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epatlon. This del.-patlon xv i? Quickly f 1! UM
by others, and when the convention was -ill-'
to order there wer* about f"tir thousand person!
present, three-fourths f whom were delegates
Been delegation, besld? ; ?h badge of the Na
tlonal Conventl in, won tie- badges of its Stat?
and few were so conservative a* not to wear als.
badges of either Mirer or gold, as indicating th-ii
chuici- on tic- currency question. There wer*
many colored delega t' - .m. mg th?.s" xyh > sat In
the comenta.n. anid not a few of tii?- delegations
were accompanied hv a number of fair enthusi?
asts who clapped Just as loudly and yelled Just
??s lustily at the most ardent disciple of Lin?
coln's prlnci]
Just before the convention began there was c ?n
llderable discussion as to who would be the
president "f the League h place of W, W. Trai y,
who win resign, u was, however, practically ac?
knowledged -n all sides tha; '.'lierai Me Alpin
stood tin. beat chance In fact that there would be
nobody ?in- in Ihe rac? t.. fay. It is known thai
the sllv? r v ?te will be east almost solidly for Mc
The convention was open i by a song by the
National Republican League Olee Club, a body
which sprang Into esl tenes for tl tension.
Ti ey netted h?<w the Democrats would be aurely
saowt I under In ISH, and for ah encore told it all
over again to another air. After the land ha'.
augmented the enthuaiaam by playing a medley
of patri ?tic airs, the R? v. Lloyd liars?-:, of Cleve?
land, ri'.;;"d d ?wn Divine blessings on the assem?
blage. A call of States by the secretary showed
them to be represented as f II ?ws: Alabama, S3;
Arkansas, M; ?California. ?*?; Colors k>, 18; Connecti?
cut, -?; Delaware, 4; Florida. 1; ?.', >rgi I, ..; ltlah'?,
4; Illinois. N and N alternates* Indiana, 61 and 62
alternates' 1 iwa, ;-?*; Kansas, SO; Kentucky, ?"?4;
Louisiana. 34; Maryland, "t; Maasa hueetta, 80;
Michigan? M and IH alternatea; Minnesota, M;
Mississippi, 4; Missouri, ?".4; Montana, 14; Nebras?
ka, ;;i; Nevadi . 10; N? w-Jersey, 10; New-York, 14*.
and KO alternates; North Dakota, 12; Ohio, 81;
Oregi n. 12; Pennsylvania, ISO and -'?'" alternatea;
Rhode Island, 11; ?South Carolina, 2; South Da- !
l.oia. i-. Tennessee. 50 and BO alternates; Texas. I
27; Venn.mt. 7; Virginia, 12; Washington, I; West
Tlrglnla, 2.;; Wise? nsln, 44; Wy m ing, 10; Ai i n >.
4; District of ?Columbia, 10; New-Mexico, 12; Okla?
homa. 4; Utah, 14. and the American Republican
?College League, 10 a total of UtU
I>. D. Woodmansee, president of the <?hln
I-angue. then addremed the convention, eulogis?
ing Us leaders by name. He was followed by the
yvjuthfu. May..r of ?Cleveland, R. B. McKlseon,
W. V?,. ?iacy. rmiunn ??? ...v ..
followed Mayor McKlaa in.
The orgsnlxati i. tin n b-gan by slip.- belr,;;
patead t? *-a i Slate to Ml OUt with tie r. ?mes Of
members of committee? While this was being
done the corning Oghl on the silver question was
foreshadowed bj a motion made by H. Clay
Evans, of Tennessee, tiiat all resolutions be re?
ferred to the Committee on Resolutions without
d?-bate. This was adopted.
At a can. us ..f silver men hid last night,
which lasted until i .?'?!? ck tins morning. Chair?
man Carter, of th" National Committee, and
Senator Dubois, of lilalio, were conatitUted
champions of the silver cause, and commia
sione.l t?, fight f?.r it until the last ditch was
reached. Th?-r.- was another conference of the
free-silver men early this morning. Delegates
from Colorado. Utah, Arizona, Washington. Ne?
vada, Wyoming. Idaho and New-Mexico were
present. Colonel Isaac Trumbo. of Utah, pre?
sided and presented the following:
i:-.?..?.ved. That the Hepubllcan party lornurilzed
to preserve the unity.o' the Un.teU States and con?
tinued for the sole object of protecting the people
th-reof and maintaining their prestige as American
cltliene among the nations of the earth) la by lta
traditions, committed to a financial policy designed
to conserve the beat Interests of all our i?e..ple and
their varied Industries and to give the debtor eo.in.1
rights with the rrcilltc.r. therefore the Republican
party Is unalterably committed to the restoration
of the bimetallic standard us It existed In this coun?
try prior to U73, namely, the free and unlimited
coinage of silver at a ratio of 16 to 1.
it will be known as the Trtttnbo resolution.
Each delegate and press representativa was fur?
nished with a programns) to-day, which also
served as a ticket of admission to various place?
of amusement, in addition, excursion, banquet
and street tickets were provided. The surfa.?
lines were froe to every visitor.
In the aftem...in the delegates went to Korest
City Park and listened to a concert by the Iowa
State Hand. To-morrow two lake excursions are
to be given, and the day will wind up with a
The silverites received another black eye at the
maes meeting held to-night in Music Hall, it
was a ?art of l?.ve feast, i.i which the leading
lights of Republicanism spoke, and Wtille i.uiie
cf tho speakers expressed direct preferences on?
way or another, they were all nearly unanimous
in their views that the subj.-ct of fr?-e silver
should be ignored by this) convention; that it
was not th'; province i : any eat of men to dic?
tate to the party. A. B. Cummins, ;" Iowa, said
eo; ex-fiov.iiior R. 1). Brown, of Hied.- Island,
gave that as his advice, ns did Senator .1 M
Thurston and others. The sentiment thus ex?
pressed by the aptlakera i. und an echo in the
breasts of the delegates Sound m ney is the
battle-cry everywhere, and the cries of
the Carters, and th? Trunib >s, and the rest are
drowned in the din. Iowa is In line for sound
money with main- m..re Weatern States. Pres?
ident Cor.away, of the lows State League, said
to-day that there is only one free silver man on
the Iowa d?l?gation, and he is afraid to open his
The New-Yorkers have bu\l an easv time of
it all day and ktpt open h <w<- in the Hollenden.
