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Thl-v. ? house of Car. nt H. I.ane, nt
No. 19 Livingston ave., on Tuesday night, and ?stole
Jewelry and tllamonds t.. the value of HO?, Th? po?
lk? have a description of a man a? en ?..?t.-ritut about
lb?) neighborhood, and hope soon lo ?:iv.- th>- thief
in custody.
Th<- semi-annual convention of th.- Westchester
County Woman's Christian Temperance Union vv I
l?. held in this city to-day and to-morrow. Thli
foi noon at II 12 lira. C. i. Jump, of Albany, Btate
BV ? tar) 'i I mg Woman'? Work, vvi.i ?nal.- an
addr. . 39 In th? aft? rat on Mr? Emilie
1). Martin ??ill speak, Al 7:30 In th? evening mem?
bers ? ' ; ? Loyal '!'? ::-.;-> t.up .? Legion in ana about
th. . ??.??:.. 1 .i mor? si m. 'I ii.
? >n Friday at 11:15 a. m. and al 2 p. m. Mrs. Mary
T ? ? ite president, will make addresses. She
will in followed In th? afternoon by Mrs. Homer A.
Nelson, ..: ?' pi lent of the Dut. hess
? 'unlit ? i 'nlon. Thel ? ? < ? ? 5 session on
Frederick Hempel. sr., met with a serious accl.lent
M lay evening al his ?tor?*, at Dock-st. and N..r:h
Broadway. Mr, Hempel, vvh-, i.? seventy yean ?
Btai led liar, vvh. n !;?? slipped on It).'
st:i:t?. He fell to th? bottom, striking m? head on
ut anvil. Dr. Benedict was summoned and took .?
nut -ni :.i? I, ad. !!?? was then t..k. n
A mock trial will be held this evening In th.- lect
>m ?.i m ? l-'it?; Methodist Episcopal Church.
Elijah Y.-rks la the plaintiff, and sues the trustees
for breach of contract. Fn lerlc A. Cook and Na
tbanlel C. Fowler will represeni Mr. Yerks and W.
W. Alexander and Herbert 11. Gadaby the trustees.
on Tuesday evening: th?re w i? a tea at the rooms
?.f tin- Young Women's Christian Association.
Those who received and poun : the tea and choco?
late were Mrs. E Alexander Houston, Mrs. P. t\
Brown, Miss Edward?, Miss Palmer, .Miss Gullford,
Misa Bate, Miss Meilefont, Misa Starr, Miss Bart
letl an i Miss Webb.
At the mea ting of the Board of Health on Tues?
day Henry N Goldfinger was appointed an in?
spector at a salary i I i'"1 s year.
In a Larceny cat? i fors Police Justice Potts, of
Jersey City, yesterday, Joba W. BisseU acciiso.1
Police Captain John F. K< lly, of the Second Pre?
? ad beats " He subsequently
apologised by letter and sail bo would apologia?
publk-ly In court to- lay.
l>r. \v. w, Vai attending City Clerk
John K. Scott, of Jersey City, reported yesterday
tliat Mr. Scott -.?.is slowly Improving.
'?? ' t Vc recital on Tuesday
ev< ning, at the I ome of his father, ? x-Congressman
Charles II \ , N >, Hi Clifton Place, J. rsey
City Heights. The rooms iver? filled with well
known people. Mi Voorhl? played, entirely from
memory, Chopin's "Phantasie op. 19, nocturne op
S7. No, :'. .!? i tarantella-; Schumann's "Arabeske"
and "Vnt, : - -a ?nom? n ;,mz."
th-- scherz i from Mendelssohn"! - Syn
Nevln's "Shepherd's Tale," "Narcissus" and "l.ove
Song"; lielahaye's minuet, "Columbine"; H
stein's "K i:,:\"".-iisti,.>v." N.> _?:'; Moskowskl's
waltz, on ?'? S luett'.- Etudi Mignonne,' Chami
: '?'??? . . i-|i ?
? - ert's "Pu Bist die
Kuh." and !.-/?- second Hungarian rhapsody, i r
aldes a .... ???? ai i :w ? "M un? ma Musi ils"
performer's own com]
BAY? 'N\I-:.
Mi-s Alke ES. Wilson, for more than t>-n yean
principal of Pu E No. 4. at Bergen Point,
T>-:i!>t- I hi nation to Mir- Rayonne Board if
Educatlor al .-- meeting on Tuesdaj night. The
Soho.'l Trustees reluctantly a tented the resigna?
tion. It is understood thai Miss Wilson Is soon to
I.- me the I if a prominent Jersej City lawyer.
i' mpany 1. the new command of tb? 4th
ment. National Guard of New-Jersey, organl* I on
Tu?? lay i Ight by the election of the 1 ?? ng offi?
cers: i iptaln, Loul? <;. Wllcox; tirst lieutenant,
Arthur I.. M I lieutenant. < ?> irge 'i.
Rhoderick; oral sergeant, William W. Sparks; see
on i sei geai r 1 E. Wheeler; thlr-J sei g?ant,
irth seraje int, w alt? r Wor?
den; fifth sergeant, K.-.-.ir! Sunderman; first cor?
poral, Frederi k J. Schmidt; second corporal, Frank
A Eng? l. thli l ? ? .i ter H Brown;
eorpor.il. .'., >rg< F. Le Maire; fifth corporal, George
8. impai ? ?. .1 ihn F Lei . paymaster,
Daniel .1. Murray: Kecrulting Committee, Gi >rge
s. Bogert, Edward !.. Van Buakirk and Th<
The Board of Health will sr?>t the opinion of the
l.iw Depaurtment of the city as to th?- legaUty of
the new law prohibiting th- board fr>m erecting
a dlsinfeet:iiK station In Clinton Township.
A eommlttee of the Board of Freeholders met in
Rabway yesterday afternoon for the purros? ,.f
viewing the vv lenlng of the Grand Street Bridge.
