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Continued from Flrat Pane.
?mount of good a little tuning up and a day
Shipyard ran do for her. With sails stretched
and not having to brace her rigging, as she v
about and tack more often than was aseSMST
keen her from going to pieces, th.? Defender
only defeated the Vigilant In remarkably ?good
h-ig time, the actual elapsed time for the dista
official, being 4 hours 19 minutes and 30 seco
but the margin of defeat was such a? to reasi
all cavillers at the advisability of putting an At
lean Keel boat against an English OSBtrsbo
while there 1? still In America so good a cen
hoard as the Vigilant. The margin of ?lefeat i
Officially, as posted In the New-York Tschl C
house last evening, t) minutes IT seconds.
Ernest Staples, J. Le B, Willarl. the brothe:
E. A. Wlllard, who sailed the Vigilant yeeten
and many other yachting experts, were of the o
ion as the Defender sailed home so
ahead of the Vigilant that there Is no longer
question a? to the good sense of Intrusting the
fence of the cup to the new Herreshof? cr??t
There can be no question either as to the Vigila
showing all she was worth yesterday. The
champion was In tip-top form and greatly lmpro
over her appearance of Saturday, although on t
day she looked perfection Itself to any one bu
most critical expert. She was admirably sailed ,
came bo fast at the finish that some people wls
the race had been a little longer to see If she rei
might not have redeemed her defeat.
A good ?tiff breeze was piping down below Sai
Hook, and the experts who were early on hand
see the ?port pr?v>lcted a rare blow before the <
wa? over. Their predictions were hardly realis
still the wind occasionally took a rest. The win?
little before the race was from WBBt SOMthSf?
from which It veered to south-southwest. The con
wa? laid from the Scotland Lightship southeast
miles to a stake buoy, thence southwest toward
Jersey coast to another stake buoy, from which
run home was made.
The early visitors to the Horseshoe were eai
watchers for the changes that had been made
the two yachts since their contest on Saturd
Both. It was known, had un?ler??me severe prepa
tlona for what It ?as known would be a bruisi
race, and each was looked over most caret*1
when she came nn the grounds. The Vigilant I
at anchor all night In the Horseshoe, ami from
moment her big mainsail was hoisted nn?l hi r
set she was followed by steam yachts Bad sm
excursion steamers. The Defender came down
the battleground early. She was standing ab.
carrying a mainsail and a small Jib topsail SB eni
as 10 o'clock .:i the morning. The most notieeal
things about the Defender were her new brae
which were among the most important ?alterado
made a) Piepgra?'? yards at City Island on Bu
day. When the boats ti^at lia?! come down t?? ?
the race began t" OOHsd tl.ukly together at t
lightship, at'.'iit n o'clock, Iba Defender and t
Vigilant played in and out among them a sort
merry game of romps nisi before their duel dov
the Ray. People ?,n b.iard the ?team? r CspbSUB h
a belter chance than any of the Others ?>f seel
in Just what ?hape t!i>- rival yachts rSSlly WSI
for both the Defeniler and lb.? Vigilant shot rep.-?
edlv across the bOWB and brought up under t
stern of the New York Tschl Chlb*S ascursl?
boat, a? If to afforil every MM '? I" rfSOl ?>M"
taalty Of seeing every ?all and rope in all It? pf
fectlon. Mr?. l??l.n w a? M th? d.-?-k <?f the I?
f?n 1er, beside her liusbun I mil Captain Huff, a? t
new champion dipped p??t for th.- Ural time .\ii
Isebn was becomlngl*. attire?! In ? IlKht COS turn
and ?eetuej *?*? en'oj. IhS expntience Immen?! l\
A WilUrd waved his ?slutailona to hi? SOQUSln
?nee? or, the CapheUB as the VigllSBI dish?'1 in, I
her ?ee ? moment aftc? Tin- Vtgilsnt'a ne? Ml
?ermed to lit h?r perfietlv. and she gav? aval
pr.?ml?e .?f making an even better rsCS IhSB .'?
good effort on Saturday.
It won!) be ?HfhVtilt to Imagine a prettier ?!gl
than thst presented by th.? yachts and ihe a
tendant ?e??.!s while awaiting th?. preparatory ab
nal Th?- two graosfal rscsra aemed to I ivs wll
of their own a* they w-heeie?! about, ?tretcbln
their great sails for the eomlng flight ol apse?
and the boat? -.?-re filled with apectatora wh
?.?ri haadherchteffl an?i shouted aalutationa
As on Saturday miming there was jus' B '
of nils; on the water, once more th?- Defend?
cam? by the Cepheus, and again she maule a tur
. ? >rd the "rersey ?hore that was so full of beaut
and crace that the spectators cheered aRain a
they watched It. Then the Vigilant ew?;.; Betel
and coming up made a pretty Hn? on the starboar
tack. The \. aaeto nrer? manoeuvring now Instes
of only stretching theli wings,, for it la?k< ! ? ??..
five mlmiles to the tlr'ng of the preparatory gut:
They wheled once more to look out for the wind
aard position, bat II aaem? i as if it was to civ
the ?pei-tator? a chance to admire them. The win,
began to freshen perceptibly, as the experts ha,
been promising It irould, but some were beginn,tu
to doubt it and to talk of a ?lrlfting mat?h. .Ins
as the gunner was handling his lanyard the I"'
fender afforded a near-at hand exhibition of fin
yachting by breaking out her Jlbtopsail. Thei
came the bang of the preparatory gun. At lh?
same moment the Vigilant, as If not to be out
done In courtesy by the Defender In affording th,
visitor* a view of sail handling, set out he;
J!btop?ail also. The two yacht? jochojrsd for po
s.tlon. and the gun was fired as they were makim
some Interesting moves. It looke.l at one momen
a? If the Defender was going across too soon, bu
?he didn't. She luffed to suddenly that a cry o
surprise went up and then It was seen that sh<
had crossed the Vigilant'* bows ami taken th?
windward position, as well as succeeding In cut
ting across first. The oftVlal time for the Defend
er? crossing the line was 11 hour? 2. minutes ?
The Vigilant Immediately ran up a red flag as -
signal that she woull make a protest, and th?
Sylvia answered the signal. Experts ?ay that II
?he Vigilant had the Intention of making a protest
she would have kept thl? flag flying all the time ol
the race. They believe that a protest will not b?
made, as the little signal was soon hauled down,
?nd It Is I? believed that the Vigilant'? commander
thought better of It.
At the New-York Yacht Club last night no protest
had been entered on behalf of the Vigilant. Th?1
Vigilant has until to-day at 11 o'clock to make a
formal protest under the rules. To those on the
Cophetis It appeared that the J>efender had about
one hundred yards the best of the start, but there
Is a deceptive angle, and besides start Is allowed for
In yachting as In horse racing. Roth yachts were
over well within the prescribed two minutes, and
the final gun boomed out with the falling of the
flag on ?he New-York Yacht Club's flagship Sylvia.
The race had begun and the yachts were stan'Ilng
out toward the buoy on their flrat leg of ten miles.
