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lin mt? Annm? ?he (fatmttr -Nm-Jbork.
-.!?:- THE WATE? sii'iM.Y-BRIET NOTES,
The ?Memorial Dny parade of mm was pro?
nounced by the people ot Mount Vernon the most
?at .-'.->:'? il :i:,,i Imposing ? -ver attempted in the
vi.:,i_?. the town. ??!? the city, but tin? on?- being '
?granged for M .mu ci I Day this year promises to \
?Up?** even thai ??!' MM. The committee, of the
javera! orcanlaatlona that are to tak? i>art this '
year met on Tu?. lay evening at the rooms of the ?
ppai i ot Tra le and formed ? joint body, A. ?:. .
Horre wee appoint? I chairman, and after a die- ,
casslon ol the varloui propositions for a ganara] j
yroframme, Franklin T. I ?avis ?jrai elected grand ;
marshal. The following were appointed a oom
in.fce of aide: Edwin W. ?Flake, president of the i
laard of Aldermen, to reprenant that body; l-'ire '?
Qpmmliunl.ner A. W. Wallender, to represent the '
?Iba Department; Captain \v. H. Almy, repreaent? i
inje ihe Baptist ?Boys' Brigade; LJeutenani M. V.
Carmody, of the brigade of the Church of the
?jeered Heart; W. s. Anderson, ?>f the Epworth I
i, ., ieutenant F, ?Schneider, commanding the
!.. nth Separate Company, National Ouard; !
Captain l>. W. Lapham, Farns wort h Post, nl. A.
li., the i:?-,' 1.. I-'. Buell, Congregational Church
A. Stephenson, of the ?Board of Trade,
a-..i Lieutenant Henry E. Khoades, representing
the Hoar! ot ?Education, A representative of C. J.
?.o? k-ulst Camp, Sins of Veterans, la to he s?
?. ,. .
Th? gt ??'? ral plan, which Includes the entire Pire
Pepartn a? well as tha other organizations, is
for th* line to form at 9 a, m., puss in review
beforn the Mayor and Common Council and the offi?
cial? ol th? Board ?>;" Trade, an?i after a para?le
through the pr nci] ii avenues, march to the Sol?
diers' Mon u men i In Valentine Square, where the
tablet of ihe "Loyal Women" wui be unveiled. At
the n..? i" ?nrlll i??? singing by a chorus
of school ' Iren under Professor Haltam, and s
salute by :h" National Uuanl and the Huss Bat
t?'ry. T.'i-r? the parade will be dismissed. In inl
ditton lo ihi t-?* *?? there will t?- customary deco?
ration of Ihe - ?1 Hers' graves In the cemeteries
comrades ol Farns wort h Poat, and an
evening celebration by that Post In ?Lincoln Hal). ,
The Pnlted states Civil s? mie,? commission has
appointed ?Saturday, Jun? l. as the date fora com
examination of candidates for clerks a?i ? ,
;.?? - ers, ' ? till vacancies In the DOStOfflce. j
The examination Is open to all reputable citlsens
_>bo msy desire app? ntmenta, regardless of their |
pollti?-.il aiTlliatlons, The hk?? limitation for letter- ?
c,:: .? .^ not under twenty-one years, and noi
?ever forty years, and that for clerks is ein;tnt<eii ?
vear- or over.
Th. Oratorl ) Society will pive a concert in th?
Baptist Church, undei the l?-a?l "f ?Professor Alfred !
. i ? --.o evening n?xt. The plecas se
l?ete, are "King Rene's ?Daughter." "Sprint;" anJ ,
"Heaver " l- will i" a chorus of female voices en
til.'.)', snd v> : ??? assisted l?y ih<- Verdi Quartet, of
The Mozart Club will .ive a concert on the
Ma\ :?. In the (mera House, Th? e'ub
? ausist? 1 by Miss Mabel Stephenson, so?
prano; Harry Hunt, cornet; Walter Strafford, violin,
ar. i M. i',?r;, irt, <?? I! ?,
\ -, ling of the Republican voters of the
Thir. War! !-..?- been call?-?! for Monday evening
n-xt The attention of the v?*ters of the entire ,
Sty - '?? ? 1 to th.? fie? that the registration places
In each ?vir! will ?be open to-day from 9 a. m. to .
), n?? and - absolutely necessary that eacta
?.. i wishes to exercise the rieht of suf
ir.?_? -. : ". regutei .:-. person else he cannot vote
at tr.? ? i? ?Hon on M it -'. ?foi <'itv officers.
Th* Rev, George ll. ?Pillan, ol Anttoch, Syria, a
na;:?* Armenian, who ms exiled by the Turkls'.i
au: >rlties, gave a lecture In the First Methodist
Church o?. Thursday evening.
Colonel Herman li?::.'. ?? r_'r win recently
? - . from .m extended tour in Europe, gave an
?'.??.rated Iwtur.i "A Holiday T.uir Through
Bwltser'and and Italy. " In the Parochial School
Ha'.: '.as: night. M ira than a hundred vl.?*?. mi?t
of them fr ?m photoempbs taken by Colonel Hen
n*t?'r_-er. wer* shown on the canvas.
Mr.-. Alice Wellington Rollina ?ave a lecture be
for* the young women students -?f the Misses
Lockwootl? Seminary, In Wlllard Hall, on Thurs
.s? H? r ?ubject was '-Beep, }-*..?>l an". t?ress In
Literal ir? From a Scrap-Book?Hints on the
Art of Renting ind Quotation."
? Henry Huss, president of the Roari of
Traie. ,n accordance with a resolution adopted a
few evenings aco. h is appointed the following rom
to investigate <?nl report t?> the board on
the rahM ?1 the plant of th<? Mew-Torn. City Sub?
urban Water Company ?now In the hands of a
receiver., Ihe extent and quality of the water smp
i.'.v, an?l where an additional supply of water can
l?a obtatnenl etc: Joseph 8. Wood, Dr. Stuart B
A lam K. Schata .lohr. P. FairchlM and
Fr. Wirk S. ? ?d-'.?.
Th? Mount Vernon Club, which has been un
??aect?ifui in Its linancial management, ha? been
rf-.rga.-.izd. an l ?ucceeded by the "City Club, <?f
Moaot Vernon." The following were elected ??fflcrs
an! governors: President, Henjamln Sedgwtck;
vlo-presldi-nt. ?-. B. Van Dorian; secretary. Edwin
Huff, treasurer, 11. s Armstrong; financial secre?
tary, V" Y Lane; governor-, William a. Ander?
son, i Wesley mown?. Thomas Clay don, Byron
I.? - n William H Van Arsdale and P. Ifeybold
Mrs Dr. M S. P<ii*e gave ? pleasant reception on
Monday afternoon al her h?'m?-, on >Se?ond-ave.
Among the manv present were Mrs C H Jones,
Mi's ? huvlei Mrs. Charles A. Tier. Mrs. E ll
l/.ma?. Mrs. John Watson. Mr? W. T Hum?? Mr?
Ella Warren, Mi?. William \\'ils.,n. Mrs El wood
?'arpener Mr- F A. Meritam Mrs W'rlcnt. Mrs.
Lansir.?- Sanford, Mrs Harry Sprcull and Mrs. Ed
M?*ssr? Edward Cbaffea?, W. N. Gilben Clark
I a N Ivea o commit tee .' the Sons of th<- Rev ?
lution. have ?been directed to select a suitable place
in East Chester to creel i monument to :h* heroes
??: ? ?? Rev ?lut
A drl . ? i an i Inspection ?>f ?he ?Baptist
l'.'v?' Brigade ' ? ????; place In Stephenson'a Hall on
M ? la) evening, when two companies wer- formed
of the <xt> uniformed lads tinier command of
M.iior Barker and Captains Almy and Weatfal
Q*n*rai ?;?. ?mgaander of the Baptlat Boys'
Brigade, ? Xew-Y ?r?V and Brooklyn. wa>? the re?
viewing officer, and be ?as accompanied i.y colonel
Cash?, .i ; \! ?i ,r Ott, ol his 'taff K.r nearly tWO
hours ih* brigade ?trilled and they wars warmly
commet led foi their proficiency.
T;:? Bepubll an primaries srfll i><- held on Mon?
day ?v : . M ? . ?? nil i .m- delegates from i-ach
-, 'ne c!tv convention, to lie
he. i ..i, \v, in.-?. ,a . May I; also candidates
f ? .Merman from each ward will he selected.
' il meeting of th-- t'niversallst ?'hurch s?>
clety :\.b be held after ih?- moruini. servie?, to-mor
? -. take acl on appropriate t. the death of
TI ": Tivior. late president ol the society.
? ? ?
0 .-_<- i: Huntington, of the University <?f Koch
earer, has ?bean rtatilng ralatlvaa In Peahshlll this
Charles ll. yiny- haa sold to ?Haaford Smith a
?:" a* \i.;.'i,n anl rentrai av.? Mr. Smith
to build stables on th?- property.
The r?*k<;k.il Mlllury Academy nina defeat"]
? mi.it. i nine on tha home grounds <>n Wednes?
day by .'1 t?, :i. Th* Mohegan K? h??ol nln?- <|e?vat? i
the Cortlandta bj U to ? las; Saturday. To-day th?
Mohesan? play the Siglara nl Newburg, ?"?n Wednes?
day they in.i. tr.?- Mount Blessants of Tarrytown
? i. th? Mohegan grounds.
The ?had are running in ??rn-at <i'i,.nt:tl? s up th?