The bridge when i nstruct? I, a few years ago, was
i. ? illi -,. (s propel sixe, the ? lewalk taking part
of th. roadway and making it dangerous for teums
m- ? ting on the bridge. Tl ??? <? decid?' 1
t ? .. li h the i i lg< : . iis pr .,. ? .... .::.. at an esti?
mated ? ' ? ? l t-> the county.
A search la lair? mad? througn ut Weatchestei
County, and especially In Yonkers, for Jennie <",irr
v. left Ir? land and i ame to ti It
country. '!'.':'? r? ison of the Inquiries Is thai a larg?
fortune las been 'efl to her by the death of bei
i.ith? r in Ir? I;.: ?!.
On January 12 Isat Jei e and her father had a
quarr? i i :i a? i iuni of 1 to marry agati
Fh'.r'.-. ifter th? ith of lus wit?? Th?- result of
the Quarrel was that Jennli cm bark? 1 for Al
Two weeks afi'-r ?.',<? lefl Ireland, and befor? the
,; te i the n. irrlage of h.-r father to 1
wife, he fell ill and died, leaving a large estate and
j? nnle as the only hi Ir,
As book .* Mr. ('air '???'I solicitors began a
search for th? missing heir. Letters were sent t.?
tn s city to various priest? ea were pub
Ushed in th.- newspapers, but bo f.?r ~b,- has not
been h? ird from. The letter? i i i rlsh pi ?
licit?-1 ihelr co-operation In finding thi girl, L ?
Sunday the letters were read fi >m pulpits In Cath?
olic churches, and the priest asked their congr??
gations in i- t - Hi ; ? the young won,an. In
vi Igation shi wed that Jennli Parr, after arriving
In this country, remained In New-Yirk City ten
days and then i un l a situation through an em?
ployment a.;. :? v with i family ai Rlverhi id, I.. 1 .
as a servant. She remained there about two weeks,
when Bhe secured a similar plac? with .? family In
l?ort Chester, Westchester County. Bhe did nol
stay there long, and .t is Bald that aha ..- now em?
pli yed in v : It? ; -.
Francis a. Dlffendurfer four years ago was a
well-known ??;. l popular resldem of Lai
Penn., where he was Interested with hi? brc
in conducting s banking bouse. Dissipation made
his living expensive, and In order to ni.ike ends
meet be look 110,900 In truat funds which aren
tt... , istod) . ???'? banking-house In which he
?w.ts employ? I, and left Lancaster. For nearly
four years Dlffendorfer has been s fugitive, but
c. w. Levy, a Phil ' ???? a f? w
months ago K"t a cien to where he was, and
Anally located him at No. 1.213 DeKalb-ave., Hi""k
lyr.. vvh.i. i., ara llvli ?? with hi? wife an : hi
Levy t!,..- week a? ur< I i qulsltlon papera from
Oovernor M"rt. ;.. ti i laai night al '? W ? ?
wi. . rfer was at boma Burrounded by hia
wife and family, James Kelly, a Brooklyn Centra]
. ...-, vlalti l his boma an i arr? it? '. hlra
on an old warrant sworn out In Lancaster by
DHfendorfer*! own brother.
'i i., i ene at the time ol the arrest was dramatic
in th?' extreme Dlffendorfei has, Il li said, been
working steadily for the 1 t two years, and was
? i to in-' w.rc and children. When the de
tectlv? walked into th. room and told the fugitive
be '.v.- ih- wife threa her arms
bei bust . I's neck, and, bursting into
tears, said
"(?h, Prank] Prank! What ?rill we do without
Dlffendorfer wa* lodged In the Plrat Precinct
poll ??? station. Qovern >i Mori >i - requisition papers
will be signed b) a Supreme Court Judxe to-day
aiifl Dlffendorfer will tx turn? i over to Levy, the
Philadelphia detective, win. will t.tk?- him t?.i Lan
Samu-l Mllach, the former Insurance adjuster,
who has been wanted by th? Dlstrlet-Attorney*a
oiiicv tor tie last month for Bllcged complicity with
the Bool B ? mg of Bre-buga, many of the mem
I?, ra of w'hieb bava ?recently been convicted and
sentenced to long terms In the penitentiary, 9ur
l soil anil hin- if at ih?- District-Attorney's office
iresterday. An Indictment was found at.mist MUscb
by Um March Qrond Jury of th Court ?.f Qenerol
Sessions Mii.ii 1. II. was t..kMi ;,-fii.- Judge Pits.
gerald, wbere Assistant District-Attorney Davis
naked that ins ball be Hn.<1 at ?12.090. This w.is op*
posed i?y Char:'-. Bhampaln. his lawyer. The Judge
Sec! i' l tu t.ik.- the papera atei after an examina
tl.iii :n th.- sum. Mllaeb iuc?i?vvh!l? ha? been com
mllte.? to the Tombs.
KMrdl powder
m. Visais streng^
nis^Latc*tlJ Absolutely Pure
Wesley ?'. Buah, Commlsaloner of Bul'.dlngs, yes
lerday suspended Inspector Peter '? Kennedy and
revoked ? permit granted recently to Mr?. Sarah
C. Minto f..r the erection of t.-n four-story Lru-k
flathouses in Jefferaon-ave., between Howard and
Ralph aves, The bouae? were being built by Mrs.
Minto s husband, and when Commissioner Bush
one day thli ?reek made a personal Inspection of
t:... work he ?vas appalled at the way In which it
was being done He gave orders r>.r the stoppage
of th.- operations, and suspended Kennedy. The
foundation walls of the Bathouseg gre pul up in
an exceedingly alouchy and careles? manner.
Round cobblestones are largely used. The lintel?
In the cellar gre made of hemlock boards. The
brick piers In the cellars gre falling .lawn, owing
to crumbling ?..' soft brick? used In ih.ar construc?
tion, and temporary braces have been built to
bold the floor beams in place. The bricks used
ar.. of tin- poorest quality, second-hand, badly
cleaned, broken, .?"f:, frotan and wet. The two
stories now Ui.ne will have to be pulled down,
Commissioner Bush, In commenting "ti the mat?
ter yesterday, said: "if these building? had been
completed with,.m Interruption, we would have
had a repetition of II.hard-st, catastrophe In
New-York. 1 cautioned all th? ?napectors to b?
