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- ";. 3*3
?I ? T \?. I7.(ll*?.
I ;,'|- r?..?):!' MH MILLER BELIEF f.
HE tl IS l ..I'KAI'l'!'.!? OF THE
Ex-Sen it? " Warner Miller ma le an Important
?rtatement yesterday, which ?iii-t.-? ??? ? his views
regarding reform legislation altectlng th" city,
an 1 also BMve expression t ? ',?- opinions of the
1 ' political situation. Mr. Miller's declarations
?mort prompted by the publicati n nl \.tri"us In?
terviews given ?"it by politicians who professed
r? represan! th" ex-Senator's attitude "ti i ubllc
questions of m ?ment. Sir, Miller, in th.? sub
Joined statement, ?? i ves thai he It ?till ahumiant
;>? ah?" !.. speak for himself, and has no n?eed
whatever >f ;. litical Int? n -? ten.
Ex-Senator Miller pr-efat-ed ins ?-?atemenl by a
remark about the -?inner given by Oornellus N.
nils* on Friday .?venin?.*. F??i?niary tj. to a num?
ber of ?gentlemen who are not in sympathy with
Mr. ria-.r's- political alma and iwthoda Mr. Mil?
1er ??.. one ol Mr miss's guest* Th. dinner
ha? sine be? n frequently referred t > as the Wlnd
c ,r Hotel c nfor-'ii ?>. Mi' Miller lescrlbed it asi
"a private conference of ?renttemen." ail.lins- that |
h?? heliesi'J It :?? be th.- cust im among *?r*ntlemen !
to treat iti h matters as c nfldentlal, bul as so (
much had been ?-ail about ?his gathering he fell
a: liberty I i state what : i k place while he was
;?:-. sent
It w.is called, Mr Miller sail. :> ?lis.-uss- th??
vari..i:s police Mils and reform leejlslatloii before
t!i L?gislature, and t" determine what could i>"
rlono 1? promote their speeds enactment Con?
tinuing, Mr. Mill? r -s.i ?:
Tho two | ?ures discussed were
those relating < ? th? p ; ? magistrates and the
rcorganlzatl. n ? ' the poll ?? svst"in "f the .'ir>
it *-/aa not ?? intl-Platl meeting and
waa n,-?t ?'i h Any one having broad experience
in political affairs gn??ws thai it is Impossible to
? rganisi a ;? llti? al party up m s.? narrow a ques?
tion as pi i single Individual, and the
mis!:- n referred to had no such . i r ? ? * -. -1 m view,
and 1 know "f no such movement n foot in tin
I has-' refrained heretofore from making my
vi'svs k- >wn upon propoaved legislation for the
city, because there has been a feeling in th" city
that !?>????.l" from th?- country should n >t Inter?
fere ?.r even exprea* an opinion up??n th.??.' mat*
t-i?. 1 .!?? nut believe this t, !,?? th.rrect
opinion; th" people in :h?' country are deeply
Interested in Hi?* general welfare of th.? city of
New-York. Tin? Republicans in th.? country, of
necessity, take a great Intereal in any legisla?
tion affecting the control :' elections by the
i' ?? Department in this city Pormany years
believe they have be -n cheated <>u! "f the
??..us in th.- State by the fran.Is committed
New-York an.l Klritrs counties, frau.ls per?
j ?trat. -I not only with the knowledge, but large?
ly by the procurement "f Jie police ..f th.- two
cltiea I have some sliRht feeling upon th" sub
? myself, it is now an .'hat I
waa defrauded of ?)?.?? Govern rshlp of |he Stat?
of New-York bj frauda committed in the tsv.?
cities, ami th?- Republicans of th" country dis?
tricts -"hays.'.'.i.o-s.'' as they are called ss'Ul not
consent t" any legislation regarding the ro.?r
iranizatlon of the polk??? .' ?roe "f this city which,
::i their Judgment win r?rnii?r- it p??ssii?i?- or
probable that the department will tooa Tall Into
?h.- condition from whl?-h it has been extricated
by the .?l""t:'.ii of last fall. I expressed my,
views upon the two rrnasur -s at thi* conferenoe
very fully, and I have no h?Mrttatlon in giving
them to the public.
ron TUB REMOVAL or POLICE justice?.
Kir^t. I am mist d<ectd?edly in favor of the
passasre of the bill known a* th?- Police Magis?
trate bill, which will lemove from ? fT?? ?? a ' the
Police Justif"? f thi* city. Th- Inveetlgatlon
irncli? by the Lexow Committee, although not
going into an Investigation of this department,
Incidentally brought iui evlden ? pnoug-h ? i snow
that no more "'?iiiij.t a .id tyrannical rourts have
tret existed In any civilised country than the
police courts f this city. They have be?
terror, not of the criminal class, but of the p.M.r
cIhss. This crltl? :-??!? is not Intended to applj
to every one of the Pollc? Justlc??*. I i??ii"\?'
some of them I i be pui ? and upright men, and I
would amend the bill so is to give the Mayor
power to reappolnl members of the present
bench If he .-aw lit. Th.s bill ?.i:?-':.: to be passed
at on <?.
N te, a? to the reorganisation of the police
force, There t?a- been very much said ab it a
single-headed control, or a single-headed Corn
Ion, but thus far th-r.- has been n i agree?
ment upon that question among the leadii |
?/?-i- ol Ity, nor In the Committee of
Seventy. I am decidedly opposed to a ~ ? 11 *-; 1 - - -
!.r-a(l?-ii commission, ; : reasons which I think
s ? good. My Idea '.f a pi ?per reorganisation ..f
th?* fore?' is to give tl >- Superintendent or ?'?ii?
of Police, us he may i>. called, the entire power
of controlling th<- force Itiell f appointing cap?
tains to th'-lr ?list:; : . .,,. ! ,f letalllng Hi" m? ?!
in th" force. Thi- power he should have entirely
power a commission may have.
Th?- Superintendent should !.. appointed bj the
Mayor and answerable din -... I him, and
should h,,ld his office by a tenun a? ii:':, as that
of the Sheriff of the count) oi Dlstrlcl Atl
.-?;'il he should only be removed oi ?mplalni by
Mayor lo the commission nr Oovernor, ai I
a hearing >f the case had- he should b
from ?liny while su i. trial aras being had
This would rnak" the Superintendent alone ?>?
ilble for th.- enforct ment of laws and :h" sup
i i^salon of crlm??. This sh lUld satisfy those who
md s single head with responsibility, To
met til" crltl ism "t those who believe ihat a
' ? head w.iull be danger us In th? ntrol ..f
! - i has'.- a bi-partlsan unn
t? control all the affair- nf th-- department
si!- of those given t. th? Superintendent Oui
?'. nmcnl it- ,, party Government, and every
n n ll not a p ? i)ti ?al i un i? h, i- l mgg t . and
s- ?n t?,.. jiiin ipies of one party ... the
ty. Unfortunately, many a man In the
f a publl ? ? ftl ?? ss-iil an adminis?
ter It aa to give the party to whl h he belongs an
undui' ?.vantage. The elections In thla city in -
l-?e ;>a?-1 twent) years have pi >ven thi? proposl?
