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amended bt mr. cbam.
-g?iaaioJi?? eikbtbis dbhoitkctm mi:
?*?,. gieetlng "f tho Dock Hoard yeaterday waa
a .t.i to ?* bearini to the New-Jeraey Bteamboal
-_-_B__i) **hlch had been ealled npon to Bhow i
h ii sh ? ? '? '? >> 8*8 ?"' ?'"??1"-,! r*'1"*'1"" the eaten*
* o' o'.d i ??r ?*l- North Blver, and aome Intereatlng
____?, w.r? bi iughl to ilght. nn .lune M Becretary
'V,* ordered te preaenl a WH to th.* company
L-uMtn 9 >?**'? f:'"'n Mi'rc',' 2l' ls'*' "* May l
?^ , ntal of is,i_5 Bejaare frtl ?>f land
5ar water, ai ? eenta a aquara foot. The eem
v refuBrd 10 _ettle and requesied a bearlng,
***";. .,'. r-ranted. Wllllam W. Bverelta preBt*
VT, , dlrector. anl Dovld MeClnraand
wuilam P ' ? ??"? ' ,un*-**. eppean ? yeaterday be
J "Ihe i; :u,l ln behalf of Xhe company. lt ap
_r. i tbat aevaral yeara ago the Legtalature gava
JlJaimpany iha n.ht to ext.nd the pler snd the
i_ Hosr'i wanted an Inereaaed rentai tberefor. The
mn .iv 1- '" I 1? ra>' and ,he mAHfr wa* r<"
t_n__by ?*?** ' B ""' l0 rr,'B!',enl J- ScrK"f*nt
rrrr_ia"i * -' treaeurer for adjudlcatlcm. Mr. Pren*
S; then produced a letter wrltten l.y A. P.
iv,-hartv. the Becretary ol the old Hoard, datcd
Kovwnber -?"?? -s-'-. t? ,he ?*lt*'amb')**1 company. lt
-,, erlgloally aa follon _
oen*..-; ?? Puravianl to the actlon of tha^Board
? ttoeka at a meetlng held October ?, IM, per
ct7 . . rebj granted jrou to bulld a tempprary
***, . ironi and lengtben pler loldi tl.
fs. '.? "ul to the pierbead Una of IMt*. tn ac
>;';; ,.. ... le .ubmltted to and gp
c---;; .... a, ! t 1,.- con.Tucted un rr
t*'vfy, | supervlsion of the Knglneer-m
E.* of thls Department. Compensatlon to be paid
.;. e uae of th. land under water by the sall ?
EJJJ, . a yearly rentai. to be determlaed by the
_5_"nt and treasurer on the eompletion of sur
S? of th_ premlaes cut off by the new wall.
jut ... n irdi "at a yearly rentai" had been
ttttn i il and the Inltlala "J. S. c." attachad to
Lj.w that Mr. Crnm hai made the change.
lha readlng of tha letter mada a commotlon
?mone ih** members of the Board. and Commlssloner
jinstii. d.manded: "Do you mean to say that Mr.
Cr_m changed those reso.ut.ona of tho ltoarl anl
JJS?.ti 1 lo make the change show in the reeords
t! th.s Department?"
Mr McClure said that thelr deallngs with the
.). V: ,.,rl had been honest and above-b ard, and he
tUected to reflectlona upon their honeaty. Mr. Pren*
tiM aald ibe letter with the words "at a yearly
r-aatal" had been aent 10 the rompany. but they
woni! BO. accept thelr frms nnl th- words wen
rratched out at their requeat Mr. McClnre Ihought
that ns the matter was left to the president aad
paaeurer of the Board, the president had a perf^-t
ripht t i maka au b ch ingea as he ?!?? tit.
Commlssloner Blnateln said he thought the actions
af Mr. Cram irregular to a de&roc. anl aondered
that a man ahould dara take such llbertlea wl'h
publl r- : Ii ..' the Board. A Hvely ex hange took
p:a . between the onpoelng forc.s when Mr. Pren
,.. . t| 0n aeveral occasions when he had np
. . not r : led on the reeords. "lt was
not due to Mr. Prentlaa*a modeaty." ventured Prea?
ldenl O'Brlen.
"\v-... ?_, Aldn't have to aratch averybody in tho.e
snapp. I back Mr. Prentlsa; "even a Dock
.: I kn.-"_ the differen.-e between the mean*
the word mpei satlon and the word rent _
..: h< ra ir.d he can extda.n.
which led Mr. McClure to deolare
thai ??_,. Id : be I gnlfled."
"Now . >*e here." Interlected ( ommi. sioner Kin
ulth emphasls, Mr. I'ram K"t a salary tor
. t;ng as the preBldeni of the Hoard; he accepteO
that r.-.lary ani BWOn to do hls duty as a publle
ll won'l hurt Mr. Cram's manh,?,l tO
come down here to explain an irreguliy actien. If
..?h for that?well; I 'lon't know.
? ? CommlBsToner cloeed abmptly and pav_
O'Brlen, who 8all he dldn't pro
l ? adopt the methodi of tb. old Board, nor to
itrary anl that the present Board -howed
: t removlng the . u-amboat company ?
. an't do that'." nhouted Mr. MK'lure, as
mded to hls f, et and pointed hls linger a!
is. -reaker; "It's not In your power to do that ??
1 term:: vou to io that," wlth an . mphafc
- a: each "that." "we came here as prlvate
u . . ? li ten i to ge: , ur righta.
"You wlll K<t what Ib lust. b"t nothlng more, an
? '. I>rts.i-:.i O'Brlen, unmoved by tho OUt
, ua* deci .el to talk the matter over further.
aml .'! wi:; h? :?ken -ip aga!n at th? n< xt m*c'.
. f tl ard lt 1" understoo I that th" . te-am
boat company is wllllng to pay 20 cents a aquare
loe>. though Us representa.lves did r.ot d> lara
Sea r;.r*. N. J. July 25 (Bpeelal).?The recepUoa
to Oov.rnor Oeorge T. Wl rts by the ofheeis of his
?t?ff, , mmonly called the rjovernor*a ball. took
place t l-nlgbt ?t the I!eich House. This ls the
erawning affalr ol the state Ehicampment at k?n.
Glrt. anl tbe HBOBI notat-le entertalr.ment of the
rjmmer along the <-oai-t. To-nlght's affalr was no
._c-.pt. ,n to tba ruie. There were more than one
thou.tr:i aeneera on tba Boor, and bundreda ol
ajMlglon. The Ht-ach HotMB was hrilllantly II
lumiriat._] On the orean sid? of the hou.e, alomj
th? seawall, where the dancers promanaded, there
?BB * llne r,f lanterns MB feet lona:. and every wln
_.w In the h-JK*- hotel waa llghted.
Ths irrar.l mar.h, at 10 o'.lock, wa. led by flen
traiani Mra I'lume. with bundreda <,f coupleg fol
lowtag. The women who a_slsted Mrs. Werts ln
Nctlrln? ?!. guests were Mrs. Stryker. Mrs. A iraln,
ari. Meany, Mrs. Ix-Utrel. Mrs. I'lume, Mn. Bpen
-w. Mr* Clark, Mrs. Powell and Mrs. Heppt-n
Among tl ose ir. t_e ballroom were Sc-cretary of
*t*t? Kel'.-... State TTea. orer Swayne. Controller
Hsr.cock, Oeneral and Mrs. Plume, (Jeneral and
krs. Stryic r, Oeneral and Mrs. Donnetly, Oeneral
OM Mn. Her,r.enhelmer, General Mclill, Oeneral
Blr. Bf. Bpeocer, Colonel Harr.-tt. Colonel rf.iffcr,
General p, i*. Wanaar, Colonel and Mrs. I.eon Ab
?*?*. Colonel .:.l Mrs. J. D. P.edle. Colonel and Mrs.
***** W. Dirk-^n, Colonel and Mr_. Charles A. Ster
?ina. Colone. ai.d Mn. Cyrus F. I.outrel, Colonel and
Mr?- Oeorpq <; Felton, Colonel Wllllam H. Karly,
C&p__n g_.: ... s Armstr.ng, Colonel 1-. L. Ood
B*f. Colonel John c ciwens, Lieutenant Colonel
W|1'l*?. s. Righter. I.leutenant-Colon.1 John A.
rxrxtr, Colonel A. S. Jones. Lleutenant-Colonel
c-.?rl4, p *,v *,jvf.r Major and Mrs. Thomaa P.
B*-l?. Major Enofl Runyon. Major Kobert I. 11, i
tyr< I_eut.-nar)!-r'olonel Thomas S. Chambera.
*-.tute__B..,. ,,-,.] _>_nklln Oaunt, Major Willlani
**aja___r, Major Hamllton Markley, Colonel B. A.
^*?Pb?i:. Lleutenant-Colonal R. H. BrlntneU, Major
H.Dry **,- prteman> .Maj,,r Qoorge M. Towns*i.d.
*M?)or Charle. N. Champlaln, Major l.avld I_ Wa.
?JJ Captaln Wllllam Howard. Captaln Charlea H.
