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-Ill 1 1\"
"V O. I . < '.."? I
UKALTH AND 9T Rl I f HE ImstkI!'-'. M:s
T,.,- . o'liAsr. AMONO
IT !'"?:'.I'.TTIN?;
THE i ? CKSn K9
'Wn'^inp' n, M -Pre? lenl Cleveland came
hack to Waahli - iftern v ft er his eleven
days of r? " ? "n on the i lei \ - he stepp?
gyowm [i- .nk from th?' Vtolei t i the a a.tr'
nc look?-1 ly ? Hen
?,,.,i ho ci iwd shouted: 'Bi ng <>nt tin'
itui a ? i i "A >Hh upon ins
c w i* not there eft 9! ishlng*
t m n M itaii .'?, tu?* day ail ?? i .? -- adjourned,
uras Just 4:15 o'clock when i Vlo>t tied up
- wharf About ftfty ; ? ? there await
i arrival The sir was ran and s stiff wind
fretted the Hirer with white i 14? M >'
?a' In while the
landing was being eff? t< I. It was hen that they
w ??? gi.1 by Mr. Thurb, r. who 1 id vaulted over
-, . ? ? he gangplank iras
run " H
Tiv Presid ?:? was 1 ??? >mp inle 1 by hi? eompan
?oiis .m the "., Dn O'Reilly, >?r the Army, ins piiy
iv-k-ian; Conmander Wilde, the Naval Secretary of
the lighthouse i;??.ir 1. and Commander Lamberton.
thv Ughthous? Inspector of the vth Inspection Dls
ti The l.sldeni wore a browa overeen!
I ' glOV? i lia:' Il Wl
, ? . lo the pockets of th.' overcoat As h?' walked
the crowd form, i ib ?ul him In a
1 ?? MMiars and escort? 1 him In sl.ence n
He drove awa?. >? th Mr Thurber
I f ", ? 11 I? i' Lambert? n oc
? ? l"v O'Rellly'i
v '. jr 11 1 --?? tish i" ' l cart
?\'.i.:. House uteward, hid pro
? . i 11 . trg ? express wa| ? ?
? ' ?
... ?send !i.,ti.? ? rs
to Ml Thurber,
(i ? . a-il, iw.
IK?t 1 - ' ' : ':"' U ;"'?'
- 1.1 I in Pam
., -. .. fair share
V t. * ,? ? th it Mr. Cleve
- . ver s? en. The
?party I ?' suffered no In?
The tiijo from N leventiul. Last ninht
Sbt weal ptaln 1 ?onald decided
1 > lay ? .in the Potomac,
at the moui River, about I ki mllei
below Was .'break fits morning Ihe
A'i'.iei - y, reaching th?- Indian
ll?.?..l provli j" th'> afternoon H r<
a brief
??hone to V11 rbt-r, and then the Violet "ontln
hi-.-. : , 'i\..- a wltboui stopping sgaln.
RAUM AM? HI?'.!! WlNl'S
Gaisen. Ah?., March M <>,?? lal) Sews r-om?*
from several s<-.'ti?or,s of thi Wat? ' gr?
in houses and vattl?* by the big rains and sti ?? .
?.? ? i prevailing yesterday an.i Thursday. I I r
nado struck Pronto, and wreeked th?
W, O. Copeland. Six members of the family were
more or leas Injun L Lucy Haversham, a nine
jr? ir-oM-gli '?? ir* tance an '.
againat a tree, -1 arm nnol
aevsral riba, Prom Brew! 1 Bufaula coma
news o-?:' great damage ta tarns ai d destruction to
?attle. Th.- -.? ral tality nv-itri 1 un the Coosa
liivr, thirty miles gbova thli I aratei
burst, at.il the i er row ??? ite banks, swept
away th** house ..:' Jacob 'Aklersoa, ani <"irr;?a
liim. hit- arlfc and babe down the stream. 'Hi?*
house was wr?- a rotk, ami tij?.- tlire?
Inmates wer? .? . negro servant saving
Jilt? lif." v,v b ol a tree as the house
ey?A downsti am Hundreds of 0 aille wer!
and :.::> t. UM barn* IWTecfcad. Three
l;i?*n. who were logKlug on the Coosa, havt not
foe*>n seen altioe the storm, and are thought to
?have been lost.
Jl'RT'g 1 ELAY.
In explanation 01 the long delay ol the Oyer
rand Terminer Grand Jury in making a report
vy .n Its Investigation of poli??e cases, then was
the < ' - Building yestei ?
? ai.? District-Attorney ?Lindsay
|g trying hard to 1 sure the Indictment "f 6u
Mr. Lindsay hau bad
the Jury slneeslt began Its ?dellberat! is
? : the lot'triiiiiiiiB of the year, and lie ha? kept
th<? Investigation a-?- secret aa poaaible, it is re
1. ?ft?.-d, howev.r, that he is ambltloua to make
a record w?*rk of the Jury. -!"'" ihot ) ??
las k.-r?t th? Jury from reporting, w'r.n a 1.1:111
{?e r of tl ? ? v 11 ? anxl? us to re| rt, ?
,?? wai ? ntlon K...-n i . a masa "f testi?
mony I Bj rn? -, ?v hlch he
bad l" ng wiih the h1?1 .of Dr. i'mr.
1.. Dr. P irkh . . ? * - lety. Mr. Lind
, m ting together
; I or. Parkhursl h is
bi-.ii befor? the Jury and has ti.vl Mth<;j' Wlti
. w? !? /.? II a NI 'i-, th?
? - who - ? ! < i :?."' J. ?Ina'a fi .- SiO.t) .
t m I that she was hounded
a: mm ''? tat Bj ni.'<.
The 'I'-t- ? ?:-. '? i-, have the
.*"-'1; ??: int. t. :< :.: .: . ted, it is reported, !.-.
< aiiso-,| ?' ? ? ??. . '. . ? ?>n >ny, and
lias 1 -? . ? ? . fi : hing the h ??? .?11
1 1. : ti,-* .rit s will finish
Its ?'. rk 1 a ? i th.?- Mr
Undsa*? wl . secure either the In? 1 pre
t ' I'.;. I ta?
ll Is ex v. ' be a '..?n.-.
1 aoi ? at In the list nt
ted 1 ? 1- is will appea> the names . ; al
1 t two poll everal ca? tains
A B1CB Pi Ul 11' hipSDKKBD avi> BOBBED.
