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ACADEMY OF MVSIC -' 8:13 Herrarasaas
AMERICAN T'lllVTItr. I The .Vin.i7.,.i,s.
Bite vi?'..XV TffiBATRI I Alud,!tn Jr
e' VSINO I !?"? V ,..',..IfVlII'.
I'lllCXERlNO HAU?- 4 T.?-. ???? ?
rrOLFMBl'S THEATRE 1 8:13 Shaara-Rhi ?
?lAI.Y'S THEATRE -S*?? Illustrated lertasre.
i:iei:\ Ml ? BE I'M 8 V i'i,1'\?!".
EMPIRE THEATRE '-' 8:*? The lm|?rt?e*w of Being
Bars ?
FIRE ARTS itill.MN'*. SIS W??st Wtta-st.?Dsy snd
evenlnr Annual Exhibition 8oclety Attterlcan vit?:.-.
FIFTH AVENTE THEATRE 8:10 H - Wlf?'i Father.
GRAND CENTRAL l'Ai..???,' 2 la *9M p. a?.?Sal i ?;
Pood .i-,. Indatsti i?: l'x;.., .t; 'l.
OARRICK THEATRK 8 ??' arm? sad the Msn.
HARLEM OPERA HOl'SE 8 !?? The ButteHUe?
.- :,
li'iYTs THEATRE 8:30 Ttae F undllng.
INVINO l-t.At i: THEATRE 8 1'?- ' ?I? Orlentrel?? and
M ? :???.
KevsTi:?. ?V RIAL'S 8 .".;' V.ri.'-vi:;,'.
i.Y.'KrM THEATRE S? ??? F. none.
7(a-h Annti.' Exh I
PALMER*S B:1S I.if..- Chrlfl ?
PASTO II" ? - Vas l?\ ill. .
?p( ?I ?? ?ROUNDS i Baseball
?STANDARD THEATRE S .30 '1' ? *T ', J
?STAR THEATRE s '." Th? ? ?: i i
BOO FIFI ii v\ . 2 to S and 8 to 10 | n 1. ..?i Estae
, ? ?
inbrr to ^??nifriicrmciit?-..
}' Ig? ? ' ,1. ! lg? C
Aanejsemi-tit? . le S Lecture? ? Meetings- *? '?
A . ....1U .1 L?k.i1 Notices . 11 ." '?
? Hot. ? ' te. 8 b Lo*i nd Pound ....H
- ,\ : .. -.14 4, Ms r ringe? A Deaths, 7 5-0
llieyrle? .."? ?: Mls>-ellsne 'u< .'.?
I:,?..1.1 iiii'l Boom? .. V I.'??-!', Steamers ?? 14 a;
Business Nol.e> l pianos . 8 II
- ' ,n???s _ i' 11' il?l c Notice .H 3
? . .14 4 Real E?l ,t,- . 8 " :?
.i? Zi Railroad? . H ?? ?'?
J ?. .i-i Sltf A/anted.. 8 ? - Bale? |, ?.union _ ? 0
I ii ? en v'.?;-? ....12 &-C School Agencie? . 8 ?':
.H I Stpeclal N ?tic? -. . 7
Financial Elect I n .. H 4-3 Spring Rea it- . 8 ?i
IIhIj. Wanted .'.? 3 Sumroci R<-??art? . 5
. !' i Tea her?.8
il tel? . ta ?i Woa-U W :.'? I .'?' 9-*
Ii -i nd I? n . s " :i
?notrcoa Notiere.
Dr. Hai-brr.'ick ini>k<?s a ?-pecialty of extracting
teeth with ml pa.ta with fa?. HARVARD BUILDING, 7-ia
STH-AVE . Cor. 42d at.
1 ?ear C m^s. re, m^e. 1 mn. ?-??.py.
Tally. 7 Oars a week.SK? r*0 $*?'"4 93 SO $100 .
Daily, with, ut Sun-Jay_ SOS 4 00 2 i?o ?o lets.
Seindav Tribune. |M 1 eao SO ... Set?.
Weeklv Tribu?a?. 100 .let*
Sem?-Weeklv Tribune. 2 00 .Sr'a.
Tributa? M tithly. 2 00 .29 da
Ponaa? prepaid by Tie Trlti'.in? ?.noert ,.? tiere-rutter
CITT rosTA?F T?i? l-.w require? ?hat a l-r?n?. p'?tas?
?tamp 1>? alTexe.? ?'. ever?- enfey of the Dally, Sindav
or Semi-Weekly Tribune mailed r-?r Krai delivery In
Kvw-T rk ?'tly Th'? t,"*,<n,?*e must l>? r>-,!,| by ?lib
?rnber Readers are setter served t'v buying tiei?
Tribune fror* .? n-?\r'!-tiler.
FOHl'I'V rOsTA^.R -To all fe ?retir?? r^ir.*:1?? "". -?n,
Cai.T'a ?nd Mertleo), 4 rent? n r ??y M Th? S,m?a? i
TrUnin?; 2 rents a copv n I'.nil. ""?nil-Weeklr anj
Weekly. T> I? postage mist be raU by subscriber
REV1TTAN?T*ES.?Ressll bv p,?tnl Order, F.rve.. ?Order
Sttrk. Pmf? r R?clFterpi4 Lett? C'usk ,,r P.?ti1
We, if ?.ut ;r. un unregistered letter, -.?;!! b? si Ih?
?W? rl?k
OPFTe'F.-' "T* Tltr-; TRIBUNE Mala r.ffVe of The Tr'.b
ana? i?vt Nastaai-411 . New-TorlL Ma'n upl awa ? "1 ?
1 ?12 V.' ?^e-a?-. A'",'r.?"? i.lt corresyondence s'rr-.;>lv
"The THfe-me." V-?r Tor't.
TUE SESJF8 Tills Moi:si.\ ,
Y r. i.ft Three Hritisii ?ssarshlps srrltred a?
I . to ? nfoi ? England's ultimatum * i N a?
i ? t.- ? i a. = Bome modifications In the treaty of
?peace ?betsseen Janian a:i?l China have l? ?ti
,1 un.- - AnothOT Lainl of e'ltban ln
?'.;: L-. :i:? has !"?? ti routed by Spanish troops; re?
ts from ?Spain a*trl*/ed al Guantanamo.
=.^rr. Th.? strll;?- of omnibus drivers i:i Paris la
Dom ?ti T!i" Assembly ni Albany last n ft I
? ?Bipartisan I-bllce bill and the bill mak?
ing L Irthday, February 12, a legal holl- ?
C ' ?!:??! Van e-i..?', clerk of the New- j
Jersey B ard ??f Asaessoni. was badly confused in
the Inquiry al Trenton by questions recarding I
maps fiii-ir.r'h'-1 by hiiii t?> the Btate. : --- An I
Italian vv.is arreat<*d hi iy>n?z iiran ii, charged
with '.'"iiimittinjT a serte? of burglaries extending
'v.-r iiv.- ;.- ms. - - Ti-.-r?. w.-i,? n.? recurrene ?? ?,f
? xcitement in the oil market. ?? fjhari?ss
\Vaik?-*r was sppolnt?-d p?o?tniaster si Lewls
t n. M?'.
(,'ity and Suburban.?At a meetlrig called t ?
rapport the School bill many city teachers pro
fstt-d vlffe^rotislv' a?aln.?t It?=?*s Two my??t?.ri??iis
fires <i(-ciirr?-?l at the.? j-atna- time In th?- build?
ing No. *."* Sprlng-st. , TV? annual dlnn'-r ?,f
th.- St. George's Soe lety was held, Julia
el' ta, a young girl, ?onimltted suicide by J'imi?
ina; from a fourth-story wlnelow aft-T h"r |>arenta
i;a'i ihraatesiad 11 ?send ?her away fp>m h'mi"
-. A dinner was gives at niKrim Church to
mark tho twenty-flftb year of the apastorate ? (
th?- Rev. Dr. Samuel II. \'ir?in. Ta ? more
jurors w?M*e secured for tn- trial of Inspector Mc
I.'uia-hlin. ??? The ptklloe found "itaiK Louis,"
the.? Italian ?-i;?'?'*' t?-?l of th?? Thf?mpson-.= t. inur
efler. ~-?s st;>rks i-.?ntinnf-d active and higher.
