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If we are doomed to be beaten, It la to be boped
we will take the llcklng llke men.
? The Mall" wlll make i 0 C mmont rn the raoe. |
London. Sept. 8 -"The Chronlcle" will s^y:
Such behavlor as that of the rleasure stcanu.s ?
BaVurday would be Im.dly poselbft durtng aii Jttng- |
Uah yaoht race, Th. kve o! aport aoufl pr.-vent ..
The firat thing In Engllah mlnda wtuld be th< ra e,
noi rnarely thu alght o( tht M0B.
"The Btandard" wlll aay:
With the beel Intentlons the amerlcan ya
a?Uk?rRka a-" appareaUy? unabk to ercur* falr pu>; ,
The chances ar>' that ahould th- Derenaei niain
the cupfr.o Brttkh yacbtamaa wlll attempl ' bring
lt back unkaa It k agfeed beforehan.1 i
from a great clty as to be beyotid thl ren? 01 iw ,
excuralon aulaaace.
"The Btandard" doee nol admll thai the Val
kyri<- la the Brltlah cfcampion yacht. ai ?
that bejr aalllng on the ciyde did i >i 1 rov? thai
abe was better than the Brltannk except m ? i
paltry wlnd.
"Tho Graphlc" will say that it cannol aee how
to explain the defeat ol the Valkyrle except by
gdmitting that the Defeaoer M the xupx.
?The rost." m i s xrttek on the race. wlll
greatly biame the pleaaure Beei fw croardlng
on the eourae. end aitl aay M preaumee that
Lord Duaraven adU noi soii th.- y,,m.i.
unlpss effeotlve means shall DO tafcea to I""? '?';
iSuTrVrowdlng ii. tne futigm t^ncea, rhepapei
f ?h vovaae and the courae was more .'ainni.n
,rVneV.^cndrr" sktPP-r aM CfU than 10 th
"?Tne'THegraph" wHI .-ay that lt R rr.I
that the Defea kr i* a voaglarful jraw bt
axothkr x?>tkm: TO THK KXCFRSION
The folkwlng BoUce haa vm lasued by Rear
Comroodore Jamea C Bergen, commandtng the
Tatr d ln\ ll
-The thanks oi the oftcere eommaudlog the Pa
tr0i nvkdea of the New-Tork Yacht Club are
ttndered to the caatalnx of the excuralon ateam
tn ronowiag tbe Amerlea'B Cup race on Batur
flavf .rth-irkmdandpiBBBpl BtteutlOB tOBlglUll
and tequ?-3tb
.-Thefewexceptlonxareth. eommanderx of vea>
?ei? coacarnlng ahoae movementa complalnta
havc beeu made ... the preaa. Theae Indlviduak
.M wlthoul excuxe for thelr conduct; they had
gmrntngn from the patrol veaaela and kaowledge
ITJTeffectof thelr acUon* It would he unfair
,o bkuae the great body of xteamer captalm
ent ex that o Bglon for the deubamte, Mtflxh
niisbehavior of the few.
exTthare U no nower In the New-Tork Txch! .
dub to control such n,:., the falr-rr.in lod publk
have the ohvioim correctlve In thelr own handa: It
Is to permR them to follow the racee alone.
"The importance of keeping the turning marks
of Tuesda.va trianguUtr race clear k ao great that
H'tentlon if, agaln called to the fect that at no
potm nf the-race. elther at the xtxrt n r durtng
Ute rnna from ruark to m?rk. nor at turning
man* nor at the ttteh. ?<>u ! 8teamers gj
..reach within haJf a mlk of the ra ln* yachta
r?rto tha further facl that on Tueeday H?re
will be patrol vaxeexB xtatrom-d both to wln I v-.d
?n| leeward Ol earh mark. Bitd command
?i) veagelx are partRJUlarly requeeted not to paea
kataoen xuch f?trol eeaaata and the uarlw.
^. j .?> v... v?rk Yacht Club, eom
?ftear-Commod'.re paew-aeaw ia^.,i
mandlng r.itrol Divisl-.n."
-Itow-Tork, sept. s. Ifda."
HumiicKT aaotrr thb wrwLx bkoubmrem
The nport of New-Tork'- ^"f*.,8'^
n)Kb, ,,> "yachtlng craaj - Bandai b r. Port
SS, thepatknt. -^aore eacoarMdn. .nd conva
?ff,f>i? " aboal covers the
' one hlngaboui Baturda i rao - ' ??' *???*?
? iv-iv f-? .??????? '<?" eohereatly from paraonal ob
SSdcTjS how tne race waa won AlUjough
taouaaad. a ' -own the Bay by pkaxur.
,ra/t. vn tbe fog was >? beavy and other con
gUch that many were not abk to gee **
how the boata b.haved, and whal .ochnical ad
vantagea ?r, aecured by each. xharry one knew
tbat the Def.-nder had won a glorious vlctory. and
tkatwaaeekbrated Batarday aaght Teaterday. the
eelebrat.on belng over. the thouaanda who are in
tere^ted in yachtlng wanted to know just how the
race was ^on ia a reaalt the mornlng newa
papers were more ln demand than on any Sunday
prev.ously Not a newa stand in any of the hote.s or
?n the street cornera had a paper ,eft after 10
o'ciock and extra drafts were made upon lu-ws
paper offlc-a for larger suppliea. Tha aale of pasen
ajxa aneaxaoaa.
It was a pecuiiar aigbt in the hotel oorrldora
reatorday morntng. A guest would come dewaataira
?nd the flrst place he would go to WU B laXWl
atfcnd to get a paper; porhapa he did not walt untll
he came igwiiaUlra, but had the paper aeat to
his room. With the pap.-r ln his hand n
atart to lead an account of the rai", anl baa mlng
eo ir.terested as to forget everythmg else be would
eit down on the aaeraet aeat and Balafe ihe aru
cU-. The rrsult was that the hote! eorridorfl were
fu;i of men buaUy engaged ln readlng the papera.
ifbea the mtexaated fuext aouM BgJgh I
count and had inai-U-i-1 Bll tne detalk he would
go off to hnd fome fnend and Mll hlm what a
rorlous victory lt was. Nothing but yachtk
was heard arouni tbe hotels. and the in-mla for
weaxlng yachtlng clothoa BtOl prevalled. Deaplte
Uie fact that it was Sunday. and Sunday "go-to
n.eecng" aaathea were in order. the crowda stuck
to duck trouaera and yachtlng capa.
