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ABI lY'S THEATRE ! Impul?? 8:13 Th? Queen's
ACADEMT Or MUSIC S ?:18 H.-rnninn.
AMERICAN "HEATRE 1 ? \':,n l.-vH!-.
IU.nn' THEATRE - si:. Madeleln?.
BROAD'S Al . i - s AtattaiB, Jr.
tX>LUMB1 . ? IB Ttts Val? "' ??wa.
DAI.VS THEATRE 11 I. - - M ? BK Night?
El.EN MUSEE " M1 ? V ?:??? ?
EMPIRE . HEATRE - B:13 Jobi i :
PINE ARTS BUILDING, 218 Weal ?""" -; "??'' !,nJ
svsatna \ erlcaa Artiata.
OARDEN rHI I RE - 8:18 Trilby.
GRAND ' ENTRAL PAl "CE -' ? ? 10:30 p. m -Nat. mai
? ?
1!\) LI M PERA HO - Way to Win a Woman?
HERALD rilEATRE 2 8:15 Pudd'n Head
It'll n
i?.., Hag.
lia isa . . "HE \ti;i. 3? El . ?;..-. 8:10?2
KO lit & BIAL'S I li ? ? rtll?*.
!., \:'!:: . "
MAI 18 ?N SQUARE CA? DI S : s Circus,
M i'1 'i l'i AN Ol SE?2?R "
TO! Il ."-. '
PAi.ii::!.." .' 8:10 tophei
PR ? PR'S 10 ... n ? 10:30 r- ?.- V udevllle.
BTA.M . '. ! - ? " Much Johns, n.
BT m: TH ITRE - s r
3.;.; ;. ? i. .. \ \ :. . 'i . -, , . Es
3t\bt% lo ^V?ircriiGctncnio.
' - ' !????!
\ ... I ?,-, ?n<j.j., ,?
Annou menti 10 : m . ? , .. : ? aths, 7 B 8
i . . . 5 5
1 . . . 5 New 1 s _ ?1-3
. ... ? 4 11 ? an steamers . :> B
buaincsa N i .... 0 1 Pianos .It i?
Dividend N lices .... S ? i: il E?tat< . - 4 B
i a tking . .'. .'? Real I . B l-S
D n.. 8 ..5 7-8 II.iili ad? ..s r. ?
I .... 4 :. ?. i;> ligi ma N tices ... B 1-8
Financial .H - Au tlon. '.< i?
Financial Election? .. '.' 8 Special Notice? . 7 ?'.
Finan, g? .. S 8:8? ho '. Agencies . s ::
i S ...r. : .il ti
H. Ip w in?, i ... .'? >;? .s :i
i - ta . s s *
! ! ? - . 4 I ? ? ? . I .'t
II . lion . S 3;Work Wanted . ,"> 5-7
i.-. .: N :. es . 0 4 .".
Dnsinrss Notices.
Roll Top Desks and Office Furniture.
Great Variety of style and MSB,
T. G. SELLh'W.
No. Ill Kulte st. N. T.
1 \?ar G raaSS. 3 m"*> 1 mo. cupy.
Da!!?. 7 dava a w??k.flOOO *?"> 00 $2 50 II 00 .
I?i!!r. without Sunlav_ 800 4 00 ? 00 90 ft et?.
Sunday Tribun?. '2 00 100 50 ... Pet*.
V ? v Tribun?. 100 .Sets.
Semi-Weekly Tribune. 2 oo .8 rta.
Tribun? Mntl.lv. _? 00 .25 <ta.
Poatage prt-paiJ by Tba Tribune ex, ?pt ?.? hereir.afur
CUT POSTAOE Th? law r<-qutr?s that a l-??*nt pr-stag?
Stamp b? ;iTn?J 10 every copy of the Dally, Sunday
or semi v. ... rial? ?. I r i cal deliver*? in
Nrw-Torfc City. TAs put a ce must be paid by rub
srrlber Readers are l-tter ?e.-ve 1 by buying tbel?
Tribun? fi m ? i ?wsdi al?r.
"rOREION POSTAOE. T.. all foreign countries '?- ?pi
Cana !-i an.l M?xi<- i), 4 cents ?i c ; y i n Th? Sun'ay
Tri!.un?; 2 rents a copj n Dallr. Semi-Weekly B !
Weekly TI ? must be paid by ?uIm riber
REMIT "AN1! A-Remll t? Po?t?1 Order, Express Order,
Cher)?. Draft, or Reg? t?n ! r..r Cash or P (tal
No:e, if sent la .in unregistered letter, will be at t*i
owner's r!?k.
C*"***,CES OP THE TRIBUNE Mala """??. of Th? Tr'.S.
une. 154 NsaUU-St., N?? V rk. MalB ptown SI *,
1 ??2 Broadvrar. A';,'---i all corn i mply
"The Trll me." Res v
At tr? HARLEM OFFICES 1--0 East One-hundred-anil
twenti'-flf"' ?t : C-Cl W??* On? hundred and twenty rtfth.
st.. and n'M West One-hundred-?nd-forty-flflh-?t., up ta
g p. rv. at ragul ir i Bl a rstes,
European Bran I f - niY<-r?!!?eir.fnts only. 75. Fleet
111sst E. C Land a, "C-sgtand
?54 atb-sve., a. ?-. c.r. tSct-St,
152 Uth-ave., . r, 12th st.
H2 r ? ml near wp?t ?6th-?t
lot] West 42!-^? . near *nh?a?ra.
2i? West Mil it, near '.'have.
2.'7 Wr*t 42: at., between 7th and 8th avea
157 ?tb-ave., ? rr.er Ifh at?
ra?a M-ave., ? tweei 78th and 7?*'h ata.
I MS ???-.-.vs., belweei 7?th and 77th ata.
1 ajs. M-ave.. near fil<? St.
150 Fa?t 47?! ?i , corner 3d-ave.
18* East 1251
^^-??ork??mb ?r&tmr.
Foreif*T!.--Arni.a-':.i i ri Bayard anl E istta
sr'r,?'<' a- UMJ dinner of the American S i. ty in
London, s : Iba Caban revolt is spi*?*?a,dlng,
and Oenen? Martine** Ctunpos may ba tx>tnpelled
to ank for relniort*em*aits. ??t Further details
of th?.* tnaty of i?-a ?? between Japan an 1 China
are piv.n. ~-: The Brili^ii expedition ;
tlnuing Itsj march to Chural.
I ? ?mt'Stlc?Ex-Senator Warner Miller spent
Thursiay nlajht in Albany a.s the sr-aesst of the
**k>vei*nor, who. It 1* sail, has sought his ai ; I
cure tha pa*atra**e <-t the New-York reform L.iis.
t* There :.s talk of a recess of the LasCtalature
for tw ? weeks, beginning May I. . Mrs. Delia
T. s. l'irii-]i, toother of the noted Irish :
was *ttsatilted and i?*>M>ed by fix>tpad.s near h?*r
ho.T.e, at ^ ii*dentown, N, J.; her lnjurtea are Berl
ous. ?v?a The standard Oil Company Bxed the
prico ? ( PennayTvanla oil at ?-to, a redaction of
M tente ? ttarrel. ; = Patriota" Day. the annl
t-enary of the battle of "L?exlngton, waa a***
ately celebrated In Magaachuaetta yeaterday.
r - _- S. M. Ilice, of New-York, was elected pr?si?
dent of the Distilling and Cattle Feeding C unpa
ny, in place ? t Joseph B, Oreenhut
City and Suburban.?The- Dock Board dropped
over IM useless employes from the leseive list.
