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SIMS tai.ks TO thi: 80C8-BT8 WMtTB AXE
Afl Ihe rarlng seflioii draw/ n-ar ih
?mb baBla to raallaa tb.- baneflta darlved from j
jkJliiiTT- raclng lawa Raeetraefe eflfc
canrae, bawafl tbc atrteua falltag off la ibe recelpta j
ct lha rao'.ng cluba. laatand af f"1'": aad bi
jected, ataiykody BsnaeMAed with raetau Bfceol I i
Joice. To N> BBPa, tbe nttcndam-e in agtremely |
llgiit la roniparisjn wlth that of foin.-i \-.ir.. If
ihe rarlng oaVlala wHI Ukfl lha pnlna i" walk !
th-oiiKb th* grar.l.tand on any raclng da) they will
dieoover that many of the empty .-bair? wera Bor
Hi.-rly ooup.-i l.y I BanpUtaMe paiB??..* "? 8 ? th
gex.ee. who have dlsai .x-ared from the raaatrncka
*ih_ ia a WeMing IB Itaalt "f .-o'.r..\ It WHI take
t me for the re.pectal'l* eVment of thr publl . thal
dellRl.t. In conteat. of apaad b.-tw.-.? :h,)roughbr-d..
to flnd out thnt the undeKlrabie pirBIMU Who hav,
lalurod ra.-lng by th. ir preuencl M the gnndatand
nr.* no lanarar a aaaaaoa to Ui* rcputattaua of taw
aMdtaft reapectable ptnaayr who vhdi tbe rar*
tracka to enjov tho .port. Ther* i. an abaenca of
the botaterona .-oniiu.-t ot tha waaaam who bei oa Ihe
ra.-'a Th* grnnkatand t.mt. and Baauaengera ara
mcmoriefl of tba paat -taaae of the teechea lhal
alded in lower. ng the turf in the e.tlmation of lha
publl ? flit about tha raretrack. like th* ghoatl thal
guaid th" iii-go;t'.i Irenaaiao of Captair. ifldd an.l
Othar ptrates in tbelr niy.terlou. hMlnW-plgcea. On
tho whole. tbe atMudanea ?t th* raola thla year
IHIH8BM ? b.glier claaa of clllzen. than in pravMua
Tbe racing haa Improved wonderfully. all
Bome ot tb* racea run thi. y.-?r de?*rved llht
vere flgMetoma to whirh th. y Wer* BUbJected, and
ahould BBYfl reodved prompl 'attention b> th*
Jorkey Club.
The BtaWBfda of the .lock. y* Club BkOttl 1 t-.ke
pivnipt and aacBBatlc atapfl ta curb th* amb
of some af thfl j."-k.-v* it may ptaaae th* Jockey
Club Immen.t-ly to coll*ot a iarg* r*v*nue by llr.lng
them. but it wouM pioi-- tbi publlc If laaa atten
tion was gtvefl to fir:*. and an cffatl made t. m
C-te j ronipt and egultable starts.
The gr.-at raee between Domlno, Henry of Na*
vir.-e and B? ;:. Banta Aalta l? "k**y *?' Prov?
one of the beal coateeta ever hidd ln thl>* nMphbor
bood lt :* poflfltble that Cllfford wlll bfl i wn
testont. Cllffoi I wa* flflUBClc ?oi- aftar bi** brllllanl
rare on Baturday, bul hai greatly Improv* l yeater*
d.-,v. Ther< is aucb -i dlveralty of >plnlon among
th* borr-mieti In reirarl to tbe fo'irveat-old crark.
that the addltlon of tbe flvt-year-o! 1 Cllfford wlll
lnt*ria:fy the inter- Bt taken ln th* rar-. Ooinli.o ll
ln exceflenl condltlon. Ha haa not been polated up to
a rac* by a conteat wlth othrr horaaa ever a di?ton'-e
of ground hk* hl.* opponent*, but tbat do** not
matter. Jamea H. and Koxbail P. Keeti bave BO
excuflfl to offer: nelther hai Wllllam Lakaland, who
traln* Domlno. H-nrv of Navarre ha* l>*-n t.ali I
bv Hvron McCleDand, who i. an *xp<-tt in hil
Ciilli'ig. Henry of Navarre recelved a apeclal prep?
aratlon for racea at the longer llatancei He waa
beatea by R*v Ef Banta Anlta ln a fl*?rcel) con
te?t*d race. wlth, 121 pounda la tht aa I5e, wlth
Pcrklna aa hla Jockey, at a mil- aod a quarter.
