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y of., iv. . ,N?- I T.7*J>
Rame. May l*. Electii ns for members of the
new Chamber of Deputies were held throughout
ItAl9 to-day. Keen Interest preval?a, and the
atreets in the neighborhood of the newspaper
offices are crowded with people eager t- learn
the OBtCOme of the political battle Advice? from
the province? show that great excitement pre?
val!* everywhere. The day passed without dis?
order, except an affray In Nap:.1?, in which three
persons were wounded. The rural voters largely
supported the Government party, while the Op?
position re elved their strongest support In the
largo towns. Many reballoti will he neceasary<
The Boclallsts apparently have gained several
The polls closed at 4 o'clock. SiRn.T Crispi's
party, in n majority of cases, si ired the election
of their followers as electoral officials at the poll?
ing stations, Indicating that they will probabl]
have a maj ?rity of the actual polL
The returns thus far received show that nil
the members of the Cabinet have been re?
flected. Despite the fierce opposition of the
coalitionists, Slgnor Crisp?, the Prime Minister,
has been elected from the Fifth Electoral Dis?
trict of K'>m.'. defeating the Sicilian Socialist,
Giuseppe >!?? Fellce-G luff rida, by a vote of 920
t.. 720 Blgnor Crisp? was also returned by the
Bec nd Electoral District of Palermo, which he
formerly represented, defeating Barba to, a So?
cialist, recently condemned !>:? o military trib?
unal. The Prime Minister was also returned
from one of the Naples districts, from Termini
lm< res.-, and from several districts in Blclly.
Barbato, th-- Boclallsl above mentioned, wns
elected In the Rimini District, als.. In Milan and
several districts in the Romagna.
Blgnor Baccelll, Minister of Public Instruction,
has Non re-elect? '. from the third dlstr t. The
Roman districts ele? t one supp irter of
the Mlnistr>' and two Radl
Admiral Mortn, Minist.-r of Marine, and Pisrn >r
. Minister of the Treasury, arc both re
electe i.
The Marquis di Rudini, ex-Prime Minister, wns
re-elected i:i th< Caccamo district of Palermo,
sifrnor Brin, formerly Minister of Foreign Af?
fairs, was again returned from the titst dlsti
t-f Turin.
The well-known Radical Matteo Imbriani. who
In the hist Chamber sat for the district f C irai .
Naples, was returned to-day from the district of
Han Sever. . Pr ? In ? f F 'Kiria.
Felice Cavalottl, the leader of the Extreme
Radicals, was defeated in Corteolona, bul was
ele ted In Piacenaa.
London. May 26? A dispatch to the Central
News from Rome says that at 10 o'clock t .-night
the returns showed the election of eighty-three
Ministerialists and fifty-five car. Ildatei of the Op?
position. Ex-Premier Ql llttl lias been r?1< t i
In Dronero, and Si?,ri:-r Zanardellt, ex-President
of the Chamber of Deputies, In 1st ?
A dispatch from R ime which "The Standard"
will publish to-morrow -ays that at il o'clock to
nigh! the results In only eighty-Six districts are
kn SB. The returns from th-s>- districts show
the election of sixty- Q vernment supporters,
fourteen candidates of the Constitutional O] .
ti n' six Radicals and five Bo lallats.
"The Times" will publish a dlspat h from R ime
saying that complete returns will not be at hand
until Monday night it is c ?nsldered ertaln that
the Government baa secured 800 seats.
? ?
Paris. May 20 - M. Chautempa, Minister of the
Colonies, has received a cable dispatch from the
Governor of Preach Guiana reporting s< vere
fiKhtlnjr. The dispatch says that some Brazilian
adventurers captured and robbed a Frenchman
named Trajane. a settler on the boundary. Other
Frenchmen had been similarly treated, and ? n
sequently the Governor sent the dispatch vessel
Bm ngaU and a force ,.f marines I i n store >rder.
When the vessel reached Mapa, llfto.-n boat
! tads of marines went up the river fifteen miles.
Captain Lunler and some of the marines ?an led,
and the captain, carrying a nag "? iru '??. procee I
el, with a bugler and a sergeant, toward -h?? vil?
lage where Traja:;- was held, Intending to de?
mand his rek ase. When they .ame into the pres?
en ? of Cal ral, the hlef, the lane,- treacherously
fired at captain Lunler and ordered hli foil ?wer?
'? ?hoot the Frenchmen. A general fualllade
waa opened on them from all the houses In the
village. Lieutenant Destoux, hearing the Bring,
arriajd t.. the village from the river with s
pany of nfllct followed which
last? S two hours.
Chief Caica! and s:xtv of hi* foil '.vers were
killed. Th- Fren 'h lost five killed, Including cap?
tain 1.unier. ar. i tw< nty wound. I The dead and
wounded were taken to the Bengali, which then
returned t" Cayenne, where the dead were buried
with military h. ?
.\l Chautempa is now conferring by cable with
the Governor regarding the measures t . be taken.
? ?? ?
Dasnrllle, in., May K it is extremely doubtful if
any of the mob which lynched Halls and Royce
her.- early yesterday morning wir. ba pun shed for
the crime. Though none of the lynchera s re
maaked it is Impossible t.. And any on.- who can
Identify them. The Coroner's Jury last nlghl re?
turn.-,1 a verdict to th? effect thai Halls and Royce
same to their death bj being hanged with rop<
in tie- ban l- ..f a holy of unknown men. The
Grand Jury It at pr? sent In session, and II is said
the matter will i?. brought to its attention, but
there i? acarcely a probability thai any Indict
meiits trill be found. Son,.- of the present'
??rand Jiiroi* were in the j. ,d of th- crowd as It
starched down th.- street to the bridge with the
Prisoners, and the police seemed as unconcerned
?>? if they v. i.rt.ni' a holiday procsasloa
through the strat
While a lew eltisens deplore mob vi?*.' nee, th>
Majority of the people ara In full sympathy with
th? work of the night, a committee from
rnchera has offered to pay b.r the damage
done to the jail Although ths iron doors
to corridors and sells were battered down, ths
Sheriff doss not think the damage will he In SX
seaa ..f in?.. The ?if.. ,,t the Sheriff is in an ex?
hausted condition, she having thrice fainted while
>he muh was pounding down the door- The
ntother of Halls is greatl) dlatraeted. Living In
th?- edge of South Danville, ehe could look across
the riv.-r and see On- crowd around the lall and
hear the blowa of the battering ram upon tin- iron
doors or th* jail She inn through the atreeta
of the village pulling her hair until restrained by
friends, a public meeting bai been called to
lllett In South I'.invH;.- to tin mow night, at wl,i- li
tlnie notice m to be served upon ?:ii bad characters
n tha: place to leavi the i ountry or run the risk
Of meeting the saSM fate that befell Malis and
RtOVi c.
