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rABTtnr OT THI H&aDQtTAOrTRM tu.mn
The iBBrfnaJ candldate for Commander-ln-.'hlef at
Satie"-' Kncampment to assemble ln I.ouls
flWja to-morrow te folonel Ivan N. Walkrr, of
imfen*- Al WflbkejTf last Septemher ColOflol
w?lk?r came wlthin e;even votes of an eledlon.
ni advicf* from many departments now In.llcate
* t unless a comblnatlon stronger than ha
-jarent is made against hlm ihe unanlmous
'jtfice of t;,e gallanr comrade* of the Hoosier
?;?te w" lhl" week b'ronie tl"" head of the greit
rrsniM,lon "' * nlon veterans ln whlch, adae
\nth* 5 **? !'l'',',,<,r!, ani' """o"" of the ClTll Wai
,* enrollel Indlana makes the stronc clalm to
__l hjfhest post ln the order that for more than
g q'J?"*r ?! " rntury she ??? unTOCegfliaed ln
fljj rke ?< of Katloaal aeReera untti lt
Coaira ? iValkei *.,? ? rtci om
?jBafler-ln-chlef Hla promotlon to tha place ol nj
ngM< man) m;'
cnmrade? beyaod - of his natlve state
Wh?- ? e war broke out Colonel Walkei al
thouith 01 ly 'wenty-one years gf afe, aaa boldlng
animr^'t''1- lartl efflce He promptiy reaafcaed tbe
ajjahnaenta of the plaee to ralai a ronpanj foi the
M Ind;?na VolUBtoera, of whi< h he bl Bfl ? '1
um. H? leob part with bla reflaaenl In the im
?ertant battlea of the A-mi of th. Cumberlaad and
render- ii Rlchmoi Perry
rllle at. 1 BtOBM Rlver, and Ifl the last-nan
pgement won the rank of major. Hla promotlon
enant-colonel and colonel followed ra]
Hlfl war RBCORaD.
H? was ln the darlng mounted Infantry rald of
ait Inte 'Jeorg'a aad Alabama Whlch ended dlsas
and for many monlhs endured the horrors
ef Libby Ptlson He escaped throtigh the historh
tur-e, iti rebruary, 1M4 and, rejolalng hl
agmi * led ln pratectlflg the Haa ol aup| I ?
.,? ? gti M,.nn and I'e. atut on the Memph
CharteatOfl Rallroad and Tennessee Rlver, durlng
tf' advafl a on Atlanta Al th-- bfll
i.ri e he rendered valti - as aide, and re
weived tn* aereonal thanka of fJenerol Thomaa
foionei v\?iket became s membet of the <; a R
ln 1M7. and oi '?>>?? reoraantaatlon ef the D
menl n' Indlana ?< ived ?? ? nmmmide? .,' 'i.'itte
h Ttaoaaaa Paat, tha i*rg.?: poei to lha Di
ment He *,.? ... i Nfla ini Adjutan
eral ln 1**7. an I waa raa
e>-iining a tifth lerm, he waa trtaneni
aommaader Deirlng hi? foui roei ,? enecutlve
Olt. er the membershlp Of ">?? :>??;.,-? ri,?-nt wn? ln
rrea*ed moie than ?lx Ihouaand Hi? gn
work and that whl.h has eadeared hi* n?m? to
tha comradeshlp even w ),.-r >? wa- i.i- rr. . - ? ?i:\ re?
pert a* rhairman of the Peaalon Commlttei to the
Natlonal Kn.ampment ?t Indlanapolll IVhen all
ara* tOflM and trepidatton as t>, what n '.
ancampment would take flpofl thi* Importanl - ib
Jeet and lha enemle* of the order un 1 ef pefl?
glons In partlcular were prophesylng rash and In
eonslderste ai-tlon. there came from thls commlt?
tee a report so flrm. so dlgnltled. so patriotlc and
ao juat, m behalf of the men who saved the N'a
tion. that the encampment Indoraed the report
ananlmously by a rleing vote, and the loyal patn
etie aanllniant of the Natton haa glven Ita cordial
The headquartera traln of the Department of New
York lef-. tha Weehawken statlon yesterday morn
tng for the Lotahavfjla encampmer.t. Among those
who were on board. or who wlll Joln the traln en
MOM arara I>epartment ("omm.inder Edarard I At
gjneen. of N'ew-York; Senior V*lce-Departmeflt Coflt
?aadef C. Hull Grant. of Rrooklyn; Jur.lor Vlce
Department Commander John Kohler, Medleal Id
BjeaSf I .1 Ashley. the Rev. Matt Gaffney.
aaaatohi; r? F. ABan, a=?!stant adhrtant eeaaral:
Color.e S. J f'ummings, as'istant quartermaster
teaera . W. W. Bennett. actmg asststant quarter
aiMter-ger.erai. Andrew A. Wheeler, Judge advocate
f?nera:. Frank '/.. Jones, tnspector-gerieral, Henry
S k<-;m?tr.. -nief mustering offlcer, .Umes Owena,
?Jde-de-oarr.p, Past Comn,ande:-in-('hief. John l'al
mer. lecretary of 3tate. of Albany, wlfe ar.d daugfa
ter, Past I.e;,artment Commander Joseph P. (leary,
ind Mr? Cleary, department | ' the \V. R.
C. of New-Terk: Coatanreaarasen Phinp B. Low, ex
Po:-e c-ornrni,,^onpr .lames D. Rell. of Hrook.yn;
Put Commander Phlltp ? Blglln. of Reao P Btt,
No 44. ch^lrman of the New-York Memorla; COOB
tnlttee. and many other weli-known comrades He
ales tr.e presldent. Mrs. Cleary, were other repre
eanu::ve? ,; ihe W. R. C. Mfje s. B Puller, de
partrr.*- ry; Mrs. K R Bmlth. department
treasurer Mrs Helen A. B. Bloomei Mrs T B
Pa;ne, Hln Mlnnle Gohel, Mrs. Helen Putnam Rn
'"ara C Mlnk Mr!? Ada Haihr, a . al ? 1 lora
E Merrttl Marguerfte Obermt Catberlne Haker.
E'.ler I --rah Orr, HOlen .1 Parker, I?e:ia
Fay N- V, Ql more, Delta BTlighl Carrle
Bealle Harrlet Lothrop, Mlnnle Vogel and I.izz.e
fjr .
The aelegatlOfl I" to reach I.ouisvllle this after?
