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A*" BO i: PARE .1 s IS Black America.
BROADWAY THEATRE - A Daughter of the Revo?
EDEN MUSEE- Oessesel
jAKU'i'K THEATRE 1:30?'
MANHATTAN Bl V M Day and evening IW, etc,
PRO'-rnKS THEATRE 11 s. m. lo 11 t>- m.-Vau lsvllle.
TKHI'.Ai K GARDEN H Merry Heirs.
Jribct to ^biirrtiscmrnts.
Amus-ment? .S ?'II tell .13
A . - '? i: get ite. s i, ,\. v i/ ||, itli.n? - s H
Board and 1 )i R ( ..?.-.? .|J r,
BuDnrsa ? ,hsm m ... n . M ? , 7 8
Bualaeu Notice? ? .14 ."? ???
Country Huard ... ...12 ?' i. : 1 . s
Dividend \j" ? ...14 ,"? i.. .i )>-..'? . 8 "
D',m. Sit?. Wanted., fl T-* lUlli id" .IS ??'?
king . :? :, Si l. I Km nclei . ?? i
I .11 ? .-?; S . I '?
?I .ll 4-:? S-oiini .als.13
1 . n I .- inn !-' 1 .'.
Puml?hed I:,, ma .. 9 ."? ) Hummel i Huldea.12
Instruit! n . R M'Ti . s 4
H?l|. Wanted . !? r, Work Want?.9 ?? ?'?
? tes g I
Bflnincta Noitren.
Roll Top Desks and Office Furniture.
??seel vvi'ii of 8i ? : Pi tea.
T. u sr.i.t.Kvv
No. m full n st . N Y
Si- gl?
Dally, : ??.??? k . ..iiooft ?ft??) %'. ??,???. .
) . . ? , . i io o ..,, ..,, :: , ..
aiin.l n . 2 i?l I OU 50 ... ft et?
We? 1 .??. ... ?ci?
.- ,., -.'". ? ... ...
Tribun. M ni 2(?1 .
. ? ,
et.'? t. 1
CITY |-, iSTAOR The law ret]
?lamp he oft
? r Semi Weekly
N, ?? Vor* .'??-. . ? i b
.?i \. i I y ?
Tri! une I
?AORKION )'...-- \- ?
ida and M?> ?
' ' ? and
Week); muat be |
REM1TTAN? *KS Ken i I?) r Mal O 1er, !? ?? s .-der,
?'? ? rk Drall !- I ? .
N' le, If ????nt In h r, ?vlll 1
- ?? m r'a ils)?. ?
une. 1.-.4 Kaaaau-1 \. ? v ? . Mali I ? ?
1 "12 i": id? . . . >:.,., ?Imply
"The Trll an?." S? ? Vork.
At the HARLEM OPFICE?. 1-'> 1" .-- On?
twenty-flfth-st.; 2-43 w ?t One-1
st.. snd SSO W ?t . ?i bun In i ?nd , up t?,
8 r m., et r*n*u] ?r ? B1 ? rat? ?
1 ? ? f?.r adi srtlern nt? only, 7.'?. ripet
THURSDAY, JUXE 20, 1895.
Foreign.?The festivities attendant np n I
opening of the Ualtic Canal began yesterday at
Hamburg; the Kiel celebration will tak.-? pl?tra to?
day. ???! Signar Crisp] was continually inter?
rupted yesterday during an address in the Italian
Chamber; several Deputiaa aasaulted one another
and the session was for a tim?? anapended. -?:?:
Misa Frances K. WillarJ made a pertinent ad?
dress before the third blennl.il council of the W,
C. T. U. in London. ? The sersmd day's r.i ??
on Ascot Heath found Cloran? anl Butterfly t.-, -
Domestic?The convention of the Republican
National League met in Cleveland; a lii-ht ov< t
the silver iswue was sprung at once. ? ? Corn
Imencement exercises were held at Le high,
Cornell, Brown, Tufts and other coUegi J.
Seven of the peraona indicted for frauds on the
State of New-Jeney were arraigned In Tren
Ion and plaadad not guilty. = The reunion
of the veterans of the. Army of the I' I
ended In New-London, Conn. i Secretary
Herbert appointed Commodore F. M. Bunce
commander of the North Atlantic Naval Squad
ron to succeed Admiral Meadf.
City and Suburban.?The Ward Line ateamer
Tumuri came into p ?rt from Mexico nrith a fierce
fire In the cargo 6t,?wei In her forward h ' I. r - . .
PoUea Inspector M-Laughlin was aentenced to
tVO years and a half in State Prison; afters >? i
?fudge Oajmor ?/ranted an intermediate- stay In the
case, -.i?- The election of officers of the new Re
publican State Club was held. ? - William
Caesar was convicted of murder In the li:--t de
gree in killing Mary Martin on Mar h 29.
Washington defeated New-York at baaeball by a
score of 4 to 2. ?-: The atock market was ir?
regular, with a etrong close.
The Weather.?Forecast for to-day: Incri
cloudiness, with showers; cooler. Temperatura
yesterday: Lowest, 66 degreea; hi??h?st, 81 de
grees. ___.??_??
Btiperiotendrat Aldriilgo, It eeema, ii not the
only State oActal entertaining the idea that ap
pointments egg be made without regard f?ir
Civil Service lnws ami provlalona, The Civil
Service Reform Association of thll dtj flodl
that the new Capitol Cotomlaaloneri have been
doing this same thing, and its secretary has in?
formell Controller Roberta, who will, of courae,
withhold the pay ?if all illegally aelected ap
polateen, a dear eaae lias apparently been
?nade ont igglngt the Capitol Ckimrnlaalon, as aO
of its employes were duly classified by the Civil
Service Commissioners soin.? time ago. What?
ever nay have been the? fact i?rfnr?*. it is obvious
that the Civil Servie-? section of the revised Con
stitution covers this aa well as > very other branch
of the State government
Inspector McLaughlin was aentenced yester
day by JtMtlce Bgrrett to a lenn of tw.? years
and a half In the fUng Sins Priaon. The Ben
teuce csrrleo with II the forfeiture of his plac?
?a the Police Department The complication
arising from the pn-mauirc action i f the Police
li.'ianl in dhuniaslng tfcLangbUn had been
itntlghtened out by hli relnatatemeni on Tw a
day i veiling. As tlie maximum penalty for Mc?
