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prevent Mayor glrong*a elect??-.*- until h? found it
Was Inevitable; then a-- usual, he tun-el aroiin?
ami -?eut with th<- tide. The obstacle here, I t?l
you. in -he way al ; form legislation la bi i PU?,
lut Grace,
[i ;.? m,--* fad in say lhal Governor M .rt?.n :*?
In -ytnpath- with ibis view He !s ?nxl.-ue to
na-.. the roforw bills passe?l, but he thinks that
er.-, -i ? Qrace Bi'polntments would be unwise.
T!. does i,cd beHere it ?? In the Interests or the
part) - " the lily '?- have tiiem. ye; n.; th?'
same lime he realises lhal Mr. Grace's proml?
nenes or an\ act! m May-nr Btrons mny li
gardlng him does noi relieve the Republican
Leirlelalure fn?m reiiponBlWIIty. Th? people ?-:
Vew?Tortt, regardless .-r politics, demand certain
legislation and I ?? Republican Leglslaturi I*
bound to give it i - them, n ; matter bow it may
h'* in*.?-! or abused bul A would help things very
idj ??; if th ? ; ??. a thai II would be properly ap?
if -it the f-omiug conf? renes Mayor Strong talk.?
in .-i way lhal win sstlsfy Ueut<**i**nt-t>>vernor
Saxl n -and no 1 ?hi he Brill, for the Mayor baa
s.wtvs expressed himself t- friends sa adverse
??? further recogn?tlon of Mayor Ornee??Mr. Platt
will spread It broadcast that ho has ""brought the
Mayor t . remis." when as >; matter of fact he has
eut n - or ir, In there? Mayor Strong appointed
Mr P****>tt l?WMM reluctantly; he is not In Mr.
Orare'a toils and will ?lemonatrate that fact con
rlnslvely. lie has never held Intimate pollticsl
relatlona with Mr. ?'race, such, for example, as
Sir Platt li**'d when he and Grace joined ham's
four years ok- to make Fran?*!!? M. Scott Mayor
*>r Xew-Tork. if any Republican hue been
particularly active in trying to rehabl'ltate wlll
tom R. Grace It Is Thomas C. P'att. the areh
rtlarmist <-f the existing altuatlon
A cr.\ kiuknci; ON' VF.W-YonK CITY
BPKAKEB T-rr-r.MtF. THAT THFm vt.<*tt hap
LlBUtenant-Governor Saxton and Speaker Fish ar
rivrd la this city about I p. m. yesterday, and -went
fr ,i the Grand ?'entrai Station directly to the
Murray H!I! Ho*?! <>n their way to the hotel they
talked briefly With newspaper men. -who had recog
nlsed them as they were leaving- the train. They
declined to speak about th*?lr reasons for Journeying
to the city, but did not deny that they expected to
have B conference with Mayor Strnnrr about pend*
!.:?* legislation
Eiward Lsnterbach, the chairman of the Republi?
can County Committee, tvis not with them, al?
though there had been a report that h>? would ac?
company t'iein to the City and take part in the con
atiir.itlon with the Mayor Mr. L-auterbaeh appar?
ently had remained in Albany, as he was not to be
found In the City lata '..ist evening and had not
communicated with T. C. Platt
Before Lieutenant-Governor Saxton nni speaker
Fish left Albin; yesterday afternoon there were re?
ports in this city that they -were the bearers of an
ultimatum from the Legislature to Mayor Stronrr,
that they Intende.l to urge him to appoint more
Republicans to office in this city, and that they
?aere empowered to assure him that the Legislatur.?
?oul-1 comply with his wishes ami pass certain re?
form bills in which he ?? interested if he would
pledge hlmse]f to Rive more patronage to the Re
piiblicJhs In the city, It had been reported also
th.v the Mayor had already ivie certain pledges
to Lieutcnaat-Ooveraor Faxton and Speaker Fish,
Which might be the subject of conversation when
the thr,e ine:l met. When the attention of Mr. Sax
tor, and Mr. Kish was tailed to such reports early
last evening, they declined to ?peak about them, ex?
cept to deny In emphatic language that they had
received any pledges from Mayor Strong.
"The Mayor has never made any pledge? to me."
sail the Ueuteeant-Governor, "and I would not
expect pledges from him. I suppose it may be ex- |
pectel rhat he will continue to stand squarely on
the platform of th? Committee of Seventy "
"Mayor Strong has made i-.o pledges to me." said
Speaker Fish.
I.as* evening, after dining together at the hotel,
where they had rooms for the night, Messrs Sax?
ton and Fi.-!-, ?real to the house of Mayor Strong.
It was not posalble to ascertain whether any other
persons were present at the consultation.
Lieut? nant-Governor Saxton said late last ni?ht
that the subject of patronage was not mentioned
ut the conference with the Mayor, but that the
talk was confined entirely to questions of leglslu
rlon for the city. The main triple? of conversation.
he said, were the police reorganliatlon bills and
the Folie; Magistrates' bllL The Lieutenant-Gov?
ernor said that he and Speaker Fish had nothing
to do with patronage in the city. t.m they were
anxious to Jo all in their power to all in satis?
factory reform le-**i?]atioii.
BifjH ?}? COX! xk-ium; an .vttk BTAOB.
Rochester. March ?" iSpeola!).?The parishioners of
the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, of this
city, are ?till Indignant at Bishop Cose for refusing
to permit their rector, the Rev. J. Spencer Turner,
to officiate In the diocese. As ?oon as the Bishop's
Inhibition becatn** kn ? n some membeia of the
vestry hoisted a b'.aik Hag on the church spire, ai.l
their act is warmly ! ?msaended by th? members
Last Sunday, Of course, Father Turner did n?.t
officiate. One of the vestrymen, J, C. Howie, who
la a lay reader, conduct? 1 the servie??. But Father
Turner na? present and gave ex|,r?s*-:,>n to \V||
feeling? by we-?r:*i~ a black cassock and skull cap,
such a? are usually worn at funerala it is K?n
era.l!y Understood tnat the rea! reason for Bishop
?roxe'a action arsa the extreme ritualism cf Father
Turner. The parish has always been par-ial ;o a
high ceremonial, but It is said that Father Turner,
who was called a. few months ago from the diocese
of Qntacy, Hi., has gone In that direction much fur?
ther than any previous rector. He recently -ar?te
and printed, without publishing, a little book entitled
??Sel?Kxarolr.ation and the Confessional," -which It
is 'ind'-ratcrod the Bishop regirded as he'erodox.
B'.u Father Turner refuse! to recede from the
views axpesBsed !n it.
As Father Turner is not a member of Bishop
Ooxe's diocese, but of the diocese of ?^uincy, he has
no can?nica! right to c ,*np!aln of the Inhibition.
It rest?; with a bishop In the Bptseopal Church to
lleens? or not license a clera-yman of another juris?
diction to officiate in hi? diocese. But the friends
of Father Turner complain that the Bishop has
used this discretion In a way to punish the church
for prictlces that h?? cou!o not canonieally pro?
hibit. In referring to this Father Turner says:
"The Bishop does not dare to bring the matter to
tria!, fer he knows that he would ne defeated, nn1
It li^a ae'-m^d easier for him to dispose ,,f me, He
M.'sa'cd me ?ike a thief in the night, fr, m behind,
wh?n -ny hand? w?*re tied arc! 1 was helpless, it
was an unchristian act." He ''..?ciares ihut he will
rei-.gn the rectorship and go back to Illinois. But
the vestry hope to k'er. Y.irri by overcimln*
B!?rop's objections or by wiltina. SB some
expr'ssed ?t al a recent parish mcetm-*;. until the
Bishop "la taken to his eternal reward "
The trouble bstsroen rather Turner anl Bishop
Cove bids fair to reach an acute s;ag" r?xt Satur
<*.?>-, when the latter will -?im*' to Rochester and
tak* the ma,f.er Into consideration Father Turner
says "My stand durlntz ihia visit will re?t upon
the fac; that l waa Inhibited before the expiration
of ?he s.x mont ha ?rhtch were allowed me for the
F ras? ata t Ion ,f my letters dlsmlssary. I -l?-em that
am still permitted to present tin se to the Bishop,
and if th.-v ar? rejected and I am denied a atana
lng in the dloceee ! will then (,?? entitled to a trial
and to ?? determination of my rights."