John a Dlx Post. No Ur.. starte.i yeaterday by
way o' --, Ivania and Loulsvl.ie and Nasb
vllle ra' ? ., - Thej wlll retuxfl to New-York next
aaturla'. They have chartered Pu Im.in hote
for a we.K Tbe head.juartera at Loulavllle whlch
ta?>- ?? to-daj wlll i?- room No 146, iirst
?oor, QeJt H IUB4 Tbe traln whlch wll, be uaed in
? eef'trK 'jiar'ers wi.'I be fltaHoi.ed on th-- bank* of
the 01 . wlthin t? ? ' ">e <;,ilt
Mx Po.?t wlll act as escort to Departmer,' Com
?and?' Atklnaon on tbe lay of tbe psra Ie, an I wll
r?m ? . >? ^ ? . ?.. r, renue truttei HcClelton, better
kaew- >1X nag." whlch called forlh the
eUabrate 1 order of Oeneral I>lx: "If any one at
t?npt? to haul down the American Hag. *>hoot hlm
or. the -
Th? ve erans of the 9'h Reglment. of thls clty
0<1 N?w Y'.rk Volunteera?started last Tues?la% for
i?uiav:ile mtendlng to take in the prin'-lpal battle
Beld* r,: Tenneaaae l.efore ihey return <tn Wdnes
jjay tbaj a-ere al tha Natural Brldge (,f Virglnia.
Thurdav at Knoxvllle Tenr.. and on Frlday thej
?ap-cre! the battleHelda of Mlsslonary Rldge and
-.i.ajga an ! the new Natlonal Alllltary Park
???jrdav I^rfikout M'-untain iad thelr attentlnn and
raaterday was spent In and about Nashvllle. and Fort
?agle ? Natlona. (Vmetery. Confeoerate Hlll
*nd the Hermltage were vialted. * >n the way to
l^ulrvllle from Nashvllle te-<lay Mammoth ''ave
*U1 be explored. and to-nig?t the old boys of the
"h w;.. reai thelr weary boaee at the Oalt Houae,
J?*iy for the encampment. The party eonal,
??*rl C. Alphonse. Mr. and Mrs James H. Blake.
dagaatua W Colweli, Mr. aad Mrs Henry F. Hufl
'-Vma^n. George A Hussev. Mr and Mr^ John p.
BflBBJ Fdwln A Qulck. F-?ncls J (julnlan. Mr
m Mrs. William Scott. E.ward Shanly. Mr and
nr* A^olph C Wem. I Henry V. Willbtms'.n. senior
?fdvuig ofdl'-er or the war service, John H.Wood.
aaaiaal Burtla, Jamea B <arter, Jeeae U earreii,
fbbaoJ Keenan, Ja-ne> n Lewto, Oeorga H ?vho
**>''? Ar. h.t.ald Htewart an& John G Taylor.
Tne frlends and comrades of MaJor Wllllam 8
?BafB, of thla rlty. mourn wlth hlm the loas of his
jBB daughter, who dled Uot week at her parents
???k the Hotel Kndictt, tn West Klghty-first-st.
?Bfl DiUfl, wa? a ywag ^,lv oi bm attaJaaaeata
ini hie?hred her educatloi to the beal acheaja of
*m*2'<1 *nd Prance, Hhatook a marke.1 ln
^?--?talri gav<, prorrgVe of early becomtng a
Si'u' *?? . noted wrlter. The bodj was taken to
hM'J\ Wllei-a famllj boate. Hanovei ??????,/;"
kS?t T" hla r Ui a well-known member of tbe
ntai?l?r" 'ommander) I th. Loyal Leglon and of
r*0 mor? m,.nib,r, oi jjoftflfl Poet, rfo 12. have
?j??*r.-j me ia.-- rolle?| rhrUrian EberaUller,
^yate Uf f'onit)a,lv c b<i Regim'-nt. Wewjfmrll
Beecham's pills for consti
pation io* anc: 25*. Get the
txjok at your druggist's and
go by it.
^olun'eera. ??? hurled on Mondav from hts home.
???' ^ashintston-st . Iloboker., N .1 The post
followed his body t0 I.aurel Hlll Cemetery, The
post was .iHrtu. .alied out on Thuraday to puv the
last trlbute of respect to l.orence S hlller. private
in ( ompany A. ?iat ReRiment. New-Tork Volun
eera. He ??* aeventy-two vears of aKe and was
an old member of the post. Chaplatn Petz offlclate,|
ln his uhiiiiI Impreaalve manner. and Kauer* Post
Band rurnlahed approprlute mush. Tbe burlal
Waa !?! the fanilly plot in the I.utheran (Vmeterv.
H. lt ("laflln Post. No. jTs, Hent a bne party to
uouiaville to look after Itepa.tment Commaader
Atkinson. who belongs to Claflln. Ineludlng <'..m
mander F. Hohnier. Benlor Vke Rxlph Thomaa
Junior \lce Thomaa Harrlaon. Rational Aldea
Char!e? 1. Rootb and MlltOX Surre, Pepartment
Aide* Joaepfa Murphy, Henry t'ramer and WUitam
Arnold. Past Commanders 1. .1 Huus and Walt.-r
Dull, and I'omrades H. Rak-r. (leortfe i;, Moraan,
P .1 l.un.'.y. tieorge (}. Waterm.iv t'harles p Sle
berl Edward Bherlock, .1 Uachey and John
Oae ot th.- attraetiona at tbe National Kn.-amp
artll be 'he appaaarance of OM Pted. thr
forty-yeai old w.irhorse, whi.-h was captured in tbe
war by the lfith IVnnsylvania Cavatrjr. Ra I wlll
go as ihe particular guest of Post No 17
An eleefion for lleutenant-colonel of the Tth Hul
ment to flll the vacancy caused by the reaign.ttlon
of Ueutenant-t'olonei GkXTga Moore Smith wlll take
place at the Tth lienlineut Armory next Frlda>
evenlni;. The date of the eleetlon waa flxed by
<"olonel Appleton l<i?. Krld.iv. when lt became knowts
that Colonel Smlth's commlesion as colonel ,,f th.
t;:-ttn iteKtment )iad been rocelved Th- eiection wlll
be a mere matter of form. as there will be BO op
posltlon to ilajor Wllllam H Klpp
?y.,ii hr..' k.1 referencea. ao I wlll make >ou
raahler in :ny buslneaa If you wlll give a a?< urliy
of $1,000"
"And what aecurlty ahall I have that mj 11,000
wlll be aafe with youT'-tFllegende U.aetter.