**taiaad, * aptaln Charlea ai.d Mrs Alvin (Jraff,
^?Ptain ii, Laacj, ,; \\-tt:ker. Lleutenanl Walter
?Clark, Colonel .storm, Captaln Oreene, captaln
f*M?n J. Rogera, of the Old Uuard; Captaln
J1******* Bt Oeorgla; Porter Hrowley, Rlebard Haa*
??andT. W. Rlchard, ?f th. Unlted Statea Navy;
Colonel E. p. Hiaty. r. B. A.; I.I. utenunt and Mr..
cli*?!1' 9fr>*r*i Jameg (Srant Wlleon. Major l'ran
_______t^uw-j Dr and Mrs w. 8 Wbltmore,
c_??1_H '? M'.'A'jn. Major Ubkuehor. of Nfw1r^'
'j'mrnocior,, oiiver kelC Judge Woodrutt, Captaln
H__*WMn, Lleuienant Wayne 1'arker. Senator
8 _*_"? Ml" Ma Heiberst.in. tho Mlaaea,?>nnta
a** BbAIa Bpencer, Mlaa Bltaabeth Loutrei. MMe
?PBtta WUde, Mr and Mrp. J. C. Hloom. Miss
g?l?i Bk,_m. ?f Trenton; Miss I-aura I>eem.r.
7te_?L,Z-.'" Bergen. Mr. and M''9-,.0*"""'!0',.''
?_^ues, MlgS Jaooues ol New-York! Mr. and Mrh.
WfL*a fira-v- Mr.'an.l Mra Bdward A. Vay.
?/.?"'I Mra (Vllllam W. Olbbe, Miss Oibbs, Mr.
B___* Am"" Bogera, Mlaa Rogera, Mr. an' fxro.
?*BBn H B ott lha Mi.se. BUlcock, Mr. and Mr_.
__S'*S*8*>b?11. "f N<-w-York: Theodor* He.k, <ap
__?___.-. Ali.tr,,.,,, Mi_s May Allen. Miss Wood,
Baad Mr? winiam Hayes, Mlaa Hayea, <?/ Mew
BiJ BllnMriand. ol Haekeneach; Mr. and
VaMwar. 8. Cr. mp. Captaln i.ungan. of 8; mer*
?__M-M Werta. Mr. and Mra M. Naftal. Wlllard
?"??man. Charlea E. Klng, Jr., Robertua D. Love,
' l-**c Naftal and others.
^??|f>man Kdwai-1 J. Bourke, whose hand Prea
_P Rtyjseve:t nhook for arrestlng ex-Assembly
? "Mlk." Callahan ln the latter's Chatham
*?*r? sai'ior, f, r vlolatlon of the Excise law. was
*"??? wiih a brlck at S o'clock yester lay mornlng
??aa Bowery t>_ Aibert l.ennox. twenty-nlaeyeara
C- of Bo. V, Porsyth-st. l.ennox was acting Queer
r*B- was ordered off the ?tep_ of th- Thalla
,"**>-??? by the watchman. Bo.irke watched the
?. and then assed hlm what he was dolng I ?r
rjj**r I*enn-)x bli Iiourke over the lefi aya arlth
?ra t bH<k hl" hr"' ?*??*- '" hii"* hl" bmck' "'"' Uie"
f|^'? him , harl blow wllh the half brlck on the
^T* ***? Bou'ke overpowered l.ennox and took
10 the Bllaabeth-Bt. siatl.n. Two Btltcnes were
??f_*ry t0 Sew 1Jp Bo-rke's ear.
htt IV* h'" arr?**t l.ennox had wrltten the follow
^unUrlTi 0f-.,hp Th**!ia Theatre p,,_ters: "l.ennox
?*aan 'hat Thu.nMl-*v- ?4' !," ,he ?ow,,r>'- for a
p??c,-rr?..,-i'' ?-*aglstrat'- Vann. In the Tornba
??? nri.-s-'' lhat 'H-nnox aciM an If he -.van crasy.
_*aa.ik_,w' fal'1 ?"* hai dellrlum tremer.s ani
BjBAI bau f Whal h< wa* dolng' He wa* he
tiii; ai.mim.siiia'I IOM PORCBa WBBT VIROINIA
a i.i. niOHT, lli: BATI AVTHOniTIBB
mi I i:it as TO iui: OTIIKfl VIROIMM
Waahlngton, July M (bpeclal) Rs-Congreeaman
Pondleton, of Weal V'trglnla, !i an Admlnlatratlon
"aound ti...n?*>" Domoerat, Hla eonvarolon from ib*
"free-allver hereay" waa aa audden .*ih Bynum'*, and
ih reported to hava bean evan more profltabte, al*
Ihouab nei thei ot tbem baa tbui lar been rewarded
wiih an oiii.e for hlmaelf. Mr. Pendleton la In
Wooblngten "to loob after aome bualneaa In the
PoototBce Department," and he waa Mmewhat <li*
appolnted to tind on his anlval that his former col
i. ...tlie in Censrooa, Poatmaater-Oeneral Wllaon, ?...
oui of town, ln converaatlon arlth r Trlbune ror
reapondant to-day about "aound-money" ?a--ntitn<-nt
ln the ConRre** dlatrlct which Mr. Pendleton for?
merly repreaented, the latter aald:
"Well, In s.me of tha countlea ihe free-allver aen
timenl ls very atrong, but in Ihe countlea Wben
bualneaa and lnduatrial Intereat- are more Impor
tant. the aound-money men have the advantaae.
A few Bood apeoebea wlll brinK tho free-allver roun
tiea to tho aupport of the Admlnlatratlon'a i ?un I*
money pollcy, and we wlll be all rljfht next year.
About the State? Oh. well, Weat Vlrglnia wlll b~
overwhelmlnj-ly ln favor of th. Admlnlatratlon'a
policy wlthln the next twelve montha."
*'I aee that Meeeru. Bland and Harter are -r~lri*r
to have aome Jolnt dlacuaalona of the silver quen
tion ln your State," remorbed the correHpoti.ient.
"Ah! I had not heard of that. It will be a good
thini?. Harter wlll use up Bland In ono dlacuaa) ?n.
I am very glad be la golng lo dO lt."
It 1* UDdoratOOd that Senator Faulkner. who baa
been a atanch frlend of free and unlimltel allver
coinage in the paat, haa recently been brought to
see tha error of his waya, and la non a bearty aup
portcr of the Admlnlatratlon'a oo-called mui .
money pollcy.
Deaplta the fact tbal ienator Danlel and a larga
majorlty of the Virginia Democratlc Bepreaenta
tlvaa ln tho LIVth Consreaa are strong and ard.-nt
advocatea of lndependent free silver colnnge. a B ita
of Democratlc oppoaltton ls aomotlmea heard. For
txample, ex-FonRres-man Tritt-.'. who aerved in tbe
xi.ixth Congreaa, and who i? in Waahlngton,
"Some part- of the OM Domlnlon .eern earrled
away by the allver craz-. but the aoutbweetern
tion. the great coal and lron re-jlon. which la In
creaatoB ao rapldly In populatlon and woalth, may
be put down as equarely in favor <>f aound m n*j
I ani poaltlve that the preponderance of aentlmenl
ln my dlatrlct Buatalna th.- pollcy ot Prealdenl
Cleveland and Becretary Carllale lt ~> trua thal a
majorlty of tba Vlrglnla delegatton ta Conareaa
favor free silver. lncludlnK Benator Danlel, for
whom I have the warmesl pereonal regard. I
W Uid like to see the Senator on the ?OUBd-Bl .1 ? :?'
?ide, but Iona befora h>' U elect. l to be hla own
auecr.-raor t~e ."llver queatlon wlll b< ?
On the otber hand, Repre* ' '?
tht Lynchbura Dlatrlct, who is alao .n Waahlngton,
i- n ntrons ? Ivo :ate of hea Bflver. Hi i
?ent a circuiar letter to a lar*.* number ol Demo?
cratlc rotera in bla dlotrlet to oaeertala Ibelr
and whether tbey would ba in favor of a Btatl
: Conventlon. ln eonveroatlon with a
reporter In regard t > tbe circuiar, Majoi <>*?
The circuiar embodled puro Democratlc d<
nnd was not tlnctured with Popullatlc utterance*.
aa aaaerted bv the Roan.>ke eomepondenl of ?'
im-ton and Baltlmore papera. In lt 1 itateo mi
bellef that there la a comblnatton betwoe
m<.nev power ol thli eountry anl Englan*. * ' ,
Hepui.'.lcan party to enforce thl I l j
That the Deniocratlc party of the grea ?f
Bouth o.mht t . opp - it -nd ln?l*l
tret cotnaa* of allver at II t.. 1; a.
depre**- huaitie*. s. lower waagei ?nd produce ,
au.h ?? this eountry haa never aeen. lf
popullam, I ahould like lo kno? what Dem,
r.aliv i* Mft- own eoneUtuenti evldentlj
de.m the cjrn.lar PopuUatlC for ******
name* at the rate of luo a day Indorslng -
propoeltlon thereln. Of courao. 1 ex,.-,- ?
from th* gold atar.dart men. but bard kno *
an Incldent of every p.lltical battle
Waohlno-on. July * The Beeretary of tbe Trat*
ury to-day dlreeted that the money pald Into the
Treaaury .... aoeount of ir.con.e tax gTT.lW -eolleeted
un,icr ,be pr.,',sl?ns of th. Wlb~? blll be rofunded
to the peraona ??4 corporatloe.* raapectlvely entltled
thereto. upon th- flltog ol refundin . clalma an
tion thereon aa proaorlbed by tb* raamtotton* -f tbe
Department The varloua clalma were thia monUng
raportad to tbe Auditor i.y the Coaunlaatonei of In?
ternal Revenue.