The Weather.?Forecasit f??r to-elay: Fair;
we " rljr winds, t>t?comlng variable. Temperature
yeotorday: Loweat, ?M 'i?'gr.-?'S, highest, 6!; av?
?ra ?_???, ________?__??_
The Bipartisan 1 "? ?li?*?? bin was pa-?^.! by Ihe
A?? inlely ,y. .-t?'f?l:?y in ?ll?-t tin- shape' ill which
it i'iic from the ?Brnate and will Immenllately be
littil laefoi'c Mayen- Streiii!' for liis ?,fti?'I;il action.
While Ihe Mayor lias r?s??lni"!y t? ?ft i --? --? I?? ns?' his
Infiiie-ni'i- to pulde the- ?'oui'-.? <?f legislation, it has
l??'?-n f?mili)'?nly understood thai he f.ivi.r???l ili<
l??I??irt?s.-tii ?ele-a In tin? }',.1?<i? De'iitirttne-nt. and In?
iippreival of ill?* I.exo-.?. bill is .'ii-conl?titrlv looked
far. Btronit ?fforts. bowevw, will be put f<?nh
by the rommlttee *?f s.ve'iity. Um- i ' ? t y club and
??th?r ra-fonii organisations t?> inthu-?' him to wltli
iie'iel li!s ap;ii-oval and a*niggea1 ;uii.iiiliii??iits ma
te-i! e'ly mesllfring ihe? ?hai-ae-H-r <?f the? bill.
I : ? :?? vvi-ie'. vviilt r?-:is(?n, tvv?> opinions as to
the- wisdom ? f Disking i large appropriation for
a iia'w siic and abnildings for the city's eoUe-go,
bni -in?'?- tit?? lesglslatnre .-nui Governor have?
lake n afflnnallVaf ?t?ti?i?i on tlie- snbje-ct. there ?*;t n
I??? ??lily ??tie? opinion i'i'spee:,n;: th?. n?.i',-;siiy ?>f
??N?i'i'is'!i^ w?s.i"iti in ?hoosii:'.' another sit?'. The
members ?>f the Btwrd ?.f l?incaiion rharge-d
with this ?Inry ?orasl ?if nsetasity lake- Into ?ir
??oittr ill?, ??rowtli ?.f \i-vv York northwanl, 99
w 11 as the re ineaviil e.f Colninbi.i ,-in.l the i'tiivi-r
Mity 1?> Un? up|KT part of the? eity. .'itiel t|?v will
."?111 1?e ?.fe'tt 111?* ?'lalli'i;?'?ill ;| sit?' llltlt will I'i'Iliaill
?,i:'r.-a1 for a long tlm?? to i'otiu'. This pnt-pos.'
w'lt eb"ibtl?s>a take thoni north of ?Vntr.il l'.-irk
?ni near the niiel-ille' of the Island. In view of tin?
l'.'iisiitti-naflon <?f the? Greatef New-Tetwk plan, it
is plain Hint H wotiM bo ?i mlstak,. to l*?> too fat
to th" north.
S ?ma? of Hie? p"?eple e.f WisIi'Iks!. r Comfy
tlirotisli wliose propeTty lb?- Creitem A>qjieaucl
lin??'.'?'? have? a mistaken '?le'.i that ihe n>,? ?f tin?
."?lur-eltn-i as 1 bicycle' palli will work tlii'in inn?li
ii.?tii. and ltavi? inein.-ati Pnntor Robertson to
<tppt-si? Ihe bill 011 this?stib.i??<-t iniroiliii'i'd bv Sen
aior r.intear. It was shown by The Tribune's
article em Sunday that them 4vlll be? no n? r.'-.iiy
of ?sSthC the? ae'lla-dlld fear bh-ycllin; whe-re? It
pjaes<< Miroiigli liaiid.-nmie private ?tgtatea; su the
objections whifli bave been thrust upon Mr.
Robertson have- tie? valid crouinl. I'robably, how?
??ver, it may be- ne'(-,ss.irv t?a aiiund ihe? p<n?liug
bill so as s;?<'(-llli-.'i]ly to e-xe-mpt ??'rtaln portions
of the aepie-elin t. The gre'.iter part eif It e-an e-,?r
taltily l??i used wllliout lnterferiiij? with the rights
ot"B.v one, and w*e earnestly hope that the pr?s
??rit Legislature will pass ""Och ?i imasuiv as will
enable tin' <'ity |.i give tin" wheelmen "f New
Yuri? and it-' vicinity this greatly desired.n.
'l'ii.- meeting 1. lil yesterday by tli?1 Womcn'e I
Association for 111?' Improvement of Public I
Si-IkmiIs was packed in ihe lnt**ret*l of the ward :
ini?t?-i-s who il" ii"t wish to be sln.rn ??f Ihelr !
prt-siiit powders nihl ?f those teachers who are ,
opposed t.? any :ui'l every proposition ili.-it looks ?
In i he direction of reform. Two members of :1t?1
commission which prepared the bill lhal forma i
tin- l?a sis of ill?- pend ins naeaatire :i<i?!t*i ?-<???! the
meeting, im' were Ireaied with c anl ?*ourti**-y,
as was also :i member of the Board of Educa?
tion wli i odTocated th" measure: and finally it"1
opposition i",-!? Ihe m ? ? t i 11 u in their own bands
and i>.i-??ii a motion denouncing the <??-tnjn*.?
mi-,- bill. Su h lactic? illustrate the character
..f the upponentH of school reform, and are not
likely to make n favorable Impression on i.i
Im rs of Ihe LegMiltur?*.
Notwithstanding Ihe objection of Commission
er Andrews, Ihe Bolle?1 Board d<*clded yi*st?*rdny
i.. bave th.- t-us ternary |tolice par.ide . n May ?It.
?. .-?,,. ?i:-'iiii" rs i i' tli" force are known In have
1,,-.'i in favor of omiiling tli'1 rt'gular exhibition
ihi? year, fi r roa* us that can easllj be under
Blood. rnqtn*stloiiably tli?- rv vein lions made by
id, Senate Committee liave bad .-in - ffi >?; on Ihe
regard in which the police are hi4?l by the i>ul?li,
.-it larj ??: bill If the rx lice parade bas i>"> n ;i gonil
thing heretofore, there appears. '?> lie no strong
reason for abandoning it now. The greal mass
of ili" members of tin- force were not affected
by ili" Ijexow ?li-. I-suri'?;, and eonfldence in the
integrity and bravery of Ihe i ullce generally has
lii.t li.i-n impaired. When tli" parade com?*? off
n? \t mouth ili.- men in blue will l?1 as Kindly
mai and as heartily cheered a? in ihe past.
Mayor Strong ??;? i?l with great frankness upon
Ils entrance into office that he ex|>ectcd i" ?iiril?.?.*
mistnkea. He had no idea, tli rash, nor had any
un,- else, lhal almost hi* finit appointmenl w>>u'<l
in- so etuiy and bo universally recognized as tli?1
realization of thai expectation, it is, no doubt, a
source of considerable ui ?rtlflrntlon t,> bim, I'm
he may console himself with th" reflection lhal
.i irreater man lhan he, lu a higher place, aud in
an emergency of vastly mure Importnnc?*, made
inAt.ik. s nimosi i it-. ?A ?-??]>? similar in c tar i?
