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Mi-:r:Ti\*'*, CALLED TO Bt'PPORT THE I'.i'.l?
PITHe'llKS l'K.?M tTOMMISSlONER 11 ill
somi: j;issi:s am? PLENTt
Determined oppoaltlon by the teachers >>f tin
Masr-Tork publ schools ;,? the compromise school
Mil now pending in t?-. legislature was manifested
sprain yeal relay afternoon al a meeting which had
been railed ostensibly 10 favor tii" passage of tin
!>:;!. it was a llrely meeting, at whloh all of ihi
r?gulai ap>**akera argued long .md earnestly for
the bill, at"i the audience talked back, expressed
dissent and asked many disconcerting questions.
It ?ni?": i-i confusion, v\U.?n th?' 11 ? ? t s ?. t -. < va h i ti t 1
: t ' i - - i.ilnn abandonexl th" platform in <l<
?I - and the teachers, by an almos! unanimous
vctc. pa ssed a n ? mi ng ; he bill.
Tin- meeting had 1" n called for it? m . at wble ii
h .- ilic large a isembly room on tin- top Hour o?
the Colleg-c of th?- City of New-York, at Lexington?
eve and Twenty-thlrd-st., was well filled witn
teachers, ?::"s-, of them women, School Comm'.s
F oner Charles B. Hnbbell, E. Ellefy Anderson,
Pr?s lent Thomas Hunter, of the Normal College,
r:: l ePayao? Merrill, a trustee ?: the Twenty-flrsl
Ward, Ml on th,- platform when the meeting was
?; t ' order by Mrs. Runkle, th?? presiden) ?af the
Women's Association f.,r ib" Improvement of Pub?
lic s che ?Is. Mrs. Runkle said the association had
ben: r of ti:,- ? m . i ?mise sub ?"l bill which
th? lea? hers had ronikamnel m ah? - meeting h 1 i
las) week, and :t had been thought advisable to ',:?
?rite t).,- teachers to another me-Hing at which the
argumenta In ' vor ".' ti:?- bill might be heard Bhe
.... . . .- .^r Hubbell as the first speak?
er, an i be s >ke f ?r an entire hour in praise ; the
The publ!-. Mr. Hubbell sail, muai ?-onsleler Hi??
wanta of the children before tins.- of the teachers.
The apian ,f having a board oe .endents
r.iak?- :i!l " * ?? app ntn nts, promotions and
transfer?', he said, was vastly better than t i leave
the manageme*ni with local boar?ls of truste.-s,
who?*?? a.*t: :i Is '. "? fre quenlly Influe n ! bj ;? I I
Cal it: ?tives
?'rics of dissent came fr.?na ever* part of 11 ?? hall
After a pause Mr. Hubbell v.-ntnr?- i t assert that
the wish? f the e tlsens nnst i ?? regarded One
woman promptly rose m her place and teaok Mr.
Hubbell : ? ? ?
"Yon have ?poken as ;:" w were nol ell aei - in
as if we ?'.'. I nol have at heart the welfare of the
chlldran.*' abe said Bhe was applaud? : vigorously,
and ?before the applause ! id areas? I a man ?rttb a
]r?n,? voice ?got up and shout,?): 'His the bill been
read? Do * know what >..i are talking
"I take it f..r granted." said Commissioner Hub
belt, "thai '" ' chers would nol mske s protetr!
?ngalnsl a bill wb l y had not read." (1
and an; lause. ?
?I would like to ask." said Mr. Hud? n. ?oi
th?- f hool pris Ipals, "if that mai t< lierT
"Tbat la none of youi bualness!" i??.atm! h" of the
loud voie w
"T ank you, sir." retorted Mr Hud?
kr.tcv you s re not s ?-., I r " (Applause ?
Commissioner ll?'?!" II entli I lo argue fi r t me
tim*- in Me ? the bill, but the expre
dissent continued, and the audience plainly showed
sign? of Impatience e sat down.
President Hunter was applauded warmly <al
t. >?? to speak, bul be .-'?'ii was In trouble. When
he said that h- w :, 1 not have -'.i the bill if
a majority of the leathers had opi ?? I
m^ntiis a.*.?, there were crie? ?i si t!.?- teachers had
always beor? op,?*?? ; to the bill, He ?ras spplsuded
nsra'.n ?srben M 8ec ared thaal "in framing th.- bill
4vc had In vi?v> one point, to a re the ap
pointaient and promotion of te icher? .'-i merli
alone." Then he asked: "If you cannot truat ta*en?
ty- me superlnl i lenti who have i.n expert leach
er?. wb?t>m on earl n you trust *"
"on" hundr?-i a:,, twenty trustees! ? piled one of
the teachers, ar.?i there was a storm of applause,
"I would be willing t<? trust one n-.an. th.- ?City
1 : rtntenelent, rather than 130 trustees," said
President Hunter, and there were mingled blases
and cr,' i -'f a.?sent
The speaker went on to *iik about the powers to
be held bj the superintendents under Ihe provlsloni
of th?? bill, and t?. grgu? that, as the appointments
nn-l promo-.;...-- of teachers must be made by a
it.-. ? irlty of all Of the sup r;n'.-.'. :?-nt*. ?her?? v. .. .
be r.,? opportunity for an) one superintendent to ?; ?
" - t?. a t? i
Then one of th?' tea 'hers rose an I dernai le ? the
righl lo ?answer, saying 'A trl I perlntemlent
would mak'- the re? ?rd of all of the le her? In his
d;stri"t. and H .- admitted thai I promoi
would hav.- to 1??- um'!? by the standing as si,,?v.:,
br the r< -.,.....,
In the con isloi . ? ? ? ' ?- President Hunter
said i..- would favoi
keep tii" r ire* ???- ?i the Hoard of 111? ?
?ion In t!i ? the j we re
removed by the May -. -.?r,:,-!. would r?-i...n In of
i. .- the ?pi -??: t t and his ten
assistant", and which
?>.' h teache? except by a vote of three
t he superlnte nd<
Mrs. Runkle h? (Beult: In ki?-;..-:.- ?own the
teacher? who wanted to mak ?pee en as ?