. The Emplr ^'.u-- Society, of the .Sons of
the Anrssrican Revolution, presented a loving oui?
to the New-York City ehapter of the Daughters
of the American Revolution. ' si meetlni? in
tho interest of Barnard ?College ?vas addressed
l.y weil-kiiown ?pcighcilS : : (' .mniisbloner
Sheffield made a statement concerning his con?
nection with the blil in? reasi'ii' salar!? I of fire?
men, i??-i The Stock market clos, d a shade
lower, but was strung all day.
Tho Weather.?Forecast for t -day: Fair,
?lightly cooler; variable winds. Temp rature yes?
terday: Highest. 6S degrees; lowest, ii, average,
67*4? _
The asub-comnilttee on education of Iha Com?
mittee oi Seventy has ina?le answer to the objec?
tions to the pendiuj,' educational bill raised by a
meeting of public school teachers opposed to the
enactment of the bill. It Is shown that some of
tho statements ia the teachers' resolutions are
Inaccurate, iliat others create a wiOtSfl impres
sion, aud that ?till oiher objections to the unas
ure do not affect the teachers in. the Isastt The
main objection intiie teachers' minds Is uii<l<)tibt
edly the abolition of the present Hoards of School
Trustees, which constitute one of the most vicious
features of the existing system. The reason why
the tcai'hers co-opera to with tho trustees to ON
vent tho abolition of the latter Is dosJT to ?ill
familiar with our bchool system. The bill in
question, which has passed the Ass? mbly, should
ccrtaJuly receive favorable action in th ? Senate.
Tl.ero was a eignlflcaut contrast between the
Speeches <?f our Ambassadors at I.onilou ami
Paris made at the banquet of the new American
Society in Londm last evening Mr. l'ay.inl
dwelt on what he termed the vigorous action ?if
rresidcnt Cleveland In questions involving ih<
honor of the United States abroad, and had minli
to say In eulogy of "our chosen eh??1!" Mr.
Kasiis's speech, on th?1 othtf hand, breathed :i
spirit of genuine Americanism that was Keenly
ajiprecintiil by bis bean-rs. Jn an lnlernaiioiial
c.iiif.'ssliiiial he declared that th" sins of Ihe
I'nited Stales would be. fiw and small, and lie
painted In strong colors tin? difference bstWOSS
our policy of equal justice lo all and the a?f?*f*rei
slve spirit of the Kuroiiean Towers. It Is |g>
fresliing to liear such words from ou?* rcur-?KUi
Stive ?it one of ill?1 ?European capitals, and many
Aini'iie-an?. ? anno! bill r?'i.'re't that ther?? is no! a
I man of this stamp lo speak for Ain<?ri,;i mar the
i e?nirt ?>i' St. .laiii?-.
- ?a? -
Tin? objection of CommlMloner Pbelan wsg
' sufflclen! t.? prevent an <>????ii m? etlng of tli?' Dock
Board yesterday, when the question of rerlnlng
ih?' list of employes was to abe considere!, bul bo
[ was unable to delay the' dropping ?if 338 men r?*
?ported i ?y the chief engineer as "inefficient and
practical!} wortMc-ss." There has ?been no ?such
cleaning ? ui In any eitj department In many a
day, and yel only the engineer's bureau wag
iaiv?'ii in band, 'I'll.' new Commissionera arc to
he- commended for their decision to do their biH
u.-s in public hereafter. "We want n?> secrets i
here," says General O'Brien. That Is the apiri!
vv like to see in public .'tii.-ials.
What possible reason can Republican Senators
from rural ? 1 i s i p i ? ? i< have for opposing Asiiembly?
man Oonkling'g bill to prevent the colonization
of voters In tin?, and other cities? it ?s well
known thai colonization has been one of the
ways In which big Democratic majorities have
becii ?rolled up in New-York. Mr. Conkling's
hill, which has already pa?ssed the Assembly,
mak.s the entirely reasonable requirement that
lodging bouse keepers In New-York, Brooklyn
and Buffalo shall keep a register <?f their "gueats"
from s.']ii?'inln'i' to November, with roch descrlp
tlon as will enable them to be Identified. Yester?
day Senator Stapleton, of Onondaga, in??v?*d thai
ih.? Committee ?>n ?Cities he relieved fr??in th?> fur?
ther consideration of tl'?* Conkllng bill, and In?
timated that it was the committee's intention to
smother the meaaure. Hi*? motion was defeated
in a small h?ins?'. (Senator Paraona, chairman of
the committee, *l?-ni?*?i that there was any pur?
paoae eif kiliinu the bllL if that la tin? ?ms?', sir.
aParaons, a ?repon In iT< ?favor ought to be forth?
comlng Immediately.
s.?. ?Edward! You ha?l no Idea when you gave
t?> th?> ]ii-"ss your "Addregg to the Republlacan
votera <?f the State" of April a that ?any one would
make the mistake of rapposlng that you did it
in yonr repreaentatlve capacity as President of
tin? Republican County Committee! V??u ?li?! it
as nn Individual, exercising the rl^iit <.f free
speech I You did not, perhaps, observa that it
was given out as an emanation from "the Pre -i
dent of the Republican County Committee," and
?jo appeared In all the newspapers! Or, if you
did, it ?liil not occur t.a you that ih?? publleatlon
of your ctfflclal title In ??onnectlon with the Ad
iir?--s bad any significance! N<?: probably not
And it ?li'i ii"t occur t?? you either that Ita being
?sent out "ti the ?lato ..f its Isaue to newspaper
editors up th.- State, accompanied by a "confi
dentlal" communication signed by Charles \V.
Uackett as chairman of the ?Republican 81 i ?
Committee, and B. B. Odell, Jr., as chairman of
?the Executive CommItt.ee, In which It wag de
scribed as the- "statement of t!i" Hon. l..lu.n.|
"Lauterbach, chairman of the Republican Coun
"iy Committee," .n : i ? 1 "a faithful review of the
situation and ? f events leading up lo It," might
have a mideading effect! Oh, no. You did noi
suppose that i tais, document, though offlcl .1 In
fe>riii. from the State Committee's letter-head to
the signature b of the chalrmi n. would delude any
one with the notion th.it ?...in* "Address" was
anything more than an expression of opinion by
an Individual Republican fired vvi'h ??eal f r Re
publican harmony 1 And you did not think that
aposaibly the newspaper editora up the State, who
for r?as..ns ?h'.Nire to keep ??ti ????"1 terms with
State Committee, migh! "n that account
y.?ut* Address more Importance than yonr name
a^ an Individual vot? would give it! No; p?rob
ably not Thai is what we uiulersUUMl y?.>u to
But did you observe, ?Edward of courM you
did, you couldn't help II that Messrs. Hacketl
and Odell, speaking for the- Republican party ??f
the State of New-York, of which they ar?- tin'
official org ?us. deacribed j"u as **ona of the f?ora
"iii...-i members of the ?recent Oonatltntl mal ?Con
"v?;iti..n,'' and as "a tUad*agiilglMd lawyer and
n gentleman <>f ipotlesa t'haracter"? What <ii?l
they mean by that, Edward? i?:?i they mean
that Mr. Joseph 11. Cheats and Mr. Ellhn Root,
who signed th?- Address which evokeBd your Indlg?
nant outburst and whom you describe as "am
bltioug ami envious men" "bent upon iIm ruin
??f :h?-ir ?party," were l? se "foremost" than you
in the Contrtituttonal ?Convention of which all
tin'?.- were members? <?r that they are l? m "dis
tlngulsbasd" .'is lawyers; or that they ur?- n?at
gentlemen, as you ar??, "of spotless character"?
