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Ile-tops, Hamilton ni I Hatpin were absent snd
: it scsounte I f. r
??tens : . w-'.n vi ted ng ilnst the
llyorgai Isatl an ? '??? ?ay, had a . ?ng >nf<?r.
? ?srltl ? | . il tt ?n this .'it- i ?i '???. at tn?*
ilovernor'a r qu i Governor M ?rton la very d??
sira that t i .It pasa the n ? au?
ra an l It la . ? , ? ? illy ? lloved t. -i Ight that
this wn?, the subject ,? ??:..- talk w -ii: Mi. C??gge
re In -Hmd ; i la ?lie .- ihai Se nator
Coggeshall gave the (Jovrnoi reason t?) think he
ijr vote : ' the bill when it ?me a U| In i i
Senate n Tuesd exi In that ? ase, s mat r
WoJfert of Tir ?.:.:.:. -. l. i la ill, must a
?.re*?" ' . ? ?? to j a the m? asure. Thei - Is
.-a more h ?? f :'. utl *? for It to-night than ti ?????
has bee n be ? ri sine ? Mr. Platl h ???:: th: a . .:
i ?...t., ? ; athwsy
?j? e> ::;.]. -, > REORUANIZE THE KEW-T?RE
V?TEH KIM !?:? '?? THE SEN ?\T1 ,
'. . i..v. Apell C '?"? ' ' *>f ;1" I 'ding
Mew-York reforn I as kill? : ?*n th? State Sen?
ate to-lay by ?< ?on!; ,n .ii.ii o( Tammany li:'-l!
Democrat? and Platl Republicans, This was the
?. :? pr- tu' - School bill. Introduced originally by
-, | mblyman |-avey and amended i?y the House
Committee on l*ue?li ?ducattoa The Tammany
Hall sca.aol trust.'.- have b ?? D opposing it ever
irodtec<? I, and ?? aturally the Platl
...; ibi . . . ?Senate sympathised with them.
The Sei .'?? c mmittee n Literature i ? h has
Mr. PamoRei. ot llochesster, a Plan it publican, as
it?a cbalnnaea, i-eported the bill adverse! th after?
noon, and thai adverse report was adopt? . by the
following vote, whlcb killed the bill L ,?onJ resur
r?-:tion :
V?as -Ahearn, Bradley, Cantor. Chllds, < offey,
Collins, Coggeshall aJuy, Lam . I-exow, M Mahon,
O'Connor, O'Donnel, u'Sulllvan, Owens Parsons,
Ilaines, Rle*e Robertson, Stapieton and Sullivan El.
Nays- Hircins. Mullin, Parker, Pound, Sm? el
and btapletoo-4.
TUB BOAttV IfOMlXATED, ? e,.\r:i..M!:i> AND OR? ,
Albany. Apr?! % l?9pa lal).- Cloven or Mort an nomi- !
aated the members of th? new Board of Fish, Game
aad 'forestry to .lay, and the nominations were i
oonnnned The men Mlected were ex ?ssetnoly- !
nun Baraei H Davis, of Palmyra who was named j
as presi.!??:,: ot the fxatRsvmlsston al a salary ??: ? -
Henry il l?ymaa of ?Oswego, a merchant and ex- I
i\?l,ei-i.r ot ti??- Port of Oswego; Charles H. Bab
t-ock. of Rochester, president of the Kirs; National ;
Hank of that city; Wlillam R. ?Vred, of Potsdam, i
a lumber dealer, and Edward I'hompson, ol North- ?
potx president of the ?Sdward Thompson Publishing ;
Companv, i
The members of the new c en miss >n afterward ?
met tanii elected Edward P. Doyle as secretary and j
El ward Thompson as Shell Fish Commlssiegner. J. ?
Warren Pond was kepi ?n on) ??? M Chief protector, i
an 1 all the superintendents of the State hatcheries
were also retained. \ ?arg? proi?ortion of the old
game iirotectors were retained, among them being
Robert Brown, Wlllett K.... Charles 11. Barber,
Harrison Hawn, Henry ?' ?Carr, Joseph Northrup
and Orla S. Potter.
Albany, April '-'?> Among the bills a. porte,l fa?
vorably in the ?Senate to-elay was ?Senator Mc
Mahon's. creating an aMiti.'iiai Judge of the Coun
of General aSessioni 4 New-Yorfc ?City.
The nomination of Hugh Hastings to be State
Historian was reported favorably by the Final ?
Commit:?-? si 1 o ufli m?rd.
Mr. 0*Qrady'a ?wvcurrenl resolution, favoring
Canal.a-i annexation, was receiv?sd with la
Senator o't'uiinor did r.ot think it ba
Nevr-Y?irk State to Invite Caraaela to Fever Its con?
nection w:;.:? BnglaneL He did t at think that the
names of Mr. Depew, May r Strong, Mr. Platl and
others, which go with the resolution, should ?carry
the Senate oil it.- fee t. Senator ?Cantor was sur
prtsed to ??tee Bei itorCC nor go back on anything
favored by on-? of the men named Senator O'Con
nor said that one man was wise and experienced,
but not Infallible, an i he did n ?t think the re
tion wae proper, erven if it was ;h,is supported.
Senator Ralnee moved to amend it by reqaiestlng
Congress to invite the union, which was ad i ? ..
and the resolution was then laid over.
The Finance commute?, reported favorably the
bin providing for military Instruction in the I'ubii
schools, wiiii the appropriai ? n :? lue ! t^ 130,000.
The fo?c'wlna? l.'.ils were psssrd'
Senator round's, providing for the appointment
of a State Commission ?.f Prisons, In accordance
witn the new Constitution.
Mr. Heil'.?, tor the relief of c-rt:.in churches in
the Twenty-foutrth War i, New-York City.
M,-. Nile?'?-, relative to acquiring lamia for i .:
purposes in New-York City,
Mr. Pevey's, providing tor a biennial school cen
Mr. Hamllton'a provWlng f??r ?additional xpen?e.-e
of appraisal ommlssloners In conn? ?', the
better protect.on ,.f the New-York City water sup?
Senator McMahon's, allowing the American ei-o
graphical So.iety to hold nur- prop
Senator Owens'??, relative : ? the 9| lal 8 aslons
In Brooklyn.
Mr. Ainsworth's bill, providing ? ,.- :- tier temper
anee education la the public sebe?la, was advanced
to third reading.
The St. John's Park hi:;, vei ied by Mayor strong.
was reportad favorably ?xgaln by the CItlea Com
mlttee. It was r?-? ?use i I ) a vote of M to ':.
Senator O'Connor calta] up his bill making an .ap?
propriation to pay c'lnsci for the sp- :,n Senate
commit'?-.- that Investigated the s-.,?< civil Service
Commission last summer. ?Senator Mullin said the
counsel ngro+u ?\h.-r, employed thai he wutild ?erv?
without charge, and for the i.-t. :.? of the .^ta;?
service. S:m he a?k< . 15.000, on the pr?tes
the scop?- .T th?' Inquiry was enlarge?! Tht bill
ira an outra?.;... and $2,0uC We lid :? .., .- lator
O'Connor said this was practically true, bul ::.??
counsel had earned the money. Senator McMahon
asald he doubfed if the work done hu I been ? : .,; y
valise to anybody, an : he v ?teed n ?. The bill was lost
? 12 yeas. 10 i ays,
Half of the
\ng to-morro*s .- .
