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Annnnncem.ni* ...... *1 Holela .>' _
Aueilon Rale*, R**l . Inelruell_-i ?????????_?" - * i
Katm* . '? ? I.. tu? _. Meetlnx* u '?
Banheraand Brokera.ll 8 __-gal N'"*- '] ?
gteyclea . *? '? Marrla.e* . Death*.. 1 <?
Board and Rooms....H B Mlacellaaeou*. 1- ??"
H-r-in. lt-,m?.... H I- N*w Publlcal ._*.... 8 ]-,
p._Mn-*_ Phance*.... w 4 Ocean .leamen. B
liii.in._- Noti * ? B 1 Publle S.rtlc . ;
CeuBtrv |i..?rd. H !? Rallroad- .":.'.'
MvM.n.l Nollcea ...11 6 Real E?lal* .' ? '
[,. m.-ti. BlluaUon* Kcl A| . . '
Want-.l . t? '.T Bpeelal Ne-tloe* .1 ?
Iir.s. makin*. l* 4 -i.im. .__.'
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p.,r gala. - i W 'i* Wani. I .' ?'
IMCBEAN ROOKliAlil'IN V_u..vl11*.
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MANHATTAN BEACH Day ?>"' Bvanlng-Mldauininai
Marry Mailag.
TSM-ACE OARDEN I Poor loaaihan.
C3nsinf?5 Soiurs.
TMBUKH TEHMB TO MAII. S''IN',:";K,!^.11,;..
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Datty. : rlaya * ?#?*_..... loeo *_">' 12BJ| H" .
pall* wlihoul Bunday? **"" 4 <*> _w
.?_!,. Tribun*. - "" ' '?' ?" ' '
W*-_ly Tribun*. 1 "?' .
Peml-We.klv Tribun*. 2?0 ..,'.."
Tribun* Monthly. '- ?"?
Poaiaga prepaM by Th* Trtbuaa ex
CITY POSTAOE Ttie law requlraa lhal _ l
.-_...I- i- afllxeU io everj ? PJ ol tli. M
..- Beml '_.-..,i> Trll in* n , led I i
h'.w-Torh ''-iv rhl* ) -? ge mnn 1" l
.rril..- Beader* an beliei arrved bj buylnfl
Tribun* from a r. ?? - I. ? _______
BORPMX I.ISTAOK To nll t--rr\gn -Ounlrle* '-. ,
Canada and -??*. ?? ?> ? >??
Trlbune; 2 e*nu a cop*
Weeklv. Th:* poatag. mual 1- I ai 1 by aub* "?
BEMITTANi'l K.-Keni ? 1 al ? ? *
. ?!?.. k I'.n'l. ., li. ?_*???!? I U*ll?r ?'_-li ;>l !'? -' 1
Ni.te. if .-iu In an unrfglater*. letter, wlll beal
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orn.'Ks op Tiit* TiuiiiNi: Maln n ? >,"'?
un- IM N**mu-*t.. Sea V .ik Mall pto*
1 243 Ur adway \ lre?* ... i rr**. n 1.
'Tb* Trtbuae." New-Tork. ..
Rurapesn Braneh for advertlaemrnli only, ? ??
gireei. E. C, l__nd tt, Rngland
Al tba IlAl'.l.K.M OFPIPKB. IV) Eaal On* hun. rd -
1?entv fi Ith .'. --'i.'t V'- 1 '"?' ?!:"?. dred-ai. 1 IW*I
fi . ...'.ni 890 W -.iundr**_ and
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TM I-h-ave.. ? *, eor. "'ll v
l.-,_ Bth-av*., eor. llth-at.
142 O-lumbua-av*., n>-ar Weal BOth-at
1<>? Weat *2d .' . near Bl
IB Weal Mlh-*!.. n??r Bth-av*.
;,-.7 West 4LM-.1.. between lih anrt Bth av*s.
1ft" 4tha*.*.. enmer Mlb-at.
1 f.2B Id-Bva , bettreea IBtb -ind "uth rts.
I.BM Bd-ave., belween 70th nml TTili ita.
I.08B Sd -av*.. n-_r '?' I -
i__ Ea*' Itih-at., corner So-ara
|Bg Baat i_.*,t_--t.
2*.. Weal 12-lh *t.
2- E??t 42<1-.t.. nenr Madl*_n-B8ra,
l.TOB lat-ave., n.ar M_th-*t.
I.fljBB Broadway.
l(Vt Sd-ave.. . ,tner 47th-_t.
_BI PWlOBefl... I.1BI M.u'ii- . ?-.. 81 Ooart-at., BOB D*.
Kalb-ave.. l.ll*T Kul' n.i.. aear Bedl ri av..
-iVn^^ork C?nla3 Erflmtit
FBIDAT, .M'l.Y 28, 1896.
Kortign. -In tha Britlah electl *w yesterd
Tories i tat tnro ooata, but galned three. Ad
vices from Honolulu state t'nat th- reaolutlon to
glve Prtneeaa Kalulanl a yearly p. nali n ol M
has heen lahled hy the Benate. The ltallan
;,r .tectornto over Abyaalnla is aald by Elaron
Blanc to have beea recognlaed by the P w<
I>,>nieBtic?tJ.-ueral Copplnger and four troopa
ol tba Hh Cavalrj Btarted from Sebraali
the Jackaon'a Hole country, where the Etann ',<
Indlan trouble is taking* place. The Btata
offlcials who hav- heen Inspectlng the .
dack roBton returned, at. pplng on tha way to call
.,n Gen.-ial Harrlaon al Dodd's Camp. Ho
rojr defontod Wr-nn, ihe tennls champlon, in the
Loatwood lournament .. ??? ? The sllver debate
betweea tfaaara. h >rr and Harvey was rei
ln Chlcago. _____=_ Proeeedlnga were begun f r the
estradltlon ?f H. H. Holmei l Canada for ttiml
on the charge of murderlng tli- Pletael chlldren;
the dlaappearnnce of another young woman in
Chlcago was charged to Holmeo.
Clty and Siiburban. -Jamea Low, Jr a ua. l
Mlaa Hanaoo an.i her aaaoclatea of drlving hi?
dauBhter. LilHe Low, to aulclde. Preald. I
Rooaevelt, of Ihe Pollco Board, talked about the
work of the Department. The iudd. n d
...lution of the promlnent Btoch brokeraga Brm
of Nee*lage, Colgato A: C??. wai announced
-. The endaer New-Yorh arrlved from Klei.
: .-. The i.t Naval Battalion brokecamp and
Btarted on its return to thll clty. Wlnnera
at Brlghton H.ach: Appomattox, Caaaette, True
penny. Paladln. Hugh Penny and Bombaaette.
aaaam The stock market was dull and Irregulnr.
The Weather Porecaat for to-day: Fair, wlth
weeterly wln.ls. Temperature yeaterday: U>w
est. 69 degreea; hlgneat, N degreea
Not a llttl. pyni]i.itliy waa Wl and expreaaed
f>r tho Jurors ln tbe two Irlala of hwpector Mc*
LauKhlin, owlBf to tbt* fa.'t that tli?y were kept,
Biippo-itlly, ln strict scolusion for ? eonalderab-B
patiod. Pab-tc optnlofl oa Ihla polol wOJ anffer
a cbange wh.-n it becoaaea known Ibai during
their cnliiifiii'-nt tlie jni'ors wero treated to
(Irlves-at the dtjr'a ezpeoae to Waahlngton
Brtdge, leroma I'i.rk. Rhreralde Drtve, Mornlng*
slde Park and Klogabridgo. Jnal why the tax*
pgjen should be ealled oa lo fool tbe b_D for
tkeaa l-UUilea is n.a dear, bol Jodge Barrett baa
approved the bills, i.n?l be certalnljr would nol
have done so without good r___B0B_ Caa it I"*
that the lodfo i. tiylag la this way to render
Jurj' 8er\*lce more attraciive to those rlaaaea ol
oltlzen . wlio Icivc BO BMBBB untii.il to eaeape
that duty?
A nr?w C'lmi.llcatlon was added to Ihe Exclae
problfm jaaliifl-j l?y ;i dedaloa rendered by
MagtHtrate Wentworth ln Ihe Hnrlem I'oint.