What vv?re- y?.u thinking of, .Edward, when you
procured the Blgnaturei of lbs chairmen of the
Republican State Committee and the sai
?.i the Republican party of the Stats to a <?? ?rtlfl
??.it?- ??f your official charact?er as chairman of the
Republican ?Co inty Committee, your public char
a.-icr as "i'.ir?in.?si m?ember of the Constitutional
Convention," your professional character as ?
Led lawyer," ?and your private char
acter as "spotless " to aid in the circulation of a
scurrilous att.'i'k upon the character and motive -
of Mi' h men as Joseph II. ?1 !boate and Ellhu Boot,
whoae sole <.fi'?-ni-' ?consisted In signing s resp?ecl
ful Addreig to the Republicana of the State on
the s'liiji-ct of Mnniripai Reform? \>.<i ye n de
Uberately Intend t?? Invite rompartaon or rather
t?> guggest the contrast? if you did, yon were
not wise. Mesara. Cboate and U???' aro quite
w. il known. They bold a pretty high place In
public eateem. it i??-i"ii^s to them, for ihey
earned it. Yonr fame, Edwtud, is more recent;
and, you will pardon us for saying so, attaches
more to your ?patron and client than to yourselt
it was an obvious mbrtake <?n your part t?? iu
vite.? ?-?iniiaris..!). And a monumental mistake to
Invoke the aid of the whole Ucpul>ii?an ?party ?af
th?* Stats to ?sustain your own rather compli?
mentary view of yourself.
You waited ?some ?time, Edward, abefore ?making
your explanation. leidn't you ?know until the
meeting of the County Committee, and Um re
marks of Qeeneral McOook on the ?nibjsct, that
it was noeeh'ilV Staml op, I'M ward, and look the
Kepi.talle-au party In the faro! Didn't you know
when you ?java ?ailt that scurrilous doeiiinent that
iwthlng In yiur public, professional or ?private
character ?'??ulil get Its tangled liic??her?'iii-?'s a
moment's consideration from tin? public, acepl
the fact of your poaltlon as Pregldenl of the Coun?
ty Committee and your relsUoo lo Mr. ?Plat! m
his attorney? Didn't you know that wen then
Veatl ll?'el|e.,l ce-rt ?|ica11,,|| fr??iii tho 11 ?pu ! ?I i < ;i n
state Committee to k1v<- it curren ??>??.* And <ii?in't
you know that freuu lieglnnlng to end it was a
el?'lihi'i'at?'ly e.iii.'net.'.l and -shamelessly per
petrate-el fraud upon the Republican County Com?
mittee, the Hi'puhiii'an state Committee and Um
whole Republlecan party of the state? st??]?
quibbling ?and aptttifogging, iMwani, and tell the
truth. The people a:re not ?fools. You only tang?s
y?iiir?eif in iryinu t.? deceive them, wit?? pin you
up to it, Edward? Has bs i?st his he-ad entirely?
Why didn't yeni advise? lilm fflfferently? You ?are
Old ?ij.,iiL-h to know that tlior?-'? no profit in po?
litical fakes; al?el tills, upon y.iii* ovvii admissions,
was a fake, pun- and gimple; ami an ?'Mrae.nli
nanly silly one at that. You say v?ni Bra at a
loss to c?uic,.?vi> iieiw the Impresalon rank] have
(?.???il ci-i'.-iteii, ?n- tin? idea n-'iiiTatcd, thai your
Ad?lr?'ss was an ??tllclal ?l.,ciiinent; )m| since It
is so, you eps'iii it your eluly te? reineive- it. Com??
off, Edward! That was the Impression you In
leii'leel io create? tniel tlio Idea you nu-ant t?> in-n
?ratc, tiinl yon never thought of Ctvrectlng or r?1
movlug it until (Jemral IftsOook e'tillesl you down.
YOU say in e'oni'ltisioi: that Ih?? "facts" ?iiiheid
le?el in your Addre-ss "have remained iiiii'euitr??
verted an?l unanswered." Why, Kdward, Hiere
wtfTo no ?ucu In it HU jou expect Uie eighteen
?-iiiiii? ni i ? ? i ?ni ?1 i.'.i i?-? whom you -attacked lo come
oui in a card and deny thai ibey were "arobltlous
"and envions non" "b. in upon the ruin of their
"party".' Ymi give yourself too much conse?
quence. <>r did you expert Mayor Strong to pub
lis.li a denial of wbal you ?ay thai Patterson,
Murray and Phillips My lhal Hoy heard Ihe
! Mayor say'.' Or of what >*ou gay thai Mr. Plan
1 says he heard the Mayor anyr Nonsense, Fkl
i ward: So one of this tine array of unlrapeach
! abb1 witnesses has ventured to say on his own
responsibility wha1 yon gay he say?, i'oti aro nl
least two remove*! from anywhere in particular,
and have bei n rhatterlnis slander al aeeond nr
! third hand. Pardon us, Edward, bul you do seem
? io he from Btari to finish Ihe most nna<*c ?untable
! blunder of the period.
Prom ib" way in which hi? suggestions aro
disregarded f?overnor Morton mus? la* Inclined to
wonder If he lias much liiliueiicc tvllh ihis Logis
lature. Regardless of ihe consideration due him,
certain Senators aud Assomblyni n ?1 big own
party are puttinj* in lila h ?ml- bills n hieh ? lolatc
every principle 1 lid down bj ihe ?lovernor in his
annual message, li Is nol to be supposed thai
they hold so low an opinion of his character and
Intelligence as to ? gpeel from him ?li?1 self stultifi
cation which approving their Jobs would Involve,
They certainly can be under no mich mlsapprc
hension as t.? think him the mere registrar of
decrees devised for tin1 furtherance of selfish po?
litical or financial purposes. Their course is up
parently ?In?1 t.? utter forgetfulnesa of the cour
tosy they owe the Executive and reckless haste
to do all thai i- in their power for the gratifica
11.?ii of their own appetites, careless of the ultl
niai.? fate of Ibelr grabs and unmindful "f Ihe
annoyance li mus? cause the tlovcrnor to be com?
pelled to .-land up aa th?1 defender of ihe people
against vicious legislation carried through by
members of bla <??? d party.