Albany, April ZS, l.v - tor Jai ?b Worth .-.ni
his friends In the Re ?. rgan satl n e ( Bi k
lyn. an l others wl favor I Invent
chsrltie? Reorganlsati n Mil foi Knit-?. County,
cr>-.v i.-'. t)i? Ex? .... Chamber thli i. ?on a* ? bear?
ing granted b> the U ven ? There wer? eeveral
hundred men In the party, whl I arrived on a spe
cial tram from New-York, forming a ?second -? Ion
of the afimpire State express. The delega:] n was
hud- I by Samuel H nr-vv, a pr minent ?aw er.
Bs-?Senator Worth was the r: speaker.
Albany. April . -. r Morton has ?signed
these I
e'hapt-r :::?" ? . . the ?State ?forest and
Fish and ?lame ??. ?
f'hapt-r 999 ?jenatoi Bsraelser's, regarding unll
cenee I p rsona prai tlsing me
Chapter '?'.'ft ejenai : Ahearn's bill, providing for
a hospital "?i Gouverneur Slip New-York City, at
u <?s; ol ?:?"??', for the rec?-;.tlon ol patienta in?
jured or taken ?uddenlj III in the lower Baal Side.
Chafatt-r 4?H M? rn..-..Ji the corporation of the Trus?
tees of the Funds of the Floating Hospital ?I Si
Johr's Guild of the ' Ity ' "? w-Y rk Into the t'or
pjriiti ?n of St. John'a Gu *. si I exempting the
pro; cr'..v ;. tn : as it) >i .
Albany. April -'? The only Important h'-arin?
before the Assembly Committee on Cities this nf
ternvaon was m the bill of S-enal w M Mah n
providing for two petitions] Assistant Dtsttriet-At?
Iseneys for New-York City. Asslstani Dlstrtot-At
torr.ry j.d.n P. M 'Intyre spoke In favor of the bill.
He sal I there were ??.w criminal in New?
York e'.,unt ? In .? year. The force In the fftee s ti
so tosufBclent thai II ejrsi ne isarj to alow g
fa.?ing behind -h--h year .,( fr mi l..".?> to 1,800 i i
It wa*? Impossibl? foi the office to pe> snj stten
tlOP whatever to ?X S" vas, !.. aril ?v? !1 t,i<- w.ist
kind? of criminal? w?re walking along the streets
In Hatw-Tort untried The , ?mmltte?? decided to
re;? si tl I '' '? tvorably.
Alhar.*.. April 'Z>. ?Sbortly sftei tht House mel
thin :;,iri.ints, Mr Hlghle ii.ovcd t ? discharge t!.
General Law? OOBUSlttSC from the consideration of
a bill Which ?v-oeii-l P r?vent 15ro<?k'.\ n fr.-m nee irlng
a wate-.- fjpo'.? from ?vflj'k C?"..i,i.. v.?it? mction
was last
Amor.g the 1 ? t t * ? ?'???'?
F. F. I ?hull-'?. empowering the Kings County
Clerk to rsarrange ??-?'tain papers in his office.
Mr. FYleUy's, Increasing the p<w-r of the State
Uoard <?f >!?? a tion ?and Arbitration.
Mr H.?ii- .?:? I - proal itr.tr a ptnMlo.u fund In ?
diatrlct? for teachera wb? nave tau,-..: ?atlnuously
for twer;*) -fi\* .
Speake-r Fish snnoui '? that on the erj.af>*?renee
Your Liver
IS ? Hi Of ?t-.l'T If
. OU h.'iv? bitter
taste. offensive
breath, si k h?-an
yach?', ?"lifTht !? .?.-.
v.-'iK-t or ftlit'.es.s in
the stumach, Hcur;
hiirn, of N an sea.
HU'??!'? ?Wog t 'US.
the 1.1 vet, cure bii
l./usnass, restore proper ?llgestion, expel accumu?
lated impurttles, cure Constipation. Prepare! by
C L HOOD & CO.. Lonc?, Mus*
Dry this
soap in
this manner.
It will
all others.
t rW?JL-o
C?*A*T^ l JA"
*?p33fc-:, HP??
i ?fig? |^p
This i.
the way
to pilo
in order
to dry
1806 Laundry Soap.
committee on the Tr y P lice bill he had :
the name of Mr. Read, of Kings, for Mr.
v, , . and added Messrs. J. II. Cart ??? I U v"
Ti,' ??? bills w?M*e '."tr; duee 1'
iiv Mr. Cutler, providing th:' there mall be s v n
s-, nograi hers In thi s ipreme ? a m ? I r-ingi
?ti- Su- O'arady, for Ui" epp tatmonl of ?> tuber u
? - -
Albany, April 2'. ?Bpeclsll Th.- Assembly ?o-day
virtually killed, by recommitting, Mr. Alnsworth's
bill regulating Ihe employment ?f w? men and chil?
dren in mercantile esUbllshments. This is the bill
to which objection was made by many ?'f !'?"? k^c
reuil store* in New-York, In wh'ch rity sn ?
forcement of Its pr visions wouKl probably throw
thousands ot boy? an I girls out of -mi loj ment.
Ths bill prohibited all persons undei -Ixteei years
from working In retail shops more tl in ten hours
.n any day n. th?' week, ex?p? Saturday and stip?
ulated lhat no boy under eigh'een und no girl
under twvntj.-c.ne years should work after 10 p. m..
except during December, or before " .,. m a' '?
time ?if the year. No child was to I.mployed a1
ull ?f m. !ii: twelve years nf a?.-. Proprietor? ot
stores were also ??' i'?' r.-ipiln '. to keep register? of
ull employes under ?lxt?-?ti ?-?'an? old, and no child
?ras to be employ? 1. eseepl on the fill) , sn , HI?
davit a? to US'- by a parent or guardian. children
under sixteen years unable lo n >''. and write Eng?
lish were ali?o debarred from employment, ??
during ?chooi vacations. Many sanitary restri tl
wei ? - i lied in tl??1 Mil.
Mr. ?VIM?, of New-York, who moved t.? reoomm i
ti." bill, denounced Hs provlsloi ? us in ? asarll)
??tri! geni and oppressive. In thi? view he was ?up
port l by Mr. Bell. The motion lo sidetrack tho
measure ?as carried against Mr Aln ??? r( .'.? pro
ti it, ;..' i" K* _
Albany. Apr" 2C .Senator O'C nti Ih I
ing the Ne-* York Cltj Department of charities and
Correction Into two ?.punit, depart nti was r
elv< ! In th. \- a? nblj to lay fr ?m l Renate foi
concur!, no. .?? i pass? I si once, Thi bill i w ??
to the Ooveri
Th?> April caonference of th? Federation of East
Sid?- Workers was held yesterday afternoon In
II..1" Chapel, No. OS East Pourth-st. The Rev.
John H. De? Il ? i r? aide I end B ill m 11 i.l on 1
Col 'to! Waring mad.- speeches. Mr, Hall apoke of
th?. vacant lots which have i. pis > '. al the dis?
posal of his Relief Committee, snd which si
be converted into potato patches by unemploy? ?.
nun of the city, telling where applications for the
work could !" Died an I the coi
unemployed men could have pi<-< a of la ? Hotted
10 ih.-m.
Colonel Waring described stre? ? ng i i I
nul said thai ba bell??vi i ti il ou l ge ' *?"
ai year for Ihe as?:.?, garbage
beim* collected b) the Street (T.eai ; irtment,
if ti:?-.i.ul : i" kepi separate I rs have
been payl-?* ;.?-.'-?? ? year to the city ..i", ? i I
employes for the privilege of tris ? ? ? >??
m?nt scows and collecting the refu ? si ths d
If th? rotnao could be ?oil? ted sepsrately it would
i" worth much mor?- Garbage, if kepi tej u il
could I"* sold to om pan lea an i converted Into
f? rttlls? rs .it a larg? profit to ths city. I ?
ash.? could be used for the mai I tun of .i
coarse grade of asphalt end of f?repi t brlcka
Th" removal of all Idle trucks fro:, ? ?? atreeta
was to be accomplished soon, Colonel Waring ?
and the people would i> ? prevent! I thi Inri
Hon ".' lines, from throwing rel ..-?? Into ihe stre?
