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Domen!"-? Cataldo, o ? ?tbla k, thirty years old,
of No. 421 East Thiri en , was murder? i >?? -
I ? ? .- by Maria l*...rbella, twenty-two
rcal ; . ? !..??- ;? : hat: lo !. though
I , . -, . , .... a Ihey I ., her into rustod)
t m -di? ?ai Ihn murderer. Bhe might have es?
. i..-.- im-., tl "v l bor? ! under the
Itnnrei si, . that I r h id been done h>' *
1; ,- bui later sh? idmltted killing Cataldo. 8he
gal I h? had n fused to marri h? i
H ? throat was cut with "? raxor and his head
-nearly sever ' rs. He st .mm. n d
to the coi n? r of Avenue A and Thlrte? nth-st., where
h- !,;. | tn de mi mi ;i :? w m
Harta ?s a tailors s, i i I llv, ! until a i
ago with her parents at No. KB Mott-st. Bhe then
1, <?? ht r h ?m? : llvi ? .?.) t ital lo. Her si
thjt t!i" dead man had promised marriage, but
though she pleaded continually with him to keep
his pi ?- . ? ? nlj .- ?? ? . her In return. The n -
suit was frequent quarrels, leading up to th? fatal
one yetterday morning. Cataldo laid he was In
jov," with another woman and left her. The Bar?
bella woman brooded for a while ami then appar?
ently plannt : to kill him. Bhe secur? : his M7.nr
and went ?'?? irn to the street, where she learned that
Cataldo was in the saloon at No, 4M playing carda I
H!:., called him out en th?- sidewalk and once more
asked him if he ever Intend? ! to marry h.r. First
?;!.<> plea led, and then she grew angry. Before th?*
man could divine her purpose she Irew the rasor
from t?i" folds o>f her ores? and slarhed him ai rosa
the thro it.
? men .?an-., s Hay and Patrick O'Reilly, of
the East Twenty-se n i-st station, saw the crowd
that began 10 collect and ran down to the corner,
was out of their prednet. Wh? p. Hay
foun i ih? w, man, thinking thai she was merely a
witness, he tried !:? make her understand by gest?
ures that he wanted her to show him when the
murdera-r h:. ; He I, She thotitrht ho Wanted to know
where she lived, .itvi I? i him up ta? her rooms,
where her twelve-year-old brother James waa, A?
S'.'oti as she entered sh? drew .ft t.- r waist, and t"
fore Hay ??? v..?1 understand whal sh?" was ab.out sh"
threw 11 Into th, street It then flashed across his
: thai abe h.i.i committed the crime He sent
ih?* little boy for t!.?* waist. It w \s found, col red
with spurts of i l >od. A sixteen-year-old boy n
?Michael Bchn? I I? r was a witn, ss of the m?rier.
R?ILROA i> ir terests.
Rumors gained currency yesterday that J. P. Mor?
gan & i'm. had effeci portant bond sale in
; in. It was learned from an apparently authen?
tic source that the sale In question was of s
New-York Central Ral?road bot m were
? W, ?esday by the New-York Bt i. ?:\
C'.-.: ?.'?
It is said upon RMf'i authority that the Go?
ci th.* Stock Exchange were Informed at the time
the ! re listed that they !.. ?. ? . ?
delivery In i nd Tl firm of J. P. M ??- ? _ ?
refu.-' . give any Int
Neither Chaur.cey M Depew nor H. Walter Webb
could be f ?st et nlng, a: . the n ; i
be V* I :'?.'?
Philadelphia. April M lent Harris. Of the
Reading Railroad Company, sal i th.:.- after
that he knew nothing of th?* rum.'r? 1 ra".<* war In
the coal trade, and express? : the opinion that
such a movement was unlikely. One ?; th?
eel vers of th, company sai'l to-day that th.it
lool; for the Reading ultimately getting Q per cent
of the coal output was better than It had been,
a? several ot the great coal-carrying companies
had now come to recognize the Justice of Read?
ing's claims. When asked in regard to the rc
j?cn-te<i fears of the officials of the Dr-?aware ?ml
Hudson that to accede to the Heading's demand
?would be only a temporary settlement of the diffi?
culty, and would pave the way to a greater demand
by the Philadelphia corporation ?n ISM, the re?
ceiver refused either to aillrm or deny that this
Is Reading's position, but said that th<? adherence
to any terms of settlement agreed on, if such
settlement should be reached, depended entirely
upon the faith of each company, and mi?:ht !???
broken at a:.y time If a:.y company felt it?eif
A prominent official of th?? Reading Coal and Iron
Company who attend, l t!.?- meeting of the coal
salts agenta In Sew-York yesterday gave it as his
opinion that the agreement of the agents to m?et
?icain on Tuesday next '.\as a kmo-i sign, n:. i an
Indication of some temporary adjustment of the
difficulty. Ho said .: It ha'l not io?-a-n hoped
that a ?settlement eouli be rea h, I the meeting
?would probably have broken up. ai I : time would
ha.e been fixed for another, tn .-;?? ?king of the
report that the Jsrsej ,'.r?tr.-?'i Ii to with?
draw from the r? live agr? meni and oi I?
collieries to srork : ill tlm? thi Readli fficei
faid he look?. I on this i move
on the-pan of the Jerse*? Cei ? . t ?< r? Its full
quota for the month. He that the al?
lotment for April to the terse] i base l ipon
last June's out; mi, wai the fact l
many of the Jersey Central .I
t ind Its o.ni'ir was : ? ? isarlly re?
strl? te.
An official of ,v:e Lehlgh Vallej said to-day that,
einet; the
and Its refusal to arbitrate, th?
and selling all the coal th?
t' . ; bable el nag? road II
their Individual : I I i ? lose
down, fie Lehlgh official .-hM that th?
could ai . -. ild maintain Iti tonnage by -.?.
??'- own mln? to th?ir fill capacii ? Ithoui
would probable be an unfortunate i ? -
Thomas p [Howler, pr?-: Ident of the New-York, On?
tario and Western Railroad, made th- folios ng
? (statement yesterday regarding the anthracite ? ?a
situation an : hi I It:
What I prop'^<*al was that th?- companlei and
mlae-ownen ?te so far ai I law?
fully may in rest i the am i )?
40,(XO,0u? tont*, wh! m wo .. : Involve, i take It. ?
lag all ex latin i breaker! ?oui fa
time, Tin .-, t ?a] selling prt ?? of coal to- la; . i
least H ton lower than tl ?? avei
obuun??: ?.-mi years from IW? ??
It was then i ?at an ad van
CO cents a ton i I n le at once an I .?:.,?:? ?
to; that the I 01 1 then be 'i... : I am ?1 ??
the carrying com] isi year's pel
If the mari?'-: .?? ?:?,.. advan ???! prices should take
n. re than eo.000.UOO ? ? then th? number ol torn
ov?r and above ??,..,..,., ..... ,? ? ,,f. allotted 1
the different companlei on the bast? ??'. giving the
"Reading Mtu of such surpl ?s enough 'a. m;.k. ip 21
par cent of the en ire . ig? ana thai the ba ,-. ?
ahox.1'1 be used In adjusting the ?reasonable 1 1 tn?
of other companies by agreement or through arbl
. Twenty-flve cents tru r.- a ton In fn
would give t?a" ra'.lroa } ? ..1... more ea
and the public would pay no more for ? il than
Bow. This vasi sum Ii h ?d ' three 01
four lndivi luali .,.?.?? u] m a
The plan, -???* briefly outlined, * 1 acceptable to
the offi-ers of a: ?east fira-.- r,' th, N".w-Ya.rk
inanies and t.. the ??? Ph ladelphla ai I
leadlos Rallr a Sow lei the gentlemen who r"
tvard th.s proptosttl? n with d -fa\'ir iik-r?" upon a
netter one, oj | ,r g , u
eviT loas and di i ely follow th? Ir foiii
ure to ;i t ? nd to act now.
