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ornOUM Of I'iFKKitK.NT LIMM tau- what
rAi-tri? t?> tiwt'i.T*. last StTKPATi
A. C Washington, president i?f the Iron Steam?
boat Company. tras Bess ~~satsrdsfl by a Tribune
repsrtBr end j.?ke?! to tell how the ?omnnny pro
BSSed to handle th* crowd? of BSSt Sunday SI Its
pier. No. 1. H?" seid:
Sunday's crowd was the lane"'?! are ever han- ,
die?! ?'ni- ???? hf?an rtinnini* boats to i'oney Isl?
ar?!. We wer?- unprepared fOf BO many people, and
some thins? took plac? that will not <jo.nr Bgaln. ,
We oarrle?! MASS i>eople from thif? city and br.uif-ht ,
2?."7" buck. The stories published about the ?Ils- j
order? on the pier were greatly esaggerated. I ?
was present i"un<lav. and. so far as 1 know, no
body was hurt. The crowd at the west or river end '
Of the ?arg?- waiting room, on the upper floor of the j
pl.r. surged against the fen?*e surrounding Ihe .
atop* lending to the landing place below BoSM reck
leefl ?plrli.? began 'o climb over the fence, In spite
of ?ll the -?[?<? -lal olBeere eou.d do? snd we had hard
work to restrain the others. At no time were there
mor? then I? <)"?> people In ihe SflMtSf room, which,
as you see. will hol?! about twice that number.
"There was no disorder on the seven bo.it?. We
do not li.i\< -i??-::?l orne?is there. W?- have ?Mg,
brawny deckhands, and when several pi th? m
surround a boisterous pnssenirer and Bay, 'No
more of that:' why, there Isn't any mote of ?t.
Xono of the boat? were loaded to the licensed
"At Coney Island flre land Ibe people nt a pier
UN feet long. At the ocean end of that pier Sun?
day's crowd, when returning, broke down the
fence and scrambled aboar?! ?M boat.?."
Mr. Washington, when askod whether the ar
rang'ments for handling the crow?! at Pier No. 1
were as p?rfect as they could be ma?le, said:
"They are, or will be next Sunday. We have
t.? have the 'runway-,' or narrow-ra'.led passage
ways, to break up the crowd by letting people
pass In single file. Next Sunday W? shall not use
the Tw? nty-.Mfcor.d-st. pier at all. and BO w. can
make, ] hope, twenty-minute trliis between here
and Coney Islaixl. That sil!, la lor?- :-i- inure,
relieve the congestion of passengers on the pier.'
Mr. Washington was asked whether the abend .
ment of the uMsr sler on Sunday soul i n ?1
i roduce a crowd at Pier No. 1 larc-r even than
la?t Saaday, and whether the bushing and shoving
and clamor might not recur. Mr. Washington si 1
that perhaps It would be so. and thai th? com?
pany ?ro.iiiln't help It, try as i: inigir. Ii the
crowd wasn't in :ho wa'tlng-room. It WOUM be In
the street.
i'aptaln J. s. I.udlam. Baperintendent or ti.e
Ocean Pier and Navigation Company, was at the
company's landing ai the Battery, and said:
"\\> have two steamboats, and ?-arrie?! about
six thousand passengers to nonev island ftsndey.
The crow?ls or. our boats were within the number
we are allowed to carry. The crowd here extendel
outside the gates, and there was no Jamming lnsl?*
?!?-. Inrloaure."
"t the office of the .?-taten Island Rapid Trar"-t
?-. ..iroad l'ompanv H wa? con tended tiiat there
was no troubh caused by th? large crowd? on Sun
duy. and that the arrangements for han?i'.ing roe !
?re nearly perfect. At th?- barge Office It was said
that the reports of the ?teambost Inspect?
duty last Sunday could not be seen until to-day.
A. Herrmann, treasurer of the Iron Steamboat
Company, said tho: the company knows not bins
shout the ease of Mr?. Hens, wh ? was Ihjureq
Sunday night while 'rylng to f- : on the company's
Steamboat Taurus at the long Branch landing.
O.ean Grove, N. J., July 22 (Special). -To-day In
Ocean Grove has been devoted to the annual ses?
sion of the American Sabbath Inlon. a Na;.'.?:
lnter-denominatlonal aciclety, which was formed m
1*8*. and which has foi it? obje-^t the ke-epln-* of the
Sabbath a? a dey or worsnip and rest. At ISJI in
the morning th? Woman'? National Sabbath Alli?
ance, an auxiliary of the liat?n. h?i?l a meeting 1n
the Young People's Temple. Mrs. .1 H. Know>?.
of Newark, rice-president 9t IBt BlltSBBS, made a:i
a ! 1res? The afternoon service? fl*ai*fl held In the
Tabernacle, the Rev. T. Kernlev ..?cretary of the
.'.*i la lei-.hu luanca, pr?s.Jln?- The ?-peak-rs this
evening were Genera! Secretary J. H. Knowies. of
Newark; Julge D. N. Ash'.an I. Dr. W. ('. Sleet, an!
the Rev F. ?. lglehar:. of New-York.
Asbury Park. N. J.. July 22 i.-tpe-d-,-.).. The annual
PIM? conf.rer.ee. ander 'h-- leadership of the Rev,
V: L, W. M on h all. met this morning in the First
Freebyterlar? Cburcb ?'.?ilese -.ecretjry Hrock
man. of the lnt*rr..i Moral Young Men? Christian
Association Executive l'ommli:-?, ,*on?luctel the
opering sal ill SB An ab> ad'lre?? on "Prophecy'"
was delivered by Professor Ernsl F StroetST, of
New-York. The Er.?il* to the Roman? was dis
?-????od by the Rev. I>r. .luilus F. Grammer. The
I*.:v. Dr. Will.am J. Erdman ?puke on the Fust
Flpl?tle lo the Theaealonians. The night session wa?
bfld in Eiucatlonnl Hall, addrBBBSf being deiivered
bv thfl Rev. William YV. I ark and the Rev. J.
F?*T.?I? n-r.ehiH? appearance In Rice's "14**2" at
_Jnn*)attan Rea'h hSB hee-i p-???., ,ne) unill next
Mcnday. when ?he will be a consplcuou? an1 enter?
taining f??ature <?f thfl ever-shifting Malison SojUSre
M?-ne. Several new chsraoer "ong* asfSI be ?jiven
by her for the first time. Although the MsanattSB
Theatre seat? ne?rly three rhouear, 1 jvople, there
w?ere crowd? who could BO* get thr.?a?;h the ?l?jor.?
on Saturday nlg/it. At lucea Circus Carnival yss*
ten!ay the progranime wa? rearrange I, j:uX Alclde
Capitaine, the Italian beauty, gave her aerial act
In its ??ntlrety, Introducing sensational leaps snd
dives from traiiez?- liar? which swung ? |?_r .v i ?
the amp-ilt heat re. New tricks arsM perform? d by
MorrH's train? I ponies. W. K Ritchie. In immp
attire that would make Wa't?T Jonsfl greflfl with
rnvy, wa? much appliudi-d lot his *.v.C*r riding on
an ordinary safety bicycle. Tlll re ?s n.u a j.er
fonner In the circus who dost ?m* g
tlonal ?kill In his or her particular line, f i-?. ?
concert?. Pain's pyr*i--pettacle. the eyclfl path gt I
tennis courts an?i other new f.a"ir?s are givlng
the Manhattan Reach vlaltor* a p.enltud? and
variety of amutt-ment? uneqiull. ?1 ai ?pi \merlran
summer rtaort by the sea. Now that the hot
weither ha? corne jr. earnest, the dallv nitendirie,
l? en-rrmoua. The ?urf bathing ha? i?en iiellglitful
for th? lost week.
* John P. Hirschmann, a tailor, of No IM Kast
One-hundred-and-tu?-1fth-st.. started fo- Ntagara
Fulls ls?t night to bring his daughter Jo.?i ? homr.
The young woman wa? taken suddenly IT ?m Satur?
day at the Imperial Hotel in Niagara Kails. She
tslksd Incoherently and sa'.d sonic one a,?? tryu'g
lo destroy her nervous system. The prirent? of
the young woman we.-c ?een by a NpSftSr for The
Tribune yesterday, and Mr. Hirschmann Hal?l thai
h?> had resol res a lotoansi from i>.-. Ctoofy, of
Niagara Fall?, aaylng hla ?laughter grsfl Blet Iher?