Before hlm was BtT-dgBed a aaloookeepef who
on Wedncstlay at 1 a. ni. ha*l covered his bar aod
thrown op**n hls aaloon f**r tlie aak **f "suft
drlnks." He was promptly at*r.*sti?l, hut i"ii
tended that lie ha*l not riotated any law, Bloce
thore was Bothlif to prcrafil liis lelllag n..n
Intoxlcatln/; fluld.s botwt? 1 and ?"? a. ni. After
cogttatlng over the matter for twenty four lnuirs
and studying the law, Mr. Weotwortb dedded
thnt the saloon tuan was rlght Thla dedaloa
wlll naturaily ba l.ailed as a trliimph bf tln
llquor contlugent. but, o_ cuirs.*, Bpe.*d| ??*t,'l's
wlll be taken to bltaf Ihe <iiH*sti,,n befOn th.*
hlgher courts. lf Miflati-ite Weotwortb is mi<
tBln.-d. think of tbe straln to whlcb the ?gloon*
keepera wlll be subjorted if tbey glve -trict beed
to the law during the ptohlMtad houial
The IntereBtlDK interview with Pollca Couuola
Bloner Rooaevelt prlntitl thls morninc will n>*t
escape the notlce of our readers. To 'n.** Trlh
une reporter he talked wlth fratikmss rB(-ldlag
the enforcement of ibe Kxcise law aud tha |eo?
eral work of the pollce uuder the i.res.nt 0a__.
iniBSlonera. On the whole, be ia well cont.-nt
wlth the results accompli. hed, though there are
dgns of dlssatlsfii.-ii'iii certiiluly not without
iustlflcation - wlth ihe a.tion of _uuie of thi Cii.v
MagistrateB in thelr dcalln*. wlth llquor aaaaa,
Mr. Rooaevelt la doubtlesa rivlit lu his .iairo tliat
^Watlons of the Excise law should be foll>>w.*d
nol slmi.lv hy n flne. Imt hy the Imprlaonmeul
,,f ihe offendera. The ayatem of flnea 1ms b.cn
in rogue a k>ng tlme, imt aererer punlahment
aeema lo be called for where Ibe l?w la deflantly
.nnl rcpcnt.'.lly broken.
?? ?
Wllliam Henry ba? been L.d.l for ihe actlon of
the Grand Jury by Juatlce Haggorty on ihe
rharge of ninr.l*-in*_ hla father, Ibe aged Brook
lyn mlaer. Tbe dedalou of Ibe Jnatlcc puta no
,i,.w fa..n the matter. aa na *l? ? t<>ii<*? - waa inado
i.v iii.-.'i.vn-.'.l: -? ii>l ihe loatlmony offered n*.aln?t
him. wlth Mi" cxeeptl..f ?hal ot tbe chemUt j
who foiind bl.I atalua i>n bla shirt. was aub
at.tntlally lhat glven lo the public abortly :ift.*r
ihe dlecovery of ihe munlcr. Tbe caae la lo be
preaented to ihe Grand .lury wlthoui delay, and
it la aafe to aaanme thal an Indlctmenl wlll be
fonnd. Nol untll the trlal wlll tbe facta be fully
told and ibe charaeter of ihe "bad aou'e*" defence
dlacloaed. _
Exceptlon is taken by aeveral Connecilcnt
newapapera to a caaual obeervatlon of The Trlb?
une ln tbe courae of an artlcle on Conneetlcut
politica a few daya alnce to the effeel tbal the
protllgallty of ihe late l,ejrialatnre, In fllnglng
gratultlea to everybody who had been in ajtend
Mn,-.. .11 tbe Capltol durlng ibe aeanlon, had nol
been <> aeverely cenanred by the State preaa a
.;, dceerved tu bt*. lt waa added lhal Ihe nn
I'baritably .lN|>..s,..l would perhapa nndertake io
explaln il.miaaion by Ihe circumatnnee lhal
the ropreeentativea of ibe preaa of both parties
\\..;v among il"1*-' who wen* handiwnjeb; reraeiu
),. r.-.l nt Hi" Sin'.'s Pxp.'tiH.. Home of our Con
necticul contemporarlea -?? m ?' bare pni npon
thla ih" atralned conatru-.tlon Ibal it la Tbe
Trtbune'a explanatlon, wbereaa The Trlbune aaid
only thal it mlghl be offered by tbe nncbarltably
illnpoaed, which The Trlbnne l" not; aa we trtwt
it |_ bardly neeeaaary to aay. To make it entlre?
ly elear we now aay thal The Trlbune haa too
blgb an opinion of Ibe Conneetlcut preaa and
ft,.. apeah now of tli" preaa of both partlea; for
\ft.. are frank lo aay lhat, in <>iir Judjcment, ii"
hi?her atandarda of polltical toorallty prevall In
the cotidiicl of any newapaper In ibe country lhan
i? tbe ..tli" i of ihe two leading Democratlc Jour
oala of Conneetlcut, "Tbe Hartford Tlmea" nn.l
Th,. Xew Haven Beglater" we hav.- too high
an opinion of the Conneetlcut preaa generally to
entertaln the auaplclon for ? momenl thal it
would be awenred from tbe duty of critidam and
censure of leglalatlve Immorallty by aelflah or
uiereenary conalderatlona.
We are ramlnded by lhal ataneh Republlcan
newapaper, "The Hartford Conrant,'1 thal Ita
own comntenta upon whal it property deocrlbea
a_ "demorallalng profllgacy" were by no meana
fraaire; lhat its denunctatlona were outapoken
and aevere. Upon tli" aame authorlty we nr.*
Informed lhat "The Sorwlch Bulletln," "The
Anaonla SentineT and "Tba Waterbnry Repub?
llcan" were equally aevere ln Ihelr condemnatlon
, i* "tbe abamefol acatterlng of public monej In
peraonal gratultlea." All tli"-" are Republlcan
newapapera of Influenee an.l poaltlon, and we
take pleaaure ln aecondlng Ibe commendatlon ?.f
??Tbe Couranf* f..r tba manllneaa, courage and
uprlgbtneoa wltb whi.h th.-y hav.- condemned
thelr own party repreeentatlvea f'.r thelr conduct
in thla matter. For Ihere really was no excuae
for It. Sone of theae repreaentaUvea would hav
ilun_ away his own money wlth auch prodigallty
in "tipa" to nn " wbo bad done blm pt raonal aer
vi,-... Nor wouM any.f th.-m, bad li" been
Intruated wltb Ibe managemenl of ihe affalra of
a eorporailon, ever dared fllng abonl the ror
poratlon'a money wltb auch reckleaa profualon
ln unearned gratultlea. In auch ? caae ibere
would certalnly bave been apeedy and abarp
reckonlng demanded by atockholdera. And ln
what doea Ihe dlfferenee eonalBl between the
agenta of a bualneaa corporatlon and tbe agenta
aelected by ibe people to tranaact Ibe bualneaa
of tbe Btate, except tbat tbe truat repoaed in tl"?
latter la more bonorable and Ibe reaponalWllty
far greaterl In tbe court of morala tbe proceed
Ing I- utterly Indefenalble.
Tbe argument from polltical morallty may be
met wlth a Mi""i' by ibe practlcal polltlclana, wbo
!) >ii] tbat there ara no morala ln politica. They
may ahed flll aucb appeala aa .-. dod aheda water.
But it remalna to be aald for thelr benefll and
Inatructlon tbal it la Irretrlevably bad politica I i
adminlater a polltical trnat leaa carefully, con
aclentloualy and eeonomlcally than a bualneaa
enterprlae. No polltl-~a] party can do II and long
retaln power, nor ean any repreoentative of an
boneal party .1" it without forfeitlng tbe conll
ijence of bla party and all influenee In Ita '?"""
