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T-? ; Inclpal tnc lent ly ?fa?
r n l last Assembly Ball at Sherry'?. A
y -'ay of Sower? and plant* ?rm placed In
i ,-. pink room and ballroom, where the musicians'
i ?-..?s well ?ill. i arith palms and fe?toon?d
n-ith roses. Tiie guests began t? arrive soon after
W o'clock. Ai they entered tn.? pink room ihey
??<-.-?? announced, and received by the Reception
Omnii;u-e. consist,ng of Mr.-. Elbridgc T. (?<-rr\.
Vis s Van Rensselaer Cruger and Mr.?. orme
WUi i
Paadng was begun at about 11:4 o'clock, an<! a
numb?: of waltzes and square dance* Were enjoye. 1
until1-"' o'clock, when ?-upper was announced, Il
?j,., f r v. 1. a-? usual, at ?mall tables s.t In th?,
urn.i'. ballroom ami in the large banquet-room on
UM ' r Boor. After it. the cotillon, led by Frank
with Mr?. Preacott Lawrence ?S a
partner, was begun. The favors were fancy butter
fla?. baadaosaa sash ribbons. Bow?era ami some
pretty lrifle?,
?sinne of Ihe strangers at th.. ball were Sir .tullan
*r, i La ly Panncefote, of th?- British Embassy at
?Washington; Prince del Drago, of Italy, H. H.
Hsrges, of Paris; Mrs. Krastus Corning, Miss Har?
re: We,] Corning, Miss Huybertle Prayn. Mis?
Angelica Cro?pj, and Dr, Howard Van Reaaselaer,
of Albany; Mrs. u. n. i. Qoddard, ana Miss Mafi?
]. ? ? i ?llar l. of Providence; Hngh Fraser and
I'raser, of London; Count ?ml Countess d?
Montsaulnin, and Mile, ?le Montsaulnin, ?if run-;
James Taylor and Thomas M. Le?, ..f Maltnnore.
laaOBg the subscriber.? and others present were
Mr. an?l Mrs. John St.-war.l. Jr., Mr. and Mrs. James
A. H?rden. Mr. an.l .1rs. K. L. Baylies. Mrs. Paran
Stevens. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Whitney Warren. Mr. S?d
Mm W. Stnrr Miller. Mrs. Koche. Mr. and Mrs.
Charit* Dickey, jr. Mr. and Mrs. Karr:?-k RlggS,
Mr?. A. Newbold Morris. Mrs. J. Pierpon: Morgan,
Mr. and Mrs. Kllsha Dyer, jr.. Mrs. J.ihn K. Aax
andre, the Misses Webb, Mr. an! Mrs. I. Townsend
Harden, Miss Kvelyn Harden, Mr?. John C. WUmer
?iing. Miss Alice Poet, Miss WUmerdlng, Baron
SsntS Anna. M!s.? Corne'.la Itobb. the Misses Van
lelaer. Mr. sad Mrs W. Watts Sherman. Mr
an i Mrs. Frederhk Oebhard, Mr. and Mrs. ClsrenC?
?;. Dinsmore, Mrs. Arthur Welman, Mr. and Mrs.
Cooper Hewitt. Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Fish Wei?
st..-, Mr and Mr- Cbarle* O. Prancklyn, Mrs. J.ihn
M.ntuin. the Misses DeUfield, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic
H. Renedicl. Mis? Kittle Garrison. Mr. na?l Mrs H
Van Kensseia.-r K.-nne ly. Mrs. Francis Deiafl.?'. 1,
Mr. and Mr- K. II. Hunt, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. James
M. Waterbury, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic K 1-y.
James ?>tis. Francia <??;?. Mr. and Mrs. James
O. K. D_er. Mrs. Buchanan Wlnthrop, Miss Wln?
th.-op. Mr. and Mr* Benjamin Wells,
the M.sses Turr.ure. Miss Helen King. W. Harold
Brown, Mrs. Deorge L. Klngaland. Miss Renee Cou?
rt, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. I.e Roy, jr.. Wainwrlght
Pariah. Mrs. I_ydl*r, I'liilli? I.vdtg. Mr. an?! Mrs.
Jamo? F. D. 1.ailier, William Ii. Dinsmore. jr.. Miss
Marion ?!?? Peyater Carey, Theyer Robb, Alfonso
d? Navarro, Miss Trevor, Miss Maud Livingston,
Jhn fut man. Banyer ?'iarkson, Mis* (Ira?'.? Wll
s -.. Mr. an-1 Mrs. L. K. Wilmerdlng, Pr.nce I.a
i- .... Mis? Heatrice Jones, fount Sierstotpff. Hum?
phrey Ward, Mr. ami Mrs. Joseph Lar. rque, Jr.,
Miss Duer. Miss Kingsland, Joseph Gilbert, the
Misset? Stokes. Mrs. B, F. Lee, Mis? Carolin) Lee,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Borden Harr.man. Clarence A.
Mackav, John W. Machar, Jr., Mr. and Mrs Henry
Parish, jr.. Misa Kuretta Kernochan. Miss Whitney,
Mr. and Mrs. George He De Forest. )he Mis??-s
Garnie, Mr. an?l Mrs. ?'lenient C. Mo .re. Mr. and
Mrs. Frederic Kernochan, Mrs. Frederic Rhlnelan i
?-r Jones. Mrs. Hiockholst ?'utting. William Cutting,
Jr.. Stephen ??Un. Mrs. W. Bane Dodge, Mr and
Mr?. H. Le Grand Cannon. Mr. an i Mr- W. Krnt
ziii<i Post. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sloan-. Mr. an.l
Mr-. William H. Garrison, and Alexander M. Ha-1
Mrs. William Gilbert Davi.s. of No. 22 Hast Fort y
flfth-st.. will give a small luncheon to-day. The
guests will be young peopl
Mr... Arthur M. Dodge ?rl 1 gtv? a ?lrr.nrr party to?
morrow night.
Mrs William Gilbert DavlCS Will give a luncheon
to twelve ladbs? t .-day. The table will be
decorated with flags and emblem? appropriate lo the
?lay. Among th>- guests wll be Mr?. Edward
Patterson. Mrs. Hora e Porter. Mrs John
F.merv. Mrs. Joseph T. Low. Mrs. Bdwln Parsons,
Mrs. Charlea T. Barney, Mr?. Henrj Re in n i.
Mrs. I'harle? H. Leland, Mrs. Ilenrv F. Dlmock,
Mrs. J..hn T. Hall and Mrs. Jr.hn ?'lirks'ii Jay.
A .'..nn.r ara? given for V. C. Reynal by the We?t
HunUng Club last night at the Country
,: We?.". .'>:?
Th? marriage of MlM Philen? Prentice t ? Fl
Walker Lincoln, Jr., took place at . ." o'clock yes?
terday afternoon at the bom? of th- bride'? paiei ti
Mr. and Mr?. William Packer Prentice, So I West
enth-st, The Rev. ?Dr. Jobs It D?v1es, the pas?
tor ol thi F irth Avenue Presbyterian Church,
?' med the ceremony, whlcb ws* fol owi i by a
:;. The bride ?TS* ;rtt?-ri I? ! l.v s|*
M-s Thorn, MlM Len? Smth. Mis? Sophl?
?-. Miss May Colby, Ml?? Isham and Mis?
Hart?_orn( William B. Baton, Jr.. of Bot
? -n. was i-v-st man. Th? ushers wer? th?
i we brothers, R berl Kelly Prentice and W. K
?Prentice; William TeMridge, i??n'ei Bacon, Henry
T. Msury, and Albert P. Thorti'lik-. of Boston.
Th.- wedding of Min Bdlth An!- mi . ghter of
Mr. sr.d Mrs. A A. An Iruss. ..f No '.". West
F.ighty-secoml-s'.. and Jamas I?. C"iin?.r took pla?
in the chureh of St Fran? Is Xavier, in West w.x
teenth-st., yesterday morning. The Rev. Thorns*
J. Campbell, of ?.;?!.? s lety --f Je? i?, non stationed
at St John'? ? ?eg? Fordbam, eel? rated th? mas*
ar.d perforrw : the msrriage ceremony, which was
attended by t:.- Imm?diat? family ar. i intimate
The marriage of Mia? Bdltk Pennlngton, ?laught?.
Of ?Calan?! and Mrs. A. C. M. Pennington. to ?God?
frey Harrison MacdonaM, first lieutenant. I'nlted
States Cavalry, and now station-1 ar Pori <;i-rrr.
Ariz., will take place a; ?l o'? look to-morrow afiet
In Si ?'???. lus'? Chapel, or. O. ,'ernor'* l?i
ar, l The Rev, :?: H f*. Goodwin, of Trinity Par.sh.
Vals city. '?'?
Albany. Feb. :?' In this city at noon to-day
Mis? Katherine s,,-ag.-. granddaughter ?>f .l*???rn?-s
l;. Jermain, was marri?-.i t?. Frederick 1 ??? Peyater
Towaahend, of Melrose, Mas?. The wadding took
iwn," Mr. Jermaln'a home. Mis?