A little more lhan thirty yiiirs ago, ?vli n Ihe
!', leral t?overinnenl had on band a Ycry large
ami Important .i-.? ?* in tli" fighting line, thai wise !
ami good man, ITesldenl l.lucoln, si*leetod, very ?
l'f"?" ?'?;.?'. at' educa!? '1 ?? I!:' ?. .1 W< A I'oilll -" i ,
ii.,;.'. :,? tul;?1 charge of the business Kvi-rylssl*
appkiu 1- I tin chol ?'. Th.1 ?? iiintry had
iMUtldence llien, as it has always had. In the \
ability .-nul ?kill "f th,- soldhTS win ?ated in It?
own school :ii"l .-it th.- public ? \> use. It bad ,
also n reasonable d?>gr?*i? nf eonfldence In ili**ir
dlscrotmu and comm ?n - :??>-. lb ul'Ii th? are
?pi illtlea \\h ? li i iuk by nature and are not the I
product of Ihe curriculum Neither i!i" I'resl !
ih'iit n .i- the people i unplnined lhal the com
mandlng general oi-cuph-t] several n nths in ;
completing his equipment, -**?*ttlng his fonvs
dlsi'lpllned, and his h r*u*s and harness and arms j
ami ?ill that sort ?d thing lu go?sl i?r?ler f - :i '.
tremendous onslaughi upon the em-m.v. Bui
after .i while, whi n the Army did : - m >* ?-. ? I
there was, in fact, n< thing in ni ?Ion i \ ?epl Hi ? ,
general's mouth, which grew m :? and in??re
active every day: and wh?n In? rclnforc-i-d bis
mouth ?\ ?th .i bltti r and sii|
. \ dted Ihe ? ? mm: uding a ?neral and ?? udemin I
everybody ami i v? ry thing, Itn ludim; Pi vine l'i
idence and the gem ral order I Nature, as
conspiracy against bim why, iben, one morning j
President Lincoln said, "I have made n mis
take ': and he wn le an i nier rem iving Ids ? mi* .
manding general '? n ?
The Mayor's Commissioner of Street ('leaning
bas In-co four mouths in tifliti*. During thi
he baa said and done .. uumlh?r <>f ?pi. ?r 111 it
wblrli , ur citlxens di i nol take klndl Tli y
needed explanation. A- :i sin ??'???. ier he ?
not be pronounced a failure; bul he i? certain."
nul s" distinguished a -ruccess thai our eil
arc disposed lo loi k with len em y np 'ii person il
peruiiar.tii'H that have a striking ri-semblance lo
bad manuers on aceounl of lb? greut and un?
usual public service he bas r? nd> ;? I As :i mat
ti-r of fact, h" lias done rather more ? ?plaining
than sweeping. And Bloat "f bla sweeping baa
b?ta**il In th?' titiuip1 of sweeping chargea <?f ij:
norance, rapacity and "freed sgalnsi large classes
of cltlieni in the ? uuimunlty, who do not like it.
Tli?' dlapr '?i irtlon <'f iln- explaining lo lb? iwfi-p*
Injl would nol ??.*'it. so much adverse comment,
perhaps, except for the fad lhal In most rases
tlii- explanations only serve t> make matters
worse. Colonel Waring s?*r*tna t., bave :i rapid
firing month gel \?iih .-i balr-trij-gcr. it goes off ?
?n a touch and docs damage In all dlt*"*ctk?ns.
Then h?1 lakes up u\< pen for the punt?se "f ??* I
niauation ami rakes down Ihe whole com munit v.
It may be inn? that
Beneath tha .? ;.e of men entlrelj , ? ?
The i?' n Is ml?thtler than the ss ? I,
inn it Is also true that In keeping - reels entirely
clean ih<. broom Is mightier than elthi r of them;
and Colonel Waring would have been wiser if,
Instead <>f touching "(T hi- mouth or drawing 1rs
pen when be laid aside his sword, he had inod
estly but flrml* taken up Ihe broom, which Is
th ? ? mbl? m <>f bis office. The contus-ueuce <>f
this mistake on liis part i-? that, while be bus n '
.?i? yet commanded public favor by unusual eiH
cieucy in the discharge of bis official functions,
he 1ms given offence quite nut;? ceasarll* t,. large
classes uf citizens. I:nl?r?.1. he si-ems not only
t?> have gone out of his way to do it, bui when it
was resented, as ?i was ri ry properly, and as buj
I man of ordinary intelligence might have known
? it would !??>. to have repeated it and emphasl*u-i|
! it with ? degiw of self-assertion which, lustrad
i of being dignified and manly, was absurd and
It may be thai Ihe greal majority "f ihe sur?
? vivi'is of the War. tli.- private Bohlli r-, wIhj bave
f<,iiiiil !n tlw Grand Army ?.f the Bepuhllc the
only organlxatlon In which Ihey ran m? < r und
keep olive memor! u and associations which are
everything to them, whatever they may be t.?
? other men, are only camp-followers and "bum
ni".'?." but tint la not th>- general Iwllef. Even
were it Irue, it must be said thai there lingers yel
in this people s,, mui-ii ..f that dw?p aud lender
sen?.' of gratitude and pride With \\li:?-1 ? nun ??f
ibis generation saw "Our Boya" nol all good
boys, by any means, In the general aetreptnit*!-*
follow our Bag Into danger for m ; that the l-i iry
of th" few covers ih?1 sin? and shortcomings, if
there I??1 such, of ihe man?; and the sneer ?if
superiority or the miff of Bup-*rcUlo**su'**M at
any, eren tin? worst of them, awakens, and prop?
i-i-ly awakens, puldlc Indignation, it ma) lie
womanish and weak; it may be childish senti
mentallsn?*) thai lakes n,> account of Ihe coat lu
dollars und cents la th.- present gem-ration; >?f
lilii.d ?"lolatrj- of ?-?iiiiiiion men wl.nly did tii?-ir
duty; but, ail the samo, ?t is a weakness ihat per
vadea ih.- great body <?f the iieoph' and baa to be
rech on? ?i with. The man in ?u, official position
who tblnl s be ??in afford lo trille ?\itii it makes
a s..|-?,,ns mistake. Colonel Waring has made it.
and wine what ralngloriously perslsis In and
boast? of it. Therein he mal.? s it plain that as
u public i ?fleer be la him?, if a mistake,
No doubt ba is ? superior p-*rson. li" appears
to bare romtnendr-d himself to thai small and
Ki-ii-'-t daaa of Buperior persona wbo conceive it to
be th?* duty of public officers to ?ifr.-nd the many
for (be gratification <?f Um few; and wbo ca.i
iindiT.siniid how any man ran bfl hon.-st und
faithful and at the sain?? tlnM iimialil?- ami po?
lite. We shall certain!-.1 regret the failure of one
! of Mayor strong's earliest appointment*?, but it
sit'ins to bave been a mistake. We have pointed
utit what President Lincoln did when lu- discov?
er?-d that li.- liad math' a mistake. He was a
croar and good man. And he set :i good example.