The pediera with pushcarts would ; ? led ?..
be more rareful, and ths sale <>r ?..?.i from pu
.arts would I"- ?topped. Th<- separate roll
i.f ashee an ! nrbag? would I" .
about Ihe ml Idle ol M i) In the dtstrl I
by Fourteenth-st., Lsxlngton-ave., Fifty- Inlh
and Slsth-ave.
EAP1D OEOWTR OF THE society's GOOD wour ?
The annual repi rt of Pr?sident John P, Hain?s ?.f
tr.?- American Society for the Prevention of Cruelly ?
to Animals mentions a fad which i ?? - i. w
much the work of ihe i >eletj has .:
amount of c m i ;? ?n k i ee ii ust t ?? ?
great now ai It was ala y? m ago. Advl
formation ara constantly sought fron, a: parts of
the country, an i especially from 111 ?? . . this Bi i
The records of the a. lety, from the i :??? ?,r Ita .
Incorporation, have be-en systen U ? arranged I
and Indexed, so that the facts "f every ...
??n.'ty which baa ever "oir.c under Hi eognlsane*., ?
a.id every legal opinion nt Judicial d? al?n coi
nected therewith, ran now be found ai a moment's
notice. Mr. Ha : i - refi rs to the su ? ? of thi
plan by which th?- ?.tty now hai -?? islng of
ii'iifs, the capture of stray doga and at . and the
destruction of captured an?mala. Four ambulance?
a?, i two v.-.iK-'-?:''? un- ured in this service. Iii eight
mont ha ?.O?SJ animal? wei ? recrtved here ot whl h
6:',2 u.-r- restored i. iheir owners
Thi number ot nes member? elected In I MM waa
'j'i 'I'll., balance in the ireasury on Decembei
iii?.';. was fl.-. i: i M>. Th? receipts from all ?our e? n
ti reai were ?):'?.? '?*? '?-? Tn? rum expended an?!
Invt ?? re :????? wai II19.0MM, ica?/1ng a balar ?? ol
$i,.-;':' as.
. - ?
Th- first battalion of the ith r??-*t.'n'-r' heid a re?
union hut ivKht in Its armory under the command
Of MajOt Japli?. LoiiK-s'-rvire m?-!.-!1!? wer.> pre
seated by Adjutant-General MeAlptn to Colonel
s?*v. ird and i? Private Tritt en beek for twenty-live
yr-ar.?? of si i v ???, and lo Major Solomon i: Japba,
Bergeanl Richard E Wiese. Piral Bergeant Raj
innnd Arnct and Privates Herman r. a Ellis and
Jamea Dore, A Arn? number of markamen's dec?
oration? \a>t" given. After tii- review tier.- was
dan :- g.
I? is reported ? n good authority thai Mayoi sirm?;
will in a short tun" appoint Mr. Mary E Traut man
ils ft achool Inspector, Mr.-. Trautman llv..? al No
R Beekman PUtcs and is ?<;, known a-? a public
spirited woman, r.r soma years she has been
president of lha I.? : ..?' Health Protective Associa?
tion, which has been exceedlngl) active In enforcing
the bf-ahii .'an? ?in Trautman will be the fifth
woman appointed by Mayor strung.
The OrplMua Society gave Ita third private r.,n.
oert last evraing m Um < oaccrt Hall la th? Madi?
son Square Garden, before ? larga sudlence Ths
society ?vas assiHit-d by Misa Marguerite Lemon
soprano, and a string orchestra Albert E tlreen
ha!i;h ?i,s at the pian, and Arthur Met ? conducted
EEOEPTiOX EOlt THE rev. du ./. A. /;. WJLEOX
The c*-angrega*ion or the Eighteenth Btreat Meth
"dNt Kpis.-opal Church gava s i-eeeptlon for the
Rev, !>r. John A. r.. Wilson las) night. Dr, Wilson
has been -tewtoi of ths church foi three years and
s is return.-.) t? the church for another year at the
recent session of ti.?- New-York Conference. T. D.
?).m wa? chairman of the Joint commute* that had
cl srge of the arrangements last night The ch.ip,-i
In which the r?ception w...? held, wsa nil? l with lha
n embers of the cont,-r?Kation and their gueata \y.
Impromptu program m ? of sir.j,-,ng. r.-"l?.-it|.,?i.?i ?,?1
sddreases wa? arranged for the evening and car?
ried out CTedltably.
Ths an loan .-xh;t>itio?i at t...- Ortglea Qall?
N... Ml l-'ifh av.. t.? no? open ft*oni >.?:?> a. ni. tu i?
p '" and from s :,. " ;, m. The outs!?] ..r ih?
l'ill :.v baa U'en ???coral".! iift-r a design by .Siaii
!"i . White, Hii.j makes s dash ?.r i olor vtalbta f?
seaae ?Matan<*e i?<th up and down t.'i" avenue. Tl ?
'?i.T of |"m "Htalomic In In harmony With the ar
llatlc ?-\ eilenca of lb? eshlbltlon, havini been da
?Igned b) i;. A. Abbej an? pnnicU In colors by a
new pro,-eat.
r^tair? in th.- j-mIIii-v, kindly lent b} I. p
Avcry. jr., are the bookbtndtnga and Washington
r?*i!i'B. while the rooms downstairs ara fiiird with
ths moist beautiful apecimena of lacen, faim aniifT
i?oxes. old stiver, upsstrtss, -t*ni-tro?<3ler?aa. earved
ivories, old Jewelry? et-tna, eta
Hi.DIF.fl \i.v? r IKSTANT1 V IN THE Ml!.it'?l.l.AM ?
iu:I'1"!.i?an a-.-?.. *i.\Ti? N'.-> QL'ARTERS in
Bx-AMlstanl Fire ?"hi. f John M 'Jabe com?
mitted suicide vafstfrday afternoon In thv ilub
room o? lbs Mllhollsnd Republlcsn Ass>oe-rlatlon,
No. in ?Cllnl m i*i a.-?- He shot himself In the
: .Ar. temple with a revolver and .lia-1 ait:?..,?.- in?
stantly, He i?--? i ai N >. 78 Washington Plat**,
with his wife and i ? n. Th latte . ? \ ?uni
man, Is p ?loi ?1 cf the C lumbl i Institute Ca ? I i
ills father attci ?e : the n nus] di I'l '?v. Ines?
? la? evening, appiretttlj In good spirits.
M i'.ii e was s!xt* n old He wj dli ml?1 ? I
fi "i. the F!re I eep irtm? nl about : yean igo
f.ir sendii . ? ? the famous ' Thre ?Sixes." There
n - i lire on? nicht si Thlrd-avi and One-hun?
dred ai l twenty ?if:!) at, and alcCabe waa In
hai ? It 1 oke I so threatening t" h m thai
nfter -? : ding i :;t a Ihlr ! alarm he rang I
sixer." denuding the rltj of fire apparatus il ive
Fifty ninth it. The re waa inn ii c min ? nt <?'
tir- time, opinion being r?quall) divided, bul
wii. n h ? was pla ?ed . n trial bel re the Fire
Com i the ?..-.. i i i.i. He took
the ?.-. t the courts later ai I sr-cure-d rein
statemenl A few years ait' he wa? restire
?.' ith ' lie provision thai he wa aubj I to re?
c ill
M ?'. . n ? .1. r f ihc M.ll, liai d As? -
rial and ?pent much < '? ? li i the
i nee la is rei men t, i n ? I t ? i ?
