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?ras* A.?I did not really know what a lobbyist '?'
until then.
Q.?You had r.o idea even what It was? A.
could make a guess, hut I had tio definite kno
Q ?You could make a pretty roo,| cuess, I ?'
pcme? A.?I dor.'t know, but 1 did DO! k:i ?W
Q.?Mr. Hums, you testify un?ler oath that y
never beard of Mr. Paya as 1.? ? .: a 1 ?bbylst
Albany ?before you went to him about tins matt?
A.-I testify under oath thai I ha l known >
Payn as a politl.-Ian, but D A aa ,n lobbyist. Tl
nS the first time 1 have been inform, i of the c?
rect meaning of a lobbyist,
Q.?Well, what do y ?u understand it to be no'
A?I understand thru certain papera have .-.
Mr. ?Paya was a lobbyist; perhaps he was, bui i??
haps he wa? : ? I
?_ Well, you say this is th" flr?l tina? you ho
known th?,- meant) ? of the term ' : bbf! " \Vh
do you anderstand it m be? A. \ man who
there for what there Is in it. (?Laughter.)
Q.?And that is what you understand now la
lOBOylSl a ?nan who is there for what ;: :?
In it* A -Yea
Q.?You never understood, I suppose, !uai M
P?vn was there for whai there ws? "In It"? \
would understand he ?as not, from th? dealing?
bad with htm.
(J.--At that time you had marl of ! I
"lobbyist"? A. Yes.
y?It had sum?' meaning in your mind, 1 su
pose'' A. I understood that a lobbyist was ,( po
t!cian that von", i reach a good way. (Laughter i
.,? -And yo'i thought Mr. Payn waa "a ;
that could reach a ?good ways'' .\. i
Mr. Payn wa? a politl Ian, si i for thai rea??
I went to him.
?Shortly bef??tv the commltte? ! >ok a r?v< h f
lunchcn Mr. Qulgg was ?recalled to the wttnei
chair for furtlu-r croaa-examlnatlon by Qeorf
Raines and wan ?asked about ins w-.irk as the K?
itor of "The Flushing Times," ten years ?ago. H
i>ai.l he was ge :used of publlshli -,? sis lib? i* whll
editor of the nesrspaper. For an article atts :1
ing Downing, formerly the District-Attorney ?
Qttceng County. Mr. guigg sail, he had ?been ir
dieted and c impelled to i?ay a Ana ?>f ?1500, H
wanted to make an explanation of tin- circum
stances of the cas? then, but Mr. Raines shut hin
off until after recess.
After rece<=s Mr, Haine? qtXBStl ?nod Mr. Qiiigi
closely at?."?iit his interest In the Judl lal Sale
bill. Mr. QuiKK said ho iia?l taken an Interest Ii
the hi ll for ihr? e reasons), First, tx tuse he though
the Judicial ?sales of real ?state ought to be ein
ducted at the Real Estate ?Exchange, where th?
interests of owners of properly Would be bettei
?wo tec ted; .?vend, because men who were inter
estol in the Heal Estate Exchange were his per
sonal friends and lived in his C ingress District
and, third, because he thought it was good poli.
ties t?> take the Judicial sales away from the c in.
trol of Richard Croker and his partner. He said
that none <?f the men interested In the Heal Es?
tate ?Exchange had ma lo c ?ntributlona of money
to his campaign ?so far M he knew.
Q.?Were any checks hauled t. you personally
last fall? A?I remember that two check? wer.'
handed to me. One was hiin.l?l to me by Mr. Platt,
and It came from a friend ?>f his.
Q.?Were ttiiise checks for lam-? amounts? A.?
One was for <*9Q an i the other was f??r fSS. 1 thit.k.
Mr. Qulgg explained that Mr. Einstein, the
present proprietor of "Tho I*rc-:;s." had BSStun? d
the work of c?'il'-ct:i. . money :' r the campaign
Most of the money which was contributed in aid
of Mr. Qulgg's election to Congress was r? Iv? i
by Mr. Einstein.
q._I?ld you soiL-i?. Mr. Payn'? support for the
Judicial Sales bill? A.-I talked with hlni about the
bill at A',:.any.
Q.?What did Mr. Payn say" A. He Mid that
since the Firemen's bill had been flx? 1 to my
faction he hoped I would withdraw my support
from the Judicial Sale? bill I said 1 would cer
talnly do nothing of the kind.
Q ? Did you say that gentlemen Interested in the
Judicial Rales bill had contribuid M.G0Q to your po?
litical fund? A?I dl'l not.
Q.?l?o you strongly say that"* A.-I da I nev. r
said so to anybody.
Mr. Qulg. proceeded to explain that his a.- I
qualntance with the gentlemen Interested in th?- '
Judicial Sales bill began only at the and <?f his
campaign. Answering a question by Mr. Raines,
he said that, although he had heard of Mr.
Cruger, he was not personally acquainted with
" First in Purity."
Eritish Medical Journal.
him. Prli nda of Mr. CniK.'r had contributed
i :.: mey ;? r bis can paign, he asid.
i ?? Are you aware thai ?'rtn-.-r ?mtributed t?>
ir p 111 ca! fund? A l am quite sure be bl n >t.
Q.?IK? you Intend that y"ir conversation with
everybody on the Judicial Balea Mil is covered by
w -, . tve loi l is A Yea
Q In a conversation you bad with Mr Shef?
field did vou tell iM'ii that you wen going to p-int
this art ?? ' A Yes.
?.' At the time you wrote that art 1o-l.- did you
have th? patches '? m Albany of the action of the
Judiciary rommlttee upin tlie Baies bill? A I
cannot i\. but your question aril! be covend by
the statement that I ?'11 seen the afternoon papers,
g. Vou knew that Raines ind ("oggeahall ha 1 v ?ted
. ? nst thv Judicial Bale? bill before j >u ?at down
to writ? the article? A l don't know, but if It
the afternoon papers then 1 knew of It.
c.i When did you finish wrll ng thai article? A.?
Ab mi I o'clock in the en nln :
After (some mon eparring Mr. Qulgg ?aid ?he
would admit thai he was moved t> write ill?
article by the knowledge that Senators Ralnea,
Coggeshall and Robertson had opposed tin* Ju?
dicial ?Sales bill and siso the Police Reorganisa?
tl in bill.
