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liKXMi-iNT -Tin: WHOLE irFAIH i.il.Ki.Y
TO REDO) M' TO ' TH1 B '
\ I ADVAXT ''?'
lay TKLcaaarn '?<? ?"?"? ???"???-?.i: |
Washington, M it h tl. U\ I an ther Ha?
waiian mall shall havs bet-n lai . ?d in s.?u Fran
s ime time in tha ??? ?-*?? - I ''"" next week,
it v\; ; be Idle to ??peculate upon the queal
Minist? r Th iraton'a i- call. The
stan? Department la determined, apparently,
apon preserving absolute sltem -. ami as l :.?: a
it does s -, ? i"- pues? os t . wii.it it i-. is ,i me ?.
u. i. purpose doing ?a ta :?.-... 1 as another. There
?H- pe -pi?- to-day who maintain with some ap?
pearance of authoritj .h:?- Mr. Gresham haa
s nt no laatructl ?na te Minister Willis m regard
t. Mr. Thurston, Others, with e-nm: assurance,
declare that oidera f??r th?? Hawaiian Minister's
: call are on th? ir way to this c ?untry n ?w, Tl -
?v? i on I?.:..; ol opinlo . . ? ?T in favor
of ? .????? proposition. Tin? much la abso?
? muh that the rclutions between Secre?
tary Gresham and Minister Thurston have
reached a point where diplomatic Intel ourae'is
Imp..-sit?;.', excepl In writing. Such a < ?nditlon
ffalrs cann t. of course, Last long. It inns'.
? ?oner ur later end In the recall i f the Minister
who, howe* er Innocently, has become In the eyes
of the Bccratar) ol State pers ?"a n..ti grata.
The g-eneral opinion sun Is thai Secratary
Gresham, it he demanded the recall of Minister
Thtaraton, yielded to personal feeling;, and In so
dolna Bnasnifled matters which h<- could wall
have arford.-d to pass by. He has directed at
ntlon afresh to th.? whole disgraceful Hawaiian
< ins de, which, so fai ????> hi and his chief w-ere
concerned, would i?>t;er be forgotten. The)
gave an o-npurtuni.y ?or President Dole I i pul
Minister Willis at a great disadvantage In an
<?fTi'ial -Otreaptrndence, and now Minister Thurs
tun ??a-rns up aa a man b powerful thai he can
Mocii the cat'.? ? I a Democratic Executive with
a Demi era tic Congress.
i:-\ ind aoim personal mortification at the
treatment accorded t" him by Judge Greaham; i;
is not though! likely that the matter will much
disturb Mr. Thurston. it may. In th- end, oven
redound to his advantage. The rnosl difficult
work possible for a Hawaiian Minister at this
capital he has already accomplished. The now
Government la now well ael up. it has found
? s;-- dal fav.ir in thi? country. The rest, so fat
as mere diplomacy i. concerned, is routine. Bui
the time la coming m Hawaii when the im.Ne?
in? nt for annexation will requlr skilful handling.
Men will be needed at the helm then wh-? are
: ? nly In favor of annexation, but who are
thoi ?ughl) familiar with the forana of this ?; ??.
ernment, and personally acquainted with the
polltl - ?adera in th?? United States, In that
day, therefore, Hawaii will greatly n??ed Mr.
Thural n. He of all hla countrymen, will proba?
l ?y I ? ?:? si qu tllfVed to head a cotnn ?
negi *iatinic for terms of admission for Hawaii
. - ti.e American 1'nlon. and not unlikely, it Is
\r. ught, he may. when ihe time comes, HI
lr. discussing th? -? ai nation from
the Hawaiian Governmeni ?nvey? i through
Minlater Thursi n lus found its way Into ih*
j.iiblii prlnta before foi ? si mmui I atton t i the
State Department, a writer ir. "Th? Star" to
i .Kht aptly says
This is ?'.-. eded to be a mattei of aome del
cacy, but th? question Jual at this lime hapi?ens
?? (iresham as foi Min
i-t?=T Tip - ? ? Tl ? ?ati li i ? the
Spanish ?; vernmeni conveyed I : igh M
Taylor app? ? : ; Us ont?-nts wer?
made known ! -. Minister Tayl : to the Spanish
Miii> ? ol K eign Iffalrs Supi - th? latt? r,
when receiving Minister Taylor, had advanced
with a slip from s .Madrid ?n?.raina newspaper In
Ms hand containing s copy ? -?? tli?- dispatch and
i ?rith i me sh ??? ??'???:..- _
"Tnis. sir. is what l presume j ? : have - ?me ?
rommunl ate to me B H ho? Is It. sir, thai this
important matter appears llrsi h the news
? papera? i must hav? an explanation of that
for? i -an i fei with ?*ou off! -lally abo i1 the
complaint of vour Government. We -J i business
at this ?apltal regularl* and In order."
Mlnlstei Ta> ? s uld have explained thai the
dispatch li?? i i: : l.'i given ?? ih? presa by him
or by dn> attach? of the Amerl an Legst Ion at
Madrid "Then, air," the Spaniard might have
said, "the offen ??? waa c ?mmitted ai Washington.
?ni i should like to heal from Mr .-'? retar)
. -..?in on th? subj? t." Wha' would have been
? e ommfnt of Judge Graabam on such an ex?
j - m? \n -.??? there ?- no comparison be?
tween in?? Importan of th? news given oui in
a Ivanci about the Spai la : affali an i tna* ab?-ut
Hawaii The one was -i demand which mli*ht
l'-ad t ? war; the other was metvly ih?? announce?
? ? t of a fact accomplished, commun!, ated only
_i courtesy to th la ?Government.
T ' ? | ?lng Illustrates 1 rclbly the lllogi >al
attitude of B? retsrj Gresham, and ?.'?.??= far t
i ..-\ ?:??. snlmua ..i his actl m against :he Ha?
wai.an Minister, Admitting (which the friends
t.f Mr, Thurston do not) for tha sake of
argument, that he did as? i* alleged thai Is,
y :? ??: | ?-? Information touching the trial
et xhn conspirai ?rs al Honolulu befoi ? ha com?
municated t1"- sum?- ; . th-- Stale Department
that fact did not nstltute a violation "f li-?*-?