Atlanla. Sept. I (Speclal) -The most bnrn.ng quea
tlaai concerning Bxpoatrkx amttera just xoa xw
tham of hotel and boardlng-house rate*. the pro
gagaad doabbag of tarm on the Coaaatidxted Btreel
Rallwa) and Ihe proper spelling of the name of the
p.irk lake, -Clarx Meei.rhe laal ahall be Brxl
ln thls case. becaaae thk arguraeal Uhea H*"
denee of every other ln polnt of Importance Tbe
xaaapxpar maiis have been baavy wltk open k*t,er"
,,i . u i ..,n. The kndacapa engineei of the fair.
irhe h xko tbe aponaot foi Iba prxaenl Bpelllng 01
M,-i " insi-ts thai the word k Dutch, and tha:
he knows what h* is talattng XbOUl """"- **ak.
cllng to Tamnyaonka Iradltkna. and other Rngiwn
xaeaaoriea, aad xraai II ehaaged rkjhl ???* i0
?Mere. a tknely refereace to the dktlamari haa
Boathad many bearta and Ktixaxa bv the dkeoverj
tbal It may be eltber w.iv. and sev-ral others ln
additton. lt just flapanda on what knguage i
Kxposltlon Company cbooxel to honor. Th*re are
stlll a f-w ?nWtkXBBd mir;il? Bfhe hanker for
further knowledg-. and k-"'V lii'iulrlng "Wbj
?Caxra'T' RTby xot "CiarMkal." .s the water i
i maal axpiak aome dkeua unfrkndli
papera xf what ls called by them the extortknate
Increns.- ln |i,.tel and B?rdlllg hXUae """ durlng
the fair. and the best w.iv to de "'""
llon tiie rate? them?e|ve?. NOW wiii' RrlkeB -
Itraaget In Atiaula more than an ?? ""
numhet of yOU Xg ne n se.i'.-d on the .
tn.it,v of the downtowx bouaex, xfte
hour, feel on tne ralBng ani toathplck ln a
Of courae, thai xaeam ''boaidlag-h ?ee.' md the
multlplled evMenoM of this kind kad on- to Ihe
i on. luaion Ihal I tknta I > cll / of board i
aa in fact, Il k. Tiw uaual mte
.n). iih a matter of courae, for transh-nt
thk i.i'- wlll be k "rea* I thi re i- an hxposi
- Utee ln charge of thi? wnlch h i
w:th all thi
. -. Mhi. h w.i- t.isary, a* nai
wlll : oi kea p pai ? wltl tha emand i
nodatlona ol all k nda wlll, 'J uaual. bi
slatl I upon bv ti.iv.-ller- The r .te- al th
lar hoteis wlll be from Ii lo I b djiy. on t
Kuropean i from 5 to m a aay, ?<? '
Amerlcan pi in Prl es ln boar llng-houa
from M cenu to tl a d.i> foi raoma, in
r..i meala \\--kh and montl
an t. in.. Ii al the ueuai
So reaaonabli man ean ? impkia of th< ??
.in i an) plee of exorbli int t irgei I - -
unjuai Pndo ibledlj lh< p< op> Ltlanta wii
i iv whlk the sun ahlnea, hial aa thoe< oi an>
Bxpoaltlon l rwn I b i ao far, tn<
- itlona .ir. tb.it all ehargea wlll be withm rei
The doubling of farea bv .he Conaolldated
rmpanj la qtilta anothei atoi
,.. ?.. txewaea to be ma k foi II Tha bi
verdlcl i.? that Ii i- iin' md xo dou
ii- preasure wlll be Bevxra BxaMBgh k cexx
ductkn of the contemplated ten-ceni fara
centa wll tak. .,
L-ents to to land hlm Inalde, In comfori
Th. programme of the opa ning I
the falr 1m- been publlahed and iw\*? i ?
8pe< r .' thi L'nll
? ?
|i ;,v-er .- addreaa Bookei l Waehl
realdi ni of lh? Tuakeg.Ala l Induatnal In
ia alao to taki
,, | foi Northern commendatlon and a rlghi a
inltlon of Ihe '? ? ry lnt<
thla ei oi Rra Thompao
preaidenl of tha Woman'a Board, h to maX< ai
on behalf of women; Ihe prea leni
m II ... I. C \ t'ollki haa an a
\tkifi?on dellvera a ?el< .tne ii behall
? he M.ivoi .in. ihei ?
v ; thla wll '?? blended togethei with i
Hand .in I -<i Mi. ei i ol ih.- programrn.
preal leni ' l< va land wlll prea a buttoi 11
.; ihl. eleetrlclt) w II ln Ihe reai i I pre?to rh<
md interna oaltlon
?V 111 Stlll
i have ae< I. no mei llon of ?< Xhei man ' ?
,,,, in.. i .ii i ... programme* 'l h
omlealon, In vlea ol Ih
.,,!,,, ..- r.i.i ao .i alati t up
all eapoeltlon offb ?? ? ?< ? oi iwu uf th. v
anta papi i .ii nrgla papei ?
il,.. axhlbltlo Ihi apoi ? uph I
l ?? bumn
,-..,n?. .in i extol* ih< api roprlaiei ?
M ?< t.OI I >"' ? '
, ,.,, | ihe . ??!? mon ? ?- aoul I .. ? ? ?>
. ? , -. llvlng repn aentatlv ? ? l
"Tecumaeh'a lina John Bherman I nm afraid Ihe
.-i h .in Invltatl in ihow
- v.. conaider .? Hherman with equanlmtty, .n
ipltc of tha Boothlng Influeneea aad da i- i ?? I
rantagea of thk great lovefeaal
\ few ve,u- alnce, on ">? occaokn of the lant
Bherman k We Bouth, the wrlter s.iw
and overheard an Inetance of Ihu remlniaceni fee|.
ng P wlll be i-in n ex-Secrei
,....- irlni Ti^e
immenti n tnic fact the mornlng
after the receptlon v\.is friven. and al on< of the
tablea Ii tha Kimba'.l Houaa . toul ???? gentlemaj,
man.-. chucklea '
,n \. \ I m. waa .. q ile . aolemn-looking man
to whom the Georglan presentl; I irned.
??I ?..e ihej .'?? a cool wel ome to ... l Hherman
last rdght. Okd of It! Berved h.m rlghl for rom
Il v. He our! I ' ? know *?? liaven't manv arelcome*
foi h;s tribe down here Hopa wa'll freeae hlm
" ?>>?." reaponded his llatener, gently "Heflhould
have broiight his brother aith h.m to warm the
lountrj up; he d l II onee, I belii
Bul thla .' ?- ??? reare ago and accordlng tooui
jtouthern frlenda all thla feeUng Any
to It la "Bub-dub, B h], Ihei
not have H rompkta ai.d full surrender to
and-Oraj aentlmeat?
On all sldes Is heard the gratifytag BeWX from
those wno know that. while the exhihits for the
falr are not so larne it- acopa .. - thoae al ''hn-ago.
ii .- | of them are more complete Thls - ?
illy notkeabk of the rjovernment exhn
<very partleahtr, ao i k barga Manv
oihe'r departments fortunatelj poaaeaa
mertt. people learn twl - a- much from a .
denaed exhlbll as frmn one n' huce dtmension.