Clilctic?, April 2', To lay the Northwestern u 1
Wtsoonatn Central pul ijm., operation .-i tl
lako aad rail tariff on grain at ?-';.- 1 ? nti ?i hu? Ired
pounds fpotn st. Paul to New-York via Chicago
an'! !?aka- Ml vigati points, In 'laoinj; this t:,a-y
onlv follow the a? U m of the Chicago, Mils 1 ikee
un? St. Paul, whl : tuch a tariff m opera?
tion f.or some time.
The demoralisation In homeseekers' ratet con?
tinues to spread Rat? Weal an l !
wa t-t will probably b? aft? :t< . by the ?? :ion nt \-.?.
Iturlln^-Mat.. which : ?? lay announced that It would
April ??'. May -'? and June 11, run such excursion?
into Nebraska Kansas Dakota and ..'???mlii?,
The usual addition "t V? t 1 .1 one-fare t-niir was
omitted, and a !!.?' rat? made to all points In the
?States named of o? slngli fare.
Leopold H. Hellwlta ? ?r and llr?? prest?
dent of the Manhattan Chesa <"uh, was burled In
w., .I'.-iwi: Cemeten yesterday morning, the Itev.
Rsphstl Benjamin, ? meanbei ol the club, r-onduct
lnir th?- fanerai servtcee at the home ol Mr, 1!.::
witz. No. 1.".2 Kast ESIghty-BlXth-St. A ?urne rniru
b,-r of aaemb rs ??i the ?mho, including ihe president
Wesley Dlgelow, and most of the officers attended
thai Kervl'JCa._
The Atlantic Transport Line steamer Mississippi.
sailliiK' for London to-,lay, will take over Howaid
QouM';* n"w M i.it'r Kl&gara. Mr. (?otild will ra<-e
the NluBar.i on the other side this ?eauon. The lln
and bull? of the Niagara win ht- s?owe?i below, and
the yacht carried in a "cradle" on dea-k. Tue first
race of the Niagara will be sailaaj at the regatta of
the Kauri Thames Yacht Club.
c. Bam um IJeeley'e steam yacht, Thyra, ha? ar?
rived at Thumm'c Hasin, South Brooklyn, Hfter a
cruise of five months In the West Indies ?aw ?long
the Soutb?ru Coa?!?
Highest of all in Leavening Power?Latest U. S. Gov't Report
r, n ard Drl? ?1? r. n Bro klyn ar? hltect lit
nal l*ft home on ?Saturday laal under unusual
circumstances, ml nils friend? fear he has commu?
te i buIcI :?'. He l aa : fi : ? ?In ! a wife, who la des?
titute, and tw ? ? hll Irei . He hs ! been
;i man of wealth until r? ent'.y, when financial obli?
gations : ? Ran i i w ?rry him. He ha ! an ? IT ??? al
Av< nue C an I Flal ?During the last elgh
tc.'ti months Mr. Drlesler had done work estimated
,lt $300,000 for th? Vanderveci" l';.rk Improv?
Company alone. On 8aiur?lay las! Henry A Meyer,
president of the Vanderveer Park Improvement
Company, ?rer Ived ;? nole from Drlesler In which
the latter said that he was going far away !" i
; e where hlB genius w? ul l be ;h roughly appn
elated and hi? ambition gratified." H? was tired of
doing work thai waB beneath hli talents, an?! hi?
D.atbu h friends, ?orry aa he ??>?;?* to leave them,
would never ?ee him again The note was B?*rawlod
with pencil ami hardly legible, aa If II had been
written In k-.'-h ha?te. Il was dated Brooklyn, but
was mailed In New-York.
Mr. Drlesler had the r? ; nation ol dining wrk
better t*?;?ti hla contract? called for, with the re
? that he ?osl money ->n nearly every pi ?? '
work which he undertook. He haa lefl an alles !
Indebte?lne*a of about 15,000 behind him, mosily
anionK buUden? ?n -i ? supply houses,
? ?. ?
It be ram? known y< ?l. rday "it ! ?r. S. Fit ?!
S; elr, Dr. E. A. I_ wls, Dr, Rob? ? ? ? ?
I ?i-. Sarnu? : Sfc< well had nil resigned a Ithln
List few daya from th. Itro.ik n II pli il The
pron In? nee . I their hii her? i
.los ? re?a! ons to ih? be? m? nl ol the
hospital'? afta ra pr? m| ta the repon : ha? Iher?
la a lack of harmonj somewher? Di Spelr was
presiden) of the me Heal atari a I ih? n
geon In point of sen ice. Dr. o ?
senior visit ng phyal Ian ol : he i ' Ho
?Lewis ha been on the visiting siaff for llficen
y, :? and s a? until thla year prof?
at the Long Island Colleg. Hospital. It ?Sherwell
Is a ?| lallst on ?kin 11?
\ e meeting of l Board of Trustee? o.\ Thura
day It was volcl noi i
??nation? The trusieei I ;. k
; ?r ' 'ti!).- ion ti
ends ?lei-Ian
i r?
the year,
t had ?jcen "hung ,
uary I,
im i i Low, when -?
there a ? I
reslgi tlons of I ; ) ma w? re brougl
b) l.i'.: . I I?
INO HER :.: ,: INS1 RED.
It J, C Hart, of No. 192 Fort
n I to ? !or ?ner Kei real I leat
Busplcl of L Beck,
Old, ?? lughter of lohn Beck, a
Eaat Forty-1
Dr. Ha rt says It may tx , : , ; He
requested Coroner K
This th" Coroner will d Th? parent
thnt ?Louise waa ma le ?ick by
?sant- en I candj .ftt-i
foun : lo ! ? mu i -??'? lien Prior :
pl_.li - ; of ? \ ? ' ? ? \ ?? thli ? . ? ire (oui
in the famll), of which 1 a ? I' ? y
w? r?-- Insure?! In ?? n ln?l unit rial li
with nn ? flic- in Fifth ' Reck paid ftv?
cent? s week foi iran for each of t
- ? ?
The Britta!) ateamahtp John W Taylor was ? i '
at tii" Roger? pier, In the Erie Basin, ??< tardai
mort.Ins; by ?Deputy United States Mai hal Mr?
.Mantis, in th? (all of '?'?"?''? Cornelius Callahan, a
longshoreman, while al work on the I, waa '
Beverely Ii |un : H< !??? ught ill ' '? ?? igali ?i
the own?rs o? 'h? steamer for damage? Vest?
waa tii? (1rs! tima ?he srrlv? ! In Br? ihlyn ?Ince
_?-___ ?
