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Vo1 - F,V...N?- 17.7M.
imperial and boyal guests attend
[Iiv rAiit.*: To TDK TRIBUNS.]
rtpirigM: Is''??> Bu t\t Tnhun' eieeeetat'sa
Hamburg. June 19. l*he aerlea ..f pageants at?
tending the completion of the near Kiel Canal
opened to-day in the moal stately manner. FV>r
tw ? .lays king?, i>fin.'? s and dlatlngulahed gueata
n iva been arriving; this aftern ?on rame the Em
per r. who has been Identified with tin- ??nal ar?
a commercial and military proJccL He was ?
c ... i i,y a troop of huaattra t.. the Imperial
- and aubaequently to the banquet given
by the City of Hamburg to Its royal and other
pu.-sts. His appearance In a brilliant white uni.
I ma, driving In a carriage with the President
of th? Hamburg Senate, was the signal for hear?
ty cheering and a demonatratlon of loyalty from
Courl Marshal, Baron von Lyncker; the Phy?
sician Surgeon-Genera!, Dr. beuthold; Ad?
jutant-General .'ind Lieutenant-General von
Pleaaen, Aldes-de-Camp Colonel v..n Scholl,
Lieutenant-Colonel von M..ltk<', Major von
M"ltk?-: Chief of til- Military Cabinet, General
v.'n Hahnke; Chief "f the Civil Cabinet, Ex
cellency Dr. von Lucanus; Chief "f the Naval
Cabinet, .vitnir.ii von Btnden-Blbran. A com
panj of tin- Hamburg Regiment, with banda
and banners, rendered milit??rv honors :it th.?
station, where :ils.. the entire Senate mi'l
Burgomasters of the Republic ?-.ml Hanae City
of Hamburg were present. Aft.-r the recep?
tion nt the stuti.>n the company was ilrivi-ti
In ?open state carriages through the principal
stret ts of the city.
All of the German rulers xxith the ex? ptlon of
the ?Kaiser dr..\?' to the harbor, where they
-,;. wi ! the assembled warships. They wer? con
tlnually cheered by the people who lined tli"
Th.- Emperor, in the unif->rm of the Cuiras?
siers and wearing t li.- oranga ribbons and the
decoration of thi Black Eagle, drove through the
city In .in open carriage .xitti outriders. The
Imperial carriage was preceded by s section "f
i)..- Wandsbeck Hussars, the remainder "f which
r Mowed a second carriage containing i'"- Im
perlai ?Prlncees. Following these carriages urere
a number "i vehicles in which rode t'i" ?Em?
peror's suite. His Majesty \xas greeted xxith
tremendous cheering. The German kings ? i * ??
the throngs which had boon waiting for 1
lighting for atandlng r ...m on Iba aide?
The Emperor was evidently greatly plea*
th? warmth of his reception, bowing m ?I
clously ami smiling constantly.
Aftor the banquet an open-air f?5t? was
in the Alst.-r Basin, in the haart of th?
The splendid niKht pap. ant was enjoy?
thousands of apectatora Th.- new island i
middle of the lagoon was Illuminated. Th"
per ?r, the princes and ..ther gueata wer.- t
in boats to the island, where th.-y wltneaaei
illuminations and fireworks, and listened t<
music until the hour arrived for th?Hr ?!? pa
down the Elbe to the yachts and steamt ra a
will carry them through th" ?.anal to-morr
Kiel. The Alsttr Hasln, with its tW3 ghee
water separated by the Lombards' Bridge.
very effective scene for pageants lik.- tha
to-night. The quays wre surrounded frith I
for the spectators, and the br.ad straeta \? :
?wer--? massed with people remaining until
niirht. rejoicing over the unwonted aplendo
the scene. Th?- Elb.- was als?? Illuminate?
night when the Eniperor and princes wi : I d
to thr-ir boats Th?- only drawback to the ful
J, 'vment <?f the exercise? waa a thunder si.
a?. ?ut 9 o*ckx k, which occaal me l s in? dlacom
Meanwhii.', Kiel la preparing for to-morr
marine pag.ant, when the emergence of th?
pi-ror's yacht from the ranal at the Baltic i
leading th?- pn.sston < f twenty-two steam c
wl!l be the supntne moment of tir- festival.
town is decorated with biAitin< and flaga, an
full to overflowing with ?trangers.
The fleet of warships in the harbor is th? n
r< markabii- on? evei aaaembled In any wal
It numbers over 100 naval vessel? of all
with twenty of th<- t',n?-st bafe-ships of |>i
The eonablned horse-power of the nglneal n i
M,DM; the armaments ar?- the most f : a. '? .
ever se?-n in any fleet; th? tonnage exce
500.f?00. Tiie shi',- will be drawn up In boll*
array when the procesal m passes fr,.m the ca
into Kiel Harbor after a protracted Journey la
lug the greater part of the day. The Amerii
????aJnm has an excellent position in the fa
bor near the <-ity and is surrounded with '1
man battle-ships, cruisers and torpado bot
The Am?rlean vessels are greatly aduar-i
th?-lr fine line?, and receive many complimei
fr..m the gpectstora visiting th" warships. 'I
Admiral's flair floats over the New-York, but
will accompany the afarbleread, which is n
at Hamburg, on the Journey thr..u?ih the can
Th?- American Ambassador to Germany is n<
in Hamburg with the military uniform which
wars on all diplomatic and stat?- occaslona
place of ordinary evening dress. It Is a good ui
form f??r New-J< raey, hut a little mor" democrat
simplicity would be better suited t?. foreli
c.tirts. Th" American Mlnlater to Denmark w
a!so be at Ki?i. Ambasaiador Bayard i ? ??; I
en sir J?.hn Panders yacht Many other proi
ln?nt Americans will atteid the ma:;
ta? )?? to>morrow.