? an, !'? :m March 11 lai s ??. els, a
.. ,. ? 1 .1 ?' i ' ti
n - ford last night for hli money. Th.- mur
. :--?!?? have made a u^'A haul, as
t. . wat '?? a-- ?? ? ha. I t I
< ;. Samui li mu a tin p ei and
r 1 of ? i" rations foi
> ? tei la) he iirr.v I there from Pittsburg
, .11 1 s'jitf.'rt ou? in 'il' '"
area. At * o'clock la -? n ght bis body
1 fn'the tracks of the Plttsburg, m -
ighlogheny Rallrcad, on the lori'k"?
v ?? -, -pi t open. His
? thoroughly learch? i, evegCto out
ling open 1 im? of his coal Samuels ?Aas an
?atanslv? , ?'.tn-r in I'lttsburg, and always
"???rtsd lari?? . ?i money with him. Th'-re Is no
- vtf?.
?Itw to i, a
Albsgfi, Ma. 1 Buperintendenl Charlea M
a, ot th? bi tack ag Department was in
' "'r* toiiay wii Phlld H. Backua, the State
imlati in ??:?;, ... ,.r the affairs of the Che
' ' i*avin(tn Bank, ?of EUnghamton. Mr
,' ill-i ipofl Ml- l?ai'kus tO
.. ! ?itiati ? ,: statement of
jrtitnti.ti, and that h.- will
..-.-it pubHc. It ?Aill raot lo^
? 11 .x.vii latir? exaaalnatlosj would
l?a. k a-.'s tlnw f?ir an entire
all] ?i?ii<"t Ihe crltMama made
?? a Btaghaastoa thai th.- Banking
ig eooflaed t-alf t.o an examination
U of the ledsjer. anoi
'**'"n 1 laklag wii.i atatem? ata Irlthoat
?*t;l- to brack th.rii up. ntnl vili
' '" , ? that farther d?a? loauraa muy foi?
'* ????.!?? n t? not ended. Buperlnte?!
:.;. .' 1 - thai ittaraey-OeneraJ Hancock
hamton ." fe**>r?**ntatlve on the graunl al Hing
.; ;-" ?'? ?ring the week.
hi? i.?'. ; ' ?' :" ' ' ?"""'""I with l?? ai...'.-! loo!
?* ...
tint4a ssf ' ' '" *"?."''" hw l'' fci?T- *.-i
?x?'?>n?/' 'r"Y'irtti ? hii-lriii rcpres?mted l?y a Kuarillati.
dr*? ' -J??" i-M"i?o-y was drawn out for the chtl
'*'.n?Ar' u'?: ,'ri:lr*' ?"irn ha? dlaappeared <ir been
tries ? ... ' " ^'?""'-an .of th.- ?hil-lr.-n Is a ,
?s '? .i-asur.'i Marian, of the ?bank,
^Loudonvill... Ohio. Manh 1C.-A man name?! KaulT
y<"Bt WitM "<"i'k on th?. hea.l and ItiBtantly killed
?\BhAm* l,V " ";,1U,ilt ln ,h?' 9\SSSAB ot Sylve.ter
nat??i ' ''"' ' "'***??? foosm. Th. |rouble oriai
qu.ru 0,K,r?*.rt"tl?ia"' '"?'? Kauffman ha-i made tre
**nt? fr ?','* "i. ' " '"'"I'l""1 ?gfrled ?on the way
ht?. Whin .?A.?J"""' "? !1"' ",;,r,,d lo tf>r^?*
?"? ?htn the youth struck and killed him.
year. T ..
by ,-, r
?f 0:1,
-.. . , -' fact? <? iin.-.*t??i with the alleged loot
?kn.u .ih';,v':"'s t'i"?,? dev? lop alia?. ; dally. It
?f th, 'i"1' ?'''??"? the Items of deposlti tnarko.i
i*M,.. Mink.? book? I? one of 14.??on due to th^ <"s
ICA1. THAN ?EVER knii.ish ?-AI'IT vi.isTs m:
l.ii'Wi? TO BE r?,?;iv, Maxien ON
Washington, MArctl It Thor?' is :i str?inR bo.
lief am?>n?_: men In Washington to-night wh i are
well Informed In regard t.? the matter that th-- ?re
latlona hatween Mexico and Guatemala are tnore
unsatisfactory and critical than el any previous
ttme sir..-.' the beginning ol the present contro
v? ray, an ? that an outbreak of hostilities li Imml
i nenl tad llkel> to ?ecur at ?ny ?moment. ?
Among the active cause? of this c n lltlon of af.
fairs is -Jlffed to be the pressure of Kn_lish In
teresta An English syndicate controls the Te
huantene? InteroceaiUc Railway, which has ??
cently been completed and In which a ? ial
amount of ?English capital la Investid There in
'tils? in .-"tirs., of construction an Intel ??
railroad across Guatemalar territory, whl h,
I when completed, will be a strong ? ?mpotltor ? :'
tho Teauantep. - route The building of'th??
Guatemalan ? ??. i hat been m lertak . ..> .1
rai.s. wh?i will control the operation ol w ? ?. .
I?-? opened foi traffl
It is si utl) ?asserted !?\ ihe repr< - itatl?
Guatemala's Interests in Washlngi n thai Mexi
demands upt>n thai ? nuntr- ai tat? I
and urged In a large degree i?y English Interest
In the li???>.? of breaking Sown the Gunter.
iy enb rprise, an ! In cup) rl : thl
point to Ihe fact that Mexco la n I onlj h?
ln<1ebte 1 !.. Rnglish ? 1; Hallst* , n ac? u I I N ?
tlonal loana, but thai th M \u. ?; ?*ern
?!??? i:.?ir- of 1. 'gotl itlng an? 11 ?"?? ?
Bi itatn.
Whatever may be th< fact In regard t lh?**i
matters, it 1? undoubtedly true thai ? 1 11
of hosUlltl??? between Mexlc u 1 Ouut?
regarded aa immlni ?<? by men M> 1 -
wli me opp ?rtunitlea t?i ibtaln :h. Ial
trustworthy inform?t.")* are ? ? tlR - . ind wh ?
certainly bellev? what they saj
ADRIFT FOR / or/;77 ; .v DAYS
?St'FFEniNOt? OK
M irahfteld, Or?
I-IIR - " " - I'RVtVl ?F*J ' ?
a- ; H : SHIP l*EOMAN
. M irch It?The -
?arrived here last ?night with Daniel ??lurk and
Thomaa Moore, who are cuppo?????] in h th?
ran Ivon of the crew < the Brti ; *?
numbering thirty-one men, Th?* v ??
boui 1 fr..m Antwerp to Redondo Wl
in.: siil a "?quail itruck her, and .1 .well ?
? tidal wave capslaed th?> veaael Ha 1 ????
.... ?