,n_. it doea not need now t.? i?" polnted oul
that ti." Republlcan majorlty In tl." I_eglelature
commltted fl grave error In tbe actlon referred
to in 'ii" cloalng daya of ti"* aeoalon. Nor doea
it in any degree excuae Ihem tl.at tbe Democrata
were equally culpable. Tba majorlty is reapon
ilhie. But it is an rncotnraglng rtrcmnatanM
tbal the Republlcan preaa of tbe State bai nol
bealtated to condemn it. Whal ls needed to eor
r.'.t the Bbuee, wblch la the growth of yeara, botb
partlea abarlng the reeponalblllty and tli" <iin
t'r.*i.*e, is public diacuaaion In tbe preaa, followed
by dectalve actlon condemnlng Ibe practiee In
tbe nomlnatlng conventlona of botb partlea.
Good politica, s..iiii?i morala and tbe honor "f ibe
State demand it.
Bowler oughl to f."l better lf not entlrely re
aaaured. Ii may be remembered lhat I." is the
Controller ..f Ibe Currency wbo ha> recently <iis
covered tbal h?* was appolnted nol merely to
examlne and paaa npon public accounta and
clalma and aacertaln whether <>r not ihey were
ln conformlty wlth tbe appropriatlon acta and
other laws >,f Congreaa, bul alao to declde ln
favor of, or agalnat, Ibe conatltntlonallty ..f iii"
laws nnder whi.h approprlatlona bad been voted
hv that body. The lirst practlcal appiication >,f
thla dlaeovery baa naturally exclted general aur
prlae and eauaed a good deal of Indlgnatlon
among Ihe peraona f< >r whoaa benefll an appro?
priatlon wa-* made In purauance "f a law paaaed
i.y Congreaa flve yeara n/_o nn.l approved by
Prealdenl Harrlaon, who in sum.* parta of ibe
country la regarded ns nearly. if nol qnlte, 15..w
l.r's eqnal aa a eonatltntlonal lawyer.
Bnl Bowler has found a backer a pulaaant
peraon named Dodge Joahna Erlc Dodge. Wl...
is Dodge1 Why. li.- ls an Aaaiatant Attorney
General In the Departmenl ?d Juatlce. Dodge,
who is ? Wlaconaln pro.>tg_ of Benator "Wilii.*"
Vilas, it appeara, is tba repreaentatlfe <>f tbal
department in caoaea Irted in tba Unlted Btatea
Court of Clalma, Hia rxpefieoce may nol bave
h.'.'ii as tong as Bowler'a, u]i<ni wboo. bead tbe
anowa ?.f aome forty wlnteti hav.* fallen, and
his atore of wladom and legal lora oaay m>t ba
?o great, hut be is dolng tba beal be ean do, and
Bowler is nn iagrata if he <l...'s n..t appredate
Dodge'a flervlcaa. Dodge "hns no dosbt what
"ever lhal Ihe Controller h..s tba rlghl lo paat
"npon tbe conatliutlonallty .,f an ael <.f Coo
"greaa," aud whlle be is dlopooed t.? h>* moderate
lu his atatementa aml lenlent in bla judgmenta,
be eannol reflraln fr.-m expraaalng tbe opinion
that the Amerlcan people have been led "by de*
Mgreaa into tli" mtrtaken bellef lhat only tha
".oiirts nf the <?..untry are CompttCBl lo paaa
"iipun lln* cinslluitionallly ..f OoagnwIO-U-l
"acts." We ara glad to obaervt, however, lhal
whlle I><><!?".? nppareiitly beUtVM lhat Bowler ls
**8 blgff nian" than I'levelaml, an.l poaaeooea
imt .miy grentar powef thai Congreaa ind av*
tln.rity eqnal l.? tliat ?.f llie BtlpWIPa Court uf the
I'nited States, he ls n..t "a blger uiau" than An
flftW Jacksou, wlio decLireii on a luemorahle
occaaioii tbal be took an oatb to Bttpport the Coo*
Btltotlon as be aoderatood it nnd noi as Chlef
Juatlce Maraball onderatood It.
i .f course Seeretary Carllsle Informeil the
l..,iiisi.iii'i Benatora Itani iii** band. were Hed, ou I
ibai be could not Interfere In any manner wltb
tbe offlclal actlon of tbe Controller. nnd rei it Ifl
_,-ii,l t,, be 'in "]>''n Beerel In Waahlngton thal tbe
latter ronanlta wltb hlm awl Boda onl "tbe lajr
of ihp land" before he deddea n queatlon "f nnj
Importance. We 'i.n eaailjr Imnglne tli.it auch ;i
conBiiltntion *,?._ place before Bowler aaanmed
hla preaenl extrnonllnary nitltinle, nnd we pan
Imnglne, moreovet, lhal ibe taking nf thu arti
tudc was nol wholly unlnfliieiiced by partiaan
rooBlderatlona. In facl n atrong stiapleion tbal
inch ia tbe rnae i- raiaed by ihe commenia pnb
llshcd in cerialn Atliiilnlatratiou newnpapera
77// ll i sn i: DAYJELy
Senalor Danlel Bradley haa S^en dlacovered.
There w< re lloies a ben l>nn ? i dld nol need i ?
l?. dlacovered by a pn-was icrver or n mlem
.,,.,?. Twn years ago Mr Juatlce <; lynor stood
on iln- platform of tbe Brooklyn Ai*ad. my of
mii*.i,* gnd aei people latighlng hy crylng nul,
"Who is Van Sl",,;, nv" Al 'li" 'i'11" Danlel dld
n..* hi- blmaelf off >" Ihe w. "'is. Iml al.1 ln
plaln nlghl :is ibe man whom ibe wicked Blng
l?,-ui,?-riiis had turned down for Ihe aake of
ihe unknown Van Wooten. Danlel nsked for Ito*
publlcan rotei :,, help hlm _? * ba*"*! ni bis rlval,
V.m Wooten, iiu.l li" obl ilinil Ihem Ile was so
easy ;.. ,l.-',,\,i' lhat fall ibai W.K11 cll -
wenl lo Ihe polls and voted for blm, and in a
atrong l'.-iii."Tiiti.* dlsti elected hlm lo ibe
.**;. n.ii" l.y a plurallty >f -W ?v? r ihe remilar,
rork ril'i'.'.i Van Wooten.
Two yeara bave ivroughi n rhnng. Daolel :?<
Mln;,.*: aa bard lo dlacover as waa ever ibe mya
letious iiu.l elualve Van Wooten. An enterprls
Ing atibpoena aerrer In the Interem nl ihe As
-.? ini.lv Commlttee whlcb is irylng to Investigate
Ibe iii.ui.i_.in'nt of th.. llr.H.klyn Brblge 1ns
traced blm to Kchroou Like. bol ai <-Uv--m
[_ake Danlel Btlll remalus nurslng i ronvi ul< nl
caae of broncbltle, wblcb makea a better ? -
f?r n-fiis.il t" appear b. fore ib.mm tti-e tbaa
,1.i?. glven i. few weeks ago, tbal he did nol
Intend "I ' glre tbe Reimldl* nn? nnj p wd. I ?
blow ui* D. in-"t.i:-." Mi inwblle p< ople are
wondering whal bas come over Danlel ihat he
Bbould f"-l bo dlfferenl toward BopuMlcnns, He
was fonnerly wllllng to glre Bcpoblicani
powder, and even more wllllng to uae thrMra
ln loading i. mlne to blow up Ibe hanulcsfl Vao
Wooten. lt was Danlel wbo laal wiuter made
tbe moat outapoken ? bargea, both in tli" Senate
nnd .'in. agaloal ihe Itrldge management, and
Btlrred ap the Aaaembly lo begln an love* i
tlon iti full eonfldence tbal the p itriotlc and non*
partiaan Danlel would ?! > all In bla power to belp
th.-ni expoae raacallty and Introduce an ? i ?
honeat, eeooomlcal and enllghteoed Bdmlnlsira
Uon of tli.it greal l"!':"' ?*'?"* u'1"'' l'"1 "' M '
WBt - ? much in need of n form Why thli * .1
il, n loyalty to party7 Whj I ? rei ng
Hon. Why tbla Inc mv. nl. ul bronchltla. Per*
hapa :i hint la foand In tbe remark added I ?
excuse made bi*fore ihe I i"l devel
"They aai on me In lh ? > n ite l isi s. *
i a and beal my blUB.'' V- rhaps the am
thal Danlel Ib nol aeeklng Ke| i
f.i!l agalnal any Democratlc \ an > *ot< n
\, itber "f ib< Be aun la DanlH n a
favorable llgbl aa a reformer. There were ? 'h-r
people Btancb Republlcana, loo wl
falled of i'i*s ige 11*! nInter owlng to
i,,,u of :. minorlty In Ibe Leglslature who |_ r
liBted in votlng wltb Tamm my 11
agalnst reform meaaurea. Bul I r no*
. .aful 1- glalatora wera partli ina arbo
.,, nttie for reform th il when th. Ir b lli
beaten tbey wen! rlghl oa work ag i ? i
th"ir own party of the men wbo bad bn
p. nnd to Bghl the Democratlc raa. ila arho bad
joloed tii.'iu ln maklng - BTe. I ? raj d.