?t'?n hayo, ,i q ie*tlon.
?J M partisan commlslson, consisting of two ?
' ' "i?glni* to .a. ii of the i?rin?i[?al parties, can
! '" irussti?! t?. ?administer the affairs <?f that
I1' i ?riment, afti-r having given the control of
i.? :>??.?,? lts,.., to th(. stir??-ririi"ini. ut. They
nouiri have ur,?i?-r ttnir control, of ???nrs.'. the
liraient of election Inspectora, as provided
; '? ' ??? law. They should ?have control of the
3 that r*elortga )?? the department, make
??' ?rontracta for the suppllea, make th rules
?'.'"i r?gul?t lona and th<-> should form a con
is ?ourt for the trial of all offences com*
: by the ?police force Itself. A court should
"H nave the i?.,vs-ir of makim? complaints and
wen trying ih.-m thi-ms.lv? s. and it should no!
? ? .1 of th. detail ol the poll - r?rce it*
su?-i' i court nuai be t?.i.i if the <,<?minissi.?n
?-. ubi.lisi,, 1, ami then an ?th-r court will have to
I *' tirtru r. i .... Jt #. .. a I... _ ._ .
'" "rgarn/.-? for the aai
?ml it m.it
f men <>f
?r..?'?|. It |S
v. of the s?at? bou that all election boards
?n?-"Uis-h.,?.it th- Slat.- ?hull be ? ,mpos.qually
ei.r.-s.ntoiK'..? ,.f ii,..
. -? - .- ? ". .... nniti'- |,vji|.w.s.- IIIII
?I whether you ?all it a court .,i
'??-""?-whi.h should be c mp???ed of
?"gn chara? ter, m.-n who can i??? iniHt?
..i- .1... s:..... ...... .... .
- ?^.,.,,n u,,. .-siau- una
?i-feptreiientatlves of thi two principal parties.
a?f?.?,1'r,:':"'" h*" i'rov-1 thai this Is the only
"???Mail for securing an honest election: 11 Is
ihT??? '" ''"">?'"*? a>,,?u, M The Repul llcans ..r
, ;.,, f!:'?'? ?m never consenl In my Judgment,
I^Ung the Police Department under a single
, ;k'' ?nd thus, wh-ti the pendulum swings
k' ?m?! th
!.. -, ,?
rganlsatlon which has
a Kai n i lit?
'v?n ?m? ?.? r...?-.
?? ?Ui \hi- ,"?w"r,, <??* ,h*s elty. i Art It th*? "ability
I'ollce'f,,..''" ''""
" , ., ? ?
f tin?
A MILITARY ??iu.anizatim :.
'" '?-ir .i s*reat ?l-ai ?.r talk about g military
?toBas-at-ta of the poUee. I.? : rag as* the people
talk about It wh.u g mll?aiv OTS*airJaatitM
Th?. B-i-nei-al In commui,,] ,f H f??r?" In the
ha* abaolur,. power .,f d.-talllng the m.-n and
Igriing them to their various ilutl.-a, hut hp
no Dower to di?inl.ss a man or dlis. harK. a
n from the army. Th Pn * Idenl of th.
I'nited States cannoi remove lh< comm<?n?si
soldier exc? i ? ;i ? th? resu ? of .1 trial, and I trusl
a 1 ? n< ? . ?ming, quit? yet, 1 1 Russian despot
Ism In ihi- country. There ai 1 tit nl law,
! ami ih. > should be followed
i i" lleve 11" tins plait Is adopted In subi ; 111? ?? II
1 will gi\ general satisfaction and prove if great
li. il. in to 1)1. i-liy.
I am deciledly opposi I I 1 th? el? tl >n of Police
Commissioners you might aa we!l elect Tax
Commissioners, Park Commissioners, Health
Commissioners and Charit) Commissioners, and
every other commlaal ?n In the city. II
Commisslonera are to be elected, the result
, would undoubtedly be In a short time thai are
would gel Police Commissioners In power who
would use th- power ol their office In electing
successor.? whom they might ebo se themselves
These officers are re? ?gnlsed everywhere a? offl
,.. r* w ho are to b? appoint >d and not elected.
The Republican part* is committed to home rule
in muni? Ipalltles, and H cannoi g ? ha? k on thai
nnT- for an* reason without being charged,
and lustly rharged, with having made cam?
paign promises upon the platform which II re
fUW,s . , 1 arrj oui when In powei I do nol be
.;,,. 1;. publl .m Legislature at AH..my will
in) thing of the kind If II '1 ?es, it will be
repudiated by the 1.pie and the party, I.eglsla
tion should proceed on general l?nea and cstah
liahed principles, and II will 1 0 vary from
.' that for any possible reason.
Some Republicana think Mayor Strong is ap
pnintlng loo m my Democrats to office. It must
be remembered thai Ma) ?r Strong '.\ is the can?
didate of a uni n . f Republicana and 1 ?emocrats.
If li" should appoint only Dem?crata the party
sh uld go forward at 1 pass the legislation
i: ins promised the pe ?| le and carry forward th"
reforms whl h th?' last election made p. aslbl?,
and leave the reap nxibllity ol Ihe ap|H?| itments
with the Mayor, when H belongs. If this la nul
done the party will be dlagra ? l an I hopi lt?**?*ly
dlvl le i
1 repeal that the Windsor conference was 'i"t
an an tl? Platt meeting. There Is no need of any
division In the Republican part) to-day, if liberty
la 1 om ???t.-l in every m? mbet ? ( the party tu ex?
press his vi"ws. and ? 1 have su ri Influence as hi
ability may entitle him 1 , The Repuhll -an party
is ii.i an autocracy, bul s democracy, In whb'h
everything muta be free f ?r c ?nsld? ration until
Anally determined by the regularly hoaen repre
sent a Uves of the partie? acting through primary
If Mr. Platt agrees with these views of the
methods of management, as l believe he must,
all will be well; If the legislative measures a
do nol square with the principles ol the 1
are forced through simply to give patronage : 1
Ihe party and 1 1 Indlvl lu ils, there will undoubt?
edly b? a break, which nothing can heal. 1 am
noi a believer In the power of patt ?nage to con?
trol a party or politics The patronage la rom
iT.itt? ?<i to a part) a. "ii" >f Its great functl ?ns,
and when usi 1 wisely 11 will help the party
1 tiy, bul wh? n If is nol : h is us. .1 It a -
tends t,. disintegration and lefi 11 The party
which exists a lei) for the purpose of dlstributl ^
I patronage has n 1 sufficient 1 tuse for existen ??.