Few thlaga Btaoa the laat >realdentlal e
have cauaedaomuch Intereat rn the clty. aii the
hotels have caught tht ? the mana
?era have trle<i to catei to It Beveral ot the larger
housee had ape. lal menua yeaterday, with a d.
aign on tbe front embkmatlc of the xreat race
arfd ahowlng the rlval yachta. The fiigllahmen
have taken thalr defeat Xood-naturedly and
ahowed a true sportsmaniike aplril ln apeaklng of
ihe lesult Tho-<- whoae aympathlaa are a/lth t)o
Amerieun yachi have appraclated thla, and th.
friendstiip has been roon clo?4 > ceroented by tne
victory of on.- and the delt-at of the Other.
The Engllshmen, who kept wel! U B ?tur
dav Dlght were moie in evldence yeaterday. They
came out bravely ready to fact the muak. but
there was no cbafling. An Bn?llahman and an
Am'-rlcan were di-.-ossing the n.atiei m the cafe
?f the Hoiiii.M Houae yeaterday forenoon The
Engllshman aeesned to feel tba defeal
Amerlcan ?a> saylitx bi bi
"You mustn't rnind lt. on man Ac Identa wlll
happen in the beat regulated famlltea \^. 1ik>
you and are giad to have you come o\ ? i here, and
you can ta.ke anythlug you waal but we muat
have that cup."
That waa the gener.il BCBtlmeBl <>f the people
Thretr WBB>IUBeWM BjBgtkn \achtsinen ^at ;n th.
f-afv of the RTaHarf leaterday afiernuon. The >.i i
adagf- that misery llkth .ompany ?as ekarly
demonatrated. for no aooner had they come ln than
eeveral Knglinhmen who had b.-en BB the caM trjr
ing to kiil Uaaa, and waariag a ^>rt of 'oriorn
look, came up aad taaaed them and at oac< tnj
uik turned upon the yachl race and th<
bil.tv of the valkyrle wlnning anj ol
folow. Ttit- ' a oasion waa general, and tne im
preafclon senned to preval! amoBg the Kngiivhmen
that Baturd ad tb< mattar, anu that
the ValkyC,.-':- chaaoea wera >-.im. Indeeu J be;.
admittfed it reluctaiitjv, aad atdtd tbut tha raoe
?tt> bmmb oti Ita merlta, ai I nol one of th<
liad any objectlon to make to the way tw ;?>??
had been handled.
The three yachtsmen who wera tbe Brat I
lu were 1. F Layeock, Qordon Wood and ' >c!
filade. All three are BMSnbera of the Royal Vachl
ikiuadron. They came o-.*-; oa the .>a bl \
Bhe is a beautlfu: ateam jacht and oim
urgeat that haa ????? been aeen In theae watera.
Bhe is l.&oo tons burden, ax I u marvel of apeed
and beauty. She made the nin from Bouthamptoa
to New-Tork in tea daya. The ya bt k now lylng
down at Sandy Hook, and the partj on her pre
ferrc-d to come to N< a fork lo apend Sm.-iIj;. in
stead of remainiag down -he l<a\ Ufhea l a
found lt wa? a ii> Bunday thej wei ?? ?
atartlrd, but made tbe t?->t of H TV'ben Ooi
Wood waa aaked about th>- race, i?e rapRad:
'We dldn't t" to see inucli of it \\ e cam<
to sea the raeoa". here he aaaikd in un apologetic
itianner-"and \*e dld have .-onie hup* of winning
i up. lAjri L?unraven had boox OVOl b?ie, anl
V.ukW tha watMtf. llf.knew lb<* w??U. ai.o iai...
snd the kind of a boat he hal to beat ile latd
?o )f out' !'. rn- <t a'l theae Coadlttena, and the
bope of aii tf.e Rngllab waa thai m tha valkyrla
f*ri?-r aoe. A liuitir?Al AM Dragglaia.
THK. MgURALOIXE ???>?? '" K ? 1TT
1 nev u^?d rout 'Neuialgta. foj Baln* In ibt ba k
an4 <-b??i, al?o Un Khtumaiipn ?t.>i fir.d ii ? wor^t?rfttl
ytmtAy. AMOB \v:LUAMaON. fc-u. Mcnt.
90 TON3
/?{.* of them for
Toilet Sonpe
and Perfumei
Cashmere Bouquet.
, ., bOOl that aou-d beat tko An,
?Vhen Mr Wood waa aaked lf ba bad aeenenough
of the yaeht raea to ferm eny concloelon an to
whal bad raaaed lha oefenl >? t* Valkyrle, be
??\Ye fljd nol p-t neai enougk to oae tke ma
noeuvrlng. Tha pleeaare erafi wera ?? ??"* "j
aaa hard aort 10 gel ?
thlnk. however, lha! Ihe rare waa won . iltsi
\V. have .mpUi "t to make. w>
\v, u.,:,t.l the cup buM | ?
k*.',':?' fl ? ,.;-i ftunravenha
nlaii t t . mak. about the pleaaui
Ftay or?n, comp I ,, ??<*
bj theae boal \T' Mr. W< ik?d. II' aaM.
-Thal i don'l knoa I tavi not heard an i
hava only heard from ever) M , Eni llah aa *? ??
Amerlcaii, that thi ri i a i ? ?? one?nd Ihat
thal la nhout tht
of it. We Utttnd to Itay ovit here untii the ra?.ea
are ended. and then we wlll jjo riKht back to Don
Vr Wood'a Btatementa wera almply ln Mne wlth
what ?U tha Engllahmen said None compUdm .
l| took tbc def,Mt manfully an 1 a Imll
tiat 11 waa ? race upon mertta. No b<
done yeaterday, as it was generally eoncedefl tnai
the one r. bad settled the chancea n lha val?
kyrle for a'.\ time. ?,,,._
v tha Brunawlck, Oolonei and Mra. \. unam
Goddard and wlfe, of Provldence. are stopplng.
Colonel Ooddard's daughter is ine wlfe of < i
Iselln head of the Amerlean ayndicate that lnnit
the Defender. He naturally fell hlghly plea.se>j
over the result, and hla only comment ln Bpeak
lrt,' of the race waa tbal lt waa .. greal one.