It Is reported ttiat the parents of the young men
lynched will sue the county for damages, and will
tnake an effort to bava the members of the mob
?dieted It wa- expected by some that Jini?.
?sekwalter would yesterday call the Qraad Jury
before him and Instruct th.-m to make a H.-ar.-hincr
gtVSStigatioa Into the lynchltiK, but he did not.
TUE HT. LOVIM ASi'UOltr.h !\ A For,.
Delaware P.reakwater. DsL, May M. The Inter?
national Navigation Conijiaio s new ht'am.-Mp.
Bt. Iyjula, whl'h sailed from Philadelphia faster
fas for her preliminary trial trip, was reported at
?*> this evenliiK to be anchored In a dense fog at
Aha Brown, about alx mllea up the Ln-Unait Bay.
Havana, May 22.?Aside from the kiuim
Martl and th.' revenes at Dos Hins. Spiiiii
' ?accomplished little toward putting down th<
; hellion by f<>n.r arms, and Martines Can
Jims now decided to try diplomacy as well, W
he arrived in Cuba about six weeks aso be
claimed war \Il-"!-"us, relentless wir.
promise of righting wrongs was made; no t
of instituting reforma was held '"it. He
come to crush "in the rebellion, and when i
was ii.'iip and qulel restored he would use
Influence t. have put In practice the refo
which had passed t ti ? - Spanish Cortes a
months ago. He hns founJ the Insurrection
more serious than ho at first supposed, and
lias now decided to Institute the reforms at
early day. with the hoi.f disarming the
surgents of the claim, which wins fur them i
sympathy and support, that Spain refuses all
forms. During Ms recent visit t i this city ii
oral Campos had Interviews with Cubans who
? iders of the Autonomist and
form parties, To them he imparted his In)
tlon to carry Into effect the Reform bill. 7
measure is a compromise affair pasw I
Cortea when it wis s.en that another revolul
was brewing.
The effect win undoubtedly be marked
Cubans who have been on the fence I - ;
montha They will fall on the Q iveramenl si
hut those wliD arc already In arms at the east
??ml of the Island will not stop fighting for
trifling reforms promised. The l"ss of Mart? i
serious blow t> them, but II Intensifies th
hatred "f the Spaniards, and they will
avenge Martl'a death.
n ?? i '? ? ?.? ? t ' tlm* t ? have ab* ilute pn
of t!i? ii?.nth of Mart;, but ? here tl? li
that II ust be \ l< wed by oth? r<? th
i army officers !?? fore the i l< ni ? ?
established. Martl'saged ? ither, who live* he
and his nephew have asked the Ooverni
bring the h ly here for final burial. Mart
private letters whl h were iptured at the bat
of i ios i: ta were from Cubant in this cl
Santiago and Holgulti. The writers are n<
urder surveillance by Government ofl
no arrests ha v.' I ? ? n I
The entire Provli ? f 8 Hago, with the e*ct
tlon of the fortified towns Is in arms, Th<
genta who numbered 3,000 when Camp
now number R.OOO. They are natantly gainl
recruits. Sugar-giindins. he* eased
;>lanta: traded b) ft
beef and a roving life n tl - taina, are J
Ing the differ? nt banda White n en I
t..u::a and cities are ilso s h i ml T
t rm ? ? ly a I ushwI kins irmj tul ?
.??. the Impn i
the Impent trabie forests >n i
defy 3] mthi and j
.- tits are n w falrlj well
captured many rifle* n
munit! n fi m the Spa
preparing ; ? sen i m ?re Th< if H mt
ago, Guantanamo, Manzanillo and Ha
filled with si-k aoldie s. M ?I of them are dos
with malarial fevers; a few have relia** feve.
The rain t sea* >n has now begun, and yellow fev<
will Increase rap! ly. Then ire i >w flfteei
at Santiago out of the 450 soldiers In
Here there are t< f IM s 1 11 ?
Small;. ? in Hava
a few soldieri tatloi
' tary > ;?? ratl ns. The ii
climate killing mi ire Span
than they will wltl I it wll t S| al
many millions of money and many thnumi
ta, even for a f< w year*
ually Cuba's destiny Is either independen ai
'. . ? news] ? nd< r t w !
was reported kiil'-l in tin- Do* Itla? fight I* i
bly a j >ung man na mt '? W I ward t
a Santla go about moni I
th" Interior on May I Hi va* s Ins, t
.1 .1n Ma eo, '; n ??/. and Mar-,, who were tl
g< ther about thirty mili - n nth ? f Sam ag II
knew n ithing
language He was taken t i th? Insurgent cam
by a mulatto who in ? i messages tin >ugh th
Woodward bas not I :
Ma) 5, and In all probability met his death wit
M irtl. _
Tiin CARE OF t'NIOS Tilt"! i>i;i'4M. SEMI
In the Congregational Tabernacle in Jen*
last night th?' Rev Johl I. I udder delivered I
prelude on "Rellgioui Boycotta." Referring to th<
recent recommendation* of the Pre*byterlan Oen?