: morning,
trary t?> I tal i '? Shortly after n ?on
1 ? was lefl In the ibr??oin
i ? r ? f ri." ass ?elation ...?:'?? ?i i W llllam
: -,. ? f N . S6 Hain ?? Pi ni ? ?V Cao? ?-' i
up tu Id nly, ai i went Ini
In il ? real of the rlubi V few mil
l at? r Williamson hesrd tin ? ,- 11 ' ?
and foun ! h'.m lying d<
The lire ?Con ml M Cabe ? hleri
. ' battalion Maj I? '??- l?atei he v?. ?a
pis i m charge of ih ? It . '
H, | ,.;. m . : I Mat, an I
luid this | it loi ?.??: i. ?? i- : : from
li.t ? 1891
;?:? ? ii??ns wer? i I
I , . rial ul I
n .n .?. S ?. Ill i
pressing deep regre
: : N ng 1
I.. - ?. .'. . ?;'.??:? :
: ? I it?
DIM I SSI S G lili I If A ISD Ml - I
AX.NI At. MEE1 INel or TII ?
adva: MEM I
The tent tal i ' ? , v
?'.I.A..., . ?
?. , . rnlm
Heights, yesterdai moi ? ?
- ?. i na dally until 8a
. ? -. ? ? ;
w s. aver, A M.. M. !>.. In tl
p.p, i v? ,, ,, irestlse . n ' 1*1 r Need of Indlt
?. i> it I ? i ' id In
i ?, .1. i. ,..-?...-;.- tab .m'' . ? II avgram ? ' a
raps ?; ??? ahos ? In ?jyn nastl ? * ? ?-? I
v?. r- .,. . :? I on "How Boyi tiro? I ??? '
U ?:.-?. ,.? ?. i. ?wdin's i ., * ? .' ' Iros th ... '?'. I il
1- i? i hea" !?> 1-r !'. M II irlwell
i !.?? sftens on ee ? ? the reports of
the . on.Iteea on Bll
stem ol ??
i rarie s, :??. Dr. *?. M. Hartwell, ehau ol Iwth
committees. l?r. lli?*i?'ii ?said thai tl . i
numb? r of the i ? i 'i" an ro ml i le
rletlc? I i v.- be en forme ?...;..
: In V me ? . .. It .1 11 K? II? ; of Hal -
" , ; ? i . -, ? ? '
i he pre ,'.;?..,.-???.???. a | ?? ? - - i
? : ? ? - , I
Influenced bj ill II ' ? I rest wa*
r- .. . . -. .1.? Ol He I'i I '! 'i \' . i .
? ? . ? . -. ? ? hygiene of bo<i
e 'l.ir.i ' I lint : ,- . ?? .: '..?,?? ??! Phi
?%.???. Comb," ?? same foi ph : ?? .?a culture n
Inv? nie . ..i i
A'.:? ' Hi? rep .? la of oflleer?.
the events?) i ? ! i ? ?:.' .i .
j r? -? ni ..ih ? i i? ? ' a i .. ? ? ftlni
II ? dtarli M ? ? Tl ? ? . ? ? ' ?
? ? ' ? i i ? ? - ? ' i ? ? ?.
p. l.yoi secretary, J. <i. Bmll
Morris Ii.ans, s? ..l vice president, ?>: I
l: Tali Me K? i ale, third v|< - pr. ?aident.
PATIBXTS ;m I ' T" Ft: TCRXED a ?e ?e T \ " ir
a ' eclal p'ea Ii m*?l? by tl e ?lire lora of tl i
Manhattan i ? ?? an I i:.r Hospital foi the (' It
Agnew memorial fond, only the ?nteres; of which
can be use?! f.?r the malntenan ? ?f the hospita
The amount sskerd fer la tlOO.OOO The present pro|
erty si Part .?v.. and Porty-ftrsi -'. is ft?-?- from
debt, but is :..? nearly large enough lo
date "H of those who wish tu h- treated \ loi
nd '.itiit.?* it has been bought, but $?? ".??-. i :....,
in build hi. addition and to endow It.
More ii.eii M.OOQ d It?rent patients have t ? ? "
tr?-at"i In th, i ?epai imem for I ?Ii ? ? < es of the i' ?i
?i:ir-'. the hospital ? .? opened fill r? t , the
treatment ??f diseases of th? eye, esr, no ?-. ihro?t
at i i ervous syste m are held In tl '? hoapltal ev< rj
afternoon si ! o'clock .-x-'-pt on Bundaya and holl
days. Emergency case are received at sny hour
of day or tii.'iit f?.r treatment, bul the hospital Is ai
times so overcrowded thai little room remains f?.r
eases ??f accident Isol?t??"! wards have been ????t
?part In tlilf hospital f'.r rontagtou? disease i.f the
eye Hundreds of hablei rraati) bul i fee day?
ol?l and <al?l?-r children have been treat? I here for
diseases that If neglected would rertalnlj lermt
n.it.. in total blindness This Is the onl| nphthal
mi?- hospital in th?- city that til..:? contagious dis
?-..???^ The cost la areat, as ?|?e lal nur.?.?, ban
l?<hei| fr.iin other attendants meist be employed for
this class ?if ?patients Clothing for the children's
wardrobe Is iMeded; for these i.i children rarelj
hm;? other clothing than whal the} w.ir, and
they must have many changes provided.
TBISITT e,;;.'./as' to AID i hi: FBIOBT FABM
a sale of Caney articles, srranged by the guilds ..f
Tritiliy Mission House, No I'll Kuiton ?t . will be
opened on Mum lav afternoon, ii ?? i i ?? in nil .?f
the Priory Karm, which la conducted bj the Drotrh
er., e,f S'ssareth. it la expecte i thai the Rev, L*r.
l?ix win open the basasr with sn addrs i of com?
ine-nd.etl ti. both <?f th" w,.rk i.f the l'.i'.tli. r and
the kindness of i??-.irt which has ptrompti I (.-. i.r
girls and women who make up the gu i ..? ..
something U behalf <>t suffering humonlt) r:.?
sale ?Mil continue throughout Monday evening ind
a;?,?? Tuesda) aft? rim.m and evening Hlft? ol :
article?? and money ar?. eameatly .i-Ke-i f,,r at once,
and maj be m-ih to the Sim? i in cha re* Trinity
Mtasl ?i ii ?use, N". ^'il Fullon-si.
I Bt. Ixalll?, ApHI ?.?A dtspatCl In "The e'hr..:.' 1
j from Ban Antonio, Tss-, h.ivh that m-sagra par
| lleulars imve i,,,,-i,,-i therrs of a ballstewm that
f"A?-i? thtrotigh the adjoining ttounties last evening
I .', courier arrived this morning from the town ol
l.vtii.-, twelve mil??' ?<"uth ??f .-'an Untonio, and re
I p'.rts i bal town and s strip ?-f countrj Bve miles
! wide, extending through Vv Ils m, i: .? end M?-?:ini
ccuraiM, complete!) detvastated by the storm.
damage t., e,,rn nod ?e,tt..n erope alone ix ?estlmste?!
ai t '.'??' wfa le the ?damai i i i building i will smounl
'" nol less tiian ti'V'.?'.". The taall oorara? the
ground t., '? ?lepih ?af IWO f?..' Tli,. hall.-? t ?>ri.-e
were h large as h? n't? ? aiK*?. and the International
and iirrHt Northern Railroad wa? blocked s th
them .-?. ii.,n bandi had t., cleai the tr-ie!< before
| train? could !??? run ov?W thai pan ?>| t>? - ||ne The
hn,ir?t.,n?s catii?. H.,wn with such terrible ?.,r.?' thai
they ?-nade ?leves of frame house? Large numbers
ot live stock w.-re k.li'd. snl the storm lid grsal
as mags to property at Csstorvlile, I^acrosM Faul?