Isvag? !? well kr.un m Eastern New-York as
the ?laughter of ihe R"v. Dr. Sa vag?, of Nen
burg. She has lived tor several years with her
grandfather, Mr. Jermain. an?! is on? of Ihe most
popular g:rl_ In Albany. Mr. Townsbend was eap
t?in of t?- Andovei football l?am of ':?". and of
'???? Wilhuni Colleg? eleveg ii.?-t season, ii" Is ulso
a m?mb^r of the Williams Mandolin Club and of
the happa Alpha Fraternity, and on? of the ?besi
liked m?n in -o!l?-ge. only lolntivpi? and a few
?, Including member? of th? William* Kappa
Alpha Fraternity, attende?! the service. The
Kev Dr. I- i: Savage, of N.wbuig. father of the
brmo, performed the ceremon) To-morrow the
young coup)? will -ail for Jamaica, where they
?ill spend the rest of the ?mrn.
South Norwalk, <'onn.. Feb. SI (Spe.-iali Mill
VSmbM B? rdS, ?laughter of Wll!ia?n H fiwords,
?M rr.arri. I at noon to-day to William Bhelton
Bt?vento.-i. 0f Colonel W, H. Stevens.:., of
?ri'ir*por! The ceremony *?? performed at the
bn<lc? home in Booth Main-st., by the Rev.
SPS? 'V ??' ?Ml"s l-OUle Stevenson, sister
B ?, :' <?''"'"'- was maid of honor, ami Harry
Uf-SJtensoii na? hi? brother? best mini. Mis?
13 **''' ?"? daaghter of W. W. Swords, of N<-w
<_ai if ''*?' "" nteven?on, a younger brother of
3 ? I''F* " ' -?????: pink carnatlona in front
o? ?.. ;',? ??>'? party. The voting couple left town
?V-?m_22t' I "' express for a two weeks' trip !o
-*a_slon an i Richmond.
w??Ti_5_^ lh" "ri'*t1'ial "' "Railroad of Love,"
tlrhf\JJJN ??? th- Irving PJaee Theatre last
***?? following cast: Joachim von F*l?en,
: '''?il; Krlch, his son, lieutensnt, Ms?
__?':'i, 'arIln Winter, Ms? H?nseler; Bmmy, bl?
?JH!lriP',.r if.
Mi?* ' ??"!!? Brags; Joi ?fin? ?? n Poechtasr.
^ *?'"?'" Fr.-1-ini.'..r; Wolf von Poechlaar Beaa
lii.? u"" y'VK,'u"*- Mathlld? von Koasewlta
?tet? h| Kuhaj Hans Ro!an?l. Riel?,If Henlus;
t*nV'n,l0rf' ]-,"i{X'* HarowlU: v.?n Kallern. li?'i
y?'%Ti "',|'ir|f'h Habrieh; Malwln?, ehambermsid,
Out ''iH lAaseler; OHO, s.-rvant, '?scar Sunn-;
vith nn' 'Vllili,rn Bechtel. The house was tiled
\ 'a appreciative audience, and the actors, es
?>r.*?1._'MliS Br?S-?? Mr. Kgg-ilng and Mr. Pfell,
of th. '1"1 vnu nni.-h applause. The mounting
t, -v.L'"'." **? ?cvllent. A fi?e?-i-.i matinee will
i> \. n "'?s afternoon, when 'Maria stuari" will
**0ol_?.'_''.r**t'*?,*',no'' wi:i be given to-nigh! ar.d
-nacft? vs.-iii be repsted lo-morrow niltht.
i ?*'1'"*'1,k J- ?vue wan committed yesterday to
or?! ''*' Snt'*'t Ja" ln default of ll.WO ball on an
r0/r "ltr'"''1 bj' Justice Andrews, of th" iupreme
*J"Jrt Ti,.. Aultman & Taylor <'o., manufsctui i
tun*,?" 1"1,'l< "','"1"' w*r* ,n' Plaintiffs. They <-b
for t? m y"1*"1' '" N 'Vember U. !??:?. against Syn?
H0 --'';. and eaeoutlon waa not ?ntsred la last
an\?tT' Th"v ,,:i'' h"'"'1 : *" ,h;" ""?'? thlxt 8>'"*'
??j fall.,i h.-ii to tUJIt Iron, ?i.i uncle In KlW
frrr.'a"H'.,l,,"J r,?l,,? B" th,V '??'">- fraudulently trans
Svne -..""' Inheritance'to hi? wife. Marv Bllen.
??d u a" u "nuch-Bought-after man for ?on?- time,
the ___* f1"??ll.'.' arrested bv a depiiiy-shi-rlff In
*%? ".""?'""'ke flats. In St. Mlcholaa-ave. Th.- bail
dtfenii-'-V''"1 '" *1-",>' ?y Ju*'b.* AnUrcwa. -in th*
???nuant w?. unable io furnlsii it.
In making a record ol Mr. Tree's pr?s ntmeni of
Hamlet, -which wai effected las! nigh! al Abbey's
The.tie for the fini time In America, Il would be
pleasant, if ?t were lust, to us? the language of un?
restricted admiration, Mr. Tree li ?? food actor,
conscientious, careful, experienced and expert, and,
a? a comedian. Wtthlfl the lirr.l's pi, --, r-.bed by his
nature, h,, la competent. Impressive aril delightful
, Hi? aims ,:r. h .,!.; his poeltkm II auspicious; his In*
I fluenca Is good, his success is desirable, not
| simply for his own sake but for the sake of that
1 public welfare which, more or le??, is affecte?) by
| the stage. But Mr. Tree's judgment does not keep
; pace with his discretion, and when he appear? a?
Falstaff and as H.tmiet he make? it Impossible for
', even th.- most propitious favor to view his exploit?
,' with Unqualified sympathy. His performance of Fat*
j staff, although ingenious with ?tag? craft, and
! therefore meritorious, lacked the essential attrl
butes of th. character, and especially lacked Its rich.
B| intaneoua humor; and therefor? it was radically
\ im'ierfect. For the first time, Indeed. In th? ?taste
\ history of that part. Falstaff ?ra? ?legra,led to a
character of farce; h? cr.pt upon ail fours and was
! apanked with a trick cudgel. Horsep'ay may aiUUM
: thoughtless persons, but It Is not llke'y to g.-t It*
! self accepted as high dram.itl.* arr. Mr. Tree's per?
formance Of Hamlet was nearer to the truth thin
in- Falataff mor? interesting, and far more worthy
Of his talent an! his fame. ?Soma Of IU attributes.
indeed, ara eapecially admlrab>. it Is ?pervaded by
a line intellectuality; II has distinction of beating;
It has an appropriate quality ol mystical Incerti?
tude, and it is marked by coplou? variety of ?x
pn -,ve ?posture, ?realth of large and eloqueol g?-s
i:ie. and felicitous flow of elocution. <?n the other
hand. It Is shallow, devoid of poetic emotion, finirai
In fit?ro. marred by Inappropriate aiTin?-?-? and
fuaay bustle, and hai I and metallic in execution, it
belonas to the school that In ?England was repre?
sented by ?Barry Sullivan, it wlni reap* : It an*
not in-p'.re affection.
Th? character of Hamlet has been llaCUsa? I
?many time.? and so fully i-i this o.umi, thai ? r?
view of '.t now might prove bul the tedloui re*
Iteration of familiar thought?. The notion that an
eaaay 'ii Hamlel ahould bt written every Urn? ?
fresh effort I? made to play rh? part adds ne?
terrors to ufe and nughl not to be tncouraged
Haml ? In ?Shakespeare's (?age? la th? exponen! ?-.'
fatal misery, Inciden! to long brooding upon th?
awful mystery ''? '?-'' spiritual environment of
man. Hamlet on the ?tage ?? usually a hn;
person dressed ;n black velvet, who i? mourning
for his ?had fatlt-r, and who baa se? ti a |
Every act.ir who represent? h m .?? a special Ideal
arid a favorite theory. Mr. Tree lenoted Intelle tuai
grasp of the subject In hi- treatm nr of Hamlet'?
madnes?. ?making th? Prince by ;;m? mad .itii
san-, but keeping him steadily in (he borderland
between lunacy and reason. Ai the 'Hi?as of th?
play-scene he made Hamlel completely delirious,
and his clamor waa sharply effective, In hi* treat*
ment of Hamlet'? love for Ophelia wai - -
felicitous, ?because lea? true Hi.? action, Indeed,
waa gracious and sweel the action if furtlvel) i,.>
ing OpheHa'? hall and of pitiably casting tl sr?r?
Upon her gravi ; I, it. ?lac? Ham:? t's lov? f <r I I ?' ? I
Is a memory at-, i no) i passion, th.?. touch?
unsuitable. No lover urge? hi? mistress n go |o
a nunnery Even before Haml?t, arlth hla ?hock? i
brain si 1 hi ,k. :i heart, has caught th* vv\k. '?
frightened Ophelia In her lie, hi knon that foi
him rh.-re can b? no refuge In human love, and n ?
reliance upon it. Hla misery, ?being ?f the sou! end
not "f circiimst.il.,.- I u - thing In it con
anl bitter. He ha.? done with lov? and to >) upon
him the garnltur? of sentiment li to pul i i ? h
?-- ,,n a h-ars-, Mr Tree '. i: i mu h itresi
up in Ham!? : a? a f? How - id ni upon hi?
radeahlp hi? "eonaonancy." hut kindness to his si
lies at th.- L'nlverslty That ?? well; bul ? m
;? .- ? nly i minor element In Hamlel - nature
Filial devotion i? strongei In him th.m fr.?-?,
and stronger In him th
slonat? lestre to i >ok >?? yond the ?rra-. i
actor of Hamlet the >:!;.,?: scene? are the tea
l'r. e"i ?. ?tun ?were elf? ctlve, mai
In those awful passages, i
llmlty, terror, grief, pathos, ? um
.? :? i ? fac? lach ? n ?btlli y. mpei ami ni
cold, and whose ven.- >.? boll?n and Inflexible Mi
Tree ins little or no tragic power, he lack? lender?
n??s. and he >.? not ?jwetlcal. H - Hamlel
always be accepted a? good; it baa n?vet rel be? i
designate I as itr.-at. ?\ epi by I - I
I., .i, ! n giraffes wh, suppose ?!i<-t,i- Ives to hav? .
