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la guilty ..f in an Infinitely greater degree.
Theae dlacourtealea, to uae no stronger term,
bogan while yel Mr Thuraton was a commla
isl"nef uf th?- Provisional Governmenl to nego?
tiate annexation. The) continued while be
repreaented that Governmenl after Ihe depart?
ure "f his colleagues, and have Leu shown ever
Mim-" he became the full: ' ?' Minister
..f the new Republic. The s. ? r< tan ol State
H?-eus"s Mr. Thuraton, it is understood, of hav?
ing withheld certain Inform?t! n as t.. tin- sen?
ti m es Imposed m -n the Ho? all?t conaplrat ?re
from id. Departnv it f r nearly two day? after
having glv? n that Information lu the presa
It is difficult to believ? thai Ihi? i--; the real
grievance of Mr. Gresham, for it is perfectly
patent thai Mr. Thuraton was nol bound by
any rul? of diplomatic Intercourai to Inform th*
Slat.. Department of any fact? thai might have
come t" Ins knowledge which concerned mal
tiers of domestic concert ml) ami were nol the
subject ?>f diplomatic negotiation? pendil
th hid". Hut. aaaumlng thai this li Ihe griev?
ance ol th? Administration, I is strange that
i: should go readily forget the tact that it never
Itself Informed Mr-. Thuraton of th.- appoint
mi nt of Mr. Bk?unt, nor of thai worthy's de
parture f-.:' Honolula The first that Mr. Thurs
t .n km-w r?f the great "?Cracker" dlplomatlaf?
miaalon wa? when that eminent poraon began
to move himself and hi? family, at Government
<-ni- us.-, across the Continent, leaving behind
him a atreafc of myaterj' and ctmcern for his
safety. ?or was Mr. Thuraton, aa the a"
credlted agent of his Government, ever con
au.ted aa ? i question? affecting th.. Intercourse
between the two countries. Information aa to
the chara.:.! of the witnesses raked together
r>v th" Industrious Blounl was never demanded
?f him. Knowledge of the plana of the Gov?
ernment was studiously wltheld from him.
N--WS of th.- departure of Willis only reached
hltn through th" newspapers. Those Infamous
Instruction? which directed him t.. feel for the
Bfth rib of Cleveland's "great and ^.">d friend"
while Inquiring after his health were not
known to the representative of me Hawaiian
(Government in this country until after Willis
had Leu five days "ii Ihe ocean and the wires
carried "my policy" t" even' hamlel In the
country and arouaed its Indignation, Nol a
single document of the stai-. Department, of?
ficial or otherwise, ever waa aenl t" the
Hawaiian Legat I m until a number of protesta
hy Mr. Thuraton und his secretary brought the
i'-' irtment t.. n realization of the pettineaa of
Its tricks
Th.- aanoyanc? s did nol even end here, ?They
extended t.. social Intercourse as well. In th ?
absence from town "f Minister Thuraton on
laav? Major Haatlnga was left in charge of the
busin. 'ss ..f the I.. um th.-i. At ihe diplomatic
dinner given hy th.- Preald nt. Mr. Hasting? was
the only r' ? reaentatlve "f a foreign G >vernmeni
nut preaent. He had nol been Invited. The ;
scandal ensuing was mel with elaborate ?lis- ,
qutsttlons on the part of the Suit.. Departmenl
up'-n the nature of the difference between a
charge d'affaires and a charg? de? iffalrea l'
?le .-:\"d no "il"; il "iilv servi .1 l" niak" th" ;
Administration supremely ridiculous. Ps ani- '
mus was clear and its Intent as obvtoua us Its :
conduct had been contemptible, Th" number, '
ind.I. nt discourtesies of slights, of violations
of p.l breeding, of utter disregard of the ameni?
ties of diplomatic Intercourse of which Mr.
Thursi.'ii waa mad? th? victim could !>?? multi?
plied Indefinitely If space permitted It. In view ?
of them, it certainly is surprising thai Secretary ,
Oresnam has the liardih ...d to Intimate that
Mr. Thuraton has been lacking In courtesy. If ?
th" Secretary had any sense of humor he mlcht |
so- even the ludicrous) ? as of Ids position.
Washington, March SO Senator Morgan, chair?
man of the Senat? Commltl.n Foreign R? latl m
declined to discuss the act of Mr. ?Ir.-ham in de?
manding the recall of Ihe Hawaiian Minister, and
dismissed It With the Singh? remark thai It was an
affair Bolely betweea the Secretary of State and
the Minister. Mr. Morgan did, however, enter a
denial to or." of the rumor? put in circulation in
renard to rhls matter, it has beei I that Mr.
Gresham ?? "k exception to the course of Mr.
Thuraton ?urine the pendency of Hawaiian ques?
tions |r. the s. ntite, and ea| ? lally to hla cours" dur
lnr the coi I Ih? Diplomatic and ?' ?
aular bill, in which the appropriation for the be?
ginning Of the work Of laying the proposed Ha?
waiian cable was made it has been alleged that
Mr ?in-sham criticised Mr. Thuraton for h s al
lagad pi-is m il solicitation of Benatora la support
of this cable appropriation, which was placed on
the bill against the vigorous remonstrances of the
Adminlstrttlon as expr?s?"! by its rcpresentatlv? -
on th- flo.r of the Senate and the House. Dis?
cussing this nmriT. Senator Morgan said thai Mr.
Thuraton had not approa ? -? ? Un or any othei
member of the committee, so far a? he knew, on
11 .- ? any other subject ln which the Goveri
of Hawaii waa Interested. Mr. Morgan thought
tha- during the mor?- than two year? Mr. Thuraton
had been here aa Minister fr.an Hawaii he ha ! nol
Been him mor., than twice or ihre? I mei it the
most. B i far s? th>- Hawai.an cable was cncirned,
it was hlms. if and Senator Hale, of Maine, who
had ?...en pushing the proposition, and if such a
charge had been laM to Mr. Thursi ?n'a account,
Mr. m irgan sai i. he was positive that th? Hawailaa
Mlntstei wai entlrel)
s. nator PTye, of Ma ??--?.- .-.- ? .- lay
sali thai .V ? ?ter Thurston'? dismissal !
him like a small pi? ?? of 1 "If th Ha
w i n Govei n put up ?rttfa Minister Wil?
lis," he sail. "I think this <Qov?trnment might easily
overlook ?uch a trivia] matter aa that which was
mad.- an excuse : r M i irston'a dismissal
As I un i- rs; m ! the matt? r, Mr Th u il m d i n ?t
^ v- out to tli" ; ? -, i. k
lb? n.i ; "i. il n a hlch he mpari to the n? ws
papei men was i summ ir) ol
hy private l. ;;?!. I th::.k that 8? *etan Gn il
displeasure with the Minister dates bs k t-> a time
anterior tu this ? I think that M i
Thuraton'? ply to Blounl started the
trouble, . nd that Mr. Th irston was absoluteU- right
ln that reply to Rlount. The Administration did
not lik- it. and they have felt r-.--rr.fu; to Mr.