?.'.ploma'.i duties in th? sllghtes: respe? ?. The
irtattei in <r-i Btlon related to Hi- s.?nt??n.-e? Im
] sed on savers] of the Hawaiian conspirators by
;ne military ?-ourt. The proceeding's of the cunt
wer?? ucted openly and the sentences "f th*
prisoners had been publicly announced in Hono?
lulu. All the fs :? reached San francisco by the
lirst mall steamer from th- islands, and were
telegraphed fl m there by the United Press all
over ?he country the very day the steamer arrived
In port. Mr. Fhurstoi _ advloes, including copies
of Honolulu newspap ra giving details "f ?x-cur
rencea to date, wei br? ughi I > Btn Francisco
by the same at amer and were transported to
this eity by mall; consequently he did not receive
ih^m for nearly a w????k after tin- Btory ,f the
trials had been fully told by telegraph from San
Francisco. Several newspaper men .ailed ..n Mr,
Thorsten for Information as to th?- progress <.f
a'f.'iirs in Hawaii, and he told them the r<-<iuil ol
the trials of the conspirators as disclosed in his
mall from Honolulu, at the same lime making
peitinetu commenta on each case and giving hw
per; .nal views as to the general effect of the pro
.? lings on th*? people of Hawaii He simply
?rave a brief narrativa of rece?? occurrencea iii
Hawaii i? obtained from Hawaiian bout es, and
t ?k special care I ? av Id any reference to th??
United States or the course of Its representatives
elihei In Washington ? r Honolulu,
Tir? advices he received were solely for his own
lrf ?rmatlon, and he waa under no obligation
s ntever t> impart them to the state Depart?
ment. That he did s.? was purely an acl <>f
courtesy. H,s friends aaseii that .Mr. Thurston
had just as mu h rlghl !" publish the t'.-sult Ol
the Maurntrators' tr?ala as h<- had t.? t??n ol an
earthquuk.? ?,r any othei 0 urr.-ii ?? in Hawaii
which might c.me to hi? knowledge through
Haaaallaa advices. He waa not Indebted to the
Stai-? Uepartmem tor the Information and bad
had no ???'mmuntraiion with that Department on
the subject further than to inform Secretary
Greaham of tha amina] ten?,- of hi* dispatches
H?. did ?his as an get of friendly Interest and in
the absence ol firmal Instructions The Be re
tary had already beca fully informe?] ,,? the sub
. ? by Minister Willis. It wa? thr.,u?h the lat
;<?-. and not through Mr. -l-hotraton that seen
tary Gresham .--i.dii t-i his ?UpteeaaUc corre
apondenc ? with ih<- Hawaiian Government
As for Minister Wlllla, the hopa is expressed
1 v - ,?n?? Of the friends of Hawaii in this ?ity that
whatever th?? fat?- of Minist? r Thtaratoa m-i>- '?>.
tha Hawaiian Governmanl will not i>.? BWayed by
wry ??.tuianee or Bpliil .f retaliation in deallas
with him. Good temper on ihe pan ..c th^ _man
(?ovrnnipni would b??. they think, th?? best p,,<j.
sibie rebuka of tha bad temper of tha Iiik Gov?
Uli \ND
l.l.T) ._XDI.!ll
?It. FloiKb. i .T.I1I..11.
The ll??t.
> Writ? for our compl???
"Souvenir of Fashion." freehy Mail
CUIEH, COON & CO., M?KEits. T?B?_^
itt'l.KS m- nil-: ROAD AT BEA t:\ii.> OP
thi: rnt.i: si:i:i> DiaTniBVTiON i.k.tt ki-.
CARRlERg KOT I.? ?r.r.Vls'!'-.
Washington Mar h ?1. -The treat? ratai itlons
between Japan ?nd tre- l'n ?? I States were formally
exchangi i to-day, The new Instrument Is a com*
men-la I treaty, ?>?? substance ol wh ?'.-. has already
i ?. n given ;?, these tllspat he Th ? cop* tteai tig
th? signature ol th? Kmpei ir ol Japan was I ik.-n
to the Department of State this morning by M
t-:? Kuriiio im ; Chancellor Xaklyamo i was In
i-ee i in a ,:i quered b \ ? exqu le workman
The cop? signed by Preskleni Cleveland was
trien handed to th.- Japanese Minister, who wil n
turn forward li t,, Japan to tie placed In the ?Vor
? ign ?'tli, - at Tokio ? if most Immediate Importan ?
In the treat? is the proi < ?I providing that one
month from to-day ihe Import yahfT now In opera l
ti m In -I ip in ifT? ting Amerli otn goods shall cease
.n ling, an I Japan? -? mitonomy m eustums
., ? . ? . M oniplete. The treaty tse.l with
the long-songhl Japanese ludiclal control o?-er ror
,-..,?.,- ?n .,,, ,|-;,. ;.\e until July 1?, l?K?. but the
great prin Iple of recognising Japan s supreme right
.,- a moilern ? villaed n itlon to contra its domestic
affairs relating to Import?, tor which ihe I,nlted
States in- ,-. n.eii'? ' for over ten ..?mis. Is made
i -, ; .... v operative. The 1 nlte : But? I? the
it 0n to make this recognition ol Japan ? r.
markabl. progr? ' ?ar?! ? .?vUlnsatl ?n. It Is ex
,?. ?,.,| mai the "tli lal in,' lam itlon bv iv.
i'leveland announcing Ihe new Irraty will lie Issue?!
to-morrow t-earlng to-daj ? date
Tw.? attempts we:,- mude this afternoon to s,-t
Ore ta Catholic chur he? In Washington. Th? first I
allt-m|?t was mad.- upen S:. Dominic*?, in South!
Washington, and later another similar attempt was
made ar Bt. Patrick's It was bell?*ved that Ihe
same person, .? mystei ous woman m black, was the '
o ndlarj In both case? The police, who think thai I
rh?. woman - probabl) m m? r? .-,.? is fanatic, are
mak ng effoi ts to capture her
grams from Little Rock received In tins eltj
this morning by m??mben of the family of Senator
?lames K Jones, of Arkansas, says tbar ne is . n
free of fe\-er and ?xi>. :s to tie out of Ihe
...'-: i'.- care within a few Jays. He ha.?, however,
been seriously III, and yesterday his wife was tele
graphed for under ihe Impression tii.it his condition
was dangerous. Before ehe could start another tel?