1 and should b? but ed as soon is 1 islbli
\. ? TIME Pi ?R 1 V 'TU >Xr>
The Republican party now stands for criar
1 principles and for reform In the administration
of the Government, and It ca I ifl rd 1 1 ??!! .w
itself to li" torn Ini 1 plecea over quarrels ..
a polls, and I have conflden ? enough In h*
future in In !',? \ ?? : hul It Is Imp??? I it to
be d
The Windsor conference dl? not In any way
discuss the Presld -ntlal poa IMlltlea I IS ""? It
is loo early t.. do II with any certainty, All the
gentlemen so far named foi the Presldei ? ire
ii" n of great abiliij r p. and the.
State of New Vork will el?
free and op n manner, ea >h disl
niitio.l t.. have Its own cholo In regard to the
? tt? :.? del gates ai
can g< * together and agree
support Bom? : ' ? I thus cast 1
votes solidly for him. It will b? a wise and proper
thing ?o do, bul if not. every delegate a .11 be
free to go as he pi? a 1
i-*"i- the lis: two years I have been poor in
health and In pocket; the latter pot n> prod
hr the ? roubles if the Nicaragua C 1 .. C npatiy.
T -day l am ii
money enough In my | ket 1
me ?i. r?n.l I pro) I thing to say
about the politics f mj own party ? this State.
Th? Id wigwam will be sel up In the ountry of
th? \1 haw ka > attered 1
a : >.. all ! t gethei. Tl
up. th- war paint ?-? I ready, Hnd ? v? r) pn
? ? made for *tn active impalg
i" pul I he ommon en? n
'M.V ONE RAD BREAK I ;i ?" ' I) THE W ??
:: ?IMi
Pittahurr Mar ;:
? '
. .
We ither Bun ml fron 1 Im] tant
? the A hi ? ? .
r falling ?1; t at a fe?
volume of arati ?
nlng and Parker appears l< threa
the g< neral opinion no?
? g thi river for forty 1
noted, will nol 1 om* out ? ? ; ? ? ? ? ?
\t Mahoning B?ai "?1 ? ? ? ? I ? ? ?
ens to llfl lh? Allegheny Vail?
fr..m its foui dation? lh? rivet tai
At Red Kai k. Jual . . the
marks a bow tweni ??? it ?nary, si I at
Brady's Bend the river is rising alowl) \ lei?
from Klttannins. aaya (here la no prospect ..f a
change until ihen la eithei a lhaa 01 :
!. h ally, the woi 1 pat 1 of 1 ilgh
over, th.- atase In la.'ii river?? ? ? ??? belni
ovi r twelve i< el an 1 falllni >'?..- thi \. ?
?- ?. ? m? 1 out 1 rlvei
m 1 In case the gorgea ahould com?
-? ..?? Mian eighte? n feet ma) be exp? I
M .i ongahi la Rlv? i - i-l?.' I? ?? Kli 1 1 whoa I
? i down -ii" Ohio River with oal Ihla morn
*???-? 1 v. .H be made to-moi row moi
Lam aster, Penn., Mai h 1 T ?
Pall'a Ferry broke t(n^ morning, and sn en?
11.1 swept down lowai 1 For! Deposit whl h la re?
port? 'I eompl? lely aubmi 1 ..? !. the flood b. in.- ) . ? r
r-...i? for thlrt) years. The mountain? ol Ice on
the Columbia and Port Deposl? Railroad are of
magnitude lhat It will probably take Iwo
w.-.ii 1 o open ti;" Al Waanlnatonborougri the
till Intact, but a . hanm I has op? n? I oppo
ti on ?he Vork I'ount) aide, which baa rellev? I
11.. prx aure and remov? 1 pr< ??"? langer
The bridge of the Columbia and Port 11
Railroad ovei Ihe Su q u hann?i Rlvei al B if?
Harbor, waa carrl? 1 away Ihli morning h
an ai il.,., 1 and vol une of be, I ? lh ten
I. , ?,? 1
Wllllamaport, Penn., March 1 DI pat?hea to
"The Times" fron Clearford, I.oekhaven - ? r, ? I J< 1
sey Shore report ii"- Busquehanna River falll .
all thoae pointa. Water and I ' for everal daya
covered ih.- Philadelphia snd Brl? Railroad tr.i<-kn
at Whetham, Interfering with traffl. on thai line
Th" Philadelphia and Krl? In i-onaequence used
th.- Hiil.l Kugle Vallev, Beech rreek and Buffalo,
Ito heater an I Pitt burg Una to reai h pla? ? ??
nf Lockhaven. The line was, however, opened thia
morning Th>- lee haa mov? 1 down Ihe West
Branch si all places except in the Immediate vi?
cinity <.r ihi- city, wher. 11 1- atlll lodg? ? In three
...... gorge? ihe flrsl beln? at Maynard-at.
Bridge. As the river is falling ther? ?- no proba
bllltv of ih<- Ice Immediately leavln? und no dan?
ger >t a Hoof.
l:ili i:i lets BUCCM88KK IX VAIXF.
?-. si I, Me., March 4 The municipal election In
portlan : resulted In thi re election of May ?r James
p Baxter (Rep ? by 881 majortt)
Deerlng elected W W Mitchell, Republican,
M..'..a by 2W plurallt)
Rockland, Me., March ?. In n.Ity election to?
day Lovejoy, Republican, was elected Msyor by
a plurallt) of 53
Bllaworth, Mi . March t?Oeorge P Dulton fClt
\z< id wa- elected Mayor by aboul SIC majorl
<lay over ??rant (Pop.). The Aldermen stsnd four
(Titlsena, one Populist.
Lo-stoton, Me., March 1 In the election to-day P.
I. Noble (Rep.) ha.i l.SOS rotea i<? i.TT? fui < s ?ov
eraor Alonso Qareelor fh? Republicans have iiv.
of tin- seven arard
li. Auburn, Bmlth (Kep.) bad MS, At wood (Dem.)
? '.;. Warren ?i*n. ? > .ma Ashc fPeo 1 81 The Re?
publicans "jirrv lour of the flv* ?arda
Brunswick, Me., March 4 ai the municipal el?
lion h? 1 ? to day th? straight Republican H? ke s ?
? lect? :
WatenrUle, Me., March 4 it: , hotly coatsstod
election to-da) ChrUtlaa Knauff (Rep.) was r.
elected Mayor b) a piuraUty of m over Charlea A.
Hill ?Hein.?. Thr.- warda are Republican and four
wards Democratic. The 1 I) government on .?
Joint i.aii.a star.la Republicana ?, Democrats 12.
Hath. Me., Mar. I, 4- |? a ,?,,, V(ltl. ,,,.,,,.,,. n?i1). ;
dall u Bibber (Rep.) waa elected Mayor, receiving ?
tan oui ?f ?.! 1 vote.
Saco, Ma., March 4 Mayor Prank Posa was n
?laeted and ih?. RepubUcaa nomlaossi all elsotad
without oppositloa to-day. Th.- totHl Mayoralty
vote waa W tor Poes, scattering 11. Last spring
th? Republican majority u? _i.