? ? -.-? k- -. to lb? mysterte I ind who
are for? ? natructlni l i ight i
think upon all - ibje is tun
Mr Tree, II i- undetrstood, deems II ?>'.?
intlally Igno ml f lh< lage-i
dltlon? of Hami.-t. th., usagei Iba! .- t?. ?a> ol
earllei repreaentatlvea of :t.- charartei Ills pred*
- r, Hi Wlllard, look Ih? f thai
? !? is an unfortunate Hen becaui
iradltli ? l alaray? valuable
and they happen to be ? -;??? lall) valuable ... II im
I '?? :? i .. ig? .n, i burines? (ha! ??????? .?,
I?i ?vi i by B? tterton, Kemble. Ms r? n?.
Ph< pi llooth and bur.? oughl lo be known bj
- ton an ; o ighi ??? b? r? -i- ?? d i .? ihem
t'apri? lou? Innovation it noi a sign of a? it?
le. i b it of ?",. . ; . [mi : ? Mi Tret like M
Wlllard, cuts an 1 lran?| osei Mi I*
rhe soliloquy on suli Id? \i Tree s I the i
llloquy m h ?nor an ? .-,.i ilon til
ha expunges Important ?rorda from 'he par) ot
the sexton, provides u ne? term ol aepulehr? I
Vorick's skull, muddle? th? mattet ol Hamlet?
an?-, curtails I.a.-it.?. omit? Osrl? and conclu
the tragedy with s 'horns of distant sngel? those
mention? I in ih" beautiful apostrophe ol Horailo.
"Winder." ??id Mr, Ilqueers, r,. rh.- lad In hli .?;-ll
Ing-class: "non you ? a. a ah the winder, ,m-i
then you'll remembei h?w to sp?n ?t.-*
Mrs Tree, aa Ophelia, did HOI ld?ntifv h-rs.-lf
with the .-har?, t?r. and II was BOI until ?h?
reached the mad scene th;?i ihe ra .--?! an) effect
The pan may not afford much opportunity, up to
thai point; but, at least, Ophelia I? ihe "Roae of
May" a lovely, confiding, affectionate, Ingei
blooming and beautiful young ?-?ri. and, further
moie. ?di?, i.? a lover. Mi^ ii,-.- made hei li
tellectuaJ and modern, mature, self-contained, and
lesi a lover than s woman wishful t.? Inspire love
in others It was not till the .'.irruix tha: Ih?
conquered. Then. Ind.I, hei fine power? wer?
exerted with line effect. II?, walling vocallsm
and her cries of terror were afllictlng denotements
of <? ?battered nervou? ?y?tem and ? broken mind,
and n was no,able thai the actreai kepi an .??
control of her excitement. The p?r??.;: t?r<
seme.i. however, wa? ri?,t a mad Ophelia; it might
have been a ma?! anybody; bui the performance
waa an excellent atudy In madness, and II waa the
las, denotement yel given of Mrs Tree's dramatic
pon er
Tha only touch of the weird ?tmot-pher. and
the agonising f. einiK thai appertain t?. -h. traged;
wai Imparted In her ?cene with ?h<- flower? ,tif<. In
hi :? desolate esll
Within the last forty year? two actor? ind on!)
two have appeared, who could truly and greatly
impeeaonate Hamlel Those w--i<- Edwin Bootl
and lleruv irvinx.. ?Booth la dead Irving I? now,
; bably, out of tune with the part, and too old for
it There I? no on? else. Nobody on Ih? German,
I tar?! in or Fren? h stag. ici II b< o? Una r<?
Shakespeare There are, perhaps, a tern tolerable
Hamlel-- wandering nboul In the province? of
I-liii-larid and America such setors, for Instante,
as Haworlh Ward?. Whlteslde, Wlllard, Rig
?oid. Mantell. Wilson lune;:, and I'rMton f'lsrke
inn aa L*urtla oaci asked, "Who nanti s lolera
l.le egg?" The question Is readily answered fi?me
ua\. perhaps, s new tragedian mai- .aus,-, to
whom Nature shall hav given the soul, th? lern
pera men t. 'b<- passion ih<- mind, th? fa ?-. Ihe
voice, and th?- person logeihei whh all Ihe rteadlj ,
burden! of ?orrowful spiritual experience essential
for hi? pre-ordtnallon tin-' are Imperative for
the true embodiment ?if thai sublime character
Another generation ma) see another Booth. Koi
the present, Hamlet live? bul In the libran ?nd
in th.- Im-.?rt
The tragedy was set in ?cene? of remarkald?
?beauty, thai of ihe graveyard, though perhap
seasonable, being espet-lally lovely. Th.- renn
sentatlon of PoTonluB, Ihe King, and the rlrsl
Grave-Digger had exceptional merit Tin- house
Wa? Well flll'd. and Ml Tree WH? recalled ele\en
times during the lust half of the night, Th? '.'"
la lore given;
riBudiui.n-, n ste* ': ?
Hani!?? . Ml 'I ? ? ?
Hol .Iiiii? .II..Im ir. - i.
lb.rail". Batte ht n -
I?,?,,.?.?? M Mallard
nneanrrantT.Erfward Feft la
aulldanatrln .t..-?:- 'i. ?.,;? ri
Marrellua. Parket ll?r,i
Hei-nardo. Rota* a
l*> inrlaco. Mr, U'Illlama
i-ri??,..Pharl*? .?.?i-'i
ci.,,?'.Suteombe Oould
n,>- rjravMIss? . l.',,,,i--i in .-?
??e,.,nil Oravedlfser.Ml Will?-.?
Kir?? A'i.,r.i. I' *<?-.???..
Bat ,,.d A,'tur.Ml WatSB?
den rode .I'r;,n. ? i
<i,,h?liii.Mi?. T,??
l'L.v-r Queen.iliidn liant? iri
The aacoad avaatag service for thi? season of lb? '
?Thurch ?'horni Society to >k i line :.,?t niaht in .**aint ?
Bartho*ot*aew'a Church, al ro*rty?fborth-at and
Madls m-ave. The ?? , vl.-e dig? red from It? pridec.?..
sirs in that it employ.-d no orcheatra, relying upon
the organ for socS accoapanlmenta ??^ aera oocet
?i' ?in! enlisting the ?ervic- of a :ol" vloliti'-t
Inch a ebanga >.f poHey miRht have been accom?
plished without neea??ary 1<??h of dignity "i ? I "
Interest, lull this wa? n ,t the ?n??- last Bight. The
etiolr sang better than It ?lid at Its first service thi?
???a-on. but it had little to ?in' that ?va? calculated
t., put its ability to me u?t. ,,n of tha thoral m wk
being comparatively ?hnpie gad taay ef ?*rgacotlon
The most ambition? effort was made with Mendels?
sohn's uniccompanled motet, "Judge Mr. <? QoA,"
', which went cr?.ditably. The other choral piece? ?u?
!hc- "Ave Marra." s ? ??nig attributed to Arcad'.'.: iha?
it 1= Impossible noa to tike from h'.m the onde
: credit of having written it flasi night ;: an?
?uni with English words, beginning: "Qtv? ear unto
my prayn"?. ihe choral? Awake'" from Wagners
"Die Meistersinger." ?nd ta ? novelties, "Th?- Recur?
re? il m." ?by W, Le Orand Howland, and "An Even?
song." by Harry Row? Shelley ?if this? th? latter
?..? eeaily ih?- n?. ?st mteresttng, bul II had Util? in
?ay that has not frequently been ?aid in hymn ?ltd
religious ballad heretofore The composer play?!
the organ sccompanlmeni in a masterly sty'.?-. The
music betOOg? to that sentimental type which Mr
Shelley ha? cultivate?! with much suce?-**, measuring
success as composers an?! publishers are Inclined to
do. The solo singers who took pan in the ?ervlce
were Mrs. Kmma Juch-Wel'.man. riprano; Miss Fva
Hauke?, contralto, and ileorge W. Ferguson, bary?
tone. Mr?. Wellman sang two dreadfully hackney?**!
plecea r.ouno'l's "There l? a Oreen Hill Far Away."
and "Ave Maria." In a delightful way. th?,ugh <h?
could not Conceal th? fac, that her voice 1? losing In
fr^-thne?-? nn?l h.auty. Mr L. Amadeu? von i.a?r'
r.i-r. violinist, played an amateurish Adagio ??f his
own and H.ich's air In a commonplac? manner.
Ther? ?re many such violinists in America. Mr. K.
II Warren conducted the service and Mr. Will Mae
farlane played the organ ac.'ompanlm?nts, as well
?s the prelude and postlllde.