; -? . I Huntei I got thi .c ?the se
wou'd be .?? i rtunii I issl ?n *. ? n ? he
t- . .?.. - ? ] ?? .-.?-, to E i:.:?-r. Al II ?
Mr. At.,le:-on d? ire I tl ?: the framers of the
till! had kept alw- bet re them the question how
best to ? rotee t the tes - ind the children. It w is
weil known, be sa. 1. I ? ? -tion ol te
by ward tru*:?'?-:? was :.ira;.-;v by political bias, ,- i
that the tr..-t-?-.s were not the best i. '?? sele :
the berat tasachen Thera aras an outburst of de
risiv" laughter wh?n Mr. Anderson sail tha
giving :, the board or auperlntendents the power
to ?ilsmiss a f?-a'-n?r i.v a majority vote waa an
error. The laughter cause*] Mr. Andei on to r"j
?len vv,*.-. anget and h? asked "l?> you want t.?
d'-feat 'he 1,111 on account <<f one erroi : '
"V??s!" wai the anawer In on. might) chorus
"Then you do not love the ch ?ren as you ought,"
i, Mid.
y i hare ? ? ? gbi l i ?aj Hat!" was :'n^ i?;,.v.
ievera of the teacher? tried to !??- heard, declar?
ing that there '???'? many reason? for opposing I a
hV\, and Mr Anderson walke.j ,,fr the platform
Law ,n N Fuller, who had occupied a front s?at
at the mee Hi I tha' th? bill ?.<
unjust to I?-ii the teachers and ill? children There
waa n> time for fa'.: " then, he Bawl, but
lied Mi An?len ?n to meet him before the
teachers al anothei meeting an i discuss the bill
fairly. Mr. Andemon retort? ; thai be wouid i??;
re? ly .?? any time.
* Principal Boyei timed the attention of Mr. An?
derson for a mon ? g: "Mi Anderson has
declarad that the trustees are nol ?!.?? proper per?
son? t<> appoint and promote teacher? The ti is
lees hav?- been appointed by the Boai i <.f Ed icatlo
if th?- Board ?<f Education car.no! be t, isted lo ap?
point 11?? trust?**? wi,<, ?rill be fll to perform their
<luti?-s how i-.tn th<- board be tru.-i? i t,, appoint
twenty superinten k
Mr. Aneleraon i'-;.i??-i that the sugierlntendenti
Tvoul'l h" appointed from among ? vj.?-m teacher?
When Judges w.-r.- to !?.? appointed, he ?add, 'li?
men w-r?- Mlected frona among men trained In the
law-, anl it w?xa riniit :ha: the men who ?rere to
bave e'ir'"rvlsi?n <>f the school? ?hould be ?el, led
from aaaoag taachers in the a two's
A yo'in? report? r or? a front mtni w:n ln?],ic<-d I.v
en elderly (cachet abo sat beside him to ?et up
and tu-k tho question: "!??? the lawyer* s.-i?ct the
?ladite?, or ar.- th- ju lui-s elected by it,.- ?,. ,?,,..?
?The p???i'i?-:'' was lbs reply la another ?horns.
Thomaa J. Rush, a school irasie.- from the
Twenty-thirai Ward, strode to the open ?jpace la
front of th?- i.iatfoiin and made a short speei h,
roumllv deaoune b.* Um Mil while Mr?? Runle -?
vainly tried to regain control ?if the audle?-, ?,. When
Mr. Rusk bad finished tuikiro<. ?everai teachcra
wan te I to be heard, and in the confusion Mie
Hunkle ?aid that the meeting was adjourned She
? ml other? l?-ft th?- plat?orn? About half of 'th
teachers bad "Ses from their seat? aben one ?.f
the male prlrici:,a?.?, ?-??reaenl enana j. I : , ?r.tk-' , |r?i
Shirts :
>',? ?sitiriK. M ?<jii
?l?rens if lln-y II In
? T)if> rsresdj towrsr
0 ;>i I erety ?srruriit
H guarantee.1 : ull ki.ix!
? s tad?? ? ?Il prirf?.
2 All IrsiliriK retailer?
? ."???"> of the? I'rsri.l of
J ??lirl? It y.e?r ?m,^
? hller e? oui el ?ii? ot
? ?trie. I?* him ?rt It
9? for you Ala? ?>? f?t
? rlirht rise?? length.
Z V*r? interettms ?nil ?alnshl? Writ? for it. 9
5 LLI ETT, COON a CO. Maker?. Tr?>. N y ?
I ?w ',,r',ri ?hove the re?t. and Bhooted: "I more
that It b? the s.ns^ of this nue ting that the Com
promise School i?n should be rejected by the Leg
! Isla ture.
i "f?cond the motion!" cried fifty or more teachers,
when th?- vote ??.is called : ,r there ??as a deafen
| ing chorus of At?,'*," an I onl? two <?r Ihr.'.- ?, r.
! S'ins Mtd ???,,?? Then Ihe audience made a rush
for the stairs, as it waa after I p. m., any mim of
tii?- teachers were In .1 hurry lo gei borne t.? supper.
ONLY ONE VAN ?IIAI.t.K.v.'.iA? ?rri'i: Hi: HAD
w'hen the trial of Police Inspector Wlllinm W
McLaughlin ?vis resumed yestei la) morning before
Justice Barrett, In t!i?> Courl of Oyer and Terminer,
there were only four Jurymen in Ihe bos Inspeetoi
j McLaughlin appear?. ! In g 10 i apli Its, an I hi chatteil
cheerfully with hi? counsel, Messrs. Frl< id and
Elkus. The examination of talesm n waa resumed.
II?*nry M Felker, .1 commercial agent, waa rx
In reply t.? Mr House, ti,.' tii. sum1, aaid he had
lived ni II e Ollsey House foi the lasl five years
The pr.it Ion challenged the talesman, bul the
r.mrt overrnl? 1 i1. and be occupied the fifth seal
In the box provisionally.