Rey RI Banta Anlta carrled IB) poui I . wlth Taral
a.* bl* pllot. Thn tim* of the race wai 2 ?. Augu.t
Ilelmoiit attributid th* defeal uf Henry ol Navai
lo ti.e Inabllity of perklna to g.-t him I i run al hla
b?.t. r.rifnn wll! rid* He.i.v of Navarre lo-morrow.
Taral will ri 1* Domlno, and, lf Cllfford do.
.?art, It I. extr*m*lv probable lhal 81m. a
Rey El Santa Anlta. At all evenu the raoe -
prove to h* on. ..f ihe be.l conteat. ?-. pi run on
? n Amet.cein racetrack. Th* conteatani* wlll carry
IM p< inda '..rh. and. wlth the three leadlng Jockeyi
ln the aaddle, Ihere ahould be no foul rldlng, elther
In'-ntionalh or otherwtre. One ol thi t-onte.tanti
borei into tba rall when pincbed and a?k<-i lo do hl*
l, -? |g ,, -? nniah, and hla Jo. kt > ahould ba
warned of 'b:> before Ibe race, whlch mai pre
\-i nt a dlaagr?e,ible oulcome to whal should b* a
rplendi l conte.t, free from Inddenta thal mlght
poaail ly reauli through careleaaneaa,
wil.lam Maaa made a ahorL abarp, Incbdva ?
to thr taekaya la Iba rrrlgbtng -irrr aftar tba raca
for ihe Omnlum Haadlcap Ha aaM:
"| hav.- trled my heal lo ride falrly in tha racea
ln whieh 1 bave mounta When 1 am i>n a bOTM
ihi i baatei I ti l gai "... af th* way of
... that bave a ehaaee lo arln, Boma 'f you
j rkeya, who rtde borsee that ha\* nu earthly
, * 'o wln, i.ii beal to Interfere and <-ut
ofl noraea ihat attempt to gel t?' tba front. i "?"
tlred of it, ??) in th* future aoane of you lockeya
in.i*t look oul for youraeh -. aa tba t ol rldlng
ls a two-hand* i game."
without maklng bid i The Trlbun* haa
frequently called attention to Ibe "dlrty" tiding in
:, ?- wbere thei . km] ihlng" comlng off.
Worth.'.*.- horaea wlth > turn fl. apaed are atarted
ln ra 'ee for no othei purpoae than to Interfere and
hnmper othar horee. NoboJ) can blame Mma or
anv oth?-i i" k> v a*ho wlll tak* th<- punlaMBenl of
Bome "t th* foul-rlding Jockeyi In their owa han.la.
If the Atearardi arere nol aware of rh* fr*nj?-'.t
foul :).:..' ne ' the lockeya lha dec.aratlon
made In the Jockey*1 ro. m would noi be neceaaary.
Arthur Whlte ai ? .ugual Claaon each own. a
yearllng illly thal .* a prlcelee. g*m, la th* euti
matlon al bar oaraer. Bath man ar* popular ani
iov?. raclng for ibe Bport derived from th?* contaata
_? lha raeetrackfl. Nelther Arthur Whlte nor Augual
i i raca for ti'. purpoae of gambllng, p> tbal
a ?? Mr. Claaon euloglaed his illly in glowlng
?term. Arthur Whlte tol I about tli- ineiit*. of ihe
queen of hli rhe result wafl a match be?
tween Ihe fllil<??. nt 8S.ii a eld*. tne wlr,n*r to
glve a dinnei to a large party of friern!*. Th* ra ??
Is t) bc n i)UHrirr ol a mlle, each ti.l> to carri ii1*
poui la, and Ihe race lo i><- run at Morria Park
durlni th. m**tlnK .,f tb* W*.trhe.tf-r Raclng As
poclation. Buch iporiamanllke actloniy arouae in
ter*,:t la iii* flporl ar.'i do tnu. h to Improve th
tonr of raclng.