ING, AND is itFsi TKii Hv a CHILD
Andrew Sslvlnskl, fourteen yean old, whii" skat?
in?: "n the i.i the Hackenaack River mar Hack
i .us nk. Sunday afternoon, cut through and disap?
peared ?n len feel of water. His little si??<r Mary
witnessed the accident, She is only seven years
old The children's mother was siso on fbe river
bank When her son went under th>- water, th?1
i mother became paralysed from fri?h: and could n ?i
' move from where sh<- stood. The little girl, however,
i ran out on the ice and, aa her brother came up.
grabbed In. coat collar. Bhe held on, despite the
? i. until help arrived, and the boy was dragged
i from the water.
E, M KHEPARD HAT? in < "t i:t THAT A. R Cilia*
ULM AND W 1 \l:i:\ STOLE it.."?1"
Before Justice Stover end s |ury In the Circuit
Court, in Brooklyn, yesterday, Kdarard M. Bhepard,
the lawyer, charged lhal Mexander R Chlsolm
and William l". Carey, Wall Street brokers, had
robbed hla client, Mosea P. Prout, ol 142,000 by
false and flctltloua transactions In Btocka. Prout
wan al on? lime a policeman In Sea ?fork. His
. uncle left him a fortune and he entered Wall Street
.i- a speculator, operating through the ilefendanta.
Front began hia transa lions with them In April.
1X91. Chlsolm and Carey. Mr. Shepard said, ..mil
nol give m., namea ol the broker? from whom ihey
ha?l purchaa? i ind to whom lh? ) Bold stocks on hla
behalf. He dec?an I Ihe sceounts rendere?! hia
client by the brokers were llctltioua and "fake."
and, In short, tbat the entire transaction on their
part ha i h.nducted from the tape The
brokers allege thai theli transactions were ; ? i
?. ||y honest Their counsel is Frederick A. Ward
The hearing w.?.? rontlnui I.
roiND I'Ni-'.N?. I"I'S IN A Ot'TTI'.l!
At an ^arir hoar yesterday morning Policeman
McCoy, of the Bast Twenty-seconds station, found
s fin? ly dr? as? I man about Cutty yeara oM i>ing un*
oonadous In the gutter at Fourte?nth-st sad Thlrd
ave His silk hat ?ras oiled snd broken, sad hi?
top-coat was satura:. I with the allme and tilth ol
tii gutter.
The ; i- ? n in i ils? i th.- man up, b il ' s is
I limp and helpless, and McCoy whistled for assist?
ance. When help ni".'..! the n in waa loaded >
handoan and taken to ihe station Aft-r several
? h'.ar? (he police were a si ruse the stranger
ifl lently lo learn hla name. II? saM he waa .1
| ll ilsey Knight, propi the H ?t? I Hat
No. 2 i :.i.-: Flfteeirth-el He wa still dased and
mem . . an effor? rha?
Fin illy I t aal i ? it arlth ral I
h . I n i ?* i rinks II"
eellni raa
?.11., n drilgi ? of 1
Knlg ? ' .??-,-.. i- ... ?
! where J .-?: ? I ??? .? . ? - ? '? ?el i. !
Hi iM not
WIRR W M?O! I M.I s , ,- UK] ?? "KS
A !;? ?? tr ?II? v a r.. I across lha ha? Us
* , sing to the I
Six t y -flrat - '
tracks a? If ihey had be?
kicked In agoi ?If Into t
? ..
ut-a Th. . ?It* ?
end gra
. ..- . i ? .- ? ' ? ib he waa is
Iiib his i
v v .. ?
'I'l.r.l. ....? \ ' ? ' '
it the liante ??< ? i .
. ? ?? lantll) i"it
.... ? ?nd
?l by the
. | ? ?
? . .. ? ? . from a lirai
? : , i.. i
iloon pa
? la. I? mer A urania. ?
So ?.
r '?in m. i
? int). ,?? ? nr be has a . ilr? l .. mi?
llfiill? ? ? ? ha nol ??
it have until y? esalied
s ?
? ? ? ?li llradl?. runkfula
il -, tment of
. . i
1 i . have
\li ration wha II?
I. I ? ?
? ? ? the. and *
'?.'?;... i ..? ; .
In one nf the tt ? i Ian
i ?
I ?
In .in..in. i ii oak w*l, M r>m< ? kirl
ol t.r? it) 11. ? ? ? n
?.' '.? hi h mad., tl:.. ((ii?ton I
Mr. Ilra.l
!? ?? too I hi .m : motirnl ill) wati lied I
t he | ? 11 i ? ...
light ov? i
extiire. well con Irin ted lill.l
ni. It. I ' ... M,..,,,.
i % 11 Mi Bra II? ?? bad \- h. n h< I? ft the
?i umbreilii The
baa not vet be? n upprulsi d. but
piobal ly worth I
si I hi \ /v is i //.'/'/. / /?.///.
REMt'LT nr ,." v ii i mi i ,'!, HA7.INH
l "IINS llni-KIN
more, Man h i Tl ? i. ara? a serious r a ?h
i" i we? a th? fri ihmen and |uni< r- ol John? Hop
? 11'. which n n i m on i
dent being kick? I and trampled Into Insensibility,
? ' i?l man) mor? b< ?. ? cut and In ils? ?! more or
le erloualy.
n la u klom ihat an) basing li n i tlge i In si
Johna Hopkln i, rxc? pi In a mill and Inoffi n ?Iva
form, but thi? morning aboui twenty of the Juntara
caught an unsuspecting freshman In the gym
naslum, and pi.led lo Initiate him Into ihe
myaterlea of the "pot social." Tin victim bad been
playing the pan ol a human catapult for aoaia
minutes, when a crowd of freahmen, nim had
,earned what waa going on, appeared on the ?cene
The) used Ihe shorteai snd most effective means
at hand to i. theli i orapanloi .
In the free light which followed, bl.ly noses,
black . a . run snd bruises were given snd re*
eived Indiscriminately, While the fracas waa si
It? h? .Bin. sum on? ah luted lhal one of the fr? h
men was being killed Thoma? Dudley Williams,
i ?! P. ?' Williams, of thi- . iiv. had i" en
knocked down and crushed Into insensibility by Ihe
ma* of humanity which piled upon him ' it t??>k
i.ii ma ui"- to revlv? him, and then he was s. nt
home in a critical condition Those en ?aged In Ihe
net) . ar> anxloual) awaiting the result of the in
v< ? gatl ii .? lu. h thi fa? ulty will Inatltute.
il A Mil H Hid W ? >l!K
C lonel Waring, of the Hir.-.-t cieanlnn Depart?
ment, ha? received private Information that Tarn
man) Hall has !"? ?"i word around through hla ?!"
partmenl thai the atreel are to be neglected aa
much as poeslb? . In order lo bring discredit upon
ii a sdmlalstratloa Hi la going t.. act as though
tin. information was correct, and r.s|u.'si the pui?
in- t.. keep ?ratch on all hla men and report to th?
department all delinquencies, in order that the ..f
fendera may i?.- Immediately diainlased.