The hotela rema'n crowded. and lt is probable
that they wlll be unttl the eod ol th< preaenl week.
jfT Bfl AJCD Bfflkl TRRRT TAKB thk \rAUtTRlB*l
Henry Irvim? and Ellen Terry are atlll ln the
city. They de.'erred their departura BBtll te-Bight
and are at the Plaza Hotel. Mr. Irvtns wlll ro to
Baranac i-ako to-nljrht and Mlai Terry wiii be ona
of th-^ party. He lotenda to renaifl there unlil he
Is forced to depart for MofltTtal for his openlflg
ln Ootoher. Mr. Irviflg and Muea Terry apanl ihe
riay quutly yeotei lay and took a <1rive in tha
affrnoon throagb Ceotral Park. They took wtth
tk na PUaay, the fox-terrler whl b
tt.. ii or: .;11 their trav. ;.. .\!r Irvlnp felt BOfTy
about the defeat of the Valkyrie, but be pald that
ii m is onlv the fortune ol war, and he Judged 'hat
!> waa a race upon merlta, and he bad no com?
ment te make He i.I for better thlnga
future in the way of an Eogllsb rlctory on the ?ca.
Mlsa Terry thoughl it waa qulte too bad, but >-he.
!oo, took i't phlloaophleally. They had many callen
durlnj? ihe floy. many of whom wera ow frlenae.
There wero few more deepiy lataraated apectatora
Of the yacbt race on S*turday than Captaln Altr^d
E Hunt, of Plttaburg, who eaaaa to New-York wlth
h | aea to aee the conte.^t. Captaln llunfs spuclal
IntajQOt ln the race was due to the fact that be la
the president and ganeral manager of the Plttaburg
Reductkm Company, the arm whlcb furnlahed tha
alumlnum for the Defendar. Whlla be had never onea
OOnbted the "Vankte boat'i abllity to win, he waa
hichiy pleaaad wlth her vahant atntggle.
When aeen by a Trlbuna reporter al the rooms of
the Englneera' Chib, al No. 10 Weat Twenty-nlnth
Bt, yeaterday, Captaln Hunt taikcd of the experl
mental oae of alumlnum hy the buUdera of the
Defender. He said that all sorts of critldBBI had
paaatd upon Mr. ise'.in becauae of bii novel
venture, and that many bad tfejaf* '???'1 beaj ioM
about the future of a boat that was fltted out wlth
alumlnum. Th.- Bucceea of the yacbl as a racer,
Captaln Hunt said, was proof of the good JudgBIBIII
of the Defender ayndicate and of the yacnt'* tnii-t
worthii' - I
"Much has been said," rontlnued the oaptalfl,
"about the astravagpjUace of the ayudleate us obowa
by thelr fr-e use r f a metal so much more aapenahre
than the coatomary bronze. It senr.s to BM that the
owaere of the Defender ohonM beva been eom
aianirl rather than eonlemned for their wUIUlg
neaa te bear any eapenoa neeeaaary to fit out a
wlnnlng boat it took pluck and dlacernment to per
, ? ???? in their .1. ?>-mhii.tion to us- alumlnum in
tha face of the adverae critlclsms of BUCh men .. ? ?
Craaapa, ThumiK A. Baaaoa and some rjovernaaent
aaval e natroetera. But thoas who bata ? ?
the buiiders >>f tatravagmnca bave lefl ooe rery
Important thkflg out of cunsideration. Sup.iose
there were about 10,001 pounds of alumlnum used.
.t tha metai ooet N oaata a pouad, the bUI
wu- MOAM. i'11' an anoraaoea sim after all whea
vou are bfllldtag a aup defenJ.:. Now if bronae,
whlch eoata II centa a pound, bad been uw ). m-p
sanir nuuiber Of p.?unds w llld ha\< OOB1 *7,.V<.. and
Mfflwaoea betweoo tso.'ioo and fUUA ba
poared anonaeua, but the critics have nol atoppad
to . .ui .1. i that fO.M poun>ls of bronze wou.d have
i ivered only one-thlrd n--- much surface a-an equal
weiunt of .,, imlnum In ot'i r w adfl. as the krOBOH
weu'.d '" prabably threa and oao half tlmta haarlei
than aqual parta of alumlnum, there would hava
been ie.jnue.1 MyMI timf- thtee and one-lialf. or
pounda of brorze to rcfdaee the no.oou i
ol alumlnum. Tl <?-,- 17S.000 poui ....
inv.y low r.ite of IS centa .< poui i n d hava eoal
as a?ainst the taUmated * ?? 1,109 arorth <>r
Oiuminum thal v. ta ow i ??> ->?? that, ao
corilng to the?^ Itgurea, the aubatltution of aiun.i
nun. for bcobibi iid icj. add men than M.M0 I
total expeoBea, and f>? peoplt could luatl) com
plain of that when the) i naidei ibe greal
vantagi ii...t alumlnum hai >vei broi
I/I..T ?? I (.,' | ?
"Anoi ' ? , ? i > ?
fender*s fnenda ara* the U .t tbal \.\un
., that . luld
.. I'uil ty ; . ? - |t WH
thought that tlie alumlnum had ... be al I ln
order to es^.i. n- Uablllt) to rual l?all >w. the
peop*.?) w'iO eni.J thaaM thiflgi abowed by Baylng
tboan 'hat tl.t-y were not gualifled to tc.:k oa the
BubjecL The la.t vao that tha Baaal p i aal
i- ,i ovi ? ?'? i'? ? ' ??' '. I thlnk) ti ? * oi
gredlenta, nlckel atri copper, waa added to xu-e
.ani'i.uui kn ? ad U< atreagth >n l not
preventlna ? lo P.
alumlnoan ani hataad eorroak ' ? natu
ttar lhan any of lu * I
of the aluiiilnuin brenoea whlch i .utalnonli 10 t,j
12^ p.-r cent of alumlnum. The nlckel metal
jitirn ua?-d was requlrad wlth n bdi Ifl tatlon In p at< a,
- and bulb beama to have from UAM pounda to
4,*..(iWi pounda tensil" Mrangtb u s.j. are Ineh. at
aetua.ly furnlahed In the p;me> wlth from M.0A0
- ?, I3,0M pounda tenalle strencth a >?,u.tr??
Ineh, wlth the ductlHty raqulrementi fulfllled."
Captaln rfunt aaya that t.e wlll >a\e \. ? \ , i
for nttaburo to-daj thorooghly ronfldeal thal the
Defender wlll loava the va<kyrla baaifld in thl*
week a race* aa aha d;d on fiatuiday.
(.n lHOI .j -i Hg III I M U'PAUIlVtt.V ONfl
, |, sh; or HKi: ioi iM "Ti:i 1: i:i.k
Mf.NTS IN -IIII ?' n
lf one mav Judgf by wi.nt the nearapai
,i,e retantlon of the cup li n tarded .?> almoat .1
Brtalnty. Th- itatem. I ? n??v?fo publiahed
that beta agalnal the Dafeuder now hava no lakera.