? |?rent well-ki - - ?pre?,
half .-i di ten charltabl? etl?
(erence at Mayor S
? lis ?usa arrangi em Ing vork to net
ployed pe? i .. n va int lota a? ??!.-?
plan ad? pte l in New Yoi t and
Spei ?- ???? .?!'? bj llolton Hall, of N? ? York,
and M ' yor Schieren i g? n
eral principie? i ha? I? - M Judson oppos?-?l i mi
the g ?undthat the ?II of city lots, as a i ul? ? a
so pool at I ? 'li ?? "
will a; point an ad? - ii i mmlti.( :,':? ,-, i.
t th? ' ' ' ' ? m? ? ' ng
?The ?first Congrega! W ob :n.
Ma? - . I. ? '?>:' tided a ?all t Ih? R?
1er, ? ' the Hast Congi h, of
id |i ?
ti., !:? v. T ? ' Em ?ry In th<- East Com
li '? ? il. Is a gradual of Y'al ind ol
Union Th. ? : i
? ? he Coll? i " - irgeoi
Chicago Me?l i College He spent I
Japan aa ?? :?-? H?- es
tabllshe . ;.'.'? 11 iremu i Coi ?al < Ihur h, of
' . ?'?"?
? - ??
a ? -? ti?- of beaui I at the Aca lem)
of Musi- In Rt loklyn last evening ,-?t an enter?
tainment glv? ? ?,r the
Memorial Hospital foi Women and Children. Upon
the t tage ? a specta
dance? by ih? pupils of William Pit! Rivers, Ihe
kno ? n da n Ing-mastei and a lat .?? :, imb? :
of i" 'i le enjo)? i the fan \ dance? ind '?'l ? t
features of t!?>- entertainment \ special i?ro
gramme ? i'. at ? it -? '? for the ? and It in?
cluded "Tha Joli) Little Brownies," a "Qypey
R ?i. lo," "Ore. Ian R| ivei ": he )? rka
Dance," a minuet and other fancy dances ?Scores
of children appeared ai fairi? n and In pretty coo
tumea ;,. the varloti? grouping? and ? h.iiin:?--.? of
- ' . '.ii the extend? I ; ? ?gramme Some ol t.'.?- pe?
formance? drew forth much applause, The enter?
tainment ?.n i ? l be repeat? I at a mai ne?! In Ihe iam<
??' ice ' hla afterno the proreds to go to th?
worthy ?,i,i?" t. in ?rhlch many well-known Brooklyn
women are deeply Inter? ateo.
S I. Halghl waa yesterday ippolnted retrelver of
th? Rockaway Vlllsg? Street Railroad Company by
Judge Cullen, of the Supreme Court.
The Excise Comml onei yesterday denied tha
ition of Ml? h." I Murpl I i .. Irani fei of h! ?
II ??? ? : r- in No, '.'a, ?Fulton t, to No ?SO Hlgb-at.,
on the ground that public aenllmenl I oppo : ? .
the opening of more liquor storea In the vicinity
of ihe Bridge term?nala. This la the license which
Plymouth I hurch, through Edward M Bhepard, bit
terly oppoa? i
Mortimer B Shea haa begun an action In the
Clr nit Court before Judge Oaynor (or 11.800 bach
I'.iv agsinal the Board of i ijx i Ison Mi Shea
?Ail- .i McKane Democral and ,'i keeper In the li.iii
of Recorda, and when the Republicana came int..
power hi would not consider himself dlachargad.
Colonel Henry Watterson, ol 'The ?Louisville
Courier-Journal," will deliver hla lecture on "Abra?
ham ?Lincoln" In Plymouth Church on Tuesday
evening, May n Delegations from the Lincoln
?'lui,, tin? Abraham Lincoln Wat Veterans snd
Grand Army poata will ba preseui
Joseph .\ Davidson, aulgnee, yeaterday in the
Supreme court, before Judge Bartlett, ?ued lbs
Mexican National Railroad ?->?ni;,;in> to recovar
|___,000 for alleged aervlcea In tl.onstruction ?>r
th?> road. Th's caaa has im?? cleat to the United
State? ?Suprema Court, which ?sent it bach t.. th??
New-York Supreme Court? ?Bvarts, Bouthmayd k
Choata appeared for the plaintiff, and Edward M
fhepard for the defendant
Adjutant ?Edith E. Marshall, National ser?ela..
of th?? Auxiliary League of the ?Salvation Arms, trill
eeesh on tha work of th.- Salvation Army In the
Central Praebyterian Church, Tompkiaa ?and wil
loiiKhhy eres., to-noorrow evening at 7:_o.
There will he a debate on "I't-ntectlon vs. Pnr
Trade" between Henry Nlehols anil Henry Rowley,
?prsst-Sal of the Brooklyn 1'hllonophh'al AgSOCla
d.h. before that aaaociutlou al the Long Ial_n_
Business Collet**?, South Blghth-st., near Bedford
eve., to-morrow at 3 p. m.
The closing lecture ?of the season before the
Brooklyn Ethical Association will be Riven In the
Pou h Gallery, No, MS Cllnton-ave., lo-morron
evening by the Bev. .lohn C. Klmball, ol Hart?
for l. a *otm ; subject, "The World's Coming Better
So i.,1 State as indicated by Evolutionary ?Prin?
ciples." Brief addresses by Miss Ellen v. Kenyon,
Editor .of "The School Journal"; Brneat II. Crosby,
Walter 8. Logan and Dr. Lewis ?;. .latios, president
of the a ?a i lat Ion, will be ma !.?.
ROME m:\vs.
?it rVitteA rref teeaX Kette, ic'it-'i r?r"""ti? *?" is*
emvrj m in Iterr-Terh Ctrg ihoA nrr re-.irlni lit. '?1?
ftmmku mewtef 'he yntini ferret,he* a? Hfgagsartrr* it v,
tiAmmtt., Sew TerSCVg, Alt tafeemalten mod Aossmeeti
(m ?laia'ii- m? titiiv '" ''"' '" theta itemAgg wtert u?? i U ?1/ istll
thosbe diotrtegit?tesU the ' ii'mi rr*mt gesttyooer* 4a t\t?
?\ty. one! in the VnittoPrtt* ?or Mtettstustisg threotheultAe
WHAT IS 001X0 (in TO-DAT.
Ben ?te rommlttee ou "Press" charges, M a. m
Assembly Investigating Committee on Bweatshopa
14 ., m.
Cirant Association dinner, Waldorf, evetitn*.
Xew York-Philadelphia baseball game, Polo
? ;? mi 1?. : p 1:1.
Sale m ai : . : ?'^ur.-h Temperance Bocletjr, No. i**?
Lafayette ! 10 .?
West Side Republican '".uto annu.il dinner, So. 143
\.. ? 1 hi ? it . I "?? m
?.;. ."?..: .,' liai 'm...n Hall. I p. m
i:. " .. il , ?' m n im A Bailey Show an?mala to
Bn ?kl ... ev?
Annual revi,-? of ':.. i Regli I iry, Brook
1> 11. 8 1 ni
Annual fen ng tournament, N : West Twenty?
p. con l-st, 8 p. m.
of Woman's \t : s ' ?ol 1
??1 c? ,;,? r I'nl n, 4 to 7 1
, ?? '.. . ; v i, mg entertainment Clei m? nt Bli k,
Brooklyn, ?5 ;? m.