Bul Daulel in bli dlaapp .ntm. i
Uon t" balfway reform. In that aug
.. -? . leaa AchLUea Bolklog oyit ihe loagof B
than tha iut.- politlclan whoae voiea are nol
baaed on oplnlona bol on ira lea. .
greal many D< mocratfl who are conaplmoua n >n
partlaaoa wbeaerer ibey ranuoi bave thelr own
w.iy in tbeir own orgai and can gel lt.
publlcana to | re l iem lhlng? wltboul thelr bj
Bumlng aoy obUgatlooa ln return Bul they al
wayn dlacom later tbal Ibe party ihat helped
tbetn is bb bad as Ibe party wb< ?e corruptlon
tbey revolted agaloat, and conclude tbat
tbe cure "f thc Republlc la Intrustitl lo Ihem, and
lo ih.ni alooe, tbe couotry mlgbl bs well go io
tbe *l"i-"* noder Detoocratlc rule bb to be blund. r
Ingly treated by Repabllcnn do* lon Pi - r ?*'?'
badly Bcared abool tbe 11 il- of llepubl can par
tlagnahlp ns booh ns Ihere an- no Van Wootena
lo be dowoed. We bave rather llked l.ocle Dan
lel. We Bball be Borry lo b_ i ere tbal he
,,f th.it number.
The DomlokNi Parltaroeot baa been prorog led.
Breatblng Bpace la tbua galned In tbe llerce
?truggle over tbe Manltoba achool *?> Btem, Mean
Ume Manltoba la, colloqulally gpeaking, on top.
lt baa deflnltely rejected Ihe aectarlan prtnclple,
gnd la conductlng Ita Bchoola on tbe broad, llberal
.in,i patiiotic i'i-i * of nationallam aod n?
larlaolam. To thal liaala lt meanfl to adbere.
Wben Parllameni meetfl agaln tbera wlll be more
trouble. Tbe demnod for coerclve m<*asnres
toward Manltoba will be reoewed. Three Mln
lat.-rs realgoed tl.iber day i?? .n*t?.- thai de
mand waa nol iben granlid. The crlsls w.i* -? i
l;i\..il by :i half promlae of actlon al ibe n. tl
sesalon. Bol what can be done then 1 The quea
lii.n will come, and ibe Goverouieui wlll ncaln
Hnd llaelf l..-tW'-n tbe devll and Ibe di ep ea
Perbapa tbe (?ov< rnmenl ?ill realgn, or be forced
out, and Ibe IJberals \\iil come ln, for tbe Hrat
tluie in elghteen yeara. Bnl Ibe new Uovernim nl
will be in ?x.i.-My tbe aame quandary, and be
just as powerleBH io plcnse both partl. - More
over, no matter what may bedoneai ottawa, the
Winnlpeg Doverum. nl wlll '"iiiniii" lo do . ruictly
as ii pleasea; or ;i> ibe people "i Manltoba pl. ase,
whlcb atooaotfl ta the bbioc iiiiiiL'. ir Ibe i?,,
inini.iii trii's ",?Tclun, M:iiiit"!'.i wlll iii""t ii wltb
realfltance, even wlth BecesBlon. rii.n Mr. (.Jni-n
way his made |i.-ii'"ily plaln.
There ls atrong reaaon, bowev?.r, for Iblnking
tbe qnarrel wlll nol go i" auch an extent. Kven
lf ibe Ottawa Qovenimenl were -'. fatuous as
to pnsh ii i" an extreme, ihe Imperlal Uotitu
men) al London would noi permll It. The ni"
toenl there is gerloua danger of Manltoba'i belng
drlvi-ii 1*. Beceaalon aml Ila natural Bequeace, an
oexatloo to the Uolted Rtatea, Oreal Brltaln
will intervene with .i",-i*i\. autnorlty. Bnl ii ls
doubtful lf tbe Doflllalon Uovernmenl wlll erer
pn**li mait.-rs go far, f"i Ita Intereal in ibe caae
ls Ideotlcal arllh Oreal Brttaln'a. Th..?..-iitiiil
puint is thai tbe Caaadlan Paclflc Rallroad runa
Ihroogh Miiiiitoiii. Thal t-?-ra.I is tbe aole hlgh*
w.iy iii'i'-iss iliis loiitiiuni on Hiiiisli ...il. |i is
ih.- s,.|>. ni,-.iu- ,f communlcatlon between th>
greal provlacea "f ibe Bt, l_iwreoce Valley and
th.* Ailanii.- conni aml ih"-" "f tbe central plalna
aod the Paclflc ,-,.ast. it is tbe bon chaln lhal
noltea tbe i?? lt.'.-ii aectloua "f Brltlab Amerlca,
aml an "ssiiiti.ii parl of th" chaln of commerclal
aml nnlii.ii'.v "iiiiiuiiini'-ail ui whh'h flrenl Brltaln
has put aroiiml tbe whole world. To pretwrre IU
lotegrlty is i matter **f Imperlal Importance. To
BuppoaeOreal Brltaln wiii llgbtly allow a portloa
Of it tO fall tindi-r ali.ti eoiiliol is to BOppoae Iui'
lo be berefl of eom_aon lenne. Polltlclaag al
otiauii aml all Ihroogh Ootarlo .ni'l Qoebee may
liliisier ,'is tbey phas". Tbey must n?.i do any
lhliii_ wlii.h wuiild l.ii-al. Ihe bood b'twi-n lli"
fortreaaea of Vaocoorer aud thoae <*f Hallfaz.
lf they fl". they will henr tlie rlot act read f?W
Downlng Btreet, and that in no doobtfol tonefl.
s.,ni,- Democratlc frlenda Imiulr.*. wlth n slkbt
lv aeornful air, bow a Free-Trade t.-iriff comea
,',, i?. protectlve for a tlme. It ls worth thelr
trhllc t.. learn. It mual Brai h" st.it.*.! that the
tariff now in force was nol what Ft*.*" Tradern
rlealred, hut was denoun.I hy Ihem as nn ln
fainuii. sniT.ii.i.'i' ,,r 'heir prlnclpleo, an.l a reault
,,f iiartera with corrupi monopollea, This tariff,
.nllng t" 'I." ">iii>-ial publlcatlon hy th.* au?
thorlty "i' 'li" Congreaa wblcb enacted it, waa ln
tendetl t.> Inipoae upon plg-lron dutlea "f 24.3.
,?.,. ,.,.?,, ,,? bar lron an.l st.*.*l dutlea ranglng
from lf. i" ?''?! per cent, "" "teel ralla dutlea "f
:,:,,:i,.i |mt cent, on bbicb platea dutlea ..f 04.04
,,.,. ,,.?,, ?? bllleta .luii"s ..f 22.76 P-r cent. on
tmplate ban dutlea of 42~~_ per eent, antl on
angiea, beama and other atrnctural lron an.l -'""I
rfutlo* ,.f 40.7(1 per ""nt- Aa part "f tbe sal-* "f
leKlaLitlon to iii- Bngar Tnyt, ll was bargulned
lhat ". rtaln dutlea on prodncta of lron an.l ateel
ahould be made flathfactory t.< certaln Intereata,
whleh accounta f"r aome glaring dlacrepanelei
in the rat"*- propooed, an.l it oraa alao bargalned
thal ti." ratea ahould be apedflc, aecuring Ihe
i u.\ 0f protectlon whi.h apedflc dutlea glve.
i,, , .11- quence ti." ratea on rarloua prodncta are
now much blgher lhan Congreaa int. nd..I t..
make tbem, even as t.. tbe artlclea which it in
temli.1 lo favor moat.