It was a good club-topsail breeze, and tne two
fairly ?cudded before It. The tug I.uckenbach had
to ?team fast and earnestly ?o get to the mark
and plant the flag on the buoy before the yachts
would be upon her. Roth yachts ret their balloon
Jibs almost as ?oon a? they got over the line, and
the good leading breeze s?_-med to fairly lift the
bows of the fleet boats from the waters as they
skimmed along. At MM the Defender got out her
spinnaker, an action that was Immediately Imi?
tated by the Vigilant. It was nor." too soon to
take what slight advantage might be of a breeze
that was a fickle one, for the wind now began
to fall away. In a few mlnut.-s u had the look.
Of a drifting match, for the balloon Jib? flapped
Impotently in the dying breeze, and soon the spin?
nakers, too, showed signs of want of motive power.
In the light wind that followed for a little time
the Vigilant seemed the faster boat. It may have
been that she only kept the wind In her balloon
|lb a trifle longer. The Defender was to windward
Of the Vigilant, and apparently a good half mile
?head of her. The Vigilant began to gain again,
then lost the wind and fell off.
The Defender wa? the first to wake out of a
calm that ?eemed about to fall on both vessel?. In
Sptte of the fact that some of the expert? ?lid not
consider the Defender's balloon jib large enough or
good enough for her. Mr. I.lppltt. of Providence.
?wner of the Wasp and othei good boat?, began to
Worry over a prediction he had mode that the De?
ader would beat the Vigilant by at least ten
BHntitee. The Vigilant seemed to be coming up
BP'dly. as the breer-e began to freshen Here the
?diera of the Defender ?eemed to be pinching
ner too much. At 11 M the Vigilant ?eemed to be on
?ren term? with the Defender, and In fact coming
?y, and there were some anslou? face? on board
??? excursion steamers. Roth gybed at 11:57. My
J__s time the wind had change?! slightly, and was
R*2_.mo""* ?ft. The Vigilant now began to be
?2>Bed on mo having a chance. In another five
5?.?t?? *?*"? Defender? saiia Ailed and the Vlgl
tojls fell away loose. At 11:04 both took In the
"Pinnakerg. that had been re?et to catch the sllght
SVi**?*1?. ?nd hauled In the main ?beet?, as the
??uS?'*I,n to come from a little more to the aouth
??m-Th* Defender now seemed to be gaining. At
?j-?" in? breeze sprang up again, and tne Defender
?__? ??? forie^ahaad.
? t_s tw* J*0*** fl-<*ers were holding their course,
_C-1__r?*->der g quarter of a mile In the lead The
??"Fonder seemed to sail the ?teadler, too, with les?
Is-eLi*"- i?111--*- The Defender now put ?top? In
"* "*' balloon Jib preparatory to taking in the
Tarrant's Effervescent Seltier Aperient
Sestet? natcr? m rettnre regular action of th? ?temich and
b,i?<*i?. h ni*? ?itKi-iiinn, r-mne? aeeumulatloas, i?re
venl? and r-.ir?** lienilncli?*?. mak?? III? hreetli
trveet an?! the Iilooil pure. The moat dellfloua
i?f ?alln?* draught?.
.'?Oc. ami |l.00. All DfVggtStS.
staysail, and the Vigilant held on steadily. tnklnjr
no chance?.
At 12:4S the Defender ?et her Jib for windward
work, ami ?tot ready to turn the stttkeboat. Then
She took In her balloon Jib. As the Tiefender got
about the turn she broke out her baby Jib topsails,
and mn?le the turn at 12:57:01. th?? Vigilant being at
th?* murk at 12:.">i?:08. a difference of - minutes 7
Once started IS running free it could he seen how
much more stlflly the Kefender was than the Vigi?
lant. At 1:32 both boats came about an?! went on
the port tack. The breeze had freshened considera?
bly, and the Defender was gnining In the work to
Windward. This was almost the first time during
the race that the set of ?sails had shown to advan?
tage. There was nn evident Improvement !n the set
of the Vigilant'?. top?alls. Everything was draw- |
ing well on both boats. The Vigilant seemed to
come up h trifle, but the wind fell off and the De
fenler again ?seemed to gain slightly. Both boats
tacked again almost simultaneously, as the wind
came rather more from (he shore. The Defen?ler
was now about a quarter of a mile to windward.
She was certainly outfootlng the Vigilant on this
tack. At l:4?i both boat? w??nt in stays almost at
ihe same moment again. The l?efender took a lack
over towarl the Coney Island phore. The Defender
seemed to be pointing fully a? well as on Betur?
?t 1:11 the I?ef?n,1er again w?*nt about, this time
on ih?* port le k. and ma.ie for th.? buoy marking
the end of th.? second leg of th? race. The De?
fender <?nlv remained on this ?a?k for a few min?
ute*- She came sbOUl twice before the Vigilant
made a lark, which would seeni -u show tu?, no
sails are not quite S** Bl as Mr. Iselin thought <?n
At thi? part of th?- raes it >n?l ?i"t look. In on?
way. us if the Defender was much ahead of the
vigilant, but in reality ?ha was gaining all the
time. Still, to an amateur ?if other ?port? iban
yachting It seem??,! that the Vigilant was as well
?m toward Ihe mark ?? Ihe Defender. At t:*> the
wind once more freshen? I up, and for live mln
ut.s th? I?efen?ler CSUght II fr?-sh off the Jersey
ahore, and acudded under It- alantlng Influ
before the V Igtlant seemed to feel ll s,?,.n the vig
Haut caughl it. loo, end made a int of fuse over
it. Th.? Defender wai again '!.?? dr?i t.> ?m. aboul
on g port tH'-k. ?uid waa si ?ast really headed for
th?> stnkeboat. so far shea I that ah? seemed i?>
nun iiii??>?.t iief.ir?. ill?. Vlallani heeded f,?r tie? bios!
It wag at I So ii, official lima, when llw Defender
m i le ihe nun.
KI.Yll.ti Kult II? ?Ml!
It nee!? such a inonien' i? w?i? afford? I wl
the i?efen?ler turn, i the Long Branch itakeboal
yesterday and made fot borne t?' appreciate th?
-i? i of one of iheeo raring yachts Bhe * ?? g.iina
??? fist nt this ?l?ge of the race that Rmesl
Btsplea promleed '" proaase t?? the member? ,?f ih?
\? ?? \ ?ik Vachi ?'lull the i im- ?i.i'it? of engaging
Mr Morrlll'i ?teem By er, the Vamoose, rest ? m?
? ti *?? ??ne ?a..ni*, ?o ?.-.? whethei ?>;.?? I? m i? ?i-f .n i
the cup The r.n-, from lb? beginning ??f tiie in ?t
leg waa i procession, Ih? mil Inlereei In which
was ?? ws ten Ihs ?pli ii I! I -i?. ?? I ,?! Ih* l> ' lei
sin? Hi ?v ' , the !lnl?li
Hut ihere ?v.?*? en Inlereei In ?eelng m
\ i mi p 'f>rn. The Beei of boat? thai sathere?]
t?? h moi ?i? i lefend? r al Ih? finish lin? s ?
crossed g| I i.*?. official Urn? loots?. ?vhi?tic? ani
Bred cannon In hei honoi hul h d lo ?fond hack lo
m .? the Vigilan) prettj run m Th? Vigilan) pr?
- ? ?? i .? beautiful .i?iit a? ?I.sm? bom? ?rltl
bei ?ii,|?i,-ii? ??.-!| ,?n the ?, i\ in llm Ridge, ?ni
tin? t?ir?>iig could ii"i help cheering i? ?he csme i?i
th?- lim- The V'lgiisni as* beaten by ? minute?
i: ?< ,n?l?