Speaker Flab achieved a personal victory ?ju
Monday nlgfal when he eurceeded in securing, or
at least i-ecordlng, just raougb rotes :.? pass tbe
Troy Police hill amended to suit the purposes ?.f
Edward Murphy, jr. The hill pass.?i ti)... aj?nate
n.-aiiy two months ago in a form which was ac
ceptable to hon? i el titeos <*\' Ttoj wbo nave
mad" a long a - uerally unsuccessful fight
against th.- band < ? nlerea and thugs enlisted
under Murphy's command, in thai form Ihe bill
provided for the appointment ??f a Polli??? Board
by thiii1 lily offidala of whom Murphy controla
only one, und its effect would nave been lo end
th?- abominable co-operation of eh*ctlon thieves
! i?, Troy with a police forre which has known no
i law except Murphy's orders. Naturally it was
extremely offensive In Murphy, who made a
i bttrried trip from Washington to Albany to ar?
range for its mutilation, and wbo renewed his
efforts so soon as i"ongre*s bad adjourned. 1"
ran.',' it ?vas objectlonabl ? lu Murphy it was a.**,
object luna hie lo Ihe Murphy liepubllcans of
Troy, whose leader la Francis X. Mann. Murphy's
business associate and S|.ker Fish's br itber In
law. The result of this combination was the
i side tracking ??f the hill In Ihe Assembly t r m ire
| thau a month, and Its final emergen ?? from Ihe
| Commit!.:i Cities carrying an aniendnieiil
' which gives ihe appoint in ni of Ihe Troy Police
Commission! rs lo the Coinim u c run ? '. By this
nrrai gem tit ihe Murphy I? u, rats i f the Com
ii-- ? * i Coiineil would select i\\.> Cnmnii**slnncrs
and ihe Murphy Republican* tv, . ami Murphy
wi ubi <? ntinue to wield the Police B ?ml, as be
lias v ;.? t,i. i it in the pn it, to steal e] -lions and
prole t ili" thieves and mlfians In Ids employ.
This is the bill which Hamilton Fish, s 'ti a.f his
father and Kepnbllcan S}*?-.?U< i- of Ihe Ass ml ..?.
is apparently resolved to enaei at any sacrifice
of party pledges public welfare and |?ei
Tbe people of ibi* State nrc pretty familiar
with the liist?>rv of election crimes in Troy. Thej
have wit liest? il t1,.- failure of many efforts : > re
1 a-?? that city from the vicious ami blood* des
Itotism .?f Murphy, under whi.-b it has l*?*en .1
bandied, plundered and disgraced and which col
minuted ?a the murder of Kotiert Knsa last * r.
l'iitii:,- ri'collectiou scarcely needed in be re
freshed bj Hie n i> >rl "f Hie ?,..-? lal S< uate - uni
m in??? which ib-scribed ihe proci-ss? ? ? t Murphy
und ii ? inercenaries, but lhal report Is useful as
a |"- ?mam 'it ree r I of Indisputable fa? ?. ami
? - ,,,? hill? lISi fill IIH ;: t" ? >. . K|l - ? ?
1er and shameful irutli that Murphy Km has 1? ?? i
. ?.tabiisbi d and n alnl lined lu T;--v b* lb pub
lietin - pi-ration The ri ?> >ri coni ilns ibi-s??
W o|*i|s "1 lie ? ,1., IllsioU "?' yntir i A.i,.: ; '. .
"thai In Ihe tilj ? f rr ?j elei lion i ire du??
? : a? utter disregartl of la m bj the 1- , ?. ? ? ? t
"the Democratic parly, to a dishonest ami liieum
' ]"??? ?it police force, and the ?,!'?. \ ? f
"many so called Kepuhl!< ans ' ? i? ser
"? r nf the Murphy machine." >'u? h .? the s* -
lein ami sin h th- alii inn whl h lb? Trot r |
h il ?n Its amend I form Is <!? *lgn<*il in pi
mi Kp aki r Kb h Is 1 its ring
"ntii r -II ?!?? gnnl i f ! iw '? ??
ralle pu i* in
dishonest and elei
lain : ; - ' ' I |
; |{< ml '
. ? ? . - ?if t ' ' .1
,. ??il,!, .;, .. ? ,? .
'!'?? i I?, bit
ruin him. 'I lie |n ople t-.H1
Mr \
? ad " ?
. . ? ? .-i ... Mu 'I
Speak i : ? ' - ' - ? i
luti ....
teal 1
whatever In
I 111 f ? I
this ma 11 real ?si
final i>r>> if ol ut i
drels ol b ih parties who do ti nf Sai
ntor Murphy, another in>l> .?:?!?? ? tin will In
added to the strange an I bnlamhol* n - :.| of
bis ottli lal life.
The blustering nutr?,',? of Itussln and ihe
curious "net* triple alliance" of <lermanr, I'm-- .
and i'r.iti'?? against Japan iniutaln slight cause
for real uneasiness. Tliey are entirely inn reml
ni--, nt of i il,I Tnriton'a dlllj alunit the K u. ? ;
l-'rniie who went up a bill with ??'.issi !.. n
The fact Is tii it the Japanese hive shown l
s'-l\,'- -i-, wise in peace as th?*? were brave in
war. and have ihr? pill lllelll ? I. ? ? ||| > Ulbstall
tiall? Impregnable "losltlnn. Their lr?*ut* of?
peaee ?v!:h China is aliove l?gitimit? , ?'i ii ,?:i,
Th?? two f? .itur. < of it us .it firsl i- ,?,i t, 1 ?vh eh
iim?t set the Jingoes of Blll*i>|ic u howllug ,Y?Te
nothing but products .f the notorious eananl
hatchery at Khnnghai. A- ??'?? surmised, t1- re
w i? no truth lu the Blor) ? i an a ilia in ? In iwi*en
.Lip.ui and Cblnt. It would have Ini-n uri<lii< -
for Ihe vli tors. with powi r to ill I ite ?? : ms, I ?
grunt -n li a favor to the vauqulshi-d, from which
?le- former would have ii "I everything '?? l?ise
and the latter everything lo ?.? tin. Kipiilly liase
less was the report thai Japan was In have ?!>>?
rial i-ommerclal advantages. China, i n< 1? ? ? I. is
to be opened lo the merchants of Japan; but ab ?,
mi equal tenus, In lleise of eviTj other nation,
Ja pa u helm loulciil with the natural advaiitag< ?
of geographical [losltli n.
With these en nurds flown ?way, aud the ?ihjee
lions lusplretl i.y them disposed of, what be
comes of th? cry for revision of tin treaty i>\
lair,??-.in Bowers? It I?. m?>re sound and fury,
signifying nothing. Un grounds of principle
there is no room for Intervention. Japan has
kept well within bounds of Intcrualioual law and
practice, Instead 'if the savage gr?*i*il of i*mi
?iu?-st >h>- has displayed a slaiesmanllke imsl ra
t i>?n and clemency which Kumpean Bowers
would do well to Imitate. Bui siipjMise th>,s.
Powi-rs, as h in?! unusual, igm re nil '|it??ii.'ii <>f
principle, and go in for si Iflsli p Hi y alone, \* liai
then'/ <?n stk'h grouud there seems no more
likelihood <>f Intervention. The il.?mint fad
la th" case i? ihi-. as cxprt-ss.-d bj "Tbe (?oudon
Standard" Ihe other day, ihat except m a nun
menial sens?" Ibe Buropean Bowers have mi com
mon Interest In Ibe Bast. Hence, th.?y will nol
enter upon Joint action. England knows full
will ihat the pris? nt treaty means incalculable
commercial gain to m* Therefore she declin?*
to luterfere. To suppose that she will pgeri Iht
self to help Kussia gain more land ami a Btrat<*glc
|i"sii?,,n ou ibe coasl is to be inadder iban a
.Mar. h hare. And whatever n,il. s may lasue
fTom th?1 ?.mai d'orsiiy, we have no notion that
Bronce is going lo war t.. utend f*?*>nnan trade
or lhal Cern?an.?' will rai-.-a hand lo help Frenen
schemes lu Indo-Chlna. Buropean diplomats
ma; be plunderers; they are nol fools.
in tbe absence ?>f a Burojiean concert, tin a, is
Intervention by a single Bower prob?is"**, or pos
Bible: We should say It Is m?rs1 Improbable, It
is nol i., be conceived Ihat ibe others would per
mil It. |f an? one of Ibe four should lake a
?Ingle sl.-p In ihai dir-?ti"ii il would have at leosl
two, if not an iim-?1 of Ihe others, upon II In full
cry, And to have any cha m.f bu.?s in a
war with Japan, any ihirop.-u, Power would
have to s.'ii?! thither so greal an arm imenl aa ta
leave iiseif nt bone dangerously weak and nn
pntectad. I'.tijjlanii ?vitb bar gigantic Heel covM
Jo It Lest. But e-he has wado It clear that she
will Dot de? so. but Is eri'll IncllneEd to be-ColU?* Ot?