He ?n?wer?.?l Hie telegram t.-llln-r the phyi'i l?n he
would con>e for her and to keep her aatl' ht- ur
The Hlrscbstaanfl ?r< Q raiaaf and appear lo lie
In comfortable ctrciinistan.es. They told the r?
j.or;er their daughi.i had :.ot been in aood lealth
and ha?! left home in June t > go to I'.uffalo ;,nil
other place??, .she had no iroub.es t,, their i!--,.wi
edgi, and they i?c?ii:?-??! the id?-:? ihut s!)>- ?v?*? In
West M-ftSi.
Mt"?^^^te# ,8?7
^??V T RBM **?* "^^sK
The Best AH Wool Ingrain Art Square,
In plain or flgtmd centres.
9x9 ft.93.00
?xlOC it. O.dO
9x12 ft. O.7.**?
MM ft. 7.?O
Ixits of dainty prcttino-Mi for very
WuUs money.
VmrtaUmro ?? aalt nil at redwrrd nrl.-ra.
^AR 6?AV.
Brooklyn Stores: FTatbush Av. near Hilton S
: roiMi with A BCIXET HOUR IM Ru BBAO in
H. c. K. .* -h.ilz. thirty-five ?reare Old, an agent
for the Prudential Insurance Company, of Newark.
N. j. shot hinneif ihroogb the head in Oae-hun
dred-aixl-i-lxty-iilntli-st.. near the 1..-1 of the o*.d
Aqueduct, nt noon vesterday. Polleenttn McLaagb?
1 lin, ot th.* Wist Ono-hundrcd-and-llfty eeeond-st
police station, was on post in Ono-baadred-and
sixty-r.!nth-st. shortly befor?- noon, and MW Sc.-.ol/.
Walk towara him. When they net .eh?.- nodded
an! stopped for a few moment? talking I!''
se?*me?l in excellent spirits?, and when he left Mc
LaughUa pointed to a clump of trees near the ol.l
aqaeducl bed and remarked:
"It looks ecol down there; I guess I will go down
there end lie down r?r a while."
Twenty minutes Inter McLaughlin was sUndtag
at Amsterdam-.'ve. wnen he heard a pistol shut.
At the same time he saw a Rireet-swe^jier beckon?
ing I?. Iilm. an?! hurried ?n '.hat dlre.llon. II? was
told that a maa bad "hot himself ander the treed
neur the aqueduct end on b,?Ih_ there found Bchols
!?:*ik on lis back on the Kr.?**, dead, with a Jngycl
hu'le'-hole in hin r;,-!.l temple.
He was id? titulen by several Prudential Insurant
paper?, wliich wer?? .-r.?mf??- I "H. ? '. K Bcholx.
Vjrent *? -.11,1 a cart, on which he ha?! writt n In
German a note n.llr. .sed to B. Ili-mer, No. M
Bowery. asking him io pay his funeral expense?
and see th:?i his body Was taken care of. I n l.-r
it was written, ati i la Oerman: ".My foul is lea?? -
lug me " On one end ??f th? card was stritten:
?'ii.-i-i v'-'.i: $i"". lor ihs pistol." Ii was glgaed "ii.
C. P. Behola" .... , _ , ,
The !?o,lv ?vas remove,! to th? West One-hundred
and-Iifty-?'?-' ond-st. police nation.
James Ooosray, thirty years old, a bartender, ot
No. .117 i;-i. t oiie-hundrcl-atid i'?!irtc#enth-?*t . at?
tempted to enter the rear ear ?if i train ?m the ele?
vated r,?a?l at IWity-fourtb-et sad Thlrd-avs.
early yesterday mornlag. As ibis rm- was i ?served
for newsdealers and was Blled ?rlth newspapers
and the m,?ii who assorted sad distributed them,
the pu.irJ. Frank Klein, requested Conway to lake
another car. ti?- refuaed, and attempted to force
h?s way la. Klein prevented blm. wbereup ?? i
drew a revolver snd chased the guard throngh :i.e
train. Great excitement ens-.iei. Men yelled BU I
women shrieked, white some attempted to jump
fr.mi th" moving train. Trainmen Anally ?eir.e?l
Consray ?in,\ held him until the train reach? I ???
Plfty-tnlrd-st. station, when Pol eman John J. Mc
Dermott, of the East -lfty-first-st. itatlon look
tin fe:iow int<? custody. Conway war, arraigned In
Yorkvlllc Police Courl an! Iici.i for ?.?xaniinallo.v
Wolf Blhrermaa, ?>f No MW Broome-st., a ho was
arrested ?n Saturday nlgbl f?>r attempting to de?
fraud the Empire Ufe Ineuranci Company, was
brought down from Police Headquarters io ?
District-Attorney*? office yesterday morning He
??. is gCCOmpanh 1 hy his counsel, an?l w..*? arraigned
before Recorder Oof! la Part i of iienerai Besslona
He pleaded not guilty to th<? ln<!i*?me~,t eharglng
blm wiiii attempted grand ?arrer.v in trying ? ? , ?
money ander false pretencea. T;,e rase 'or ?he
people was under the ,ii iree of Assistant District
Altorney Battle. Mr. Battle "-i! he wou!d Insist on
gfttinj?* VMM ball, gg be alleged that S.Ivertrat?
was one ?.?f an organla? ! gang "f conspirators t??
defraul insurance companies. The Dlstrlci-Att i
ney's office lias evidence ihm a numner of ; ?
were engaged in tne Sliverraan stl mpi :o swindle.
These people are known, and will he arr?.'el :n a
sh(-?rt time. An Investigation Is HOW l>eitiK c.irr'e.l
ni'IM-lNC-soMK OT THE BESUL.1t Will? 11
The members of the New York Commission of
the Cotton states and International Exposition,
i which ia l > i?e held in Atlanta la September, a II
meet at ihelr beadQuarters In the QUeey Hesae
: his evening to adopt plans for the erection Of h
I New-York blllMlag at the Egpogttloa. This rom
misflon has been m Uve of late, gad Itg work 1?
rapidly getttiag ,r.to tangible shape. James gwann,
of inmati. Bwana & ?'?>.. is <?in- ??f New fork's
CommlaaUmers to the Exposition. His selection bj
tiie Oovernor m ? particularly fortunate one. H?
is eathaseastte in bis predlctloas raaoernlng tiie
Atlgnta Exposition, and urges ?ii New forkers io
intereet themeolves in it. in talking ?ch a Trib?
un?- reporter yesterdny, Mt. Bwaan said!
'I ?x'sti ii was in my i??iw?-r io make every
imsl'i? ?? man *n Ken York see the Cotton Btates
I ami International Bxpoelilea iu i*- held ii? At?
? laata a? I view i The l'ottun st.it?.? and Inter*
, national Exposition gl Atlanta promises to rank
, r?-xi is tii.* World'g Kair. in familiarising mys? If
, Wttli the plans and geope Of the I ll ip.l??, I !,:i>,
i?, i postttvely amaged at ih? magaltada of th?
undertaking, nn?i th?* magalflceni saeeegg el H
which i? already practically guaranteed. Every
Blata ol Ike I nton promises !? partlali it?
"Tills character of exhibition Should pel ? b?
enough io make every true-hearted American
feel a personal ltit?-.'???? In it. but ? believe cii?
Expoeltlos primi??? re?uii? beyond a dlsplsy ??f
our material wealth and poautbtillles of lar; ng
proaperlty. l regaN tiie aeeartoa ???? n powerful
and happy means of bringing our peoplt ?? ?
l eloeer fellotrahtp. A r?alisation of oui laterde
( pe.idence will be the it.evit ?! ;<? ran sequence >r i,?:
ter a<?-|ua'nt_n?-e gad Interchaage of thought The
only sav to break down completely tie? sectional
lit en between Nortb ami loath i?'i?i East and
i West i? ?o bring, the pggpls <?: th ???? geagraph
leal Mvhaoag into intimai? relationship be i. ??
mam and social, an.i i ran eoacelve of no plan !??r
Ihg ,i o ipliahmenl of il!'s desired end ? |ual to
such .m .?nterprise Hm the Allants Exposition ?
sure io be. I i?eiievi that such Intercourse ??? will
necessarily resuli ?t thai Exposli on n ll lend t?
reconcile political differences tint are founded only
on pr?judice and Ignor.iiice, :,-... ?- ma\ be that In
ihe course of friendly u ...n> ? im som? nea light
may break to ?ol\e th<- perplexing currency <iue?
tion vnieh. is la-day severely stra'.nirn ihe union
of th? he.-irt? of our ??'.sterheod of Btsles.