; ?? ularly careful In keeping a i ? - watch over
I en during frost, 1 might use a stroni -
term than 'cross earelessness' In ?peaking, ol Ken?
nedy's careles ness. He failed to pay any atten?
tion to his Insti m tlons "
The Board of Supervl or? have voted to
h ii Is m the sum of 1350,000, par value, at an
est not to exi.1 4 pel cent, for the enlargement of
Courthouse, which, If the plana are carried out,
will bo extend? ! eighty-five feet to Llvlngstor.-st.
in this extension will be rooms for the three s Idl
tlonal Supreme Court Judges, the n? >? county Judge
and the clerk of the Appellate Court. Doubtlei
Hall of Records will also b? eil irg. I Uid ret .vat? I.
The s .:?:::.:..-i 1. i.i of Buildings, Mr Ryan, :
prepare plans Th? approval of the Legislature
must be s...- ire l before ihe changes can !"? made.
Mary Adelaide Ellis, Ida Kate Ell R hard H ?we
?. i, Susan Catharine K.iis and George Taylor Ellis
were plaintiff? In an action i:i the Supreme Court
Judge Stover yesterday against <;> >rge W
lAwrence, as surety for John Barberle, who as g
trustee is alleged ; i nave stolen 160,000 left In tru^t
by Richard K, Ell!? to the plaintiffs, According to
implalnt, Richard K. Ellis, who died in IMS,
created a trust fund for t!..- benefit of hli son,
Richard, who died Intestat? M ?e? Taylor was the
first ?rus;.-,- of tho fund, and . fter him, John Bar
Mr. Lawrence, i iretj for Barberle, ??is
alleged i< be responsible for tin- missing money,
Mr. Lawrence, In his answer, adn itt : ill th? ab ?va
illegatlons, bul said hi? b? wa
merel) i matter of form L'pon ?ai . Ihe evi?
dence, Judge Stover llrecti 1 a vei II ? ot $12.000 for
the plaintiff Mat-, Adelaide Ellli and each :
broth? t? and ?1st? i
The contested will case of i ir. Bernhard Orun
hut wax before Surrogate Abbott yesterday, He
lived ai No. KM Adelphl-st. with h,s wir?, and I -
? is estimated at ??.?.Irunbut t* sup
;, s? i to have been lost at sea from the steamer
Bothnia on August 22, 1894. The will un. I
was executed on June 12, WM, ta i .lavs i,--f,>r.- h?
sailed for Europe. On February 28, UM, he mar?
ried Miss Ketcham, of No. M Adelphl-st. Three
months after b-s marriage the doctor made o ??.;',.
leaving about l?u.OOO lo the Mount Slnal l!
and tbe Hebrea Benevolent Society, ..r Brooklyn,
the r- of hi? property t.. im t,. his a-lfe, The
c .:?.?: mts. a brothei s ik proof of h-.s
marnai:.- to Miss K?i ? Test ? i Intro?
duced yesterday by t?,, ?? ?? ? ? ? . mu- t.. show
ni- : nil y on I h? pari . t..i. Thi ?-.. -. i? ?till
Th?- jury in the Bull of B inn ' R) n i n aga i st th"
Brookl) n H< Ights Railroad Pompan) ; ?i ?? imagi -
,,,, :i, ounl of the lo ? ol ten ' yc.tr- |
old son, Abraham, whi ? ? ? off hj an
ii gav< liv mon a vei I ' ? ? ; ill
f0r |50,000 for personal Injuries Is pending,
i : i w.t r-1 Chapman yesterday gol o verdict for
115.000 against the Atlantic Avei le Ra Iroad Pom
pany In the City Court. An electrl car knocked
him off a tru k wl ? '? he was driving. An Incurable
,n-. ,i.f the leg was the result. .
police Superintendent McKelvey, in a general
order yesterday eapeclallj commended the work <?'
Inspector Mackellar, Detective Bergeanta Dante]
Daly, James O Reynolds, Edward Korke, William
i-, Weiser, John Rail and John Connors In connec
with tti" capture ol Button and Johnson, the
bur?lai s
Mrs. Elisabeth Bmith, a widow, whiin curling her
hair before a mirror In her home .it No. H Pourth
ave., ?>n Tueaday night, go) too tear the atove,
which set fire t.? her clothea, burning her In a
sho king manner. Bhi wai taken t" the Methodist
Ho pi tal, where her condition li report? l critical.
Mrs Hammond, wttb whom Bhe lived, w,i* burned
while trying ;?> aave hi r
Coroner Kene ye lerday dlscoverd that Tlllle
Btubba, eight years old, of Ko. M St. Mark's Placo,
died from spotted fever "ti Tuesday. He ordered an
Immediate burial '.r the body. The child's brother,
two years old, died only a few .lays before, and it
is probable thai that, too, was 9 cos? of spotti l
fev? i.
Qeorge Schuman, the piano polisher who broke
his n?-,k on Monday night In the stor?- of his em?
ployer, Prank H. Chandler, So. W0 Pulton-st., died
In the Brooklyn Hospital yesterday. His rallying
at ;iii fri.ni the Injury was a great surprise to the
hospital doctors.
The Brooklyn Trust Company has decided to bull.)
up its surplus to 12,000,000, and In order t'i do this
the regular quarterly dividend, due April i, was
yesterday reduced from ' t.. 4 per cent. The com
pany's business Is as c.,,,,d as ever. At yeaterday'a
meeting William N. Dykman was elected a trustee
in place of J. M. Rolf?, deceased and Thomas T.
B ni- i- ice? ? led Fri di rick ' 'romwi ?l.