One of the measures Jual geni to the ftovernor
which nio-t directly antagonizes the spirit <?f his
recommendationa 1- the acl committing Ihe Kl
to the expenditure of 93.000,000 for thi.nstruc
tlon of a storage dam In the Geneaae River f?
the Improvemeni >>( the water p^ower of Itoeli
ester. Mr. Morton in his message dwell part leu
larly on the need -.f public economy. He said:
"I espr, ?ally desire t.? call attention to the .
"and growing demand for the moat rigid eeou
"on**" In the management of ihe diffi r ui deparl
"menta of our Sia:?1 government," an i "the
??remedy, and Ihe ool* remedy, in relieve ih<
"p.- pie an l the Industries of this Si ti ? fr m the
"burdens now fell - ? aevi r ly la by the practii ??
"of reasonable and Jual e?-oni?my In all State - \
"penditures." It is I ?of Ihese d<
- that ih" l.i'-i-l itur?\ undi r the preti
Improving Ihe canals, h is ni id? i1- Inl
priation fog tl ?? Is tit of the li
owners. 'I'll it It.? - ?le ?
men! et en the . ubi* .?- ? Ives have
Ins for ? .i mi on th I!
Klvi r for ihe pui i l'anal
restoring ; i the - 1er pow? r on I
'. lesee Hiver water il
ranal purposi s. The :
bile that It roall ?
mill owners, bul onlj
? ?
. ; (tut In fac?
sdda $1.00it.0(i0 io th< of 1
. for the '" in of thi .-...
The consti
thorized, bul tho base Is 1
dam may be carried u-? t"
the walls to I ghl of 130 :? ? I
additional pro*, ided for give ??? ater -
for ih?. mill "??? :.. i'-., i In*
out that the I' ? - ?? ill p i? '
tension oui of th? lr own p
ha- built the lowi r pari ? f I mal;
and perhaps lb< y \? 111 If ihcy . ml p.
future Legislature to assume I he . ?,
misled by the title of the presi nl bill it.;., t..
Ueving that the Btate really owi ? the propi
of water rigb'a - >m< I *rat?T hitl
used In the ranaL Aiamil f 1 the rn U
era for >? ara bat e b? ? n, a hi ? . -
the water which belonged I ? I > canal 1
i- K- bester. The Erie Canal ha
enormous benefits on I lb pd
ester, and 11 is rather late In ihe d i
!.. plead that Ihe water mied lo t orii b ibein bj
a canal buill before nioai of ihem bad ?
rights or person il ei ??is stolen and d
ed from their mill wheels. Tlie promoti ra of lb?
scheme is} lhal ihe ? ?? ?low for a
par! of the "ssasou that there I no water I ?
canal. \ el thi y t.?il? ..f an en rmous al
reservoir to "restore" t.? mill owm rs tvuter ??!..? ?>
til? y allege the State has bei n unable to obta n
[I may be an open question wbcthi r or nol the
State ml|*h1 with advantage bave more watci
available al Ilocbestir. it ihe mill-owners wanl
to build a dam for tin lr ov? u usi - imb -i> ran oh
? ? r.ni ii is entire!* in l< fensible lo saddle ihe
State with tho expenditure for the latter pur|>o*<
The possibility thai Itorhester non may build
the addition dwa nol obviate tl.bji ctlon. Thi
base of the dam must Imj much Ihli l.? r lo earr*
the added height than la required for the ne ils
of the canal, even If the mosl udvanci-d claims
in that behalf are conceded lo be ;
This larger base will add |1,000.000 to the coal
of the work aolel* for private advantage. Th?
whole Btate i- lo be taxed -?> much for th?
owner-. Thai Is a Job which m? talk ab.mi canal
Interesta or exten ions ai local expenso will
to cover up. Governor Morton probably did nol
foresre the provisions of this bill when be wrote
his message, bul ?r be had, he could m.t bave
given warning against them .ra plainly thin
when discussing Improvements of ihe canals he
urged that action for their bettermeni be taken
"unmixed with political or other subordinate
purposes an 1 polillos."
if ih.- staio Keservatlon at Niagara Tails ??a
worth aecurlns at great expense to the people ?if
the state, ii is worth preserving Inviolate from
all private or corporate encroachmeni or control.
The persistent efforts lhal have from lime lo time
been made by Individ?ala or corporations to ge
oiiri' a foothold within the Keservatlon limita for
money-making or other selfish purposes bave
heretofore been auccessfully resisted Bul the
most audacious ami Impudent of all these al
tempts is also the most dangerous, bt*cauae of
the powerful Influence or the persona and cor
porationa behind it. l nder cover of <.i?i charter
rights of the Niagara rails and Suspension
Hiiiiiio Hallway Company ll is now proposed to
.?i? in?1 legislative consent t?? run a trolley line
of ?treetcara through a portion of the Reserva
tlon grounds, and a bill has bei n Introduced In
both branches ><f the Legislatur.nflrmlng thi*1
privilege, ami. in effect, restraining the C.mis
atoners from interfering with such construction
and oper itloti of the railway.
The bald staiimont, of auch g proposition would
si-cm t,, he suiiicieiit effectually to condemn ?i
Hut tho history of previous raids on the i.i
pr.'i-ioiis possessions of tin? people, exhttlng In the
form of noble pleasure [roundg or gt*e8| works
"T Nature, shows bow **Mi]y selfish moneyed In
ten -is Mi-Hie tin ?r ends, unless the sentimenl
that has created and preserved these posscaslonn
is .'irons,.,i m,,| gtrongly agserts Itself if ibis
electric railway ghould be permitted t?? eticroach
Upon even the small.-I ...imr of the Rsaserva
lion it would m..,m i|,.- nildoiag al one stroke, of
the beiielleeiit Work that has Cost DM**** jaaj? of
public-spirited labor on the wart of |*ta**M*nTlt !
Green and his associates to a.mpRsh, To p?'?"* I
mil one private concer? to neinilre Independent
lights in these mngnlflcenl ?public ??mim?is wouhl |
entail an endless train ?if other invasions ??f like? |
nature' until tin- fundamental prinripls which
prompted ihe creation of th.- llegeejrvatlon would
s?i,iii I..' buried under abuses as ?great ami many
as those that existed under private- ownership of
ih" Niagara hanks and Islands.
only one rale ?.?a i??- pi nuit;, d to govera such
cases, namely, that the State shall preserve toe
K.'-i'i'v.iii.,ii under the sole and absolu!.mtrol
i?f its Commissioners. Tei this do! one excejitlon
can i?" allowed. That this ?s tin- ?sentiment of
Ihe ?people Ihere is no doubt. They have so ?\
pf.-ssi'd ihelr opinions whenever the opportunity
has nfforded. it Ihey could l"- brard at the s?-s- I
si..us ..f il... Senat?' Railway Committee to be
lield r??gardlng this matter next wvk. tli??r.?
weetilel In? no eloiilit of Hi?' fa!'- "f the bill. Bui I
ih.-i-.' otiRh! to h?- no deatibl of its fate m any
event. Ami we frei ronfldenl thai the Senator?