........... ? v
N'.-.v York tthleil?*! C1ub boxing entertainment
: g
\- ? ? .-, *? thematl ? " . H imllti 1 Hall,
3 P m.
if I ? n use f?o l Will ' lub, fool ' f Es si
?? , ? imhfa Oval,
? , v
?Thomas E. Kit I Hall
... ??..'??..?, ens Ii
.? ? ? , ? match. H '
. ? , ? ?
' y As
f pine A lion. Ca?
fork Veteran Volunteer
we g irm sprint
? ' . .
M * ' .
' '
g t > ea1
? ? ? r ??.'.-.....
with piares Ii
In 81 Jam, ?'?'." t iv ??.- ' .,? "' 1
and Severn si ihe Bev
will ?re? h to-morrow eve?,?-a on Th?
llty of the ?:? - ;--a ? ..- Rod] a rs
, ? ,'??,'? ?
?,,-., ?. ? the ladles of Ivai
?ii- 10 daj si ihe S? II iss. In I ' tie I 1 -
for the benefit I I 1 ? .- ? ?
? . . ... ? .
?? ' ? . ; ? ired by private
? ript.on.
: " William 11 ;?...--.
? \-.it, v. isl?n 11 '. the Eastern Que* 1 ion" this
1 l?r. Charles II
"A l'a: '
... .? .... ? ? . . ?
of the T? m ; '?? I'. ? . ?
? ? . ? ent a rated
.-?v.. ? ? . ?..
.'...' ?: ? v ;.
at ??
\ti exhibit Ion f etchings and a r? ? 1 ? '.'.Mite
glv, -, Ihlf sften ? .-i st :!,?? Well . , ,1 of
I'M . A"
I ?-. Li. c. Warn? will ellvei
? Eg) 1 ' ni the Nile" al ihe 1 :
bran, h. Y. M. C. A., M ? ? it S li p 1
I n Win tier ?A as ' m f Ihe II
lu arn h and one of II lanila ? 1. ? ?
; ' ? lure toiii'ti??* principal!) : . ?pan a
he visit? 1 In hi?.
arlei v- rali ??ai sill ad iv ? de :
ii. etlng ft-i at 4:34
H I. Hastlngi ihr noted ami Infldel |, ? .i.-r of
Hoston, will addi
Hall, Twenty-third 1 11 I ' 1 h at e., to-n
al i ; n. tub eel Tl ? Ml take of Mo ?
The R, v. Di .1 ??- ; h I" :?'?'. of I ?lilmore, will
presch to-n ? Ing In Ihe Rutgeri Rlvei
Presbyterian ChurcH, al Seventy-third I and the
Bo il? vai 1.
\ m ? . the Ne?
Sabbath i 'ommliu ?? ???.ll tie held to-i
?I ? ? 1'i'ti: Avenue 11.-?; t:^t Church, Pfth-ave
Portj Is 1 h ?? i ? Re? Di l'?un? ? pa lor?, ai
which ?V V. Hoppln the Ret Dr ? W Atter
iiuiy and othi : 1 will dis uss ihe .-^vin lay question
Archbl hop Ireland will deliver a lecture In Boa
ton to-morrow evening He has i,ee,i it, ii.?
a part of thi>. woek. pausing here foi a shori lay
w'..i.. a.m hua way 10 Boston, He will probabl) i?
iii.imi there until after the celebration of the
Jubilee of the Archbishop of Hustim.
*i h>- Rapid Ti 1 t.si 1 Perry Company baa mortgaged
all it* property, leaseholds, boata privileges and
fru? hin. * tu the Mercantile Trust Company for
1:,ia.i....i The mortgage was given for the payment
,,f existing encumbrances against the company,
l'i'.< pei renl bonds, which are payable In IM4, have
been lasuad
Robert r. Hobbs, a Brooklyn wall-paper manu
facturer, whose buslnes* was gabble l up bj Ihe
National Wall Paper Company In IM, has in?
structed his counael, All?? 1 11. Boardman, t,? In?
stltute proceedings f..i Hie winding up o,r ihe con
??-in. .on the ground lhal it in 1? trust Becently the
company got out 1 temporary Injunction restrain?
ing .Mi. Hobbs from engaging In or becoming ..
? .,...,:... 1 with anj business of buying, manufactiir
Ing 01 dealing In wall papar, on Ihe ground lhal
his agreement with ihe company forbade iii? carrj
mu oui any such bualneas To-day argument win
be ?heard before Judge Beach fei In why the Injunc?
tion should 1 m be made permanent.
?mo- hundred member? ol ihe Mineral Wat r Bol
thin and Drivera* Aaeodatlon went on strike ..??-?
terday foi an Increase ol wages from HO lo $14 a
week. The strikers said they had to w.rk twenty
ixnir.s a ?iv and demanded that the time be re
dii.ad in eighteen hours The strikers also want
th?"* employers u? t??- reaponalble f,?r accident 1
caused by the eaploolon of goda water bottles
Collector Kin.nth hau appointed the foljowim,
nun customs Inspectors, at salaries of ?i.t?"" R M
Caaey, 1. B Bamton, I. P Smith, w. M Churchill,
?I. ?' Walsh, J. B. vinli.ii). .1. .1, Haley, .1. .1.
0*Rourke, w A. Rodgers und John E. McCann.
Ea Mayor Thomas V. Ollroy, with Mrs, Ollroyand
their yoimger children, win have bean abroad since
January, aill soil tat home on the American steam
shlp Parla from Southampton to-day. 'n,a' Parla is
a heduled t,, arrive her, ,,ii Saturday of next week.
a special meeting of the Clearing House Aaaocia?
Mon win be held Monday to net upon ? report ol
the Clearing House Committee concerning n??" nu?
bility of banks In relation t(, raised cheeks and
forgeai indoroententa The re^urt win suggest that
the bank.-, in Hi" associa lion will agree to reim?
burse any member WhlCk pays them it rained or
forged check, and tliai lite bai.Us will BB9 BatSSA
Our ?salesmen say that all they want
is mora visitor.*-?4* Our advertiser is
always talking about money back, ami
never ?say?, a word about our dot lies."
( if coins?' be doesn't. What does ha
Know ?iliout clothesf All be knows is
t li.it the men who buy the cloth ami
"boss" the making .'in<l ?ell the goods
uro bright and faithful. They know
ire wani the clothes made right and
sol?, right??sold i - i ___.!* t means right gar?
ment (tii and everything else) put on
the right man.
We bave plenty of money to buy
with; woolen men are all on good
terms with us; they know how exact?
ing we are, ami they ?respect ns for it.
(?ur customers ore surrounded by
good intentions.
I.iri't Oa?>reoeti 110 to $?"?>
Salta IIS to ?$__.
?Derby fx
T) re* ?!.?:? ir ?' ? *.T
Kit?- d? Il ?r ' ??
r.i'.-T'.: !? ?t!.' r ?h ?? IV
Dollar and ?Vnllar-flfi ? ri upen ?iront only. SS cent?