There was a dispute aa to tPe teatlmony whl h
had been given by Flromen ?Clifford snd Rothen
bansen on Saturday as to the raising of money
by tln> office? and the mention of Benaton
Raines, Coggeahall and Robertaon, and the
st. m igrapher read from bl? notes of the teatl?
mony. Mr. Qulgg ?aid thai the information
which had been mentioned in the testimony
was not sufficient for a charge ol corrupt ne?
gotiation. He declined to explain th" mesnlng
of the article he b?iJ written, Baying that It
?poke for its, :f.
Q.?At th? time you wrote that article ?.\ y,"i
know whether Senator? Ralnea and Coggesl ill bad
anything to d? one way or another with the "'ti er*
amendment? A. Well, ves Mr. Sheffield told me
that Senat r Rain? had to: l him that he wani .1
:ii. : ?' amei Im ni pass, d
?y. io.o you ????-: 1er, because the Senator waa
it, favor >if the officers' Increase, thai was a ?t;f
... a charge <?f corrupt dealings? A.
! ihou'.d say tliit any , :.f th? fads I bav? de?
tail? i would toe sufficient.
Q.?Had Senators Ralnea and Coggeahall voted in
favor of tii? Judicial Salea till, would *Im> article of
Api . ;*> last have appear' : In "The v.-?- ' \ I
thli ?i It would. It might not have appeared that
Q I'M you personally apply to any member? of
the Officera1 Assit? t..:, t r Inl rmatlon befon you
publish? i thai irtlcle? A. I liai conversatlona with
?u , ?,t!iv?'.-? up m th. matin
'.' What were their name ? A One was i
Ft? '.. and the ..tier's was Graham.
I'.' Tell ui the natur.? ??'. youi ??? rsai >na ?it h
A Freel t??i?l me ii ? III not know an) ?
:. Ing ab ut It. and . : Uni : to i...\
thing to ?'. ? \. .tii th? : III ..r pa) mi f th? n : ?
He a lered the < m? n
t ? "!?? ? i ol talar)' waa placing In
; .: ly the two per cent tax bill i t -, iei tl)
hi had no symp ithy with the efforts to obtain ?
? Irah im, however, toi I :
??" ha i be? n raised ird a I
......... : .
at my ? ffii ?? i rior to th? versatlot
" ? i i . Hii kn il?*dg ? thli matt? r waa :
i??, ?: what he had hear i He had takei
Hi Freel and d? h ive ai ytnli t
to do with th? ?
',? !?..'. you have any ? nvet itlona srlth any of
tl er ? ffic? r? of the a? ? latl ?n? A No
g Why did you not nake n ??? efforts In thl
dlreo-tl-iri before yo . made the t ? - -?. nat th?
three Benat rs? \ It? ause I did not think the
offl ?? tlon was a good source of Informa?
tion upon thi ? ??
?..' Do you mean to say thai il ?f IM men you
could not get any to tell the truth? A I
s.-.v anything ? r the kin :
Did : i stop to think whethei ? ? . ?.?. r:'i
wl .. ' ' find oui lb? fac? \ \ did t??p i
'?? ? ut the fa."a. I pursued my vest gat >ns In
:o llrect n?
'j Bui you g ? notl Ing ej i ? i hat you i ? ,r i
firemen who ha
g fron ne ? 'A It is yet to b?
wh? ther I did not .?? ? anytl
?.' S iw, Mi Quisa*, th? ? you pul
thl? artli I? II ? you m t tak siei ? ? ? oh
tain more Information? Hid yo have a ta'k a tl
Mr BheffleW, with reference t'a hi nglng fficei
Didirt Live
Merely Existed
Raisedfrom Misery and Wlolan
choly by Kood's Sarsaparllla
To all win, an- m Um ?]nr*'is ?if ?despair, tl)?1
following ?letter may come ai s beacon light
?oiuting tin? way in health ?tad safety. Trulj it
s not what are say. bo; what n.P? rJaraapar
Un does, that ?tells the story, .lust ?read this v? 1
lut.iry statement ?if what it !ias done f??i' Mr.
'Jwon, in bis siraii-'litfcuuanl way ?if ?patting
'acts: ,
"Heti.'.crsoi:, J'.t.. Jan. 14, ISO:,.
?C. I. ?Bood & ?Co. I. well. Mass.:
"Ueiulemen: For I or 7 year? ? f my lif<- 1 did
jot Uve?I merely ?ddoted. Although not confine
jo my bedroom, I was in a ?ii"H? deplorable con
lltion. suffeiin?. ?from a c -implication of evils. I
vas so costive that a week, or sometimes two
veeks, would pass without a movement of Ik?
lowe.a. I had no app?tit?. ?Had
Become So Melancholy
hat I was Sflgrcely Oil t"M farm :i; ?Is -real I
?ven conten.plated making an end to my miser?
able existence. T d< I ?r? d I r two summers ?with
, iii any help,
"This is u stage ?here a. man ?becomes dis?
ants*? i with d store and medicine? of all kinds,
ir tills, and what I am aboul to write, ?h uld be
? i to reach the ?.f any such ?person, lei
him know that it Ik ?-ritten In the bops that just
euch persons will read It, and believe it and be
benefited by it. A frien I had half ?? botUe of
Hood's garsaparllla lefl over and perauaded ne
t. take u with some of Hood's i'iiis.