"1 am naturally pronl of in*, appolatmenl n? one
of the New-York Commissioners i?. the Exposition
It maker me ?i .|e:e??|?, from the h??;i.' u.j
adoption to ihe been? ol my nativtt; and ?ugg< *
foritetiulne?? of all rlivi'lln? ! ne? between the
Xorth ani .**'?,oil; "
? -
Jobg w. Haaleaheek, waoleeale dealer la coffees, I
<? ??., at No. i;. Daaaoroi . made ea assign
ment yagterday lo Btgphen Cgmphell, of Tarry- j
'"?'?'i'. F.Au-.h pr.-r. leu??? f.,r ?HM.1 aa foll-ws: Kl- I
;?;. .\. Haultaheek, i..v??, ttepliea Campbell, $UM; !
.lohn Muij? & iji.., ?.'.7?.. Miti-h.il Hroth?*-;,, ?.!,,,??,'
Bunu Brotbern, Sit?; p. ti Van u'ggoaar, 0JM.
T!,l- bBSlBggg '.\as gStgbUghed gbOttl r<-v M,..,ii
ye.ir? ?iK<> i,y his faih.-r. tOtat Haaleaaaek, end
the si.-i ?o,,-?, ,i,?i ,.:,? i,, ]S..; nesMii iii.s own
business, Mr. iluuii-nbi-ek roaeted coffees for the
Ti e gggggagf ?i,., gtae ,??. ,)Wn,.r ;itl,| publisher ?>f
"The Commercial Qasette," a weekly paper, de?
voted to m?- grocery trade, wMeb we.? started
twgaty-gtg year? a?o. lie bought it fr?.m Ma father
hi I?.**,. Hg chUawd a capital of nbrut $.T?,?M) in hi.
business. He called his place the Qgl'man?an Mills.
It was nul.i there that he had aoae ?ui of town
uii'i would in.i return tin the end of tin* week
Mr. Campbell, th?? assignee, said he could not
Kialt* defln.tely the uinouni of liabilities, bul hi
ON n.ii th nk the->? would reach $a:ionu am* lie
thought thai everybody woatd ?tct what was ?in?
Ikiii Jle Mid Unit bad debt? caused the uf
i/Mir ami y Air OBDBBS,
\\"a-h:iiKt..n. July B (Hpeclal).-The fullowlng
Army and .Navy order? have been Issue.;
The foIlawfBi traaafOrg in the Bth InCgntry are
ordered: Captain J?-?s? ?*. ?'hau???, fr?.m Company
K lo Oompaay C: C?ptala John H. il. Peshlne.
??-!m rorVJ'ft'ir ? to Company K. Kirat Ueutenanl
\Mll.am N Hughes, fr.un Company A lo Company
I; Hr?t Lieutenant Pater C. Harn?, from Company
1 to company A. The transfers of Lieutenant!
liuKhet and Harris will tak? efte.t September 1,
l.e.iv?. of abpenpg for one month, to take effect
September l, is:.-, i? grunie,i Bsoond Llsutenanl
Wiiithrop S. Wood, lOtn Cavalry.
l.leuii'iiaiu-CommatKler E. I.. Peadleton ha? lu-en
detacned fr??m ihe Monterey u? ex.-cutive officer
on h?r arrival at Han Francisco, and grnnled three
months' leave, and is suoCMded bv Lieutenant
?omriiiinder J. W. Cnrlln navlgaior. Lleutengnl
L. L. Remey ha? been oroered to temporary dut]
on i!,, Dolphin Tin- order? of Lieutenant J ti
MlltOfii 10 Hi? ?ilympia h?ve been rev?>k<?d and hi?
la ordered to>he Monterey. Lieutenant ll Mite lell
baa been d?tache, (rom (he Wabarh and ordered to
the Olympia. P_ym?i.t<.r John Tury hu been or?
dered b? fore ? rctlrin? board In Ncw-v0rk C'tv. on i
Uta ?Bib uisu
I World's Fair Highest Award
Is Universally Acknowledged
the STANDARD and the
BEST prepared
For INVALIDS & Convalescents for
Dyspeptic, Delicate, Infirm, and
Aged -persons/ PURE, delicious,
nourishing FOOD for nursing
molhers, infants ??CHILDREN.
Sold Everywhere.
?h"TMot, JOHN CARL!; & SONS, New York.
ii'-.ni.v |. i.ksi.m: wants to RMTBAIM MEM
FK'M Airr.MiiN?; in tiik rn<?? ???"I-d
OPTUU AT i'AKA'l? >. I-V.
Ml*? Camille D'Arvlllo. th comic orer.i Btsr,
who !s n> appear IS aaratosa n Virdl'B opera
"ClM.iff, parta of srl b are to be suni there
on VuguBi i, bsfl been Busd in the gupreme Court
by Hear] ??? ' ???'? 'v,"'? through h*fl rounael, ?'?
i ?'t.i.p. im:, obtained tram .'"?tice Btorer
:,-, order requiring her lo Bho? canse on July 2*
why .in Injsnctl-**- ahould not Iseoe t? restrain
i,,.r -.,..., ..... print i" lb? ' ".'? ??;'??'' I i rn.iu?
i ..:? in .-' i.ito i ??;? froui appearin*, In Bay i imlc
opera, or staging Sitb any other ?i.'irajti nient thin
Mr Leslie between July H end Au?u?1 9 Mr. '.e?
... ? ... long .,..? he raten 1 into a con?
tra,-: all ' ?? ? trees bj arh! I? ihe eras lo <?p
pear In the comic apera ''Dorothy." which I? ass
aluce i.i .-' r.i??'?;?. al Lai ?? Oeoras, and other
? I'nder the i*-rma of the r-ontrscl ?he aas
? .?,, h perf?ratenos, *?i.?i noi less
than live ? - * ? to be tiren. '?'? hen Ihe
signed SUft a > | It? I i
The performances won |UBl l.
.\ir. !? ?le saya that ? ? has .-: < Isrshle
money In advei printing
-, July i ? al ?ul ibe time f??r th?
., 11 ? ,
?he ?(.?i not Intend t-> fulfil her ontrsel and
?ent bin a cb**tb fot "
I..id r? eel red. Mi ? ? ' of her a? being
an actre*?- of i ?real ?Milt) and per,..?mi sttrae
? veneaa and ? deapread reputa los, snd her fail?
ure to appear sltb bin -*.iii b a great Injury.
The investigation into the aanity of Miss Ross
Fishier, who until a uttie over -, wee? ago iras
itlBfl ?? huer, Sarah Trcbascb, ol No. ISO
Orchard-st., In the dressawklni bustneas, Bnd who
wnn th? a Incarcerated in th? Is ? ? m on
Ward's Island, sag begun yesterday I ??? tn laman
.1 Ne.iii?. ref re?-, in the Supreme Court. MIbb
r my? Bh? araa ? -???r:? d by Dr M r-r? Orsse,
of N ? '"- Rlvlngi in-al , and tha I bet
under hypnotic Intluen? ? nlited
to the aay'um to prevent her from bringing an i?.
?:?.!. , ?. - ? ' ' >? ' hm-, for breach of i" ?rriuae.
. na li stlfl? i a ? ??. M ? rii
tn#nta! condition.
C "in ?vi.t.M'Ai!I r.m t.?i?at
S?ii r-rr.? ?' .?? ?I.in'?.? Befar? ?'I'r'-n. J ' i-t
.... .? ;?. ;.. ? I. M ? . ? ?T...., ? ? ; ?.- 11
? HI No I I.i n h v.. Wnv?l. No J ?? ?HI? I I ? B??l
"\e\.\ N. | li.'l.'i, i ?? N-.-i N t. I'T.?)? V?.
.-....-. ?' ?' ? B ? It-;. "?. ;r
T \l ??? - Vn.i, ? .
i ? , ., M ??? B ? ? ? ? ? N ?? M
K" Il N?!
? ?. ?. p.??- It Hirn? t ?? K!?n?
Hni>>- v?. n-Tni * ? . i ? No. IS
i ?_. >- ? '. ,..-??-...-. \., it.
- - - ? . ? . , i. ? It ..-? ?l )'?i;r ? ? I
Witt Miau n ?
drew? ?.??'? v- 'e l Hill r? l . ? \t ill if
, . N. ..... | ? .i i?, . , v , ? ?.????,?,...
pary x?- I? ' \o '22. Jj? ?.??.n \. II? lt-?ir?i . NV, 24.
Rain? ixt ??' Tale. No '.'4. V' ??? i - ? \
? ? ??:?: Tent? I!
BupreaM ' '-?' r*a I I II ?nd III At
: .
ni Parta I. tl. Ill end T9 Adjoaraad toe the
.c.?l??r r i ' ir- Ret I- M ?l'Uni )
;.- i! IC in N. I?'*?', I.MI-l ? ? I ?
Ml .-lui?
- ..-i1 I ? ?, Idl f.rriei ,m?> .11?.