J 1-ake and iicnton City, but uo pariifular? La?ve yet
b""ii received from th ise pUcss. Th?-re ?-a? no I ??
,,; ?f?.. ?o t ,? a? re? irted, although many persoi i
were injure ! ' ] bafUtoi ?
i ifhctal Bbnoui cement h i; bt? n n i It to tl ?? stock?
holders of th i.'.i.svi;'". New-Albany and Chicago
,, , v .... rompany of the plans of the management
for impletini the extensive system of Improve
n ,.- .. Rnd ot dis barging stl Ii lei tednesa ? listing
by rea? m ol sin* lar exp Htui the pa it nn?l
retiring csr trust obligations. t;v- c-ompany con
tomplai ? ? .000, I < be u a., s i follow.?:
To ?.:?. h .n-' i A' payable ? stating June : i, IBM,
-340,00 liarge car trusl surrendered prior
i , : >ur ? ;i."'. ., f r replacing light rail with
sevent ? I steel on thi Indianapolis dl?
? m( -?j .,...., and for widening narrow gauge
but'dlni i>i - - an I i th r improvi ????? <<? ?? 1010,000.
Tba corai my, to i n vide this sum ? f tl.i
of >ra to stockhol I? r? B700,CtiO of Ita ? iiilpment
???ni slnklni fund mortgage gold bonds snd 17.5*?*
res (pal i ilui 11.7 0, " of Its pr fern i ? ? ..-!(.
no? In It? trcssury. The fund? provld i hj this
financial plan will rufflee !> discharge all tto-iting
Indebterineaa of the cor,i| my and ail : il cal
?i i ? , exe ; ling II ?'."?'. ?? hlch are abundant I; , ?
vUl,.; for by ih? ? hlch will remain In the
ti i?i... after Ihe pr-i ?sed sale, Therefore the
plan 'l n i M"' Increa - the Int? rert chai ?.?? of the
??> m pan: . for il e am ual i '? ? " ? up in tha
I.. : .i- i. m b? leai t:. ,.i ' ? pr? i til im n si on i ,n
irusi i and floating
In r imrd to the i i orl recel? ?? I . ? lerd ij from
the West, which ras that Hei rj Vlllni l hi
bach Into the ma - ment of the North, m Pacific,
m miters of the ?? m reorganisation said yester?
day tha . ot tha .-1 se. P? >i .?? In Wall
y-., ,.;,., u . Mr. Vlllard ?ay tl n his eff-rta
ti ; ive a t'i-'i -r". In Northern Pacific will
mall . . uei ? ssful.
: lectlna of the |
the '?.!'. as held In tl ?? private ?
of Cl ' a . .? president of the N m York
Centi i in?l Central Station yi -
t' r 1 i j. Mr iJepew, in sp t m ? I v.
"It was onlj r?i nine v?.- had a g.I
md heart ? reports fi >m all si les. Th?
p, ? i ? ' f r f.n ure bu oui ?? i by tl ?
. A .-:.: ? . :
?i h? Bto '. Ex , ?: ?? has I ted .' ?? ? 0 of i
v. v i ???I ? : . i i r ' ? .,-?.,?
,;''?-' ; ' . i :. ; ? :??? Of II '
'??i mi then Th? m "i"
to provide. In pai . for the cos? of 'lo- Buffalo
: . ?? i ?.. .. -. .
?niprovem? m In this
THE <"'?:. SiTt' iTli ?N
Th, ?-,:.? i :'.? >n v. is not all 'n i y?
tenlay bj the meet raclte sales
ag mi i, i hlch .i : '. i ?? ? -; any
; ? ?;?:?-,? i hat there ?
i\iff. :. ' ? : ' ? of | -arid
for SI I that decide?! to
take no her I ?:,m
In? ' In th?
.... it i?
? ? ?
' :
, ' ? - i
eut. as H
It y of am
.... nt to
? ?
?V ITS 1 I '
" .
the Reading
... ....
: - '
an I that I
of tl
it ?
He further -.nil
? ?
- '
a - * or nu. s ir>'.
? ? ?- ?
a ; it Key Wi
? ? . a
I a t K
. ' I :
... remaining on?
.? ? laprlI 2 which la
?. ? ? ? be h? ul ' N'avy I
;???:?? at i'..''
Marbli ' '
P ?I? i 'i
. . ?
? ere ? . i ! ? I . itnlnal arre ? ?
i ? tern of pea.a,
'? ? , ' .
? ? ? ' i ??
! . ter.la)
by an ac : . ". I i - . lie wa
? ' i
plat?n : I of the n . .?
, , .
? . .? ? 1 ?? ll i :? !
pay Inspector It. I.yle d?l
k. p?-r ?if in- N ' ? ? " I sn I ? r I
? I
: pvtng Pai lilroetor II ' h ? I,
? i ;. : ? ; a l*a
||. T. R. H .-..i.
| Il ; ' :.. . I. . . '. I \,|. I, i . .
i r m? mb? r of ih?- 1 I Board al i
A 1 l ? I / /.' VOXTWTF.V
1A ':?-.: . \; I . t
i '.n- ? s i : ' ; i: i;- ?. a ? ? a k . itton
da | i '?'? o. ?? I to n Jail at har-i ?ahur
I to pa ?? fli.f fl" ' >i p? rjui ? liar! tr< m
I and hla i lu.lg? M? i ?
rla proi ... I I he ?. ? men. ?? In ::?>? I'nlt? i Slate?
,.;??.,;. i , ? ? : : \ ? :il...-;.,
claltj f pension caaes, and ha heretofore been
? ?. loins, and ha - stood trial D il h is
. - ,?,. i con? ctlon until lo ?:.?? 'I. ?? ' .
jiii greta I ? i .?? Il m nah Mc? 'real ? i
? , fhe opinion amoi .? i : ? 11 " ?? ??
I ' i light i nt? .1 ...,...?. ?i he
will be 'I'sl. ni,l from practl ? I'nlted I
i .m i .?'t,:.- .- >urts, .m I lha! hi .., ? i ..
! ni i. ' h al ?in end H? s ?s ?II? li in I from prac?
tice i ? for* ih" Pension in. i i ? ?in ' m
The ?i ivei nm? ni ha ai v? i il othi i case? ft8 ilnsl
S. M. i i- la pan e Consul nds lite f 1
lowlna let lei i. Tl ?? Trlb in
1 ha a.- iui i ? ...;\ ? i ,i |e< tei : ? "o i1"' iloven
I. \ "??? In i he nan? of : he ..-.-? i ? ?-, u al ing me
t , call the ?" ten i Ion .?i i he An ei lean | ubllc to the
national exhibition held al the ... of Kyoto. 1
woul i nia-- i . Intro?! i ??? thi? > v??ni '?? the Ann rican
public tin .ugh youi ??- te no i |i?" i
Ths foil iwing i? the irai il itlon of tha I? n.-r fr .in
till- . |0? "I ll"I
"lo this year, w*. the rltlsens of Kyol >, have I e
1 onoi in i pi? ? ?ure ... eel? bi i Ing tn. l.tooth ai nl
ternary nf th< foundin? >l - ? Its . th? heroic
Mlkii.iti Kwanmll ... ;., imperial capital for hliu
and i. s m. n ?