"I , Kp rtenced s, mu h benefit from it I took
tw ? bottles more, an I, thank God,
I Am Cured
sound ai i well, I ?am H ?years i t age but tte\
M years ??ounger. I truly believe Hood's ?Barsa
parllla was sent a? a means to heal my body. I
, ;-.:. ,- i ,y ? , nu.? h for Hood's ?Sansapnrllla and
H ?od'i ?PlllJ snd will gladly answer any Inquiries
t; ?n. ?i ?ubtlng Thomas? ? if postage is sent."
j. ?w. OWEN, Hender? in, Merer Co., Pa,
The above and other Cures enable us to Truthfully Say
I? tin- On)} TSMS lii?od I'milicr rrouiiucutl*- iu tue Public bye Today
t. lourj.ii.ae of
questtt nine tl*t?>m* A? Tli?re was a talk Mtwsen
us, but whether he ur 1 ?Uggested thl?, I cannot
y. t?!d it noot oca-nr to yon that Mr. Sheffield, as
a friend of youri end a? one Interested In ihi
JudlfSal Salea bill, evil 1 U?e h!s inf-ans r.f getting
Information from the tiro-nun <>n this su'o).???? l- -
for?- the publican..n of thl? ?rtlel?? a tea, it ?><?
eurred t" m*. but i thought it beat not to take
advantage of It.
a But after th? artlcl? waa published you trl*'l
to nave tint done, did you ? it? A.?Te?, l did
Q Previous to th? publication of ib?> artlcl?* y ?a
-mm for firemen lo come to y^nr editorial offices?
A Y.s.
y-I>;d you gel fr.ni anyttod) except Mr. ?iraham
the statement ni to the raising of the tlAYW
.\ >,..,, l?verai; and l waa also given the names
of men who had contributed money to t ?i?* fund
which waa to be raised to aid the passing ??f the
Q. When was tins communicated to y >u? \
About a m.,nth or eo ago: about th- middle ol
Mardi. I think
Mr. ynlcK waa then ssked by Mr. Rslne? t.?
give the names ? ?' the tinmen who wen Bl it i
to have contributed money t" tr-t<?- fund. He
r fused, however, to divulge th" names at that
Btsge <.f th>* pr nedlnga, and was supported In
hi? objection by Mr. R , t. and after a bri.'f
argument between counsel the question w.:s
Mil ROOT'S TRIBUTE TO MR <?!"!'".'.
Mr. Root then asked ?some questions about the I
libel for which Mr. Qulgg had ?paid a Une of $300. i
Mr Qulgg Bald that ?Downing wa? l?1stri ; \t
torney ? f Qucem County and also trust).f the
village school i:i Flushing, and he published ar?
ticles sttacklng Downing day after day for
nearly two years The proceedings for libel wen
brought on only one of the articles, (Vnother
article ha?l charged Downing with bribery. That
was trill? ,1 to the att? ntl m i ( Grover ?Cleveland,
then Governor of the State, who sppolnted
i'ii.irles B. ?"aii'hill lo make an Investigation,
and upon Mr. Pali? hild's nporl Mr. Cleveland
nmoved Downing fr.un office,
Mr. Root If ever a public service was performed
such ? ?ervlee was the driving from office of such a
m m a? l i wnlng
Samuel <'. Pnneh, a coal d< lier, of Mo. .'."1
Park-ave., testified that he had been m-qualnted
with Assistant Por.in Patrick H O'Reilly, now
dead, who wai :' financial ?jecntary of the
Officers' Association In iha- |B|n Department He
sal i thai late In February or earlj In Mar h
O'Reilly s?'"k.' to him about a coal bill, long due,
and ?aid he? uld not pay the bill then because
lie was obliged to give money for tl'..- pa ige
.of a bill : . raise the firemen's pay,
George Raines obji t ?l to the testimony, and
Mid thai if auch testimony wa? accepted by
the committee it would oe only ne rssary to gel
a list . f .lead flnmen, and then i I . n* to
testify as to gupposrd conv? itl n ?*lth them
Mr t:... ? said thai If Ihe c immltt? ? s inte 1 i i
ertaln ?? ruth t -? ?". :,v as that
? by Mr. French should be r? *elv??d. Sen?
ator ' ?'? ' tin r di '. r, ? iranl t<? admit i ??
mony, bul a majority of th.* commltl.le ti 1
f.i h?'.-ir it.
?.? i' i O'R? ||y mi anything ab m? a meeting at
:' qtiartera "f Ki tine r im| u . .*-.'?. \ He
. . ; rnat |- ,,.... .,. i? ,?.,. \>. ; , pA.. . t
mei there I ? see al >ul having th? tire nen's
, ; ?i. . . i n lo be another
H at the Hot? ; M ??trop
'.' I ' : ? ii ? ?? :v,rv. in a??? wh it you had heard
? ? the Eire t ' mm . n A to Mi Sh<
ii. : i.
Replying I Mr Raines, th? witnesa said
,, i ;.. had glvi in for i
ha i . ; . ? . . ;
i 1
Q-DI'l . you no ? befor?
? . ing his a i ? \ ' ? .??:.. i ; ?
a a? unable to pa) : ?
' i ?
.... - ? ? . ... ,.] ...
o i Rell.y mode, va I ?lr. 8b?*fl ?
out If tl ? ? ? A No! I did not g o
to Mr Hheffl? Id lo ase,.
? to inform m that a I ? ??..?!
ri ipt ?'ir;
,., Ii.-.. ?. .: , i? ? ? ? i? all
recent n?
? .'. ? ! "? ' r ?
To Senator 1' ' ' .
Mr si,. :r..- i g n? t ? .?n?. : i ? ? ? ? ? .
new Fire '
. re i .
.? ?
II igh I- ? ' ' ' ? F
?a rd to tell v ...
f tl .
:r- !?i .-': t I - " - lie was ..|
? ? ? ? .
that su.'h an a ?
? ? ? ? en'a Mill, h" ? Id i' :. man Bun a what
tii ?tight ??f It. Hurras d< ?'
?'?irking for the amenii
t o ha\ ? t ?passed. 1 it he ? I |l irn? i it he ? til I
leave the ass lat If h? beard ?
a ?? ?ut Ihe am? ' ?ughi
tl. am? ndi ? '?' ??
an ther :??.??? I I Ihe ? IT .???.?? .
ra were trying to have theli
an'! h>* ?enl i
To George Rat ne?, ? ?> ??-? 1 : nnei as '. I
had asked lluro* t soil t the aid <>f Mi Payn In
defeating th? T? Pet '?? t Tea Ml ? ' ??had
- ici-'*led that Mr Payn i I ? : i
for his expense? Mi Payn had efused 1 receive
an] n. ??? ? from t e fir?
Fireman Ad??l ih Z'ti., any N ?