Hudson. Tu.- local Hshermen are turning In 1,00. a
da; lo ?'r? i A Smith, who takes the entire catch
of this >.??, tion and ships the flsh tfoutb and W?*ni
The Boai-d of Trusteea on Tue?sday evening
?iwari,-! -., jobn Smith, jr. th? contract for grad?
ing N?:? ?,.. |.,,,,,..: north of Phoenlx-ave, The
work v III .,,- ?begun al once.
Mrs. Vun Rut -?n died at her horn, on Hmi'h-st.
last M. -..'!?%? morning after a brief Illness She was
?'? h? t fifty-third yeai She was born in Albany,
was married thirty-four \?-ars a?_o. and has ilv? I
y- Pe?*ks?xlll for tweniv-tbree year-. Her husband
?*? i -'??.'? n ? hlldren survive bar.
The Rev. A ? i.-traii?i?-r preached to th<- members
of :h.? Cortlandt H??ok and |_adder ?'ompat.v at Si
Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church last Bunda)
nit--f;t. About i-?v'-r.ty-f.ve members of the company
attended m a bod).
Tomorrow nicht the Rev. Irvin? K. White will
In th? Pecond Presbyterian church t?. th"
Old v.-:iov- of peekeklll. Cryptic Lodge So. 75 and
Cortlandt Ixxlge N i ??-? II attend in -. body,
Peckrklller? ar? hoping that the Mil of ?Speake.*
ting 1 ? ?? for u.onstructlon of a
.-.?H.. -. . ; l.tw.-,: ih?- Slat?-- Camp rm] Hl14hlat1.il?,
, th? Assembly, will pass th?- -^?li?
st.- .:.,: bee .,,.. ;, i??
'I'l.e Rev. E. c. ?Saund? 1 hai resigned as rector of
*?' .Mm;.', |r ih? Highlands, and bis i-?-i'ignati?n
has bem ;,-. ( (,,j
,\?JP'' _?'***" '?"'?? continuing t)i?-Ir effort! to have
t:.-!r -.?v,,,: ,,,.,,. , |01M, on sundav A delegation ap
pc.red before ihe Board ol Trustees on Tuesdsv
^v*mn| and presented a petition signed by all but
tour or th?- P.'?-kski!l "tonsorial artl tr" ;?.-k.t??- the
oar 1 o tak? action on the ?matter. Th.? board was
u.i.ier tu., imprn-ssion thai a State law allowed ?neun
to remain < j.en on Snnlay. ?? the natif r was laid
?',. ?' ,Y,"k rVr Investigaci?n,
?.T.?.Jto**-9j!h annua.?-,?? ?f the Woman's
? lissior.arv Society ol ihe Presbytery of Weat
Th,V"i' raV?',!- :ri f***h?klll on Wednesday and
\ti.? V! ,?" '''"'"'s elected were: President,
v! .& l.'?ts??ns of itvi ; foreign secretary,
xiLr ? V- ?_"'"h. ?f Stamford; home secretary,
? 1, 1- 'V',1"'- "f Kntonah; treasurer, Mr*.
?. K Knapp. , f Peeksklll; ?-ccordlng ? r? :.irv. Misa
s. t- i_e* s
D p Maagaa ?and hla ramlly at? iTfiasiiiag thtir
Basmeet nome In lilKhlan?l-ave
JCoaara J.^im M. Terwttilger, lrvir.K M. Unit and
Cornell.?, D. Malaady, of the Om?nala? Y.?'ht ?*ltil>.
nav? hase elected delegate, to the Kew-Tonrk Tacht
R?clng Association.
Kei-ent Albert (Camp, of Otafcalng Council. Boyal
Arcanutn. of (hU village, |B one of the members of
i?e Coauslttc? an Raga] Araaamm nav. which is
m MQhaar.1 I b) a!! lbs organizations of the order
"n t"il?< conn i;..
Ex-Assemblyman lidgar L. Ryder has been i*p
POih.el special ratlstlclun of farm values ami other
?nromutlon ,n thl" county and Putnam, The po_l
'?_"'' la a lucrative one, anl come? through the
l nlted Btatea Departmenl of Agrli ulture
Mrs. Kan- Qreen and her family h?vc ?"?turnad
fr.un their v?sj, to Lakewo. i and are now occupy,
?n? their home. Apple Tro? Lodi ?
Morel] p it, n,,, m. ,, ,\ ?; . ?,? \\ regular meet?
ing ?si Tuesday evening passed a scries of r?solu
non? in which the rece?? remarks made concerning
me order by Colonel Ueorse L Waring, Buperinten
i.'nt of streei Cleaning of the cltj ??: New-York,
were emphatically denounced, and the repr?sent??
mes or the county n, ;.>:.? sim. u-^lslature were
requested to take action "to relScvu the public ser?
vie, of th.- Waring Incubus."
i ?tuions hav? been sign? I bj i large number of
rr'^''""', ''kin' t:i" Legislature to approve of the
proposed a.pie met bicvele irack
An entertainment under the managemenl ??' th..
?ociad an.l Literary Society oof 81 Paul's Epl >
pu ? hurch win be given in the basemen .. ihe
cnurch ..r. Wednesday and Thursdaj of next week,
?or the ben. (it of th.- Sun,l.iv-.-<Mi......
uwing t., the exertlona of the rod and reel flsh ?
men, no haulm,.- of big seines has i- n done in Ihe '
river near this village for th.- last three years, TI . ?
season, however, the sein? fishermen have igaln bo? i
gun work, and some large hauls nave been made, .. :
recent catch being over four torn ? itrlpcd bass
I no following is the organisation of the town
Board of Hi-aitn for the ensuing year: President.
t.iiioeit m. Todd; secretary, Roben T. Dennis;
ii"iith officer. Dr. Hiram Barber: clllsen niemUr,
Beth ??. Rllegood.
?E** '***iJpwing are the Democratic candidates for '
village ..Hi,-, -, j nominated lasi Wednesday: Pr?
cent i i.rr.- Reynolds; Trustees, William Orsnt. K. ,
Ur.'<1J>rK? Carpenter. John 11. Kenny; Collector,
y\ inneid s. Smith: Treasurer, Alberi Kamp; Water
Commissioner, Stephen M. Sherwood.
Two excellent amaten' performances wer? given
In this ??;:?- on Thursday evening bol large
audiences One took plac? si Music Hall ai
other i" St Mary's Hall. VI the formel plat* of
amusement Ihe "Hlck'ry Kann Dramatic Company"
gave the three-ad corned.? dr.uni "Hlck'ry Farm."
Th" actors were all smateurs, snd the casi Included
Abram li. Tompklns, |r., William ': Bdl
r. Whltety, Norman Veitch, Frank O, !'??
Prank Van Hennlck, Mis? Anns Ruthing and Mi
Etta Corning The star character for the men ? ?
thai taken by Mr Tompklns, and for I ? ?"ore
that taken by Miss Corning. The i-liy v.as given
under the auspices of Bitching Poai of Vonk? -
At St. Mary'a Hall Ihe Choli of the < of the
Immaculate Conception presented Gilbert at I Sulli?
van's operetta, "Trial bj Jury." undei ih? reel
of Bernard R. Johnatone, o? tai Is) ol ?
Julian .bordan was the defendant; i: Bi
Brown?, th, |ti Igi . Ch ir'.i - F Cai aval ?
James N Ci ifi counsel for Ihe plaintiff: W im
.1. Shall.-w. foreman of ti..- Jury, snd Mis? Marj
McOowan. plaintiff The brldesms I? ?ere Ihe
Mi?.se? Connolly, Berrlan McAuley. McOowan,
l.urk?- an I li? Ig? rs Th? n ! m? ? ? r?
Shallew, Umerod, Tynen, Potter, Meehan, ?
Cahavati. Kodgen and Corcorsn
The lecture ol Mas O'Rell al the Vonkers Uiwn
Term:-? ?'lull house? on Monda) nlghl wan
incident ? if the week in Vonkers So man> cour?
tesies had be, n extended to the ib bj e Park
Hill Country Club thai 11 took advantaa? : this
occasion to reciprocate, hi I Its members wer?
vite l to listen ii the lectur, It was Mr Itlouel i
tlrst appearance In Vonkers and hi received a
- liai welcome. Among Ih ; i rere Mr,
and Mrs. John Kendrlck Hangs Mi and Mrs K"r< .
eric W. H'.ll-. Mr and Mrs John k i.,-.,i. Mr
and Mr? .1 Postei Jenkins. Mr. and Mrs W
H Doty, Mr and Mrs Hall n Waring. Mr. and
Mrs John Bellows, ! >r and Mr? Henr> M fl
Mr snd Mrs. William VV. Scrugham, Mr and Mrs
Virgil Humasen, Mis? Mom. .lar*haII Hutler Miss
Clima:. Miss Janel Waring, Mis? Pitkli Miss At?
kin?. Postmaster l Q IV Holden Charle?. p|
Bast?n, William B Edgar, Well? oimst? ... David
HAWley, Charles Rosslre, Charles it Leffingwell
Bamuel T. Hubhanl. Harry H< brook, Jr., Di K M
Harrington. John I! I'ph itn. and Phllln t?ettj
The tournnmenl a) the bowling alley? oof ihe
Pattssde Boat Club t-o decide ihe chami?lonship of
th?- club l" nearing the end The standing ol ih?
m? n Is as followa: ?Charlea M. Schaeffer, won 7
game? ins' none; Blnclsli Tousey, ?.on ?.
J. ?o. A. Adams, won I lost . i H ?*> ?
won ?, lost li. Fred W Ritter, won ( losl :. > C,
Rosslre, won I, lost 2. 3, K H urns son won :?:. losl .,
B. Martin, Jr.. won :'. losl I; B. A Olivet won .
post ?'.
Superintendent Colemsn, of the Vonk?