Mis? w\.\ n- >K?*KKK*a rrroKT or thb blbr
From Th.- Lady'? Pictorial
So many people Interviewed Mis? Anna BOeker
?' ?>-ek that It ?as with ??ulte a feeling of be?
ing a nuiaanr-e that i approached her on the ?ub
.(??.?f of her r.-?'-n; terrible experience, However,
hi r cheerful manner, her vivid description of th.?
many details ??f her ?rlclssitudes, together with the
delightfully natural way in which she told me her
story, mad?, m?- forit.-t everything except thai I
I wn-. listening to a truly thrilling tale, a tab- now
well known, yet full of fre.sh interest when told
by the on-- lady survivor of the Ill-fated Rlbe
"When th?? ? rash occurred," commenced Mlaa
B?cker, "I ?as resting, having removed my dress,
hui sun wearing m> other clothe* I made n.?
sttempi ??? gel op till I h*nr?l "he tramping over
),? .! Tiren, putting ?.ri my dressing-gown, I ran
up the companion ladder to try and find out whai
had happened, Hearing ?a order that every one
was t<? dress and comi on deck, I hurried down
to my rabln, which I shared with a Mrs, Sander?,
cf?Sl | ?"?'?-'
Kv vw
_ \ VEI*
?sly \'. ma:
and, l? Hing h? ? ? ? ??..:? ?. ?? i ? .:.
I | '.t .,". .i !.. ,-? -erg. ft-*, a th.. k ' . I
,i ? | .i-ai o*.ei m? h?..'., i lirai p. I up i i
but Ihe 'trip l-r.ik.- and I i ?? I it with I
th*:.. .- .?-ri ?'.Ir.
. mj ni'iff u in h i li l nol ? .
i ?ara* about ????<??'.. : u when
Mi Ban.1er? -..'!. 1... -: ... with me
I did ?
' i.- 1 - ?.-..; i ?!'.-. ?
?ar?1 i - ?
th>- -.i en were ta
? ? .-..?,. ? f th.
*'!)?! , ? '? ? , i I- r ?
s ,-?,-- .
? a|--il- I, al .....
'? N . ?
. k In I i were
gOW? !.. ,
? ?
Water se?
of s.. ? . , ...
and I think fl .
ng kepi . ? i
i ? ? ? ? . ? ? i
i i ?
>\fter what ?eel ,
fled bo? ? ?
? i ? ?
an) une I .- fl it all, for i
life held tut ft
ever. I wa? ? I ?it
Mr '.?..-. i lo. ?H ? ?i- ' .i i. I
ai the it I ? ??? ? ?v ? t .- t. - ? i
m i ? ih? W ildflowei ?' ? there ih?
;.- ? ? .. ? - an i an !
said. 'I'm afi i I ;? ?n :
laughed?I ??iil'l ? ' ? So. I
I are all rlghi i bothei H
I were pi? *? kindly
t, ?ate?! i ? i? i - bST) ilread]
Their h ? ?? . ' led h thai o "
p..or ... ii i v? Th ?mpeon .? ii ime
I o' [<oweslofl
Whai ?eem? i" ?trik.? on? in the narrative I* 'ha
! when faoe t?, face * rn death on? think? ??. much
,,?? ihe riiirii.i detail? of oui ? nai life Ml?)
i n kei ?ave?! her pus.-, her watch and h.-r m iff.
i -'. -.?:.?.. ; ? i ve no franiii d< ilr? i? save ii-i
,i with .. numbed feeling look eauahl. hei
irai .... hip to i he I. fi om
it to thi ? ? ? ? ?"?'uallj Mfi ling i resting
- bottom of the lifeboat, In several Inches of
! freexing ?;?'.?? and) hei ?atiir?te?l garment? I'ooi
? i experience? ?-ere ?run terrible yei In ?
I mo?t hero w?j ?hi nevei f..r?..t hei fellow
! sufferers In the cabin; ?hi waited whlli Mr? Sand
? er? finished dressing Instead of rushing ??? li '<
I a? one might reaaonablj hav? expected; -he gave
i bet dressing gown lo s shlvi ring half rlothed rn u
I and she i* still suffering from ihe bruise? on her
! f.. i caused by the men In the bosi walking ?i t
? ??? ling on ? ii?- m. though st the tire? ?h- ?? .er
i complained of them
j>ll> HE I"? 1 HE REST HE L'Ol'I.D*
| Kr. m The Ne* i ork World
i>o<? anybod) now .upp.ee ihm Mr rteveland
i "did th?- b.-st he could" when ire secrMli ?old thes
i bond? to his former client's syndicate at IM1* " Wllh
I Sew V .rk? r? aiixio'i- tor ten tim.s ihe Issui i I
1 with l..ih.i..n banker? bidding. .-.- Ihe) did ?.ealei
1 day, foi 5->?'.??"'.??"i at IS point* above lb? syndicate
distributing price, can inerc be any doubl thai ihe
Issue could hav?- been ?old In the open in.irk.: for
I greatly more than wa? et f??r it?
I'roin Th.? Philadelphia Inqulrei
I'eople are growling ovei the fact ihai I hi? s-, n
?ii? ate i? making ?o no., h mon?) What ??< selfleb,
' narro? world ii is! la not ihe Pr?sident lo i
allowed lo help hi? friend* win. helped lum when he
i..ed V"lp l.adh "
ri .m The S\ ia i,... Hi raid
Th? talk about Ih? credit of ? i?? Oovernmenl being
Impaired i?> aus? honest men are ilred ol pa]
ing de*>l? to Europe twice ..v?-r wlihoul gelling -'
quittance i? ihe veiieal twaddle The credli ?>f tbe
Oovernmenl, regardlfna ??f ihe km?i <?f money it
ma) -i-- ?de upon for future um, I? all right, It I?
only ih? Administration that is? ai fault
Frota The Providern?? Journal
The general belief is evblenti) no) yei ?battered
thai in the lorn run oui Nailon uin me.-t ail its
obligat I m? io ih- complete ?at Ufa. lion of the inosi
exacting cre?llior, and lhal arrwngement* ?in ultl
iriai.lv ,.?? made t., a\yi.| th? necessity ??f such
continuous borrowing as would in lime destroy the
value of all oui debts That view Is undoubted!)
Fr??m Th- Troy Tim-?
Hi ihe face of this ?xperienc? will ih- A'lmlnis
trail.n hi '.n maintain thai condition? force.i it to
accept KM'.*? If it do.-?, m. ?m- um believe it
Today's bids confirm in? general opinion lhal if
ih.- public had been given an opportunity to ?ub
acriba for Ih) ban th.- whop- lasue ??f bond? would
have been taken within twenty-four hour? at IIP?
or bett.-r. Ihu? saving the countr) million? "f 'lol
??rom Th- Boston Journsl.
The Sagem??? will? ?huh ?h?- new hunda ai?- ?ul.
scribed for 111 l.ou.liui suggesls thai the credit "f
t!i<- I'mled State? Is not ipilte gone, iioiwithritan?!
Ing ihe ssseult? upon it b) a Democratic Congress
Prom The New-York Recorder.
Thi success of the lna)i Is Ih? Seep ?Innmaiion of
Cleveland'? Administration. If he atnl lit? Seer?
lory did not know the ?xtenl ??f the wholesale rob?
bery of ih? American people In which ihey engage!
Ihey ar- nol tit to hold ihe place? th?j> occupy. If
th y did know it. and deliberate!) made this sbhor
rent gold bargain and bond Issue, which Is the
greatest pillage of the Treasury on record, they
are guilty of a high .rime and mladcmeanor.
nisi!'-!' I.VUK.1N K OP mas-h.V in'.-'KTT.s talks
OF I'P.EtMIiK.VT i:i,|i,TS -\t KAKNKSK" AS A
THE a*Tt*DgX*rg - i-miKKSHiii m: si mi
niRAsT's EVUMS or dr. ki.iot
r*TVMi i,\ FU? ,THA I.I.
II algraya take? a ooll??e dinner to mnk? rhe
wall? of rhe big dining hall al Delmonlco'a re
aasjnd in the way they should, and last night It
?eem?. 1 aa tf they had never before been ruled
upon to re-?.-ho ru -h a volume of "lieer? aa ro?e
from the throat? of the Harvard alumni. It waa
the tW**raty?Rtath annual dinner of :he Harvard
I'lub. of thi? City, but the faaat was not ?-otilined
to the member? of this organization. To It were
bidden Harvard men from every parr of th? me?
tropolis, nnd th? New*Englandera enme a-Journey
ing from th? land of th? puritana to sup with
their ?retcaeamg Kcw-Tork brethren Vale and
Princeton also .ame to the feast, and. marvellous
:?? it may appear to football ?atauataata. uie rep
reaentatlvaa 01 th? three univcraltie?* ?*? down in
the utmost amity and pea.-e. What la still more
reinarkahlf, thev iUKBBBM] toi*o?h*-r that ?il'-ah
aarMaa, bul ? trHla daags-reua topic of football,
and yet drank bumper?, together In the h?-art!e?r
and most dei-ornu.?ly Hae, hanalian fanhion. Just
ag tf a Bprlngtle'd ami a Manhattan ?yield had
never aalated.
