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of th?- whi.U- country' on this question than any of
the Republican candldiate*. Hee?i ;?< In a quandary, '
and McKinley'* nam - .t?d with a question
that won't cul mu h ligure In thin eomlnc cant
palgn, And, what you please, Harmon's Ad
ministration wa.? a clean and safe on? for the ,
?ountry, and from Republl? ilnl 1 don'l
i.'iov. no? you i .' . ?'.> for a belt
- ? --
Washington, April ':: - Th? Pi *.-? aak? 1
th'? evcnti r ? ?1 >i
of Saturday ?mi the monetai
garde?) i repn ? mm ; his vi? ?
? m m in? m.i- ? lorton's
? ? -.v. a:i'l kr- w I ? ? ? ? of it until I read
the i ' >??Mai" ? ? ?Vhen i hav? ??? ij an)
moni?) on, or any
o'h?:- aubject, 1 hav ? thua far found It quite ? y
to do ......
R< ferring I ? Interview ? : t Satin lay on
t!..- all.er qu i i Secretar) Moi - ? i
evening thai I protean t.> ?.peak at that
. ? any other for the pi, r any
o" ....... ??.. Cabinet. The aentlment* wei ?
hla o'?'? ? ? I I . ; i! ;. them.
T1IEV ? RE MAKING .: EARNEST EKE? ?::"" " ?>
? S*i KRT v i HEIR I "o'l i;ini:?'
April ... The recen I utterancei of
Secretar; Mori in, on the Bnancial guest Ion, ha?
silver men t hr lugh ml the ountry I
ah earnest desire to effect his ? onv? r.?;o:v Kor the
?? week his mall has been burdened with elf u
l.i-- .-i! letters fr? m silver men, ailing hi. atten
tion to some o?f hla statements, ai I in une caaea
F? ' >i hllll ot Ml.lv ill .,o~i?'?
Secretary Moi ? lhai hla Hal ;s an m
dlcatlon of th? establlahmenl of a regular bureau
??i i?.- ?.ut ? the silver men for the purpose of
; ? lne of free cotnag?. ?>ne of
the v: rkable thing* in this line was a
? 'Mom a butiro??- man In Omaha, relative
to son natters Ii which the Secretary is Inter
. ?. To Ihls statement was attach?**?, a yellow
? -i" railing attention lo .? rece?? popular pub?
;. atlon Ii behalf of free olnage. The Secretary's
corresponden! assured him tha? theee pasters had
i... Itstributed by the million, and ihat silver
men In 1 sending them out in their
moil and giving the widest possible llaaemlnstlon
to the .
Wat? t bury, ?'.mn., April 22 -Frederick J. Brown,
secretary of the Democrat State Central Com
mttlee, says that s meeting ?'f the commlttoe win
be he'.i early In May to taxe action on the Presi?
dent's recent financial iett?-r.
1*17 I If 'IjFl'll V N -8B? S U
JOKE ON JOHN !' ??' m'.;;i
?\ "ure by Major PouA, which wai
Iv a fashionable throng at Chlekering Hall la
n*;h"i. turned oui to b ? ta b
teitalnlng tn'.k. well -? i*on? ; with anecdote 1 ?
among the so or?--? of picture? thrown on th? in?
drew mor-* than the uaua lese t?
were Stanley and Beecl i r.
With Henry Ward B< ? h? r, UaJ ? Pond
had travelled moro- miles thai
tai showed stereo?; plctun s of the ir<
preach? r whi a Ural
Others as h- ?.?n older, and one taken ?of him du
in?, th"lr last trip In Bi gland together. The lemur
nt'ern'M to find it ?tUBsult : ? quit a thsa ttra
Ive a* hi-? rtcoUectkMU of hla trips with Be? ;h?
He toW of the speech Beocher :-.tt le at th" H>
bert Spencer reception at Dehnontco'e, atad h>.
Spencer said It was worth coming .i'i the way
America to hear a man who could talk .ike tha
and of a Journey he one? m.i'le w!*h Ing.i?
Beecher together. Beecher to',.I him slyly that 1
ha'l written Ingersoll's ep'.Mph. It ?va* on th.- <M|
Of a new spa lier, and read th:? way:
"Robert burr.s."
< ?f Stanley, too, a half?doa*S pleure? an re throw
and the lectur-r describe?, the pri?t explorer's Cal
ness and good-fsllowahip "When 1 flrsl engagt
Stanley." *a.<l Major Pon<l. "It was at *'."' ? nlpr
with a proviso that If lie was ?'allcl ttp??n by tl
Kin?, of the Belgians that would en?l the coi
tract at oace. Everybody laughed ?it me. Mil tl
first nicht Mr. Bescher, who bad been mainly It
stMimenial In havlnn me engage stau:??, Introduci
nrn to a $3?" anillen?'?' ri?ht here In Chlehertn
Hall. The next niitht in Brooklyn ha dro* av?
better, an.l then everybody ??an tvtld to hei
him by the time he K<>t to Hartford and Bostoi
A niRht or tiro afterward i ..'at a dlai il ;. froi
him that he must go to Br?ssel*, and would *a
thfl following Saturday. Of ?course, I knes :hennl
thing: to 'lo was to mak-- thi best ??; it. Takir.
me by the han.) ?lust before the steamer salh
Stanley promu-- l me that if h.- came be k altva h
would coaae to /America and finish t. -: ?ntrac
with me When he 'ame bach from A'r. a :.\
tim? it ?vas a* a hero. 1 went to England, an
aft? r Mr. Stanley had shown iu<- s contra? : offere
for his sifTnatiire at $!2?.??>"i for 100 lecturea, :.
toLl me to mak- him the best offer I ?uld
snitlng. l offered him as engagement to dellve
lim lectures ;?i ll.ox/ each, look In enougl
to average tl.OM a n.ghi for him, ;?;? l 11,700 ea?
lecture for in.