Your money hack it' von want it.
ninStt ?rrtrie?
sroapsv ?T 5 <sr?_ma,
rmbr.?. ttSA Rt
. ha for ? " lion from Ihelr out-of-town rua
i , v . _ ? on the . thai if any ctvecka
.ir* fra nt the amount o ;-- shall be
.? l
. , ,.'.-? iti sal ! : ? let '? iy that
Judge rffect thst interest
? r is for i . ? he C ?it? :?
l?l, ,. ,. . .?-.-? ? ml I noi b?nin t ? run for
ft er t nflrn i f the eomml
rt. woul ' I
, ? ? i , .-''??
Mayor So ? ' that j terday
aarln? "t; t',?' Itebr? a !'?
i, nt Home 1 : m I th? bill ? x? mi ting |
, tnst its ' ??' ' ?? Arts, S
.' '
.... | the v. i) ?r ?rill probably
- ?
: ? v ? h ) II? ' at
ft er a linger
? w? re
i ?.
? ? ' ' t the
???? ? re
? ; ' i ? ? ? ! i v
t the Ely
! ot a
, ? ? ? ?. ? ?
? An
... ?
;,/?,? til a
..... . ? , from Street
ir"r, .-yllti
. ? , . ' ?
; f ?rr.*!- The * ?a a a p-.ir
? \ .???? ; ? ? ?;?. ?
? pressed I that ? ? War
Island the articles, but
I ?un"'-1
? .?
i rial ?sei f J hn N Rtearna
the N ? nal
pera ? na Hall to
? ? '? ses ?rill be
" ? ? Steel
I A II It'll 1. ]?' || k at:! .1.
H Ki "? ? ','.??. i ? . : ?- :? ?i
Mat ?
a ?r 111 b e ? - ? ! ? ' ? the?
i Kappa at th?
? ? . : ler.t
. ? ? . :
' " ? ?
'?'? ilah,
? | nai - ?
Xpt ,,;,.?,
iwi "
? ?
/ OR r.l I Hi: PHTBlt it 1 Dl'C iTWS.
i, MKFrriN'u
i. Ml
tenth ai
'he Ai \ ? ? \!-. m . m< I ?
Cl?! a hi ,:?:,?
Te? .? ? ? ?
!' ?; ? ?..!,:..:? I ! -.. ' | [.,.-.
I It .- i.? ? e New-York 8
? i y Prof. ? i ||
: ke ?nl a, ? , ? \ .
ir Caten, of c ! i ?
' ' '?' ' ' I; Dr. I, :p
?/...t, ..r N"?a v ,ik, .u , It Sarg? ? ol llarvar?!,
? ring the moi
'I he ? th ' , i;
prai-l ? . Ufe b) Mis*
? . ? . ? Heal i
\li Mai
; '????:it ; il e?lu
i In Ih?> Tea i ? i?: ,
I- I. Ill iar?l?. ?if Val-; K P .-'.? ivei
hilen lent mf p ti? In i ? ; Dr. V" ll'.l ,'ii
!' .s n ? n I. '?-. nnt |?i ifc-Ki.ni ,; ; . ,. ti,,0
li?,: ...r ? M i . .. .-' ', ?.... an I Dr. K. 11 Ai
Sew-lla ? ipei - on \ u au? pertinent ? til
l.i ih-- ev? nina th? i" waa a ,.-, mn i tie rxl .
nii'!?r th ?? - of the a a? ?elation In the ziA Rea
\i ii. -? \i >ri than "."-' ? \; .... tit? . _ ?', ?
? <?i ' ?? '? pat I, | ? .' Nil 1 : - - r i ,,' t?, ? ,iiv .m I
I "? ? ? of pri?
vat? ? nna lum? and member? of Herman Tutu
Verelni ein? preaent 'I he ? ser I et lllusti ited i , ?
aev? rai m? thod? of ph rsleal tra
number that attract??, moat . tient ion s - thai of
the girl k? n nasta dr< ? ? i In bloomer auil..
Tii, Qrant ?Banquet Association holds Its eighth
?annual dinner at the Waldorf Hotel to-nlghl
Covers ?rill be laid for 100, Qeorge It Taylor, an
chairman "' Ihe Entertainment Committee, 1mm
done much i" make ;.Ilnner Ihe success it prom
t . be ib ner il Charlea II T Cotila a III pre
side The Bpeechi ? save not .ill i.n arranged for.
uni many ?hi ba Impromptu. Among th??*?.? es
l.t.-l to be preaenl hi?- Qeneral Orenvlllo It. Dodge,
chairman; Qeneral Horace Porter, Qeneral O. O.
Howard.? leneral Nelson A Mil? s ? leneral Thomas 11
il 111. If II I ' i ??',? I i I I'll 't'?' ? ? H T < ''.lllf.U.'ll.'l.ll '??or?,'?
M l'harpe, Qeneral Krenlerlch A ?StarrliiK, Qeneral
? j.,iiti n ?;,,i i,,ii. l'olonel N T. Bprague, Horace
Um ? ||, Joi rpl ii .'in.?!.-, ?'hail,-s .' it. ?man
l'harlca H It-np?s, Bamuel p ?very. ?FTederIc Tay
?or, Qovernor Morton, Mayor William I. Strong,
Mat?as Homero, .1 Adrianes Rush, Warner Millet,
Ha tu? s It.u .i, Judge [loger \ Pryor, l_ogan C
' Mur?an. Richard i "??it u r. iiiii'i lt'..'t. Cornelius N
Ulirt?. II .. A i m? hi . Henry r_ How'.and, Charlea
I i? Colby, .1 ?Beaver ?Page, and William i?. Quthrle.
The rooms ol the ?Society ot .mateur Photogra?
phers, al S" i" Wesl Thlrtj rlghth-at., were
,i iwded .??M night A lantern Bilde exhibition was
?given, an I Hi?' vi.-v-. consisted of scenes ?kllfuKy
photographed si the Midwinter Fair st ?San Frstt
. , ,. and taken by the members of the California
Camera Club W, ?B. John "". treasurer ?.f the s<>
ctety, explained the scenea snd he did his ?,?rk
??.??li. Among those pit.nt were J. Walla Champ.
ney, O. (1 Mason, f)r John T. Nagle, I ?r Kt ink
l>. Bkell, president of the ?ltcros?*oplca| ?Society of
New-York II A Smith, I?r T. ?A. Oertel, Mr. .mi
Mrs. (leona lliimlln. who bad nnllli them Mr. ami
Mrs a c Hints, Miss Churchyard snd Qeorge
Whliefle:d Brown, ?f San ?vrsnclsoo.
The warm v. a v.- I- expected t., vant?t* to nlRlit for
the prenant. To-day, it la gaeoettead, win t?- ???-n
erally fair, with posslblir a alight sprinkle of rata
and cooler weather it teas ?arm yesterday, but
not ru warm ins tha d m hotote. It waa haxy ami
misty all .lay Imt was ?just ?a da) t.? mak?? the _r_.?
tfiuw and Una louvea ul lino U?v? to uii'-l?_
Tailor-made, lined with silk,
Imported Cheviots
Hemi-ilttiiii-. By fr?-?nt. lined with silk?In
black and blue),
Black Silk Brocade Skirts,
$20. 00.
Black Imported Crepon Skirts
$21. OO.
