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PACES 11 TO 14.
APRIL 27, 1895,
The work if reform in the l'o.-k ?Departmei-)
went on yesterday, ami in employes who bad b?-?m
; . then- by Tammany were ?removed. ?)f
lb? ieventy-two were appointed as "laborera"
at; 1 were serving as cU?rks. This is the method
Tammany took to got ahead nl the civil ?Service
law. The others wer.- not under the Civil ?Ser?
la-- bul were appointe?] fur political reasons
fr it?, various ?listrlcts Th?? old board had s per
f ? system of ??acting and dividing in political ap
lents. They bsd s card printed, on which
<_be name of the man employed was written, with
particulars as to his place, <l.it<? of appointment.
address and the person to whom his appointment
charged. The patronage regarding the ap
?".? nt of men as "laborera" who were aft-T
warda assigned to clerical w?irk or to act as m^s
rs seems to have bean largely made its,- ,,f
by Commissioner ?'ram, who was president of the
Twenty-seven of tha appointments arc
ted to rim In the records of the department,
Commissioner Phelan following close with twenty
while Commissioner White, who gave up a
; : ? aa Police Justice, at 18,06. a year, to take
a place as lvi,-k Commissioner, at 15.000 a year,
got ?.?nl.'.' six'e? n of theoe appointments. Verily, the
age of martyrs is not passed! Cteorge S. Oreen,
jr., the Chief Engineer, Is credited with one ap?
pointment in his department, but Senator Ahearn
di.l au:t?' as well, one of the appointment? In the
Chief ?Engineer's department being credited to
him through President Cram,
Of tu.ese "i "i\ ?.'.-Servio? dodging" appointee's
three ?:,?1 clerical work in the secretary's depart
t. n un,1er ihe engineer, twelve uider the
do kraasters, thirteen as meaaengera an! in mla
eous capacities, and ihe others as watch
Two of the men thus appointed have been
' l? nt and will bava .in opportunity
to take a Civil ?Service examination, if they pasa
they Will retain th?".r piares. They are Daniel 1?.
Barry an ! Robert Aram. All the mon who lost
yesterday were discharged for in
? ;: ? ncy or uselessness.
.. en asked yesterday to whom the n?:a'-?s would
go ?h:?\. had been filled i>y men wh i aid not >-?>me
?Service ralea, President O'Brien
W ihall !??? Inclined t?? give the placea t?i
: i? n w!io have labored for the reform roov.
irse, but fitness f??r th?* ;?oslt!??n must be t'a..
first requisite."
??\?" ?ted that a neat Commissioner, !? .suc?
ceed Mr. phelan, will be appointed <>n May 1. On
A; l ?'? a mem rial ?as presented to Mayor Strong
. by a large number <>f the foremosi steam
: :.., ng, In part :
The appointments alreavdy made in this Separt
meni give promise of the organisation .-f .1 new
? ? ghly ?-n the lines of the reform ndm ?.
.? ? n ?a - ? admlrabl* Inaugurated, but It la
: ?| respi 'tful v urged t'-..?.t the thlnl and r.-m:?Jii
mmlssloner to he appointed should be a man
ignly ?jonveraant -with and of large ? _p riet
In maritime matters familiar w,?h shipping and its
needs?one whom the shipping communlty will re -
ognlse as fitted f??r th.- reapnnrtbllltlea of the office,
with e\..-. in such matten i ?nnected with th??
commercial Interests, a., 1. ..)??>%??? al!. with th>- ;? i -
tlcal necessities of ???-.mrr.eree.
ntment ah ild not he a matt.r of
r ties or patronage :!-." demands of commerce re?
ihe appointment of an ai?le. efficient at: I espe
pping merchant, and of no ?in.- eis?. The
? .n oi" bu h a man promptiy made will be en
thusiaatlcally commended by all publlo-splrtt? l 'it
iz-ns, and will i?e welcotned as au omen ol m?*reaaed
. !?y !o our great city."
Nrn < , ,.-,Ni**ANf*E OF* His RECENT I'TTIT.AfCCEg
The Rev. Dr. R. Heber New:?m said last Sunday
that h? would follow tip his sermon of that dsy,
In whi^h he rejected the ??lea of a ?physical resurrec
? rhrist. with another more directly to the
point tO-moiTOW. Those who Know him t ?-' SS]
that it Is not at all improba'> that he will, and
all are anxiously waiting to see whether or not
he will Tha Rev. I'r. 1?. l'.irker Morgan, on?-, of
th?s rommis>i?-?n iipp.inted several years SgO to
ba-restlgate Dr, Newton's r-r^a-h.ng. ?aid ?yasterday:
"After a ? aretul survey of the attuattoa, the com?
mission. Of which I was a member, has decided
that it will take no cognisance of Dr. Newt ?n'B
r, -? utterances. We feel thai we have <i<> prem
? j .-.. the remarkable teachings, and
. isely to the matters u.ward win. h we
..,-. directed our attention. Ws will make a
but I ?!<"> not know when
?Then asked tf f." bad any knowledge of any eon
-? . movement t? call Dr. Newton to a ? ??
fi r hla recent teachings?, It. M irgan said:
"I do not know of any su h movement. 1? wo'iil
? r<-',v wit:-, t!i" ?Bishop ; ? probe '.he chargea.
I h ?pe that he will, for th?* controversy Is hurting
tnirch - ? an lr.c,?.<-u)ahle extent We .?hall
have r.o representative in Dr. Newton's church nest
- . lay."
jkkk::i:siin MARKET COURT.
V"rar-.s Murray, alias John McCue, an ex-eonvicf.
I ? out ??f Sing Sinn two months ait?, grabbed
a diamond scarfpln from James iiopkin?, ??f %'?> M
? Elght-??J*nth-8l . on an Kighth-av- bota? u
Thur^liy nigh*. Murray Jumped off the i ar at. I
H ipklns followed t:;m, 'Tying, "Stop, thief!" ThS
i iv at th* Ameii an Theatre was just over snd
larguera ?rere leaving tha house*. They Joined
..t t.t Murray. Th- latter ran fir a!, It
? ? ?Mock, when an oil negro woman stopped
Th? ?next day Murray was brought to th" Jeffer
non Mark??t Court, where*, after the romplaii i hi!
sorti 1.1, h? was placad In the line waiting his
i.r-.. ??, :,.? arraigned. Court 0_Bo_r Hunt, v?ho was
?r ??barge of the Kate, MW Murray turn an?l walk
Wwar?! the back of the court. Hunt told Policeman
Willlama '.hat hl? prisoner had left the line, and
ma ran back to get him. There waa r. 1rs ???
