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i.u: \i MjKKs ?.ru pvBiaii s?'H?"'i, gra
ti:m human catholics snori.r>
[nouns aaoo?^acosa?.roHD?sTOFTnBTiuausra.]
Albany, March 10 A Btate ?ill lal has Just re?
ceived a lett< r from General George 8. Batcheller,
of Saratoga, former United States Minister to
Portugal, containing n me interesting particulars
of a visit he recently made to Pope Leo Xli!
and a talk he i... i with the Pope, In the course of
Which His Holiness sp..k?- freely about American
affairs General Batcheller was in Rosne the day
the Pope Issued his American Encyclical, and
naturally a good deal <f their chat was about
that Important document
<;en?T.'ii Bat -heller is .1 Protestant, hut as a
clistingiilshed liplomstlsl and American h>- was
received mosl grs I ?usly bj His Holiness They
lised the French language in their convsrsstlon.
one notable circumatance of their talk was the
Pope's praise of the Republican party of this
?State "as a liberal party" for electing the Rev,
Sylvester Malone, of Brooklyn, as a Restent of
the University This election of Father Malone
as Uceen;, ?t will be remembered, was nol pleas?
ing to Archbishop Corrigan, of New-York, who
had a candidate In th' person of Blsh p Me
Qnald, of Rocr-ester; '"it Bishop McQuald had
msntfested su ?h opposition t?. the public-achool
syatem tn.it he c ?uld n t possibly be elect?-?!.
F.'th.-r Mslone's csndldacy, II Is said, was
favored by Archbishop Ireland, of Bt Paul. This
was not pleasing I i i.i?h ip McQuaM The Arch?
bishop a few- days before the November election
of ?siM. while visiting In New-York, added to
Hish >p McQuald's feeling against him i?y saying
in a widely published Interview th.tt h?> did not
believe the Roman Catholic Church should inter?
fere in politics ir. th?.- United States Those re?
marks of Archbishop Ireland were due to his
recognition of th<> fact that ? ?-rtain Democratic
j- Ittlclana were attempting ti array members
of the Romsn Catholic communion agalnat the
Republican party. Subsequently Bishop Mc?
Quald, in an address to the congrpgatlon of one
of the churches of his ?ii cess al Rochester, blt
terly attacked Archbishop Ireland, and there has
been a general suspicion since that Bishop Me
QtaSdd thus expressed his disappointment over
the failure of the Intrigue of Democrstlo poli?
ticians to array the Roman Cath >Mc votera
against the Republl an party in this state, and
his personal dis?pp ilntment ?ver th?? fact thai
he (Bishop M Quald) was rejected as s candi
dit.? fur Regent snd Father Mal me was sele.-ted.
It may be stated without fear of c ?ntradlction
that the result of the election in Ni w-York Btate
laut fail ?iis<-i.?se,i th.? fact thai ArchbUhop Ire?
land was nm h more of a statesman than Bishop
McQuald. A\.i now cimos p.>pe Ia.o xiii and
??proves of the election of Father Malone a.s
It-gent. These will be sad days for the Bo h
ester Hish p
GeneraJ Batcheller in opening the letter de?
scribes the apartment in the Vatican In which he
was received by the Pope, and then says:
His Hollm ss was seated upon a thr me, a large
arm. hair upholstered In crlmaon velvet, and
his f.-et rested on a velvet cushion bordered with
gold, and he wore gold-embroidered red velvet
Klippers. He was dres? 1 In white, with white
akidlcap, with a rims n mantle hanging from
his shoulder, He spoke In the French language,
nnd Imme l ately ma !?? me feel quite at my ease.
His Holiness at once led the conversation to
America, and inform.-1 nrs that his Encyclical
was then ready, and wi uld on that name day be
given to the public. II was written In Lat?
he said he himself had carefully n vis., l the Eng?
lish translation. And then h<- nave me many
points of his letter to "his people," as he styled
them. The Pope expressed regret that certain
newspapers, and public men In America ha?l ob?
jected t.? his sending a legate t i Washington,
or Bending out an encyclical as tending t<? med lie
with the affairs ?>:" a foreign Government <?r with
institut!.>tis with which he ha?l n?> sympathy.
"This la sn error," ssld His Holiness "1 d i n ?I
seek to mein- with Governments except : i ad?
monish my people to bey the civil law atuJ to
?.inform to the auth irtty of the ?and In which
they dwelL I jer.t a legate t?. America In
order that I might be better Informed as t i the
character of American Inatltutlona and the
pecullarittee I the National and >tat.- govern?
ments, an !, above all, t ? reconcile ati> conflict. If
. tin-re should be any, between the government of
I iny Church and th" Government of the land. 1
?? consider America essentially s Christian c >untry.
Heltgaon is free. The Government does nol aid
ii.?r d??es it oppose the labors of the Church. I
am free t?> say that the further I study the con?
ditions of this country the m i mmends
Itself t?> my Judgment if a religion cannot
thrive on Its wn merits then it must stagnate or
fall. I :??'.! my ?.pie to nvert Americans to
the fait?; by pi ?ving t ' them by plow and
ord?-riy living, aril b> precept an?l example, that
it Is the true reltgj n, an l ? ? t.. s-.-k converti
except through means r? ognized by th>- laws of
the country ana the principles of humane and
tlivlr.? ?
I then gpoke ; ? the Pope up m oui educational
system, and assured him thai the ommon ? h ;
isysteni was one ?>: the foundetl n-st nes, and n??t
the superstructure .?f the Republic, an?i that
Interference with that would never be tolerated
In a country where the lawmakers wer.- . hi Ben
hy universal Buffrage, I said, the voter must be
intelligent and must have at cast the principal
elements ?>f an education.
His Holiness replied that he was iiulte of ray
views. He bad no ?Tit?ism t?. make on our
| h to] system. Ir was wise and fitting that the
population should be g""i (dtiaens, and It was
wise in that it left all rel!gi?.ns and creeds free to
work ont their own course on their own merits.
He spoke .>f sectarian r parochial schools and I
assured hlui that these schools Preabyterlan,
Methodist, Eplsc palian, Baptist and all denomi?
nations, had their denomlnstlonsl ach? ?is and
the CstboUca bad their share of them, bu! all
must be sustain?-?' by private means. .Th?- public
funds raised by taxation were only nsr the uni?
versal ??duration, and without creed. His Holi?
ness said ho was satisfied with th<? progreaa of
Catholicism In America.
"When I was nuncio in Brussels fifty years
apn." h? gald? "I had a conversation with a
young prient named Hughes, who -ame to see
nie. He was a bright young man, made speeches
on religious questions In s. ?ular halls, which we
thought nuit- extraordinary, but which h<- said
?Brers to familiarisa the people with the catholic
religion. At that time there were only three
PLshops In the I "tilted States, and now there are
eighty-three and a Cardinal We had only "ne
college, and now we havi man?,, and I have j?ist
founded a gr-at university in Washington, and I
have given order, that In all their teachings my
priests and professors shall Inculcste Io?re <>f
country, patrl ?tlsm an?l obedience t,i law as <.ne
of its cardinal doctrinas In your Civil War
Catholics fought and 'li?-d side by side with
Protestants Patrl. tlsm has. no creed, an?l I am
infoimed that the liberal party controlling the
State of New-York chose one ??! my priests as a
Regent of the University and I am told thnt the
tw i Benators from the great stat?- represent the
two creels; that one is a l*r>>testant ?>f Puritan
an .'?try and "tie a Cath,die of foreign origin
I! >w. then, can I c ?tnplaln of the institutions of
Aaserics? The more I study them the more they
please me. Have i sot conformed my cardinals
bishops and priests to the new form of Govern?
ment in France, ani admonished them to sustain
the Republl ? and participate In the affairs of
the Nation? I have admonished oil my people
!n America to refrain from strik?-s. never lo re
gort to violen i> ton Iresa a grievance, but t?. ap
peul to ?aw and the constituted authoiitlea."
His Holiness also spoke .,f ,,ur divorce laws,
?nd declared th?>m to be against th.- commands
of (?od, and hoped th.-y would be change!, h
they tend to weaken the marital relations.