A prellmlnary r-port of the op*ratl..nii of tbi -
ternal Revenue Bureau for tbe ftecel .-.*.. ?_** *
jun? 30 IM* waa ?uburttted by comintootoner Mlller
to Becretary ."arllsle to-day. It ahowa tbe recelpti
from all BOUieee to haye been I! *._!...*..,, Wblcb w-re
leaa by {9.888-**- than those of tbe prevloua
The expen.ltures wlll approxlmat*, ll.'-V-.M. m.~ ng
tba BTOaa r~*rcentage of cost of colbctlon 834
the ?npondlturea. However. MM waa ?n oeeount
0I rba augar bounty. and *...>. on account of l ?
incometax. I ?I .%**_**% *? !r%\l?u __
-ffi^VK -77. M*l~-t 170 ?St vear. The lota.
SSrment of incometaa ??? not oult* tw larpe aa
.atlma^- prevroiisly furnlahed, l-elni. only 117.131
The a ooun-s reeo\vt I from rfie Mveral ? u ea. a*
compared with laal year, were ai followi
iaaa '??"
|7!i>?_.e-!7 |~5. _.'.?. 2.'.2
8?.lnta . ..,704-ao. .- '
. .,, ._j. _m 81 4,', ;?
K,rn??.e. llQUora . * * n'ttl
lacotne toa . iv-i.**ii I.723.4W
Oie-in.arBarlne .101481 I.V! ..."..
MU.-ellar.eftiis .
Waahlnaton. July * (Bpeolal).-Tba foll.
\,-:,.>? ord'-ra have been laaued:
i eaveof abaence BTonted Beeond Lleutenant Hi
A l-airb'-r. lst Cavalry. ls extend.d twenty-.,:..' day*.
Th* rollowlag aarttwneuta to ragbneota ander the
pr.ftislona of ?he act of l*onKr.?s approved _=**>*>*'
; UN .,f o?eera roeeaUy promotod at- order. I
tha aa?i?am,ent of 'bo additional aeeond eu enan
herelnafter n-imed to a vacancy of aeeond *****"?**
la announced: lAeutonont-Colone! Bamuel M. Whlt
?_, ipromofd fro.n major. 7th Cavatry). to the M
.'.ualry. to date from .July tl. U* v'.ce Parin?ton,
retlred fr.un ac-lvc aervb t, He wi.l *_*******>
ment at Jeffenon Barracba, Mtaaourt. Major Henrj
j Nowian (promotod from euptoln, 7tb Cavalry). to
th* 7.h Cavalry. to date from July 17, WM. vlee
vvhitside promoted. Captaln Lovd B. .\i-< "?"";
Sromoto- from flr.t lleufenant. 7,h Cavalnr), ? ?ja
i. ... ...ir. t.,.,,11 I to date frotn .Jui> i'. im**,
V VtOhal (promoted frotn BWOnd lei it. iu il. ? h
CavabT) to the 7th Cavalry. Troop i vlee m ' or
.?,..i,i. He wlll proceed fo joln^Ma troop.
Additional Hecond Lleutenant Auauai C. .Nl *', ?h
ravalry. to be aeeond lleutenant, Ith Cuyalrr'Troop
I july 17. UM, wm. raab from Av_9A*BA\J*_*
Veatal aramoted Major .lohn H. llabcck, iissiat
STai-lSat-Keneral. la fljUltod JO .tteod th. e?;
__.mpm~.nt of the Canneetlcut Nattonal Ouartl at
Nlantlc, Conn.. from Auaust 12 to lb ".' r ''*'''
COOd O Mantlc at the proper tlm- ai.*l report tO
the Oovernor of i^onnectlcut for auch duty aa may
?S re. .ired of hlm. Leava ol ******** "\ ?*?
.no.i'b to take ?Beet Beptember I. I* -.rant.-d Bec
. .ieiteian. -Sme* .1 Hornbroob. M Cavalry.
Th- followInK tranafers ln the f.tl. (.'..valry at^ .0
_TrV- Beeond Lleutenant Charl.-s I). Rhodej frotn
tVo, I. to Troop H. Beeond Ltoutenonj Herben K
Whlte from Tr?.,p II toTrooj U l.enve of ab
f.,r thr.- montha, 10 tabe effect wben hli i*rvlcea
,-an U ?i?re.l. tofrmnted s.-.,.;. l Ueutenanl Ja.,uea
l". lafltte Ith Ittfuntrv. The leave of ab*.-n.e
Kranted captaln Aiisn 11. Jaeboon, 7'n Infantry, la
, xtenled one month.
Waabdofftoa, July ? Beeretary Laaaoal left
Waahlngtoo f?r Oray -OaMea laat nlgbt Hi bad
MVOral matters 011 whl.h he wishes tO eotisult tba
Prealdeat aaaoag whi.h is th.* ?election of aa offleer
to tlll the va.-ancv In th.* JodBO-Advocato~9?neral'i
Liepartmeiit of the Army whb h wlll b< CrOOted bv
tbe retireni.-nt of Colonel w iiiiain Wlntbrop "i.
AUBUr-t .1. ^
Waab.i.Kion. July .'. lonatora Blanebard aad
Caffery aad Boprearatattve Meyora, of I?ul ? 1,
had an oitended conference wlth Altorney-Oeneral
llarmon this mon.Ing ..:i tba >.;al OOped ?f tba
cane-auKar bounty c'.alma v.ov. p.-iulmi* befora i'ob
troiler Howier. of the Treaaury Departaaeat
lt ia aaM tbat tb* aumber of .iaims t.> racor
bounty aajBraaatoa only about on.- huadred ar.l
fort*. WblM the amo'int of *.!.'' elahM B ?*. ' '
S,i ;,tc.r Caflery aald that ihe refueal to pay theae
claima would mean ihe flnanclal ruin of thouaands.
The augar-growers have hypothecated every doilar
that waa lo bi pald th-m bi the C-Overnment.
Whlle they produ. onl) one thlng -eugar *"">";?
large buyera <>f mnny thin__. and ao thej ar. ?
dehi to K<!,".' k. ii.'i!.. ral en, Bl 1-3 ils Vr' .'..','_
iealers, ani to machlnery m< n In New-York. Kenn
fiyivnni.. and other Btatea Thea.itsld. l"'"','.
w l bc the chlel sufferera if tln. bounty ls nol ps >
g.nalori Hlan.li ir.l an i rafferj, starte.l.to
for Ora) Oablea lo coneult with prealdenl i ? ?*"'
,,i?, ,? ihi ?? ig ,t bouniy clalma.
iu; BAVa li*' WUA iii.iii'AHTii: irgR BM IB
i i., i:\, i: IM IT. BEI1 M.P.
Waahlngton, July ? Al a meetlng al the Paper
Hangera' Assoclatloo laal evenlng a latter ara
from Oovernor l*vl P. Morton, ol New lTork, ln
wblch he ripreaaeil hlmself ln favor ol employlng
unlon men, and statcd thal hereafter ha would use
all h i Influ.i ? t ? have sll work p*rtormt>,\ >??
them. The Oov. mor de-lnrod thal ba wai Ini
opp .-, | to n "./?? i labor.
? aa- -
an Ai.i.K'ii:i> inti:|[\ ii.w is' wiii,'H KB BA1D
pBBaiDBirr cu-Veland wouu> koi Ba
,\ ? \>, li.l.lN'l CAJTDIDATB "
Waahlngton, July B Becretary CarttBle la much
provoked al Ihe appearai - in "The Richmond
tVa.i Blate" of whal purporti to ba an Interview
with hlm. in whlch he la reported to bave talkad
fr. ely on polltli ..i tn r: ra on l declan d, amoi i
other thlnga, that President Cleveland would nol
,. "a wllllna > indldate" for a Ihlrd term, an.l that
he (tbe Becretary) dld "not wanl" tbe nomlnatlon.
Becretary Carllsle declines to dlacuaa the bccu*
racy of lha atatement nrade th-r.ln. but It la
learned th.it on Sunday laat W P. Ryan, Colli ttor
of Internal Revenue for the Becond Dlstrlcl of
Vlrglnla, and also Edltor of "The Richmond 8
called ,n Mr Carllsle ;<t hla realdence h-r,- and the
iu.. ha i b : ng talh on ?? i ? d an I p-Htl*" *' ,ttb"
, it |i itat. I, called preeumably m
hli offl . Ity, and what wa? aald by Secr<
i.irv Carl s .? t< hlm b ia aald In eonfl lei
offlclals ol ihe im* po Itlcal part) ai
"Thlnga are comlng to a pretty poaa." i
fflclal 1 retarj Carll-le. ?'' ,
the Becretary cann u talk to one of hls own tru
lubordlnatei wlthout havlng ll appear In tae newa*
papers I i gai bled form."
li i_ *:ai. l that Mr Ryan l iok no
wrote te ? daya afterward from hli r<??? ? ' """" ?"'?