? ! Murray t.? !??? found anywhere. Stephen Buck
?h'l is in oharga "f th?- bar-k gate t., the
room, ?aid he did not s?-e the man go out Other
I Who saw him leaving the hulldlri-r, BUppoiaed
? was a lawyer. Justice 81mm?, ht sin<" he came
court, lias triad to *r?-t the sergeant and the
t .tindaman m charge of the ????urt officers to keep
? <? passageway ci?-ar. The rear passage has been
a .- ^..'.p; place for lawyers and their runners and
The reaction in rotton. which is always expected
after every sharp advance, It Is beltnved touched
;'s Hmit yesterday, and there was a strong rally,
'^.:otati'.t?H on the New-Yoik Cotton Exchange
closed !?rm. s to io points higher than on Thurs?
day. August, after going down to ?"> '',, swung ha. k
t'i 6.S7, and closed at tM\ There aeemed lo i??* no
.??;i?r r.'-aron for the strength ?.1 contracts than
public faith In the future of the staple "Public
orders," said one operator, "caused the rise tins
.V'ernoon." The strong Btatlatlcal position of cot
' ? . pointed out heretofore In The Tribune, and the
int mark'-ts for Wheat and stocks have bs I
th t effect upon ti.e ?raders, and apecalatora are
a?ral?l (O Bell s!.??rt It la fall that with signs ?if
Warning prosperity on a widespread s'-ale multi
p'.ying on every band daily, cotton is bound to
Ba?ara in the, general Improvement.
Th. re was talk yesterday <?f tbreat?n*nlng com
I- I StisOa In UM Hast, hut this had no effect In the
?taca of _ higher market for futuras in Liverpool,
and sales :, Manchester aplnnera increased to
U -?' hale?.
There were heavy tender? of .vtual cotton on
th? May delivery, Um ?Mg bull bouse Inman, Swann
& Co, ?-cceptJng aoticea tor __,0M balas of actual
cot toa Thin oatton was easily taken cars of by
them, I. .?'.vi-v ;.
Dispatches from ii? Southwest said tha'. rains
*..-?? general throughout Texas.
Advteei from New^irleana \\<r?, that th.- reduc
Uon o? aerean.. |n i..,?lH'.ana, A.kansas and M.ssls
sip,Fi would ?raach :'". ?par east, The following dis?
patch con.? s ,*? m i;,ir lui?, Ark :
Puiauani to r?solutions adoptad by ih?- cotton
urowers Larague, r.-entiy form.-?l In this section,
this year a a? r...-,?,. 0| ? >tt..n ?rill bs gi-atly re
oueed In proportion to that of pr.ding years.
Many prominent agriculturists throughout this sec
re closely id. ritiii..?i in the movement, and are
?eierinlned In their ?.Aorta to rule against enormous
ana unprofitable production of cotton. In a clr
[????..r a..'?r ?/sel to the farmers, tne operators of the
?engiio ?muortune planter?? to ?llrecl their attention
atid coml-ine every available eAorl toward a more
?__2l_. * l'li'n of farming, suggeBtlng that they
"?J.ht now and forever to reallie their independence
o- cotton, and turn their attention to the production
"i fera n? and stock-ralHlng. It i? estimated that the
J/1"" throughout this section ha? been reduce?!
i?.. nK- on an av.r ?ne, one half of that planted
'??t yaar.
The forty-second anniversary of the Wilson In
'I'.is'ri.ii ?School for Olrls was celebrated yesterday
afternoon In th?. honru I the Institution, si.
.Mark's ?Place iitial Avenue A, Exercises beginning
at 3 p. m. were held in the upper assembly-room.
TH?y were opened with prayei t'y the Rev. Daniel
Redmond, after which tin* ' hlldren wem through a
number of exercises und? the leadership of Miss
Ludlum. An Interesting f? iture of th, exer Ises
waa it "cantata of floweri " mi which the girls
?ir." dressed to represent different blossoms, and
i,no was dressed t.? represent spring. During the
(M.niata tint-,, ?ere recitations and songs. Th.'
cantata was conducted by Miss Knowles. Calls
exercises were conducted by Mrs. Elliott,
anal th.. Rev. i>r. Thomas s II istlngs gave an ad?
dress to th?> chlldn n, In one ??f the rooms of the
institution there was ?m exhibition some "f the
needlework done by the girls, which was highly
en h table. The Rev. Percy 8. Grant afterward
addressed the women.
Perhaps the most novel feature of tv.?- ci lebratlon
was the "drill for kitchen gardens, setting-table
claaaea, etc," which waa ?ander the management
of .Miss Manner* in this drill th" littia? girls do
al? the cooking and prepare the tables for the
gueats and aupplj several kinds of cake "i their
own making. The cm:.- are taught how to econo
mize in cooking an i at the sania* time 'mow to cook
This s'-ho i bas harn .mi' ??r ?ho landmarks of the
Has- si i.,. n was organls i February 14, II
an Industrial school, and was Incorporated m Feb?
ruary, 1851. under the nil.' .'f "Wilson Industrlsl
School far i'lrls." The school has develop, I exten?
sively, and now n has a ?lav school, kitchen-garden
und cooking-garden ? i.is???. a mission church, a
Sunday-school, mothers' meeting? and a ein i
library. The 'lay r-chool Is open t: mm t ?? m. to
; p. m., when 160 girls :i\? Instruct? i mi elementary'
English branches, receive ? comfort ible dinner, .mi
arc taught sewing by band, while making their own
Kinnen;..-, which tiny tarn by a system Of credit
marks. Th.- mission church was organise?! on the
union plan in i?*;;, n is ,m outgrowth of the day
.iv i Bui day schools. Ii has a reg llar pastor an i a
Bible reader, and ?services are !.. M Sunday moi
and evening, and a prayer-meeting on Friday
??v?-ninti;. Ti* Bunday-school '??as organs? 1 In IV?i,
at, 1 ? -i- a n., tu!,, r hip of about KM ? The
mothers' meetings a-.' held for th? benefit of :h"
mothers of the pupil? every Wednesday, from !>??
cernber ;.o May, at t ." p. m. Mis.- Emily H :
m v. .' a- t.. en great h nter? led ??? '????? work oof
tills Institution, partlculsrly In that part relatl
tin- cooking-garden it is largely t ?
efforts that this branch of the work has l??**?n .? ,>
? . ? ?fui.
The managers .??" the Wilson Indu trial Bch?-?ol
have i?sui"l a memorial tribute t. Mr* loi ithan
St urges, ta-ho ?. i ;,-? ... \, ? s rg - was much
Inten sted in th., nrork .,: the - ihool, an I
not a little to its great . 'eau
The ortt'-.-rs ,.f ?!?.,. set." 1 are Mrs. jp II fl Sharp?
lee? Br?i directress; Mis? Margn ? .? i
directress: Mrs. Aaron R, Smith treasurer; Mrs
Kdward ''.. Janeway, secretar}'. The manag
Mesdames .1. s. Urnnett, Robert Russell n ,,.".