T.*i* programme for th* fall meetlng of the llrook?
iyn Jockey Club ls ou.. Horse own-rs ahould be
piea.ed w.th lt. aa ll kIvi s aii gmdoa ol owneri
a. ?*U aa all claaaea of nor.-.*., a cnance to earn thelr
k-'ri for Ihe romlne winter. It la pleaatng to horae
tr-n ti find that there i* an Incraaae ln th* num?
ber of c-ntriis to tha stakes. All of th* promlnenl
horses on the tu:' ar<- entered, .-md fir?t-rla*..*
rarlng may be antlelp.tted al th<* Brooklyn meet?
The Hurrlcana yearlMga, Ihe i:*; of Potomac
and Laureate, ?ri tu be *<"l'. iti Ea.ton'. paddnck,
oppos.te th* main entran-.-.- to tb* Bbaejiflhead lt-\
ra, -tra'-k The sa;. ii.-k.".ix :t Dooti Peraona de
elring lo att-nd t),<- aale *;:i"u ] t.ik- the 11 o'.do'.-k
tralns or boatl
? .*? ? ?
TI'.A<*KS AM i'ri'<?HTI'NITY T?. BE
A apeelal maattng af tb* ntewarda of the Joik-y
Club Ki* held paatarday afternoon Mi.ere. Augunt
Relmont. J. t). Donner, .;. Lee Knapp. Jumea R.
Keene. W. P, Thompaoa and P, K. Slnrgis i\."
pre.ent. Th* foilowlng reFolutlon wa* adftpt-d:
Whereaa T.*-* 8t*w.ir?ia of the Jockey Club bave
recelved maa) appllcatloni for relnatatemenl f.om
ownera, tratnera aad yookeya. who. owing to
uncertain ronditioti of ra'-ing In thla Btate prlur lo
th.- enaclmeni of tbe preaenl radna law. raced,
traln*d and ro.l* un <-o.ii.ea no. aanctMned by th*
Jockey < 'lub; and.
Whereaa The Btewarda recoffnrae lhat. ander lha
extraordlnar) elrcumaitancea ti.*n *xl*tl..?, tl.,.
temptation to daiiva a revenne from thelr prop?
erty, ev*n ai th* rlnk of dlaquallBcatlon, Induced
many hor.e owner* t<, do what i!nd*r othei ctravm
eiancea they wouli not bave done; lt 1* iherefoPB
Reaolved. That an opportunity b* an<l i. li-rel-.
gl\..--. to all ownera, tmlnera an.l Jockey. a_ilo
whom n-j chargea ot fraud hav- b*?-n .?':,.. -i,. ?
and who.* only offei ? taa b*-i) raalng or rl llng a:
an uiiri-.-ogni/.-'i .-our**. to he reatorvd I" goo 1
alandlu on tllirg an ap|i].i-atl>>n wlth tb* Btawarda
of th* Jecke) Club prlor '? Beptember 18, MM.
Notlce ta fiirthtr Kiven tbat on and a't*r Be| tem
ber M, )^fi. any ewnar, trnlnar, Jackey ur hur-~
concern ed, dtractly er Indlractly, ln a raca run al
an unrerogr.i7.-d courae Bkall b- denled the privllege
of Ihi. gf-iieral aiini-*-! >
The foilowlng reaolutlon wa. ai.o adoptad:
Reaolved, That on ahd afr*r th* iHt day of Octo.
b?r. 1*^.', any horae tralned ><r itanled nt an un
lOOOgalaad COiirae, or anv tralner Iralntoig t?i- K.rn...
or any Jookey rlding th* aame, whether 'lu:ln_ a
:;,-'? ir:?*-.ing or o.ii<rwi.-.. win be Ihereb) oi
Tha aBtfMa at IBaipahtad Ra ?? la) Indlcata thal
" ? eanteatfl wl" fnr: ? -, ? -m- ra wlth i him
bxeettaat apon Tha Platbuah Handlcap i- iha
f*atur* an Iba card, aa Begultal, tba *.vitii,?.r of ih*
f'ltijrify, ani Creecendo, tha Caltfornla chaaaplon,
ar* Nfcely t> rn"-'. with IM pounda i.<-ii on iin-ir
hacka Ben Bi ish tt.* Kentucky champlon, lealao
n?m*l ni ii rtart'r. wlth HOpou*. I- aa bl iii.jio.a
Merry Prlnca, irho b?* run aaaaa credirable racea.
ali-u ' arrle* 110 poundfl New-.Ii-r.ej. K-nt'ii ky an 1
Ca ifornla y< repreaented, whieh g^vea tb* raca an
int*r*;ate aapect. Th* Matanee i* f*v*.; furlong*
whlrh wlll te.t ihe ni*rli? of the conteatanta, beflldea
gi -._ tbe layeri iino takerx or o<id. a .p>ndld
opportunity to t"?'t lb*lr Judgm*nt o. two->ejr-ol.ih.