LUCK AOA1NST tiik yi.iii.ant n.iKv aius
i.\v??nrii TiiK id iKM.ri: a CMAKCB TBT
I*? ?It Till'. I'lt'KK BOAT
After the preparatory gun was lire! the m ,
I a its hovered r??r position, th? Del irrytng
her lib only as headsall, the Vigilant csrrylng ?tri*.
-i ind jii?. Both i ?it? bad ihoir balloon ji!'?
hoist? I In stops A? the time for the starting gun
eras being eeicul ited on ,i thoutafl ! a it ?hei Ihi Ii
terest IntenstOed The Defender slowly ?irrw up t.?
windward of the creasing line, and hung In the
wltg.l f,?r a few momenta The VigUat-.t was doing
the same thing a few length? b?-hln?l
Then the gun banged on the II igshtp. The I>e.
fender's huge balloon-Jib received the touch that
dropped it nil ov?-r the front of 'he reoeel. ll filled
<?nt nicely ae she peld off, and made i prettj
rush for the crossing line,
Vigilan! displayed go???! Judgn ent in waiting for
a while lief?.re going thnugh these game Bianoeu
vre??. she held n-r ballooa-JIb untouched uni
had rear had lip pa-t the Iiefender's mn'.r. ??i
Then sbs beok? out, and slowly paid away, while
the Defender was supping quickly of from the
The Vigilant crOQWd the line about half a mlnn'e
behind the Defender, but this was only a part of a
calculated delay, and it would have been sun better
Judgment to hive prolonged her wait f.?r a whole
minute more, because during the time bet wen the
starting gun and the two-minute gun the tlrn?-? a!
which each boat orOOOOO are taken nt the BegShlp,
and the difference between the two boats Is allowed
at the end of the race.
This method "f starting, which doe? not re'julre
anything like the sam? smart handling as the one
gun ?tarts wh!ch the* Valkyrie II Introduoed here,
allows chances for ?llffereni tactic?, of this klnl to
be fallowed OUl, If desire!. When yachts are sent
off In this way. with the dlffi ret ren ?if their time
within the two minut?e allowed to them, un a
course ?lead before the win?! <ir on a quarterly
breeze an?! In such light a!rs a? prevailed al the
start yeatarday, it is nearly always an advantage tu
make, as mueh time as possible, not In sailing, but
In not willing?that Is to say, stored up In the tlme
keej??-r-s watch ?o be allowed at the finish to the
yacht making thin a Icttlattoa
In this way, If the first boat crosses almost
exactly on gunfire a careful skipper can by careful
liming and quick movement store up on? minute
and a half to his credit in the timekeeper's record
In these light drifting race* the be??t boat will often
take a good while to travel a hundred yards ami
the slight advantage. If any. of gaining a small
lead while on such a leeward BOUISO Is, as a rule, of
little use when the breeze springs up. In other
words, a small lead, which was moet expensive at
a cost of one minute and a half on a drifting start,
will, when the breexe grows fresh, be only worth
perhaps about ten seconds, because, with a g?????!
wind a, boat will travers? *he dlsnance In ten sec
(?n?ls. From thle It will be ?een that the delay made
by Vigilant In starting was entirely good form gad
would have exhibited better calculation if farther
prolonged. There are few premiums on standing
still In a yacht rnce, and the navigators of the
Vigilant would do well to study thl? branch of the
The light airs were about on the ?juarter of both
boats when they etarted. and apparently a trifle
mor? aft than this. It took Ihe ?kippers? of boih
boata sixteen minutes to fln.1 out that with thl.?
breeze they nee?led spinnakers. Then bo'ims grerg
lowered to starboard on both boats, and spinnakers
were set.
These sails did goo?! work for some time after they
were set. The Vigilant, which had, until this time
remalne?! at about the same distance behind the
Defender as In crossing the line, now drew up ?ii;
even terms with the leader. She ,]|i] not, however,
attempt to blanket her. whh-h she could easily hnve
done; and In this abamlonmcnt of a Clear and
proper advantage she showed a S0lf?SSl'fliV'lllg con?
sideration of Iiefender's best Interests.
For a goo?l while Vigilant tried to pass through
Defender's lee. But she could not do this. More?
over, the wind here fell lighter, and drew more
ahead. The spinnakers flagged, got tired, dropped
In, and were taken off both boats.
After this they each proceeded under balloon Jibs
and staysails as forwar?! canvas. In this quiet,
lady's-day sailing. Defender proved herself a witch,
uni stole away from the ?.win Vigilant in a gral
lia! but per.-eptlble way. This surprise?! every one,
be. aune Vigilant is doing her liest when she can
carry her larg.-si-s god hea?! canvas.
From this portion of the course Iiefen?ler b?-at
her two minutes to the Aral buoy, which marked
the end of the first ten-mil? leg of the triangular
It was a pretty eight at this buoy to watch De
fender's balloon Jib being handled. There was not
enough wind In It to make the performance an ex?
citing one, but It wa? al! yachty and pleasant.
The man on the halyards w<_? a lltt'.e too sudden
In allowing Vigilant*? bl( sail to drop In the water.
but It only swept along the surface without gath?
ering In water, and the crew of about twenty men
lying over the bowsprit made pretty work and
looked well as they scooped it In. They, perhaps,
looked better than they felt, for salDra
like head canvas to be dropped In the eral
Neither of the boats made good turns In
the buoy, nor In getting aft their malnsh'-f
In re.-?,Illy taking their new course. Small |
?alls were broken out. and as the Defendel
of two minutes d!?l not mean much In ?listar
two sailed away, close hauled on the st:
tack, nicely [?lace?! f.ir the eye to tSSS the!
In and make eomparisons. They afforded,
B beSUtlful sight, as they now got a better
out of the wind when clone-jammed. For i
the lover? of the Vigilant were hopeful .-<
talaly had a ?tU galt on her. And wh?-i
presse?], almost to her rail an 1 In calm in
was just tlie time for her to be doing some
best windward work. In spite of appe.iranc?
the spectator Is continually the victim of
?Illusions In ySCbl races? It was difficult to as
any real gain on her part until the I><
struck a calm streak, and then the Vigilant
up some of the Intervening spa?-e. Afterwar
too, began to die for want of breath.
At 1:3.' both boats -ill arouml wearily In
port tack. The wind was merely touchlr
ocean here an?l there, the surface beln? B
of alternate streaks of ?aim and catspa.?
sixteen minutes the boats continued In thlj
and then they turned again. The weather i
this time far fr?>m stormy. It was a sort of
brother t?-> a flat ?aim. though the Defen?l?-r s
to be on good terms with it, perhaps, as a
member of the ? aim family, for it certainly
her. She stole away again from Vigilant,
the ai'i-ompanylng steamers rolled about with
shut ?iff. in patient determination to keep 1
the lagging yaihts. There was a lull here, In
hungry lunchers could g?t a bite. The be?
while barkentlne auxiliary cruiser Sultana roi
fell, an?l rolled gently near by. Ju>t a? ?he hai
rocke?! in mat,y ?listant waters, beside the
kissed palaces of the unspeakable Turk an?)
tae ahadowa >'?.' Bgypt'a mosquea Many si
??ill?- and majeatte craft, which had made lis
i)i foreign and adventurous cruising, nodde?
curtsied to the wonderfully beautiful Button
queen boat of the ?lay's outing.