Th?- natives ar?- charging extortionate prie
for rooms, back-hire, !.>ats and photograph
on the theory that Kiel Will never bave an ?qui
chance of plundering foreigners. The PTenc
tailors in the harbor are not allowed t? t
ashore, nor are visitors received ..n tin- ship
The names of aoma of th? Get nan ?hips ai
galling to (rrench pride, bul y od humor pr<
vails at Kii-1. Every efforl haa been made i
al.ay unreasonable eanaltlveness. Tin- Empei
or'? apeecfa at the banquet to-night was modei
ate ?n ton" and in excellent taste, and caused
j- ?.il Impreaal >n. There was nothing boastful I
his phrasing bul the significance of the i m
pletion or th?- great commercial undertakingwa
intelligently r?rCOgnta-1. I. N. P.
KMI'Kltult'S f-'l'KK?-II AI.STl.li A'.I.'.iW WITH
ni.kWuiiKS AM? i,anti:i:s>'
Humiiun:, June lt.?A heavy fall of rain thli
morning c.rnpi.'ti-ly aoaked ih" elaborate dee
orations throughout ti??- town, but tha skl-s
gfaarafl about u o'clock, and lbs Might aun
ahlne promis? d a brUUani day. Tha entra?e?
to the Neuerwall. leading from the Alster
Klver, Is spanned by an ?normoiia trluttiph.il
arch; and flags, garlands. Venetian pole*, etc.,
an- placed tin- entire length of the Meoersmll
Ksi.lijn.i'l?' and tin- Alsii nianitn. Th- Alt"
walle, the Itathhausplat/ and Ih' quays al"
Bltnilarly decorat?-!. I>?.nl>l** sentries guard the
doors of tin- houses and hotels in which the
royal visitors are quartered.
The principal event of the day wan th" ?r?
rlval of the Kaiser ami tin- Imperial family.
From noon to within I half h??ur of th- arri?
val the streets wire Oiled with carriages and
cavalcndi-H taking the royal gm-sts to receive
their Imperial oMef. The Kaiser arrived at
4:15 p. m. at the iMmmthor station, accom?
panied by the Chief Court Varshal and Chief
Master of Ceremonlea, Count zu Eulenburg; I
I not folio*?* t1... Emperor, but drove to th?
. , live quarters after visiting th?
At ai ul 6:30 o'clo k a banqu? :
t!i" banquettlng hall, srhl h Ii
Dished, of ti." newly built Rathhaus, srhl h
temporarily decorated to-day. At t
after the : ?asta, the Burgomaster, I>r. !.. hn
attired In a black u- srn xxith white ruffles, .
i Idressed th ? Emi roi and t,;.
erelgna !!?? made .t loi ?
.. ? ; Ing the Em pel nd I ! -
with th? Ir ?'? In t hands. He woun
by declaring thai the canal eras th" gre
German ??: terj f its .
I Ing th.- most : ol ible ? venl in the
I Hamburg, 11" ? ? t . the < ??
I'f-rnr and the German l'ri
Th<- Emperor rt-tumo<i thanks In an m
|y guarded manner, il i n ply vas mild nnii <
ful and "f comparative shortness. H" ?-a,.
? ii | not i.r?--?u!i??' t-. accept the sreloome, which
vlousty, was not artii 1al, for himself, bul fi
ti;.- German i verelgn? surrounding him.
canal xxts a >--!?? it xx
add* I. -?! that iix i le i thai ,.:
This . two j
and defensive purposes. H- . included with
words: "Th- heart? of all nations ui
? selvi - t" us here xx;-h a i
n?- '1 and '!? H.i" i. ace. Ii. pi ace slot ??can
world's commerce expand i? peace, ...
tlirix?-. peace xx-.- shall uphold. The Iron?
power ?.f United Europe lying in Ki-1 Hai
la the beat : ? lf-evldenl proof of ;
In the mean time the trll une* bullt
r, had fille I wll
Al 7 SO o'clock th.- i. .n .. ; turned oui .v
all their ra. Ina 1 it? ind rowed raj .
the is!.mi. Aftei ward they formed a b?.al c n
til.- boats I ? Ing de orated with I '
and garlar I* of n iwers. Strings t?f il ?wers a
encircled th? oars. A number of horal
arrived iftei s ir I, and a band ?.n the
and began t i play. Al about 8 )'cl? k the m?
I bei i of thi Reichstag arrived Th? \ et? i an a
' Uni u formed a line, with banda a
banners, In fr'.nt <.f the Rathhaus, where the K
?K-r-.r reviewed them. Some i f the vet? ran* xx.
.:?? rate I with the < ?rder of tii" Ir .n Ci 1
..?i S'.:.ii"is xx. i. ad dr. ised by the Empei r l
fore he left the Island.
.M ab ul 9 lock heavy thunder el uds beg
t<> ll?> ovei tl ? istern part of the city, glvlnic
peculiar coloring t" the s ene Suddenly li'-i
flashes f lightning began to play In the .-k>. .??
a heavy downfall "!" rain sei In, which, al ?
time, threatened to pul an end t? the evenini
:? ' i:l? s.
i ?? i tin ? ) it 10 o'clock, allowing the fit
works t" finish with s brilliant matin" fighi b
tween two forts erected between the Island ai
the Lombard* Bridge. There was a tremcndoi
?i 'lin:,' by i he mimic guns.
The Emperor and his kingly guests boarded tl
Kaiser Adler ?it ll <?' lock and steamed alow
down the Kll>?-. Fireworks w?-r" then soaiii
skyward from both sldesof it??- river, and at x.n
? .us points bands were playing it? private an
public grounds, Tn?' people ?h. ?i ???! themselvi
hoarse as the vessels bearing t?." Emperoi as
the "th'-r sovereigns ps
The Kaiser Adler passed the Plnkenwerdi
lightship "ti the stroke "f midnight
Thomas P. Bayard, United States Ambai id
to England, General ?Lord Wolaeley and ei
Rpeaker Peel, of the British II use of Common
v ere guests al the ?linn.-r given by the Hambur
.-? nale this ??'?? nlng.