? ral Aasembly, he aaid In part
Laat w-.-t' the United State* witn's.' l an erup
tlon of Intolerance rare)) i ? i at th en :
nineteenth century. Tl.ntre of vole*
t urbain re ?im l'ittsiMiri/ and the mouth of the cratei
wa* the '1 tarai A**embly of the I're*byter1nn
Church, l"ii' year* just there have been *tgnlfl ant
rumbling* and occasional pyrot rhnlc dlspla; h !
last week th re m f th? ol >gii al la\ i
which wa* designed to bur) i'nlon Seminary out of
sight Thl* a embl) forbade the llcenaure ..r all
nal.-.mi? ?vho ?tudy or purpose to *tudy at I'nlon
'I'ii.ni.,ii. .ii Seminary, thu* debarring all futur?
grad?ate* of tin* Institution from .upylng i'
hyterlan pulpit* In other \\..r i tl a cmbly
had the il tlm tlon ol it int fi ti n* the uoyi >tt
?? ??, th? Industrial to the rellglou* world Now, the
bovcotl ii a cruel weapon In ani sphere, but de
rldedly out if plan In the domain of religion,
whose cardinal principle is love, and its emplo)
ment In thl* Instnt. is severely condemned by nil
broad-minded people, In tl age of light and
ty they are at a los* I.ncelvc how Intel
ia. n i ould ?o far Tin.'"? them ? ? ? ? a to dei lare n
formal boycott against tins venerable and u? fai
Instltiitv.i. of learning The) wert amaaed at thl*
sudden out-pouring of fanaticism. Tins notion "f
the assembly I* the Injudicious culmination ol ..
long-oontlnued (iroees* of persecution, the * >al of a
very unaalntl) "perseverance of the saints." Inas
much a candidate! for the ministry should i?
Judged by what they are and wl.at they believe
rather than l>) their attendance upon any particu?
lar Institution "' learning, thl* reeent proe?"<iuri
bring* 'ils. t.'. Ht ? i ; ?? i : i the l?resbyterlan denomina?
tion and Is a positive ilamage to ..ur common
Christianity, which from various cause* is already
enduring an unusual train. As a gradu?t? "f
I'nlon Seminary, I publicly denounce this unkind,
unchristian act, which I am confident l.v no mean
repreaenti in? sentiments "f many Presbyterian
churches an<1 a vast multitude .,r Presbyterian
la', nun. Protestant Christianity, a- a whole, re
pudlatea auch bigotry and pitlei the puerility that
gava it birth.
? ? ? ?
ntcTTBM i ay rm; tjm roggggg
Chicago, May M The C . I ted Wire and Sail
Company, operating milla al l<ockport and Jollet,
III., "'"' Hi. i.'inis, and Allentown and Ptttaburg,
Penn., has notified iih employ?s Ihal their wage*
win be advanc? i 10 par cen? June i Includlna
tii"" a I ose pay ha* i" n rained airead)
?.?..,1 u.-rs in th?- five big mill* of thf company will
enjoy this effect of better tlmea and bttalneaa ; r
pecta Blmultanaoua with the news of the adi
, am"- notice* from the mill that after lune I wire
nails would be sold on th? haala of tl IS Ii * ? ,
rompanisd with auch othei details a* mad? dealer*
beiiev* a fuiiher advance would follow, foi
storle* toi.I ur,- Incorrect, the barbed wire and wire
nail maker* htv* conclu?l?Nl a prote<>tlv? aareernent
stronger um? any .-vintin; for several y ir*. Job
bins prices of wire nails have Jumped 10 cent
a ? ? -
Jefferson <"ity, Mo. May M The eitrs rdlnary
assslon of the Legislatura adjourned sine di?
tiT lay. The principal objects f"r which the si.|*j
session was called were to pass lbs Fellow Servant
bill and a *-r..olnJ etoctlon law. Th.- election bill
passtil both branches of tho Lagtelaturs, bul onl)
applies to ?Cansas <'?n- and st. Louia, and in so
unsatisfactory that it ha* nol a* \>-t received ';?.?.
, mor Btone'a signature The railroad intereat* I av?
had an energetic lobbj ai sork to d.-f. al the r? ;?
lo? Servan I bin, and so auccessful bav* they been
that tin- bill ha- nevar bean In danger ol passing
the Senate. The extra session his lasted nearly live
weeka, hh<1 its proce.-.iir,K? hava i"-'-:i of a farcical
character, it is estimated that the exiM-ru?.,. ?f th*
aestfion will co?t Ibo Uxpuycm ubout V?.vm. |
\\ Italian, whose nami I? refused by hi? country?
men, but suppose I to be 01 of the men ? mpk>yed s
feu miles away at a atone-cruaher, wa? fatally
?tabbe i al For? Let y at. ? I ?y sft< :': "''? '"'?'
murderer, Frank Lewis, ? ih?maker at : i eoun
tryman of the murdered man, I? In custody
The particulars of the affair ere hard to obtain
because of the sccretlvem ? ??? the Italian? who
sr.v the first part of the quair I srh h l- l to the
killing, whi.h occurred aft? r a sti -'> the
middle of vVater-at., on the h II, end dli *ly In
front of the house in which l*ewl? ha? his atore and
In which he llvt
Th.re waa a christening In one of the houses In
Water-st.. occupied by Italiana Lewis and the
man whom he ?tabbed were stt< n ling it. B<
of th.- abort distance he had to sa Just
the afreet, Lewla srore no hat. Thl? fai I I' ' :" his
rapture afti i s/ard.
Neighbor? flrai saw the two men In the atreel
They were angry and quarrelling When In Ihi
middle of the Btr ?t, both aralklng to? ird U i
house, they grai pled. The '? > ",,lv ?
minute, and Lewis threw the other man. While
the man was ?till prostrate, !?? i i !>' ''?'
and plunged It Into i ih lorn? n
\ i ? , . ,? red Imm t?ly, but l.ewls, with?
out w? I h.- hat. rle I He ran t ?t?
tlon at l'i l? id. a, and raui il - train
Just leaving the depot Word va? telephoned down
the ro i l lo wat. h for him, an I n - ouple ol
lap - he i ? ? tught In I'nlon ?I II. He had
gone Into an Italian'? si re tier- to bay a hat.
The police were ?n the |. .kout for a man without
? and had ?el a watch 01 the atore, aa It
I likely he Ron I I a - there i hlef
Kelly's sun ? reel ? the
-, ,; . : ?,.? n la arrest? ! th< m< an time
Dr. 11 ttend the wounded man
T e doctor pi I, and al *
o'clock laal evening Hi be. am? un
. ons lou Im mediately after th< and rs
i : ? the ? i !