Ihemselveg will _:\?- such consideration to the ?se
sentiments of the people, as agalna! iic plena
of the ?paid attorneys ?.f the corporate Interests
necking iiii-? outrage -us privltege, that the bill
will ne ?-i- -'"i i" y ?.?id ihe doors of the committal?.
In ih?- lengthening lisl <>f Republicans whom
local sentiment is infeertnally nominating for the
Presidency w?' are glad to Qntl Senator i?.ivis. of
Minnesota, enrolled. Th.>nve?ntlon which will
officially pick "in a candidate, and likewise ?
winner, will not nsscmblo for more than a year;
bul the proceag of rifting daims and calculating
?h mes which will go on vv it h constantly Increaa
Ing vigor from this time until the party's choice
his been made deoei no ?harm, and If it <lid would
nevertheleas continue just the same. That, is
one of the waya In which ?'iti/.?'iis ?>f a fr?.?un?
try, <.r a! any rate ,.f this ?free country, iniii?! th?'ir
own business. M occaaionally ?happens thai th?
solicitude of and for Individ?ala proves to have
I... n untimely, the early bird ?falling to ratcb the
worm, r.in auch accidents an? not criminal; in
fad w.? ajuppose thai they arc unavoidable.
Snmcllmeg the gentleman who has pul hlnMelf
in ill?? bands of his fr?mis and the friends it?
whose bands he h.is pul himself are painfully '
disappointed In th?- ?results <>f ihelr t*o-o?p?pratlon;
bul in the long?mn the country fares pretty well, !
^ from bail fortune as well as good.
'i fa ? Incidents of such a prellmin iry canvass an \
thai which has now ?begun cause genera] regret
In ?-"?n" ?pari of the country the m ilta
tlon <'f an Individual ?seems to signify a sellish
Re i itnal f' eling or a low terd<*T .?f Intell .
ind patriotism. There is no ?such suggestion ii?
ihe caws of Mr. Davis; on the ? ontrary, the exist?
the ret ? ri - of Ibese
: his ii mi"
in ? .-n!:?'.?'.??n with ihe Presidency ? v..k.> sympa
? lnteri?st. it is , \.. ,,i.:, . . ?ble i?>
r S'orthwestern
.ii'li'l i,-, is .I'.-r, fable
lav?? a \ .v id and _- it?
? * .-'. le.- n hi i
Ii l ? ? the ' .-.- ? : law and
order las! summer wh a I ?? i's American Rail
??' - ' ' : - a , ,. . ;?;.!.. ;,' :,'. |
i. ? - Without waiting i -
If aw Y it ( - ? ' ? ? in .. -? tit ' f
? -.?. r ible ? ? ige which rang
:? ? and his fel '
!????, were "?i the ?? rg? ? -f committing the crime |
i a, that they ?
- well .is the fexw
of all i vote to dissolve
? . i to e for the K> le re - ?In
- | their Impudent pret??nslow. The
of ! Btrj was lii.s!.in:an>s?'iis. t -
? ? ? Itude of |i?'rs..iis ?lis.-, rn-ed
i gtate imen w?ere em
what they bel ?-v.?). and ths ?Pres
|.|?-:r ' '. imatlon We said at the
? thai f Mr i? i had never done a?oything I
r hu (?ountry he would d?rservs tasting
.-.?i. .-.-.ti f< r thai -i i atone; and we have ?sever |
s., n any r?-i- a feir a*?odlfytng that opinion. The
M .,::?-"? i lias an ample stock ?>f
|| . >untge l.?h::.i| his s .niel .-..;iv I?-ti?.lis on
public questions, and the |.pie of h!s own State
honor thcmsi'lros when ihey honor him.
And therefore, now that the country U begin?
ak aboul the momentous ?hole? which
ir, and the tentativa candi
?i?s i;ni iiolltii s ar?? ?'ine-rc
Ing Into vi.'W. vv.. derive ?peculiar utitfaction
? thai r'-;.:-. -'iit.it:re it?
puhllcans of ?le- Northwest ar<- signifying bj
. . itlam tow ird ?Senator Davis ihelr ad
'i' vv hieb he is the embodl
The motives of the British Foreign Office In
? ?? N'lcaraguan affair h ?v.- bren Intelligently ? on
rli red In .air Washington ??e>rresp?>ndence. It is
unlikely thai England will either bombanl
...??' riiito, or Inte rfe re with the ?-"1
Ii tlon ? :' ? i ton -, or land an armed fore-, ?ir
lake any ste?pi to acquire a foothold In N'Ira
ragua. While Ihe reply of the? Managua ?Govern
to - ? ? i. -'i ultimatum fa is been officially
characti rized as unutlsfactory, it is not probable
thai there will Ik? recourse to extreme measures
ia opposition lo a lit tn ?policy eau th.- pari of tho
Siaie? Da'partnie'iit, w h. n ?aiir Washington corre
spondent Myt* that the opinion la gaining ground
th ? England means to accomplish her end, nol
against the wishes of the United States, bul In
accordance vvith them, be presents an epitome
"f British diplomacy In Central America during
th.- last sixty v.-.irs. Thai Ih ths ?history ??f ths
t'lay ton-Hid wer Convention condena?sd int.? a
single aentence. England bag always found it
easier t.a entangle and overreach the ?State !???
?partmenl than to adopt bigb-handed mrasureg
in Central America. The ?same tactics will h?
follow?.i to the end
n is the iiit'-fo.'a'.inii* waterway that lends Im?
portance !'? I'.rilish claims agsinel Nicaragua.
s,? ion:; as there is an) chance of the? ?conatruc
tlon and o|tenlng of the? ranal England will ding
tenaciously to every pretension, ri??ht or privltegs
for which any reasonable pretext can he offered
The dlacredlted Clayton-Bulwer Treaty author
laed a Join! prot?!-e7*torate over the canal; and Eng
land will do everything In her power to kc?>i? that
convention operative. The autonomy ?if the? Meis
imito Iteservatlon wag ?'pi.sranteed ?by the Treaty
of Managua; and England has maintained, n*
long as she was allowed t?> ?h? ?s??, an Indirect pro?
t.'iiorate ov-e'i- ihe territory c^mtlgu-ous t<? the
I 'arllihe an entrance to tl.anal. Nicaragua liiiv
Ing Anally obtained full possession <?f a territory
Over which nominal ?sovereignty bad previously
?been exereUed, England now takra up the claims
of Mr. Hat'li anil oilier gttbjescts and ??inns u
controversy In which menaces may m>f lend to
overt acts, hut lu which there may h?- a cliatii'e
for making a dupe of Btreretary Oreshsm.