Thurston e?rer s nee "
Senat r Hale t.k. -- a diametrically oppoi ti view
of thi case IP -\ i -:? ? I :.? in -: /? -
fenders of the new Hawaiian Repubi ? th? s
Mi Hal? considera it Inexcusable that Mln
Tharst.'ii should have made public diplomatic cor?
respondence befon submitting It to the Stat? '>?
partment, and if he did ihi-, the Senator Baya, hi
waa learly ?rrong and could nol exp? I tl it the
Secretary of State would do otherwise than ask f? r
hi? rerall "In fact, (f it I?- true," the Senator
sal!, "that th? ?.?-ministration la averse to fhe
Hawaiian Republic, that, of itself, <??,. u.1 have fur?
nished Mr. Thurston with his strongest reason for
discreet condu t "
According to a report made by Captain Gallagher
of the Weal 81xty-elghth-st station to Superin?
tendent Byrnes yesterday Coroner Hoeber'a myn
terlous prisoner, wh.. was arrested Tuesday and
hell in $"..".i ball charged w.-.h being responsible
for the condition of Miss Loretta Hannlgan, ?rbo
In dying from malpractice, t-: Solomon H. Mann.
Mann appears on the returns ?if the Weal Six-y
eiuhth-st. police station as a manager. He waa
ates Sled hy Po Icemen Krank Morris and Henry
Ling. His - not given on the returns,
but it was learned thai be lives at No, 171 Weal
Elghtlelb-ati According to the directory, Solomon
H. Mann is a manager al No. ?HI Clftb-ave.
I>.-te.-!iv? Sergeant Holland of the entrai Office,
n.i'li.-.i the Hannlgan h-m--- laal evening with 1 >r\
lvtt.ncili. an i th.- prirl positively i lentils l the latter
as the man who had performed Ihe operation. It
was said at her horn? that in the statement made
by lu r to the Coroner sin Implicates a third person,
a ?.'man, said t > i"- a friend of Solomon II. Maun.
so m h eu v vis irons ix vi. on ida
St. Angustia??, I'l.i. March 11 (Special). Promi?
nent arrivals her,- include ex-Qovernor Roswell P.
FlOWer and party, who are at th" PoDCS do L'on,
as Is also I'rire .- Low .-nsr.-.n. of Berlin. Union
?aehtrita, Chamberlain to (Emperor WttUam of Ger?
many, has returned to th" Hotel Granada after a
tour in Southern Florida. Other? her. an- Edward
I). Livingston, Mr. and Mrs. a. j Cassatt, Colonel
A. MeClure. of F*Mladelphla; Mr. and Mrs F. Lt.-r
ton Webb, and Judge John Clinton ?iray. of the
Mew-York court of appeals
The dolf Club held a tournament to-day. Oeorge
8. Smith, of Si Augustine, and W. L. Harknese, of
Cleveland, were tied for ins; prise; .1 .1 L'pham, of
Milwaukee, wen s.r! prize, and charles Bohlen,
of Philadelphia, scratch, won the third prize.
For a H< im Medi?
cine. T h ? y a i g
j. arel y vegetable,
containing? no cal?
omel, m ?? r c u r y or
?ith?r injurious Iti
Kie lient, and act
gently yet surely.
wl:h"Ut causing any
pain or K ? I pa,
Hood'a Pills are also tasteless, balng ?Justad hy
a new process. Sold by V*mtt*mtm YtkB*, Yb%
Washington, March 20. Th. r are il II ? fes hope?
ful ex-Congressmen remaining In Washington ?rait- ?
Ing for President Cleveland to Indlcal 'r
respeettmi them and the place? they desire t?. nil. \
rh. m placea .u-- mostly Judicial or aerol-Judiclal in |
their character. such ai the new Indian Territory
Judgeshlps, memberships of the Board of General
Appraiser! under ihe Customs Administrative act
of iv?'. .u.i on ih.- Board of Mississippi River Com?
mission. It i?. reported, however, thai th" PresMen!
will not be in a hurrj lo tak? up the applications
male by and in behalf of Ihe nobl? irmj ol es
member? Indeed, it is -.nl thai he I? Incl?n? I ?till
, .-??.- :.. delay the time when he mum settl
case?, A man who had ccaslon to learn th? Presi?
dent'? probable programme wa? informed thai hi?
time for the next few week? woul?! t.-cupled, to
the exi lual i .?: .-til, e-se< k? r?' request?, li
. i itlon of tl... Intern n tal mpll' atlon? whl< h
?prang up while he wa? duck ?h.Ing *ftei
ar. dTsi.I ol or pul in il?>- way of satisfactory
istment, the It?--i 1- : ; ma) f?-ei the ni ? '.? I
taking another trip f--i rest und reen itlon. Th.? ?
nexl one, it ;?- ?aid, ma) ;.'k? him la New-York. ?
That belna over, and nothing bavins occurred In
the mean tlm? further to demand hi? especial atten
lion, ti. matter of tilling th? office? ma) then i
t. i k < ? 11 up
\ Iva nee hgurea obtain? l fr ?rn Ih? bulletin <.f 'he
?;.-:.n of the Agricultural Departmenl ' r
March seem to Indicate that Ihe argumeni ?? fre?
quently ?n,. i- that ihe price of wheel I? constant!)
falling m the fi. of the iact I has been
no Increase In the amount of wheal ra .-? ! I? en
..us. These IU--.II-S. which have i., ?bta ru I from
the most tru? worthy ?ourc? :. ?how . ?t? i ly In
? ? .-? ?:. the ?.':??.it ?upply of th? worl?! during the
? ir v? ar-- Til? annual yield ha? been ?? fol
Iowa: 1891, '.! :.:???.????..-?? bushel?: 118-, 2 n l.oon "???.
1\-::. 2.4_7.O0O.0lfl; l?*4, 2.r#0,?XK).??W bushels Not
wlthal in ling the In. ?? is? la I ween 1893 ind l?M. the
r? t? 1 Si it? - fin I? Itself with ?
han 1 March 1, IS?, th? n evei Thi? . ? \
pi kin? i as being -i.i? to th? : ici thai wheat hai
enter? ? >?? largely Into the food ?upplj r?1 animals,
owing lo the shortage in oihei crop? By vin n ol
? ?nsumptlon of wheat, hitherto unknown in
this .?i: tr) lo any appr? i : ibl? eatenl i la a
in iller aurplu? to carry over than ever bei
An Interesting batch of report? from \.
.is abi -al has been receivi i ai th? State P?
menl i "onaul ? leneral Chai I? - i '?? K.??.. ai
Berlin, report? thai a Oerman Consul-Ueneral si
one of thi greateal Imerlcan eitle? ha? offei i to
return ?<> Germany to hold ?nfei
Ri\ el? ? ? ? . a ?. ? i -
on Ihe ?.- -? m? an? tn push Oerman tra.l? aitl
Si -. s He Incloaea a trans?a n of an ar
Hi :,? in a Herman n? ?spap.