"To Increase Importai ? and Interest for the oc
casion, and mal? ? It a national affair, the Mikado
or ?. r> 1 the 1.1.1- i nal ?nal eahltililmi to be opened
In our pit* (Kyoto) for ihe space ..f four mon n
from April I :> July II, There all Important prod
ucl "i ii nu? Induair) will be ??.?!.ted, and the
world-renown??! Japanese arts, Ij th ancient and
model n. .- Ill I?' " ? .- p. dal feature,
"(?m- ?? th? chief stttactlons, however, i? tha
? ? .- . Kyol . .i ? i ? ai ' and ??Mil ??!
.1. pai it wa thi . i ?.;.'. "? Mlks lo? for o? ei LOW
)..ii?. tn centr? ol ? n ,:....u..-n and the btrtl
of th? arti II la al? I n ?????'l of ancient tempi?
pagoilaa and othei magnlfl ? '?' buildings, aurpasslni
mi ... .ii,. ol lh? Empire In thla respect. To
crown all ihe ?? i n... iieaut) of tha nature sur?
rounding the ?? ? . wbiely known i > ni M ivellera
"in i-.ii.ii.' lion nit.i it hi railroads, and within
It? reach In om oi two h >un ' pi? laatil trip, there
nr.' many place? .f importance and beauty. The
greal lake of fllwa lie* ?n p.; >-,^;, Ihe incleni
capital of N.n.i ,?i the louth, and on the weal the
n . .i hing cltl ? i i ..ka and Kobe Th? cltli.
..t Kyoto .ii-- gentle ho.i tender-heart?ed; hoapltallty
Ih their vi rj charai t? ?
"It is our ? imi : r??iuesl that ladies and gentle?
men of nil nation? will lake thla occasion t.? travel
?ver t" thla land and see Ihe nature, the una Mini
tha dull n',- of : i? pe.iple of this viel irions nation
v. i- >iiii gladl: do :'H we ran i? make their visit
comfort hi?. i" ? i' :.;.? ai I Int? ? ting."
I a uld like m ,,.i i thai II will, of c nirse, ;?? ni)
p easura i i aus.?. i an) Ii ?: ilrU a ind to lorni.ih fur
i:.. r Informal Ion n , , ir ? t.. thla ?xhlbltton.
? hops voui countrymen will appr? late the urgent
.... i of th? ?;.-.'ii,.r .m i n.. Liiiat-na of Ky,.to,
and avail iht-mselvei ol ma?- unique occasion lo
travel to Kyoto and enjoy the hoapltallty of th..
pi-oph- of the m .si ancli'iit city.
C H E A i? i: s T
si "in:.
WF.HT HTH M'l'lllir.r.
M.AH ?TU AVli.
-., ),,-;,; . ;? ??-? -, :? ' r BS mavi'i: on t??ci
The ?Hah Afsembl) District branch ot th.?
i headed I '? Otto Kempner, left tl
itlon last even ng. when it h.-:d a meetl
tn room? of the Tilden Club, at No. '?<: iW
ave., an I i led the ? ?''?;.?-"'i
iteablv l, That we h? reby ttver all conn?
with the State Democr.n V and reorganise und.
name of the New-York City Deimacracy.
Uesolv tl. That the previous officers be ??oni
..,,, | ,,. ??thorUed I ? ?**rve ">, ,h,':1' rotnoct?*
pac ties r?>r the new organisation.
Mr. Kempner presliied at the meeting and
a i ? -. ii, :n able ?e he roundly scored ex-.*?
Grace. He ?began with this dsctaratlon:
in view of the r. slafnst on ?>f Mr. Ura a fro?
lea i r: hip of the State De mocrecy and of th
able dis 'i' n thai :J '" follow, yo i have i
me t . expn j- my v i wa on Ihe political situ
and t.. |...!iit ?.m to you the course 'hat we ?
? , ? .k- in the near future. For this conrtdenc
ink you. 1 shall trj to deserve It by exp
Ing to you my alncerest ?polltle*al oonvictKma
After asylng tbsl Mr. Otrace was a most am
man p.-rnoiiaiiy. and "sbova reproach" in his
v..:,. Ufe, Mr. Kempner aaid:
Personally I feel deeply grieved, over'the re
of his illness. 1 wish him a long life ? ' nesltn
happiness, ir I attack him pe-dlilcally il ja bet
it i.as become too painfully evident that he a?
h different standard ?>f ethics to his public Ufo
tbsl obeerved by him in private life.
Then h?' i-t.ed.-d to rharacterls? Mr. Or
recent political course i" thla fashion:
A nan ?/ho ?so prominently Influences tha ???
of events must be criticised according to nil
? rts. lie cannot ? xp-rt. an.l ou?iit n.>; to be
mitted to ? ??? -nil?- Just conelemnatl? n tor the nu
at Ing failure ors ?ri-at politics] movement to I
up s fa tion here on th? ruins ol Tamme ray
Tfie . ".,m ?A-ould have s icce le I but tor tils
\ dual course. He has ?Kjuan?lered tii" eld' n
I.. . mitj i!i it ' ' mea i".' on e In a genera
tie i ? (.. : fast mu? loose with the most
h ter? ts of his fellow itla? i ?. In the late i
he i lanned s surrender of avers prli
?. held leer, and we ?a.nl) spare I th* uisg
:, i.i obloquy ol being betrayed Into the enei
camp by the refusal of the Tammany hxe??i
? ? mmtttee . < san tion as ? '.! ??- ! ronosltlon ol
i ii ii perfid] as waa evei ??oncsived by ?putrw
; ; ; n -
After reviewing the early I of the .
I li .n e r.'i. ?. M r. ii- :i 1 in r K I i :
Prom ih.tsel our orgai tall ?n ws
? m ? lusplclon, since ,'.>'?? '?1 to 1 ?? Justltteel,
Mr. lirai-.- would prefer to fight with, rather I
i,:;.i n-it. Tamnwn] H all. Thi ?usp ? ?
the defe nsive. ' ?ur meetings, nstead <
'....:, aggi ?save a".. Its on the ? r.< i iy. eure
cupled with explana on? nd apologies. J h?- p?
re n - I to lake th ? State l? mo ra y lerloui !..
: ' ii--.--1 ??.-.,-. ,n popular ? onfadem ?? ' '
f. tloi pi an? up, whi ih g unbera
Idly. The Ant Tammany organisation io:nm?
known as the O'Brien Democracy, outstrippee?.
.' :.; In i metical sirength.
Mr Kempner declared thai a3 early aa April
:-:'i. Mr. tirs ??? mi le a I i ?' * another n< mlna
f.r the Mayoralty, bul thai Mr l'U:t "felt
pulae and told h m i '" ?' as .i
in do ? r he ? '?aid off? r i- ' ? ure for
11 ,;. raltj ever.' The n, Mr Kempner
Mr. fi ti to make a dei
n that, he "madia a I
ling il
? -, ?? , if .\tr i : boda of '?At
Mr Kempi i i '?
.. nm In ?hi > the It ten al af? i
the gi - ? of all i'
ri '.::. ???< I I y ? ?? ?
... i- ?/ i on a purel
l. , ? -? ? . ? :? ra w< re fo ?
. : the an Ishes of their m?
m to recognition ?>.;- I
? ? ? A ? . ic to be the bile el tool -
. ? . tal oath of
natnitl ?' hi?
? . ? .,?-...-..
ruled I ? ? ' il ..: ?,
!... ?
.-?:?? ? ? . : .
era -.:'?:
Its first ) r ''
TI ? Ktst? . ?, i.. ? racy, Mr Kemp 1er d< lared, I
.-.. i ites 1 m !?'? ? ?? r tUI
; ' . plums to thr
. . ? .??.. * slly, t h
ml.pl i liar.I ? i dear. It will
coll on their heads wl i ? at tha II
it prese , il "se ll-ou
I?: the ? ' I ?? 'I ????'ii Mr K? ?