Anii-nR the pictures shown a'
the l?"-n?re were th. ol aomi women
arnonif them Buaan i:. Anthony, El i
?Uanton, Julia Ward Howe. Anna Ln kli ? l! ir
riet Beecher Stowe and Mary A. Llverm r< Ii
speak'.nir ol the author of "1'ncle Tom'a l.'abli ," th?
lecturer thr"\\ n th?- can vat? a llkenes* of ?
liai? minister an-l an old -IrirV. y, This prea I -
th?- rpoor -...I negro to England, forged a letter fron
Mr.-. CRowe I prove tha" he .am?- the original .of th?
title character of bei novel, at I made a f- rtiip
cut of the fi
Colonel Ingi wo? applauded, aa wgt
the lecturer's description ui him as a "man Of I
non-religion* be
In rapi.i siM*oesslon the familiar fa ?- of Thoma
Naj-t? who waa said irer to be
who developed th? ind did moretoj i
th?. Rebellion with hit an almo t any "i'i
ctr ii, the Army did with hi.- ?w:ri .-?:. I pen com?
bined; General Horatio K ng, Horace Qreeley, Henry
Watterson, i>r y, Glynn, Napoleon ;?.?' my and
Harry Burns] ?
Then ?-ame a croup tha* -was more than usually
Interesting. It was composed of .losh Billing*,
Mark Twain ani Petroleum V, Xasby. Mr. l/.<'k-'
Ci gaby), be aaM. was a man to ?those genius all
Anurlra la under obligation?. The Major recall?-.)
a little Incident concerning the writer of th?- letters
on flat money He aald thai one <iay l.o<-ke asid
to him: "I suppoose John B, Qough ?lon't lik?- m<
any more?"
"Why nof" ask.-l th?- Major.
"Well, you BSO," he te?|,..?. ",..;t in Cincinnati
one dav I was hard up for an art' de for th.- i ? ;??.'
I atrolW Into tho- hotel ar 1 hearing that ??ro?ii/h
?a? In his room. 1 ordered mo . o'-ktall.? s?-;;' un
?her?. Tli?-ii I ?.roly wrote up what I laxMuallv aa?. ?
Among th?- other names an?! faces ?Iwel: on by
Major l'onl ?ver.- those Of ?In O'Rell, <>]<? Bull,
John Rogers. Emma Thiiruloy. 1-1 m ma Abbott
Adelaide l'hilliT>s, P. s. Qllraore, T. I? O'(*onnor!
Matthew Aiiioil. Kdwin Booth, Henry Irving F
.Mat-icon ?Yawfi.rl. General Lea Walla?*? Edward
Everett Hal?, Oeorge William Ourtla, i?r Parker
BoN-rt Collyer, inshop Potter and wiiiiam K
Tired Feelitii. Is a ?signal of danger. It means
that spring has found yo.i with impure and im
j (ovris.'icd blood. Th" phyal al machinery all
depends for nourishment and ?apport on the
blond, snd wh-:i you
All the time you may be wire thai ihe, bl '<?! la
falllnp to five tS9 nourlshmenl needed. Tour
ilrst duty Is to purify and enrich your blood with
that gr.-Ht blood purifier and strength builder,
Hood's? Sarpaj.arllla. After taking a few b ittl? I
you'will find y.virs'lf
As though >' .n had literally bee? made over
r.ew. Hood's Sa rsn pari I la will i?i?>' y-.u an ap
net'te and tUgeatlve strength. It will purify
'?our blood and completely ?'ii'- that tired feel?
ing, and thus iivit the danger ?of serious Illness.
Sa r s a pa r i Ma
I., til?' Ideal Spring Medlcliv.
~Z g\,tt- are tasteless, mild, effective.
HOOd S FU IS All druggist?. 2??.
The Best ol all Toilet Soaps.
? AKI'i ? IIKW ?IITKI ? I" i'V - 1 I. VKKIt
Kit ro *-..- ' IHK ? vu Ton y k ?n
?i'll V'/l'l '" Ml. ?Sl'ItK IN 1 HE ?S
??I.Ml.'.V W ? ? t ?ol | NT I -M?.' N'.'! \
ri".?. HY mi: ?r? ?-??'. it: ni
. . I -'M.' M MM ... RIBt'NE. !
Albai y, April :'? The Troj P di e Re i ?? i Iza
" lion bill, aa "Murphylzed" bj Speaker Fish and
Mr. O'Grady, of lh? Committee on Cities, | m
Ihe Vaaembly to-night by th? narr weal of mar?
re el? Ing, a nrdtng I I he itgil al the
clerk'a deak, exact I j Ihe n? ?at? constitutional
majority, sixty-five vote? being raal for It. Onlj
I the '\ti'?-nio- partiality and convenlenl ?
sight of lh* tali?- lerk an ved Speaker Flah from
| u humiliating defeat, for lh? re apltulatlon of the
, ?.."?? was openly delayed by the official al ill"
I desk until Mr Flah, by ??ersonal a ill Itatlon.
j could obtain enough . h ingea from the negative
i t.? th.- affirmative to awell hla forre? from ilxtj
three I ? sixty-five, and then Ihe result was ab?
ruptly uni; mi. ed to -!m: ff an) possible
v?-*-si. n the otl - wa)
It Is doubtful, motreover, whether Ihe Flsh
Otlrady-Murphy bill actually did receive the
votes n-" ? - ir) to Its passage and i dlted to ihe
affirmative aid?? ? n the :ii lal tall.? Tw i mi lu?
ttera recorded In it? favor Mr. Cartwrlght, of
Delaware, and E. Leg Smith, if Hcrkimer are
-ii mm-1.\ ausi?ected of having i ist "constructIv? '
\- ;. ? ne if them having dodge?] a prellml inry
v.it." ar I havli il) dis ipp? ared from the
Chamber bel re the final rollcall was ?rdered
The official n i I ? II stand, however, and thi hill
will n ?a go to nfei ? . where H ma) be - i
perhaps, of som? the viel mis fea tin ? n
du? ?? I by Mr Fish ai ! Mi O'Qra ly in the Intel
? - ; ;.-. ? : ' Mm- ph) and th? Murph.?
t: - ?il ??? Ti v
On th" whole, Bp< iker ?Fish can ?nd lit ti?
credit "r satisfaction In h - I* srlj |. rchas*
\ i? tc?ry of to-nlghl The ?"hole progress f thi
bill through the Assembly was marked ;-- tortu
..-i- an l qw-stionable la tl?7*s I. t!.. fin ;
by a convenient "misprint ' the ? is u . ? I
\?a- :? gltlmately near the it- li
appean i te ? - ? v .?:' busin t?
?- pr* per place and 01 ? it th? ? j I ,
list of bllli . third reading Mr \
i? ?i itedly - ai!.- i thi
th.- M.ais.- ! . ? he t? i? ? :.