The lron and BteH Aaoodatlon lias recently
pnbllabed a atatemenl "f Ihe actual coal ?.f iiu
|Mirtlug certaln prodncta in June, iu order t"
ahow 'itit recenl advaneea In prlce had expooed
parta ..f iie* iii.lu-.iry to aome danger. ln this
Ktatenient, eotuplled wllh auiple aouiwa ..f in
fnamation, prlcea -f certaln prodncta abroad in
.lun.- were tdven. Theae prlcea compared wlth
ih- rntea ??( duty now in force ahow the ad
vnlonin ra'. ? Blven in ih- third column "t th"
r,ill?wlng tald.-. whlle the offlclal eatlmate "f the
reaulta ?.f ti.-* n?*w larlff, baoed on prlcea aa they
nreraged ln iv?::. ael forth tl." ad ralorem ratea
,,f duty glven in tlm f.tinli column:
. a t nl Prlcei i: iteaof Duty,
Abro i I. I'-r i '
Jun... V.r.r. .1 it.-. . 'tt! . .1
??., .. ? Kat.
'' n*t*?aV* '{SJj Pl! Wtl
' ' ."??,'- wan :
i i, :??. N'o. 1. per ton... 227 IM
.. ? i i.i.i.'t-. per ???'i . 's *?? ?***,- ? ; -? -- :.*
,... ,.ir.. ,,r ton.... lajN U12 2AAU
r'. -A," I-': ?"?<.?a LS" **?*?
'...]? . ? ..i_'. ?n as n ?_\
*l . !?? r t.
i:,.. ra.mm.m, p.-r lon..
I ? . ,, ? ton .... ::??;? HM TiW M.W
.'* *' '" -
ln < ??> ? ry caae tbe rat.- nf duty waa much hlgher
in June than the offlclal entlmate, even on beaiui
nnd at.-'l.- and l.leek plati-s, whlcb were Ibe ??
m ,,r Di mo. ratlc favor The ran -
.- ;.,i ,,,i bar lron aru the hlgheal and loweal
ln tbe ofllclal eatlmate, as lhal doea nol
diatingulah between eommon an-l reflned bar,
whlle ibe valui - and ratea for ISUBareae abown.
*., tbe offlclal eatlmate doea nol dlatlnguiab be
. j fferenl qualltlea of plg-lron, rating all
at an Bverane ralue of |lfl II, wltb 34.37 ad
valorem ia the arerage rate. fduty on all. Thua
- , | ;.. ...;, tb it tbe rate >.n plg lron ha- In
I from a ihlrd to aomethlng more lhan
. ,.,, i? ima ? ? i ic a t ire proved only a
than wa* ? - ? ? '? on bl i. ~
-, , Dehalf hlgher, on ilnplate bara
more lhan onehalf hlghi r, on ateel ralla ov. r a
? _-!,.-r. nnd .n bar lron conolderably Maher
., , i,-- i.. ? it t... kepl -t. id.lv ln mlnd
that the D ' ' - ? ,!'A''1' ???nl lo
Impoae any auch ratea as are In force, and ibal
ibovegli n ara ihoaa whlcb
rtg i .? i by ti,.* Benate and Houae
cotnnilttcea reported t-. tho.ummltteea and the
? . botb houaea ai the true meanlng and
? ? lutlea mp< -I A '""*' "r manu
ihmenta ar- at work l h1 ij only
?-, |n Congreaa dld ti"* know
. : i ? ? Impom il
i a- || in*. n.l.-I
Ohvloualy ihla i- tl"* n null of n atate of tblnga
whl. b may be temporarj In fa. I, moal of the
t< d ..-?? high. ;? now abroad, and ? on
v,.,,|. iiiiy the ratea t.f duty are lower lhan Ihey
u. .ii June. i.v rj atep ? .ward recon ry of
inufacture and Ihe marketa, toward better
ui.*.- for mlnera or hamllera, furnace-men or
.. in rolllng mllK brl naa ihe coal ?<! dom
;,.. ,|n. ta ii. ar the |Kiinl al wblch Ibey nny Ite
tlrivi n imi of ihe marketa by forelgn competl
? n .\ii. id) tli" atructural forma, In which ihe
Increaae baa been moal Importa nt, ara aelllng al
ahout ihe prlce at wblch tbey can now be im
poried. Tbe sun,. waa irue a month ago <>f black
plati?, tlnplatea aml tiuplate bara, Bul tbe
.-,. mlnera In Miehlgan who are >.n atrlke for
better wageo, ihe coal mlnera who ?ra demand
in_ an advance, and other handa ln trreai num
ber who expeel lt. wlll reallxe whal a Mund. rlng
Democratlc tarlfl wlll mean for them If, after
aii tbe recovery of bualneaa, tbey ean gel noth?
ing better than panlc wagea. The dutlea were
pul hlgher than Free Tradcn Intended, and yel
. ... low for Amerlcan mlnera and workera
?f - ixth Internatlonal ceovraphleal coni
which la to open In London lo day and con
tin - < r .' daya, wlll ba a meetlng of greai Intei -
rat to ? of raphera all over the world. It la eonfl*
dentl) expecti i thal II wlll i." the largeal con
. if the kind ever h.'ld, m more thnn 1.2O0 per
...i,,, devote apeelal attentlon t.> geographical
ti ittera arlll probably be In ettenaautee. Tba
number of delegatea wlll ba 900, repreoenttng
nearly, it not qulte, all the feographliwl eocle*
,;,:, |n exlatence, and twenty different Qovern*
metita wlll i.miaiiy repreaented. Tha repre*
nrntatlve nf the Unlted Btatea wlll l"; the Hon.
?,, \\ i; i.inii, the Tlbetan expl irer, who
holda ti"* "fti.'f Thlrd Ataalal int Becretary ol
State. Tha other Gov_.nn.enta which aend ofll?
clal delegatea l i ti." conference are Qreal Britain,
Prance, Auatrla-Hungmry, Italy, Bweden and
N.,i-.ft.ii. the Netherlanda, Belglum, Portucal,
Hwltzerland, Turkey, Rumanla, Mexloo, tha
Argitntlne itepublle, Chlll, Queenaland, Taamanla,
gouth Auatralia, Weatern Auatralia and the Capa
,,r .;.i Hope. This Ilal abowa tli" Iruly Inter?
natlonal charaeter o( tim approachlng gatherlng
: Keographera, and Indtoatea tha worldwlda in
tereal whl. i. la fell In a oden ??? thal waa formerly
thoughl adapted to aohool-chlldren only, ir In leed
the clalma of geo?raphy t" be elaaaed arlth th.*
gelencea were not dlnregarded altogetbar,
The Amerlcan Reocraphlcal.letli i wlll be well
repreaented al the London aathertng, tha dele?
gatea Includlng iii" ii"'. Wllliam T. Harria,
Unlted Btatea Commlaaloner of Bdueatlon; Oen?
eral A. W. Oraely, ex-Judge Charlea P. Daly, Mias
Kllaa it Bcldmore, tha well-knowa travetler and
wrlter; Henry c,. Bryant, who commanded tha
peary Auxillary Bxpadltlon In UM, and Profoooor
Uiiiiam Ubbey, jr.. of Prlnceton. Bpeclal ef?
forta wlll be mad.- by tha Amerlcan repreaenta
HV-H to S" llie the holdlttg Of the HeM S-SSioIl Of
ii.ngreaa on Amerioan aoll. Of tha prevloua
feograpblcal congreoaea Iba iirst was held ln
Antwerp ln i1*:!. two have been held In Parta, ona
in v.-ni.e .md ti.-* lateot, ln UM, in Berne. Tha
Natloaal Oeographlc Boetoty, ..f Waahlngton,
h.iH ext.-iid".! a cordtol ii.vituti .n to the aongreoa
i,i ii.t f,,r Ita aavanth aeaalon In tbal dty In
IIW, and its oAoera and delegatea ara hopeful
thnt ii,.* Invttatton, wblch has bean boartlly aae*
onded by tba state and Agrlenltural Depart*
ineiiiM and bj varloua ndentlfle aodetlea, wlll ba
acoepted. n is an undoubtod taet thut iu uli iin.-a
of work whleh Intereat th.-s.- coogreaaea th.-re an*
Americana wbo ara conoldered us authorttlea ..f
the Bral rank, and beyond queatlon a programma
could be nrranged for ~ meetlng in Waahlngton
thal wonl i ba highly pleaalng lo th.* foreiRn ape
ciallsta, Whlle oui* country. afT.rJa strong attruc
ttoon ln the way of rxcuralona to places of pecul
lar geoRraphlc intorer.t.