I champion and ehfe-nder, if n?*'-<i i??-. of .bip'"1.
i \tni what other nation will send a Beet t" On-l?
ib? vie 'te.rs ..f Valu? a nd Weil lai-Wei. in waters
where ih.se virtora an- ai home and Ihelr as
snilnnta tiioiisands of miles from any available
dockyard, arsenal or .base of roppllw? TIkt?- is
no ?pttatslhle rhanc? of gaining nnythliiK tint
would ?repay so irreal a ?'"?-t and m appalling a
Russia, ?'f ?-ourse, has by far the most nt stake,
and Is ni"-: truculent in t??n". it ins been ber
lire am of centuries to se tir?' a JlOrt ??a MCh ?vrreat
...?.'mi ill ii shall I.pen all the year. In 1'iiil'l
ins,' her ejrreai tmns?Hlbcrian railroad ??lie has
had fully in view the wnq-sesi o? ?Coren and the
ratahllsbmcnl <?f a greal terminal port nt t'lm
mulpei or Porl ?Lazan IT; and baa ev?*n eontem?
plated the ?posslbility <.f invading ?China and sein?
ing Port Arthur, if the i>r?-.->!ir treaty stands,
all those plans and hopes come t?? naught, and
she i* confined, on i!i?- Pacific, to the i?'e- bl-ee'k
tidoel harbor e.f Vladlvostock. No wonder thai
she rages. Bui whal ! she lodo? Even If Eng?
la' i and ?.'?Tin my should give Ihelr assent to
It. would she viiiiii'" on a war with Japan?
In stich ? conical i?n land -li?- won',.; be victor.
i Rui at sen t'.hnnces would ?be fearfully against
? her. Her ships would -"t ihither from ihe .Baltic
j to liini ;ii. ,r only iia.-i- ?:? and bas" of operations
I sircad? blockndt-d ? r captnreti by Ibe feie, and it"
other eapen in them within a thousand I??ague?s,
.Vu?' if she ?l it'-1 in weaken her European pichel
line?, and iiiaivh-1 her legions overland to the
e-..;: pi" ? .f t'orea, she would fare liitl" better.
In ?it'll illsaelvaiiiageoiw clrctimatances she
a?, nit] i> ... a h ml j ?li lo elrive? ?nit the Japanese;
an?] after she lind deine s?? ?-h?, would bave the
land nnel nothing more. Every harbor am] I In
\- h .??? . .?? -t ?V'.til.l lie al Ihe mercy of the Japan
???,' fleet. With all h?T blustering and mem.
Russia is fully aware of these f.o'ts. and Ihej
will doubtless n -train her from anything mon
th m I'ln-i'i' a nil m? ?i.t ????. Ritti r as Is the dose,
she- will lriv- t.? swallow It. Japan and China
mus? settle tlie'ir affairs by themselves, without
Russian or any Eur ?peati lute rvention.
Tin re can be n?> misumlerstnndlng the ?*Imr
acter and s gnlfle.iin.ee of Ihe demonstration which
will bo i le al Albany to-day in opposition to
ihe Kings t'ounty rhnrltles bill. In ibe nature
uf II ngs, M Is Impossible for more than a small
;? rventage uf I! ? [Miap|<> . t Brooklyn who are
hostil?1 u? the iiiciisiire? tu wall upon Oe?vernor
Mori :. ; ? ileii , n will la? a
l?rice ami i ? pre ??? ntai ? ?? ?>n . in I H ? - no i tag
ce-r.-itiein ' ? - j thai II will repres nl ulne-tenthfi
uf the? tidllll ;i ?'';! it|e?ii nf mir -1-'' r eltj In ad
\ an.f It? pax . . lin? Sena Ihe p, pie
|ar?p:ir< I te? iiuike? known the r fe-eiings regard
? nl? ?iii<1 ??ff?' tit ??
v, ?-. ? '? ?va m? n al? lie une ?! Ihe v. ?rill Job fr in
? I .I o- ?.' ms against It; husl
,., a re "i!??l tlii-lr "!'? -.? n In tinmislak
-. It?'|?iibll?*nti ward assn l:il ons John I
lu coud - ?? ? -. i?ns plan; represen I
. - i:iv? -!?"!?? n ' nl 11? an?!
? th?- bill. 'I be? - mai
I" f, tli pi 'ii I ' \\ ortli -, '.'.,?? was so e?b
nabl i Re'pn ?IIcan S? i ?itor?. r?
? ' ...?;??-??? I in its
en I '
; ? the? : ? ? d?>I
II ' I - 1 ? | II ' .? :i* i
I ' b? It? - 1 ..nd
: (
: li dee-lantl 1
'I.la iti, I ?? i'.ii li ? .' w is the luti'ii
' ' ? rshlp a man
i \\ hy sfa ?ukl
I . \\ t SatOIl
? ? . tints the?
:?'. ?
vV??r'h ' ||
?li ? ?
V\ .1
? . it; and ?
:? ? s, ihe
ill) "f KillgM
I -???tu i" i ? ??' Ihiere ' I _ 111 > un
? - rn??r ?Morton
? 'ii ? ? ? ' T 1*.:? "' |i ., Il" ni me . m
. . i , ? tit? ? . i... i ,| |,. t.,i .?
11 Will Im llle?e?Illn>V ertibl??, .'ill ! Ill?'? vi II
I"' I? i?, 'l li? iiitolijgi.nl s, ntlmi al eif the
? ? ? r, i : : . " ? el, n lile II Is ;, lilil? In Opposing
atiel lie Ii4>itti In*-, tii?' Wairth (fr il? !- if |. ?
In I iti rlgliti mis crusade w ill fnll of ae-li ? \ lug
Us tal ?J? ??? '?
The R? f i tu t'I ih H"U preipos, i in Join ihe
' Pre - elVltl 'ii I III?' I irge It I* "f "til . hotel, m lu
n ?? ?m r?e 1 miel ?eyatein-itle m >iem nt tt
' ?liver. Th'- ? lull, II m m |m? i.
hi. iiiIk teal on) to reform ihe? larifT, an 1
ll??? net r? ? I l?e efforts an I :!? ? ? fTiarts ,,f
I' lent < ? lam) an? the BUI ? ;' S il?? mu I
Surr, nd? r, i I ??f p. ni.h and ilisb n??r."
paekael from e-llel t" elle! ?\ ifb Ceerrilpl Jadis :nid
favor* tee llie?n<ap?i||a'S, elletafed lay ?|. .ill.? lots In
I 4vhi?k??.v. ?*in?l for Ame-rle-nu labor about
tito wursl l a i II i ? ewn for !? ilf it ivntur*, This
spe inn ll ? f the? It I il ai < 'lub'si I, null? i?rk aloes
n el ' o tin. mi* i" .I? i?i .\|i.'.-t use f,il r??miltn
fl'OIII lire e'ffort? ill the m.'ii? 'a ry ti. ?d. I In lilt?
