,-%?fc^%^%/? *V***,-m^*m/%/%/?_k**/'?V?h/%/?A/m.*/?J
us THBBB ships.
Krau llosa BOCtter, (he lending soprano of the
Dsmrosch-Wagner opera Company; Max Alvary.
the lea.iing tenor; and Kranz Schwarz, the first
barytone, arrived here yesterday. Krau Buch*T
snd Herr ?Schwan cam? <>n the i.ahn, ami Heir
Alvary ?ras on ihe Kaiser Wilhelm, of the North
??ermatt Lloyd Line.
This is l-'rau .Sucher'? first visit to America and
much Interest will naturally centre in her per?
formance?. H?rr Alvary Is an old favorite whose
performance of Siegfried is well rememhered.
I ran Sucher ami Herr Alvary will be hear?) for the
first time this ?eaaon In "Tristan and Isolde" on
the opening Of th? ?ip-ia at the Met mpolltan next
Monday night. Miss Marie Brema, also of the
Damroscli company, arrived on Wednesday on
the MaJ.stlc. Her American debut will also he
mad? In "Tristan and Isolde," in which she will
appear as Brangaene.
r.-i, B?cher*? fame In Europe and her appear?
ance ai Bayreuth and wherever Wagner opera is
best performed in Germany have created much
curiosity in regard t?> her here. Bhe win make her
first appearance In a mosi trying part, and on?
in which an old favorite of the Sew-Tork Oerman
opera stage gaui?-i some of her be?t laurel?, if
?n? can make those *who have still fresh memories of
Lehman admire her Isolde ?he may regard her po?
sition in this .-tty as established. Hen Alvary wld
have to undergo no ?ueti severe test. He has b<? n
an oblecl of worship al the tempt? in upper Broed
? ai for s.v.-ral seasons, airl hi:- only effort !!-?? I
be to remount his old pedestal. He could not hope
for a more exalted one. To be sure, he Is lo be
?een snd beard in a pan new for him here, that
of Tristan, so th.-re ?1:1 t>. an element of no Ity
in ids return after all.
Vet another of yesterday's arrivals. Herr Bchwara,
will be in this Urs: cist ..f the season, He is to b?
Kurvenal. He has made conspicuous ?uccesae? at
the Royal Opera House in Vienna, at th?. Orand
l?-i n Opera in Weimar, and In other rjerman citi.-s.
He h?s alto ?been court singer to the Uran-l-duke
of Baxonj Ml? Brema ha? been tinging in Lon?
don, with Siegfried Wagner. Bhe I* ?? scotch wom?
an, but has gained fame on the Comment, and es?
pecially at Bayreuth.
N v r?'l: BURIAL.
Washington, Feh It. According to present ar
?nenls the body Of l-'n .|.-ri.-k DOUglaSS will
!?? i.?ken to Ho. bester. N Y . for burial In Mount
il-?!.emetery, beaid? his two daughtera It I?
the Intention of M. Douglas?'? sons to take the
body Of th.lr mother, now lying In Qlenwood
Cemetery. In this city, to Rochester foi burial, be?
side th.? body of h.-r husband,
Th? widow and .'hii.ir.-n ..r Mr. Douglass de?
cide?! to-.Uy that the funeral services in Wash
inKion ?hall take place on Monday next, hut the
exaci hour ?as not fixed. Th? selection ??* pah
bearers has not yel been mad.
Raleigh, N. c, I'.-i- .: A ?r. al aenaatlon wa?
created here to-day by th.- adoption In th.? Houm
of .1 resolution Introduced by -i negro that when
the (le?era! Assembly adiourned II should do so in
honor of Frederick Douglass, The resolution was
passed by s vote of -i to 10, nil th?? Democrats
voting against It.
London, i-'.-t? II.?>All ihe morning newspapers
win publish to-morrow editorial sulogies of Fred?
eric? Douglaa? "The Daily Mews" will -.?-.