?gram announc? ' his Improvement, followed by ib*' j
satisfactory, news ?>f this morning
The Treasur* Board on Rules of the Road at s-a
met at the Treasury Department to-dsy, H i.? com?
posed of Ihe following members, ?11 of whom were
present: General Duflleld, Superlntenden of the
Coast ant Qeodetlc Surve) . ?baierai Duntont, s,ij,?r
v.siriR Inspector-General ?>:' Si?:ini V?asela; ?Captain
Wilde, Naval Secretar) of the Lighthouse Board;
Capta n 81 lemaker, Chief of ?le- Revenus Ciittei
Servi.-e. ard K T. ?Chamberlain, Comml ?lonei of
Navigation. _
Secretary Morton's next annual report, ll Is said.
will contain in detail, w.\'\ u-im--- and ac?.?pan)
hiK particulars, the fa, ts In ? transa..; on which wUI
make Interesting reading. Some weeks ago Mr
Morton wrote lo the purchaaing agen of lbs ?esd
!,vi:-i,?:i of th?' Department, Informing him ih_t
memben of Congress had i,,,ii charged with dis
posing of their seeds In .? waj other nun that con?
templ?t? l by law, and Instructing him either t? ver
Ifj .o disprove these charges In the most aub?tai
I .?' way. in Ins than s week the agent brought
to thi Secretan : ? .-- ritten ? i ? ? ? a men bei ,??
the House of Representativa ? o iota
ie< ;-. n iii.-h he ?.i o pose I to ?ell i th? 1 ?epai I
ageni for J.'i. '. I ? , e was ?Iir?
1? mad? snd ins'ea?! ?f ? ? h the agenl gav? h s
which was prop?-rl?
.. Ira s ' n -ai : he bank s -
pens tl " -- ret n> Morion no? has the seed? ir?
ru? d to thl? member turn? I over ? ten oi
del and also ihe i h? K ? S hl> h Ui>- n
w .i- pal?) -?r. i i?. ar ng th? ligua in hi n
who sol I th? -? eds
fom mission ei Miller, of the Internal Rev?
Bureau, after tieing confined lo hi? home for Bv?
weeks with tbe grip, has agali ned hi? official
diit!?.-. M.- i- still weak, however
John l' V'li tor; , ?s Tetai ? i f Ih? Sal lonal 1
m ?.r i.? it? r Carriers, denies lha s combli a
? ...i of ;...<t.r employe has been formed for ths
; pon ' !ongr< - to
irn .tr.> rule? .,r- regulations of th? Po
Department or f??i the purpose of lobbying through
Congress legislation In tlnir Interests. Th? ??nly
poseibi. foundation the r.; ?? hare Mr
Victor?, says, is in th? fact that Congrus, In Its
closing n ?:;':-i .? rece?? departmental r - ; t ?
requli g that ra Iwaj postal clerks should Hv.i
their run? Tl .- was ?I. b) an
amemimen i"' th? Postoffl ? Vpproprlation b
!:--.!? ing to in.- lepaitmeni re??enllng thl? ?ctlon
b> recalling all paases Iss i i to lerks on In?
\ond their own runs. Mr, \i h ry lys ib.it the
departments action wai rrtl u i ipei ''
nfltience claiming t,? represent th? ra
il ci? rk--. M?- reaenis the Id? ? that |?,?'.?1
employes would combine to demoralise ihe service
In which they ar? employed bin ?ay? thai ? ?
on the justice ?<' their claims, they will r**sp<
fuily and persistent I) petition Congress Atten?
tion is called to what ihej have already ? ont
pllahed b) th - mei ? -, particularly In th? matter
of ihe eight-hour lass f?.r letter-carrier? it |?
urged thai in?- Post office employes i ? t <-r r.-1 to are
th? hardest worked and pooreat paid oi all Ihe
Governmeni'a ser? an?s
l:v SIV'trlH' I i- ?? CARI.I8I.K
\v,i->hiti?t.ir,, March 21 ??-'?? retary Cai
appoint? 1 Wlill nu Martin All
ptrvlsing Archil? I ot the Tnasury. to nil the
canc.v caused bj the migration of Jererr
O'Rourke. ol Newark, X. .1. The salar) <?.' the
I: .- i? tt..v>. :i ye*r
Mr. Alken Is about forty-two year of ..i-?
v. i-- bot 11 in Boui u ' 'a rol In 1 11.? .- .1 ?
family after whom the town ? ' .Ik? -, named
Alken moved to Cincinnati - me ten or lift
y?*ar 1 age?. He was pari 1 I
.???idle?! ir: this country under the late Mr. Rich?
s n, the celebrated archlt? of i;, ton, In <
clnnatl Mr Alken ha? attain? 1 a leading rank In
profe??ston, and many of the most prominent 1
vate building? in Avondale, a is I ? ; - -...... - suburb
the city, were designed bj hin il? ti--. ,i?--?ki
an i built the Br ???? Ri lentille Hall ??? M la m I
v.-i.-itv the Uli: of Senatoi Brice, Mr Alken h
member or the I'nlverslty Club ml belongs to
local chapter of the Institute of American \r
t?.-t?. lie ha.- l.een a-i active I ?em.?rat for ma
\ in Among thos* who r?*coirmended to? appol
ment wen Senator Brice M K Ingalls, president
the Chesapeake ar, 1 Ohio ilaliroad; Judge S.
Hunt, Jacob I? Cox, ot Cincinnati, and Control
Washington, March 21. Bitwretary ?Lamoal lo-di
?deckled ihat th?- New v,?rk and New-Jei?sey Brtdi
Company must submit Its plans for th? itructu
"u or prior to June 7. IMS, Ihe date s?-r i,y the 1?
of Congres? ?uthoriBing ih? bridge. Th? Beer
t. " I? Islon is in pai '? ss foll?n
Th'- brtdg? company um.!..-a 10 the sSntary
War for Information as t<? the length <>r time ti
company ha? to hie piar.- an?l speclllcatlons ai
mar. "f bent,?m of the bridge and it- approach?
stating thai the 1 ompan fll? I pl%ni of 1? cantllev?
bridge with the board of expert . that these plai
were rejt-cted, and thai the company assumes ihi
ll h.-is on? vea:- from December 12, MM, Ih? dat
of the ?I'-iiHion of the Beentary of War approvIn
the i.-eomm iidatton of the board and rejecting lit
plans submitted to tbe boai I, In which lo in- r?
vised plans. The question having been submltte
to the Judge-Advocate-Oeneral, he is of oplnlo
thai th- ?ubmlsslon of the plans t?> the board ws
nol a compliance with tbe law r?*qulrtng them t
t... submitted to the ?Secretary of War; that the a?
of Congress directs that drawings showing Ih
general plan ami location <?f th?- brill??- ?and H? ai
proache? shall b- submitted within on? year aft
Its publication, und that th.-r?- I? y-t sufficient tlm
im th" company to comply with Ihe law. ne 1
ais., of ??pinion that after tii- general plan of 1 a
tion of tiie bridge and us approach?*? has been ap
prove.) t?.mpany will hav? on? year m whlcl
t?> begin the actual construction ?>f the brltlge, bu
thai b-foi- in !-;?iiiiinL' such construction it mus
obtain the approval or the S?.?'t?taty ol War to ?le
taib<( rd??ii- and si.iflcatlon ,
The Secretary In informing Mi Bwan of in?