Lea is t, . ...... M marrie1
an i ha? ntha old His
??. -. i not an Italia is i ?- ? Is
prevented what threat. Hot.
ns work 11 ??. Ion threat
:ii. i, '. nl of the ferrj om
pans I ? ? ???.-?. ...
,.i thej ..i peali 1 to !.- m Is, whn - ent
i : : ? J
, ommttte i Lea , and Coronel ? , of
Kngli wood ?? nummui
riu: story TOM nv a h Air.
a nn . ?" .,.?-??.-it
Ml -, '? OF A ?) '? Fttrr.
Jacob Kulsi - ? ? I. waa turned I I
?? for the Preveni Chll
dren yeatenlay by II
Pr. ' ? '
,,. s-tthout
food or shell ttle I
had ! ?
. ? i - | ?.??? ?' ? I had I
!?;. i ? ... ?
- - - : alona '..-. -
? ?
er of I
? - - - ? I ?
I 11 I ' ?
JAPAS lii'/7/.N'7 /////' THE ROYALISTS,
A ' '? ' '
t the Ha* ?
fore I
qui ?t a i- ma !?? for a wai
? ? .
s horn the M ...
? ?
? ?
1 he I'- it : ? It? . .
: ? for Horn
h.-r<- on Juni 10
... . .
Ban Frai t
? ?
I? In Tokio I
I ?
- i . |
1 ite Jap ineae Minister to I
h '? i/-.-. Ion that Mi
I and that the Ja| i
?! v.- ' - ? : 1er. At V
I . ? i
(Iresham and hi
: rd which he repeal
? Ms -.: lirrsham w ere -. ?
;'" ?! II th< j , ... , ,;i,,t have
lb? - onfen nee
" Vl ' I? ft rene* Ul In
ten ?ting, \ |. en y I.i opi i ? d the
h strong appeal foi ...-. iffi i |v? an I i I
??'i.-., between China and Japan, irgl m the
? ?
: lentl. al In the Baat. ? i. ,M
lorlal ..!-.?? of i
?"'? ? envoy? .- ii i thli ..;.. a| in ... nee an l mad ?
no i. y,\
I?? ilsvllle, K-, . \t |) -.? Tha Democi itlc
'?a lera of 1%. ntucky, hi ; l< i by John I? Carroll,
?an of thi i ???m..i-r.,t.. . . . -,,m
mlltee, have Invite I W H. ||arv< .. author ol
"Coln'a Fin im lal Hchool." t , come lo ).? tuck)
. ? free and
. ei i h. ?? of I ? ? noun
leracl i ? effect ,,i H .u.-nm. it i
from a ound m mej iIhii Ipolnt, S lu h have ill
ready sei up ?.int.-rii I. to the silver movalileiil
will, h lia i -. ? ild OI the i ?
A Bigg 0OXS /?>/-* LIQOIDATWX.
Ban Ait.,.,; ,. Ti ? . Mai M The Fifth N i
Bank ol the citv wem Into voluntar) Ikiuldutlon
Vest? i i i) Arram iva Im ? m m i le with the
'? imo National flank lo pay al an :
!"'? ? i l'i t deorgi H illnlg, ..i th? I'.Mi, \ ?
II receive theli moi ?? In full
Hi ?ay? Ihi Ii ink ha n >l i...n makll ,-. moue) foi
n>m? time past, an I tin |.n nl a. tlon ?? ?? -a
" lora in . losing the bank is i un I) voluntary.
i nu i/'A/v/.n, i m:\hri; .\\n iiu) i
Cleveland, May M The Cuvahogs Republl in
Count) Convention yesterday Indorsed flovernor
MeKlnle) foi pn- Lient, ei (lovcrnor Foraker for
united Mate* Henator, and Jame? A 11.% f. of
1 i' velan i foi .rnoi In ?pi sklng to hi? noml
i ' on, Mi llov? -,ni th.. people want i" see tie.
While plum. ..i Joaeph II Foraker again In Ih?
forefront of bailli II.. wa? pledged sla.lo all
powei t.. .i i\.?i,,,- ih. raune of Ohio's Presi?
d? Hal p iBBlblllty. Willi ii-i McKlnle)
OttKAT '"Vi / VI ?OH OP WBWMP?PHB if/v
P Ils lelphla, Ma) M The committee hat
charge Ihi arrangement? for the entertainment of
the delegate? ind slternates to the annual conven?
tion "f the International League ol Pr?s? Clubs, lo
be held in ihla city on .lune n. 13, M and n. ha?
praeilrally rompleted itn a.xW There will probably
i"- the ?t. iti ? .rinn of newapaper workera
ever i,, i I In thl? countn Thi visitors will be v.-.-i
come?! i.v Mayor Warwick In Independenee Hall,
the in i day, and will then beromi the guests of ths
.'.!? : anille an i the Pen and Pencil clubs,
Captain J, W. Edwards, of thi Highlands Ufe?
saving Station, reported that at I M a m yesterday
he found ihs i.ody of s man. apparently g Osman,
about fort) years old, between the Highlands and
Spermaceti Cov, He had light hair, mustache and
beard Hi wa dressed In >>la.-k cheviot trousers
and waistcoat blui striped calico siiitt. woollen an
d.-r. I itnirg and la ed "hoes In his pocketa were
found ar, open-faced bIIvi watch. Na K.I7o. with
gold watchchaln, two pencils, s silver pencil holder
and a small aecount-book. bul nothing could be
learned from It The Long Drunch CkSrOBSf louk
churKu uf the buJy
Trenton. .May H (Sp?cial) Notwtth*tandli
general belief thai the Secretary of State, Henry
?'. Kelaey, is .. millionaire, and the fact that he
stated before the Voorheea investigating C.mit
tee tli.it he wa* financially responsible and could
at a moment's notice pay over to th.. st.-.'.
h neys which he had held back an i Invested In hN
pi vati enterprlai and sp?culations In violation of
the law? of the State, b* Is shown by his own sworn
statement to hava been insolvent fur many years,
h a statement before the Senate Investigating
Committee, Mr. Corbtn, the committee'* counsel,
sh >w? I that .'i th? la i fi m year* Bccretarj Kelsey
had retained State money* aggregating nearly $1.
ooo.ooo, which ne Invested for personal profit for
one year, when the law required that he pay over
t , the Treaaurer the money* collected by him every
tlip <? months.