I Ined w th Mlk.)
Lord& Taylor,
Brottdwaj & 20th St
The Manhattan ?Sxchange Company, of No. 10
Wa'.l-st, ".tt the "gilt-edged" backet j-hips of the
Street, failed yesterday. The rampany ha?1 existed
?inly two weeks .-nu th,- Manhattan Bxenanga Com
?i: . prior ? thai time II was the :'rtn ot Baldwin
Brothers \ Co., of N?-w-Y?nrk. be'.n?? the ?. ?.r,1
?entattve In this city of Ihe Bo?I n hot-re of that
? !-..?? W", !< ago th? Baldwin Brothers k
Co ?f !: ?ton srent under. The Manhattan Es
-.; my, a i ? ganised a. w?.-?k bo?
th? ?Baldwin? went mi It, had & ca??!t i! ot
? ?? .ir i if was .ip.r. inc '. yesterday that this
t.ii been ?>?.;? ; ? The ? >mi my bad. It s u
_< ... ., depo It -*:'!'. the firm of C. A. ?Baldwin
.?i Co., ?f N? 10 We '?--?' . an 1 In th? last few 'U>.-<
Irawn and the checba went to
pr ?test.
The chief trou wll the h us* -*a? that it
i . ? ? ? . : ? nt advance In stocka i? i k< I
?hops ; the long side ?>f \':.e- market for their
ii.tomers, it! make money t - themselves on the
ill m ivment in ?tock? has
. i.
Th? -, ? era Is F I*. Baldwin,
? ? :? nt i- A I. Fulenwlder Mr
::. B ?ton yesterday II?* :c a ?on of
r ?: lial'lwln, who ??? . ; i I f the Baldwin
- .?. A Bal Iwln, of C. A
Hi,:.?. ? ,\ of thl? city, '.* a:?> a. ?son of 1-. E
!'?. ds n
\- ?' a Baldwin ft Co.'b rit? ?? at N ?f Wall?
It ?ah said yesterday 'hat that f.rm had no
lion a latever with th? Manhattan Exchange
... and that It a m : ? affect? 1 at ail by the
Major ?'.?': sral ? A McAlfltn, A ?jiitant-C?eneral
of the State, reste ?rod the Htli Beirm?nt at the
armory, Columbue-nva. end Maty ascond-afc. last
nti-tit. T1-- r?-u-.n-.-nt ?a.?? ootntnsnAoA by Colonel
li irtaa ?Dowd, nr..t it? evolutions ?-ailed forth ap
t-i tuas from the visitor!? ar.'l favorable comment
from the revi.-wlr.K oftVer.
After th-- r.'vl??? at 1 parade th? following mem
brr? t>- ??:-., i r-* ment.u lo__r^__rvlcs ?__a*___-: Qoli
I for twenty ??'?r?' service, Drummer Kobert
Devlin, Company n. ?Prtvata Anthony B. Van H sa
'ompany B Bronss m<-*l?iB for ten years' it
, i ti cha?rles I. ?Setter, Company >'; s-r
-reanl l'r.it.-i? J. lx>ugt-ltn. Company ?'. ?Serg-eant
Itenry Bock, jr.. Companj l". ?-?rgeani Aus-iist is J.
\'.-ii k. rompany A; Sergeant John l"hl. Company
H .<.:,-? ml ?' y. lioebel, Company t>; Musician
Angus; .i Thomps.nr Company ?'. Musician ?'hnr;?*?
l\'"?i-, i*ompan) B; I'rlvate Charlea Thetrfelder,
? ? n;? my \ Privat? tleorg? M PetBec Company
|n 1'ris.i',' William .. in.?;.?-. Company K. and Pri
? ';?-?ri;i> Puffy, Company II
it.,- ? . ??: Ing's entertainment closed with s ?lance.
:??'? ' .'.'.? :n y BESTESCED T" rinsov for life
?; irge i ?? ugherty a > ?-1r.?r man. tarenty-eeven
years ?f ,.- was - ntenced by Justice fltsgera^d
.;. ? terday to life ?Imprisonment.
?-. e i? ? ? ?> '. three weeks ag i at murder
: legre? r?>r tha killing ot Edward
Meyer, Jul) ?'. l?t, at No. t._*l Avenue A ?Accord
, to the ?"? lence, a dispute about a u-t at lbs
k caus. ?! th?- tr?. ;t> e.
M:m \ rt'RE ALMANAC.
? ?>?? ?'. : ??? M. n ??U p m 10:16 N! >n'? n*?
v m ? in?1? n - ? '?? !l '
I? V .-.,:. ly II II !' SS
Irland II :?- Hell Osle 11 3l
Ulan?! l?> ??. li-ii ni?t? p. ...i
At ?
, ?? .
l't -i Line.
. Kln??l -?prit !?. v-.i.
. N ?p ?a. April !" . Kami n. ? r
!. . ? - ; .'" . ?? . i :
...;- ? . v; -'..".... Vu -
I.? !'. ?? :?? ?:.'? .... Havre, v,-'.' '-?" .Prenrh
. I..,?;.".. V; II 17.Whit? Star
?? r*,ty.Swansea, April 19 .lin?'.,: . .-?
Trinidad .Bermuda, April _.'?.()iMbee
M hawk.lasndon, April 1?.Atl.-n'!,- Tran?
Aleda .Ksple?, ?prll 1U . Fabrs
p.intls? .?i'lii'ir. April It.Met ?i- N Y
Em?.ii:.n..Mi April 2".\ i-, l,?i
llncland . ?L"i '' April ll. - N.??: n?l
Maaadan- .Rotterdam, April 17-. .N?th-Am?r
Tainrle.Uv?rp??l, April IS .White stir
\: |e? . Klns?l n. April SS. All..
City of W - : it...m i. April .r..n \ _ ?._i,u
01 li.?l.Xa 8TEAMBBS.
TO l'AY.
Ve?*?! F<->r. Line Msl!? ri .?e. \ -* ? . ?all?,
1.? i-hampasn* Itsvr? Kretch. 2:00 s m f. mi ? m
l.'i'irii.. Uverpnnl, i\ina.r,l. ft:00a m ? .?> ,i m
lar, iti. .1 ?;i??'.!? l_nmporl ? H lt >i :i.>.? m t?-.i?nAi?
l'uld?. Ilremen N O IJmyd .S-UO s m ll:(kla m
Madtana, S? Thnm? ?j?i?-t?.-?-.i? :?in a m r_ ?_i m
i" "?? i m 12 <>?> m
i" ." i m 13 "' m
1" ::.' t in i mi p m
M <"> a ni 1 ?ja? p m
Il '" ,. m 1:00 p ,,,
1:00 i? u, | au |> ai
AI vena, Jamal
\ ? i n,-?' ti t las .
\ nmiirl, lian ?lia. N Y A l*_ba.
h; ind, N irwa). 1 hlnsvalls .
Amateidum, Itollerdam. N
KUii.'i'i.i. iil?_Mj-?<? An? ii i .