1 vu swept overboard, A lull foil
wht n the ?--hit? right? I 1
on? ?? ? Th?- ? 00k, Moor?. ??? n the
ralle? with hla 1 pen, and l
Captain Penru?__| an?! ihe mal were ?n
? .? lifeboat ffJnm rh? slnkigg ?' : put the .?ook
In it an 1 pull? ?i from ? wr? ? rot fout
?:: ? ' ..11 llxte? -. ??! ? ?
..?if hung? :? driving a- to eat I ?
? -?? . ?: blood ft .Bch 1.Out
When th?? l.?-??ls ; I k. I tu up 11 ?
swullen shut and we c? ; a',..
it o<-''fi:ni:n IN mi AND in
.\? ?W A1 t'i: i~. 1 > OF IT BI II
yon it???"
, ,.y si .
Pittsftt ' Masa. Ma ? h 16 iS|
?Learned, s.?n of the lata l?darai I ?.????rn.-.i
; . r? th marrie, t?. Misa i. In Mai.
Usslnn. on ?_-pt?mber l. IW Tbla fact became
? liiwwn in Ptttsfleld for the first Uma to-day and
I created tirent ?MtrpriS* Th?? B_gJT__ge becaXU?
' known fr.?in th.- /.ut that th?- Wife ha?? hi ?UghI
a cuit te* Steotee r> lbs ground Mr.
> Learned mat Misa Ellli .?t ?Beach Rluffa 1
mer ol MM. ?St?? was then a h ?Mltlful ?girl of nil
t.-? n and ?belong? I to ? ? ? ? fai h- r
parents ar? dead, and
; '.. - immer v, I h hei Mi 1
MIm Billa w?mt to P shere th?
? by the Rev, Fran, ts A 11 ? t ?n Thej Im
?-.? Hal .' ? nd thi
waa r, pi fr >m her t lime. I
now living with hei sisters ai ' irndale
It ii
de<-lr?-i to live with 1 ?? I
appi ?' him He li-,? ?een hei 1 ?
or twice all .
effort?* tu Kairi Interviewa with hei al ? ?.-? 1
without a.?1
Tl.- will be- trie 1 M.
that Mr I,?-.?! :.? ?'. will ng a
? ? on. He I? well
to one of the ??: leal famille?* In I'lti . ? I
ASSFiir-I ) UA\ FRIDAY Is ,1 \?;/;j'
hi: wim, get ?UTER ni?? r fiATNon wrm I
KIIARP sri'-K '.}-??l: UlrtKEOAItDINn a Bin
POENA rROM Till ?-1:11,1. INVESTI
<; ? : im? COM MI ?Tl !.::.
Affair? to k an unlooked for tarn ?before th? \
?embl) Btrlke lnv?f?tlg?tlni ? ?mmittee ye*
t J Ig < ;.. rnor, s ho n 1
t., obe) the commlttw ? aub] ?en 1 to api
teatlfy, may be called ?????f?.? ?- th? fi?k
. In Albany and :?-??t an.ind-I. Judge '... - 1 : : .
. Cha unce y M Depea war? ?? -; 1 ?? ? t <-1 t., appeal ya*
? terday, William M. Irina, the commute,
?el, stated that Judge 9?ynor had lnform??d hitn
thai If the committee wished him to appeal they
. 1 . n?,. r .m?? a coi ? ? - pond? n? ?? all h t?. ?>.. .. ?
the ? ' m.nii-i5i?in?-r'; ?1 Arbitratloi
Chairman ?Prl '?, order. ? iht
!n Ko t.? Judge Oajmor'a oourl and bring him I?.
for?- th.- committee. Th? sergeanl went and re?
turned In a *???? mtautes, ?saying thai lh<
had gone foi th? ?lay ami ti?ai th,- oourtroam a..
closed, 'Dus anK?T?-?l th? chairman ol the pom
wh?. ?i?-i?lar<! that Judg? Gaynoi '???..?< th.
!:? t nan t?. disregard a subpoena sine? th
i.? ran its a? ?k. It?- said the ?jafuMl ? ? olx ?
ibpoena ?.1- a rto? llsataurtamy t?, the com
and t ? tti" '?? ?-"'?-'?'Ai n- ?.' ih< s- 1
l wo'tl.l have Judge ii.i'n.i understand,'
"that a subpoens fi??iii lh< 1 ? ?.-; lature ..( n..
S'.h.- of New Yak li greatei tl that of an)
Ju't_r<- ai ? person "i liodi ?.f people In th? Btat.
I ?A.n.; 1 have him know thai he I? not an?
exempt from obeying ihe requirements ?.r su h ?
? ???? Mian ?inv oth?'i rltlsen I want to mak?
it? ment to 11s? newi i?.?i? .- thai 1 shall ? ?
?"?it m. matter to th. committee and b.,\. H
broughi before the House 1 shall 1.mmeiui
thai Judge Oaynor be i.r.nigh! before the bar of
the House and publicly i- priman I? I We have
ext. :?-I to Judge Oaynor the courtesy ??f naming
in?? own hour for appearing before th? conwmlttee,
which makes i.!h discourtes* all the more flagrant,
I do now declare thl? committee .-. IJourned "
In commenting upon the subj?-ct later Mr. i-'ri
da* .sail:
"To one who hau known the Judge .?s many
yt-ar* a?? I huvf hit action Is very easily nndei
stood, It Is (Imply a clt ar casi of a 1 welled 1 ad.
He Imagines, probably, owing to in* exalte.1 po I
t on ai s Justice of ih?? Rupre<me fourt, that h? Is
t<??> Important a personage to appear before this
committee. *V? win ??? later on now the Legisla*
lure regard? his action "
Th.- ? ?.iimiitt.??. will tii?-?-t Hcalii t,-morrow mon
in?.: at ',' o'cl m i<
ifll.I, MOT ACCEPT liu: xr W PBIBST.
?Qilcago, Mar?-ii M a meeting am held last ?
..t Hoyne-ave and Lubecfc-sl . called b) t.??? d sat
isi??l faction ?.!' BI Hedwig1? Church, l'ully ?MO i?> r
aona ?managed t?. ,-r'iw?i Into Ihe r ?m No aromen
wer?- bwMe, hut many ll.'.-n.-! at thl d ?? ' Numel
<ai^ Hp>-.-.?hea were made In forcible language, and
with wild geature?, The prie 1 on I iring of the
mi-oiinn. :?..nt w.,.?i that he would ilk.- to apeak, and
permlaaton waa given hhn. H s reception waa n ?t
? !is'Y,?n-t,??us, 1,at was rather cold The ?prli I
that h.? ?had i.'-.-n s?nt to ih?? [mush by the Arch
hishop, ami was sorry that so man) fully U-0
thlrdj* of th?- i?.triHh;..n. rs ?,.r.- opposed to him. ?He
hi") that he- would try to be a good priest in ev ry
*a: an 1 would mak?. full and regular financial r
poru to the parlshlonera. h.- asked If tus ord. r an 1
.1 F_*"_f__* wy w""1'1 b* acceptable. Th? people replied
;_?:__-?_' ?1",,i1"" objttetloa to him ?personally, bu
that ?ray oouM not aoC.pt any meml r of bla ordd
?.*' ?''"?.r, _ '"il1 '"' eoeU r.-porl th? ;?ltiiutl,.n to
th- Ar.-hi.i.-hon to-tnorrow, ami uked if he .iM
hav. um i.rivilcE?. ?r ?ajrlag mas? to-morrow. Thl??