Prom first to lasi his was a noble Ufa Hta own
people have lost ? fatter and a friend, and -ill
K. men bave lost a comrade in th>- fight f?.r ::-..
(?gal ?man Ipatlon of one race and th.- ?ptritual
??m.m. Ipatlon ol ail.
?? ?
Al a meeting he'd yesterday afternoon In the
office of th.- mtsslonar] sscri t.?r\ of I .1
Methodist Epl* opal Church, at which Dr?
W. R. Derrick i.\ in .is i'aJdwel P B.
i \\ Hen !? rs m H. C Astwoo : W D
C. It. Horary s W. E
ind W i: Davis
. . ? . ? : ? i ? m? . I'.??
? ? n New- York < 'It) at the
funeral of P*re I r. * D is? ! I ?? ?- i ived
? n - of Ne? - V .rk
? ? ii thi? evening ai ? ?'cl >ck. al
Bl M irk'? VIeth i ll?i pa I'hur h. No. n:>
West Forty-el tl th -r ind th ir Hi Ri v Ernest
i. pa*i ?i appoint a ?Ii leg n n i atti n 1 I he
rai .n Washington The hope i> ?- ex pre?* !
? ? n a ild b a largi attendano
? - ?
THE Unit i, t //. .11 KY ! nchl ?i (!'
x mm: BOI RS
Washington, Feb. 21. After being oui for nine
!.s engaged In a fruitless effort to reach so
agreement, the jury In th.? Howgats cas? was
locked up for th? night al 10 o'clock ih.s evening
At lift, en minutes of that hour ttie foreman In
formed it.ni crier (hat there ?is n.. probabil?
ity .a ever possibility thsl s verdict would be
reach.-d ludgs McComaa was communicated with
by telephone, snd he s?nl directions to have Cap?
taln Howgatc brought In) ? court al 10 '?" o'clo k
to-morrow morning Captain Howgat? was taken
back i?, Jail, nni hi? daughter, ? i,. h .?I remained
With h'.ni during th? whole lime the Jury was out,
wem to her I- ime
Within th.- memory of the "Liest court oflici.il?
no verdict Bas ever been rendered in ? ease in this
district on ? leg?! holiday, bul there is ?-ail to b*
no statut? again?! such an Innovation.
Th.- case of Captain Howgate, formerly disbur?
iiisT officer ??f the Signal s-r?. ? Bureau, against
whom . barges of rmbeaslement am mntim; to man)
thousands ?.f dollar? were made waa given t.? tl?"
jo? to lay .o 12 ir. The ludge, in hi* charge,
. ?netrued the evidence strong!) sgalnst the defend
ant ..n th.? facts, but laid some stress on the proof
"f the allegation ?is m whether oi nol Ihe defend?
ant was a fugitive fr.-tn justice un i.-r the meaning
of the law Evidence in ihe case ?howed that How?
gat? had visited Washington ?Ince h:s disappear?
snee .i?-1r;> fifteen years a*.? wlthoui molestation,
.ml thai he had been repeatedl) recognised In New
\ nk. where he was carrying on 'he business of ?
.1. iter In ?ecend-hand i.ha under an aasumed
name, bul that although officers of ihe rtovernment
ihn* recognised him n?> effori u.?* mad? lo secura
h:? irrest
"7/I TUB )<>\>, SOLDIERS Will St>! COBS
A strange thing happened, ai William Black would
say, al the Herald iejuar? Theatre, on Wednesda.
A young man came In - the business manager,
Mr. Black, In Ihe ifterno.in. snd ?ild thsl h? was
from the Pennsylvania Militar) Academy, snd
wished to make arrangements r.u- s large t'-.eitr.
party of students. They w.-r?- t? com? to see "Hob
Roy" n. \t Uondsy sight Hs wished to buy ?II
ihe lower boxea si I ? Isrge number of ?ests In tbe
orchestra Mr Black was lellghted, of course. The
young m.m laid lh< students would ?ta) at th
Ullse) House whll? thej were In Ne? York He
wanted the theatre decorate, snd be waa going to
are ,, norial about n I" th 'evening hi cune back.