Duittth, Mum., March 6.?"The Commonwealth"
th;s evening says sdltorlall).
' The lllanespolta Trrtrune" ha?- a?>;,:... I ; i bav? tue
Associa:."! Press restrained from servlns "Tl ??
Times v\.-n K? maht report, clalrnina a:, txcluflv?
franchi?? oy it? contract. You wouldn't think "!?!?
Tribune" wouni car-* boa many papers hail th?j
doubtful advantag? uf th. A-uoclated Pr?ta ?? rvii ?.
But havlns contracted for an exclusive nowi ??
vice k probably g-,i< them not u &?>; the new? and
noi even to havt exclusive iviu; there - . . !?
A JA}iom:.'.y OAC9RTMR IXUMRIT8 /? ?
J?cksonvllle, Whs.. March n (Sp?cial) By th kalb
ir. N'.-.-York recently el th? R?v, R, r. i rystal, if
A?aata, fia., Mis.? Bias be Chapman, of ihla city,
the daughter ol a labor?.. inh.r.t- |iw,BM Sha i
about seventeeii years pld. Th? property Is in real
e.-'.C.e in N "?loir, and Atlant.?.
What is Home
tnthottl a ra.-nlly
: - ???? ? i best! and
what is .-, fnm!l>
iiicdl-!nc okesi arrth*
ut Hood*a Pills? !?
Is f. r: v.- O r t h ) :ne
name' lloo l'a i"??r.
i ? aapsdally prt.
par. d tor family us?.
and are ?,-> -renr:?-. ?n
action, so easy in effect, and ?o pcrfBd In result
???.' ?."*"S Hood's Pills
prepared by G 1? tioOL? it Co. Loa ell. Masa.
?i !
Albany, March 6.--A democrat from ne Interior
Of Ncw-Yorlc BtSte, whU? a guest at the Windsor
Hotel In October, mi. learned thai Richard Orok-r
airo had room? in ?he same hotel, Deelrtag to hive !
a chat with th? heal cf Tammany Hall, he sent .ip
a card to his room?. Presently the waiter returned
with this statement- "Mr. Croker is engaged with
Mr. Platt and beg? to h.? ?sensed."
It was just hefhra the election of l?fi. and, nstjr
ally. th* country Democrat was considerably ?s-, in*
Ishrd, hit he concluded that Mr. Croher and Mr.
Platt wer? m.king -'some satisfactory arrange*
ments" about the e-Wtion. and therefore BSrallOWed
Bis disappointment. He had heard of "deals" be?
tween Mr. Plat: and Mr. ("roker. an! therefore w.i
not indignant over the possibility of some combina*
tlon whlc!i would bring prcflt to the Democratic
Hamilton Hah, ?peaker of the Assembly, seems
to be emulating Thomas ?'. Platt In many wins.
"T.ike master, lik?? mun." is an old proverb. Peo?
ple, throfore, ar? not surprised that Mr. Pish
should be working in company with Senator Bd
ward. Murphy, jr.. to defeat the bill which is now
before the Legislature for the reformation of the
pouce force of Tr ,y. Senator Murphy lias Rep?bli?
cas business associates in Troy They are with
him In his street railway company, Ids gaa com?
pany and hi? hunk. One of these business associ?
ates Is Frauds N. Mann, a brother-in-law of
Speaker Fish. When a Republican Legislature and
Governor are In Albany, the "Murphv Republi?
cans" stretch forth their arms to protect their
comrade. Senator Murphy. Speaker Fish's Opposi?
tion to the Tmy Podee bill appears to be based
solely upon the fact that his brother-,r.-law Is op?
posed to the mill: and Francis N. Mann's opposition
IS apparently based solely upon th-* circumstance
that Senator Murphy la opposed to It. Senator
Murphy, by the way, mad? a hurried journey from
Washington last week, and initiated measures to
defeat the bid In the Republican Legislatur?', and
as soon ?s Congress had adjourned lie started for
Albany to continue his work in this direction.
That Speaker Fish should he Joined with him In
the enterprise of killing th?? bill, despite hla rela?
tionship to Mr. Mann, causes general astonishment.
The Troy Police bill ?a most emphatically a Re?
publican measure. It was passe! by the Senate
last week with every Republican vote at Its back.
After it had pass-d Speaker Fish went to one of
th? Republican Senators, reproached him for hav?
ing voted for the bill, an.l sail, so the Banator ie
portS. "Well, us fir myself 1 shall ?rote against
the bill." Since then Mr, Fish has sent for a Re*
publican member of the Assembly Committee BB
Cities, which now has charge of the Mil, and ?the
statement Is made BB the Assemblyman's author?
ity? has told him that Governor Morton declares
he will veto the hill. Congressman Black, of
Troy, called upon Governor Morton this morning
and askel him If there was any truth In th.- re
mark which Mr. Fish Is alleged to have male.
Governor Morton at once frankly replied: "I
have not told any one that I would veto the bill "
The bill authorizes the Mayor of Troy, who is a
Murphy Democrat; the Controller, who is un antl
Murphy Democrat, anl the City Engineer, who I*
a Republican, to reorganize the police force of
Troy. The measure Is supported by BlXty-tWO <f
the sevtmty-three Republican members ,,f the
Committee of Pubil. Safety of Troy, ?vhlch brought
?bout the conviction of "Rat" Shea, a Murt,h\
Democrat, for the murder of Robert Ross, the Re
publican watcher at the pul!? of Troy in :he spring
of IS??. It is also supporte 1 by th? chairman ?,f
the Republican County ?'ommltue, by th- Republi?
can City Committee of Troy, by the president of
the Cltizcn'a Association, by the .Sh-rlff. by the
County Treasurer, by Congressman Rla-'k. SB I by
"The Troy Times," the leading Republican paper
Of the ciiy.
A Senate committee, consisting of Joseph Mullln,
Charles IV, Stapleton. Frederick !>. Kllburn and
Henry H. person.--, es its Republican members,
made a r- markable report to-day upon the reault
of its Investigation of the Troy ?lection frauds, In
th? course of which occur the following statements:
In rar?* Instances those aiding the repeater
claimed to be Republicana, bul they an what la
known as "Murphy Republicans." s clasa as much
distrusted In Trov as the Murphv Demo, rata them
selvea. Th-y are on the Hoard ,.f Police rommla.
sioners, on th" police force and in other stations,
and abject submission to Murphl la th? apparent
price of their appointment, Their chief value He?
in their pretended amllatlon with the Republl an
party, for Demo-rats ''an he found Iri abundance to
commit th*.* crime?, th? need Is to Rnd men h ho
Will <io vilo services and at the satn?- time by |,r i
fesslng Republicanism, place part of th" odium
upon the Republican party. If the presei ? slle-rnd
Republican member of the Poll.? Commission
should admit he is a Democrat, as his a ;ts clearly
prove, his usefulness to th?- Democratic machine
would be destroyed, if the alleged tlapubltcsn po?
licemen should j lmlt that they ar? Dem?crata
they would lose their place? In a day The 1. of
their positions Is ?he only thin? they four Lle
grace Is to them Hn unknown ten... for they cling
to their places In sylte of the fa.-i that they are
despised noth by the party they bave betrayed and
| by the party they have aough' The cans? of this
I revolting condition In Troy la what is known as
I Murphytsm. The Republican parly is In n 0 w a \ r? -
sponsion lor this condition. Lit sum*- Individual
1 members of that party are responsible. Year after
I year Mnrphylsm ?as ?ainei strength, One Repub?
lican has surrendered hlrm-elf for offl ?, another
for business advantage, another through fear or
cajolery, until scores of prominent Republicana
who were ?rilling to trad?* their political princlplea
for personal advantage are now claaaed and serv?
ing as Murphy Republicana. Th<* effeel upon the
Republican party of this pernicious - > s r ?-in la thai
lart:e numbers of apparently respectable men,
I claiming to or Republicana, can be pul Into Imme
i ?Hate and determined action at the bidding -f Mr.