"With th<- ?j ?ara t?, divorce and separation ?pen."
said the Pope, 'trouble. In families are apt t?i
lead the.husband an.l wife to turn to these doors
for a solution ?.f their difficulties whereas if no?
d> r existed they would seek reconciliation, an?l
peace would reign."
St. Augustin.'. Fla., March 10 (Special). -Prince
l/>weyist? la, Of BaritS arrive 1 al the Punce ?le |,,?in
yesterday, liaron S.int Anna, of ltelslum, I? with
him. Rewent prorninirrt arrivals Include FV-rierie
11. Winston. Of Chicago, formerly Cnited Stnt-s
Minister to Perslu. and l?r. J. K. Mitchell and
party, of Phlla?lelphl ?. who are at the Hotel ara
nada. I>r. .lames l'aul and Miss Paul, of Phila?
delphia, arc at tb>- San Marco.
St. IaoiiK March 10. - A ?lispatch to a morning
paper from Cordoba, State of Vera Crus, Mexico,
says: "The peaJk of < ?risuba. an ancient volcano,
is In a state of eruption. The signs of disturbance
began to manifest themselves Sunday night, and
have Increased in force constantly since that time.
It Is nnw vomiting poiaonoua gacc? and thi k vol
unj?-'? of amoke are emitte.i from v*t aperturea in
a naw The earth f.?r 100 rn Is. aran,! ..- s- iki
p.-r. -l: -ally with subteri ? ? i .Inral F. ' the
publie safety the (..verr.or of the State of Vera
I'm/, will shortly name a commission ' - entlsts
t?. niak<- an investigation int.? the eruption, and to
make rei nnmendattoni looking to thi proi
the Inhabitants of lh< i ? ?.g ' Tl
present eruption Ii In the heart I ? ' '?"?
proved coffee districts In Mexl o, whei ? are lo
many Amerlcani Masses ire being -i ! In all the
of t! illty to ward of! the Impending
? . gi r."
nn-: Kt:,\ or nia ruildinos :.-? here boxe of
Lower Mew-York is undergoing tremsndoua
changes, an I the individual ?if Hl[> Van Wink..- ten
d??ncies who .lares to nap but a year or two
wake up to find he does n?it know "when he la at
?? pie who delighted in croaking about the mov?
ing of all buslneae uptown are r.ow jumping ai
like a co.-k In b pit to In ses l th.-.r money down
tows igaln When they rest th.- back "f ti.eir headi
on their shoulders and gase up at th?' greal .-'??
si l stone office structures ri-<.':g up nearer the
skies than the church iteeples, they fervently ejacu?
late: There's millloni In 'em!"
A long Hal of buildings for the en ;tl n of which
plans have already been Bled, wai publlahed In
yester lay's Tribune. ? n.t the moBi ! ?tlceable
Incidents In the march of the city's progreai Is the
Improvement of Broadway. Muy people who l? ft
that noble thoroughfare for businesa quarter i In
- le streets are anxious t.. gel back. They are fas!
getting the opportunity In th? number ?>f line new
otllce building? already erected, an 1 those now under
W <l V.
Included among the Broadway properties now be?
ing linpr.oeu is the northeast corner .?f Eighth l
The foumlatlnn for an Immense store and office
building has alreaiv been dug. A great building Is
?No r.? be en-,-tel on the site of the old New-York
Hotel, and on thai of the University of the cwy
of New-York The northeast corn..- i ( Howard ami
Broadway, the southeast corner ol (Iran?! and
Iway, and the southeast corner ol liroome u I
Broadway, through t<? Mercer-st., are also to be ?
? ipled by structures of the most modern type.
a rHti,Ai>i:i,riUAN A vn-riM TO thi: gtTPPOBED
In spite of the effort, of the police of the Weal
Thtrtleth-st station, the work of the gang -thleh
has been at work with kr.k-out ?Imps for thi
month still continues, For th? fourth time ??
the w-e-k b man has told the Jefferson Mr-.rk? i
court that he drank srlth ?tranger In Captain P
en's ?-littrict, was robbed of everything that :,?? ha 1
and turn?-] out Into the streel - ??? r I
o'clock yesterday morning Policeman Kaamlr?*, of
the Mercer-st. station, ssw a good-looking, .':
aged man sitting on th.- curbstone In Broadway,
between Thirteenth an: th BtB. He bad no
hat, and his coat was c ?vered with mud. lie
give no In'eliigible account of himself, aril was
taker, to th.- station He was only half
an?i s > incoherent that nothing could be gathered
fr.un him except that he was \\ llllam H H ini n, of
When Hansen was brought to court yesterday
morning he presented a sorry appearance, with
!? ? evening clothes much the worse '? i dirt, ?n old
.-ir.iw hat. which had been ?riven t?> him al lh.
station; bis overcoat soiled and oi.? ba y black
ened. Later he s.-vi?: he lived at No, 1,0*9 Arch-st.,
Philadelphia; was s Jew? 1er, and had be-ri In t .?.?-,
for two months buying r ??-.- ito k He sal ! he ?vas
staying at the New-Amsterdam Hotel, Twenty-flrst
st. and Fourth-sve, According to his .?n.i>. be
to the st. Jameg Hotel to gee somi i ' Satur?
day night. As he enter? l the room three men who
were sitting r?ar the door called out, "Hello, old
man! How have you been'.Of course," he siM
"I thought I knew them ?nd went "\-i and sat ?? '
them. Then It was suggested that W( go to call
? ci Sim.- young women with wh..m the men
they ha<i an engagement, I consented, m. l we nn
four got Into s cab sad drove off We wefc to
house in a sMe street One woman off?f/i?l m.- a
fuss, and 1 drank ??f It, ar.l tl il '- all I remember,
hav.- been robbed of a gold ?ut ?-. and a chain.
n.\ thr.!? ? ? ? ids si I 1130 In money that I
had In ti.. Inside pockel ? ( mj saisie il "
Justice Tali:' ir flnsJly derided to hold Hansen un?
til this morning in order that bis itory might he
Investigated. Hanaen saya that he would kr .-.? ? ?
three nor. anysrhen The police put little ? r-.?
In -he man's Btory, and ate loath I ? admit tl .? .
gang Is operating w'th "knock-.ut ?inn?*" In the big
hotels. It Is know... hoagrver, trua police are out
In plain cl ?thea trying to get . vll? I
reach port a raiiaor was killed,
but an apprentice hot. sa?, ed
thi: ships ?'at.
The Pritlsh ship Milton Stuart arrive] here yes?
terday In ballast, after S frlp Of ninety ?lays, from
Amsterdam. She caught a gale off Beechy Head
and r.in for thi Downs, win ? i hored.
While riding o'it the gale there i December 22,
the l' at l > r espetan md port
? on h.r voyage si." i au? lit a.n '? ?
i-er H which did consid?rai ?
? : er storm II . ? ?
? i In Bl Helen's Roads, ofl the I ? ??' '?'?
?h. ren aim I until Jai ? i ?
the la ? ol '?'? ght the ship n as thirl I wo
In getting to a polnl flfty mili I ?? t ol li?
teras The Stuart had I I < ? ir.
t.iin Norman, her commander, thought thai all his
tr?ala were over.
i in F< bruary i. however, a I northwesl raie
waa encountered, which was accomj i
masses of vapor. There was ., r r ??.???. 1 ...
running and tru- sh p lab r..l heavily. On February
T a hurslcane came howling oui of thi soutl .??
it was accompanied by terrific squalls, beavj I
der and blinding lightning. The ahlp s i ; ?vi
on the start.o.rd ta.-k. bur It WSI found I
ble to keep her head up to thi wind. Her three
lower topsails and her atorm staysails were bl. wn
assay and tbe vessel rolli i ? i an sng e of I ????. I ire
each way. She was got before the wind,
."r : scudded un.1er bare poles r u ?????.
fore the fury ?.t th?? norm, When the storm blew
Itself oui the Stuart was -n latitude 32,
:'?>>. about SSO miles east of Bermuda.. She now ran
to the south ar:?i repaired her sails, sifter which
.sh.- stood for this port again. < ?:. March 1 In lall
tu?ie ?DM, longitude 74:50, she i>-ai.\ ran down an
American steamer, which crossed within a ? ibli s
length ?.f th. vldp s bows The Btuart waa making
twelve knots an hour al the time with all s.i .s
s.-i Th.- ?ti imer was a aa.n-decked vessel,
schooner liggl i
?in March ?, while a hard northwest gsl. was
blowing, '?Mir Elliasson, a Norwegian
twenty-one years <.M. fell from the topsail \ar? to
the deck and w;,s killed. The ship was driven '.?jo
mllei by ri.e atorm. which aha encountered .fur
February 4.