Of coure? the tribute?, la?r? nicht were for Hnr
?ard from lb? star! to (lnl?h. nn.l all the ?p.nk"r?
ried ?rith one anothei In ?peaking their sincera
pralac and admiration of the gteal unlveratty under
the elm? at Cambridge. And th? cheer? which
rang oui were full of devotion and love for, ag
i"i aident Kin?; called It. "the otdeel and first uni?
vers?) in thi land" Amid all the blase of crim?
son and the ai.plnnae. laughter and che? ra stood
out two Incidents which riveted every ,?t'."'s atten?
tion ".i the instant and made the ?linnet- of unusual
1 pon cine u.i.? th. meaaage on athletic? and es
P? lall) . n the recen! rota In relation to football
erhlch (?rofeaoor de Bumtchrnal bore from the Har
??'i i fa? ilty, The other was the statement from
i:?hop William Lawrence, of Massachusetts, thai
'?'? ??' ?Slloi v.n- weah In the personal sym*
I path) v. he-h hi showed for th? students, and that
| h.- had failed '" ar.ii.se th? greatest possible en
I thusiaam fr..:n alumni and unde*r*graduates. B ?me
j of the Harvard graduatea sat aghaai at this bold
?tatemen) for the moment, and it was greeted with
altiMMi perfect Menee. But Bishop Lauren,-?', it
liar, meant anything bul an attack on t*rea
Idenl Klioi n? merely mentioned this "weakness"
as n drawba, k , ompared ? ? rh< ?uperb i haracter
latl?*a of the head "f Harvard. Th.- speech could
,,o, I.? forgotten, rtowev?r, and li is certain to lin?
ger long n th? min la of the diner? leal night.
?lollli I | -i fellowehlp r? Igne I il il - feaai
' ' Hi.' Ml lha l| i.-- ? I ? I nappy In
Idg? Henry K
I o r, ipon .? I f.?; fa le. put ever)
i ?. it? : n?, i ? , || aasr?) t-? bluei f u ? m ?nth
i? H? : : i ?orna trem? orte?,
a? did al? ? ?!, ? ??' t :h othei - ?? ik. :-. an I ? ?
- 1? . tal-? i- .i , -, ?? ?? ItlahOp of M.i
? Be?, [>r Arthur Hr ? ?ka tried to
look easy and ned ? .? I .-.? ?? iat a
- k? i ? ... , ? ? - :., |||
' '. , -? a . ? . for <:?*? p. m., bul ? *
r later a ti?n E m.ii ? King, the pre?l
..l he a o Into th? big dining
\ i right on the I it Mai
' ? ? Harvard i
m li. II ? P -??- ? : le
Rive? n. . \ i--. ?. ? ; I- ,,\
? ?? ; d lion
'?' , - ? ? . I;.--.
? ? : .? . ,- : .- ?: . , i n
? ? Jamei r K:
. ? .in r r:
M \.W . ? i*A \ \ii.n THERE
- ?? . it i
?? ? i table* : :n . II
Hi,... er tl
? ?: M ?:,.'.? I Mason, i I) !??
Hacon. T T
li. ? ? . -hi:.- Pa
I'., i H II c. . , \ ? ; Hodgea VVi
ii - Ui ill R. c'tyd?
\\ i, v. M i.,- .
Walt? I ?. i . ?I Hi ? ?? H -n P i'ar
I ? --. ? . i;
l-., i i.,,. I'. T. liarlo? ". . ?
|. I - n Uania. J <>. Huyt. K. <l
Crank Hrownell. W. I.
I'arl : W ii i- iv r K havld Ive?
Herl . H Hana Klttn Ige tl \ it
: In i ? - w ? i ||. v ,.- Samuel I.
I'arrlal Irthui n ? .? ? - ? Il W ighi, i'le n
? i ? ? ileorgi Hill i >i W llll .'n T 11 i
Kverl Jansen W -? : i; s Mini irn. I. E H< ?.
? m, W K. Orai lore Ounl am v 1. Flsk?
il i\ i ?ui -, - V M ipes, K I, Parrt?,
fromw? i i'har'ea .,; r'alrchlld, (leorge
lier..- :? ?,r. i.' I" p Klnnli itl f W ll iktekop ?
... ?rge ?' I'lark ?Joi Ion W n I? I!, I... ila l< Mc
(*agg. 0 n Ledit? i* Dunham. ?Samuel E vYln?low,
I'hauncey ?; Parkei i.'harle? A N'eleon Audlej
llaalei ii ?,?, .? i ; . Hoi i ? I, Ha; den, I
. : '.it.. i n ,-\; . ? Robb, (le .r?.- s Oreene
Edward IVetmor? -' U i'larke, Russell lied ford.
Hora - i: I ?? mina John a ??*> IlltramSon. \
?? Tliayer, t w Rhlneiander, Heorg? Rlag
d?i li irthui mihiv. n . (lardlnei Perry, \^
,,,;* m ? ? s,; it h w II u hltn?) Hem i \
i: ii -, Torre) K-.?r<-tt Kiivm Emerson, ft I.
? ~M 1'n'i la I'.it neflto? k, \ H I.., -k.-t?. \\
i\ i-.,?, i i- i -, unison, i: I. Ma? i utile r r
r i, \ |ng II iland, i ?? ? lei Blagden, an I
Ro! ? ? Emmel
Presiden! Kn? vai greeted nlth greal gpplaua?
when he root and called for ordei He war? In
ten opted conetantl) ivnh applause, and occaalon
aii\ nlth ? Bantfmeni from ih? reai of the i%om
given -it;.. -,,,?? He ?abl
Tl la h.i^ been ,.n BUapiclOU? v.at f, r U? In III"
, uiiipl, m m ,,f nui new clubhouse We have had
two red letter Is) ? : i oui cluh thli real (A voice
"The) are Blwav? re?|.letter? al llar*-ar<l."i The
firs! w.i~ the opening of ths iioii?e m June; the ae?'
"ni ?.i? i.idi^s i ?.? v. ia?t autumn, llleart) i'heei
Ing for tl.e lud??- , Athletic? i? a ?ubjeci which
ill forth be Interesi of u? all and especially
football Particularly la ihi? Ihe , ase nos? nnen th.
fai-ult) bu? iu?i pi-?-! ,i reaolutlon regarding fool
ball (Hlssea di-.,wii"i with hand<*Upping.i The
failli nlth football lie? no! with Ihe players, bul
a th s dtMt.irted publie opinion and unwholesome
ei 11 .-m. i, - Been si .mr bin games. All rigln
minded men ile , ?. the evil? of football, but the>
are mindful ,,f u? advantage? and gr*od effect*
I Cheer? i H ||ei In th? powei of tb.se nun t., ? I
vin- ti,.- atamlard of puhll?: opinion "All li i?ir
m love and fox?.hall" i? ihe wrongful maxim thai
ne have I.n following. Now we mus? ?tralghten
nut this In 1st, i A not her voice "?ih. I ean't do II I
It is better ii.it to win al all than through un
?porti manlike conduct, and tht* i? the ferilng which
are mus? make prevail Pootball Is too rpx-d and
valuable s p*M t-> haire II go by Ihe board.
r,' -id.-ni Klag then ellnded to th? intlueno of
Harvard m,n in more ?orioa? affair? ''When our
?'.',i-!iiution,ii <\,ii\.-inn,n met," aald he, "our
Joseph II rtio?t,. (ctrtea of '?".loai.-' Choate!"!
w.i- mad.- president, ?ml ?n-i inora than any othei
single man to hav,- th- Constitution adopted." Mr
Kiiik ?poke ?f the greal growth ??f ths univ.ru ?
and paid the m?,st euloglatli tribute to ''resident
Klloi and ih? pari ?iii'-h h.- had played In thla
advance alluding lo "hi? breadth ??f policy, firm?
ness of administration, energy and for,<- And SO,
wen I on the ehainnaii. "Harvard remains aa II
bus always ben. ihe nr?t university ?>f the land.
(Tremendous cheering, ?
The whole company ar???o then and sang "Fair
Harvard" with all th? tOt. t of old College day?:
Pair ifanrat-dl ihi * a? l? ?hi .int.ii?-.- itai
?.,,.1 ?im Maealsga laiMndir tbea e'er
I ItMSi f??tlval rlie?. frail ItM Am """ I? I'"
T ' m? Agja thai hi ?alilag ''?' *.
., Ratrli ?iid I |*pa ' eut tuten et' ?
Thal ha? lein b?fA ibeit martert **? ;? "v** '
i .-? n,?"r ,.f il | wlMerne??! Siai of n,?ir niair.
i'?,lm rl?liiK i l.r. ngli .tuna- lO'd ?tir,,ii?-li ?l.riii
Martin Hrlmmer. the presiden 1 ?>f th. Harvard
i'orporatlon, srhom soma n.-wiv -,-i-eute,i iMchelor
of mi jokingly allu?led lo a? "one ol th..?.> hetedl
t.iiv oveiaaera of Harvard." ???? n''x' intro,iu.-.-d
to 'speak for th. unlverslt.v He sketched ihe
growth of Harvard in the last quarter century,
outlined n* policy and ???; forth Hx needi forcibly
ami clearly r?-!"'-!?"* i"" w,,n" "' H '"'w ?ntnry
building for II? vaat ?tore? of book?