! Murphy, even though such action t,<* against K<
i publican measures and agatnsl the overwhelming
i aertlment of the Republican party
The effect of this system upon the city Of Troy
1 has h?-e!i to lorn its ?lections into fraudulent .?rid
? unchf-ke'l carnivals and m destroy all confldenee
in the proclaimed results. Ti-,?- ranvasa of rotea
! repeatedly disclosed that the number of bailors, as
well as the number of names on th? poll-list,
greatly exceeded th? number of nan ?a on the
readstry-llst, while many names noi voted up,,o
still remained on the registry ?list.
Further extraes from the repon, which show
j the amasias eorruptloB existing in the police fore?
; of the city In connection with ?1 ?ions. ar?. as fol
| low?:
The history of these two electlona (November,
1*1, anl March, issi? presenta a allocking condl.
I 'ion of affairs. It shows uniform and Intentional
i violations of nearly ?-very provlalon of the ele? tlon
i law ?nd constatr Interference with and outrage
upon th?* rights of the public anl of honeai ciii
zens. it la w storv of repeating, violen,-,., rioting
and <r;me, culminating in murder. I; is ih.- ex. m
! pllfied work of a deaperate and hitherto realstleas
\ political mi'ohlne. ao adjusted, organized und run
? .-.>? lo enable individu.?;?, in the nsm? of the Demo
? crati? part*- ind in defiance of law, i i ov ri .. w
! government and ihwarr 'he riehts of auffrag*
? This r,!.-','hlne 1? an organizan.m ,.omp.,,.| ,,* pro
. fesalonal poliitcians having a recognized, acknowl
edged an?! reaponslble h?a..>. si : operates .hrough
Demoeratli election officers, repeaters and ol iei
j o'itia'As. aupported by i Police Department and a
police for'-e obeiile'it to it? dictation It a iraeti
i and unltea to itself !h>- criminal class. an,i It?
elecrion day work la done by heelera and rteapera*
? doe?, som?. of whom Bgrv? as election offlccra,
'-her? as police, and the balance as repeaters un
; -1er the guidance of ihe Aral two
This orgaalMtlon, known a? ih? "Murphy ma*
1 chine," approves, rewsrda and proteo I a ,?? tools,
? and ihn-? perpel latea its power. Th? proceaa
; known a? "repeating" la accomplished by persona
I not entitled to vote, going through th,. city ill il;
! or In banda, voting In the m- ,?i? dlatrlct?*on the
names of legally reglet ?red voters in many In
??-.?nice? and in many districts name? of persona
legally entitled ;o vote were voted upon two or
?!'.? oi mere times during ona election.
????r-'-r,???-- in? leirnl voter whose name w??. given
to a repeater ?00!-!. at the time, !.?? in the line,'and
i,.i..,i i.,iu?.eif protest ??gainst th* ou trag* in Mich
?as? th. lefrul voter WOUld lie th--e** tend With arrest
re. a Demo ratlc policeman for distorting th* ?lee
ilnt?. ?is ? wham a?-e*i i??i-?ii ??.;,?- wai rtnafl- allowed
to cust his ?ote he Invariable had to ?wear It in.
-.Mermen an I oth 1 otf?- ils pi ? ted
..?. protect??-) this disreputable gaua engage.] In
this .lHmnablt? business from polling plat*? i , pollina
Place m the ,-itv a sergeant of police, an -1 presi?
dent of the ? ommon Council, a member of the d?
K'?* K I??^<?,, _? "R?nv>'''s of the official position?
held bv ?hoa-who escorted und guanled these crim?
inals In the commission of their
ea-h-ng a polling plocr th' voting thug*? would* be
sm^^r^.^r^^ tlug.
?i *i , i"
?mlths shop, a saloon, or other ermvenient pi a ?
?n- '-'".,.'.'0,.'.": ,:!'_"!!"" ?_*?? having th 1 in
un votes
Uli e..*.er the pollin?- pis ??
Democratic ln?peetor a l.st
l?iine- ,,r rhe worker would himself ? arrv the r-e.
istry list out of th?- ?polling plac? and maae the its
himself, and upon the names *?<? obtaln<*ad the sv?:t
Ing repeater would, upon r. ?elvtng hla name, ?at?
and rota In not ??n<- . ur<- svas ?? gang of repeal
er? headed by a Republican. In not .me rass w
a ? hnllenge inierp?.*.?,! by a i ??? n?? r;u In not
?alriKi?- case was u rspsatsr arr*sted by a l>.-nio
??roil, policeman, and we recollect m? cas? In whlc
a It publican challens "'s? not overnilad i?y th
Democratic majority. Repeated requt-sts to arm
iiiiHo criminal? wer? n?u?ic to the police by the R?
p.iiili.-ans. but n ? arresta wer? made, uni the onl>
peraon In danger of arrest svas the p?-rs?>n making
riie r? quest. -
The conclusion .?' your committee Is that m th
city of Troy election crime* are dne ?.> th.- utti r dis?
regard of law by the leaders of the Democratic
?party, to s dishonest and Iwompetent police force,
and the subserviency of ?many so-called Republicans
to the .?tro? ion* service of the Murphy machine.
Tiie grave abuses now prevailing could !>?? greatl*
remedied and n very substantial aid to good ?govern?
ment ?n that i*lt>? rendered by the passage .?i an aci
by the Legislature creating s re?nonsibl? and ? f
flclent p..ll'?e deoartmeni In place of the present
incompetent nn?l dishonest force. Bui Whatever
legislation is pass.??! shoulsi be so frame<l ?a to b?
absolutely free from th- Influence or control ?if the
political element that now itef-rades an<l rules th?
''i,y' . .
IT exempts ss iki:.MB?TBMB kr??m ?""P.p?"ir.vl
pi'Nis)iMK\r Tin; BBNATC votm? TO
HILL.'! HlitTiiri.Ac-K.
Albany. March t.- The Senate thl* mornin<- con
firme?! M?as W. Burt'fl nomination to be Civil Ser?
vice Commissioner. Mena tors Cof/ey end Su!!i?an
voted in the negative,
petition* were present.-?I acamst compulsory va?'
clnatton and favoring balloi reform, tb? latter
coming from th. Cltisens' Asaoclatloo of Buffalo,
which favors the "Massachusetts ballot."
When ?Senator Bmela? r'a bill changing th?? nam?
of Havana to Montour Kails was reached, I nator
?Cantor objected He ?Id th? vlllag? ?ras 'h.? Wrth
pUce of a distinguished cltlsen, ?David B. mil. and
some good reason should be glvsn for the change.
Senator Sm??i7.cr said the fa??i m?ii?i'>n< ?i waa ?
sufficient reason for the change. Senator McMa
hoii sail any name ?sas b? !t'?r than a foreign one.
Tin- bill svas passed as amended by the Assembly,
an?! was returned m that ?tody.
Senator Mullln presented ti?,- repori of th.. Trej
election Investigation. 11 ssas? made s special oiader
for Monday night, when the Demorratlc members
Of the committee svill submit S minority n port.
Wh.-n S-t.at >r i iConnor's ferry Whippln?-I'oat
bill, providing corporal punishment f..? sssaultnon
children under ?Isteeti years old, ??am?? up, Sena*
tor Bradley said he thought it.? provisions should
b" mandatory, and that tie? forty ia*h?* should
be appll? i ??'.'? iy ii
?Senator O'tConnor also thought the bill did not
ko far enough. The bill gives the magistrat?
power to order the punishment in ? isea of felony,
and if wlfe-beatlng cam.? under that bead It c??uld
be SO punlHhe.l. BUI that .r nil ? WS? not Bpei :!i-!.