They had a number of caucuses to further th?
interests of G? neral McAlpin for president ?if
the League, and it is now i onceded tfiat be will
go in without opposition. All the candidates.
or nearly all, that lia v.- been mentioned for the
place have either withdrawn or been with?
drawn by their friends. There is no likelihood
of a dark hors?- springing up, and everything
points to the election of the New-York man.
unless the unexpected should happen, which is
not likely. The latest phase .,f the Presiden?
tial fight is the gradual veering around of the
Ohio forces in favor of McAlpin. Th.- fad de?
veloped to-night that Governor McKinley would
be pleased with the aleotlon of McAlpin, who.
reports to the contrary notwithstanding. Is his
Wurm personal friend.
Robert I . Porter organized a kidnapping com?
mittee to-night, made up <>f ine beat men In th?.
convention to go to the railway station at ten
o'clock to meet the train which was expected
from the South with Chauncey M. l?epew aboard.
The entire Tippccanoe Club of this city was in
the crowd, also the N'-w-York ?n .egation. The
JntentliTn wa? to Waylay the eloquent New
Yorker, who fa announce 1 to speak at tin? ban?
Quet to-morrow night, drag him by main force
uptown and detain him somewhere unill it is
time to go to the banquet hall, a? ha had sent
word to the committee tha. he Is not going to
speak. Rut a damp?"- was Mit upon the pan by
a telegram that tho train will not pa?? this way
until 1:00 Thursday morning. It Is ihought that
Mr. Depew beard >I tin. plot and changed tha
laoir of his arrival
The choice f?.r the meeting-ground of the
convention in th" Presidential year fell upon
Mllwauk? ?
not Fou.'v.vr::.-' OF Mr.. PLATT.
The thirty ?atpad BleCtloa Pls'rict Republican
Association of the eld XXHId Aaaembl) I .?strict
held Its r?eu!ar monthly meeting for th"
enrolme::t of now members lea! nicbt, in
the parlor of the ?St. Nicholas Repub?
lican Club. at Bavesth and Si. Nlchol.m
?v-s. and One-hundr^d-and-sixteenth-st. Four?
teen new tamban II ?? ?Id. were enrolled.
Frank C Langley ehauraBSS of the atectloa die
trict, mad? an address la which he said that th?;
voters of the old XXHId Assembly Metric! weir
not to be ruled from No. u Broadway, He s.tored
Abraham Oruber, who, bl said, talked lui. , i
deuce of everybody, a; d Mr. i'latt especially, be?
fore the Kartitorta Convention, an I th.n. n't Mr
I'latt'? wink, ti: ned and did his bl.ldln?-. Kdwnn]
Te;'.? ffert, of anolher election ?llstri.t, and Law?
rence Wint?rs, president of the St. Nicholas Re?
publican Club, also spoke.
A DENIAI, FltuM 'IHK liOVKt.Wol?
Albany. June 19? Colonel Ashiey \V. Dale, i; v?r
nor Morton's private secretary, to-day authorized a
denial of a ?tory, published In a New-Tork m ?rn
What is Home
Without a famll:
medicine chest? am
what Is a famll;
medicine chest with
out Koottl Pillar I
Is unworthy th
name! Hood's Pill
nre especially pre
pared for family us.?
and are so gentle lr
action, so easy In effect, and so perfect In resul
that they are the ideal O.???. ??%#!"?? DSU?
home cathartic HOOO 8 Pllli
aif prepared only by C. I. HOOD * CO.
Lowell. Masa.. U. B. A.
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
Used \>y people of refinement
for over g Quarter of .1 century.
IriR newnpaper, to the effect that there had been |
a mutilation of the records In the Executive ("ham- I
ber in the interest of William O'Connor, .>f I.ittlo
Pall*, Senator E lmun.1 O'Connor's brother. William
O'Conn ? ?? vv i?, confirmed by ttie Senate on the Oov- '
ernor** notnlnstlon ss n Port Warden of New-Tork. ;
Tbe published statement was tli.lt t!:?- term Of of?
fice of William I?. Leahy? whom Mr O'Connor era*
named h succeed, bad been wrongfully abridged In !
record book kept by Executive Department
1 'er!,.--, the original ?lute set for the expiration of i
Mr Leahy's term of oiiice, jnnu.-irx' 88, 1898, having
i.? n ,'ri---."l out In Ink rind another dat". July H. t
>.'., xviitti 11 In ai.ove the orl?r!n.il date without lec.-.l
authority. Colonel Cole nay? that the i>...k In which
the change ws* made 1- not s public rerord. but 1?
merely kept for the convenience of th?- Executive
Departments, and that the chance was made on the
advice of the Statutory Revision Commission, who
held that th,- origina', construction as to wh.-n Mr.
Leahy's term should expire xvns erroneous
Sandy Hill, N. Y . .lue is rSpeclal).?The Repub?
lican t'onx-entlon of Washington County met .it
Argyle at n??on to-day for the purpose ?if nomlnat
ing Bt it* delegates and a member of Assembly,
Surrogat* and District-Attorney. J. E. Beeley,
chairman of the County Committee, called th?
meeting to order, and moved that William H. Tefrt,
a follower of 1 v. Daher, be nw '..- chairman. An
amendment xv.it offered that A. D. Walt?
ex-( 'oiintx- Jini?;". in- tbe chixlce, and bal- '
lotlniT began. There xvere (WO eontestln?- d<i<
Sattont from Eort Ar.n and Hebron, which were
sntl-Baher. When the contestants undertook t"
vote s Uk'h' ensuetl, in which b! ?ws were struck
nnl ri"!i knocked down, some being severely hurt.
Sin riff Robertson swore in ten special deputies in
th? ir.!? rest of the Baker fact! .n. anl they put sex
eral men out of the ball. Every attempt to take a
ballot for chairman ended In a ilitiit. II. <.. l'.ur
leigh leclared that he had th* signatures of s ma
Jorit) of the convention in favor of Walt t ? :? chair?
man. At I o'clock both sides were exhausted and
it was agreed t" adjourn until 7 p. m. I. v. Baker.
a Platt inrir., wants to control the organisation of
*-*?'? ;?"'"! H. tl. Burleurb Is opi'osed to him.