?Uli) TerlS .':??. ? * n?. l-.r-ti
Buperv?? ' ??? r* ? ? T?r?s ' Parta i it ?n?i in -,?i
j. ,,.?1. ! I r ih? lerai
... ....-....-?...? .,
rali nil? ?" ? t V '" I '?' ,4 "?? ' * ;
? .- . . ?...
e : ? .' '. ' ? ? '? I It ??
1?. ??. ? ? I ' ? ) ? - - - ' , n
? ??:,-? --m
??, ,,.,.. ? .- , ? IL. .?.?'??er )
. I : "
?? ??-. ' in?,' Th-i'-.l iv
.- .. ?
i uni I ? ? r i'H'v T-r.i, <? ? ...?'.,, i?in,
!' ' It ltd III V '.
ir-urse '. ? ? ?? ?
? :<\ ?" ? . ? ?..?. Ten
lily r? ? - il 1 rrtn lief? ?- ' ? ' ??i?oa
;,; il n ni *?! " a*
i c-, ' ?in Trial l'un Part? i II. Ill sad IV ai
1? ?irne'l f.r th?- trim
i" n '"i >) POfin r.r>.
-iu?.irn?-. i
1 " l.l.'l,. J.
v?n /.m it v? M. ??. ;.- ? at OrtnSal
? 'I.llloll l"?H?<
? Ma ? jr. J
ii.?u?r nf Lea'? ' ' ? ? " ?. ?n.
Dj M A.l 11 '
1 ???)??:? ? . \ I . ' -
l,.ii,,.|. n I.. : ll I In I. W'l?..r?.
\'?".liH?.|? m? I >a\ i? i. ?-iril .I?-?
U-\ | ?i I? i - ' '? .ul? ? I 'In).
The (?rn-.'l 3wn PBtl re l.th ? ? '. ?irt .,' i i r ,? f? p
alona it soon yBatsrdsy sad ii^n.je.1 up i? Recorder
??'.it ? ii'int.-r of aslflaaHBrtani indtrf ani . ?n?)
sretfl tli.-n dismlSBfld for ihe Bar. TSSI ? a? bo ln
,i m ?nl or prspsatawai agstasl hi '-rifr l
In c.innectinn wiih the e?cnp? t,t the pestsAMa rob
I?, rv Allen. Rii-mell BS I KII ornn, from Ludloa
Street J?i i'h? ;:>. ?i i-i made so charge in the
Jury, Bnd ? ii J b? did ?it Intend to dfl bo \e?t? r?Uv
A-tlns l?l?irl?-?-At?orney \\'?-?l<? mid he wa? not
i-on'?ttiplatln?- any BCtloa In the ini)tter.
Th? Jnstleea ad the ?ay co-in yeoterdsy ete-t-i
Tt.iiiirt A. Vsb nrycb ?Chief Judji" of ibe City C utl
!n pU'-? 'if I!??? lute ?linen M FHiili'li. Tl'.e neu
i'hief .ludjre wa? admitted to the i.ar iti isT_a sad
v ar . .''?id to fu City ?'>ut: l.ench In November,
IH?i. for ?I? vear?
The unusual elrcumstsnoea ?.f ? ?tr?-?t rai!??.?v
coapaay paying the city more mn"> ?tmn it sh*-ul i
ii- b< -i avered, ll Is alteged, in th?? essa of
th-. Avi ?n??- C Rallrog ' I lomp. ? ? I'p t.? .?. v,ir ago
the company baa l??-. ,i paying Ihe city Ji.nm .? .. u
for It? m". ,,r tii.- streets Since 'he M'ti , , :,,
Traction ?'? mi injr ?'?nie m?o pnifaalos ?if the rood
n> reesey bs? been pail into ih- efty tr?.assi*y.
Controller nteh ?<*t?t hla ?????; -. t-ir- recently to ln
gulra w'iv tha pa***a*-**atB h*. i ceased, ?n?i ye?trr'lir
r?e, ivei ,-, >tier from Henry A. (toMnaon, counael
for the M? ?i. i?olltsi csrporatloa, citing Judge Csr?
doaa' ?leclaion of Au-mn i. ittl, thai lb? sura ol
?|l'' s*a? i., be paid th-- etty. Ttie ronetruetmn
nereiol re p'.aced ,?n ?he decision wa? that the fi.r.-n
v.;,? ?payable annually. Mr, RoMnaon ?i"W rontnul?
?bal on? payment .?f |],000 w>?? a'l that the city
could .i.uin aad th.it the 1*3.?') p:?id in annual In
stalmenta since ilfl ?,urht to )>.? refunded lo the
con-nan-'. Th,- Controller ha? referred th.- mattci
to tii? ?"?.rp, ration CouaasL
Al a masting yeatet-day ..f th-- Btacfehsldsm ?r the
Aaiartnaa l'ire Isatarsnes Caaajaay, win??e eapltal
WM? lecetnly f.iiin?! Impaire! hy the State Insur?
ance Dspartnwnt? the oapltal atooh ??f ih<- essspsay
"-.as redsesd, In acoordance sitb the rsorgantaatlon
plan, from lioo.noo to ?1MMM, which ieuv.? a mii
phifl of strer ti1?),???)?.
Th? next Btep In the reon-nnl-tatliiii will be a ?ul?
Bssasat lacrease of tas capital ?tock of the cm
pany from Malta] m ji".?,*???. Bueta addltlsaal ?tocii
belnif <>"f?r.-?l f?n .?ul?.-?? rlptlun at a price not ?Jena
than IW p.i ? ? lit of It!? par v?ilue, thin, making me
cipltil ?tock MM.000 an?! the surnlus over l*.ii<i,0(W.
a mafltlng of tin dbrsclor? of ihn company win
b? in- d t.i-duy tn Qgii another agstlas of the rtsshe
hohler? tu aiiliiurlr.?. the Im na?.- (?f th,. cnpiial
from HSS,0M t?. lino.O?*??. The .?lockholder? arc mil?
BcrlWng for the t?Kt.ooo addltlonsl capital -?tM-k, and
SVSI ?.n? half of II ha? bsSS alrenly taken.
At (leorse I. Ty?.ji?'? nrw?-?tand. In the Fifth
Avenue II?i)c,, yerterday It wu? ?jld thnt he wa.-.
?llshtly Improved Mr. Tyson I? conflne.l to hk?
hune at ltlv?r?lde, Conn., an.l Is ?ufferlng from
cerebral hemorrhage. W?.?rd wa? received at UN
hotel which ?aid that be a*? ?ill! weak, but the
fi His lis. been passed.
ItOAT OF Till'. KMS.
The ste-imshlp Kms. C ?plain Keimkasten, of the
North German Lloyd line, arrived here yesterday.
On .Inly 1H the Km? overtook In the North flan the
Norwegian bark Talisman, Captain Urick-uen, of
Christiania, which wag nearly full of water and
laboring heavily, with signals of dlstres? flying.
Tiie .-?plain asked to have Ms wife and fonrteen
ragrtM son taken off. l?ut sold he and the crew
would stay aboard the bark. The ?ea was rough
and a lifeboat was launch.?! with dlflfculty, and In
ehargg ?>f Chief (?fllcer Prehn started for tiie bark.
After much trouble Mrs. Knckscn ami her ?on were
tt.trnferred to th- l.ms.
Mrs. Ericksen aald th" Talisman, which was an
old craft, was bound to Cowe? with deals and had
met str-.ng. variable winds. She hnd strained so
badly that the pumps could hardly k??ep her afloat.
The ?'ecklo.vl broke loose r.n?l demolish? 1 th" bul?
wark? nn?l d?ck flttlngf. and side of the C-btn. let?
ting the water flood It. The deals alde.J in keeping
the bark afloat, and Captain Krlegsen thought he
could make port. Mrs. BrtCkgen on I her gOQ were
.amied at Southampton and placed In charge of the
Norwegian <* ?nsul.
The Executive Committee of the Qermen-Amer
Icati Reform I'nlon, hold Irn passions behind closed
doors, and special effort Is mi?!e to k?"p from the
public the exciting gptoodei which dlacussioni of
the enforcemenl ?if the Excise la are furnish. In
spite of a? attempts to suppress the facts it leaked
out yesterday tha: at Friday night's COSUnltloe
meeting there waa a lively set-to. la the absence
,.f the regular chalrinon Touscher de Bleghardt,
one of the vice-presidents, presided. Collector K i
srard Oroase precipitated the trouble n> intr.-?
duclng a resolut!, n approving the action of the
commltteo which appear? I before Mayor Strong
three week? ago.
Joseph Winter s rose to advoeatg th?- resolution.