Peter M. Bryson. .\. I" Damon, R \\ Hurihut,
H. ii. Havemeyer, Oliver it Jennings, K. Ho..-::
Jr.. A. ii Stone, Edward \ i....-,?, i. ,i it. .
jr. Edwin Bturgea, Henrj u Everett WDIIhih
Scott l'yi.v Henry D. Noyes, Hiram Durvea Mix?
Rosalle Rapallo and Mis? K ?> tonen The hon
..ran membetii ar. Mes,lam?*? Luther (' '",ik
Jam, ? P. Wilson, J, Van Ve tht, n an 1 Miss ? ?..,
A large number of passenger* sail to lay on the
outgoing transatlantic steamers. Among tho?e
going on the Cunard I trurla, for Liver?
pool, are Clinton p, Ayr,?, R iberl \f her, the Rev,
and Mrs. ii. ?;. Baldwin, M and Mra J. T M
Burnslde, Mrs. T. D. Burnslde, Mi ? C K. Bui len,
Mr. anal Mrs. Ixiuis A I : ? - : i ? I *. t. Signo? Bevlgnant,
J. I>. Bruce, Mr and Mn 'I Ra ley, Mr. and Mrs.
Prink R. Q'oulbr, Mr, gi i Mrg. William ?Calder,
Slgnor Caetlemary, Slgnor Coral, Vr?. 3. Am ??
? in.iv. John Dawson, ftamuel C M Davis, Rich?
ard M .-" Douglat Frederick ll. Douglas, Mr. and
Mrs. f s. Douglas, Mi and Mrs William D
Mr. m-,.] Mrs J. Dougla* TI unan E. Edgar, Mr
and Mrs Frederick w Elliott, Mr and Mr?. K M
Ferguson, Mr nn.i Mi I Fran . Mi '.'??
non Foster, Mr ai : M - R. J. Gibson, \)r tun
broalo Orillo, Mr and Mrs. W. ?;. Hamilton, Mr.
and Mr?. Alfr? i K. Hunt Robarla Harper, Mr. and
Mis. A. Ingham, Dr. B. ?' Juler, T S. Jevon . Mi
and Mrs. I.. M Kortrlght, Dr. Thompson l?eys,
a. I. Lehman, Blgti ir M im II lia, J. v ?'
Mr and Mrs J, ii Man or, Mr ai : Mi Renfrew
?i MacArthur, F. ?.. Mcilee, Mi and Mrs, R M -
Lauchlan, l>r. Agnus McLean, Dr. A. P. O? i
Dr. Edward F Parker, Mr and Mrs J PI?
The French i- learner 1
for II avre, tak? - out am ?ng -, ??.??? (1
ll. HUlyer, Mra ?in ? i. it- ?, Mr an I Mi ?
T. Hulbert, C B Johnson, ::. W, Jenklna Mr? J
O. KHtle, Allen .1 Kittle, Mr. and Mr? v. K
the Rev. J. Ko ni, Mrs Helen l??auterba Mi ai I
Mrs F. D. Lavergne, I. Ixunbard, Ml si I Mrs
Eugene Mayer, Mr J, ll Meeker, Mrs, <: Ii Pom
eroy, Misa Madeline Pollard, J. Pfeiffer, Mr? I, ?"
iry, Mr. an I Mra A. H. Ban I . Mn W i:
S'''.\.?r!. Mr. and Mr?. >". ?. Swan. F. P. Blem
m?*r, Mrs. g, jj, Bmlth, Henry T Bin in, Mr? g
Thorndlke. Mra ? M. Taiman, Mrs II. A. 'i
s..n, i: O. Veit, Mr. .nil Mra B, Welles, Mi ai I
Mra Jules Wogan, Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge P. Way,
Josf- Armendals, I "harles U
The North ' ?? rman-Uoyd team?
for Bremen, takes '"it amoi : ? ; ?' Mis?
M? *.. Hamel, Mra. ?; Max Ho.in, Mi
HUbs b. J l. Jam n lus, Mr an I Mrs. < !arl Knabe,
i; Culver, ' C Dleterieh, Mr. and Mr? James H
(..iii.isi.ii, Mr. and Mi?? Bernhard iJreeff, Eugene
H. Otbaon, it i loiph fjllnther. Henrj 11? le, Mrs.
Courtland Hoppln, Miss II ippln, Tboma? Hartley,
,l<?.?a-pli Hol'lswortn, Mr. ai?d Mrs M. Mont/. Mi.
and Mrs. Bruno Mechler, Mis Barnard Maekey,
William A Maglll, Marqula Jose ?irk?; de Bentmenat
v Despuyal
Among Ihe paasengers sailing on the Hamburg
American Line steamer Prussia for Hamburg are
J\ IIU'I I' a u l.l ,?' .??*.? ni' i i i'i?n.i i'.i i i a in ,.,. i j? a . .
Mrs Helena Apreek, Mr, and Mra. Gustav Acker?
mann Dietrich Ackermann, Mrs. P. K. Angelo
vl'b Mrs. Julius Carcher, Mrs. II Heuman, Julius
Hausmann, Mrs. f.. E. Hunting, Waitei .1 Krappe,
.1 <? uhrtmann, Mra. Philippine Boeffner, Ihe Rev.
Karl i. Waltera and Mr. and Mrs. '.. N. William?
The Industrial t"*brleUan Alllance, No. ?7" Bieeck
f.r... |{ gi) ol m. ? ? ast-i n clothing of all
kni'is, and win be gis I to send for the stun.-. Every?
thing is needed from hats to shoes, and for
and outal ;?? wear, No gift I I o small or too mu? h
worn to to.- useful, Homeless tailors and ?hoemak
era who come to the Alliance for help will malt"
ail necessary repairs. Wtntfer clothing received now
will be repaired during the summer, flood use ran
lo.- made a?r women's and children's ? ;? ?tt?in?_;. The
alliance needs large quantItlei of coarse gray iheets,
about im by n Inches, and pllkiw-ellps, about M by
L'4 inches alao ? ?arse crash towels for rollen and
for bathing. _
The Acturlal Society of America began Its second
and but day*? seealon yesterday In the boardroom
of the New-York Board of Fir? underwrite?' Mu?
tua: !,if,. Inaurance Building Israel C. Piers .n.
secretary ?.f t!??? society and actuary of the Wash?
Ingtoa Life Inaurance Company, as? selected as th?
delegate to represent th?. society at the Brunei?
congress Pan ?of th? morning and afternoon ?
alona .v.r.- consumed in the regdtog of 'papera.
Those bear nopon subjects of current Interest t, the
actuaries, and they were freely dlecuaied by the
membefa One of the most Interesting pepera thai
have t?.,? ,,..,,1 before the sot '??'>' ersa thai by Dr.
Emory McCUntock, actuary of ihe Mutual Lif.- in
Huram-i" Company, am "The ?atos of Death i. ?
Amoni; Toial Al.siaini-is and OUWrt."