United States Ambassador Runyon. Lleutenan
Vrei land, Naval Atta ?' ? i the Unite I St it"
i : .--'. at Vienna : B? n lamln P. Ti
retary of th* Navy of the United states, an.
Thomas 0 Ferguson, l?nlt?d States Mlnlstei t
Sweden and Norway, are quartered at Street*
Ki'l. .lui;" i:?. Th.- town presented an extreme
ly lively appearance this morning. The street
and public and private buildings were profusel*
decorated with flowers, flags, Venetian masts
? t it.?! visit.irs were flocking hither from al
directions, Immense crowd! of people ? > ?ii?^i ? --
gated aii.ut th?- wharves and gased -it the war
hip of the United States, English, Italian and
Austrian squadron* The sailors on board th?'
French ships all wear .k.?<l"S covered xxith
crape In memory of President Carnot
The admirals and commanders of tin- foreign
warships In the harbor were officially Introduced
t.. tii,- Commandei of the Porl of Kiel at n a. tn.,
which concluded the official Interehana I
visit* between the various foreign officers. After?
ward, Prince Henry <>f Pruesla, n.mmandera
?.f the foreign squadrons, and many subordinate
officers timk n special train for Hamburg.
Many membera >f the crewa of n?.- American,
Austrian, Rumanian and Spanlah warships were
given shore leave to-day. The populaee were
greatlj Interested In them, especially the Aus
trians, ?.h belonging t.i a country which is a
member "f tht Triple Alliance, but the Bji inlar Is
, \. iii-.i the chlel admiration for th? ir neatness
and smartneea.
Th?- Empress arrived here ;'t s o'clock thin
! evening, aid waa ii??-t by Prince Henry .,*
Prussia? her brother-in-law. Salut?-* in lier h mor
?a. r,- Bred In the hart?or. Hot Majesty drove
t?. the Bchloaa, where ?she xviii temporarilj i.-si?i..
Th?- crews of the German coaat-defence ships
Helmdal and Hagen entertained a number ol t,,..
American and Danish eallors at the Waldwlese
restaurant yesterday. Th.- crews -.r the Oerman
battleship* Sachara f?"'i Wurtemberg xxisho.i ,,,
?Imllarly entertain th* crewa of the Ft.,
battleship Hoche and the armored cruiser Dupuy i
d>- Lome, hut Admiral Mo'-tiar.i declined t.? ul|,,w
I ' Coatluueil u? Fifth I'm??-. *~? I
Albany, June Ii (SpeciiU) State Controller Rob
. ived th- fniinxxitii.' letter from George
M'\. :v, aecretary "f the Civil Bervlce Reform
A.--., lation of X' m ? -rit City:
N. -a- v..rk. June If, IMS.
H'in. .lam.- A. Robert?, State Controller.
l?-?.?r Sin I ; ..- ? tl: il o nun hi r of ?I I
h ,..??? been mo ;?? bj th ? new Capitol t omni
In violation of the Civil Ben ce la? . it ?- mj Im
Ion thai the employe? of thi
wcre ....- !?.-a:;x r'.asslfied by the rixi! Service ? om
. n . i. -t- tii - II ? v. n Ih.yi
not the .-i-- th? "omnibus" pr< vial ?n d< lining .
u..- It would cover all ?f ihem until other ?ii?po*lt.??n
be made II ii. i? Mr Ro ?l itates In his valu ibie
opinion, recently fum he?! you. that:
?if then i in.iia- a m ichln? ry * '"i'1 '"? '
. (Ti ??? to the '-.'min.mil ol the fonstitu.ton.-il pro
M.i'.n. ami pul ?' ?"-" ?
with the duty of operating1 the mart
offlfer? an hour I to pi ? ? I '" - ' ?? ? ''' ' '" ?,"'
? it n ,. i.Ision in It? fail Kcope in I mean?
ing, just as much as If they ha ! !??? n cl ?
with that duty by an * t ol the l.eK|?| i
........ ? .i ,, -y, is-:, X-: rxamln it
Hi" statutes ?how? that ;>: - ;. >;> fact, ?*?' -"'"
The machinery provided by the existing Ch
in amp'.e. Th? la? - ' - forth thai II
.. the duty of the ?'.???? i to rrang? In
the ?evi r ciei k? and persoi ? . -.r
'?? ins in the public ? i ????? ?' y?*
"X .m.:! iti .t, herel ivi?led to.
rlude In one or m ?
...... ... , ?
? UK W I
x. ' ' if H
or, !?". in
was i
furl th.lt I ? ? ', '
to the ? s. i
imlsslon ???. ?
iy ?
! i.. the Civil -
v ? ih. re - n I
.... ? ?? now
which proi : !?? ?' ' ?
? ?
. . . . . ??.-??
nth? r e ?mi
? ??
Mr. MeAn
\ ? .
ii,- Civil Bei ' '
? upon
il tl
k ? ? ?-1 x- ?
, i -
. ? ?
a il?
? i. ?
Ell 11'./' OS A MO' VI US ROAD.
i ? , ??
.-. ?
i..? i. After making f i ?
I.-i .11- ' -.
work. / ?? ' ?
but a I ...
;. i ? i
n sah i"i su m ni r.
' I.T.
\\ i-.:, ind et? l for
Mai v v rtln, ??? Il h ???? m he llv? I, ?,? n four?!
ry In I
?, ? ?... i out at I o'clock a-i
Ail... F Mown Hutu- 1 up f..r
the ?I? ?. ute .n. ! t?nl Dlstrict-Attorne) M
???r th? , Mi I low.- ,i !
ed that tht i ? ? was not
' it. th? I:' '
When tl ?? ? I Ca< ho wed
n . emotl .n.
Mi Howe made s motion for tlm? within which
!.. prepare argui ??? foi ,i new ti Recorder
?. ? II ? until Monda next, on
u waa
th? .'. '
\; ?ry Martli mlered il So III
'!''.? .i." ? ? m mut ?t?-?| body waa found
in .m ,ii ? o '.vi' . . Wax . 11. y plac? .