The bill ?got twenty-i Ighi vot?j?.
Senator Bradley's bill providing for the ?:. non
of Brooklyn AJdermen by Aaaembly .lletrl :??. and
of the president of the board at s u-'-ti-r.-sl ette
tlon ransed s ?mu* discussion, Senator Owens
mOV1 ! t?? r-coniml'. an?l ?all that the caUCUS ha?i |
agreed apon that action. Senil.?r Bradley ??l'je?;
Sd. S.nntor O'Connor said th?? WH should go back
for discussion. Senator Owen? i?a* ?? bill provld?
log r??r iie.-tion by Senate districts, snd he under?
stood tha: til?- RepuMlcsns wnnte.i that pssssd
It was agreed tolas- th.- bill aside until neat T?ipi
Among the puis pasa?, i ?rere:
Mr Riirns?- l'r.ivi lt,.?f f t Uta) n|>?.o,nimmt of
coninilsfionerK to net with tiros., fr^'u N? sv- I? r ??
to preserve the Palisades, snd sjpproprlatlng ?).??>"
for ? ?I '.
Mr Wilds'a?Relative to The ra,rr?riil)r.i.'nt of per?
sons arr.-?t. 1 and convicted of Intoxication, sa?
gran?**' *te in ??ew-Yorh tCunulatlvi Renten?*??
The Clt I?? Commute? reported fa?rorably Mr
Wilde's bin authorising New-Yorh ?City to sppro
prlat? tiiJBB year!) ' r the Lying-in Hospital it
?.a ii'ivanee | to third readli -
s- nator i 'antor, by reque? troduced a bill pr ?
vidinc for the appointment ! > tha Oovern ??? In each
juJieiui district of bl-partu ? I four elec?
trical examiners f?'1"" ;?. ? ?? ira, to t?a^i on ?.usllfl
catlon? of ail person? ln*tsl'lna electrical i.ppsr
atui N . member shall i?.- Interested In
raciur? ?a! I an ?pp ratui Th* I ?oards
miv chai ?? from P to Itfl for hi, examination, bui
ar.- not to i ? <.laj ? snd
m .-? hi? ? itst? m?.
! ?, ; ? ? - , of t? ????' 'I ? ? kilo-wan a
or I?m are exempt from ?samluat n
holding c*rtincat?a from examiner? tn
punlahment for misdemeanor snd tho?? emt ? .
?m h person to a I f ? ? to SCO for each
:? . ??
? a? - -
AUBNUEP l'ivl!, SERVICE llt'l.ES s )?)?):? -vv;i. R1
Tin-; M'.sv STATE" aX'MMtMSIUKa.M
Albany, March I Th.. ,,? ? State Ivll I
Commission met : r
after t nflrmatloi
Hurt, ?ri ? ? eff?
?VVillard A. C ebb .
misa ??;
? -,,i ? . . , laine* i was 1
but 1 be only action of parti iar Inter? I ? .
taken ?pprovlng the amended rules of the New
y, irk City or Mu? ; Ser ?.
which had aii..ids !.??-ii approved ay Mayor Strong
and which )??i?.- been ? :. HI? with th? tnn
bon tor metu* Thi ? ? . >? . lo I ?
sway with the pos* I f furthei !*??? In thi
Pol ? i ?? pu 'm. !?? - : i, .? ? -l. brought ?
the ?? tlm : taki n In lh? i.. n
vtded that h? r?*nft? i lh?
? : the non i of Mi
, s ? ?
lent of I
:? ? pr
i ' ?iii-ii -?.'...;,<?? - ? i
ii . mai ;.. r.-.. i r i i.?,. roue? ? ommtssionftri i .
have nothing to do with th? examination ??'. ? an?!.
dates for p ?itl on lh? police foi . that dut;
r'-s'lni- i-it!, the Mayor ar; . ?',?.?.; Hers
The Poll? ? Ji?ari ill?.-, tin ?,n;.. on? siat, ?
at i time, .?ni three name? are to be ? u ?mit ted foi
its choice, the names to t?? tahen from th? ? .
list. If more than on? ?a ,- ??. ... ?,, be ?lled, >.niy
one nea name la to 1 ? ted for each ?u
Ing appointment Pormerb II m? p ,?-.;.;? t
until there Were man) Vt .?r le? wn?:? i I?.
name? could be taken and appointment? made fr?ni
tii" brntoni instead of tha t..?? ??f the :,st
Albany, Marchl Th? s.iht.- itni.r.>h>i Conisahte?
is?.:'. c*epori favorably t'?-tii?.rr..w Mr mh .r* bill pro
vidlnn for ali-niRht trains on th?? e!evated roa!.
In New-York City Thla orirr* that train* *ha!l
be i ui ?very elgbl minutes between I a. m. snd
midnight, and ?very twenty minute? between mid?
night :in?l .', a. m
'Di. Senate ''ommittet? on mi??-.lUanaoita <'..?|..,.
lions will r?'?? >rr favorably Senator Person'? bill
? hing ?I.?- oftlce of State Inapeclor of ?i.i
Meter*, now held by Anthon? rilnch? of Nea
York City, st s salsr* of |6,ooo, ?,,,j tl,t... deputte?
a' a ?a;,-ii>- ?,f ll..''<?
Th.- ABsembli Committee on Qen?rral l.r.sv? will
r.-pnrt Mr. Andrews'* bill authmizlns public ?chool?
??? purchase and display American flu??
The Judiciary ?'oinm.tr .? of the v-.mi,!? decided
t? repori favorabl) Senator <?'?>>nn r? bill rear?
ranging Th- 1iiII?Ih) departm??ntH of th.- State in
pursuanc? of lh? provisions of the new Constitution
?m a substitute for As ?-???mi, is mm, Arn.itr ?tik'pi bil?
on th?- ?eme *ub)t?ct
Albany, March ?s. The bill of Mr Chafjman ..,,,,
pe'tllng i he procnrlni of a II anas i? fore man ,,.
bad b hearing this, afternoon before tha llenera]
Law? ?'.mm!.?r tha Assembly.
Jol ? E MvDonough, of Albany o..?><,.?,.,i .?-,..
bill on the gi und that II ??. useless legislation
Th? ?;?,;. rai Health a p) .s?i i for th.? recoi >;?.??
of ?, marrl ige, a?hl h s ? ?ufflcl? ni If th?
' o lid be i?,? ? ? ?i II \? .... I c nip. i ,,,-, r* ? t.. b? ,,],.
i ?li?. i only with the consmi ,?f the County i ;. i-u
Th:- would ' n loss- thai ofllcer with inore authorl*.*
than hi ought to have, li mad? him prs tl?.,.?
a Judicial officer it ??a?- oft"?n necesnan to hav?
a marriai ? moni performed hurrledl? without
< ' ? In oi 1er lo 1? cttlmltu children, ??? ,)..,.
thi ?. might .o?', en tu II : i r? roai Ilion i , which
the) w? ? . ntltl. ? 'i he only so, 1 provision In thi
bill wa* thai which .npolled common-law mar
^acr.-s t ? hi w .?i.?.- .??? i by I wo poi
*Fii. favorini the bill, Mi Chapman ?aid that It
"Scratch my Back"
Is the ciy of thousaiu.? aitlictej with
distressing irritations of thr" skin,
/j t*r^~^\i?n?* v?'-10 l-v?> in igi-o?
?^^1 yXrancect th.'f.u't that
< W"\ * warm bath with
and a sinfk application of CiTiri'RA
tiie great Skin Cure, will ifford in?
Stant relief, permit rest and Meep, and
point to a speedy cure when ?physicians
hospitals, and all el?? fail.