The men who are anxious to put lato practleal
operation the recently enacted civil Rights law
wen- not Idle yesterday. At several uptown caf?s
l-ii,ks w.re ori?r'd and were paid f"r at regular
prices and disposed "f ::. th well ? I bllshed, ortho?
dox xvay. The fashionable barber ?I ?ps wr. not
troubled much, but at on* place a negro walk.-l In,
rat In a vacant chair and asked to ha v.- hi* hair
combed. The men looked Upon it as a good t -k" it
first, and then each man arose la ?i? tonsorial dig?
nity 'tni refused to i'-rform th* operation The
fireman of the place filial', y conset '? i to a ?
?M.- the man, although be started by telltna
customer that his experience with that kit, 1 ?f halt
was so limit" l that he feared h* xx-ouid make a
mes? of it. When the barber xxhs saked whs
would do if a rtccro askel to !??? ihav? d, h?- changed
tho subject and spok- about th.- effect of warm
weather on th- frowth "f the li.-art
At on?- of tbe large hotels the matin if.-r Midi "V.'<
are ready to a. oommodata r. ?? ect ?We n? ?"ri" s an 1
they know It, and that Is \x-hy they do not rom?
here. Their cas.- It? like, that of the child und th.>
toy," he added; "It crb-J till it had It. and then
the toy war thrown away. When the colored mini
kno-.vs that he can come to a hotel as a gueet he
has gained his point, but he Will not trink?- us?- ?.f
bis prtvilece. Of courre, I do not mean tho-?- m? n
who are beintt put up to this by lawyers, who will
derive all the bc-nellt."
The manager of on?- of th?- upper Fifth ave.
hotels xva-? hear) to ?ay to a group of his clerk*
yesterday: "if they come, (rive tic m rooms by all
:. .i - Charge MB a day for parlor end bt Iroom
and demand pay in advanee That's all we will
have?parlor and bedroom at 111 a day, Fee'.'"
Th* < !?rk-= evidently "saw," b? ause later in the
day the chief clerk, when n?K?d what h-- swuM <lo
If negroes demanded r-.on.s. >ald; "The law says
nothing as to how much W* may chars* for r?. inu
or when w? ihall rolled ?????: t:u. I'osi blj after
tii?. vvould-t.e n?-?ro rui it i heard oui t. rm-.
Ibey max- conclud? to stop elsewhere."
A laughable i lent In connection xxith the
enforcement of th?- new law took place al oi '
Ih? uptown chophouses last night. A stylishly
.ir?-???-.) n"iro, accompanied by an equally well
dressed negreas, walked In art n-k.-.t r. be served
The person In charge told th?m politely but em?
phatlcilly that they could not be served, where?
upon the man proceeded to r< ad th?- law t.. the
head waiter, who stopped him *b >rt, however, hy
telllnjc him that thir?- was re object I ?n to him be
? tuse of his color: the objection was th?- woman,
"We don't serve women h>-re; never did and
never will" And tl.? couple walk-) away, not
knowing whither they ha-1, gained or bust the
Oeorff* i" Boldt, manager of th>- Waldorf, -i I
that no colored persons bad ask?-d for rooms at hi*
hotel, nor had any asked to be served In th<- r.-s
taurar.t. Durina th?- afternoon ? party of three
caim to the f;.f" and or Pre I drinks, xvhleh were
promptly served.
"Th" deportment of the?e men." said Mr. Boldt,
"was not eurii as one would expect of patrons of .i
first-class hotel. They sat with their hats on ant
their feet cor-k'-d up. and their whole demeanor
challenged censure, but we ?aid nothing Th. v
were served, SI ! th>-v paid for what they bai"
Mr. Boldt did not seem to hanker for a repetition
Of th?- Visit
A head waiter at an uptown hotel sail "No,
have not yet had jte pleasure We Will serv? ?/. :.i
when rey ?orne, zey will not like Very mii'-b ?? ! il
aey geet. Eel la r." eesy to m-.k? 7." meestak about
slrifrs to eat E?-t vlll be olrlj-ht-we have t?- doctor
In ze house." _
Th?- n?-v Dr. Rufn? L. Parry, a srell-known
e ilored clergyman, Sled on Tuesday st hi* borne,
No. LSI! Bt. Mark's-ave , Brooklyn. He was horn
a slave, but e?cnp?-d, ?tii after returnlnir from Can
nda entered a iinlvcrsltv. from Which he xvas grad*
uated xxith b nor In 1881, H? ha i chart* ot m v
eral prominent colored churches, and xxar active in
missionary work.
? ??
Qeorg* C. ichwacofer, an old Brooklynlte, died
suddenly on Tuesday at bis hum?-. Ho. BH Down*
ir.K-*t.. fr. m lirlcht's dtseaae F -r thlrty-flva years
he hal bad charge of the receiving department "t*
the Adams Express Company in Broadway. II" was
i .i.i in thl* city sixty-nine >-nr-? sgo, and lived in
Brooklyn fifty-three yeara
r.i-.v.TAMIN If POBT.
i: njamln H P -t, on* of the lesdlng engineers
of the country, died yesterdi t m irnini at hi* h??me
on the bank if the Passait River opposite Pas?ale,
N. J., fr'im a canoe* in the stomach He was b 'in
In Passais Bfty-elght yi-ars ago, and became in es
pert mechanic In New-York, where be worked in
th? Attain ."on Works. Th?- Allait*? works built
most ?if the ti!ii,-ty in gmboats for th* ?ioV.rii
ment during th? war, and Post was the superintend?
ent of the work. Aft? r th" xxar he was engineer
of the Eon- Star, a famous Stdewheel steamer ply?