I.iiiXXi'i liAI'M x\n ,?. ?o i x'i ri ion .
I-OIMT AM- INJ iitix il:
As trolley car No. ?., of the New-Jersey Con?
?i tated 1 i... t, .n ? '..'?! i Leed K? hl. "f
N... m Avenue Cl, U? rgen Point N .1 , .> motor
m m, u .- i ' ??!?? at the upper
en i ..: Av. nue P. In i ? \. m - ?-, n era tied Into a
furniture delivery truck ol Ludwig liaumann .x
Co., of this city. Th? wagon w? wrecke?! and the
fui nlture ruin? :. Th. drlv r, I...-. . i ?
nine year? old, of No, '. ? liarrow t., Jerae) ?:??.,
was pi i ii.. n to the
Rayonne ? 'It) Ho pital,
Reading, I'enn., June 18 \ murdei
"..iiiiiiiiii i ,n the outskirts ..f Kutstown, it. 11<,
County, la-.t night, which created Intense e?
cltement. Almut in o'clock the reporl ?a' s gun ws
heard in lh? nelghborl.i of s lane leading to
Jonas II...'.' farm, between Kutstown and Lyon
Persons who heanl the shot hurried In the direction
?.f th.- report, snd there found Ih* body of Daniel
W. Si,'/. I, thirl ? v. in old, h xv u ? till warm,
hut lit. w* extinct, The body lay In .. i.l ..r
hi.1. IL- ni i been ?hol m th" chest, neck uni
head, the "utir.- load ,,r the gun having apparently
taken effect al short ra?a:.- The victim m
death xxhi" returning to lb? hoi.f hi? father,
: i ? BtRs? I, la Maxatawny.
Bu t.|. i.m pointed to Oeorge Verger, s i "ti. r, at
Theodore Bchwanger*? house, when Silt;-, i ?peni
Tui'i lay evening, ai Hi" probable mui It-rer, nn?l he
? i ;? ' i thl? aftei noon i.v 11. t. clivi I ?. nhart
and brought to this "itv. According to th? lestl.
mon y "I Mr:- Schwanger Vergel wna Intenat-lv
li ..!' Btltxel, becau?? ,,r hi? al!i;i attention?
i . h< r. I?.'?! nlKht Verger I? It hi bo i llnj l. .
with a kettle, saying that he was going to Lyon?
roi itrawherrles, II" returned, however, about
midnight, without the berries, and lefi n?',- house
again <i I o'clock this morning The fact that he
la unable ti> explain where he was between 7 n m
and ll"- III.i 'h.- mm 1er I? regal led ... another
link ?n the chain >>f circumstantial evidence, y, r
? ?i nl< ? ""? h "'lin?:, and when arrested ?e.>med
greatly surpi ? :
lies Miiinr.r Iowa, June It The organisation or
Iowa coal operators, Including nearly all the lar?
ger operators in the Statt?, hay.- decided i.> ..? & ,?,?
all miner? who heinn?; to the Mine-Worker* ru?
lot) and have engaged in strtkea Al Des Moine*
Lebtgh. Booae and severa] other point* the whit*
minan bavs been locked ..'it and eo-ored :..in.ri in,.
ported, ii.perator say ti.?-y have had , i, ?.-i,
trouble with the whiti miners sad n<>w have an
organisation which will prevent an eg tatoi a ,<\,
Iiik I?? the State. This action, if carried out will
throw hiuiireda of niliiers out of work.
i:\.; v.r.,i COfNSEL
Th?' Inqoeel Into the death ?.f Charlea W.
Henry, the wealthy miser who was murdered In
| his home, Ko, K South Portland-ave., Brooklyn,
I some time between Wednesday afternoon and
Friday morning >.f last ?reek, t....i< p|. yeati r
day in the room of the Board of Supervisors.
? The hour ael for the Inqueal was 12 noon, bul
it was some time after that when the prtx ? ?>? lin ?
, begun, One .-aus.' of delay was the absence of
: Walter Henry, arho hud been subpoenaed aa a
I witness iiv Coroner Kene. n was expected thai
, Detectlve-Sergeanl Delahanty would bring the
I brother along arhen he arenl to the Corners of?
fice. Some surprise waa manifested at Waiter's
ii.'ii-ajip. a ran? ?-. and an officer was immediate!
aenl t.. look for him. The officer returned Just
before the Inqueal closed, and reported thai
Walter waa nowhere t.? be found.
Then a rumor was atarted thai Walter had
: fled, and there was conal lerahle ???< Itement.
When ih" Jury brought In a verdict practically
cxon. rating William, the people In the courtroom
, h< en d until the ?ralla resoun 1- d.
ner Ki ne pn Ided at I i it, and Dla
?tl ? ? ?? Rid rway conduct I the i xamlna
11 n of arltneaaea, The firal witnesa waa Dr. A.
\\ .in?r Sii. pari, the county physician, who per?
form I the ul pay .-n the murdi i ? ? i man. He I ?
d the wounds which he found. There were
eighte? n of them i n the h>-ad und face and two on
th. i ighl han I. ? me of the ar >ui ' s i acroaa
ih" none, . uttlng Into I and fractui
a i nt of the fa ??? b me. An rthi r woun I w
? -u the
top of the f a? hi i I t nrar I the left, an I fracturing
. :.i. Ci.- s ol the bone fr. m thia wound
had pel trated Hi" brain. Either of theae I m ?
: ? ? ? ? ? ? doctor
T - bli a ? had : ? n stru< it with great
i | w It t n I ind heav?
Dr. Shepard looked at the axe found In tbo
after th" iiiurd r and was asked by l?ls
Irict-Attorne) itldgwsy if the wounds found i y
him could til'..- been made with such an In?
strument ll-- replied In the affirmative.