I The Rey. Charlea H. P?rkhiirgt, *->? I).,
I tbe tearless reformer, th? intrepid iu
' vestigatnr, who lias freed the Western
| metropolis from tbe evil elntehea oftlie
iiMist powerful politif?l (?r^ini/a?idii in
' the world, one wh? is never afraid t<>
i tfll th?' truth, write? -October 24, 1804:
; "Mrs. Parkhurst end myaelfhave tw<l
i Pond's Extract so long ami so con
? stantly that wecan speak appreciatively
I oj it and in terms of warm coramenda
was th- Intention of the measure to prevent ?can
dala it would alao preTent elopements. The las?
would pre m hurried marriages, ?n'l put?'- the
recording la th?- banda of ?? proper public offtviji.
'he County Clerll A minister whs BOt h ?worn of*
ti,-..- .-?n,l the County Clerk ?raa
The Mil whs iahen up in executive aeeeaoa.
Athaajr, March I ?Hpecni? Muck anrprlac w,,?
caused in the Assembly to-day srhefl the Committee
on Cities fniie i to report the Police Justices bin.
After as executive lesalon the committee reported
;i m:mher of mensures, bo" this wsa DO) Biltong
them. Be varal amendment? bave tien offore.i by
Mr. I'.iv-v. ?i!-.,l these will be cons: 1?re,1 furtr.? r by
th?? committee. One amendment Increases the sai
nrlee. ?if the committing Justices from IT.'".') (o a.l
iin,| of the Justices of Sessions from IMIB to ns.<MB.
Tbe dates upon which t.ie m-iel<-tr.?t?-? ?hnll assume
ollir.. arc changad from April IB .lune, an,! from
May to July. I? is proposed to Inser? the following
to m-et the objections at President Oerry. of the
Bo lety for the f*Te**entlon to ornelty to Children;
Mor shall any person be appointed to th?? ofllee
of rltj maglatrate unless h?* be a reeidenl of aaid
city end shall have been sdmltted to practice aa
an al torne] and roiinselk?! nt-lriw in the courts of
id,. State .,; leas! five year? prior to the date ol
au h appointment, provine?! thai In making the Ural
appointments of city magistrat * under this n
M..\ ..r may appoint any person ? r pen ma irho m n
i,?v.* aerv? 1 aa police Juatlrea In aaid elty ..? leaal
two j ? ?'-.
Another am?-n.lm?nt provides thm pending any
sppeal from i commltmeni ,,f ?? child under section
:>i of ti ? PensI Code, tbe child named in the
commltmeni n:-ict remain In th.- enatody ?if ?he in
at I tut Ion apeclfli '. in the Anal determination thereof.
Mr ?;?rr\, I? '? said i? not entirely satisfied with
these amendment? He would :ik.. to hav?' sections
IB sand .'i <?! the , || omitted entirely, Th? commit?
tee win consldei the hill at It* ses?ton to-morrow,
and may then reach an aareemenl ur?.n It. if not,
actl 'ii will be deferred until next Tuesday.
?-A.-KS i-V l'??.i:l V PAID SHOP AND PAC
?':? ?RY '.IKI.s |N N'KU r< ?RK
A ban) liai h I (Special) To-day'a session of th
Aasembly iras without Inciden! and ene of the short
? ? 'A ? Ineaday aesalons ?if Hi? year The calendar
?,' third r.a Una '?'.|*< Included i ?? aia ?h:.a . uld
be acted up? :?. I .*!iv ..:. i ? len were no new biila
? , r.-s.lti? Perhaps iIm m >?t .icr-.-i:*,?
fsalure ef lb? daj waa tbe Introduction of the fol?
lowing r. ? Mr. Reinhar I of Vew-Y.?rk
PThereaa Th?re ?.r>- lOO.ttH* ?.?. ,tn??n, on mnn\ of
i? a. faml sr? dependent, employed In New
York City, erhoe? averag? wage? are??? ,.n?? a laj
while ? :.irr- pi .portion receive m?,h smaller mims;
st i
Wheraa?, Prom mi? terrible sad unpreeedent? I
coixlltlon ,,f ,.rr.? r. ?.r,*..* -Kit .11 mlaery, Immorailt)
nr. i Crime;
v!*.-. ?a, Th? :;'??- ind aufferina of
women .?'.?? . ??;??? rn ai legUlator?
.m! nur ?very feeling of >mpaa?l n and -; ? intrj
sa !?-? ther. : -?. b? It
it? --?!. ? ! ? :, it the Speaker of this Iseembly sp
I mi i committee of five with i ?? ? : to hol?l pubil
? ???.?- ?? ?? ? ? S'en 'York ? , look li to th?
nafu? ? ? ?? ?; ' snd. sa far a? .
. ? ? mtti , m \U- report to
the ?*ai .li
*:?.??????? I
i adopted withe H ,!. b its
?.I'.rinor Wtllpplni ?' ,?? Mil ,iin? over
' Senat? Mr Alnsarorth s?ig*r?*?t.?r| that the
I' The roll was ral'el .in 1
!..*.- ..-??! ?? be t * oppasltl b A*? th.* clerk
?,.:.?? | 11
Mr i! ll'.rgsny, wl ilrmsn of l
II ? ? ? : . i- '.:,
. , ,;i !
....... ? ? ........... | . ,
deb *,?.? the I . ? 1 -.. .. i ..... , hat ? for pi i p ira
? \ - ??!, ?
. ii ? . h '?-,?! m?! e th irl'.y fair to
i . , . ? ? \
Alna? no desire to
I thai ? had off? red
hie motion with < I i . i
tlon He wli - and
iio. action on ? i ? reJ
M- , ??? lrad? r Monra
l i i) i bill b -.? ? k?v? m ,i
I . epp ,.:'.! ' r one ? h I
i . ??-'?? i . || : ?....
. ? ? prepare and ?u i I - - - I ??? ?
' ?-?- | i..;??<?, : ,-? laws r? , Ittng I >
?? , ? rnment ol the cities of
n.| 'lass, and ? ? '? ; ?? i.I amendment?
us are t.**rv for Ihe fovemmenl of ritl*?s or the
? ? ,-,... a. ?on! ? -*?! b) \rt.,'..- .\ ?I .?f the
r?\i.. | .- r tit .- ' o*mmlaaion?*r-a ?re to be
named within llv? layi ?? the pai '-? vi,* !>i I
.tn 1 are to r? ?.?-.?? on.y their ?> tual expen**-?
Albany, March ?! The Oovernor la? ??irr..*! Chap.
:. - : - permlttlna ':.'' i???? ; I? of th< -:' it? ai be
f.iii ?i?', lion to vet? ,,n ?h? question a' issuing
j-,..,..., f,,r th? Improvemeni >.f the Erie, Cham*
i ind oawego i inala
- ?? -
Albany, Mai >k ? Ooverno? Morton bai algn? I the
bill Introduced bj Assemblyman v.. v Btewsrt,
provldlni for the funimg ?,' :!i.;;>?<?? inn! irrant
fund of which Cornell L'ntverelty is ths benenclsry.
Til?-, f m i . the donation ol t?-<- I i Iti l States
th.- st?'- >,f N'e,*-Yo:k f,,r ihe ben. hi of it? lend
iran? college, under the sei ,?r Congress approved
in Presiden! Lincoln In IM3 Mr Stewsrt's bill
provide? ' : tm >'?,]?; the fund Into the State Trees
ur.. and ulna to Cornell I'nlveraltj cert Ihn tes of
in I.-iii?. Ines hesring i pet , ?.nt ?nteres! Thia plan
ha a already been adopted bj most ,,f the State?
of th? t'i on
Jackson, Ohio, March r, Heseklah s Bundy, the
?lintel ??: i Man." of th.* Xth Congressional District,
will be mirent) ? .?r.it >>.?rs old Angus) i. H" cloa? i
h - poiltIcsl careei with the end of the pressai Cot
gress, in which hi ?aa the Repr?sentative from th:?
district. Tods) th? cltlsena of the entire district
Joined in celebra! ni his return home, it ?v.?. a
gain ?la- In the rlly aa well aa In th? Btata hlatory
of the i!'|,ii, i' hi party, of which <'.en?r.il Bund)
li i? been a vlaorou? champion since Ita foundation.