? etiitrary, it iiiIkIH Ii < expeetrxl III it the club
would sii.,i:' t' r ife?ld monometallism stiel then
s. Il ..ut t., ihe ow Hers "f sliver mines Bill hope
Ulis ? t. in il. and Ihe friends nf he?n?*sl cur
t? n? y will clinic '?'> Hie ?d"a thai some c???hI may
yel be? done' even by an organisation many of
whose inemli n lioll* adv..mi. d the State bank
?~.li. me miel Ihe alaolltle it of gretmhni'ks.
Al latlon "ii the? (?olnugi' ijue Kilon Is to I,.. \v,.|
eoliuil. A ?zre?ai ileal of it will lie blundering and
mistaken. Senne uf ll will lie? Insincere, and in
leude i oui* lo help ihe par y of Eree Trail ? bj
div? riiiiu' public eiplui .n from Its betrayal of
American Industrie* Bui ihe working millions
will n? I bedh cried mil I; from a i|Ue*stlou which
illreetij .'i!?''i- iheir e?uiploymeul and ihelr
w.u., -, Moreovi r, ., ll '? "n of the coinage ?in.'s
linn will mil) make It lefts possible for ihe ?party
Which i'le*e'te'd Ml' I'leVt'lilUd lo siijniori unitedly
.-in> e*andielate fur Ibe President*) nexl year. If
it- i,-,.? e''.in.? :?? mem coutrul its conventions, as
is |ii'oi, ?lai?-, it will h?- minie- Impossible to cum
Uiauel Ihe roll's of many of its members for a
candid ite t ? liomlnati d. <?;? if the Adiiiintstrfl
Hon nnd Its iifHi ers coiitarol Ihe party convent leans
bv ihe "p'Ttii' !"ii- a, Hvlty" I'd bj ihe Presklent
an i ti??l lu ibis ,.is- rebuked, a large share of
th.. former It-cmo-crata will i?- found at the n?-\t
election supporting a Popullsi camluate.
'I be Republic ea party i- nol at pi. k?uI
Iroiilallng It?-.df qIkiui Ibe qi?*estlon of coinage,
It stnneis, a a parly, unyieldingly opposed t?? the
stteiiipi i" Mexicanixe our cuntmcy, iiostil?? t,?
ever) -'i??'ne- by which tin? cosl and loss result
inu' from Hi" decline of silver wejuld lie unhiadi-d
on ib" i nited Stale . !,|i! nnfllnchlngly In favor
of International pgni'tneni for ibe largeal prac
ti.ai?!" ii-.f illver as m.'iii'.v. The language
which "The X, w *e ark llenild" ?in ?tes from Pre?
Ideal Harrison's ??pcech at l.a Junta las) year
,?!, sely ?represents 111 ? ?'? ling ?f Ihe Re ptibl ,:i
|, irtj on n mil .?
i ,? to ... i :,, ,;,, s bat i : ' i ??!? ? " I sras I*r
di?nt, und vvi, ii j have slwaj i belle ft I. thai s larger
use ,.r silver for mone-y snd fre? coinas? of bIIvit i
upon ?? '.-i Is to b?? i l up 'ti that aoul I mslnta n
?is psrlty m Ith a< ? ? ' f"r ,'1" *'? '. world
I do nut iMilasvs thai we.I<l run fras ?rtfiiagt oar
H.'iv, ??. avhi-n th?? ?Suropesn ?;? ivsrnatiaots arsrs puri-ii
ItiK tt??' ix'll'-v th.". liiiv I...II pursuing with sllv.r.
lint, my fsllaa ciUsena, llura ?s-rs sisar In n.-ution?
nwav la Ki??land sad Ln ?.?ruiuiiy tlisl \hoy are feel
Ins; the efTeets of a ??-arclty of froid an"? Its pros
tr.atln?- pffect? upon thrlr Industrie?.
The dishonest and the superficial may term
tills a "straddle," but It la In the main the only
position whl.h can be justified. Bossihly the
el rresl.lont Implied B Uttle more than is Strictly
true in speaking of the "prostrating effect of a
"setircMty of gold upon the industries of Kii-iland
"ami Germany," for be would probably agree
that the dislocation of ?changea between gold
and silver using countries, rallier than any
scarcity of -fold, is the thing chiefly hurtful; bul
ii Is empbatlcaUy true that international bl
metalllam baa no worse foe than the free-coinage
movement In Ihe United states. Not only was
this shown by the Preeldenl three years ago and
earlier, bat it is tbe rock bottom on which tbe
Republican policy has rested for more than twen?
ty years. Monetary aettlen?enta must be Interna
tioiial In these days of broader **Of*unerce and
swift exchange or they cannot gt?#*e monetary
peace. The nation which tri. s to settle this rp-es.
lioii by Itaelf works, perhaps blindly and igno
rantly bul yet aurely, agalnal the only aettlc
111**11 r that Is possible.
it is as rertaln as any future eveni can be lhal
the nexl Republican convention ?ill adhere in
ihis respect t.? th" policy which the party In?
for twenty yean maintained, it will resist free
coinage by Ibe united states alone as a barrier
to any International settlement, it will baow
that International agreement mlgbl have heea
reached by Ibe conference railed four years ago,
but was rendered impossible l.y the sin-?-"-- pf
a party Known to be strongly Inclined towJ**aJ
fi. coinage. Tbe silver States themselves, bj'
their crazy assistai!,.. ,,( the Democratic party
and President Cleveland, d!?l more to defeat the
restoration of silver to monetary use than has
ever been done by the gold monometnlllsts of
Rngland or of Wall Street. Probably they will
nol h" found so foolish again, and tbe exertions
of ihe Administration, its officer-holders r> 11?I tbe
Reform i'lub will help to make it clear tli.it the
Republican party la the i nly one from which
genuine bimetallism can expect any practical
The bill ab illshlng th?* Shore Ins|*eot' rahlp is a
li v st !a-\ -ini "C. rneel" Purgueson Is out of
office. We extend cordial congratulations to the
Thirtieth Ward of Brooklyn, formerly New
ru-." ?it. it is Burguesonvllle no more
The fai ? that flfty*i ight persons, m atly i i
ers .'n.'. J urnallsts, have been held f ir tt '
Berlin for daring to say disparas, r tl ;s about
ung Qerman Bmperor's bombastic "War
Hymn" shows that tie- ambitious monarch does
nol pi*opoae that the critli s shall ; aw the fi athers
..ff his s laring muse with Impunity. Whi a
?atl n has reached a point where criticism of on
? ur p -As limping verse is held t > be an of?
? ? against the fitste, '.t must be ? knowledged
that b rie ai t is ? ? '. the exhilaratl ,:i of ?i
robust and revi rbi m.
M tto f - C t nel Waring I i i tste In his hat: !
"D ? '? Tais Bwei p Streets."
Vice-President Btevent n'a herculean and thus
' ? essful ? ff rt to -1 dge the silv.-- ,;?:
ill od is the most art 1st I an i thrilling i n -
performance n ??? before the public. Hut it
i of the c insequen tes that
te Sh III 1 l:a; ,
If the Prli s of \v ili ' l ? ; les t-, ? >me i i I
lUnti | ' sppi . hing y ichtli ?
red f ot f l tie largest, m I II
; md th ? lU-fhly ??? I times e*
aess In this
the United States a si ttlot
f, r t:..- I'rli ?? and f r his m i ????. :
democratic r rnmon*senss and fr.I.?m
from all n, whl h, in the event of hi? i irn?
' ! : h i ? ? [ireesa u In ways alt ?gether t ,
i Ik couidi tter time f.-r a
? than the | ? rear, ?
er ; he Bngllsh?
? ? ' ! m III ?? ? red ;n the ya btit ?
T . ??- ? > ? i' -klnrtlgc ann un ? a tha he
will n litios "to gel even." A met e glan ??
? ? .-? .i a will :. ??? any!* |y that th
. ils are h ?avlly ?k itnst him.