Mr. i : It us, v. ?i , w as by coui I < >t*i ?n t
K>i ? pci mltted to ci Nu the v? -:
: I >r. Shepard if he could tell fr m
. ..n.lit. .n of the body how long the man
!... -i .!? id. The doctor n piled t>. ,t :? - ?
In whli h h-- found the body he i -
li.v.-i thai thirty-six houra had elai 1 be
tlme of deal
HE aoi IN l' ' THE H< TBE.
h. who s .;.-?! Walter Hei
! : ? - i i -- i' i if
told h ?w w i- |
Into a rear
: ? next door, N
i r to allow
i ?'.? i-, he
? : Wall -. Win n thi :??
'.'. . i. . . :
? ng g here," an i on Bus i g tha
.n th" floor outside the i I set,
' Th n '-'?
i ? , - . He led 1
.?. ? a ? but on n aching the
i ? ne side, an I il i
I go I
torn of
,?. Ith the hi ad resting aga
Walti tal
?" \\ alt? r r- ,?li I th .i. i a Id I:
. m ?;. "
'.i I led the wlti i If Walter coul !
l. a h. n he a*k? l him 11 ?t was ids
Thi .v ltn< sa replie i thai he dl ! n >i
old, is he (the witness) was standing
.Welsh thai on
tie- way ?i .wnatalra Walter handed over a letter
a Mi ii Walt? r sal J hla father ha l ?? nl him
i la th-' letter referred t.? s? frequently by
t.-,.- police, will. !i they ha I refused t.. mi.public.
The lei red to la aa follows it 11 .?. ?
without date and without algnature:
i. n \\ iltei \ i havi gol to tight for me, your
illd to n tain your home si :
the most forcible mannei ... r pro
.-.?, i ng . regard? m> ? inlty, as h Is s m. st vil
i.n.oi- pi??t, i. it te-1 bj your brother, wh
inn ..r ih? ill nklns hsb I He ? ... adven $1 ?
foi v. ii ii i a as pi ii
i ? but they ? .i rets not. it wa ? ma : w ,i\
with in three months, end I ?mi-, out ot pu kei the
sum, .m i up t.? this le- has nevi r shown any
. , t ll He li... had i. veral
nt?' fiirnihhiiui store?, (rom all ..f
! : ?: ?brli ty. II?? B
living with n,. for the last two >? ira ai my >\
M ii , .nt any i ffort on his part to ea
in Ing, and I ; tted With hla lother
n? havi ne- pronounce?! ineane. All ht? action? st
hon,, prove that he is the party who should i, ?
iirri ' ? : i this '..i- ?? l'on ?piracy, He rata hla
n don?' ul thi table, i arrt? ? i > d to hla room
In th? iipp r atorj, hai two bl -, l< nui . r i epair
up then . has had delirium tremen -, for
I :. n ted turn and brought him
i i 1 was sick mi self > ?n th
ol lune h. ml lis mother left thi houa? together
..;. i pi .;? I Io No, HG Mouth I'ortian l-avi . .ml
made r.ii-. charges against ma to carrj out th.ir
plitn? Mi? ..t.j.'.'i is to i;,iin p -i il my
|,i.,|..ii> for his own personal aggrandisement.
auci ? ?? l m doing. but li ?
U? .n r ,t. i ,? Ithoui del?). as i . ?lie .i eh u
. ,ioi i>. allowed tu i,-, nt large, and hla vil
lanj should be exposed. Too kin?,?., and all
n...i i hm.- buslnea? deallnaa with know, that I
am a good hu Inesa man, although ?event) on< year?
. bikI thai m\ h? .id is level and that I can be
depended on -'; ik oui nnd tell what you know.
1 .?.n i be afraid ul dlsow nlng such a broth r
W n? n in bu?lii?'sa h? bought a bicycle, f..r wl u
I..- paid ii '.... and ?n ifti r? ird n"id It for lea?
than one half; a *?'? dollar Dunlap hat about once
.i month, |li.i-i.? box. expenalve furniture
. i,-. .m i .ill nil time paid the ,i iltry urn ol it
r board, although owing me fl.&X), which
? .... i . n ? . .."I has nevi i ollu led i.? ? he
same il.- got ?~? from me Januar) ?, iv-:.
t.. i.ike ...m.' J? im dry ..ul of pawn, ?aid lewelr)
bi nu- pn ? i.- fit i gs i ?? him on thi holtda) s
when I did no I suppose he woukl ever nun ou( t.?
... ? ii ,i villain, Said money ?as t.. be returned,
bul never was. I am now savent) one >. ira ,.? I
an i have bIm i) ? provided f"r my family and h i i i i
give up lui.-ii'i?-.-, ?is (he house waa being wn ked
a . re? n Is my ?if", she Is the to. I In the hsi
Ih? people wno hope i.? profil b) her dementia.
Hume years .ik > her frienda put h-r up to getting
n ; ira lion, for '.vh.it reaaon I never ? luid under
stini.i. o i ara then hard al ? >rh wiiii i tlrra
w n .m i had been h lib sixteen years. Never took
.i holida) nor absent from business. N'a mono) for
theatres, hoi ?? races or gambllna My record Is
clean; .i good husband, bul ver) i.h.ii>Ii wife can't
appreciate anything lik" k.Iness She got th
uratlon n Isi t? I for one month, and then sin
In ?;. i io lie tak.-'ti back. I did so, bul It was th"
of my nt". .i. I never knew what
m I ?en was i.re that, flood servant would not
si.i\ because ihe Interfeml with tii??ir work, and
i,...i ones could har II) be sot rid of to verify whal l
>i, n thoae sim now aide with her could . uii.it
I i, ,\, ?, n .m i ? n dm. d for years, if Jusi Judgment
was given, they would alter their opinion, Ton
must i., <u th. trouble in Blxth-av . when you went
to , .? him. ' ?n.it nothing, A son engaged in this
conspiracy would n t hesitate In committing a mur?
der all for th- love "f liquor.