To-nlghl a hanqn i wsa given al which SB ?at.
i.nu Impromptu -i ech? w?rt made, am its lha
apeakers belna Oovernor McKinley, O serai Kelfer,
i ; ..i..,. K Nash K, W i1,.* John w Bargi , 0 ?
eral \ L Hsrrls, W i> Davla, of SM . . ?'? neral
C. II Oroavenor, General 8 II Hurat, of Chllllcothe,
.,. , ? i Beer : ir* < 'hsrh '' , ?:.,
rjem ral B ind] 'i (In , app. aranci In ofllcial lif ?
wai 'i ISM. a ??? n i ? was .. m? mb. r of the ? ihl i
!.. ?-,. at?n He r? malm i in the i.- r.l?latur? ,,i S? n
at? almo : uninterrupted!) until IUB, when h ? t
ii Presidential elector In IM be waa defeated for
Congress bj i. majority, bul two yeara ::u.r u.i?
elected by 1,000 ?'? rated fot x tro Huffrage and
th? Re? inatrurtloi ... . i. rind retlr**d from poli?
tic? uiiill !*>,-!. when h? waa again asm i i Congreaa
He waa re?elecie,l and afterward was not .i cnndl
date foi an.'. olTi ??? in th? Portamouth Convention
of laal aumm i ?ftei several day? of ba iotlng. .ils
name w.i- proposed as a compromlai !!?? rec*-lve?l
On- nomlnatlnn lo -n.i Oen?ral Enoch? and waa
elected. Bs-Oovernor l-',rai?,r 'a hi ?? , n '*? ind
Coir.mandei In-Chief Kundy, of the Bons .?f Veter?
ana is in? a? n
Townaend \\'nn.ieii nee written t,, the Rev i>r
M i1'?'. Crawford, presiden! of th<? Kew-Tork Dea
er.re?? Mon- and Training School of the Methodist
Episcopal Church, In'etoelnga i't>i!e,i unites i per
cen? i.oni or ion: f.,r $!??.???-?>. which la quoted at iir.
til...',? ind check for SXOM, making W.M, which
he BBpS h? Wishes t ? y,',:e m the Ham? of M?k .(nnc
K Keiem? ti. i vari *>??< iiriiiK i ?lie or b'tllli'iK In
fee for the us? of the society, He d?siras thai ths
In, otne b n'l,led to th* pr n Ipal null ihe fun 1 ?lin'l
be s? Bsed. Mr Wendell hopea lo Incraaae the con?
tribution bi B.OdU on li-ini settlemeni of th* estala
\ir Wsnucll add? that "Mra Kelemen waa bo| .?
Methodist, ih?."g)i h.*r mo:her wns ?' bei ?iil
?h<- ?efi .-i larg? pan of her catata .,- me, without
restriction oi an! ku- I ! believe, however, that in
devoting iii- prop riy t?> charitable and benei deal
u. ? i Barry ui.i. bei artohoa.**
co''.Nti,ii?s van con IN tut; CHAIR.
The monthly meeting of the Lincoln <'lul> last
night in !ta ??.htbrooms, at No. M Clinton Place,
?vas enlivened by the offering of resolutions la?
? dorslng the administration of Mayor Stronc. Pre?i
i 'lent Camella? K, Van Cott ma* In thai chair, and
AJJenander 11. Held SCted a* secretary. Ten m??ni
iner? were elected, among them beln? Bdward
Lnuterbacb and Henry \V. Hoops, Jr. Clarence
w. ?Bowsn moved u?n ??Joptlm of tiie foiiowim*
Whereas. The Hon. William L. Strom; was elerteil
Mayor ?<f New-York last November on a plat?
form which pledge,i hlr.i to i? pi?n-parti*an admin?
istration of the affaira ??f the ?ity; and
VVher?-!*, He was r,<iorse?l an?l snpporte?! not
??lily by the solid stre:i(<th of the Republican parts,
hut also by severs! Independent ami nomoeratir
organisations: then ton,
?Resolved, That we, Republicans of the villth As?
sembly l?i:??ri -t. and memb'-r* of the Uttcoln club.
heartily indorse hi?' ?frort* to redoem hi? promise
??sen a.a a ???-? idldate to reform ti;e administration
of th? municipal affairs of this city We recognts?
the difficulties which <?? nfront him, and it is cur
purp-??e to assis* ami not hinder him In ?he .'.!?
charga of his h!;rh ?lutles. We ?.?lleve rhat us no
other way ,'un h? ?o well shew the quality of h.s
Republicanism as by fa'thfully r?leemln<- Wa
pi? ic/.?is as s csn lldat?.
The resolutions were seconded hy J M'irr.iy
Mitcheil, tri?, candidat* far Congress m th? rerer.t
election from the villth Congreas District. Mr,
Mitchell ai^o offered an amendment to'doralng lh?
administration of L??vi P Morton as irovernor of
the Stste. ? nere was no opposition to either the
r?solution* ?ir the amen liii??nt. eni they were bo?:?
unanimously sdopted. The Lincoln Club noss- has -?
membership of IM.
Washington. March ti -Th? primp' throwing of
their fra'intiet |nl j th ' Bel I by the ROW r::iri:il?:orr.
the ?'Blntetallie Party." arrested ail show of ar:?. p -
it ai stagnation at th? capital thai night have
followed tb? sdjsaranieai Of ?-onjfress and the
departure of the Pre-, lent. The address, or
manlfeato, launched apon the country yentar?
day, t-??,?ther with the m*nti??n of a candidate
fur President .n th? person of fx-?*..n-?roaamin ,Jo
; ?, ? ?. Blb'.ey, ? I Pennsylvania, has h-en to-?!ay an
anlmati I topi of discussl n. The brief Congres?
?lona! . ?:???'- of Mr. Blbley has not been unmark?d
t?v a m .-t decided earnestness in ?jivine esnt*e?nl?Mi
to views on ?liver thai placed him at once in the
f remosl ,;-.nks of lh? ?.?-.?re metal ?lemon ri c n
_?:????. and II :i known that his avalllb?l'.ttes a* the
Presid'ntia! candidat iba a ? ? rents t? the silver
cause have I.ib-r?1 ' ri freelj considered by th?
tn. re prori.aon: of these gentlemen iahst lau
of i?..nr.o?- The fa?*: thai Mr. Mbley was aiaa th?
? of t - !?- of hi? district .is their
candidat? for Cougi ss ? thought by hi* frlenda
?roilld n ' latract n any ssay from iii* strength,
parti ilar?j i - h? Is not known to have made hiin
.L'irr ?;v? ?a his a 'v ?-i-.- of those principles?