He began a bitter SSSStill upon Mayor Strong per?
sonall?', alte.-king the Mayor's reputui OB for
ver.??-tiy. iri?;.ir so far. |t w?? mid, M to cal' the
Chief Magistrate of New-York, in the choice inn
guagt which is ti?,* usual medium ?jf communion
tion i*i ti??-..? eoaualttee ametiaga t "Eunkerer."
Mar.?- members shouted "HochI bachf h' this;
til? Mr Winter'? rxprea Ion broughl out saclaras
of lissent, torn? crying, "Nieder mit ihm."
Hut i; ? :?? ' ?*? iproar Mr. Winter weal ?>n to
? t il "Colonel Btrong waa i> ? ni person :?i ?it
in tt??? Mayer*? chair in i city like New-York.*''
T)??? Mayor had "?! rlvi I everybody," Mr. Winter
? . ??:?, a? he could i ?' board, Blgmuod H. ?eiig
ii attempted to repel Mr. Winter's
atlick on th?* Ma] t Te I ill ,i ??nth-man a
i?r" ?luring Ids lb ? : i ?? fr m Ihe clly. Mr.
.- *i?tn? ir. ??!'.. .???? tik.ng a fdUl nnl cowardly I
?1'. anta-.-e. and he never ex?->e?t.-1 to hear remarks
n ? f'ii to the mun wh ? uttered them bc
? i I 'he llrr.lt? of Hsx'er-st. ?Sh'-iit? of "Hoch!
hoch!" mingled with sutlers] gcceati ?if distent.)
Mr S'elirman. raising hi? voi -? above the h-ib
bub-l regar 1 Mr Winter's al'uslons to MayOV
Btl ;ng is OUI of order and unparliamentary, ami
am rurprts-1 that th? i-hiirmm of this meeting
should ?i? cahaly by si i hear such thing? wttbeui
protest If the Chalnaaa does n?.?! decide that the?e
utterances ?re out Of order, you can have my re?lg
nii"??n at nn??e ' (MSSC ipplaaSO ml ? ?-?f'l'i'in.?
Mr Bellgman's threat seemed to ?tartl? Chairman
Siegliirdt ?h ? did Id? beat !0 "t.ip i?e the ruffled
?enslbllltie? of Mr .-??'Hamm Before be had ended
th? chairman sspreeeea his opini??n in a concilia.
??>ry "?.?> ihst Mr BTinter*! ref?-rit,ces to the Mayor
?ere m of pSaci and uncaile i for. Then Mr. ?"I'S
min ?ugges?e?l ihat the re*?"!ut:?>n of Mr. <)ros?e t?*>
pprove ?im ?ir?--*. Tamaen an?! otto K'mpn*r
had ?inn?- at the Mayor*? off!? ? )?# im i on th? *i
The moil ?n was carried,
A Committee of o-ie m-n.l'er from en? h Assembly
(l!?tr!c wi ,; i ? it? I tn l?mk after Hie reorganiza
tuin f the district? iTiir? i by the new apportion?
Fabbn A Mend?, the Kreuch agesta Bl Was M
gad M Bion? ?' :? ! ? the rumor? thai have leen
published t*. 11 the steamship Cauca, which sailed
from this i??rt on Sunday eras Intended In any way
t?*? sM the ?'oben revolution lots, "*.fr PsMsn ??id:
"The QoOfgO II Baadl ??.,? b ?iitlu l>> us fr.iin the
C?nten?isl Transporlii'i'in Compaay f??r 'he S??
?let* Anonvme de? Min.? dtl CSUCS, of 1'irls. OUTS?
er? of ?. v? t.ii r"i i raines os 'he itiv? r A?ralo, In 'he
Iteptit.lli- ?if i'.i, Mtiu. an?l her name ?js ehai -.'? I
to I'ltH' 1
? The ?teamri ?..i? bought r ?r th? urn ? I I
? ? '*?e. ? ? i, rt ef ?'arthsgene
and ': ? , i?rter? of Ihe mine? tsiie \%
'.'?: fe, i long, H fe-1 beam ?"? ! '?<?? toes burden
Maui ?? de .-? Edme, n tgealihy Parisian aad a
: CSpttaBsi .?f the r.in'pnnv, and F? rn.-tu?!
sues, th?* mining englneei of ihe eapany,
and oiheis in?cre??-e i, were ,, i beard The Cauce
aas refitted rtt Urnoklyn and v/aa 'heu taken tg
Preach Une plei -.-.inr? ?i ? wai loaded with
mal mid provlaloiia, th? only -?ir.-?? > I ird She
left f..f i irthnren? a? |fl i, rn .-??,.. ' . .,? rl '!i-<..
iep.ii i. ,r rldliMi ou?, h. i n ?v ?'i" ?'"? ?
the < iw i wl en he pass?e the ? 'uboa ?
Mounl c.r.rn?. penn., Ju'j :: (Special) The
Peansylvants Chaulauajusna ihowed no i??-k ?if in?
n-rest t?, d.M. d?-?*,:t., th? extreme li-it h-u! the
slluretnenta of ?? rival sttractlon In Ihe sa?
ii'i.it ? ??? ? apai ??? of m ? Id i'r ge le, tt. Q ,
Venn To il-iv? triln? a II? I a l-?:?re mini
N ?!. Psnn. To-day's tram? added S large num?
ber to the population of till? moiiiiian resort, ur I
tut re was a large number of transient \i
n of i?ii? ? aesstoi ? were
Ihe Rev, s. a. I*. Pranc's, ?u Pblladelphlai c /?:
Haust of Lsneaai r. gad A l' Merham <?f ?o.
lum'.in. i>r. M. H Richards, of Mahleaberg Co!?
I? ge, lectured ?m "?ptica! Qhoeti " 'I'ne last of ..
a? rii ? i' !>*?*ture>? on English history trAt roneladee
th? 'i.v. MTaidman, ot PhUaddpMa, wh?.s.?
SI -lie : ???: ?? . .? g U W.it TylST." I'r ?J..or?{v.
T Etttager, ??f Mahlenberg Collsaja delivered a
li.lure |n tile A'idl'nr.i:ril on "Ll.'e :< Lotlfty." The
e?en?rg i<? li i ws? .i lli ourse ?m "Crumblern an?!
Orumb!tag." by Ihe R?. D P. Dimmlek, of Hsi
risburg Thl? .M,!?!!?-'? llouml Table of th?
t'hautauqua Bclentlflc and Uterar; ?ir,-ie was ad.
drc? -?' by ibe Rev. Oeorg? .\l !tr-??*n. of ItuifAlu.
i hi* il? Id ? i? ii | ??f the C? L. B. C.
ii ttiiu or THF. BABTMOLOi ORE?ME.
Th? Dartboldl Cr?che gcknowtegga with sin,-ere
iliinkii ih?- ri???*li?i of !h<? Mlowlag ?u:ns In aid of
It? wtir!. Ih,? i-.
Tin- .sun in of Tarkey, "Btockhridge" and ,i ii
Srli.ff. *.'?? ?"?>' "A L." "A t-'r'eii.!." Mia? K.
Redmond. "A. /.." Miss it W, Erses, "Is Meatot)
nt i? Richards," Mksj it U Kenasdy sni m:>- |
....??la!!.!:" ? oh; " V Flit ?i 1." "II ." ?!?'? eu, h; M ?s M
\x Henderson, J. H. A:..xan?ii<. Mr?, t h Bauch!?,
Mr? I..-: I ? ni . * : ? : I r ? ?'?, ?? J Mill ". In '? ?-. M t .'? ?,
? i.?: Inslee, Mrs s " Van der Pool, J. Howard
Wright aiil MlM ? ' f PartMS, 11" each; Mrs. ?'.
A. Hunk. Mi?? J Robertson. Mr? <* M ??? Buassra
V ? i., MMs A A. T. v.iii I'lt. o a Hurt m. Mrs
Mi? i?. Hiiiie. Edward I* MoMneia, Jr. Mrs w.
il.irmati lir<it?ii gad Mis? ."?! ?ry I-;. Tweedy, K
each; Mis? a. j. McCoy, V. Th? Cr?cbs is dolag
an escelleat ?enrice Is provtdlas ? rssori for chi;
ilreu gafeeMed by tile he.i!, where they em be
telen hy their mother*? at an> hour of th?* day. It
Itj? Ihu? l?e?-n largely !ii**'ri:mentsl In SflSgflggJ
infnntile diseases L is i.-.*^?-*,? u ??? ? ond sppre?
elated bj t't poor of Uii? elty, it as? an average
of .?.huit one hundred and Bfly or two bsadrsd
chii'iren every pi<-i?irii day? H sc da liberal cor
triieiiliiiii t,. ensMa ll i?> mainlstn tie work.