At .beginner of th?- eodety at ins Insurance Club
aft.-r the Thursday ?afternoon seaelon thirty covers
wr-r?. laiai The newly *;e< led oBcer? and new mem?
ber? made response? to toasts offered by th?- pro?i
dent, ll w. K. j?,hn, who acted M tjajtmaster.
At the invitation of the directo?..0' the Sun Life
Association company of Canada? '? w'" decided t?
hold ihe rouneenth eeml-annua" mfrtlgg of the
soi-lety In Montreal The society ??JJ**wtrted at i
u'clocu }e.i rday giternooa,
Tha ni-.i- approa? !i of May l. when the terms of
a number of Tammany CommlaBloners will expire,
cauaed many rumor yeatgrday i ippolntmenta
certain to ).?? made, '" ?'?'I the vacancies They in.
elude Police Commisslonei Jamen J. Martin, Hea'.th
Commissioner Charles O. Wilson, Fire Con*mls
sloner .?". Howiand Bobbins and Tax Commlasloner
Joaeph Blumenthal, Nothing could be learned yes
terday as to the Mayor's Intentlot -
Th.. May ir had nothing, new to announce yonnr
tlay regarding Th? ?dore Rooseveit'a acceptance
of a Police CommlsBlonerahlp, but it was under?
stood tha? Mr Roosevelt's formal assumption of
th- office ?a- looked !?.t l'V May 1.
Peter Townsend Barlow, son ?>r s. M I. Barlow,
has been mentioned for police Commissioner. Mr.
Barlow is about thirty-five years old, Is a lawyer,
and has an office at No. M ?VVIIIlam-st. The i ame
"f Colonel Frederick I). Grant has also been spoken
of for Police Commissioner.
Augustus S. Hutchlns, who has been mention",!
in connection with a Police t'ommlsslonerehlp, said
ystcrday thai h;s name has not ?been presented
!?? the Mayor by any person ?ith his knowledge or
consent, and that he is not a candidate fir Po?
lice Commlasloner or any ???her placa In th.? rit?/,
government. Mr. Hutchina also stated that were?
the "iii,,- nff, red to him, he could not under .my
circumstances a? cepl n.
- .*. -?
R1 : i. i, i x ? ;
The o i Metrop n: m H ?tel, Bi m Iway and Prince
?t, w.i.i ih,? ?cene .?f an accldenl yesterday, by
which sev? n workmen were Injured ? We ??f them was
?seriously hurt a number of laborea? were cleaning
bricks ??n th.- third floor "f II.A building, wj>lch
ii- ?being puled down. The floor gave way, and the
men i?-ii with It to ti;?' ???: i story. The floor, it
? a -mi. ??a- overweighted \?:t'i ,. pile "f bricks
Michael (Cagan, f?rt.t.?, yea m "M. of No US
\\? ?? Forty-seventh-st., receive?! Internal Injuries
i a i - remo? el ? . S:. Vincent'? II.? ?i?::.il
The work ??r demolishing ti.- hotel ami Nibio's
Th? itre lias been in pr.ngr. ,-. ? month by
i- It, Southard ?and I" W Hlegrlst <v '???. Th.- se
?l? ;.: oeciirre?! at : 10 a m? near what use?l ti be
the entrance t., th. theatre. Kagan. the only one
hurl ?erlously, ??.:?? irried out. The - ? t i j ? ? r arer*
able : ) a ulk ?? il in issHte I.
NORTH RIVER SHAD niEAT l*l/>Rina I'?t\t??ks
?Shad have api in i ??> the North River ::i large
i imbera and ?:. ? ? i ?? ?? th" price bss faj>n
. !i,r ; -. ,<?, .?',;: \ ? ? id ran be ha I
for 30 . ? .. bucks ht Ing only tt cent
Ma >kerel are ? ? n ?re fren ly, and - ' for
3D and 40 :???:! i.- ?aim i have aj
peered for the di I llm? I i season, and ce i ?_.??
mer $1 CO a pound u ten
i for II ret 'sa ru r,
raba for t2 SO s ? fro| ? enti i
1 cod tongues 5 cent? and crab meat ?'?
s pound; crawl Ma I ? I; gtt '????? I urtU . M
, : ind; i ibero king) - nts hre Idb
? : ?.-...'.
per, :-'j cents; pompai ?. I cenl . dressed eels If
,:k,-' ? ?-!. ?'? ? ? nts, and I re
i cents; bhi "fish, I2H ? ??'?*
li |p ?! bass, 2 cenl . pound I?ong Island iltl
rat? I brogk 11 11 i | iter her
? ; ' ? nl - a ?? ?sen, ?mi Its IS and S I ?
.m i s? .;. ,. , pound
Klorlda new pol ? ?r ill)
r.,.w and there t? b big ilem ir l for ?.? n
fully a month behind, owing loi I wraths* In
l-'? bruary In the South I'sually I ? ? ? ' ?r V\ r
Ida potatoes t ?-yus In I e of Mar ',
\ ear ?!, dr i?:.i ?? 1.1? : ? tal rimen t s ft an
r., rm ida ind H ivan ?. Cp t., dal ?a ??
of 1 i potatoes ha rived here
??nl about i."" b?rrela from Havana Th* i i i?
prod u ? I ? to a half. ? * "t"l ' ' ?
and Bermudas for I.nts _ half peck The ? ip
; . '.?.??. ' ?- the
? i ,i ,?. ,-. ??- Aaparagus i oats * ? nta a
di-. eatery from New-Ori? ws :?? cants ?? ??talk, two
u lartfl ' "? ? ?? ? !si ....
? ?..?r plants r.?r r- rnts ?green ; ?- SI nts
r-p u ?.?.'::??!? ' nalna
a i?? cents .? peck. t?.> Florida curumta
...... . ' I a
rnts ? '. ? t ; ? '?? ?- 'v
a quart, thyn I ? inch; para ? .
? . i ? . m !
: : tal.? l ' bai
Klrawl'.-r: ? . i ? .
t,, ' ? ? ? t.' a quart
Fifteen lo twenty fr? u eggj ran be bad foi
.,-!!'!: ; I bUltet
b i?? un !. Rlgln 11? ? ? ?
. ? a p lund Iloq u > ? ? ?nta a
i., n i. fromage le brl? .?? ?nts, ? smgrnU 11, 8
i : i phila leiphla ' t?- ?tu ? i ? ? ?,. ? . n
Callfon ? chTrlea have appear? i .-.? 11 ?? fan ?
fruit stoi -. a : t ?ell ! u f a ; ?ut.'i
a on panson ol prl ul meat? in Fmltiai, W ? h
and .i.-rt.-r-,.!! markets ?boW thai
tii.-ie I? .< dlAeren, ?? of i. . ; ind on
: : out 1 t ? I c?-nt? ?ai | "i '?" ' use ?t< ..i.
t i "nt-- f<,r roun i !? ??!.?? teak nd ? ?nts In
sti ii? In corned i?'f Ihe dlfferen?-i Is 'oil? T
rents a pound ! !??? ' ?.i? prl ea ar? thu ?? ?,r I
Market In VVa ih niton Mat ket i : Ime rlh roast
for IS centi a |mund, In Jeffersoi Mai ??? i"i
."? cent? .?n?l in Pulton Market roi :i rents In
Washtngloi Market i. t rut? rosi "2 cents, portei
houiu ?? ?. , rents, ?Irloln, Ill i? S3 rents; ?tewlna
i.f. I ?.i, . mutton shoulder? lo rents; legs, i>
lamb chops, loin, S cents, and riba, IS nrnta
The prices charged foi game In Pulton ind " ?