M, testified th il n Msi h 2 \ latai ? ? ?
Bamuel Reed said thai hi ? i lo i"it up $.'> foi
th" passag? of the of! ment to th?
?alar bill and hi l ght th? ? ?
t ? put up th< ir shan of the The men
?aid they a lid i I pul ip a ? enl n i j said
that it cama herd : . him In pa) 130, as II ? o ?
sii irl month und tii?< dsughter wss al ? ' to gel
marrie 1 He ?l?" said that t' ?
v. . A put Up MS /.'!.'
rottorated by th. leetln ? ol Fli in J emlah
Kelly, ' Ihe sam.n p i To Mi Raines
Kell) said he did not think tl at !<"?? 1 wai joking
wh? t. ti" "?" ke ab >ui the ral Ing of I he m ney b)
the offlci rs
Q Was h? soher? A i won't ?wear t.. tl it
lie had been Irlnklng bui h? meani ahai be said
Mr. Root i: rlno verlta I;. night, ? ?
I.awriti." Ryan was the nesl witness, and re
plying lo Mr lt.. t said he waa a llreman In En
gine II, of tl"- Thlrt? enth H ittall n lie i I
??teen In th i d? pai tm< n* nearl; iwei
HI ... id? i.. ?? in ? hi? ' v ' the n latlon of a
versstlon between Captain Landor, of Enitine
42 ;.ti i Capta n Clark, of Engin, 50, wh ?. h?
co'nstruetl as i f, rrli g to the ral
aid the i'is: a ;?? i?f the ? ffi? i r-.' Im n ai i ?alar)
amendment He said:
f a/a? indina Jusi ? oui ?iuar'-r?? a
? v.. IgO, Wh' H I. iv ? ?: a, I ' .,' k I in I lK*
Kan ii . nnvei ?',.,', !? ?!???: ? " ! : ? ir i ? lark
i v. thai the '? II wo ild .? i through, h n II ?* m 1
l... ... .? ?n? ti nui .,;? : i i ? a n<") 1? :id..r then
express? i ht* ?illlngn>?ss to put up m ney, nut
Wallte?! to know Bl ? vhei the mon? ." wo i!
the bill ill I not p.'. irk ri pll : "We ?I ?
Il : , v. again." Tl ?? were standing Ihen |u?i ? il
?I i.- the do or, while I a.?- on Ih Insld ' "?.ti'K
ahoi tl'. .?*(. i . .-v.. in, an I I itv i '
i. m of talking aboul Ihe . and 1 t,.' I
I .that ?.n, ?! .. ? do mm ?? mean ihl ig
!? -i ng to lump In on - n bill, and perhaps nwamp
H lt.- . nil mu 1 'n repl) thai It ? ill : b ?I light
We had quite a heaf?**d argument, a-, i I annoi r
n ? i, i ? r al! ti' it i '? ?"? i i ? tv. . a 'i- '. n when 1
challenged hlm Bgain nft- ? v? ?r.i h< denied 1 bal h.
hod been talking aboul ihe Ralarl? - bill
R) Mr Root Un' when you aroused Ii in <,f try
Ing ' . ?* imp your bill he ?lid nol deny h? \ So,
Henry Hauck, S flrf rii.-i ri of Engine N"? L'.?. was
then "*W"rn. Mr Rool u.is pr? ceding t..<xaiii
In? him up n ;? stall -men) made by another Are- :
man, named Conboy, with nferenc? to it?- find
' lui; by Hi.- latter of n in k In Ihe engine-house ;
containing the name? ,.f forty live officers wh i
ha l put up money, wh n Mi it iln^a en?^rgetlrally I
objected t" the evldenc? Then had, h<* ?aid,
iio-i'n alnady i" ? much of that kind of a.nd
hand evidence broughl forward What was
wanted was direct evldenc . and nol a statement |
fr mi a witness of whal somebody had told him, or
of something thai !?.'t I happened t.? somebody
?Chairman 0*Connor?agreed thai direct evldenn t
would be mon acceptable to th.mmlttee, and j
sugg ated that Conboy, if possible, should be
placed nio.on the "land and tell tiiM own el ry
Mr. Root t believe Conboy is m court, but be la
r tin ? iv to ?ii. evl I? nc?
Chairman ?TConnor I don'i tiiivk we ahould at
low the admission of thla ?I tne ? - evidence i am
?wan thai In th? I?eaow Committee w? adoptad
? verj ?irld? latitude, bul
Mr Root iliit.i'.osiliii") And l! waa In that way
you gol yiiir fa, t?. livre la a at roi ? band ??! no'"
organise?] here to eoneeal this kind ?,f transaction?,
which would I-' Inlurlou? t" them ir they wen
confessed lo. Therefor? you have to get ludlclonsly
and use discretion In order to gel at Hi- truth,
rath' r than 11 ? ?'Im i upon the I rli i rule 'M o ?. I.,
as if th? conviction of ? criminal waa ti" point at
i IK; II?
Mr it tin?"? vehemently depncat??d Mr. R ."t'a
suggestion regarding ihe concealment ..f fscta,
1 He v\"nt on: "Mr Roo, practically asnerta thai
? IM oitfia.'iH .,f the Pin Department an nol to
' I??- trusted ?on tin- stand, and, Ihereforo, he ha?
i?? ' ' . Ira.i" down ill existing rulen of de?
fence, in order t,? y--\ evidence to support hi?
?'?? l ii m perfect!) amased that the nremen of
this city, who devote their live? :., th laving
; ami ?protection of property, und who rink ibelr
Illve:? in th? defence of the community, ahould
no; te- considered trustworthy enough to givu
At this point Cha.lrii??? O'Connor unaouaced
Baby knows
t h e difference betw ee n
"Genuine Ponds Extract"
and ?ts many imitations.
Natures own pain reliever
is Pond's Extract
Ar,;?\ n Milus .-i-i "JUBl U ?- '? " ?I? k for Our ?SUS
ami P*r and ?
I'nnil'? l.ilnnel <'??.. TS I Iflln \v?-., \r?n *i nrl?.
th.? adjournment of the proceedings until this
morning at 10 o'clock.