.lust before recess thi prosecution challenged per?
emptorily Juror No. ?"? and the bos wt ill only bad
f.'iir Jui ,. s.
Jamea !?; Rurbridge, contractor. No, ?31 East
Eighty-fifth a prove?! satisfactory lo both sides,
?itui t,.,?!? the llflh seal In Ihe box provisionally.
Frederick Kranket, Cable Building, Broadway,
???is nexl called. Frankel said he understood or?
dinary English.
"If ;!-..? ni .'Minar used." said he, "is 100 high I
would mi'i. :-: 1 iA il onl) once in .1 while."
Es Surrogate Rollins (hen pul to th? tale n in
aome legral questions whU'h would frighten .1 pro
Colonel 1:. 1" .inn:, -s. ?in, had just con? in,
jump.- i to his fei : .1 ml .1: 1
"1 object t,i ihe talesman being pul through such
a cate 'hism of que ?liona "
This was .',?!,,ii"i James's flrat formal participa?
tion in the caae, and hla favorite 1 object" caused
a laugh
The talesman waa excused.
Nathan Lemllen, a member of the clothing firm
il .-?.??!'. \ ,,;. . ,\ I., ri.,,. - , waa allowed to take a
? ? ? ? the box ; ? ivlsiot i I)
William r Durai I n m< it tli nl?*r In w a '
Market, prove 1 ... ? ptabl. : ? 1 ith sidei ind ti ok
the sevi. 1 th? bo?t
The lime foi rnmeni now in ; arrlv. I Mr
Rurbrldge, who n epti th? ?? h seat In ihi b \.
??-..s formally ?worn In Itoth aldea announced they
were aallsfi?d t? Ith Mi ! ' irano, 1
seventh seat, and hi waa formal!? awoi
prosecution i-ha b-ng? i Mr. I.emllen ?? h > oc.
the alxth seal per? mpl ;?:'.:. The courl then ul
x Jurors being In the 1 \
! : ?* rl.B ' ?RPIN wi.s.
Coroner Hoeber yesterda) morning held an Inqueat
on the ? 1: ? ? *? ? ei let ?? ? ? ? ? :? ! lasl
Wednesday nil I ?? 1 rl Uns .1 wheel a
?-.ul. near Scventy-seoon?! si Thi Coroner ti
se ure Ihi attei bi ? ? ' - . "
that they would testify as to the istoma
govei ning the movemi nts of I
.-???. \ . ind a n wi re
ent to 8u| lei ent Byrni
p. r 'i' ir Coroner call? I S ; ?
? ? ?? : ? efori nquest opened and ask?*,I
. . ? t attei
: ? 1 ver; and 1 be excused,"
Was I : ? ; .
"Th ?? n't g I the Coi mer, "an 1 : I
you I
Th?' ? 'orom r remll led the I
that tb .- .; ? -, , . ee him al
his .,!!.? .
Mrs. Center, the mother of tl ' : . .
his I ? ?1 hei Edward Center, were
Walt? r Grier, I No. 2441 Wi ?I Twi nty-secoi
\?.i~ ? ?.? on y wltneai tiled ?
He la a memo? r ,.f the Colonial 1
bla way t,< the club when the a Ideal 0
The Boulevard car from which Mr Oriel ha
alighted lo ko to the club wa? tl ?? car ?
In the path ,>r th? bli j le, and to avo
Center changed h ?? 'ourse and tl ib cam
i.. coal truck riven I '? ??
Wlnkli Mi drier said there were 1 11 ?
I ?? coming down the Boulevard al Ihe I ? ??
?vith Mr ivr.t.r's wheel In from They were ?'?
In aucb n position, (.?? aald thai Mr Centei
? ,?? ?? made any other move than hi : II?
aal ! hla bes) ??? 1 ? ? ? 1 1 . ? ; ? ? :
and try to avol I Ihe oal cart. He did no. bul hla
movements ??.??:?? noi -, ..;'.. Th? witness
said hi ? ? river of 1 il ? a. 1
could I ? ;
The i .: -. ! .-,,;.? ? g verd?n
We, ,. find that Hol r was killed
In a c et ween ? 1 ? ? 1 in
Fi a- ink ? .
Api 17, near thi tloi I t*S< Mr ?. Iwa . liouli
ind ?????? ? . thai il.l
Winkle Is not 1 b? un The
that an or llnance l?- pa ? by tl 1 immon 1
of the . Ity oi Ni a Vork : ?? 1
: ind ti In
that said .a .
? ? ? ?.-.l- ?'??..?? ..-.. ??'??? ,. ? : . ? bou le vard
ngi -:. April 23 ,.-'!?? Lai) .-? retar** ll"r
berl baa detalle I Med tor T. C W ilion
and - rgeon B il Dickinson 1a lo Ihe
American ?asocia ...
meet In Baltimore on Ma) " Ign \ M \. ?
?Vas been detached from treatmenl at 1 ?
H , nd granted thi m leave
John It Edle has bei n I? I 1 ? . I ? im I he
Tbetla, orden 1 East, and will be at?a 1 I th?
New Vos* on t.. r trip to Kb In ?'? ? 1
Halloway has been 1. I from lut.? 01
? ?? tells , ? ?: ,-?.:??.: ? . . mont I lea? ??
Chapla n Sherman )????; been ordered to th?
Constellation Ensign Qlennle Tarb >. hau been
ordere?) to 01 Inane? Inatructlon ..t ihe Wa hlnglon
Navy Vai :
'?A.- following Army order? have been Issued
i A- ... itenanl Jamei K. Thorn| I Ii
:? detailed 11 pi ifeuso* of mllltarv science and
tad - al Bi John'a Militar) School, Manliua, N.
V. ??? take effeci on September I, an?l will re
lleva Flint Lleuter-?*** William P. Burnham, ?