niiv. uic i.riviit-ijf of ?aylaa m
waa granted, aha be left th? he
Plttsl.unt. Mar. h It Th.? tFBrar Coke an?l Tur?
nare Company to-<lHy j?ave not let? t? th,|r rm
prbyee of a a-neral adva... ,. m wage? amountIiik
?ll'o,1,'!'?^ n?rr cvnt The ,l(*10" >*n*"? "?varal
thousand men.
gON m i:?;i.ATtS' TOOLg l'iH'NI? IN THEIR
Itispector Ma. k?ll 1rs Ontrnl Off! or- detective?
made an Important capture of two not
"crackamen" In Brooklyn yesterday, ?in.l the
"crooks." Prank Button, alias ? Hij; Krank" Nor?
ton, allas "Fred" Brady, and ?'imn?* John n
are t)",\ safely raged in Raymond .?4ir.?.?i Jail
The an. m i-- consldei-ed as Important as the i
running down of ihe Porter-Irving gang 01
fiatchen-ave several years ago The two men
are wanted it, a score .if ??tins, and towns In l ?
United States for safe-breaking and robbing
|."St"!ti.'.'s. They looke.l and were dressed like
prosperous bustness men. Button lived a? No. J?
St. John's Place, while Johnson's bouse wa? ai
No. 26 Sterling Piace The rears of the two l.its
|o n? I, and the pith e uld : total "'!l "'''"''
from the lo.uk rooms of their houses. Thev pro
! great h dlgnatl >n ? I n thi were ar?
Th?, Itrooklyn police hav? l?< ? n working on Ihe
'? ? ? ai iul three months, In conjun tlon with
the i'iiitv.1 States Beere! Service de.tettlves, who
lai been tracing postofflee burglaries, and wl
learned thai Button and Johnson were In New
York or Brooklyn Insp< rto* Mack? liar I n
tlve .-'? i .'? a its Dalj R lie ind others, i
senting Ihe Hi kl n police, have v.?.ik.*?l with
the i' ?? Icral h ut hoi I tien ? if late i urglai lei
l> ? :, frequi ni In Brool . m v ,ut iw?i w< ?>
,:;.:?:'. V it? I - il.Mi.:
Comp ?i.\. In PI ft h ,m e, an i n i ' . ? nlgl
i? ?, ? '. ti, i ? K ?
v - op, n? : ind ;-'"'' l iketi
Y ;?: Mai m irning, Mm k? Il u
: Button a ,i indei irveil
i thi ? w? i . " ided t ' ap
? - ?? iM - ;. .11 .:? ' i .. ' i
: i .'.. i; .
. ?1 , ':?? wef | II ? I
. u ..' i ?,?:. in. bui glare li-fi th?
s lelsun i Plfl
,.,.!?, . n
: i : ' , i I ? i
. . - '
? :. ?
' Lint:!..: I ? : ?VboUl
. Hej :i"lii* ' 'to him they I
: , '.-.-.
i "
? .
? N
? , ? . ,? married, an.1
Id, N
i \! ? ?
? ? '
' '
i ? " . ' ?
;? r Ja I ti r ?
? ?......
i .
i-i i
up the Sta Bui
!:?.:? I ?? i fa
ice Into thi Lawrei M ? , \ ?
Bank. He wi -
? ind hs ? . ? -n
-? ?? nd Johns??
: . letting Pred? rt? k H
i ?? ? kma
by -?. 1 '??! " -i ? - ? .
a '
? ", - ? : .
HI ?.Vi I III! i> in El i:\ W ? I "/.A.
l: . ' i
t . ' '. ? ?. ? ;
s v. . :.
, , ! | ,
il Mon ?jf
Colonel W.
Th? "Colon?
h<? Confederate 11
p| IV
? ?? : ?
. ?
' ,,i. i i m
fn.f '
when his
? ? hoa o hin 1 h? ,
..'1 I' | toi
I ? men ai
-, moral i
I mips 'l .??! .if
!? , i ? - ?|. ? . ? fot mi ? urdei
...' ' :? :.. i .1 I v . , ; r th, ?? , ii
t.. Lui a I...'.?i m 's, French's, th? ?> ? Ho
A.bem ii,.-. the I Ifth Avenue un I Ihe i. i K
?: .
'i'.' i ?.' Ihe in? ? ? . t .m
?\o re ? 'apl .... I o .,;,? ,,,,, i ; ? ,,. ?,?>,,..,.
two wen 'i guilty ?.r con . . i , in Kt-i
i : .? . hang I n Porl I ..?'?: le in.l ('-?piiln
la- il-- i . ? in. ? Mmd.
Wat I aven lent lo I'..m i,.,-,,?. tt.. n;,.". i. .
? ? ? ? , ? ? ? ? .. v ? :.i,,:. i, 111 i i. ? 1
Il .I a:: t >'. .r U ii i ivi
.-a |.?f't.-.| .' : i a the burn : .
mV M ii IM.'., hut tbs ?". i , i. ??
a.v. ' him ?? i ? iva .-? i a. ? n i i H.
C m I? tvoli
Vfier thli ii.- i i o . i ?? .1 his i im m. o- m Vea York,
; ? ' ? ' ?? ? ? h : i ' -, Innati,
?' ,M ? I/O lint I i- i , I I'lillaa ?
Waia again put In an appearan ?? In -?*???* 'i ai?
in July, I"-,, and .'.a . it. to- I : a h ink con
o. rncd in Ihe wli Hi i ? t ihe previous fall. He ??a?
ti lo i un two ? imp tin ? i ont y-i. i sn I sen
h I to '....? ,n in,, ril ite laIson il ? wss
l ? i ? ! ? H.. i I
Ho- wai ?t i a gned ?ii ine Municipal Criminal t'otirl
Ih.s .ut.a ii. Il ipe loi Harris, of I he be l?k ? i'i.< !
i.n. .l'un: a complainant. He wss charged with
fnrgiiia and uttering a (."ht k fol |i.':.??. ilaned " \.
.1 west." drawn upon the Merchants' Mall.il Bank
of Allan! :. Oa., and paya hi to Jordan, Mar.h ?tv Co.