?piiii.in ?>f the Jud?_*-A?lvorate-Oeneral says thai
M would In* kI.i I to me?-, the wlshe? .,r the brl.lg?
'ompanv In the matter, but tbat It ?ppeared Iron
the decision that the Becroury "f War had no dl?
?tretlon to th?. time i??r nilng general puna and
he ?ar. leerefore constrained to hol?l thai th?
plan? mu?', b? ?ubmltted on m prior 10 June :. iv?.,.
VOTMA lit osi rill: At IT TARD,
The dynamite-thro.-.., Vesuvius t.ed UD ?I the
Cob Doch wall shortly ?ftei mem yesteroay, hav?
ing been driven in f,on, .,, n, rough weather.
Which kick?-! up s,, j, ., ?,., ,.,.,, ,|,,. boat? could
",,r he used. Ueutenant-Commander Knoi ?uc
???bd in fln.llnKt ?m?. dereUci off the Lang Island
COaat The bulk was nol Identified, as all th?'
marks bid ,. en carried ?way, bui she was reduced
to klndHng-wood in the most approved fashion.
Th?- ??mimissons ?,r Lieutenant-Commandes
Charle? A. Adam? and .sslstani Naval Construct
on Hlbbs. Rock and Qlllmor were received from
Washington yesterday. Meutenant-Commander
A?iam?. who is on Commodore ttlcard's stair went
to Norfolk on Tuesday win? a ?irafi ol m? n from
tiie Vermont for the Alliance, and la expected al his
post to-day.
tm ??t? m tis?ti cc,?u?r skcuus \/
His Stood the Test ot Time
luv TKi.KiiHAi'ii TO run TRIBI si: |
Washington, Mar. h .'i The l'r.?*:?!.--it to la) ap?
pointed William M, Springer, ol Illinois, Judg? of
the I'nlted State- '. in ol the Northern Dl
..f ih.- Indian Territory, and Consisntlno Buckley
K. ?tore, of Tesas .1 ulge <?' ih? I'nlled States
IV. M SPIll N'l 1:1:
'? R. Kll/P >i:f
''..'? of ; .?? .".. iLhi i n District of the II "? ? ?
? i ii
'l'h?--?.- api il '-n- ? ' - -?> ?l naiurall? ?.? i ??ilj
i ? .-.. ? is well as Jusi criticism W un
\1 .-, tore are i
n. ??' ? ? ? ?' ?
lenui ? e life or i
I ?? mo ral Vfi? ' .?? ? ? ?*e?i
i Ici II H|
?le.tlon in ?
? I after <
the - , ? -1. ? ??'? '? .
? ?
... ...
for t wei pled .....
spare Sprint
II e wan a I w a ) ill ? ?
,i i-- an i Joint
Ii ih? ?
was it.? chalrma
rn.lttees, Ii ? ludloi rYays snd '?.->?
Cur:, i. ? '
h??> never I
tant and i ? ? ? lie
ha? ' ? pe i ??? in been found o
? ?
. .lulu? ni ?. ?
v.!.-. serve?! In ('ont
k ? , ? ?y h n I
hesnl ? ? ?
\\. : ? am gla I fo
President has
ha : ??? i o ? hl? that hi ti
.... : . If I
IMlt.K (O 1 ? 'i
always want to b? ?
,\ old
Hprlnger'a wan
that I knowl.'ilg. iw a
.?.-. \ -
} \
pound? pie? a
his appoint m?*i I ? ? id ' ?
I ? .-. ; ?
the Pr? ? Kven som?
' ? ? i 1 many per ?on?
?. i ? .
r , ... ? i .? ....
? ? .v.. < he appoint? ?or?
hi asa a I '? mo ra! . ? a; . ..-...' .?
|ob " who -.?. a idly In n< of one; ? ? ond
I . ? ? . I: - ? . ., 1
.1 al?.':?< "< "IH K"ii' ? . I
(rall?n came Into pon-? If hi? services w?-i
?-> . tl,. lent ind val?a ?s? of m? othet
koo" s ippoi ' the A Imli
?Aa hla m his faul I.
he ? . ild, i ? i - iwa ? ? ?1th no
i i ? .-. ? oi . \ ? -. dose pi
? h< \ Imlnlai ? a -i.. .
vVhy "Bu i ? .
Ihe i . Ilrlar) of Ihe Trilled Slat? I ..?:??:? n
even I ? the so-? ill? I for? i , ?
A im n I ration. It .?. n... thai he is a need) 1 ?? mo
' t atlc "i latei man ? u ol .i |ob," but I . ? ti ue
that ha has noi been ai .. : time? a falthl il, docl!?
and Bealou "t*u kso." '?i: the contrary, I??? I ?
been ? ? insisten) and stroi ? advocate and Blip
porter ?..' Ihe free and unlimited coinage ..r
and be voted Bgalast everj nnsnclal propo .- ?n
snd recommendation of the Admlnlatratioti In the
last Congres Borne persons underlain to cleai sp
tii?? raysierj of bis appotntnnenl .. .. ??: ing thai
"President Cleveland likes KI Igor? personally and
was anxious to get rid ?.f him' sn explanation not
wholly clear <>r sstlsfactor) while some other per?
sons say that th? lud,an Terrltorj ii niled with
r.id<-, violen) .nui lawless men, and thai "the Preal
di-nt thought Kllgore ?..ail make the right kind
of s Judge for that count r) Whether li Is exp? teil
thai la?-?-. r-llgoi srlll open court with a bowl?
knife .ma ?djinn ti Ii with a revolver not ?\
plain? I, bul H i- n.i- forgotten thai he lit? I one ,.r
hi?, heai ) boot? lo ope.i a ?looi In ih? llou ? ?
ItepreBenlatlves, which inciden perl ids may be re?
garde?] bj his friend? a- ?trong (?roof thai he po?
sesses that sori ??: "Judicial temiframent" n
snr\ ! . th?- ?"'I? ? ll ","'? ol '?>'! duties of Ih.?
office i" which i.. ha been appoint? . n |udl. . il
experience I? such si h.nil Kam during a single
term .- ? i irai lust le? of the pe.ice In T.-xa.?-- ilu
ii,i- thai iiiii.1i the advantage ot Springer, and la
probably his p? ??< a? a laay? r.