At one tin.?' wi lie the storm was raging the
ship's cat f?-H overboard, St.?- ?tru. k iiu- rudder
in her fall and clung to it. An apprentice boy,
whose special pet th? csl was, lowered
ovr th?- stern arid rescued pus.y.
The Stuart is . big new ship registering 2,16a
ton?. She carried forty men In her crew, This la
h"T third voyage, and ber Aral to this port.
Th.- ship Klstna, Which orrl\ ? I from Manila, with
a cargo of hemp, caught an easterly hurricane ? n
December 10, ??it Mauritius, sin- lost a suit of
sails In tho blew. While the storm wa.i raging,
Jon Jansen. ,m apprentice boy, seventeen yeara
old, fell from aloft into the sea and waa drowned.
Henry Quick, Conductor OB car No SJ of th"
Thlrd-ave, cable line, was Btahbed by sn East
Bide rough early yesterday morning, while the i u
was pa.alng Rlvlngton-at., on its way up tin Bow
try. The assailant ran up behind th. platform,
jabbed th.- larges! blade of s i arl-handled i.;.?-t
kr.ife Into Quick's head just above the right ?.ir
and iiisapi't-ar.-i. An ambulance was summoned
from Bellevue Hospital, and Dr Kur..-, who re
sponded. found Ihe knlfi stHI iticking in Quick's
head. II had cu< d ?wn thi ugh tn.s cap, through
the scalp and int? > the --kull ??;,?? at BS angle of
.bouI eighty degrees I?r. Kilr..- ?could not with
Iras ii' weapon, .lthi igh h exerted all hli
strength Hi f< ired to move ir laterally, leal the
; ? might have toui hi i the brain
ij ill k was therefor? pla< I In I i. ,i ? and
ren ved to Belleva?? Hoepltal with the knif.- ?till
sticking. At the hospital Dr Lush decided tli.it It
? ,,? i 1. safe to s rk the blade .... and tl
Tllel'e Wer" 11" SVII! ? ' 11 '111 ? t.) l.'lll.l'e tha' It hill
touched the brain, and I?r. i/ask thinks Quick * II
The conductor said he was nol sure that he could
Identlf] bis asaallanl He nlj knows thai lb* man
with the knife was a tough-looking fellow, ? i
twenty years old The blow, he thinks, w i., n t
really Intended for him. bul foi i n sa srhom tri??
rough with the knif?- had been chasing To escape
hi? pursuer th.? man got aboard the car and Qui? k
lut? ?rpoeed. _
St. Louis Mareh is. A dispatch t?> a morning
paper fr?)ii, SPrra .M.jiui,?, Ms.loo, says: "Frank
Ward and II. ii Sample, la > American prospecto)
who left here a few weeks ago for the mining camp
of ("arm.n, near the Rio Orande i?.rd<r, ?ere a.t
tacke-1 by n bnn<i ..f Mexican outlaws and robbed
of their money and horses. The OUtlAWI .-s? aped
across the river into Texas *l" i. - ??- - - renegades have
<x>mmltted many mur?l?-ra an?l robberie. on both
?ides of the border during the last few years."
A FI.m: s-rarCTTR**. WTtlfTl HA? I'i'.??vri, INADE
-, .TE 1 ' ': HE !CBE ': "?'' THK
In carrying oui I Is Idea of building the ?
.., P pooi ' in? ???????
, ... ; ... leni of School Building* C, B. J. Bny
rected one ol i attractive ? hool
??, | :.. ?th. rdt) al Chrystle snd Hester
its., which i- known <- Oi m msr ft I.I No.
7. It Is in the centre of a den? ?population, wh< r?
five-story double tenement house? predominate and
mtas? of foreign-born
children. r.ran n ar s .' '- ? orislnslly r .
,...,,,. B , ,?,! so. 7. establish? ! bj the New-Tort
, g i lety in' 10. alth H pupila The
yft : fi v <14?. ? a " ^-^i?r^??*?s.
' it
orirlnal building oceupied the presenl site, but si
that time the loi ?,i- only M feel aide end 100
deep, A pari of it wad cover? l by a two-story
brick bullding, built In the plainest possible style
of ?architecture, the entlr? ' ] snd
building being only 111 0, It was org?anlsed as
b three department school male, fsmale and pri?
mary departments. In 1859 third story wot ? led
to the ?tru " re In oi I? r to si 'om?no*8ate thi In
,r. .l^.-.| number old building hs i
been repeatedly ; I p and ""?rnatred, and In
187S the wa -?? bulged and weakened
that it ?aras n? -esi ai j to ?hore II up and hull l but
;,..?, ?. At tin? t:iii- i pended In re?
pairing the building, si g It habitable, .-?
-.inn that repr? ral 1 mes t? ?? original
post of ?b>- bull I ? g an i loi .
It, !?? ? ling S-a? torn down Bnd all the
classes abo*) el fifi i tl pari
tnoT'.t were disbanded n?l sent to other ?
while th? rei ?of th!? di part mi
held s? ? r. ? v Market Rull Uni
Oran I and I.udlow si Tei of tl
pritna: n( l?o met there. In S
ber, 1888, the ne? : roof h i Idli g was er? i
? i it? ha? Ing '? '
200 In ? tirystli II
wl th bro*? nstone trln perfect
i ? at? I, ai i i- ? : I : ?
popularity of th? hi il I ' ?? the fact that
when It was on? I ?
only a fe?
a short time i ? i ly fill?
an 01 ? m?,.? of a hoi ling
? iv In th. ?: ? " ?
lu first pi ? R. Ktrby,
who ?? - y William R Lyot
W. Ketrham, ?
m were W I. R ? . I ; ?
AIII?on, ??? t- ? sen
I froi
ring en I
l pal.
The ?? hr?ii to-day has
1.'?" in the Ess? s Market
the trust??.
Df I
i?,., truste. ' ? ? ?
i -, th? i: ? ?
vented fi
nnrea? ?? .
; ? the |
? ? ? ? , |
I. -, ? ? part ? "
1 ; I ?? r
Mthough thi? I
? ? ? ? -
If all the r|
? ? ? i - - r
! ? ? .
? - ; I
1 ? Una , . '
rom 1874 I day. M
? ?? ?
?? tl
Hal t Imoi ' ? ? p 1111 ral
.. of
' ? ?
.... . . . . | ,
1 ? i ">?' '?' ' ' hing tal. He
two ? ??-? ? toi f ui rail . ? i this year
"*1 wo privileged to ask
i conference i
Asbury Hall. Tl is .
to ? f wl
by Metho list presche! '?' -,
ntril tloi ' I ?? W< ? ? -,.- :. |
Inquir?, the i me ?? l en wc ?? 111 b. -m to
build, and ha? : , ?? ? : ..
we could no) d at oi on th? ?? ?rk of
, ?.?.?:) -, ? Ion '-'. ' Iptlo ?<;...
, i. these gro i
' ' ? ? ' te a different way. I wa?
m i: ng an addn ?? i ?? ? , some
? i? I said I 1 ? . ? pected to live to
see the daj ??- hei l s II not n In all
tl,,- ?-.!?? or \\.- I Ington The i ,. eelvi I
,i polite i ??? pn i t of the
city, in which he said thai because I was oppn ?!
t-? personal lib rty he would ? ,!,
I? up ti, - mount m a
?hort time.