Imprei.lon of whal Beei tan ',.'rii*.. said. but tne
,, ibu.he i ? tat< ment i its lb. lattei b woni
quotatlon n ai ka
S i: W V
Waahlngton, July '-'?'? The r
?*i irts m i le of the
. fiv National banka ol New fork of th- coi
of buslnes- on July n sh >* tl il
ng K_-7.8lB.nO0 In loana and dlBcounts; lit-.
TJB.OO0 lawful money reserve, of whlch H8,71B,i
was n rrol . ni, 1 pll.7M.0_. .ti Indlvidual d< i
The reserve heM waa ll I. per cent. A lo. s ,
:..,.... m the hanks' h il llnga of _--M ? '
between May 7 sn,l July 11.
;l . |E**_ 'A 1 I 11 HIM.
Tlie , ? '. 1 u .1 n rlal P ind rec lv. i ?? '? ?
? ? ? m Charlea B
?_ i\ 1. ? houae ls at >
IU Broadway a-.i hla b me ut No. '-- Ptftl
<l! \
T'.e object of thls fund ls < ' ' 1'"
Mi 1: .
Inter* ?' ' He served ?' I
? prlvat. Id I- r
Mr ' ! "
v rk. B it afn r
f 1 '
ll ? l red ??? v
totally bllnd bo m .u he wa
. is falae A Trl 1 '? * ?enl I
..,. iterd .1 .if* rn 1 >n, an 1 M B
M | ., . ? ?? drm ol Kn 1 I Mi 1 lawyei
No. 120 Broadway, M
that it wai .1 Imltti l lhal Mi P ? -
were faUlly affect. 1 an 1 lhat total bl 1
only a ; ? ' tln ' v' " '' momenl lh'
chant cam. inalded to tl prlvate 1
Mr M."?"..
?I am aorry I ?..-?? * I '- *" -r '' ' " **M
,.,. ,,, . ter. "I cannot do lhat wlth ai
aow, but 1 am not ..- h 1 ive aald 1
l can aee 1
acrosa the room, 'an 11
hall lown. l can Um outllne of th, I
,,.. ... ,1 ih. 1 th. chars and
I hav, tl. * - . ' ? l .
o 1. :: entlrely, t*ul l ihall be <?'?
.omplaln. I have had ? ho. I tat Ile to con
wlth for the " ' ' ??!??>'.?
In ADDomatos .:. the .outl 1 etermlned then to
*. ,. ' Ap ??<?? '" '?"? N''!,h ]',h'\>
har. battie. h I M mh ' '"
eapense of mj slghl I thlng. ti
II n.l llttle ones ..... never m ini
Taking th. reporter Into hls offlce he polnted out
,h_ deak where he " had
???i.'v ....:' *. leave lt." *ut how long
1 1 iive lf I gave up my buslness? lf l had
nothlng t? do and wen. U retlr.nt I think 1
?ho ild i- d. , i ln a month.
A t Al 1. OE cl Sl 1: 11 BABBI80X.
IE M tPB A i.iiTi.t: sii:'
Old Porge. N. V ?> *!* ?
I TO TIIi: Al'Ili'M'*" K
I'Ai: 1 v
E_ I-, I -.it I'- nl.i'i, 11
1 r ....,, wai vlslt. 1 ' '" ?'" ';'"" "f
Dclals who are maklng a I >ur of Inapect >n ??'
the AdlrondBcks. The part) irrti 1 bera from lh?
impersand Holel, Baranao l_ake, al ll o'clock thls
mornlng, and alter b Bhorl stop at the old Por?
M ... ., ,?.?....? 1. 1 through iha Pultoa ? hain ol
ln lea n ls 1
Two mllea down the hral lake the party espled
Dodd's Camp, al whl' l* tleneral Harrlaon li .1 guest.
s retar) of Btate John Palmer waa .??!.l to ln*
'1,0,1,1.. the memberi of Ihe party, and Ihey srere
landed at tbe 1 amp do* k, where ihey wer. gn 1 ed
by the - ?-Pr aldenl
The s. ? retary "r Bi "?? exi ned the ?bjecl of
tha preaeni.f tt"- Bute offlrers h-r<. and aald ll
aaa ?> pleaaure to gre. I the 1 1 Prealdenl wlthln lh.
bounda of Ihe Bmplre Bute. Oen. ral H in - * 1.
ap mded brlefly, say Ing:
Most "f you aa I underaiand from Ihe addr. ??'
Oeneral Palmer. are Btat. offlelaJB. Krom soni. .
ii.-riii... I kn ,v. 1i1.1i offlce Inn Its ac-ompanlment
of _,,rr,,? and troubles, and thli trlp you are bibb
Ing 1 , ihe Adlron 11< _ 1 ls, duubtlesa, ona of iho ?
affll.tloni ai I bui len ime Ihlngi thal .<pi--riain t"
offl,,. 1 .nn : ura *?"' ?">? ""' "', ,l1 l" '" ' P?n
plensure bul wllh a studled purpaae 10 dlarharge
rour ,,Hi. i.n duty. and thal you ara looking al
everythlng wlth an offlclal eye l hope, howtver,
timt ih>- irlp wlll bave aome pI.aBure foi you, boo
1 mn glad 1., v. ??!, ..in.- you lo Camp Dodd.
Tba memben of Ihe Btata Ctame and PUh Coaa
mlaalon, Btala Kii_.ii">' Campbell W. Adama i>ep
uty Btata Bnglneer Herachel Adama Deputj Con?
troller ?.*? iiii'i'.i 1 Morgan, th Bamuel B. Ward,
l>r Albert Vanderveer, ??: tltany; V'lctor Adama,
nf l.iltle PaliB, and :>i<- iv*>* of thi |..n(V BTBVa Ih'-n
Introduced i" Ihe et Prealdenl, anil ba Hiiimk 1 ich
,,,,,. u> the hand Tbe partj then i. elved ? .??"
.r.il Iniroduetlon i" Mra. McKee and Mr_ Dtm*
mi,'k. who had come ,, it .,?, ihe lodge veraada.
Th.* jj.-, 11 > Ihen bld Oeneral Harrlson ndleu ?, 1
tournina to the .iemn launches, and proceeded
down ihrough tiu* chaln of lakei
After ii,. part) i 1 lefi Dodd'a Camp, Vlctor
Adama, whom ea Prealdenl Harrlson appolnted
poatmaatei ol l.ntie Palls. ralled and eatended '*
the Oeneral and ln. household an Invltatlon to .ail
in ;he handsoma httl.- yachl Dlgle Oeneral 11.tr
rlBon aecepted lha Invltatlon promptly, nnd .ald
he would lake .1 _atl t" morros .
Poroel Commlaaloner Lyman, of Oawego, aenl lo
c, ,,,.,: Harrl in Ihln evenlna . iplendlq sperlraen
of tandlocked salmon whleh lo- raugbt un Baranac
Lake on ' ie :c-. wlth .1 meaaage promlslng to
atork 1 i). ? atei.- neai Dodd'a 1 'amp.
ii 1 lul] rh.- Btate i\-h. Oama stni Poreal
Commlaalon and thi Btata ..(lh-ers. with thelr
gueslH. returned tO-nlght from tnelr tour Of In
spectlon ln the Aiir?i.?<,., k region.
Ti. Trlbune haa already m.ide reference to th*
r.-port <.f the Btate Bupertntendenl of his axamlna*
tton ..f the Mutual i.ife loouranea Company of
.N.ftft Vi.tk. The ftft.nU ..f Ihe examlnatlon was don.
, iit-itv t.\ i.eputv Commlaaloner Sbannon, nnd eom*
ptoted i.y Mi riei.e Tt,.. Btate Buperlntendent
Th.. proeecutlon to a iinni completloa .>f lb* worb
ftfthi, n Mr, Bhannon had ao ihoroughl) planned nnl
. nearl) Itnlahed haa onli conllrmed the conclu
aloni arrived ai b) hlm. Tbe eommunlcatlon to Iba
i.? glalature and lo lh* public <>f tbe reaulta <>f auch
..I. examlnatlon bi thla, when Ihey fully junify and
atrengthen tl,., poaltlon whi.*h one of th* foromoBi
flnanclal Inalllutlona <,f tb* iTnltod Btatea ha* l?n.