BROUGHT r.V \ t ?is'i RI? t .- i I'l'in vi gNPRN r
? ?p HI BEI T <i. KANIN? ?
Colonel Wartag lo-daj sent lb? following letter
to Mayor Strong
s.i. i beg to ne i.. ?? herein ? eopj ??i a report
mad?, by 11 ?' ?'?usa. -up? r Hit? iibiit of the fourth
district, Department .?t Street Cleaning, and i lieg
1.1 ?all your utter.i t., th.nduci of Police Jus?
ti?.,? Thomas i Orad? .i ..t Police "ib, .-i N.i.
:i7, Fourteenth Prerlnri it Is useleas to attempt to
execute the law it policemen .i police lu-ti.-.-s
fail t.. do then |... 11 ?d the dut) Itespei-t fully
your?. aBOROE K WARINO. Commissioner,
Th?. report Incloeed I ss rollowi
?I. ?'. Conn, a district superintendent .?r the De?
partment ?if Btreel Cleaning, seised a truck lie
longing to ?;?.??iie H Marx Mars, with live or si\
-tout blacksmiths, sttempted t?? remove s truck
which Cons atempte?! to carrj i?,i;, to Ibe In
cumbrance yard, A tracas ensued, Marx resisting
ihe lawful sutborlt) ol the superintendent The
fuperlntendeni called upon Oflfeei So .:7. Pour?
teenlh Precinct, t,? srrest Marx, which he refused
t,. ,i<> Attet in. ii in Mar\ eon. bei.-d t,, go peace?
ably witii Ihe ?dli'?i lo the police station, when
complaint was mule sgslnst him, and n< ii wa?
y?a time for court, we pr?.ded t?? Base? Market
Court, whii' we sppeared befon Judge Thomas
iv Qrady, who, after reading the complaint, de
iii,m,led of o"- '" know where I i;?>t my authorlt)
Whereupon I liil??i med mm that It was Mom lb?
laa governing the Streei Cleaning Department,
;,11.i ihowed him a small pamphlet of th?. la??.
aftei nadlng which he remarked: "?ih. thai Is
preposterous. I?" rou pntend to *;i\ thai if then
i* i wagon ?tending slong the sir?.o anywhere
\o,i hate a riitht to ?some ?long an?l gobble
n un Absurd; no csus? ,r ?ctlon I discharge
the prisoner. TOO Streei cleaning folks better keep
the mud out of the atr-rt?. firm before you begin
to gobble up th? wagon*:'' Tu which i replied:
"VN oll. ,l-i,|K.\ how ?lo von decid-*?. Have I not the
rieht to take the tru.-k?"
"No. no " he ??aid, "von have no rieht to touch
The report of the ?superintend*nt, with an ab?
strait of the law, ?-?includes:
As this same law ?Iv?s lo the superintendent,
dlstrici superintendents, foren"..?n and dump In?
spectors the power of arrest, not to be
supported by either the police onVtsn or Judges of
the courts places us in an awkwar?! position,
hUBBiliatlQg and shorn of all power.
_-0 -
COKS1DRR EVIDENCE OF i < ?l.l.l St? ?N" UK
Bl'QS MRS A? ' i SKI' "i' TRYIXO
When the Qrand Jury of Ihe Pouri of Oyer and
Termlnei resumed it? labora si 114 yeslerday ??
Isrge n imber of witnesses wer- In sttendsnee. Bev?
eral wer? from the Esst Bide. The Rasl Mders
seemed t i be more or less under the command o'
Hi?? Parkhursl bo lety agents, Dennett, Whitney
and i.. min.m. The msjorlty of them were tailors
nti-l i ?id? i in tenements In which auspicious Utes
have .. ? 11 rred in the last year. II wes reported
thai th? Parkhursl people are now making a vigor?
ous ..? ?? tup- t.. prove thai the police of the Bast s Is
prei : .s were In league with the principal mem?
bers of tt.e Rgflt aj |e gang of Incendiaries, Ma?: II.
(Iraner, Louis Kothmaa, Ids IJeberman, Barati
fUlvermeialer, the alleged lesders of th.- gang, who, ?
11 Bill be r.'tii.-t'ili'-f. -I. lime lieetl COBVtCtSd ail-l
i to ?..n? ierras of Imprisonment.
\ ststsni District-Attoraey i >.t \ s. when seen in
,- m to the maiter, - ?uted iii>- Idea, He con?
tended iii-it an attempt of thi- kind on the pan of
the Parkhursl .t> without his knowledge would
have been utterlj Impossible. II.? said: 'I have
handled all ?>i these Incendier) cases, and l am
sure .iri- if any such ni"\>- had i.n contempl?t?
i .??? id ha?.- ?,...n ...ii-ii .i I ?I.? not Bee that the
poll ?? would have been of an) psrtlculsi value to
bugi it east not enough to warrant them
In taking them ni > their confidence ?>i ?baring any
Of 1 ll? Ill-gOl t?-n ga : -
At ih? same time, however, others who are In s
position t , be fa -,i well (>..?>'.?.i In Ihe matter In?
sist thai su h i- the Intention >>f the Parkhursl
p >pl?
Th? i:?\ Dr Parkhursl had a consultation with
Koreman Leggett, of ihe Orand Jury, yesterilaj
. lern on, and T I?. Kenneaon, ..f Dr, Parkhurst'a ,
m ? ? . was ,n Mr Lindsay's office In :'a>- sftei I
Bhortl) aftei i. s? the ex-burglar, had confidently
i:i.ii - i :, ?? i i,, some acquaintances that he was
w...k ng with the Parkhursl men trying to ?.?n
i.? ? i the police with the firebugs Kir. Marshal
Mitchell entered the Criminal Courts Building, s
..n,pah. i i>> Simon Kosenba im, the police -.
formel -.pon whose testimony (Irauer was .on
vlcted of arson and sentenced to thlrti years' Im
prisonment, snd a man named l?".?* The trio wem
mi once t.. the .irtl.-e ,.f Aasistanl District-Attorney
LihvI? who 'i ?- i-hai ?-?? of all ihe Incndlar) ..,?-??*
N? th. ! . hi I he . ffli ? do ?l and Mr I ?a - -
rann out, Mi Mil "hell was .u>k.--i ll he had heard
.until i..; ai.ii' the rutnoi thai Ih? police had
.. -. rt ? -n the firebugs anil permitted
.\ hoiu 1.11 uptlon from Ihem He
?? |i i?...? .ll news ii linn and th.?; h?
had t. ?? ? ir.l ? II ? ? '?- i turned to Rosen
i.uni . ,.? i n.ni if he tiat ii.-ard an
ti ?? i.ime m i a ex
. ilia!!- s.u.I thai
' -- ? i i .!?? '., ihe p a ?? where he was ?ai.pl.i
I old run? : hai II
? . ?