"Poui ??.??? k- ago 'h?, tru i to i.'^in
the erection of a building, and .?.".'.??, was sub
: ribi 1 at .-.n,-,- by the ti . tee? t., ...,,?,.i-,.. This
amount has grown wonderl illy, and we expeci t,,
la) tl.rne] ?tone In ? ?hon time Th|g will
be our hall of history, and ??<? have Used upon
' ),? i co?) U 1th thi . mount ?? ?? ean put
up a h 11 ling that would ordinal llj ? j ?? , ?.> ??
Th? Illahop i-, l a lott? i . tlngton to
f?overnor Hi., ?>f n which he pro
pa ed to glv? to tl i i.;. In Wa hi .
ton stock then valu?-?l al 125 -? |*h< lettei u.x
written In Mar h. 1795, Ii hop llur?! recently ?lia
covered li In N- ?? V'ork In a curio shop n,- ??m
Pol "a* |USl ?.?!,.' - do \? |th It. bUI
thai II '?? ill he. ome 'W prop, i u ol < ??
At erl m University, He ha? li;??j.to lithograph
copie? "f It made, which will be -elpt?
foi : .j-' , ? riain nmouni to the uni
K,,r Boyi and Young Von. city.
V I '.v ',,-:,. i:' i-.r I ?? ', d i.i.,;i. ivr.'t, ?t . n. T-A
1? tira, prarl d ?cnool, day or evening Address for rat
il?M'. (UMl.vr ?'. GAINES, M ml Mo -, Bank Bids
? Mill >.?r. iifr?i? ?he I.e.t fiuilltle? f,,r t,,.,r .,,_??,
I l??*t?-al. B. Irn.? II ,-:? . -- I . ,t| ... , . \. |,"1
??mbar of bo) r-, ? ? ?r lh? l'i ? i;..,r. famll? Anal*
. ?V ?atSJagB? sad Information J liti r IXSOM, jr pr|n
Toiinir Ladles City.
"tl '.'d-y,r'ri.i.': vr.i.i i v
' * S? Ml? ml. POR OIRI.H.
PTREPIt?UF RClluOL l.:'i;.t?I\(>.
ISO AM' ltd Wl :-'! Tl'.'H ST.
< ?n.I.i:,;i: PREPARAI :?,N'.
MISS OII1BON Hi HijOL FOR OIRLg, Mew fork ntr
No SO Weet 47tl MR? ?ARAII II KMF.R80N.
PrlnclpaL a tew i ?rdirts pupils taken
?W SISTER? OF 1 Hi: ? ii; UCtt
? Fouaded by M??. Bylvaau? K^ed. i?ii,. ?.?,, ,,.,?f ?,,,,
i.glu? IVi. 1 Au: ?i.? M?ter-,n l'ha.-te. S anil a I: BU-at,
'IVn; lUSSn sXT'l KHOOL :?i: ??ililaS.
Sf)?h an 1 ?a?ti s'tr?.... ,*J?w.Tork.
If AM NORMAN INf-IT.. .'7*- ?O, ?s2 Wut 7Ut ?! "
M.vn?.\""" ;.' ".? ."?'"?"?'"I ^'^ Mm? vas NOR?
MAN, l-'n tit* I. t? MA1"IIH:\V?I. Vlce-Vrl*?
For li.ith Sox.'??Oty.
'?"? Iioii'i-I ?? I.I. Oay or e-.rning A,l.li.;m f?r ?at?
??. ? I.KM, NT C ??AIM-.1. M .,..t M,?ri? Hunk Bag.
1 Madlaaa Bquan tear, tftth-at. and B*waf|
Uriuicliej in the |?rla>>nssl AiucrK.u aad Eun,ye.o cm??.
^ew ??no brglaa Bow, ?/?.?.
Fc: TAoy* and Young Men?Country.
rii.Mwoou school ron sots si MUfsra, conn.
iPir-.nfa Whe ar?t unfortumte In th? mana*-ement of
l'.flr p r.? ?rill ?' ?all to pr fit BS the ailvnntugei offered
by m>- ?ihijil; tli? a.h,?ol I* In ?e??|in during th. ?ntlrl
year. KRANK M HOWat Supt^
I,? UK FIELD AcaSeiSy for Bnrs. Falrfl?-ld. f.mn - <'..m
Mr,, ? tnomugti mental ?ni phy?l-nl tr.-iIntnK with f?im
r -?? of HOSts! 20 hay?. Francia H Brewer, ,?.M. Prtru
F? M 11,1? INSTITI'TF Freehold N J.?JOtB. "-?r.
?i ?a !? ?Min?- svi, ?e| Prlmiry. relie?;?. Preparatory.
OUSlBaMS OMirse, sh>rthir.d. Tyvewrltln?. Tel??traphy._
?il ?I.K.VOOD 1\?T!T1-TF. .'on.-? nlv'tle. l'enn.-$195
ill per v.-lir A ail-re.?'ul ?rhool ?me if the he?t n Is.
f?;ie with ?nerirv ?ni t?i w?k? np bon In the ?lutlei of Ufa.
BOTS ?nier bent i?.,ll?re l'nder in ye?r?. $1T4.
J. SHOwTLIDOa <T?le|. A. M . Prln.
^Jr^?^Tr^? CS .11 IJSg'll'IUTlL--H??SBellBB Family feheel
I fir n-?- Sj -.-1*1 cm. person?! Inatnictlon Reorr.i
?ni hall ?-??m heated. J. WIL?ON. A. M.. Prln
a -
For Trions Ladles.?Country.
~ 0AR1 EH riTT, N. T.
.?oil-re Preparatory und Elective ?'??ura-i of study. N"'??
Mai lisl ?fia |M i-l .turiuary fi-at. Applications 'or th?
riiri.-'ral'i Europ?en pirrtv iboala he mad? nt ont*.
Miss H'LIA n FARWrt.L, Principal
\\* Al \:-'- t. ? NF1 SrHOOIa,
I? n aMln?\ Dsy ?nd ??ellec? Prer.antory for ?r1r1?; Mth
year open. ?Jop,,?^! rr -jfiti, f?Ar MeenUr n^.r..m
Mlaa SARA LOUISE TRACY. A. M.. Aa???rt?te fnnrlpal.
Qermantown. Philadelphia.
Cuhool agencies.
AOKHCT Mlrturn Ovill?is iiipplle?, tutor?, profesor?,
tu? her?, (m -rne??e?, fc.. In ail il-pt? , r?<:ommendi
?,-hvl? to pe-.nt? ISS Rth-av?.. Hook Hld.ns. cor. JOth-iL
Snppltei ProfMSOtS, Tejiher?. T'it .r?, ilovernessej.
At., lu ...lie?;???, s<-hoo|? ?nd Famille? Apply to
Mr? M. J. rOUMO-rOXTOH. 2Tt t'nl.m Hquar?.
F'ISK TEACHERS AOF.SdF.-:. New York. P-aton
rhl??ajr-n. Um ASgeiSS, etr. H. K. ?"rorker. \V D K?rr
P. V. Hurts --on ft W O rrart N T Manae-ri. 70 Rth-ay?.
Pnblit ?fatter?
i..']-'?-t: OP tiik ClaRRR OPTHE CO?IMOM COUNCJIa,
K? h .m n?> s i-[,\ HAU,, NEW-YORK iTTT,
Ne. i irle, Mari h t. ISUS
Pursusnt to direction! given to m? In th? following
? . : p|? | |.v r?.- l'.iiiin .n iN.uncll
I ?, . | :,-.. .i.i approv? i b? th? Ma: ?r, M.ir.-h tth,
.? i ,?????-; .-. |he 1 ? BIB OSy of April.
l?-.?:,. it un* o'cluck in th? ' . snd th? rhsmbor
H ?? I f Al lern ?n ; ?? ?i I they are herehy di l|
i '. ni in asid ;?? .
in?ldered, ?ni
. > . . ? ,T , .... -?". .'.,-,? Il, ?,1 I' l ?" ' 1 -
t ? ?: i first ? ? I< riM, an?f
by th? i * this n i:-.!, by
ng tt,.- ?un, lall) '. ? al leaal fourteen day? In
??????: .;???? | iblllhH In tt:? ?':?>? ot N?w
. .....I *V ..r.-'..r I.,- ?.<? !..,? .r ?V... V? ....