Ttie dlveralty and eomprehenaive character of thls
fs r are truiv r.-markat.ie Every one who
la boun ! to be tlr^t amaxed and all the tlme natls
Ba I
The conunltum of "lntramural" translt la at last
aolvatd. The number of grada croeetnga made it
|-\ tO alve nj, fbe : |e;, of the "team -ir elec
tric rallway, bul the ingenulty of some one eise
has BVOlved a s.-hen.e of id.ink rn.il no; a movatde
oio- bul a route for hei llc coachea Theae wiii
-.irr> eiphteen |ie.,[.ie .., h. (he fare for a (Hrcult
of tiie grounda is only Bve cents and the coachea
aie to l.e Bve minu'es apart, drawn bj
"handeomely caparlaoned " as the advertisement
haa II Thla la aboul thi aafeai aystem tbai could
have be.-n dOVtaed, an) Wlll be | great bo.oi to
thoae who dreaded the . Ilmb to the statlons of an
??i--.it.-d rallway
The thouaand-dollar Internatlonal champlonshlp
Koid beit arrivet last *eek a' ttie Expoettlon offlce
This flne trophy . onslste of nlne ahlelds of gold;
the cential one. flve or ala In.-hes ln BiM k sur
mounted by the Pnlted Stat-s flaa an-t eafb- ln
boM, with ilinmonds to repreeeni the ?'ar? of the
Btatea The inxcription ia "Internatlon Charoplon
ahlp Relt. for Hoae Ra Ing, Open to the U orld
Offered by th."on States and Internatlonal
Kxposltlon fompanv of Atlatta. Qeorgla." There
are other Jearels and -halns aboul lt. maklng tbe
be|t one of the handsomest ever neen in Am
The hoae racea are to cover a dlstan.-e of m> yards.
and the run wlll rtave to be made In less than thir
tv-elaht seconds
? Jreat Bucceaa has been met with in acceptancea
to invitations extended to the variou.s annual con
gresses and aXBOCktlon meetinas to convene In
Atlanta durlnu tn.- falr, but the one alvinir most
satlafactlon to thls region is that of the New
Englxnd ("otton Manufxcturera1 Association. for lt
ls one of the most powerful industrlal organka
tlons In thls country. repra-sentirift as It doei aboul
$*^.00-t.i?<. of capltal. If
shouldn"' meet at a .-otton Btatea expoaition, where
.,: . arth ahould lt" The vls.it ol th.-s,- rn.-n will
briiiK the possibillties of thln P.edmont region as d
site for cotton milis more promlnentl) forward
than ever before Her.ee thls Jovt
Ixjuisville, Kv Bepl 1 (Speciah-The tenth annual
conventlon of the Kpiscopal Hrotherhood of Bt An
ir>-? i\ill bekjln ,ta seaslons ln thls c;ty on Thurs
Beptember J?;. and wlll coatlaae k arealou untll
Bonday evening. Bepteaxhei l*' The bualnataa m.-e..
Injfs anl confeten -n w:li b< h-| | |n i.ibrary (i.i.'i
and tiie relljflous MI BllW w i be In Chtlet ('hur.-h
? 'athedrai Oa Wednes.lav Beptember .'.'. h-i.- w
be a "(julet day" for thoae who mav deelre lt, Il
wiU i.e bald in the Chut h a tbe a-:v -m. The pro
gramme of the ?e?stor:-. *ubje.-t to BOe M IWX mlnor
cbangea, ih as foliowa
ui>eniiii{ aa Ihrlai Chon h ? .?? ? ira
huraday mornlng, with ? barge to
hood by H-sti .j. 'I \i . KennK-l in ihe
afternoon ihei ,,,,
"Ih.- Broth. rh i Man." with &lmund B.lllng*.
pf Boatoa, as crhalrn , Bpeakera wlll b- appolnu i
ln tbe evening then wlll be .. devotlm<il meetlng
?. 'k ,- ?'?' Blahop WUIUm i
Nkbole. of iVii-.ni,> Karlj i rldaj mornl .- Iiolt
communlon afll > . , i,, Blahop SV h i \
general confri ,, . h,||| n, he;d ai 11 a. m. . n itti.:.
i.f? ?? ,',r , ""? r?**??rea are "Hoai to Btudy ihe
Bjb b) Koberl E S^er. of New-Tork; a aampk
nibie claea le.j t,y j4lIn,s L Houghtallng, of Chi
cago, xnd a KM.rrai dkeuaaion of Blbk ckaa meth
?lt: - "1 ? uier- wlll be an open parllament,
.^'?' ?' ???? '?"? R? RTood. of New Votk. Bublect.
J! " '" fJO and How t,, bo H Al 4 p BJ tlII ??
*'?'.'*' "onal conferen ea "Travelllng Men." le.i
b> II... i.i- p Dee.il, of Roeton rollege Uen " bi
unbrtdgi Raai . Paro hial
? I ? I. A. i areteneen, of ln llan
ue Mlselons." by James K Rakewell, of
Aiiegheny, Penn.. and a dls.-i s?i.,n on the bova' de
a^< " P m there wlll be a publl, meetlnir at Whlch
^? general a ibject of dlacuaaton arlll be "An ldeal
Parlsh." as foliow-*: "Free pews and a.i Open
I'hurch." by the Re-v. Percy S Ctant. al New York.
Th.- Pia ??! li...,k." by 'he Kev. I>r. .lames S.
EUone, of rhicago; "A Fearles^ Priest." t,y Sl u*
lf< n?i., ,,r North Carollaa; "A Loyal CjaatraaaUloB.''
by i:ish.?t> Whiie. of Indlana; aad "Of the <'a:holic
,'hurcti." by Btebop Tuttle, of Mlssourl.
Al UJa a m on laterdai Canea I,
Phlllp I)u Moulln, .,' Toronto. (aliadu. wll de
llver an addresa on "The Mother Churck of
thi BflglM Bpaaklng Pi >;>??' ?( I B p m. tliere
? a genaral conference on tbe aubjeet or
"Brotberl.l Mtaakmartee," wlth addresesa b]
Blahop McKlm, of Toklo, Japan; Btoboc Oravea
of t'hlna, Robert K Bpeor, N.-w-Vork. and
other* v: i p ,,. there wi'.l be aecllona' confer
ences on "Brotherbo .1 Hottaea." i,\ Joeeph R Bar
r.,11. of Cblcago; "Bmployera," by u. R. Stlrling, of
Chlcago; "Laj Readlng." by John K MltcbelT, of
m ? lle, Ala . and "rorelgn Htoalona." by Logan H
Roots, of Arkaaaaa In the evening there wlll be
a publlc meeting wlth ., dlacuamofl of "Boclal
ga The Mlaalon and I'ower of the rhrtathui
Church to Rigbi Them," by the Rev ln. Oaoaeron
Mann, of Kanaas dty; Henry Ltoyd, of Boarton,
Ra i.uii. - 1. Houghtaltng, of Chlcago, anl
B - ims, of Nea Oi eaaa I m Bumta) morn
Ing there all] be Brotherhood aermona la laoa
? in 1 hurchea Al "? B p m there ?II
meeting. wlth .. diacuaaton of "Church Pnlty"
"-nt speaker* ln tne evening there arlll be
a Rnal aervl ?-. wlth aa Onnlveraary aermon by
;? Oallor, of Tennesaee and .? farewell a ???
ing caadacted b) mi hop T ittto.