The ? ?. re wss continued until March :".'. ball being
Used ai ?>.,""'. In rt faull of which Ward was com
mitt? I i? ihe ''hu lea Htroei Jail.
A I I . />/// 1 IS AX OHIO H AMI.PI
Portsmouth, Ohio, March II Carey's Run, several
ml 1rs lo-1 w this city, the scei.f i vendetts In
which three leading familier, the Joneses, Ihe Bit?
metis and the Seymours a? tii?. active parties
The feud is ?of long standing, bul the Joness and
Seymour* bava recently kilned forcean through
reconciliation reached i.\ Intermarriage, On Thura
iti' nigh! the Emmet is strung a barbed wire be?
tween iwoo tro-es. lust where H would catch the
.1 men boya, *.?. ?v ale ? | n i thai iw after night?
fall, driving their cattle, Two of the Joneeea were
i,aii. hurt, and their families, with ih? Seymours,
v?? r??? at '.no.' aroused. Al midnight ths angry
cruntrymen, armed srltk shotguns, corn cutiera and
?...m. i the Kmmetl house and drove .?.:>
|. :, from ii t" ihe a.la In the n ir, eacepl "old
man Bmmctt," who u?*l?l the r..it with hi? gun He
I hoi one "f the .loon
:y ., i.i ii.im lied
who f.'ll in his tracks, and
\ man |USl In from the scene says th it th? fam
ai. arming for a Hnal settlement
Hartford, starch I''- Praaldeni J, A Parsona of
ih.? SecuHty Company, admitted to-day thui th?re
w.a? a probablHty that ih" defalcation of Louis A.
Tracy, secretan and teller ?it ihe company, would
l?, nettled without criminal proaecutlon The
amount of Tracy's s'il.?rt.wk.- is ti?.7<?i, and be la ii">?
..a ? ,090 bonds, pending a further bearing on Mari h
21 it le known thai friends ?of Traoj ?ir. making
afforta to raise uullh h lit funds to ?ulibly the bank, i
WEPtTlES ivist THAT THE SPANISH <*ommani>
MIMSTK.U says THAT Tin: <K)\
I.HVMlAr WIL.li NOT rttXt
l.y.'T T?> I ri.KII. AI,I.
I .
.11 '?-.? DEMANDfl.
M idrld Mar? h if? The Minister erf Kor.-i.n ,\f
fairs annnun ?-?I to the Corte? to-day thai rho ;
United St;it?*s ha I addressed to ?Spain a courteous
r? h. ?nstrance In tii<* case ?if the Aillant**, which
'?? i - ?il to have been fired >>n by a Spanish
<?? ul ? ?:? the ? ?_sl end of Cuba.
Deputies Vlllanueva, Dlag and Moreu .poke ar
lengi li | the American n ?te. They In
? i il:;;: as the Alli.?n?;.i su In Cuban s
t' ? mm in I r of Ihe Bpanii ti -nu- ?r ai ted wlth
11 his rights.
'li. Mini ter eventual)* promised that a full In?
quir? should h. made Inl i the Incident, and that
the a t/ernmenl would nol neglect t.. fulfil all
the demanda of Justl v ? ". he sal I. th?*
1 ; ? had re elved n ? offl 'ial t ?? >rt ?if th?>
Tin; ? i MiMSTii \T?"\. HOWEVER, EX?
IAN? v All Ml. MR ?.1(1 siiaM'S aCTION
i.lKKI.V TO HP. M? ?DiriEl - Hi 1 .?I
?Si ? THRi ?I ??H
TW gflfUfH TO TUB Tfl'H' M" )
W. . ? - Mai h ??'' Tl ?? ?? in
i . ? ? i? in .In- un h <:iK?? I, Th"
?!-;,- ham I Minister Tay
,ri |, ha? I i-n ?? mmunl ?ate i t ? the
? m< nt, aii'i no i ?, I) fi m that
be. ai-.. \ ?mm reply,
? , . vr ted Thai the Administration
? ?i step ?? -i ? III. Its attl
i r feared
i hoi
m?! ? ? ? , t matt
\ ? ..- - i .
,,,-?! ? r an 1 dig
? ? will [??
' ? r approval
That this a
Un u ?pi ? ?1 ol
: ? ' .? Ingt n
? ? . ?
late n .. ? .? n if ,
:.?? eatery It Is
? menl
an d ...... |
it? ?aras ful I?.
?, . : ment I
ri States have
iVH , '
i. ? :
I'nltei SI >?"?? In .in
? . .
KltlllT ' -RCH \T SEA
? -. nu:
16, r . Milan?:-, In?*t I? nt
vim ol the
I In fot
.i -, pa of <.f th?
t ?
good n board
Li I
... ...
? - not oi ? . ? ?
? ? ? . .i h? r
r ol ? ?? .'.!? i ha* ??
.... ? truban I.
Xi ... XVIII If ih. thl) I sul?J< ? Is,
. . . or ??n
I arar of I ?? i ? :
i . ? . ? ? p of ws or prlvs
: ?... lei t .i 1 r main ? it
? . !..
a til so 11 ? ? - - -1 a II a.
e ft tl I i.. i ? ? ?
? n the ii?i?!i?|- ??! . ??min ni? i ..i
till lila i ?
. ? ?? it?. .?, |. mn ? ? ' ? ?? .a :?
pi . ? ? ?? .
s ich pas
pol i ball be H? ?? ai ? liberty? to pursue her
hull ? ? ?-? la? ' I?? nioleat oi
mat n? i oi for. ? I*, t to qutl
nt< n.!-- I util
NOT AI'i'l.I'M.l.i: l\ TIMK.H OF PEACE,
in1' Rt?HI1 fi| KAI ?'Il BXISTH ONI.l M l!i\.? .\
s l \ i ' til* WA tl K? i.Ml I: SPANISH ? ?I TR IOKS
W ial li ? . M.,, i, :?; \ against th? r ghta ?>r
..? il - ,. . whUb ihe Spanl ii VI
Invok? ? - the Alltan?a under th? i?i.?
i ? ? ?. .?. ?? th S|.tin, it is point
.i the treat, provisions up m which he c
i ippfj only to s "state ol war, and no such
condition now ?i I fi ? national point .?f i
vit s .?i ? ii.a, inasmui i as I llgerenc* of the
?. um ?... : i. cognise i i>\ an. Power
' The famoua s ? ? the Vlrgtnlus and th? corra
nee fiat m- thereto ? u naturall) be quoted
alt m time. ? ?n Sovemb r 7 an I 9, IStX, th?