: that anj i ?nsid* ratl n of th* n easui
_? - luld be had ? n y by courte?) nd g?lierai
consent, but ?Speaker ?Fish, having ?rde ed th*
Clerk t.. read the title of the mlspl. -I bill,
?-. .' i nol allow ^.:<: i- ilpable In ?? I
!.??-...!. i and persisted In forcing ctl al
..i ?? By a curious parliaments he As
ly amendments t-. the ?Senate bill were
never acted ?n separately, and, aftei i
motion i ? recommit for a hearing, whl ? i
defeated, tii?' "Murphytsed" measure was de?
clare i t i be on its final pa
The vote, which was lakei short 1* after li
o'clock, showed that Speaker Pish could drive
but slaty-three Republicans to th? support ol
th>- O'Orady amendments, which wen saved
from absolute failure b; t!.?- tlmelj aid ?f two
Democrats?Messrs Hennessy and McKeown, of
Kings. Mr. IfcKeown'g s"at is conl ?ste I, and
his case will t> taken up som? time tin-? week
Mr Henness) supported the "Murphylsed"
i.ill. he said, ?because ?he thought it would ' Im
prove conditions' In Troy. The ?light ag
tl,.. ii*;riiii\ amendments v?as led by Cham?
bers, .?f Rensselaer, who, with moai <?f the
?reputable Republicans and >Demr?erat- -f Tl
?earnestly favors th?* ?Senate bill Inti
?Senator Mullln As has ?been explained r*
peatedly, the Benate bill ?gavi th* power to
I ihlie tii?- Troy ?Police Department in i
board of three offl* lals Ihe Ma* ?. thi
Conti ?Her an l the * ';i\ Engii ? - who ???? ? ?
selected for this work becaus* ? ? ild not
be controlled by elthei the Democratic or R<
publican Murphy faction 'i'i" Assembl) hill
seeks la vest thi ? hoi* ? th* nee Poll* -
Commissioners ii. the Common Council i?..th
, tides of which are dominated bj Ihe Murphy
ring. The Republican followers of Mi Mur
| phy wen to * i.se two Comn und
lus Demo ratlc followers the othei I
SU tl ?? la: I* a! .- hem* if II
condemned i?-. Mi Chamber?
for il .' uld efl
, Hn?l would simply shift the resp nslbllltj I
h ?? a!. !?-??*? i ? ii..- s... uldei s of the Kepu
ganlzai ?? . Repu i
\ -? :. . Mr (lardlnier, I C??lun :?;.. < ' ?unty,
led Mr. i era's ? t.j? lions a
? u?. \.-s- ml.... : ?i u '
hi arlni bil '?' ? p| I Mr. ( "ham
' ... :,"...; i -..-? "- nf tii*.
', Murphy-Flsh-O'i'rady plan I ?? a?;.':.?/* .
offer theli prot* I CI1.
T*he fire In th?. bill I h ?I lhal Bp< akei
left ill?? chair and wem ? ? ? th? Moor ?..?
? of thi Assembly amendments.
'i his pi vi d rathei lame an I
effe -i ws i vho] ITset by a vel m ? ? ?1 >
' quent attack t.;. Mi Mnswort h U| ?n ? pffort of
1 the Speaker and the ?airman ol ihe Cities C*?in.
I ini't.*.- t-. deprive Ihe people <.f Troj ..f all Ihe
; benefits whl u th* Senate I ;;i ha I ? tiered, a I to
render nugatory all the sacrifices mad* by ihe
honest I'ltlxens of that mlagoverned rlty i ? break
the power of the Infamous Murph- ?ring. The
blood of Itoberl Ross, Mr. Alnsworth es lalm* I,
would cry out against such a surrender t?. the
? rrupl .mi criminal Influen ? e I I h had ma?l
t.- ? esl el? ? r i- ,i mockery In Ti ?j Mr Alns?
worth did n ?I minee words, an I both lh< Speaker
at ?I Mr O't?radv winced under his plain-spoken
cl'Miun. lati'.iv
Mr. Chambers'a motl? . wai lina I) pul and
w,u? losl by .? rots ol W. i ? 13 a?i lh? Demo
preaenl voted with lh? Speakei t. prevent
a further hearing and fasten the O'Orady
amendment? on th<- Mullln bill ?'Ithoul nny
n a. ceptlng Ihe Senate measure.
Th- main question waa ordered, although Mr.
Ainsworth pi itesti i thai the bill was n??l entl
t:?-<i t'o consideration on th.- face of the calendar,
Excitement ran high a?? thetrollcall progressed
and n was seen thai acaroely enough vutei could
n?- scraped together to ?.ass tha bill At ihe end
?.f the call for absentees three or four were
fill! lacking, and ." ?recapitulation waa demanded,
'I'lils progresa???] with extrema deliberation, and
meantime the Bpeaker and ill? aaslstants were
frantically skirmishing for recruits. At the end
?of the recapitulation sixty four votee had been
obtained, and while ti.? Clerk hesitated to de
the result, Mr Hlgble, of Ruffolk, wai won
over and hla vote added to make tin- required
total. A detailed statement of the rote in as
? follow?:
For th? bill Messrs, Andrewa, Armstrong,
! Audett, Bell, Brown, Elruah, Rurna, CsmpbtTl,
i- rtwrlght, w A ?lark, flarkson, C ?'. Cole,
! Conklln, a R. Conkllng, Cutler, Dean, Falrbrother,
1 r . i] o ;,,'?. : i;.. .,. i ;. :, laell H.,i|. n, Hamilton,
; Hennesay Hlgble, Hoefler, Hoops, Horton, Howe,
H usted Kern, Krenwlch, l?awaon, I. mn berry M
' K owi Miller Nil? ??. ? .'Grady, Pavey, perey, Kes?l,
It? ? i...n i Kockwell, Roger? Ranger, Bean I on, I-".
P. S'-lnilz, Harry BVhuIz, RherwotTMl, ?" .1 rtmllh, i.
i..,, Rinltn, .-t'-.'ii-M ? Rtevt-naon, J. N. Rl
Th?mpaon Tuttle, Vacheron, V'anamber, Wleman,
Wllcox, Wilds, VVIlkea, Wlnne, Wray, Bpeaker.