Raaharate preparatloafl have b?en made for the
foaventlon bj tbe Bptacopallaaa of thla clty; aad
the delegates omlng from every Btate ln the Cnlon
aad from ('anada wlll reretva a warm t+,uthern
N > I iilii
T:" I I of Bl tndrea waa prgantaed a
|M e mort ? ,K,, to ?tim,i ate aad
? >? the Chrlstton aeal of thi BplKopaUan lay
" an lt- gro? th haa be. ? n >-?? ai 1 it n.,w
haa ? ever) dloceaa lt ha- hI:.-*u\ b-.
the powerful rellgloua Irnpuleea of the
, bui iiu* 101 Identlfle l i-.-df wlth
am srhool ?? tn..<ight In the fhun h
IIIK : HRD CATHOMC I'ltKI \1 % ? l ,\l
ITIO.VB "'' niB
\i.\\ wroBMi
Bel ? Be| I (Bbm all Card ? ? ?
.11> tn, ie what maj be termed hla rlrai pub?k ap
p< aram - In the Cathedi kl all eturn from
Romi \, 11lounci tnetit bavlni been mada thal the
Cardlnal would make known his Impraealona of
Kurope oathered durtni loui l he ? athe
dral ? he Cardlnal
-.1 1 ln
The iitst aubje I whl< b r itura [1 <<? ira lo me
i- ganl un nevei , - the Pope R< presei 1
tn coui mai hl elghtj -alxth ? ir, p ile
and emai lated, wlth the p 1II01 le-atl
ui : hlm and Ihl 1 tl Intenslfled b) the whlte
I snd / irhetto whl< h Ihe ll"i' Fathi
Hla bod] la a ? 1 more benl
lhai II .-i elghl .0 ten ? ...?J aa Bui his eye
netratlng; his vol ?? Is itr >tig and
1 emai kabl) cleai an I
lumlnous; hla memor) Is moal lenaclou* whl
?in to ,. all eventa and Incldenta occurrlng
eight year* ago Foi elghte, sai thi P
i\e| ? walla ol Ihe Vatlcan, exeepi when
he t.ik'- some r.- reatlon In the Vatlcan garden*
He sometlmea r<tir>-? t'i th.is.- gai lena and reslde*
ln the summer-hou eateu leim
TWO C.KF'i lft.l< s roMPARRD
1 ? ? . ?.. Inatltuled bel w een the
< i'<\., nmenta <.f tha I'l tatea a
?> gai llng Ihi li attltude loward . t>
?ult. I thitik. wii be Ifl our favoi R'hatevei maj
,.-? the prii.it.' ri nvli 1 lons of an I
foi 1 1 .1 t, ., offli ? l do not thlnk lhat ai
WOUld pUblli \ BVOW hitnself an ath"lst 01
unb. Il< ?? ? i oi an Infldei, toi sis. n an .<? on al would
?hoeh th. rellgioii *ense <>r ii.mmunll
would i" ., t'.n to hl* kmerlean peo?
?tiink thal ., man i? ., safa eadei of
ntl.fha would nol aubmlt ln the gui.Kinee ,,r
i' la Bad ??? obeerve i".? tl.ivll authorlttea ,>r
?nd ol ??" ?? .,1- ol
lloiislj bvoI i all refei i lod, t.>
lli? Provld< ? ? publli an i
Itm i ..tn hanpj tn <u\ that
plrll ol t.-iu i . :. rooted ln lh<
greal ma* ihe Fi i i 1 fa
of i 'hai lent ibti ? and of Mi i.oui-. -nn dovnl
itea hea i had fre.jueni
ilon lui mi' i"'. sojoui n In lhai eounti y, tn ol
the pletj and devotloi o thi peopli Thi
'??. i? ? ln tha '.? mi li in
/? al, leai nlng an fl ? /? i am ?? i ontlnues
?l moi ? r111 . leci.. '".I vs.iiiiei,
to fori of Chrlaten
dnm, and aba in.iuall) contrltmtea fom <n Bvs
mllllons .,t francs loward the propagatiofl of the
rhnstian falrh.
Again, if we compare tha relatlaaa of the <-ath
'?ii governments ,.f ESurope and of our own Oov
ernmenl t>> Ihe Cathollc Church In partlcular, the
?.. be on the whole In oui favor The
and clergj ire not permltted to buii.i a
r a preebyteo oi -n
w II houi ius pei
in of th. Government. Thej cannoi even
mak, an] n palra w ithoul the clvll -
the gu.-st ol ., blahop ln Fran ? wh"
. led .i palatlal manalon He was honored aith
i mtlltarj guard, who paced up and down outalde
his palace. I congratula ed th< blahoo on hla
.i i appointm he b moi pald to him.
. i In reply and aald to me. "Mon
not gold tha l cannoi
? ??? .i aacri ? :h.- prevtous per
and superlntend I bulld nm." II .. lergyman
exercl -P>>1 freedom !<?? crl Iclaing thi on
ol thi Government, he i- llable to have his
wlthdrawn, i,r to be Bned and Impiiaoned,
or be subjected to othei pains and penaltles
?k .;,"!. we enjoy In thla eountrj the ampleal
? orshlp and fraedom ol We
' fleld and no favor Wi can bulld
ind pars nages and hoei Itala
and aayluma without askir.^' tbe permlaalon of the
rnment The onlj reatrlctlon Impoai : upon
itiH Kmit nf <?ur purs.-s. Th.- uovernment
holds over u? thi asgrla of Ita proteetion, without
Interferlng with .mr Ood-glven libertlea oi Inter
meddllng In Church mattera R'e are qulti
ate .if thlnga i-or, if tha Oov
en meni un lerai bulld oui chun n---^ and to
lubsldlae oui elergy, lt might a mn i
a i doctrtnee of reiigion w. ahould preacn
Niw. as to Ihe ndation of the Government to
the peopic ln Contlnental Burope the t.ix*< ate
enormoualy beavy and are m< s- mlnm ? and aearch
Ing In their appllcatloil Nol only are house and
land taxed, but every door la youi houae is taxe.i.
wlndow is taxed and ever) cnlmney. foui
are ;,ix.-d, youi carrlaga and doi are t.ivi
u ix you, aalan And every artlclt you
,,m;t in vuur Inventory is doubly taxed. ihe rea
aon if tnis beavy taxatlon i- obvloua The Buro
powera have imm-n?e itandlhg armtea,
whlrh ar.- a draln on the matertal, moral and In
.. resoui ea of th.untry Italy, foi ea
ample. with a population of 9,000,000, haa i
inn arm) ?<( aboui a mllllon m>-t All the Powera,
no doubt, ar<- mo- i genei,,i d;.
ment, imt none of them la dlapoaed to take the in
VPhatever complalnts m.iy be made at?nit taxa
imong us, the burden is pronortlonatel) llghl
?. partso.'i wlth Kurope. \\'e have nn large
?tanding arm) mniess we conslda i aa u,i h oui
gr.in.i arm) <>f penalonera, wh,,~.- clalma for th.-ir
i ti servlce wlll .-\p;r.' H..m.- time In the nexi
centuryl Wlth a population of B5,noo,0on w. have
an arm) of lesa than twenty-flve thouaan I n ?