Ruperintei lent Byrnes's request for the ap*
(M.lntmi ,.t of matt us ..t .?.?:..-n more p ?II?*? sta
t. : should i-- elvs the ir mpt snd careful at
-, ?f ihe i'..n e Hoard. Common humanity
seems t?i demand that there should be a matron
u- every Biatlon at which women, srhether pris m?
? rs i r n t. are re - Ived and i ? lg? I
Th* bill pr \- llngf i the election f Aldermen In
Hro-iklyn tij Senate istri ts sras again before
Mayor s hier n yesterday, and ?vis again disap?
proved by him This Is Ihe bill which Governor
M ?? n Bigned t>> na inadvertence when it went
? , Mbany after having received the Brook?
lyn Ma) i's ?-t i. in consequence of that blun?
der, the measure was treated as if it were an ei -
.I? !.?????. one, .m i was . i L-.- ? i ? i [,.i--s.-i by i"?t:i
Il n i shown at the first hearing bef ?
Mr H hieren, and again j ? iterda*. that the meas
u e 11 .-. it acceptable to the maj rlty of the pe ?; ??
of Hi ' T ii logical meth A of deaUng with
the p|??etl n of Vldermen the present system nol
having pp. v.-1 satisfactory wi uld he to pr?s, rlbe ;
that es h Assembly district should be represented i
In the Common C un II. To su hi a measure there
\?. ?. 111. i be little, if any, objection, iass Worth, ,
however, prefers the Senate 'listrt,*t plan, and the
Legislature ha*? permitted him ; > have his way. ;
Whether A vernor Morton will s'.mi deliberately i
?rhere he I f resigned under misapprehension i"- '
mains to be sen
I* i'tu1, i and Japan have agreed upon a peace
sett li ment satlsfa ?: rj t ? thems ?Ives it ?? difllcult
t, understand bj what rlghl Russia or England
, m inti :(?.!'?? with it it la lusl al t'ii-> p Inl that
n lern dlplom ma] tep In to supply a pre?
Croki 's ti ' i.: vi ' irj at Sewmarkel i- really
one of ih-- seven-si bl iwb that John Bull has ex.
perienced sin,-.- the turf became one ,,r his nation?
al ;t mlaffhl almost be said official Institutions.
it is i,a i enough t ' I?" beaten ? n his own ti"l l an i
:;? hi ? own favorite pa?tlme bj any kind of a for?
eigner; but t i be thrown down and ignominlously
rolled over by a Tammany Bantarcb, something
equivalent In the British apprehension to an Al?
gerian pirata1 or B ?'vsai al.iaii in iintaln robber Is
a wound to th.- natl mal sensibilities from which
the) will notai.dllyrec ver. The llW.Oaa, n re
less, which the Tamman* brigands are said t,>
ha1.-- won "a the event is ,,r no particular ronse
quence; John Bull i ?n al any time am rd to I -.
that or a larger amount, on s race or any other
event, but it tunk?1* a great difference to whom
the loss it? rnads and under what clrcumatanc*ea
Prefesaor Bryce will now have t.? add another
Tammany rtiapter to his celebrated t> ik, and the
tall of the British lion ought t > be feste med with
eint.ieiiis ,.f moiirnlnc during the r?-st ?>f th? r*ac?
lior s,-.is,,n nt hast.
There is so fur no cs~caston for Beriouj alarm In
rieveland'a-***otrpects of a third tena, nix -, . ,
one ?as all be Is (*.ual ta H?' has had a heavy
fall, with his entire patty at ?p of htm, and th ?
"iisi:?.,e Olympiad ?m be better spent in picking
the gravel out of hlB back than In a contlnuatl in
of his offlclal activities and r.-s. nalbllltles, from
will, i? ihe countr) will release him without the
slightest he Itatli n or reluctance.
it i- ?o seldom that John Bull makes up his
mind re surrender any of the territory which he
has grabbed in various parts of the world that
sonio surprise into be ?ivated by the annoiuuv
uient that Uie KngU?li Uoveinnieut has Us
termine! to c-de to the Sultan of Mnroceo
?British settlern??iit at Cape Juby. The pla.e wa
seised SOAM twenty years ago by an English
trailing -ompany In dsltsno* of the Moorish Sul
tan1?? protests, and has been held sinr-e mainly
th* .?s-mtanc- of British cruisers, without which
the settlement would ha v.- b?*n rsp?satsdly
stormed by the marauelina? tribes that infest thj
weatern extremity of th? Sahara Desert. Th?
English had hoped In establishing themselv.s
! th.-re to su v"."l in tapping the ?Sahara trad -,
' but as this anti ipatlon has been fallacious, them
i j. no particular object in retaining the place. It
would be unlike England, however, to give away
j even something that did not belong to her and
' will h she coma n?>t use without Insisting on a
! quid pro qua Th* latter has t.ik.-n the form of
; a number e.f valuable . oii'-esslons to ?British trado
; an?l the ?payment in cold ?ash of a sum of JJ?0,
: OJO, which the Sultan IS now compelled to pay In
,,. ??r to pun hase what Is tvaliy his own prop
? ''!''>'' ?????????
p.-. Howard K. ?Brown, of the First Parish
Church of Brooklln?, Mass., has ?been ?ailed to th?
[.,-tonal.? of Kiiiir'.-i i'li.'t?"!. lioston.
Tn th? opinion of Edmund O?sss, Rudyarel Kipling
and ?Gabriele d'Anpunslo, the Italiaa. art th* two
, i? ;i ,.f in,- younger ?poats.
James* Madison Hoyt, on? of <"'V? land's most
eminent cltlsens, died In thai city on Sunday at the
' eighty. H* was born In L'tlCS, N. Y . la l?h
was ajrsduated rrora Hamilton ?',,;;?""- in l'?.?!, asad
at um.' went to Ohio ?City, now ?xnosrn as the West
,?.,<, of fI re?!. He ?van sdmltted to the bar.
an,l for ti'?' t 11 Of li'- Ufa vv-is ? !???'v l'l"?itil -1
with th* ?if- and ?jrowth of <'l?v?iar.?i. Me be
,.:i:I),. .,? earnest tudeni ot th? relatloiis bstwaas
religion snd i ? i--ri..-, snd *ttaln*d <?aside rai,:?
reput? ss a i -? so, havtns written a num
bei .,; articles on the subject for leading r? view?
In 1871 he spent several months abarcad and oa
his return wrote a book entitled "Olan-tres on the
..' :, l.:-t.l-." whli-h ha?l B In
. culatlon. ll?- lov, i tree?, and u.e^ an authority or
arboriculture Barly In life he ?became a Baptist,
and for many y< - - ?jealous by preach?c.
his rervl e.4 free to congregation? without a
I pastor III- Biir\*i*ring children at- the R*v. Dr
! vv.-.viiind Hoyt, of Minneapolis; Mrs. Lydia Hoyt
, Farmer, tli- ?veil-known artier; Colgate Hoy', ot
? this city; Jame A Hoyt, ot Clevelatnel, and Elton
Hoyt, of M : ?' ? ; ??'? i
Mr. John Ruskln's heslth has ??> much Improve*!
1 that in- i.? able I ? i ? -; bul II la feared that
. he ?Mil never tt? abi? to do an) mor.. llt?rary work.
Th.- ajtatu? to I'r.irm U'i;;.irl will bo unveiled or.
J th,- pounds of th? - mil try In Troy that bears
i her nam? on Ma) M.
Th? R ?V. Mr l'air bank, an Aiti'-r an Iloard rr.lei
| slpnary In India, write?: 'My touring has i"-:'.
mu ii facilitated by s bicycle, which I was ? -
! ai.;..i to puirhas? through th? kindness of f.-len,is
In Amori s. Whole trillases turn out to BM the
?foot carriage ' Bom* ??: mu .: i tonlsheed at th?