Ulahop l.uw rene, who next arose, made g t,.|l
inK ?I.th mid bu jMiintt. were loudly applauded
Hla allusion to Presldenl Kllot's apparent ia.-k of
rordlality to the ?tudrnta w-a? received ?it ftrsi
with ronalderabl? unaaalneaa, and perhapa hi? re?
mark? were i Tille mti-eonstrued on ihat one
Mil RBaURKl ON I'unsini-INT BUOT.
Ansang other ihlnK.? he ?aid:
When I're-ildent King ?aid that aa Harvard wa?
the greateat college in th? country when I're.sidtnt
Kllot was put a: Its hea?l. so it has grown to be the
grestest university. Judge Howland sal?l to me: "I
accede t?> that." iLmirfht-r.? Now, ?o long a? this
la so, I don't know whether we rare ultimately
whether w.? win at iSprlngftel.l or no. (?Ties of "Yes,
w? doS") We must play football and other gam-.?
"not a? sports, but as sportsmen." Now, perhaps I
don't represent the faculty, bul 1 lu lleve, between
you and me. that they would h.? willing to have the
athjefh- committee allow one more game If we only
best tOreat laughter and cheers.? Now, if we ?lo
i ?? next fall, we must pl?iy a ?qnara, abov?--boar>l
gam-- W? want to ?how the public that twenty
two young college m.-n can ?lo this. We want f?K?t
ball to prove this ?Cheers.i I want football to go
> n till that fact Is recognised
In the university what is needed Is the heartiest
P-rsonal sympathy from the teachers, the helpers
and Inspirer? of the young men who are pouring In
there In larger and larger number That Is the weak
spot In him who ?taml? at th?- hea?l of the univer?
sity. I yield to no man in my admiration of Presi?
dent Ellut and his superb qualities, not alone as
pr?sident, but as man, sympathetic and warm
heart. -I. And It Is all the more a tribute to him that
he has so n ihly developed the university without
having gained that warm enthusiasm which he
might have gained from th- students an?l the
The Bishop paused fora moment h-re. and there
were soni? murmurs of approval, but no oj\o sal?l
mneh. "Harvard," went on the speaker, used to
be s great Massa??husett? college, und people have
said that defeat In athletics would keep men from
Harvard. BUI since w? have had defeat regularly
our ?ollege has gone 'ahead with strides greater
than those of nil victorious -thletl?- colleges,"
?hereupon ex-Judge Howland turned his head.
and winked solemnly to I?r?-s!dent King.
Profesa r le Sumlehrost was greeted with loud
eh era as th? representativa ->f Um faculty. R? a:
or...- spring t?> the defence of Pr?sident Eliot, if
defence were nr-eici. and ?leclare 1 that "no chief
was m ,n Inspiring? mon en? ?uragtng, thin Pretal
?letit Eliot i know he is accounted apathetic an?i
cold-hearted by some of our young men." sil?l be,
"t.ut In the li-art as well as In t.ie h?-.ol ..f Presl
?lent Kllot will be found H strong and a arm nippon
for S?d ?ympathy wtth our young men an?! with all
that Is f.ir tneir good."
Then the -prak-r w?-nt 00! "Let me giv?? you
th- greeting <>< th? faculty which has Just ?prung
into sudden an?l widespread' popularity. I cannot
help hoping that football is not killed In Harvard
lappla '-??>. i. it I do not want it to live under in.?
degenerate ?:y!e that it has lately gained. They
have fell thai tin gam-, instead of developing ?elf
control and noble manhood, has li 1 to opportunities
for private animosities and ha* fostered ?? hostile
* ? between our gr? a?? ?t college? -feeling? which
?hou!?i never exl? among Harvard, Vale, Prlnee
r m and Pennsylvania So rule ran p- wlbly purify
football unless the spirrt of the college? be right."
iCrlea of "trui enough," "rivh' you are!")
Professor Sumlchrael contraated the cordial fad?
ing between rival unlvendtle* ?broad an?l the ?e
ret m.-thod., and almost professionalism of our
college athlete? in Amarle? Th? thing absolutely
necessary, ?aid he, wa* the cultivation of s #t>!r1t
of frlendllneca among th? rival ?'olle-.m
"No? thi? vote of the faculty mean?." he weal
on, "that In the opinion of many persons?not
mine it is impossible for American young men to
meet In contest? without brutality. That Is th??
sad thing to me. That Is why I want football to
continue i want u to prove to the world that
the American youth ?an meet in falrn-ss and gen
tlemanlln-ss. What will b.- the outcome of this
vote? h ha? been reported wrongly. Athletics
arc in 'i?" band? of an athlete committee, com
posed of ihree member? of 'ii?- faculty, three g.-ud
i.i'.>* anl three undergraduate* This committee
will receive the faculty'? resolution, and will de?
cide upon it. and whatever they ?!>> ?rill be for the
i? ii "
Everybod) began xi laugh when ex-Judge How
land aro?-? r? ?peak fr Vil? "I didn't know bur I
?houM !-?? greeted her?," h< began, "a? a certain
Mrs Mortarty wa* ?h.?n ?he met an acquaintance
whom ?he had once met In a ti<-rr. "How
?l .. Mrs, Mortarty." Mid thl* >.tner Hibernian lady,
?not thai I ? n- a lamn, bul hist to m.k- conver?
There were r??ir- of laughter at tirs. at-. I Mr
it ?'land wenl right on, ?Ignlfl ant'.y: "1 ?'?? alw?)
?tan !? r i ?\ to back her regard for you In
* more than wor?? And then I have been
.- iing th? annal? wa) back In IM4. and In on?
P i ?? they r -! 'N'es Haven ?eni fort) bush
i,. .., tbe po-.r of Han sr i
? i ..m tired of hearing about the ?elf-made man."
ontlnue I ?h? ex-Ju ? *?-. "they ar? nol wh il I
ir.- cracked up t.. i- Or Mar-. Walkei I* the
;i-n of a ielf-mad? man that I know, ..t. leven
?he ha* her llmli ?
There were cheer? for "Howland" .?rr i "Yale."
,?:. : then "Yale" again wh n rh>- ?peaker ?at down,
the a?? rrblage woul I be
gin to lau rh -?il o\ ei again,
W h Flornblower, who ?poke masterfulli foi
??? ? ... ?aid he fell like the young man to whom
rt.-- r--\ <.-'.-? laid "Young man, don't you want t?>
lea I the young men,
"Th? ? with mi -..! Mr Hornblower
"I don'l want t.. go to Prince! ...it; Harvard
:? gOO?l ? noil ;!i f a
Aftei thl? K\>:t Janeen Wendell jumped up In
hair ami gave "three time* three for President
and ? ??? rj h ? I) got up on hi? feel ta :
\. lie ? out thi h<
Then came th?? other speaker* l?eorge I. Rives,
ror Columbia; i'harle? ? v, Ml hael, for the Har?
vard I'luh ..' I'lni.i :? il In ? i Fox and
!.' ?-. ! \l K;-ri ? la: i I? ir r- pr< - Ming ! ?
element of tl ? . late* f'heer? and ?ong*
m..I cheer? .-? i ? ? goo i ?Id Harvard ei led th?
?? ? .
/Ml'//? t UF.lsnr MTBBAY'S I.F.CIFRF.
llll EN HIM !? ? IOHS L? ?'. BLt,
I ?avid Christie Murray, the well-known English
i irnalist. m ide hi* Ural appearance
? ? lect .; i itform n New York last evening
ai Mualc Hall, under th? auaplce? of the Oeneral
.- i lety of Me.-ii.uii ? and Ti i lesmen. Mr Mor?
ra) rreated a favorable Impression an?l frequently
elicited ?Ign? ?if ,i|i] r- lation from the large audl
-? * which wa* pi- -nt He I? happ) In the p?s
tesslon of a .???il modulated voice, and an easy,
?uent style of delivery, and related his anecdote?
?sith a sufficiency of dramatic fore? that added
conalderabl) t.. their effi i Personti reminis?
cence* of ii'.s bf.- as a lournsllst, grouped together
m 1er the title of "The Lucky Bsg of Memory."
formed the theme.of Mr. Murray'? lecture. Vivid
? ptlona of ihe laity life of a working news
. i man, of scenes he h?d witnessed, of place?
he lia l visited, n-i-i ?tories of people of fame with
whom - had profesalonally come In contact went
?o make up an agreeable and entertaining lecture
Humor did nol form a prominent f?atur.? in Mr.
Murray'? entertainment, 11
i... ir repeating.
n wai In hi* ? ing and
unable t.? obtain rei ignition ? r employment, he wa?
on the verge of ?tarvatlon In the streets of London,
that he met John [?veil, then th?? head of the Ens?
ilan Pr?s? Association I?ovell out of pity f?)?- his
condition gave htm ?n Immediate .-rler for an ani
. I.- and th-n handed h un the money :n payment
inclosed In .? p:r.!>..\. upon whb ii WS? written the
wonts, "T ' b? taken Immediately ' Mr Murray !??
to be believed when he affirma that thl? prescription
dkl h m more g.? d than any h? has since received
from the clevere?! of doctors.
4 le
'?' |
like he ?old will
struggling laya when
WORDS OP i i : v i s i : POS MAYOR sTi:??N?; OtntVBB*.