I'r.-.ler'.'k Orossi a iliiii In Justice Haggerty'a
Piuirt. was? the next arttnesa He testified that
im Sunday. .Mine !?. an "II man called at th"
courtroom and aald his name was Charlea \v.
Henry; thai h" lived ai Ma 96 South Portland?
uve. He had a .??.?n, he paid, who had bean inv?
ine; him eonelderaWe trouble. Hla aon'a name
war? William S Henry. Ha was often drunk,
and be was afraid li" Would do htm some b.idlly
harm, because he was rlolenl when drunk.. The
old man, the witti?'sn continued, wanted to net
i warrant for hla aon'a arrest, and be was t>?id
m com ? naxi morning.
The witness sai.i he made a memorandum of
Continued on Second Pitar??, i
li'itv.x'i". OF Tin: vr.vrrtfs roRB
The W'irl Lins steamer Yumuri arrived h?>ro
from Mexic > and Havana last evening with a
n ging fire in her forehold. <m Tuesday night at
l' o'c] i. several <.f th?' crexv detected .1 strong
stnell nf smoke, xx-)ii h soon became noticed
throughout the forward part nf the steamer. The
alarm was given, and the crew were called to
quarters. Investigation show.-.i the tire t.> be In
th.- forehi Id
St. am was turned into th<-compartments of the
h'il.i from which the smoke came, anl for a sh ?rt
tini" in inn hx'ay was cheeked. The steamer was
forced ahead at as great si.?1 us possible with
th?- enormous loas o? steam which was used to
? fight th?- tire
At th.- time Die Ore was discovered the Yumuri
\x"i < off c.i;..' Henry. She forged ahead steadily
with th" wind from th-- northwest, which gave her
a list t.i starboard, which Increased a* the Hr.>
c insumcd tin- cargo. There WM only little ex
? ng tii-- passengers .nil crew when
they arrived at Quarantine, and it was .-?all that
no gr? it excitement had existed .'it any time
sin " the th" iii..k" out.
When th" steamer was reported passing Bandy
Hook, Health Officer !> ?ty hastened down th?' bay
t' hurry Ihe Inspection in order t.. avoid delay.
The x'umuii n ?-; met off Hoffman Island, and th"
?;. i.ti-ci quickly m ide.
Dock .-' 111 ..-i * r tendent Walsh and .1. W. Barrett,
of th" w i i i,.n... al? . met tl." steamer outside ?if
? \" 11 .x- with the tug Jack J-xv.-tt.
The u Patrol and the fireboat New
Torker appeared ??ft the boarding stat' m, ami
a"? ?mpanled tic burning vessel t., her pier. Su
t? ndent Walsh said that the steamer would
?moored it Wall-sL an l the hatch.-.-) opened.
i irould endeav r ??> suppresa the
't ti" pier. Should they fall, th.- seacocks
-\ m i be ipened, and the Tumurl ba permitted to
to tic- bottom,
Th?- hi Id xx h'-re th- tire exists c?->ntalns h^mp,
pineapples, coffee and ?.ther cargo. The boMa
? 'l it" all forward "f the amldahlp bulk.
head. ?'n ipproaching the ".ist th" Yumuri
!..:?! i. Ii tters "N. U.," signifying "I am
"II !::
The Yumuri brings $2tki,000 in specie, which Is
l ited In the safe In th" purs?-r'B room. Be
thla i :n. in the pantry, th?- decks ??!??
? m. xxith timbers to increase the str.-ngth
leek above Th? rargo consists of dgara,
?, bulll m, i-ki?is bides, hemp, honey,
n ht'ck and many other Mexican product?
Th? ; ?: ? on tx <irJ. moat of them
I lax ma.
N thing ? 'ill b?- learned at th?- causv of the
? r.j \x. i" unwilling to Impar; iny
? ". whatever. Six b .its were swung
i each side In readiness to launch sh. uld
The li-t ;' | issengers ot the Yumuri Is as f 1
1 '.x-.. Mr and Mrs. Harrison and two children,
Mr. .? ? i i ?vi le, M:<- J. Jultama, Mi?s v.
i, Mi ind Mrs, !"? it'x-ll. Manuel Mevot,
'? Front, Mr?. Lydia IVekehe, Mis? Isabel de
? Bdl rmd Barb -, P. M Alfonso. Mr.
? Mis* Aielgre, Frank Ben ton, J. Naranya
y i? nal. iM'.x.h ! Ylanes, John Grant, ST. H. Mc?
Laughlin, Juan Estrada, Joss C. Qonsales and
wife, Mrs .1 i' I?-- Curtis, Thomas De Curtis,
: . tin .x F Rlc.. Mrs, Aielgre, Mis.
Mn. li-i i;. a. Benton, .1. Naranya y Ferrai,
ir. ?? h lllard, Mr*, -i ? n Orant, l ?aniel
\\ agner, William Schmidt,
? ; ,i hi ? .;?-!:?? Karan, Alb? rt A. Wil
v i- .;?. Mi? v mk Vouaup, Dermld
i;i i : .m. Rafael Arostlgtn, Manuel Case*, a.
r M< im i. v Lacramp, Ml !..'i"l Kaaen, N'. F..
Sing Ku. I. Chlng, Chung Lin Yin, Miss L.
l ..i w i ;:. .tu.i !i Flick
Two of th? Cuban passent rs ifter the flre was
discovered, den inded that th" steamer be put
i port nearer than New-York. Th- cir?
cumstance* '111 not r-.|Ulr?' this. In the mind "f
: | i n. and sh" continu -i on h^r
The dreboat New-Yorker was unable t> tic up
iteai r in I si.- did not ?,*??' a hose
on board until th- boat wa* warped a', agstde
her wharf. Truck No, IS was n hand when sh-*
! at her pier and Its crew, with the m*-n
.? ind ? iple of tii>fs, were set to
vx tk extinguishing the ilr--. It \x-as believed at
th? pier thai the tin- could t-.- put oui without
? . i ocks and sinking the vesael. All
the passengers, however, were ordered to dto
. ml irk last Right, and the 'ustotns officers were
on duty t" pass upon their baggage.