Ingtoi.kei llffei u aidel? ,i- In the ? a??? ?>r
meal In v. , ? n Mai kei Kngll ii partridge?
can be bad f??i P . .!??/? -n. Braalllan grous* II SO ?
pur, Kuuabn, HIM a dosen, and ranvanbark ?tuck?
f.,r Uta a pali With ihe close ?.' ?ins month Ihe
season f??r v. ild ducks omei to an end.
A Phtladriphh broiler Is .? Reasonable delicacy
They -m II foi ?; Hi and i> Bi a pair 1'ii ladeiphl?
ros tit??; chicken?- sell foi pi rent? b pound, and
.?ai-n?a f?.i ;? rents. Din-ka are 23 ? ? -1, t - a pound
and i irkeya :s , i.t.i
COSCBBT ix Ain m a r.irxii mix.
a concert In aid of Julius ?Stern, the bllnl news
dealer, wilt, be k.v. n in ihe chamber music ball of
it, Carnegie Building Ibis evenlns The proc?*ed*
will be used to ereel s newsstand ??ii lb? city l??t at
t'olumbua-ave, and Nlnet) second-st. Permission
i.? place hi ''..iul there wag given lo ?Stern op the
Board of Aldermen, Mem --u;?!.? s wife snd
three children. He la reput? i ?<. i.- an expert
billiard player, !?' A ?Stumm, ??f No 11- W? I Flf
ieenm-ai., win manage ihe affati l'houe ??t,,, ?hi
in??- ;?ait ?n it ar? auks iii ?Aiem, ?oprano; .mis?
i,,':i,. tu i row i. wniatier; i*edr?i i ?? Kaissar, violin
1st. Mast?! Kdward Schwerin, pianist; Mastei
Charles Meehan bun ?oprano: John h'rancli llllder,
pianist, Mme. I??' Halasat and Hamilton J Orr, ac>
Tha funeral ?<f Ro.I cenlei who waa killed
while rldlm a bicycle In the Boulevard last week,
t?,ok place at 10 o'clock yesterday mornlnR nt HI
Mark'K Church, Kecond-ave, and Tenth-at. Th<>
body was ronveyaal from hla late hum? No i^ii
liit Thirty fourth si . followed by Mrs. .lames i.ud.
low Center, the rnothei ??t Mr Center; ?Sdward
??enter, a nephew; Mi?- Henry M. Center snd Mrs.
Palne, A large nonhbvr of Ihe friends of Mr ?'"nier.
Including members ol the variou? cluba to which
he belonged, were assembled al Ihe church The
pallbearer? were K ?' Benedict, i;. m Brown,
.iii'in.-.. ?; Monaon, A, Carj Smith. Henry ?Steers ??
i: Cromwell, .1 A. Tarns, Richard Morgan, William
>?: is.iii,., charle? a. Post. I.. F. d'oramleula and
.1. Howard Wuinvni Ight
i aa N?rdica, of No. I.HI ?Seventh ave., after ?
long ?xalnlli itl"ii. was ?I?? lai??l ??.II,p?lent nuil lool^
his seal In the |ury b,?x yesterday ,t? the eleventh
juror for the McLaughlin trial The defence at
once exhau led two snore <.t its peremptory ?-...i
lengei by excualng N?rdica and the t.uth Juror,
UiiggB. This bave- the defei. three peritmptory
challe.igea and the prosecution Ix.
*s..iiiini?-,' was Bald by counsel oa ??iher aids aa t?.
tbe cai .? of Ihe iur.it i lurando.
Col.I i'.i!"vs. when asked what action lbs pi
ecutkon would take in regard to the allegation thai
Uurando bad uatur.-.l m the MilinkeiholT divorce
?ase, aald he knew nothing about it
. olonei ?James Isadlng counael fi,r Ute liefen ??,
"Tii,, fac? tbal ha waa i-orwpondeni in a divorce
,as.- doea n??' dU*quallfy him a?, ., juror. Should
the State challenge him <?u that ground it would
Kiv.? us s good exception on which to carry the
.as?- upon sppeal.*
.).'/,?. COSSTABLS OB Tin: nn.i.
Superintendent Constable, ??f the ?D_a->jurt?_)aal of
Buildings, Ins senl t i tha Mayor % letter ?spproviiii
the Tenement HOUSS bill, the hearlng upon Which
?he Bupertntendrat sra? ?aaabls t?. attend. Mr. Con?
stable pay? that the bill l? far in advance of any
measure for tenement-nouBa construction whlru haa
v t been advanced. II? decares that there Is great
Ut?d of toiuiiii 1m ChU ,1.1?.-. M _utldtn_a.
lllsTOirt op thi: s? ii'"?L.
A? a result of the old monitor system In the nub?
ile schools, ?t happen? that there ?re principal? of
New-York public school? to-day who have former
pupil? actually older than themaelvea By the
monitor system tin* most promising boy? of the
advanced o vas-. . were selected to y? teacher? or
monitors f.,r th?- lower classes, it being argued that
the monitor thun selected was gaining ?? valuable
an education a-* if he i?r tied hi? gtudtea in the
higher branches. In those day? if ?va? not so ?* a
??r..i f'.r boy? to ko to school, and some took the
. "f getting a little learning while they ?v.r.'
young men and thought i ?*liinn of sitting beside
of twelve sn ? ih rte? n yean of ?'k- and study?
ing from the ame booka, One of the present prln
.; i is of \a v.- fork*? public schools ?who began lit?
pi onal career in this way i- Ptederlcli W
I'-' i, of (Jrammar School So. U, In Fifty-second?
st. between Eighth snd Ninth aves. Mr. .1 m ???
began his school life In the old Public School ?
ctety's Bcho ; N?>. it. In l-Wiy. a-yenth-s?. and al
the age of thirteen year? he was made .1 monitor,
and m t me received th" munificent salary of $?'?" a
\-ai He hail under him a? pupil? several I ?? ?
old? r than him ? If and ? I? no uncommon thing ' ?