Then era? nothing In the pr.?edlr.ga before th.?
kp-.-ih! committee of the State ?Senate ?yesterday to
give ?-oir.r t?i a report that ?lie ?ulclds of ?s-As?
ilstanl Ki-" Chlel John McCab? ha i hiten caused li>
),:.. deaire I ? escape tnetns examined by ti'." com
tiutt...? m referci ?? t? the raising of money in
connection with the ?Firemen'? ?Salary bill, ills
name had noi i en mentioned In the Investigation,
Mid aa he had been retired from lb? department
for aotne years II ?-a? not bellevi i that h.ild
iii\.? known mu?*h of the action of th? ?ssoelatlon
.?f ??:!. few month? ?u?'
?Firemen aatd yesterday that M Cab? had been
drinking loo freel) ? ? ?? ? time, had complain*?!
of ; p?li ils head and had i ?? l In a m in
ner wh h Indicated t! t h? e la ilaane,
if .'. . . ? he w? i to be c-alled aa a
wlmem befoi ? the ? mmlttee, the firemen ?aid, li?'
might hav? been afraid ol making a ?how of hia
n ? ntnl ?eai?. ? ?. but It wai ppoaed that h.
..--.- ? make ? bl? h would b i v?
Implicated membra of th?1 department
i.i.i.a It? o| v ?-?? i . i> :? ? . , ? . ta k about M
?'ai..'s poastble t? ? 11 mon y befon the committee.
l're?i.!'?!,?. i..i ilrang? I I - ? ? lienartment, to
whom, .' waa i w ??,:.. ... ? iol?l ?omethlng of
i:.; ?rtanre, ??-? ..? ??. inv?atlgai ?n yesterday, Mi:
h? ?aid he i . ! -, u,.| i..
could ? ' ? ? iitement until he took h:
seal on th. wltnraa t?nd.
? ?-.
IT V.' H'l.ln I . VI'ANV AN
I ' ' ? ' ? i.:: i m?i u .-;?.
: ' : :.
' M . : ' : :' ' :?:.
, II ' . ' : ? "t RIBCKC]
!'? p!e |
es Ballot g framed
follow? ? " Platt, ? ' ? ??? th?
? >.
: . ' ?'??!. ? ? . :
???'?'? ?,-:?'.
i form ? ? -. Hen?
It will I - i .; iced an
ment n t : lot low pi .- I l an;
1er could ti k? ? fr?en i
hel| ; repare hi*
? ? S ? ' mself a
??-..?. ? ' ? ? .,? letiared I
? ?
? < . enable th?. il?l
? . e that I : . : Is bat
?gain by marking hli ill-t for ]
K -i f the anti-Ptatl R*publ i
the ?Senate i k 1 ?am? ?. .?? a ? ? ? ?. .: ;
? : : i ? i ; ? ? ? ? ' 1 I ? , ?
?age but 1 , i , ? r-:th by Raines thai
lime -.? '.???. ring it amend? '. In the
.,? t i red to have
:t. i !?? and wl '. Rain. ? ; ? ? nl? ? I ti support ?ras
t. ? the ele tl >n ffl? era alone sh ul l have the
irk tb Ilota of illiterate or disable 1
v tera,
Mr Rain? i ha? t. I ke| t thi?. ; I'? ? \ -
? ? ? ? Ittee to day ?pel alsted In
the i .'.i y of facllll | ? . rotes
by ?ubmitting t:. ? Raine? bill In .v pra t'call
amended | i? they preeei te l it,
?ays l ? ? disabled voter "ma*
? ; [er lb* b-noth With two ? ; ' ? ;
lit! al faith, t- be selected by tin- inspector? ?f
ele t! n from psi | a r? pi a? ni t b) them r?
?;?? lively." Th If n? ai i] si bad ?
lri.it provision li othei Stal ? the ?a ?i n ? ??
i.??n ?:;! era al t: ?? i ?l'a asslsi Illiterate voter?
i utsiders are p? I to du thla ? . k Ih? re
, intlc a ale
'I \ ? ii ? Ittee alao struck
' ? ? - : , t h a t a ; . : .. i
ling ill fli ke ii . that
"h. will ? ?' In ;?tm" t' ? , ? i -? 1; ? .
un!.i ?? ?aid v?nter to vote any pari . ? i t or
:' ir ?.n-, ; irii ai ir rid Inie ml I
n,. keep or make ni ? i : ry of
aiiv thing ild b ?th, ami l
ii?- wir. not dire t'\ ,,t n Ir? tly reveal !?? any
? ? ? ,? ii :..!>??. ..t-.i for by
?ii ii i/ot r, or w : he :. ta voted,
thing " m : ? ng booth, ex. pt
he !.. nil? !?;..???. tifj in ?i nidi i.ii pro ? :
g ?. i : iii m ?nf the 1 ? n law "
i- ?joes noi ?eem pona ble that even ? l'l ?'t As
aonibl) would p..??.-? ?uch an atn?nmlnable measure.
The S< ntil. held ? t n m'i ute se? ihm I?? day,
v. n', .ni. ?la H natoti pn enl in ?l.ut time th ?
NVw York Police I: ?ritanisntl n Mil wa an
nounced from the Assembly, and Senator I?exow
? i that it I.?? sent to a third re idlng ? ?f
, , ii?.- i ?. u, rat? ? hji ? te.i t>? the pi n Ing
, worth- ii measure In a position t?. ii ?
Ol am ? from s. uni ?ra Ri adley
and Collins ?Senator ?Lego? appesled t?? them In
? . ? ?thdrau their objection ? He then at
tempt? 1 i ? ?give notice ol an Intention I ? move
.. n- p.-?,?..?n of Mi" rules in order t" pas? th?
I,,li early neat week.
?'I'll.r.- i. i;.. quorum present." said Sensi r
Bradley, In .?i.i"?-n n t?? the reception of Sen?
ator I.? \??': n tice !.!? iitepsnt i ;..\?MKir Sax
t a, erst then -*ompelled t" ndjmirn th?> Senate
'in. Republicana nevertheless, think th?*y grill
pass l'ils il" Is 'he Senate early next \\.?>-k. ;?s
th? re Ih pretty mx ?1 evidence that Senator Cogge
sh ill hu? changed Ids unfriendly attitude toward
it. ,|. I will vote f r if That would give it the
?. ? :,t ?. mil vote necessai y ta p iss lt.