American method? of transa husln? , ih?
n.M.;. of a? Uli g at. I advertising i
try, and advli - ? Uermai ? ? ?
i ? m? ? -.-.'i? n< ral Ju Id, al VI? ?-.
reporta on the strike? In thai country, wl
he ?aye, are similar In cause .-.:?; - i:
th* I nit? i States, but ar? . ?
ind are mor? api to have a sen ; III i
character The Socialista, air ady ii im ta I
ii part) In i ?? : m iny, are gali
A istrla, and thi lead ' i part) In n
? :-? - li stlgat? th? demand foi ? ? tei ,
? ?. ? l. - ?? r th? i thai
?tan ling arm) of 36 rd.?rs are i
. - - . ? ; - ? . 1.? aln ? i'ous Henry ? <
Cnlted State? ' 'onaul at ?Jhent. sa)
i he sa,. ..' Ivory al kntweri lh< narkei
- . ?: .m 14,1?* poundi - ??? - : it. '
Ism. Tl ? ? however, h< . - . ? -. i ? . ?
feai ?? h? ? -ha lai
-, . ron of centurie? - til ? ?
B. Mr. Morris all
go.? 0 el? phanti alive. 1 i th?
-.-? ? .-?? s ?.-.??. ?
vi oi king m.e 1 In? ry and tool?, ?
..-,. the ? 'oi ?ul at Zurich II? ? ?
: a?.-. ?,'.. able to -;?? ii. Kren
wer? ?eni to vlalt the Swis? nanufa I ?
;?1 aecur? lai ?/? or It ra. He t h nk? .
American manufacturera ?.: these thing
als?? iiiui good market? In liermany, . u I,
1 ? . Austria, Hungary an<l Italy.
a ?ordlng to Commissioner L> hi.? pen?
sion sp| r- i-t itlon? are I kel) I ? r? m iln al al? ? it
the present rat-? for ,?t ?.-.i-t thr..- yeai I i
The reas ?n for th? absence of ai
crease Is that ihe fall ng oi . :
i.ttv'r caueea, is ;.'?
ta on new pensions all ? ? I
large an ii - ?latina from th.
wa? fii.-i lo !??? paid oi p.-i
? \i? :te i thai the ma " ? ?
will be a iji-l ? ated, an : few first ; will i
main, Th? ?? nal .-, api .;-.-...,.-.? .n
is;..", wa? *'.?'''??".'??' I
j;,.,.,....?... whl h ? ?11 pr ?I ltd) have i ., , ?
m< nte i ,.? ui . i? t>) .m gs.ooo.oon or i ??- ??
? i j appro] rlatlon Aftei '*??-. t'omi
I/-., i.i--n think? thai th? penal ?n appr -,
diminish raj ;
Civil S? rvl ?? ' ' ??? Th? ?. ?? i: ?-veil
??x??-ri> nclng anno) anee,
i ::?? ?i... evidently thought to .a? a k to him
by Inserting In a newspapei an an ffeci
thai Mr. Roosevelt wa? "kind ? irt? i
f tl
h i- 1.n the r? - Ipl I y IIr. 1
able request? for charity from allege.] ..-.-. ?
and others. He haa replied to the com m util .
that h>- la not "klnd-hearied" In the ?? i -?? ih<
<11 ants wer? le i to bel eve by th. . M U
h?; ?s neither a millionaire nor a ?
. ?ne year ago, In I
Morton ma I? ? strong pi? i to Congn to
him to dlstl ong lbs farm? ra moi nee
ideas and fewer ?j. I ?eeda. In a measure h<
? . ? loi gressmen rel ? ? ? lo ?? : ? oui tl
lai .m of dlflti
. : luenta, hat the) did make ai appi ; ? .i
: kg) 000 for tie- ?llBtrlb itl? n of i. ? .<..- . -
? u ling to the [?.in of the 8 retsri ; hi? mon? .
haa been .\i>?iiiei In i mann, which ha? ; ?
highly satisfactory t?? Congr? ?smen ai 1 the ?feparl
ment, and the approval oi Congress was man ? ?? :
In the Increase ?.f the appropriation foi I h?
Racal y>ar to tSO.OOO. Secretar) Morton, through ihe
Bureau ?.f Record? and Editing, his ?asu. i : - ? . I.
ol farmers' bulletin?, written In < popular ? n
which have been pla -?.i t.- Ihe credli of membei
ni Congre??, and circulated by them amvng I
. nstltueiit?. Over ?'?"? member? have taken advan?
tage of these bulletin?, and more than ?.??"??"> have '
?.i print? ! and cli date i
The Presblent haa appointed James il. r
Colle t-.r ..l Customs for thi | >i ? ol N lahvllle, I
Tenn ' _
Th.- ere lentiala ol Senator Bhoup for Ihe term be
ginning March I las-, were received by the
t.u\ of il.?- Benate on Monday, and have i. . tiled
Mr Bhoup wai on hi? way to vVashlngi ?n, bul ai
Chicago wa? called back t.. Idaho, and will nol
come Bast again for two month?
Ex-Senator Ransom, Minister to Mexico, ?aid s
farew.-li visit lo his friend? at the capital to-day.
He left here f.?r Ins home In North Carolina to?
night, and Intends lo start for Mexico on Friday,
The report of Oeorca William Hill, ,ln.r ,f the
Division of Recordi an l (Cdltlng ol Ihe A-.-r.- ilttiral
Department, n akes soma urgent recommendation?
for a changa In tie- law under which the publli
documenta ..f thai Departmenl ar-- distributed. One
.?t ihe i.mmendatlona atrlkea al ihe ?ale ol pub
lie documents, a train.- which I? arrie?! on In
Washington t.? a greater extent then li perhaps
known. Many uf the more valuable work? "t the
Department are oui of print, and cannot be had
at th?- Department n..r from members ..f Congress,
vei ihe) ar.? publicly offered r.n sale ai varloii
bookstores and second-hand ?hops dealing In On
s'.rt of m rchandlse. A notable instance ol this ?s
Ihe horse book, which has had a phenomenal ?)?
man.i from the general public. This work la oui
of print, an ! an unauc .?sfiii erT..ii ?.. made dur
ing th.- last session of Congres? t., authorial the
publication of another edition ol 76,000 it can I-.?
round ..n public sale it t.'i cent? a copy, and ? few
day? asm the Agricultural Departmenl ?a* .-..in
pelli l t,. bo mi?. Ihe market ai n pun hasc 2 ? i up ?
?.f its own publication which had been laaued f?.r
free distribution. The work on hawk? and owl?,
which li als., scarce, can l?- had foi *i a volume
of almost any dealer, it is s.,i thai -i.-iks ..f
members who represent city constltuende? have
been gutltv >.f ^-? iin.K th- quota ..f their employ
era, f>?r the reason thai such members have no
d< maul for the work.
The Secretary ?>f the Interior to-day denied the
appeal of th.- St. Paul, Minneapolis and Man
Railway Company from tin- Department'? dec?alos
in rejecting th.- company's application t?. sel? ; ?