The deeha of Mr. Benedicta ateas* y.??'ht <
wen scrutinised I ? ?a? if President Clevelan?
S4iling with his friend The lean-bowed Al?t*a<
In the placid ??ell?, her lofty white i-anv.i? fr
with Impatience. The unsatisfied chaltong
England drifte i hy, the black piratic ?chooi
John i-'.. Brook?**, called th? l-aeca, >>? i van
?II.- mil brllll nit r?-.| bottom glistening, her
rakish si??r? and far-reaching bea?l ' invas
claiming bei speed And ahile bottles popped
while th? blasma sun help? i th? i"vpin?(. the
tal ?m loitered In the heat, an?! ail the tl.
thousand? munei??'d ?.r smoked or ?!>-pt. an
nn??i ?if i hem it wsg a tosy ?lr?v?tii. In whlc
most lovelj crafts of the ?-??ni drifted ilowl
Th? ?team racbl was there In ?very shape,
mux i ?win ?il lai i lie. while a ten-fool
?warn through lb? fleei ml hung about, dli
In?: th.- insultlcleni ssndw ?, that v- is offer?
c medial? him.
Hut net for i?ng Another aaatpy look al
racrrs showed that In Hie alternate calm
trifling itreah ??f br?ese M I N fend? i
)m-i of ?In- in'k Tti. v? i? -lid'iig up to ?
u. r i |n a fn ah, brlsb air, thai told I ?
her rail, while th? poor unlucky Vigilan' v.??
in almoai a rl.it ?aim her crea plb I I ? ?
f\\. hei ?alii a slant n I everj m il
panting f??r all as ih? captured flab ?train?
? ?i.i
It was tant ?.Hallig for tfieni Ihe ? '? !? ?Hi?
to move Th? ii. hi? tl?. t mov? i i ?? lo ama lb?
fi-n ,i i | , -? ? ' ? i?esI ? i?,..i i ' plea? i lo es
th? worll? ,-iuel'v and Incontinence Bind t
hionnr i' Ho- n? w favorite, . ? Ih? f?>
..?r taker uf Hi?. National prest?s? slmnet *
I? seemed hard line? And I? w.i? ?ill BO I
.i ?ailing that tl ' I**f?i l?t n is ' I
? ,i i. n ?in 1;?. n.m ?he was
?. t i m ih? ?e*r i> f..i (-??? ? i i ??? in? i* wa? ?Ii
that combination ?ml ?e?|uenc? ol happ] co
i.-, .? Which I? i-upli .|)l.iu?iy terme.I bull
lu a
; ,? ? ' ? ? , - \h)?-h wn? ?.?lie | un !
.k\ ??f molten bras? .md und?t .? ?un i i
?in i\ el ihe eompl? - f a rhn
ii. in? \t ? . period ..???'. doubtful a?
? .?, lie s i lo tl
within th? appoint? i tlm? And it may b? tr
full? ?aid that every pel , ? ?it i? mm t ?
Interest Kven lb? ?barb ?h??w?.l :>i?
his ??? . i ?en?e when br flirted hi?
Bll ?til ?lid fOI ? I ?"? tempers'.if
Thl? part ol - ral i??alt??, ?p
, ? o ii intr ?? ' i ?! ih? ? ? ?
taint i to ?i 'i an extent ?' ? nol
k'i ?a h??a much bettei " ? Defendel la than
. ml
mi . i humen hsv? ?? en I ....
day When th? bte+oa whl h landed il?e !?rf.?i
at the win 1? it I !
such v.irp-1 dire-*?:
thai ras travelling a full two points ?
than hei luchj ?? idei ?rhll? .n lb? ?une t?ck
I?, therefore, usele?? to rippoae that Ibis r.i?e gi
us any l.-nnlte l?|en of the l?.-f?n?ler ? ? ur>?-rlnrit
Pool \"la I ?nt w ? - : ' ? ? ? ..???:
calme.1 ?nd t>nffle?l ?mill, h? ? Kenern) result <>f
It.? k. ?be w-M? a good re-..-r? minutes iilol ,, hn.f
hind the ?econd ?.y, th? windward on*
Bid WAV KM I"? N"T \VI\- It \ 1 ?-?
Twenty tr!!?? ?>f the tt,i?*v wer?
The Vigilant i ' slbihtly ?tar
her sb?.et? n* ?he ?.,..k her course f'?r th* 1, ,
. ? ? . triai .-i- Bh? i"ok? i | .?? ,,? n?.- ?
full) n? gallant I?! 'he gr. I'er boat. It '
picturesque purposes, sh? dotted ?vet
she sh.iv.-l a BfUnll Niagsra . ff her .-? I I II
?-..* 1..V.-1-, and moni refreahfcag lo look at It g
tl,.- Idea ?,f tremendous ?| ?-d, an.I everybod) 1 :V
!? ggt... ? i:,, .gi rrti "The- fell ?on. Tl ? ? I
lin m-aniiig that the old fa vori t? w i- now a !???
numb?) l?ele??! it i? :!'?? uli to under?)
; . -.-?, of yachts ar?- n ? going lo Interpret
th? spectators the f.ot that n modern boat I? to?!
f.i?? The riefender ?lips through the water ilk?'
knife "The old fasbloned wave at i">w and ?t.-rn
a.most entire.; .u -.-ni Formerly th? paint?
? ,k<- sum?. ?. ! DOS and shove a wave un
her boars as If she'd kno?-k a ?-.rk a mile bef.
she'd hit It and the spectator? got Ih? Idea tl
her si,i?-?! w-jH ?omethlnB frlgh'fil Indead, ma
will think that perfection Of motion may , e.ise t ,
poetr?. Of motion when the tn.at of ?he ?!a> mak
no mirk In the water to advertise h'-r sp.-e ! H
fus?- I? the froth ?>f I?usine??. BIM no seen Judge
e|t?-.er men or tumis I? deceived I'V II I ? ? !
fender's value i* in her ?Hen? effl-lencv \? ?
sped along toward the winning mark she s ?? doll
the last ten nilles, as timed, In forty ?tx inlnut?
which, after ? mathematical wrestling that i i
guaranteed, "niin to ba a good, aolld tidrte?
mil-?? an boar.
,\t till? para she showed no ?Ign of .ff irt ft)
ha?l th<- win?l forward "f abeam, ml she bad tl
appearance of a boal ???-spins along easily ?t ab?,
seven miles an hour 8he wa? moving more e?s,
iban any craft, uijder si-.un or under ?ill. In th
part of the sea. or, perhaps. In any other part
In consl'lerlng the respective times which tr
tsiats made on that la?? ?en-mlle stretch, the D?
fender seems to have be.iten the Vigilant abo?
two minutes, ?in the first l?g to the first l??ioy st
also beat her two minutes In superior drifting H
the passage from ?-..und to third buoy cannot I
safely reckoned on aa showing anything except tl
lucb of the Defender, as to which, however,
must l,e said ihat ehe whs uncommonly smart I
taking advantage ?>f every bit of it Those wh
wish to make out the best c_?e for the Vigilar
?and surely most of the sympathy goes to the un?|.?
dog In the fight i sn> that the I ?.-feivb-r on thl
eruir?.- |SlB?Sd nothing snve that which fickle fortun
supplied as a pure gift And If thl? be the fact, th
general public must not be le?l aatray by th.- far
far? ?,f trumpets which ann'ninces Defender'
win !,\ a considerable margin The win. Irres|>ect!v
of ?h- flukey p.-irt. I? Junl four minutes, less al>.?u
half I minute on the start. Ami the whole rae
may he said to be a t?-?t In only one-thlr-l of It
?our??-, the last streich, which Clearly prove?! th.?
tiefender could In these condition? give th.- Vigilan
two minute? In ten mile? Thl? does tin? Indicate i
gnat disparity, and If Ihe Vlgllnnt receives a heav?
time allowance by th- laws ?if the ?gam? It cannot b,
yet snld that she I? a deflate! I, ?at
Tut-, uoaaa.