Tll'.ST RACE Pflfl "11 ?g"*. whlcb have run .ni aal woi
.urlng '.I.e ineMln*. t*\x furl'-ng*. ?n maln trark.
v r.ra-. .112 Hi*h Peral ii~n*.u?
T!i? Hwaln .18u Houn-aman . I'l
i.r.ihur- .12-1 PierMtaTll . M
S'lrl .ll.UB \>.|li?y . I?S
Ooldfla Rod . III
MBJQBU BA< I Tw?-i*.r ol?'?. Klv* furlon??.
Tba Wtamta . HaI BaleaMa .ni
c_j,.iva .ni , wild vwitt .i"8
TaaaVe iw<?i. .|M ******** n.;?;;. jp
U-manla . fjf mr**f*i* .....9RX
]tr..\r ur..wraln? .,1-' ' J- -.. .His
It.v-Bl Prlneemi.II.'
p^,mV*..V.".V.'.*J!!.'.,!.'''!1?I w"rt"".r:1 ??
II. i nrlli . lllM
115 WleH.r.1 -
ilargravw '.'".".'.'... ...IU \*
THIRD B ICB Befllng. Oaa m
M'-.'i.'.io .*]] '.''',; ",.',','':?.!!.'!iiai
.,,.,..,.,,.. .ima (lutia I'enna .
lit.. ka-ine . ? mi-Ii Klvrr ' '
H'I'Hwb ."aa Ht.ti riT?? 7
,. _f..T lani rl urj . J ?
<?n.1?l?t..:i .I""
POtftTMItACB n*T_W?HBTA*Si i.*?**??*
tamX* ot iv.:: BSO e.ch; paaraateed raah vehi*. _..?".
-_..*... te ihe eeeoad PBB; lo ibi
thlrd |lla, Beren furtnaga
.V-.-n.... . "-? i .i Bra -??""
rlK'll llAl'F, llan.li.Bp. l. i" ' ?""'' ? '' '?
, . .IIU *? Bg ."'?'? .','
i :::::.:.....im ?????.::13
.. -
sixtii i! \- i: Betltag Oaa aalla aad .. Pirtna
a*ake .no Utn* Tona . J"
. iieMe . ii" ; ' <?';:. .,r_
i,.iUl )?,.?. i, .wa t ? ? ?' .
i.t.-t M-n . '"? * ' ? .
I'.-PP.: .'"? ******* .
Duggetl .'"'
. l?7
Eouisv.iie. Bepl k The track waa fasi to-day,
|,?t ;he att.n.l.'i.- wa, poOT anl IbC belttBg llg*t
Ftttt mee (eU furkmaa) kii-i-:;. ai iW. Joaaa), Bi - l
s. ad r,........ e-*_*th. nt . mn>l ?*??*??,,,,*
(Thorpe), 7 ...:.. aroa Belle ..I i ..I'liiam. i
lo i. Seooad: kiwv.i. BI lW. Joneai. M la I, IkW. raa
''ruVi race (one ainel I i ?* ?^L._-rV_l
|.._ (fl Is ..ui. .'t'l .-. I. 'hl.-l a-|..i" IH'.
? to 1. won; Onlew?y. 10- llrvliaai B ' . I. .' '?
;.| ,\V JoneS). ? a? 1. Ihll.l Till.' 1 '??