iptaln n. i thirty-sis >?f Ihe crew ?.fin.- Aaaerlcan
Bteimer Virglnlut were summarily i-i???t at ?San
llago de ?'uti.i ih?? vessel had i.a selaed ?by a
Span ih warship while on Ih? high leas la the
i ai i ?? ? r i - :. .. , resulting from th.? affair, ?Secretar}
of Statt r*iah ??aid
it la a srell-eetabllahcd principle, asserted by the
l'ini-'i si.it?. from tii.? beginning ol their National
In i?i? n.i n.... and ?recognised i>) ?if.ii Hritaln and
othn maritime Powers, thai American vesaela an
tin- In?:: ?? i n Hi.if ?peace, bearing the Ameii
???n 'li.'. remain under it.<- lurlsdlctlon >>r tin? roun
lr) t?? ?m. h the) belong; and iheref?we any visit..
tlon, moj??*tHtlon or detention of such v?-ss??i by
foi ..i bj ..n exhibition <?f force on th.? part <.f
a foreign i?,,w.r is in derogation of ih>> sovereignty
<>r Ihe I'nlted State,
At that time Spain a is a Itepajbltc, with Emilio
<'.. telar aa President, snd Daniel B. Sickles ?m
American \iintster al Madrid, In tii.irrsspondenc?
betwaen the stat. Dttp?_rtmenl and General Slckl? ?
in regard t?. appropri?t? reparation for th.' seizure
of in,' V'lr_inlus, Secretar) -"Iah <aii???t attention to
tl??- following aperlflc c?aaea ??f outrage perpetrated
upon American n*er?-hantinen by Bpauitsh men-of
war. The ?schooner ?Kthel A, M??rritt, <>f Philadel?
phia was overhauled on the high aeaa bj a ?Span h
?iait..,ai. ?-hl,-h Hi-?--1 a hl.-tnk ??.irtrtdi;??. Th.? s.-h...?li?
er holated tii?- American flag and kept on her course
The .nu,.-,- ti,,,, timed ?lid shot, whl? h parsed
through her rigging Th? schooner hove i . and !
?va i?.?..i.|..i bj h Spanish odScer. who m ar chad the
ve -.1. .n?,i, finding nothing except what wet legal,
released her, The s?*_?ooner Bhnma P, Kewcomb,
flying tin- American flag, had a- similar axpertonce,
A Bpa.nl h man of war ran dawn on th* soliooner
fleorga Washington, and, with her guns shotted and
her crea at quarters, compelled der to heave t?,
nrteen mllea ..it Cape MsysL Then an officer, with
an anaed boat's crew, came ta the schooner, in.iur.l
?.: and searched her and Inspected th? crew, ?Sav?
ing th." reaael without an explanation. There are
many other ?-.?s???, in th? books of ?Spanish outragea I
..n American men bant ?easels
<?n .inn.? l.i, is:.?,, tit- tnii.-i Btaltca Senate ?passed
the following ?-.?solution: '"Thai American vesaela
? ?utliiur.l on third i?i?uc
Madrid, Mm h !? Tii.' "Resumen," in an artii l*
on tha Cuban Insurrection, charged the junior ??fli
eera ?f the Army with .i lack of enthusiasm, ?m.I
an Indisposition to go to Cuba, i.ause of th*>
danger to arhlch (hi \ would tie exposer] th-re.
Resenting this Imputation, thirty-five ofliceni
a raid on the office of thai pape.- last evening,
smashing deska and othnrwto? damactag th* prem?
ise* The "(Hobo" coaajnaatad severely upon th*
action of the officer?, and protoatod again t their
conduct whereupon sixt) officer? visited the office
of the "Olobo" it-' nigh'. ?"''! made an att.i'k
upon the staff of that paper. In the mele?) tha
City elitnr and two subordinated were badly
Injured, an I the office *,as completely wrackad.
The crowd of oili' rs ami their sjupathlzera ta?
rrea ?! e\. rj minute, until li reached the num.
ber of K?, at i all attempt? :?> prevent their Melt?
ing the office were futile. The of. : th< Ir
followers then wen! t., tha office ..f th.- "Heraldo,"
i.h: were unable to enter th.- premise?, and finally
?rtthdrew Later they made another visit to the
office of th? 'Resumen." i"it ?he Captain-General,
who bad h- n summoned, persuaded them to ?
'Mi.- mi itary court? have begun an Inquiry ?to
tie- a't.. !
Th? mi I of the An ricers upon the news) per
offlci - >. liwu I in the Corte? this aften i i.
The War Mini ter described the I a man
,,..,- ?rhlcl elicited repeated protests from M re?
porters present and eventual!) caused them o iva
th- bou ??? In i bodj.
\t . meeting held tint? evening the Madrid edRors
resolved t.. m:..nu th. Government thai thej would
id the publlcai on of all the ? Itj a ? wspapera
to mon ? tha j . hot Id i ? - ?
of the aaf< '?? of tha Ir lives ai I prop? rty.
AC.in-.i. Qa., March M During the ta
! : ?.- in th.nti ? ? ? Di F< !ton : n I
Congreaa of i: pr> nt itlve J ?? n vV Mad loa rea
lerda) - Wi ' I I Ige .1 >? I Mr m
ham's face Writ ? it i iwjref was pi
.,.. a .-?.. tator and friend of Dr Pell ?n Ju Ige
Brnnham is counsel for Maddoa Ha nuda i itate
. ?-. > to Wright which the latter con
?? ? u ted. The two men ad>?nce>l I as n ? ? "? other
and Ja Ik- Branh i ?tap your faca
Ko sooner ha<l n -i iken than Wrlghl it ruck him
,i r s?un Una >?'? ? on th F
PI - < ?
' ? ."'''
? : II ?
, . . .. . wi Ur.iri
' if the (J >ri;l:i
^ -, OON1 '"- i BIMSELF
\ Ml RDI RI t:
n ? tralla III . M ir h '.,; In 1*7 !'"
411 a mer in) t Vera *. III.
Tne senior member of tha firm was Uen?ral W. f*
iMM ?x-AudltJi f tha 81 t II -? In the
f the firm Was S man narae.1 Whll
? mer of IW the store b
... i b) fir? White had ? raoen In the bulld
.- l hta charred body waa found in tha ruins
i,... ....:: a .-f ;?? :??? ?' - a n rstery, ar-1 a ?-till
myati rj w . ah) w hite dl i rv.t gat en,
w D. Tal i prominent < Itlaen of
? ? ? tra ' "
\ ? a weefci ime ?li
with i ?? lent to him
;.ii i not n c iver, he m i foi i ? "- ral
'?.il ? I that I waa li White's room
ft They w ere gamfcllac, a
ijuarrel ? . flacht, and In ? tit ?(
In th ' ? -n of
? ? ?? ? ? Tahh ---t ? re t-, tt,,- butkilng snd si
ith of th
i ? "?-?. hut
that Ihej hat ,? be
.;!'.?? !?? tiei illy h have i- en fully \. rlfl? I
TH : DEI U I.TIN - - M:v \\t> TRKAgirRER
ritB baii.p.^ m w i'.?i-,-t'i:i.\i! rxm.