; ToUl
Agalnai th?- ?'?l Mesara ?bell, Ablett,
woortli, Harry. Bold, Charlea Uraun, Brownell,
Rullard, Chambers, Chapman .1. u. Clark, J P
?' ??. Conlgan, Donnell) . mn. Fttsgerald, Foley,
Puller, A. r- Osrdenl? ?;eisi d'.eason. Gray,
: Hoffman Honalnger. !.. ;. ?-.. La Petra. M? -
Naughton Nixon, Norton, Rider, Bcoepflln, Beara,
. M P. Smith. Teneyk, Vankeuren To!
it will l?e noticed thi! Measn Conkllng, .-'. ng?
ir. I'av.-y. Mi's and others ? f the reform ele?
mer.I In the Assembl) ?upp .i-;?-?i Hie O'Orad-,
amendment. Th?-:.- did this on the ground, mi
; ifntly, that a bettei loll! mlghl be cuied
through ., conference with the ?Sena
Albany, April '-- (?pedal). Th? Asasmbl) haa
m.? Is a spcvial ?ipler for to-morrow ..r tha New
i York Police Reorganisation i>in and th?* New-York
Bipartisan i'oolic,- lolil. an?! It looks as if liotli won: I
lie j,a.?*H-<| The Bipartisan I'.olio-e bill to ht pu??.o?l
i will probably he that out- which lia* sirve Ay gone
1 through iht .s. i.ato.
THE IM ? ?l: M \ ll' >*-?' ll."i ?HIT ?.i r BY \ l".i:s<>
?. . a i !,l;,:i? BY SENATOR HEYN* 'I.I ?s
r?.'.!<?: ?:'.??;?;*..ni/?n? ?n uni. to HE
.. D.N l"-l?A* 1 in: i ?1*0
IX?! HOI SE lili.I. i'Al. .1!
?kHI.. BRI'? ?ll i 171'
] :? Tl I ? r KA 111 TO 1 'li: ' 'RIB1 Ht I
", ' a- ? .pill .'?' When the Sen ite m i to-nlghi
I. .u.-i I*'. l'a? n, Ih? - hli ? lobbyist of Mr. ?Platt, wai
rpli ui)u llgureon Ihe il ?or, nitting aboul an*
whispering various pers ns and plalnl- think?
ing hlmsell ie r the flywheels of legislation. Mr
Payn will b* I th* ? hi* : witnesses at the n?-xi
me* :,- g ? the i??? a i committee whl* h is trying
? ? learn If n ) attemp has been made t.. corrupl
Si n- .-'? nators, ii- must, -1. ? r? i ?n . hsve beer
mu ii Intel psted In I hi i?i sl pr? ? ? dings of the
Senate aft. i : was ailed i oi l< i ?-'? nator Bey?
iii?i is. of Rro ?klyn, ? ITered ?? res ?lutlon, enlarging
?i.p* ni Mi- investigating committee's work
so as to i a i. i-- ii. iei mi 'l them, "the Biparti?
san New-Yoi k lull.*."
la supp ii i?f his resolui in, Sennl ?r Reynolds
said lhal tl.mmlttee was Investigating merely
m?, alleged brlb !? attempted In Ihe .a?*? of th?
Mi ?\-Y irk i' n mi n's Paj bill, He thought the ru
ii? irs of attempted brlbei y i?, defeal i he New-York
P ll .- Reorganization bill and the New-York Po
li ?? Magistrates hill oughl ils . t , he Investigated.
I f. I it mj duty," said Senator Reynolds, "es
i ?? ..ii? i ? myself, t ? h ive this Investigan* n ? over
a wider ft. ' l an i take in mosl of the \- v-Yorh re?
form !
Senator J hn Raines, who Introduced Ih* orlgl
mi resolution for Investigan n ol the charges
bribery, had i??? ? i listening Impatiently lo this
- - . Rej nol ?- As a* on a? !!?
not* lo| ped talking he -? ig* - '-.
"l i nd it ".1 thai ??? nator? ?Pun i and
f?'* -..!? of ti: special Investigstlng ? immlt?
. ? ilready prepared a res lutl a ?? ring
thai .11 m i r t ??? !_:? atei lUth 111 ) and thai the*
intend to ask permission '?? Investigate charges
of ..ii?. : it.ti mpte ' brlh 11 In relai!
New V??rk Magi irnte? bill and Ih? Sea I
Pol ? Ri or- misai in bill I am pei -??<!? ?ll> In
fnvor of ni .?i Rtlaral of ill t h i.in. rs bill
Ht thi ? m., ti i un pi ise ii. ...
tli" Inv? ? "imiI on K ?vi. I ''a: ? "I : il
gatl? ? he ru ?>l i" lb? ry In
with .ilv i hill i.- t the In? si gi I ?: the?
*? th? I iled."
R( '.a-. : ? ? ' '? ? ... i f?-w words I sa
1 1er? r '.'.'j ct.
"Si natnr H ? - tld .-? .. n..
Pi n I pud myself hav?? prepared a r? olull
.-,,., | f thjs ii
as i . elude ' he I- ? i: .- , , ? |'n
'.i ? .....
et rea ' , I think thi ? ? ? ? i ?
i inder Henal Haine? i a it to b
nd ? igoi usl) ir in) Renal >i a h ivi
I.n irrupl ! be . apelli ?! On i !>?
In tie neu spalten that fact h i i b
ted i I told to th? world."
Ben itor Reyi I -
? ? wltbdres ntlon
Rena tor O'Com , i ? tha
; n, ? i is !. u ild move i nil f ti R. nate
pui pose ? having a ? t? il P
Im ? ganlz itloi bl This annoui
?lint, a Hut tel among ll ?n .?'
tempi will be ... ide t ? ? \; . ?; ? ? . m Im? m
mad to th? bill last weeh ? ? . ? ? ?
j. II? ? !>?? ' . ; ghl ? ippeal to the .i it!? <? i.
al i w. ?'? * s ii . La? i. en ni'-- : i ? i.
Alb in) to-morrow, and II
o | i- ? messure.
Lleutei ml -O.J? ernor iaatoi
night t . >>. ?? the Hooi
,?.'??? ? :? ? t the (x
by r? . pass? ?*?;'? ? ? ? '
Rta te office i ? I
aentai In ai re? the ?
attention t thi fa I lhal loo man?
I, . I ..... -, : ' ? fl
" ? wei
Renal o
t; e Renate On ? ted to
report thi ;
I. dglng H ? b Thi ? '
tal ? ?. . , i. ? ..
New-York I . I
I :
bul lh? l: , ?? ? <? n--.'. ?. ?!? ? ? " i '
I be error ??I
; mi ihej i- ported th?
in \? M hi m the Ass?
The R< n it? p* ? i
? ? ? r i ? ? ' '
land? ? II -? ? r tl .