???;.;???. ? ii..;?i;?..| m m? ? :?>' oi :?>.".?.
? i-. .'????:ici..o.-l il.-ref..r by hi- honoi -h.- Mayor,
; the pi . M M ol ?? ? " -i '.?^ .:' the l;,,:i
. ...1 i.e.?. n. amende?! sueh. advert lit ng t.? ba ni th.? >\.
. given il il si th? ".m? ?n-\ ?.. ?.,.
n th. 1 ? ?? ? ?; ptl ri. n of
IYi ?: .ii l'ompany will ???:???'. .->? |i
- Il? ..f Oie |!H!lr ?a I I. I A .
? m n ? :! ? f ?' .? Cil '.
N. ?*
'H- , : he People's Traction c mpsn? of the
. -', ? ?
. ? ; al I dul] rganlta-d
? ? ? ? ? ? I. ? ' ' --.?-e .,f S?w
mi . ;.!.< malnlalnln. ?n.|
ru.lir.as4 I pul im in the
. . for ram
nd i ? t lurfar* ralli I in
i ?tnta ..? t .,.-. i ? j ? ,-. :
I ?? the -..'.? .f ?? e f. . i
. ? I II .1 '
? ?
' ' Willis ?venue ?,tiil Eut
? '.I'll ?lre?l n:, 1 : .
?? .?? U| :.?:;:, ?
.let ( It? Inten n ?cm
avenue; I ,????. alona.
finning non tig an?!
?i with
? ??? -.:.
t ?:i I up .n -
??-.-? to n .
? ? th?n a r inning
<-? ' .. ? ? ?? t Franklin .
???'?'!??'? -, Park!
east. - ??.. ?i ,ng AnU
South. 1 It? ???-.??'?? un
'? ??? ??? -? - running ? .-> -? ? ,;. ng
? ' ? ?-:-- -1 :. with
" ? ?-??,,?... m... .. ^ ,
*?:?? . . ??! ' 1.,.- ? ?: .
????-? -i w'.tti
?????' ... Kg,? on?
f thin c
. ? . it? iat?r?e, ? ?. .
*. ? " ? ' through. .1 og .,:.'!
' ' " 1.1.-:- ^,.g
* St rh? lr.ter?e.rl..n ??/ Willi? .-esas.
nrth a-reet ,?i rin.
? ?r.. aJon. and up. n asid Willi?
with K.a.t On? ll,i.,ire.| uni
.at, ai, n.
?? ? r ? >???
-- ? ? - .-?? ? - . ,
ni .?? '? ?; ?:? - .' 1 Est. ri ,r
' ? ! ? >(/le.-. ?y
' - S .nd up ?i ?*i!
' .?'?-r.'i?
? ' ????": thi ft, ... ng .a.: i
...... ....
' .'. ? ? ?;.,?...
? ' ?VI ? ? ??'.?..! i ,.
I I ana
will, / ...
-. ' ?Ml ' ? ?vein
? 4ind.?v?r
. ? -?????- g and
' ? - ??
? P :
I Sl|t> i
; ' f ? : .?-..:?-?. a. ? .
n ? Ith I . ,. ...
'?-?''? "? ??-. ?? ?ng in?! .. i, uli,
r ?? - /?? .-....? ?
a 11, l Ye
-, ! Oeitllm
i dong and
? ? -KTUtl
ivrtiua |
" ? ? - ??-? ?. ??
. i ,.
running .-?....? ,
iiiVw'hnii ".-::?
?-?'??? , . . , ' ,
? ? irl) II r.?mh. al..ng and ut...
he, .
" h I -: ' t ' . ?? lit? ? !
- ? - ?? ?' ?. ,
- V;: '
? A ' ?
V ' .' ' B ' ! ?a ?mm
Ihlll?'? l
I.I nif . ? ..... ,', . . - ? and
' .' ' "'J
? run
i mill H mi
. ,' then ?
r '? Uev.
1 ...?? t
? ' ' ???. ? - nd upon
?'"? of the bridge ?.ver fhe
- ?'--til . . .' ? '?? iBd ., ,n
nnl . ? . ,..','' ??'?'??" "??
nduiH.n ?ri \vii..
nu. ?.,.., ,
i t?. in . ' ' J ? " i I.-K-.
, ? ,.. ,., V: '"" ?r W..tn,..re
, 'a.-,,?;'.' - -- IS m.I
. . ;.' '?? Ir.---^?.,!.,,,
t;-. m , . . , ,,r''1:; :,?t tvortheast? ly
Rr.*? i ...
? irn . ?.-.?, .,,-,,..??.... .''?'. eiinnnection?.
?Im ;, i i- .??'- ' '
?'?*? '?* ? iten.1 ma %M
i?".V- ????:'?- w. is.,. r?.?,ln!ir ,,.
New York, ?.. ..,,.... '' ;;,' ?.??'"':l "? th? C||, ,f
' ?' perat? ai I .- , ?n7- u,'" "H:n"'? mnl"
pel ted by ;..-, ,.e-l?l,?- ,, ' ', V"1, '"""itn1:,e,i ,ln,,
' ' ' ' t?>? r.ifliinni, r<mncn nfThJT??tr J5"*?* ?aspll
tr '" ' ?????.. *??,,,,;i';f s"w v"rk
'. ' ' I?.r. ?ucceWiri ' ,.,?""'" ? """ l'"11'
' r-..':'..in and i.-. ,?,.'?'.,,. ? ""'I a""*?? ?o
i th? .,,..,. ..?;,:?_ 'r: r n*"m?',
:? '"'1 Uong the ai.rf.e'J ' f ",'"L l" '.'?"?*????
hlghwayi -,? ?i.,,? K,. , ?' ' V . '"''?'"??
I ? i'..m. .. . ? ,"^ ildlng?,
. ? '
' '? ' ' II ? ? He
??? . ? York. Fvlininn r> is?.?,
?",;. ?;-^v,,FT,,1,,ITV
? Ki!. :,?\!i-v .-",-';:;-:
? ? ? ..i th-p?i r:i,t '!
,-?,- ?;',;, ?r.v
': ,.':.v,;i l::!'v\r!r^
' ?r-.?8??tt
,.,:?:,,,,;;?.m?.-, :,::;^,v;!?i,^,-L!-'>;
? '?? ba |.r.?.n; gi |h? lima ?...j ,,,.?., m,,n.
' I IB Hi- i.a.1,,'1.,,, UM ,, TKN' |.:V,-K
?letk nf th- Oommon r..,,?,.-!!
IH'l?S! ANT tu st.'itiitory rvqnirt-tnsnt, Dotk?s
1s h.-rehv irli.ii tha? an !..? i... i._. ... ..
h ii-r-i". m?.n tha? an ,\,.', hag tM.,n rn??.' llV ,??h
' le '? He I..K,,|?|,,,,. ??Ulla?] ??,| ?.,r,.,,| ?, f,,|.
i i stith -./?? ti,.- nrorurlng of new Kr..?.n1? atvd ti1P ?r?,-.
?Il'" ,,?;"v.'t huikilnss for th. um ..t ihi nolieg. of the
v '* ! ,k "!l I W l'f.M.le th. mean? i.? pay f?r
th? .11 H .?.I Kl? IHK l.lll'i.MIV .,, it? Tru.te.? ' "'
There are some bears who think that th?> talk
of bn.slne?? revival I?, In a BasSSVrs, r?-?d??inslM.'
for what thoy repiinl n? "tlctltious valuations.''
but that there 1? much mon. y ready IS ?to into r.'al
estate grss manif.st in th.* trsaSSCtlonS at the
liroa?i?vay sal.'sr..??m last Thursday, when B West
Bide Harlem lots were ?lispo?.-?! ?f at aii'tlon In .?
little over two hour?, with a net r?'.?nlt In sales of
f.iXn.noi?. Th-re ar?. brok? rs who recss^llse that
realty abov.? Kifty-nlnth-s:., partloiilarly ?in the
West Sid-*, cannot possibly shrink in value, snd
th.ir every m?)nth ami every year must add to it..
vain.?. Money is wstehful for opportunities to
make its.-i' generally useful at slmost any pries,
and Its owners seem to think thai there Is no
saiVr place for an Industry Of this kind than south
of* tli<- Harlem River.