... M In public ciiiiden. e, i- perhapa ihe moal agr?<
able duty of tbe Buperlntendent. I lake great eatla
factlon iu rertlfytng, after a mlnute and laborlou*
examlnatlon of tbe Mutual Uf* Inaurance Company
,,f N.*w-Vork, thit ti.impany i* nolvent and
atrong and la conducted ln all reapecta tn accord
biic* ftftith th* laa and aound bualneaa prlnclple*. i>.
each Inatane* in whi.*h no dlfferance naa been ex
polnted oul ... thi* report. between the eon
ni of tbe offlclal examlnatlon and the atate.
menla already publlshed by tbe company, each of
thoae itatementa haa been i.y tbal examlna?
tlon ompletely teat. l und proved accurate, No ofll*
? i oi ? rni?!<.?. ?? .,! the company recelve* any emolu
ment ..r peraulalti otber than the lalar) awai led
t.. blm bft tne Hoard of Truateen, and no tru.-t.'*
or otil. .r of the company la permltted to recelt i
? r doea re. '-iv.- xny commlaaton on loana, Inaurance
or any other of its traneactlona.
Bvery book, piper, documeni and record ln the
.pany'a poaaeaalon has been fre.-iv opened io the
examlnera of the Department, and th>- executlve
ofllcera .uid offlclal ataff have Kiv.-n cheerful .. - il
an'.* when requlred. The books are k>pt wlth .ys
??iii, accuracy and almpllcity, and sh,,w the condl?
tlon ol each accounl precl?ely aa it .xi.'t.a without
reaori to bookkeeplng devlcea to vary or modlfy
the Inteni and effeiM of any .iei.it or credll entl *.
Th.- rompany haa proaecuted Ita affalra upon a
hi?h pl;..!,,- of prupriety, avoldlng doubtful practlri -
aml unaeeml) methoda, alwaya aeeklng ... uphold
its ..-.ft ii dlgnlty aa a baneflcent and.tomlc fi tor
in developlng tha clvlliaatlon ?f our age and eoun?
try, Every branch of its bualneaa is admlnlaten l
?.?.ith abillty ln the intereat of Ita membera, and a
...1 vlgoroua executlve management controla
all its departmenta and comblnea theli enei
admlnlateiing Ita i;reat tmst. lt mertta ta iii re
ap. :* the ronfldence >.f the Inaured and of the com
munitft at lar?". An.l. m conclualon, I. Jamea F.
Fi. r. ?. Buperlntendent of the Inaurance Depari
tn.-nt of the StHte of Sew-York, do hereby certlfy
that ti .? true oondltlon of the Mutual Llfe In iui in ???
? ompan) of New-York, aft.-r the examlnatlon here
Inbefore reclted, waa upon the Mat la) of December,
A. li., iv*.. accordlng :.. the appralaal of its ,, -
made by thla department, and the valuatlona of 11-*
llabllltlea, alao made by sall department, purauani
to the standard eatabUahed by the lawa of tin
.-t.it., ,,;' x, ,v *iork. aa followa:
Re.' ? tate . 122.0 ?? ?
l_oana on mortgaga . 71.339,41592
I .....i * on bonds an ! sb.cka . 11.:'?'.?'?. |.W i .
Itonda and ato.k* ow-nei unirket va'.u'... tl.. 6 - ?'
I'aah in . ompany1 ". ? . II
Caah In banka '. P| <U4 ??
Intereel due and actrued. 1,0ft ?
ind b ???r.ie.i.
I'aym. annultlea. '. - ?
.**.'??*. un .11. ted and leferred premluma. ' ?? i
ta02.710.7M 40
Reaei i , . . r,* . **
i ?? .'h ? lalmi un| i I t__7 HS7 >'c
Matur. : endowmenta unpald.. >'.:..tt. 17
Annu t.. * unpald . ':?? -i". U
|>eath : <ae* realated . 174.30000 1,007.7 _*_**
Premluma pald In advance .... :;
? fell , ? - I
ll?i ?
Burplua . ll
1. C i ?
ln wltneaa whereof, l hav* hereunto ael mj
f thi Inaurance I'epart
.?? afflxed.
if tbe ,-lt- t A tl f Ni W
f Ju nr Up* > rai of . 'ur I. .: I 0M
JAMRB P PIEItCE. 8uperlntendent.
1 i r-i . ' i C'apll
? f Harv. Bhoul i be permltted to r.
, - - io prove i
IC lt WOUld I II .tr t" dO
ii it the | :?'????
Harvey'* I i. On
of th< le
Horr quol ??? ll (??
, ? ? ??? ... . _ ? ' < , -
r hun : ind Harvej pr.
-??...?) on h.*
: a* ,. on. ; .
:n order t. harmonlx* *~ith his
Ill Ihe ,-,.
lorr at < hl . ' * ' ? *' ? latter I
of I
f. i-i % ta ?? ..- in i i. gold for .. li-. s (-...rk
igh i? 1 dl i ta IMI Tha i ? oi ?? of
... , j , for thelr wo
? -:-'- -? ? VV ik"* ara 10 pei ceni hlgher
pald ln gold for the aama amouni f ~ i
:???,- which I bej l tion
hattera the lalmi ! ?** *? thal lehta
muat now be pald ln an ap*
Prom Th? Chicago Trlbune
, | ...
- re iha panl. ol l>
,-ompare wltb tli Bhortly followlng the iwo
- ? ?. Wbv dld ha not mak. hla >mi ai laon
the t-Aeift.. n "?''.' nexi au reding the i_t.nl
of i-n* Ifi had done bo .'. havi ha i to
. , ialoi ' i hlmaelf, lf loo mi in to
vledge it that th- number of men o
w >rk for wagea and unable ... flnd w..rk thi i - -
t.ft: - ..a great per mllllon if thi pop il iti n i - ll
la now.
Prom Tbe Terre Haute Ex| ?
Tb* llorr-Harvey dehat* la nol attended by a
v-ty large t umber ?.f the aupportera ..f the iwo l.
Iiatera bul one can dlacover tt.at the famlllai
of the free ???? | .t-snti ls Iti evldence from the
r. buke , Imtnlat. .-l bj Mr Horr when he
rupted the free-allver howlera bj aaylna: "I aay
frankly I don't obje. f to thi erlng of Mr. H >t
ft.-v ii. the leaal cheer hlm whenever you pl
but 1 do obj.-t thal whenever I elthi i itten
i ,k.. ,., ,,. wi r ln a coi lee, atrali ill >i ward ftft.?i
,,,., ,...,,m ,m< r -.' u| I ?la for th* i
breaklng me up tnd pn entlng m?. fr.?m being
hea. I an i lhal ls . ol gentlemanly in t .loea nol
!hoa ?.i breedlng ta the m< n thai do ll
Pr ni Th- Bprlngfleld l'nlon.
Tbe facl that "Coln" and not the -; .v. rnmeijl of
flclala ln I uaed the wrona- :.- ur. i wa lally ao
thoroughly eatablUhed thal Harv.y, aeelng no ..ther
ftft u oui of hla lllemma, pr....led to leave hl* off
sprinir in the lurch bft aaylng "'? oln doea n.it rep
? ,,,.? " Now thal "' '".I," haa been denled the
ahelter of Ih* parental roof. lt la doubtful whether
thli itrange llnan. lal aralf wlll iu i I In nndlng ?
. omfoi table ?bldlng pla ?
Prom 'i he Worceater Bpj
Th.- Horr-Harvey debate, al Chicago, dally In
rea >a ln Inter.-st. Bomehow, ihe ac- ounta of 1 r.
mlnd ,.i.f thal famoua trl .1 o( aklll betw. ? n lllch
?rd Coear de Llon and th- dextroua Bultan, *.?. len
the flrat, with a mlghty atroke of hla aa .rd, - v.-red
Ihe Ir-.n mar* ol his attendant; and the other, with
llghtnlng awlftnea c il ... two wlth hla m imltar the
v.-ii, llghl as down. thal (loated In air. Bul
Horr h..s ilemollahed ever) argument of Harvej i
i.v the w.ltrbt and keenneai of his loglc and by hla
overwhelmlng arraj ol proofa, he has thus far
found ll Impoaalble to dlaloalge Harvej from that
"refuga ,,f llea" and plauelble half trutha, under
which he haa taken cover, and upon whlcb bl
?-.?.?uis t.-. rely as his moal effe. llve defence
Prom Tbe N -).-. llie Ami rlcon,
Whenever llon- aprlnga a new polnt on Harvej
the latt.r. Itist.-nd ..f debatlng lt, wall* unul the
d.i' after to reply. and producei hll llttle Wl
oul plece, in whl.h h- managea to rompreaa all the
poaalbli ni; ,',i.,imati.,n on the aubject.
Prom The Clnclnnatl Commerclal Qaoette.
Th* ib.ii iiarv.", debate is gradually gettlng
down to bualneaa. The p..lni of contentlon noa la
anl around thla tb* debate la llhely ta be waged
f..r aome time as io 11,. effeel on pi.I the
demonetlaatton of rllvei Mr. ll'-rr points lo th*
advance ln wagea, ' tha advancea ta the great com
modlty ..f human toll." ln tba last twent) yeara
aa evldence of a declln* ta the purchaaln-- power of
rold ii.- la reputed to i.av,- aaM tbal "gold haa
lepreclated ln vaiu.- in less tban one hundred yeara
Bu |..<r cent '
THB Ih.WN 1*. > t'ATK D1H< C88ION MORB IN*
Prom Th.- Dubuqna Telegrapb.