Ing between Hew-Torh an l MverpooL Then be
went Into the employ or ?'ramp A Sons In UBI
Jay Qould applied to th- Cramps for an engineer
for th
Chester. Pt-nr . June 18-raptaln Matthew Erown
I of th.- steaasBhtp Ravens.lale. was probably fatally
j ?tabbed to-nlKht with a sheath knife bv Edward
R?>dners, a yountr sailor. The ?tte.?m..r Is .lls.-h..rK
In* a ?arico of logwood from Port au Prises for
Bharpl.s- A Co.. and a dispute arose hetwe.-n the
captain and ?orne of the sailors. The Injur.-l man
was stabbed In the h?a.l and back, and is ,n s sst!
llnlnelloii In Parea.
Cheap?? and Lcet route.
[i.v TsasnaaPH to ths minvsa]
Poughkeepale, N. v.. June ?, There is a growing
confide,?c In the Columbia crew. Despite the ?real
handicap under which they labor, they are mora
than likely t.. give s good account "f Ihemaelvea
ir , the meal muscular crew thai th? college baa
over put into .? boat. The average ?/eight la live
poundi over Cornell and sis or seven over the I i.l
wrslty ot Pennsylvania. More than that, they
ar- men of fine bulk! sod auperli reach, and In the
practice pull this evening they showed their ability
to ,.u.i s ; ? ??">?" ?< "'?- ***? "f ,lllr,-v'
six a minute, and will probsbly be aide to Increase
it if it should become necessary. Unfortunately,
Carter No f. Injured bis knee ibis evening by
jumping from s launch to th? Boat How aerious
the Injury may prove cannot be said, or whether It
trill be found necesitar) to take him out of the boat.
The substitutes who ?ir.- h.dd in reeerve are a. W.
Putnam, L. Fitzc-r.il and C. B. Height, all light?
weight men compared with Carter, who is the
of the Columbia crew.
Th" locsl committee has labored lealously mil
with good promise to b/lng about the great desid?
eratum "f ?? clear com ? 1 ? esptaln "f -very
excuralon boat which ha? slgnlni i an Intention t?
i?, present has agreed n anchor an hour ?.r two
before the race inst? .1 of f ?:lowing the hosts, to
avoid the danger "f :? th? water, xhe
Tremper, ? ?iich plies between Albany and N> w
tnir*. will bave ? party of sightseers on board and
will also com? early inchoi President Coyken
?lail. .f the Cornell Towlna Company, end l'r?-?i
d??nt Ronan, of the Ro? i n Towlna Company, bsv?
promise?! thai non- of their t..?s shall ? >me below
Rondout on the n..n : and above Kewburg "ri th?*
south betwe? n midnight of Thurad ly and midnight "f
Friday. The course w.ll be patrolled by I aro local
police bosta and Iwo revenue cultera, the latter
having been i i
Kllbreth. of I
ton l, is taken m u
II" at lirst ,\i r i
race from s ta?, but ? i i a
;..- a :.; .. i? > car N I train.
Ever Bin? e the II
In thli ? .
th? Hi- n ???? .
were on tl and
- ?.
WIT,- !.. .
time was 2 mlnui . i
lin-lit in Ihelr rowing (bal Intereste?! oarsmen havs
lowered the betting on th>- Ithaean? from '? t?> i
?,,;?', -? >.. Quaker end the Cornell crew are now
? ?ring the tart, and it: ? rowing will be done
on Thursday
Th< race will i illed on Krlila) afternoon al '?
o'clock, and if ll ?? watei la rough 01 tin r>- Is a heavy
storm it -.'.'Il ti postponed until a o'clock, ..r. if nee
esaary, t?. 7 o'clock. If anothei poatponenient la
nereaaary, th< race ?ill not i?- rowed mitil ,;.?tur
day evening Th? referee'a boat, ihe Qretrhen, nr
rlved to-day, ai ! will be in readiness on Ihe ?lav
of the race. Judging from ih- Immense ?.'.? of
il.krts f..r \. ?el ol even description and the ob
? i .Uoii train, there will l??- s tremendous crowd
' people her? on the day of ihe race, About all
the ?tor.-- and factories In the city will close In the
afterno n ? enable Ihe employ?s t.. ????? the struggle.
London. .Inne 19 -A ilispntch fn.m nxforl save
that 'le?]?!!.. Harvard's difficulty With Vale. l|n?
Oxford and Cambridge Athletic Committees expo t
a cable dispatch shortly embodying Ihe fsle Har?
vard derision on th? oa/ord i'attiiiri.isr - ?iiiii? n ???
for ..'i athletic runt? si.
Kingston, urn.. June M -The Chtesgo Gentlenvra
erleketen i. m iii, Cadets of th. Roys] Military
Coll?ge badly to-day. Th?- acore wbb 32 to MB, and
one iniiiiiK.'' to apare The visitors were subee
quent.) dm, i by the roiie./. ? Inb
New-i.'.tid'.n, Conn., June M Both Fsle and n?r
var?l wer? W) the rlvr Mil' saornlng, fale ?:"' i"
work Hi.oii aftei I ..' i i? and paitad ovsr the full
comes, foui m ?ring i Bne stroke. Th.- Bar
?ari er''- e!ao went ovei ?? foil eoursa their a ni,
th!? awrnlag being ? ra i Imp) ivemeal aver that
laat night. From pointa o' .Miiiaste on ?h?r? ef
wer? made u get the time of Ihe craws, and
* "SEC" *
Champagne Nature (Vin Brut).
Owing to its rare Excellence
commands a highep price in
England than any other
t was announced thai Harvard cover.-.l the course
itout ten seconds better than Va."
Philadelphia, June 18.?Play xvai resumed In th-'
cat.- tennis tournament nt Haverford to-day ana
be semi-final round In singles was completed.
*here was play also In the doubles "i a ?rood kind,
Hen's ilnst?-* (preliminar) r and} it. N". Wlllann i- .?
t I'. l'.:??-n, S '.'. il ::. A. strait ai !.. il ,x Vt I
? ri. il ?. 8 '-'. C. Tell | , I .' I. R Muni-, 8 :i. 0 2.
. it. Carpenter t?eai H It. iin..tt. by ?Wnuit; F. M.
?ilo I -:,t H XI ! ! .'. I s ?1 i; 1; s XV. M M .\
lea?! i- it R Htllle, r, .i. B ?'!. K. A. Stroud beal H. 1.. f.