Laughlin's offence Is five years, lie may count
himself fortunate in receiving ao llgbl n aentence,
especially when he remembera thai ex-Captain
Stephen-oil was sent up for three yean and a
half for accepting i baaket of peachea aan bribe.
The ex-Inspector's conviction ami aentence re
Inforce the leaaon of Btephenaon'i ?1 ?wnfall, and
c.iiinot fail to Impreoa <>n all membera of the
police force the Importance of avoiding .von the
appearance of evil.
No one can question Hie Importance of keep
ing the attenta of the city clean, ettpeclally now
that inidsuiMiier is approaching. By common
consent, they an? at present In better condition
than ever before at this season, and It would
he a great mistake to allow them to become
filthy or to be only half cleaned. Whether Com?
missioner Waring has Infringed tli?- law In wing
up his appropriation to.? fast and creating a pro?
pectlve deficiency in the afreet-cleaning account
is a question for lawyers and the courts; the
thing that concerna the people of the city Is thai
tire Gtrr-cts must lie kept In g??oil condition at
whatever coat. It is cxperted ihat an issue ?if
bond? for the pnrpoaa will l?e atnlioiizisl by the
Board of Eatlmate to meet Tin- existing emer?
gency. After this year, however, there will be
a definite basis to gg upon in estimating ths
probable cost of maintaining an I Bill III Btreel
Cleaning liepartmeir
One new fact of Importance was laid before
tat Coroner'a Jury which inquired Into the Henry
murder case in Brooklyn yesterday, but It did not
n ike a powerful Impression on the jurors' minds.
I; was learned tint on the day after be turned
his hile i -i oui <>f the bouse the ?>lil inisi-r went
t" ;i police ?'..un seeking ;i warrant fur Ins son's
arrest on tbe ground thai be f?-ar<-ii i?"?liiy barm
at bis son's bands. The day being Sunday, no
warrant was Issued, and as Mr. Henry did not
return ihe matter wns forgotten until ? memo?
randum made by the court clerk was accidentally
reretl ye*ferday. The Jury, however, ren?
dered a verdict exonerating William Henry, and
the case remains :.?? mysterious as ever. The
a.'?iis??i man is still In custody and bis brother
is k ?.it under surveillance. It is itrongly im?
pon?.) thai the District-Attorney <li?l not ?present
the strongest evidence In liis |iossesston against
Ihe pr k ?n? r.
The n ?w Ropuhllcan state Club was success?
fully orea nixed last evening, and launched upon
wbal bids fair to be a prosperous and successful
career. M my well-known members of the party
were on band, and a splrll of harmony, goodwill
and li ?pi fulness animated tbem <'i??' and all. ISo |
political enterprise could have gtarted under
in.ir.- favorable auspices, It is t.? It?' ;i State
Club in reality as well as name, for each
Judicial district is lo have a vice-president, and
each of ihe sixty counties a representative ?-n
the Executive Committee. The Hon. James A.
Roberts, ?'f Buffalo, ihe State Controller, was
elected president; Ihe list ?if vice-presidents was
nol completed, luir this rity la to be represented
i.y Edward Mitchell and Brooklyn by Charles
A. Moore. Here is a Republican dub organized
mi a d? mocratlc basis and deserving "f the sup?
port and Rood wishea ?if all true-hearted Repub?
The leading article which appeared simultane?
ously in a considerable number of Republican
newspapers in t 11. - Interior of the State last week
on th.' Importance ?.f the Senatorial nominations
- year, Ix-cause of the fact thai the Senators
?i \x:ii hold over and bave a part In the
. lection of Senator Hill's successor, was nol Ill
timed, Its slmultaneousnesa occasioned mirth,
i>ut its matter ?IM nol provoke criticism, it was
ii . doubt prepared by the literary bureau which
was so actively employed lost winter furnishing
editorial matter t?> the same class of newspapers,
which was later compiled In pamphlet form for
the instruction of the Legislature. In so far as
it directed attention t.? the Importance of nom?
Inatlng stanch Republicans who have the ronfl
dence of their constituents, and will be sure, if
elected, lo vote f"t- a Republican t" succeed
David I'.. Hill in th? United Stat.-s ?Senate, it xvas
timely and appropriate. Bui if the puniese was,
i.y laying tin- gr? itesl stress upon tin- Influence
tla- Senators elected Ihli year will have upon the
choice ?'f a United States Senator two years
hence, lo divert attention from questions ?f more
Immediate Inleresl and pressing Importance, it
?. open to objection. There is nol the remotest
danger thai tbc Republicans of any Senatorial
district will put a candidate In Domination who
is nol absolutely certain t.? vote against Mr. U.U.
There may be danger of the defeat at the p Ils
??f candidates forced upon Ihe party whose only
claim upon Republican support will be based
opon th-' aagurance thai they x\-ni vote against
Hill, For Ii will be wholesome lo remember
that t'.i" cttlaena >.f Ihfc state will '"? thinking
at th? next Novemb, r election of something near
er at hand, and ?>f more Immediate ?personal con?
o.-rn to themselves, than of political contlngi
two years "ff.
Tii? tlrst thing thai will occur to th? minds of
!, i? si Republicans in nominating candidates f? >r
the Senate xxill not be whether th?? candidate can
be depended upon to vote against Karl?! B. Ulli
for United Btstea Senator in I88T thai xxiii go
without saying- but whether his record and bis
associations Justify the belief thai be is In ac
cord with his party on the Important local last?**
up"ii which It carried tbc State last yi ar. In the
case "f a candidate for renomlnatlon i( will In
asked whether in the luvt Legislature be wa* I i
cordial sympathy and hearty co rail n ? I
th? vast majority who ?l>?ir? 1 the fulfilment ? f
the party's pledges In faror of municipal i ? I
or \x is in league xx'lth those x\h.. openly npp -1
or secretly Intrigued against ref??rm mea*
And if the candidate be a new man, with no
official record, no less rigid scrutin* xxill lie ni ule
int.? li!? associations and affiliation? i" make sure
against a repetition of the expertem.f last
year, wto n, after an overwhelming victory for
Reform over Bosses aii?i Bosslsin In both par?