Ever) citlaen la .< soldlar, without belng wlthdrawn
frnni the indu-.tri.il vocatlona of llfe and la rea ly
?<? eaa than a day'a notlce, to defend hla country
agatn-it a forelgfl oi domeetlc foe. Happlly f.,r
ua, we have no entangllng alllancea We have no
formldable nor threatening nelghbor al our door
Th.- day that a monar h> would be eatabllabi I tn
proxlmttv to us on th- Amertcai Contlneni
would b>- tha beKinning of our iroublea
From the remarka that i bave made you ma)
: to Imaglne thal thi maaaea In ,''jnti
Burone ar. poor and mtoerable, nahapp]
Itocontented wlth their condltlon of llfe. And
? ,\ be ranflraoed in this impression. becauae
ao man) <>f the aarplua popntottoa o( Burope im
mlgrate (?< our ahorea. Itm su.-h an Impr
would be \-r. erroneoua ln tbe towna and vll
and eountrj dlatrtcta of Burope l found the
people comfortabl) clothed, hapoi and conti
The) aeemed lo enjo) their boUdays and re rea
- much as our psople do al home. The
of beir contentmeni iin eplte of the baav)
taxatlon) aeemed to be due lo two cauaee. The
i.pl< of ti..- Bgrti ultural dlatrtcta ure not yei in
!? '-.I with the f.-ver that luirn* ln the breasts of
our farmers .,f hurrylng fr.,m tha country into ihe
ind bastenlag to g.-t rtch. Tbis la s aerlous
mlafortune wlih us 'uir farmers are abandoning
inda ror the t<>v. o
III .-.ir-. the land, t" haataalaa III* i
\\i..-i. k-b|i|i smiiniilate* snd men
RN tlth .j uuiulat. - in our cltlea and m?-.
? ?I Itcree ln Burope the ao
vated wlth the graateel oars, In m> teur through
Bavarla. vTurtemberg, Raden. Bouthern Oei
? ? ind Hollaad, Behrlum and F*rance, i eearcel)
. acjuara naUe ol laad, e\, ,j,i umbei
land* that was nol ln , blgh state .,f cultlvatlon
Anothei '.ius.- .,' the contentmeni ?>f tbe people
the rellgloua faith whlch ihey pr<>f.-s? Ln
ever) vlllage and hamsal through whlrh i i
UI -<??? the l hui ' .' ? g a 'eiitral poal
r..-iH as. sndltlg t>. n.e skies in
hurch tbe people ar.- taught !., be i
slih thelr oondlttofl of llfe The> irarn there
Ihe Klngdom .,.' >;'<d la not m.-at and drlnk
but jnstt..-. peace and i.,v ln the Rol) Bplrlt " The;
thal 'tn- Klngdom ol Ood ceraatota ln bano
? llfe ?> goo i onaclei. charlty unfeigne.i
and the hope of the nf.- to eoaae
in maklng thes.- comparlaoaa t.etween our Buro
brethren and ouraelvea it annoi be denled
thal we h.?\. Beaae e\iis to b.- redreaaed, some
.in I thal il,-i. aic some \ ulnei
anla -p..,? ln oui pollttcal and s,,. ui armor, But,
maklng these admissions we have reason lo
'?e pti.u i ,,f oui Nallon * past and hnpeful
?f "iir Nation's future Mav our glorlous
Republlc . ontmue foi agee \el to rome-restlng
secure. oadei Ood'a Prevulence, on the Intelllgence
and virtue of a patrlotlc and devoted people.
tute tune a man wr.ii- a p 'p-.ilui BOXg BXtltkd "P's
Ihe Bame Thlng Over Again " That song ean be
siinc with a gr?at doal ?f truth and feelnr 011 Man
haltan laland everv S'j-id.iv nowidiys Yesterlav
was a drv Sun liy perhaps not anydryer than severa.
prevkaa .?ne*. but if it antXB'l !l arxa al kxal ia
dry. and ao ' It's the aame tblriK over aa.iln." It
lus herome an eetabllabed system ln the clty now,
and those who live here have kmg uit.< cexxed le
grumbk aboul II fexterdaj II was parhxpa a nttie
llfferei t, oxing to ? change of eondlikna
\ eoneervallve eetlmate would plaoe tbe mimb?r
ingera In thi* ?'-'-, kj at about twenty
tive thouaand Many 0.1111" to aee the rachl
and ..thers came on buetneea T.> m-~- ?
man) of whom have been here before, and remem
bet the '?:!?? aa II wa* under the old reaime. the
new ? ondltlon of affaira was slartllna. but the\ t K>h
oaophlcall) Nearl) all of theae atrangera
arere atopping al hotela and could have drlnks
?erved ln theli i loma, acd ao tha privatko was nol
ao grea aa 11 would otherwke nive been Then
many entbuoiaak found mat the boura of Hat
uid.i-. niah' were nol long enougb to contlnue tbe
itloi of the vanejuknlng of the Valkyrle, and
stret.he.i tiie cekbratkn over kto Bundaj Thaj
atre the loudeat ln proteatlng, bu; the r protaxta
w>re tabled. an.l nothlng came of them
The botek rigi.li> obeyed the law yeaterday, ??>
the) have all alotiK The nah.ons w-ie generall)
i i .H.d and tbe condltlona were practlcally :ne ?ame
iinv-e been for every Sun lav for the laat alx
11- v elghteaMi exclee arrests f..r vlolatlon of the
? |aa had beei made i>> the pollce up to k
I laal nlghi The number made laal ?e?k
h ..- N- ??! ba fore ln thla cltv bav.- so few
ij ..\. ise attct- been made Two thlrda ..t
the preetncta reported clean blottera, bo far as ex
? .-.?? w-.is concerned
MMNT OT iik BX( IXB 1.1 ?
Tbe Bet rjaorge U Kgbert, of CorxamU, IRai
the i" Ipll i ? iterda) i of tbe Pourth
Preebyterian ''imr ? -. tir*t-st. and w-st Bnd
. ? Mi Egberi preaebad at i yeaterdaj
mornlng aa "Two vYIcked Prketa."
\tr Rgbert'a text waa from Orttkuax, i and 2:
Vi, l Vil.il. gnd Abihu. 'be nons (,f Aaron, took
? >r them hla cenaer in l pul flre therein and
pul Incenee fhereon an.l Offered stranee Hre before
the l.ord. wiii. h he . immanded them no' \- 1
wenl oul flre from tha I aad devoured
ind tl e-. !,.- 1 before tbe i,.,rd ?
One greal paeulkrity, aald tha sf the
ia waa th .1 it wxa bereditarv. lt
of 'i 1 There ?i< a eurraral b-iief
? latera of tbe fjoapel were apt
1."i oul badl) Perhaps ihia waa true There
? ' ? 1 ITJ . as In the case of the
?on* of 1*11 an 1 Aai
neredltary prieathood, he aald, was
of flo l towar l tarael He believed
In noi - ih the ch. - ? - He
? ? glve i-i iome| ,. i- ? , * irh oul f<rr
m Rn ? ???? iw-t on ihe lirportanct ' the BMthod
if lolng Qod'a work Bu h work ahould be doae
? ked prlesta were nol 1 xln for not
thelr duty, bul for dolng 11 wrongly f.aw
rary and H w.i? important th.T it ... ,,..