Indemnity in the St. Cloud, Minnesota, land
diatrlci ..n account ..f It? St Vincent extension
KIM tit
Although tn.m member? of the Sd Regtmenl
enlisted in ths service during the R bellten no rei
..r?l was k.?p- ?,t their limn.- Ol of the tank which
they attained. A special effort is now being made lo
secure the names of as man) ol these wai vele
i ? aa possible foi publication in the history of the
regiment which la ao?S aearl) complet 1. Ex
membei a or others who know ol the name of Bay
sues iia-mher of th.- r.'.-i'ii.at are requested to send
it lo <; peral Oeorge w ?Wingst? No SO Nassau
si . statins, if possible, the company Is the 22d
to which the person belonged, th.- organization In
whl.-h he enlisted, and tn. rui.k which h? *u-'??-a
Th? Oyer and Terminer Orand Jurj yesterday re?
. Bsloni a ? >py of the rea ilutlona
pasa? i on Tuesday by Ihe Board of Police Con?
ner? wa? present? I to the Jury by Assistant j
District-Attorney Lindsay, it having been for?
ward.! to thai official by President Martin by
messenger early In the morning. The Orand Jury
was believed to be Investigating the (In Depart
ment, Intending to thoroughly Inquire Into its
methods. A large number of ?frange witnesses
were In sttendance, all of whom declined to give
Plthei their ran,. or address?? No uniformed
firemen, however were at th- criminal Courta
Vmoi.u the witnesses before the Jurj were A. l\
Dennett, the superintendent of Ihe Parkhurst so?
ciety; Agent Lemmon and Lis?, the ex-burglar.
The) were accompanied bj l?verai women, believed
lo p.- m some waj connected with ihe case of the
maa liudneick, whom Lisa trad to gel to go befonj
hi Cran! Juin and -w- ir thai hi had pnld JaCoh.
in I McManus, the two Headquartera* detectives,
a sum of monej lo release him when arrested.
Agent Whltnej did nol heslute to say that they
w-1 till aftei ih? Iwo Central Office men, and
thai the) a ill Bel them Indicted before they
s i.- through. Rxactl) the nature of the e*/ldenee
,,,? th- mea b fore the Orand Jury could nol be
i >r Parkhursi mad? ? hurried call yesterday on
Mayor Bchleren ?? the Brocklyn ?'iiy Hall and re>
quested u permit to see Oeor*e M array, alias Qeorgs |
Williams, a prisoner In Baymond-st. Jail, charged
with stealing a diamond pin from William Bhlp
ina:. ..' Myrtle bv? . on March 7. The Mayor com- '
munlcati I with Warden Bhanley, and the ?iali was
arrang? I. i' i aid that Murray knowa all about
nawnsl >p m? tho?l of receiving stolen good In
Sew >..iL Di Psrkhursi was admitted lo the cell
.n which Murray w.i- confined, and he had a quiet
talk with the prisoner ll" decllntwl to tell th
,-,.,.,.- ire of hs conversation with Mur?
ray, and ihe prlsonei also n I ise 1 to ralk
When Dr, Psrkhursi ?.. a k< ; If h.uld gues?
v ;. -, |hi oyei an : Ti rmlnei ? Iran I Jur? ha ' :
: poll ?!:.-, ? ' ? WH ims. h< -aid. "No,
hut the flran I Jurj not thi igh with it? w..rk
nd from pr? enl In il on? II ma) eonl
until thi rnd ol th? month "
THK r?'l.]''i: DKPARTMKNT ? Kl ITI.KI ?.
... ? ? ' Police ?'omn ? ?
hlln and i 'aptalns i't -
m irph) from luiv lias si.il
? ? ii'-d the department, which for nun?
: ? ommandtng irhVera und a
,i ida. i.ni ni II 11 .? '
_xtr< m? I) unllki I) lhal ih? large n imber of
\.i. m.", s Will I n l?e I
Thi , ?? In ' ? i . . late Th? r?
K-n to Ih .. ppo :.'? I, Im -, i- --
i nu rgcant I detective
ire nine ? ps In i he list ..f
re? torsi ?..ii to d it) if ? ipls
whl .-? ordered bj th? Suprem? t'ourt,
wi? make eight i imb? r "t jr.. in -t cons
man lei - -!...rt
N. ?..?!.. n . lo take i hai. i t
the Del -, - ? . It wa : ?? ? i .r IP ad
??. , . - ? ? I :-. r ii"s
%e the I
porai is in mln-1 a
u in.
... -
? ? -vk Mangln.
. ? ? '
i .. : ? r ?
i i- ? I , ? ?
a ho tal I ? ? ? ? ra t ?
... ...
.,: lb? ' . ?
I'll:. INDIO KI) MI'.N Tli PLK ID T??-l '
?' ?
an I ha ..'?'??
? : i \ ML... ? ? ?
. ?
? . ? ? il?l ii
??ill pi?
-, - |.? tl
' ? '- ? , -
\ meet ins of thi " ?
: : . .
i ?
' '
? ?? -
tin. ? that M ? i
- .
? ! ??? ?
app ..? ?rere I
I.. |. u mi ? i ? In thi
It? rn? ! ? Ink? ? ? ? ? ? -,
. . a till? i ; ? i m
? ? ? ? ? .
oflti e return
\ ? -,
I in the n
th? in . n in ..a.i.. ?
\! ? I ; - : r : ? i
Pati >lman Jan ? ? . : the w. -r Th rty
Seventh I Sl iM-ri, w is up "li 1 hi. ??? I : I
(lay ai i he M re Commlsa on? i Mat I In II.
iccua? l of helns under tie- Influen?a "f liquor
on March It, "f belna absent from hla house while
on the Sick list, a: : ' ,. 10 : ? ; II I for roll , ,;]
' ')... : ' i. rk l..i p, '?' Ihe Poll? i Department r?
relvi ?I from Ihe Cl? Servie? Board y? ter lay aftei
r ? -i Hast ni twelvi candidat) rllglbli foi ap
point m ni patrolmen, enough to mak? ten ap
pointments undei ih? ne* Civil Service regulations.
They are Eugen* Burn Charbn Kammer, |r.,
]?? ink Bakei Petei Dlffi? y, II Iwai l .1 M ,. \? ,),.,,,
John K Lynch, Hugh ?' Smith. Thomas .1 C,|?. ??,,?'
John i..i Bobert SlcNaught, jr.. John Whole; and
Thomas B) ar,
Oil PAIXTIXOM sol h 17 /??if Pricks
The ?ale by au? Ron of tin pa ni ngs bel
t ? ih? late i m s-t.-| h? n w i: - .. , i? ,- ,
night b) .In. i i- Cooke, at No an East One hun
dred-and-twenty-flfth-st. The collection, which
numbers over 380 pi tures, Is made up for th?
greater pac ol works by v.-w York and Pari Ian
am is, Klghty l"i- were disposed of last evening
nt moderate prices, The paintings which realised
? ? I..-.-I |.ii.? ?:? were "The Noon-Uj Rtnoki ' o-.,i,
fan.... .<::,. "Children at Play" (Callfano), Jjc. '?Th?
v.i. in Li.." i Moran ), i",i.. "Venice" (Bkblad), |S_;
"l'ou?t Bcene In Napl? i" iCallfano), 124; "Ofl Bandy
llo.ik" iK. i" ??'ella), 129; "Mending the Net"
(Venleri, IK; "Gossiping b) ihe Wsy" I Shay er),
from th.- collection of 111 - - late Di .lam..s r p,.,,,,,
Ing, %'??. "Stone Valley, Vermont" (J, Williamson),
$2.".; "M'.dilation ol Si. Peter" (Ribera), IB; "Th?