;.-"l of the machine, ? ?Hi. r-e think I OUgkt t? fO
fini ii (?aster, and frequently **hlle going ni-no'
quietly I !.. ir I I ?? Up. lei Ul ?e ?*
what you can do.' I am tly asaed wT."th?r
from my feel or my
Wherever I go I fin I plenty ol ,
en to my pre? ling If the y
can only ? il h ? niini, ??; o? ti.i- h I .?.???.?is
nelt he r - ?i sin."
r Canfleld, of the .V-ebraska ?Stat* I'ni
t it :. In oi 1er to sec ;?: i '..?>? o? tho
? ' , State i 'nh ? rsl tj. at Col imb 11.
????:.,:,; i ? I who ? i rear
ion, Mo., has an or hard of ,".">? l?'?i Davis
trees. As the ? :it* a,
bushel .-. ; .i ?' .. .
I r??::>? va? ?1 ri\.-i, no
matte r abat hapi ens I
- 1 ? i>- that ss ?ovn as a
1 ' ; ' latest i mlts of g ology ii oil
. , 11 .,:
I'hll ? to have grand (?era of its o-^ta
; winter, whereupon "Th" Inquirer" remarks:
. . from Ne a-York
f to N< '.*.'-Y. : k to I I " ?
a r.i ar.? both entirely ??? and It Is .,
. ? - ? ? ? re iwak nil of 1 .
Al Church Tired Chid Mamma, bow mu h .. l
v.. i [. n :t. the coll, ctlon .'
Mothei \ 'in ,t ?? r. :nv .?' ir
'i r?-1 ?' ... . sv ? ; . ? her gil sn awful
lot for I Hulie tin.
Two Nebraska clergjri th? <;i'*:i
f the World I ..-..-,
?..n l t
A i'Hip'-r in [??taster, It .'a n-1. ajr?"l p j, who
li.is I... n .i i-r tiastaal all his iif.-. has lust bci-oma
? i CatkoUc.
?Religious e'h.'s- I : iti.- ?Pleas?, L'ncl? Arthur, do
com?? and play chees with me,
L'ncl? Arthur uh, Kit.-: Uon't you rrmsmbTt
It s Bund iy.
"Well, we ?-in let the bishop win!"?(l'ail M?Ui
Budge *
Th? Presbyterian Church of Qosbeo, H. Y., is
celebrating th?- I7*>lh annlv?trsary of Its orgM.niza
tion this wi?k.
L'nutterable "Po you not sontetlmes have? - ;
ful yea ro Inga which you long to convey .?i words,
but cannot?' auk?'; ti:.- sentimental girl
"Y?s, indeed," replia*?! the young man. "I ?v.i?,
once .ir.'.i ?tul.y anxious to sei i home for money,
and I didn't have the prl ?? of a telegram."?(Was li?
lt,?.ton Btar.
\ young ill? organist In a Montreal Church was
v rj anxious to make s good Impression by her
playing on a visiting clergyman an? Btinday. Th?
?ii.? pumped by sn i old se xt.?r,
w ho would often stop when he thought the or-m
voluntary hsd I ted long e tiougli Tins ?lay the or?
ganist wus ansious that all should a, a ?rail, and a.?
th? senricfl was about to begin sin wrote a not?
Intended solely for th* sexton's eye. H.- t.-?k it,
snd, In spit* of her antagonised b i .iri.-j
It Btralghl t,> th.? pttwacher. \\ :..,t was thai ?genttc
ii ,,'.'-? astonishment wh?en he read: "Obliga m? this
morning by blowing away till ! giv? you the biK.isvJ
t.. stop. M..--* AU,ti."
Th? following s re s few theses, suthenttcalte
tin?-!, that will .-??rva? to ??;? ? ?jom? Idea of tli*
curious thoughts of former Parisian medical btu
"Is water more healthy than nine?" (US.)
l;,l,.;-' D?bonnaire; "Aro Infants born with a caul
the happl r" r.'':.* i
Andre Uudset: "Ars h? t.-s not abora at the tenth
month'." ?ici: ?
"Is music rflieacioua In dlseaae?" (lt?l i
"?ho i 1 a young girl in love I... ble?d?" at?X)
le ?xvitlnc drunk once a month healthful?" ???M* *?
"is woman an Imperfect work <?f nature?*' imli
tld literary men marryr U'^l-nCtnriniiatl
a featura of th? Cotton Itate* i-a?,?.??.*? m in
Atlai ta, ?; i . will b? th? i'iv hn-tion of * s?p?c
lar play bassed .?n th? esreer of Heirnando !??? ?Itrio
and his band of ?Spanish cavaliers In the ?iily
history of America. A companj of Ken roth and
Atlanta capitalists has i?.,.? ofganuTMtd by Mrs.
too, with a capital .-took ?ef jie-ai...), to pro
dun this spectacular drama, t:, > will buiia ?
theatre snd ?present In tablearos the romantto anj
?adventurous career ot i>>- .Sot,, hi >3?sH>argla, Ala
bamn itn.i F'.ort.hi. drawing partly on tradition -.14
partly ?an Imagination.
An AHltiln.? Insinuation "II,.v. ?lo you I .ipp,?ti to
??a ?h, It Is just a nlckaam*."
"I ?lldn'l know bul thai It was an al,t,t??vi.iti,?n."
-, n I is nap m s Journal.
?Th? Youth's Compaaloo" Mit ot s ehuroh choir
thsl t.'i'.'tt.'l many limas, '??h, turn my pi -, Ok,
torn my r' . Ok, turn ,,,v p| 0k, turn my
pious soul t? the'," Deon Hoi* t?stta In his "N.-w
Memories" ho? on? ?.f thca? snthenaa ?xamoyod th*
drat bishop of th? ?S?piscopsi ?crkurck of COasMctlcut
pi ?Samuel s.alau.s. Tfc? Btabop was erisUlag thl
par ?h of Mtddlatown, and an aatkaa?, e**apasad t?/
B local mus.? Ian. ?.?...-, ?Jung Ti,.. wrOW?t won those
Bf the? ISd I'salin, i-.n.l riKht tlma-s tin? UngSfS r??
..?tt.'i tt?" phrase, Thai ran ,i?wn Bpoa t|?. beard."
,vt ? dinner, after the s.-rvu-,?, th,? Pa-hop wss
asked, st lb* ?Waggestlon of th? ?tow?poser, what i-?
thought ??f th* music. ",?h." h? r?|iti?. i, --i ,i.ir? Hny
II ?us v.-iv ?rood, bui i -r**nirstkhejBd ? ? aitk a .roa
thai I ?'" lid t ,: BtteSKl |.r ?j.. rly. | th".i,;ht thiit
ik* runntns down of th* trintm*al ?-iirht tlraas could
hardl) luv? left ? i,.,ir u??,n his kead:?
a rather amuslns tanca of "whit- aro ?r? at"
lIu-??loglcslly speaking, vas furnlsbsd at the n.
amlnat'on of three cand 1st?? bj the N?w-York
I'leal.yt.'l-y Thry w,..,. aaked th.-ir ?aplnlon of th*
rate, after df-ath. of So.-nit?^ and l'i.it.? on,? <?Z
!ir?'l tli.' t?. ? e'.r.'.'ks were eternaly lost: one t>u
nro they had snothcr ckance ativvn th-ni In th?
1,-xt world, and the thlnl rna?le the enmmwtlnSS
ahllof40|ahla*ul reply that ha ?ltln't know. The?i thi
?reshytery ?l.jide.i that In ?ach osa* the exaiuinJ
was ?aU-fdc'.ajry-Uiait?ord Courant. ?--"4-,,*?

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