Irtmtha, 8 ?. i ?i. c, ?i
l'a;' i und Will n heal xvtirne, ?v ?_>. 7 :,. Teta beal
itrattoa, fi ?? iv i. Mnorhead beat Btratton, 8 0, 8 -'.
srpeniei beat PMe, H a, d 8,
1 rotin! Will? oi I <? it i' ????., 8 :'. 8 8; M or?
? ni seal l'arpenter, .'> T. 8 8, 8 8.
M"n's drmbles ?tu.? round) A. Vx'. Crawfc-rd and a. M
Villlns Lit i.. Sieele and l S. Morris, ??? i. ?; .'. n. n
lan m and ... W, II, Moorhead beal E. S, Struud und
j: Strati n fi t. 0 i. V. Wrlahl sn?l it N Wlllson, Jr..
I ? u xi f,. .,)i?^ an i ,, ,1 : i ;, ,; o j ,; ,. o
I r und Hart?? in.I M< rh.ml lienl Crawford at i
Cnlllna 8 -'. S-fl; ni U Deacon ?nd
i'.it;, at.-r. ? It. n 2 ? .
I I.I.I \? ?IS I. A W RACKS.
Oalesburg, [II., June II x pi? laant day, ? track
In spl || .n l a big crowd sreet? l Ihe
wheelmen <>n the firsl day "f the twelfth snntial
tournament of the Illinois division of th? I
of American Wheelmen, Summaries:
"n- mil* li? vi.-. Claaa ,x. \ .x M Lane, Aui ra. flr.?.
Tlim I ?
Qnanei rolle |open, fiase A) x Wins, Bt 1. ?m. Bret.
??n. ti, Is . -pan, ?? .? : K. t). ' '?''??'-?' '?
n t. Chic is '.
II it.l
Half mil? pea, Al v F. W Ii -. Si I. ula I
?c- ralle ih?n<1|. up, P\?m II) T W '" , i
? -. -? i. i ?
?,?.?'. ? i. 3 11%
,t i. ; . i| w :i the ?? I i in- l.i Tin?? ' ?
. o-." ' ' '
',?. it la ", Knosvl - .IT" ? ni- . i! Ii Tim* ?
? ?^
-?t. ?
B \N".;i:it I" ?ES \ MILE IN' I
tValtham, Mssi . June II In ; ? tie? Ihe I
? ? , ? VVslter Hai ger rode an
the record being 10?, hel t
i.x hin ?? '
M v ' It E At ? IS ? "If Bl? HY Ht " M AS H
?i '?.'. ? ?; i mi: m xRKI T x ? ii ?
\. ? it? I if id, although nol i lies product '?'
Sea x not been msnufsctui
to-ill) years that the ?-"ullei Aerat? ? id Com
v . (ht. ma) I--- said
nnovatlon into the
? . I eking of th?
ttatrh of loaves I
- ? . .- ... -v ? ? , ?
.i ihe
? ?ntlal brl i? bu i Mi V
? " m .kit ? of th? .? ? i?- i br o I. ..?
? ?
? ' ?
A i ompli ?? . t of new i
laid down, st s les s
- u i tub
IX h, !: .
the ni
' ! , ,
'.v.'ii -ii" Hour sn ! ? . ?
bas i revlously ? ?? ?
vator lo the top fiooi vii. n an im .
the miser. The quantity ol flour * I miser
converts Into dough ?I on* time I* two '?
thre.- pound* of sail an ' :.????:. talloi
?' being mlsed with it. the erhol? pro rss taklns
nol only without human eonta t. but with
..at th>- presence ..f air, for :' ? pressai ??' the
(as drives out ol Ihe mixer every partiel?
,. -1. .i ir r .o ; i r t ?-? u mlnut?
pi , ? - ontlnue? ind I he perf?
the baking, i? tb.-t: drawn off from the mlsei still
unii.ii.ini iv hand, In i.i.'ii pans srhl ?i iha|
loaf and lay il on ihe ?.?\..I\ ir.-^ f th"
I'romble nvrn near by, which i? Iteelf i- ..
Invention, and maintain* a temperature of
With Un- in.i ? i-ix lu u-. too
iiirr.'iK o( flour can '?? baked rver> day, which
means an output ?.. V\non loa?i ?
Among ihe many advantages of bread bak? I by
the aerate?! process ?be greatest undoubted!) ?
that never In any .tac. nt Iti mnnufa I ire is it
touched by the hand, exposed t,. the futn.f the
workhouse oi to the emanations from the l?r? ch
an i the fkiti ol the workman t'onsequeiitly the
peril* of ih?- heated term or Infection from roul
hake-cellars, unclean hands, fermenting, terms, "r
dampness are all avoided, lias les belni
.. w.. t and i "re. t?o- bread po ? -?
tul properties, nol tii?- bast ?.f whi.h la that it i-i
. ip ii.i. of esa) ?lia? sllon Manx vx.ii
tor-? have spoken In term? or s rea I n ? latlon
of serated bread, while Dr Iteniamin VVar?l iti.-h
srdson, ??f l.oiidoti, in in? hook upon ' Heal hi
Manufacture "f llread." writes "In th? serai :
V'-.'id process 'he utmost ?!? inllnes* alt. ? ?
.?-.<?;, of the proceedlna."
; ./.????,??/? To i 1 a FR TttRTB Y I rjfl
Cleveland, June is. i> C -,;.-i \v. .t
White'-) magnlncenl *team yschl ttaj When, value i
at 1108,000, sun.'k a h. 1 l.-a ..le ruction and tore s
lars? hole In Its bottom yesterda) \" ?,.-. i was
made lor the shore, which was not a . .-? ?i Itatance
away, the yacht's boats belna lower? I In the mean
time Before th? I. cou.d b? reached by the
va. lit. th" guests, who numbei I . . ..,i ,,f ?i,,.
best known snd mo i wealth) v\ imen in the
W? re pieced In the boat? an I taken to ? ir? Th*
crew* were taken "if in i boal from th" sailing
x.iii: Prtecllla, which happened lo be neai i" li?.
sides Mrs White snd he? four children, there w.-te
on the boil Mr- .1 It I'.-tKin- an I two children'
Mr. h it Hanns and two children: Mrs L. \
Murfi". and three children ind mi i snyder, i
t.a m Mr- Hanns Th* ?lam i ??? ? lughl
about !'..' -'
Bussard'* Bay, Mass., .1 ?.???.?? 18 Presiden! Clr-vi
land snd Dr Brvanl tried ibelr skill si i itton
Ashing to-day, The} were oui unid t; p m t ...