Scenes In the swelierlng met|-r?po||s, and es
peciaiiy groand the aowspsper bulletin board?
yesterday, wer?? almoai funsresl in comparison win
?hose of ?Saturday when th.- Improved Vigilant,
With more or ?ess confidence, sailed boldly fort I:
to meet the new-fledged Defender On ?Saturday,
when the patriotic spirit run higher thnn g 'ape
ll??rn sea In an Antarctic hurricane In favor ol
<-entre.boarder?, sallormen who sail for pleasure
wire somewhat ("einonstrstive in their ?lectors?
tlons ihat the f!e,|?llng keel boat had no show
with the mature, stately and successful centre?
board cup defender. Bui ih? Usurea on th.- i?ui
letln boards ?IMn't lie, ?n?l When It was seen that
the Defender, "barring accident." could sail or
drift around the Vigilant, whether with "a wet
sh?. t and a flowing sea, and a wind that follow?
fas:." or a ?lead calm In the "?lemnlilon doldrums."
when sh!;?? lie idly on a glassy se? with sail.?
slatting e<:is|?eratln?ly, all hatels ami the . ook
figuratively threw up the sponge m favor of the
I ??fender.
There was BVtdaal r-nr. ? ?,n all side? that Ihe
gallant Vigilant as an exponent of a cherlshc?!
throng Of American naval architecture shoul.l be
compelled to rtaM the palm to the Defender, which
Is after the style of an Kngllsh cutter, but a Aa;
of occult origin had mysteriously non? forth, and
there was no bSChdeOT or open stemport through
which to escape.
To cut a long story short, the entire yarn may be
?ummeil up In the language of an ?ntl?,?iated gold
h,"}.'r.r Ji,f '**? ?*'l)0_.Kraveiy addressed the assembled
multitud? ?.round The Tribune bulletin board, a? fol?
lows: Ladles and f.emmen: 'Taint no use When
LW.ai." "i".,"1 i ?a*v',r'*a* County, on Ihe l>a?-lflc 8lop?
?ri th.- fall of 4. and ?prlng of 'M, a feller called
Twain came along with a Jumping fro? or a ?ort
t_>N .arro.b*"*- hopioad WelY. that ?ame fellow
nad .ou of State bank notes, Including numerous
?*^**M****" ~J-*-en- -i m- - ? ? ? a
860 Broadway. Union Sq. & 18th St.
In Brass & Iron,
For Interiors, Open
Fireplaces, Etc.
Onr owa Foundries end Shape.
three anl four dollar bills, to back that toa?l to
Jump lilgher'n any kangaroo. While he was book?
ing for b?-ts the "boys' loaded that toad so full of
buckshot that it couldn't mOVC even sidewise, let
alone forward or backward. Mebbe that's what's
the ma!'er with the Vigilant?but I don't say so.
Anyhow, while lea?l and lend are spelled alike, the
Vigilant Is not d?>lng much leading."
The splendid single-sticker Defender, which It
seems to he a foregone conclusion will enter the
aquatic arene against the Valkyrie III In the com?
ing contest for th<- custody of the America's Cup,
his been assigned by Commissioner of Navigation
Chamberlain, at Washington, signal letters under
the International code and an official number. Her
signal letters are K. M. P. H. and her number
There 1.? ?till much secrecy as to the precise di?
mensions of the pcfen'ler. Bo far as can be learned,
howeyer. her length over all Is in.? feet; beam, 211
f-'ct . Inches; draught, 13 feet; malnb.,om. 1"2 feet;
mainmast, fr??m deck to hounds. 72 feet; topmast,
Including 'he doubling, M f?et; height fr?m water
line t i truck. IM feet, or one foil higher than the
centre of the BrooBlyn Bridge nt mean hlrh water.
Her preeenl -*>il! :?rea Is said tc? h,> about ?K?1 s'tuare
fe?*t more than that of the Vigilant, and It Is un?
derstood that, as she hat ?hnwu ?u<-h wonderful
stability, it will h? con**llerab!v Increased hefcr?*
the trial races nie salle) ,?n August 10 and 12.
B Hithampton, July 22 Bmperor wuiiams's new
twenty-rater yacht Vlaeila which was deotgned
by \\,i!si>n and COftOtrUCted at K,el, sailed lier first
race under the guaplceg <?f the Castle Tachl Club
o- lay finishing Ihlrl In
Hi: ! Ill?,?III.
a rai'e with the Audrey
???lis?-.?? July 22 i.ori Dunraven'a yacht Vai
k\re HI left the shipyard of the Men?|erson?. her
builders, ihla afternoon, io be pi. M in the grav?
ies de I? for 'he purpose of having her bottom
leaned Thin will occupy IWO ?lax?, and on Thurs?
day i, -. - ?rill tie adjusted It is likely
that she mil ?all for New York on Friday.
w <? i ii'Mir to ?;ir i."*-'?;i i: ItOt'BS r-.-iti ROLO
|\.? ii IM ABI BU IbJ PI ' BBBB TiiKliK
re? mid irdlj hat ? f tiled
feeling perm? ''???! Ih ?
. . ? .?,n .if Tern mai ?. Hall warriors,
Commit !.n < ?rg.ini. i
II arhl 'i mei i?' iha Wigwam la?l evening
meeting ere? In ?* selon i?-*? ihsn h ? ?' an hour,
? tim.> Mi? ? i i iromltt? .
? , ? ? fusing ihe
, ? ?? : ? , ? , ihow of
banda at ihe | I ??? allow
the time ol en <>t? August l to
? ? - * ? t?, ?? ven
h .ire in ihe ?Ii?:rl -t? ??
Tl ey refU?ed thl? ext?
. ? m,,|? iifr.il I i.i milnut ih? Ir pretena >i
.??f? in Tammani iiiii io the Wigwam con
stltueiK \ ?if iti?*ir own dutrtcta
:.. t th???? kickers hat irs for th?
primaries?" ?x lalmed lb? f s i?mtown
liatrici lael night ? N ?t mu m vVhy, if they bed
th? hiiiirs it? my dlatrtcl ihey \ mid organise ,?n
i . me i.i tiKirr.iw m irnlng "
A doers other dlatrtcl leeden to Illy admitted *
ondltion m their dteti I '?
inly Clerk Henry I>. Fun chair?