ties, the honest Republican masses awoke when
it was t...? late t?. tii? fac? that a Senate nominal?
ly Republican wai under the control ?f a Boss
who busied himself day and night contriving
schemes to defeal the ref ?rms t ? xx hich his party
waa publicly pledged.
if tti? effect "f this simultaneous publication
of the literary bureau editorial Is to awaken in?
t. .-.si in ;li? R< publican primaries an.l bring oui
the full attendance which alone is n. ??.????1 to de
f?\at unworthy candidates, it will 1?.- beneficial
ami wholesome. If, <>n ihe other band, the pur?
pose is to raise a ?lust <iv?r the Senatorial eiec
ti''ii two yean hence, under cover "f which to
renomlnate the discredited and disreputable tools
?.f ?i trading and treacherous I'.'.ss. xxe feel quite
sur? H will fail. The strength of the Republican
party in the next election lies chiefly In the fact
that it ?IM in gome measure redeem Its promises
of last year by legislation In behalf of municipal
reform. Its weakness lies in the ?possibility lhat
the men who were hostile to nil reform, snd who
contrived to defeal S''iin* ?if the measures ?I?
sired by a Republican Governor, a Republican
Mayor of New-York and the great majority of the
party, may by their control ?.f party machinery
succeed In nominating candidates who will nol
be supported by Republican roters. Hierein is
ih? great? ?t. almost the ?inly, danger to continued
Republican supremacy In tbe state The people
w?r.' .a dead earnest lasl year. They ?li.1 not
upsei t'roker to pul l'latt in his piar.-, nor ?li'I
they suppose thai tbey bad In place <.f a Senate
rul?-?l by si.han and Tammany one lhat t.mk
orders from a Boss whose alma and methods
wer? the sain? as thus,, they had supplanted. It
Is their highest duty as citizens and votera to
attend th? party primaries and lake care that fit
candidates are put In nomination. The <)aii??r
of David it Mill's re-election is t.. be averted
at the primaries and nominating conventions,
If these are neglected, it xxill be useless to at
tempt it al the polls. Had nominations may re?
sult in a Mill Senate, but they will not secure a
Platt Senate. <?f that we may reel assured.
Th?- memory of tbe last "ii? is too fresh.
To-day's gathering ?.f th? fleets at Kiel is of
significance, most ?.f all, t.> Germany, it cele?
brates ih? successful completion <>f an engineer?
ing work of Incalculable valu? to that Empire,
aiik? from a commercial and from a military
polnl of view, 'l'h? "Nord < ?si s??" Canal wlU
undoubtedly rank henceforward as <m? of the
great highways of the ?vorld's commerce. The
shipping passing through it yearly xxill amount
to many mllUonsof tons. All of thai will traverse
Herman territory and pay mil t.? German ?.til
???rs. Moreover, the commerce of the Baal <;?-r
maii porta xviii be greatly stinmlsted. L?beck
may again rival Iliiinhiir>r. an.l Dsntsig and
Streisand snd every ?.th.-r port, ?mt ?nil small,
from Rostock to M.-mi-l, will fed the impulse ?rf
new faculties. The entire liante Basis, sad pnr
li.ailarly the Herm?n shore <>f it, will hsve le-w
and vastly augmented Importance in the com
nerdal world. la time of war the canal will be
of extra?.nlinar.v service. It will, ?if t-ours.'. be
exclusively under German cuutrul sud oueu tu
gong bul German ahips of wir. it will enable
coast-defence fleets lo pars from the North Bea
t.? the Baltic within the merest fraction of the
time a hostile aquadron would consume in voy?
aging round The Bkaw. There is no exaggera?
tion In laying it will double the efficient of the
German flee! and the aecnrlty of (he German
All other nations are likewise Interested in iba
celebration, partly for ihe .- tine and partly for
oilier reasons Nearly one-third of Ihe traffic
through Ihe canal will be lo "?- from British
ports. Russian commerce will gain great nd
vantage from ihe new highway, and France will
aee In it new security for Germany against her
powerful Beets In case of war. Nor can any
maritime Powi r fall to be Impressed by the apee
tacle of the greateal gathering of modern navies
the world has s. en. Nol even Greal Brit
,-i a bas had such a naval review as (hie. She
could not, without recalling her warships from
all parts "f the world. Bui Ihe most striking
feature ? if the stupendous array will be ihis fact,
that scarcely one of all ibe hundred and sixteen
ships has ever been In serious action or tir.-.i a
sli.d at an enemy. Not one has ever b ? a
mat.-lied against s foe anything like its eqn il.
All these floating fortresses have been construct?
ed, at a cost <.f hundreds ?if millions, merely In
preparation for possible contingencies which
never yet have been realized. Indeed, ihey are
all, in great measure, untried experimenta No
one can tell what would be the result "f a con?
flict between tllelli. Would ill'' steel cased battle
ships win? Or tlie swift, heavily armed crulsi rs?
<?r vet the tiny, scarcely perceptible lorpodo
boatsi Engineers are no| agreed. The resull
of tin? CblnosJapanese War was not conclusive.
So here we are. with all this mighty <-..ll.-.-:i..n
of seagoing fighting machines, with utile notion
ami im assured knowledge of what they arc
worth or bow they would work.
To ''n- own countrj tie- occasion is by no
means void of especial significance. American
commerce may nol at present be much benefit?!
by th.- opening of the canal. Bui it Is Imp ?
slble t.? resist a feeling of exultation at the
knowledge that the American Navy i- worthily
represented m ihe greal gathering in Kiel Bay.
The ships ?>f aome other I'owi rs ate more numer?
ous, and Include aotne ?.f a class wo have not
sent thither. Uni of tie lr . I last -. the American
ships hav no -11 ] >? i i ?rs und? r any ling. They
sh.-w the Powers >.f Euro].f what this country
is capable. They are a promise, worth Its full
face value, tii.it America will henceforth hold
her own at -.-1 as w 11 as on land, and Ihnl led
e\.-n (be professional militarism of Kurope ? m
surpass Hiis peaceful, non military Powi ;? in abil?
ity, whet) n.-.1 m iy be, to defend Its rights and
t.? maintain the honor of Its flag. No American
wishes for war, or for any -o?i ??( the White
Kquadron et er t > In? fired a! a 1 em m. I'. I
every American mu ? have deep satisfaction in
knon :!iL- that, should such depl
be f.d.-. il il?. :i us, \\o nre ;:: ihe n iv of i
Ing it. There Is no Ihoiighl oImhii Kiel today
more worthy t ? be cherish? : -, thai four
of the finest \> ?-.-1- in all the gr< ? w. re
built in A met n .: : - i I |i
;, ikl ibc Al ? . m i: ig,
i WH m ?y in!: VER.il i: y
PerJury Is n crime At 1 r t : ?