Hallway, is replacing the old rail I i gtrdei
rails, anl a stretch from Ludlow?si t.. Culvei si
In Rlverdsle-ave., snd In Wsrburton i fi >m
Hhonnsrd Terra- .? t.? ihe t?..rrii ?Mid of Ihe 1 ?
estate, has already been completed \ large force
of men is si worn on ihe strip :r..:n Doci
Well ave. When this Is completed, th- Wai
ave lim- will have been equipped with n? ? rails
During the winter all ?of th? i o . . been
thoroughly renovated and varnish? i snd soin. ,A
th?m are now in use
Residents of the cltv ore trying to hsve sn oi
dlnance passed prohibiting ib<- throwing ?.f cir?
culars lnt> pr?vete yards A greal deal
anca has been csused by men who rom? o I ol Ih?
city arvi utter up lawn? with clr ulars
B, H. Soth?-rn will present a series ol ?
Mus,. H.ll nexl v-w-ek m aid of Si John's Rlvei
side HOspltsl. i m Thursdsy, Msy .'. he rill j.r?
s.-nt for th<- first lime It. Vonkers "A Wnj lo Win
a Woman"; on Friday night, pta i.? ?ti ?i
liiair?". ?.n Saturday afterno n ' Loi i ? h ?
ami on Saturday evening "The High?
F. X. Donoghue. Ciy Judge, has ? ?rl???.. a k lei
to the Poll '? Commissioners, 11 ! i,? l:.
practice among some of th? Vonkers lawyer? -.?..i i.
lias almost become sn sbuae When ? reoi
convicted in ihe criminal court the) maj appeal
tu th?. Courl of Sessions, al Whit, Plains, and ..!?
tain an order, either from the Count)
Supreme Courl Judge, allowing an apjM ,1 and
.IN. hargin? the prlsonei This ordei is serve?) al
poll ?? heaiiquai t< i - an?l the prisoner I
The other papers, -. hlch -i. .. I ,,., the
??|ty Judge, -ii" pul In Ihe j.. xe( ol ihe an
The Judge can make no return t.. ?.... appellate
court, and the Dlstrlct-Attorne) kn< nt nothing of
I the matter m? ihe return t made, snd ?
I quently csnnoi srgue ihe app? al
Frank It Chambei . ?d Bronxville ha i u
a 1,100-pound roller and a road-scrap r, and if ihe
blghwsy between Crow N? t and the rath 'o
tion i" n.ot in g.soi condition it will not Im hl? fault
H- li not Ihe only Isxpsyer here who has b n
weary ?A wsltlng for the ? >wn t i repair : le roads.
C. Wei.)., i has moved from Lsuren ?? r.irk, itr..n\
ville, to Brooklyn.
Th- question .of t?a* incorp ration i a village of
Bronsvllle, Tuckshoe and oil the iiorlli-rn pan of
the town of Be I ? 'het lei [a agal i >
On Mondsy evening lasi a most ?? i.. ... social
afTalr, anl one of the largest evei held In I'ppei
Tuckshoe, was given, tic occe Ion being the iw??n
iy-fiftb snnlverssry of Ihe wedding ol Mi and Mi
Benjamin Bchweltser, nh.i were assist? I In r.\
Ing by ib'it daughter, Mis* Ou s . ?/..,. Mr.
and Mrs 9V. McCarthy, of N. ? York City; C
Terwilllger and D. L?*sry, of Tuckshoe, an?) Mr?
Frances Bchweltser contributed some excellenl
: solos There were silver w, Ming gift? In gres)
j quantity. Among t* ? guest* w i- Mi Bchweltser
j and A. Le? lui of Newark, N I . Mi and Mit-.
' J. Mailing, Mlas Julie Bulling Mr and Mrs Hall.h
! and Mr? Renolts, ol Brooklyn; Mr. and Mn w
! McCarthy, Miss -I sie Link. Mr, and Mrs l>. Mc
I C-arthy, II. ii. cker, ? ' B? ck? i and Ml? Vn I' r m
' ol N'ew-Vork; Miss M. Uailagher, ol Philadelphia;
Mr. and Mrs, D. Oalllgher and Mr. and Mrs. Ward,
! oil Elmsford, N. >., Mr, and Mrs. A Brown, ??:
Tarry town; Messrs l.- atid Drelbsatcr, of Dobbs
F.-ir\: Ml- Usais l.?ar, of v..ni..i . Mr, and
, Mrs, M Sister and Oeorge Slater, ol NeW-ltocheJIe;
; .1. Lswler, ol Mouni \ ? rnon Mi 1 V. R?
1 Mrs. Sarah l Reynolds. Mr. and Mra. John Ack
? erman, Miv it, Arkerman Miss Held, the Mlsi
? Nellie ?nd Hsrah Whalen. \l i ?nd Mr? i .-' hwt>lt
?er, ihe Ml- Julie and l?ens Hchweitx r, W. li.
1 Reynolds, Mr, and Mm B. Rlley, Stewart Iteynold??
snd Chs lei Reynolds, of Scarsdale; .1 Lai Imei
: of Bronx ville; Mr. aiul Mm. M, crowley, Mra. V.
! Coition, ih'. A Smith, Mrs Joy, D A !.? iry, Ml
M J i. arv. Mi- Torpcy, A Fish? r, Mis L. na
? Leary and Mio-- S. Lamii, nf Ttickalioe Dancing
to music by ? Dobbs Ferry orch? ira was enjoyed
till Ihe small hours.
The Rev. J. v. Hates, of the tsbury Methodist
Episcopal Cliurrh, Tiickahoe, has Jusi Io,,m:,!ii s
' handsome boi ? and op n round.:' carnag,
Mrt?. in- Noylcs, ? f Albany, ? c nt Bast? .k at
- ?_- * . ... - ?.- , . ?-.... -iv ,.a. . i
the home or bei father. F. i>- Frate , Tu?kah.
.I.iiii.? Deabrus and his family, of Vonkers Park,
?all f ?r Paris on May 1
M. Kiiniy i.ein, ..f Yonkera Park, returns horn?
from Lo?- An,". ,? ', ? 'ai . ".oia ?
p, Brundage, of Tiickahoe, from sevent) Mil r,*a
snd l ? m. irn h'-ios, sold dui ing Mar. h 1,221 One I irge
eggs, which netted hlra |2f.:A During February
(twenty-iHghl days), Mr. Brundagc gol I.71J egg
from the ?? i o- i?. na
A m'y. ichoolhuuso for School Dlstrlci No. :;, at
Wavi rly-Tu 'kah ? Is b.mlng a llv< Issue, and
there Is no doubl lhal the am; is I m- ? i .i?--, will \ ,-,
from ?!n.'?K' :,. |]r,.ooo for the bull ling.
Bamuel ?Stevenson, "f Vonkers Psrk, celebrated hi*
ntnety-flrst birthday a fe? dsyi ago Mi Bt? .??n-,.,
la one of the n.'.-t actlv? w n In the town
T-:?- Archbishop Ins appointed Father John B,
O'Hare, aaslstanl paator lo Fathei Palter, .of the
Immaculate Conception Church, Tuckahoe.
The Yonk-r"- Com men Council has awarded the
contrail (or a bridge across Tucdtahoe Brook, it
the entrance of Vonkers i'aiic, on Bcsiafdale II ., i,
near Tuckahoe, to Dougherty ft Berrlgan, of \.,?
kerr, Hoy b?.?ri? tne lowest bidders.
Th" old stone '? ttsge ?mi the De Wltl wrm, near
ih? Harlem Rallrosd, Bronsvllle, bull! about forty
resrs ago, is to t.- bkrwn up with dynsmits and
removal by th ? Brons Manor Association
An tlaborats program?is baa bera preport-d by
Principal Fltsgerald. of the I'PP? Tu.-kalw publi
I hool snd NlU Hnrdsley. of the? Jefferson I'.a-"
School Tiickahoe, for Arbor Usy. ??y ??? .,
Ml.s'K. , l.awhr. of Xew-Y?* ft?, .WSS th?
gue.i 0f miss Ethel Murtbs, si Dr. Imlths, Tuck
ahoe, thi? w? < k.
with !!:.? spprosch of May cotw ; sddltlonal In
t.,. m m the construction of -he New-Tork. Blnw
ford and Whit.- Plain*? Electric Rsllicad, which the
promoters say will be In running '"-der between
Elmsford and WIveT Lake Phrk, In llarris.in. by
July I Although Ihe ?srorti of grading was .begun
this week m Oreenburg, "here it is proposed lo
construe) s turn-out, the authorities have little
tilth in the Immedlste construction of the lint
Th? opinion Is general thsl those foiemost m the
road'a managemen! sre putting fot* these efforts
t.. have an rscusc to oppose an? rescinding <-f the
franchise. II. T Montgomery snd Jsmes H. Muran.
who sre active In Ihe preliminary ?rangements,
are sanguine thsl Ihey will be successful In Ihelr
efforts t.. hsve the road In running order bel.
the County l-'air in S.j t. mher.
A th :?? t in the grade ol ihe outle. ?? w, r msln In
Willlum-st.. near Raltrosd-sve has made neces
ssry the relsylng of ?" feel ol the outle? with
iron pijs- The commute? has had an engineer lo
lop.on on Ihe grade*; si vsrtovs point? on the line,
and he report? ihsl from the polnl In William
st. wber, Ih? level condition ol Ihe main termi?
ta a polnl mi llsmlli hoi??. onlj W feel
away, there is a r.-.n of one t. and live Inches it
la proposed lo relaj a bou I tm feel ol pip ? snd thus
i. n.. I) the d? '? t
rn in Mathews bas I.n direct, I bv Ihe
Board ..f Trustee? 10 make ? report brfore Ihe
pr. eni ron mil ??? on Ihe r -. laion ol Ih, will ige |
assi - - hall In gin it- work.