\ "_< >B" Hi: ?VDKO OIT.
a ii.uiy, April % (RpeclaD The Assembly tMa
morning killed on? of the meal flagrant "',.>li?" of
Um arg?Ion when it ?truck th? enacting clauM out
of Mr k??,i<* Mil ?i enable "Th? Albany Journal"
and "Th? Albany Argus" to foist upen the Btat?
Board of Clalmi bl'.l f ?r th? pubtieatlon ?if tiir
proceeding? of the recent Con?il?lotlonal Convention.
The i-'.nit?i?r ??r th? Convention, it wi:i b? remera
bared, mad? aom? arrangement, on im-* own respon?
sibility, with these t\>?. paper? f??r a r??pori of tii?
Journal and debat? i ??' trie ?nventlon, but th? con
ventlon lt?elf promptly dlaavowed tin* order, und
di is red bj resolution It? entire Indifference t,, th?
_ Hi-j-nnt new pattcrn.i in Spoon- ?,
? -???rk ,-.tid Silver Knives. (J
Ih- lilailr? |or <mr knl??-a are made n
pteetlj im u? i>-, '. - .?ii K??!':?**"?
?'< .*?iiil?, Slnrlliclil, Ia,g.
R.Wallace & Sons
?.226 FIFTH AVE?, N.Y.??
'tl Bstwmti 26tfl and 27th Sts. S
efforts of "The Journal" and "The Argus" to en?
lighten the Albanv public as to Its doings. The two
newspapers persisted, however, In pub.iahlng be.ated
report??, ?orne of the ?Jebates appearing as ?ate as
last January f<?"r months after the dt?solutlon of
the convmtl?n The cialms of "Th? Journa'." and
"The Argus" for their useless and unauthorized
labor amount f> thousand? of douars, although no
speclfl" sim was named In Mr. Keek's bill. This
morning on second reading. Mr. ('onk'lng moved
to ;M,rik.' oui the enacting cause of tue "JOta/' and
hin attack on the toill was supplemented by
spseche? by llassrs Aln?worth. Hobblns and Arm?
strong. The motion was carried, W to 1J.
? i ?
Albany, April ?'?.-After the House bad been calle 1
to order this morning Hr. Banger moved that the
Judiciary Cmnmittse be dlschsrged from the fur?
ther consideration of bis bill amending the Civil
Betnrlee laws by Increasing the salaries of the State
Civil Service (Immissionen and their employes,
and that that motion II? upon the tatole. This Is the
bill prepared by the investigating committee which
looked into the sffaln or tho tommlsslnsi last fail.
The motion prevail?'?!
Mr. ryOrady gave Mttc? that on some future ?lay
b? would tnov?. to suspend tho rules, In order to
call out of its ora?er the New-York City Police Mar?.
Istntes bill, so that the .Sonate amendments coiil?!
be ronciirred in.
Mr. Conhltng ?(Tered a resolution that the chalr
iiuin of the Committee on Lands and Forestry be
anthorlz.*?! to a;,yolnt I ?-.iib-commlttee of three
members, to conduct an lnvestla*atlon of Blleged
depredation Of tlmlier lands '?be committee to hpve
power to send for book v papi rs and persons, to ex?
amine sritnesses, to employ one stgnographcr and
ons messenger and to Incur necessary trovelllng
< xpenseH, and report to the next legislature. The
resolution and a report on tho subject were re?
ferral to the Committee on Ways and Means.
Assemblyman Alnswo>rtb Introduced a bill pro?
viding for ihe annual tax levy for the ?State care
o? the Insane fur the ?im-al year beginning October
1 The bill provides for a tax of one mill on the
taxais property ?if the ?State, ?rblch will raise
?l,2l?i,ii<! The amount ro be raised Ik nearly double
rue amount raise | last year, as the dependent In?
itia In N'iMv-V'ork and Kings counties are t<? lie
eared for unaler this n;^r?>prlatlon, r portion of
which will also tie used for th? repairs to State
hospital buildings,
Mr Lawaon'a bill prohibiting railroa'ls In cross
sm-cts W"st of l'entrai Park, New-York City, op
p.. ;lte park entrances. north of Kiity-nlnth-st. and
south of One-hundred-and-tenth-st., was pa seed.
Befar? the House adjourned Speaker J-ish. from
the tiaKir, state.) that tO-moiTOW wns the birthday
of ?; ?nil cirant il>- suggested that the adjourn
?i. im be taken In honor of that ?lay. because of the
thai men In high pla.-es had been making
?line? at the soldiers Tha- s;ice'-h was gteetivl with
applause, and the House al 12 1) adjourned until
Monday evening at S3u o'clock.
? ?-??- ?
Albany, April ">*. ?Oovernor Morton has approved
thei e bills:
? hapter 412 tssemblyman .Tray's, providing for
m dog tag In .M-i'- ol over ?Wo.tJflt) Inhabitants.
'. . ter 112 Assemblyman Tobin's, <? impelling the
dressing of ?ti ne uaed In ?ata ov m"inl?-l;oal work?
? '!..? boundaries of the State
Chapter 07 itenator O'Sulltvan'a, providing thai
- Mayor of ar.\ city In the Stat? may
eri ? stn t.. poli ?men end Rnmen for free trans
??ortatlon b) transportation ? ompanle?, and that
thei ertiil ate? ma) be l??ued allowing policemen
and iM'Mi'v the fir* u ?f telegraph n:.d t<;.-roho.":e
linea ?neu m ihe performance of official duty
Chapter III ?ssembtyman Malby's, providing that
i'er) ompany shall i ly s tas ol one
I pei enl n ihe gi -d amount ?>f premiums
received au ng i i ? i
'' Th ? .to .:, '* - i'Brien claim Mil
ilnsi N?'? Y?,, k City,
? ii A Ins worth'?, iriv.r.?
lier i?.'?.r n enfoi ? the payment
, " ? KM.
1 ' . i : .. ? ... ?? i flardlner'a, , 11 ?