, i J?. ob? an?l McMsi - ? ? . p
:..? In? bugs alone he Would pa)
rveral s ?men had ? onu
? hai l. BB ha i i?? --a to
. -v. .-a i |,. I. , . . ? ? p_ 1
? - m..:;." I ..-? .?.I |e,| ??: i: |i.
? . ? ...i 1 similai ?Xp : i? ir ?
It I ? ? ? . . asked Ml M Ich?
i . Into his pri?..n?- ,!!-.? i.i.i
Wfl ?as told ? I : he -t..ri- ? if ,. -.. -
actions, and he _? ?'? ? sent for Isslstanl Dl?
- 'I ls,,\ W I .. tins . il ?IK?
?.: an i i Is a reault, I I? imb-rat... i. none of
tai i -- has an) iblng to : ? ??? th
? ? ? . hrfor? til?- bo |)
? ?? ? in?.I. into the n
M ? ? . ? ? 1er lloeber,
??-.-.,? ? in?, i .taa.- i, ?til | eat? .
?... i??.. -j before i . ','..- l lut l- -
... m m? i '.? ? ?plain th??
? ?( Ihe Irai ? ' -?a? en himself and the
?* hi? h h.- m -.t- ,-.. i in his letter
? mlng he had advanced ? im ,.r
? i . .
? ?. ?
j.,.,-1--... ,?, vT THK ACADEMY OF
IIR ?EP ?RAI I? 'N ' >r TMK
-,,.,-;,.? ill i ?- - ? i-'d TMOUK
IJNgl ,:n ; - IN 1 BK ' H Olli IB??
,> ,i-|:i;.-| i. iN ' ?? I v r MKN1
Ml,.? ? -, ? -' ? resulting from the
... the papei - nad sn I
... . | | .,1 last nlghl - u.- ting ?
i , u w ,? sgree i bj those
w ?.., tool, part In Ihe pi. ling? thai ?
ii p.. i/ali in : ?? ? ??- of ihe
In? to the grip. Then
.- tmong those presenl
wen Urs i I? Hi ?nt, \ B, Jud? ?n II? m Op
,, , . ..-.. irn? John H ? ? rdnei ll
n ,. K n ftayer. I rsi k 1. l-ewls, Thomas
. c v M ''.?.in. Jo ii Redman J Went,
M i '?? n ii W. II \ sn ten. W H
I? -, j | .... w i: ?pen -. V \ ?n ri-? t, W
, Herri k W M Polk K l>. Kl her, i
, ,, , u gtevens, R. <i Mason J I. Ban ei
I! c Newton ??" I -1 H Clalreborne
i, .. ,. : ?? i thai thi me? ol the
,. .,.,. ii first Th irsday In Ms? wo il I
r voted lo tl.ommemoratlon ol th.
late Di i.oomi-, who had done so mu '? for ibe
li s. ,;,.,?.i; wa? formally sreor?!? i I? i?*e to la)
the rol ?ring report t-efore ihe general body ol
lie -, ?O -
\- , , . ,' ,,:-? ling ii.-i i si the a ,i lemj of Me?l
vote i .?- the sense of ih? meeting ihui
ihe ? x tlni I)? i irtmen of ' u Itt? sn i i >rr? th>n
of N,,\ Vor* i- a cumbersome organisation, Inyolv
tllng ol int? rests ol dependents snd ?I?
In,i irnls : ? ! he - ill ? detl merit of in? rity s nos
'"li' ?..s t irther \-.i-l u ihe sense ot the m
iii.,- ., .le.irabl. ?? p ...wi'd it,- reform ol man) ??
the ... kM.wiei.r.'i evil- of the said cleijartmeni
im the complete separation ot Ihe interests
of d.-p. ndents from those of delinquents,
i m . |g , .n,, i ol Ih? ? h iirman. I ?1 - Ja? obi,
Janeway, l.usk ? H Smith ?nd Morr?n wen
Bppntnt? l .is a .nan tt? ?? '?' further Inv? tig ite ?nd
,-onsid. ? ii:. Hubstsnce ol this communkatlon, and
: . i. pon thereon al s - lbs? ?pi, ni n.ling.
Dr. Thomas It Po ii? ) th? n proceeds I to read his
pai.n ' i.- o1 the Bye I '? pen lenl on the
Orlp " lie i? Un. i the grip ?'? ?" *9*Ammlt. pos
-le... h penden) upon Im? Uli oi ml??Tob?-s. snd ws ?
a complaint .ullarl) ?ubjecl to climatic Influence?
igh certain people lud claimed to bav.- found
ih?- Kiip microbe, th.\ bad not yel produced it In
America, during Januar) ?. i"?1'1 "' ?*?' month,
Influenaa waa irerj [irevak nt. bul during ih? prea
?nt month Its sttscks had decreased In numbei In
lier m and London It ha I ?ll i rominltwd great
ravag.es But be waa bound lo say that then
seemed t.. i,.- ., general disposition to put down s
gr?ai man) complaints ?> grip wmch, upon e?
amlnatlon proved to have meagre foundation Dr.
Poole) then wenl on to d?ncribe ?nd comment upon
numeroua nervous, Inflararaator) snd paralytic ey?
hit..tions which h?. attributed to lb? effect? of ln
Ruenaa. and Inatanced numerous ?ases of patient?
who, In recovering from grip, wen seised with
some speclnc optic disease. In eonculston, how.-v-i.
i - gave it as his ??pinion that "complication? fol?
lowing grip ar.- ? imparatlveiy rare. a fact whfch
become? apparenl when w? nmember th? real
number ol cases ,?f grip which have occurred dur?
ing ihe Issi live rears and th? extrem? ?j small
i.m. r ol e_-??_ o. . ...i,|..ti-...i ??: eye Jlaessw i
i?.rt..,| as following In it? wake.