Mr James i , n, ? er than himself
streeti of Ses \"tk io-da) who greet him a? theli
"old" teacher
The l> department of Orammar School Sa. H
was "i ganlse i .,'? i? pari ?,f snother school a* earl)
? i- i*>!?.. but In ISA togethei with a priman- depart?
ment ll was moved lo the new ?chool In Fifty
? ? ? v. i? known as Orammar School
So '?? in ItTS Mr Jameg be ame vice-principal of
Orammar B?*ho.>l So .M. in Forty-fourth-st., taking
a ?... ene) cans, I bj ihe promotion of John Js per
t.. the office ..r asatatani ?uperln tendent of the
P ttitic ?? '.?- Mr lame? *erve I In thl? ? ho il
until !*???' when he became principal of Orammar
s hnol So M
Thl? scho ' ng ab ws how desirable ? \**?:i an
? i 1 fsshlone.1 .n,.. thouse . an I" m ide if :!.?? prop, r
i i, stitlom sn takei b) ihe school authorities In
Ihe mat lei t - ring adjoining lot? .ml building
?? ? normoua Hath?
be pul on M-. lots Orammai School So * ' . ?
i sen bu H " i? ' ' ? ig ... i mk'ii in all quarter?
?,? eptlni r, '? On the west ?i?ie additional
lots have recent!? I. M and a a ng has
h in ws '.:.'? rferea w Un the
tl..? side of the school. Af
present the Unlit and venl Itlo In 'h- r.-ar ..f Ihe
H. ll-. 'I ..t, good I,.' Mill?.', th. ll..MS.-? :,, th" ,l.'\t
an private houses, having spacious back
yar.lH It !? onl) .i n ? n ot lime, however, when
uses will give place ??. lowering flat -
? Which ???II! ' on- within a f. w f.? : if the
re?i ? loi? An the ?,'ho,.i l.uiMin,*- com, i
.. fen feel of thl? line, ihe erection "f ?uch
Bathouae? will seriously interfere with the light
.it the . last rooms
a branch "f ihe Anti-Cigarette l?eague *??* er
i iv n : -, h , ,i ano has I emu ?.-.. trumental
reaklng up th? hatnt of iigar?.tt?..?moklng
.: ihe i \ ? Mr James speak? highly .'f the
i" i.? "'-:.ii . rf.-. t? .?r tho- organisation Four uni
t rit,? .1 -.iMiptt.l.'s ,,f tt.i- American Ouard have be,
established In thi? school uni a number ,,f th.-m
with "yueker" muskets, Recently the vom
? ? ,??fiil ?tre.-t para I. on Wa-liltijr
t"i, Height?
Mr Jam, ? rants .or.- Bhmuel Ayera Arthur
I Harrow? Henrj ll it Ouodrlch and David
r i mai | year? Mi?t? Jasper, the sister of
Superintendent Jasper, ?as al the head of the pri?
nil .run: t}- .i i <>. OFFER.
. ? \ publish, i In 'lii" Tribune yesterday that
an offer had been made for ? enl with the
r K. 8 i.iitt i-, a Co on a basl i of ','? ? ?? til -
ir created s gr< it deal of surprise ai
loiitM'j ' ? merchants ve?terday, as ll
... i a i ?. lupp ised th it the credlloi g
its i- ? it The sent I m? nts ol I
i m ii ?? ! V. <h.> prop .?in,m .ir" \at ? I, ai i
man) ibt whether to accept oi
the offer The un ?llei , ?? 11 tors gppeai to !>? i
Ing to a? m promts, ? hile the lai
prefi ? ? !.. 'i o m for d .1 sr :
i bettet ? i
proposal . con pi? l< it i i to the re?
ceivers, so the) . m I ihe| knoa nothing of th?
matt? The) refu' to talk, aa Ihey say the mow
,i ... i. ii , mi ? i n m ?t ., Tt ? p, n mptoi ? au?
ii ,ii - ils "t the i' ?"?*" ? ? i of -' k ? III begin
.?!. Ma) i 1 isi the name, M< rnbers ?of the Arm ?eein
i.o he eontl Ii nl lhal ovei . ?w? it,
will I?- realised al thai sal? Tl"- la ? lered a
conservative estimate b) merchants,
Une of Ihe ni" ni" i ' of ? I"?; linn wh 'i 1? oa
irgi ? redltor* of i: s .i.itiia, ft Co ?aid
? ? lei .. that I Bi m woul I not I ike It? eel
the dol o? i n , wsnte 1 II.nta ?nd Ihougl t Ihe)
wen certain ol gelling it. a? 11?- ?- consider, i K B
Jaffi ,' ?*. ' '?? full) able lo p ly In full Tl ?? mei -
aid th,,t Hi- j;,.'???,.??, worth ?of eccounti were
I.i and would i.llecteJ In ninety days The
? i, k would bring over p.OSO.OOO ??' lie, and ?his,
; gel . r with the 'at,:,- smouiil of ?real estate held
b) K s J affray a, Co., opuld easily ..fis, : th< P.7SO,
oa.o Uabl ties of Ihe Brm. Several other larg credl
- a ? i ne of ?v ; ?-n ? ?red to !"? quoi i. ippear? l to
i.I the same opinion
Mr i- rank of Frank .*- Blneti In, the a IJusters
and ? "ll. ?????? o isued Ihe latest i Ir? ular. when
S..-II ?.?'.M'li.? in in? office al So, ?atu Hroadway,
said that he had already received favorable an
swots to ill" .n niais from "Mr flfl) creditors
Ho.iid not '.i\ .?hat amount ol Indebtedness
these represented Mi Krank said that he felt
? ?.iitl'i. m timt th.- pnjpoaltlon would be accepte?!
Hi- sai,i thai with the Mg expenses no* runnli ; on,
th? shrinkage In vslues, tin- Ins- In lbs collection
of accounts snd bad debts, the asset i would of
necessli) contract, while Ihe liabilities ?ould uni*
larger He considered th.' offer of '?'?? l"-i cen? s
i?.i one, and did not think mn one would gel
m. by holding .iff Tinos., accepting the propos!
lion ?ast mad? would ?el their monei al once,
while those who held off would probably l??s.' the
n . .m their mone) foi several years, and then
eventuell) noi gei more than the other? When
told ?if what s.'V'ial large creditors had said von
rrrnlng the large holdings of real estate, Mr. Frank
said A ki"'?i deal ol that real estate is worth
nothing iik.' Hi.- value given on ihe booka or o?r the
debts for wht'h n was taken, and much is almost
valu, i.ss."
Mi. Tammlaon Maxwell BonnellAaife of Alex?
ander Bonnell and daughter of the |it?' John llar
per, died al her home, N?>. US Beat PIfty-eerenth
St., at I" o'clock Thin'lay night. Hot i|i*?lh was
caused bj paralyvU Mra Bonnell waa about sixty
Bve year? old at the time of her death. Her father,
John Harpei wa? one of the member? of i in?* old
publishing n n of .1 ?\ .1 Harpen Bhe ?v,iy< married
M, Mr. Bonnell Ii, IgtC, anal Iv atvl Ih-'lr two ? lui -
dren, Mrs Alexander Domlnlck an.i .1. I!. Bonnell,
survive her Mr? Bonnell was a charitable woman
ami a member of a numbei of charitable ?ocletle?.