Bullan Favorite" (Hlrtl, |3b; "Niagara Kails" it.
C Llndseyi, <_:., "Noah and in^ Daughters" i\\
Page), $."-'. "Land-, ap"'' (W, Bliss), il'::, "in, th?
c.a.-i ol Krance" (Mnnpiette), ?:", "Madonna" *\\
M Hun. m. MO; "The Baby's Toilet" (La Jauna)'
$_:,; "Wlntei In the Catsklils" (W, M Post) '
landscape" (Duprc). *i<>, "The Voung Princess'1
(Moii-oti, ?".:.d "Still Lif.-" ?w. M Harneiti
the great
Instantly Relieves
Skin Diseases
And the most dlstisaalag form? of Itchlttg, imrn
ing, bleeding, Still ?.?_!> skin, ?.alp, and I .H-... 1 In,.
"."*> aai' point? t.. a speedy run when ,.n ,.tl,,-r
remedies and tits tieal physicians fail. ( 11 ?. vuA
WoitK. Wom,?,(,.;,,?| |u rules of li.rtiiriiicdis
S'.ld tlirouRlirml Ihe ?_*__, ,,?| SSBScisI?- Iv In.!,,!,
.?nd Ameiiian .hcmiM. n all |i,f p,ln, ?,^1 ?,P% |trill<>,
H-p..i: Nnmi.i, g?.. K,!-.,.!-., l,??S?. p,)7TI,
Una h Chsm. toar., bolt I'roiii., Boiioa, |*. S. A.
T'_|vrr??:'.7 n?rrt ?nd r?rnra
m?rt<l?.l f??r ?'im. Burn?, Hriitue?,
(old?, ? ?urrli. Sor.- Ttir?.?t. all
I'slo, nies ??? 1 iDflslUUlftttODJ.
(lenulne !n our Imttlr?
ooly. I'UlT ?mrj>?ri< Sr? our
n?ni<?, Poad'l Ii-vt in.,
iirw Tort ?n?! LobSoo.
Brigadier-General Adam Badeau <i!?-? l in Rldge
wood, N. .1., at the Herbert House, on Tuesda)
evening, Bged slxt) throe yeara li?- waa born In
this city on December r?. ISM, snd .?fu?r a privets
school education went to a boarding-school al
Tarry town. As a young man he did some news?
paper w..rk. writliiK dramatic criticisms for "Soah'*
Si m day Times" These papers were afterward re?
written and published undei the title of "The Vaga?
bond." Young Mai--.?a also served sa clerk t?> the
Committee of Street Openings, w-iiioh place wsa oh
talned through the Influence of hla relative, after?
ward General Buateed, then Corporation Counsel.
When the war broke on!. Badeau promptly volun?
teered, in Its. he waa appointed aide-de-camp to
?;.-n?r.ii Sherman, and served srlth him from Febru
? I April. Then he served on the staff ..f Gen?
eral Gllmore, bul soon returned t-. General Sher?
man, remaining ?:;ii him until May, HB. Al that
time be was transferred to General Grant's stafr.
but was unable to report for duty, having been
severely wounded at p?rl Hudson. In March, IStt,
he wh- suflicieptl) recovered to join Oeneral Grant
;i- military se retary, with the rank of lieutenant
c lonet, and remained with him untu be was re?
tired, with th<- full rank of Captain in the regular
army and the brevei r.u-.k of brigadier-general .-f
volunteers. His brevei rank was flren for gallant
an.i meritorious service? during the campaign ter?
minating with Lee's surrender.
The day nf;. r hi? retiremen Oeneral Badeau sc
cepted -.n appointment a? Secretary of Legation si
i. .ri'li.n. and served there till December ?'>. ISM He
. . isslgned t?' lut) In Washington .?> sn officer
..f the Army by llrectlon of th? Pr? lent on De?
cember 3, '?? ?. and became ihe beeret of dis?
patch??? t.. M ulrtd; but it was - . held
t it h acceptance of the previous diplomatic sp
i ?Intmeni ?? In . ir.. t a resignation from Ihe
Army, and thai neither the action of tin- War i>?
?' irtment, nor thi , ? ? dslatl ?n of l'on \
i? purpose, ? mid t? ?
In May. 1*70, General Badeau war appoint? I Con
.-;..-. ,t Loi I ?n, and rem tine ! al this luc? ?
live posl till Ihe ? f President Garfl
!--!. He then resign? d his plac? ? nominal I
foi th? ; : ? ' ' irg?> d' Iff lire to I '? r mink ,
decltn? but a year lat? r u i et ted oil
? .,? ral al Havana, offered him by Presl- |
\? ? .- In i???'. General fIrani had offered him
. ? . ' Mlnlrtei ? > Belgl im
? it ' ; nersl Badeau i ?r< '? i ? ?? ! to rem iln In London
ii. . el hi ? ? ? . ireer by re
g his place at Havana n April iMl.b?
fjovrrnt .. ... allow !..:? i lantiate
charges of ? he had m ? I?- i.
:*-..? i ?. f State. Wl ? ... ?? n ral al
i...- : permitted I ???? his ;
?rai tirant, on I tou
iround 1 ? ..???,.' hist irlai of thai ?
. .? ? < ? ? . idden. the cause
, ;?.. x) ir- h i : i.. ? ? health for
??x moi ? ? reakei
i , ...... He had lived
: Kate i'hlllniai ?'- wa?
?n ipoplex)
funei ?111 take place at thi
?;:.?! .- 1(1 l?re
? . . r will i>ftti its
\ 1 ?.-. . .- : - ? ?
-.' ?? .: . II..
? . ? ? ? .Volk
k . .?iiin.in.t of a
aork wa? <
? ? ,-? ?- ind In many of
lb-mi i ;? i,. -i... it? le .i wa? a par
n. 1 ?? h. ? r I ? ! 111
? m? sail to I
? .- k .-. : i? Tl ?? ?.'ag.l
? . ?
;? er foi
11 wa
i . , .? ?
y ? ? I .? i
? ?
,1 ? memli r of the shipping firm ?
? A itU'ld. wl
\\ _t, , m I 111 ?? ? an ! the) b till ip s t i Stab -
S'rw-York an i T? ?a? ind South
.. . . retli i from bu
- ? ? i he iiih, an i
t a great deal 4 time I
i ? - Bib In
pro? . ? ? a 1" I Is iK'it? r
.....:? ; i ? - i - l - ? u j ?? i ' '.
v, ... . ?. ,- \ ? -t : '?i in.I I
funeral wl ? ? i ? The
it,,\ Henry K ?v?bb, of the Collegiate Iteform? 1
. : Iveei I ;., . ? i ? .
,\.a I .rk. Will "111 late
Charles Edward Pountney, one of Ihe founder?