'lie drygood? store and dwelling -.r W, McQueen,
at So. .'..'7 Plfteenth-at., was destroyed by are yi ?
lerday forenoon, causing a losa of about (5,900, The
flames extend? l to the Meyer ? Shannon bicycle
academy, which waa ah", destroyed, at a losa ?.f
$2,500 Other property adjoining was damaged by
lire aril water.
While .r.issint: the Btreet at Kent-ave. an.I North
Beventh-at, yesterday, Prank Leewkaakl, six yeai ;
old, "i No, li'i Kent-ave., was struck by a trolley
? if of i i"- Qreenpolnl and Myrtle-ave. Una and
his skull w.is fru? tured. The motorman, Patrick
Burke, mil the conductor, William II. Austin, were
locked up in the Bedford-nve. police station, and
w hi be mralgni i to-day,
Prank T Button and charles Johnson, the burg
lars. were indicted in the court of Sessions by th?>
Grand Jurj yeaterday. They were charged with
having In their poasesaton "tooio, Instruments ami
Implement? commonly known as burglars' tools, an i
ci .-..- sting of one force brace or drag, osa hack-saw.
t-n aldermen or points, an?l <m>- steel drill." The
"crooks" were dressed fashionably, and pleaded "not
guilty" In a Clear and distinct voice. They tvere
remanded for trial and taken bach to jail.
Th.- Norwegian steamship aVle, from (??ban
M irci :(, arrived here last aven?as, oftei bavtng
been towed into Hampton Roads on March is by
lbs Btaasashtp Allan, which picked her up about urn
miles ?ast of Cap. Henry OS March 17. The Vale
had lost all Of her propeller blades by striking a
Submerged wreck, and w.is unmanageable rttv- ITU
towed fr..m Hampton ltrv.?ds to thl? ix.rt by th?
tugboat Orion o? th?_- iiuston Towboui Company
Thf rnttrrt lira ! i ral .V'i'l. vlitrh r,prr$?nli nU ?*i?
??irirarri'ri In ,V>i I*?*"* i.'v "1.1? <ir' rrrnrtnj 'ht'tfl:
frmhif nets??/ ".< r'iuf?ii Pm$,k4U i" hMtteuartrra nt It?,
tl ?tsia-er., gin? )-.rt->vw. ?III la/sraigUsa sad dstaswaf?
?, r ;,i/?if >.?. ?ne? f,<- seal fs ?/,.??? tssil|?igrf?n <i n.r f.^v isfll
t'>rn hr dtitriliutfd t"all th* J'/.tV.I /'r--?f nnetiii/yri in Ml?
tity.and to the. luitta Jrrn ur ?H??rBi<iiafi?n fnriafftiaf !ft?
FIFTH AVENUE Senator Richard F. Pettlgrew,
of South Dakota. PLAZA i-'tank J Cannon, dele?
gate to Congress, m..| George Q. Cannon, of Ptah,
VICTORIA?John O. Mllburn, ..f Buffalo. WAL?
DORF?Congressman .lohn \v. Caadler, of Boston.
? ?
Republican County Committee meeting, Thirty/?
eighth-sb, n ar Slxth-ave., ?. p. m.
Auction sal.- of Monmouth Park, Freehold, N. J.
Meeting of anthracite coal toil president?.
Meeting of Dock Commis i.:,' ?
Phi Gamma Delta Club smoker, No, &"3 Flfth
avf, b i'. m
Academy of Medicine, No. 17 Wesi Forty-thlrd-sL,
8 !.. in
W. li. McElroy before West Bide Republican flub.
No. '."_? \\ ? ? ? Eighty-.n I it., I i>. m.
Ma\ ' ''lb lis lectura, Lyceum Theatre, il a. m.
Annual election of Kings County Wheelmen,
Brooklj n S p, m
Lenten mu Icale In aid "f Eclectic College free
dispensary. Hotel En licott, 3 p, m.
lilverslde Kepubll an Club r< ptlon. Lion Park,
h :? m.
Eighth Congress Dlsti I conti *, No. 4t Plne-sL,
:? p, m.
Russell il. <'..n\v..!!'s lecture, Calvary Methodist
Eplt ' opal Chun h. 8:13 p. m.
Temple Israel Blsterhood entertainment, Harlem
? 11) ra H m ?? V talc 11 .11. ? i. t:'
H. M. Ragan's I. etui ?, Cl kering Hall, ? p. m.
"Miss Jerry," under the patr ige ? f Mi .:? Ilyby,
for charity; arl rooms, .'?'?? :;t Montague-st., Brook?
lyn, .s ]. m
Th" Rev. I'-, i: \\ ilpol? Warren before the noon
},:.i v. r-m? etlng No 11 : Full ?
A double-team truckload "f green turtles i i ? i
up Broadway yesterday morning, and the iinu lal
quantltj ittrai-ted . . observi i ?. i ? ? ol
th? m. \? ho bore u it rmand,
petulantly ex. lalm? I: "1 ; ?
? !.. ,|?. too, lik.. ? ? n we'll not
have an? thing lo eat!"
The Merchant Ta I lora' Society will hive an eg
n of garments at Its rooms, No 241 Flfth
.iv.v. to-day, to-morn ?v and Sit:i laj fi >m i , :i
!?. m.
a Woman'? T? m| : in ? i -.?::<-??? held
every Thui la; iften it I o'cla k at Met?
lt.ui Hail, No : W< ? l irte? nth-si
J. v. Bonnell will giv? the I ? ? Mr.
Ostr ':n the evs Ihe tS ; ? ik.
Thi- Rev. D, A Bla khun i ' ?
n er Church of Chirlestoi B. <
l astorat? of the Church f the Stt
st.. near lighth-av?., o? ?
The Fencers' Club, No ' West Twentj ?
m . will give an Informal fei rig i g i
day nt I ..'. ?" k. in v< ' - - ? ? | ?