II . i... ; ... |-: ..... . this ??? "k. ?
Hi s-f. :- ,11,1 avenues in the village wen dlvld I
Int ? road ulstri Is b) ? ard?, as provide I b) '
Rosds snd Urldge? Committee
? as dil ecte-1 lo i?!vei Ms.- foi li foi Ihe ?-r.il r
II Pel manenl Improvem? nis a
ais . i. ? !??- out b ? on I ran bul ? III be paid foi
out o a mum from Ihe g, : eral road
n ?
? ? , ; i i ? ienl
>i- ?: . i II . lance Riven by t:,.- Whl <
? lia n Doll l*i ion Mai;, on Thu
ev? nlng In ill, i pie? responded to th,
. . i ?..,-.. ? igna g ?
worn st th? rhlvh ei le ! ..? da) Hghl ? ? -
? ? i ? ? i, ol i. v month I ?? i "om
? ? ? ? : es will advei tie?
? oi ai- -,,i t h? la) ing . r sldewslk? In Marl
ave., from Mamaroiieck-ave to Oruwaui im-sl., a
th? liai ? ? ?ti?,n
gl'fa I. i ' i ?J km.n.
giipr? m Couri haa ? leai ? ? i ai ? ? ii
n itor) lo Ihe ? r? lion ?' thi-. M ??< \ Illas
r-ave. est? -, and
? . Heights, a dosen er? in the
last sts ompl i Ion
!? ently pr ?lu ed In I i
I' esbyterJati Chapel n lei Ihe suspices <?'. Mr?
B v Slos? in. ? ... . r - . , ? . in ed l?afi
i- been engagi snd a b, , ? of prett)
?-..-.? ? , ? i
? ? ? . he First It.tptlai
i "hun (. 1 ' \Y ?? ' im?: ! .i ? '-...,-.
m r? . I? fair, for the I
While Plain Hospital \?- i - also an
i n ed by Mi
N 11. \\... i n fee? loner w I
: ? I, ni) from 9 I It. i".a ? ...
ago with?
f i -n .? ? Si. inns v. ' > i II, s ander, i i ?.? a
In a . .?? ii o |. ? i . ?n >f ? ras -
and h -? "i ? . - ? ? ? - Hi? f in.'
Vid " - !
i ' ng th? week Mesar? I ? i i 'I ? ?? i ?> I Tomp?
klns i , : . he ' "ummltt,.- on it- pa ? ? and
S ippl . h .d
i '? i-; . i.? i ' 71 ? Y be th, gu, -? '
? r..r?i*A. li I" osl No ???? ? : \ II
I ? n It ?s the li r the vet ers i
t.I? brate Mem rial I>ay ? ...
"Littil ? - - ;?-???. I I i
Messrs. V II n ! s i i ,??
at : the Ml ?- - IL ri . v m /. Hand; and Colea
i ? ?? ? udltoi mu last ? ??? i. ?? be r ; r- ! m ? ?
I\ - . .n M .i ?? f m ihe benefit of thi Mi I
in h
\ ill.ii*.? presiden) Cromwell uni his wife . ?
I few ?Is) ?
TI Boa ' i i ? - ?. ? i Msy i to grant
? It I? Un?l? I * lOO I 1 t..?' a hin!,
hsrg? nd that th? sill I?
M.i In the numb,
i. i om. n ? ni - n ? 'Italie i
? g the \ lall rk ws* ? 'ht? f
e I ?anbury I
chief Ixunsl iri recmtl) marrlH .? Wh.lt?
; ?. i. w oman an i fin Is gi?..i ? :? ??-:-.- i . ?
ne ol t.. hom ? m M?n
I -a\ i i Portel al : y, ol llr . U?. n. w II) .,.
. ip) Ihelr !.?.?-? ? ise fhls * Mi l'.ii |,.r
sctlve membei of t h? Bpworth league snd
?'. i? i,'i i' n.- o i ? i n Pr?"?byterlan ?'hui h wora
Th? Re\ F i ?e Mille Crawle] will t t? , h
Christian Btvleavoi So? et) Il Ihr l .m llaptl?!
I 'I III II !.? M
i m. in? rear* In th.? o . ? ? ,. ? ~. h . .i
il irlel No i- Ureenl irp n halt? rton Hill dlstrleti
lia- ? im?. I ih? s. ho >1 it ...i i to se, k anoth? i lea? h? i
tut ih? primar) lepa ri m, ni
"The Reporter' plant v? : 11 I. ? moved neu ?..,.. |( .,
Its future home, on ihe south side ..f Rail roa i i?,.
: ? ? ; v. -,. m
The Board of Health ha? decided lo hold ht?
?.. i." '. n ? ? ' : ? hen after.
? ?*.
f#.\ un i mi 11: i hi.i. tu usas
M1W.I- AN'I? KOTE? KIlOM M.n - .Mil iv-t ., m ,
AL ?NO 'Mil. i: \ > KIIORE
The b? nefli ? nlei i iinmi ni to be given I
? i.i Bay Vachi Club al i Imei Parh on '.lo
13 prom ? lo b, s grast suce? Fully 2,0 i
ets hsve airead; been taken, and ihe receipts are
ex opee ted lo meei the expense of building Ihe p.MM
clubhouse n. m Is to I? erected at the end ol the
Ion? pier, and foi which 'In- plans sre now i..,.
Some of th? members, however, sre not fev rably
I m presse?! with Ihe I'lmer Park .?.it.- The nearm-a?
.,? ii,.. rrowiled noisy summer resort, they sav,
.?ill hsve a tendenej t.. rob Ihe rlubhouse of it?
,. ? chsrsct, r. a ? onslderatlon of moment n
-,,i, With the d-sirable nie||,|? ,-. ,,.?j ,?,,.
alt? ndsnee o.i their fsmllles. The i lub now in?* |an
mi non i ?. and aboui sixty i.ta in the 11 ? -. t.
On Monday sfternoon Mis John Allaire, .?'
Blghty t.? irth si . H< ns mhurat, entertained the r.d
lowlng women with progressive euchre: Mrs ?? m
Bmlth, Mrs N. N Morrissey, Mrs. Annie Burkh n
Mrs Mil-- II M. Nan,.n... Mrs ,l. \\ Malone, Mr?
li T. Tallinn.i?-?-. Mra II l! Freeman, Mrs. .v. ,i.
Felix, Mrs. w B, Psrfltt, Mra. .1 Couvai 1er, Mrs,
Oeorge H Keller, Mra .1 li Colman, Mra, A
l.nii.ov. Jenn!, Todd and Mollle Rurkhsrt, Th.*
i prise winners were Mn McNsmara, Mrs. Fr??emau,
! Mrs Couvssi I? t snd Mrs Lui hej
T?o- twentieth msrrlsge annlveraary of Arthur
I ?yell snd bis wife, of Rlythebourne, wsa romm?*>m.
1 orated by a surprise part) given r..? n?. couple by
' ihe Hlythebourne Smiii iiu.hr.? club ai the boms
i of Urcgory K, Allen, ?m-ii ?a-o t?st*ruiiy .i.-. ?ormted
fur the occasion. Congratulatory ape?ches were
| made by Judge Bankson T. Morgsn and Mr. Allen.
,\;.i ,,-, i uchre and a dinner were enjoyad.
r.ii.i." Ponieroy has purchssed a house In 9,'eai
Brooklyn, snd ?? i I i ? v ? - there hereafter.
On Tuesda) ihe Hovernor signed Ihe bin ,i?,t i, ?
tainted ei Supervisor "Corneel" Furgueson ?om oof
the shon Inspectorship Tbli onlcs Ihe ? ? boss baa
i held f"i i.? .ni" uno ?.a?.-, snd :.?i three years
i desperate efforts were made to have him removed
for neglect ol duty, bul without svsll, Governor
?Flower last yesi vetoed a bill sbollahlng the office,
but now Furgueson la ? complete Democratic bach
number, snd with him loss Judge Church.
Ovei UJSS war realised from Ihe fall in id by lbs
l Forl Hamilton Free Library, which ?dosed ia?t
! Ssturds) nlghl The most ?uccessful table, from a
i pecuniary polnl ol vies thai pi groceries" wsa
... i i..i over by Mrs. John ?lobins?n and Mis
.,..,.,..i ;? Parrell H netted i:i?. Owing to ihe III?
,,. ,?f Mrs l'i Thome, tia chlefol the Board of
Managers, lb? bui len ?<! the wok Inddentsl to
! the fair Ml on ihe shoulders pi Mrs. Robinson,
who acquitted herself inosl creditably, n |a M?d
I ihe women managers ol the New-I I rech I Free l.i
I brary. of Hsth Reach, an.islderlng the advlas
bint) of holding a similar rali before lbs advent of
?? warm w, ather. ?. .,
on VV'ednesdni nlghl Mrs, Waltet l-, p?,f)ti, at
i the ' Hoim .t.ii'i." in Beneon-ave., Bensonhurat, ?as
the hostest of .? ?uchie psrty. In which eleven
table? were encaged Among those who played
vn. Mr and Mrs i H i olman, Mr. and Mrs n
.1 Fells, Mr, and Mrs 1m h Opper, Mr. and Mr?.
Miles 11 McNsmara, C?ptala and Mrs n j, j.*r(,(.
man. Mn ll..?I'll. Mi .and Mrs. John Allaire, Mr
und Mra. N. H. MnU.-ey. .Mr. and .\|r<. j T
Serbe, Mr. and Mrs. _ p Terbone, Mr. and Mrs.