Infantry, who will than proceed lo his
pany Th.. leave ?>' abeence on surgeon's reri II
cat? >f disability ?ran??-i Major Jamea 1 Oi gory,
corpa of engineers, Ik extended two months 01
geon'i certificate of dlaablllly. Leave '01 (went)
..ri,- days, to r.ak?? effeci upon hla relief from d il)
us aid? di amp I ? Majol (leneral Nelaon A ' ? .
granted Captain Marion P Maus, Isl Infantrj
First Lieutenant Charle? c, lameson, ordnance
department, Is rellevi 1 from : irther duty al Fort
Hherldun, and ??..! reporl In pei on lo Ihe om
mandlng ?.tii- -r Wa'ertown Arsenal for assign
ment to dut? Th? extension uf leave of absence
granted Flral Lieu tenant Garland N Wh tier,
.,' . Artlller)', ? Btlll furthei extended six mont ha.
t'a plain Rtephen C. Mills, 12th Infantry, will pr,<
',. 1 ? . :,, ago and reporl In peraon t<? Major
(leneral Thomas il Ruger, r.mmandlng Ihe I*?
partmenl of the Mlaaourl foi appolntmi il aa aide
d< amp. The extension of leave A abaeni ?? granted
Captain Francia vV. Mansfleld, lltb Infantry. ??
furl ? : ?ir, nded ,jen da ?
?*?'?? retary Lamonl lo-daj appoint? 1 a board of
engineer offieera, to conalai of Oeneral 11 1. Ab
hou. Idajoi 11 M Adams and Captain D, C, King
man, to axamlne Buffalo il irbor, N v . In a< ? >rd
m. with !.. provl Ion In the lust River and
ll.irh.,1 ,-,. : relative t" thai bi lion The section
of th.- i...i undei which Ihe board will v\,,ik, ap?
propriates tTO.OUO r?>r oontlnulng tha Improvemeni
of Buffalo Harbor, ?ftOOO of which may be used
In making a survey and plan for extending the
outer breakwater soutbeasterly, i" ? polm al ?.r
near Btoaj Point.
The flagship Han Franriaco reached Meralna, Asa
Minor, ye terday, In obedience to orders requiring
h-r to touch .it various pori 1 foi th? protection of
American missionaries. Th? Ran Fram I 0 lu? al
A.' xah Iretta |n ., few ?li?*
Tat armored monitor Amphltrlli Viiis place?! in
commission al Ihe Norfolk Navy Fard this after?
I.but? na;;? charle? A. Foster, with the Pr< ildeni'fl
approval, ?rill be placed on Ihe retired llsl ?.r the
Navy on aecounl ?,f dlsablilllea Incurred In lb? sei
vice. Th.- president has approved Ihe examining
board a recommendation foi the pr im itlon of Med??
??al inspector ?.rharlea A While and Ensign Harry
?;?? ,r i"
Th? naval examining board baa found Pay In*
p., u,r A .(. Prltchard Passed Assistant l'.iym.i ?. r
Richard T, m. Ball and Aaslatanl Surgeon F, I?.
Bratbwait?. entith-.l 1?, prornoii n '?? the nexl higbi r
Th?- President lo-da) approved Ihe n ommendv
liona ?>f the court-martial in the case of First Lii 1?
tf-nani Rugen? '.. Loverldge, 14th Infantry, and i.h
will be 'lixml?t.a-,i from Ihe ?ervlee. H? waj court
martialed in Washington for drunkenness. He <-n
tereo thi Military Academy from New-xorb In l*M
Naval ea,),.,K (,;iv,. ,?., B appointed BB fO.IOWBl .1 Q,
t'u.i. Hrattbboro, Vt. with c P. Johnson, of si
Johnspury, vt, alternate: Charlea E. Courtney, Buf
fa o, N. Y., with Langdon Moore, of Buffalo, alter
nate. ?n?l T. W Cram', ,?f Ibmsion. Texii?, wltn
.1. P. UUke. of P?interavllle. Texas, alternate.
The Re? Or. R Heber Newton's sermon on Suneiay
discarding the ?Christian belief In the actual resur
rertlon of ?? ? b d of Je C'hrlsl has caiiaad
widespread i emment The tii.-: da) after the ser?
mon i- -ame generally known, ministers were retl?
cent about it. Some of the plergy spoke their mind
about Dr. Newton's remarks, however, and rester?
da) i he mattet w ., i n ere 11 eely dl*
The utterances of in. Newton si.net-ally con?
demned by the rlergy Whether a eoncert??d action
will be made to rail him before the tribunal of the
e'hiirdi on a charge ol hcres) remains t" be seen.
: Ministers, In discussing this pilase of the case, si -
diplomatie m their utterances. There is no r?t*a?son
to doubt, however, thai some effort will !.?? made
t.? make 1 ?r Sewton answer to i in- Church for his
belle f
The Re\\ It Morgan Dix. r??ctor of Trinity, i*e
I fuse?! to see anv reporter? yesterday. The eervanl
a*ho answer? l the d?>or brought weird from l?r. Ills
that he had ?alei '11 thai he caree] to In connection
with the case, and had nothing y> add. Dr. l Hs, In
an Interview, ?aid Momluv "Di Heber Newton Is
somewhat eccentric and i^ rather fond <?t expresaing
hi .'lews. More than one the ? views have been
I contrary t.. a-ha I mosi men In the Church hold.
bul :.?? Is somewhat changeable and bas several
limes turned bach again. N.-. however, ? ? l?? i i,, --?
that the bod) In which "iir Saviour appesared after
III? resurrection wn? i,"' differeni from the one in
which He live I. U e h tve St. l'a il's own words for
The i:.\ Dr, win.un it. Huntington, rector of
Grace Church, ?aid: "If you wish to quote me, you
ma) say thai I ronoui In whai Dr. DI? In aid
Dr. N.'wt'.n i-? changeable, and Jusi iboul the time
you an- going to ill him to .i'i aceounl "ii some
; ? he Hies ..fT at a lana? to .11 on ? ?me othel que
lion l think he m iy alter tii ? v .? .?. "
I ?r. Huntln*rton ?? ?- ai l?.-?l if he i ought tl re was
any probeblllt) lhal i ?i Newt ?n a ?til?! be cal ed I ?