Tort Athl? tl Club, th? Ra i .-?..- i
anl ike N'.-w V.rk Fencing A
part Aft' r the bOUtS I ? ?'? r !
giv<- nn exhibition i f mm i r* '.linn and I
The General S ? ' of the 1
lutlon -.?ill ? try of th?
of Lexington with a ? .-f ..n
Apr;l II
An entert.llene I of ti
| ? ?;'.'. ' 11 th? ' ; ? i 11
Hall <
Th? Metropolitan M ' ' fr?? to
the pul II fr< m 10 a. m. t?> su
sft? t:. ions frac : ? ' k i ' ? ' ? i. '
un 1 ! : ??
Bdrnlttr I free; other?
? ,?,???
Tt s M iseum "f ' ? ' ??
fr im :'??.'.'' ?h
?, from S to 10 ? . il
! On Hu? rom i t.. 5 t
\ .:'?'?
Tin lays.
of n I ' in reell
f ?-tven al the Marl
? i
be tl X? ?-York
I.. . i' Q larti t, Di c irl B, Dufft ui . VI II ini II.
I: ?? i
The It? v. Rust ?i II I'onwell, of Phil id? Iphla, ? II
delivr the flfth lecture in the I'hauLiuqua 1'nlon
c irse at Calvary Methodisl Episcopal Church line?
hundre I-and twenty-ninth and 8 . ? . ..n
Th irsdaj ev? nlng, Man h 21 Ills subject ?III ba
"Th.- jolly Earthquake; or, Hoe la U M .
The number of "Vanity " which apis-m
In .i ? over of i" i.,:, ntl i! purple The .? ;, ,
many attractive features, Includlns ?? po^m \
Japanese I?ver," by Sir Edwin Arnold snd i
"Mis Wlnthrop'fl i: ceptlon," by the author of Tu.
Oreen i 'arnatlon." 'i h< ra .ir.- beat !?? i bi
from London and Parla.
Th?. regular Grand Jury of the ''...i; ol General
Sessions yesterday ordered Indlctmenl agalnal the
nun luid responsible by tha Coroner's Jury i..i the
collapsing "f the building al Ko. lui On iard ?
March I. The Orand .1 u i -. baa been considering,
th.- niatter for the last thr.laya, and has es
?mined a large number of persons, Includlns the
accused men. The men against whom the Indict.
ni'iiis an- order, d are the owner "i the building,
William P. Lennon; the contractors. (Have <v
Cornea, and Timothy Ormaby, the building In pt-i
tor of the dl ' " l
Tha falling >.f the malthoiise si Forty third bL
and Tenth uve.. In which four p?opie losi their
lives, will also 1- Investigated by the Grand Jury.
The Jury In th? Inquest on Ihe malthouse si
Tenth-ave, an I Forty-thlrd-sL i.ighl In tw > ver?
dicts. Sis of the lurj found that the aeddent aras
du.? first t" the original faulty construction of the
... and, second, to vlbrutlon. They recom?
mend? i that the building laws i.banged so ? i ,
bring sucb matter? under the direction ol the Build?
ing Department. Pour of tha Ju"ir- found thai tha
accident was due to faulty construction, overload?
ing tin- floors with material, and vibration, They
eonaured t???- constructors for being Incompetent
and careless, and ai-o recommended tha change In
the buildings laws
John McKelvey, tha owner of the malthouse, was
th.- tirst witness yesterday ii" said he bought the
property for the Bake of the lot, and ?lid not regard
the house as bein? worth anything, He ail that
be hii been in the building only a few times. He
had. on on.- OCCOSlon, noli, ad tie- nioir.ii. and did
not think It gOOd The bOUSC was ni I. .ind lii.v
didn't use ceni'mt In mortar in the davs when it w.is
George OTKeefe. or,. t,( Hie contractors, said he
attributed the collapse to the relieving ?if the wall
on une .-lie. Me thought that a beam had broken.
9MOBOB iiovaHKltTT ok trial i m: MUBDBB,
The cas? of QsorBJB I louKherty, on trial for murder
in Part i of the court or General nisBtoni before
Judge ritagerald, was resumed ysstardsy. LVtugb
erty is charged with the ?rilling ?if Kiwani Meyer
on July fi. UK after a illspui- over the races Several
witnesses identified him as the nmn who was notici.i
linicerlnii around Meyer's house on the nlxht of the
murder, but none had BBSS the actual ?hooting. The
case was adjourned until Ib.JV a. m. to-day.
Tho man who ?rears a mackintosh
can leave bis umbrella at home in the
Boakinf/esl rain and not hurt his hat a
hit, if thf hat is good.
Get both here; mackintosh $10 to
?122.50, derby |3; ami, if yon want an
mubrella, <>nr costliest ones are not a
1 bit better than tin; "Tip-top," $5.
An ?asr osVe-eoat at aallaed Mach flagg?!. 13.
TTir.ER } Prlre?
BROADWAY ! ?Vnna-n.
KTCittKS. ) IN ?II
Spring Styles in
Now ready.
Somr good patterns with
borders to match, in
Wilton, $ /.jo.
Body Brussels* Sjc*
?Ixuiuistcrs, (joe
Moquette, Sjc.
New Importations in fine
Oriental Rugs
at attractive prices.
Lord & Taylor,
Broad*?? ..v. toth bt
I imount of II ? ???' v?.i? with lr.i-.vti
v, -? r t iv. and a? it eras
? . ? , ?
bond , ? : able - u ? rise a b ink
II ha I ini avnll.it,I- gol I. It
' :? I anoth? r Instil it:.':i ?rtth Ihe n ? I il
I tl f the i a. I operations on thf jiromt??
: ? ? :n Th? agreement ? ? i not kept and th?
... it new led it. th.
? !? . ? I..-- .
The '.'?-.i ?.--. gain?*! 110,000 gold, how#?rsT, a?
t ??. ?.ii turt.i i it. on t;.'- ti.'ti I syndicate's
t mu: r.* SPHILDW?CHTER, JR. arrf.xtf.d.
irles B htl.lwai-hter, ir . son ..f Iba i irriags
: ? ? ? ,-r m th<- Ti'iit!?" Police
? ? lay The complainant v? i- Charlea It.