Ftfh raee (four aad ea* hall '?!-?" i!^"!'.",^, _,
lama). a W I. wm; Pralrle Klna. i '<?.-',' ? '.'.!'? ' ,
m. .,? i. A.-.p!. no (Jobnaoa), I to 1. II hrd. ' " '
many ornati obf paimtimob alrbad. bbtciveij
Tho Jurv of artiKts wbo arlll Bolect the palnl nga
offered lor the 1'oitralt Bhow to l.e he d ln Xovem
bei ,.t Ihe Natlonal Academy of Deaign, fo tha
beaefM of Bt. Joh:.'_ Oulld aad Iba Orthopaedlc
HoapluL wid have to chooae froaa ?'* Krp" vartety
of Inter.'stlng p.irtralls of BBea, won,.n aad chll?
dren by Amerlcan and forelgn painter* Tbe offer
. Ki of palntlnga tbal ure eooatantly batng rocelved
by the Becretary. B. Harollloa Ball, of No. ? Baat
Twentleth-at, Jnotrfy bopea that the Portralt Bhow
wlll be stili more brtlllanl and ?ntra. ttv.- ihan Ita
prodaceoaor. tbe Portralta of Women Bxbtbltloa of
laal v.ar. Tba .oIleetlOB arW eomprtao portralti
of greal hlatoric Intereat aa orell aa artlatlc worth,
and :)i" aaaamblaaja of Anarteaa portralta wUI ba
comprebemlvc nnd repreaentatlve.
The ancertalnty of the aucceaa of tha exhlbltion
last year, the geaeral uawllllngnea. of peop> to do
wi.ai had never been - ma befora. and tho apparent^
? tbe ? ? ?? rprtae eauaod many to boM baeh
wi- . at another tlme aron'^ be found aaioni Ihe
mei actlve Bupportera of the axhlbltlan. H
b.-en demonatrated thal huadrede of portralta i
lected, exblWted a: I returned to thelr oamera
wlthoul the allghteal Injary. Thla waa an Important
.,,.,,.,,,. .. . -. ,. i wlll. by reaaon of the eaperli nce
r.,,.... :, be more eaay of accompllabmenl IhM
than la*
Among the lateal offertngB of palntlnga recelvi l
.... mi. ;:,.;: are i portrall of Mra. Bpencer Traak.
by Baatman Johnaon, offered by Bpencer Trask; a
, ? ,,r Waahlngton, by Btuart, offered by M. A.
i . n; a portrall "f the lata Tl omaa I '"-".;'' ' ' ?<
? me foundera of th- >fatloi ?. .cademy of
Deaign In ItM, and an early V'lee-PreaWent, by .J.
w. Tu.'i.'ii. BM, offered bi Mlaa rummln_ra; a por
trali ol Mra WMItngton. ky Rembrandi Peale,
cfferi i by Mra. Hearon \ Johnaon; portralta by
Miss M..ria Brooka of Ibe Rev. Ur. Reuben VMng
How. - Mra. Jamea Bleh ir '.? ai I M.ae Run I...
p rtralta b) Rohm of l>r. and Mra. 3. Oakley Van
derpo.: offered bj N'iJ 8. '"?'< ?) ^':- lerpoel; b
.Njrtralt of \ P. WHIU, b) Charlea Elllot, and a
portrall of N P. Wfllla, by Uolman, offer. I
bi \iorria Phl'.llpa; a poitniH of Mi* rrana Brandt,
iv Romaho, offered by Prana Brandt, and a
portrall by Wlillam Dunlap, 1820, offered by ll r.
Harrlaon . ,,,
The dlaplay a.f mlntaturea pr.nnisea to be smu
m..r?' Intereetlng ihis .\<-ir tnaa laat, and a rnore
dlacrlmlnatlng .-tan.lard wlll i?- Bmtntalned In ihelr
aelectlon and arrangement. ^mong recenl offera
? Ived are mlnlaturea by Mlaa Mary F. Elmer
<?( Henrv a, Marquand, Oeneral Darr, Mr-. Bdwln
Howland Blaahfleld, .Mr? Burke Roche, Mrs. Wlll?
lam Douglai inl Mrs Wa'.ter Btanton
The rommltteel In eharge of the Portrall I ia
h..v>- been choaen bj followa;
Bxecutlva Commlttee Henry Marquand, ebalrman;
i; rlamllton Rell aecretary; Oagood Welah, treaa?
urer; Jamea Bpeyer, fhnrlea T Barney, Wllllam F
Klng. H. Watter Webb and Robert Waller, .ir.
Ladlea' Commlttee Mr? Robert B, Potter. Mra.
Henr Wlnthrop Or.y, Mrs John A. lajwery. Mrs
Charlea ile Hh nn. ir.. Mx*. .1. Hobart Warren und
M:-. Adolf l....l..iilniin.