Mention has slrasily been ?stade of th?? proposes*
new ?hotel t?> bo constructed by the estate ?>f ttfe
late William Astor, si ths southwest corner of
Fifth-av,-. and Tnirty-fnurth-st. At one time It
?v,i? reported ihal TltTsny .". ?'"? tod secured the
sit.- fora new location for their stars, it is known
thai negotiations were conduct?ed, also. In tin- in
t.-r,-.?ts Of M'ir.-.ry A CO., and ?,f I!? njiui'n St? rn
Hut the trust'-s of the estate did noi yield, and
o.f the largesl hotels In the world will soon oc?
cupy the spot The estate own? the ground and
buildings mi eijrht lota ?mtlnulns westwejd t">u?
th?' seven which will be Included In the hotel sita
sad it is said that th.-s.- eight buildings, th,, leases
on which espire os Ma} L >?i? Immadlately be
rscoutructed for mercsntlie pui*f*-o*es. The ?es
hot.d ?vin ?-.ist f>t?,000,00e. It was learned on Bst
urday that ?m ofTor ha-i teen made to th.- truste.-?.
of the ''hur,-ii of th.' ii?,!? Trinity, at Madison-are.
and l-'orty-s?--oiid-st.. ?it .??:??i., and ????? declined.
This property has i??nR been regarded ss on? that
must, sooner or later, be given over to trade In
terests. Its ctontisulty to the West Shore offices
?a-f-ads on?? to the beliof that th.- New-York Central
may take t'? Itself the entire block between Van
d'-rbllt-av... an l Madlson-sve., and Forty
and Forty-thli'l sta, mil on "that site construct a
genera] office building. Eves now. it ?? ?aid, the
i ?d.-rks of .?om?. of th.- depsrtmeats ar>- located In
buildings scattered here and th-r.- in th>> n.-i^hhir
ho , i. There teas s rumored purchase by th?
trai people of the property si th? I corner
of Park-ave, and Porty-? g daw In
th? title, ?t i? un i--p-too?i, prevented th-- consumma?
tion of th- d* tl.
Plans wer? filed during the hast week for a hotel
to !.?? erei ted at the northwest c irner <?' M i Ils n
ave snd l ?rty-?. .-oiri--'. A ; ?tlon of th?- ground
on which the hotel .?iii stand is now oc iph i ???.
th.- Hotel Wellington, the destruction ol which has
already been begun Tbe purchasers ol tr. pi
.?rty were i y ( mgri mi n Jame? .! Helden, of
Syracuse, the ?wner ??' the \\ ::i I-,r Hotel, In this
city, and M - i- Hawk an i Weth? rb), Il
tors, with ?,:h--r unnamed associai II ?
be the present purpose of the buyei I there
a hot? 1 ut a cost of Ii ".>?.""". and II I? un lersto id
that th? y ai king for favor? , :
ting the loi whirl i . nstructlon
plan? of the 1, itel i. rth a-ard to F".irty-l
As Indicating the transi irmatlon ? f Ponj ?econd
?;- fr ,ui : . -1 pur|. i: Ii ?
ported that 11 ? ? .
Imme ?lately -.???-? of ;ii?- w ? ??? Pr in <
- n thi nortl ? ?.'-,, Plfi ti
and sixth aves., and overlooking Hryanl Park, ue
to be t in !. ling of from
tu. Ive |o fifteen stories I to I ? ?? ted i the ?it.-.
Work ??ill be b<-gu
be r- a-iv f. ? ? up.i ? ) : Bepl mt.er I.
TIi?- first week of the pre?. ? ? * shown g
large incresse in conveyance? and mortgag
recorded. Compare?! with the ??? i week
?if las- year. It will b< I referet
accompanying figures that over 1. ?? ? ?? rth of
r.'.uty has chang. 1 hai i ? ; i. ? - ?? ?n
- rease - - f 189t - ?? tlgur? ? lo
n-.t Incl ide the Urg' ?les ai lucl bar
acterised the lat I for v hlch tltl? ? havg
:. ? yet passe I. Thi ? ? foi the
ktSl ?? .-.-k .>:::.??; -.-.- | | .??-,.
a? ? ? m pare i ,? Ith J- ."???? ? |*
Th.- cot I 288,
??ere rtomli il. thi i i.. ing i- , ? ?
? ? tal i f B.ao.a ? i- ih? 1 went) -thlr : ?
'i"w.'iii> fourth wards
w hlch 15 were n?>i
others amounting to **9Qtt.M0 !'? i the
w??k of last yest
whl.-h 100. ?v.r.- nominal, th?
ti... ?tmeni ol t .- .?? In i ? : and
'I ?rent) foui th ??a: I? th? re were ?*J
were nominal, the other? ?howing a t tal
ment of *B*S>>Z*? Por
f.'!?-- - n.a :?? Involving th? ;. !. i Por
n -?; ? ? . g week of '--i it.. t, -.?.;,- .?.- loan?,
Invol? ? . im of M, ?'?. ?: ? ??.-? t..,.r : th? ?
l".?n.? w?-r.> ma le st over I ;?? r cen? ? ? ? mi :::.. ?i i
the balance of the losas were ruad? at S per cent
or less.
The flans ni?-?l in the Building Desartmeat for
new Btructuras -.h?,?.- an Increase of ja i *>.:?-'?? In im?i
neaa c?v. r the corresponding w.-?k of last y-xr. but
' r.>' ?o lnrr- I . ? ? week of this year '
1':.- re were :?. new plsj filed r?'pi nttng 11.7:.*..
100, against ?M '? :??;? to ? ?? -1 **aT?*9 ???
same .??-.'k ? : last year
(Je-orgs i: Read has ? i I r Jan ? O. Wallace
N . Bi. and 2>'o Bowery, old I .'.;.:..-. on .? p! ?t
: H fi st, and ? - ? phen I. St ortIan i .v.
IS, ileekman ?t.. ? ?
Th.- price of the ?: .!. Ann ind B< kman it.
i ? | ? rt>, s?>M by John Pettlt
state I at 113 ?"j. 'it ?h? ? . ' - ?
Peter Wagner, ;?., builder, t.a closed oui his
roa ol seven four-stor) ? i ?ment houses
In 8lsl ? ? ' . bei.? ??? i ? ' umbu
1'ark. ?elllng So '.'? :? M Car??llne I. Ward and
No : ? . feimiel .M \\ irmaer 1,. J. Phillip? A Co
.?: l Ileverle) Ward ????:? the broker?
Blawson A Hobb? ha?'e ?ol l foi is W.
Luyster to Hmce Young -? . ?: on the north side
of Bight) sixth ?t., ?1T.6 feet ea? ? f ? ?I imbua
prlce, ?"???? also for Walter l? Rtai
three flve-Bl ry fhree-famlly flathouses, No
,.-, i .... w est Om
? i oi UlsM.U, price, R2O.IJ0Q; the put hase ??.u?
,-..-? ?
t'harle? Urlfflth Moses has sold for fl I. I.i !? :? ?
t.? T.m.?'d? j ? ? ? ' mnell th? : : on ti??? ? ,
Ii of th? Klngsbrldge Road
' ' .'.?? I ,::?,?:.? - . ? ??? ?3x113.
Mi? laiclus Tuckerma ,ai-.--s
S. Hr.,w i,, ';? . No M V il . .. : ? ;i ?
story brownstone fi . ?
?;? orge i: Rea I hs of Si
r Hhoi tland th? flve-atory bu ling i lot '?.??.
N ? ?'?'? Ueekman ?t.. to a ?