The Secretary Insist? '.. when Mr. Corbln ques?
tioned his method of transacting. State bu
that he was at all tlm? final tally able to make
good his ahortaga to the state. taten eut la
Itatly contradicted by other afflda snnu
| ally by Mr. Kelsey from ISM lo 1894, as shown by
ty. records of the t,\ offl.f th? city of Trenton,
where Mr. Kelsey lives, from which the following
is I ll.en
l. Henry C. Kelsey, of Trenton H use, It the city
ni frent?n, county and state ?fon ?aid, ?'? > ? lemnly
sw.ar that the actual vain of ill the | ruana I
property to which I held the title 01 ?.Ion >n
the tlr?t Monday In May. HW in I a', th to whlc i
m.-, other per* m nr persons H ? ? I th? i i
l>o**enaion f.ir me, whether I ?? <?> held in
trust ..r II >t. et. 1 alSO ail that Wll . I lie It lea I as
. v utor, administrator, guardian "r trus.; an!
a - . all mOOOJ i' debt* i ? i - - an ! nwli ?: to me
fr.'Di solvent debtors, whether on ? ??: t, not
bond, mortgage ot t. ok account, a\! ?
then being within ..r without this State, la a
Ig| ... I Me? ?' ' '
1??' in ' ?Inek erf Buxaex Ban? . ."."??'
? ? < ' ..-,-.
- ? ? ? -? . ''.:.?? o
M . ling halan i 11 i . ' !**!
Carriages. i> i-?* :i-,\ i-attl? .. . I.?**i
? 111 rart? : lewelrj . Z,i*W
>thl ' . '..-!?'? .\ ?
IN | I ; T". 1.1 a . ? ? ?
. N ???
. i
\- ! that the following I i detail?
nd j ri'i - ? ? ? ! ? .
exempt fron ? get her with I
at -a M v ritlea property v
1 urchased, via : None
And th il the f >i..??'. ing la a I true si
? ... . . ? ?
iv in M i-.. 1*90, ?
Rr.tto, with the names and residence ? ??
Roulden*?. When contracted
Benefit f."
. | ? . I \ - .... ! t t s . i
- 'inn I4ghl
t. i - ? ' l :- -'
. . |
' i
I to
t will be ? M
..... .
? :-.... ||..
.... i . .
f ' ?? A
<?..?.? . ? fur ont)
to the Tax I ail
' I ?
? -. book
M i e
worth t ? .' I
\ at I
?I .\ ej
?? ; it mi
Tl ? ? of Newark, i- .
I. ? : ? ? .
. ..
? . ? ? ? I? by Ml K<
U : ?? wot - off th*
? .? ol Sew
v .- ilth, for he w* ' m In
ISM Hut pool N>? .1. rsey! Had an) of Mi K
... i rs < inclal
. , ? : m. New
I not hs fared
,.-.?.. i ? 00 owed in tSW
i. ? my of
Newark fro I ?? 0 to SSO.OUQ In lasl l?< i
h.,| . thli ? - , .;as the $?'??'?'
ol Sea leraey, wltbottl her election, wa*
i ? unte.
Mr. Kelaey* tat? I bt I ire the Vooi ? i h
\. || Ittee ahOWa tl it l-e I'M I a k II.',
of the tttat? In 1S91, And hla I
t ir "t.: I.'
In iv' ? Mr Kela? -. i wore before /
of Si it? '? lexander II, Itlckej who 11 i
not irj pu hi... i ii 11 ti i w a i .1 v ;
a irth J ?' . ? . -t H,0tt2 mi ? ?y wet In
ISM, a* f? II a .? hare* M< cl tnl< a* Nal
Hank stock, of " ....
? 'ottnty Hank stock, $7 ??
k accounts,.
anca In bank, $i '??' Uta hoi ? and can
still lii ilated wt re worth oi I) H.000, tnd hi ?
ta h i,-., i. i I w< Im i . ni i In ; '."ie had not
Increased In valus ov? r the J MM glv? n In th*
previoua y? ar* Total, i ?
i ? ' tat? n.eat t h ? Ti ? nti n Tax < ' immli I m? i ?
w.ii compelled t., accept, although the return *ra*
the iibj? ' t ol a i" 'lin ??? ling, an I ih? ? ?
... i - felt that H uld !? tie r? taed. Ii ? i*
banded In un I? r oath, hi arei er.
?m the back of this same la* return ?>f W9? Mi
Ki ?.. ,i. thai ':1s h. lel ?
< ., , . ? This In !? lit? In
? >i to He Mutu il Henetll Life I usuran n
Company of Newark, ?"."?1 to the Citizens' <it
Llghi Com pan) of Newark and lao.oufl to the Tren?
ton Savings r.mk. of Trenton This year, according
t., th. sworn return, the state had been paid off
Its 138,000, and the claim of Hie Citizens' Has la;:iu
Company had I." Incr? i ad from ' OOO to MO.ouO,
The sworn atatemenl before the Senate Investi
gating Committee ahowi that Ml Kelsey held back
ft*) 15 ,,f the State'* money In l*C, desplto the
facl that he did noi aweai "tf the iinouni on th*
state nor glv* it in foi local ta itlon, and the
further facl thai by hla sworn ?tatemen! ha is
shown t.. ha\. i,.,n insolvent, his liabilities ,\
ceedlng his own valuation of bis at el ?k.-'.?. And
i bond i for only IMQ01
In IM Kelsey, in giving in his tax return i> the
Commission? i ? of A aMOsmeni of Taxes, "f Trenton,
swore b*fer* his assistait a* a notarj that his per?
sonal propert) was worth onlj s?;'.???"?" an unai
i an.tal.le drop In value nf pl.ttB, HS Still had $?-?",
t07 worth of Mechantes' Nun.mai Hank st.'-k and
?r.i-i ,,r ths Suseaa Bank atock His hone* and
carriages wore, si before, worth onl? H.1?"' and ?