? ihe ...11 of th" ? 'hui h for 1. - alleged
he re? i : : ? i - i ?: I iimi Ington ? I " riinl re?
malm? I :. n, A? hi? remarks ?tai '. Il would
thai explana ? , 1er. I know
of no proposal a kit to I end I ew, v?-r '*
If I ?I N??e ton She III : I.II A to ai, .. ounl t!,l?
be the :': ?? lime. In May, IM, a
pre rated to lii 'hop Pott? i. n'.mt "1 by
: se\*er?l the lergy of the I?.: *.'??.- \ "rk.
lhal I'resbytei be s| pointed b
::.? Ill h p to ? rtaln whethei there was at tha:
lime .- uffl c nt - vid? i ,, i - I ??
oi Ihe ; .. ? ? of Dr. Newton In pul him on II
h?'r?-.--\. This petition, however, ws not pre
? : .i
The -i int e>f Dr. Newton ... :
Th. Y Moi i marring ws takei fi i
i tan 1.1?
il?l at
? ?-???-.
I Had I ?el , n .?:
? . .
?i ? , -??: ?
? i ? a
. . .. ? ?
?,i> i' ,- " .. . ? tort -
, : v ? .
..... _.
II.- Was I ? ' ?-' .
i? -. i
? i
. .
? - . ' ? ? '
a - am? ?hat awk? I ?
.. it
, hi? dec.?I
? '.<'.l
h? :
? ?
I , ? M
a ?? I I I'll (if Mill
f | '
i-lrele t<? be 1
r. Crane ? ... .-?:.?
i ? ? i - ' . -, ? ?
.,-. the mini
Mr. I. ?:.... i i had
made ii ?tai i
w i ? to make allot ? .
|ii? uf Mr e'r.il
I o some ? ? ? . .
the A
I? ?? !..i :,,'?? of i:..- Sa-. ' , ,
: .,? if.
The -, ome 'i. ? ? ? ? ? ii
hoe* ni'i'-h tsork I
and how mu
? ,
?? a bsnl To i" this, In i ? ??? :?
banki ? lak? ?JO m?
.'..:;? The e miner ha lo la k?
the i.r a bank ? : ? lin I? ihem II? in ?? ?
ll?et bank
..? ma hlner) In proving th? . ? I : II? ol i
bank he h.i - u, i, , i| mi 11... t,,,,?k - hikI .??
of the bank ? nol ?-?. lin, k lo the oi II al en
? ? , ?vi eing .? ? h -|.? '? : I n
? n hole re i n till ?? rest?
on Ihe '"? m ? ment ?,f i h? SI.
I.eathei Hank, ind the lui ? - -:? m fornierl) ?m
iibtayi I In kee pirm ih?? I.I. Tl..- bank
had cli'l !? I, ?? :, V'. i',,?! and he Irnr' have Ini'l
-. thai he ? ,, ,. i ,?,k Ihem
I : ? ; ? bank'i '??>. i. ? I I? ? n ., |.i"i- i one i he
banl Itsell woiiM hav, o ? ..??? <? A lhal ; hing ?
a i uiik \\ it h ordin?r) ml ."i. i he
ca? Ion never could have o i-urn-d i ? i? intru? lhal
Aymar ai I '? -i lb? N ?? on ?I Hank Kxamlnei ami
... ; over I he .k aflei Ihe
It my i ?ggestlu ,. at 'I, at
lime, n I I he i.books wei calle I in ami i e
? i to i : '. ? 'he a.il Laurina thl time
A) mm must have had a?-e ? ? t,, ? he p i !.,.,,;.
? . , ? ?? ' h? :,.-. . ? ' on his :? Ik? : un??ur wii h
the :u- in ? un th.- pa ??ol i . '\ hole amount
v. is ','1. 5''"" o .??! . . pari of tii? Ilm< ??ii" an I
pari f the I m- Ihre?? a? ? omita o :li mal let roulai
be Used by ? hang ng onl? i fen enti le
The wife an 1 !.. ight? ni the late Fredt rick
Maker talked with V'lcc-I-resldenl Hlltnei si Ihe
bank on M??nday, and pi ?tested ngalnsi having th?
na me of Kaki r ?, ocla ??? I In snj ???. i ?? s 11 h lh?
Aymar defaleatlon They i.io- declared Iheli b,
1!. r i int liaker ? .,-? In n? waj i wne? n i with Ih?
Keel) defa!c??( n. ??i ?pile of Ihe ronf?*?Slon mad?
by He I) ami ?i.ihei rvlde-n? ?? n ling ??? h ?a
... bank Kn robb? i b) mean? -?f Raker's
a-.'i ihe ?i ?tematle working ?.f oih, i ac
. ul :i." l?un le le, k?.. i? a flt-tltimis balance 'a
i:.ik?'i'? ?-i?"?.i 'i lo-'. ii.i'? ? also prot? .?? . i
i in pi Ion thai ltak?-r commltteij ule Id? In
? ? ipe air, ?t on Ihe -I..' av !.. n Ih? riere Iv
? : le al Ion u e-- anneau.i
Mr lllliner aid yestenlsj thai Ihere was no
i. , m t,, uii", e thai tymar bad l tnne ? from
t:.ik?-i- '.: from any othei ,|epo?iioi in ?teultng
n .. ?. from the bank I? to the proof? that I'..,tv
had been an ac?*??mpllc? ol Ke i I). he v.ml r r. - - -, woulel
I, ? prei ente i a !.? n ihi I a nk's ? ill agalnsl the
Hak? r ? ' it? vi - tried
? -s
lia 'n Hoot h, ramm it i?l i of ih? Rah ?I. in
A rmy In \ m< i i, a hile an lent of Jen ?) i"it) In
IBS9, muela application to the Hudi n County courts to
become s citlzi-n of the l'nlted ftate lie now lives
in \i ,? tclalr. but ? Herds) i* returned to Jersey
. ??. & take out hi? second paapent '.'ndei lbs
ne? la? h< m ' l -;' " fourteen days' notice, so "it
he vi. have lo wall two wee u
After Exercise
Extract of Beef
The frcinilrio gSS ?l(rnv
turaoflinron Liel>lR,ln
blue, on evrry j?r, thii?:
Ask for "Splits" at the
Restaurants and Bars.