? || tiee, and ra I iult the
In '?? McOoldrick reed ?he
! .'. ? ?t?e prima- | I
,, .? ! ;,?,r ,. ?? ! by lb? Kx
immltte? on .rida) evening, wlib
of t',.- in?| ?? t??:? of el? ". m ?elected bj
? i he verlou? assembly
district organisation? should hold ihelr prtmartea
Tin* time for receiving bellota waa Bsed at the
simrt time of on? ?mi one half hour? from 7 M
? . | p m Murmur? of llseppr ?val ran tl-.r.uigh the
crowd l*he opposition of the Vlllth, XI tl?. XlXtb
ti i XXXIIId assembly districts, w!,?*,-?? contest?
bev? been on fool knee thai they could nol oual
the. prenant management In that t,r'.??' time, The
dtetrtct bosse? would bio? k th? polls with ihelr
he.-i.-r?. and ? tally prevent anything In th<- ?nape
??.' a fair election.
John .1. Deleney, of the xith Dtetrtct, ?in has
been for week? si lb? head ??f th? moremenl to
- , ?-? !?? ??x Bsclee Commissioner IV Daltonlnthat
?iNtri??t and bad gol a promis? ?.f a rensonabl? time
for i-iii!ng hie vote, offered an emeadmeni to the j
.all. II?? ,i?k..| that the fin- for keeping th?? polls
open m nil Assembly district-? when contests
?hould !>?? certified should be .?hang?! fr,?m the
hours of "7 in t? I" :?i fr??m ?i to !? i> m Thi-.
??? such ?? f?i! ??ni reaeonnbl? proposition that Mr.
Delene) thouahl II hardl) neeeeeery to argue it.
Hut iie futind the carls sta?-ked ugnlnsi him If
the doors ihouM be open? l f??r ? oontoei In th? ii?
iri'-ts nann-'l th< leaden knew thai the deetn t?.
pul them t. a te?t of ihelr Individual strength
iiughi |?re.?i|,ltate a general attack of Ihe "outs"
against the "Ins" llef.ire sundown to-night no
tl.e? of conte?ta might be fll-?l from twenty-live or
thirl*. OUI Ol the thirty (he Assembly ?!l?lrt.-ts No
Speeche? tra*m ma?!?, not a ?ingle rea*, ?n was given
why th.- i'r.ik?-r ruler? should not grant th? re
?|iie?t. Itut when chairman l'nrrov put the ?, >?,? on
th? smendmenl h? was astonished al th?* ?torm of
"?)??>?" Which greeted I>elaney's motion. The
"noes" were weaker In volume than the affirma?
tiv- vote, bul Mr. Purroy pr??m|itiy decided the
motion lost
"Division! Division!" sh?uite.i Deleney and his
friends. It wa? no use. Instead of ordering a
division or a roll-call. Mr. Purroy put the motion
<>n the adoption of the main ?ji eetton and declared
It carried It was as palpable an exhibition of gng
rule as was ever seen In the Wigwam
Before adjourning. I'halrniiin I'urroy explained
that the Primary Election law <>f ihe State pro
Vlded the m.-an? for ?-curing contests at primarle?.
All the contestent? bed t.? do. he ?aid. was for
five of them to (lie a n.?tl?-e ?>f content with the
secretary <>f the Qeneral Committee or the .erro
tery ?>f [he Dtetrtct Organisation end the law would
bave 10 be oomplted with In every Assembly lils
trict organization When such notice era? given.
Hut Mr rurn.y did nol ?ay thai the Primary Klec
tiin law provide? iaa It does] for only on? hour for
voting al the primaries unless the regulations of
the organisation prescribe thai the poll? ?hall be
?pen Innrer. Tammany's regulations are ma?!e t?y
the |ea?l?-rs' BgOCUtlve Committee, and the ,..,id??is
are "st.ui'llng together." They know that a fuir
primary in ail the Assembly districts would mean
the overthrow of half of them.
Tin- '"kickers" promised t?? bring op the question
again to-night at the meeting Of the Ijeneral <""?im
mlttee a fine, old-fashioned fight Is threatened by
! i. I in? y and his fri? nd?
Mayor Bchierea, of Brooklya, several tim?*e of late
bas Said ttiat he was not anxious for reiiomlnatlon,
and' the general Impression hns been that he Would
not acsepl a renominatloa featerday, in reply to
S question, Ihe Mayor ?nade the following emphutl?*
"1 am not only not a candidate for renomlnatlon.
but I should certainly decline reiMtninutlnn If It
w**re tendered me."
-'hin statement, It woul'l seem, will relieve any
doubl that max exist as to the Mayor's Intention's
an?! wish?-? concerning a renomlnatlon.
The King? County Board of Supervisor?, at their
m?-etlng last night, nwar?!e?l the contract for the
new extension of the i'ounty ?'nurthouse to Charlee
Hart, for 1S7.000. The extension will be three stories
high, and will conform In style to the present court?
The basement will contain u new heating plant;
the tlrst and sec.nul stories will be used for court
r.inins for the Supreme ?m?l Appellate courts, and
th?* top floor will be use?l for Jury-rooms. Jt will
probably be a year before It Is ready for use.
clown?. nucM or han ntANcisoo sTfWKs.
Alta ..
Belcher .;i.-,
lie?! A HH.-her.. IIS
Beete ?v,n???i.so
Hnlwer .
Coo <*?l O Va. .3.1*0
?"?niwn Point.41
Qould O I'uiry.. .4ft
Hal? A N.rcr.M? 1 43
Han Francisco, July 22. 1
Haiuniay To-dav Saturday? Ti
.18 HI Mexican .To
M Meas .
,Sg Ophlr .1 4ft
n? ; i',??.?i .st
.?>.', ' Savag.? .45
?III , Hierra Nevada .. M
2.TR i Cnlon O in sol.,"?2
.40 nah .00
TcUow Jacket ., .42
1.40 I
The grandest object lesson in advanced storekeeping we know of is
under this roof. Merchants of two hemispheres are watching, wonder?
ing?imitating more or less.
Any woman can tell at a glat c how absurdly cheap
these things are.
Very fine challis Wrappers, light ground and very
pretty colored figures, sqiure yoke front and
back, yoke, collar and cuffs trimmed with 3 row*
ol ribbon, body lined to waist, extra Inrge sleeves,
$3.50; from*").50.
Yery fine challis Wrappers, full front, watteau back,
very wide ruffle over shoulders, ruffle, collar
an.l cuffs trimmed with I rows ol ribbon, body
lined to waist, extra large sleeves, $4.50; the $?.75
Shirt Waists in linen, colored lawn and white ground
?percala with pretty figures and stripes, laundered
collar and cuffs, full front and back, very large
sleeves, 75c; the $1.25 and 81.50 kinds.
Shirt Waists in white lawn and percale with neat and
pretty stripes, also in madras, laundered collar and
cuffs, full front, yoke back, extra large sleeves, $1 ;
the $1.50 and $2 kinds.
Children's Blouse Suits in galatea, red-and-white,
blue-and-white, pink-and-whitc stripes, deep sailor
collar of solid color trimmed with embroidery, 6 to
12 years. $1.50; the $4 kind.
Second Floor. Fourth Avena?.
Trunks, Bags, Steamer Chairs, anything, everything
marked and delivered on board steamer. Steamer
Chairs, $2 to $5.
has been thought of. Every Trunk economy is within
your reach.