value ..r hla furniture, llbr trie and lewelt
malned at I-'.""1 He had W.300 in ca*h In hand and
!n bank, ?s agalnal |t, an ,... pre? lou rear; ai i
hi? book accoui Is, promissory notes, etc., which he
had valued il MZ.O?n In 1MO, had been r. luced to
133,000, showing ih.ii lus creditor* had paid It 1 ii i
during the ye.tr 139,000 on account
And vet In thl am* year of 1*93 Henry ?'. Ksl
s<n iwi h? thai h.s indebtedness I* ?110.000, the san,..
sa the previoua year, despite the facl thai he had
reduced hla personal property from ltH.272 to )S2,ooo
and h.a.! .alie.i 139,000 of bis I.k accounts,
?>.? the 1110.000. 1.wed to the Renefll Life Insur
nterpriae* and was sp*.., ? .?.i
Hie moneys of th* Stats <?( N*w-J*raey Intrusted
loiitlioeil ou Scfoud I'wte.
? PISTOL shots DROVE AM ORAMOS, M. f., r,"?I
Two col ?red men, frantic with excitement, rushed
Into the i ?range, X. J., police station yesterday
morning and called out to th? d.sk sergeant,
"There's s woman shooting all the people in the
church down on Oakwood-ave." Detective Conroy
and Pol.. man dor? were hurried to the church
and found that s colore l woman had attempted to
Bhoot one of the members of th? church while the
morning service wan being h>d ?. The church was
the Oakwood Avenue Colored Baptist Church, and
It had been crowded with worshippers. Just after
th-- paator, the Rev. Paton H. Matthews, had an?
nounced his text and was beginning his discourse
a stout middle-aged colored woman walked up the
to the front, turned to the choir, where An?
drew Brockenboro, one of the pillars of the church,
sat, drew ,, revolver and drei two shots at him, at
the su:-,., time shouting out, "Take that, you buck
devil, in teach you to fool me."
In an Instant there was a scene of the wildest
confusion. Women screamed, and one or two of
them fainted, while some of the congregation made
a rush foi the loor; and others plunged through
the windows, in some caaea carrying sashes aal ail
with them
Two "' the men seised the woman and disarmed
hei No one had th.- c .olness to stop her, arid she
walked .cm of th.. church and escaped. When the
o? ? i - .'i ; i... i they 'ook up the chase and after a
hard race ol nearly an hour they arrested her. At
the ?ta . she aal ? 1er name wa.-- Mrs. Belle
Whit.-, and she '.vas thirty-five \>-ars old. She
tated that Brockenboro had betrayed her under
promise -it marriage, and had broken his promise,
and when she upbraided him and threatened to
hool him he made fun of h.-r and offered to give
h.-r money adth which to buy the revolver.
"Then I got mad, and I thought I'd fill
him full ??!' lead ... Unit th.. doctors m > ul 1 have t"
at ! maki him suffer fot what he had
? ? n.? " The woman I? a widow mid his one
ehil !. a girl of ? ;??%? n years.
Rrockenboro wa more scared 'hnn hurt, as one
of thi ?? ? wild and the other passed through
eve, t-i.i/. : the flesh
Among lengent who arrived here
last week on the American i.tr-.e steamship Paris
? i i young man who was etalned owing to his
He had ? mil led I i two Irlsii
ti that h? was the eldest son of the "Bari
of ? irthen." Phis came to the ? it?? of the
autl rl lea, who examined the young
man and y ?? or I iv telegraphed to the American
? i ? ? vVal near which city he aal 1
... !. ? . find ?? :' Whal truth there w is
?lory. To the reporter sas talkative, and
torj A Tribune rep rter talked
: ?.-ft home be
, ervant girl for his
I about four si --t.-rs and two
ha . ng been In the cr cket i U ven
?In th.- college football
? '
. is educated In one of Eng?
land's fine 'hat the
? ?peak with the
-. and looked di dde lly
of a peer. Be
anl of an Earl of Carmarthei
howi ver. I I out a card .?a
. ? ? proper, waa ?tamped
me the n ?me, "Hon. F. Per
? ? .;ner "Hadley Hall,
? - Ilff."'
- n iK.- mention of one
\! ? r -1 -. 11 of I :irmar
? of ti.-- nlnl . ike of Leeds
' ,>!?? i Ine Frtr. ?? ?
Vl.irqut? ha? f ?ur da ii ten
? -Tii is ten ? .: no sons.
?J he . th In the pen at Ellis i
Is at I ' t y year? old. lie \s 111 probabl)
t back i natlvi
Mrs Reeky \t. J" >ng, the white wife of a wealthy
-i .. ? ' . ii. I >r r ".ms on the
t N . 12 iv;i si on Saturday night and
itown ?as there. It was such a
that ? vltles wi re pro
? -. and might
? ? ?? I when l he ! i "light came had
lent. J i?t when
? ? ? :-:t the : imp In the ml : I '
.... i i., V-.1S
?? i ? \| lode ?. Mm \i- Pong*? sj m - ? -
forth ?hrleka ? hlch ??? hoed all
im In (lames '?>
. Phe entln f tenement-houses
.-? - m . ha i not
liernanl Metil >tn of the Eilsaoeth-sl
? . ? i ble, at the
He . ipatalrs and w'.'h
?aw hole Ur
hour ? later As It i
i _ ?? i nj try The only Inm- ,
ran to I n Mrs, Ah l'o:.-;' I
whl i will i.-- i ? |1 ?
? Kan., Mm K Ni r Rom i P n i. I ?kla
farmer, ?? rday en led
? t, a he els ms to have taken
inded I Ood Bus 'b Is s
He h is In? i ted a m a religion,
it? - the "E\ enlng Light." Th. re
rents to this st
the) ; .ok up in :'
? ? ? then ?elves m 1 . ;? I He d?lit rs
: ter he has paase I
? i ind be has Instructed
?o ib.in.' ti all of thi vorldl) ? osaessl i ?