? ?f M ?-> State . !" New ?ork, h
.?f all other eh Illa?! i mum ? -. - - ?i
The atai , ?
false swearing, and i- t .
Ity of peaceful
, n, m mu? i eh ir
acter ? f an oath Is n
man gh es b ?timon) In muri
davit wh. ?l tea not ki w I
lion which he i- until r lo I
offence which he
swearing falsi Iy. Vei
:.?!' ?
the ; ? /I'
I ' r that i
afl< r day. ^
no trials, no | I
vit. , .- , ns 1. agtn 'I ???
n and ]
swore lo stab in< .
w, ! ? untrue and \\ hieh ha
?- .. Mop- recently it I -
niinits r ?f "straw bon Is" h , ?. ? In ? ti .
t.. ?le- Excise H ird to s< ? lire liquor
'i bai Is, men hat ?? Im ome - i
keep? rs and ?Worn that ' ; 110 :
liered pio|" i'i.v In ijulreil by law uf
h .iid-iie n in such casi -, w '
nol worth thai am .lint, ind I ? - ;.- : :
knew they were not. Many of them acted, It
would seem, a-? prof? salon il h indom n In
|| ||f :,:: \\ . ",, s. V, hi, h \-> , .-, |h?' |, ll ?i\\ I!
?i- ..f saloons for which flgurebeads ? -!?? i
li.. iis.->. and in tii.it . i], lelty tin.. ?? mini I
perjury, not ? nee, bul do?
liabilities for tie ns indu un M ms nais ? f ?i
when they were worth Utile or ti ithlng.
A lar-.'" be ?i of Indlctmi'iitri would ?-..'a <.
In? th.- natural outcome .?!' such a discover) \'
bast it would if we did t t recall ihe Tammany
rul". which was long over Ibe city, and i?n- In
mind th.- licensed lnwle*sn< - culth iti I by it
to auch an extent tint it Is apparently con*ld
ered unjust to begin to punish crime without
giving special warning t.? criminals that here
afier the laws are "on," and thai ih'-y are ex|
ed to obey Ihi in or sulT.-r Ihe tt?n?i?qii
Perjury and other crime?) have hid such Im?
munity, amounting lo practical legaliaatloii
Hi.? prohibition against cat poal facto lav
thought to apply ami make it IniprojH'r to punish
??rimes already committed. At 1,-a-t tin' |s ihe
only reasonable interpretation "f Ihe .!.-? I urall? n
made on Tuesday by Commissioner llurburger
concerning tie- attitude of the Kxelse Hoard
toward thoae wh.. hav.- been making false dec
laratlona t.? it. The diacl ?urea, be ? ii?i. hail lia.I
ihe effect of scaring off Ihe men agnlnsi wh ..a
th.- Inquiry was directed ami would bave a
permanent salutary Influence ,\ number of ihe
in-.-t barefaced ojicrators h el I. fgetl to be i- I
?riff this time No evidence bad as yel been pro
sen ted to the Grand ?Inry, and the Comiuixsioticr
gave hint of none likely t.. be presented, bin be
Issuisl solemn notice I lio I a heavy hand would In?
laid upon anybody who should l..- rough! making
false declarations in futur.. The presenl Investi?
gation wa- "intended a- a public notice to 'straw
"bondsmen1 lo vac i te and to stop ihelr activity
"right here and now." lu other w?>r.|s, Imprea
si\o proclamation was mide f,,r all t.. hear and
take notice, h st ihey Inadvertently make them
selves liable to puulshmenl for what Ihey nave
hitherto regarded as an inn...-, nt pastime, thai
? ?il and after the eighteenth day ..f .lune, in the
year of ?mr Lord one tbouaaud eight hundred
and ninety five, the Boon! of Kxelse uf the city
?.f New York will consider perjury and false
swearing as crimes, and b>- disposed lo lake
action agolnal all persons who commit those neta
to aid in the procurement of l?. . uses. Ko tar as
the Excise Department goes, in.- law agalnal
perjury is t., be no longer "off "
That is something for which to lie thankful,
but it is something which at the same time mil?' -
our system of juriaprudence and administr?t Ion
.-.. m grotesque. We have apparently not yel
reached that stage of civilization where we real
Ute thai laws are made t" !"? enforced, \\ ?? have
driven from power a corrupt government; we
have detected most flagran] crimes which tlour
l-ii.si under it, and our heroic aualerlty goes to
the length of gnnoundng that bereafter snch
crimes may not be oommltted with Impunity.
Then when somebody docs tomiuit them we
lament the circumstance, t?-ll him not to ?lo s?>
again, and send blm Into retlremenl t.? plot the
commission of other crimes which he knows
?ill h? likewise Ismented and unpunished.
The greatesl Incentive to .Times of all kin.ls,
agalnsi persons, property ind government in
this city, is the tendency to for??? past wrongs
in th.- ii?li?f that reforms will prevent their re?
currence. Periods of enforcement an.l abate?
ment "f law ai? not compatible with civilised
society. 'I'll? way to prevent crime is t.? punish
crime, anil to punish it always. Thai is a lesson
in th? science of government that we much need
to learn.
hie nor wir a i/,??>/:v.