The oplnlon Ihua Indlcated ma) be proved 10 be
,,,,. whlle regardiai ihe 1 oml
,.? ,?,.,< m r.? <>f eaeh boat from 1 1
rarhtan ' ?'' *?"? ' "' '" :'
;,?,, ,?..., way, 11 , dlfll uli 10 M .. aufflrlenl
..,. ,,? 1, Thal consldei iblj I na. Hat ol
? " " ?*? '" "*?
on the Defendai ? 1
I.01 1 ! M' ':1,,""i"
and many othei ? i larga parl
of thelr Hrea '?? the ? lv '",'1 r"
?' ? " '" .. . ? . .. .
C|)(... ,f?e c ,-e? have ? ? . !?? I thelr
n naay In lha fulleal
.f ,i,e word be c.ied . iperta. Thej have
., ,.. 1, .. ? .1,, and the Valkj rlt ln arydock
?,?i ba< ??'?? vt H contour an I
ever) i> BBlbllltj au? ? I ' : ? 'l!"": ?
And wken ona llke VVataon, who mav
be saci to knoar h'om than moal men about the
i ?.t yacbUng. confeaaea t> he totally al i
the llnal outcorae, II la really dUflcull to com
prebend the eonfl l. ;.?- of lei m II Informed per
laiiy la thla true regardtng thoae wagera
whlch were i al con I li ra ???? odda prt .r to the
more i aaUy under
:? ifter the bt gln
Ding of thi i . by man who trled to "1
by offertng large odda on the \ i iba
; off wlth aii the a] pearancc durlng th.- Brol
l.our of i ? Ing tha wlnner.
The paaalon foi bcttlng and lha rlaka taken by
people who m thla aport are untnformed, ara often
: the averaga u?daret*u?dlng. This In ..
amall ? iy araa curloualy eaempllfled by a aeUer of
newepapera uptowa Thla man nukw his n
ln fractlona <>i centa, bui be actually bet aeveral
dollara of I I ' m galna thal tha Defender would
oaU the race at a ra) ? ? Ightean mUea un
hour. He explabved yeaterday thal Mr. Daaa. of
tha ?Veather Bureau. ha l aUted thal the arlnd
would probably blon al an algbteea or twenty-mlle
pace. and in BOma way he made his v,i .uable de
ductlona from thla. Ha toUl tha wrttar of lha bet
prior to tb< race, and amllloi aald ha "gueaa d ke
li h."
Thla '.'? Ire to alwaj bavi - >me mooey i
or raiher "a*f?ly pta ? ?;." on every coateet that
eomea pri m m i Uy bt r?ra U* i. an I n
ramlfii - Into manV diflerenl gra lea, i? n
dewq to the aub-deputy oaalotanl of the grocei
clerk, :- largely encouraged b) newspapen whlck
to un l< rataad th- dlffen na bi tween
Bt," and whlch open'.y
. 11 ? b man la mr a real aportaman u ?
he bets ?n hi? owa yaehl or harae.
The least that cati be siid of such Journallstic
Baatlmenta (whlch atay hero ke lefl to coatrollera
of natlonal BaaUBttOfl Bfld to the poUce) is that
they are espeaaftve. And tha reaooea wny ?
should be wagered on eltber boal wlth any further
certainty BUMM Batttl iay's race may ke said to be
not veiy clear II la true thal one furtht r (act la
now known. aamely, t??.?^ the Valkyrla arlll not
hava .i walkovei ln llghl arlada This was ahrewdly
auessed at befuie Baturday'fl race by thOOC wiu
Brere fali ibla of formlng on oplnlon.
Bejrond thla nothlng ran ba aafely predleted Not
even the oarnera and dealgnera of tha reepectlva
yachta know more than thla Tha pubUc la totally
w.thout a xuide as to what the Valkyrle Wlll lo ln
beavy arinda All through the i eemad to
ne poaeaaa l of BtabUlty and e..se or motloa, to
gether wlth an absence of careentflg. all ol whlch
-?!i.. i 1.) indlcite a greal reeerve of power whlch
tha llghl aii i falli l to brlng out
Baturdaj i race bad overal pecaliaiitiei whicii
have nol ao far been notlced. Il waa i
tblag that the Valkyrle ahould *" >>it pn the atart
Bhowlng a aaarki : *up rlorlty ln apeed thal abe
ofterward proved uaable to Incn u* oi even to hotd.
At flrat s.'i. utuni.-iak ..bly OUtfOQtad the l). f.nler.
cominK up from a laeward poaltlOfl an I BOOfl
mg tha Defender*! io.\.. : ilrly well to wlndward.
Xhe m ? ? atodenta faUed to explain t.? them
aclvea the facl that thi tuperiority
dlaappearad The atrength of Un I nol
greatly ait>-r. n >r waa anj ol th< eani
on elther h tat v. i the "i alk ? i away
. || .;? fln l. .-? i med to groa Ui I ofti r Ihe
lirst houi had ? lap ?
Th? ra are al I tl " inatloni of
thla occurrence, whlch waa reall) thi only prenora
enoit i Ing.
Perhapi (Iral ezplanotl m la Ihe b< it
, J;,,.,." ? ' ? ^t. k.
f>^ The nrirroT doecn't lie.
v**Bj I* is ii,j' ' Hattexer. Its
?^ *T u ploinly told, and
ran nol be contradicled.
Women wbi ? blcxal ia
poor and wboac abole
ti nf is niu down by
- ckneaa oad weakneae, an
alr.ti'i and ashiitu'l to look
in the ^laes. Tha ooodi
tjon of ol] the body is
arritten in the iace.
Tbottaanda of wotnen are
diaggiflg <?ut ? wcarv, tni'
eraoM eaiatence beconoe
thev-lo nol fully realfae what ia the matterwtth
then:. Thev know that they ha\r " fetn.i'.c weak
bot they do not really appgetiate ahat tlut
Thev <lo not know that to this one trouble is
traceable ahnoat all of their lx*lily illa Thev
conaider it a diaeaaehy itaelf, and is thev have
also neuralgia, nervona hcartacMoo, btlioaanraa,
kidn< and other tbinga, the) aee no
Lion between them and Ihe derangeuienta
ol a ktricth feminine nature. Busy and < >\?. i -
worked ph; i iana oftefl treat tbeac thin
Keparate ailmetrta, when the arhole trouble has
the one aource. The reproaVacUvv organ
unportaal ? part <>t the l>o<ly that anhaa thev
are out oi oroer, the wholo lyatatn ia deranged.