He ?aid he had ?een the managers of the Ollsej
House and th? florist, and everything was all ri?ht,
and he offered Mr. Black a check for ?KM In payment
for the ?cats
Then the disagreement began. Mr. Black did nol
wsni t.. receive the check in payment. In tad h?
refused to i? ?o. He did nol know the young man,
and he had more confidence In cash The young man
?aid ii- would com.- a?Mi!i in the morning and bring
the mone) The morning came sn I pass..!, i.ui th*
young man did no) come, ib??uKh h.? may have
passed other? came, however, They wer.? ihe
florist and in- manager of th. Oils ? Hou? They
wanted to kno? If Mr, Black could tell them where
th.- young man was Mr. Illa.-k ?o,ild not He ha.I
no,,.- and he is not no? expected Lack al all, and
all that he it??!, from all his misdirected effori. w?i
a burch ?>f violets, which th? florist gave him, In
the expectation of S large order. Nobody need ko
t?? tin- Herald Square Theatre on Monday in the ex
i..elation "f seeing the students of the Pennsylvania
Military Acn?l.-m>
In regard lo tin? published BtOfy yesterday cm
c.-iniiig tho ?ult brought hy Mr. C.llberl. Ih? r.?
celver of the Commercial Allianc? Ufa Inauranc?
Company, ?gainst n M Munsell and other?, grow
rig out of liie acquisition {<t the buailMSS of tl?.- Na
II.mal AMI 111.'? I.v liie , 'iiiniii..r.-lil I ?.,??,., ..... ..? is...
received .. aoliar ot the money paid on those con
tract?, directly or Indirectly. He considered the
transaction!! good huNines; for ihe Commercial Alli?
ance Company, and a_Ul that they reaultud In profit
to It.
?un ?je
Mount Vernon.
At times ?re sil need s stimulant, either to re
si.ifo strength after illness, to ward off the effe-ts
of chill or cold, and to tone up the system, when
by too clom attention to business, exposure or
other catiati, the vitality is below par.
The kird an?l quality of the stimulant to be so
iis-d Is of much Importance.
our best physicians prescribe, for cur -limat?,
American whiskey, and tho.-e who have male an
exhaustive study ..f th- subject, pronouncs whio
key made from rye the best f >r medicinal use, as
not possessing the heating effects of Hiurhon or
other whiskies made from all or part corn.
Naturally, the Inquiry comes: '"What brand and
?n what shape ?-an a rye whiskey be obtained
that the phy.-*i.?ian or consumer may feel is strict?
ly pure and reliable?"
Upon thorough Investigation, the
nount Vernon
Pure Rye Whiskey,
bottled ar the distillery, nith an absoluta satis?
factory gu?rante? of purity and original condi
ti m. will bo f, und t , ,,: .-.yet this Inquiry.
The distillery bottling may I?- known by Its
square-shaped bottle, bearing ihe guaranty label
of purity.
Ml? cramttlia.
Bvsf-ythlag D??ir?ii* in Mini-war? at BsaaeaaMa Prie
HT l i.ii.ii >?|.inre. .%. V..
i3 maiden lane n t.
$ROMo j
? ?h?s ir??<e.l ?udi a ?in?????? that 'h?renre *
a many Imitatl r.? maimf;.- fnred. A?-e?,| *
a the?r?ii.llni.i?l<>ni'ettl!ii>-Hr..nr.n.'?fteliie. ?
"Th? Fourth Estate," s newspaper for the makers
..f r,i.?>|i.!|..r?, celebrated tire completion of \\m
that year sn I the opening of its mam ?Utoto m UM
i Telegraph Building by a re rption last night
to It? friend?, ieeeral hundred aearspaper nea, al
vertising me.?) and others gathered at the n??w offl.-es
r- congratul?t? the projectors of ih.- successful
newspaper Tt.e large rooms on th? second floor of
th? Postal Bui llni ?-ere thrown open to the nu???t*.
Knie?! K. Birmingham, the publisher, and Frank
' II l.inri?ier. the Editor of "Th.- K??urih Estate."