The liberality of public spirit? .1 citizens enables
th? corporators of the New-York Botanic Gar?
den to begin at once the execution of thai ad?
mirable projeet. The financial depression has
prevented a complete fulfilment of the original
purpose, which was to secure the sum of $.r>on,
000 by subscription before calling upon the city
to provide au equal sum ui!.l?r the terms of the
statute. If ih? gentlemen who have had Ihe
management of thta undertaking had foreseen
the financial calamities of the last two years, they
probably would nol have expected lo raise so
large a fund, and they might nol have deemed it
wise t.. enter upon the task at all under inch
conditions. Bui having begun tbe work ihey re
i ived not to abandon II because ?f unlooked for
difficulties. The prescribed condition <>f a grant
, f land and money by the municipality wai a
contribution of 1250.000 from privat? sources,
Three months ago the corporatora were able to
announce thai 92tK?,0OU bad been guaranteed, and
they now have the satisfaction of Informing tbe
authorities and the community that the full
amount baa been subscribed. The city therefore
is under obligation to Issue bonds for &T00.000 t..
carry ?.ui the enterprise and t.. pul 'J-'.?? acres ?.f !
land at t'.i? disposal ?.f the corporators. A si'?
In lirons Park has ix ?u chosen for the put
and Ihe w? rk of construction will soon begin.
.mi tbc i.pi? "f Ses V.'i'iv luv? reason i"
rejoice in th? assurance that th? las: s. ri-ns
i i? in tii? way of a m'"-! 'a. ritorlons public
Improvement hi- ln*en surmounted. It is no?
creditable to th? Cu!ted States that a means of
public Instruction atol ? ntertalnmenl which ne ir
ly all ni? lu?? <'ti.s of Europe have long en
|i?yed his been so strangely neglected here. The
Ix-antiful garden bequeathed t? St. I.ouIh by Mi".
shivx- is ihe only Institution of the kind In 'hi*1
country which is ilde in magnitude and
quality with th? h ?tanlcal gardens which ah und
in ih? Old \\'..rl.l an.I are becoming numerous
h? other parts of th? Sew World. With only a
faiiii lu?|.f seeing a similar b??on conferred
upon Xeu York The Tribune ?everal years ago
??? i Mr. Shaw's noble gift '?? St. I/ml*, ami
p |S a ?;?? :'l s Itlsfaction 10 f. .1 that it will h?
our prlvll?*ge ??? t.?.???r.i the steady and well
. ,wth of tin? c mien In l'.:- ?ns P
it is iin?l' r the ?? ntrol ?-f men xx'a ? ar? not
' |n |ts su ?-. but th r iighly
.Mr the ? -;> before th? in. ami the -?,"? -iai
r? i u ons ? f Columbl i College ? ? th? un 1?
in.* ::-.? a strong guarani.f stability an.I eon
The chos? n site is i:i vari
.... ;,? ,i r? -? is peculiarly i Inpt d I r th?
i. j, f> Bc?*essible >? t p< mi in? ntl
? . ? - nt* nn?l sup
? - i-iu? ible ? . IK
pure at |>her? It Is ? us, sus
? ? ? :. .?? . i
? s-liul?.'.
. ? . " l? .???.
i ? nal ami n : fl . e ?n
? ? t.. which I" a;
. t'a? public wel?
lt lignlfl? i well n* adorns the city In
t ctis Vot < ?'?? : I many ii iproi ??
I. ? i or pi
1 ?
ii, wli -??
? ? I In 11 s r
, ? . , | (..?;.
iple xx .'.I Jiid^e
I ?if till? ?Mil ' \\. ?!'??
i \\ ri .-el ngs by ?
? ! ? ? simple
? ? ? . . ? ' ? ?li?h.
li |s of i . u?e t<? |?r ?tesi ?.'.? i.? un ? . ' ? ?'I tin
'? know that they were pros|wrnu? l..y..ii.|
all i?. ! nt ? li? n lh? v elect? d a Dei
i a i nml Uigur it. I . I ' : Pi. ?I
ib ? ? In iv?:: Tl ? j know th it ?ll? ister came
ble, il?, worst the country
h "1 s? imi for It ilf i e? utiirj. and they know Unit
when il?, y ha?l elect??)! a Itepubllcan Congress
i t Nov? mh i. ii-1 had mi n the 1 i?r "f a Demo
.?i March, biisin its b? pan t.. re
rive il once. Sometimes Ihe rule-of-thurah way
?.f }u?lglng is unscientific, but the millions who
. using H all their llv? m rer gel argtn ?l
out of il by any theorists, ind Hovernmenti and
n have t.. I>? Jthlgi .1 In a similar xx ly.
In this raae it is eminently scientific, National
prosperity .1 ?? - n. i d? pend upon things so much
as it depends upon beliefs, The crop of conn"
.Im.? has untre to do xvi:!i business than the
crops ?.f xxh? at, ?'..ru and <? .it.>n combined, Wh?n
s?>renty million ahrewd ami practical i.pis
?\p. ?t disaster, ami pr. pare f?r it by closing
work*, reduelng pun-bases, stopping mines, low?
ering w.i-?- nml wlthilrnwlng depoalts, disaster
I-? there Is f.?r
lh? y lu' ? ?1 'ii. preparing. When
tbe same p?i,pl?> ex peel recovery, and begin to
prepar? t r I bj pr lu? Ing more, huj Ing more,
raising waget and Investing more confidently,
tli.it very pr paratlon is r?-e??very Kvery hour
of prepara t k a for disaster brings prostration
nearer, Every hour ?f preparation for revival
of Imlustries and trad? britigs prosperity nearer.
.Ml this is s.? un? m.I so ?.in ?..us thai Ihe plain?
est of ih? plain people see it ns clearly as the
m..si scientific economist. Their dally experi?
ence teaches th? m that shops close when custom?
ers cease lo buy tor the future, und thai con?
sumers i!" not buy at current prices any more
than il??? v ran help, when p..\x?r is transferred
t.? th.,?e who have promised to lower prices i.v a
third or one-half. It waa no mystery In the
early spring of im? that orders were wonderfully
curtailed for almost every kind ?.f goods lhat
could h- Imported, Ix-cause the piny t., which
power had i.???? transferred had been promising
lower prices for "everything from the cradle t..