? ... v? ho ?..ii;, : for
H tl 'm by
II. I ght?r of a foi mi r memb? r
?quad, for breach of
Fan ' .-??!?, i ?? in the Dlstrl I attorney's
j ? .1 iw j ?:!, ? was there, and
? . h-. r itiuii. Ilately a< us? i Fat
? ?? hi. h M m.I.'
ii iii la) 1.1 t. ??:?.? ma I? ..f ;???'. -. and ? on?
\v hen they 1.? ' ? minal Courts Bull I
. t ? I an- II rail? 1 l.?m
. k tutu m the fai ?? II? also says
h? dr?w a . ? ? him.
?' t..ni.
? ?
it. :? ? i k .;?;?. .r i m ule t a ?? irli its In i
! ? . ? ? Pol lies rtei ? ? terday
In .i.i::i i ? 't ' i ti .?. it Mon lay evening
leaving Abbey's Theatre. The pin ??a.-, s
by twentj i. iiiintiil-i and
v.,, ?? i i ? Frank Fl) mi. ,i poll, em in,
I nd II
M A H l S i: 1N TE ILIQ /; .V C B
mi n i v i i I i: AI.M INAG
. . "I in?. I >? I ' M . . - , m i ...: M : >a xr- 2|
limn vv v: i R 1'.. DAT.
v m ..ii .". i- ?;? -. i : in I ? IS il ?I Oats S 13
I?.M . :. li?- . t 12 '. ?? (?land :, 11 ll, u l)?i? 7 >i
Vessel 1 1 in I.'n*
ll -i .S? lairls, Mir.'i s_I.-mr rl .<r II II
lltii,,|.ii.'',!'?, a, Mai :. 7.Anchor
. ; ??? ? . i.-tii m M.'.ii S .Natlunal
. ? .1. ? ?; IM irch s.\\ hit? HI .1
Trinidad. I'- u- id 1. Mar. h I- .Qtn b..
. n .li. ?? . ?-? .-i .Is, M in h t:. . . ... i. 1 .
I.,- ? i. M I.i 1, Man-h 13.. .Utm-i .1 I 11 ll
.- .. n, 1, . Tan pi. n M ire* 11.1 ihnat. n ?
?I-, i:.. .t'.il.in, Mai,I, 12 . ?',,Inn,',1 m
1.,i.., . II.n. March 11. N .; Lloyd
IlllAV. MAIU'll ?
Pair?? .Il.iiitiirr March 11.H.-imi, vna-r
l'uni vv m. m 1 v l" 1 m I'titi ? ?? March IS. Roy si Dutch
, . ? ?? .-,!?.tiwsnaea, Man-h in.lliutl .''?>
Mareagii .tr.iwerp, March 11.Wilson
Part? . Houthamnton, March t?l.American
Ktrurln .I ?I veri.' M.t.a Hi.l*unari|
LaChami ign?.Havre, Man-h M.French
OUTGOING steamers:.
?in LAV.
Vessel F" -. I.m? Ifalteclne? Vessel salta,
1 iiu?, Csps fir? ?'?? Cent Via,13 .?? m 2:00 pm
I 1.?m,1.. Montevideo i..ih?m- 4 ll.lt . S:00pm
A1.1..11, on 1, i.. 1 ????,<. . K- - . 1:00 pm
I 1 -haim. it,-. N<?? . 111- m.-. Morgan. :i (?11. m
1 RIDAY, MAR? ll 33
! Bermuda, Ft Tl, an.-, tun, Quebec.... 13 M p ?j :t M ,, ,,,
1-, :.ill ole, .1 ., k- au ill.-. .'Iv t.- . II l?l 1> III
1.1. . rand?, rVrnsndlns, Mallory. law p m
I Fuld 1, "'.. ii- 1. N ?; M vi . :..?i a tti 7 >?? .? m
I |,|'i,,'il tt.Tli.ii.la, ...11.,I. V .?. ii 111 111 HI a m
.v., 11 .m?. Klngiton, At 1.1-.10:00 s m 12:00 m
Alps. Ilayll. Atlas.10:00 a m 13 00 in
Hegurun. .. Campeche, etc, NY .? t'uba 10:30am I 00 i> m
i., il,-, ,,i-ti. ?. Havre, inn,h.in :tn ?i ni 2:00 p m
IVerkpndam Bott?rdam Noth-Amer...ll.-OOa ?s 1:00pm
I.ui-uiila, l.iv. t|... ,1. l'un ai,l .11.'ai.1 m :i i?, p m
Kthlopla. illasa?? v,, ?,,,,. I :(?i |. 111 1:00 pm
1 HnfT.il> Hull. Wilson . 2 i?i p ni
I,,,.at., Amw-rp, Uli,.,,, . :i iNi 1, ,?
Mls?l?slp|il, 1?:,it Atlsnttc Trans. 3:00pm
Kansas 1 It?, Urlatol, Hiistid City. 2:00 pm
Hpaln, i-.nl ai. National . 1:00pm
rt,,..iii. 1,. Hamburg, Hamb-Amer. :i SO ?. m
H?rrenlo, l'rrnambueo, r h ... 1in17.11. 1:00 pm
, iv,n,-ii... DalvFSton, Mallon . :ia?i |. m
Hudson, Ne? Dii?an . fnunwell. tttssps?
.-?urn.so NEWS
Stp.ini. r Majestic .Un. Paraell, fr,,m l.iv. t|>,...l Miin-li
IS, Queenstowa March 11. ?rltk ?ads? an.i |isss?m?i? to
II Mniii.in.1 Kerasy, South ..f Fir? bland at " '?? i. sa
1 si'.uiirr Fulda ni.-ri, Meier, Mia-iiK-ii March i?. an.i
! Southampton l". with nadss, in cabla anil tin ?terra*;?