, i ?. ? mbl) m in l?awaon - hi I n mpt
Ing fi'.in street railways t??. street faring Ihe
driveway* at ' ' entrai ? ' ' ntral Par?
' i
these I
|.i-<i\ Idlna ff?i
? Til,,! : \?: ? , i .
i i ran ? '
s? ..-a it -.n nsti ?I I ?
Mr Whine's, foi the s*l i istment ol
? ix? ? n Lia a; Island City.
i* i" Rehu?s* - t? lallve !?? Ihe pli ? il North
i (aul rlslni pur. h? -?? I
Henal r * ' i I ? i?i ? . f a i laond Issue t..
M r ? , ? i
N? ?\ York ?.Il
Hrau ?> '. .17.1- ? ? .*i ? tat? sgenl
? bai ge ; ; ?
.-? :..y a i. llbui i, bill, red u n- i ! <? ?si ?i ..f
t??. . ..' : member? ol the H ires i ol M* dial ni
tii $i.."?"". ??.i ' it, ,.'?'' .i prolonge . ittack on II i
Senator ' intoi
Owing r - ?Senator Mullln'a absence, Ihe \y, i
prlatlon bill ?v ?s put ovei as .? special order until
to morro*?
Among i he bills Introdui ? i were:
i.v Sen,. Blmtlns, r^ulrlng *"", */?* r$&
Healtl "i" ? '.i"r; '" '"" ?" "! ""?""''
?yr,:'.. \*::.r:Z,,.??-, '.?.??.....,.. -? ?
ih. property of the Northeastern Dispensar:
Rive* ,t Buffalo, ??ni? i view lo developing powei
Ubany. April B In the Assembly lo aighl Mi
.In. wort h from the Wsys and Means Committee,
offered i resolution, which was adopted, providing
(h) ,,, ,.... ... ,?? Renate, with three Ben
,, . , ;h, kp aker of the Bouse and Uve membei ,
. tul( . committee In attend the Cotton Stat?
International ri-poeltlon. to in held In .tlanta. Qa
n?, ,:,,, ?i. i the opening "r the Chlckamauga ??? i
Chattanooga National Park, to take piece on Bep
. ,8 ,,,, '.,,. The Oovernoi and his ?la? an
also t" be pi
Mr Mnsworth, from Ihe Way? ?nd Mean.
?,',?, also introduce?! a bl I, which ??us ordered I i
.hlrd rfadlng, increasing from tASm I ? M.a? ihe sal
o( . .. -, .. ,,? rlnt* ndenl of Pubilr Buildings.
The fpll ?wjng Mlh were introduced and ordered
, to a third resdtog: ___ ,_, , .
itv Mr Alnsworth. appropriating 18.000 foi lake
,.?,..?:. ol Mrs i-'-vi i". Morton, ?Mi 1 Howard
Towi^e" iM-l'l'-nt of th. Colonial I ?..? of
America;'Mrs. Donald Melgan regent of Ihe Ne*
v ??'1,1.1. r. Daughter? ..I th? Amerl an R?volu
Lion ind Mi "??'?ry l! ri:i: ' ": N*"" v'"k u'"'
V, ',;?'.,; t.toi" - rotntnl* ... lo -??? ?ir?., thi
Hute is properl) represented sl the ?'.?nan State?
'., -j international Esaposltlon
?v Mr Rrush, authorising Rrooklyn to estab
llsh and' maintain a disciplinar* training school
for hoys ?Ind t?> a ithortse Ihe .mmltmeni there' i
_. t^yV'under the ase of rourteen who shall be
n?,, t?? i ? ?I ?rt? . .ft' ? es
?..sl ants
\ m. ????'?I l*?*ll- ?-nanee.
?i?| -.. || ffff.ii . whan "a- i. ?? tils dlMurbam. Sl Um
i ii??*r, known u Mllesesess, reeett lim-mg- Um i>eni-rt*
;i.?, .,- n_itef? si ?ma, i, Ruten -?ala Is IM
rii?iit ?ids and '?n'1"' "?" "r ' "' '':1,"r '?:-'-'"' ?-i ?""????
i ?.f ih? >k.i\ and ? "'" *? "ru" ' "'"'" "?? leasae. ">? '?"'>?
Ing nausea, -.i ils- ' ?""' i'-'.-'Mi. Irregularlt) ?I ?He
..... - and ?ich i ???.i..? ????? ""* ?moni Um dieu ssalng
I ana-iinai? whii-h lake iu"-!r <i-i..*-??,i- ?heu iba groat
1 >_aU-Mllo_s tiir.ii'-iti?* i*? r?-.ai-,l ... ciiiii? and leve?
I kidney sad Madder iroaWe, rheusiallssi, dyspepaia ?"?i
"lervoaaaaai tra ?i?"' remedied ii? the Bitters, whisk i?
Him .? Miii.iii i,,n,. iiii'i pr..n,,,t.i ..t meep Hti.1 appetite.
Use ih.? Bitters |?.ral?t**nily anA not .> ma ___l ?i?rt.
J Blifs-dy g.K,. r??uiU ??'HI tulluw.
?'"a /
? M?
Promises to become the
popular society pastime,just
as Pond s kxtr.u ? i> the
popular society remedy ?<>r
neuralgia, rheumatism, etc.
I ? ? . ' ! i?' ..- . i ' I. . , : i.- I lit
j .......... ? . ?I..-I
I I'liM?"*. i:\rit\i r CO., 7?: ilfiii .?.-.. \. ..
? 'ii \ i:<;i:
? - o i \ i : i ' I II V M IS ATTACK
i?N rilK ?lltAN'li - ' " ? 111 : ' : i. i
Vlliai \? ? ?! '. . ' ? nlghl
iidopt?*?] I ? -. h was o|
Mi Urn f lh
Wh- _ :
nl New-York,
' i--?:! n -?
. ?
thai the ilr.il
. ? ? ?
* h??s?
; ? i ? ?"..??
ho st it ?
i?f Hppr.
? ? th it
o . ? ,
Iteaolv? ?...
N" .? ? ?? K -,
. ? .... : . a
It, ?? ?
11 I a r g.
.?nl I'nn
? ... M : I .vu. '
eflfe ? ? h ? ? i re. > -.-. Ml? h ."?
?ail,.:, m tl ? ' ' ? i I ' I
Mr. Ilrual H
. ? ? ? isked Mayor R
\'. ? . Mi '-i ?