Presiden! la In splenul I health.
-? .
Norwalk, Conn., June H Norwalk ?'hapter,
Daughter* of t lu? American Revolution, c?l?brai i
ib.- ji.'.'ii anniversary of the founding of Norwalk
thin afternoon i", unveiling, with appropriate oere.
monies, i granit? monument to the mem or 3 of ti..
town's founding, on Baal Korwalk Oreen the alte
ef the earliest Norwalk meeting-house.
Connoisseurs In the Silversmith
Art will be interested in our latest
productions of Italian and French
Renaissance silver work.
R. Wallace & Sons
226 FIFTH AVE.. N.Y.
Between 26th and 27th Sta.
_ t'ontinuril from t'tmt I'nic.
ha case at the time and placed It in a drawer.
rii- old man .lid not return again, and be for?
ro t the circumstances until yesterday, when he
ame across the memorandum while looking for
ome otln-r papers.
Acting Detective Brady testified to the fact
Villlam Henry surrendered himself at the ?ta?
il, n on Saturday moraine. He searched him
i lid found .1 bras-: door k>-v and a trunk key in
III p ,'k? t.
Brady aald thai ha questioned William HsBtry
is to where ha (Henry) bad been on Wednee
lav. ThUISdaj and Friday nights, and he had
inawered that be slept in Proapect Park ..n
hose nights Brady asked him If he had seen
its father "n any of those nights, and he had
eplied that he had not seen hlm since Saturday.
in answer I i a question pul by Mr. Backus, the
rltnea? said he t"..k his prisoner trr.,uR;h Pros
??? t Park, and h?- pointed oui the places where
i- slept. Tin? witness said that he Inquired of
he ;? irk polli cmen, and one of them sai?i he recol
ected seeing William In the Park ?.ne night.
Captain Kltxer textlfie : to having triad the door
cey found on the priaoner. It fitted tn?- door of
s i. '.'.'. s i it'i P >rtland-ave. exactly.
Mr. Ridgwsy at this point produced the leit.?r .
vliich Patrolman Welah r. .t from Walter, and
? m i h aloud.
Captain Kltxer then detailed how and where the
ix- whs found. In anawer to g queatton put to
ilm by Mr. Backus, Captain Kltxer sud the trunk
'?mtalnlng tiie money and papers was lucked !
vh? n f..und.
G< i "?? T. Riley, wh iae place of business is at
k>uth p rtland-ave. and Pulton-at., teatlfied that
te had known old Mr. Henry for ten years or
m:.', ii,. knew th- son William also. The old
nan wax regular in his habita, and ewery morn
m,- he >aw him open th ? d ?r an l sit on the re
ands. On Prlday morning Riley observed that
lenry did not open the do ?r as usual, and h" had
emsrked t.. bis assistant that th- old man muai
)ave Icfl the hou* . He knew that Mrs. Henry
tad left it ?ai Saturday, for h?- had seen her ko
loWn th" sir??-! with a neighbor. On Thursday.
he witness said, h>- saw William run i.p the
itoop of his father's house and ring th- bell. He |
tad occaeton lo ko into the bakeshop at thai mo
n. nt. in i when he returned William had dlasp- '
? ii.-l.
Charlea Schwerthelm, a barber, whose shop
s only two doors from th Henry houae, teatl- I
id th h ii- bad lived in th- nelgbborho ?d
wenty years, and knew tho Henrys well. On
riiursdav morning, about ~ o'clock, he saw
?Villlam hurrying away from his fathers house
mil remarked lo a customer that there was
'.: .il-r man in a hurry."
in anawoi \-< a question, t'.i" witness said
n- diil n ?t see whethi :? William carried a I.un
Detectlve-Hergeant Del ihnnty testified to ex?
amining the house where the tragedy oc< urred
after the bodj was found. He was asked by
Mr. Backus If some on.uld nol have entered
tin- house from the back way. and he replied
thai It was imp..slid.. ns the door was bolted
..ii the Inside, and the windows were fastened.
The backyard was overgrown with weeda, and
If any one had walk-.I through It. h- would
have trampled the weeda down and l?-ft some
When aeked by Mr. Backus whether he had
found ans bl.Istalned clothing In the house,
he replied in Ihe negative. He took a clean
shirt ft "'?. William's trunk so that he could
nge h f..r thi one he bad on.
Mr lia kus remarked that he would like to
s? Hi,, ihlrt iik? a from William, and Delah
I that it waa :n the bar. Is of a chemlat
i tb- testimony for the pe pie. The
prlsom r wa ? aake i if he dealred to make a atste
.is if intending to aay aome
? :li.'iK'. When Mr. Ha kus put his hards ?>n his
1er and said: "St p- Ha dies nol want to
make menl
-II.. hi riled to." r? piled Cor m< r
K.'iie. The jurymen then retired aid were abat :it
When they returned the thronged passage
., ,.,.. , ; to ? ired, ' ? allow them to pass
bark t. their seat? When the verdict was an
?. .?.< an upr ar.
,: m i. :i .if:-;- the Inquest it wa? learned
r ha l i.n in Mr. Bock us* s til ??? dor
. thai was the rea.? m he could
II d.
There was a rum .r late last nlxht that Walter
had ?? gag i ex-Judge Troy .is counsel, but for
wh it ;:??;' se ?ras nol given.
Mr r.ii ? ? venlng that he f.-lt certain
were holding Lack s in- evidence
had. "M told ni"." s.il.l
Mi i: i kus toa Tribune reporter, "that he would
,ldei ;.?? h : 1 ut at the in?i ;? ?I
to think hi ' ?? s i. If (he
: ? ill the prosee it. :i haa
., -? la rather weak.