It ? up i nomadic llf< flu li ai l I - I
? ?? up their bom.- and become pilgrims.
vVaahlnirton, May M, With vespers this evening
the i - .? i performed within the walls
of tl i- h ?tori ? ol i St. Matthew's *'-f ollc i "hurch, at
: | ? -
The ? rnerstone of the church was laid In ISM,
? : ! in was a mi mber of the church, and
?'?i- buril I from tla-r... Within H a.run reipil.-m
i I ire been celebrate.1 with the President
ur.I hi? i'i?i'net and the entire diplomatic corps In
attendance, In co tl Ith the deatha of King
\ dor Kmanuel of Italy, King Alfonso VII of Spain
? ? . ? ? : Fl '??' ? It hSB also o. .-ii
? II Mis? Vudenrcld was
re to tl I i mne, an I Miss O'Don
? ? ..r .\ Governor John l<ee Carroll, of
.\i u ylan I, i ' the Count di Kaleatler.
rt.AUF.? KKPFCK lit r\nt;F. flock.
Scrantiin, Penn Ma) "?' \ disastrous lire thai
: lialton. a borough of tl Is county, at i a. m.
:? in swept awa) ick, It caught In
r \ an Fl? et' ?I ?re, an I, fanned b) ? ?trong ?:? |,
Boon r. lu.-. I to ashes the large lumber yard and
buildings of Francis A Den timer, Including a dwell
?ik and barn, s bakery shop and dwelling of w. a.
.i store of ii- ir Stall, a hardware store of
Bin- A Son, and n store, barn and Icehouse of A
i? ii.it-n
Th. losa i- botamen ? IXM and tto.OM, pnrtlallv
covered I?) Insurance \\ ille :rs Ing to save a ne: if
book from .fllei ol the lumber-yard, James
lloardman fell from the ?tcond story, broke his
ankle and sustalneil Internal Injuries, from which
phj si Ian? sa) he will die
HTTPKRIOR .?/,'.'I/('/: m THF VlflTBD FltFSS
Cinciiin.nl. m iv y "Ths Tribune" this morning
i The superiority of "Ths Tribune's" news
service wsi mole very apparent yesterday when this
paper published th.ily account In Cincinnati "f the
remarkable attempt at moh violence in Danville,
ni The \- o. in i pr. -^ pipers, aa usual, will bo
Iwent) .'"in i.oui i late
t vol lisios i vf>s- i gUW DAT ItWF.
Domlnlch Rtrni, of So VU vVooste?r-sC took his
friend* Mra -lu ii Juffanti, of No Wj Thompson-?..
MlM Jennie Mutrelll. of No :t7 Cherry-et.. and Miss
Mamie Chrystls 'IrlvltiK In Central l'urk y?wlerday
morning Mra Juffanti had with her her four?
months-old baby, < in the way home at ajooa Ba*>
inclenl vehicle, which was a aped?* of buggy,
met an expr?s wagon In Hudson-eL, driven by
.lohn Sheil.Ian. of We.-li.a wk*n. Coming Sjloag In the
opposite direction Barnl, apparently anxious to
?ho? "iT hla ability as a whip, urgad on his huso
i,, cross in front .if the ?xprea* wagon, so as to
turn Into Charlton-at. The two vehicles B**t al the
corner with a crash which broke the buggy into
kindling wood and threw Its driver, the three women
an I the beby out on to the pavement They lay
i,,, i, ? : imlng until policeman Michael Qryao, of
th.- Macdougal-st. station, went t,( their assistance
u i pu.led Mr?, .lutTanti and thn baby from under
the hoofe ?>f Sheridans horse, which threatened to
st imp ni on thajr bodle* in It* fri?ht. The baby lay
, .; .,n,i gn ambulance aurgeon had to be summoned
from Si Vincent's Hospital to examine it carefully
before Mr* Juffanti would believe that it had not
Ii, . n mortally injured. It was unhurt, however, and
Hei-ni and the women had eacapod with severe cut?
mil bruises. A compialnl of furious driving wa*
made by lJcrnl against the uxpreaamaa I
Albany, May 26.?The new Constitution of the
State increases the number of Senate districts
from thirty-two to fifty, an livreuse of eighteen,
and changes the boundaries of all the present Sen?
ate districts. This part of the Constitution goea
Into effect the approaching fall, when Senator*
for a term of three years will be elected. The cir?
cumstance that the terms of the Senators to be
elected will be three years in l.-ng'h instead of
two, as before, and that in 1897 the Senators
elected this fall will cast their votes for g l'nlt.-d
i States Senator to stacceed David 15. Hill. gives an
importance to the various contests for State Sen?
at ir this fall which already Is appreciated by the
politicians of the State. Greater Interest, indeed.
Is taken by them In the conflicts which are al
ready In DI Ogre SB over the nominations for Sena?
tor than in the reapportionment of the Assembly
districts by the various Boards of Supervisors on
June 11. The Assemblymen will be ephemeral
creatures, of one year's ofBdal life only, whereas
the S'-nators. tus already stated, will sit in the seat
of legislative power h?-re In Albany for three
years. Assemblymen elected under the new ap
p irttonmeat this fail, therefore, will not have the
felicity of voting for some RapubUcan succeaaot to
David B. Hill. That duty will be the pleagttT* of
the Assemblymen elected In MM,
A good many people wh > desire better legisla?
tion :ir- < I the opinion that an enlargement of the
State innate will Improve th" chara ter of legaste
? tion. since, with a larger Senate, it will not be in
the power of two or three men. by using their
votes as a balance of power, to pass or defe it bill?.
In a Senate of thirty-two members two or three
men of palpably bad character have, indeed, had
great power, an 1, as I g-neral thing, it may be
sai 1 that there have b.-.-n more evidences of cor?
ruption ;n the Senate with Its small membership
than in th" Assembly, with Its larire membership
Of 128 tren. Probably a lobbyist would say that lc
Is cheaper to boy two or three Senators than a
d ?/.? ii Assemblymen. There can be no improve?
ment, however, in the moral character and legls
lafl\e ability of the State Senate unies? greater
are is taken with the n miiri a:;, ns an 1 by v Hers
than baa been taken for a good many years past.