Artlata' Cgmmltti'e Franda I^athrop, .luiirniaji; J.
Carroll Reckwlth, Wllllam M. Cbaae, H Slddona
Mowbray, llenjamln C. Porter and Btanford Whlte.
Viv. l.Mi:v- OF THB BTATB.
Waahlngton. Bepl I (Speclai) Ex-Reprea ntatlve
r, of Weal Vlrgin .. who '??* \n Waahlngton <.ti
private bualneaa, formerly repreeented the ui,j con?
greaa Dtotrki of thal Btata and wns retlred from
Congreaa la MM becauae h. waa a "Randall Demo
Oiat," In order to mak.- room f..r a Cleveland-l' ir
llale Proe-Trade Democrat, Mr. AMeraon, who waa
choaen as his aueoeea .r. was iief,.,i.e,i for re-electlon
la t r.i 11 by a Republlcan, who recerved a plurallty
of nearly four thousand VOtea and a cleiar majorllv
of about three thoimand. Mr Bay l-r does nol take
a roay view of Democratlc ptaapecta in w.-st \'ir
_':r,: i in ronveraatlon wlth a reporter be aaid:
Prealdenl Clevelaad wlll not due to permlt hi
name to go before Ihe Bexl Democratlc Natlonal
mventlon for renomlnatlon. He ;. too abrewd a
puliti.lan to attempt to force Buch an laaue upon
the Democratlc party and tbe American people. The
unwritten h.vv that two terma shall b. the 11.ul.
ahould and mual be reapected. Whatever tbe Dem?
ocratlc polltlctana of other Sta'.-s rnny do. no i a .
man ln my Stau-. lf he carea for bla polltlcal
aafety, wlll dar.- In advance of the Democratlc
Natlonal (?onventlon to proclalm thal he favora
auch .. acheme S1-. m: : he do bo the chance* are
thai he would tak.- no part ln ibe proreedlnga
Polltlcal mattera iu my Btate ar> rathei dormanl
al preaent, The people of Weal Vlrglnla are rn
gaged in materlal developmenl We are mlnlng
u i xtendlng our rallroad aratem. We ar.
shippli.K our ...al ln larga ejuantltlea )-\isi. \\.
and South A very larKe pan of II go*. by Ihe
N rfolk and Weatern Road. There has l.a-e.i mor?
raih iad imilding ln Weal Vlrglnla during the
year thaa In my other Btate ln th- i nlon. A not hei
railroa 1 li lelng conatructed arhlch wlll n'.: ?
people ? oi.ii- '.?r>i. with th. Haltln r< and Ohio
s> -.???m Jt la exp.vi.-d that when th.- ls eompleted
the ahlp n*s of . nl will largely Increaae, and the
v. uitb "f :1.4- Btate Increaae In a proportlonate ratlo
Tlme waa wken Intereat ln polltlea raaked nexi to
rellglon In weal Vlrglnla, bul ihe receni marked di
relopment of the matertal reaourcea of Ibe Btate
baa alao wroughl a radlcal cbange In lifl polltUa
PoatmaateMleneral Wllaon wa* twelve montha ..?.;.
Ihe m.'si popular man p raonally and politlc.illy Iu
We-t Vlrglnla. When. bowever, agalnat !.:- wlll.
1 belle1. tti i ludgment, he ati u k a bloa il
fl .- -ina'j protectlon i.i. r ial, the mln. ra and lab >r!
men alruch blm al the polla, and most effectlvely,
When I w&i. n l.'ongreea 1 voted to strike oul tln*
. , ina .-l-i-i--- . ' the Morrlaoa Tarlft blll l..- i
,t mi r.i. k down ihe protectlv* duty on coal I waa
told ihat u wi ul.i i'4'iae my defeal lor a renomln
tioa ano re-ele.tlon. 1 waa renomlnated, however,
, ? au opuo Ulon and 1 had '-'-ia1 majority more
' r re actlon than Prealdenl Cleveland had
at hla nrai el* 11 in ln UM.