At thc* i.ondon congreaa tha discu.sions will
embraee not only topie. of Bpeetal inter.st to
geogropbera, hut not a few ff general liBportaoca
and ralue, ArctlC exploratlon wlll naturaily ho I
dealt with eshauatlvety, and in connectlon with it
tbe queatlon of tha reoawal of AnUrctlc expl* ra
tion wlll be taken up. Tho fum-tion of the Euro
pean ln the developm.'iit of tropteol Afrtca wlll
be the aubjeet of one of th.* moat Intereatlng _???
aiona, nnd wlll be treated by tba roen naoat com
petent to conalder thla queatlon of l-'irn- practlcal
Importance al tha preaenl Ume. In connectlon
with the congreai there wlll ba nn axblbltton of
geographlcal material, etc, whlch has gaaumed
large dlmenalona. Th" ipace orlglnally aaalgned
f r this purp taa has i.n more than doubled, and
v,-t it haa been impoaalble to ac.*.*pt all tha eBhlb
its offered Ona of tba objeeta Bpeetolly atmed at
haa been to ahow th.* progresa mada la varloua de
partmenta from the earlleet tlm**s.
c?n the whole, the arrangementfl for the .ixth
congreaa r-il-'-t much eredll upon tha tn-n re
Bponglble for them, and leaaloni of rara lotareat
gnd Importance are to h?* looked for. Bbould the
Waahlngton Invltatlon h. aecepted, it la evldent
that our geographera must begln thelr prtpara.
tiona betlmes and work dillgently If thoy mak. a |
programme and an exhlWtlon that wlll tximpare
favorably wlth the Brat meetlng of th" Congreaa
held out. i le tba Contlnent
Mr Cleveland ehould look t.i Oregon. i.-'r^rts
aay thal the membera of his party In that Btata
are amblguoua on the sllver queatlon. That must
n .- go on whlle there at.* poatoffleea al the Eoecu
tlve ? ommand. _
go notorioua his been the mlamanagement ..f
the Dlstrict-Attorney'fl ifflce under Colonel M
Iowb thal th- dlacovery ,,f tw.? volumea "f the
. . ,. t arand Jury recordfl lylng in un enueed
courtroom ls Ukely to he thought "f as only
another Item ln th- record of Incompeteecy,anj
its aeriotta character be only partly reaHaed.
Yheae recorda ;.r.. hy law ordered t,. ba kept
pt. rei ,:.i .ir,. Btore l In a atrong i" x. and when
taken to court -f" guarded with grrat
care. The abatractlon "f theae booka from the
,,.*! ,. arguea m .re th.u careleeeneaa. it appeara
!illt membera of tbe Dletrlct-Attorneya Btaff
have been Benrchlng for them In aecret foraome
time paat, whlle maklng publle proclamatlon that
ln thelr examlnatlon of th- recorda they found
nothlng wrong How th- b -ks came Into tba
, urt room and how they managed t,, .t..y
then unobaerved If in fact they wera not
thrown there Jual bef >re th itr dlacovery :.r" ;is
mysterioua as tba mathod of thelr ortgtnal dla
appearance. Colonel Fellowa i* reaponalble f"r
., ...ri.,iis offenca I ? tha 'Irand Jury. and that
? . -!., iii rigoroualy Inveetlgata hls failur**
property t ? guard its ,-,.. orda.
|. ,!,., | ,;. ? u.it. m ,i tean't polnt to thp
I] , k p Bland ara tii- free-allver leader in the
n it: mal i temocratlc Convention nexl yaar, it will
unworthy of publle c nfldenee.
? ? ?
If the nea aerp >nt Ib n"t al the preaenl ;n .ment
a denlaen of Long laland Sound, aeveral pao
., . > .,- ui* ; .-.. i , urt gre a .fully mls
iiik-n i-i what they think they _uv arlth thelr
own ... u Tueaday. Burely now ls the
rral tha monater. Beveral yeara ago
,.. ma le ? * I >urney4 up tii"
ii idn n Rl\'er, but the opp rtunlty to Belae him
i araa not lm| r ive I. It wlll be a eid
? et him K.-t awa) from tha 1 .und wlth
mpell ng hlm te glv" an a *OOUnt of hlms-*if
.inge a w i Bnapahol or two would he
? 'iiir.
Becretary H.-rb.*rt. of th* Naw Department,
, || ; >.. .,i..,i .? fow unlmportanl queattona,
.;*,.,* the pladng ' two-atorted turn* t* on the
new battleahlpa auth irlaed by Conitro... will now
hla tlm.* ...1,1 Intelle t t. ? ther and p?r
graver problema. Th.* T.'iphin. wblch h.is
ered fi :n ti:" "atruetural weak
? tt gava the flral Clavelan i Admlnlatra
tio- , md auch deep concern, arrlved at
ih- Washlngton N'aw Yard "ti M n !.v. h. aring
thu gallant lar -galatanl Becretary McAdoo,
wh... offlclal Inapectlon -t th- Naval Reeervea
;,t t'..? Northern aeaalde reaorta wlll mark an
.,,, h lu th- hlst..ry if naval pmgreea ln th"
L'nlted Butea. Tli- Dolphln is now t.> ba em*
ploped ?' *?' even mora Important mtaaton 1
Herbert wlll hoard her this aftern on anl,
with a pli ked rompany of v ilunteera i - - addltl. m
,,),.,- uaual . implemenl of offlcera and men, a III
,-.. down th,- Potomac and up th.i-t
and begln tha arduoua work "f Inapectlng tha
navy yarda and naval atatlon* at Brooklyn, New
port. N< w-L md >n, it.'Ston and Portam* uth. tt la
eapi ted that iba Newport Inapectlon wlll o
.v u ..i deal "f Ume, ... thal Btatl.- bupp *aed
t,. requlre an even gr.-ater ..rnoiit t I "tti'iai Bt
tentl ti than th- Porterno'ith Navy Tard and ns
Bar Hkrbor and -thrr dependenclea Becretary
ii. i->...r-t. it may be pr >per t< add, la auch a alave
,,. duty thal !,- wtll nol taka any vacatlon this
1 "'?---?
ir .,.?,. gda were pearia what -i-4' ma de
t.. tlvea Chl nn woulJ have!
PER80X if..
Though -V 'i .vernor Oercelon, >*f Matne, i* **iKhty
yeara of ;...-. ha is .-.iiii ni vlgoroufl health. Th.re
ai- ni,;,'...11 aarcalona la th.* Lewtaton (Me.) elty
,li,. '.,m ir'_', iill of th- . i,_;nal <;.ir.'.?lon famlly.
whlch waa very prollBc. One daughterol lha bouae,
"s,,,>" Moody, aad twenty-aeven chlldren.
John Howard Bryant, tha only Mirvlvlng brother
of Wllllam Cull.-n Bryant, th.* po?t. nnd him.s.*lf i
poet, haa ]uat oalebrated hla elgbty-elghth blrthday
ai hla homa In Prlnceton, Ul.