Colorado, Hull. Wilson.
s ,f Nebrsaka, Ulaesow, Allsn-Stets .12:80 p ni
?Ur-ala llamburs, l nion . . m.,, ,.,
lainntalana, N'ew lirlean?, Oomsrell . S i?0 p m
l'uihain. China and Japan, iini-r. 2:00 pnn
pruula, llamburs Itsmb-Amei .l2:iN)m
Mlfsiaeippl. I.??ndnn. am Tran? . '. ??n ?, m
l'aniiim Itordeaus, Hordeaus . - ??> j? m
. 2 ??> p m
:i ??? p m
America. 1
El Bud, r?e* ? ?rlean?, Morgan
8:00 p m
T!'i:s''.U . Al'I'.IL .10
Trave, Bremen. N O Uord...... | ?vn ? m 9.r,,Bm
City ..f Pars, iVnlon, Pacltv Mali.I" .?> a m i-,??,.,
'Advance, Oloa, Cdumblsn . i'?'?<? a m r. .?i n,
l'.tiiitiua. Kan m ? .-,, ini-!i .lu iai., ,,, |j ,-,,,,?
. ? "?? i? ta
. 2 mo i, m
CTherokee, J.i
i'-m,-. i.K.ii"
?l, Wli.t?
New Toril I uthaunptoo Ain-frioan.... m? a m II ?an H m
v\.-i.?i,i,., I. Antwerp, R*.l Star .1? ??? ? " ?? ,"? ?,,
Adriatic. Uvivpool White Star.-, ,?, , ," , ""
C Of Wa:.ti?n?'.?n. II ?vaux N Y - Cllb? l?0p? SiSpS
M, l_M
Stasmer Potarla lOer), Sprath. Hiaih-r- ?^i ?
II,?,, is. ?nun .?.?I- "im l-'.l aim?? ,,,,:!,?S-.-?fS *
l.ur? Ai?.?ri?.iii Une. Arrived m ti,.? n,? ?, ' r" " ??'?",
Stesmer Itv-enlcla n'.-ii, latittwiiaer fi.?? ?i1 ~.
a,,ni i_. ?m.u mdas snd pa?_n*_a.ra En M?2S...??*?_-Ui?1
?.,,, i??r. Pa??*d lu at Sandy II", k al? '.??"''"n.- Au..-n
ht.aiii.-. Irrawaddy iBr). lAgg, TrtaKu??"__-_!iFia ?,
Oren ..I., I?. ?HI? ???'?-- sad ?I2 l?..a,niei? \_. and
Ohrt.tall. Arrived at u?? Bar ?t _;{_ ,Tm ":,:"
Sf-iLiiirr l'ara, ?a. W ???trt.k. r.irt., ____?!_ . ? ,0
C-uraee_ ?o, i-?. Ouayra "O, win, Zea* Isa ? /l'rl1 '"'
ta Itoult.m. l.llaa a l'aile,,. ?VrttwT,?^^ffaTIIS
^Sie??,er llia.l?l?l>l!k iNor). ?*flSs?-BB <llh?,_ ^ a
?rutt lo _toaSS A Cnn. Alllv^ ? U,, i,'_.R^ \tjftJ2**
"Old .Sol" is
his fine work al?
Your young?
ster needs
lighter apparel?
a spring suit, etc.
We se 1 Hule bo
suits, three to
dollars. Big boys'
suits, eight to fifteen
dollars ? ma;ie as well
as we do for their
Father, </oa CM try our si-Tiro
suits ihiuo or black); one ?if tbem, ? >'
marked ficefre dol?ais is tin- beat
suit u- bare er? marked thai
Two Stores: Broadway an'l Canil Btrtet
Broadway, below Chamberg street
?Open this ereolng.
It A D W A r * g
At?"iut#i>- tMisgeta?
able In *v.-ry ?tU
regulaied H-r?T>nsT
It lasuntl) r.h.Tti
aid fjui, <iy cwt %n
? ? Ids gen TO ?*/
Influent?. Ilron M-.ltls,
1 neun.on;?. Ktirumat?m. Nenralala Brula*s, Sj.ra'.m
Hurna. Heada v.- Tax?th??ch?. ?nal PatfM ef ?? ktlMn ;,.
fit.. y for Vularia and all Itnwel I'a'.ns.
ItAl'-A'AY'S PILLO c-ars Ocnstlpstton an?! I.ivar ni?rd#fa
Colt, .'il ST gT
A NI ?
3D A'.'K A Nil
I33P gl
glX ST''
B1K30KLTK ?Torfs.
Itr , I .? \ o.r.' It.-i'r :.?v#.
anl I'm "i. lsh-tra
AtUntia* and V, 1?, ,.'?.,
i.reer.pnint 4 Manhattan avss
We make ?rood clothes; we^re made
tlicni this way so long?fifty yean?we
don't know how to make them poorly.
other bonnet piobably make ?as
good, luit they're few?pepy few;
they're the linns who boast the least
about it.
'_\*>(i Boys' and Men's White and
Fancy Washable Vests??lightly soiled
??get a good-by pries to-day?11.00.
Former pricei 12 to 15. New ?Tork
store only.
Mors Umdhes' sntrt Waters at $1..*?.
Last lot seta la a g ty
Mlk goaneager* I pair ?i on.
, >ur <vt iint. psrfs -. strtsa
Our $4 gfe m y.\ ?-; ti aal ratea
Our ;????. Neckwsar. i?> yog know HI
BROADWA v. ron. S18T st.
S'>im?r Alamo t-e?:?. Oahrostsa, vtth nriss a.-.'? ga<>
. senser? 10 ? H Mai. r\ * ?."a?.
I S'ear,.*r a", :, tndotte, Walksr, Newpert Sew? and bat
1 r Ik trtth n.?!??? ?i i i ??mengsri lo ?Olj Domini, n .-? ? ?
S'ea:n?r Wyanoke, Wakeman. Newport Sewi ;ir.l K:ch
rv.to , *?iiro mrUt and pi??'n'>>ri to Old Dominion Si i o.
b"?"im?r Ilio'hn.' n t. Davis, \Ve?t Potn?, wiMi rr.<ia? u<l
i iMrngsrs to OM [?miini n s? Cb
Steamer Keeomsek, Thea'tpaea, Norfolk, tn ballot to
Steamer Oolestooro, Simmons, Philadelphia, with miss
to William 1' Cll IS. ??.?__ mm m
ghlp ?islgste lof Liverpool?. K?on'.ir>n. rcw?atta to <J?y?.
with mdae ??> Carlfton & M (T.??'. ve?ael to John R Llver
gaad"f Hook. April 26. U30 p. m ? tvinl north, light
bn?-*i?*. rl.j'i ly.
Ste.imer Ktrurts (Pri. rtfgM n. I.lverpool-V H Br-a-rw?
net State of Texas. Fv.-ir.?, Prunawlck sal Fern?n?
, dins ?" H M ?ll-ry 4 ?' ?
I Sv.im^r Ua ChtunpagB* ?9T), Laurent. Havre?A Fto-mt
] i-Uenmer ?Oses Comino iBr), Payas, NVw-iiricaas?N.-rioa
A S, r.