Tl waa true ln II 1 f 'he ,.x-i?e ii?<
>,.? enfoe 'ed Ha l - pa >p a
wiios- i. . ln. ? it a ; 10 enf Ihi 1 ? ? ? >m l<?
than . o ? 'ti-v -.- .1* guittv ns tbe
'.iw br*al ? ?
The prlm lole anunclated bv *. nator RIU, ?. d Ri
Kgbert, we* .1 dangeroua one tt ???,. Inclplerji
n ir hj The atatem?nl Ihal II wn? "noi necee
,-'r' i" obej the la* .va- tn unworthy one f..t ..
I'nlled BKitea Benator tn egpreaa The queatloi vaa
Ihnll ihe ?a . >n i>e .1.1 ??? but "Bha.1 the
-' ? - ?
I i'.ivs hlT( ffffJC
v i:KI.|. Of OLf) I ONDON.
Pi -ii Tl ? i.'.o lon 1 'i.iv .haphli
Chark] Batea opaned the doot of ihe pk a for
me, thouxn l dld noi know untll afterward mat
thai w.i- his name Ha waa a thk ?. 1 Kentieman.
v-rv Mtiak>, s,, shakv. Indeed, thai h.- had to get
turn the key of the house in S.iffron Hlll. of
whlch iie 1- ih- caretaker and he ha* the o.id
ani-mic look of one who mlght have lodge.l In the
celkr ever aince the daya of FaKin and the Artful
It was he hlmseif who called m> Bttentlon
to thk Joke ?f olnddence whlk- I was lo iklng
over the houoe In Battron lltll where th? thlevei?
kit.-hen was p ha- been condemned bv th. County
Council, and ia shorrlv to i.e pulled down
Tl ? rgyman from n \t door." aald h<- an o.ld
little ehurcn Is wedge<l i.i cl lee to I-'.ii;ln's bouae?
"aaked me the otn. ? la) what my Phrktlan name
w.i-. I told IXm chui'.ej-, I'harlev Batea,' and,
aaya he, 'Why, that's tbe name of the irentleman
who was horn 'ere in "Oliver Twist " We!) that is
o.ld,' aaya be. I lall you thej had a fair good
kUgh about lt "
The house. a tumbledow-n sii .p. with the shuttere
up at preaent, looka comparatlvely respectabk from
lUtslde, thiugh a little out of place in that
. ' BanTrox Hill where lt ls dtuated In-ile
it i- the lasr place whlch one w>u.. Identlfy as
Pagln'a Kltchen Ppetalr* there ar aome broken
wlndowed bedrooma, mi aome -ith-r rooma pap.red
with unexpected neatneaa .ml ckonlineaa The
? tl oi la M f.ir .is flirh goes. mu h more In i
keeping with one'a pi mcelved kieaa On the j
w ioden wall- there are lauba of paint as if some
acene-palntei hel been 'Hin^ 'heni f >r h;-> palette.
"Il belong 1 ip named Bmlth." sald <'har
ky Batea, expknatorlly, .1 f-iler as made barrers
and then m or kl 'em out, He took the
place for a three ?? ira' agreement. which he dldn't
geep, for we touldn't aet no r--nt out of hlm. Ttiat
w is a nlee thlng waan'l it, after all his Hne
promlaee; and hial kok how he has lefl the place!
Inr; everywhere Dlagustlng, aln't lt'*"
I aald 1 should llke to aee ihe kltchen.
Mr. pates s.H.i ne hadn'l been down there for a
yeara, and II waa verj rough Kettinu
down Hoarever, ne would get me a b 'X of matchea.
and if I dldn'l mlnd breaklng my blessed neck. whv
I could ao and have rt look for myaelf
I took th>- n..x of matohes and (trope.) mv way
down; it w.i- v.-ty rough' and most impreaaively
dlrty. The wa .- had fallen awa> , there v\ ,
floor to speak of; and the murkv deptha were llt by
Itgh Dlterlng tbrough a ?<ra;ina. The atepe wera
as Ri Batea oboerved "bleeeed s'eep."
"Thls here" sald Mr Batea i?<mtlnK to the floor
Ing. anl aweeplng away some ahavinga, "i- tbe
tr.ii.d .or where they uaed to uet d iwn to lt."
Whethar by "tbev" he m--.nr th- Umenied Ml
md hk fn-nda. or whether onlv the late Mr
Hmlth. who made "barr. r*" wlthotit paylng his
r-tit I .in. n >t .|ulte sur>?; bu' I thank-d Mr. Mates
f- r hk rompanlonahli and w.i- autte mrry k part
?.om so cheerv and .'-.,??- in old <ent|eman
Manager 0. Amberg. who mauages Slgnora DUXX
ln Kngknd and on the Camttaaal of Raropxvarrttml
Baturday on the Normxanax, batog xeaaaxapaalad by
his wlfe. M1m Marle Kngle. the aoprnuo of Covent
Qa ka, who wlll be heard at the Metropolttan
iipeta House this xeasoii as one of the stare of Mt
Abbey's - BBXBaj
Mr Ambeex/X n.-M venture ln thla country wl l h.
the Int.i i. .n if tha rxxxxatg' The.itr.- o' Bohlki
see, Whkb Wll open al the Metropolitan |
House Beptember su The entlre compaay wlll aai.
Heptember 11) on the Augusta Vlctorla from Ham
burg The eUtMirate acenery, propertlea, etc, are
alreadv on thelt waj to thla countrv.
Re ent Inventior.s of great value have enabkxf
Alex, Sinitl. & Son's Garpet Company
to preduee Vetvel Caarx?is eenaxl in durablilty and)
effeet te fabrlca aold at mu. h hlgher prlca They
ate made in aeveral qualitles and se|lln<r from ?1
t>? 30 per cent less than other -arpeta of earual
merlt '
The new patterns f.r fall trade are now on
show. and a-llingat ptVex arwteh xejl UaXXfl withln
i ' xlL
HHOHIH \\. IXhTR anal ItlTM ST??. ^ew VaefX.
Mn. ori.\S 09 dBMKXSTiOM.
K. K. gulnn. of Montreal. waa at the Hotel
Rraaxxrleh reaterdaj Mr Qgakxx is a loyal xto?
..'. ar;d he came over to see tbe raoe ggRRBRI
the Valkvr.e and the Defender. and. of couraa, ao
dtaaapatnted ln the result He aald. ln speakingaf
.- id.aii affaira
"Kverythlag is proeaaroua In ''anada Juat aow.