Whatever Ulneea i woraaa haik aho \s;ll do >w il
to look then I ?? th< caaae.
A^reu nawt] a men kraoantijlytiefrlecl them
seKt*. l>et .U-- the) dread the ktllmg of their
troubleito a j>ln iiciao and t!u- suba quent cxami
ngjtiofl and " locol '.rcatinent." All ilus is naad
fot Dr. 1'ier.es i'.iw>nte Preacription lias
been fooad ba parfertlj and perntiaamtl] reatore
l.st grengtb ni.l proaootc rogularity of fuacfloaa]
Tefl centa aent to Worid's Duvpenaarjr Medii il
,\r->.< i.iti.ni, BoBalo, n V . wili bViag a li rgc 166
poaja Itook. callad "U'onun and Her DiMrukCK."
beturely acaicd tu a plaiu cnvelope.
ladskaS soiely by results and peraonal watchlng,
Ihe v.riter feela Incllned to think that tha helBIB
,,,',? vvh.. t""H th? Valkyrlr a.-ross the Itai
iteered h- r i"';l1 ""' ?rxl BeaakUJ ln etay-. was not
?n. person who afterward pal bar Ihrough
The m-tti" |M ? uip;.>v-1 ai ama i autta dktlm t. Th< ?
.1 10 Dluatrata tha Mffatlag conrktkna of la .
. ,f men Tha man who ateered the Valkyrle
? orat teemed to be reavlnced that har braadtk of
beam and areatw aetghl demanded a inghtl) better
fll| .,. ?, p| : threaghaul the -lay. Bven
,,?. lef.-n k : i ii - bed up al Ihe start till she
n, polnl nol aalttng) mucb hlgher. thla
,,. ??, .,.?,? beld on t.i bi.? awn Hne ofactlea ln gtvlng
t(l? valkyrl - d full ? ? b I kee tbraugk ihe
ro igh ?? ,. .
Thla make- all Ihe dlffereace In the woi i o a
boal when Bhe la ao well aaat bed as the Valkyrle
,.,. Defeadar. And. althout belng abao
lutch certaln on th. potnt, tben la b good deal to
, the rkwa of thla Brel helraamaawere
. ,nd thai the changa ol ateerlag kat the
,?... ,., ,11 the lat-i ateertai tha Valkyrk waa
umroe.1 and pin bed. untll ehe aaa often poii
??-.i,,?i,:: blgherthax the Defender oa tbe aama
i .-.?/? .
No? no boal ln i ,!1 I?"?"' hlgher tnan
,B? \>. endet an I "'?'<k', het beat wlndward aell
? .. -,.., pefefld. i la a comparatleely narrow
.',',., ol thai Knaiish type whlch allpa Ihrough
. ,.,., ,.lMh, and la renowned for eloaa mlNng.
- ihe hall houra weai by, the boal
. irad.I) ?'"? d oul al bei beal gaii
,,,,,1 ti M oul of hei ? nda ird poaltlon.
lt ,. |.aibk lhal the Valkyrle'a much broader
modei. with ita greater diapkeemeat, demanda
Ihal the yacht shall recelve a hetter full pf wind
uj ? ? irlve her al her own beat apeeo.
ii certalnl; the ?ee between tm- Mgiiant
an i Valkyrle II. lt haa also been found true ln
man) I'ppei Lake Internatlonal racea, wherenar
: iw Rngllah Imported eutterx. like Rateona \ erve
i and Vt rv. ii. and ?>^" the Cyprue, mei tbe
hroad-beamed boata ot the Amerlcan model. m
d.-.-i must of the older Aaaerl Hng ?klPPf"
are aware tha: tha former champkn type of thla
coiintry requlred .. falrly good full to drlve their
broad bowa tbrougb the water realetance.
Bo far. tharefore, as any one could aee .rom
. ,rlng ateamera. II aeemed po?sih,e that the
I if at flrst waa emlnently aaiia
and mlxnt. If eontlnued, have broughi
about better reaulu, The wrlter of thls bas no
. ? knowlng whether there were two flir
ferenl helmamen, or only one: but lt is not lixeiy
that there -.sas only one with two sets of con
vlctlona In his head. The Valkyrle began to oae
the race, or, ln other worda, to alter her atei
? ihe nrai came In etaye, going off on the
? tack After Ihal ah< waa ateered by ome
one who onlj knew the narroa Engllah cuttera,
and made the appareM mktakc Of Imagtn'.ng tliat
thls Valkyrle la Of the BXma kiln.-y, arhkb Bba is
The differen.es in steprtng h^re referred to are
at all tlmea allghl bul practlcal raclng. ya.'htsmen
wlll understand thai auch amall dliTerences mean
||f* or death to Bue eea when th.- beat yacbts are
w-.-n mat. lo I. The experlence meana thls. that ln
lluht wlnds the man who took the Valkyrle off at
ii wln, ani thai the other one if there were
The aecond explanatlon of the Valkjnie'a gr.idual
Ii . i ;. ., ||| > dlflferenl v the l- glnnlnf of
the race th- aea waa lotibly as trylng and lumpy
as it was lat'i- mi Anl at flret th>> Valkyrle'*
superlorit) In the matter of w.tghi of ballaat was
I ilng a .-I work fot her |n contlnulng her beadway
both boata- were plungllig and helng chteked
ri ?e;is and by brokex Bwelk from a
I s:,rtm^r- When h^r hetmaman gxve her
? i Llr full to drlve h< r through all this moat trou
water and gave h.-r great weight of k^cl
it- pi ??? m. ntum lt conouered th-- oppoalng
much better than dld th* Defender,
a i* belnx Btarved ln the llght air. But an hour and
a half afterward, when th. ocean swell had oui-ted
than half whal II aaa al flret, the
I.. ? ? r dld !- ' r. lt la tru*, ahe was pinche-i,
but ln calm Water, and. in fact, In any watcr. the
: ,- ver Engllah cutter c,m ataad b.-ing pinched.
wfclk the broad-beamed boal eanaot, and, on thls
ground her gradual aalnlng w l ibly occurred.
The thlrd reaaon to aceounl f r the Incldent whlch
la i ow puaallng yachtamen might properly lw in
.1 i-l-d In t>i. .,.-<?:.!. lt refera dlractly to the au
pertor llghtneaa of *he Defender"a upper works and
rlgglng. Thls manlfestly rave her an advantage In
Biturday's race. When ahe burkd bard In a sea
(and belnx narrower fcrward, ahe pttched fo a
n- iik.i.v greater angle than the Valkyrle; she
gathered t:.. u-iil haadway again almoal at once
As to upper works. sne waa at these tltr.es glvlng
m imentum to a mlnlmum of the dead weight
whlch retarda. H.t auperlor buoyancy and llght
r'Hs of movement were aaeily to be dlstlngukhcd,
and ln a se.iway her movement la beat deacrlbed aa
a long knclng leap, made buoyantty, and wblch,
when aometunea partlv cheeked by water, regalna
i-- apeed with gi *ter akcrlly than ln any other
boal the x rll ir ???? at aaw.