Duck covered, muslin lined Trunks, two trays, sheet
iron bottom, best brass excelsior lock and rollers, 82
in $5.50. M in. $6. 36 m $6.50; regularly $6.?50,
$7, $7.5?i These are the best Trunks at the price
we know of in New York.
Olive met leather Club Rags, leather lined, 12 to 16
in , $2.65; regularly $3.50 to .$4.50.
Pest train leather Gladstone Bags, 18 in. $3.50: 20
in $3.90.
Solid leather Dress Suit Cases, 22 and 24 in., $5;
re.iii.viv H and |f.?0.
Women's Dresses, in ducks, lawns, Swiss and BAN*
calo, prettily trimmed, $2.50, $3 and $5; from
t'4 9V to $11.80.
About Ion women's fine Ve?-ts, 50, 75c and $1.25 ; the
$1 V) to 85 grade?.
Second Floor, llroad***?-.
Children'* ecru ribbed cotton Vest*, low neck no
sleeves, high neck long and short sleeve., 17c. oRat
50c: were 40c.
Women's white Swiss ribbed lisle thread Vests, low
neck no sleeves, J5;. 8 for $1 ; good value at 50c.
Women's black Swiss ribbed Bicycle Tights, knee and
ankle lengths, $2.85 pair; were $4.50.
Women's black nbbed lisle thread Hose, stainless
dye, ?15c, I for $! ; were ?50c.
Children's silk plated Hose, navy, cardinal, Nile greet
and pearl, 25c; the 50 and 8?>c grades.
Droadwar and Ninth Street.
A small lot of children's Sailors, red and blue, 2k;
were $1.25.
Misses' Sailors, split straw double brim, extra fine,
blue and black, 50c; the $1.75 quality.
Women's sennit braid Sailors, white, fine quality 'aie
Black and blue Sailors, double brim, Sic; regularly?;
French and domestic untrimmed Hats, ISc.
Finest Trimmed Hats, $440.
White Birds, 50c; were$l.
Black Ostrich Tips, U in a bunch, 4Ac.
Imported Wings, new shade of green, Mc pair}
regularly $1.
Fancy Aigrettes, all colors, ?Wc; were $1.
Second Floor. Tenth Street.
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18ft"? models, lilil? frame, rat tup or rubber pedals,
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?RtVWWAV C?5^*>? d?S^ __*_? ^a/V^L MSma\OTm
*?^^V^?v,aB,??V^^^^^HVK?VPv^<B?>w*,>->a^^?r^^^^^^lv " ^^^??V't^v ^^^^"^
CITY Jl'l.Y 30.
ti?\i HI gBD PLATT AM ritKi?AltiNO
Nu',-. ? i,, members ot the RepuMlcaa Itate ?
in; -'i wer? Issued yesterday by John S Ken
'!.rotary, from Syracuse, calling g meetln
?ii, committee, i ? order ??f Chalnaaa ch?riea
II.i -.. ll. f??r Tuesday, July M, at the Fifth Av?
Hotel, III thl? city. The meeting Will lie hei
Perlor I? It. nt II a m . and will fix the date
p i .- for the neat RepubUcaa state Conventli
. chalnaaa Hachetl arrived at the n'th Av?
Hotel yeaterday morning from his retreat on
S: Lawrence Hiver, and after he had confe
' wl'h Mr P it? he sent a telegram 10 fleercl
on, el Syracuse It was In cumpllatie ?
\tr Hackett'i teiegraphi?* meaaase that Mr. i>
?, on Issued th.* call for the meeting of the 8
i 'ommltti e
?The only buelnegg likely to come before
eommlltee when It meets on July 30." ?aid
Hsckett, after he ha?l seen Mr. Platt ?nd t
graphed t?> Mr Kenyon. yesterday. **wlil be to
th? date aii'l place for holding the State Con\
lion, There will be no conte?'? that I know of, i
I I am nol In favor of interfering In any ?ho
thev be prevented. There ha? i?een talk of hol'l
th?? convention ?n Beptemher i">. bal that date f,
thN year on Bunde) My own Idea Is that the c
ventlon th!? year ?hould be called for Tuesd
". and I tliink It probable that a r
ritj of the Btata Committee may favor this da
\ . .- | r? ?-???? can be given for an enrlier ?
ventlon. If tiie campaign of MM had been <
w.-k shorter, I ?avid B. Hill wouid have been
feeted an?! Ira ? 1 ?avenport woui.l have h?
e|e.-te?l Governor Saratoga will, of course, be
lecte-1 as the place for the coin enUtm.
?If we start In on Beptemher l, we shall h;
fifty .lavs for the campaign, which will certai!
mike it long enough. What 1 believe In Is a she
sharp and spirited campaign with plenty of harmo
among the ftepiihll-an?. In my opinion, the pal
shore the Harlem itiv.-r ?vas never in better sha
b*-f ?re entering ii|?.?ii a contest"
Referring to the mbject of the ticket, Mr. Hack?
sal I:
"I think that the entire State ticket that wae *
torlous two years ago will be renomlnsted. The
lave been Intimations that State Controller Robei
! I n??t feel well enough to a?-'-ept a renomlnattc
but 1 think you will discover when the tlr
comes that Mr. Robert?, along with Messrs. Palm?
Colvtn, Hancock and .viams, win uccept. I loi
for the unanimous renomlnatlon of all of them at
for their triumphant election. The convention,
my view, will have v?ry plain sailing."
Mr. Hnckett sal 1 tli.it Secretary Kenyon sr
Chief Clerk Iteuhen I, Fox. of the Stn*le Comml
tee. had been figuring out the repr?sentatif
which each county would be entitled to. and thi
If would show a slight increase In the number ?
delegates to be Ch?en This was because of tf
existence of twenty-two more Assembly dtstrle"
created by the new ?'oiistltution. As each Assen
hly district was entitled to one delegate for ese
l.iiiO votes ?set for I. vi P Morton at the last ele?
tlon ainl an o/idttlonal delegate for the major fra?
lion of that number so cast, the Increase In tin
Assembly district would produce a slightly largf
convention this year.
"Is the State Committee or the Convention like!
to take any action on the question of amending th
l\x,-lse laws?" Mr. Ifack?*tt was asked.
"I don't pretend to say what the committee c
the Convention will do," was the reply. "1 pet
?ottally favor a more liberal Kxclse law than th
one now on the statute books. As far a? I ca
Ju?lge now I think I ?hould favor the Ohio law
which simply taxes the bustnesa If the liquor
dealer violates the law he must go out of buslnes?
If the Republican? carry the next legislature Jua
and equitable Kxclse laws will be passed. Every
body knows that the present law was the produc
of the stolen Democratic Legislature of IRK. am
that It? object was to piy the liquor men of New
York In the power of the Tammany leader? and th,
New-York poilce."
"What ?Io you think of the present enforcemen
of the law In this city?''
"I do not care to express any opinion on that sub
Ject. I should not be surprised If every county h
the Slate follows the action <?f Fulton ami Frank
lui counties an?l declare? for ??ovemor Morton foi
Preeldenl In IBM, and the apnron.-hlng State Con
ventlon might with propriety do th?* same thing.
"It was with some astonishment that I reat
Mavor Strong'? recent Interview sent out frort
Rlchfleld Springs, but I do not desire to make anj
comment? on It now."