The Yumuri took on the hemp part of h?*r
cargo al Vera Crux, and it Is supposed that the
tit.- started In the hemp between decks in the
foi .'. .1.1 hold.
litli'illTlit 8 AtTTERHOU) A DIS
Aiiitii: ahi.i: li.A'i".
I'll-,, vv.- discovered In the nfterhoM of the
? r Massachusetts, of th.- Atlantic Transpor?
tation Company, Captain ?Bouquet, at noon yeeter
,?,,v. The officers .>:" the steamer fought th?- flames
i i then situ for th?- flreboat. The
Zophar Mills responded, .ml was !-o<m at the At*
Ian tic Transportation Company'* pier, at West
Twenty-ninth *t. With the aid ot her pump? the
flame* were quickly extinguished. On examina.
ti m it w i found that the nre had caused only lit
tle damage, the hold being empty. Th? ceiling "f
that '? mpartment had been badly (corchad, and tit
fans, which are used t<> keep th" dressed beet cool
in transit were partially burned. Several of
the nun in dseoendlng into th.- hold after the
ill., were m irly overcome by the dense ammenla
i n.t :'? v.ling apparatus, xxhich escaped
through a hole burned In th? reservoir. They
clumberrd up quickly, and it aras several minutes
!.. r. !?? they xx> t.- able to tell xxh.it waa the trouble.
Carpenters were placed at work at once, and the
fan? ?rill be Used ?o ;!.?? ?teamer can leave on her
Hulling time Saturday morning, at I o'clock, when
she clear* for l-ondon, The damage wa? estimated
ai $750, Th.- iir.in n thought the origin of the
Hr.- t.. be ii.. t" the friction of the fan axles cumiug
ai contad with the wooden bio? ks.
? -. ?> ???
ul" ill-- PHYSICIANS,
Atlanta, Ge.? Juni 19 Al on.- time to-day it was
not believed possible for Qovernor Atkinson I i live
three hours longer. Al 1*80 p. ra. tin- seven physi?
cian* xv ho are attending him stated that bis eaas
\x.i-, hopeless. His eyes were then glased as in the
la*l ?tagea of dissolution. At ?'? o'clock be began to
ratty, and ?t "v o'clock ha said t.? ii.-. HalaMo:
Doctor, I know you hax?- .? desperate eaas? but I
am going to .In my part, and help you all I can.
To Attorney-Oeneral Terrell th.- Qovernor said:
Tell the boys that I am k"Ii?r- to win this tiKht. tf
possible. This is the flrsi hard ene i bavs been In.
Oovsrnor Atkinson's grit is xvhat is karplng lilm
alive. If nerve and will power can possibly sax?,
his life, be will pull through. His determlnaUoa to
baffle th" disease is the wonder an.i admiration of
i?i" physicians. They >.iv that if le- lives tw.ntv
r.iur hour* longer !??? win ?,-.-i w.?. There ims been
sieh a marked Improvement ?Ince ti o'clock that
bis death to-night is not looked for. i
Albany, .'une 19?The State Pish, (?ame ami For
?-t Commission baa determined to free the ?leer
which have been confined in the sswosij sight amo
park in the Cafklll Mountains, near Hide Mount tin.
Th* I'atskll. 'her park xyas established umler un act
of i\s7, ami not*,- it ha.? u-eii determined to allow
the fifty or moro ileer within the wire lnclosure
arouni the park to run at lur?*?" over tho mountains.
This course Is necessary on account of the ?lier
having bresssed upon nil of the ?hrubbery wlfhln
reach tn the park, and for ?i me time pa.?t the
I uk attendants bavs i.een fee.iinir m^al to them.
t'.v.-ril ..f th?' I'tiltnal? have .-scape.l within ihe
last two or three years, and their appearance Ju.ti
ii.?> ?le abolition ??f the wtre boundaries. Tn? haif
t.iini? deer will be fr<>i?ji In the vicinity of the moun?
tain bouses .in.l the others in the wll.Ier r?glons
at the CttskMa 1
CAJtRlSD HErone the conventiox
a gueat and interestino
fBT ?"?? ??? TO THE TRIBfNE.J
Cleveland. June 19.?The silver fight is Oea
In the National Convention of the Rep?blica?
TatBgOA. Though It la a foregone conclusion
that free silver will be killed. It will require a
light to throttle it. Th" feature of the day wag
the caucus of th- Western delegates, in which
all the ?Jtver States were represi-nted. Colonel
Trtimho, of Utah, was the author of a planlc
for the Resolutions Committee calling for the
fre?. coinage of silver at a 16 to 1 ratio. This
ri-solution was carrle.l to the meeting of the
Committee on Resolutions, which referred it to
a c.immlffee of nine. The same sub-commit?
tee sat down upon It in the most artistic man?
ner, and a substitute, which was ad ?pfed, la
practically a repetition of the Minneapolis
mon.-y plank. This is what the Kepub
11.ans of the East, the South and many
of the West want; but some of ?he
leaders in the silver States, puch aa
Senator Carter, of Montana; Senabjr Dubois, of
Idaho, and Colonel Tiumlo. of I'tah. are not
ready to eomprooatae, ami the diver men in tha
Committee on JUsolutlona, who ?rere in a hopo.
less minority, argued and fought the Minneapolis
r?solution tooth and nalL They areretold politely
thai the dog will never age-I t" be wagged by
the tall, and the fight will b-' ranted to the tloox
of the convention and fought to a finish. The
plan Is for Senator Dubois to present a substt
tute res'ilnti.in on the monetary fiuestlon in the
? ,nv? ntl?.n, ar.d the threat Is made by many of
th.- hott.'st-h.?de i ?Veatarnera that if ignored
they will leave the hall. The delegates front
Colorado and other silver States, who are walk?
ing about th?? streets to-night with silver dollars
as badgi s, are not in the best of humor. Sensible
Republican flsUtatea and aon-diitofstleg have
only words of praise for the Resolution Commit?
tee for ntahlrg th.- tariff the l. a.ling issue, basing
that plank als?, on the Minneapolis platform.