Hi c- ? ? ? ? i and th? ilmost universally pieis
ant relations he hr.? with those ?Who have b*?n
? Might li ' islnesa Inte ? curse with h.m. have
formed a part of th? l ? lusion? that so freely re
?ponded to the event of his -nt ?e^te.i naminailon
by ihe Bimetallic League Personally Mr Blbl?*y
n.ia .!... '?.ir--.1 that 'n<* Old not ?vmh to h? honored
With 'he Presidential nomination He would rather
see Senator Camei -. ?? ? silver ?lew? mxt at
ceptabl? to him. or Benat ?r Teller, or Mr Bland, or
?,ri... other (1e?/ote? ?. the cause, .??iecrej ,-? its
?'c idard?bearer, but he asserts that ha will give
every a?a?st?-r.?? possible to rh?? new movement ?ril
? ?? : h lists si n hi? prediction? ?if ?no ??-a
s- ii \ ITS ?'?ifs!: sv:? is |.f< t.TMN'?:
Washington. March I ISpi :.\\< In :???2 the voters
.f ti?. I'th Kanaa D trl I returned Davis .i*n?'i
li?t. t? Congress by a plurality ??; I.MQ rotes; in
;???! !,. was a candidat? for re-eleirtlon, and w. A
i'al?lerhead ihe Repubttcan candidate, was re?
turned bj a plurallt) .?f t,BM votes. Bo far fr??m
being tinctured or tainted with Populist id? ?- M
lh? es Mi Calderhead Is an out and out rupublican
???i sll questions Including th?- stiver nusatlon, He
:* n???? m Waahington, and In conversation w,? ii s
I ?i reporter lo-d, |. hs ss I
Kansas Is ?.?*?!ins to tie a Bound money state.
snd tb?' oi.iv people there now who are radically
In fas.r .?f the fr?.- and unlimited Mtaaajs of sUvnr
are s f??v Popull.st?. and ?sen they are not *o
rampant us they siere. At tha ttrne of my stee?
? .,, n,.- state platform of th- Republican party
rontatni I ? d?clarai on favoring the ? ritrfnag? of
American produel s l?rer, and putting a prohibitory
cjiitj on the foreign praduel I ?sent before th.?
I. pie of my district, howevi r, and t id them that
I wo i ? ? ?i for ti n ige af American
. ; othei silver until the time ar rive i
when . ?liver d..ii ir would b? as ?good In the mar?
K? ? f the ss rll hs ar.;. Other ?! ?licir. I belies.'
. ? ai i gold should i??- on .? parity, and that
until such is the case w? cannot aft?i i t?. coin
Ami ? an illv? r at a ratio of II I
"Thei *?:? ini.r.'.- Republicana In my dl trl I
a/ho favored :.??? rolnag?, but the) sor,-,i for me.
i .? ? knew my position perfectly well a*hen they
. I ? BJ I lh? ia? ' Of :',??.r \ ting for ni>- ;? ?Vi?
ta n.r n?..:. I. that ihej r.-a /? I ?he truth of
tatemen! srhleh I mad? r,, them that ir."?
coinage Is Impraetl sble a this time. ! all
!-,??! I ? it National bank ?< ^?, ? em l believe ma:
It furnishes ,?- tl.I i .?? i mon?) that i e have,
..-?; li should not be supplanted bj .? ?ystem of
s us ii.ir.ks of is?u?' In th.s connection ! .il? >
believe m thi retlremei the greenbacks The
? ??"?;.'?? which w? have recently ha?! ??: the "?*
r . -?ii ? h gr.backs '-.ir?. be put should be s '?'irr..
Ini to ?i*, .?".?l they ?i: ? ?'I >'. bt permut?
i? I for ril,- purpose o' constantly depleting the
i: ltd : ' ?-?Tr? *
?T ?Jo not mean to eonvoj the lmpre**lon that I
am h?)*tlle to silver ? ?ri I i- ?nirar?. I ?hou'd
:ii. ?.. ?es stis.r itand o an ? luslltj srlth ?_- >I? l
In our flnances and th? flnanee? ??: th? ?rorld but
i . ? : propose to Insist upon pushing si'?v?i to the
. o.,., s ?a ? tlcabl? :?> K.se It tha?
footll : ' ? I
I?? you think the ???iniiii?: monetary conference
will sccompllsh an> thlnii "
? i do nol thin? ii ??? ii ???? '? In ree mmendlng
?ni l?gislation; bul II ? ? have one ?.w ! effect. It
?,.l demonstran r., ihe mind? of 11>.-??,? people ??h.
ar.- clamoring this country ?lone apon a
?llv , be . ? r?o?ii1on of s is ?>r In I a?
finance? of th? ??..?'i. Th? conf?renee ?vili h.-iv..
;i?, ?du i? ?r.al benefit, 'in:-.?',.:, in 'he effect of
opening lh* eye? ??f a prat mans people to the
?sad ?ltuatj.' allver, ? situation ??..??a tiiey
.1.? i. i non realise "
? ??> ?
Th? Republican Club ' the cfilghth ?IVard held
n- regular monthly meeting laei ia?'.': at N?>
'::?. Bprtng-?l Th? club, though s youngster, ha*
airead) over ?"??i members There was ? crowded
meeting las, night presided over by .lohn I?. l?e
The following resolutions were carried unsnl?
Revolved, Thar iiie Republican Cluh of th?
Right h Ward does heartil) Indorse the principle
of bom? rule in the >ii\.? ??? and momentous affair?
and c?f.,in? i of pul,'., bu ilr i of thi* munlct*
pal. t)
Resolv? i. That ,??? ,:? atrongly approve th.? Po?
lice Justice? bill, and earneatiy ?ru.. its early
Resolved, Thai we, as Republicans and loyal
cltlsens, ?!.? Indorse and warmly support Mayor
Strong in his KT>\'t ; ??ii > Involving in.? qualities
of honest?. Independence, fearlessness, maaterll- '
i)M of method, slncerlt) of purpose, and marke.I I
strength and power, ?r. which l?" has based ins
administration of public affaira,
Bx-SherltT Jar".s O'Brien's ?u?Jden appearance at
ill.? Mayor's ?<!)???? yeatentay gave ris? to s r.p?->r;
that he had i? en appointed s !'.?'.i. ?? Cowmmtsssonaf
i.< Bucceod .lames j. Martin. Mayor .??tronit later
??nii'.rii |i? ;???! the report, i???r -.? ?>iil?l nol mak.? any
statement a* ??. his posslbl ? Intention t?. appoint Mr.
O'Brien ai s future ,'.ns Mr. O'Brien said that he
had called to consult with th?' Mayor on a privat?'
matter, but he did not deny thai he expected t.? be
appointed ? Pollc? Commtaatoner
!i ?sa said at ill?- Mas.ir's <>t!l.-,> ye.atei'?lay thai
John A. Bleicher ?s..?ii?l take olllca an Supervisor <>f
."The ?':!> Record'1 on Monday. Mo b?w appoint'
m? ?ils bs the Mayor ?'ere announ.I yesterday.
?;. ?rge II, Starbuck, Supervising inspector of
Steam Vesaels, was seen yesterday re sardine the
dl?ml?*al ?>f mich SSalStanl Inspector.? in tue N'ew
'i'ork district. He at Urst declined to ta:k. and as
?epte,i (hat h>- ?van perfectl) ignorant of the situa?
tion, but afterward said he ?npposeil it was simply
the result of s ncss- lasv which did away with all
* '??'.?'i.nii Inspectors throughoul tii? l'nited Suiie.-.
There were s xte. :i Inspector? 111 ihl?? .1l*trict
Th? Penu'.ii.'an ?'.ni, will pive Its n? xt mo;i:hlv
dinner si tl??? eluMMusa, \o. BO >Tlfth?av? next
Tne'.,i,i? , c-noi?- The .??-i??, : f r ?ftcr dinner .'.)*
i-?i*sl.?n will be "Sh.ini.l ?-'i*. cm? Dutte? or Internal
Revenue M? the Main ?focrce ,?r tjio-irarnniaac ?In?
? "?.r ie guesta will h- Cnlted Sm?.?.i Senator
JullusC. Bui-tow?, of Michigan: Mah'.on ?'nance'the
Rev. pr. R, B. MacArthur and the Rev. ?Dr A I
/lA.tif/.V/. AURA IHB VRVBt RF.Ct:tvF.HS.
'?hic.igo. March ?V ??.Io.?klchl Takamlne. pre*i?lent
?>f the Tnkamine r>rm?nt Company, n'.cl o petition '
In the United Unte? eourt yesterday n?*a!nst the re
clver? of th- Whlrkey Trust. He alle-f?* that In
1*131 li? ?-?.tered. into a ?joniract with the otBoers of
In a State of Bankruptcy
?i*- the condition of our aratem
if the liver becomes inactive so
that the germ* and poi-ons can
accumulate within the body.