The iruatees of Berkeley Temple, Boaton, havo
glven t., tt... iM*-'r. tii.* k.v Dr. Chartea M. Dtek
i,i.,.n. a leave ot'abaenea for Bla montha ln "H-r
that he may recover hla a_ Uth, Impalred hy ever
Prlnce Biamarck hai de Ided to devote th. fund
placed at hi. dlsposal In honor of the elghtleth an
nlv. i-uv ,-t lus l.irtli t? Ihe bulldl.lg "f a Home
ut li,:. i-und /.?...f..|.-r.it..*ii. ln Berlla Hla declalon
meets general saUafactlon.
Ona ?f the laal aeml-publle oceaalona on whleh
n?. Rev Dr Arthur Brooks appeared was the
annual dlnner of the Pbllllpe Baeter AeoOmny
Alumnl, iit th.* wiiiis-r Hotel. on March 88. Dr.
Brooks w.is not a graduate of Baeter, bnl be was
...ii.-i upoa to epeak In behalf of hla dbrect ancea
tora tba Phllllpaaa, who founded h,.th PhUllpa
Exeter and PhUllpa Aodover academlea i>r.
i:.ia. it is well remembered. __ade a moat oMtr
ind lai.i.v Bl.'-li "" '-his OCCat-OO. Hfl was a
'?.'u'n'ii't'tt.'O" alao Bt ihs a.,i:..,i Harvard aub
iimii.is it Delmonlco'B, where for aeveral >'.u_
n;nh_d >.wayabe-n called upon ta open taa dlnner
with a brlef prayer.
Thera is aow amoi|g tha patlenta al a aanturtum
,? Kiiniia ..? old man Bamad^ C. FtobWas, a patent
lawyer who haa been a raaMacil of IVaahlngton
,,,,,lv half a century. Ha was weU BOgaalBtad
wlth Mr. lincotn, by whom ha waa eetaetad as
ehalrmaa ol th.* iirst Voiu-o Conun-Baton aft.-r his
Inauguratlon la IBB. Ha taila thla atory of the
nia.tvr President: After Ihe Bmanclpatlon Proela
matloa had been wrltten, lt wUl b? remembared
that ata Bsontha wera ki\?'" the Oooledetatea t? lay
down thetr anns .in,l i.-turn to the I'nlon, ln whl.h
eaaa tho proclamattoa was not te be laaned. Tba
aarly alaetlona had K*>n? against the BapabWaaa
party. A tremanderga pressur.* was brought lo b.ar
apoa tbe PraaMeal t<> wttbdraw th? thraaianed taoaa
nf tha I'loi-laniallon. la-ttorn poiiro.l ln. some Im
plorlng, BBBB8 ihraateatag, an.i many weab haarted
in.-ii called ?o eovnaat agalnat the paper, untu the
Btaneh aall alavery i.ple f.ar.-d thal Mr. Lineola
could not wllh. land ihe pressure. t)ne day, about a
week before tho titn?. s.*t fnr th^ proctaaiaHoa, Mr.
Bobbii s waik.ii into tba efflea ?<f Prlvate Becretary
Nlcolay. Whlla ataadlng it?*r? Mr. I.incoin aataead,
put ins band on Mr. Kobbtnafa BbanMat an.i _ai.i:
"Wall Old fil'ti'l, tba important .lay draws nvar."
'\ . _ '" r. pll-d ltobbliiB. "und 1 hope thero wlll be no
liui-kiiiK out on your part." "WeU, I don't know."
said Uncoln* "Patar denied his Maatar. He thought
he wouldn't, but ha dld." Mr. Bobblna knew by
this Blmpla i""t suiiti" hiut that Mr. Llacota w?_
determined, though the preaaura was .Inumt too
greal to wlthatand. Tba greal day caae, and witn
ll frerdom t'> Mack ?nd whlte. A f.w daya later
Mr Bobblna met Mr. I.lmoln. when the latter
graaped hla hand and sald: "Well, frlend Hobblns,
i beat Peter."
Kirat 1'r.p.l.vt-rlan <*huroh, reekaklll. ff, V..
per Bev. J. Rit.hl* Smlth. 110 Ot
i\,n...'ti.>n nt dlvta* aarvtee ,.n tM-r.i itaaai yarnt
Kanapaha . '_ _?
y T. J. 1 ?__*
.. ii. L. ~~i
|(.-n)..niin J. May,.. .Wanrk. H. J-........... 3 HO
Kr.ii, fc'lft'lrot <1nnrln|r lrimons to t ou-ln 0. 5 OW
"in memory ot Mintii.," li M. It. looo
M. 1! H ??. UJi
Mrn. J. T. f. BeeoWjn. 18
j. T. M. |9
J. T. M.____*?_ 3U0
V i*. s. C. 1' "t tht l*r-?',yt. rlan < tiur.h >f
Au.'.*'-.. i:i . Bebuytef Pieebjiery. p-r Mra. h.
II <.*rain . J j_J
"ln m-niorv ot ^V-lt?r**. 0 00
i E ruller. N-nrark, N. J. Ifl
M?.l'-iln.- an.l Ver* Waaaon.? 2-- "0
Cl_r#~.-- I. II.iv N.-bura, V H? "nv.na-y I
,.,,?..,l mft-arlf". _f_f
i*. T. H.'ffm.'.n, Jr. 8889
J. F It. J'?
ll. f>*o
,; II W i I.ft. 1.111.1. (li.l... *'pr.iM.rtl.,nataa
amount in c.njun, tn,n ftftith B*varal *ta*f
. Ii.intl*-*' . '1 TO
K. A W. R}_\
s . 1 ? 1
Mral'c k' ii.'.'...???."?? *"?
Kobtn'a Nmt. l.,<inn,i,i. Conn., i"*r J. D. M'.ub-n. 3.h.i
.st.iHit Bmlth, ?-. '..ti- i">' llvwa al ml Wttt
Mn*'!'*ar..ni-?t. laa
Pravl .-ift- ?__toowl*d_-d. IMatrn
TOtal, July 23, IM.*A4\8RtB)
To th.; Klitor ,,f Th" TrlbU-H
Hr: On the oceaslon of the annual crulae of the
Atlantic and I.nr.-hniont Yacht cliibs. divine servl.e
was h- \d on board the steam yacht Kanapaha, f'ap
taln William Lowla Moore, of th.* Atlantic .'lub, on
sunday. July \8, an-i .. eoUoetloB naa taken up for
the benefll uf The Trlbune Krch Air Fund.
\- ihe reault, I have the honor to tranam.it hrre*
ftftitn i-h-ck for |7<i .*-) aad requeal your acceptaaca
wlth ....r beet wlahe* for the su.c.-H ..f your -.nr.
">' *** n*****1' >"UrT,AVIP I A.STKN,
gacretary Atlmtic Yacht Ciub.
New* York, July .... ***%,
? - ?
tiik uAwr or \ BBRina ron the mnon am avd
1 I'.I'K I' I I'l'N't'S-TIIE PICTl'BB 1'X
iiiiiiTi'.N' oona on.
Another of the aerlea of eeueerta ln DOOOectloa
wlth the Art I.oan Kxhibitlon In a'd of Tho Tnhun*
Kr.mb-Ait Fund and "The Il-rali" Free I.-e Fund.at
tbe ?ftiti-Ti. .ui Art Qollartea, waa flvea yeaterday
afternoon. lt waa the laat of the series, and at
tracte.l an unuaually lar*;e aullence. The pr?
gramOM waa lon* and varied, and proved extremely
Intereotlng and agmable, AJthough th" aflernoen
aoneerta .ire now* aoded, th>- asblMUon of pleturaa
wlll ba contlnue.! for a time longer. It la OltOgethef
arortby ..f a vuUt, aalde from the objeeta f'.r whleh
it is glven, and aboul l reeeiva aupport proportlon*
Ita 10 tbe efforta of thoae who ha*.- arr.itiR. ?! ar.d
dlroctod ,t. Thr full proBTatBUne yeeterday was as
ri.-.n, toto, "BoMvaair ot .*-.-?.,iv.R,ibin-~.-m
I/..1I-. O, M'itiiz.
S ng. "My Marg.i. rn.-''.OM Fr-n-h M-l- -JT
M;-.s -cnnla Houtoo.
Baeltal .1. l**\\t ?; n
.,,. , m> "Xala* Kl-K-nte''.Vlctor Herbert
pi.no * I., lb; ?A| th4 ^*eiRm.,.| -y
M.,* M.t-i Pblppa_
?.,., '-n..nnl.- M-ft".Mau-via.