Ihe grave," an.l ha.I actually believed Us own
promises and predictions. About half th.? people,
at all events, were thus prepared to acl upon the
filth thai the Democratic party would make
everything cheaper by rhanging the tariff, it
was as plain as th? noa.i a man's face that
li? ili'l not want lo give large orders for goods
ai high prices, when the ?.Is could not be made
for months, an.l might then be bought at low
Kxactly ihe reverse feeling has brought revival
of business. Faith thai danger was past, thai
Democratic warfare against Industries had i.n
stopped, that im change? were to i?. anule for th?>
future exeepl for their defence, brought its per
fectly legitimate an.l natural consequence be
iut that u.g?reme ,,r Democratic prostration
could n..t continue, thai business must Improve,
ind that pri?es must necessarily ru?. to s.
extent in that belief everybody was disposed
to place orden for future delivery, an.l t.. prom?
ise batter wages, ami to put works In order for
Operation, it is ail m ?, nutshell; the business
wurld bus faith thai the lltpublleuu party und
its policy brim: prosperity, and it has a profound
belief that the Denwcwtic party and Its policy
bring prostration. It acta "ti that belief.
Professor Ray Lgnkester has given u-?. in some t
recent addresses, i most interesting ami Instruc
live review Of what has thus f)r been learned
about iMcterli and their relation to the health j
of man. That that relation is intimate ?s no
longer a matter of doubt. Nothing is more cer?
tain in medical and biological science than that
various diseases are directly caused by the In?
troduction of specific bacteria Into ihe human
systi ;a and their pernicious activity there. I
Am..tic such diseases are anthrax, glandera, te
tamis, tuberculosis, '."prosy, diphtheria, typhoid
fever. Asiatic cholera and the deadly "relaxing ,
fever" of the I-: ist. There may. of course, be
many diseases not caused by bacteria, and there
are many bacteria that are ini injurious, but
? veti beneficent t.. human health as destroyers
of noxious r rms. But that many of our woral
plagues are Induced by bacteria [g established -
beyond cavil.
The disease-Inducing bacteria are taken Into
the system in various ways, but chiefly in f.I
and drink. Water Is perhaps the commonest
medium. I' is the especial vehicle for the Intro?
duction "f typhoid and cholera germs People
having regard for their welfare, therefore, when
such plagues are rif". seek tii" purest water ob?
tainable. In this. h..wev.-i-. they sometimes err.
Professor Linkest er tells us tint such bacteria
will live .nul thrive and multiply in th.- purest,
even la distilled, water; provided, of course, tint
they once get into It. < ?ti tin- other hand, i;'
nary river water, nu!.M au?! Impure, tiny quick?
ly perish, 'rie? reason of thi- seeming anomaly
is simple. The rivei water is swarming with
other bacteria which are Innocuous to man, bul
which are relentlessly hostile to the cholera and
typhoid germs. Tills facl his. the Professor
sty-;. in>. m ascertained beyond dispute, an.I i;
??. ems t?. reveal a singularly beautiful and bem i
cen? provision of Nature for man's safety, with
out which tho lakes and rivers ..f the w 'ill
w. uM - di In ome h ipi h ?sly polluted an 1 the
ravages of diseases Incomparably more deadly
an I . xtenslve than at p-.--.-nt.
Tin sc facts lend t.. a eousl !? v.i-' >n ..f the ques?
tion of filtering water, if ?1 ?ne properly, such a
?roces?- Is highly valuable. The great Alter beds
ofasand use?] by the London water companies
transform foul water luto an exceptionally
who!.-some supply, 'liny do |h|s nol mechan?
ically, by straining tii" water through minute
Interstices, but they have what wo might '?? '?'?
in iseptic, or < ven a i. ?1 ?glcal, action. The
lower lay.-rs of sand lieeouie coated with Jelly?
like masses of bacteria thai Is, of the ordinary?
putrefactive bacteria. \ purisl nilghl think
these fouled the filters, tin ihe contrary, they
give tin m their n il efficiency. The water has
to I te through these layers of bacteria, and
as it doea so the noxl ius bacteria M may have
contained are infallibly destroyed. Thia is not
the ease m th>- nrdln ivy (1 miestlc filter, ? ?. ' "
perhaps, with reference to typhoid germa The
hitter may be Intero ?.'?-I and destroyed. Ho
t ir -is all others aro concerned, the filter is more
apt to till the water with them than t,> rid it of
them. Professor Lankester tells us that every
itlc Alter In which the same filtering ma?
l? roil Is used again and og ilu should be sterilized
by boiling every day. if not, within a week it
will bee i regular nur?, ry f,.r bacteria, ami
it;, r.-is.? their number in the "filtered" water a
hundred fold.
I' !?? well known, of >? urse, tiiat bacteria In?
duce die? ns ? only iti those pera m? whose tissues
are In a receptive or morbid state. Boms pers as
drink cholera germs by the pint with im?
punity because their organs and tiesuea are In
such a condition of health as to 1?? able to rest?t
their attacks, How the tissue* are mad.? sua
cepttble to n. ?rbtflc Influences is an Interesting
field of Inquiry, rlometlmea it is by general and
; ? hangen. Sunn i inn I II Is
f o-'o rw se trifling ailments,
\ I fruu, !'? r example, wh ? ?i of II
* -?? bul slight disorder, may pn pare
: and fatal propagation of
( i uoUgb, too, ju-r as
rs, so ?..me prepare th -
h a? : and assist tbi in In their deadly
work. The r unmon bacteria of putrefaction are
li ?s, .ml s-, tal?, n alone, are those of te?
tanus Bul the one prepares the system for the
reception of the other, and Ihe two together do
disastrous work. Happily, too, it is possible by
: - to i irtlfy the system agulnsi
?Itlc bacteria and render it practically Im?
mune, and also t.? poison and destroy the bac
..t:. r ihey It ive bei a Introduced. The
power to ?lo this appears t.. reside largely in the
; of the blood, and In the thyroid gland,
and ?from Ihe study ?.f these and other antl
hncter il agenta Profeasor I?ankeater exp ts
???e some ..f the greatest future triumphs ?.f the
In il ng art.