1 u-.;. iltllgeni In : . .k:r.-r after t'.e pleasure of ths
? fue?t?. The reception was most successful. Among
i a fe? of those presen! wer? Murat Haleteed, Charle?
l. Andrew?, of "The Nation"; .lohn Harper Bonnell,
I..- arand Benedict. William II. Maker. F??"-r
i Costea ?f "Th. Commercial Advertleer^'; Kre.ieri?k
M. <'ro?iett. ?I 'The Law lleviVw" : l,e*,nder H
t'rall, Frederic it. Coffin, .-'. 8. Carvalho, of 'The
WorM". Alfred B Conkling, Howard Carroll, W w
Chamberlain, Ot "The Sun". It. K A Dorr. "Mall
and Bxprea?": A w. Dodsworth, "Journal of Com?
merce": VVII ?m ?' I'r. man, "The Press". Pr.
.lohn "eriedricb, "Rehweltser Zeitung"; Herbert V
Ounnlson, "The Brooklyn Ragle"; William ?'.
Bryant. "The Brooklyn Tim.*": Job E Hedge?.
David O, Heynes, Etamu-i .lar--, of "Truth"; n*nl?l
i Keiiy. of "Town Topic?"; Marsha'.! H Malionr.
of "The Churchman"; George I* Bpinnev, of ' Th?
Time?"; D. i'-?l. Bhepherd, .?f 'Th.- ?Harten! Re?
porter", rharies ,i. Smith, of "The Inaursn ?? ?'????>
o?d." and Henry I'u-i Wlnvui. of the l'nlted Prese
? ?
tVa? ;rii' n. I-M?. -.'1 Th? ?ton? ever l-aWe Sup.-rlor
111- m -..-.! to Ih? Si l.uif-n->? Valley. A ri?!??? *t Kifh
pr?*eur? ?steads fruni ih? Kaai Oulf f '?*)? nerih .>f
M- ?,,.,, ,., i , .. nd ...? i i ??--?:? ?r*n ha? remained
nearly ?tatlonan |T1 th* middle plateau rawlona ujl.t
?now lias fallen In ttir l-.k- ?--> m, ?Hi X-? Kn?:?irt 1
Til?- temprniliire ha? rl?cfl III ?lie Ml'inU. an! Ottlf StalSS?
and ha? generally fallen elaewhon
fair weither in ?i l'<- ?_p?Ct?d in all .!'i"i--i?
For Be? England, Bastar? Be? fork, Bester? i>na
tylvsnl? Sea i.--?. Delawan tba Dlairld of Columbia,
Marylan?) and Vlrslnla, fair; cooler; aorthwas* winds.
Por Waat Virginia Wealarn Pennaylvanta, \\e?t?ra
\.iv Vork end Ohio, f.ur, ii ?1er; northwe?! ?riada.
Hot'KS Murumi;. ,,,
iiiiitliiw ntiiim s ?f? toi i
: Kj_i___L_ij___i..-i_44.!'-'.... ?. ';'_:i"La
*?> 7T. . :, rt"l . r?-rrl .,'T-i ii ' ;-:^-?
In till? diagram a < ?.i.t'nU'.u? ?lule line sh?vi? th?
ehaagM In pressure a? ln.1i. ale,! 1? The Tribu??*? ??''?
re..ir<iini{ barometer, The i?? ken line ispissasts IM !????
le'rniure as record?.I .it Perry'? I'li.irm.i. >.
TrlbiHW <?m.-. i-'.-i.. ."-'. i a ? The ?raathsi y?sisrday
. is Mo?] m ),.. iiurnlriK. 'l.'.inii? in ?lie aflern.- n and
i.irmer. -Th? omii'Tniure i.intt'-.l bciarsta M an.l 4?l an*
;ree?. ihe inerane ?.'IT'?? l.rln?; ,'. hlul'.-i lluin on Wedne?.
In> and IS hiRlmr rhan on the .? ?n e-?r-?n?1ina ?!?> l???t
The weather o-.liy will prohal'h i-onilnne fair, an?
...? ...l.le,
Children Cry

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