"..? ? ling I 'l
i ? mo? ? Mi Wa rlna
' ; ? Mr. I ha: 'h<
o ? ? t prevail lie thai
I t<? I? M
.1 i. ?
Mi ?ndi i - lugg? it Ihe Ses v 'k
.?? I to vote upon the a i
. ? \
\? aa ma I* b) Mi
m I? l h? Mi II
... I Mr. Ain?*?
... ?
? ?
.. , ......
..... Mr. Wa
. thitl ? upli ! ? ' ' ara
. i . ? . ?
? ? ' . to Itl ' ! !
it ff
?HHtmimM: Li >"?j^HHHHl|
IN.; ! in: Ml M"'m ?I, ? ?i" "
o -
w g r t r? R11 '
lirai ?ri
Kepul ' '
from " ; Rhoti .
? '..? o; \ H ,
In th? - a ? . ??? ? ' v' ' ? i
\\ .!? ?
? Philip R. I V?"?
for a mee?Ing ol
evening it I 99 I .
Tornpk ?? Mai k. i |!u
ma) be ?'? ?
Mayor Strong did n
about Colonel Wa
Gran?! Am the R There la no do ibt, I
h?is . \ ? ;. that Mo ?i .-Mi ... ....?i,?-i, i I
VVarlng'* r?*msrka ind ? i i: ? m< nta ai i -
All 'be Mm..' soul?l - ?.? m a ni \? ei lu qui
a lo hla n? ?i .o;, ni.m <<( ' 'olonel \\ .? i
iiij..it wan "I tiiM.k It ?ery lnju?l
?n., Mayoi i ?.. ?. ? i a ? ore ni more lett?
Ina in- attention to Mi Waring in.I
. , i ? . -? g th? H eel i 'i. anlna ? i
? . n ? ? ? ?. . i Th. ?? i- ' '? ? - .am- rn.m pi ?ml
i,. i.t . Ills? n both llr-pllbl n - .n. I I ? ?
a ni f? .in (Irand \ ij ind othei ??'-?.. -, .> gant
satlonf The Mayor would noi ??? sth?*ih?-i he
meant t" remora Colonel Warlna o? nol The im
i i n..ut the ?MV Hall ?'?sterds) ??.?- thai
11 ? ? - Mayoi would nol ? ' in the mattei imm?
illately, I i.t thai Mr Warlng'i , publli ;
? :i: . i srera nurobei ?? i
i :? ? ? > Urand ? t mj i o ? i u In the rlt.?
last night |.a??...i resolutions eondamning Waring
un.I ratlin* ?mi the Mayor lo n move : un i h?
hea?lqusriera .of" i: I? Morgan Post, So ?07, si tha
?Iran.i Ojiera i|..ii. Twent) thlrd-ai and Ktghth
ave., srera crowd??! with Indignant oM soldiers,
i;.lion were adopted unanimously, following a
pungent preamble requfatlng Mayor Rirona "tore
n i.,?.- th- v ni v? .n mi? from Hi- pi - on he has 'ii-.
graced, an?l lh? dull?** of arhlch van nevei proper?
ly I- performed b) . srhose sentlmenta ara .i
rar la nee ?Mili the pall oil feellnga ..i ,.nr r-tttsena "
gumner I'i.-i. So M, mel al Su Sil Weal Port}
? .?.??' mil i. and ii- .ling ??...? larg?
j tend? i J. Ora f?oyi < ? ? Wat -, a ai .i.l
, ai-1 -.ni n.?' .- arai prejudice?! igalhst the ?'. ?
j it berause his ipi ' .mbsi i hip m l,,.
. fayetie Post ?van nol accept? i Resolutions wer?
I ad ip ? i In ni m Una Ihe ?post - deli gate, n, n,..
Memorial committee lo advocate i'olonel \\ .
l -m .\ al II .un .III. -
The hall In a-hl?*h lud n K Upa trick Post, So : Q,
; m. t last evening, So ii" West nne-hundr??d-and
I iwenty-flfth-at ??a? rruwded with members eager
| i.. ii?-iv. n.mi- -?..ii' ? Warlna Resolutions
i- passi i asking Mayor Strong i ? demand com
: rnisaloner Waring? 1mm? llaie re venation Th?
. i, olutlon u ? n ?? nail) di .??? n i efei i -.1 (.. . ' .n,
: mi ?loner Warlna aa "Colonel." Aft-; ?? spirited
! discussion the till? * i Iropped and the r?solutions
made i" read, "aakl person, Oeorge K Waring."
Saval post, So ??"'? also adoptad resolution ??
! pressing denunciation ol Warlna and unanimously
1 requesting Waring' n-nr.iii.-ni from office,
Iv A Kiniiijili Poet, So i'", which held us regu
!m ? iv amp i- ni -n i-'atniM.. evening, ,,i So. ;,i
i n ..n Rquare, paaiied resolutions expressing not
| on I) the post's "reaentmenl and Indignation again t.
, i, ., shameful perversion .of i rut ii k? has i- -n
shown by Colonel Waring, but urging Mayor Strong
i t,? remove ii.m from tin- position he dlagracea."
Colonel Warlna baa lenl i Isttai to tleneral
I i'. Il T i '..ill?, saying m l'ont
??Th?* unending erlme of the organisation (O. A.
. it? thai which tn?k.-> ii- benefactlona mini Inslg.
I nlflcanl has i.n th- destruction "f ill- atrasa ?of
? lutx. mili of the spirit .oi patriotism, and th,. sub
: stltUtlon f.M ill...- muni? in.-tlv.-h. Of I? in.!- I Hin
i conskleratton. Hwicefortn, wind) clamor muot t.ik*
th.. piin'e cd noble in.int.v-, and the Sation'a gnui
iinie .-?ti b? ??xpr???s''i only m ddllari and ??-nts, aa
j il U n-v? v-.pie-.si-i in the million* pal?! u> unworlhjr
'veterans." ?viia have been hantfi up ami seduced
by the cMlm agenta and, what Is even worse, have
been .|.i'.,i. pauperised and ?-niisrulatnl hv the
?'?:.: i Army ?>r ih?? Republic.
MISS *;i:?. i: ii la,I?,;?: I'RKSIDKP ,\M> M'Ht.VAV
-.' IL.1 IAMS ??.':? t'ARROL-t, l?. WRIOHT KPOKR.