The oddest feature about the p: ? -?minary work
In this convention is th? continued persistency on
the part uf the small minority t?> attempt to dic?
tate. TD-night at th- mating <?f the Resolutions
Committee ftoator Carter was permitted to ex>
presa his rieem on his silver hobby, and he waa
beard isspectfuily, but that in all. The best men
In the party, who are here from every State in
the Union, declare most emphatically that it
trouid i>e the h-ight of folly to Introduce the sub
Je.'t in the convention. Henry Clay Evans, of
Tennessee, who, by the way, has a rerr.arkabla
following not only In his own State but. every?
where in the South, again insisted to-day that
the League Convention has no business what?
ever to touch the sliver question. He voiced
th- sentiment not only of the Southerners but
of all Republicans assembled here when he said
that the League members are followers and not
leaders, and it would be worse than impudent
f.?r the League to attempt to dictate to the Na?
tional Convention as to what policy the Republi?
can National Convention should adopt. "What
we want in Tennessee," said he, "Is Protection?,
and Protection should be the battle-cry for the
next campaign." ?
The Committee on Resolutions organized thSa
aftern.x.n by electing Congressman John B.
Robinson, Of Pennsylvania, chairman, and
Horace ?i. Knosrles, of Dslasrare, secretary.
Congressman Robinson's opponent was Con
greaaman Tawney, of Minnesota. On the first
ballot, the vote was a tie, and on the second]
the Keystone statesman won by three votea,
the ballot being 17 to 14.
The motion, which was finally adopted, to ap?
point a sub-oommitti'o of nine who should for?
mulate a platform to be submitted to the full
committee was p*Aeaented and debated at
Si nator Thurston, of Nebraska, offered tha
following resolution, which, needless to say,
providing ;is It does for a suppression of all
eentlment of whatever kind <m the part of the
convention, created a prof,.und sensation!
W"e approve tn- declaration of the Republican
National Convention that "the American people,
by tradition and Interest favor bimetallism and tho
Republican party demanda the use. of bo.lt gold and
silver as ,i standard money w.ih such restrictions
at. 1 under auch provisions, to be determiaed by
legislation, as will secure the maintenance of a
parity of value of the two metals, so that the pur?
chasing and debt-pnying power of the dollar.
whether of ?liver, gold or paper, ?hall be at als
times equal And we nier th?> matter of mor?
specific declarations to the next National RepubUg
can Convention, which alone has the p?>wer to bind)
th- party or make a platform and declare prin?
This resolution was declared out of order, be*
cause the motion to appoint a sub-committee of
nine was already bef. re the committee. It was
therefore not aete.l upon. In presenting the reso?
lution Senator Thurston said:
W.? I'.mnot be too car?'ful what we do In this
convention. We must not stand in the role of
- ,,rs to the National Convention, nor, on the
other hand, must wi let I; be said of us, that we
were afraid to assert ouraelvea before the country.
V??t. on the whole, 1 ?l<? not think It would be well
for US at this time to commit ourselves to any
policy, which would be better conserved by the Na?
ti. : ,. Republican Convention.
Foil wing la the personnel of the Commutes)
on Resolutl ma:
[oara ,1 imea K. Hlythe.
New-Jersey?William A. Husty.
Ohio?William s. Csppeller.
West Virginia?W. u. Xorthcote.
Oregon?li. If. Case.
Kentucky WIIII ira M.-lv Shaw.
In llana?Ceorge W. Karls.
Wyoming 1'. M. Men dell.
North Dakota it. S. Stevens.
Khode Island Henry K. Tiepke.
.eorirta A. 11. Itue'l.
l-'ilslunu William I'ltt Kellogg.
Kew-Tork??S. A. Robinson.
I t.ih i' B Allen.
Texas- H K. .Mci?regor.
Alabama- it. A. Mosely, Jr.
Wisconsin-Henry Fink.
Ariaona .1. A. Sampson.
California??/. J. O aspar.
Arkansas -.lohn McCfure,
Connecticut T.. At. Hui.nard.
? '?dorado -Byron L Cat r.
i'i'iinsvlvanl.1 - .1. H lloblnson.
N rada -William Olas?
South Dakota it. J. Woods,
B utii Carolina ?!. w. Murray.
Delaware -Horace Orealay Knowlea.
Illinois i*. s. Runnells.
Ksnsai senator Baker.
Massachusetts?Henry H. niackwell.
Nebraska It. B, Bchnleckler.
Mississippi dames Hill.
Washington Mlles C. Moore.
District of Columbia -W. W. Curry.
New-Mexico A. l. Morrlaon.
Oklahoma?a. .1. Savey,
To-day 'a ?fork was carried out entirely accord?
ing to Ul Illiniums The speaker? were D. IX
Woo.liuansce. chairman Of the Ohio delegation*
who made the address of welcome; Mayor Mo?
Klsson, who presented to the delegates the free?
dom of the city, and President W. W. Tracy, of
the I .enguo. Over two thousand delegates, front
every State in th- Union except Maine, New:
Hampshire and North Carolina, were in their
seats when the gavel dropped for order, besides
a number of vIMtors of both ?exes who came with
the delegates and heaped up the full meaaure of?
enthusiasm. Music, flowers, flags and streamers
were abundantly provided and the arrangements
were perfect.
The first delegation to euer the hall caused
great applause from the spectators who had al
n ady assembled. At Its head was a pretty
brunette, bearing a silken United State? flag In?
her hand. It wac Miss Fronnle Knowlton, of
Van Buren, Ark., daughter of the head of the del

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