II n ?' nl, ' ??? n. Man h I<1 Charles K Rol Inson
? Wethersgeld
shooting himself thi .^h the heart He was
tan and ti isui r of the Baila M inufj t'irmn
iny of t) - Ity, wh.i?e works ir.- ai \\eth
M He was thlrtj tbree y< ara ol I Thla
mon .- ai ahlh his w fe \\.t< preparing
i-t-- kkfa it w? nl Into an a ijpli ? m an ! ?hoi
himself through the heart Mrs. Robinson heard
the .- -. .i- : | mil her bush i i
the fiooi Hi : ?-. t t. a minutes.
Il r Veral hundred dollai
his aci unta \ '??- sideral II ill
fr..in N'fw-Vork, male ,n Investtaai on ol I
? ?red tli n i;.-i m on ?as
<? lefaailter, si I threat? m-l t.> ) ?\.- hi in
ui lean :.? n, , i. good th? ili ftelen y lo-ilaj i: il u
.? n'?? downfall Is attrllnite.l to poker t>U)ln?- II
had full - harai of tte- rompan; 's husli ?
offi ? bsina m ib? S'.-?.irt Building, New Vork.
mu kiispra ooh?titubmtm t?f.i.iobted.
nana ? i \ Y Uai h Ig Vssemblyn in Kelaey,
ig Ms bill through appropri?
ai tag t75,u?Nfoi ? ?- State Normad .-' ol here, ?r
rlveil home tl i i II? waa met al the it i
t n b) I'i Ullne and Colonel John K. Strang. Colo?
nel John Itorbaca and Mi Bp lie, memb rs of Iho
? d board, and i lanre nurnaajr ol student? Mr.
1 .rlad from i he car bj a number of
fnthusi i-'..- wui lenl - an i placed In i i irrlan
Ihen ihey proceeded up Maln-et., to the ?chool
where VIi Kelcey m i I- ,, - a ... ,,
v\. i lou II) hea red b) the vlll i
A rimi> ttLLBD lt\ KRJSKis,; Wltt?KEJ
Norwalk, fonn., March tl^Pllllam Haven?, of
Ala elty, a brakeman on m- 4ew-York, .\>*
Haven and Hartford Ral : road, lefl a botUa of
whlakey on the dining room tabla when be went
h..m- drunk on Thnrada) Hi- ?on, James, aged
,iv' ;ll!'1 hi" dautrhter, Marguerite, a^.-.i four, found
the whlakev yesterda) morning and drank II THa
???> illed thla morning rrom convulsions, and th?
little slrl i? considerad fatally ill.
Clevelan I, Ohio, March l( I. i:. M ilyneaus, of
tha Board of Equalisation, uya thai during th<
cent tup t.. New-York of the board th.- member?
looked up thi m\ record? of som? Cleveland mill?
ionaire? an an espertmi it Some were found to i.o
paying taxe? on personal property In neither city.
It is probable that within a few tlaya a liai o? theaa
men ?ui be forwarded to New-York.
Terre Kaute. Ind., March II \t a final meeting
?if the anti-Whlekey Trusl syfhllcate yesterda) it
?as dec led tu build Its enormous new plant in thla
city, and ground w.a.s purchased from the heirs -if
lioula Heeberge.' for the purpose The sRe I? Im?
mediate!) adjoining the syndicate's other plant, the
Indiana distiller)*. Tin- n?w plan! will be started al
ll iverhlll, Maas., March II i H Mitchell ft Po.,
in whose fai-tiirv trmiiih- has existed iln te the open?
ing of the big strike, gave notice to their 7Qp em?
ployes ii-t nlghl that after thla week their wages
in ever) department would be Increased Uve cent?
a case. This Increase win make thla tirm pa) th.
highest wagjes of an) local shoe mai ufai turera.
South Norwalk. Conn., March ta A fr.-i^iii train
on the New Votk, N-w-llaveti and Hartford l'.ul
r-iad waa thrown off the track at the Danbury dock
In this elty this niormng. and six ears were badly
damaged. The accident was du- to n mlxpla* I
Btrltcn. All the brakeman were thrown from ti..
tops of the cars, but iioih- weie hurl
Wat. rtown, N v, March U in tha liacardar'i
court here last night. Joseph Theobald, who. in ,i m
or anger at a balky horse, tire tbe animal'i tongue
.nit, was convicted of mla lemeanor As he was
man-he I off to jail, the crowd gave three cheers
for th.- jury Thin morning Reoor i r Oobb ? ive him
tie- maximum sentence six months In ihe Rocheater
I'vuliuntiaiy util j.-y tiu?.
fnr CAnt.n to tub Tninr-NB.l
irnpt/rlgrii ; 1S9.V fit/ Ttit Tribun? Ai$octalien.i
London, March 11- Lord Boosbsry hi ?lowij
recovering from th? effect! of the Influenza, but
I Is Illness has ?eft behind it a gerlOUS recurrence
of his old trouble, Insomnia. If this affli^tlor
cannot be cveorcome. It Is ?reffvded M highly
probable that Lord Rosebery will resign th? Pre?
mlershlp. in any event, that result ?annot b?
far .!'!'. The fore? of ? mumstano'es will, before
many weeks, compel an appeal to. th? constitue??
? . .nil n ? one dOUbtg that th? result of a gen?
eral election will be the defeat of Um Ministry.
The last week has arltnessed snother gymptotnof
ti:.* rapid disintegration of ihe Ministerial party,
Y.ai i,i.iy r member that th? introduction <>f the
v. i . bill ?nt ? th- sessional programma was largo*
ly, if nut. entirely, ths work ?>' .Sir William Har?
? ni-. Tii?- Irish members, while welcoming tin
ansia anee i f th- veto par:y, chiefly Radicela In
their Home Rule camopaign, have nev.-r been seal?
?ms tn purchase thai help at the cost of pledge*
t.. support th.. Veto hin. in th- case <>f Welsh
dlsestabllshm? nt, they willingly adoptad th" wll
known m.-.huiis ?,f log-rolling, Ixcause Welsh
aspirations lo n?, way affected iiHh Interests?]
hut in Um case of liquor l?gislation, ths liisii
members were naturally unwilling to give
i that would hrinir th*'m int.? collision with
tho' very large llquoi interest that specially pre?
vails in iro'ianoi. Irish whiskey and Dublin -tout
are staples of th* country. When, therefore, the
Nationalist mem n n illsed that H:r William
it to I ?* his pet \ -to pr< J"'t
upon Parliament In order to discharge ths Min?
isterial obligations to the Teetotal i'.?r:>, thgf
lock definite action In order to restrain him.