S'.'?iner Madtana |BH. Fnu>er. Ouadaloup?. Antlru*. 8t
KltU Mi A E ? ,-.;*.*rt n '.#? A CO
s-raii .-- \ ??:-???? ? un ?'??? I?), ::ti?r,jer. R.*t??-r,lam, ?rla
Bouiosrn* Funen Kdys *y Co.
ht?smet '?' .. - Psnalngte?, ?>.art?ston ?nd Jacks?*?
v.i;.' w i* '":??'.? ft Co
st-'Mit'-r '".I'ta''. ? iBM. Abtott, Hull??snilersoa ft Son.
er Ali?* iBr). l.vs Port ?i Prfekes, ?...nalvf?. Ja?j.
I'M".. !?' rw.? l av K?
? ?r Kali lile?, M't-r. Itr^rr.en. via Southampton ?
. ?- i "o
.??.? ,in.-r Klv.n t ? Mr?. P?.w. Klng-'t-**. Pavanllla, StS?
P?n Y r* , 1 .V K"*
S".-ati. ?r M,'" '.-"' iYtY. Poi-k. Atitwrp. vl? H?vre?
? Arkell ft ?
i ?,??... .,'.?? ,Hr?. ltr-?n, lVrtiatvhucj, Rli
Hiii>k ,?i J??.
s-.?:n.r Wskelleld IBr?. Wale, I u.- -. -Smrt-on. 6p?r.o?
ft Young
Ht??smer Island (T>sn), Thomsen, Christiania. rop*n
1: i^-i;. etc l-'i.v h, EUjrs ?v i
>? m t Mai la lOieti, Kudeahold, HsmtMirg--reaaBl
E ?v- A O
>.. ,,,..- Kilvls ''?-' N>r,*?t*. Halif.?x and g| J hmg, N
P?II..wring ft Ai
r i-.--.-.., .M.. LuekhsnB, D tgt \ ? I If Wright
i S ,"..
su .?"??r Hertnuda ?!(:?. s..e. Hamilton, Bermuda -A C
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S"..nr..T o'aiilo l'T-'.n ?? iBrt. DotOSOB, Rai-.l?. Pan" ?*. P?r
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Kvin-'v y.\i- A Co
Hiramer s-ate of Ksbraska (Brl, Btx>srB, Oteas***
Auftiti Baldwin 4 Cb.
S". iin.'r? ii>?,u"i?, for ?Charleston snd ? ?^apt
Comino iBri New-Orleans; gtste f . ? .
mil |,vv , innls ?-**? Marseilles; m -
Ants ?.','. ?" ?????? s a ? Brti ftagva.
>f ll''.". TO MAKtNFlRS.
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ghost E v I, l im i. -.' ? *o -- ? S <".i??ai W
River I.lghthous . **\'- ? W\W B, i -..- ,
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Lighthouse Dlsti let. iv?i ; .
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Re ?r Admiral, i -?* .**? ?
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n,.M,-? that so much of Notice lo Mariners, So. S3
a.? i-.'iaK? to th.' temporary marking o? th.? a-\p ? il
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l?.v.i? rar.It. oil lanterns, ?h ?wlni: a Used whit?? Usht,
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on the southerly ?i.i- ?. an.i ihowing s ri\H,i r-i luht. ?
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?? ti ?? l.i-i ' U| ?? ?nd !" k signals
ttlam ? snd Oulf ?"oast, 1801 pas* M ..'?? N Ml
and i ? List of I i no and Buoyi !.. hlhous? Dts>
irlo t ISM, pages M ??. I PU
rckmpklasvllU, s. i . April -?'. Ths f II wing r. t. ? M
mariners has !??? -n Issued !? Um Third District l.isht
ll..'i?,' lOstsMIshmeni
Tl:.. ?unU.-n v al birR.' at f?.>t of Y \i.\?n "h .?? K?Jt
Hi?it. Nes \,i? having boon rem v, 1. ths red ffit
bu ?? marking m me has i.n discontinued
a whistling i i ? with ?m.ill ..iv in,?, attached I <?
basn lemporarll? mo I I i espttimenial pun ? fleel
t. n??dney ?'i.i-mv'. ?rhl Hing . toy, on th?* Un? betwese
s iii.i? Hook '.'.sin ? ? --? : snd the ?atranco to ?;.?-.??? i'ut,
N.\? Y .ik I ,"W.-r Ha? Both .xr.'Miii atal tu ?> ? a.?! ?M?V
orsd dark red snd are unnumbered.
Tin: MOVEMENT! ?'i-* sti:ami:i:s
i gtsamsr Non idle iBr), Clarke, tailed (rasa Uverpeel foe
, Ne? Y'ik April %9\ ?' n >.'ii .
gteaassr IakmIs iHii. McKsy, New-Tort 1st Idsergeei
I srrivrd .,t Oue#nstown April ?i?.
I gteamer Prlmipla iBr), Htannarg, froai X'w-Tork. sr.
! rh.l ,?i txfti April M
i si'vinvr [Wiawara IBri, Thoawa f*'"i?i N^w-York April
, 13 (?>? I/'ii! n. passed tli^ Belli? Isl'tnla April '.'?1
, si. ..m- r Oalueo ?Un. Whlton, fr..in New-Tork April
t:i f r Hall i issed Ih? .- i iada April i>1
St, ii-a.r Wnr.iii.-.* iltr?. niiiKhum. ir..iii N.w Y..rk April
H for Antwerp, passed PrawU Poinl April '.'?'.
m. m r Lepanto iBr), Paga fr, "i Aatwerp Ibr Sott?
, ^? rk, psas* 1 Hover April Ml
i gteamer Ootumbla (Oer), Y.^fin'-aun? tfr>m Hsohhoot).
< aallnl from gouthaanpton April ?g for Nsa fork inaited
I rr.'ti? Hamburg 'J.'.th. not as i*-i rt? Ii
gteamer Minister Maybacli Osrt, Ji?ti.?.?.'n, from New
! Y.ak April i. arrived ?t Dactslc April .it.
? si..nu.t M.,r ?in.mu?a ?um im SpriH.'i, mllMl fr?,m Ititm
lnirK for NVw \..rk April '?1
t-i.am.'r gaale ,,;?? i, K.???i?r. teoss New Terg, via
s ?uiii.uiipi.il. arrived at iir.riiMi^n Amorti 2S.
si.iiii.T .Muii.'ii.-n ,,'..11. hi.i.K.'ii. for New-Tork arii
1 *.... 11 no- ?<??. Bal'.?-.I (?ni, Hi en..'i ha?.mi April 2"!
gteamer So, ? mil am iDutoh), H nj^r, fr.,ni New-Y.rit,
arrived .?t Rotter lam April |g
St.iiiti.r I',,?, ill nia? iHil. J ini.'s, inill??.! fnin Trleats
for Neu Y.ik April 22
Il mi"! Kfiln.v Wilhelm II (?1er?, Kt,'rmo?r, fr??m Hen*?
a?. I Naples (?or Nr? Y,,rk, passed lliort.v Ai??re?>, April M.
gtSSSSor Miridn (Brl, Tiitiipnllt, from New-York March
& for Buenos Ayi?'? snd BnSSrtO, arrived at M -ii."-i.lei.
April I.
Ste.uiirr Salein? ui^r?. S?-hnrt**?berir. fr??m New-Y'?>rk
March ll. \ In l"ern.iinliu?',i. for Santat. arrived st Kla
Jmieini Apill St,
Ann,',I,vein. nta.
E ?ft W.
ft n?w evlisa

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