Colonel Waring aald v iterda) ihat the Depart
mini of Street Cleaalac would reatova t" Ihe oM
s.'H?|.'iis i.uiiiliiiK "ti or about July i. Tbs depart?
ment will occupj lbs two upper Moors of the build*
President Wilson, of the Board of Health, whea
ii-keii if he sxi.led to l'-mi- ih.- sea Criminal
Courts landing also, .-ni thai be did not.
, HI P Wi!?'?M? AI.I.Y AM' r'?NTKMrT!'ol'.''I.V "COM.
ll?ATt'I.ATKS'' THEN ON THg < '??N? 'l.t'SI? >M
OP THEIR I.A H? Ht.-* EVKKYISiil'V i;i..M?
IS ?MH-I?. MR ?M.!. K.M.IV
|*BT rst-gOHAPH ' ?? tur TtUStlSS]
Washington. March 4.?The feeble and tainted
life of the LI I Id Congress the erudeat, the m??st
unga? >r* and the rnosl incompetent, perhaps,
srhlch ha ever ssi In Washington came to s
welcome end ai n ?n to-day. "The Prestdenl con?
v.ss to Congress his hearty congratulatltMtg ?*?n
the eompletlon of its labors." said Mr. Vrnwhees
thi-? morning in the Senate just before adjourn?
ment, at,;, uncing Hi" result of the ?lait ?>f the
usual committee of aotlflcatlon to the IVhlte
] House. Th uirh delivered with the utmo?st formal
its an i e informing strictly to the customary <ie
mands of . fflclal etiquette, the biting and <?"n
temptu . Irony of Mr. Cleveland's farewell to
th" Demo ratlc majority which he im? had "on
' hi* hands" for two years past hit .ff th?? unl-rer?
? ii feeling ? ? exactly thnt the galleries and g
great rnajorlty of llenators .>n both ?*ldes of ths
i chamber burst Involuntarily int.. appreciative ap
j pIlUIH,
Th" I?! stdent nilarht profitably hsve !..parted a
trill?' from official formality snd a?dded, in his re>
sponsi ? i.mmlttee which visite?! him toa.uk
[ if he hs i any further ?rtmununlcatlons to make to
i th- two 11 uses, thai the country als,? J,?ln?-?1 in
' his f.!. nations t<> the Lllld <',?n?>;re.<as on the tar*
ruination of its useless and dlscrexUtahte career
i ?and the definite ennulment of it? varied and
' boundles* apacitlea for harm, .v.? Congress ever
began Its first session with m >r?> buoyant hopes
/ml gTeater self-confidence than the Lllld. and
none end? i its last se sali ri rn< ?r? Justly execrated
or svitii ? m r.- glaring rec >rd of Imp ?tenca folly
?Di.l recklessness behind It. The tlrst Damocrstl
Congn i nee the war- with " free rein in ligls
, iat!,?n. tl,.- majority in both branches hn* in two
ira amply demonstrated the absolut? wisdom
.?f th?' I ?. ?ii" ?ratio party's exclusion from power
since I ?WO snd the imperative ti.-.-.'sai'y of con?
tinuing ' it exclusion for sn Indefinite perl ?1 In
the future.
\' ?aTION
Th" ? aesalons In b rh branches were
rri.irk?-1 bj less than the usual rush and di
haracl f the last hours f an ex|
. r , Cleveland's \ ery i ?
il l to the Caplt ?! nn,|
gi ' ? .-?:?.? .i. - then had mu h t do with
inusual gii ? quiet at? l relaxation which
- this m n ning from t
? ? i k i i ui h .in innov?t! m in ofll lal
? i ?n and g f Mr. < !|eve
??' ? ? II? sh< uld !?? presente l
n due tii ? idj rurnment
? i and de|| ? : .i? ? .>..?
h ghl i l. an I it i* tq b?> h iped 'hat rh?>
i ubtl ici ?? "f the President's rushing t<>
?? ? essarll) backward i"gi?
. -, ? ?, a;m i.? hereafter wholly dl?#>
???.?.*. ,ii ;)!?? great appropriation
> -, Mr Cleveland's hamls early this
?? ? him t . examine and
lhem, ??, i both branches of ? ' i ?? ? m
.' ll ? ? ? o ! !? urn
? o- ? ? the purely [?? raonal an 1
? ite to such an o i>
It?!. tPPKi ?i'l'l VTIi ..s.-' lOREED ON
Th? Ben? I o'clock 'hi* m'rnmg
cerl mi that th" two
l> i kss ir ! ., .t. -n bills, the S ival
nn?i th? ?. neral I ?? fl ?uld be m tit srlth
? hlndran.? t.? ihe Presld? i.- Mutual
? ? ut:,, i s\ i ? i: h?*? made thi* prompt
? ?uni . the i arork of th" .-?
' i, the ?.?i" i'o.i. i. aban?
, m? ndments it had ? Idi I t ?
1 Hi- llenera i ?? fi I? n ) bill; on the nth? r, the
ll ; ? i i:,\ ?. ?i bill as revised by Mr.
.,. ? -, .? ? nferenee <Vs In th?>
.' ?..- i .r .*r ! . i ?i .- ummer, the Gon in
.?u?. i . ?tting I hough they did Hi" pro
grninti etary ol the Nus y, wert
-w ill "?. ?! . the H "?s-- .it ,.ii" gulp and with?
inge : ? unten inc* The
, also, before tne re? r*ss was taken,
.-. !? .-ted . ? -, thriie d< ? gates I i the
, - itI mal Monet?r) ? ' .nt*. rem e
; for i'\ the friends ?.f silver Three fr ??
ige m i, M I I, of Ark in* i*. Teller
,?!.,| I ?an li-l s\"i" chosen 'is the repiesentatives
uf th" Kennte, In ?pite of the earnest pies of the
?. ininoiin i" at i'-.ist ..t?" pis.i
the deli
, un of the Renate, l" ginning
.u '.? ii'il? k, ss-is lilghlj uninteresting mid per?
ry up l? i ' ??? i ss hen Mr. Call began
.? utU? uf ?'frort* tu ure a sort of travelling
? ? m. ? ? Ignt?' ii," opera tl? ti?
ll tullir? i. ??? , \ t ' miran] Mi Mdi I? h and
Mr U"l ,, i opposed the project as concealing a
Junki Una" i..m through Florida and ?ther
siii.- r.ir the ,.t..i?, Hon of Mr Call'* political
fortuites, and .i llvelj Interchang? ?' mpll
nunl* followed Mi Call ?'.?'? his r**s??lutlon he
, ?. ti,. rU-nate, bul i ?>uld r???l obtain .i \"t<-?
upon Ii
Mi VtM 11" ? -s-, at 11 '??'?. landing In the main
alele, delivered srlth unmoved countenance the
iv i i.?n s ?ardonle congratulan na ta Congrress
'.i. Its ipproachlng demise, and stared
about hlankl* srhen the resulting ?,.?1"
"f merriment ?wept the Boor and gal
ii'.i. s Mr ? ; un m sui)i?'.l blandly ?l
Mr Cleveland's .1 ? is??, end other ?Democratic
opponents .?f the Administration laughed ssiili de*
rlslon. ?>n the Republican side the ?President's
obvious (est ss.is received with unrestrained
i-ii.,. Vi,. President Stevenson then made his
I usual ornate return of compliments for the Sen?
iii.''" reanlutlon of thanks passed "in hout pre
vtously, and at the tap of the gavel the Senate
Flood edjourned until next rj?r<?emlier.