'ii-. ?irrii annual dinner of th? Delawar? 8 ety
of th.- City of New-York wa? held at the Reform
Club Hall, l'if:h a\>?. and Twenty-?evenih-?|., lost
night Lx Assistant Diatrl l attorney H n. h
Stapli r. the presiden) of the society, was In th ?
Before Ihe dinner a business meeting was in?i.i.
and th.? following officer? were elected for th? next
year ?President, E D Harper; first vice-president,
W L Cannon; s..nd vlce-prealdent, Or. J. H
.Marshall; treasurer, B, i. Chamberlain?! secretary,
s i. McOonlgal; Executive Committee H. H. R.
Stapler, W, T. Tomllneou, K. 1?. i'ah.>.?n. W. H. Wll
kins, J. H Houston, W. T. Peoples, J B. Dflworth,
R W, Tod.l and I. 11. ljuigg A feature-of the
dinner wa? that Delaware furnished all the dUhe?
?.f th? menu After the dinner th.? ?peaking began
President stapler sketched the history of Delaware ;
In all the great movements <>f the country. He then
Introduced ?leurg?? Wait.m Orcen, the recentl) ap
point...i Aqueduct Commissioner. After some
hum,.um? renwrlu In reference to hi? a?w position,
.he rope? of which he said hi had not yet learned,
he sai?i
Word., of praise ft in a newly chosen office?
holder In favor of the man who has upp..inted him
niaj seem ?hardly In ?good taste an?l may smack a
little ?n interest, i don't tainK. however, it wilt
r ?m ami-s f,,r m.- to ?peak among friends the
sentiment in whi.ii i am pretty sure we ail agree,
when I sav that we have to-day In the exeoutlv??
chair of this great municipality a man who pn
lentl what mam people seem to think the singular
spectacle of a Mayor actually tr>ing to carry out
after election the promise.? of non-panlaan admin?
istration iiia?le when he wa* nominated
Now Just a word about the present situation.
There l- mu? thing about ihe condition of public
opinion l.?-?lay Which deserves. it se.-ms t ? n- .
especial nolle?. Th?? way In which i.pi? r-gard
waat -.. litan? call ihe municipal revolution of last
fail is in Itself a distinct advatrc?; the way in which
affective public ?pinion keep* Itself alive from day
to day. Let >.?iir memories run back over the
numerous attempt? at munidpal reform which hav?
been male at th?- p.?ils within the |mst tweni\
yeara, and then t.-n me if it is not a significant and
m tal promising feature ?bout the present siman.,,,
thsl lnsle.nl of letting their efforts die out with a
burst of enthualasm and k??>w olexcitement at elec?
tion, the people of tin? city ?.-cm able to show at
last, ? sustained and effective interest in the results
of i heir roc?.
Samuel Bancroft. Jr., answered to the toast. "The
llu-inet-s Interest of D-l-ware." Or. J. H. Meara
re?ponded to "The Sor.?, of Delaware of Philadel?
phia," and W. T Tomllnaon spoke to "Young l>?la
vvar,- In Xew-Y >rk."
ghere were about 10?I members present.
M.,?l.,iii.r? l ni. inc.I Mi? urn ?-?In .?I'Mr n-M-pra
mlum m?dals awarded. more agreeable t?, the tail? and
i . ... ??. torn than other Maiinesia. F?r ?ale on.y in bot
,:??? ivi-.r, r?glai red trade-murk label.
? ?
l.leblu liimpiiny'? Kitrnel of Beef.
An Ideal ?<;up for .amper? and touri.?!- fur? sag palat?
able. Compact and easdv carried. Take B 1ST with you.
ItlRMiNOHAM HARRU on WeAuae?ay ?venina. Feb
ruarv 20 I???., In New York. In ih? Klarlit K?v. Etltcl
Isrt Thlbert. Htshop Of Mali? and Wyoming. !??I>?1 W**l
,-ott Harrln. daughter of the late John Harri?, ..f fftB>
York, and Stlrlinir Itlrmlnsham. of Rennlngton. Ml..
lAkUM JBNNIMtM -<>n Widniadsr. February 2->. BB8,
at It? I'ark-ave. New York ?*liy. Helen <? . dsiiirriler et
th? Inte O. R. ,I?nnln?r?. t" Dr. Walter I?. Jam??.
LIXCOLK -l'Ri:.NTI?*K on Thur?d?y, February 21. If**?,
at No. !? West Pith ??.. N?w Tort ?'ity. b> R?v. r>r.
John It Ir.vl??. !'hi|?na. ?"auahter of W. P. I'rentle?.
?.? Frederb- \V. Lincoln. Jr.
MILL?? Hl'itST tft'edneaday evening. February 20, t-,v ma
R?v. Mr Homer, at ih? retidme? of rh? brid? ? mother.
Mr?. Mart? K. Huret. 77 Si. .Mnv ? ?Place, Hrouklyn,
N ?. Kdnu Maud? r > William Mill?, of I/indon. Eng
PELZ ?ROgRNTHAIr On Thursday. February 21. l?t*?.V
by th? Rev.Raphael itenjamln. M. A., FWa Rnaentha?!
r,, Samuel I'-i*
WILLIAMS HA.N'NIIH "a Fehnisrv 20, at Rtoomlngdala
Reform??! ?'iiur.-h by R?v. Madlaon ?' l'?'*?r?. F*!i?.?heth
Wtliner Hunt?!, dauahter of Mrs. William Noe. and rha
la,? Wilmer \V. Manner, of Philadelphia, to John
('??tree Will !;. ,,:?-.
Notices of marrlai*es and deaths muit be In?
dursed with full nani" and address?.
ALLEM AI n?,r Air. lalaad et Oeereeey, r.rt Wedneaday,
F. bfuarv '.'ii ?JAM, Fr.-deil.-k M All*.?, formerly of ?he
rlrm of Oaltl? ft AIM?, New-York flty.
PATIMATK At "?'raiKK'.wan." Stamford, B. Y.. on
Wednesday, February ?5, Marbn Re, k, widow of <*hari?a
Funeral from her lite residence. Riiat,,n-ave.. above 170'h
? SatBI-day, February 23. al 2:.'i?i p. m.
I ;!'.'?? IK MAN 'in Tuetd.iy. February 10, Henry D. Broolt
niari, In the *?nh y.-ni ,,f Ins .,*(?
Funeral n.rvlee? will be held at In? lale h"me. No. 118
?Remeen-al . Brooklyn, en Friday morning, ar 10 o'clock.
IiUerment privare.
Kindly omit fl.Av.r?
Main- pipers please copy.
i'?)'"KRAN 'm ?radn??day, Februarv 20. ar Ort Park ave.,
Rhoda B. ?'?ekran. daughter of John Ma?-k and wlf? of
w. Bourka Cockran.
Funeral Saturday. February 22, from St. Franela Xavier'a.
Wit lam-?t
In?>-rnient privar?.
FORD '?ti TniBdar, February It?. S.irah S. Ford. In th?
Bach real of bar age.
Funeral from th'- residence of her ?on. Simon Ford. 44
Watt 7-lt'i.?.- . Friday. F-tnia > T2. at 11 :.*I0 a. m.
Interment private.
PleaM - :;i!t Bowel ?
JOHN80K?Al OardeB I'ltr, I.. I., fenruary 20. L?t?
I h na. ,., ?..n of rh,- late ?Xdwln A .;,,hns.m.
Funeral frotn th? Cathedral of th- Incarnation, ?iarden
. "Ity, oo k*rtdai ?I i- m
Tram? leave I>,n?t I.-:.;, I CltJ .,",1 BroofclyS n?. 11 a. m
fjOl'CKf* "n Thursday, rilrmari II, Anna I.e>in,,ra
l?uck? onl) daughter <r Mary 1: and th* lat? ivter
I ? Lout k?. aged JB -reara.
Funeral seul,?? al the rcaldence of her brother. Frank.
im w . *?i vv??? IOSd-ai Baturday, 2nd last., al 4 p. m.
?,?i NBBl'RY ? A' RldrreAald, ?-..nn. on Thur?.1?>. Pat?.
raari 21. isag, Delia a Uonnatoury, arfclow of Nathan
L unsbury, In ?h? e?7ti, ?rear uf her ait'*
fr?trn rh? Methodist Eplecopal ?'hurrh m Ridge.
field n Saturday, February 2.1. ?i l o'clock.
N'APIKR At Woodhaveo, L. I . FetW-aary W 1?f..*>. Annia
1'oungesl dauar.r?!- of Marta an?l 'h- lat? John B Napier.
N ?? ? ?* funeral haeaetw.
I'. ?TTER Al New- It ?? belle, on Thursday, February 21,
ItSB, Mar. Bllaabeth, arlfe ot* rhe !.-.??' Philip J. poner.
Funeral aervlcei ?t the i*hurch ,,f at. Jam?? the L????,
Falla of Bchuylklll. Philadelphia, on Saturday, the 234
ir.?\. a, 2 p, in
Inrern.en, private
Philadelphia ,.,ii,er? pleair ? pi
L'NUBRHILL At VV.?t ?l.es,.-r. N. T., eg M niv- Feb?
ruary 1?. l?!i.',. K. Ftrrli l nderhill, aged ?ll )eari. T
r:,. r-.r!'? and I'i ?!??> ?
Tl ? retatlvea hh.I friend? ?f the family are reipectfully
ittend tha f ir,"r,-.i sarvtee? on Tburaday, Feb
r iar\ 2\ a' 11 o'clock a. in., fr,r.i ht.i lar? laildlBf?.