Mr. tb.rr and Mi. H.uvey win i.e moat Intereat
liuf. th.-ref.,re, In what they have to sa> coiiceriilng
theae practlcal queotlona whi.h now con fronl thl
Amerlcan people, and an- pressin* for aolutlon.
sta TK FBTBBIBA ~ f ? X.t B1XBBR.
Albany, July ***, Tba S-tate ltoard of V.teilnary
Medtool Examlnera, appotated i.y tba Board <>f
Begenta ..f tha Btate Unlveralty t.> arranga for
exammattona f,.r llcenae to prootla* reterlnary
i.iell.'lne ln this State. b. Id Its (Irst nieetltiK In the
| departmenl af th.* Board of Regenta this afternoon.
Tbe fOltoWlng are on the Hoard: l'iofes.-or .latn.-s
Law, af Corneii, i.r. it l Huldeboper, of \ew
v..rk; Dr. K. P. Htnbloy, al Buffalo; i?r. Wllliam
Henry Kelly, af Albany, nnd Hr. C. i> Morrla, of
I'uwIIiir The itoard on-aiiiz.-d by Iba aelectlon pl
Profeeaor i.aw ,.* prealdenl ,n.,l Wllliam H Kelly
a.s aecretary. The followlng was the deatgnatlon
i.f tb.- iu,. chalra: Dr. B. s Miiid.-kop.-r. anatomy
an.l aurgery; Dr. C. D. Morrl*. phyatology and
bvglene; l>r. w ll. Keil\. obatetnea; Dr. N P.
Hiukley, cbemletry, therapeutlca and materla
meriica; Jamea Law, pathology, dlugno.-.!, and prac?
WlTlllliil.l' A IPBCtAti MKIITIN*. OF THK
Bdward Lautarbach prealdent of the Bepubtlcan
County Commlttee, wa_ ln the elty a few hours
j.lay to .-.iii-uit .-i,."it .-aiiinii a *i.iai meet?
lng ,,f tha commlttee, it araa practlcally aaetded
t,, have tha meetlng ea Auguat )-', the date ai.e_.iy
mentloned, Mr. Lauterbaeh **aid thal such a me.-t
Ing V..I- neceaaan before tba botdlng of th.* prl
marlei to aettle tha baala of repraaentatlea in the
varloua dlatrlcta.
Mr. Lauterbaeh talked freely about the oondttlon
of iha County Commlttee'i fltaaaeea, whi.h he _ui i
wera rn.r In a Bourlahlng condltlon. In fact, the
treaaury ol the orgaataatlon was .-onfronted. Mr.
Lautarbach aald, wlth a deOett of several thou
aan l dollara.
"Th- ububJ eurrent eapenaea of the .ommlttee for
rent. elerkhlre. sUtlonery, poetBge, and the like,"
Mr. Lauterbaeh said. "amounl to ahout |ii/*oo a
vear. Thls yenr the changea ln polltlcal dlvlslons re
?ultlng from the apportlonment has added is.ooo or
H.i. r_ more to the eoet "f malntainlng the county
organlaatlon. To meet this outlay we have only the
d u i of tha membera ol the commlttee at !_. a year
e.i.i.. whlch amount, wlth IM membera. to about
13,750. Por tha remalnder of the money needed for
thla yeaPa expenaea, which you ,*an see exceeds
HO.000, we hava to rely ?n the llberallty of true and
loyal Republlcana I am sorry to say that the eon*
trlbutlom do not come In as fast nor are tbey a_
large aa we should H_''"
"1 dO not aee anv reaaon," _d,]e,l Mr. Lauterbaeh
with aome bltterneaa in bla tot,-, "why men e|e<:ted
to oltli ? aa Republlcans ?,r boldlng placea under Re*
n admlnlstratton should neglect to contrlbute
fund necessary for keeplng up the organlaa*
tion regardleaa of factional dlfferencea."
l,, ?;,... requestlng contrlbutlona have been sent
to nll Republl in ofBce-holdera, Ptaie nnd county,
but responsea, lt la reported. have not up to date
heell l: ,"i I _.__._._
V eitj offlclal, who waa askel yesterday if he had
recelved one of Mr. I_.ut.-rbach'_ re?iue.-tj for funds,
"V'l * I got one of them, but I have not sent hlm
my check yet. Mr. Lauterbaeh thinks that he can
abuse and mal sn KepuMicans who refuae to arear
.l.tr tbal ne is ao proud of, and then expects
them t<< 'chlp ln' snd support the machlne that he
anl Mr Ptatt ar- 'islnu; to Injure Mayor Strons* and
the best Republlcans In New-York. 1 don't bell.ve
they wlll 'chlp ln' Just yet."
_ _^ __?
Referrlng to Mr. Ptett's denunclatkM >,f the plan
f r enlarging Ihe St_t,.- commltt.-. a_ a "con.plr
? agalnat hlmaelf, Mr. Passett says ln "The
Elmlra Advertlser": "Thla .- I pecullar attitude
for Mi Platt t" Mlte. What h.is he to do aith the
party tbat Justlflea him ln making any
tuch extravaganl declaratlon? Kas he reached the
. h- confuaeB hlmaelf wlth the party?
l, ,. . |.. think, wlth hla young friend, Mr. I'.arnes
,,f Albany, that th? Republlean organlaatlon and
Mr i:. .ui..- i ?. Platt are Interchangeable term..?
Has Mr Plati bi any tlme offlclally been made hy
mpeteni Jurlsdlctlon the sols and
-. . r of all the ? "i 1* and assets of the
i in | irtyT"
v - Ri icana, Ineludlng e? Benator
Warner Mlller and Oeneral Ctarkaoa. of th..* Ile
????.. all] ! i beld at the
hon.t Alfred Dolge, kn Dolgevtlle, next weak.
-,:., wlll ba constdei I
, ,.n rtarkeon holda tha
, :.. though be hal.s
?h?e Mr. ailler. who
.... % free-for-all commonwealth, led th,- ti/nt
for hlah lieense In 1888, th.ugh lt cost hlm the
p t? ',., . Mr. Dolge pronose* to have
...... ntatlves >f i on hand to dlacuaa the
, <? ?
,,. . , ? t of Mr. Rooaevelt hy Ptatt
?Th. ii ? n R. . ibllcan" re
mark- "i. '" hit-'" Plaeea yet,
M: I. ,.;.. -f hlm or not.'
T,, . . Mr B irnea ln Al inj
The Sl..."
? ;: , . a J iurnal." "Not
.... "when John r. Bmyth
. . ., .,,. , rganlaattoa of Albany
hli 'snap1 prlmartes, Bnd began the factional war
,n New-Tork State. wblch ended not even with the
, ol Prealdenl Qarneld, have men call
...... rentured ao ra.hly. to
t 1 ? ?? matblllty and
?. aa * ?? r..*ii anl valngtortoua
? ? ? ?.k to control tbe ?'?? -
county by thelr actlon
.... . . called when all but
: manlpulators ave un
md i-stranged from th. ratl faaniaation au
& Xei.
' ^t^lT^i^y
. 9Kas
BBB ?M^Har^niis
,.,,,, -.elecldHe.
. september convention* "A-fafe than,
' . repi.atatlon!
Mayor Oreen of Rlnghamton, d.*nle* that he ls
foi tha _ *???? ?'? *v'aee of
Mr < ii 'onnor.
?,-,.. Albany Journal' " dei inctatlon of the anti
Ltlng "a rumpus In the
^Im-ius.1-:. ' r?p?XN-_r_Jr!S
Mr Brookflel-Ta refuaal to pay further attentlon
,.,',hait....... Hackett i* indoraed by "The Buffalo
I _pre__ whlch declarea _, U rlght ln addreaalng
, .. , ?. ? ? , ti,. ? .??' ih head of all the
."'"?'?\r Ptat? ' ?"? _??>
io Bend a substltute to i ?" hta caatlga
,,,,.?ta of Mr RHas's plan for sntargtng the
Kepuh li m Btate i'on i ' membera polnt
to the fact that New-Y' rk, Klnga Albany and Kriu
countlea would be glven under the n-w arraage
ment ilxty-etght commltteemen, or nearly one-katf
of the whole number. But "The .'.itti.rni.Kus Re
, , |, m" dlapoaea ol thla argumenl by showing
i_. , ,..'-.-i?; .m.i.: tt.- _*ingreaa dtatrtel
r.pre.entatTon the same countles baweMteenaul
of the itilrty-nvo commltteemen. rhla. it BddB.
"k,,,i<- out the argumenl thal the new ptan would
. . .peclallj Inlmlcal to the rura dlatrlcts. Iho
i;..,.?l,ii,..,n'; thlnka wlth Th- Trlbune that a com
lrll i, .i.i..i, fr. except. p.'.sibly in
Sea Vork and Klngs. would be the moal practlcal
?olutlou of the questlon
The queatlon of amendlna the Conatltutton so as
,,, make the Prealdenl Inellglble for the next rac
,-.....im_ term is agaln I Ing dlscuaeed. and "Th
liuffalo f.'ourler' luslsts thai n ?? la a good tlme te
make the change
, ,nel Archltal I Rogei *f Dutcheaa County. is
! to have had the Indoraemenl of Oovernor Mov*
,,,,, for sttate Benator. "The Hudaon Republlean"
hnl t-. that the Oovernor's advlce should be tak^n In
this instance an l th.u it "probably wlll be, whether
l, 8Utta the vlea - of Boas Ptatt or not.