Checks lu.i) t?e ?en lo Charles I? Kellogg, (r??as
iir? i of ihe I'rf.-he. No, MS I'.ur.: Tw.-nty-secoinl
?t? ?>r to ,jii> p| ,i in?*!n!? of the eommlltee in
charge, which :? nomtpoteA i.r the following sddl
tkmal pel m Prsd Delano W 'kea, of th? i'hll
drea') ?xi?! : i?.-iv, chairman; Mrs W. Harman
Llrowa of ih? Charity Organisation Suciciv; Hr.
?tnnle I Daniel, New?Yooi Infirman for women
ami Chi Inn, Medical Directory; ,\1r*.. I. s. Pain
brldgs, of ih?* N w-Vork <*Hy Missing Boclety.
Why llora a Felluw <?< t Vi-IIot? .
r?M ii?e?ln't mull an r???-r I?, the. ?Iitipl? ? ,inii ?I?iii?i.
\V.- kti iw lti.it *j,.ii Uii,,*a that a M|gW? **?.- u.-*?' Ihe t?rm
in iv? sgesehre ??n?? i? yellev sseaaa? he is i?tn si
In i.iher w ?rda, hie lh?-r h?? gel nut of order. Ill?
bowels have beeosw eaaeilpsisd. in? ?kin gad eysballa
io??uine it, m.,?i aswarraatsM? assuaspMsa) ? ssBrsa
Urge. Ills longu? pull <?n a cuel Of fur, even In th?
nimmer lime; hen.nih til? right ?I??iuli1'*r tiiede tn? rlhe
tirlr.gei ruiilnd him IbSt ? very NSttem Imp 1? In ?heir
Immedlsii vtetaBy. Bow, if tin? h?pir>? in?iiviiiuai win
?imply pro??ure ?p?l u?e at en*. II ???tier ? BtSMSI Ii
lliliet? he'll lie .,','. rlijtil ?hnrtly IVinHil|?ntl,in. hill SSS?
i.???. in?'^rla, Ir !'g???tlnn, rheumn'lam. neuralgia und dB
arder M lbs kMaegs an?i bia?i?'.er gfl >iri?i la ihi? peer?
li??? fan,ll?. rein?<*.) ami prevrnilve. I?? it prouuiily.
with peril?(?uce aad raguUrlty. A wli??glai?tul tlulc?
Ivory Soap
It Floats
At all grocery stores two sizes of Ivory Soap are sold; one that
costs five cents a cake, and a larger size. The larger cake is the more
convenient and economical for laundry and general household use.
If your Grocer is out of it, insist on his getting it for .you.
Tm? Puto?? A Oawh* Co., Cin'T).
The full teat of th'a 'ntervle-v with Issaefl B. Eus
tis, rr?!"i Ht.'tt.n Ambassador In Paris, publish!'''.
in tbB "?'i;:aro" of July b. Is now at han!. In It
Mr. Bustlp li Quot? i '-? -'o'-ukin-* to a French re?
i?jr'? r (who signa blmaelf Osstsa Routier) about
several tOplCg Of present tnt..T.*!.t. After the Inter
rtoa bad heen printed, sad IM Bubstaasa ?'abie,i to
tbla country. ?Tr- BaaUs deatod that he na'1 *lv,"n
out Blieb statements. The ".?"iguroV represan ta tire
?aSaequestly aiTtrinel the correctness of his report,
tbOSgh a?!m:itliig that lie ?-.anted v private SSB^rStaS?
ti m, Tb? article a? it appeared In the "Figaro" is
herewith reproduce?! In tr ??.'.slallon:
ThB political importance of the Halted States 1*?
Incn-aslr-* ?teadlly, ami Europe I? bsgiaalrt? IS
?reckon with this rieh youn?; Power Sero? the Atlar*
Ue Nor is la-day th.* Rrst time that we has* hn,;
eneaelos ta apsak of the United Lfutasisnd.the
par*, ?t i? ev ntuallj ?!' ?tlned to take In int.-r'Mllon-Ll
question?, it --a? of th.- :<re.,tcit interest, taere
l.ire. to learn fru?? me UPS of a B? -i ?-?afie 0f auch
eminence and authority bj Mr. Jarr.?-s it. Kuatia,
Am.'.-1-sa.l..r of the United fltstaa at r-arto. I..' i?"
?lllcal rtewa ol ibia groat Republic, b? und to i raacs
by the ties of lona-suadlng (rtendantp.
'Mr Ruatla i- ? i ?ni-"!"" man, ol large ?tature,
and nlth i cordial manner, lie gave n ? .?
1er welcome ?n hihj-r-.it ctudy, In th? I nit? i I
l-',ni.a??i an?! conversed ai length In e**ce,>nt
French on s??m" of the leading topa'?* of the (to!
I ?ball give ? synopsis ?.i bis remarks, in? La?-I
p.ntalK--- Of '.Milch Will h'* evident to v? ? ybOl...'.
We Bpoki Jirst of his futurs BSndtdSO: for the
?Prealdency of the United futes Mr. Rust?a na.-l
thai nsthlag had bass settled .ip?>n tato point Hta
politl-il fr??*nds had pit his name fo.wnrl. and
ti., pi isslng It, tut as tt'.e election ?ioea
not ?alt? pis? foi iU ?sen montbi II ?? BtUl a <|uaa
Uun for luture consideration.
\ir j- : ? i.-1 : i-. '??Hill net shrink, however, fr?.m what
:., .n! consider to be bis duty, and would ac
c< pt the great honor that ht.? feiiow-cltlsana an.
talking oi doing him. un hoi ?r tnai would be en?
tir.lv merited by the aervicei he baa done bla couu
try. " The party wiwas candidate Mr, Rust?s ?jui'i
be Is the Democ-ratic party, whom- principles are
th ?.?? of free irade, and ?t 1? probable that we
ehould .???? i he las) barrlsra ael up t>y tne "McKin?
ley hiii' awept away under Mr EuaUs's presidency.
Wa ?poke next of Madagascar. Mr. Iiua."..i i? ?
Hevea rlitt the gnat Afrl-an l.slan?! wt I b" one. of
the gema .?r our colonial possession*. All the
Amen ma who havi travelled In Madagascar are
unanimous in their enthusiasm over it? riches "f
every ?Ori They estimate the country to hav? a
greater population than i? generally suppose,I.
Several American houses have important buslnees
relatlnna with It.
From Madagascar we p?.??ed to ? bins and .Japan,
an?! here | transcribe the words Of -Mr. Cuatis, Just
a? they were Imprinted upon my memory:
"The Japan?."?." he BSld. "have h?d and still hiv?
all our lympatblea, The* ..re a brave mu.- nation,
?nd h?ve Jusl j?r.'\ei their military power ."i 1 their
f..,,| -en??- by their deed?. They heve i?,i!,:<-d
ri.liant vi? ?orb-s over the )'hlne?e. and have . er
talnly .??t??.??J for civilisation in the Kar Bast n?alnet
th* pig head? I Chinese, who, to th;> day. have .c
ferte.l to len'Te all ?tra'ur.-rs ?nd to shut tri-m
selvea In systematically ??-ainst Europe. All the
concessions we have gained from ?'bina up to the
presen) time ha?? leen at the end cf a ?..it!. UM
with n?, good grace whatever,
"Publie ??pinion with us ha?, ?..en extremely f.ivor
ahe t?, Japan; young Japanese coma In grast num?
ber? to studj .". the United listes Thej ira
studious, serioii?, thoughtful Wherever they go
they escita I??:uik sympath-, while the CblasM
do n ?I mi)?... ibemaelvee liked. ?Tor my part, i
should have ?ike?! t?i tee the Japans*?? take P-ain-f "
"Flut in that ase." l Interposed "would there rot
hnv been danger of a revolution in CBtna, over?
throwing the present dynasty, dtamemberlng the
country ?nd i>iuti<in-,' it Into anarch] ""'
T ?l?i not think bo rbla ??r.\,t Bnd rnormously
p.'Piilate? e.iuiiti? has been r ?l?l,e,l lu un out
ragi'iii? fashion by lbs mandarina In power. II
II ve changed masters srlthoul much of an
outcry, ileslJes, I hi Japans s sre h ?ii'vahle, and
'???"Mr our ??????? :n. p would be an advantage to
?he Chinese to be gorerned by th?-m. I h :i? ve
tii.it tt'e China iapsnese war l? d?SBtlned to bava
Important r. ?it? up .p. the commerce of ail .'01111
tri?s We ?kail ail prolli by ti... efforts of the
.'.?; naaa t? i,??.ii up ?