BtBl, it must be remembered thai the two boats
were xppxrently an even terma untll the ^-hift of
arind came, whkh placed the Defender xlmoat u
mii.-h to wmdward as the dixtxnee whkh al that
tlme exleted betw en the boata Thk audden fluke,
whlch wis mark"d by all yachtsm. n. |ave tbe D -
:??:,..? r between two aad three mteutee as a aratu
Ity; and althougta it has not beea much referred m
i. th. newapapera, h waa a controlllna factor ln
iba. quenl poaltlona >f the boats.
'i"-.. fluke, bowever, valuable as lt was to the
Defender, dld DOl jlee her the race Bha would
aon In any caee, even wttbout the fluke, be
, .? inder the condltlona whl h then prevalled
she thowed herrelf a good deal faater on the re
\s to thla, Ii may be addad ma; if
id had rounded <>n evea terma and had aeea
the Defender hoist her foresail. he m:ght have
hinl as to wbat headaall he rc
: on thk run. lt took CranflekJ just flfty-flvf
minutea to Itnd out that he alao needed his balloon
The lipahOl Of 'he whole pos.tioti. aa so t?: elucl
datcd ? ? experimont, la merely thla that the \'ai
- nol as dangeroUB ln l.ght wlnda as was
hl poaalbk. If la alao noaalble that with the
iteertng that ?a? exhlblted at Saturday's
:..- may m..k.- a dlfferenl abowing. Beyond
bere .s evldently a rcserve of foree ln tho
Uger whlch may trnan much when winds
are atroni rnough to develog ber more occult
ln other worda, li maj mean only a fe?- sii>:ht
changea In the IVea '?<? ? Bureau, or oUrerwlae, to
make ih- i-hallenger api?ear In a dlfferent llght.
fcjEMBBRX not l\. i.inki. TO TAt.k mi. H OF XAT"
? 1:1. \ | s RACE
The X.-wVutk Va. ht Club house, ln Ma.lison
n\.-. w.is .1 ajalel plaee yeaterday, but the reault
of the Defender'fl victory from Valkyrle ifi on
Saturdaj waa maalfeal thert. aaperlalty in the
aaUarkd manner of tne membera preaent wbea
they dis.-iissed with one another Satunlay'B contest
. i . ? -,, . .in-.. Ifembera of the i !up
Committee nere i resept. bul not ?a a body ot f..r a
..,.-. ting, II waa aald.
B. M. holson Kane. clialtman of tha rommlltna.
decllned to expreaa bis edlnlea of Batardaya race,
"Noa really, ) tu n.u-t excuae me fr--m t.-ilmg
you ahether i think tha race ?<- aatlafactory from
.i vachtamaa'a point of vie?. and ahether l think
,t w.is ,i m.i teal of the merlta of the yachta or
ihe crewa I'm k a poaRka, you a--.-. ?n
VOUld he improper for me to gtre m> rkWB ou
ttiose mhjeeta. After the racpn are over, l -huii
be gla I to tfll you what I think of then
? i think the patral imuts <iid axeeuanl aervl
and. ?\; i. b nra n.n.ii.i- exceptlona, :he rxe ?
p. i obeyed Inatructlona rerj weii "
iin thk potel a Trthuna raporter leamed yeeterea)
timt tne naxsee oi the boats Eoraatag tiM-He "nota
i,.e exeeptkox" maj be peated ln the clubueuxe te
Aay, ani thua kiv.-n u the puhttc. gevaral xanaaa
have been furulehed k tiie itegatta Comxalttee, and
-,r tha aldewheekr Frxnoaa aad aome othei offendera
1,11-iirhlini rulrn Ki l.oul?\ IIIr, K > .?< m u- nl
V I. \ ? 11.. ? ,1 .ii- i-l... ?, IIM ?l A . l II |{.
itrketa le l^wlevlMe, t\^ aad teum
i,.r H|i iralaa Bepiembai 7 lo lo iniiuslv* |pm,| ratu/alna
'ii.t.l OetoM.' 0 Tha r?n fiom Bew-TaeX ?ill M |17.?4,
&m! corraasoBdinaly low frooi othtr ataUeaa.
The Largest and Choicest
Modern and Antique.
Broadway, 22nd St. and Sth Ave.
stji im -.- -*? tstjssss
dlffi i. nl klnds of work. Th- waj
c.ill.-d Wlll depend on the wind.
-The dubs beat the Bt. .lohna wlll **"**
rityfrom -he Recter-at. pkr a? ? o'elock oa ruea
,,,?? morning. laxtead of at 9M, xnd tbe rxce wui
be betun, if poaxtble, at u e'ckck.
? .,? you know where Lord Dunrxven, Mr. Ker
aj m,. rjaanak xre te-dayr xxked the re
? ?a d Rr Kane. "I do not. I haven". Been
them aixce the ..." *? xxked them then II .ne>
wanted a toa bome, bul they aald no
Mr Kane axyfl thai the rexaon the race wxxatxrt
H from a polnt oppoalte Seabrlght waa becau* Lord
Dunraven requeated that the ra- be alled flfteen
.,, arindwai I. and the couraa from tha Sandy
Hook i Ightahlp under th.- then prevalllng con
have taken the yachta near the Long laland
s or.- if the comnuttee had walted, It would have
made the eurt from the llghtahlp poeeibie. but 11
waa thoughl beat nol to deky. so tt.e race waa be
l .n aff the ttrxerxhury rocka.
Some membera of the club denaxnneed the erowd
Ing Of the vachts by tbe over-anxious captalns of
tha excurefeu ateamara, whlk etherx aald that the
courae was kept "remerkably ckar; ckarer than
.?-, before" Every one admltted. bowever, thai
at tlmea the yachta were aomewhat hampered by
the"waxh and blankeilt i produc. I by aome of the
"Vme'prom.n.-n. yachtaman aald: "The racemwil
be taken for lua whai II la worth. whlch is evl
ei.'e of the auper.ty of the Defeoder to tbe
Hajhi wlnda the Englkhmen have been praylng for.