:????? ' the N'ew-York,
lloston. Albanj tad) Halle ad
p?er BA t'v. ?-. . ? ?: the time for com?
Vea i rk and Vorth?rn i : ? : ;.- ? ? l unti: 1906,
tei .. !:?.". n-ling untl. I90n the I me f r be
ructtcn of a br. Ige authoi i I
built by an act t the River Rrldge
The bridge .? '.. be built serosa the \|.
la I s point near S cara
l"*a ', '. s,
''lia,-- nnor's. authorising t:-,"
? : - I i.' ;?? f the Cit) if Ncw-V? ?it to r. In
:;o- rate ss a ft ? ?. ? i, ..
th? "vim ?? ' ???? .? ???:..!?' i...,i;.,.>. ..' Saw York
? 'h?pi< r ? 'i Pr? 'Mb''" g the ? Ii | ,?. r ill
? . ftiiyvesant-a? .Brooklyn betw? n Broad
a.,-. ,-? i I"m ? i nsent of prop. r:-. -
? " .?ssemhtym i v?'ray' . providing tint
' Bl ? ? i. '? .-? ?t. * ome ?person
t ? .-igti ?alary atil other warrant-, not
over I ?
inter ir H ? ??? - Ouv'i ?ithorizing the ?Board
' Revision .?:. i ("orre t...:i of Kstlmatea of New
\ "rk 'l'y to determine uid i ward damage? within
atj I? i for i inglng I the origin il a.*ra le of
(?ne-hui Ir :--,:?! f, r-v t?v.r t-si from the Boule
tl ? Mm H m Btver KalToad
ter n. \'* mbtvmin Hamilton'?, ?my .wrinn
th? Vea V ik City Controller to refund th.* ne
? ni ',- perty south of ?One-hundnd-and
twent? ? ? for o pen re Twelfth-a vi . tie;?-.en
ind On?-hundred-and-tlfty-tblrd-at., ?aid
south of One-hundred-sad-tw nty
nlnth-st., hsvlr.g been closed afterward.
WIM. FiMfNP A HEW '/.>>'>.
Albany, April M Goren r Mottos to-day ap
pn?*ed taseml yman VI lea'a t.'.: Incorponting the
N.w Toth oZooIogleal Society ar.1 to provide for the
rstabllehmeni of a BOO^Oglcal gnrden In the city of
Albany, April M Tin' signing by the Ooeernor
rday of the i l ?ting th? State Tish
uni Qam? snd V '-?*?: Commissions ??glalated out ?.if
ottli'i. all t!;?' Ilsli gi ! ;? ri:.' ;.r it ?| r* i:ial foresten
f? erly in State employ, and a'.-?.o over -?" special
lish iit'l f, ? ? rs In the employ of c'.tiba and
ite Individua in I elr ptacea in? new board
ihm far appointed on'y ten r-tnl-ir protector?
ten The next meeting ??.' tie* comml
t for May 7
iv AMEEICAX itn'.'isri: is r.niis.
A beut thn? year? .m,"'? lb? fsshlontble modlstee
,,' parla were amused by lb? opening of a new
? ?? establishment right In the midst of them,
il N ' 21 Avenue de l'Op*n and doubly ?-??, as 'ho
proprietor ?res an American lady, Miss If. Stuart.
Prellet n s were fr.. ly made th it a dissstrou ? fail
m ?. ild be th.. result. Happily, Miss Stuart ?pos*
?es?? i nal i !.?-..*.. combinad w.th an exquisite
taate ai i quick ?perception of what waa m st
i, . ..n M,-, ? ? ? :.-'i .-mm ,.. it ? is n it i..: - bef re
"the smai " a ?men tto us? an English pbnse) of
Vea York, Paris and IXNidon realised th? fact that
the) were more attra tlve ;!iim n-aai when wear*
Ing a Stuart hat, ? nsi u . ? ? being tiiat
M sa Stuart lias bull? up a business fully equal to
tti it of the leading Parialas m ?listes, whose
n. ni has been changed to a keen feeling of
envy, wnti ?rood rsuoa ss Hiss smart's ?aloa t?
dally mm? lit with th? mo?4 ?lavant wosaeii, snd
her ,,. live model? in atwghl aft?* t?y th? lead?
mllll ? esta illshmenta In Vew-Tork, London
MSB si rol 11 AT out sr. rATRIt'K.
the tcn?i anniversary of Ih? consecration of st
Patrick's Pom.in catholic Chunh, Uutberry and
Moll ?-is., will be celebrated to-moirow al il ? m.
Honslgnor Satolll win "-in?*- the solemn ponttflcal
ma?-. Amhhlshop Corrigan will ),.? present On
Men,?a\- morning the hoya and rlrla of the parish
will moi' reception? t?o the Apostolic l'-Megate.
Tlllll.ATFSI.li to.tl BTBIBBB IS oilio
Bellsln, Ohio, Apt;i M Th? district containing
tin counties "f Jefferson, Harrison. Quernsey, lte).
nuoiii and Tusearawaa within its tolden has the
lineal coalfl?trtda In '?lib? Il la conceded now by
prominent coal operston that on May l snother big
strike will b' ordered whl h will en?! in turmoil
ami riots. The outlook is not promising for an
smicsble acttlemenl of the wsge gnestlon, which
will be the sole caus? "f trouble.
Pltuburg, ?.pril M PBttrteh HcBryds, National
secretary of the Hin? Werken' Union, lias written
a letter In Wbioh lie points out a way for settling
tin.llminers' strlk-" here He nays:
?ill at a Iocs Bul -'hile they '.?ose money, ut ?ho
they ni.ln s7'.. cent? a t?n for freljrht. Tho
The Bandy II.?ik licit?, of the rentrai Kaliroad
of New-j?reey will ?pen for the season ?,, Hen?
day, May IS. _ , ... ,.
lioats will leave NYw-*?ork ft ?:U ?. m. and 3?
p. in . arriving m KeW-Tors I ?? a. m , fAA p. m.
Addltlonai boat? will he placad in ??.rvlc? oa
AIav ax. *
How Large Bills are run up Without
Benefit to the Sufferer.