Th? lar?.-.- hall .-f Cooper I'nlon was gay with
bright colors last evening when nearly MO young
a ?men and .-. rls gather, i there to attend the elev- '
rtlng of Ihe New-York Association |
tllrls' So ? ' ?
s meen clubs or socle! e? w. represen! ?I at the '
in?. ting, cither by delegate? in the case of sm
? the .-??.-, or by mosi of the members of the
lei le?.
Among thi ?? ?men n the platform werj Miss
Orai -ll i?. ..... vi : - Mexai I? Mi - Richard
i . i Mrs nileeheimer, Mis? Tunis, Mi-? Martha
Draper M M ?. Chap?n, M.-s Adfllna Moller
un i Ml - v rali la I' ."? r th Un i .-?i - of tl
? n "95. Miss Do?In ? ;!??' "(Ir_t dire? t?? ??" \
: em ide a brief -
of greci itidlei i ? ? .?i'i ? ing *
? ng ??? ? " ?? by Marls !'? ' 'h ipin.
Pleasant i . i he ?*. ?rk of working girls'
i?l by M M. B. Cl apln ai I Mr?.
r. il. Ru -? !. of this ?n?; Mrs Mary E. Mum
foi I, ni Cail.i.i..'.-,,1,1.1. ?m I M . Rowe, ot Ro : ?n,
Moi ?: i) Will im? r, ade bi I* f spe* eh, h ?
??ni who had Informatl n ol Imf-ortanc? t? uiv.
(???timon; befor* the A ?? mi...v committee thai la
iweatlng -r'? m, He M i tha?
who ?\..f afraid ??r losing tkelr positions
could give testimony wlthoui disclosing their names
al a m er* i ?ession of th* "ommtttee
i..,i? ? ?, , loner Ca I I ? W rtehl spoke on
i.,ii?.,i- (Question a? Relating t?? worn n." He
? .'fl thai of it.ntlr? i pilatton of this country
one-third of the tJeople ??? n k to Mppori themseiv ?
in the tollers <-?500.(?*0 ire women, and there are
twice a? man) employ ' ai wages now a? there
??. re ??? ? nty ?? ira ag ll ? ? ilk* i ab ?ut the valu?
woi k and of organisation Be
?aid thai he hop* I th* ? ?* ition would arou ? a
?pinion which would rnni;?- it unnecessar*
m ny to be gli en t-? a c ?mmlttee of
ih ? State l.
Th?? audience |olned In th* ?Intrlng of ?onga ?vrlt?
ten i ?i tii- ?" a ?Ion by l.ui ? Larcom and Josephine
!|o'[\l.-' KIM'M l n ??.: ! n. ; I l.'.o TI'oNS l'il". \
?'? ovs'i'i'! i '. lus ?i. COSVKXTION ?m?'
' l'V .!? K. ? SU HUMANT
imbla, s. c. .\|.rii -.' \ aenaat ?n waa
? - ? ? lay t??' the i ibl at Ion "f the fac? thai
i , ii.- fioff, if the l'nlti i States Plr uli Court,
had :? ' ?? th? t v m:, '.vu against the Itate
authorilt? thai the Registration
? ' v. on ? itl mal. 1 ha? ther ? a
suffi? .? nl frau 1 11 th? polls In I el? Il m last fall
,, the ? tutlonal C inven*
then a pira? y betwei n
? . Is; that
.vt between T in.an Evans, Raruwell,
H? mph 11 ?? 1 others was a ? in pira -y 1 1 defraud
frag m ii Bvans,
? ?... m . map ? 1
1 ng nol ng affldav 1
? v ? ? . . ? - ? ? ipei tors ol
? ? . ? ? ?-. :
j The Im] ? . ? .
red thai rendants, Jol n ?Jan
(. - - :
Hal ? he luty of
? ? ..:..!? 1
. .?i 0 ? of re
? ? Constitution of
? - . 1 ire hereb) en I ilne I ml
? 1 .11 . ? ? Ung to I he
.,.!:. ??, or e| mm M ihe
li 1? further or lered
s ?a ise v. 'i> th->. and
n ,1 1- perpt tua ? 1 j'?lne.|
: ? a ? ' i-' held in
? ? ;- tt< na fei dele?
foi the purpose ?.f revising
? it .I sal 1 Btate .-f .-??.ut 1
? ;..-. - t.,ir - dell n ? .?' this rl-r in
. ? ii.;. . ? I b) h hi
..? pensar)
mention I
: ? ?.
I :... :. ? ? ? .. ? ,'-. ? I 1 ..1 ,ltl>"
? : ? .. f! mi ihe ? n.
-. Ml ? a ? I I ?\ .- 1 ? (Ml ??!.
.;.i.".i! ??: :!.- Slot, of Houth ?'ar.?
M- M .- .. Commissioner c?f Blec
r the State of gout 1 .ni nol sa
. . 1 nl? The State of fl Carolina la still
rover? m ! It ll in) dut
rttati ? ? . ?i> 11
itlnua ta ?lo ?hin with*
?? ? ? : r- renca of a I'nited
1 shall treat Ihe pro ?? ? : ng
We wl ? ' ira?
? ? . irdance *-uh the
? m ol the 1 ni"-1
? time all arrangement?
v?.n ..f the
Conatl itlonal Convei
lutlea ????1 m- 1 of n.
? '??? th? tatut? iwa of
? 1 If 1 0; intempt of Ju Ige ? ?off I e
\iiri <>iAm******BjTA a
\ : y A. W Pinero, whl h
? ??-..?? The itre a
i ' of .1 week at the
-, , ? ?. : . ? ? ?."..:..
i . , i . . i . n?
,i,,? , i. .-.*.. hi? his serle? of evening
? ? ilghl n -
tures ?ni deacrlptl ?ns
? ire --ill he re
s?? Its* i-'.i* a 1 '
lay : - "itome, ' and
?. ? ? i he -??i i ?? III
, ? k .? . i wll end Mr Sto I
Net .ork infirmal> for ? irip
?,:' t ? given at th? I Ifth ?avenue
rhui ad i? afternoon \ pla) ? ntltli I
,.. | ,. ??? ? i It is transi i-.-i from
? ; M.ui h Ranks who will pla)
? :n i;
I ? ? , ? i:- .. Ish i- announ :
i,, i? . | Opera H ise on May 30 ll
i the direction ,?? VA'U'.lam Parry, the
??i . ? ? :.,::.... of l lu ?M* troipolltan ? >i ? i .