BOCIETT OF I ? 11 .< : I : IM . IH'Ri H, ONE llt'NORJSD?
The Indies' Society of Pilgrim Church, One-hun
dred-and iwenty-Qrst-st. and Madlson-ave., gave a
dinner Ins- nigh) In Ihe Sunday-school rooms .?f the
rhurch t?? commi ?ii.r.it? the beginning of the ' ?? en
ty-fifth ???:ir ..f the pastorale .?' tli?1 Rev. l?r.
Samuel II. Virgin. A bou I two hundred member?
THI. rk
,' -i-, arere seated
M th? ?? i 1 '? ? Virgin
the It. ?. Urs. \ i ?.-ii an. L> i
I?avl l c.rcgK. Henry .M F.
\ : t the othi
' ? ?
I?. M Wllllan VI homas II
I ?r I F Land, It? i ? n 8m. i?*orge A. Ill kok.
i' Il I..IW, Il !. ?' '-;
\ il
N'a ? .in. i A. lions,
|o,- f, . ? ? ills? ??
tlve men . ? ?
i.t.-he<l to
nd stud
. ? isry. H?
?? ;.??:
. . : : I
?? ?
of the
,,?.'.' '. . ' ' IM
en t ir.'iy l,y i
?????. ?, ? ? .
.? ? ir,|
l? m?a i r r tha
? .
th?? ent. :
? t 10 ?
? . ?
tl r e J
. .? ? ? 1 Uni?? "m ?. .1
M , Mutual Aid
work, and ? i ? i
.;??? | at I I .-I!, ve.| I
nlll the)
ihelr ti the I \i l the all I h<
ige.l firm. In t'-n
Iv li
? ? ? ? I
f.?r v? i.rk. and In the | e word? al
... i .... . e, but not w I thou
: ip|i ? ? ..I ? ir ?-. r - i ? i (?i i whorn
.. ? ?
the linn >?: Il H M it) * I ,. "
IHE n? i un i: report
III'lll r ?m ?Ml ! i M in THE BO
(Vail ? ? . . .
>r r
?? ? . i
? ? ? - er th*> i
m :? 1 ' ? ; ? ?fit ? ! .,- rl?. n ??? tu i ill) ? . ? ; I
il- ? . ? . ih, .
'???m.. N'iiMIi? ? whi ? i ha fallen -v.
? ?
l-nito ?ii.i i ... -
.... .? Ill- Mr. llh,
.? , H Ih? e?
trema I
? ? ? ? .. ?. .,.
aliangei Brill be
M I' ?U.M. I - m:I ? ?? ;? I ? itt TO I1??
For New-II I \>n I ? ?? ?? nwr In las
' "! - n i ? ??; na v evening, win.l ?" ng I ?
I Mllll? ||t< I |)
1 M i '? ?',..?- 1 r in n ? ? ilreme ? rtti
? item i i.rtl .,. ? terly wh rlal.le
i ? RI l-lai i ,.. i , . . . t, fah illfhll
" 'he ? ?Ulhei i, |i .. ? ?. ? ind ? li* nmlng ? ?? I?
1 ??' K '-'. rah ...-!?.?. ' ? min?
l'"i I ??all '" IVnti-1 Ivnnl , \. . J, ? 1 ?e .??,,?? I i
'?>' '"?I iml.l , ai, i \i , ., ,, ,| K,.|ierulli Uli . w-?t
?rl) ?li,,;, I, i,mlns iirlal.U
F ,r tt'ai '?in |'i nun?, 1 n .11?. fur. ? i lier
? lliei lia) .'?a ,,. i .1 I)
e?i u.n Ne-, l .;,,,.: . a irnn >r
i> e?, nln? . ,. m,i ? -, iftlng la? aaaiiiln -<? i '?
1 "? i ?hl?i I ill i..||..n,,i i, .t?,u,., , ne ir the I ?arm
Illilllts ?la.rni
UMHH I Itt la l ? ;i ? ' 7 ? ?1011 'ma.
- - ni 'In!;'1! ? '
III Dili .".;..???,n ? | ?utti,u,?i.l nlnlo Inn ilium :..
aaagsB in i>i->-ui?, .? imUeaietl b) fas rrltsuae'a nif
Bcoreiag in in.t-i Ths i>i..ken Has ii Brassais tin ?????
rature as ie,,,i,j,.,? ? |.,rly, i-,,.,: in?. >
-i rit.ni - i mi. -, \ |. r 11 M, i a ?, Tha wsathse reatar
,\ aaas fsli Bad wanner, Th? ismtsrrstars ranged be?
areea M ami <?:: .i..?..,?. ,,,. a.?rsga ?.">77?i being i?,
i?iier ii.?ii mi Monday .111,1 p. town lasa on tl.
? t.tin? da) Ian i,,r
Th- w-iiitir i , ,i.,v j, ||krly . mataran tait, ??itu hm?
hange In IBBBfaiBlaili.
or the otnrcT will probably prevail.
The failure of the anthracll.?I pi*ealtlenta to
ni.ik?. the Reading Company accept les than 21
per ?ent of tba anthracite output has forced the
conclusion upon th" presidents; that th? anthracite
latton cainot be remedied unless Reading's de?
mand la granted. I; can now be authorltatlveiy
stated th.it ntit.-Hs aomethlng unforeseen waapona,
the Raadlns/a position will be sustained, an?l an
output of 21 per cen? given to the ton mjr. Preal*
?!-ru Wilbur, of the Lehlgh Valley, is expected in
the eltjr to-day, end there ??Al probably be a cob?