Charlea M. Smith. lnr and Mrs. J. W. Malone, D.
s. Tallmadge. Nein,? an?i Ethel Parfltt, Prank Hub
bard. Thomas a. lutson. Walter ?B. ?Parfltt, Minnie
rallmadge and William a Parfltt.
?)n Sunday about twenty-four of the n??a
1 (recht Wheelmen in?luijt?.d In a ran to Baby?
lon. Th?? following schedule ?>f runs baa been
announced foi the clubs active season: April cs. to
Bergen Beach; May -, to ?'entrai Park; May I
(evening), to ?Prospect Park; Ma) 12, lo Hacken_ack,
N. .1.; May 10, around Staten Island: Man _3 leven
big), t,. ? .n? v Island; Man .'?,. t.. Orange, N. .1.:
Ma> ::??. century run; June '. to Amity ville; June :?,
to Hlghbridg*; June i?s. to ?Snglewood; .1""" tt, to
College point; June :;". !!?.m Long Branch, N. J?
t" Hath Beach. Th?' chiirs heaaquartera are at
?Eights?: nth-st. and Benson-ave Th?- N. I". W, will
Join th?' I. A W. at an early date
Hr. and Mis. ?Edwin s. Ivea, of ?eighty secojid-at..
H?>n* mhurst. who have I.n in Lake? od, % J ,
for a fortnight, nvill re'uin home in a COU ?Ja of
weeks. Dr. ft. pleei sr, ;,. ?rhose rammer ?home is
in Iteiisonhurst, ?s als,, ;u tie .lcrs<-v pineries.
The r,,'ir.li roadbed and oscillating cars ,?r th.?
Bensonhurst branch of the Brooklyn Clt) Railroad
concern the people comp*ll*d lo travd by tha;
route more 'lian the fate of th- rlve-cenl far*
bill. The road official?- appear t?. b- absolutely In?
different t" the petitions which have been made tot
better service; in fact, the secretary "f th- com?
pany, when approached on the matter, is credited
with paraphrasing William II. VanderWICs famous
r? murk r? gardlng the public
Health Comml ?loner Emery has called Con?
tractor John Bahr t? account for attempting to exact
more than in- customer; prl? ? for the removal ??:'
ashes snd garbage, Bahr i said ;> clear BEB a
month hy hit ? mtrs I
Avoca Villa, In ("ropre) ave Bath Beach, ha?
?been designated as th* local headquarters of th?
!?? iRU* ol American Wheelmen In this district.
Hr. John M I? Mewd, of Baj Parkway, ?Benson
hurst, las been appointe?] consul of the district,
and Andre? II Crops*)', nf Vsn Pell Minor; A.
V. It. v"oorhl??s, jr., and K. K M Fltxgerald, of
Bath Beach ar* the latest addition? t?> th* league.
William I! West, th* well-known minstrel, ?mil
occupy liis horn*, West lawn, in B*nsonnur.?t, this
summer, nn?l exjKCt? lo be a st. ? ? \ resident by
M a x ! '
?m W? Inesdaj evening Mi and Mrs. Qeorge A,
All n enfrtalned th, lllythebourne Euchre Social
Mrs. ?lohn Wlnslow an?l Mrs John ?Dickinson and
her daught? r, Rial* i? illed for Englst i
a few days ago, Th? p rt) -a.ii r*turn In Jun
T1H ?T.I BY.
M KHlUNOS l...''n'. KOTI I
Th?- protest pre? nt? ! b? th* les ling an I r? ;a ?
pl*m.? . i : ; rt) rwners lo th?
h ., ,? , m grant n ? p rml?
? ? n ? my to lay ira >ki
betwi ? n PI? rm : : ' v*r road wa?
? ' : ible and ? ' ghl : '
. . ? . - ? , ? to refus? th? ?mi .'>'? '*
request Th*i .i.?I to be ?i few people who fa
. i , , ii? ? ..? i Nyack
,.,- I i' ? ? ? ? ' so few that their opin?
. ms .. ? nslderlng. Th? nt*
that a l *y-road would op? n u| * properl ?loi |
in- i -.? ? ? ? word
?i, 'i it Is, Ihe
tory ?a ? ? I I with people wl
... ? rt*nts of ? ??-:?: i--?t
land, mi i ? ? ? 1 ? ,- .pi* wh ? live
,i .u- latisfl? ? v. ith the |
? ? ? ? re then
rat?tes v tw? I iseo to
? ??>? ' i:, kl ? ? "< Wh it ill I ? I ;
n 'i :.. ? ?. i | not be
? . ...........
i to I . : i?.? "i. ? ? ? l? ??? thai h? Nya k
Ti ? -i n ? mi n ? for -i i ? ? mBm Iti
? - ? ? N ? a k ? . ,
:i "r m? n n h ?
\ , ? i isttiffl ? in aba irblng
, ? f, ? ??- an,i a- usual, every one
? . , ? . ? ? f his own ?- Th?' ?la)
red I ?? i. " veral p ?
? ? m ii Ion that th? ) ti ar I
? ? n tghl at the t >bb*ry,
. ? , ? . i-i? ? ; *r?_on?
??.!,.-.:. Th* lu ai i? ?II - kn? w
.? - ... eieept that a ?*ry oc 'urr? I,
i an ) it,-- ;? -'"tr ?
...? . . a - Th* p ;? il ?' th*or) is ,h it oui
ft, but ? ?me think the
. ! ? -? r ?i ?Hi".
.,-, \\. .. . , ? ? ? ?? k H ?i,u- rt
of v, Uli. n
j lire? n, t"?K pis?-? st th? i "in? "f Mi ill
I --? ,? i n. it- \ ? - ?' ?tai
: ?? ... i i m ih* - mi,
,' U : Hop-pel ,- Ml M- . ? ?
it th? horn* ??i th?- i". ?- ? ,
It, w pastot ??? th. Iteformeil
.ling ?n w ? Inesd i ??i
? ? : iid M'-s lUtti" Ullberl,
- '. rt. bj ihe I!' \ i: M
| , ? i i-bur?
. . ,?? i? ??...-,-? ? , launch*?) fr?.m
I ? :. .-? i- ,i ? ,v ? on M ? In?
? ? ? ? ? ? i tui ii? d
..ut ai - go to N*w-i t|, m -
?m? on II '?' - pp. Im ? r i\ I?i \\ \ Has.
? , ? . H he i? Ml f.-t ox ? ? all, i feel (
. r a t erl 11 ? i , .-' ? ? ?
???panal ....
? , . i ? : mill '-'lin?-,-,, w .,\ i,
tw? ' olumbia,
, . i?rn*!l si ? > ,,' P*nns) In ania ? In
N'yai-k - ? ?? ? " pxamlt I th<
of ii,. ? r--.. A ?? n. It Is I
that I ? -? ' ? ? ? ?? to Ihe 'i
, I I* . ; ? ? I ; I ? I Nya k. hi? I en aol I
t', ,i Mi M? ?,? in i- ? *r In Nya? k
er.ll J ?
Captain Ii i. N*? ' family ha? r?
turne?, lo Nn ? i. foi i
Th* v ?ling M< ?? ? ? ? ,? i , , held its
annus I dlnni r last nil I \i itlo Hall Some
' ? ?-?? who i? , ? ? toasts were l'i ink II
?'nimbi. !.. v - npkli .1 ? ' i ;r .;..? ?.
?;. a.-, p M?>r*< Perry, T ll it lids m
and 11 ?' I'. .?Mi.il
?un? gelos ?n,, '".\ N" 1 art 11 hold
a Man part) In I' i irlor? W? Inesua) evening next.
Ai ihe term of ? ? ur which a ill open al
H., mi, ; i ?.?. Ma) .'? .i ? lice (laynor will preside. It
arlll i. ? il ?? tii- ' "th ii \ ; - of Ju Ige Oaynor to
Rtchrr, i i Count) Man) prominent residents -ill
b? prt-sent when ii' court convene? and welcome
i n,
Mr? Rmma Schering -''?i hi r daughter, Miss
Rmma Mlllii I I See Bright a will sill for
?Europe on Tiiei la) Mra Schering and hei daugh
lei will be present al the Kiel ?? ?? titles on June ?.
County < ?? ; k John h Klaworth ?s seriously ill
at his home In l'i In? ? ?' ? i ;. ?
The ? schting ?ai ?n ? ti St ?t? n I- land h is opened.
i ??o Monda) Ih* yai-M Mabel, Commodore W II
Uidlum, Jr.. Staten Inland Yachl Club, and the
i-ioop Katie c, Oeorge Cowan, Ocean Yachl Club,
were launched, The sloop Sterling, ex-Commodore
Malhew Taylor, Staten laland Yachl Ctuh, nviil ;...
launched to-day
The experiment b) the iSdgewater Fire Depart
nein ?,f using steam whistles for giving an alarm
of tin- in place ?>f ringing in* bell In the tower In
Washington Park has nol been s ?ucees? A n?-w
???en, lsx.4, is now being erected on th* h ig heal
point of the i!;n hm.inn Brewing Company'? build?
ing in Clifton which will i>.m., i,.i srith an
?iitomatlc alarm at Police Headquarters in Staple
Th.- Excise i!.??t i is i??Ing criticised in having Its
clerk mike his h*ad?|liart*ra in barro?.ins ahile he
?i- taking applications for renewals "i licenses.
Count) .in,i?.-, Stephens ha? appoint*?! a com
mission i?r appraisement m iii.< condemnation pro
.ling? t??r private lands required ?" widen l'as
1. ??'? tram Kern Uriah Ion ?-, Port Itlchmontl.
The commission ??.insist;: ,,r i> i; Crowell, .1. t.
Smith and ??Iward I Mlllei They will meel In tin
Nea Brighton t'l I la a* H.iii on April ::i.