In Kiw.irl II lioeu.h followed with a paper on
din I???eases Dependent on the <?'i p. snd quoted
large number .if casn which tended t?> show that
Influence subjected Its ?victim? t" ?cut? oral com
plications .nuI Inflammator) afnctlona, and con?
cluded with the siat..m?iit tbat if "Influenu bacillus
Is nol the ?lit-? t cause "f Inflammatory diseases of
Ihe ?rir. it at less! bv Its jutloli lender* tbat Organ
lllole Sll-.eplillie "
in- Hull ?Clalnborne and Oppanhelmer continued
ii,,. discussion and ?greed In their opinion- us to
lb? ?dangerous ronsequence? of gib> lo the ?-.ir ami
??t-cch.un's pill^ for consti?
pation IOC. and 25c ?? ?et the
book at your druggist's ami
go by it
Annual ?<!?? mort thin 6.000,000 bosta
The Opening ffhsplsrs of
Personal Recollections
By the Most Popular American
Magazine Writer
The illustration? are by F. V. DU MOND,
v.-ii o K.thrred his material? ?mid the
??.cue? associated with Joan'? career.
Our National Capital, r.?.- f? i ian
Km in. \\ i'li id Illustrations.
Paris in Alourning. By Kphard
II vi-u'v. 1>?,\ i- Will? (, Illustra?
tions In CD (.u??n.
Club Life among Outcast?. By
JosiAH 1 LYXT. With 12 Jilii-dra
t ..in- by A. II. F KOST.
Venice in Kaater. Py Artiivr Sy
MOKS With iu IlIii-.'r.UiOiisbyGi Y
i;>:.-.ins 11 is DtTIfW AT OSCT. SKKTCH or TH?
m:w officiai.
May,.r Strong yesterday removed Andrea J.
White, Dock Commissioner, snd sppointed Edward
C. O'Brien to mi the vacancy Ex-Polles Justlcs
White was appointed Dock Commissioner i?v Mayor
Ollroy for the terra of ail yesr*. eadlng May 1. 1MB.
Mr O'Brien ha? over four year In the Dock Board
.id? ad ol him.
ri;?? new Dock fommlssloi ? s/aa born si Fort
M i a.1 r.i. N '? .. ?ui an- ' fiv? yesra ago, snd
waa educated In the publ - hoola of Plattsburg
and Hi?- (iranvllle Militar) "icaderay, from which
h? was graduated ll- organised ths I'llntou
Count) Agi li ultm ??! So? ? . i
.. mosi auc?
F" r O'ltlt 1K S
n? .,' til., kl .'I it. lhal pan of ihe
-? , ? i |M presiden) Han Ison appointe?] ii tu
? Na? Igatlon, whl held
until Mi ('lev. lai i ag iin - ime Into i os r. ll
won an enviable reputation In Ihl? >?t'i ? and his
on the itate ol \-r.?-ii in shipping
hl|-iii -..i' ?ii--?>???-1 b) ? n. mai Itlmt
y! ? ;?:.?? a , ? - i- ?. ? :
?,.,.... ? Mi . Bi en's -.?.<.? k ai with thai ? >' any
t ration.
p call) Mr O H.- a K? publl an, and for
. ?tve years i ?pi ??-? ' '? l < 'Union
ut) .:; R? p ibl ? -ti Klate ? '.?i- - - ?ii HW
k ,. ; . ? easurei of I he !:??, ubll a?\ l'on
ans? ' "ii-iii II? - He lives bi Ihe W : Isoi
Hotel In ihl? ? . ii ITice at >
way, where hi ? ? foi he West Vlrsrlnla
. i| mil i own? -I . ? operat? -enal ?
g . ? ?.. n h -.??'? - Wh? '1 ivernoi Morton oi u
i-..-i his mllll iry stafl nusry. b<
\. ? 11 i;i i-'ti . '"inn. -- . ? ?? -General ol Kubslstence,
?n i'ommlsslonei
11 Bi i'-ti Is .i m.ml-? r of the M?
,' the Porl of Ses York and of Ih? Board ?>r
Trad?? and Transi.i.i Hi- appointment .??.?
?.n ml) urge?! h I? 'i ?m?., k chairman ol
the ''..ti.iii t-. ol Seventy iiih omi.?? ??
em? ti ? ol lh< ?atel '? un' . John n Uta ?
K. I ward H It wood president of th? Maritime Aa
?i i|i '? ? lent I' issld) ol Ihe i atial H .
Owner? l, ?social Ion; Presiden Borner, o: tin
pi?..i-i ?? i-i ? ... ? ? -
\i ? ? i-.i len has always be? n Id? ntlSed ?'Ith
IVarner Miller, who Is an ..; I friend ol ih? famll)
ii.. ? no) liked b) Mi PI ." M Pial lid ?Ma?
li.I to p ??t al lu 'n from gel In? the place, but
. 'omml ?loner (?'Hi pent several hi
da) afternoon at ti.Ml? ?? ol it..- i >. . k i'ommis
ilon.-i . IMci v il- ?aid to a l'i i .-.? ? portel
I shall il? \ il? I in:- nines? of th? I?..- k
i ?. ;. .i iment, an I sh ill In gin m) i ? *
I am I,... ii. office '. say what ?ii.itl_;.?-; in
th? presen? method? -t the depart m nt, l( any. I
shall suggeat I shall lo all that on? i'ommlssl.i
..m .l.i t.. have 'li.- d? ,.aiiin? nt ,mi; in r. i on -.j , t
buainess pi Inc pie? .1 ? . i i he
boa i i a i -"in a. ml? ?tl ?? from (he Mayoi a i? rece \ ?? i
announcing th, ipiiolntmcni of Ornerai O'Bi i.
who then r. ? in i , 11 % took his -?ai a? u membei of
the board tleneral n'llrlen i-eaterday resigned his
piar.- on ihe ? lovegnor'a ?i ?n
The remaining Dock I'ommlssioners are J s ?
giani Cram ano Jame? .1 I'helan, Tamtnan) in??.i.
whose terms rxplre Ma? - ivv and May I. ISS7
reapectivel) \ dmlral Henrj Krben, John Monks,
lieorge w Wanmaker, .lames ll Msrsh snd one
oi !?.. others have been I ilked "f for th.?-e plac?
It haa i.n general!) undersi.! a ihoroui ?In
.-estlgatlon "f this ?lepartmenl ? .- to follow tne
removal ?>( tl?.- i'ommlssioners eithei bj the i"om
i ?i - ..r Account? m a legislative com m
? ? ?
Mi: VAS AR8DAI.E MAY UK Hill \sr\l 111 ?