Keep '?lie liver av.d bowel? ac?
tive av.'i we're '-i ?i condition
??f healthy prosperity .md have
sufficiently well invested capi?
tal to -lr.uv upon in the hour
of need The liver lilter* out
, the poisoiii.il*? ?rcrru* wbi. ?
entertli eysteaa Just so*?ure
iv as the liv^r regulates the
Bvstem. BO 'lo Ur. Picree'a
l'le isaut Pellets regulat? the
liver. Ktc-p this in mind. au<l you solve th.* problem
of pood health and Rood Ihrtaf. Tl'.'* " I-lea-ant Pel
let? "hive a totiic. strent-thenint* effect upon the
lining membrane? <-?f the stomach and bowel?, which
cffectoalr? cur.?s Mttoaaaeas, Siclc Headache. Coati ye?
nes?, or Constipation, Indigestion. I,o?? of Appetite,
Rad Taste in Mouth. Sour Ri?;ngf. fnen Stomach, and
will often cure Dyspepsia. The " Pellet? " arc tiny,
b-cause the vegetable extracts are refined and con?
centrated RgBJf in BCtkm, no griping BB with old
fashioned pill?.
A? a dinner pill." to pr?>mote d?'ge?tion. take one
each day after dinner. To relieve the distress arising
fr??m over eating, nothing equals one of these little
Ute. Melissa Atwateb,
of Steubeu Washington
Co.. Me., write?: "As re
garda the Itttk 'Pellets.'
1 think I could not do
without them I do not
like to be without them
in Um hou?? I have spok?
en verv highly to friend?
and n-ighbor? ?if them, and
nianv are taking them
through my Bdvertislng
them. I will ?ay they are
the best pill I can lake,
especial!?1 for an after din?
ner pill I think they have
no equal."
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
has been used f : over FIFTY YEARS by MIL
by drtiffglsts In ev*ry part of th* world.
Twentv-five Cents a Bottle.
I distinguished" celebrities I
S <?K thi; SBST ?t? \i.rrv. Y
or tho
Stage and Maiform.
Mi WKNT -.'.'ID ST..
... rdlng t , th.? frrr.ula cf Dr.
Hammond, m hi? ?at? ?rater? at
?vtr-ii-tc ?Vashlngtca D C Th? -rto-t w_d?-r?
?ALI ?l\, ?Z, ,..? ,,, r...??,|, ?,.,-;,*.?rv ?i?? ? th? days
Lin?- Dee?, ft ?Ircpi Prie? C <lr?. $1 uO. A' ail
.?*/ from '"?- ?'??lunilila l'hruiloel C'u??
h ?. n I ? ?' -^riiit for i ? ',.
i me,
? tt.tt a
- t '? ?-.*? ?? '? ? s 11,.?.
U \0t ?*? r. i ?tsmp tot H ? v
the Tras? for aaperlaieata ?ith h;* toraaentatlBB
. ...? :i ? * . . la saving be was t,-? rocelv?
Su i?r cent of th? an ?uni saved. Las? Jal* the
Ti il .??? aitladed tba! the erocaaa was an im
., ,-neni at I i n ra ted to nt up th? Mant-atta**,
i': .-!'!,-.? for th? us? of the pro,*???. In Dect-mlier
ho h'ca- operation? Whan tho receiver? wore
appn ued the- ?used th? diatlllery to bo ch.an??*-l
lia-k to the old procese. The potltionor asks that
ta,. re'tMvtra be compelled lo either carry out t_>
contra -? or r-leas** IB? petltlOOBr.
Chicago, Uirch I.?Western
finish their work on ? terrltorl
an?l adjourned until n*:.- ?reek
ihT.? will he a full repreetnt&t
m'.ttee wa? appointed i
cent'.*, mad?* by the Trunk i
: ? - >l>.'Hsh nr Bl ICBBt mitin
'Mtnn-issi,.us h H.??' ?m ?? rrli i
done, which is not probable, be
reciprocate !>> brlnnlna the Oral
'?s payment of exo -iv-* comm!
bualneea st Canadian porta
.no? were unah'o *a
il ?ereement t,?-d?y
whon It Is oapoc;?dl
-c. of line?. A c?-?n??
Ser the request re?
iBBfl tha: WttUM
at? the paymtnt of
rjr, If th!? can be
Kastorn Uno? w vi'A
n ! Trunk to tin** la
salons in ln-nita-ant
v asi.it.*,'. n, m .?t h B. Th? ta reai? ?er h?? f?n?n rapidly
,n tii? ifpf-t-r take rt-atas and ?h? 1'w-r xii?si??ippi v?u
. ,.,? Hi m? r.-?i n a ni. t Montsn?. It ha? fall??
?lowly m ?il other ?Malrlrt? *eM at Iks Beck] Mcintanw
durtiia ?ho .is? "s.-oi.t la ?'?? -aat?rB pont a f n r:h i>^
,?, it i. uvweai north ?' l?aB? ButKrtar. and hi?h??t ?a
:',,!! .v'..ni..- tanta I? I? *?i net In all ?Usttlcta aaaapl is
? !,.. u<a-ai Oh?? *"???" "? lr?':'"'' '' ' ? r''' ' a'w*W><j
??-i i.i^ht i....?i trow, ara np<-rt?B thl? ?vc-alBg troan
N-,.?v i:.?..?c . ?n?1 1 ? -?-?I rsln? fi-, m tht? h .-.- Atlan'lo
.ml vi. -?i I'ult Kiat? ?.
Th? wralher will '???- tait end warm-- r?n?r?lly through.
:? .... Sorthim Stat"? ? ?? f U?? Mi-.?'.*lppl en Th?n?
Bay i--.?'. -*? ? '? are lilwli t?- ,v?-?i. m the Vawet
KIm ,-m,, . v?ll ?nd on the s.-i;?h A'isnti,- ?-r??-?!.
:'KT\l!,r.l> rORBCAST I-'OR TO-PAY.
rat N iW'CngtaiMl, ganarsl.} fair ?'.urtng Thnrsd??- pra?
, ?? | .1 b| local t-n,,-.*.? t'-rlsht !i tii? cortr?! p?-?lcnS|
allhwecl Wlnda sad wart-no?
:?".? Raaters N?*? Tarn, gsaarally fair TtnarsBaa;; ?Ufa*?
i <.*.?? m ? a ulhw, ?? ..-?pria.
'?' y latera Pmssylvssta, N*rW-J?rsey an?i P?'.a?-?ra
' KMilhwael wlnl?.. rl.Khtl? ?isiasar In ??titra: tvne?
?i H .m'-..
! w th? Dtalrict of CUumsta, Marxlun-i a.-d Vlrslni?.
fair, "it'.i Mitiit ?nitli w!i*. ?linhtlv ?.?riti.r tn Vlr?
Bar u>?i Virstnle, or.io, W*??*era r?nn?vivinia ?ni
U'??t.>rn N?W V.'ik B?a?rSlly f??r ar*,1 ?.?mi?-, ??uth?
mett ?i n?!?
UMa Jlasran- ? ccnt'.nuuu? nhlt? Un? ?Bow? the
c-hans:*? in pronur? ?? Indira'** ty Th? Tribun?? ??!(
r??or?.nc barom?t?r. Th? brckon lino r?pr???nt? th? ????
p?rntiir? ?? r?onrd?d at P?rrr'? Pharmacy.
Tribune Office, M?roh T, ! ? m.-Th? weath?r -s??t?-?day
win warmer ?n.1 fair, escept fnr a ?light ?bower lo th?
?ft?rn*?on. Th? temperature r?ns?*d between B* ana 43
rle-Tee?, tho nverase (iOVfj) being HI? htfher than t"B
Tuf?1ay ?n1 IS l<iw?r than on the oorr????o??*"'*?B tay la?t
The w?4tb?r will probably b? fair and allghtly

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