?,!?!??:, .??'. iv TH!: ." -:: F.A OF PPECIAL ?RS
\ ting nl ? ilnted
- ? '
lh< :. une ..: Just I ? ;?'? M P ? ^ e?l
... ? ?? ? iii,?<..
i Wentworth, John O.
ries A ! ; immi r, Charle? l : B
linrv a llrann, Herman ' Kudll h, I.r,.\ It.
m l U b? rt C. Cowell '?' . . lasted
until aim .st midnight, -i - I ?? .?'.. when a^i?. l
wii.it n . i been done, said that it was an Informal
un M Kuller, a newapaper man, was ?,??.,
'...;'. ii? I . Thi "lor.- r. M -.
i ...nal . .. '' th. ?' -.ut of :;i" ..; S salons,
i,-, id . ? - ?-! tii.it court The Hilary is
? V ? l!
William M Kuller .< .-i - "ti of th- late W. J. a.
i . ?:, ,.i :i?. noted law firm >f Fuller A Abbett
received I-.:.-, legal training In his father's of
i'.i tie last ..?,!it year? Mr Pull r has been
? itli -'riii New-York Herald," and his
appointment i i gr it satisfaction to newapaper
ii,?n e?p i \ II?' his flrst-clas? ?jualitlcaiums for
ike ple.ee.
- ?>
Washlnsten, .'.,??? -' Th? an ? r ?it?:?? pressure ?in. h
? ?: in? ?.?.!.?:,? . i.i?- I'nlted Btatea haa weakened
alona l*'" VU nil?- s? ?I. .iid ?nd liit.'i-sit!? 1 o\,,r (he ui>?,'?
lake* Th?r? ar? Indi ail ni f 1 f re? f a ??...,
atona the atlddl? ?1 ? t aa al! an 1 of los?
ei laalnibi la, wiiii?
Ihe preaaure remain* liinl ver the North i
Ti,,? temperatura 1 ?s fallen .'? lo i" ?? .1 .>v??r the Ohio
Val?? ? ' '?-??11 5 t , i., ?i. 1.?
* I I ..,,:-. i ? ?where o. !???
.. , : un? .n rhundei ??? m
, 1 .0 Hhreveport, ...-,. Huron. St.
?? ?
\ m, ? m. v. ilhtfnn ..u '? >? .fi . .
> 111. ?ni, \,ini.i,'ii ..11: .-??sin ? ..i-.. '.? ? ? . :'.. o
?nrrr.l 1 - ??? i '."-? 1 1 alleys Ph,
in...1..iii ?- ?. t 1 increasing ?'. .1 ' . , a -ii Hgtii ?how.
? ver the M lili? Allantli
a.K.AM ?...I 1 ,u ..?? I ,L,> -.?.?,..
Btatea ?n?i l ?wer la?
Mil.,., Inoreeslll? ??! .'dm.--?. ? Ulherl) und?.
N??a ll.iiiii.sin!.. .1.1,1 Vermont, Inrreaatna elou?llneaa,
\. ?i. |. ? -ii -.? ?h .??? ? - m :!,?? .,- lerly wli
Kor Maaaai'liliaetl?, Increasing oloudlneea, with :?: ???.??
in err ?lern portl ?., ? ,'1 wi lern p n ni ?outherly
Wltfela, l ...iniii?, ?? ??
r .. ii:i.i.- 1? 1 .nd. i... ? ??.-.. ?.?.?!?
1 ileut, i;.', o ?-?. with showers m
a. iiiii.', h loin a. south? isierl) ? in.!..
1 .1 r.-i.'M N..? Vi'?? ? ullneae, and
|l I II? n.ll'.l. 111 |. .. Il II I, 11;, rly ? nuls.
Por Rastern Penneylvanla, Inereaalni ?', ?1 iin.-s?, ?ni
?tviwera; 1 1 '.-r m weatern ?- 1, 11. ?outherly, shifting to
l'.-l ?e? Jer?< v . il, " ,1 ? ? Inil?.
i'..i- i" .m.- .1 . ? ? l'uni 1... Maryland ?n?l Delaware, in
rreaalna ? 1 ????! > 1?-a?, and ?hu wer?; ?llathll) ruoter; s.iiu,.
Il nil . 1 . min, 11 .illi.rly.
l-'oi Vlrsitila, Increasilns l'Ioudlneaa, with showers in
n ; ,,., m o ; ? In wi ?tei 11 |. ? m n, .
?hlfilna 1 ' H' 1 ti..'i ly, ? Ind?.
!?'. i- vv.-i Virginia, ?hiiwer?; .? iler; nnrlherly wind?.
i' 1 \\ -',iii Ivnnsvlvanta, aliower?; ??? 1er m exiuthern
p ,111. n. ?i rtnerli a Inda
? 1,111 Nee \ .ii? ?hower?; nnrtheri) um?ti.
I'.?i Ol? f.ii. ,\..|.i su wen in est rem? raal portl n
n,.rll,.'.| ?Alud
TP.int'NK tOl"At. OHSKIU'ATtnN?*
HO?BSi .Moiiuug. ?iixlit
tasa la t a a 10 ta 1 a a a a a laaMii
1 noli.
i - ?- - -J :ii)..-i
?.:?1 ;: '-' PB ??-??.~:
'???.'- .!:?,!.,. v.: ;??!..?.>.-...? me ,,?,.
TTtbuae urn.-,?, .i,,,,.- a?. 1 H. m T,,?-.
:":r:r v.???i-"" ??n '-'?K va .Mr..,? uaZ
?p.w3tSw^ .;?;:? ,.::1,?:u-Iv " "- ??-^?*. .?.,
MitiaUtute? fur lli?r?r,i, ,1'k
A?M l'hosphuu tur Dunnratja
gassasM iii^?. ...... , ???? ? ?*??i?i.
Peodwc? i?? ,??"..' ,V'*,r'"";?""? ? ? ?"? "f which win
l>?vln? "H?r.(ort,-. ,,.,i" "i? f'""1?? Insi.i spaa
nu: pollowinc ire \ yew op tub
ING TH?': FlKKl'itoor ut ?Mill's ?if ntu
Uodharst, I.. I . .lun.- in. is;?o.
?v.'. . pea*d our H n -.???? nfter
the Sri win. m d?*troy*d i'.tit J*as 2$.