0 vern ir Altgeld has call? l an extra session of
the Illln Is Legislature, b< aus.?, in liis opinion,
.1 t! Inga in tha Bl ite need reforming. The
i which Illinois moat needs la one that win
relegate Altgeld himself to the dim and dusty
I a.-k.tr 'tin 1 of ait lilS,
II la a pity that, t.> protect th,?ir own interesta
i ? '? i l . m; inles ara forced t i require ti-k.?ts
t ? be uaed within s limited tima after purcl tae
This will work considerable Inconvenience l i tha
Hing i ubll -. An i .??? i: ive known roada I
Issue all excursion tickets absolutely without tima
l Umita, and t,. enjoy greal prosperity under tha
I syi tern,
The m w Maxim ?tun to be carril l by
try, capable of multiplying the soldiers' killing
pon t- a thousandfold, is yel to be teated In
net Ion, though the preliminary experimenta
m nil it glva token .?f Ita . flicacy. If it turn out
to be what Ita Inventor - anecta and promises
! it will put a new fsci on warfare and rend? r
obs lets a good many coatly armaments A
company armed with these guns would In a
short time have bl >wn u old guard of \
| poison Into cafa meat, and fed the Pannonlan
ravena with the hoata of Attila, it la difficult
to s? - when the militar' forcea ara to coma
from to stand before auch destroying Instru?
menta s., equipped, armies would wipe each
other ??ut in short order, unleaa the) k.-pt oui of
range of each other, which would be equivalent
to abandoning warfare altogether, or giving it
a new character In which evolution and mutual
retreat took the place ,.f present modes of no?
tion. \\.? shall hav.? t,, watt ;,ti.| s ,?. Mean?
time, if tha new gun is what it clalma t,. i??.
all th? armies will have to equip thetnaelves
with it at no end of est. a burdening .,- >.
nomlc condition when u hi remembered that
existitiK armamstrts have almoal bankrupted
tha nations Perhapa In time war win bscome
so deadly that it will hav,. t,? 1?. ?iband a,, d
Ilka other outworn modea or aettllng differ?
ences, a baatifiC consummation not yet in Sight,
though a few mors Invsntlona of the Maxim
variety would no doubt tend to haaten its ad?
Oovernor Warta evidently lutenda t.? keep a
Court ,,r Pardons that can i?.? dspendsd upon t?,
extend clemency t.> the vilest knaves m NsarsTsr
s?-y. whensvsr ihey need It.
tp.ke a preat deal of stinly to weigh the contenta
of ti?? mountains.
It Is to he hop?-1 Harvard an?l Yale will very
pr imptly a? ?Pi the Oxi ' a'.l-CambrM?-.- ihallon&e,
so that the teams on both silos of the Atlantic
will have ail possible time for pr?paration for m*
great contest.
Debs is* in jail, an.l th? president of ?ne of th?
foremost lahor orgai Isatl ns ; a Ml ily dedans the
American Railway Union st.iiv? "f last ?/car was
"uncalled-for and senseless" and "absolutely
without grievance." Who was It Mid thru Tl
?eta ai: things i IghtT
one ?f the primary school bouses In this d
?xas formerly a olger factory. Needless to ?
It i-- utterly unlit tor school purposes, and It
n H.'i'i us reflection on tbe intelligence ?f th*
Board of Education that it Ih kept In u
Kx-i"ongre iman Potter ;,: still living asar P?>t.
ter'.? Lake, Vis. ii? becsm? famous many years
aa i by sec? ptlng s ' ABo fight s duel from
i; ,r a Pryor, then s (*ongree*man, namtaf
bowls knlve? ss the a*eap a*, The lud nev
came "it. because th* i .?--'?? rv friends ?t Pry
lad that it a
professor Simon S ere mb, of th* National
?ervat >ry at Washington, who has .last b
.... .v. Fren ?. a ??? lemy of
. a had i? re* ? i Iferred i i| ?n Mm by
Harvard, S*al? Colun and Heidelberg.
;i. . ,i ta the gold med loyal A itronomt.
. ;,i Bo? I? ty, and the -? it l? Id Huj g< n* m* lal of
Neyden, bestowed only once In r.-.w- yesrs. HI*
j, irtralt l?? i i th? i: i in Ooven it 8 lUery of
-,:,,. ua asti ? r U P Ikowa, and I Is tilts*!
to a mo*l every Europea ' '?' ;md
i- ty-foui t
a ' n i In i I
<!-. ? . N'? .-. and h* I professor for
t -?. a: v x. ?
? : ty of ! ? of th?
,,..,,., ?.. and h; this peculiar Held of Inquiry lu t
and, In t ' many, no ? , .??l
i ; i ha xv ?rid.
By ?:.. . .-, n... other dsy of Jame* <' ?rr.ill.
? i ., |, novel "rank Brown, of that
. Inh? rita 12 ?
W. Murre; H ri ?r M il r of Harwich, Eaa>
: Q |, ia th? : ? it survivor of l t expedition
rent out un I? r ?r Jsmi i Rosi to P
Franklin explor .
Tit ? i tpyrlghti on II e i i ?ks of P
Gray, ti.? celebrated botanist, yielded I ??' it l.?at
? pul ? 'v ? :' h ? irk* aa text boohl
an I genera! authorities have li
? ??,.? ? hi* death
The repoi n B. Drake, the noted h
man . ' ? : 1*7
hla friend* !!? ha* had a slight attack of 11 -s
but li ."?? ? better
The i enl ? , ' ' tice Stephet I Weld f-om
. ? - ? ras the f >rtjr
t the ven? r.ibls
ha* .i I-,
a ??!" N ira Dame L'n ? r* "?' i!'.r>man
Catholic) In . ?nf legree of I.I. D. in
tl ?? well-known C ngregatlonal ? lei ?Rev.
Washington Oladdcn l< and
.- .mm? at '?' Is r.o
n ?ma ? ? ? : ? ? ray? i" -a
?a.- tit ?if th? i'hur-'h!
I ? :. _: this ?.vol
t tho ui ? . him.
? f. <n
An th*r beautiful window, "i.? ?ubi? : ?' xvh!-*A
symbolise?), is the exploratl n of the Misal? pi
Valley, xv.ii ?oon be p i 1 n Memorial Hall al Har
Th? lit?- Francis I'.irkma-^
tners of the win liw
xv:?!-. i . known portrait of I.? Sail?
from th? origin 1 .?? i: men. Th? .'jlor ?chema of
i,- fr .m yell ?.x- t i -1 sg
The figures, Ufa itae, ar? In .lark col ira,
L: Balls .? it is ? i : sre-head? 1, holding in hla r.?*ht
? l an 1 it; hit ft a rolL Marquette, an
i In his rU'ht
hand. In the amall panel i neath the fisura o.' Ia
Ball* I* th? r..y.?i aeal of Fran?**, anl below M ?r?