?"ih.- Pooghkeepele Bvenlng star" ls magnant*
moiifl enough to tell the edltor "f Ita rtval that is,
john i Ptatt th.it lt "lan't agln hlm" peraonally
for Aaaemblyman, end thal if ha arlll come out
aouareh agalnsl "Lou" Payn and tha deal h.-twee-i
Columbla ,.i'1 rutnain counttaB, and tell the paopla
whit he knowa "i Payn, and wlll agrea to sund by
ii,.. Republlean party to the laat dltch, "Tha Btar
wlll do Us utmoBi to elect hlm In caae he ta |tven
the nomlnatlon. "All we aak, says rhe Btar, la
that he will tlral con.I ln tha open and l.*t the
people know exactl) where he atanda in ra-atlon i"
i..u' payn."
lt seems t.i ba e inceded on all sid.-s that the Bghl
whlch John Van Voorhla and "Charlejr" Haker are
i,.., Ung agalnal the AMrtdge machlae ln Monroe
County wiii prove ?> aerlooa affalr to Mr. Platt,
??Th.- Tro) Preea" decl irea that tha "ftoebeatar cog
in tha Platt machlne ia llable to coltanaa any mo
iiiciit "
Mr. um eonllnuea to catch it f?r his advoeaey of
lawl-.^sii.-HS. "The people," saxs "The Saralogtan."
..,,,. piaaaed to hava eeeae t<> an anderataadtag with
Mr. Hlll, that they may i.-move hlm from all con
n, tlon with law and law-niaklnK, concernlng whlch
ne has such abaurd notlona Mr. lliU'a coneeptlona
?.-,. not due t" a vacuous crntilum. Il?i ha. br.ilns,
bul they nre devoted -xcluslvelv te Mr. Hlll's tnter
,sis. and are contlnually manifeatlng their aetlvity
lu ai hemea for his heneRL"
'I'ltl. T
Baratoge, N. v. July ? (?pectal).?CaoBtf .lu'ig-*
Cheater McLaughlln, ,'f Port Henry, -SBeea County,
wlll i"- ."i ? "f ti" new Bupreme Coart Juatlcn la
i?. aleeted the comlng fall ai i.ake oeoig.- to-day
tii.* Republlean Convention w.is held for the iVth
Judlclal District, whlch Includea the countles of
Wurren, Saratoga, Washlngton, Essex, Franklln.
flt. Lawrenee, Cllnton. Montgomery. Hamllton. Pis?
ton and flcheneotady. II. O. Hurlelgh, of V\aahing?
ton. mov. cl that Judge Mr-Uugtilln be __******_
hy acclumatlon. an I the motlon waa ?r-rt-d tm'fU"
moualy. Aa the lVth Dlstrict haa a R'?"?'?,1*
pluralltv of about W.oon. Judge Mcl^ughlini nomi*
natlon la equlvalent to an election.
Waahlngton. July 26.-flenatora Hlackhurn anl
I.lndaay. of Kentu.-ky, called at the Treaaury De?
partment to-day together. and agreed to recommend
a conatltuent for appolntment to a minor poBltlon
ln the revenue *ervl.*e ln Kentu.-ky. Nelther Sen?
ator called upm MCTOtary (.'arliaie whlle in th*
Senator Hlackburn haa been apendlng th* \ott
week In Montgom.ry County, Md. Ba f*r ha
haa rofttOOd tO discuss politlcs wlth represnntatlvea
of tha preaa. HOWOVOT, he aald to-day to a frlend
that he would be the next Senator from Kentucky.
Senator I.lndaay la not qulte ao retlcrnt. He free
ly diacuaaes the polltical outlook In the Hluegraaa
State. "Kentucky." ne aaya, "la all rlght. We on
a PamOCratk State, nnd wlll reinaln ao. *Wat'
llirlin will be electel .lovernor and the Dcmocrau
wili have a majorlty in the I~-*gl. iature"
??Will Senator Hlackburn he re-electM!
"Oo and aak Mo.-* hlmaelf." aald Senator Llnd
aa\' "lle*- ln town. 'Joe' la a mlshty popular fai*
i?w." .
Albany. July 25 (Special).-The Republlcana of Al?
bany ?lected delegates to ward and town conven?
tlona to-nl~ht. Th.re were aptliUd ***^*****t*f*
eral clty and country diatricta. but the regulara
won ln all but three _f the aixty-nlne clty dlstrlcta.
_? ?
Lnfca George, N. V-. July -'..-Taylor BMfMfl haa
b,.en renom.nat.l by the Kepubllcan. of WarreO
County for th. A.sembly.
** ??
Neche Judkowski. a twenty-year-old I'ollab
Jewess. was a steerage passenger on the phoentcla.
which arrlvcl from Himbur*,' on Wednesday. In.
som.) manner *he escaped from Kllls Island aad
rnril.- her way to No. 170 Rlvln-rrton-at., whera
frlend-* wer- llvin?r. The young woman has only
one eye, and thit la nearly bllnd. The Comml-*
sloner of Immigratlon learned where she was, and
Hent Dotectl-ee W, J. Cahlll to brini? her back. Her
frlenda decltu** th- Commlaaloner'a actton to Oa aa
outra .". and .l-.'lar- she has money nnd fnendO,
and thera was no danger of her becoming a publlo
Castoria is truly a marvellous thlng for chlldren.
Doctors prea.rlb. lt. medical Journais reconunewl
ll and more than a million mothers are using il
ln plac* "f Paragortc, Bateman'a Drope. ao.-a.led,
aoothlng ayrups and other narcotlc and ????P?'J?"?
remedlea. Caatorla ls the .juickest thlng to regu
late the etomach and bowola and Klve healthy
aleep the world has ever aeen. It ls pleasant to tha
taate and ab_olutely harm.e.s. lt n lievea constl
pation ouleta pain, cure_ dlarrhoea and wlnd colio,
allavs'fevenshness, destroys worms. anl preventa
convulalona. BOOthea th- chlld and givea lt refresning
and natural aleep. ''astoria is the chlldren 9
panacea-the mothers fri.til. ?*
Th? I'vnamlte-pro.f safe that aaved many thou
sand doflars for the Cnlted States Kxprees Co., on
the i.ak. .-"hor" Road. waa n.ile by Romlngton &
Sherman Co., No. 1 Murray-st. e'e
l-AIDLAW- KlOaAM-Tkaradav, luly 88. br thl Rev Dr.
J N Me-k?r, of .'ir..-Inn.itl. I.n.ira Mead Kisfim, ot
.ier-i.y ?nty. to L?r. Oearg* Bredertck LaMlaw, of ******
N'. llcea Of BIBrrfbgai ard dobtha must be in
Coraed with f?ill nama and addrea*
BBRN'HglM At Arvartaa. Leag lalaad, M w*dne_d?y.
Jnl>- I'l IBOfl Ihram ? Berahelm, belovad aon nt
Charla* i.. end Anna Berahelm, ln bl* SOth rear.
.. i and fit. >.i* of the 1 ra Invited to atfnd
h< fun.i-al aervleea <t inu El 488-0*. and
? ii l-'r.l.ift', .lul. _'i. 18BB, at 11 a. m.
EMMET On Thuretey, Julj 23, l*?, Tti >ma? Addia Em*
met. aon ot the late Wllliam C and Laura U Krnm*?.
Relattve* nr..| fn-n.la ar- Invtl *h- tun.-_4
....., ... ,,? . iivar) i Hai i aad Hb-avo* oa
Baiurday, 3oly 21. ~t tO~H a. m.
PAtltBANK On Monday, J..1-- 14th, ln r hl-afn. H.?>n
Mvlngatea wlfe of N K .alrhank. an.t laugtltt. o|
H..|-n I!.'km.i i ar. 1 tl \ Or_h*__,
rROOT- At Bar Harber, M- . i*alftin Fro?t.
I .:..-', wrvlcea nt his late realdence In Peeksk.ll. on
KrlUy. at J15
Train? l*av* Oraad Ontral Pepal at 2 ....
MAR.M"N <">n Tln-^l.y. ful? -?'?. 0*faldlB* M.. irf_n|
?Inuahi-r ,,f wuiiam F. *nd UbMa Haratea
Kn,.-,1 aervl ?? -.- tha reeldeaee ef her r-^renti. br*
Putnam-aft-. Rrookl n, Frtday, July 28, at t- p. BL
Intermeni it eonveoleB i f tha famlly.
HKRRICK .'.-. ?'edaeeda lul] 14, il tbe wald*ae* <m
at brother-ln-law, .1 ~,.-ph .s. Decker, ?"-' w,-.t S.th-st.,
Ma Ellaabeth ll?rr|.-k.
Kan'-rii aervleea Baturdai mornlng, tba ..'n in*t., at io
o'el ? k.
lll'I.I. Snll-nry at Tacoaia, Washmafn, Charl-t Wngef
H ill
Not Ire ef funTal iat-r
MAXWEt.La. On July Bl. Addtoeo w. Maawelt, son al th*
? ?. r B m.kwIi. "f thla elty.