Sin- was a in. nil,i,i ,,f Holy Tilnltv ,'hurch. WhOSS
t.-, tor. the ftev in E, \v Warren, will conduct
fniirriil service? al her home at 11 o'clock on Mon?
da) morning, The burial will be tn Oreenwood
r.m?-!' i f
I ai-ut.'ii:itil-i;.ivrii,ir .1 A I 'Inipl.'.ri. of the I'r.ov
itivi' ?of tyt"i. la ,it up? Brunswick. Mr, Chaplean
la OH his way home from Atlantic City. II?- was
a?k"'i 1/ h ? i ?.a i seen the renolutlon recently adopted
by the Legislatur? ,.r this st.,t?* In which Cotiatog?
"was mnIj.' i i,o invite Canada tp annex herself t?
Hi.? United Btate? Mr. Chsp'.ssu replied that hi
had not ?een it. and when Informed of the t.?n,?r
of the "MoJntlon, h" I uighi'd In ?n iimnsi'l way, und
t-.-ii'i : "'Weil. America la certainly .? progressive
country, I cannot say anything. I an not In
Canada, <?r i might ?et of. a pgtrloUo ?peech, but
I eadnol olo it (l ,vv ?? f ,r anpoxatlon, I prefer to
listen to tin. argument? of ..tii-rr-? to springing lino
ms btreMll anj lalkinft.''
ACCOUNT ur .\'.t.K?;t:i> INJIRI?**'
in THJCIR .-Tint!-:
The? -.rial of the suit ?brought by Mrs. l.ydia C.
Cos against Bhrlcb Brotten for tMXtt9 ?lamages
was ended yesterday. Mrs. ?'ox allsgad that la
IMS, while she was attending a special ?a!?* In their
?ton?, a ta!?'.? wai pushed against her back, caus?
ing as she alleged, spine disease and other trouble?.
Justice Patterson decided that he would hear more
er dance tend!;.? to Impeach the plaintiff. Mr.
tVellman had questioned her ar.d her daughter as
to tli?!r alleged visits to ihe ?ilachai*ged employes o?
th.- linn for th" purpoae of gettln?; t.-.enn to teatify
that thev saw th" accident The>e v:slts they de?
in? ! Asked of 'heir visit? to a Miss Jacobs, they
said thev thought she looke?! '.ike the girl who sanv
the accident, but that they did not urge her to
teatify. when Bhe said she had not. In rebuttal, the
Rev l?r. Isaac K. Funk swore thai be had known
the plaintiff for twenty-two years, and believed her
Th?- lury, aft?r being out a short time, returned
n verdict for the defendants. The usual motion for
a new trial was dented.
A in:??It (vTTHDRAWN BT thk plaintiff.
a suit wans begun yesterday In the court of Coas?
mon Pleaa befara .rnSg.? pry or In which William ?.'.
Brotherton seek? to recover $2,u"<i damages from
.lames II. and John H. Holmes for a'.leged injuries
to I number of hin bl.led colts on the farm of th
?1? ''triants al Holmdel, N. .1- There was also a
suit fur I'?"? for the services of llalzac ?rhlef, the
pr ?perty of the plalntltf. The case had been
open? l when the defendsnts' attorneys declared
t.iat the plait.tiff had not replie! to h counter claim
f..r il.ill. Judge I'rv.r finally decide 1 to allow the
plaintiff to withdraw a'Juror, at 1 the ease was put
a ?
dismissed p??i,I'T-:mi:n"s casks.
Fr.rrk ,i Meyer .m'l B igene A. Mastersoa, who
were alsmjysed from the police force by the Coas?
mlflsloners In August and September last, respec?
tively, for neglect of duty and conduct unbeoomlng
an officer, have taken an appeal to tha Suprema
Court, ami yesterday obtained from .Justice Law?
rence writs <.f certl rirl :.>r the p?irpos? of review?
ing ma action ot the Commissioners.
The suit .,f Ar;hur taring Mackaye, a son of the
late steei- Mackaye, for an absolute divorce from
is - wife, Flora l?ulse Cutler Vlackaye, which was
t- e| b f re Justice St iver n the Fpe lal Term ?if th >
etiiiremo t.'ourt, ended yesterday in a Judgment
a;-.i,i.e: the wife. The) were married Bvs years
B| ' and ha I two children. When they separatel
la i summer, Mr- Mackaye'a husband gol her to
write a confession ?if her Intimacy with Paul
l.it'k", wbo luv I been a frl-n.l of the family. This
? .?n: -, n wss p y ;:i ??'.. lence.
?? -
a motion was made before Surrogate ntagstrsJd
\ , -' ,r la v ro confirm the rr ?..?rt "f the referee, !,.???!?
I. Delaflgld, In the accounting of tha FsAiaetF I.oan
?i" i Tr ;?? Company as temporary administrator and
executor <>f the estate - ?Schuyler skaat?, an?i to
overrule exception? il 1?-1 f??r his widow and for his
i ? r, W. \V. Sk.tats !'i" latter asks that iti
.??: mi be Investi??! t(l yield the equivalent of " per
cent "i. tlf.OCA, his share un?ler the will. Th? widow
i?.?- the bequest? declared general. Surrogu'e
Fltsge-fcld r? ?lerv? I ?!??? .si ?n
w ?
Among the property <?f the late Mark M. Stan?
ce?! I whl-h th.? trustera of the Steven? estate are
trying to have applied to the payment ??f the Vic?
toria Hot at'a IndebtedneM to the estate .? a trust
fund In th? Knickerbocker Trust ?'ompany. In ac
eordancs with the will ?>f Mark M. StsnflsM. the ta?
c?me to be pal ! to several of hi? relative?. Henry
M S'antle! I. of Morris Plain?, tt. J.. Is one of the
beneficiarle? of thi? trust fund. Justice I_*.wrenr<\
in Supreme <'?nir;. i'h.imber?, ha? granted an order
fiir th? ?enrice upon him of the summons In the ac?
tion by publiiMtlon.
Albany, April y,. The Court of Appeal? calendar
for Mot, lav Is No?, nt, MS, 211. !>_S, 147, _.'?,. W and
tiii: sitm?kmi: COURT ?ai.kxdar.
?Washington, At.ril M Th.? day call In the T'nlted
States Supreme Court for Monday, April a?, win
be n, ?fbliows: Nos "U .ti?:. 2.1. 3..'. land 3_~), 324
BS, 07, i". SU and KB.
luprama i ?uri Chamber? Sefors Uawrcace, J.?Court
, ? n? .? lo _i ,i m? M' 'I IM
en ?ill Coort ru- m Saturnia?/ calendar win nit be
! mill s.i?tir.i..v May ?