PlaOWERS ?,i:m:ii.s u.v OMITTBD.
Washington, March * Th" political rjMthbed
scenes In Ihe Houss ,.f Representatives to-day
were tame and not Impressive, although In ? eer*
tain ?i.'irr?" pathetic because of the unusually
laiK?' number of mourners for, Strangs as it
ma) seem, there Brers mouiners, s..tn.. ,,f them,
like Holman, Bland snd Bprlnger, ha?i serenely
and unconcernedl) ?ven many Congregas g come
and go, because thej knew thru their names
would continue on Ihe roll of statesmen, bul tu?
day they keenly realised i?r ths iirst time that i
there Is no auch thing ss political Immortality;
thai w-ith th.- death of s i'.>-i.rr.-s?,s mus? .lio tha ,
political hopas hh?i ami)iti?>ii* of vi't?-rat, "states?
men'' <?f thi'ir ?.?rt as sv.ll as ,?r ?*?jtateg?i!en'' ??f
the game t*g*der wii?? have enjoyad f.?r fe?grer
yeert ths i?i? usure*, honors ami t?inolui*ients
srhlch a feat in tin- 11 ? ?its*?- ??f Ki-pri-si-ritatlM-s
bungs, t?outit-r or later men of Una suit are
"found rut" by their constituants and left out of
l'on areas.
it would ! ?> hard to say whether the veterans
and seniors of th" near recruits and junior? felt
the worse to-day when the last tap of Sp.'ak r
Crisp's Ravel was heard, and they reallzeil that
from this time forward tliev would be Just plain.
everyday American Ctttieaa, each of whom would
hereafter be dependent upon his own abilities
jind exertions for a IIv. liho.id. unless President
Cleveland, who is said to be saturated with the
milk of human kindness and !.? b>- controlled by
emotions of political sympathy and gratitude.
should provide a saf" asylum and profitable
shelter fur him at th>- expense of the National
Treasury. Borne "f th"m, of course, cannot ex?
pect or hop., for such i? providential political in
tei?position in th'ir behalf; their notes have not
been hear?! when thi "cuckoos" were Chirping
and abasing themselves before th" "Consecrated
f in.-" in the Whit" House. Two of th" political
derelicts Wlls..n. ol West Virginia, and <?'N"il,
of Massachusetts- had been rescued and brought
Into safe harbors ?nl stnootb waters; but
Springer and Hatch and Bland and llolman and
Bryan and Montgomery and Outhwalte and
Tracy and llynum and Warner and Hre.-kln
rldge and scores of others were still drifting In
sens of painful uncertainty.
OM could not hut recall the aggressive buoy?
ancy and confidence which marked th. first day's
s'ttint* of the House of Representatives of the
I.Hid Congress, and contrast it with the subdued
and dejected appearance of that body to-day. as
th? ban Is of th" clock Steadily crept forward tow?
ard tb? midday hour. Th? members of that ma?
jority must have realized that the people who
looked down upon them from the Cf nrded gal
l?rl. s would breathe a sigh of relief and thanks?
giving when the Speaker should declare the
lions? adjourned without day, and that the feel?
ing of relief and rejoicing would be shared by all
th? people ,,f th? United states Irrespective ?if
party. A wholesome and significant truth was ut?
tered by a Northern Democratic Representative
a few minutes after the members began to dis?
perse, when he said: "Th- LIHd Congress has
at las! done "tie thing th?t the oountry will
unanimously spprove; it has die l "
U must !? sui in fairness to the late House of
Representatives thai Its death was tranquil and
not marki'il by unseemly scenes "r struggles This
wsa not du?, as me superficial observ?t re?
mark?], t.. ihe fad ihat that body 'had not
c;i"?iirh lif? left t.. kick," but t ? an ?vident d?ter?
min?t; ti to do at lea*: .me thing d>- ently and In
order, v notice "please omit lowers" must have
been widely distributed and carefully regarded,
for with a single exception no desk was thus dec ? -
rat.-l Th? exception was Mr. Wlls.n's, up.m
wbi.b lay h bunch of rose* in place of th? white
tl cvrs thai nr.i ?d it on tii" tirM da) of the M --
? itui Mr ?a/llaon la more fortunate and has
? brighter political future than most i f his petty
associates whose names Ir iiped from 'he Gov?
ernment payn 11 on Saturday night, and who ar?
now- brought face to face with the item realities
f life
When the House was call? i l ? order st I 'clock
this morning by Speaker Crisp after a recess of
four hours, ot i\ a d ?en members, fugged an l
worn. w?r? pr.sent They were speedily r?in
fiu "i. h ?rever, and at li o'clock mosi ?f the
members arere In their s>\it- Th? list ..f the ap
pr.prlati.n Mils ii id been sen) to th? President,
?nl th? face of Chairman Bayers, >.f the Appro?
priations Committee, whose burdsn ?>f work and
annlety had alnii.t rus/i-d hi**" ?H.r.ng th? last
?reek, wore a look of Intense relief. The Demo?
cratic H>use had succeeded In wringing h num?
ber of important con esslons from the ?Democratic
Senate in items of appropriations, and was ab-nit
t ? leave to the hext Republican Congress th?
usual rich legacy ? f l>.'tn - ran ? deficiencies which
musl be provided for by 11 Th.- "economists,"
th.ref.r". had ..ne thing :.. be grateful for, bul
the face of Holman did not Indicate any emotion
of that sort He was probably ?linking more of
the futir? than of the present.
Little business was don,, in the three h airs
' I ??? th? final scene vt 10 o'clock Chairman
fear? m, of th-- Committee un Enrolled Hills.
brought lu the N'.ual Appropriation bill snd it
was signed b) the Speaker. Por this and other
vsluable services Mr Pearson, who ha? t.n ?
m.st faithful, Industrio is and efH< lent chairman,
was rewarded by a ?/ote "f thinks, which was
ri. h;\ deserved The omission to t'.i-s s like
vote In i". ignition of th? aervlcee I Chairman
Wilson, .?:' the Ways and Means Committee, or
? '1,all man Springer, of the Committee on Hank?
ing and Currency, excited some comment. A
resolution thanking the Speaker for "th?' able.
Impartial and dignified manner" In which he had
dis. barg-.I lh. dinas ol that office w.t* prop?ieed
b) Mr, Cannon, ??f Illinois, who prefaced it with
a brief bul appropriate speech, It was also aup
I rted b) Mesars Wilson of ?Vest Virginia.
simps h. of Kansas, and llroBvenor, of Ohio, and
was adopted b) a using vote. On the Demo?
cratic sid? M'ssis II ilman, "f In.liai a; Warner.