It has been Intimated to th.. Ministerial whips
by more than a d sen Nationalists that while
they were willing toi is Ooi rnmenl \*..th
Welsh disestablishment, and srlth t1- i ; ?
House of i? ??!-. they <i ?
cllr.ed to aid ths passage of the Veto bill. Th's
Intlms Ion, upl, i with the [MosiMlity of nin*
Redmondites g ng Into ths lobby against Sir
William Harcourt's measure and the ?ertalnty
that many Liberal members Interested in the
llo'ii ?r traflk In England an-! Scotland will also
? the Government, ;f they ? tuaily
Join the Opposltl a, .- rlously Jeopardises thi
:' the most Important measures of
th- Ministerial programme. It ?hows further
triai. . \ ? : ling up n Welsh disestablishment,
wnlch Is sut" t. be rej cted by the Lords, and
cm- r?solut! a against the upper house, even ths
Irish Mations t vote has ?ased t.. he tru*?i
? v. Irish members know perf? 'My well that
?\ rnmenl la helpless ir legislation, and
Mr !: , :'< ?. ma ! ; r ? arly dissolution Is
ting ::.? watchword of the entire party.
From then, imstaa s It follows that ?!..-.-?>?
lin: a :-? only a Question of a few weeka
Th? Ipsu" just described is ?. generally ao
! by all politicians that surpiise is r-x
pressed -.ii .Mr. Arthur Peel was unahl?? t . watt
tin th.- Liiiiiiawtlon "f the netiston ge-foru resigning
th.? Bpeakerihtp. Ths pr-rnature revelation at
his Intent;? n by "Th'' Times" has hurried his de.
; i o-day are witness something
ggie gmong ii\?l candidates far h!?
Three principal men whose daims are
inder review are Mr. Campbell-Bannennan, Mr.
? urtney and Blr Matthew White-Ridley. Mr.
erman would be accepted by tho. cnamher
without n dlvisi' ". He Is thoroughly capable <"f
? : -: -- ItS llltlrs;
? the L ? unwilling to select h'.m,
mainly U' auss there H soi t of his !??*
'???iiilnir leader of the H use In the ?-v. nt of sir
William Harcourt's possible resignation. ?Mr.
Bannerman is deeme l more sultabl, f< r thit pur
pose than Mr. J ihn M< rley . r Mr. Fowler, and
consequently tnany Ministerial supporters are
willing to otter the Sp. ikershlp to Mr, C<"Htrtney,
l":if ortiir.aifly. ?Mr. Courtney has , r -,t 1 enemies
r' . himself by his dogmatic manners, and he has
especially annoyed Mr. Lai ?ucttera by namin-r
him to the Bp ut for misconduct when Mr.
? ? w is acting as chairman of committees.
!!.? his als.? Qffen : - I "... C tisi'rvatives
be, ause of hid lepei lence and J . rttl? n
t.? their views, th ?ugh ? unting himself among
the Lib rai Uni? BlstS.
Il Mr. Bannerman can ol be ipai i by the
M ?? rial ?Tarty, and if Mr, Courtney cannot be
i ;i without opposition, the Hjuss may f.r.l
i..?, k upon i Cons rvatlve member In sir Mat?
??? W ill i: llej He - wealthy, p pular and
. bul n i a man of i tlth. "The
Dally News" says that Mr. Courtney t,.?s virtu
allj d i:tiol -i ? nomination, end for the real n.
Il declares, thai h, mi I j^ttit upon th.* Con?
servatlve vote. The refusal of that v t" would
be fat.,:.v especially If the next ? :? ctl n ; la i
the C nserva|lves In ofllce. Unless Mr Courtney
Is ?? sured tliat the Conservatives will auppiwi
him ii'ituiii.? now, bill also when a Bp aker is
' . ! r the HOW I'.U'li,''ii' lit. It H lid !'?' f >'.!>'
to accept a present proposaL "The Drllj N'"ws"
tak"s credit i ' |he present Mlnlatn foe offering
t. vote?for M lA Courtney, but it is ||Wel) that
Mr. t'uiirtiifcy's refusal is iiulto' ?im Rauch .'wing
i > the iitf.tuit." of the Radicals as t.? (ha views
i f, ?v .of the .-i" nee C mservativi - Ths issue
this morning seems to lie between Mr Banner?
man an i Mr Hi !!??> The Bpeakershlp is one <>f
the liiio'st places In the State, its entoluments
are lb\0B? yearly, ??tli a pension of f4,00t? and
the r.-ciit.i: Speaker always receives s >?eeruge,
He has a large suit.? of apartm? nis furnished
Ilk?- a palace, snd the r >t ,>f his household is
largely horn.' hv the State. Unfortunately, the
lahoirs uf th-- Speaker are sxee dtngt] heavy, and
ii.oiio? hut a man of iron constitution ??light to
undertake the n. it is si\t> j? are sines ths Con?
servatives secured tin? . ! lion t?? '.he chair of
one oif ih. ir o>wn party.
The .'?ili.r <f the week's Parliamentary Sehattg
ha been chiefly notable for ih.? reinarkabls unan
itniiy with which th?> men now in ofllcs hav? ac
cepted th?- p.m.y of ih.'ir predsesssots if. regard to
the Navy. The attitude of Lord Rosebory*s Cabf?
ii"! is in striking contrast with the Une adopted t y
Mr. Gladstone and Blr William Kareourt, when
th.- latter arers in the Opposition. For this
reas.m the Ciitiservatlves ?of t.i-il.iy have pur
doned th,. inconsistency "f th-ir opponenta and
?a--: week has witnessed many expressions "f
warm approval of th.? Ministerial policy from the
Oppositi.in benches; even th.* criticisms of the
?Conservative leaders were delivered m a ayiApi
tbetlc spirit, ami the great subject of naval .1?*
fence was Completel) lift.il out of the arena of
I'irty lasues,
Tii- two conflicting elements in tlM London Chtsav
ty Council, ths Modorates and the Progressives,
have made a somprdmlas over the election of the
nine Aldermen, each party noaflnhtlhc four, and
agreeing upon ths ninth, g neutral; but their
h.j^riiiony tnded here, and ths two faotlr.nn f.mgiit
over ih,? tlacttons of the .h.? Inn.i ii. vl e-ihalrman
and 'I'p'ii.v ?halrnian. Th.- MllflSHlSg would
have been <-.?nt>'tit wl'1 th?' vi''e-?h.iirtnanij'i1|?,
luit the rrogresslves secured all three po<ts,
mainly because three Mud. ?a au a were aUseut on

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