Two .Mra ago the IH-i Dlatrlel gave over two
thouaa I Ren - ratlc nraajorlty, but al tha laat el.
tlon Mi Alderaon, Ihe Democratlc candldate, araa
? ,? i i.y .Aer two ihouaand v.n.-s. maklng a
? tangi oi over four Ihou an i . >t.a ln two yeai
Tv.ii.- .mi Mi Wllaon wai elected by about
twelve hundred votea and at the last electlon he
w,.- defeat. two ihouaand majority, mak?
lng a ? h tage ,:. bla llatrlcl of aboul Ibree tn. uaan i
ta - hui Ired vote* The whole Btate had u
i..ms ... I..-I sif.iv- Democratlc by from -iv
thotiaaad to ten thouaand majority, bul at tl.e laal
Congreaalonal i actlon ihe l{. publi.-an majoiit) vv.i
over twelve thouaand. I do nol conalder that tln
,??? i- a repudlatton of tbe prtnctplea of th*
Hemocratlc pany. ao much a* tt in of thoae thal
hav.- lately obtalned - ntrol ol ? party, .. ? l aeem
-: apoaed to aork everythlng to the.r own private
Intereata, inatead of for Ihe beal Intereat* of lh*
p |i. and in part) Btephen B. Klkln* ls now
ihe aeknowledgearl leader a.f -h* Republleana ln
v . \ irgini.. He is brlght, ahrewd, aggreaalve
an . enenteti lf th. Democraia of the state do n >|
ohange thelr lead "i ihero la o-. doubi in mj mlnd
vt l-.iarto In UBt
Fron The Waahlngtoa Biar.
"lm Borry," al..- aa.O geatly, -tl.at I eannol i."
all that you wish in your llfe. Hut l will alwaya
thlnk of you aa n very aleer frlend
Thank you," be bbuL
?And If there la anv w-?y i nn evei aaalat you
by advlca or endoavor, do not heaitai" ;o . .*ij on
Ille "
"That'a aiowtiright klnd of you," he replled. nr'..'
|y rheered "^'oii can help in.-."
f<M aee, j... loru: ,is > ou have deeltaod 10 be
tniii', i th.u.Kh! iu proppaa to Mlaa Blnklna, ai i ,'
vou'il ?ee her and put in a good nord r..i in.-, v,.u
And thafs why ahe |umped up and aenl away
huffy, and vowed nhe'd never epeak 10 hlm n_ :u
a_ lontc aa ahe llved.
hi.iK. thei' !*? '? ri th.-fa- is ,,,, ,],..ii.t ,n m\ mlnd
hal West Vlrglnla aill gltn a Republlcan maj i l
.-. ,i; CON'OBEBB
Watertowr, Bept. I (Bpeclal) Tba hnnner Repub
nea. eaunfea af thla Wate, Bt. Uerrenee nnd Jef.
whtch gava Oewornoi Marton taai yaar n
,,. ,i ;> ,,f i;,i?i, bava apakea moal aatbua-eetl
~iiy ni raucua aad eanveniloB againct tha dto*
latorahlp af Mr. Platl. nnd bM rtentananta bava
,?,., defeated ta ahnaal ivea k*allaa dtatrl. l ...
w- pountJ T,?. :.,...i, u ihal iha twa Senatora
-nd *our laaemblytneT. of th* mo conntlei wlll go
? , (he I glelature next artoter wiih decided at.ti
U m.. Platl "tuma down" Jua
. . p_rdon C. rViniama ef RTatarloam. far the
,,,?-, ,,. \, . nlnailon, a. ba undoubtedly
W1n do iha tronteei Bgatoal PtetUam arUI aaver
,,,,,* in thta terrltory antll ba la overthrown.
,? g, | .wrence County ei-?peaker Marby earrled
almoal avery town and aecured tbe delegate. and
? Bnanlmoa. natnlnaUon lo tha ^???_??" th*
Bi Lawrence-Franklln dlatrlcl. Mr. I a? atae
niil.,. ,n ,-.,,, l0 *.- ?*-.. on- or th* Aaaemblymen.
puttlng ap . ? ???**? ? ,;?,s? " ' '"";?
.' Bdward. Mr MH' - wna nomlnated on tbc B -
ty-thtrd ballot Tb* other Aaaenablyinan from Bt.
Uwren.'ounty nill be V. B. Ivea, af Paladaiii,
who la nn antl-Ptotl man. Theae nomlnatloofl ar*
nll BQUlvall nt to an ?!? 'I"...