Kuperlnr .'.-nt S[?..-ii, TVrm Before QIMsrslss.a J.?
? ', irt ?pen? at 10 ., ??? M lion?
late'? l*nun ? hamber? lief i"? PttsgeraM, B ?SC?X
it?? e-.ii.F? r>( r?n..t.i f '. at i":;?? a. m. grilla for
;-'?.?, William B, l'an leiuia S'nrn?n. ,?? 10.1,1 ?. ot.
1.??::?? ?i IV-1? Special Term H--f?,re ]!..,.K-itaver. .).?
? I en? at 1<? :'?'? ., m Marinas
ilstirt -i- , Term befora Van \v.?..k, J, -c?un
? at M a n M ? : ?
?nprenas <*,?urt.
Iii t.a?? ran. ?. .1.
Matter f ?? ?aaustus i: MeMahaa.
Matter ' River ' ? ??- John ? >...:? y,
.-'.'?? r v? Whit? '' ??- i. Ilalptn
t'nrnweli, |i.HyractiM ?two rssrs) Panlal
?, i. -t. -i
lb ,.?-. ? - M ig ! ?' ? -? T. Varnum.
C 'i.m ti l'l?a?.
i?i n kstanrsr, j.
y I) ttt th it? ' ises) Herman W. Veaderpoet.
II i me ? ? C n Larrentore.
II ??uauatu? II. Van lerpael.
Super! t ?'.'"'t.
B) Olid raleeve, J.
p. ??? -.? Ptatl i ?? i.'H k sravth.
n?- M? n tea- I
M Cltanal ui aa ? ''- Henrj ?T. Sackett,
it i:? -i:ivi:i.s AI*TOIKTBD,
Pssreeaa ?'??urt.
n? Lavrreace, .1
Mets t n. Cs Iwell ?*? laura B CaMwell Franklin
1 ? -
Superior ?Vitirt.
II) OIM -r->?va. ,T
Karl M Wallach ?- Jahn I. McAdam lacea Kan.
1 Hern?n va Samuel Cttuch Quine?/ w,ri ii,iei?e.
The oAetals of the National Sh-.,- and leather
p..ink have decided t.? adopt a different course in
referring to th ? recent trouble the bank has passed
through. Heretofore ihe officials have been frank in
?peaking of the sffatrs of the bunk, but, to use
vi.-e-Pf?sid.-t.t Hlltner*? own words: "This frank
n.-'s h:?s ?at the bank Into all kinds of troubla."
Non.? ?.f the bank official* ?aus accesalbie >,???
terday, The following notice .? section from the
banks rhartei ?a? ?given to all who Inquired for
Information, and nothing further could he taetr
talned: "Section -i The vote statement, or opinion
of any director expressed at the board, and all mat?
ters ,,f buatneas of the bank, -had be considered a?
?secreta of the bank, and ?shall not be divulged <?r
ap ?ken of outatds the boar i "
Th.. raaaon for this ?secrecy N that c-rt tin state
menta recently mad,- have b? n nMslnlarpratad, und
a-, a result a ?good deal of ? ml iston has b,'.?n caused,
The ?tor) hss beco-me current thai as anttra chanta
of f.r.,- would ta!?,? place In the near futur?? *?
a ?result, the ofnciaUt have been deluged nvith him
?ir?is of letters from persons applying f??r po-ltlona
Supplemental to this each day. anywhere from a
score to ? hundred persons make personal applica?
tion at the bank for employment.
it was said ai Ihe bark yesterday that no ur??at
changes would be made now.
Samuel i-: Aymar, the defaulting bookkeeper af
the National .Shoe and I.e.inner I< ink, was ye.ter lay
Indicted bi the Federal Qrand .lury for making
III.nines and misappropriation of the bank's
fun di? The specific amounts will not i>.? nude ?wh?
ile until after the In llctmenl has been tl.e.l The
Indictment of Aymar makes unnecessary the pre?
liminary examination before I'nlted state? Commla
Bli.r Khtelds, which was se) for April 3<i. The
.as,? now goea direct to the circuit ?'?>urt Aymar
will b?' arraigned before .in lue Benedict an May 7.
,\ meeting of ib.- state ?Board of Health was bald
veaterdnj ?" ""' Mm?"v Hill Hotel A Isrooklya
delegation asked it-.-- board to aii??'itit tstate inspse?
tors for Brooklyn mud its vicinity? and Bfter sont
?ils iis.-i.an th?- board deckled to Kiiint the rennest.
The following names were submitted for Inspectors:
.losi-t'l. B. Taylor, for Newt,?win ?'reek. William
Taylor, for meal and Blaiighter-bo-ae InapaoMi*;
Gustave K, Voelckening, for milk iMpactor, The
names v.eie referred to '.he Committee on i'onta
gtous I Sseast s
After rbceaa ih>? board bald a speds! meeting t?n
i-,.ii?i.ier a memorial from residents of Mount Ver
noti uod Kinst Chester ?.skim,- relief from "a con?
tinual menses to the public health and property in?
terests caused by the emptyltiK of the sewage of
Mount Vernos Into the water uf Kaatchester (.reek.
Many loading dttsens from Mount N'ernon ond East
Chester w? re present and took part In the discus
id,m li wins ?enern?ly conceded that an Intolerable
stench nvas created at the outlet to the aewer, but
i-ontlMliig oplrlons were expressed aa to the cause
uf the nuisance, which ha? been the subject of bitter
local controversy fur soun" time.. The ?matter will
b? retened t- iho Jjraiua,e .?.luiatu??,
The New-York
For Sunday, April 28, will con?
tain thirty pages of news,
correspondence, sketches,
fiction and choice literature.
Notice a few of the many featupei
in to-morrow's issue :
G, W, S, on the Far East.
A brilliant essay suggested
by Mr. Henry Norman's
niuch talked of book?Pos?
sible relations of victorious
Japan with the powers of
Striking Oil.
A timely sketch of early
days in the petroleum fields.
?Memories called up by the
present excitement.
Earnest Amateur Tars,
An illustrated article on the
First Naval Battalion by
one of its members.
Women as Gamblers.
Hx-.\ttache reviews tVe
growing passion for play
among fair foreigners of
Horses that can cover a
mile in 2:10.
Housekeeping in Italy,
An .American's Experience
of tenanting a Roman
Latest Paris Fashions
Described by a bright, ac?
curate and suggestive writer.
The history of a World
Famous Swindler.
All the Latest Bicycle News,
By an expert and accom?
plished writer on cycling.
News ot London
A* O /
Topics in Paris.
Comments on what happens
in the great capitals.
All the News ot Brooklyn,
Together with special at>
tieles on affairs across the
National Guard Notes.
Plans for the parade at the
dedication of the Washing?
ton Arch.
News ot the Churches
And Theatres ; items of in*
terest to law vers.
What is Going On Everywhere.
All well told and adequately
A Sunday
Paper for
the Home.

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