The ?-r is?, g defeat Ha
i , n blessing. If ii meana
building ..'i s sound sn?l bi ?ad basis a brlgh
ild ?pen ip to our party in city, Bu
n .i Nati? n Bul If ?'? should m? an a
ell ge of m?thode, s < hange
head wltho'J a ch is : ? ? ?? at ?. ill have
, . to tl herol* treatm ni of Us: >
-, ???..:,? r
?/'// / Al TER WARING.
? ' ?, v i: i . .-*?:**- ADOPT RESOLtTtOKi CO
. RM NO im.- i : . 1 i: '..m i?.-.
t .. f,."-.-. r li i it against e
: for '.is unpr ivoke | an I ?.. . les lie atta
? the i ?: and Army i f the Repu
not su aide i At ei meetlni
other veteran organisa! ? held thi seek not:
? rm his be en it
t.? nt-, an i in almo : ? tai Ma r Btroej
: im :"r m ? t:; ???
? i - ps *? ! '? | the Mes -Y >rh II
VV? In ?-.??? e*e nli g, which emphe
?: i .". i ?:? e? nl ?
? ? http of the Grand Ai il
t of pensions of any kind, attract,
tl ' * -.- -.??? r la), Veten
? ?:?'-. . h ahowe-l 1
bai nature of Mr. IVarfa fa :.i.
aN ut "| .-. iiers."
' '.'. .;- ng"a n 1ect! ti
. .- : . a of N a ' rk CU
VVbei -.? 'i ?war ... t re - lutte n
h.iv.' I ? en pte-4 similar to those pei
i 8 Grant Post, No. til, ?f Brooklyn,
.???-,* ka ?a n tn? re of that city who re
^; lldi : I the ? all of I " . , ?
tls-il Wa ...!? , "fais, an I slai
and assei it he iu I "proved -if ??.?.?.?\..r:\.
? i the .-? ? ration ? last i : ? mei
'Irar.d Arm) ?-.' the RepUbll and unlit to I
oitl? ? hoi ? .a tii?. lai. i the) ma : it p - . le f.'
him to Uve li '
??? ' hing P? st, No. ?, if v. nk< rs, of whl ih De
partmeni t'omman'e?r J . ,n ,\ .-'.;- was for te,
>'?"" lb? '-omina! 1er, pu ? i ., Min?xtng r?solu tloi
;":'K' ?: ? '??!? . : lhat, "although Wanm
?au .i title hg canno wear ;ii" button," and M orre I
t, Ne Hi, o? Sing Blng. call, t upon "representa
lives In the l-egl iature from Westchester ?
t. take active tneasurei to relieve tht put-.!.- servie'
:."ii. Ihe vV.rinn Incubus.' Ri Union.I l.'amp \
' .. 8.MI? ..; Veterans, of West N?-w lirighton. Dtatei
I-..111I. ih?? I111..1. Veteran l*rotectlv VSKOciatlon
Itran h No. 1 Thli .... and < '.. tiundr? 1 and for
II? th -1 . K .it nv I'oat, .\? - t., , ..,.?. pug, .
the ??late, .end misa Post, No .-.?. have taken a tloi
0.1 the --n i- ;
\i the r?guler monthly m . ^ of the Repaehllcai
I rgaei ./ rn. 11 of 1 ... K| :,,:;; ?;... ;.,? |>|Htrl 't of th.
XXMIIth a??embij lilstrlct, held st N'.. .isi We?
une-hundre.i-u.nd-ievent) uni -: ,'ast evening r?*s
ot wei ? id pi, 1 .kvlar.ng 1 lat ?'..:.anei 'v\ .,,
II iu imd ".ii.niitt. 1 .1 aroa? libel mon the brave 1
ti ?net a of thi t'nion." and 1 ,1 ting .'?' 1? ?r Btron 1
10 n move h m fn n office.
"Fan ?us Mea ai Famous Dinners" aras the wb
j?-: of a lecture lelivered si the Colonial Club be
fore men and women lui m.ht by William il Me
Blroy. n? coni 1. : d thai America M tha worli
In ?i/ter-dlnner speakers, b'ng'and had tew com
1 '"i wltn ours. Mr. McKlro) olto toi.t stotHM ..1
dinner? where Chamice) M Depew, Ueueral ll".-a.
I'orter and others ??i the present ?p? ikera carrl?rd oil
tin- honors.
?? ?
Over to) ?.f the ?1.000 tallorn ruid pn-ss.-rs who wem
on I'trik?' Tu?eaday returned to work yesterday,
rorty-one of the 111 t?ntractora having ?Mgaed th?
new agreement, giving their employes .tn a?mnet
ot from l" to IS p.-r cent In wages. The strlkeT* de?
clared yesterday thai pickets were employed by th.?
?'.Mi Contractors' As?... itlon to Miard tha 99
pfi-aaches to Libert) Hall No W Kast Kouaton-si
ti... hMdqijai-t?*rs ?>f ihe strikers. This wa.? den? it
wsa raid, t, i?i ? v ?ni members ol the ?issocin?oii
going to the hall to sign tha agreement. Mr Herti
man. a contractor, who Asserted tils fsllosrs and
said that when he returned u> the head?
iiuarters his brother contractors assnaulted hit,..' '
Ite 1 Buk, N. J. April B (Bpecisl) The M e'.,v.
air) Troop, N, e?. n j., hss i'?< n muatev^ in
here, with fort) three memb< ra. The musterli -
? ';- ' **? waa 1.1. ut.-n.ini ?? ' ?lone I Thomas Chambers.
The troop's neal regular meeting will be held 1 ?.nt
the middle ..f May, \? ?? n officers will i?. ,.,'.......
Major Alt.trom, of Ixmg Branch, will 1., in
mend tomporarlly. .'
l;'ri.-nt,,w?. N. .1. ?April m. Mro. ParnaU aaa
i:a.n.s| ?U-rttly, both In lnt??l|lKt?t,e und i? t^,,,,...
f"""1"?"'- ??.i" o'clock this BioiT?ng. utul u . ??
Wg a dard Hghl with death. The fottowlaf .\?w
? "rker?, reprssantlBg the Irish national ???tistlss"
1 sai-ivta he.? to~u^ prepared to uk? t?tar?** ?(. u^^
?*-??:_ j*
Vcrv often Nature neerls only ? little l:elp to get
over an obstruction. When a Ixxiiti o? loan is float?
itlg down a river, all goes ?veil until one single log
strikes snmetliina? aii'l sticks. Then there's a
" jam "?ati'l trouble. It is just sn in th? proj-rcsi
of find throagfa Ihe dJg-*"t?**-* organs. I'-.c-rvthin^
TO?-* well till humcthi:;;.- suck?. T\\m the innni
of digestion stops. That's ititiigeation. Untwm the
impeditnent is remove?!, poisonous pitn?! matter
li'-irir.s to accumulate. There's a "jam"?consti?
pation, and trouble. Syick lie nlc.cln-, biliouMiess,
sl?*i-plessin'ss, \?-r?!<o, heart burn, los.? of apju-tite
?tlies.- are some "f the symptoms. Just n little
help at the appearance of the fitst one would end
tli? trouble. Nature is a hard worker, but she
needs as dSbxace if loo much be put npoo her.
Dr. Tierce's Pleasant Pellets offi-r the best and
simplest meth-xls for furnishing this assistance.