,- ,.,, handkd equally well. ao far xxl
.. in fxct, theli aa - arere bandled ln
innrlv the Bafne manner. The,-.. would hxv?
more bettlna If the Encllehmen or thelr aupportera
had wanted to pul up moi a motn>. with OddX Mi
ta?gaK tVe?rv.lkyrk ind th. Drfander ware
?t, i gpkndtdly. Personally l favor the tlller
rather than the wheel ln Mght wlnda. with the
tlller one ean feel a boat's temper more n ? i*
and take advantage of every IJttle change o m
wind Bul thai is a matter of Indivldual prefer
pnce and i think th.- a ?' to heavy wlnda
and aeaa Aa to aalla, both boaU' clothi a ael ? i
tlfully I think our Amerlcan lall-makera have
been unjuatly crltlck?d. I know Rataey. but I
think Amerlcan makera are luel aa good as the
aall-makera acroaa the arater, and m aoaao r. -
ean teach their Engllah couatax.
??if elther party com| ?<??- of belng crowaed or
blanketed. tha Defendera peop'.e have Jual aa much
right to complaln aa thoae on the Valkyrk have.
There are no other c imments to bp made on the
race it was fair. aquare and algnlflcant i baven i
heard vet of any compklnl made by Lord iHinravvn
Krom a aportlng polnt of rlew ir was a Brit-ckax
C?Anotner areil-known member of the clpb aaM:
?Tuesday s race. b-lng trlangular. and givlng eacb
boat a chance to do |Tb hesr on the wind that BUlta
lt bes' wlll. perhaps. be a nl< r teal of the powen
of b-.th yachta than was the race of Baturaay.
There wlll be more chance for manoeuvrtog anl
amarter hand! ng of aal'i And then. the dWcrence
in tlme between the yachta al the flntsh ta llkelj
to he Imi than ln a beat to windwarl. and re
tum. for the reaeon i have jnst gtven.
? ? ?
Chevalkr de M.irtino. marlne painter to Q Ii ?
Victorl.. wn? a pasfeng. r on the steamer Lx
T ui ilne, whieh arrlved Baturday, He comm k
this country for tbe purpose of wltnessing the
ya-ht racea for the Amertox'a >'up with a vta
palntlng the acene. Thi chevatter -ai t he would
only remaln a fortr.ight in thls country. anl aft r
the racea would go to Rkgara, whlch he Intei
place upon canvaa when h- retumed. < hevaller
de Martlno haa been k Loadon twenty yeara, and
for ; e laal year he has been painter ln ordinary
to :h- Queen. The chevaller aald that one of hla
country men had depicted H>-Hven and Heii a
either, bul h< preferred to catcb a g.imi/se
I ? .1 to palnt.
Tw;o pollctinaen. atcXeana and Regara, of the pa
trol-'boat Judge ROOW, made a gallant rexcUB at the
perll of thelr llvea at 8 o'clock Baturday nlght The
Bkxmer TauruB, of the Irea Staxmboet Cempaay,
had dkcharged at Montague-at a boatload ol dxb
leogeri ahkh lt had taken to the yacht rare. Mi
chael J, Coagrove, of N->. LM vfaverly-ave., a wxlter,
waa carrylng a lot of dkhexaahore when be al i ;? I
off the gangplunk and Utt into the narrow apace
between the veaaad an.i tha pkr. it koaad Bke cer
lain d.ath to ilrop down into the BPXCI XX I bXtp CaXV
grove. as the boat siowly rOBC and tell with the
WXVea anl every few tnlnutes .rubbed ugalns; the
pkr with sufflcient force to aaueexe a man to deatb.
Noae of the boathands attempted the reaeue.
The Judge Moore was paaalng close to the pif-r.
.- i |ta crew waa attra led b} the commotlon. lic
Kenna an-i Rogera |ump I ot rboard and paddled
thelr way under the alde of the boat. They aoon
.???I hed the etnau ted Coegrov. and aupported hlm
till a t ipa a a dropped d wn, Phla they faatened
under hla arma and he ..a- aoon pulled t? the wharf.
M Kenna and Rogera wer takan oul ln the aame
way. By -are good bck th< Taurua almi > roee and
fell wltbout rubbtng .:.. uu the pler whlle Mc
Kenna, Rogera and ? oagrove a tre atruggllng In the
wat> r.
tai.k OP PORatlNa a i.i:a?;:c i\ thk DE
And n.iw- ihe flre laddlea have taken to the
wheel. They are txlklog of formlM a league and
wlthin a few weeks st. ;.s to that en.l will be taken.
No longer will (he polkemOX mounted on the steel
ataeda earry off aii the bonara, for almost within
the last we-k fortv tir. n n ha\e DTOVlded IheXB
? wltb wheek, Thh audden takiug up of the
wheellng idaa was .iu>- ln b meaaare ;o tha tm t
that a bkyck house alloared Breaaex *? per oaat,
off. and on the Instalment plan made payments
The ktreductkn of the bkyck into th.- Ptra i>.
partmenl began xmoag the membera of Kngine
ii - \ . ii 4 near Bpring-at, There
at almoxl any bour the . remea exx be seen wheel
! Ing in and oul on thelr retgrx and on their X i\ k
their boeaee. The top iloor of the engine house
j has been UirOOd into a bkyck BChOOl, and thero,
i when not BnBwertng the akrm ot catchlng a wlnk
| of sieeji, the memheis take leaaona fi .m ixaktanl
,' ? . ? Pati k Raher.
The aame thing haa been to'.nn on k haif a daxam
I engine, and truck bOUXei throaghOUt liie city dni
ing the Usi weajk, and this week will ?.-.- other
? ??iiip.ui.es takiug up ihe Idea. The mo mbera <>f No.
.. hi\. i. >n avarruB wltb knguirika l'he Braeaea
Mi.- to thelr hoaxaa in their untfawaaa
Aaalatani Forexux Raher saiu when se.-n rex
i terday "We are dlacuaalng the foraaatiaa ..f a
1 u-ague among the m.mben ,,r the i-.ic Damartxaamt.
chlei McOlU talka ol getttng a bkyck tnis w.-.-k
.i approvM ,.? it- introdu tki Durln the I .-t
. | iaya man) ni em ? i> icured wneek an i
are karntxg to rlde The ttme aaa n.>t eoaae as
i y.t when ae *.H rlde to tues, but the Idea a
..e. and ln the upper seetlon of the eltlf,
the paveeoeata are amootb aad Btreel iratrlc
leaa II would noi aurprlae ma if tbe plan was
trkd Inothei suggeatlon that has b -n made.
and whlch wlll be n.'l ln towna at tlrst. la to
, .,|, . :,. ehem il 11 Bine roui nreaxea to
,,,..:? i ii The intrixiu a haa beex
,i bleaa x to S'ea V.uk ur>- ? B: uatog II they
a. Bbkd reach - Ir h /" Mr,' ?nl,h?T*
so muih more tlme with theli .'?iin.liea Wlthin
tha naxt few daya the propo?ttion to aetabllax a
1 league wlll probably take deflruie form.