Relham Roed, Weal ?'hf?!?r.
In:?-rrr.. ::? Friday moTBlBf al Oraeawood .'.ni'terv.
vv vitt.vv Ki.i. Al PljmwHith, Cooa., aa W?dne.?.i?v F?h.
luary ?.'0. John Mili n Wardwell, in the 71?t >?ar of hla
h"u-ier?i vrvli?? ,.n Friil.iv ui I .in.
WATS'?*? Ar M ur.r VeTBO?, N V. M Wedne?dav, Fag.
ruan 10, Oenevleve A. IlrtaK?. wlf? of l.lndaay Wat
? n
Funeral ?*rv?,ej ?? her lata re?ld?n,-?. 2-1) Siuth 7th ave.,
M aim Venton, Saturday, .it i p. at
\v'? ? ?iiRt'FF On Thuraday, F<*i>rttary 21. a? hi? residence?
:?', Eaal W>th-oi . Mahl, n I vv..?lrurT, in HI? 50,h v?ar.
s ? ' funeral h?r.-.ifre^
tt'Y? k v km Munignami n., p-ugh
ke?|.?|... in Thuraday, Fet.ruary 21. Ann B. r? I," "f
11. rir? U ? k. r.i I f |,?r age.
Funeral a the h.,u?>-, HaturdB]. 2 p. m.
?Prlen la .i:-- In? Itad.
\.? Fifth A?, en ii?- Art l.nllerlea.
.;?'..'. FIFTH AVKNI K,
iiti.-i: EXHIBITION DAT a.nti i:\hnini;
W A Till* I t ?I.DIf.-*
BRSj iN''".IN'-. T.I
with :-- iddltlon - ? then bal namn to
?h? e?,nle? ..f th? ;?,,.
ThuraMlnjr Bvenlng? l''.'i>i-?i.-irv 9?\
Auctioneer. Msna-fer?.
Holland Art t.nllerlca,
A. PREVER ???. < ?>..
MKslA,;. R'iKI/.K?-, "-M**fl|aTli Nl-LUIY*. KEVtg.
All ihe leadtn* Fur ?pean newspaper? and perl'-.dtral? . 3
aa!? by '?tie lataniatkinal N>?? Comaaar, M and ui
i";.m? ??.. one door .a?i of Broadwar, KaW'Tarh.
< olorliiK I'lioK.KriipliN. Von may bring any go d
photograph here and i-hv. it colored ?I .',<? ,-?n,?, mid men,
if leelraM?, ??lee, ? rra?M rr,,m oar ImmenM and i w
!... ad ?took. ?Hockwood l.?4?, Broadway i*i??h-?r.?.
?? l> r >-ll?? > a I."
One if the <-*ho!ce?l !>ry So?rklinB Wine? of Trance.
121 00 cate yt?
The liluli.-?i awnril f.?r Artlll. lui Treib
a' Hi" World'I F?lr ?.l? granted la I'U lll.NRv F?
I.hank. Dentlit. to? Le?lngu>n-?ve., meeet t.Mii?*.
.-I" laity Artlfl-lal Teeth. Expreaaion r??i ,red. ^
r?.??..ni?-.- %oii?'e.
F r*tga niall? f,-r th? vv-k endln? F?Ituy?- 2;t will
cloaa ?pronil.tly In all <-.n?si at thi? otile? a* follew?;
S VII RI-AY Al '.'..?" ? m laupplemeiitar? i ,?J
a IB ' foe St It,, ui?.-. SI. i*f"l?. I.eenMid and Wlndnvarl
lalanda and Martlnltiu?. per r ?. ?'arii.b-e ?i"'-'? J*
Drenada Barbadoa, Trinidad and Toiaa.? mmi be Ay
-.1 .-,.?:? i-mihi-e-i. at 1?> a. m. ??uppleinenury lO.Ao
u. -.ii.l for Fortune Island, Ji.nifii' a aid ?Javanlll?. p- r
? > Viene iletter? for oiler I ? 's ,f '-. ?.rutila and f ?r
t'oata Hi. i vi? Mm. n, mual ha directed "yet Aieea ?,
ut lO-go a m for Cempeche. <*hiai>.??. Tnha?.-,. ?nd ?u.a.
t.in v>r ? ?. t-?rat,a.i ileiier? for other Mesican ???Uf
und Pub? nm?t i?e directed - p-i taratpaa ?; at ta m
... m. i?,ippleni?ntarv I2:3?i |. in ? f r l-.ur p-, per a a.
hier la iletten for Fran?*??, Swltavrland Italy. ?Spain, l'?r
tugal, Turkey and Hrf.?h In,1,4 mufl !?? dlr?.-ie<| ? j^r
.-iiviii"? a? 10JU a. ni (?upplementary 12 2tt \, m , ? >r
ir.-ir.- Bwltaarland Italy, eeele, "-oHuga!, Turkey and
itrltiih indi.,, i-er ? ?. i .a Bourgogne tleuri for otbaf
I art? of Europa must i .? .?? i **<-?.-.i "per l.i Bout-yoga? ,,
r,- ?ia m. f,,r Netharlan?a direct, pei s ? Obdam. via
Kotterdafn iletten taual bi directed "pee '??riinm");
ai llJa i m t r Brasil ?ad i.i i"..fi -roaMrta?, p?r ?. a
R. ??el via I'.-rn.imlu. '. Hilna, III,. Janeiro and Hani??
i ,--.-?. f, ,- NonS BraSil m.i?-. b? dir?.-:el per --R.-???. ,.
BI 12 m. ??upplrnieuiur v 13:30 p BI, for Yeriexuela. ?'ura,.'!?
an.! s. -.jirl'.i?. lier s s Mar ,i, .?it?,. Via I'UracoB and M?:a
, ill ,:,-:?r.s f r other parta of Colombia ?mat be dirattag
? p. r Marn.ail.o ">. at 12 m for Harbadoo and North
Hi:.?ll. Via Hartad"?, l'ai.*, and MBBBOB, l?er f ? HlMe
i rand (twtt**ra for otbet part? ,,f Rratii mun he glraatag
"pel Hlldebrand' i, ?i 2 p n. f.?r Scotland direct, per ? a
FUrneaala, v la ??lasa.? (lettera must 1?* dlr.-,-i?d -jier
Furne??la i; .u 2 p. m. for flwoa. |>er ?. a. Kalter WH
tieiin II ?.letter? muat be directs?! "B?W Knise, Wilhelm
II "i. ni s-:?? p. m for Newfoundland, prr ???amer fp B>
Hal fiv. ii > li?) p. m. fur St. 1'ieire-MlqiMon. per atean-.tr
from Halifax
Mali? ter Hie S.M-rety lalanda. per ?hip tialilee vfr.n?
Sa:, Fraaclaeo), cloae hart daily up to Februar) 22 at ?I*)
p, in. Mail? for v-hlr.,i and Japan ??pe.daily mldreatod
only), per ? ?. Faipraaa ,,f ?.hum itron? Vaneuuven, ei^ae
h?r.. .i?iiv up ,, rebreoty *M ai t'JO r ?" m?ii? for
Chlaa and Japan, pa* ? ?. Oaello ifr^rn gaa Franela?',?).
? .-- nan dafli up t.. Fetoniari 27 bi ?rJS p m MalM
for I? Bat rail? (??.-?pt ,h,,?.- (,.r \v.?i AuMndla. ??hich ttre
f.i??ar.le.l via Kur,,p..|. Neu-/,>alar,d. ?Hawaii, l'?JI ?nd
Hamoan lalandi, per ? ? Uarlp aa ifro? s*n Fr?n.-i?e.?i.
el ??> bera .iniiy i.p to Mardi *? ?? SM p m (or on ar.
itval a> Ne?-York of ?. ?. Auranl.i with llrltl?h m.tll? for
Aii?'rali,ii Mail? for Hawaii per ?. ?. Au?iralia ifr-m
San Fran? lacul, clone lure dally Bp I*? M-r.h n at tl.au
P in Mill? f?r Auitmlia (?acvpt W??t A'.i?tra1ia?,
Hawaii and Fll: l?lai'.M. BMP ?. ?. Mloweia (from \an
couver), cloaa ben dally .irrer Mnr.-h .1 and up to Maroh.
?U ai tit*? p. ni Mulla for N-v. f. undl.-md. ?* rail t..
Hnllfux arid thence I." ??eniner. eloa? at Ihl? MM
dally ?t v-lo p in Mail? for MI.|U?lon. l?y rail I.? |lo?'en
and then e 1> ?-.'amer. rl???e at ?hla ottt.-a dtv.ly a? ? TM
p. m. Mi,I? for fula v."?e ai ihl? olhee dally at S:*?!
i?. m. for forwardlna ?'>' ?feainer? ?alllna IN.mdnya.
Thui-ada)? and -?aiuidav?) from t'.rt Tampa. Fia Malla
fr altaico, overland, unie?? ?pe.-lally .ii1.1re?s?il for *i?
oatrl, hy ?team?r. cl. a? rit ihl? offleo dally at 3 a. m.
? Regutercd mail . lo?e? ?t li p r.i ,?r?viou? day.
CHARLKd W l'WTON r?unit?.
rustofllc?. New-York, N. Y . February 10. it?"?.

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