THK RKPOH iir? .?:? ',:::r TRBATT.
"As tat lbs i-i ort? ?f .1 rter-.et treaty between
and the Cal ted htatea 11 -; are ?,:'.['? witbosl
foundation, and 1 ?? soi really understand arhal
eoiiid have Riven r!??? t? them. Thsy h;'\e received
credence, however, m Oerssssy and rtnaaia, aad
even -??-r... bul as I s^id r?- ??>.:!? 10 ? Count of
Mill ?' ? rould be i-..r.- 1'ie
-?;?'. uhlei r in.- 1 ,,:ie.| .... ? t,.r Japan;
i?u) it 1? i>. n?..i ?,. t.i't, no actlv? pan in matters
t'.'t r,i*el\ Am-ri ? 10
? w ?? hn... receatb mnie ,,n arrangemenl with
lapan n? hn? Rngland. w htcli niadifles previous
treaties end places tmerlcans resldeni In J.?t).n?
'?<??'??' isp " se ! irlsdlctlon, Th -? m it. wll ?v?
int.? effect in Hve years, and pi ?\ ?? limply thai we
appreciate ihe lioneet) and go ??! f.iiih of the
?' il?i tot i ,|, . _ad their in ,.-. ir
'i ii?- Continental Powers thai bar? ippro ? I
ISBSn :?? B frlaodll manner have scored a re,,l
illplon uk success, ?nd Japan hi* uK? adtranced
" '?'' ' ":,:;. "1 of Bvsrj h :. ???. ;. 1 1 oiltlcal ?kill
.i;' i her mod? t it Ion. Rngland ba 1 >? bul :? h
of reaaona t ? ?boa bei .-n .,
aaeeeaa a?? gained aithoui ber participation.
\- tot the (?"ment of th.- war Indemnity t? the
Japanese, which is t?. be ve.-, considerably In
?? i if the Continental Poirera sui ?eed .1 renrh
. ;,., rmem t? -xereise control ??v.-r th? ?!??
t-iiia of ihe riist.m? bureau already orginiaed by
Mr Hart, which numbers I,(MB Rngl rbmen as eat
ptoyea, the United stat?-;? sill hare ie regaos to
laisrfsra <?r t. !,,ke ?i?r* in th.? ,?.>rt of "cwndo
mln.)))n.' or r->'b, r r''?"ee).?r,ire, b?, ?ev.-rat POWSTS,
"The ,!,.,.,ring lg ?reit estabHabed in the rn?*ei
Ht.itej?. ;,n.? aperovad by asaryhody, that ?ve are ssl
to Interfere ?1, Rur?paaB or Asistir affairs. Tne
l'nlt?-l Htares hns ?nly .mee mai- 1:1 ?>.??;.! on to
thi? prlaetfda or govaraassat, sad that ??s 'n the
? ??.- of H.?mo?. I in.i.l? s ?p.e,-h !;? ?he lunate
before iba sote up<-n the b II, oppoolag any Inter
.'? ? nee, and th? bill tecetvsd a otajortty ?>r oati
??. .- V..te.
"U'e bsve matten enough ;,i enpaga cur attcs
t "i? In Amsrics, the Ustted ,-"*;iten is ??mense,
u'.th as area about eighteen times I'm ?r Kram?
?we have ovarlj .'*.m?i.?i.^ inhaUunts. ..-'l our m
?lu?ti ??l comm ."ul ui"! agriculiural development
on 10-day un : -.- pan iit? .?'i sa ? straor
? 1 n.?r? .m 1 remarkaM? .!?? during ih- ia?t ftfty
reara In iif;? v. .?is w,- ?hali undouhtedli bava
!i/i,t?i>.0*-j Inhabitants in the Catted ?-? 11 ?
"We i.itend to stay ai home, to avoid conflict
Britta foreign powers. BO I never to Inie.-fer.. r?u
si-ie of Antiiir-i. The syawatMea of ??r prtB? and
of our cltlaena may indeed be manlfes'.-id ?n f?vor
of auch sad Buch a Power, bul our Government
mus 1 remain Indifferent ?nd nioof from everything
that ?io's not touch American 1 put. ?is ,?:id Ameri
caa s?i?."
I thsa sshed Mr. Basthi what he ihoaghl of
?'.n: 1 in .111 I the dlSpOSlltoS it has shown to ??..pnrate
from Rngland sad be saasasd :<? iba United state?,
"if wa B-tehsaV declarad .\ir. Bustla, "we coaM
t,a\e Canada ^"ii"d t_ the Union MMBorrsw; but
we ?1? ii?>t daslr? It at lb- prggsal thas. There ia
a very ???vmi.'uI party lu Caasds ihsl donau?!? an
assstton, but the preaeni altuatlos Is not un?at.s
factory to us I beUevi that ir Canada atoned to
become it part of the I'nltel States tltiRlainl Would
not ?aeriilce her last man 10 prevent It, hut \??)u:?i
undoubtedly be resigned to ?t. but ?? prefer to tot
.he aaaatlos r?*?t sraere :t Ib. We i>,.;,? caiia?la un?
der our li?iid, and we ??ay to Rngland; 'AlaKe no
faces ut u?. or we shall ann.x!' (fie.)
"Tin? Oewslsl policy 01 Rngtond, nowever, la a
matter of aasesemeni ?o ma, ?'hu nation of jni?)u
111)1) people rule? aw.ww.ftOD human IkIiik? in all ?pari?
..f lb? world. **"?*?- has cilii)?le? evervwli?r?', su?. 1.
founding th* m everywhere, and ha? not enouata
"it is sstraordlnary, but we muat adaiBrs bay
policy toward th.se colonisa, Rngland gtvea her
coloniea Kr.-.it tread tun relatively ?Sadependent gov?
ernment; if ?he dil not she srould m? them casting
off their ar.egianee -t?--ini>rr?iw. with it ai:, n,,.
Kn?ll?l? eobmiflB are advanclns ?raduallv toward
"Tl' 1?' I? B ?real dliTeleiH-i- between the f-ye ?oni
of the Rngtlsb colonies a?)d the ?irtet ?late of aub
le.-tlon In ivhlrh the Hpanlnrds bold their colonies.
I believe that Cubs has never passed thron*-.*) a
graver irlala than ?h?? is now eaperleaclna. The
revolutionary party there ?ie?'ms to m?> well organ
laid sad v.-'-y ?!-?? rmtn-rd."
"It w*? ?t on.? tlin.? fesrad in SsahV I '"?aid t>
.Mr Rust!.?, "that the 1'nlted Ht.ite? ?nten.bd to lij
lerfere In Cubs In fav?>r of the revolutionist?. Is
thh feature jiiAttll-dT"
"our liovernmeut," lie ????wered, "baa nollilng to
do with ???'at got? ?'ii bet we.-i? the BpSBlSb '3ov
eminent ??nd th?' re\,.!utli?n!?t?. Put American
sympathies are for the rebel?, and the press of th<*
Unlisd Stat.s do?? not cmeenl It."
"ilut arc not these sympathies of a sort to ml?
lead the Cuban revolutionists, to encourage them,
to resist to the utmoet In the Hlusory hope of ra?
?elvlng help? _uch sympathies are purely pi*,
are energetic, determined mm. Their soldiery com?
prises all sorts of people?n.-groe?, white m?-n, Ch?>
nesc. adventurers."
"Hut can th"y stin?! .-ipains: the n-.te Spanlah
troops? Mar?ha? Campes lias der?rm.!ne?l to pat
down the Inaiirrectlon r.dth all vigor."
"What ran the undeniable braverv of th.? Spanien
?oldlera and the r.r. u military ability of Mirtia?j
all steinst adversarle? wh?j carry os
The remainder of the intervtew l? given up to the
Ambassador's con-.p'iment? to Paris sad his praise
of life in th" French cap!* ...
(iiAi'.ci: Off ASSAULT AOAiMVff si 'I.i.ivaN,
Thomas Suulvan, tw? niy-iiiree yers o:d, of N'a
33T, Wnter-st., male un atl ::pt yesterday afternoon
to r"*?i ue William Henry .rom POUceaagS Edwurds,
of the (Md Slip .Station, In Or.tre-st. He ?truck
the peHcfmas and Tied to trip i.lm. Hiil'ivar. was
eaugtM 1 y Marc Meagtsftf, a court interpreter, and
was clubbed Into? rubinisslon by t*o'.,,*,*in?n Ivl
?*. irdu Raary und Su'lv.i-i wer!? arr'.l^nel In th?
Tomo.? !'ollen Court.