The removal of William J. Van Arsdale a
Commissioner of the Boai i of Rduratlon l?\ Mayoi
Ktrong last sreek was -t greai surprise to mei
Informell In Board ol Kducatlon matten M- Van
Aradala la s l?f.? \..un i >? m bul his r lui
Ihe Board of Kducatlon in- always been n
b) Independence He ha always been oppo?
the Tammany ring lhal lias so long domin?t? ? ;i.
i....n.i n la general!) conced? i thai Ihe May.
has made a nlStake in removing Mr Van Arsdale
snd it i-* non snnounci i on good authorl?) thai
the M,i-...i hsa ?i??.-..?. d ta reinstate him Mr. Van
Ai i-i i?- haa long had tha management ..; th?
\.-? "? ork Central Itai?roa i i eal ?--tut?: m this . .;?.
so thai In" ? M"< ?? ' ?-. In theae matters makes his
services all th? more valuable In t ?>? Board ?i Kd?
ucatlon, ?there several million dollars' worth ol real
estate sre to be purchased lor ne? school altes In
the next fea years. The removal ol Mi Van ?r
dale has I.n ijeepl) n-srrtted b) the othei com?
missioners, >iii.< have known blm In the board,
r..i- the) are well iware ol the value of Id?? services.
Maurice F?athereon, Water Purveyor In the I?.
partmeni of Public Works, has sent his ...
il.iti t.? Commissioner BrookfMd, to take efleei on
ti??? sppotnlmenl and qualification of hla suec-essor
Commissioner Brookfteld baa practically decided
i.? appoint i-i.i,.at.i r North, civil engineer, o.' No
SO \v.?Mt One-hundreil-and-thlrd-at. Mr. North i
a win.i District Itepubllcan ind la a member uf
iti? Republican I'lub, Tin- salar) is M.ast a yea?
? _. -. ?-_,
? 'aplani Coombs, of the steamer Lasseil, which
arrived here yesterday from Rio Janeiro, reponed
urn mi March t, la latitude 1*3! south, longitud?
;:. j west, he fell In .?.itii ths American bark Mon?
rovia, lilil? r.aiii.i for Barbadoes. The bark had ?.t?
board tu.- .i.??* i.i las Uritisii steamer Helmet,
which was wrecked on Abrolhsa Bhoai, about ?ni
lllllt-s .x.inlli uf lliilua She ?as I.,mil.I frOBB th?
River Plate t" London Captain Kaae, <>f the
Mu??osla, wished i" be reported all vr.?ll
i.adv Lateas Langdon xtclwlas, better known a?
Mr?. Bleaaor i\ Bishop mother of ihe late w.isti
iiiKtun Irvhag Bishop, tii.? miad reader, ama -um
limned before JuStiCS Welde In Ihe ll.trleni Police
Coorl yccerduy by Mi. ?Sormley, of the Society for
the 1'ieveiUlon of Cruelty to Children, to aliter a
Will not permit you to rid*
th- acknowledged Leader for i?!?:?, call and nawa
?m- E_??y ?Payment Plan explained
\\ ?? ?re well I n g
the best 17." Oil Bicycle built, at $."? OO dow-a
?md monthl) payment? thereafter, arranged ta
suit your Income, Btill batter?If jrou are bv->k
ing for a ?; >od second-hand or shopworn Bnyele,
stock. All kind? <?f prt?*ea. You
want ? Bicycle? w ? . th re'? one pis ?? in the
eiu when you - lulled, and d? ?. irtt-n re
llabb i.pie.
ISO-la? Nass.m Si.
ii-i<iu\ iibi'in ron mctcmm oM.y,
l_:|> ??I. ?Ml I III 11 w R.
c it K All KOiaKM i using WUmmmfm
i ,,n,. ?.ru.?. Kar liruiii??. :i< v. scientifk im-?
: -rl .Iii.-. ..-id In? imI ? I a ? n?
.... r-',l?M?d
- . ||| | M ?. ?. II. Wilson, mer,' ?r,
a take | !-'??ur?
.1 > l i.i,m::._ , - ? - Mil " IMS
\? '
: ! I
Mil. loir llr l. ill ? <>., MI?! Hi '??miliar?
iwnnaiiiuiiuie.iu.ai.1 .uiu.i^.-ui.iii.. ??? ? ?.?'?u
Tastes Good and Does Good,
A Tv'tnpcra?K? Drink for Temperance People.
Ciitlrnra Anti.l'alu Plsster.
chsrga of taking ? i MM to i ? ??? - i wlthoui a ?,-rmlu
i.adv Mrhola? -.ni she ha I received th? cMM, a
bo) only tin?,, areek? old, ii??m Ita ?a-.her. wha
ha i ilven u to her f? adoption Mr. ?.mmiey said
that she uns- have pap. rs r,i thai eff? I drawn
according to la? I .ad) Nicholas ?? esenled ine
i,;,j., ? to Justlc? tVelde. and sa'.i thai ?h.- had
formait) adopte?] the child Bnd ?ra? ?mpl) -it?'? ta
, f,. foi u Th? Juatl ?? dismissed the complaint
SOTR? "I' TBS si MR,
The production of "A Bundle of U?sa" ?I naly'e
Th? i r.-. ?hi? h ?as t.? take (dace <m Tueeday even
? \ a., k. b.t^ t?een postponed to Thursday.
"Two Ueiitlemen ..' Verona" will be played to?
night ?nil to-morrow sfwnoon and "Xaacy ft
t'o." to-morro? evenlns Sexi sr?eek "Nancy ft
stven again on Monda) and Wednesday
an?l ?A'i-Jnesday afternoon ?nd Two
Gentlemen ol Verona" on Tuesda) rvenlng.
\..: ??,. end o li? engagemen al l'.iim*r'a
'i . ure nexi ??.-, k. Mrs laangtry will play "?'.os
alp" for one u.-k at ihe aaiertcaa Theatre
\i ,_ , lag) pitsgerald ?as si'li inable to. appear
In rii'i Poundllng" ?< Hoyt'a Theatre last even
-h. iv expected t? aci again to-night.
Mi-s Irene Ver?, ol the "Little fhiiatopher*'
company, Is d?ngerou?ly sich ?I tut heme in thl?
? ?
a pnfeasional matin. ?? of "Rob Roy" -\a* stven
a- the ii.-raid Rquan Theatn yeatei la) The mem
? the Whitney rompan) u.iv?. a spirited par.
forma nee, nhi< h ?\.i- mui h .iijo\ed by their friend?
in the audience.
Si 'I'll.. t..?r .mere?- <-.,iMinii?. kit*
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