:? ren.?' the ?'".il pn a di m a
a president of one of the big antbra? ite-pro'lo.-ing
and carrying roads said yesterday that the ?u?po
aitlon Was I i grant Reading's demand for the In
J tiTi-sts of th?. trade, He said thai the conference
in Philadelphia with the Reading's receivers de?
veloped th- fac? thai ?t was useless to try tu ahake
('.? Iding'a . 1 .-t -r m i ti ;i r ;, ?n for a -', per ?'ent allot
in-', i of th- output, an,I thai in onler t.? end 'he
? "..'l 'I,tti, ulties ami put th,' trade on a sound basis
i ii would be better to lei Reading have ?hat it
wanted, ta- anthracite coal situation has monopo?
lised attention bo long toar any wise and equitable
settlement of th- diff?rences All! he heartily w-1
, omed.
fhauncey V Depew Bald yesterday tha1 the rumor
that the Vanderb.lt Interesl would assisi In break?
ing tl,? coal d< ullock wai A, wrong. Mr. I)epew
aald "The Vnnderbllt roada have always refrained
fp.ni mixing up in th- coal carrying business, an I
? il?--.' have no Intention a' becoming entangled In it
i n,,.? i have h?*ird th- reporl thai th- Vanderbllts
:? i i,, absorb th- Philadelphia and Reading
Railroa !. bul l know of no facts upon wbicb to base
such an assertion The Reading is In th- handa ,,f
receivers and is making a strong flghl for a larger
percentage ,?f th- coal-carrying ira,I?- than usual.
Its position financially nakea it able to tiKht th ?
solvent roads more readily.
A me ting of th- presidents ?>f Vnnderbllt lines
will be held in thla .it;.- nexl Thursda)
The tin?- receivers ?.f the Chicago and Northern
l-.iAii, Railroad h s ve n Igm i. .u I the bondholders'
committee has presented in- name of A. !.. llopkts?
i,i th? courts f.?r sole receiver. It is thought the
one n elver will be able : ? ?lo ?ill the work, and
i tr- resignation of t1;.- three receivers, Mr Van
Norden, \ir How land and Mr. Morgan, ??as for
purj.f facilitating Ihe work of reorganiza
tlon. M,, 'lopklna ? an old railroad man, hating
i,.,.i, vt? ???president ??! th- Missouri Paciflc in .1..?
liould'a time and a1 > vice-president of the <?
.[ i mi i DIai ' . ? h .- been i ;? cted pn -i lei t
Tob ;?? \nn Arbor and North Michigan l.mi
Company In place of I. M. Ashley. The Board
q* Dlrecfbr fa ? \ hley managemenl was
noi :? ? !?? te I at the t. kl oldl : -' n ?????: g .. ?? :>.
igo, bul one m ; ?? representative of the
h< Idei ? a.i~ pul In, and yesterday Ihe neu
lected Mr. Cla ; nt.
Mi i 'li ws, ?? ho la a mi nil ei of the bank
oi li : i ?? Clews ? Co., was born In Dunkirk, N. v..
m I8.*>7 After i ? ?? i from Chamberlain
?. he . nie red the n > Red LI m Tran*
mp my, and sub eq ?? nil ?? \...- ? tnplo) ? i
? ??any In Hun*alo In
to Net* Vork an t ei lered his ui
hankli ?l - sblllt? ai ! preat
i apa.-ity foi bu ?Im ? u, ... i
? n ir. the banking hoin-e. and t:
admitte I to the fil M ell kn.wii In \\ all
f t h. ? ? ? ? - r road waa
Mr i "lews h.s I -i e in?
? the Ann
? | operty.
A| -' ?3 Th.
? !
week of April n II ? ? ? ^
week last year the) ?.. ? ?.'.?' .i ? ?;.
>???;??? CO!, ! ? is HE CRAi Kill -'. ?1 K,
. - ... :.i \ . ..: Kx-Oovernor Norl en saya
that he Is now bei to srr ing i
? ? f ,r the i tlon of tl
the members of Ihe
? as i iced
thli Hi ite The ,l>- il bsa in 111 ill)
I for the l :Ar
ind th? ettlors are no* ml) ?? ng
s papers to begin 1
? ? ind then the
w?rk ??,(,.
? ? ?
n ???< -, . to thla State up
v.,? I I , ' I ' " ? I ; ?
Bork of P. H. Fitxgerald
?? ?it ?
oils. 1 ? , . ..-:.
.? *>? 1er participai
Ihe afl ' ... . : 1 ; I i ;
1 pro ill ? ? ? ?Id more
are* ? ?
entitled to ? a 1 ,. i
: ,n lit
? put ereon. At the
for I
. ; ?? . i, : ?? .
rema I I to I
I ??..:.'
?-. ;; i ? ? . ,
? ? . emeu t a ? ..?.-?
of | ?????: thai
the pi ? ? within six
... ? . .
l.'\ ' ?o? N i ilonle
In leiwer M ? rra
i ? ion De per
REA lt!\ ?,' / Ol? SU K PF.OPI I.
The Hospital n i and > ?a ,i i Soctet) fui
i r?es i ullng matter lo IhV ntnatea
tV.VM ? .??l W.1 ; ... i .-'. UBeWaVX
M la. O A? ?XTH? r a s. r
i: ?sSSCM liiwi co?-'.?? RBgggl
Hat Stood the Testet Time
Seitniifically Adju.sted?
Our ne? il,,,<| ol' i???iin<>- the ?ig; ht of
eueh eye, un?! lining o? gln??e? and
f'rnin?-?. (KlinilK'd n?a (lie iae???-l ??ntUiiKT*
l-M*T ?Vy ??niimui I'll?, ?i< ?un? anal Seien*
Optieal *??|??-<-i.-ill??t.