OF rrs MrONDROVB talk Ca? BOW
WashlnRton. Sept. I- All WashtiiKton to-day a
lauKhmg over th" bjdrieroaa poaltloa ln whlek tha
?.?, dlacreet and carefttl -Waehlngtoe Btat" ye*.
terdaj placod BaHf hy aeeeptiaoj and Ind ratog vtta
rejdy pni:ihiiit> the Cflleago AaaeeUtad Proaa f**ei
?tory of the yacht race.
The aaaaaad for the bunday Kew-Terk papera con
taininir the fuli Uatted Prooa report of tha - tcavoa
^omething lu.pr.cd.nted in Waahinston.
? r.ie Waahlngrton XIbooo" this mornlng aoyo eai
torlaliy: ,,
y.?erdav "The Bvenlng Tlnn i tha
I'nlte I'ren^. bulletlned th- only prornpi ind rette.
"'"i^Tlmae" clalma oo credlt foi
2 ii ?*v# the publlc. That - ta
',"' rli|,2 |.r. ? . l. notwlthata u*h>
thor.oil :? . ? -?';!-':::; - :v.
inir ..f the Informatu n eatremel) diir, i .
.. ,'f that excelleni aBaoclatlon ??*? pi wpt cor
ie.t and entlrely aatUfaetary.
.Vvraci.se. N V.. Be* ? "T* ?' l0'
morrow. m an edttorkvl - tha **?
report of the yac.t race. after TU
,-.. Herald" the Ai I ?*
Moouat of Ita prepareUona to cover tha ra al
5???s5 {
!?.:.;: ?v,:,.xn,v..
Valkyrle waa wbinlng. th- D '?? ?? ??"
what tha ? 3
P^Hn?wlndB orpa.nted.oo3
home before the vunr rne an ? ^
Sfl?tffww !
^wCa?.U,am^ r?M i 1
newanapeworyeaterday. and as ; ?',?,?*
"o7rn.Xm we Saint to he nair.-r . ? -1?, la).
race publlahed ln 'The Bunday Btandaro.
CoIumbuB. ?>..,,. Sept I 'Tha Bunday Freaa
eommentlna upon the atepM Mundera of the<Am+
clated Praea reporl of the raeht race, aoM edi.
torlally to-day: ,?.,
Tha. was a pfll boal race they had y. -
between the Defender and he ^alkyru
Hiahlands of the New-Jereey oaat B o r .. aa
was the i.oe itself. lt was ec.ip?-d b> 0..r ??"'"?
cotftemporary-s account of lt F^f, ^ "?
of immense rnthuslnam. ln h Ui bU- k ij
,, uaced our national bumlllat^n a I lh
of our defender of the cup I*
reneated no leaa thaa foar tlnu
llnes that the mai.hl." Aj>s,e ... t-. JJ
"n-.red no cost in procurlng the mlnute* -
?K oceSn ronteot from the beglnn'.nt to the aai.
, appeare.1 a, ,f thla celebrated une, ? ?
clatcdPreaa news agencv had pre i fr
\n advane! and reutaaeefthe n- ? -
",!:!.4:n:" meftly?ntou \u ?
in thls country. and from Ita v.nr. i ;',"',>" ,wh2l
".ction therewlth. there B?ajr be aald ol . ?ha
Clcoro t=ald of Ceasar: "A lover of hims. ... BrUBBBBJ
a rlval." , .._..
Atlanta. Pept. S. The reKular editlon ol ?
Atlanta lournal." the organ of th. A-ociatea
Prcf" in thls citv. last evenlna nave a full accaajB
of how Vaikyrie led tha Dalender. n aa aataj
editlon later Its headlinea were changed 10 m*"
th Defender wln._
OREAT prkparatp-ns in bQtJIBVIIXE TO wa*
U uisville. Kv. Bept S.-The fails Clty BUI ' **
? -dai that .she was pcaparad to greal tl idvaooi
kng ho?t of the Oraad Araajr. Thi ? i'u*
of havlng the veterana of the Blu nd Q \
for one. In good feuowahip on -- utl
toa< tber -at of the fruits of pea j
that have rtpaned through tbree ?? wj
, <s.,i alnce th? stlrrlng daya of
[he eve of reallaatloB. and gorgeoualy haa I.avOOl
arrayed herae'.f for the occaalon ,
The flrat headQuarters to be oper.ed ai ?
UfayetU Poet No. Mk ol N'a? 1 - ???
haaColoaelA J. Caee aaadvanc ? '
?'l keen ope-i hOUM at the Oali H"?<??? I
*ra inU.' ReSr Admlral Me. O. ? , j
Hutiertleld. Oeneraj A W tlreeh ?/
plaratlon fame. and ot :er members o
poal wlll be th- eeatral Bgurea ln a co
UThScitla?uy commlttee. wlthilocal Orand I a|
?nd e?-Confederate poata wlll turni out to *
rommander-ln-.'hi.f Lawb-r and Ma atafl ?', ? ,
preaent to them the freedom of the CttJ IBMW -*<?'
on thelr arrlval. _
it\pr a MossKiior.
Svracuse. N Y , Sept I The Hev. .lohn
Bjedy Vlear-Oeaaral of the catbottc
Byracdae, waa fonaally laveated
to-i.,v. The offlce carrlea wlth II j
memberahlp in the Pope'a houaeholt ine
monv was performed by Blah P Uuddefl.
priests from other cltle.- keJag l? ?v
ClioHAItljV D'.oM <:lll A<J0
Wi.ie are you Kolna>on yonr honeymoon. Mr?
eh Smp*'" ,,,.?
Well. I doit't know vet. but heretoOic m> n
beavda u?ed to iake m^ to Earope bui thli
well. I dOfl'l know him ?ell eiiouxh >?t
, i. l.sv:. io fMi'h raaaaai i
When Bal?y waa *lclr, w? j??o her OaatorU.
When she wiu a Child, *he crled for ("aatorta
When lOis l>e,a:iie Ml^?, slie clun^ to Oa?torla?
Wbau ib*' bad Chiidren, she ga?ethein Ca*tof1a

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