? New-York, and one >r two other members
remained In then scats, us als., did Messrs Reed,
i>hI/.c||, Boutelle and one or two other members
on the It.'publican aide Men who bad been
careful ??servers of the proceeding! of the ex?
piring House and recall? I several Incidents of
the second ?esslon fell n.> surprise because Mr
It.I and Mr Boutell? de? lined t testlf) l i the
In.partiality ..f the Speak r. They c ?uld nol have
d??ne so without stultifying themselves. Even
Speaker ?'iisp would probably admit that he lost
his temper on sont.casi..us and exercised lus
nuthorit) In a mannet neither digiilii<>i nor Im?
partial H Is also irue, hou'ever, that except
when goaded b) part) i islty >r feeling he pre?
sided With dignity and fairn. as.
, ? . ? drtallB i?I irroeeedlns? l; '? ' ?'?? and Houaa m
UTS Will. II liKCVMi: LAW HV Ills Sl'.N \p ki:
in Tin-: cLoaiKU Horns or roNQRgaa,
Washington, March I The I'r.-s; I.m to las SO?
proved the following .?"t* of Congress The l*egla.
la'ive Rxeeutlve and Judicial Appropriation Mil,
tin- Metric? of Columbia Appropriation Mil, the
tl.nerai Pension Appropriation bill, Agrlcu'tural
ApproprtaUon Mil, Poetln? atlona Appropriation Mil,
Indian Appropriation bin. Diplomatic Appropriation
bill, Sundry ?'ivii Appropriation Mil, N'aval Appro?
priation bin. Deficiency bin Also acts authorising
the consiruciii.il of bridges oxer the Tennessee
River at Sheffield, \h? , oeer the Monongabela Hiver
by the Ptttsburg and Mansfield Railway Company;
mi-i the St, Louis Hiver, between Wisconsin and
Minnesota, b> the Wisconsin and New-Duiuth
Bridge ?'..mi.any. over the Monongahela Hiver, by
th" Ptttsburg, Monntigaheh? und Wheeling Hallway
Company; over the Illinois Hiver, at or near Henne- j
pin. Also nets to Incorporate the Capital Hai ?ray
Company; t? authorise the Waaktngton and Marl- !
bora Electric Hallway Compaa) tqextend lines int.? i
and srltbln the Dlstrici of Columbia; amending the
SCI Of August I, VMM, tu Incorp?rate th? Mai > land |
and Washington Hallway ?'ompunv; to regulate Ihe |
sale of milk In the District of < '.?hrnbla. to amend
lbs act incorporating the American L'nlverstty; for j
the appointment of .sealer and assistant sealer Of '
Weights and measures In the District of t'olumbla;
for the removal of snow and Ice from the Btde?
walks and gulteis In the Cities of Washington and
Georgetown; to establish M?rber regulations for the ;
District of Columbia: granting to the Chief Justices
of United States Courts In Territories power t.? ap
point commissioners to ?she proof In land cases;
to amend Section 9. Dl th" sel granting authority
i.? the Kan-as iMty. Pttteburg and <;-aif Railway
Company; t" construe) snd ..p.-rate s railway,
telegraph and telephone line through Indian Terri?
tory, authorizing the Secretar) of u??- Navy to
certify to the Secretary of Ihe Interior for restora?
tion to the public domain land? In Alabama, and
Mississippi (the i.ive ??ak ??ov.-rnment Reservation)
Mil needad or naval purposes; further lo amend
Section '.?, of the act of March .'. ISSSt, for the re?
lief .if certain volunteers and regular soldiers of
Iks late war and the war with Mextooj to amend '
Section 3. of the act lo rigUaite the liens of Judg- j
mem und decrees of courts of th?- Catted State? i
approved August l, 18X8; to amend Section 1. Chap*
1er :i98, laws of 18W, providing for deductions from I
Cvntlnued on Sec.ni.l fnge.
Albany. March 1 ?Neither house ?if the L*s*ls>
? laturs did much business to-night, the members
seeming t?i be fatigued from their railroad Joixr
ney. Senator Lexow informed Th?. Tribun?- oor
resp??iid??nt that he doubted If the NVw-York Bi?
partisan ?Pottos bill would be considered on
?Vednesdny, In which emee it probably will not
be taken up this week; nor will the Police Re
organlsatk? bal!. n??r the Polios Pension act.
Renator Lexow sras greatly impressed with the
sagacity of tTovernrjr Morton in wrlring his
memorandum on the West Tr.,y Police hill. "I
think the QoretMOt \? rlgnt." said he, "In his
contortion that In municipal elections third
I paiti.-s should be permitted to ele-t PollCS i.'?>ro
mtsston?**ra ?f they hav* th?? v??tes to s?ecorapttsli
?t. Thai being th? 3MU0, we shall probably
arnend the New-York Hi-ParUsan Police lull so
as t ? permit the four can>lllate.t who receive the
largest number of roteg t., take the pogltlOM of
Police r.',?riitnissl'in?-is ? ?f course, it Is my Judg
! merit that ths: Republican party under such an
arrangement w >ul?l secur?- at least two of the
POllCS OommlSSloners and the I)em<?-ratic party
i the other two. There is not a city In the State,
In my opinion, where the Republican party would
j fall t?? get a: least tsv,, of the Pottos C'ommls
I sloner* with auch a law. Yet it w?uld affor?l an
opportunity for independent citiz?'n*' parties to
, s?-.-lire representation on the Boards of Police,
; and that. I presume. Is Governor Morton's altr.
?? As I sal l bei ?r??. I think his idea a capital ?m??."
Th.- Republican Senators, after th?' adjourn
ment of the s?:.ate. h-id a etxteut, with Senator
O'Connor In the chair. an?l decided by a unanl
i m??us vote to report favorably up??n the nomltmi
| tl'.n of Sil is W Hurt f.ir Civil Service Commit?.
I stoner. This n ruination was mad- by <r?v?rnor
Mort m at the suggsatlc? ?>f the civil Servi???? re
f??rmers of th- Stare Thomas C. Platt wrote toa
friend here shortly after the nomination was
1 made, that he was "greatly disgusted with It."
Mr Ptatt'S disgust presumably ar?>se from the
fact that Mr. Hurt knows t.*. much about the
'< Civil ?Service Reform laws, and will be likely to
give s?? ?much Information ?>n the same subject to
vVlllard A. C bb and vYUIard licKlnstry, the Re?
publican members of the b ard, that th??y will en
forci . ?-? laws Senator Lesiow, as Mr. llat'.'s
agent, therefore porawadsd th>- Senat.? Finance
, Committee to "hang up" the nomination of Mr.
I Hurt for over a m,.n:h. Governor Morten, hiw
I ever, has push"l Mr. Hurt's c .ntlrmati m. despite
' Mr. Platt's opposition, and t..-nlght the RepubU
; can ?senators beet a sudden retr.-.l!.