Nicholas Millier, u . .?-?m of it.x-Congresaman,
who Im been ?pending the winter s..inh, i.vmiik to
hi health, li ? ipect? ?i horn? n.-xt month.
Incendiarle? have again i? en ai work during the
week This time the) have wandered from their
usual haunts on the north -h??ie, and have made
Iheli appearai. th* lowei end of Ihe laland.
? m Balurda* morning .? bain m Kichmond ?as
?m tire with the ahi of kerosene and the flames
spread rapidly lo ihe adjoining buildings, which
wen- old landmarks They had mam ?ears a,,,
been used a? the Count) Jail, C"'iuf\ clerks ..m-.,
mu? Surrogate's ,,tn an.I wer.- completely
destroyed, ?m Monda) morning firebugs attempted
to deslio? Uli public SchOOl III Tollen?, lile, but.
fortunately, ihe lire ?as extinguished before much
damage was done. T , police bave bren unable
to ai real the nr. I.uks.
Thomas Cable, a well-known residen! ?t Port
Iti. hmond, and Ihe proprietor ?? Ihe ?Sea Side Hotel
ai Bo. I? ?wan Reach, who ha? for sevwal months
Ill-ell seriously 111 ., i hi* hoiii. , in 11? rb. rton-u\,?.,
ii,?s afmoat recoven i
A day Buraery. under the auspices <?r tha Wom?
an's ?'lub. has been opened ut ?o, ?'?'? Je?rs?sy-st., i
New-Rrtghton ?'hlklrrn will be roeeleoB every
. i?i \. except Sunday, after T o'clock m ihe morning, i
tlcorge I!. Krulgea, a well-known resident of |
Si ?i? u laland, who has inen spending the winter
in the city, ?in return to Stanieton !?? May.
Thi monthl) meeting of Ihe w-vl P. Morton Flral I
District Association, ?.f Northfleld, will be hold n.xt
Tuesday evening in Wyganl'i Hall.
Tin wedding ??f Miss laahe'.le N*h*on, daughter
or the well-known ?Sand* Hook -Slot, to William
Irvinjr, will take place on June ). ??t the home of '
Hi?- bride, staplet,m HpikIus The ?young counts I
will sail foi Buropa on the following day un the j
Hew el' .iin-l.i?' St. Louis.
Charlea F. TVettsel aas been elected pre?i
obiit of the newly incorponced Arion Slnglnr;
B clety, of 1?o:ik Island CRy, The other ofheera
are Frederick Wtdmayer, vie presiden.; ciarles
Mentachel, recording ?ecr isrj ; August Slndram, Jr.,
finan? ?I secretary; .1 ?tin i? gelbert, treasurer;
Krank Rrombhols, Louis BrcugCi and Jacob Wart?
ung, trustees.
A Jury before Judge Kirn ill. in the Supreme
Court, in Long Island City, lesterday swarded ti
?lohn Jamleeon, of Rockiwsj n?v,ch, $::,???) dam?
agea ausist the ?Long Island Rsllrosd He also
received an allowance of ll.uou tot counasl fees anl
??m interest. On Julj y:.. IsM, Mr. Jamteaon'a
Icehouse and oth.-r buildings si Rockaway Beach
were burn? i down. Mr. Jsmieson ?"laimel lhal the
tiro- was ?auscd by a span.- nom a passing locomo?
tivo on the Long Islan.l Railroad, ami bogun a
suit against the compan) '-r tSAStS,
The training qusrters ?>r the Rsvenswood Boat
?'luo. on t.-ie arm ?,r Mewtown ?'reek. Known as
Whale ?re.-k, l.otu; Island ?'.;>?. was destroyed bj
tiro- Thursday evening. Owing to ? ii*-* eartlness
of the season, there was noi much in the binding.
'I'm- "re is tlo ?ught * i have I.n started by in
cendiarics; insuranc will cover the loss,
St, Patrlck'i Roman Catholic Church, <?i?'n Cove,
era on Wedn, la) evening ihe scene of a fash
lonable wedding wbli i ? tiled for the first wedding
. i-n ? ? The c 'in. i til -,
m n.-ii ? ver play? i in i
i irtles were ?Frank Ki
u I? . m r ? f the los i
Mu 111 tor, sister-in-law .
Mis- Annie Murre) pi
Rev. Jsmes McRni ie oftl
. formerly Bxcfw ?' a
. -?t ?wn. sn l MM? ?( ins
t:' Jsmes Norton.
,.-, ,i" the organ. The
ited. Ml m Annie Mullen,
on. will I
1 he iv.? ? ol '
ol Northpon as Fish <
w lib ?ui plclon bj the
as a monopolls
tus i o Merrttt, si est? :
mon? i for trial be foi
and suo**e?rtnten?l the survey,
? ; ? ment ol IM?", or.I Thompson,
? ' imml - ion? :, I? l- ?? .?<??? i upon
? ?t?" in? n w lio regard lum
friend of m mopolie? Augus
few oia? v .;.;,,, ? .-. ium
luetlee Hillings
t.'I III.II l,,-l.,l,- .1.1-1,' ,- I III 111 - J^-, ,1 ?,...',
, ,,i.- ? ?-- r.,.; i?, ?m a rharge ol taking oysters from
Co- beds .of another Threats ??f boj ottlng Bamuel
i Bayles, who is n th? mea; bu*tn?ess al Oyater
l;.i\. were made yesterdaj by the oystei mo n.
it. i?. i>-- offered at Oyster l<\ lhal the Matlnecock
company will lose It? rev In the end, ..? the r-sti
mony of Bugene Hlackford, cx-Commlssloner of
Fisheries, Is to be tsken, snd he will testify to i.'.s
kn owledge .of the dlsp it ? i ground which during his
term was mapped oui ss natural growth ground
and sa such h.- refus, l t > lesse :r
Arrangements have br-i-n ma-ie r.., celebrating th"
anniversary .-?r the s> ? cliff division Son? ..f
Temperance The affair la sel for May 1 In the
Methodist Bplscopal Chapel. Bome good speakers
have be, n secure,! snd some musical numbers will
also be arranged The i ?mmlttee in rharge Is com
po ed ol .1- Km Forster, Mrs. m. Welldredge und
Miss M Lu Oar. _
Joseph Andrews, of Mine?la has been sppolntsd
.;.-.er,i saperlntendeni of the Queens County Agrl
.-?ii" ii-.ii Fs ? ?- Th Bo ?r i of Mai
ha siso s pi ilnted ihe following superintendents
if ? i- im? nta: Ostra, Valentl .- M. i'onm II ?
R| hm? nd Hill ? ? l halt, Oeorg? 9.'. Bird
sail, .?f Min? ?la; horses, Thomas r I'nderhlll, of
Ol, -i !?? , ' iule \v A Willis, oo' Bssl Jet
farm implements, C fuguai i? Rlllson of M neola;
Um E Col? ? ' inhessei. line
arta, Samuel Hendrickson, of I i llff; need
:? R T, Bel? her, .of J in il I
Among Ihe Hemps", id t< ichers who hsvs i
In sttendance al Ihe Tea hers' Institute ai Flush?
ing during th.- lasi week sre Man M Blnrbaugh,
Bssl W Uli ion; 8 H Replogl, Blls Sister Ir? ne
M Clough Roslyn; Lsvlna ?' Bscon, Huntington;
? i. w ? ni u ? Stai on; Bill ibeth 11 i.? i?ry.
Roslyn Herbn Smith. Essie B. Bruah, Mary ,\
v.- ?? ? i'..i- Washington Joha T Charles, .-mum
i. ii-, - , Jem \ ? ? ?? . Msnhsssei Jsm? i w
Is .'.-i-. Bete A. Scott, Elisa Armstrong, Ore e \
Earl? Urea I Neck; Eva J Simon and \ A, i i .-.
\. . il-, v Perk
William Oelsler, of Hempstesd. ?ho Invented a
him that is t. ? a In an it demand, ivis
been .ill.:.-.i !.?'?'??? bj a i fit? ?go t.'in for his patent.
ih.- Hoard ol Health of North Hempstesd mel In
lloslyn on VVednesda) afternoon snd organised i ??
? I- tint V'igu tu ' ? ni m chairman; Samuel II ??>;
i- losep?i I ? Armstrong, cttlsen mem
i- -r. and in William \ I!.-a? ol Hsnhssset, heal I i
m ?? vt the next meeting of ihe board th>" nil? *
anl regulations affecting the health of ihe several
? -,mi1 be formulated and adopte !
11 - Rial Moi ?i h Atl : i - ? ?- ??-. itti ? hsa be -i
r? a ganls, I b) Ihe eleel i - I Ittchard ltownli
p-.si-i.iit. Jsmes I, VV? Iron, Walter Franklin,
Thompson l?-syton, Blberl il weman, K. Morgan
(irlf?n, \ inc. it Martllng, i x Vernon, Jackson
Hoaglan I, Daniel \ II- rt< n, Henry Vernon, Samuel
li (Hauvelt, .i ?' and William ?Martllng and Towns
I Vernon, vie? pr? lents; John A. Wahl ron, tre is
ni-t snd John \ H'-MM'i-. se? retan
Tin- Woman's Horn? si i Foreign Missl narj So
rlet) ??! Ihe Presbyter) of X sssu held Its snnusl
.ling In the Presbyterian Church si Freeport
Thursday There were more than one hundred dele?
gates in attendance The morning session opened
iiMi'i Miss Florence McCormlck, ??f Jsmslcs, chair?
man snd Miss Maj B Townsend, ol Huntington,
as --vr-tury. The auxiliaries, mission ban Is. V P.