Policeman Howard?, aft. r MUag MagSBfStg
Ilrann of . illiv.w.'s asaiult on him _.i?l 1.1.? attempt
to reectK Ins prisoner, artr ordered hy the Court to
make a eomplalnt of disorderly conduct.
"Hut be assaulted me." repeat?-?J Elwarda, "aud
triad to ralease n'y prisoner."
"!?ls'irder!y conduct 1? sufficient," sail Magistrate
Il.?!-r!s gad the other psUoSflggB within hearing
look? 1 putflgfl
When BuUtvaa WSS BnsUy brought before him
Magistrate Eraaa aafead who ha?i stntch BaElvaa
on the ; ? i |
"Vou o'i^ht never to club a man ilke that,"
added Magistrate Brmmi "you barge no right to
?!'? -o."
Bdaragdg was sagpetsge, but managed to ?ay:
"Sullivan wcuid have <,*.t my p:!so?ner away If two
policemen and Interpreter Moaetahl had net helped
Moustakl started to tell of Sui Ivan's attack on
the policeman, but Magistrate brann Interrupted by
"This is sinp'y a c.-,rnp'._lnt for disorderly con?
duit I\e hear?! enough. Ci-.e Special _e.?<:on?
Jnstlees are kicking because we do n?T diep'i?? of
more ?mall CSSea Mil "\?:?i tr. -a: tO *v'e;r court."
A line of Jl'j was Impose) on BulllVSB.
In a letter from Antananarivo, the capital ol
Malagas ?ir, a correspondent of the "'Temps, of
Par!*?, writing on May M, give? the following par?
The Ilova Government ha? pre??. 1 into eerv;ee
some "porteurs" ?r men who transport traveller?
in Blansana. a kind ??f sedan chuM-, carried M
the;r shoulder? hy f.ii.r Mrtlaga.sys. ar.?l It ha?
?-??ni by that mo?ie ot conveyance to Vatomandry,
?>:: the coast Ethelheri 0 Wo "? ? ' We had al?
ready i? .?i this gentleman gi Antananarivo la i*H,
He ri t irneii from New-TorB on April h*?. w.:h
the saiseiyn of bringing to an end the H?iui?!ati?B
of th?* *\eu i ?r,??'.tal Banking Company. 0?h?*-rs
suy that, lie <-im'* ;?> i*??k? an investigation ?' the
che rifen whli'h nave bro./cht about ;he ??????eufing
of h:a countryman, ex-Con ?el w*al>r.
During his sojourn at Antananarivo Mr BTssA?
ford has mu?-h fre?|?iente?! the Hovo. seilet?-, and
has had many Interviews with the Prime M.',!?ter
ami h;s secretaries Hi saa 'seil entertained uy
the hlg!i personages of 'he Stiver Palace, hut It
h !*?? nol ! ? ?? i, possible for mc to know exactly
what It was about. In fact. I am pretty ti-11 In
, lined to ;hink that be did not occupy h.mieif
with political or finan?ai questions
M Is ra:d that hi* roes back to Washington, and
that he will sops be hear! from. Hs la repre*
peni ! as bavtsg mid thu w?i>r ?u.? hate! by
!h<? Presch, I.? tus? of Ihe Immense ronr. .m
hs had obtained from the Malagaeey Qovernmesfc
ii?! tii.it be '.vas i roughi before the rourt-martBl
under the rr-t'Xt that four revolvers hii-1 heee
,'o'ind at his house Mm Waller, who bad re?
in ?in?! at Antsssssrivo myg tiiat. in fact, her
husband was in posssaelea ?f those weapons, hut
tli it h iial i'ir.-h,-i?< i then ?l-irir- h's la.?t voyait?
t>> Am? t -a. a? ????ll as ? lct-es and bo ?ko, tot Mala
gassy i ?*oj*ie who y-.r.i asked h'm to reader th?m
?hat lervtre. The letter also says:
The offle'.al c'r?-les ?e?-r.*. in attach -rreaf im?
portance lo 'lie nrrivil ?if the ?'ast:re of the I in ted
Stet"? Navy Thle \--,?el ha? arrived Bl TSSMtaee,
an.i ;i ?III cruise hIiu./ the roast ro protect A*:.rt
c.-i.i eittseae whom ash? ?iy ibreataaa
? ?
Pavers and osolslaal foremen in the Departmeal
Of Public Work?* hi.e. .it tu.? rsgsesl of Cuniml?
i nee Brookf, Id of the Dgpsrtawai of PaMM
WorV?. been put la schedule ?; i?. :!?? <*;vii Bervim
I'liniiiii: i loner?. i'lii- change ? 1.1 lee C? BMMggigBtf
BrOOkffOld 10 pfMBOte ISBsrera to i.!iiim?;rs. r?tm
inc:s t?> pavera si I ???-.??.i,.u foremen t.i foremen.
In firtur??. tin* Commleeloner si??. ,-.u advaacensMrt
to n hljrlier grade will be lu>e?l on tl:>- i? .-.?mnienda
ti?.:i f.r faithful Servio? furnish?', ?jy th.? Chief of
the Bureau. Efhea th<* work of amlatam foreems
has n.'t been suc.-i as to n?, tit grti gnremfBI ?tiy
\ tcanctes that may oecur v?iii i?,? BUed from the
???vil ?Servi,-.* ?lisible list. Thl? ?oncesslo.i ?a?
aafead 1er b| CoauBlggioaer BrssklaM to enable
him to reward Kood conduct es weil a? to r,_fi*??*i
Inder this n? w riling. ?,n the roeommendstlog ef
Superintendent John Himi?*-oii of the ll ;rea : of
Street? ?itid ??.?.ids /,?>!?',i?,i Porcman Wil?a;.i C
I?.?yle n is yestetuay m.?,!?- a foreman.
Trenton. X. J.. Jiiv .?' iTteiigf) The iri.i! at
C lonel .lohn '?'. v.ui ?'i-.-r. the obeaerstary gf *At\
Blata n?..ir?i sf Asaeaaara, ?iu i? indicted for fa;??
proteased Le rHaltilag gmaej from the ,s?a'c for
railroad mage aovar iel'vercd ?i.-i n?)t begla la :h?
Mercer Court this morv.m;;. Captain W, i1. Holt
representing p| ?acatar Btoefctoa. ask- i foi a pegs?
poti?:r.<-:it of ;!.?? case i'iiil I plomber M, un ac
cuuni of the laab?lt) >?f the preseeutlaa ".o ??-cur?
aeceaaary aHsaests. The swUss la pastgaae tns
Opposed by H. N. Hart?n. ??? ui.-t.-l for ????..inel V*a
Claef. Hi* ;:l:..? good the point liut .Judge ?'niveT
had ro legal right to sit in the cas??, as go ?" '?<'"
bad bees Bled ?mi? the Cousty cierk i>>- the chief
Just!?-,* dealgaatlag liini i ? act in the ??lace of Ju'ise
Woodruff. Jn ig?' conover s?ti that ih.' pottfl tnt
well t.'k?t!. end h.? would withdraw, Jodgo BfeoeV
ruff w.u. mat for. an I the m mon t>> postpeae wed
again made end argued The dau of tiie trisi wa?
Anally tlxe.l for t?v.> weeks fr >m lo-dav. Ju'!??
Cenover, it is expeeted by .?u?k?- Woodruff, w?ii ot
?..jpciiy ???_?_ :?rn_it-d to ?it in tie ease it i!**?t OBtA
TABIB? THE rxilED FBESS service.
Amsterdam. N Y.. July r.--- The Morning ?entl
nel" begsa ?>n Baturfte; rir?'i' '?> racrtve the iea.-?*d
Wire service of 'he Usttgd Press and the New
York AasoclG ted Press,
iTcvcnts cliseatc.
l'bc ?-a-na-i.1 ?-r Fkin S<np.
BCOEOM it h;is rlcMB?Eg propflt??t W tifnei
greater than tho.c o? Bfff Olhll iu<'iJ?l-*,,-c<-1
or toilet soap.
Bfciusc its antiseptic projicrtu'S prevent con*
Because? vf ?fter ?|ioo,i grain for ?ill powoB ,
ous mtntfln_ft ?oiiiitl in it.
It Is n.?n-u??eon?iu? antlseptl? ?f?l> for Ih* relief ?*?
cure ,>f ?ll ill?ea???i of Hie ?..in ?r.a ?c?lp. Per lo>___? a
It 1? iwlee ?? ??,.k1 h? |il;iin i.iip for the ?**?*9*7*m2
tmrtern mtp tor the u?l?y. Kor ?ule by ?!! ?^Sfy^if
KA.VAD0R MEDICAL CO.. 1. * li* Vaudewatw St.. N* ??

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