? passengers to Oeirleha A. Cb. Arrlv.,1 at tti?- liar at .'1:10
ii m
Steamer Wsalarnland tiv-lg), weyer, Astsrerp Marefe
t. ?uii nuil.- sad ? . ii.in and Mi ?i<-?niK>- passsng?? t.?
iiit.iiiati.inai Navigation OkArrtved at th- Hur al -'<?'<
p m.
St.-um.-r I.?-|,iint > illr). Page, Anlwrip Mur.-li I, ?Uli
Bade? t.. sauidaraoa .v Sim. Arrived m las Hur nt s p m.
Hi.-iini<r Wrrka-nilain (Dutch), ltukki-r, Il..tt. i.lnin Marie?)
0. wiiii uni?,, un.1 psaaeagars le Kim. h, Btfye * 00, stag
, r^|,,.rt-.l ~.,,H, ,,r llr. l.l?n,l at lo p in.
Utcamer Mvirmuuiija tuet), Darcnd?. Qcnoa alarch T,
6th Ave.? 20th to 21st St
tfSi A .vl
' <u'B9VV^Wwn?Mr?>,Smj^m]
Special Sale
5 o'Ciock Tea Kettles
and Chafing Dishes.
1.29 each;
Special Sale
soup tureen, colored enamel
decoration, service for 12 per?
9.98 sett
Made to sell for 20.00.
Regular Price I.7S.
SETS, with soup tureen, col- j AND STANDS, flat shape,
ored spray decoration, service; J ^g and f Qg each.
for 12 persons, * ' -, . ._.
K Regular Price 2.25 and 2.75.
15.98 set? ! 25 HEAVY BRASS TEA KET?
ing Kettles f,
4.48 eacn;
Regular Price 5.75.
DISHES, with,hot water pan,
2.48 each;
Regular Price 3.50.
Hade to sell for 27.50.
DINNER SETS, delft blue dec?
oration, 130 pieces,
18.98 **.
Lnrije Assortment
French China Dinner Sets
nom: or iiir. unit;; uoods t \n hi: im i-i,f.
fATKI) IT THI>K i'ltli KM N\ HK>
Our attraction to?
day at both stores
is the low price
we've made
fur all our
imported light
and dark tan
gloves (except
five cents.
Thia jiri.?' Is a
ttilr-1 !<>*?< than
th.>Mt i?f Im?
port. Your sise
in stock t" .1 iv,
|0 tll"!T"\V \V.'
can't promise.
Two 6trrcs: BrtBstlwsj and ran.il Street.
Broadway bel at Chsmbsrs Street.
? '. . ; : :
,.,..; \ v 1 I
\i M r? I ? :
i k ' ? ? ? : n . ?
v. .?', r- v ? ? ? !l 1
, . ? III I'ttiw i ? ?'? . li???? m '
, ? v. .\
V - ' ? ...
. ..I II
HI? m., i II : . : ? .
i . ? i
In .:?
St,.,!, . i ; . i-.i.. ll ,? i M ii roh 1"
..-...' i
I . J I' U ... : ? . ?? : v- liar -I"
I, ?
11? il, I'.irt II ?nil ?
!.. ; ,,?> ? - I 1' I-, !?.?'... I. '-. V
11? I II i au
ira M in ii 14, vv nh fnni
to II 1 ?um 'i- 1rrl\. i >l lie llui 'l ?
V.il.. iN'.n. I' n. Oltiar.i Mi llamp
. \t ...... . trrtved al ' ???
r...: ai -' i m
; Norl liawl S i ?ith m?lse
t.. .1.!.:. T v n >
S'. .?; Ill ?- S. ? ' .. ? ' ' .. .. ?
??|. ,??:. -: :i. >? ith m !
Bt? mi. >; ? ,:?????. \ a; ? ? v ??? ! \w*i f Int.
vv ,'ti n, : i ? '
.... i, ?rit h
r . 'v '?? a .
iii.l- ? . w
II ? V . \ s f,.i Ne? ? I
Ar? rill .
Bli ii . ? -, l: .
m II imi'l n R ? ' '
...... i . li
ii nrj K.i 11 Ins, Mnrrtman, fi ?'" Japan
I'.vrllan.l, M.. f ir S? ? V.,i
.?..-? i hn'.. N i-. ?nJ
to lu rlns 9
for II ?ton, t ?. 1
: i ? i
i ?
Ship R it 'I'll.,in.i?. Rlanchanl, Il it n f??r N ?v Tort, In
iv? . r tu? t.iiiih?
s ii .tv ii ? March 90 :? :i? p m ?VU l i rtheast; m I
oral- ho?
r ta wll, Klnaston, Balls?, Cap,
S'..,ii.T ai .ii..m Lewis Italtlmor? n C r Im
Steamer ciudad Condal irtpani ('a?t?*lla Havana and
M. v m t? rt? i M < .'I...11- ?4 l'o.
? n ? -r Alamo, Lewl? il*lve?t n ?' il Mallory S Ca
Kteainei Henr) i. ?.???. t>....... l'hlladelphta II > Koa?
-'.? im? r Torrtdon ?u.>. Norria, Xuevlta? and Qlbai W
H Uuii
?. i'ity cf Para, i. i u? .,:. a \ ,:, i s v
Mail ; I? l'o,
si.in.i Alllanra, ?': ? ?man, C loo Stamford Parry
H ? n 9 ''
Bteamei it anoaa, Boas, Norfolk tad RI hmond Old Do
mlnlun Sa ?' >
Himraw ?'itv ..f Wtahiniri n Barley, Havaaa nn.i Tant*
ph ,. Jumr? i: v\ ,ii,i .v.
si..un.-r Regulu? .it'i
..... ri, .tun,., liai.,
Steamer (?ialmeite, ni? land, New-Orleana .1 'i- Van
si. si?
Ship Arno lllr), Newnham, Liverpool \.i:i..n II Brown
Ship Icetiers, Treat, Vslpurulm und l'ini'in?? Hemenwa)
a ni.wii...