M'PHERHON-On Wedneaday. Mdi laat., Itarotam L.,
? lohn and Sara!. I. M.-I'heraon. dtctnntA.
R.latlve* an.l fiieada ara Invited lo a*'.r..i ihe fin^ral
.-rft-lrra, nt lil* late rea I i ? ?"* OTeel WOd BL, m Krl?
t.,v ir, rniiiK. th* -'.''tli laat., at ll e'deefc.
MYERO?Ofl Waalneeday i- rnlag, July 21. laaa, M.rft- A,
M,.:. daurtic.r ,,f tli* ',-..?- tammt IlathKa". ot 1 rd.
li.tm. ln ber MMb _~mu __ ...
C-iiT.il s-Tfti-..* ..n Ptrlday m.-rnlng. Jaly 2**. at 1" 34
... tn . at tr--r lat- realdence, 308 iSttA l~7th-st.
Relatlvea an.r frieada *r* Invited le attead.
BEDOLBT At I.TW M 1 - tv'* Washingtoa.
D C, July 23. Bllen I ilaa Ordway, ?lfe ot th* latg
Jam? S.-.g|.-.
tntenaeflt Thuraday, Jub 18, al C n.- rl. N. H.
TH/;.: July Bl, it Karaburg, Qefwaay, auddeniy. J.
Henry Tlla-. ,.f PblUdelphla.
WEEKa \t Mount Ki*--. .'n Thunjl*y. July C**. Danta*
s. weeka, ln the Beveaty-seveath year of aM age, for.
m*rl\ ef tni* . lly,
Kureral from lil* |at* r*B lei M IBl KtBCO cd Pa'ar*
dav it .1 i> in
Train |e*rea Oraad Ceatral Depot ..' I'l'1 P- BL
Cprcifll XoUrtf.
Ilemiift la n rrea-I..M? l.lft.
And faultleee leetb ln a lovely mouth I* .-.n?. of Ita ar?at?
. .? ebarma Be earaful ol your t???.. ind pteearva then.
to usIhk BOZtlDONT. th..t ebarmlng dentlfrtce, which I*
ytrtt. tiy harmleaa .,n.i .,i .-? :_.-.. lt '..-;??-.,; I* j .r iha
\n.iiieiir l*li..l..?r.i|>h.T*
nny haft,> thelr Begatlvea dc\.Wne_, retimehad, prmted
:? ? Bl il i-e.l by
RlH'KWOOP 1.440 BROADWAT i4?Kh *t ..
RL*r Rota* bargalna In Head Caaiera*. K laks, Ac.
?' I) r y-R o y ? 1 , '?
On* of tha Cbolceet l'ry BpanUlaa Wlnai cf rtanca.
..'1 ia) ( ASK QTS.
All tht laadlng Kur-.pean ~*w-p*pa>r- an.l perl V.lcali f.J
aal* hy Th. Internali nal Newa I'linpany. 93 and M
Piiana a>. ?r.? d^-er aoat of Bi,*?-?*ay, New-Teefc_
t'onloltl.-e >olt?*e.
F-relgn niiHa for lb* a tk ? ??. Imu Jaly 27 wlll cloae
(promplly in all cn*r-*\ ;.' tlim .-.ttt,-.- k* (otlowa:
BATURDAT Al i a aa f?? graaee, BwltaaHaadL Italy.
Bpaln, Portugal. Turkey, Egypl an.l Hriti.h india. i-r
a. ? I.a Champagne, via Havre; al B*BO a. ni f.r <**.er.
nianv i-r ?.. *. Ema, via Bt___en llettera fo* .ther parta
,.f Eurom -. ? i tsViuthamptoa and Bremea, muit h*
.liro.-i..,i "p.-r Bma"); .it <l a m. f>>r Europe, per *. a.
,?, . ,n ! ft;-, gueenatown (lettara for viermar.y muit
i . iirected "i r ""ampanla"); at I u. ea. tor Bcotlaaei
,. ? ?? per ? -ft An a -i.i. ?>-i.i Qlaagow tlettera mu?*. ho
dlreeted "per Anchoda"); at n a. m. for Neih.rUn.la
dir?.-t. per l * Bpaarndam, via B "? dam ?. 1 ?*t*.? ? i =* mun
toe Jtie.-ted "per Spaarndam").
After t''.> .-loslng pf tlie aupplemintary Trnnnatlantle
maiu nuiie.i above, additional ?upplementan' malll *'t
opened on lh* pier* of the Amerlcan, Bngtteh, Fren-h
aad .ierman at'ttin'ra. and r.-maln open untll w;tl,m ten
liun.it.M ,,f tbe hour .,f aalllag ot tttettor.
IMIKS. i:t<*.
nttDAT At *3 p. m. for llo.-a. del Toro, per a. *- Fui.
?ATURDVY- At 3:10 a. m f*r I.l I'l ita .- ir.tr!.ra .l,re-|
i?r * i> .'Uxm.'n. at iu .. m. laupplementary l.'~W
n m , f'r Fortune l?'ar.i, Jamalca -.nl Bavaallla, etc,
n_. ii . Vlene (Wttera for Ooeta Rl.-a. via i.lm.n. mual
... dlreeted "D*r Aiene"); at 10:10 a. m. f.r .'.impe.tie.
rhiapaa Tahaac, Tu-paia an,| Yucatan, p*f a. a
Vu.at'in i'ett"r* f-r lle-i par'* .f Mext.-.i and for I'ut.
n,,.*l l,e ,llre.t..l "per Yu-'i.taii .. ... 11 a. ni f,.r New-.
foundland Ber *? ? Portla; ... l n "> for Hraxil an.l U
W_t? er-unu-e*. P-r a. .. Aatotl* I'rln.-.. via IVrnam.
bueo Bahla Rlo Janetro ""l Oaatoa .ie.ters mu.at to*
dlreeted "per A-tOlt* ***_* ' '
B__n_ f..r \r?f...in.1l~r.d. I y rall to Hillfar. and thenc*
i,v -..-,',,ler ? -i?-e ... ihi* ??rn**' dally at s .**.. p m Malla
f'r Miiniel'n I" *??..! ' ' >' ' "* '?"', them-e l,y ateamer,
li',, "i ,1,1. offl.'- dally at --t. r. m Malla fer <*_t*
,l?.e at thla .'?-'?* '??'?'??' *' ' '? '"?? f"r f'Twarding by
...?'m.r. aalllng (M.mdaya and Thuradaya) from Port
Tampa Fl.i Malla f?r Mealeo, OverUnd, unles* .peclally
Bl'Iren-.-.l '? --r J.?pat.'h I'V a.^ani.'r. .?*...?_. at ihls offle.
dally ?t 1 ?? **.
TltANS I'\'-|Ft<* MAItB
Malla for the Soclety Ialanda. p.r ral.ip Clty of Tapaltl
Ifrom N?n rraadaeo), etoa* here .lally up to July 28 at
ii .iii p n. Balla t?r Cbtaa. Jaaaa aad Hawall, per a. a.
Clty of ivklna ifrom Baa Kr.u, i*. .. etOB* here dally up
t., July 2N ut fl'.lu p in M.illr. for lla-*all. per ?. *.
Auatralia Ifrom San V*.',in.-la,o| rloea here ,lal!y up to
Jul) 2h at ?',.?'?" p. BL Malla f r Cblaa an.l Japan, par
? ? F.denvale .fnim Tiicmai, cloae h.re .lally up to
July **.* at .1110 p. ?i. Malla for Cblaa an.l Japan
(apeetaJly aildraeeail oalv), per *. a. Baaareea ?f Indla
.fn.m Vaaeoaver), cloee here dally up te Jaly ""?_?"? at 0:30
rm. Malla for Au*irall,i (eaeept Weat Auatralia).
lawull and Flll lalan.!*, per a a Wi>rrtiii>o ifrom Van.
.o.ueri, cl,,*,. here Atlly afi.-r July 1!. an.t up !?> Au-ruat
?II at .',:;'..> p 111. Mmls f.r Auatralia (except Ihoae for
w?et Aua.raliu. whloh are Parw*rA*A via Karope), New
' /-.ilan.l. II...ft an. BUI an.l Saiiionn Ialanda. per a. a.
I Marl|,.,aa ifrom San Ftan.'lP.-o). cloae ber* .IhiIv up to
; August *17 at rt 8.1 p tn. i.r .m arnval at N?-av-Tork o|
! a a. Btnifta wtili Urltlnh ni.illa for Auatralia).
?ltei;l?iere>l mall eloBBB ..t .1 p n. prevloua ,lav.
.'lMRLES W. PATTON. Poitmaatee.
p,*?t?fflce. New York. Nr Y.. July t?. lttlS.
itriigions Notice..
THE 1TH1.K' are Invited Frlday avenln* to fra* aupper
and song aervlce it St. H.irth .|..iii.-ft.'a Miaaion. __d-al..
Hd-ave. Alao to the eelehratlon of nlnth annlveraary ol
Colonel lla-le.'- cunvatalon nexi Monday' evenlng.

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