We do nol lii-lieve ihat l.or,| Kiuihi rli'y has th.?
t-einoiist ieh'.i ?.f ?bombarding Oreytown, en- ?>f
acquiring Corn island, or of landing an Brmed
force a! Corinto. Any ??f these a?'ts would lead
to the abrogation ?if the Clayton Bulwer Treaty,
and that is the last thing which any British
diplomatie! desires t.? bring about. What ?Lord
Klmberiey would Hkn i?> ?I?? Is to entrap the state
le.'pariniciii int.? an sdmlselon thai ih?' United
Stall's canneat rightfully protest. SgSlnSt elriMh
iii?',isiiies for enforcing demands i'??r Hi?- Indem?
iilllcatloli eaf ?British ?subjects, and that Ih?? -M??u
i-oe |?oi'triiie- Is a hit of academic phrasing and
has no ?practical ?bearing upon inti-rnationai obli?
gations. ?Prompt aci'cptaiH-e- eer NlratMua'a <>fr??r
to siilmiii nil the claims to arhltrntion would
bnuii t?? ? dose a coutroT?vX'*u- whle-h iirc.it Krlt
I ain prefers to keep open because it is a coimter
I poise tu n?. quasi-protectorat?' 'hat has been se:
| asid.? in the Mosquito Ucservation. i.ord Kim
| beiiey knows how astute and plausible a repre
, tentative he has in Washington In the person of
the British Ambassador. Sir Julian I'auneefon?
is spi-eadin;- g net in which ho hopes to enmesh
President Cleveland and Secretary Oreaham.
The siate Department cannot offer objection
if the British i.ovi'rninem demands an indem?
nity for indignities -raffend by its consular repre?
sentative in Nicaragua, it can remonstrate,
however, against high-handed and barbarous
methods of collecting Indemnities which have
been assessed ex part?1. Either the bombard
menl of Greytown, ?ir tin.upatlon of Corn
Island, or the seizure of revenues at Corinto
would in-a crime against civilization. Nicaragua
has consented to an equitable arbitration of the
British claims, ami that ought to satisfy every
requirement of justice ami fair play, if England
attempts by bombardment or armed force to
bully Nicaragua Into paying a bin of damages,
which lias been arbitrarily levied, the State lie
partmenl ought t.? issue a new edition of the
Monroe Doctrine with a mi reinal reading .spe?
cially adapted to the caae.
A hearing will be K?wn by Mayor StrotiK nexl
Thursday at 2 p. m an th.- bill relating to the
Improvement "f tenement and lodging-houses in
tins city, which is ni.v in fore him for official
action. This bin has attracted a good deal ...
interest, and the attettdan ? at the hearing will
no doubt be large.
The fr?., sliver boomen will probably never be
completely happy until they procure the passage
of an a t making it unlawful to coin gold.
About ail that i.i Hung Chang **ai*rieg back
with him to China as a token of his peace mis?
sion, is the bullet Bred into his cranium by a
young Japanese fanatic. The docl ira even tried
to make him give that up, but couldn't vi it.
? ?> ?
A special committee has been appointed by the
Assembly of our Btate t . consider the question of
highway Improvement This was <i<,ne in pursu?
ance "f a i*ecommendatiori mail" by Q ivernor
Mori n in his message. The committee <
of M-assrs. Hlgbie, Bchoepfiln, Ar:nstr..nir. Btaley,
Vacheron, Krenrtch and Tobin, who Intend to
leak.- an exhaustive Investigation ?-f the s
? II? h f '!' us to dwell u? "ii its Importance,
f r the :- -- t) of better roads is recognized by
person with eyea in hut head who
abroad in any part of the Btate. Th.* committee
ha I ?!'" Ided i" hold a publl ? hearing at th.-1 '..; I I
In Albany .-very We Inesday a1 :: p. m., and li
-.. : is fi m all Interested. We earnestly ad
./? :.s who wish t i -, - ?i system of good
n . la ci ? :.'? ? in tie- Btate to atti 1th m he ir
1 I aid the commli -?? ???! a? ?rk.
v ?? thai Mr. Ora ??? n is "n tl ; oII
i .!?!?;:' nt to in [Uli ? ??bat pai ? . ,
..ti: ?? :.
- ?a
It I . ? a greal ::t to Eng
! ? ? t and J m have i"- n a
. t. - ins of peace without issistai i
:.??:?. England would probably ha?.- been
? ! to take a band in tie? settlement
f r th.- opportunity it would have given for the
?i-i"' it: Itlsh p ?wer in th" < >ri- nt
The action of th? merchante "f Baxony :;i
i- i a petitl a to exclude all foreigners from the
.?i schools of tl ? > is a matter of
t. . i ?tl- Interest I i the Unite 1 Bl item . A
ment was begun by t!-1 manufacturers l ^
tii.s. who ?r- Mpecially bltti r m their opp isltion
to ihe ?'? ntinuancs ??' the privilege. Th- eXp m
In textile fahn-s fr..:n < ?. rmariy his .1,
materially m th.- last few years, an 1 the rnanu
?rs .le lare that this la due to the foreigners
p.. tb? :.? :hnl al sch ?? is, who learn the ae ?rets i I
manufacture, cany them boms? aad .-? on
Importation unn?- aasary. it is almost certain
that th- petition will h.- acted upotf favorably by
th- Qovernment, and many itudenta will ?
quently be s*nt to th-ir iionies ,.r, a: |. ltc. !
ged t> stH-ic instruction elsewhere. Among
Ih" pupils are Amer! ins and English. Technt
? i- 'hools of this kind could be established in
- ' antry, With ?Ut doubt, and Us-y should be
established. Ther? aeema t.? be no reas m why
Americans atioold not have as good s boola >?f
this kind as th" St\.:.- especially if we have
1 ull their se rets of ni.iMufa !ture. 1:' tie
ex lus1,..a ..f foretgMre from the s.ixon Instltu
tlong brings at.out this leslrabla result, ???? snail
i...;.e that the petition of th.- marchai
Industrious ? ?untry may !??? granted.
Thai provision for uniform taxation and valu?
ation in ail parts of Greater New-York \??l
???? ??:>? strengthen t ?i- ? gentiment in favor of con*
.- iiidatlon.
.. ? ?
'?" I'ui.a's exports during tbe Brat Quarter of
r..p year "f 1SM-M, ninety-two per ..tit
earn.- to th.' I'nlr.'i Btal -. II i country*a polttl
.:1 a.- dations s. ..'ild !?? based upon tier , en
.1 relations, ll is easy t" *?".? where Cuba
? ?;s.
Relgtnm is once more on the ?ve of a k> :
This time it is in consequence .f th" re?
strictions with which communal franchis? i
hampered, in reforming the Parliamentary tmf
fraga the Oovi rnmenl omitted to enlari
municipal and parish ? i lions, an.I the !?
that under present clr umstsnees th.- quallflen?
tlons needed for a communal vote are even
greater than those exacted in senatorial .
tlons. The present Cabinet has drawn up a . ?m
munal electl ma toil, which, however, falls t.> give
satisfaction to the masase; the latter insist on
universal auffrage, and finding the Qovernment
determined t'1 refuse this ha?.- now decided to
proclaim a general stiik- by way of forcing King
I,, opold'a band.
Vegetarianism receives a boom from the ad
vanee in th" price <'f beet A meat diet never
geems so Injudicious as when it eosts about t w i ?,?
as mu. h as It should.