?Ml I'llib Ave., EVew York,
'"'????tear in,.I I'lili-nli-e ?if the V ?.! Imna I lo
ll?'il???-s r<lr (?pilinl l?H(r?r?,.,it?.
4T 'THF* I-, ?Pl'LAR .-':
iv THE WALL, PAP ::: t?EPAimiBKT.
? a ill i ad, s t .n.i;?-'l fear
ample pattern t-,<-k*.
in ihe prive? ol ? I
I. ? ' ' las? Paper?, ftalnti Rffcets.
i I. '- ? Papers srltl H r 1er?, f : Sinai? Rfomi
I.- ?'? ?? . - liad Pn - i i'.ii r ?Papera
[. s \.\\ ?. : , r. t basa Psi ra
\? . '.' . .-.Til AVK.
?? Nothing helps me." Thoti.ands of
??rateful ?'."in?".i re, e>auneadati*>all?aia
. Aiatl-I'aiea I'l???er us the surest
5in.i i?.?t ?if peJBealleerlatlng ptasstass.
le ?UN II
Hair M : >. <v
I -
ill) r .
137 v. ainsi . N I
?and other public an l private Institutions. li?ing
: ? .?. ?:.?! ii in asi ' .-,?;, to enrry on this
?? ,-k. ii urgentl) : I oi now magasinas.
a ..??;-. They should bs ??"nt
In the Unite 1 e'hantles
????:- i o rrnan
illy n??e.led.
rmon ' the kh I'stUlkm, I'nrk-av?. and
so .-row le 1 n* it
?...i. : , nig .' The much
" I who do
? an ?? a un form ?wen ? ; I ! ? ?- frtei i- sf th*
rade ao4 n ?istT,
?brat? the ihlrty-fourtb an?
.:.??.- f the ??id Sth Ritagrlmeat,
N y s m , for th ?est ? wai
.-.a- present with ?ev
, -,. m, nib rs of 1 U iff, ??"? I re ?Issrsi
the co. i I. and aente l the narlnmsate/g
I?ea rs who hal ? irned th?-m in
, ?? -the itt ? ? military pan ' i i rogramtSM
ha 1 i. ? r rarrle I out ti i da ???."?. which
the e4*enln?***s ei .... ? ., ?
\\' -hhigte?, Penn April B. Chtaror Rrothera,
(Saal Bethlehem farmers and iheer>-ba**ee?lera ss
- . ? ' ' : The nubilities
,(r?' about J.? 0, ' "? ,--??- '?: sboul half thst
amount. Th? i i wen pn tall He I by a i
eral expensive opi - Ii r-oal land? which the/
, ? ? escli ment In that
I ?he r em imenl is rem
.. and will ! ive no elfeci on th'-,r busineaa
In llanape ?Is. A ? ? .- of a we?! i?at
of Hi : :.',:on COtSsV
near S he purpose of Unding ira? or
ta* resaa?t? : In ti a i pmeni of a remark?
able water ????-. e< i '?*. a depth of '.*??" feet the drill
,. parently eFn i ; t of the rock, and
a rush of water : !ow?ed which submerged the
derrick an?l Irove asa) the a'orkmen. The drill
?nall) remo4'e?l, giving the aater an unob
? t.*, il T - ??? ? pes through a sig-liiob
pipe an I is thrown t ? .? i;. :. ? . ? reet.
Rome, N v. A; rii :i Oeorge Payne, HReii ?ixty
four yean cte?l business man of
Rom? com ornlng by ??titting
h roa I wltl , raze - '.: ha : !.ti mentally d?tv
. -.?i ?several
Bl l.o'i v. Api i .'.'. The body ??f an unknown boy
v? ;- foun : In i v.? ..nt I it In th? nurtlitrn pur: of
the i?tt) this man i little fellow had been
: mangled t?? ;
Arahurst, ?Vis., April 23. -Word has just b??<*n re
i?elved here tha i i irt) ol eeven !'? ?anders, vrlio
wen? at woi - land In the town of Wild
Iti.?', VVaieshara ?*ounty. havebeen burned to dean.
th?-lr shant) I lire a*hlle they wer?
in :?
"Stories of Mystery"
Thi ? hii:a<;o Record offers to authors the sum of $30,000
for (iiium.il stories written in Kuglish, no parts of which have
ever been heretofore published. The offer is nude upon the *
follow.ii?., conditions:
be paid In twelve cash prizes for the best twelve stories,
money will be divided as follows :
First Prize ? ? ? ?
Second Prize - - - -
Third Prize ? ? ? ?
Fourth Prize -
Fifth Prize -
Two Prizes of $600 each
Five Prizes of $500 ouch -
Making a total of
Ti,,. ?irai prlsM will be paid for the glory adjudged lo be th? beat, tha seeoad *********
f., the >i,i\ adjudged Ihe next beat, tii?1 third prig* for the st r? adjudged to h<* ?he
itirl i.i merit, the fourth prise for th.? fourth In merit, the fifth pris? for Um fifth in
merit; two prizes of $t.ach and five prizes of $500 each, thus mgklsjg the total
of i.v.-hi- priz? h . , 120,00
additional will be paid at space rates for stories of accepted
value but which may not be awarded any of the twelve cash
prizes. ,
The stories submitted in this competition are required to
be "stories of mystery," in other words stories in which the
mystery is not explained until the last chapter, in order that
readers may he ottered prizes lor ?juessinu the solution of the
mystery in advance of its publication.
The stories musi i-.-n.-i? The Ckicaoo Renri ?(1 |*j ofliet ,.f publication. 111 Mall? '
K,?n Street, ? 'lit. .ik<>. Ill-, bototo 0 t. I, IMS, an.l tin* awards will be made as WOOft after
that il.it>' M the*- ?an be rea?d and Judged.
Wot full infiiriiiatl.ui author* will "uldreM
VICTOR F. LAYVSON. Publisher The Chicago Record,
Chicago, III., I. S. A.

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