Schlag A- Richtberg hi
K 11 ?er, the flve-story In
MS. No. 158 We? I-.?. ? ? I I
? ?:.ii^, t.? i-::.? ir i Ileyman for IfJi.i
Horace P Kl) .? ? -, - . i tl >? five - ? ?? Ir
building, on a pli ? i',. li sim, s . ??? ? ? 92 ltr.-ad
way, on the nortl - a-1 ?? irner of Hi for the
e?t it?- of the late W Itei l.angdon
000; No ISA Bro .in.- it., an old thi
? m lot 21x118. about th ? . ?
parcel, for tho ?am.?i tt? ai abo .? i ? ?
the a:-, m ?.!???,
on i : ?? Kxioo, \ , : ?; ? .
.t i: Igar I..-??.-: . il. n
J?r the thr.-- ?tor) ?tone fr? ..? dwi
No Ml \\ ? ?: Port) ?::.'. fol 131
Pall :
Stabler x ?*n Ith .. old for W. n M ?-\'>--, ai i
Mr? Pa 1 lock the ?a. ml . i ? rly b k from : ' ' \
100, on Manhattan-ave., :? ??*??.?.?!! On?>-hu . .
t.'ilr 1 un i ' ?ne hun Ire I md-fourth ?ta .
Robert I?i k. f??r '? ? | ? plot will :
(?? the erect loi r> flat?
ma? ri ? "l irk? >n A Co. ha
story bualneaa building, No 11 Wa ren-* . .
SxTS, for Mayer Kahn to a ??! ? . ? f?>r Investment.
The price i?-ii?i ??a- a lit;;,- ab ??.? !
r.^d ?t, n a. ;u?> fl \k of Btti tve, 113.2x100.*.xl08 s
xlOU.B; .l.im.e ??' M,?'.,:. ? al : ??.:,- -, l'--.|
rrlck Ktlngiwan . . pTA.ooo
Bth-av? ? ?? aner 113th ?? .'? ,-\'.,??. aenrge l'
lohnsno and ??If? in Murrte H n iriii. i
TSth-at, n "?. US.d :? ?? of tl*??i l'i-l.?..- :??? i|<
i?a? Alfred i? ii..;:. ir -? ?vinum K I? si.k--?. :ir,,?i
iulih ??. n -?. lat ft ?? i?f Zd-av? S0xt?H.S l''-l
?ri.-k P Hui-.! and wlf? ;? !/?:??? .? i'amp., .-...??
?th me. n ?? nirner llllh-al : ? ? ? 11. li".. Peler
\v Oatrander and ?if,- i J?ihn u Byleg jr. l
SSth-at, n ?. '.T.'. fl ?? <t ',"?? ? '.'?.?ii*? ;i. l',,|.
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53.1-st, ? a ????'? fl ,v ,; '?"'??. lAxlWVA; Tru
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Alfred ,i Hall, |r, i-f- : ? ?? llllam il I?
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an I adjoining pn?pert! ; -:? i .
William .1 M 'Una . I
.'.id. ?' ? ? SM n ?? f '-'.I l?". 'J.".?l??' ... ?'al
olln? and 'Tiarle-, P Krltfin to Ma K l?il? 07.300
I.:?,..n.nd ?i. So? 1.1 and IS; Renal? ??Il Km?h
? , i ?.,:,,-? u Perkins. 1
?M i.?-. ?.:? Mac'hei ?'??? n ?r ? j ? ? fi ? ?? f
(*rehart1-at, ."?>'vi'7:i?.r.l Txi..-.'. John M Hunt n i
Kill. Hum
?am? i?'???[.?itv. an i other pi pert) Etlaa Hunt to
r.noi) K Harang.
O'li ?t, ? '-*?'? i" " ?' -f ??'
u?d .'i.ti.n and ?? :f<- to II- nii.i
I.K ?i-liS.
Batata af i' t< Agat? '?'? -? -?-..-?.-.l? to Michael \-,:
?at?. So 110 iv.ii: ??!. ?i. -t >?-ar?. $.1i?)
r.:?..iii iieonr? IV, ?? eommitt*??. t? IHuilel Kur
i?-., n ? i*?:ii ". Stall f? ? "f Broadway, 13?
;..? ID ,.-,?.. ..I10.UO IL'????
.i.,-.,?. Rlkei i; to l?Mor Marty, So 7? w,?,
ISth-at, ."? yeara. i.Sjoo
Jim,.-?. S-unu*l ii. .?? truate?, ??<?? i . Wllltain Uaj
N'.> 23 Sea ? t..mil or* M, M resrs. I.S80
Ht .niai, William J. to KamuH Koerner, .?ii i?
N.. ?l Monts********. ?? '-' rears ,-,4,,
Sriiiic. Henn ?'. '? H?nn Wrtaaman, So I ?SI
K.i?o r.T.tii ?t. 2 yaor* i ,,,,
Vankaiirr. Kuanual, lo John Ahern ?t ?? .-i,
Ko i.'u,'? M-av? :i rears..'_; -*gj
1.1 n in. .l,.lui. to Mar? i: I.I (. ir?n,t,-,- \.(
lag \?>?t "-?ni ?t :? ?-ur?. . ?2<> mo
l'oh.-n. Ma?. 1-, liua? W?t|, Nos .110 m,.I li]
East ??th ?I. ?Uiuand. I ,-.?,
F...I.T, .lam-? I?, I., th? MotrrhanU' K?.aiang,.
National ii??nu. ?? ? MadUon-ava, tai ,*i ft ? ?f
.'..1-1.1. ?l-m.ind. IO.???)
Krank. Martin, an.l ??If.- to SophU Kiank n a
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Henar, Jaaaes, sad ?v?f>- to r*rl"dr?kh s. u?-i n w
? MarloiiaVH. |,,|.? IfSJ ?nd UM, in,,|, ?f part ,.f
farm ?.f ? 'liai 1rs l!?nlan. 2 i.'.n.. 2f?>
U.rr. Ang?i?la. t.. Kltig.-ral.l Tladall. ? a ??'.th
??. M| ft ? of 7th a??. 2 year?. 2<?m
B.m? to IS.lwaJ-11 J King. Jr. and an??th?r, BSSSS
sruptny. 2 mortgaga?, 1 year.?. AOJO
Jone?. Rehecra. and another to Emilia Marcus
and another. ? ? lllth?t, 1?<7 1 ft w ?,f 3d-ave.
2 mortgaa-e?. 2 and I year?. ja?.
Klmgman. Kr-derlrk, to .Inm-u W McCaffrey, ,.. . ?*-?
IM 't. BBS ft W of ?th ave. 1 y?nr. Il nvir?gagea ?lina
Sam,, r.i th- OsiniBBaS I.If- Inauranr?. fr, n t ?***
B2d-st, S00 ft w of Mh-avt?. i years . 82 So?
Ml I ' ..mm. k. Mlch.nl. i. Motril -t'lnhardt, ? e ' ?
comer Stu-sve and USth-st, i?m.in?i . Utm
Riir.-n?. EllilS, t?> M'irrI? RutMBS a <? ? orner |>ark ' '
nve ;md 74th?t. I y.'?r . ass?
R..3?ia. ,i ,hn .i and wife to bUi-j n Pnaaallj
? * Park Pise. 12" i? ft w of H-.? Iway. demand 1 vwi
Tin- I'larenc F Stad Wlf? to K M .t-nrka, ? ? ""*?
TSth-St, ISO.! f? <? if RK.rsl.1e Drive demand.. 2 ?av.
?AVIIwood, Elizabeth .1. to William R rt-ll. n ? ??
Moh st. liai ft ,v of Castrai Park ?V?St, d-mand 4.SU
AKioNMEirra or mobytoaobby
DoUtniy, Cfrirgr, to II H lte?l?'ll. 15 BU
Hamilton Hink of the ?it. ?f Ne. I ?k ??-. s I *
Hunt .
HHIhrouer, Ssmuel, at al. u> Messt K sraiiggg.
2 mortgsgra . 2V??
<;??rk?'i Msrgsreth. B, to ,->?? u Paepk? . ,'T(J
M?-'.fTr.v. .Inn, . ?V. to F .1 Mlddlel.k. Fast
Mlddlehrook, PVedertck J, In Elisabeth Aymar . rfS
it it.. n?. Morris, to Ms? Httwharg 4 ."S
Title Ousrsot?? an?l Tniat <'o. t?. Miry K under
'I ?a* . ... . 5,<n)|
tuition Sales of ttcal Cerate.