Albany. March 4 i*Speelal). Assembly man r.ivey
introduced a bill to-night to make the election of
*h, -r-s In New-York conform with the new
Constitution It provides th;it a? the srep.eral elec?
tion to be h"M In rhe city an! county of N". w
Voik In MM there shall be elected a i'ounty ?'-rk
? id a Heal*!? r, who shall take office on January U
lSat. and hold the *ame for two yrar*. Their *?jo
tOOOott ?hail l?<? elected At the general election nest
?ore, *Jing th? expiration of the term of their re?
spective predecessor?, and ?hall hold office for two
years. At the Keneral election to be held In 1?9T
there ?hall be elected a Sheriff, a DIsrrlct-AUorney,
a <*ontro?ier an?l four ?'oroners. who stall take office
on January 1. liW, and ?hall serve for two yeara
Mr I,-iw-?on, ..f New-York, off ere i a bill which
I provides that n> surface, street or other railroad?
? after the ,lat>? of the passade of the act, ?hall be
eo***Kruct?d or op?r?t. I upoti. over or under any
street in tne city of New-York west of Central
Park nnl north of Kifty-nlnth-st. and south of
? ?ne-htni'lrel-.sn l-?enth-st. which ha* opposite to
glich street on l'entrai Park West a driveway en?
trance for carriage* Into ?'entrai Park. Thi? pro
i hihinon i? not ?" extend to any streeta which He
opposite to any subway transverse road through
?'.?titrai P.irk. Mr. Lswson explained that Seventy*
second, Seventy-ninth. Blghty?Arst, Kighty-nfth,
Niti"t> -s. v, nrh and <'ne-hundre i-,i. i-sixth sts., all
of ?hi,- i..'. .,?? ,- Irtveway entfaaees to cen?
tral Park, wi'l I?.- preserved from surface or ele?
vated i:i!lr??.ids by this measure.
Assemblyman Hoops lntrodu?*ed a bill of much
importan???' In connection with the Klm-st. ??!
tenslon work. Th?- measure, srhleh is a long one,
repeals an smendmenl to the New-York CoSaSSN?
datton act relative t.. property tak.-n by the
i ity for put?!!,- Improvement*, It restore? the law
as it w.i$ n? |gg? and : rjutrss the eits to pay
svithin on.? year for ill the propeety thus <?o?irl*
cated, Mr ii.?ops say* hi* bill Is indorsed by all
th?? business met* and others Interested in the Kirn?
st. Improvement The} do not object, he sass. to
the extension, but are opposed t.? waiting from
lis.- to eight year.* for their pay fr?im the dry.
The Senat, passsd tO-nlghl Senator ??uy'.a bill
authorising the eapendlturt of IMMN ro enlarg?.
the Am.nun Museum of Natural History
Senator Kllburn'* resolut* n authorizing the lea?,
lag of Aiitntii.i. k lands fee vtttags sites waa
amended bj providing tl it State lands outside
th.. borders of the Adirondack Park may l>e ex
? ii?ti|.-".i for land s\Ithln it
l"ie smate ,,i lered to i third'reading Assembly
man Hu?t rt'* bill appropriating *" ???? for net?
building? si Sum Slpg Prison.
?senator Cantor introduced a bill ?uthorlsing ths
College o: Pharmacy in New-York to Ulerease it*
real snd personal holdings 'rom BOO.'Ott to $1 ?>> ????.
\-s, mblyman .1 \ Stewart 'ntrodiiated a bill,
which was ?ent him by Tim grim s*aan Dalsell. In?
i'orporating .? company, to !>?? known a? the Mail.
time Canal <>f North America, to build a sMp
.-.nia from l.ak. Brti t.. Lake Ontario, from the
Si i ..i? i. :?,-.' His .i to Lake i 'hatni lain, and 'rum
i..ui" Champlaln to the Hudson Kiver Th. <-oin
panj I* authorised to l**ue J*a?..?,ti..aai ?f debenture
bond* to .?us out its proje. : The m.>i|ioiators
named in the bill are [?other Mien, .lames An
drew? siiiiuiei \v Allerton. John HoK.irt. Irantel
N Iturnham ll ?I Burlelgh. William H Pea:..
?I'.iiiih .-s \ L'Utton. I.. T. Plaher <?' ?! Hartley,
I. \\ Hugo, I. H Kurd. T. ?' Kefer. P H. Kelly.
iluatas I .i':i.ni ..?il. Thoma? A. M.-lntyre, I/nher
M.-i d.-nhai: M- m > B BlaVen, ?leorae H, Stover.
F, I.. \'.iiice. Smith M \\'e?'?i. It. J. Wemyss, and
u. I?. Wether*
? *>- ??
Albany, March I Ii is ann??unced that the annual
I'nlsersity ?'onvocation. held un 1er the auspices of
the State Hoard of Ryajmts, Will take place this
veal- .?n June ST, jS aivl ti, instead of ?lurinn the first
week In July, as formerly. Thi* is tu prevent conflict
svlth the fiftieth an.mal meeting of the Teachers'
Asstxrlstton, t<? he he'd in the Bui***eedlng week.
NK\v uri.Ks rmi kk?;knts i:\aminatidns.
Albany. March 4 The ItegeatS have a.lopt.-d the
new examination handixKik. to take effect on August
i ,if this year and to continue In use for five sears.
L'rtder its provision, the November examination Is
?Iroppel. the January an 1 Match examination? are
i., .'.ose the last Krlilay ?if the month, and the June
examination the thirl I-'rilay. The system of cre
dentlall is greatly simplified. The first year certlfl
cats is theotd fun?or, wirh the adtitimi of two Kng
llsh counts and tw.i optional counta, and with the
??li??lce of ?ltlu.r n,atnemttt|cs or phyalology an?l hy
gtene. A?**Ulera* certificat, s'are given for all pre?
liminaries, and any :4. -IS, ?V ?50. etc., counts tf one
Mxth of ?be Urs, H, M a,?i 4s cunrs ?re ?n Knghsh.
No ?Hplomii is given which does nor Include all nre
'm?nar,';su ??"'I " seademle counta of a-hlcbTI m
"""? tnird an.l fourth s*a*ouos.
Chica?*,,. March I. -A dl*patch from Milwaukee
says "Lieutenant James Harry Manley. Inlted
States Navy, and Miss Kllen Cody were married at
th?? VouiiK Men's Christian Aauoclatlon room* by'
ths Itev. A. ?'. liant,in, a Methodl?t evangell?),
shortly bsfore ml?n'Kht Saturday. Lieutenant Man?
le) . svho is .st.it i in-,i at New-York, came here by
Hppointmeti' in nieet his sweetheart, ao they could
have a quiet wedding, a? they did not wish their
friends to know anything about It until after th*
ceremony. The bride gave her regldenct- aa Ireland.'
It I* believeil the young couple left here for Chi?
cago or th.- ivint. aa they cannot be found at any of
ihe hoiala." *

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