0f |h, \; .. . | it Clul of Ellisb? th lied yes?
terday a' hh parent home, No M Third I
thsl . it v. from consumption, aged thirty t*" Mi
Pountne) ?.>?>?? ? graduate nf Publie School No. i
.,. i held ? responsible place with the Nstlonsl
i-,,i i.u;. I'ompan) He wa? ,iK . . member of
i iixabethporl i..?i,;. ,.t ?>,|.I Eellowa an?l Ihe Inde
i, i.i.iii ? o i.-r ..f Forester*, and wa? hlxhl) ? -.?
? ....- h - ite? lie al one : I me s as a
depui. tax . ..ii?. lor h< i ?
AS \ SEYM? ill! i III IIS
,\ .. Seymour Curl , of Stratford Conn., ?lied on
Monda) al the advanced age ol eight) '??? y< irs.
Hi w?s well know?, in all part? ..?' the Stale, ?
veteran of lh< Civil Wai .1 a life-long idvocate
and laborer ror Ihe abolition ?( slaver) II. was
;i m.m ?.t ?i. ? i?i? ?? i and characterise vlewi on all
Impoi tani eel ... potl ? chars? ter sn i
well-define,' principle?, he 11 veil t., .?.??? th.- result
of hi? early and advanced steps, In middle life
the principal of Stratford Irademy, hla pupils
learned lo b, hla follower?, .?-,,,. whom ar? \ ? :
living Id- ?ill lie great I) missed m ihe village,
though he had rol been seen in public of late
\..ir-i ?o ii??|i.iiii\ on account of deafness and
other Infirmities ii. |eav< .. widow and ihr.-.
?laughters, li? was twice marrie?l. His first wife
wa? a daughter of Captain Samuel . urtla. Hh?.
die i about lift-- n retira ago
Berlin, March 10 \ dlapalch from Detmold an?
nounces Ihe -hath there tin- morning of Prince
(lonthler Frederick Waldemar, the reigning Prince
of Llppe, He waa born April IS, IgJI
The -'North Qerman Ossette" says thai the
Prince In hla will made pr..vision thai Prince
Adolphe aulllaume Victor, of Schaumborg-Llppe,
I.i ith.t in la? to Emperor William, should act as
u..- ut .lnriiiK the nun..tit-, of the s..n of Prince
Adolphe, wh.. ?in eventually i in i ol the de id
Saratoga, March M I ?ni,?-un MeOregor, osm-sr
of th.? farm oi whi. h Mount McGregor is located,
.m.i which took in? name, died si hi? home In
aiena Palis yesterday, aged ?tghty-seven He
bulll th.? roadhouse <m the rnountatn, no? world
renowned >?s the Drexel ?Cottage, in which ?i.-tn-rai
' ,? Oranl died. .Mr. McGregor at one time wsa
? large landowner in Iowa, and the city of M.
Oregor in thai stat.- was named in hla honor lie
was a . hlldless widower
Saratoga, N. v. March M -George n. Martin,
Bg? i slaty, died al his home In this vtltaga t?> ?to)
H? bad ?.emulated a largo .-.rat.? dealing In
poultry and .-nn? f,,r th.? Saratoga and New-Tork
market? ,,n.l by |udlcloua Investments He was i
widower and I? survived by's son, Melvln Martin,
of l.in.oin Neb
?'hi. ,??,,. March M \i i Tilden, a lawyer, living
i?t No. 01 Chestnut-st., Eaglew.i. died suddenl)
of apoplex) in the Stock Rxchans* elevator thi?
afternoon He waa about fifty reara of at?' an.i
??asa rel-iiv? ui the lets damu?! J. XUd?n, ol New
in his heroic endeavor to saw hi.-t family from
.Lath John Kurts perished In I fire which sw-pt
througti tin- iour-atory ternement-hottae N M
West Twenty-ftfth-st early y-Ht.-rday morning.
If il had ?i"t h".-ii fu Kurts*! timely warning his
family, ai well as many other.-? iri the building,
would have shared his fate. Tony Katchum
Jumtied from a window in the third smry and
landed on the sidewalk, with nearly every bone
in his body broken, li- di.-1 in th" New-York
Hospital at half-pael :i Three others who Jumped
from windows were slightly injured. The other
i- nanr.s escaped to th- .f of an adjoining house.
Th" body "f Ki.ii/. was found on th- third-floor
landing after th.. tir.. had been extinguished. Hr?
was th.. proprteti r ..f th.- "Chimney Comer" sa?
loon, a resort at Twent) -flfth-st and Blxth-ave. on
win. li Un- police made <i tail a few monthi ;?.;".
Kurt/, with his ?rifa and hi.-? two sons, William
an i ?Trank, and hia daughter, Muni", occupied
th.. v. .:i,l H ...r ..f th" building.
Th.. Qrsi floor was occupied i?y John M. Knob- j
nor, a Hour merchant, who own? the building. Ha
win probably be .ail' d up m to explain ids n in?
.omplianc? with th.- building laws, for there were
no nre-escapefl "ti either the front or rear "f the
building. The (Irai pera? n to reach th.- roof ?vas
John John? in, closely rolloared by his wife. Th?
iiple boarded on the third n >r, above th.
Kurts farri.lv. with Mrs. John Weatboy, who,
with her husband, rented that entlr- floor. Be?
side? the J ii neons, Krank Ant,-" hoi a hail ; ?ora
?n l.i" third II m:', s hi!" the fn nt t uu was OC lit
pled i.y Mrs. Rebecca Bchamp, a lv?okkeeper, em
ployed m O'Neill's restaursnt, In Blxth-ave. The
West bo) family, the Johnsons, with Auge and
Mathlas Young, his daughter, Mrs. Ernesl s in
le er husban i a: d th? Ir i hild, and two sons "f
Voung, al! reached th tali waj ..
J ? led ih- rowd, and when h"
! Ci- i ? r opening on the roof he found it
i k' d. and had t.. place hla shoulder against i:
i'-' ?t open it was Immediately after thl?
?dis Kur-/. : I lowed b) her s.a. rushed up
lalrwa . ifter the warning from her hus?
\v s Wise, I Kuril-." No. i gslned entran ?
? the building through the adjoining tenei
N . 170 Weat Twent) fifth s . an I limbed
from a wind w oui on the pine, over the front
' ra i Prom th? ??? he ?? i through ? w.r-.d iw
lo Ihe ?? ins ,,f _ira Kur;/. Seeing thai Mr .
Kurt* .?ri hei soi had ??- iped. Wise wen!
' ? " .? thlr '. tl .or. where he I un I
Ml-s Srhamp and her Bister, Cathei ne, who was
r T la Ighl 1 had decided to
?P n i ???? : S I) f the I ?' had
by tiiis timi I.i. ?;? .,n j ,, thi llrem n on er?
r I? al. - it. ? I- ?: ! I , " | -fl -,;i 1
batt? !??:.: the front d ir and the an ... arid
Man . - ? , Wise rea h? i Miss
H hau fi r K ? hun
I ? rlndosrs thei
lerd against tri
? of ih" bui Mu?; bullding, and Wise .
? ' ei ine s- hamp t i the wind iw ledge, i
sin- grasped the rungs ol one of the ladders.