H ?? B and oth-r orgsnlsstlons from the follow
n,? places mad.- reports: Kr.*. port. Huntington,
Hempstesd F.n Rockaway, Glen wood, Newtown.
Jamaica, N'orthport, Sprtngland. Babylon and lsiip.
The aecretsry , ?*t>? ?r?? ? t thai there an now under
ii,,. control .of th- Woman's Home and Foreign
m isionary Boclet) of the Presbytery ..f Nassau
eighteen woman's auxiliaries, nine mission bands
and two Christian Bndesv.ir soclefles. Al the after?
noon session Miss I'erl -, the missionary from
Spanish Fork i iah. "?' :' ?"' addr s.i "Mormon
lim " Several curiosities fr.otn India were ? xhlblted.
The rumor ihsi th bodies ??r three men had been
washed aahore In Hempstead Hay nesr Uarnum
!? land on Thursds) was i i- I on the fact that
three skeletons were unearthed there Contractor
??.orne Schlffmasher. win? Is building th.- n.-?., home
for the k.o| er ol the Barnum Island Almahouae,
had a gang of men ?xcsvstlng for the foundation
,.r the building and ihey unearth?*! the bones The
,.ill,-ill? will .?v.ait the aitvlce .?r the Coronel before
disposing of the skeletons
The ladles ?of the Methodist Episcopal Church at
Roslyn ino't si ihe church Thursds) afternoon snd
organised the Busy Bee Society, with s member?
ship of twenty-four Mrs. Qeorge Bedell was -:ei-t..,|
president Mrs Peter H. MscLean vice-president,
Miss Abb;- Bedell secretary, and Mrs. William n.
Went treasurer. The s.o<-.o-i> win nn-.i semi-month?
h ?ach alt.-nute meeting seing for plessure snd
In th.- lo.nu m S ooclalol.. to which the public will
be invited The Hrsl social will l?,- hei.i g| the Par?
son ,,;,. next 'I'looil v.l.IV ?-\ illltlK.
The Uev W. W. W, Wilson, the new psscer of
I tho- Methodist Church a] Freeport, was formally
i welcomed to? the village Wednesdsy evening, when
a large number of people oof th? village gathered
in the church lecture room to make tin* acquaint?
ance of the new psstor, William ?i Miller, president
of the Board of Village Trustees and president of
the Board of Trustees <o^ Ihe Church, mad? sa ad?
dress welcoming Mr. Wilson In behalf of tin- or?
ganisations he renn.nted: Hiram it. Smith, eupei
Intendcnl of the Sunday school, spoke for that body';
i.wii I'.o-'. In I" half ?of the Bpworth [?eague;
rtcorge \V..Ha.-, for the I ?dies' AM S.oci."t\; Car?
man Bedell, for ihe lenders snd stewards, mid the
Rev i>r. B I' Betcohsm, pastor of the Presbyterisn
Church, for his church snd th? village people :ll
general. Mr Wilson replied feelingly, strengthen
ihk ihe good Impression he has naos in the two
??rmonene ha? delivered in the new charm
Sermons m na-. ..?..?. ???> ????*, ? um gw,
Supreme ?'nun Justice Cullen, on the ?ipplic?tiun
,,r Oeneral Oisoige 91. Wlngste, yesterday sp?polnted
s i. Hslghl receiver of ih.- Rockaway Vlllsgs
Street Railroad Company, of which Mr. Katght u
treasurer. The Bnlckerbocker Fruli Company b.as
begun pioieidings to foreclose a sMitgsge.
,\ gnat deal of interest is centrad in th?* Jamaica
villa?"?" elect on. which tak.s ptsCS on Tuesday next.
si> ticket-? sn- already In lbs ti?*i?i. The principal
llRlit will be made OB UM e'.o>. iion of trustees, a po?
lice uni g village tierk. Frederick Iv Dsth
trtdge and John .i Broedsl are tue prliK-'Liul candi?
dates for the police Justiceship. Uetherldgc It, tas
nomines of the Citizens' parly and (?ood ?Jovern
nien" Club, While Broedel has been nomlnatcl bv
th?? Taxpayer.?' Protective Association, which ha?
als? named tile following. For President. Charles
S Twombley; Trtistass, .1 V. ?. Voris, An?
ne-? Ka?ntmarsa, Thomas *????! ?'Uric, il-?, g.
?i niece of the bride, md VVHIism Kn?. a brother
of the bridegroom, a .- the wltnessea The ushers
were John Murray, William McCormack and Wi.l
i.-iin Norton, .-ir-.-r tti ceremony s reception waa
held at the bome of es t-'h-nff .%'? rt ?n. Amon;?
those proseni were l>eputy-County Troasurer Joseph
Moran, Joseph 9f. Oavan, Mr. snd Mrs. i.uis Wai
Isrs, ami Mrs. M. T. OoMner, of l?ong Island City;
ex-Supervisor lohn Hegg, Philip Hirsch, Joseph
Itermel and Mr and Mr !?'. ttauman, of New?
i ??. n The g eddln ? ?? ?? ? .? >re numero u sn I
v iluable,
Sea ?".iff :ota:.', the Dsiighl? - of the
Kinn has -;? ?- ; tl fj'.l wing ? lit ????: Pr-si! -n-,
Mrs. John Sprlngs;ead; v. ??--..,.?-..t? nt. Henry P.
C ?cnio.--.. secretary, Mrs !;, ml I' Speed; assistant
ai\. Mrs. \\ loam |..\s-y, treasurer, Mrs
\ oi mi Hainei.
Hugh McL lughlln, : Bi klyn, , Isil ?I Olen Cose
a f? .. day? axii with a vie? of purchasing s coun
? ? there The ex-bos? was a k-i--s of ?; i
ei il Jam, - B. Pears ?.'.
Further operations m the Matlnecock oyster wai
hi?..- been postpone?! until Monday, when the ..
\-? will be made by the State Commissioners to
...mi- m hei ?.??! ti ? Ma n? - ' - mp in) - -
?i- pass. I up.mi i ibll m? an ! planted sec i < n
natural growth lieds. The officers of Ih? c ;
sre confluent thai the) will sue ed In proving their
claim to .ui the ground oi which their *??? . was
planted, .-t..i have no fear ui to Ihe ...?t ? ?r.?? - of the
sui -. ?? i he coi --u.i- inj . William J.
? hi - airead) - a u ? i a ? ui \ ej ; b ? m ?d ?.
with the resn I that the ompan) ? buoyi are sbown
to in. i ~. less 'ban the 200 acres for whl h the I? i- ?
calls. The neu Fish Commissioner, Edward Thornp
Bennett; Collector of Taxes, Elmer E. llcrgenj
Treasurer, A. 11. Beers; Superintendent of streets,
Wiiuani H. Wright; ?Police constable, John
?Togarly. Sj far no opposition has been shown to
tue election of Charles B. TwombU-y for vlllagn
The people of Jamaica village are being over?
whelmed with dust. Marchants art? complaining
about their goooa beln-r damaged, an?i residamis ar?
having t.-icir lines made miserable by tills un
checked nuisance. Not only is there discomfort due
to ?ois Invasion, but the health of citizens Is im
p? rilled, an?l some persons are cnmplalnlng of
actually being sick In consequence of It. I.ist year
th?? watering carts were put In service the :.?st t?au
urda) In May, ?and from the utter part of April un?
til taat time the condition.-? exist, I which exist
now-. It would seem to be the proper tnung for the
local authorities to use to the occisi?n ana furnish
the relief thai is go much needed.
Charles J. Pidn-eo.i left Northport on M t.'.ay for
Syracuse, N. Y . to attend the Royal Arcanum Coa
ventlon as a delegate from Northport Council.
The engagement of Kr ?d W h-.'.cr and Esther WBB,
both of Northport? is annoat b? ?.
Th?- oili.'.-rs and members of the Northport Meth
?;;. : Sunday-school gave a loan exhibition on Tues?
day, Wednesday and Thursday eVealnga for tha
purpose of securing funds t.. replenish ? ii? ir school
library. The haii waa tastefully dacoratad with
bunting, and around th?? wails arere arranged booths
containing Moral dkaplaya, war ?retlca, foreign art,
historical, murine, fancy an?l other articles of In
teresl gatharad ?from the old families of th?.? neigh?
The hum?? <?f Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sammts, Wall?
st., Huntington, waa on Thursday ti?e sosas of a
ptetty bonne ai-iding. Th bri ??? was M - M ?y
Wilson, a granddaughter of Mr and Mrs. Henry
Bammla and a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Moaaf
Wilson, of Norwalk, Conn. The groom a ? Ha y
Rogers, of New-York City, son ol Mr. gad Mr?.
Henry M. Rogen 'i h?? homestead was beautlfuiljr
decorat? I with ?Hies, pslat? and potted planta Tr.e
cerennoay ??-? >perf?ar__ed by the Rev. ?' .tue ti.
.indi, and aft? ?? wedding dinner in? ???ung cuupi.
started on u short weddmg tour.
Th- directors and truataes ?.f the Long Island
Chautanqua bave granted th.- restaurant privtiagea
; for a term of Big years to Georg? H Miller, and
Smith W. Weeks, of Patch? bava an
, decided n> .-r?-ct another hotel al ? ?cart of ttStS, and
to hav.? || ready for ?.<?? ip u.iy on July 1.
The annual reports >r tiie i;. v. w p. ?Piergvaajg
an l fJeorga 1?. Qerard, pa >r ai I ti it irer, re
spe.'-iv?. >. of im? Patch u MetbodMl church,
-.?? ??? a membership ???' KM ami IM probatlot r->.