\\ # have about everythlnif that t.i* I ntted gtaJBX
ha? ex.-ept that i Up BB 1 I don'l thlrk now that
we have much >?f a rhanee of gettlng lt. Anwex
at on to the I Blted .-'iai?> seem? to me XX t?e a
- thlng Of . ourse. | do not care to xpeah
for <'anada aa a whole. but I ean aafe|y aay fJhBt
a majorlty a-e oppoaed to ..m changa ln rhe Owv
ernm?nt as lt stano>. The two countrtOX ara ? '*
enough, aad etrong ?no.igh sn-l 'he> ean
e\tKt upon ibe tarrmi of the ufmont frler
.ntiexatlon splrlt In ('anada I think k
nit "
Mr gumi s.,i.| in ipeaklng of the free _
craze, whlch for a tune appeared formidablo tn
i n t ry
"We bave uuthiua of ihal klad in < anada Ra
. ? the sliiRle atandard ln < 'anada. AO gagJP
money I- . olned ln Koalan I There ha? ba>?n aeene
talk of eatabllehtng a tnlnt ln ''anada. but I hearffly
think that ii wlll be done WV have the moet per
fect banklng ayetem !n exlstenee Every no<te
laaued bj any bank la Canada i? payabi<- in aotd.
no matt?-r what amoiint Ii may <*ah for. The
numient a bank refueoe to pay goht,, even If H U
onlv on a flve-pound note. then fhat bank te tl.
aolveni Outaide of thls we have a great frmd,
* . . teea tha ilatloi of all i.tnke. lt
la a aorl of i Qovernmenl bank t.ix to m.untaln
the .redlt of the bank--. A '? ?? I ivs ago a bank
Il Rontreal falled l: n>n !?? no dlfferamce rn tta
note* Any shopkeeper or m-1 hant w< ;ld take
the notes as. before for tne reaeon that thla guaar
antee fund eovered lt Tna* is the beaity and
,'. 0f the svstem v7i hope t, *ee all nattone
adopl thla one secure atandard. Bllvae hae be?
come s,. that lt ls now a metai of comparatre?tfr
little vai i I belleve In Ihe uae of lt ao far aa ft
nirktent, bnl l de aot belteva ln Inflatlng Pe
\l- i./tunn ls so disguated with the defeat of Hbjj
Engllah boal thai he will nol i.-mnln to ee? any
more of th- racea anl will *?<> b.i< k to Montreal
ivTi;i.i,i:<'Tt'Ai. aip
\ . aatxg Bkaed foi two m-.ntn* the Hmadway
Tabernaek was gganxad reoterdwi Tbe , nurr-h hae
|e,itte.| and rreelaeaed with new palnt and
ii ?? i- ln the XeattbUka xnd smalier rnoma TV
|(, | th M-tir- A Btlmsoli, thf XXXtaaT, prearbed
On Ihe text, "Then thouabt I J-. underXCXXd thle. Waat
it araa kaard for me uaitll i hm1 laea m- xxxaxkaxxg
t,r rjod Psaalxxa, Ixxtti
He xpok* or the beaxe xf Oed ?? UM pia.e of tha
ckrtfyxxg of tbe i" Igx i ixx xxxf
The Pxxtmkl w is greatl i- piexed trv>r tho
tioubk* of llfw H- ? ?>. noi make oul whv tha
wik-.i had ? heari wuld wlah H?? XXXRg
nol make oul whv tbe aratera .r i ruii eup wera
?ti wruiiit eul to tha Uord ? peopk any mora
i.i.n we ca 'Tammany" standi fov to
..or eaperlenee and 11 -?i? l here ln New Vork. to
the oppreeeton of the i?.or and the .-..rruption ef
tbe w-.iiv and ihe ilmld helpkaanam ..f the good,
anl tne WeeltB anl pOWOT and arrogance of tha
ba l. had ln aome w.<; ome home to hlm aa a xarr
II - -iw ?*?) mii.-h mj.'ceaaful danrll
irv that nomeliow ine foun.latlona were dlaturttad.
ln aptte of hlmseif theae perpiexltlee ploughed daaew
Into hk aoul RThy ah-.uld men be pure and boaeat
an l truthful and unaeUkh? Why sbould a man lova
h;s nelghbor or be -on .rn-1 about hia welfare?
\\'hy ahoul.l he trv to serve Qod" Why not ga arlth
the orowd, and anatch what ean be go; ' only when
he went to the aanctuary of 11 ti Xaf he flnd hk
hk nucACHga ?>%? thk advantaobi op ooibo
TO CHI K.'ll
The pulpit yextetaay nxornhxg at Qra.-e Church
wxa o . ii -d by the Rev. Dr. -leorg- Thomaa
Powling. of Boston. and in the course of hla dlaj
ourse from the text. Enter Into His ga'ea With
thankaglvlng and tote His eearta with paaRxv" ha
The more a man'* llfe Is bound about with bual
neaa ares the mor- he needs to devoie a part of
,.Verv teventh day ba iust some auch service ae thla.
I think there are fea men in this clty who do not
aometimea think upon 'hese great .piestlona of
humai. deetiny Bul you know our .-onvlctlone
alwavs galn tn force when we hear them vol.-ed
by aom- other man. And the preacner thue belpe
to Interpr-* vou to youraelf. V\'e see the same fa^t
ln llterature. Take the most quotable aenttmeme.
thoae whl.h appeal to ua all. and they are almply
a reetatement of what each of us knew befora
Those worda of Shakespeare. f..r example:
There te a tlde tn UM affors of m?n,
Whlch taken at the flofsl. leadi? on to fjrtune;
Omltted all the veyage ot their tife
1h beaad m ?hallow? and ln mtsenes
Well, now. who dld not know that: that ortest
fortune kno-ks at every man'a door. and if ha
. slumbers she paeee* on. seldom to return? But R
aaaato anotti.-r man to tell It 10 ua. and then t?
I becotaee llke the ptstol shot, not now the aingle
i crack In the open fle;.l. but flred amtd the moiin
i.i.'i- and e.-holng from peak to peak, lt roile
| forth ln one vone* ot tumultuous tbuoder. Thia
ls largely the power o* Chrlat: and It is the power
f ever) rltal preaener. He appeals to what we all
know. but have forgotten. We need theee ecrvtcea
ui .,rler that we may be able to aee llfe tn Its
true perepectlva Thii. world is a great workshop.
? ! is he who once In seven Jaye can go up
into thal r.'om of hla soul whlch looka out on ths
-k> and reallao the Inslgnltlcance of all earthtv
troublea and earthly cares. watle gaaing on tboae
?tara which are eternal.
vfiuoueun ^bofrustaifnti.
tbe Loiidua oOee sf The TrUnias. 10. PIsaB Otrse*.
c C. a eon.-er *at pise* a* taave ?ssar aOvsaajseaaaate
BBd eusscrigtiaaa tor Tbe Tethaaa
22* itue H Honore. Parav
Betaeen tha Tutleries Oardena, Place Yendome
and New Opera. Advantegsous arrangementa for
famlllee. BaauUful HalL Largs DrawTng Rooma,
Electrto Llght, Aa. Teloframa, "UtkUMooL*

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