Mr. Hackett added that he might have somethln?
to say about the Mayor'? statement, and perhapi
also about Commissioner Rrooktteld, later In th?
day, but he soon afterward left the city for the Ori?
ental Hotel, Manhattan Reach, where he gpeni
the evening with Mr. Platt. It waa reported thai
Mr. Hackett and Mr Platt were at work last night
on an answer to the Mayor, which would be given
to the public to-day.
Kx-Senator Warner Miller ?eem? to prefer the
city fo hi? home at Herktmer. He ho? been here
for over a week, and 1? at the Fifth Avenue Hotel.
The ex-Senator say? that he Is In the city on busi?
ness, but the political gossip? have to talk about
something, and a? It In a dry aeason now, they
have been ?ommentlng upon Mr. Miller'? probable
business In the city.
The story that was going the rounds yesterday
wa? to the effect that he I? here looking about to
see what hi? chance? are to ?ujceed Benetor Hill.
Now, it would appear, there !? another Richmond
In the field. The new candidate for the toga Is
said to be ex-Congreasman Henry Q. Burleigh, of
Whitehall. The latter Is ?aid to have opened cor?
respondence m-lth various State leader*, and to have
secured pledge? for himself.
When ex-Senator Miller was asked about this re?
port yeaterday. he said:
"I did iee It printed somewhere In a newspaper.
That is all that I know about the candidacy of
Mr Rurlelgh. It 1* ?.i,?, hot tO talk polltli*?, and I
don't know anything of Interest."
i.ivt: BOMMjajIBD m??n>-.y to pay him
i.iis?: IMURAMCfl riiKMit m
Th? fact that KIwar?l llor?na?. M ??*?? braaa
an I wn.?.| ?jsrlMCi han?? I himself In hi? own coal??
bin In th? flsHar of th?? tenement-h?>?t?e. N?>. 24
Ka?t ?in?* h?)ivlr??l-.-?n l-tlilrtv-foiirih-?t , ha? lx?er\
it-vordr?! In Th? Tribune. That thl? Ml an art of
BB'f-SSSrMSa Ml m-.l? known faMAt?By afternoon
h>- Mr?. I'hl. on?-of th? tenant? of the hiiil?llns. who
gladly paused In th?? ml'liM of her lui???? ?h? was
moving-to tftsossB Mr. Ilarlsaja. arfes >v.?? "?u<-h a
nice, good n>an " "He died," ?ail ?h'- with mm-h
j?nit?e\v.?rthy ??fr??rt t ? ??M'"*""' h?-r?-<-lr |a t-'nglUh,
"?hat hi? wife and 11 r r I ?- on..?? Bucht have life. Ha
had $1.??>? l!f?> lnvir.it>?-?. ?vhi,-h money, you nest,
now they will get. Tlu-y cosld not have It while he
wa? alive. An 1 ttint p????r man, he try ?o herd to
get l?r?-.i 1 f?ir I?? f.uiiil- . l?it Im wa? ?>?! and trould
talk n..t Kngll?h, an.I nob?*?lv woiil?! believ- he waa
a goo?l workman. F?n m???t two pean Be ha?l noth?
ing to ?lo, an.l he w.iik the street?, hungry ar?4
?wak, looking for any odd Job he might get to do.
He often ram? to me. and I si*"* ?>???? ?*- RMB? money,
an?l he alway? pay It l?a?*k ?o ???on a? hi? work.
"A. little while ago he fume i.i me an?l he ?ay,
K ,r ?*.?i?r? ?ak*\ Mrs. I'hl. let ni.> have a ?lollar to
?ave me my life Inmjrani-e. Qod will pay you.*
I ?alii. Tan, you ?hall have ?he dollar,' and I
dM ?rive him my last ?lollar I had In the house?,
fur my husband, he w.,rk by the ,!ay, and we nava
n,?t much. He wont aw.iy, an?l now 1 know what
.... meant when he sai.l. "(Jod *vl'.'. pay you.' Ha
kn?'W," ami the motherly eye? 'Wed with tears,
"he knew what he must do to keep them alive a
couple of year? anyway, and he knew he never
would pay me. Oh! You do not know how glad
I am that 1 -five that good man my Ian dollar."
Heringe was burled ?n Sunday morning by Frana
?V.i-ndahl. an un.lertaker. who. along with the
?'?-ironer an?l the health aiithnrltie?. had taken every
precaution to avert any possible uad effect? from
the loni* exposure of thr body.
i.iN?; lOWni ki:i:i* thk mkn nt'.-tr.
The four divisions of the 1st Naval Battalion?
New-York, encampel at West Neck Park. Shelter
Island, were out yesterday aftern?x>n on P?r?--on1c
Bay doing boat drill an?l survey work, taking:
soundings, fixing buoys and doing signal duty?,
loiter they returned to camp, where dress parado
took place Just before sunset. The onVer of the
lay was Lieutenant ff. H. Striyt.in. an?! the senior
officer of the guarl. Lieutenant K. B. Renwlck.
One feature of the day's work w.is the erection of
a signalling structure by a lKi.it',? crew ordered
'. ashore with hatchets and rope. They put up a
framework fifteen feet high, from which signala
were successfully exchange?! with distant pointa.
The signalling tower or platform consisted of ?para
an?! poles cut from the woods In the vicinity.
Lleu?enant-i*ommand.-r ?leorge Kdwanl lvcnt. As?
sistant Surgeon H. II Butts. Lieutenant 8. Dens
Greene and Acting Paymaster R. W. Candler, with
Lieutenant A. P. Nlblark. I". S. \., have been de
talled by the Department to report on the duties
performed by the battalion.
?Governor Morton ha* been Invited to be present
?Snropean OL?oertie entent?.
th? London o"B?_? et Th? Tribun?. TB. ru-tt
n. C. ? ooo-*?n)?nt pi*-?- to Metre _??_? aAtmrtXaamamt?
?nd ?ubecripUoae ?toe TBe Tntaia- _
First Avenue Hotel.
High Holborn.
One of the best for real com?
fort and moderate charges.
Convenient alike . for City,
Law Courts and West End.
_The Gordon Hotels, Limited.
IS*?, containing th? t??l Mlaclloa o?
To ha LET and FOR BALE; ran m had poet free ea aa?
plleatlon at th?? offle??. it. Old Bond-??.. " ' ~~
BHuAhF-t-T-HTHKR.- 8r ? UmBbmS 9MWW?.
?dc? of ?be natural law? which ftjT?ra the opfc-attoaa of
tlet-rtlon and nutrtUoa. and by a careful asSll?aUns at Om
a? proper? i?. of w?u-Mi?ct?d eoeaa, Mr. 1m tee ptm
vlded tor our bre?kfa?t and ?upper a d?lt??l?ly flavored
beverage wiuch may ??? u? aiaay tMavy dooteaa' Mtta?
It U by the judldou? un of ?ach artlelea of diet that a
eonititution may b? gi-adufclly botlt up until ?treat ?aosaH
to r-Mlat ?vary tendency to dl??M?. Hundred? of suBtM
tn?l?die? are floating around ue ready to attack mittratat
?haft by krepln? ou?nIvn wtnA^oti\tll?f\t^p\\tm Mod
and a property nouriahtd fi-am?."?Civil Sarrtoa Oaaet*a
Mad? ?Imply with boiling water or ?Ilk. MA oalyja

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