Steamers ?'itv ..f <A'.i?hlnst?.n, f ?:? Havana ?n,l Mexican
ports; Alun.. fjalveaion; Roanok? Norfolk and Richmond;
Ciudad '.lai |H| .?i". Ha? na and Meslcan porta; Rrttan
ni. lllr) Liverpool; Rhyntund > 11. in i. Antwerp; Altlnnc.i,
? '? .i- n. Jraamote ? I -r ? Tampico vi.? Baltimore; Henry l.
?i.ivv. ii.,iiiin..r... South l'nrtland, llluefl ? : t., Mi citj ..r
Para, folon; Torrtdon IB?, Nu.-vii.ih and (libara; Bly?l?
din, UverpoaL
lin: MOVEMENTS 09" stkaMbTM,
S".mur Havel ci-n. Janaat, fro? NaW'Tort March 12,
arrived .ii Southampton March '-'"
Steamer Alaatl? iHrl, Bwaln from N.-? Toril March i
arrlv.-.| ?it Newcastle March IB,
Steamer American ?l'ui.i.i. Uutx, from New-Tort March
h. r,.r Dsvsr if. r order??, passed the Isle of w .?ht
March 19
Steamer Ruasta "?.n. Schmidt, from K.? Tort March
B foi Hamburs. paaaad Prawl? l'un March 99.
Steamer Buram 'lin. il . u. n. from New-Tort Match h
f,.r Dover , r-.i- nrderai, pa?aed Crawl? Potai March 19
Sti une? Island (Dani Thom en, from New Tort March
'.' for Stettin, arrived ,ii t'openhssen March '-??>.
Steamer Obdam (Dutch) iviu a, for N?w*Tork, ?aliad
fr ni Rotterdam March 20.
Steamer Vavndam (Dutch). V.ur set St., tnm N.w
T..rk. ni-rtv.-d ai Rotterdam March it?
Steamer Ptetavl. ifn, ?-.,it.-.i from Marselllea r>.r Mmi
Tort March is
Steamer Puerai Blamar i> lOeri, ?Ibera, from CoostaaU.
ii..|>|.-. ?n. arrival ul Naple? March IS.
Steamer Lars? liai ?in ? McUi ?a ,r. sailsd frota Patarata
r..r New Torh March tu
stmni-r San aiofvto (It), Jannello, fr..m Ksdltanajuaa
port? for New Tort, pasaed Olbraltar March 90.
Steamer Aiiiriixiu vlotorls (Oer), Kiwmpf, arrlv?-?! ut
Cbjwss March IS,
st.iiiii.r ?'.i'?- ?'.'inlno (Itri, BsQsd from llui-n ? Avre?
It no? Tort March IH.
BUaaaar Ts??ataa ?un. Besnstt, from MM Y,.rk Maral)
4 for Miiiaiiliain an.I OBMB, u:ilv..?l m Pata Mu.h IH.
Ann. irw-ni-nt?.
E & ?V
?\ n?w collar.
Dress Goods.
This season's Importations of
Figured Novelties;
Sicilienne, Brilliant?ne,
Poil de Ch?vre
(of silk, wool, or Mlle and wool In the)
now vv.'avoal.
Lord ^3 Taylor,
Brcailway ft 20th tit.
Fifty ('?Ms added to-day, incliul.
in*1; stripe?*, plaids and Hondcd
effect?). A lull line of Kipplcd
(npiiiis in dainty Spring ?*olur>
In our English and Scotch sor?
tions, we are showing a most
extensive collection of benntiAil
Tweeds and Cheviots? in all tlie
"'siiionablo designs and mixtures?
?Several spe?lali art' listed lor
to-day and to-morrow.
This is tin? last day of our Inter?
national Costume Exhibit, in tho
Broadway show Window?*?
Broadway and llth St.
& Co.
28 West 23d St.,
arc now showing their importations of
j Bonnets. Toques and Turbans, as well as
their own Productions, with a very
choice collection of Prench
The Correct Styles
Moderate Prices.
Ai.VKurisKxn.NTs ash sriisi-iui'Tiov* Hi
?i:i\i:i. AT Tin: iriTOWN okeh'B. N?- '??-.'V'ifiT
...o M door n. rth of Thirty-arst-at.; asd u'vi:?:
?!i.-i:mi:nts at Hi? fbllowtag Branch otac** ??
Elghih-av?., ?. ?. corn?* Twsati itiiul-'i . 1*3 7 v"' -"??t
1.'., Kourth-av?., oar. Pourtscatsj ?t.; ?SO Tatra-???., ss?
Thlrd-av?., ear, l aiy ??^ntii ?1 . I.SIS Thlrd-av?.. Ban?
Rlsty-flrai ?t.; LTt* Ptiw ?v? : l?m W?s? r"??rty-s*coB>i m..
Iii-j Culumbus a?.? . M A\enii? A; 1.133 rinui-ay . **
W..?. i-'..it\ -?...?..ml ? 1.. 1..-.I!? S.v..nl aw . IM l?ilr.1^'.
I sag Thlrd-av? . 2.D3I Thlrd-av?., tiotw??n On* nunJr?a
and twifiii an 1 ' '?? -huniln .1 ma tl IrMsata. ?'?? .
At th? HARLEM OPFirWt. ISO Bast On? hun.liaM ?nJ
twi-nty-nfih-st.: 243 W.-t imcinin.lf.l aii.1 t?. nt> nrtn
?1.. un.l 00 Wats un.'him.li..land-fort)-litih ?1., up to?
p. in., at r?aular ,,m. ? rala* _ ^ _ .
In Ilr....KI>n. 11? .W K ;lt,.n-?l : lit Camft-t*.'. *S n' "a.
?rar, i. I'. US UraaJwav; 1,21? liV.lford ?V?.. up 10?
p. m.. at n-siilar BSSBS rali-?. .. r,^
i:,Lr,,i??.> li.,.i?a,. for i,lv,Ttl?tnunt? only. 19. Mt^
Street. U. C. UnJon, Eaglaad.

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