Mr. Crtap Is apoken of as tin? posslbls IV-mo
cratlc candidate for the Presidency in 1*0*4, Pat
there Is a question aa to his eligibility, as ha was
born in England while iiis parents, Americana,
wen? temporarily residing ther?. it is underetood
that Mr. I'risp tiimself examined the matter
carefully some time an??, and reached the con?
clusion that he was not eligible for the Pr. sl
dency. Bo Ion?- as thoro is even g shadow ,,f
doubt on this point th?> i ???mo ran ! Nat: .n.ii Con?
vention will certainly not make him Us candidate
and run the risk of losing the prize in the im
probable evi m of its auoossg in next ?ear's cam*
? ? ?
Tu any other nation than the French, the state
of affaire revealed by the speech of sx-prsntier
kaOnbet in the Chamber of Deputies the other day,
as President of tin? Parliamentary Committee on
Finance, would be alarming tn the extreme, it
asama that, nut of the total revenue of $6(17,000,000,
the Interest on the national debt alone absorbs no
l.-ss than $:i71,iit?0,000, while the army and navy
take h.-iw.-.t, tin-m $1S2.000.?(H.). leavlni- only Jll'.
ti'Hl.OOO for all other expenses of the State So
.startled was the National Laeglslature by these
flgureg that it has given orders t.. have If, Lou*
bet'S apajeoh printed and placarded in ?'very town
and \'lilage throiipinniL th.? length and breadth of
lYaii.e us ?i warning to Constituencies not !,i ask
for io, al grants from the OOVSI ninent. Prance, it
Ut true, Is v?-ry rich, ami i* possessed of a llnanelal
eUiMtliity superior to that of any other eountry in
Kin-op,., hut ihinKH have now raaehad **neh a point
that the spirit of H.nunl economy for which this na
ti.'ii Is so Justly not?1! i* liound to naaari Itself, and '
It Ih probable thai, inasmuch as there la no possi?
bility o.' reducing any ?if the charge? tn connection
with, the national debt or tba army and navy, tba
I taxpayers will conclude to abandon some of their
I colonial enterprises, which, without excentlon,
have hitherto proved a ?eourt-e et immense expense
! instead of profit to the mother country.
General Fltzhugh Lf-e. vv h a has Just hern ap
I pointe?! an internal Revenue e.'olleetor for the
' tveatern Dtotriet of Virginia, Is i r.?-phew of Or-n
| arm! Robert K. I.?.'. and has for many years been
:i consjiiiuous Rgun in the pubtto life of Virginia,
"For nearly two years,'' says "Th?- Baltimore .Sun,"
"the President h?xa boon de>sirous of cont??rrlas upon
?;.!,. ral Lea ?toma ?it.". -. \,i a,:t::y months ano
i:?- ums i.'T.-rc'l a foreign mission, which h?> <le
cllned. He e?,iii?i have h.ii ?several desirable posi?
tions early in th- ?vdmlnlstratlon, but th'-n, ?Mag
a candidats for the United States ?Senate, he <le
I all. Since then there haw been tew ?>r no
pa liions which the Pre lidenl felt would !??? Sgrss>
able to Gei ? ral i.? ?? II tsnetera I to him."
it.i..-, ?s vTUhelmins von MontlMrt-?Secbsefl Kur
lan.I, wtio died in Vienna tie- ?.tii?r ?lay. was one
?>f th?- wealthiest ?A,.tie:'. In Austria. S ?java a
fortune to charity during her lifetime, ?mi left a
million or more to tli" Archduke Etelne
T Rev. Dr. Joseph ':' Duiyea, f?.rmeriy pastetr
of th? ? *:.a.-- an Avenue '? n Church, ?molc
lyn. will preach ? In the Wrel it formed
Church, corner of B II end e'lytn? r-st.,
I?r. .),,!:a Blackmer, the weli-knoira prohibition?
ist of Sprii ?field, Mass., who tint \ .-? died, e.eined
tee m, i ven of the ??' s I s Ith >,!m.
"HI urit.ti; ."-.>.- 'Th K publie IB," " ira-?1? vol I of
lll-n mi.' t- an I th loa of all hoMing
i dlfTereat opinion which are so e-omnm.i to the p.o
hlbltionists. I: was this opei is to the va
riations of human opinion larhich nablcd hun to ap?
prove of the submlssl n :?? the popular vote "f tne
Norwegian system ol regulating tl lie lnto*cl
? n,:-. H?- was bitterly at! - ?? ! by m n srith wh m
he had lai. irsd for year?, because of this position,
and Anally ha- ?ii i retir? from I: -not that h" felt
thai his sction a k, ml that It .ajar.-,i la a
way t.-.- cause oi prohibition."
Major v?,:i Wissmann, the famous African ex
plorer, has d<eclded to ink?- up his reinielsnfs with
his young wife in BerllB. Hs has been in Naples
this winter.
Th.- K.-v. Jir. i'. X. ?Sima apastar of the M.-r!.]lan
Btresl IfaStbodlsl BpiscoiM? Church, of It. inti ??. <;;s,
has uii'i. r consideration an Invita:,on to bsaotag
<'hani*<-!l ,r of I ?a- I'auw I 'nlv.i -!t>, t'. taha the placa
Of IiUho;> BOWmaa, Of St. LOI?S. I?r. BtBM l> ?-I!
known ani..na,- the ostleg? and uaiversKj* m?n ?if the
M< ? ?lis?, e'i.iir.-h. II?- was ehan -Kur of B) racuse
t'niverslty, .-'yracuve, fr'?m i*?,*l until IBH, wh?-n he
resigned and becsme pastor nf th?> Mertdli
II?' was atr.e ?nat?.I at. Asbury College (now
De i'j ..v L'nlversit) i in ? ?
The city <>f RiefaoMnd Is ataont to srs?r?t a monu
menl t? lAi ute n snt-e ; neral J. I-;. B. .smart, tbeeas->
Hlry rommandetr ?.f the Army of Northern Vinriala,
who was killed in !'hk:" at ictlow Tavern in DM,
Th? gold n have ths largest output of
any In th?? worl t is th.- "Little Johnny." of I.- igV
ville, '*? l , owned by .!.>hn I-'. Camptoo. Hs mat ta
:? and ? "k up the "Little Johnny" aft? r four
other m ? - - ad abandot I It h tuse they esttM
not find a trs f ? poor
tor, two V'ai.-i ago, he !?? ? iiiamiiite?!
s .?;.i. M s Nellie May Daly. He
? . ' :. ? .'. i? ;o> j-,',r. but
v? .'n. h he now has,
? 1 th?
. e.flso.
? ;> P, \. Lud le -i i Rom I, of .^yra?
cu ? . N V . ?he
s iree month i.
tui: talk Ok im: day.
A .? i" !'-" In Hotels?
left WOTd vu? :i. l.-s that ha
was i.-? ;?!??? I to ? trus Bngllsh a-cent
il- got some pupils.
i k: ow .i u k ha l ? h info?
the name of bis new i : from Sail to i r
"Xo Why"'
ton Beacon.
'?The Boot Ti cript" thinks it woald ?*?? a
good thing tor this country to sell Its s;xty-eent
?i?.liars to China for nine I lea for
China to pap tie m over to .i i, m at par.