\t m i.-.- ?? ?pleldli '-. s i. i 1.1' - the p u : of a
? ? i !,. m in i i- Btairs " ..i n..> I - Ph? atre
tided laat nigh bj dropping
a ti a-, ,.: ,? hi? li ??.i- .1 , !: lilt:?; ?ilsh COnl I
honing water, one uf ih,- properties of the pla?
Bhe had the rr. ence of mind t?> exclaim: "Ther?.
month a w..-<-.-," and so to lead the audlenc.
.;.(...-.* that Hi? a??. i lent ?v.is a part >.f the
Herrmann, th? magician I? lamenting the less of
a tame di i which has strayed away <>, been
atolen from hi? hom? al Whlteatone, i. I li was
??i?-- ?a fiir.leer that h? had been training for
?. tliii.. i.? perform ". .??, nol iiuu he empootn t..
do ,.n u,.- ? tag ? nexi ??. ? n
Jam n Canary, ? kel ?peculator, ??as ai -
restad .?' thi Harden Theatre laai night ?>n tii?? com
plaint ni s una? , Borke, on a charge of ?selling tick
eta m from of in. vestibule The sergeant at the
?i till '..-tii ? i tailon refused i.. in,-h him up ami
Mi Rorke ??aid thai he hould apply r..i ,( warrant
for hi- an.-: .,! the Jefferson Market Court this
n,1.1 nlng
? ? ?
i nil hi tERIEE? ir ?in: i o n y FAIR.
I...-- nl.Iil H,,' l.-tl.r-, .un. r-' nlghl .it Ihe < ? 1.1
i M m i'i ? In i. -n ii Lyceum and I hey
attended In .? ba?l) Poet master Knt.m ??..i?. pres
I ? m. ind -?i was Ri ?rdei tl iff The 1-ett* i * ? ,,
rters' Rand, of flftj four p ?-, ? ?, furnishe i the even?
Inga muai* ,\ ntiml.t Aldermen aere also prea
? '?' T?he ?. Ipi ol the Pa i .--??? latlon up i i
Ha) rdaj night, including donations, amounted to
about $?'?."?? Lasl night's receipts had nol b -,
counted n i late hour II w possible that, Instead
of having an auction sale on April ?_".? ?f _??|.,
j ?. 'u ?in a ? un aiiai, another lull ?mm be hired and ihe
fair extended t???? week? longer, but ihe'queitl ,|
lu cufrtif tartunn?,dlrflfMrt_I, hum luiui. hum.iuri ol Hi?
Sato, Be?!-* ?and Hl,-U wlvaa all ?la? fall..
"I rued often to r?rad the newapaper aloud to tnj
-.?it''.'' said Bert Robinson "and on?*e I was i.,irly
taken In'by a patent medicine advirti-cnu-nt The
seductive paragraph began with a modest account of
the sea serpent, but ended by setting forth the ?ir?
tuea of Dr. Pici . v. Medical iii-?over?,
which, it ?aras alii ? cure toi all Hr'-n-hii?,
Throat and Lungti ad would even care Cms?
sumption, if taken !.'? timi Thi war I araatak n m
? .i- I had liinv; dtaraae, and I bovghta l><<ttle
of thi remedy i ?.? ? astrangei toit, and il too' asa
m and cured me. " Robinson's experien? :- n'eut?
ical with that ol thou andaoi otfa rs So tree is this,
that aftci witnessing, foi manj years, the HarvetoM
'? cures ?A Bronchial, 'i'lir.o.it and Lung aftectiona
??-. : ought by tins wonderful remedy, ita manufacturera
. feel warranted in saying that this remedy trill an ?"
j per feat, of all cases of consomption ii" i.ak<n in ihe
earlier stages of the diseasi This mav aeeni like a
; bold ssaettlon tothosi familiar only with the means
generativ in use foi its treatment; aa, nasty cod Ihrer
nil and it1? filfhv ctntil-ivn-.. < xtrait ?of malt. whiskey,
different preparationa o.f hypophosphitea and such
like palliatives.
Tin- photograph? ?.f a large numbei "f those cored
of consumption, bronchitis?, lingering > mgha, aathma,
chronic na?al catarrh and kirri- ???'. maladi? - ha?"?- !>er?i
?killfuUy reproduced in a hook ??f ifopagea which
will be mailed to eon, "" receipt of addreaa and -.1*
i. nta in stamps V?.?i can then write those cored and
learn their experience Address foi [look W?>m.r,'?
ii;o-i'i nsakv Medical Association ButBdo, N. Y?
5? ?
At ??ne ? irday there were five
i ustotners lo ? n ii salesman in our Retail
Department : some with .fioo bills want?
ing ftpuldlng Bicycle*; others
wanting the unusual bargains in oui
Clothing Department. .Ve feel, there
lore, th it il isary for us to offer
An Apology,
?..*,t'- uality of ouf
>ur evident lack ol facilities'
to supply the enorm - ind for tame.
We '?' ; ' .::" < ombincd fa\< tunes
;-. ':? :* v.. have given in-s
lions i . :? -? every??
nights to ? ? ?inp-.
1 resh -'oi k airivii ind mort
It we couldn't
lit you oui ?Saturday we are
(?nit?" ?sure we ran lo-il.t",.
126-130 Nassau St.
le? ?>!?/,
*>?i i ? ? ?24 St. ? I v
of the Great
865 Broadway,
I). LINDENBORN, Auctioneer.
? ' ?_v*_ ?
? iriV^^?
Airs. Wii.slow's Soothing Syrup
1 _j been used for ovi i .*IFT*I \ KAKS b) MIL
lions of .\i"Tir-.i:s i"i". 1111:11: chili ?at:*.
WHILE TEETHlNtl wll 1 1-::???. .-li'.'i:.-- It
s? ? ITKEH THE ritlLD s? ?l-'Tl.Ns TH 1: OUM?
by dTOK_-t8t- in rverj p.-?-1 ? r ib_ irorl :
Twenty-five Cent*- a Bottle.
tMlvr rsmltlia.
..??.?tiln. P??1r?hl? In Mh.'iwar.. at ll?s??n.-?l'U P:I.?S?
3T I ?Inn ??<--anr<*>. V ...
?tete than 100 ? ? . -.*-;:..- ,-i
?I In Hi?? protnotlbn liberty ?a
th.- opening of u.ooni?, mei \e?\ evenlni In tlM ?__?
s.nit.lv room* 0f T.-iia.-.. ij.u |,.,:, rifty?eifchth->t
anii Thirl ,v.?? to torrn the I'nited foctetlts for
?sore liberal Bunda) lest,
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