Many times wo-n-ti cull on their funii.v BBJts?hBM\
sulTerii'.K. as they ("Mgine, one from dyspepsia, an?
other from netvou? disease, another from liver ?-i
kidney disease, another with pain here ettd tlu-re,
and in this way they all ate sent alik? to ll'.einselvei
and their easy froini-. iiHlifferint. or over bu-> (loo
tors, separate atnl distinct di-H-asc??., (or whicli tbej
prescrioe theii pills ?sod ?potions, assaming them t?
he stieh. wlien, in r-alitv. tiny ar?- all only tym??osti
c.ii:-ed by sotne wotnl? ?sisease. The pbygtciaa ignota
ant of the i?a*Jt* "f *-ii?*T?"riiiir. encotirafres hi? practica
until larpe bill? are mad?-. Tli?? ?ufTcrini- p.iti'-nt m U
no bettet, but probably worse, by reason <?( the d< Lay,
wrong: tr.-.tttnent an<l consequent coinpliiatiotis. A
proper medicine, like Dr. I'icne's Favorite Pre?
scription, directed to Hi<' rsett srould ha?re entirety
removt-d the disease-, ?thereby dispelling all tho-e di?.
tressini; symptoms, ami in-titiiti:ig comfort instead
of prolony-ed misery, It lia been well said, that **?
I disease known is half cured."
Dr Ptetre's ?r^vtrrite rn-rription is a ??cu-titifi?
meiiiriiif. carefully ?*ompounded ;>y m ttxperitncM
am'. ?-Itillfnl physician, and aii.irited to woman? deli,
cate oci<aniiatioii. It cere* all deiaageBleats, irreyu
larities sad areahst?-??'? - of th? v?'.manly organs. It
is purely rentable in it-, composition and perfectly
harmless in its effects fa gay co?dition of Bu tyitrta.
For mortninjr. sicknes?. or nausea, di-.e to pr<'f?::.v.?.cy.
weak stomach, and kindred symptoms, its r.-e will
tirov very beneficia!. It also mage? cbildbitth ea?-?/
ny preparing the system for parturition, thusassi-iting
Nature and ?-h?-?rte?inpr " labor " The period r,{ con
finement is also greatly shortened, the mother
strengthened and built up. and an abundant secre?
tion of nourishment for the child promoted. Sold
bv all dealers.
Positively Last Day of the
865 Broadway.
Building if. rented and everything
D. UNDENBORN. Auctioneer.
For Cyclists.
The usual Friday ?tow! was in our store
-*est?rrday, all ?tnxioui to obtain some of tiif
e.\traor?Iinj:y bar. lim tve ?are offering in
Bicycle Clothing
and Sundries.
Sun lay pr mi??*? to be a good clay f?t the
Cyclist?Iir?,-;;er Dunn ??ays warm?so get your
(V ling Clothing and be in .style.
75c. Black Muse, . . . 39c.
$3.oo Lambs' Wool .Sweaters, $2.00
Just th?- thing f r y. ?? ? ' m .. :. ?? ! r ?-ar?
A few bundle 1 All-Wo ?I Sweaters, manu
factnren' samples, at SI.50.
Caps, all kin Is an 1 styles. 50c u:\
Bicycle Coats? >:z?*s 31. x\.?a few left M
$1.50; these formerly Mid lor $*.<*:*?.
Our i' ? k CI thing .? untquslErd Is style, etatetBd *nt
-SMrkmsiishlp. it?-'-? t ? roll ?II. fr m (M.30 ap
L?o-.?y?, B III -rs and all ktr.ds ct buffir!?*?.
Uptown ?Depot i't ?Bicycle* only,
?lid Street ind f??h Avenue.
E'?rylli!naT r-strab> In Sllvrrwar? at ?**MSSSnSMS Vrls
3T l'extest >qu?r?, *4. ...
13 ilAll'KN l.A.M-:. N. Y.
??:???'? '.ah -.?. I ? I ? r pr--.
in tu ??
ni.iii.'iiil? -in.' ?! ? .?? .
?Ut by ??-?rtnt.ti ? n.-th?! .-.mi? 1 , I- >k.
j.'iin 11 v..ui?i',i uv. 13? wi-^t ?.1??.. ?x. r.
JLDt.i: t.oit's ISJCSCTlOy DEFIED.
tvk.v . r vxy.n To thi: statk 1 isicnsakv
I'oiumi'ia. s c. A|.-i; 2? Fo'lewMaj out hi* ?it?>
lnrntton tl the intention t.? disregard Judge OaST?
Utataetgay lnJnn*tloa restrnlntng nil itats, ?ttrantjr
and gMMsttpnl ?';llc~r? fr.nn ;t.:< rf? 1..1. , htyeet
shipped Into tli!? S:.,t.? erBile In tran?*'.t. end m tha
hands ?sf eoMtgneeg until Mn>- .'. Qor?M*nnr Kv.u.s?
llt.iwr onstalnV.i this S?ftt?nMNM -"ttnsd a l.irrel of
bettl. 1 .?''r sh!;ip?'i by < gprssg from angnsu. ?u,
to this ???!>?. TtWs i?r??k?> it opsn en l esn*rs*rH .ts
co:itii??Mt?'ii contents to the ?ftnts D. . "tt.?.iry. sta-.e
Linger Comm?a?ston?r ?Mlsson )-??s(ord.?>- issue," g
circularte coastnblsg commanding them to he p*r
tlculnrly rlgUnnt In tletectlng tnd Mlilug liquori
The further action ?>f th.- I'.Uted Staled ludgsg is
jw.Uti'J w'lih th,? k?"!!?^! interest
the great
It? cure* of torturing, ilUflj-iirlng, h'linllliitlna
linn.,.urn ?ue the u-Oiit vroudertul ever rc?*or?teJ.
Sold ihroughoiit ih? w,-rl?J. and e?.p?<:i?lly by Fn:1lah
and Aii.?ri<-?n chriniti? in ?II tin principal cilie*. HiiliOl
<k|HM: N??????v, i. Km* k..!??f?l m .IammIuj. Pormf
Main a Cmsm. nvoar . SoV? Proja,* ttseam U. ?Va.

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