Firemen \\ I? and Kelly, ol Hook snd Ladder
No 12, '.?..'. read) t receive h--r and helped her
saf |y r.. th- ground Miss u, beocw _khamp,
wh., ilk* her sister, \? ?ii,h-? more than 200 pounds,
. ; n i swing herself ."it s . as to gel a foot?
II ? luspen l" I fr m the rui ga, Oap
tsli Va f Fire Patrol No I, spread a tar
Id up !.. ilr. men He ?houte I i .
\l - .- : ? '.: ; 1 shl lid SO from - ? ?
xhaiiHt ??hi ly in the entr? of
.???, -a 111.11 and did not sustain -. li gle bruise,
The tire ha i p-.-s-.-d !:? . so -loaely, h wever. thai
1st? re i ?the -.u ! thai
:..-r di ' ? Ike Jumping Into
, ? , ? ? i Paran! Patterson, i tl iriat,
... imp tii , bul li-- escaped
worse t ha i bi ulsed ki
Ever) -u irtment In Ci" building ?'as attack?*!
b) the tu.. The damage will pi bably reach
< i ?: 1 i h- ' ? r a :,' - .Il fui nit Mr-- a; I p< :
a loas ni "?I!-. %: (WO i
K ? ' ind 1 im w? i- tat
th -' station Mr- Kurts was
n a t??ld "f !?? i husb m ? onl) thai he had
. ? ' | rei to t hi spit ?i The
i.r ?? ? ?? :>i- -i I i mtlc ??- n at 1 - new?,
and ...UM hardly I ?? restrained from visiting ;h.
New-Y i K II ?pilai ;.. make ln?iulrl - hlei hum
s ,- sn Insun igenl bui little Is known ab >?ii
\ ? , ? thai h" was i bachelor and had be? n
. u 1er in Mrs Westb f'n faml > : ? ? ?me I .,
i -. M Heubm i ? a- th ? ??is n-r of the bul! ling
His stock a I by the fire patr ?Imen and
uffi re I in I? lamage.
run vi a '? /'v' iTti i i /' .i vinox
Th? - ? le . f a fin? ? ? i-1 ' I ?? f ai te ?
p..?t.T-.- waa begun yesl ?rn? at 1 he Fifth
v . v Llallerles, Ni Flfth-s\*e, Th
Ini lu i"s son?? fin? lor vases, specl
tii., atim. r. urn ' .'tid a remarkably
Un., it..up of black hawthorn vases The) wen
? p von Mollendarff. of Shanghai, during
a long term of official send is Qerman Consul
r o l'-ai. China, and as Prime Mlnlater to th*
Km? of Corea l*rl?*ea realised yeaterda) were only
fan. and collector? n.! urio-hunters secured a
number uf bargains "?''. il- will ?ntlnue ti !a<
ai.i to mon ..\
The body of Professor Peter II Vsnder Weyde,
wh.. die?! In this rltj on Monda) ?as Inctnei
-. ? terda) al the cremator) al Freeh Pond, L I,
Previous t.> m?. Incineration, .i funeral service,
ronduct? i b) the Re? I ?; Rotteme, of (trace
Church, was h.'.l si t!i" professor's home, No, v.?
?".int.'ii Place M in) ol III* formel ? up la al the
Cooper Institute and the New Y-.rk t'nlverslty
Me lie .1 I'o'.Uv.. at-.-n !? '
Professor Vsnder We) !? ?,i- sn srdeni believer
in cremation, and prevlou to his death expr?
the wish that his bod) i-- Incineran I,
of hi ? .:?'. a '-? die 1 M.i. - \. si ago
was that
ishlnst.w, M.ii-. li 30 'Hi- ?t. riu which w ... central in
!.. t-i n--?-.. this BKH-alns has raov?d rapldlj eaatward
i.. North i oii-.i roast, attended bj rain and snow
he Southern States rasi >i th? Mississippi. Fair
h*r prevails ? nlshl I i ?' Ih* Northeni .-?<??<
rentrai valleys li Is deehledl) folder in th* Southarn
s, m i wanner t" Ihi west "f the Mlssl?ippl Ths
? ir- has in. i. .i--, i rspMI) Is 11 ? - - reatral \.iii>->*. bat
li "i. Northwest, and n- barometer t? saasuatly
II- I 111 ll| M III..M.I
,- temperature ?Ill n-.- llowl) in Hi- central valleys
r.-i;l m- with l llr ?? 11ti. r
HBTAII il" I'.'Ki-VasT i < IR TO I'.w
r i v.; . Sem llsmpshlr*. Verasoni sad Mssssehusstts,
fslr west her; north wind?; no chssgs In innswratun
??'?i itii.i. lalaad, ? nnrctlrut, Eastern Sew-Yort., iii?i
'm I'.-nnnl? un.i. N"?W leiSSJ and 1 i.l.iwai.-. fair, p ?
Slblj |.i.!?? I la ItBhl Snow? "li the limn...Il.it.- c,..mt. 111
i ?.?Ins -.. 11 ???' I) ? in '? ?,
i'. r \\'..?'.im Sea tort fslr; northsssl arla?; Bochases
in n mpersturr,
In liar- iliiirini a ronttSUOUS ?Int.. lin.- -h.?? th
rhanm in prsssur* as lndk-at*d hi The Tribun.-'? sstf.
r.-....rdliiK barooirt-r Th? broksn lia* r-in-si-nt? tin- t. m
p*raturs si ? ??? ?- .i< l ..t Perry'? Phartna?^
Trii.iiii.- nth.-. March SI, i a. ni The w.-^th.-r >sslii
.ii. ?..^ overcast with ?iicia changa la tistpsistsre,
which r.um.d I-MV..H .in ,i.?i ii tsgrsia '-?? avarag?
|W%) l...|im 'j lower than OS lu-mlitv ?nd In', leaser thnn
on ti?? sarreaaeaeias ii?> Issi rsai
Th? westhsr to-day U likely to ooatisus fair, with par?
a?M Ught sao w or rala la Um WMMBAj
m.-' ornes.
Hi: PRKSSXTS a BILL urrii ins IMTTME, ant>
LENT TO thi: i"K"Ni:n iiokber
itoSSS Oppi-nh'-lm*-r. s? ?r.-tarv to Coroner Hoet>r,
has reelgned cvin?? to ;-. rcdawad? rsUn4hh| with his
superior. It 8<-ms that the latter received Hr,
anonymous latter a few ttajra ago statins; that .1 .,..,?,
: Urban could give aons Importas! b-fcesaatlea re
: gardlag th?? maith.iu.se disaster, a; Tenth-**-, and
i I-'orty-thlrd-nt. The name Joseph I'rhan apt?. ir_
| twie?- in th- directory. respectively located at so.
I 425 West Flfty-nlnth-st. and at No. Ml Kast Eighty.
ftrat-et Coroner Hoeber toil hla i cretary to >\xb
poena both th??.?.? men, but thi? order was not
obeyed. Tssterday at?ralas the coroner looae. fjr
Joseph i'rhan to hear what he knew shoot tho
malthouss disaster, and was surprised al betag _j.
form?-1 that the subpoenas Bed not SOBS BBSl
??I did no? ?end them becauss I di<l not ?ant te
?et Into trouble," explain?-! Secretary <?ppenheinusf.