V* H,:,v.r- ********'? Pln,utl
S.nir *'H. ! ..iln l>.ft- S....K .I in.-tl
? Jlaaa-.w '.
. .,, m.-iii'." ..? N?????**
I*. in ? aol-, j ,1,, Uaftot. "Antl.ni- ..-?-nuatl
I/.ui* .; Munl?..
Hona 1 .;.!?? r 81. -i .n* ,-!ir*
Mi?? J~nnl? ' _ .
Duet Tbe Wanderar'a Rs ...lUiMaotalB
' Mlaa LacU XoU aad Ol_H ? Oraeae.
BX-It-XJB TKIAX. 0UABDUH i'l- TMn <'ini
The 'c.tlmony of Lewli T. K'i >x and <*har:-s P.
N irthrop, the wttneaeea to tbo arlll ol Jaaaaa 0 K.
Lawronee, the tormer preeldeat ol the Coney Ulaa*
Jockey Club, waa laken yeaterday befora Probate
Clerk Waahburni ln the ??:."-.t tba lurrogate. i*n
win ftsis executed on Aprll tX IBW Bx-Jud?eChai *
H Tin*. ?:: > o it r eentlj ..; ?*,.I I ??- '"'n ot
th. three chlldren, WUllam Beach Uwr a . J *
liorc Klm? Lawrenca and Blean, r i. R y Lawi .
to protect ihelr Int. .?-?-' ''? - * " P*"t:?..nt
ilurinK th-- .?xanilnanon and to _ !??'' ln lt.
Th. aitneaaaa atated that at the -? "*~f
. ., ite i Mr. Lawren ? arai ot - ? in I i I i i
prevloua to the _lKnir.i? of the paper ho dla lai J
?Ten rallv the queatlon of th- ? - ?- ' ' ????ui.-. k?*
j.U- fruaa aubaequently announced that th.-re
would no*. I- ani conteat .ver thewtU J____**_\
renoa '.eti oM ot hia _a_a_e i? ?"? wiioi*. int ~.a. it
to ba probatad aoon.
Mlaa Ufltan Buaiell, erho > apeodlna th-* aummea
nt a i-.--.-t; n'-.ir .ir.-.i N-.~. L lala ?*?
, a point ln delerence to the | !
Great Neck people who are oppoaed to
ptartna on ti.- - '>v"1
M-a. Hu-s.ll la r.ady to tak.- b.-i dally ipUl ? I
? , . ahe ordera ber ..." u\ *
i ,ini aevaral mllea away. ?ccompanl I by ?' ",r"
n Her*, In the aolltud* ol the w. **.**_
mounta h-r wheol ln bl omer attlrp and ipenaa ?
,?; h ura al her favorlte exercli .
lt haa i.n notlced of lat* that a number ef
?oung men hav* a fon-ln. - f-r aolnil ent ta tha
,,:,?. irbere tba aetreaa talwa io tno
_ _.
Hogeratown, Md., July K (Speclal). -Ntae thou*
*:ind l.iiiiie!-aii?t from llaltiir.ore, Phlladelpblo,
Haceratown, Vurk and Wayneaboro, Penn . aad all
points in tha Cumborlond Valley atuaded the
nlnth annual reunlon at Fen Mar. on tbe H.ua
RldBo, to-day. in a pavlllon on tha topmoet paon
overiooklng the valley, and al tlmee hl Wen m ti-e
douda, which huna low t..-d.i> >? n - ? i were heM.
Th* R*v i: ll l. ?:-tirin*.. "f i hamberaburg, con*
,.!..,. , th* o^nlng eaerJlae. M i *?> l *< "'";?
i utheran cleraymen were preaenl A d dr. aaea w ro
n . ft -i." Keva w. .' Wlre. cbalrman of the
:*;V';,;it',.:.t^ra:1i;.m. *.->..) \VHI.*h..rd.T.-r:v
logleal Bemlnary. Oettvobuiw; w. ?? Free-. ? ???.
Penn' F W E. Pea hau. Ui ? - --- ,'nn, ? *;
t St'eftV. lieityaburg; _. K MUn. Hr..K,i:i
Ueorg* C. Henry ghlppenobUTB. i''*]ti?? J? "
ns, Salttmora, and o W. Badeca, rork, I.
? -?- - ?
Mount Gretna. Fenn.. July -i .-P""i-i!'- Thli wte
Vlaltora' Day at the r.-nr,.?> lv.it.~-. .'hautauQua.
The proaramme waa attractive and tha audlercea
w,*r? larger tha.. uaual. Profeeaor Harvey Ora?
b.-m of the l.ockhav-n Normal Bchool. mad.* aa
addreaa oa tbe beuonta ol the rhautaaque. ?
Wllliam h Hanlaou. la his WotoBlcal eoureBj
t.ike.i tntcreetln-tlf of "Bacterla and l'.ir..*it.a.
...1 .1. , ! i-...i it,. . k '* ln th* afternoon \\ u*
t^/'n'a-rJ.s f?dr.ma ! ? tatlona rend^ed
??Thaa Merchint ofVenlce" anl Adam Beae.
..a: ?.!?.?? *rr^*_^*_OTttSa ?
day dedlcated a tree ln the aroye oaa ?"??"! "j
u a ta?f. beortaf ih* ?*"????; 'I' ? ?,v::a"T*.
Ita memoera. A banquet tollowed tn. ezoi
Ptattaburc K. T.. Juty *-AI tba Catbe'lcjiun.
mor BcbOOl to-day Fr. J. B. Hogoa **<?**?
tootura on ?'F.en.i. Puotnr aad *>^?-,?
K..y Charlea Warran Currlor couttnued hla ta lurea
, ??..pansh .'oloni-ation of the Amerloaaj" Tba
l* -v ll J Houieer'B evenlng lecturea oa tbe BWI
_.,-aunu*,.nK nv.ru than U-u,l ..tt r.t.on.
__-? -
IVeksklll. N. Y.. July Z, Th.'].-'.-;^'^
??. ft.,,r landed her. tbta afternoon. II *******
np by Company F. and .., XOOXA *?*?*?_
advantaa* ta eoaaa t.. camp and >?- theli m n
The avenlag porado waa ona of tb* ??"'? ?" ?J' *
.nd pjatty pieooad tba ^.Pff^y^tbee-S
nlauded even* move th-- wldlera m.w. - - *l l Ih,
. ..tn ol the paroda tbe vlrttor. ?""hr*w?,Ml
hlll !.. thelr boat and were soon on tt it ? ??
Oovernor Kortoa arlll vi.-it camp on Monflag.
_______?.*.- -
Boateo. July ? F.rd.n,?d Hauta. a 5*?mh^J'
borbar. was Oned Bl under iba Teauiab *^__**\\m\
for refualiiB to cut the hair of a eolored 1000. ?
complalnant waa a brother of \\. ' lmiUr
Harvard atudent. v.ho recently ngure.i
actlon. _m . _-_
?rony Pbator la atfanMag tba _*_**_l^Si
9Rt9B company and Iba apantag " "? ?J
which will uccur on .Mond.iy. AUgU? * ^*
tboae aagond tor tba 2?2>"MJf,creweU. Tr?
Itrother*. Wlll H l*"". I* i-~h?-r an.i l.r_.vi~an. th*
chlcka and othera. The company ~i? ?'?'
I~jiik ilraiich on AiiRust b.
John l.rew will aafl for -Ua country ta-m?rr^
N the Ktrurla. He is ,o BBgbl W- -* *" .,;?*?.
Franclaco. The new play byH* OTUJI.^^ lm.
which he la to present. has b. en nam
prudent TOUag t'ouple." ^
Mla* Kdythe Chapman has been ___**__ neXt
ing woman of Hobert M 1*0*1 ******* fo'
aeason. ...
-An Ardafi Modei" is to baiplairad a J
Broadway Theatre ui ?^'"^?^/i, aad Uta
plece ln london will end on I_<_*_*** ***
company wlll then come to Ata""!" ..

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