(Cofsnwaclng oa Bth n^i ?n.
BROADWAsT, N. i: CORKER pp.in?"F. ST.,
Ti-.? cr.-:r. Psrlor, vraitisg-RossB, Distss-RoaaBj
Cf., BBd BaUtqtWt Ilati Furniture. Red?. I!i-,i.J..r,g,
I.u..n?l Blankets, \V irlriibe?, I'urtalr.?. i',r.* Car.
pets, gllver Plated tfor% i'.:miwar?, ^hirwiwar?,
? pper LTtem '-. OnVi Farnlturs, ?tegaai i ry.-?j
? I ...? ?<:.er? p.iw In RsagSSt Hill ar.d tbreag jut
the h^ii??e. Brackets ft*.
?' ralogs?. gi Asettoaasia*, 7i and T3 Ubertr-at.
(Tun J.lropertn Sox Gale.
A.?A.?IK vol M msTT OWE OK THE \\.\\ KIT.
IIIIST m il.t must ill-:Al TIKI l.l.l kitted;
i.ii.in mom: vmi im pp nun K. \i.i, until
Moon, IIM.si OPE!. I'l.i iliiiM.. ??Udil.B
STAXTIAJ, 4M? 111 II.I TO LAST, K??ll Miot T
kiii.immi, k\?i:im: 4iv iimikk kmmimsu
HOt'SEI, 7. I.! AMI I.*, HUM -7TII ?I.
IF t'Oin LIMIT IN timiT sr_?ii.<M)o LOOK AT
gO. <;.". WEST <?7TH ?T. mi Pin 4| ri ?. KEBDasg,
i h uii.iis in i.K.
? m I ?.hi ? AYE. *-M) 1211 ?T.
Citn Propertn do Let.
lay*i w-rk fir in eatate;
I 4-storj istili ll.su r '?4'Eg,
? r ?.'.--.-?i.
(To Let for tinsincos Pnrpoacs.
? 'if Sis An-.. V II. ?<?i. I ?ill ?ii.
IT?-... ?ves and r.agnll nt I ? Hag :i r-w r.*<-.- tor
at all tintes il.ea/ltor.
. Bg , ...,..... _ ..
a?Ar??rr??^.?. aa4
? .-;*.. if ??*?
.??:.* e.?.
girth-. Kt?r4SBSlg
. ?
? - ?XD i LANS
Ai'i'i.v : '
(?lO. l!. K?'il?. 4g4>ni.
1 MAOtgON WK.Mll. ? ?ir. EB? Mreet,
nuil 11 Pia. ?ireet,
Mutual Life Building,
A|.|l>- WM. A. WIIITI1 ?1 Mil>??,
no imoAPT\i
un Chimt era, i?pi-ui*, ll-fknian, Fulton. J tin. Maid*.
L-ine. Ie>. liar, la? Park i'U?.?. Park R\ ?? Numj,
William. ?I .1 Cliff i'-.?rl Water ant mar.) tl ?r itrMtS
?II ST STItKI'lT. KAST 14 7 ,-.?. S, -??? ? -. t ?y
'* I I ? fi ?I .-t ?\-e
. ?, 33 ,',.?. -. . r t-uai
? ? -
\! v t, ' -i - 41 ;"n* St.
.>.>?? -. i'V?T N>> --^?t
?I ?. and ...... .... ???i
?T1<|. ' 1 ' -
MS laA-1 I >* I IBS ?t
ilnfnrniolK?) tVpartmento ??o Cet.
MMirnm house,
, . ? ?? i '- r
Vlreproof Thron?hont,
entl ?41 fee? -n Itt Ais
?:.'? .?nlen?-e i ? an
? .??-lualvenes? ; ? ?uperb
? I ? BM H ''-1 WS SB ip?-t
?. i~?^e.?p?nu. Kit-i.en a-, 1 ?? rk ng
,. :?? i.uie. pa-.: ????* ?y
ai\ 'A ;-:-? ;? S4TII t TRKKT New spsrtm*nU 5
It' ' t..r?.. S.3 u ?VU Ingjlr? of
V |.\? M.n ?llttiil?, ua.-il llnirr.im I prilhtl
nt i?i-.i price..
Other i?r?iiitliu?ii t miiUr? frmii SI??' ii|?iattra?.
Renfetf, Iv.-tu?ni;??ii ?mi sslg ..?? ea.| terms.
\ cul?? llttli- MWriathl |>laii?i for S.'.n.
?????? our ?.-h-I'lin lui; I in.t..>ii?
M PIPTH 4\i:.. m;ak I4TM ifa
MliTiint'oiii'iN OPERA lim se CO. PiA?iO?f.
KNARP Orasili and I'prights, apoclavlly ?e>cial ?a4
ii? ? ; ? <. th? A ? ' ?!-'? 1 ?Ml ?n Of? ? > li m |V?-?
?III) li 111? M? ' i HcSaSS tSrlBg tin P4*t
1? n .i | B ! ? BSll .11 llher.1 rel? Il M ft??.
urlginal ;
>\ 41 . li \ \ II ? A t'O.,
IIHKiftli Avruae._
?iilfo bn unction.
ON MAY l.-.th. lv.i;, there will be sold at W
tien in .?n-li.g? Chili, tlft?en Nttrat? Pieidi ?ft- *%.
Nlti^t^ n?dl bei er'* t Hl? 0,.\e:nmetit an 1 ?ii'jH??
In the l'r.-'.in.-e uf Tarai ,i Poi rarthai >Sf ?l IllllaSS JP
B_|| i? the ?? maul '!? .n-ial ' ITlIH la NSW-TMS SB. Mi
('??naul? n PhUsde||i!i.:i und p.?iti?n.
. UlMIie al..I ^-l^t.e ..f m? ? .'i > hig!,eat erder .-?.?????l?!
faelliii?. f .t l.rg? J Innen Prit at? d i ? 0V*a
until 12 p in f.,r tl.e n. . .tniiiiduilen of ttieatr? parMaS
?ME? M , am'^VIv?
A ?.?e,t DMSUy li til of tti? .niche?t rei?utatlon ?J? ttn
AMERIOAN PLAN. He??.,.'.at.!e rite? i'. 1-? l?RI?'1?-??
Ai un. 11?- i lia , H. j.
ALSO ILLt'Sn Mil? Itni'Kl.KT PRES.
_ K li" I HUTS' BONS
It-ilu. I. ii 10 All Point I F.a?l and North.
?a ML\i\^i]iipDa ILUK3i?- .
Steamer?. Iea\e i'lei ( ,|,| nuiiuieii ?0. N R-, n*"t***:r?
SffUBSSBBL, w,,k day? only. 5 :?> P. M. A Kin? fSSSTSaSBSS
in ,t. stssasi r.
I 1,'ai.i. RIVER LINK. SARES HtKi ? K" ????..t
I onlv SS.00 to Boston toi lin.ite?! tickets. B^f'J
, rates to sil point?. The pi.ymim nt ?nd ? J,LOlV? !',
romriitaal.iii. A line orchestra >?n e.-u-ti I.???.? I !???* ?" '''
niuiiheri. H. V... toot of Mur?a-/-".. *r** ,l*?', asSf a?
^:^l0 p. 111. _
STOIflNOTON I.INM Inal.le nut? to B.^?ton ind Lhl
Pa?t. All fare? r??iu<<-d. Mteamen l??v? N?w a???r
8U. N. It., at ? P at, 1..,1>. .x.ept .?unday._ .
I MEW-HAVEN- FARM, Hi i:x?-ur?l<ui. $1.50.
aVs Steamer "Richard Peck" l?a? ? Vttr SB. E. R ***ft
I ? p in iSunday e?r?pt?d). arrlvl.i. In MSM BST '?"?m_3
I Merld?n. Hartford, ?urliujilald, ?10. Er?Uht StSSIaaW
Uavis ? p. m /

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