Th? Pi "I'V - !'? art youf
; - . ?
whittling a ??tick. "Y . , ?> him H.?u?"* a
H- ain't a bit hetter'n our pra?t?cher, aad
all we jKiy oiir'n I.? MM."
"Tea but our i'r?'j :h r says ?> h.-r anl nyether,
and yaiir'n ?lon'f. ' replied th boy who was s:i..rpea
ing bis knif'j on lits shoe ?? ' .. ig > Tribuno.
"The Outlook" ?ay? an Ameii in who am re
iravelllng in Bui I the Vatican and.
asked to im th? c?ttla t ?-. Th?? attendant w-aa
very much lurprlsed si Cattle pena? Why,
W? h..v" n.'thlnir of tin? BOTt, Signor." The r.-spons?
was: "WbeSN In tb? vv.,r:i do :?"ti k? ? I? th?' I'.tpal
He Loved April. "There's nothing mor?-? beautiful
than the month .>'. April." >ie- .-:>?h.'i temderly. "I
wi ih tiut it coul i las) .'? re ver."
B ? I," tin answered, fervently.
I ? : oi ?ad f nature, ti^n."
' \ ? -. Imlee I. Bei i-nr due
on the let of Hay."?(Wauhii'-gton Star.
Wliil? th?' ic.'.-.rnor of the St;,:e of N?-.'.?-Ynr'k
has been Issuing proclsmstions offering rewasfls
f..r t(, ,!i?. ovry of th? n??w r? ? aptur. 1 convict,
Psrry, l-'ran-? '? ?Chief M sglstrat? I? ssftotaslp con
sldcriag the policy <?( proctelnstag a rewar.i for the
? :y of th.- whereabouts ?>f the aMrdiiw. The
latter, which constitutes the eaitt mesns of cxut
??i.,?? ..f most of ih<- is? : i ,'Ulat.un of tirano?,
has dlssppear? I In a m at mysterteua Buaner, not
oaly from the r ?sets of that ? ontry, but ?Talso from
th -? if ?Spall nd Portugal .a? well, an 1 within a
?hort spat*? of time the entire lardla? mljsiry la
tore? countries wiii be at a itsndstlll
The Cheerful Idioi "I notice." ?aid th? ?icieatttSa
..- aii,....!.. | .n making v iy
fair i't a : from w
.. , ? t In ti:?* Cheerful I hot, a.-? h?
.- :t w.iul.i !?? more ?palatabis
If apr, el wl . Jour
u ii
An i.'; ii ..?..ii .- \ , tttaa ta
Indians struch sn old f?aarmer, who ?d-setered that
h? was a "'l';.s,-..|i il." "To What parish ?Jo you
belong?" asked th? rlergyrnaa, "Uon't know
nawthin' '?bout enny [taiiah," was tin- annwer.
"Well, itlnue i i- ? clergjn un, "wbal dio
? - ? do >.ui belong to."' ? Th.y ?ain't uwtl?a' like
that 'round here," isid th? farmer. "Who con
11titi?. 1 you, then?" ae.u th<- next ?|;?i BttOB. "X<>
b.Ki>." iansw.1? i th" farmer. "Then how ar?> >ou
?n Kpis.-op.all.ai,'.'" ask.-1 th" .-?era;>niati "W?-;!,'?
WH th? r? ply "y.Mi s?-, It's this way. 1-ast wmt?r
i went alema t" Arkaiiaas erlsitia', si I wh i i was
there l weat t.? church, an.i t: was ?sailed 'afsSannpal.
an 1 I ho'r.i th.ni s.i\ th.it they'd lift un.?one the
things what th.'y'.l Slighter ?on??, ami they had
don? Boms thing-? whot they oeaghtsa don??,' an.l I
?sa* - : . iu> self, nays I. 'Tha:'.'* my ti?, exae'ly,' and
?versinn I chisM.t?,! myself ? 'I'tscopalean." Th?
clergyman shook th ? old fellow*? han.l, an.l laugh?
ingly sal,I: "Now l un.I. rut in.1. u:y fr!? a i, why the
nesabership of our church Is so large."
Misplaeed M?ataphors. K.Utor iti.i you ?,-? the
compllmentsj-y nolle? I cau- you yesterday?
Qrocer V.-s; an?l 1 don't wan: anoth.-r. The man
wh,? Mys l'v? got plenty ..f aand, thai ths milk I
sell i.-e of ths Urs: water, that there era n.? rti.s on
my sugar, and that my butter is tho strongest in
th?a market, Slay n:<.in well, but he l*. n??t th?> man
1 want to ilitt<-r ne- a second tune-e,lio?toa
?Sari "The WTiM?eester ISaaette": "At the time
when James B. Mack.) SeCUiad Ma contract to
travel a.?e a Hub?- with the Foivpaugh sbOW, M vv.i.-i
lalatetd la 'b-' "i'iin?-'iy Notes' .v.st.>r.i.ty, ibera wa?
? lut:.? aft'-r lnci.lc'it. which .Macks has nine? b.-en
In the habit of r.-Luin;, vvil'i '-?ii'at ?l.-c, althoua;h
at the time the lauith avas ?m him. Shortly after
th?a contract was signed Maclu met aome of hi?
friands, vvi-.o were "?i th? show greunds ta eon
uratuiate hltn on tht? su. ,< ss of his plan to secure
an saglgenunt 'Ve?.' Macks was saying to a
little aJTOUp Of friiti'ls who were cluster,.! about
him, 'I vv.as In great luck. 1 have struak th?- old
man for Ho a weak and ?rapasMsa.' Just then h?
4,'ian.nl ovi r his shouller. .nul th?.-re stoo.l the 'old
man' at his back. 'You tbOssffct ?-oil were smart,
didn't youf M.il'l Kur? patlgh. 'Why, you young
f,?il, I would have ?given va? ?VU a week rather
than have lost you.' M.uks made a ITSSt hit
?verywfcasre with the fewpaajh show, gai r*.
inaiiic.l with it fur tlv?' or six year?. Kettln? a
much belt?-,- salary after th.? Ilrst s. ason. The
llrst tini" .Ma.ks appeafeil in CMSSgS with th?
?how prucefslon. getting In the way of everybody
with his country wairon, lie was arrested thirteen
times in one .lay. but was quickly set at liberty
when the? poll.?? i.'.irne.l that he wa? part of the
i- : o. v.."
FogB What ?I?? vou m san by ?saying that the
thing can't b? (kme? fJ?tauger sav?? it ?'an M ?lone,
HinlOtiUK'T I? th? ba'st authority In the whole world.
I luppOM \> U vvlll aluilt that'.'
Penderson Oh. of course! If Oouger says it
can be dime, 1 have nothing n:??re tea ?ay.
??gg eafter Pen'l.'rs,.n's .1,?-. irturel?Who is this
?1 ouapsrT And Is he ?ucla an auihority upon the mai
T<m Weiet heard of him !*i my life; don't know
there la such a person; probably there Isn't. If there
is. elon't know whether he Is an authority.001 this
?jr any other nue9Uon.-e,Bo?toa Tras^s-^rlp^ ?^ .

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