"Hmv .11-1 are know whether either of tbem wss the
: mm referred to In th.- anonymous letter, -nd j?
neither of them was th- man I would be liable i,
ln?lictm> nt."
This hit.-rpr.tation of law threw Coroner If ?^
Into on?- of his finest passions, snd an Ang!o-G trrua
wrangle, lasting for nearly two hour?, folio?s?a4
The Coroner and hi? secretary argued at the t??p ?J
th?ir volees, giving th.- legal point? la Oeraaaa and
the h.-ir?! words In English, snd they seccaedatl la
attracting to 'he scene of contest everybody adtktg
?oun?l of th. ir votees. When they had exhausted
legal i??.int.? an i hard words, Mr. uppenh.?im->r &_t
down i" write hi? resignation.
"It Will :ak- m?- an h ?ar SB 1 B half at least," ?all
th?? secretary, ae he picked up a copy of the R?visai
Statutes, "for r la going to i- a inoel important
document'' The i tier wa? aa follows!
To Coroner Hoeber,
sir [tealtstng th.? Impossibility of staying with
vou as your clerk any Ions r m account of our
Incompatibility. I herewith tender my re?i*-na
tton, t? take effect forthwith.
I also make m) ?tatem. nt as to your financial
obligation to me, aa folios
i '? i??.mti
Outlay f ?r ofil .
i'.-i?h. mon?? ?? ?.ir. ? ' I. v..i. 4 ?i "i
Inter??! at 5 pel ?at up to ?kite. ???I
Total .?.v.?:i 25
Expecting s i ??-? !??' settlement i ?ubaciibe mysehf.
rours, etc., MOSEfl OPPENHEIM ER.
?'or?.tier Hoeber mails b itatemeni ? terday
afternoon to the report regarding the matter,
Hs sail thai !;?? a b - Oppenhelmer"! n and
that they work?-1 together In the last campaign.
<?n th.? morning after election Oppenhelmer caus?
?t Hoeli.-r's hoiis.? an.i offered to lend him I '
he f?-it at ail emberraae? ! by th.- campaign. Hoe
? thai owing t.? the ?trains aasdc on his
pockets a week later he accepted the EEt from
Oppenhelmer, Th? C? roner was to pay ti.- money
bach In monthly payments of KB, and the '.?n?
w.i- to ;.? Kep| secret; nol eves Ofssss?
h* m? r s wife wa? to hear of it. Mr. Oppenhelmer
th.-n intimated thai he a >uH accepl a clerkship
under Coroner H ?bei tin aspirations previously
ran hjirher. as he expected to be appointe?! an Ex?
else Commissioner or a Commiaaloner of Charities
..ni i ?m
?'-.rotier Hoeber saya h- examined a I rire num
i.er of applicant? for clerkship? and found < >p
|-"h. Imer ?- iilabl? He i is i srrled out
reement faithfully with oppenheimer and
p ild h m .' fl a m ?nth I ?r two m<
roroner Hoeber s i? Intensely excited I?st niRht
over th.? statement made b) his former clerk, Moses
oppenhelmer The i irtl n ?f the itetemeat that,
i? med ? worry the C roner moat was the ; ;...
licit) ?f the mone) tran ictlon betwe? n him and
Oppenhelmer. Let? last m?h: he sent the I .. w
Ing lett? r to M.- Opi
??ii.' Lexlngt m-eve., Mardi ;*j.
? Mr < ?ppenheim? ?
M answ? r to youi -.- while I
was ho|<l|na Inquests. I hav* : nay t, u yog
were I -.- me before offering ?? .- i
i titch
I ?th? - - ? ? .... ^ry
will be paid to you a i th, as
Dr. E W. i!. ?EHER "
Th? - - - .... red for
?i ? newspapers "VVItl referenc? '
Mr. ? >p| r. I I ita .1
?a r was a purely f i ,-i
red to n-?- b) Mr ' ?; ;
pay the loan In mom - -
?'? ??? Ini - I..-, n faU
fille I. T ? ? x
wa? m Il v weighing th?
tions of all applicants and after an asso ,
Mr Oppejnelmer In social, llterarj snd po.Hical
??ire).-- for years. Sorry n? i nm that seek h p?rely
? r? ? i! mitter should heoom? a mit?er of publia
r. ?tori? ty. ami con vit .,- ere la sa?
? more having
n my judgment if mar. I f.-.-i confident ?hit
my statement will . . bj everybody who
knowa mi E. W. li? ?EBER, ?
i littl ?? s ind then in re*
no? : ttei flrosa
t'.-a stoiiiacb .iti.l bowel? and
you I ? ? avoid a multitude
of di ?? ng '. rangeuM nts
? : m i!! h ive
fn .?ui nt m ui of your
? I ?
Of all known agents for this
i - Plessset
i ? :' ? ? the best Oii<-e
??? ?I. Ihcy ?in- alua>? in
inior. Their ?ecoodary ef
?'?.i U to ii' -??? Ita b arela
opei t to fur
? ite, .1^ i- th? laa
with oth? ; pilla Hen? theft
iritjr with sufferer*
fron ?. its il ? tistipation,
?i.i tin tr attendant di?
comfort and manifold ?Je
rang m< nts The " Pelleta "
are pari Ijr vegel and per?
fectly harm ht ?a is any condi?
tion of th-- system. Ne us
is required while u?m?; them they do not int.-' re
with the ?I-.?:, habits or occupation, and produce ne
pain, griping ?>r shock to the system They act ma
mild, easy and s .?'.-<' ?.' way sad there ia so s uttos
afterward Thcii help /.:?/<
The Pellets i-nn? biliousness, ?iclc and bilioo?
headache, disainess, cosiiveness, or ccetstiyallM,
?our stomach, loss of appetite, coated t<->ti<ue. irnli
:.-. ?ti 'ti oi dyspi pafg, win ly belching., ' hrartburr.."
psin and distress aftei rating, and kindred -*fsa_a_
m. nt? ,.f th. liver, stomach aii'l bourel? In proof
of !h??tr superior excell? nee. it can be mithful'v
said, thai they m- always adopted a* a houselaold
ly sfter the fu-*, trial I'm ap In glass visa?,
therefore always fresh and relisble One little "Pel?
let " is a laxativ. two are mildy cathartic. \v ?
? dinner trill." t.. promote digestion, ? to reliefs?
ili-tr?--- fr.eti ovcr-cating, take one after <.?,"n,'.r:
Th? v are tiny, ?ugar-coated granules any child will
r?-.ulilv t.iU. th.m
Accept nosebstitute that may be recomsrtrudea as
be "just as good " It m.?v be bftlti ''> '**"**?__
because of paying bin a better proel bal a* ? not
the one wh" netdt licit? _
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
has been us.-.i f..r over in TV HAM ">' MIL?
WHILE TEETHING with perfect 8__??^"
kLLAYi ALL PAIN. CVH\]* WlXlMiiLU. and
|g th.? Hi'.ST RBMBDT FOtt DIARRHOEA. Sol?
by druggists in every part of the world.
Twenty-live Cents a Bottle?

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