Bate ?*ai .a nn::- I-. hour?. IV? : : the ? ..n
t.-n?.-? i ti r ?-.
Vti.i'XN Ml'.-, ?-o.,
xx. c. Abb :. Set "y.
I irk, .Ian? T ISM,
"V.'. bsv. I i-' ? i ? ti--.i and remov? I mi- ? nt-nt?
i.f tii.- large ii rrlns Ssf? ?rh i i urn ?uh
uur bulUllnjc ? n :'. . S ife has
been an >r tl". rulni until Ihls .i.c '?' : r.i
. nt-nt? of ; if., in and sr? ?ntlrety
.1. II .M'.I'I.M XN CX).
-? x : ?? -. v May -.1. 1Vj5.
"nur large Herrn i i of
tli<- fir?. content* ram? oui ? "rd*r.
Safe had .. splendid teal and ..:./.'?
j M :. 'I x t.i y. .SOX.
; ?it... ? : SI .x" .o- Canil li ?'o.
"ThiK Baf? **si r- .1 i ?? ta-- !.. .o. I th?
i ka wen -1 ?? I "
.x. M MACOX. Supt.*
si. Alhena, Vt . M,-.- '.:?, ISSg,
"My ?fe wert i . ? oa
Usy 19th. ?' .' ? ?' I in "'?an' "I'der.*"'
PRANK O. II l. It It 1 M.. '.l:oiil|,-i r.
"?he Only A'jthoriz.'d Maniifacturers of
HkKR.KG'8 GtraPiOfi SAFESf
Dawk suif? nml \ifil?n.
Inlsgsaan*. MS it ???>:? ?i ?vu?., >en?iurk?
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
hag been used fir ovtr FIFTY W.ARS by MIL
by dnmiatS iti ox-"iy part of thf world.
Twentv-five Cents a (tattle.
SlINT mnilflBl?l"*"^
Fr-rythtnc D?lr-iN- In Sllverwar? at R*a?ori?bl? Prl?-*k
37 I'nlon Square, X. Y.,
13 MAlt-KN I..X.NE. N. T.
m .th, tan, llv -r >;? its, Ri
-.nr.- t ?
ti.at-.i i>> '?
.--' v: ? - ' il\ II
Od-st.. N V.
a genuine Tammany light seemed immlnanl for
some minutes last night at the Wigwam Imadguar
tt-rs of the new xiih Assembly District, formerly
the XVt.i. at Thlrty-thlrl-st. un? Elghth-atre. The
apartments vx.o. lupled by fn<>n '.* of ?.-x-r.x'isa
Commissioner William Dalton, tba l'.striot lea.1er,
. sgalnst th.- contlauattoa of wh ?s* ruts intonso op
, position has been aroused l?.iiton's frl.'nls had
I i-otno together In respooss t. not: tea s.-nt oat by
his or.lor and were busil) signing papers favoring
j his retention, wlwa sx-Aasiataai Corporation-Ceiia*
sol John J. Delaney and about Hfl) members of
t ht- Tammany Oaneral Committee, oppose?! to Dal*
: ton, appeared and force?! thelt xx i> into the build*
lr.? Delaney said that notices Iml i.<-?'ti sont only
. to Dalton's followers.
Dalton and bin henchmen dec?an ; that they had
: thirty-four out ?>'. the thlrty-flve election district
; captains in the n.-xv dlstrt. i xxith tbem. but Delaney
' challenged tbem to u show of banda n<> moved
thai a chairman and s? r. tary b-- appoint? I si l
I that ill- meeting proceed n a proper and orderly
I way. Dalton refused to permit th... Delanej da?
nounced Dalton in bitter terms A bi?; policeman in
plain clothes l"i .?i. attack upon Delaney, and (or S
le S r ot S? "iti" ! hum :
Delaney told the policeman whose nams xvas
said to be Perkins, that the "cops" had been nilo-i
out of polltl - In N? xv Vork, and hi woul l better
l- ix?- if hi v iluetl us pla ?? on the force. The
burly policeman replied that he xxa-, a Democrat
i and had a right thore, and added tbat h?- dart t ?ho
' Police Commissioners t.. interfere xx'.th him
Peace xxa* rinall) restored, and the Dalton m-'n
wenl Into executlvo session Th.- members >?f th?1
! Tammany ?? mmtti.pp ?ed to Dalton will hold
I their iinri neetlng at Apollo Hall, in Ntnth-.iw.,
Th xr i.t Mi> in a n-.m's
stomach which makes him
irritali'.i.' and miserable and
unfit for busincsc orpleaamti
is caused bv indigestion. In
digestion, like charity, oners
a multitude <>t sins. The
trouble may he in rtomoch.
liver, ?bowels. Whenever it
is, it is caused by the prrtfiin
of puis, .uoiis, refusa mattet
xxhich Nature has been unable
to till herself ?>f. unaided.
In such cases, arise
send ?loxxti a little
officer, personified by one ol
l>r. Fit-roe's Pleasant Pellets,
t.i search out the seal oftronbk
and remove the eauee. one
little " lvilet " xx til remove
a very big lamp anil act ?is a
gentle wsatii Two " lvi
let-v'' are a mild cathartic.
A short "courue " of ?? ivi.
lets" xxill eme IndjgCStuT
jifrntuxrntly. It will curt
constipation. After that. you
en amp taking them. A
go?*, many pills act m violently ?is t.. derange
the system, nml in its ilisiinlere.r State, digestion
will not go <?n without a continu-d use of the
pills. That's the worst feature of most pills. Dr.
.Vive's Pleasant Pelleta never make slaves Ol
their users.
Dt.itor Tierce's l'U-asaut Pelleta?it's an easy
tiaine to itmsaber. Dont let a designing dnv?
gist talk y.?u int.? "aomethtas just as good " He
makes more munev <?n the "just as good'1 kind,
nuit s why he would rather sell them That*
why you had better not take llit-tii
Whenever they are tried, thex ;,re alw.-ivs in
tavor, so a free sample package (A to 7 .foees]
is sent to any ?>iie who asks. World's Dispen?
??ttOUr, AiW?Clali?U. K* <*? Mshi street,

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