In view of the long term of the S.-nators to be
? l this year and the important duties in
carrying ouf th.- new C institution which they
will have <o perform, it is to be hoped that men of
a far higher type will be nominated than was the
ase in MM. The reform m vement which de
r : Isaac H. Maynari In ISM and Roswttl P.
PI srerln l^f it can be suspect???!, will now sweep
? ?' offl ?<> a number.f State Senators who have
'.. en a ?Ils redit to the State and put In their
pis M men who will be an honor to it. In this
w ?rb of retiring certain men to privat' life the
Republican party his a task of Its own. If its
Senate district conventions n ?m?nete Henry J.
C ggeshall, Qeorge W. Robertson and William H.
Reynolds after their betrayal <if their party In th*
matter of the New-York Police Reorganization
bill, the people of the Stat? will have no hope of
reform legislation for the approaching three year*.
The new Senate districts, according t? the state
census of 1S92, had the following population in
that year:
Senat* Diauiet Population. Senate District. Papalat? n.
1 .. .105.4*54 23 .IW.??3
2 .!2t?:<74 2>i .113.544
HRooKMN. if .114.3**
.'{ .1 IT cr.-i as .111.'M
4 .iae ??>.? 29 .IS*. 7 IS
B .121.390:30 .121 TH
?i .118.07131 .1o4.7ij7
7 .130 ?172 33 .117.704
s .113 2U< :? . OT.fJSI
? .117.7.1.. .14 .I1T.203
N'EW-TORK S3 . ? ,'i.vj
10 .I1S.T4? 34 .142 OA?
11 .117 27'.' :I7 .1 10.*>T
?2 .I22.S32 SS .11S.01T
13 .11 7 ?til M . MV507
14 .120.24* 40 . M S3?
!"? .I1S.40B.4I .101.7!*
1" .lis ig* ?2 . S3 512
IT .117.41*43 .113.001
15 .Il<si? it . S4 <il2
IS . 11? 4 77 +-". .I2U.221
-'" .117 229 16 .IOS.S43
-1 .1 lli..".s2 ?7 . lt.V4.VJ
S2 . 12? 224 IS .1?' !?18
-'?'< .I24.3M 30 .133.3M
2* .132..'tt'3
i'i\i led broadly, th?j 1st Senate District is com?
?-? I of the counties , f Suffolk and Richmond;
the lid of th.> county of Queens: the nid. ivth.
vih. vith, VHtta of the county of Kings; Iba
Xth, xith. xirth. xnith. XlVth, XVth, xvith,
XVIIth, XVIIIth, XlXtb, XXth and XXJst of
N' w-York. and the itber Senate districts are in
th.- Interior of the State, the c? unty of Monroj
having two Senat rs and the county of Erie
There is naturally a g od deal ,.f wire-pulling
already for th- sak' of obtaining a nomination
for Senator. Before the present State Senators
departed for their homes on May 16 It was ap?
parent from their talk that Senators Child*.
Coffey, Bradley, Owena UcMabon, Abeam. Sul?
livan. 0*Donnetl, ? "'Sulivan. Guy, Robertson,
i.exi.w. Rice, C Ulna, Parker. Donaldson, KIN
burn, Mullln, Coggesball, Btapleton, Raines, Rar
aona Pound, i.atny. Persona and Htggtne would
be candidat a for renomlnatton, although every
on? of tbem will be in a new Senate district.
Senator ChNda said:
"1 think I will have no opposition if I detain
the nomination from the im senate District. The
party generally seems to favor my nomination,
and I now think I should accept it."
Senator Cantor declinen ? t. nomination; it is
said thai Tammany Hall Intends to D ?m?nate
lit ni for Judge Of the Court "f ilia ral Sessions.
a Ian wa* passed by the Legislature permitting
tbe election if an additional Judge of the Court
of General Sessions; this place, it i* said, waa
carved out for Senator Cantor. Assemblyman
Samuel J. Poley, who was the Democratic trader
in the Assembly this year, it is said, intends to
aeek a nomination for state s. nator In one of the
New-Tork dlstrlcta Senator Bmelaer, having
been elected secretary of tbe state Board of
Health, declines a nomination. In his district,
composed of the counties of Chi mutig. Tompklns
and Schuyler, one of the candidate mentioned is
Atcbie B. Baxter, <<( Blmlra, Clerk of tbe As?
sembly, and another is Aaaemblyman B, C.
Stewart, of Tompklns County. The two Repub?
lican Senators from Buffalo, Lamy and Persona
would not declliu ? renomination. Senator KH
burn Is seeking a nomination at the hands of the
Republicans of bis own county of Pranklln and
of the neighboring county of St Lawrence, which
now compose the JCXXIId Senate District Sena?
tor Mullln, whose county <^t Jefferson has been
joined to the county of Lewla, in order to make
up the XXXVth District, states that h- has not
yet decided to become a candidate, and i? soma
what weary of legislative life, but his frbnds
believe thai he Is In their hands, ami will seeb to
nominate him
In the XXVUh Semite District, composed of
the counties of Delaware. CttanailgO and Sulli?
van, among the Republican candi ?ates are John
W. Church, of Norwich. ChcnangO County, and
the following- In Dataware County: Abram C.
Crosby, of Delhi; ex-Assemblyman James Hai
letitlne, of Andes; ex-A.Hs.mlii>man Sanderson,
of Walton; ex-Assemblyman Wesley t?ould, of
Bannock, and Dr. S. S. Cartwrlght. of Hoxbury.
There Is going to be a warm contest for th<5
Republican nomination for Senator In thi?
XX Ml Id District. In which are sltuad-d thu
counties of OtSSgO and Herklmer. In the for?
mer county A. 1.. Ksilosuj, Wim was a member
of the Constitutional Convention, and ex-As?
semblyman W. L. BrOWS are the candidates;
while in Herklmer County H. C. Munger and
Assemblyman E. La dr?nge Smith are candi?
dates. There also will br a hot contest for the
Republican delegates In the XXVllth District
(Montgomery. Fulton, Hamilton and Schoharle
counties), where the candidates are Hob-art
Krum, of Schoharle County; Assemblyman
Philip Keck, of Fulton County, and Assembly?
man Gardiner, of Montgomery County. Assem
i blyman (Jardinier, of Columbia, la aald to bs

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