The? an- prompt and very cl.'ective in their actia.it,
but they arc net "a*"*ong not severe. The?/ cans?.' no
violent "grewch of th" system. They ^o rh'ht to
the " log " Unit is fast ?UM 1 ?osen it. IS'aturv does
the rest. By a:;', b)', with a little care in ilietini-,
Nature will do it all. That's one Rreat advani-srsj
of the " Pleasant W?eU'' over the many stronrr'.v
eatliartic pills -you do not become a slave to their
Use. They -?-ally cure the trouble they are meant
to cure, liven the worst kind of chronic consti
pation disi;>pt-ars with their use.
?l'AI 'I'lo*.. Some <'.? Igning dealer? da not pa-rmlt
their cnatomers to ha?-? lir i'i ?', - rVlb t? because in ft rioe
pilla at!..ni ^rt-Hler profita Such deslera .arc ?hort ?ighled.
Titty '.'t1 ??? tb? (??<'* that ismt 'im<- you will go ??diere
you se? supplied with whal yon ssfc tor
Good Things.
If our store is over-run with hundreds, all
anxious to purchase some of our extraor?
dinary bargains, it's .ill right?we want you;
and to-day and to-morr >w we will ffuaran
tee tu waH on all, as quickly as possible, so
that there will be no disappointments.
Plenty ol new goods right from the factory.
;md extra salesmen as well -to-day ana
Friday is s !,?".<..1 day Saturday It a!??ays
crowdtii to .all early .0 avoid the rush.
7.-?C. [ilnck HO.-.C, . . . 30c.
$3.00 l.anib's Woo! Sweater?;. $2.00
.i ;. ?ar?.
A few hundred AU-W?ool Sweaters,
manufacturers' samples, at Si.50.
Caps, all kinds and styles, 50c. up,
Btcycte CoatA sizes 3?, 34?a ttvt lefl
.a S1.5?; these formerly sold for lo.OO.
Oat III ?.'?'
: I
? atartal
?- ? . . '. "> IU
126-130 Nassau Street.
t'i ? ..v.. I)??pot for Bicycle? only.
?_". St. and Fifth Avenue.
Positively Last Days tl tfie
865 Broadway.
l?uildin?/ la rented and evervthins"
310 W. .iOth St. and 20 Warren St.. City
l.?*i:t BBDFOBD ?\r... itilotiK i.*, \, V T.,
(??I BROAD HT.. M:w IBK, V J.
t.r? ::i rs.t alt? I'.n.A.? death: M?-ssr*. Fla?
herty, Mc.'arlanJ, Brennan, O'Hara and i-l?-v:;i.
.- aT. . . : -"? ?*OT..
Xaott t ' A-a!?.y.
Alt*. H
H .... r
:? .-.- .'.- "?: r . T?
?. i- .? i ? : .1 ir.
Uulwor. ii)
. i*>
? ' -n ' '.'. I ? v
? :? ..a-, ?? r- ??'
.? nil ? ' iirri
?1?.- ?. N :....??.l.-.~>
M-xio.in . *<>
:? M ..?' . ?
. : ?-?
? ?i .??
IS si -ri.i N - * '
?7 ... * 1 '
i ;i>
1 IV".
NO \vi:i,u-'K"im:I' RTOBM in' BfCHT.
Xi'aa 25 So ? r.-!. On* I * nri "S
. r m> t*r I? l'H?
ua.- n-.- Rocky MounUin - .-? I Is big ? rti of
M Inn? .-..tu i'i .1 ;-.!:- ' ? t*m
? has ' ' ? ?itlaS ? N
....'.. - ? '. .in.l ! i? f.il1 0 la th?
'.. - \ .,. l Ein Ou?t I itaa,
n in tin .;?..?? | tha M
. l \ all? ? I ? ft ... :??:.. va .'.. . la? a?-. .1 fe ?llf
.-A"* ? . r ?? .1 . s ' - ;;>" -il! Wia
an I south Ai antic States i??l i ' ?
w.ithrr will in Ib? Kj?,t
? ?? . an l tlliblla Uli ?l-s,| ; i \ all ?.
MAAii.Ki? rORCC \.-r i ? ". : ?AT
r r Bat?as, v ? i, ? n ?i.:,,. ..: \ :;-. fairj
I. rtl ?Vl-.?V; i. ? -.-,
v i M.?? i i-iiM.-tiN. ?.in-, pn ibtj ' II -.I i> ?i-, mfsj
by f i,i.n Dtgbt; tootax ?scspi SMtty stall aar* tstapafa?
lun ti i?-.? ?strsm - ti -? t ? rt ..la. vsrubl? \\?:.^a,
iivaiiy ?vMtbarty.
Tot r.iia..:?. Masad, fslr; .-. :.-r in Um ta**stier? rartsMa
?a Ii: !..
i". r i- n- .??? ??,; , ,..|, . | ? ; |rr: a si art v
for Bsausra Worn \o--k. Icctsaala? ctradlaaas ^r..; - *?
an by ia,:.i?- rdsjht: ?? ? > r. ? irtavbta vtatfs.
Por Nria .i?rf.-?. taerasslnjj ; sdlasss; e . i?r in c?tu:n|
mi.I u.irili.-.-n i-.ni..n?. \.i ...I!., a?
TorEnatorn r-ms?; ,? ?,. ttelawa-uw, Bat-rlaa4 lbs Dio
i-i.'i nf Ca-umbls ?.r.i Vtr-rlnla, ineraMtau rloaailn??? ??.ib
.?h..??. r.? "-*? ii >> ?-vrnlna ... nlgnt; cuolar; vartabb -rind?
"r \?"*i"'. Hannaylvania ihowrra ... i rthr??t>
?ri) ?in?t?
r.r \v.?i..ti Nm-York, ?? i,.r :?i Uu rsatral
i ?'? " ? ' atlrrly wlnibi
?-v-c..;... ibowrra; .. ;,?? -, ra?tsrlj ???r.,?,.
THirt'NB LOCAL <*SBl?ntTATtO*<**i
liUi/'llb: Moroliif. >l?*!lt. Rs?
1 '. n t 11 a. 7 8 IM It 11 111 < T I* It? II Inab.
In !i?i? "lufram ? . ..;.i.u. .? ??-.a? ..... wMOWO '"'??
ri.?i'a*? ?:? praMara ?? ;:..a:.o- ai t.a rii? XrllauM . ??"?
i ?car Jlng baitNtaKM The i?.?kcn liu* raprsatala Iks i???*
p?ralura aa r?Kyrai?al ?I lVirr'a !...?..,
Trifun- Offl.?' Ap.il M, 1 u. m The wcitti-r rMIJI '? ?y
?-? fair in-..', lb? ?? .iriii.'M iliat hn? baaa aanart?*?*?*? I ih.?
?.?i.- Tba ???tiii'.-i.iin'-.' ?.inn;.'.! b?t*?*?iu M an.t m <iHg-#...?,
H..- ua.niK- latTHl l.'lp.; US tlUfll^T Hi..,, ,,., \\ ^ in.--.liy
aii.i 13% htchsr tbaa an lbs aQfr**a)?*a*?il**aj ?lav i??' >^.n
'ft-.? ?rrntbrr , i lay la ?licet) t . l.. fUT Kl ,.... ,.., . :..,? .
wit Ii lurrtaain i i?r,.i..v,i. . i. ... a.. . .
m, '.
; ' ,. .?u i.i - .? ...us.
aT.a?!!'./ .-|..ll..lr. ... ,;,l I prilbsil? ?Il ?.'U l?> la?.
When Bfjat was ata\\ no r.nro her Ca-*orta,
Wli-n .he w.is a 0MH, ?h,? iTiivt f?r ra-??rls.
Wlien Kh,' hccaim? Mis?, sh.? i-lunj* t.i l^ut.irla,
Wbea lain? UuJ CliUUruu, iJ?? ?;a\otUi'ui Cuivuwla?

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