... : ? la the tes. of Ihe ' ??? is Tas Je-.,"**.
low s ? .k. a from s tonner wtndaw in
:!..' XIV at > rs i Ik -, snd Is la the
?ty'e ?' that period, with fleur-de-lis I:i ta* v.???.
n? ntal ? :
"Ar* you aware, *lr." *a I an irat* nobl man in
tl ight ag
t. "are you
"And if
the farmer. "I r???-kon tl I .:.d
? ? . omed."- ira,
The 1 ing Men'* Chi tlan Association of suj
Fr in. it sent the I to tha
City Board of Supervisor* -1
f thi? city mora?
rd of Supervb thai
i; be '..ai I ? r k::l lt>
ten, or ttlre i ?_ the t.iir s..s.
We . on*l 1er the above w< irini; .,- ; ardr-an I ws '???
lleve all good Christian? will pholi us In our
ral* eg
thta city. '.' ?,
t It la ? iltby for ladles to
rlda blcy? les. Fut I iv? n-r. it e i j
? fair s*x. ii ping our prayer will be
r* .. ! snd special attention i- given by >our
? is t ? !??," etc.
Extra r Unary ? Iratll i .ent?Doctas?
what l? v.? bill?
Phj ? i. ?ne i- in i;. : im,
; .t) [ am ? never
: . ? i If id not
i.i h ?x- n
?m .?i.-. . iv ? ?. ".m, ind ? ... i'-1 ?>&?
? ?me ? >: little !?'..:
The Rev. W. Earle, an Anglli in clergyman, re
cently wrote ?a k srhlch lu sp >k? \.-ry
harshly of dissenters. ". is >o - !)
.. ." ?. .v ing vruivis. : his vl? ss, Mr rtS
writes as follow* to tho editor: Knot
and Wesley, and all n m, \xho ? . 1
the do ?;? for t is sh< p to leave th fold, must v
have a bol corner. I could not believe that su.-h la?
1 its d moi - ar?> in heaven. All who opposa
mj b. ?k are ? i a;:, s to the happiness ?f x'hr.
lorn. xv??> betide tha papers which ?? > agslnst tny
Look, in doing ~> they are going a ilnst G L
... I can hardly help wishing a ho: berth to
all Konconfonntats, after they leave this i '.,
' ? - persistent!) refuse Him that preecheth. Let
the S.-ittiih ; . ??: ? '. efllgy of KtK'X- :: :n
N'.rth to South, from ?Saat to West."
A famous landscape painter hai to call In a
. xx/,.. vv n . v,.i- suffering ti?rn
hltl*. After he had examined the patient, the
ilo. i..r recomm? ndel tl nd to tske i ?i l
brush, ilij? it it>. tincture ol iodine and i
Hi? lady'? i ..?.-iv i\ ith it i !.. artii t< i ui his
n the tin ? ire,
i"ft> .1 to oarrj out the doctor's prescription. Hut
Ills artl?tI?- ;?-:ii| ?r lin. m ?. ?, .?.?, ih<- bell r o
?? ? k hi? wife's bi a
for i .amo ?' aim] Iv -?pi a lotion
? . ix )....; ti 1
it \xnil : .? in - ..- ' d< talla completa
'I'll? patl .nt, is he oi ration i i ttier leu
. -i.. I her tumban I if he h.rl finished 1
latter, receding a few step? to examine In*
. ... ' another dab or txx?. ind then I
put it m the frame." i Ho? ton Traveler.
This is locuat year for tl?- State* ?f Iowa, nil
? .?, Indiana, Missouri, ?o...? and tleorgla. Tii*
latter State xxill have tii? 13-year brood, :.i-t ?-? n
IMS, and tii? other State? will have the 11 t
brood, \xiii h appeared la 1171. Ttiis insect is u>t
prop : i.v a i... list a: all, t"it a dead ..
I met s man yesterday who had just come bi<*k
from on?' ?if those impronoum-? I ? wan up in ihe
l'ei n > v..nia oil reglona. il? h ia I en sp< ndlns I
don'i kin.iv hot man) month* among the Swede*
up there, mi.t b? tn??i a sr at man) t h Inca :.> toll >>f
them. II? saya that Just t> fore n? left- i cai ? i -
i iii.iniv.'r i!-? town's name there vx.? a Mel i. -t
, revival, A great many of the Olsens and ivtor
.??r? and Knudsena were converti I, To ?n f
1 them, Nela Petersen, the leader of tl-.e meeting ?aid:
"N. !.. xxi'.i x,.i work for t?od?" Nela ?hlfted un?
.-a-a'y. a ."''.'.??'?. \ou knoxx. can't I'xpress ,my
thing at uli vxi'ii his face, except the National
? ilidlty, "A- don't know." ?ar m;iKt. besltat
" \? got ii rude xi.i. at th* fa lory. As '..mk ..*
keep .lilt.' (Washington Post.
Alexander u Stephens may hay? used the phrase
"too th'ti"; but he xvas not the aiifh >r of It. SS I 'S
t..'.-ii asserted. In Shakespeare's Kin.,' Henrf
\nt it o.-.iirs ??i i?i:..ws: "i com? M. .,-> i,, ir
such flattery n.ixx, and la mj sr???usei tii-y ara
too thin iin.i tur,. t? hi,i,. ollsneeo."
Knew What llf Was \l'..ut -"I ?li.ln't thit-k I ?r
sermon this morning .vas up to your usual standai i.
Alfred, sail his wife, as the two \x,v? on their
war home fr?>m church.
"I know it araan't ?Carolina,'' replied the it?'v. Pr.
Fourthly, "it w?is not Intended m i.,- i expect to
Hink?, ? *paoIal effort next Sunday morning, and I
?.nu it to r.-em brilliant by eootraat." (ChlcagS
11 Inline.
Kvaporatt-il |.?titto?s is tho lud-st piSSSfTSSl f-^d
product .?f th.- i'iu-iiii- Coast a Washington ssa>
..?in snsjs-fsd in tin- hnstoess sf prepsrlsg ?vapo
ralsd SBSdsi and (.runes has h.-.Mi S1|ISIISSSStilf
xvith setatsea and tin.is that, pr?*parad In this way,
th.y will kf.'p good for an lii.l.-Hnlte time and ?TS?
Ulla practically all lUtit food value.

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