Th? Bpworth i--?_'i.? numb ra ITS tnembars, the
current espen-ea were *".:?-". general recetptg
M.S00, home benevo'.eaceo ITS, and the outs l- bat v ,
len .s I47S Mr. Perguron's report cr?dita h'm with
making FA pastoral calls, an average ot aaarty
true? vis ?- dally.
The comic opera "Plnal ? was pr lented at tha
Patrhogue Lyceum on Wednesday evening bj il
talent, including Mis* (.a'.alleira McCann, George
Ackerly, Ella? .!. Hah. i: njaniln Knox. Awe
Harriet; . ;. Watklns, Ueorg.? Conklln, .?Ii -. w.
M ->mlth .?.ii Master tVllmot M. Smith, jr., the
? ? year-old son ?>f County Judge ?Smith. In the
chorus were Mrs. T. McCana, May Woodhull, Ethel
Bailey, Florence Raliey, Mabel case, ?Lucille New?
ton, it? ;:>? Hackett, Pannle Mulf.rd, Hannah Ruland,
(irace Ter y, Net ?? ?? - ??. Quseie Hart ?m. Kmn.i
I-'. Kei.y. ?ophle Cannon, Roae Cannon, Paulina
McBride, Daisy Conklln, Florence .',>x. Emma
K*lly, Si a reget ta Kelly, Jennie Peekham, Louis.
M in,l ? tu. Beatrice HcCann Clarence Vroomaa,
Rl hir.l ['.re , Will am i.'.av n. Kr.-1 Welsh, Jos'pi
Lose?, Wlnltred Brainsfor?!, Ira Terry. Walter
Conklln, Harry Demarest, Jeronu Ackerly, J>r ?J.
W. ?Hit.? n and John Pearson.
The h:--?->-!' homestead of Charles Warner. Rer
? - . ,'.- . gue, near the Great clout h Bay, ?.<?
burned to th.- ground on Thursday night T.ie fir-i
department ??.as called out, but could not save tha
building, The ii".- ???.- ? familiar landmark for
many rears, an i man) Interesting tales are re?
lat*d about ll Ii had beea m ??????i,. ? ? i for ? year?
Th? loss cannot be estimated, and '? re i is no In
rurance, The ;ir?- is believed to be the work of In
? n l.arii-j.
Roe's Hotel, in Patchogoe, on?- of the largest end
fin?'!?! hotels ? n Long Island, narrowly ??- :; ??! ?le
,'ii ,.y ine Thursday night Con? : raw* d rti
? culty was experienced In a rs ng the hydrants, .?.nd
i- was mor* than lui' ai boor befo? i - ??n
ii i i" j it on th?- Ham.-. <'hW EJwtn Ba ey
und Assistant Chief Simp* n dlspa ?:.? ! m? u i
t > the water company, and soon a ruahing pr?
was on hand. Aft r an h ir's hard w? rk. th ? III .
whl :? tiii bean confined lo ih.- c.-!'.ar, was c-xtin
? guish? l There v.a> considerable excRement among
the guests. The (ire is believed to have started in
; tit,- storeroom. Tii- hotel waa buttt in LS.I by Aus
, tin Roe. under wh??.'* management v became fa?
mous, it nvas rebuilt about three years ago by
! ??!?-ai"nin Roe, wh? assume?! control on the death ...f
. - father ?Saadfoid Week?, owner of the ' :n
Avenue Hotel, :s ttie pr. ?.-n- ??
An eddi-ena by l>r. Charlea W. ?Sheldon, of New
! V??rk. on Thursday night closed the m?-. ?ting ol ;ne
Bufl k < 'ounty .'? - it loi n 11 M nia?
sad Church? wl ad been In asustan ha
t!ie Congrega I ; >? Church, I' ?in*a
\\,iii.-ii\ afternoon. The rtev. \x. i. chalmera,
... Rlverhead, was elected mo?! rator ?>f the a
t ,n. an i fi, Re\ \ E. Col tan. of Pat hogu*. acriba
ni ?r 'h. ?irtii ?? i? ? i ve ; n? Tha
next pla.I meeting will b either at Wading
RI- fue. in April. UM,
Bella Ureen, ? ne of the r.ost popular young
a ?men In Sayville, fell an I IM skating
i.i-r w.?i ?t. and haa net since rea ?? : Special
: .?.?? examined hei Injury, and fail to give
h? r any ?r On SO went to
church*?oa ?Sunday last a distance of half a mil?.
but on her return ah? fainted, i;::d had to be
ted t. her h ?m?
::? v. .lili' ? la memorial to
- ...lighter. I; is a br '/.?? t.ibl'-t. wine, was re
cently placed on t?.? west wall ol -;;. Ann'a Church,
Sa) ville.
v..,> Krueger, ??f Xew-York, haa pur basad tha
pi ?;,- - y i? I inglng t?? - < .???. .'??b,
and will erect a hand? home th re.
Mr and Mr?. Henry il. Il mttlng, of Brtdga
; ? ,-,::. hav? rtturn? . nt from Vtlddletowa,
?'? n., where ihej s;>? et the winter with ?neir
daughter, who la the wife of i'roftssor Walter
Bra lley
a relic of a wreck, suppos? ! to be the ?tera
; of u-.?- Panther, which foundered oft Soutli
ampton, In t -,;. was found by Patrolman
Hand, <?f the Meeon Life-Saving Station, near
Brldgthampton. .. tew day? ago, l'art ol the pog_
I is made oi ira-.-, and weigh? about Ml pounds.
The Highway Commlslsoners of ?SUsthamptog)
have atpolnt? ! the foll?n ng ? rrseera: J. Whitman
Raker, 11. II. Schelllnger. l>anlel s. ?Edwards, A. u.
Ranger, l' W Ta Image, Nathan 11 ?Dayton and
i J. I i. ll??op ?
At the faai meeting ? : ih? Southampton Town
Trustees a resolution was adopted that <m ar?l
' aftet May i all iand ?n lei water, In Shlnnecock
iin on whl h !" aon? cut m to hav? planted onsters
previou? to IM*, on which the reni has aot baca
I pai.l, will be free t?-> ihe i sldenti of the town.
M: ?. i?r??!i Domlny, the wife of Nathaniel Hom?
iny, of Basihampton, who died ? wee?, ago under
circumstances which gave rise to .. belief that tha
1 woman was rot ,!??:?..I it .ill. but was merel) in a
ttaiu-e, will be buried this aft? rnoon al S ?'clock.
unless something should happen m the mean time.
? During Ifce last ?araek bar body has been in the
parlor of her home, without show ng an) -ign of
dissolution and exhibiting many Indi it lorn? of ?us
].,nl??l animation. Yesterday Ur. _ (.Isbom. the
? famll) physician, and l?r J, Plnley r,?ii bad a
i consultation, and they have agreed thai all the
i\'o,?.!i tests have been applied and that the woman
1 is undoubtedly dead. < ?n Thursda* '??ii physicians
j tri?s| th.- blistering and blood-letting test? with a
view of settling the ??u ?tlon of the woman's death.
! Hoth t, sts failed.
I Kr?im Th? St Jam? s'a ?Budget.
Travellers who have made Ihelr way from the
Baltic ?horea t,? Dresden, and hav? noted, as tit? y
. ,-,?.il,l hardly fall t? do, thai Ihej were traversing
\ast in!,Is ?,f sand, will be surprt-H*d lo learn that in
?Berlin, m the centre of th* Brandenburg .Mark -
once nicknamed tin? "Sand-bog of the n |V ?Rotnaa
Empira" ?and, ai any rate for building purpose*,
is fast becoming a scare? coramodlly.
In Hi.- liniiieliat?- 11,'lgliborho'Hl of lierlln, It accins,
. ih?' sandpits ii.iv' been loas ??\ti??un. ,i Tb? raaia
: ?if low- hills which once exlated to the north of the
! town has been reduced to the i??\?i ??r the lurround
' lug plain. Even tha Km uaberg Itself, h.i.i it n,?t
been crowned by the monument raised to perpet?ala
the memory of the horoea wha fell in the war of
; freedom, would long ago have been Incorporated in
, the many storied buildings ?>f the Prussian capital,
with their mU**aof atuccoed fronts The ?peculatlva
i builder has known, however, boar t?> -?i?<??a up fraak
I sources ol supply. Peasants' fa? i ? have kindled
lino pleasant smiles before the goodly ?uma
! "pianke.l down" t?T aandhllM, wlwaa topa were
I barren ??f va?getatlon, and In win.-?? valwya only
' the hardy pine ???< ; drsned on s sickly existence.
. Thus lias?' sprung up. within a short time, parta-u
i larly along the course of th? Itpree, regular ?and
: unties l?,.soiat?- solitary spits have become the
l.ii-v haunts of tli,?iisan?i. of mea, the tralll? ?n the
: tin r h.ns b? en increased by the addition of bare,.,
; sad stsomern lanumarabM, and in Berlin itself has
i Kiown up u nourishing Industry In the preparation
of mortar all ?ready lo the builder's hand The
chief quarter f?<i sand digging is the village or
? Uiiscn. on the ?Bedding l_ik< Her,', overtoppmf a
I pine grove, Stretches a annahm ?fron u>o to two fc?t
? IliKl!.
ir our n ,i men sal.i p.p.
I Prom The Ho.-ton Advertiser.
A contemporary calls attention to the advert??^
i ment of a man who says: "Wanted?A stenog.
1 rapher, who baa sense to write what I mean, no
matter what 1 say." Such a monographer would.
Indeed, aa oui contemporary remarks, be n*-orth a
i dainty little ?alary; but many an ambitious man
i of letters could afford to pay a vastly higher salary-'
to a tftenogruii.icr who nvould write, not what, he
I mount, but -vliut he would have lOeaat It he had
had striae enuu.li

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