Ia the I.I Aaaembl) Dlatrlcl Mr. Platl mad* na
oppoelMon lo the nomlnatloa af fcaperrlaor Car
nellui .1. Clark. of Carthage. for Aaaemby hanora.
?nd he a ia nemlni lad by acctamatlnn. ln tba lld
Dlatrlcl Henry J. I_we, ea-nMaabev of Aeaembly, a
PUtl man. waa plttad In th* Aaaembly cooleal
agalnal *Vallor Zlmmerman, of nrou.mil.-. and
Zlmmernian wan eaally.
ln tba new XXXVlh Benata or Jeffereon-LewU
Dlatrlcl Joaeph Mullla, wba ba? aerved tare ienn?
U, th- Benata aa lha repreaeatatlva af th* Oawego
Bi Lawi mce an i Jefferaoa dlatrlct, baa no opi.
,,,,? and wlll ba renoenlnated al Iba Benate Con
renllon ... be held In Carthage on Beptember ?.
M*-. Mullln. wha i? an altorney for lha Xew-Tork
Central road and a law parlner af Danlel <- Orlf*
Hn la ki own ben aa a atrang antl-1 latl man, but
ln Albany and Xew-Yorh ta la fnr maro tolerani
of ibe bo-* 'bar. hl* people daalre.
juaUcc "...don r Wllllam*. of thls dty. la a ean
,, 11;,. ..,. Irie Courl ol A| peaU nomination, ...
,Uf ..i Pi n - N*. Flnch of Itba a Hfl li
known bi an uprlght, abla, feartaea lodui
juri.t. He la :? BepnhMcan, bul app-re-tatlen af bia
quatitlea aa a Judge la not c*on?n< i lo hla party.
Oovernor Flower appointed him lo apeclal duty la
N,.u Tork .ind ta Troy when importanl raaea wera
,,, |?. tr!-d. Tb* trlal nnd '?"!, vb-tlon of "Rat"
Bhea occurred nnder blm Ha waa.a candkMte
for tb<* Coun .>r Appeala nomination taal yenr and
?howed conalderaMa etrength al lha conventlea,
H?. wa* in thfl BeM early lW? year and ha.l no
onpoartion untll Plali cnm? oal a tam weaka ago in
favor af Judge Celora E Warttn, af Blnahnrnton,
his ibolre for !h* <"urt of Appeala Judge Martln
ba* for yeara I.a Ihe aaeoclate of Judgea Hardln
and Merwin on iba Oeneral Term bench. lf nom?
lnated, ta.?M aol aarva Ihe full lerm, on ae
eounl of his iga
Tho mo.?t earneal ar.d Intereated backer af Judge
Martin t. Benator Bdward OVonnor, of Blngham
ton. II* 1* nno'h>r whom Platl baa t,*.n inable
to carry ta thta rampalgn nnd who i* "turned
down" for anather Platl man; therefore 0*Connor
aeaka an appothtlve place w. hl. h l'latt .-an glve
him. If Judg* Martln caa ha advanced to th*
court of Appeala Benator 0*Connor. by th* grace,
of riatt. will undoul.Ily be appotnt. i ... aucceed
Judge Mi.rtin. Juatlcfl WIlBamfl wlll have tha
unlted auppari "f all the d#k_atea from th* Vth
Judtclal Dtatrlct, romprtMng lha cauntlea of il-iki
nnr. Onelda, Onondaga, Oawego, Jefferaoa and
l..ai? Benator Mullln r.ntly talked with Mi
Platl aboui Judge Wllllama'a randtdacy, and Platl
wa. fr.,nk enough lo tell blm 'ba> Judge WIIHama
could not be nomlnated, and tbal he would pla a
iIih n.-ini. Of Judge Martln un tbe tlcket. Mr. Mul?
lln admlta tbal Platl la controlllng ;h* conven?
tlon, aml aaya thnt ha beltavea Platl arlll eurry out
bi* tiir.it to defeal Juatlca WIIHama.
The Platl Bghl wlll ba contlnued neal year in tb*
conteal for Congrana honor-. Thla Congra-a dla?
trlct, whlch comprtaea the eonntlca of .?.*w*go. Jef
'. ion Hini Lewla la now repreaented by Charlea
a. .'hi.-k-r'ng. af Copanbagen, wtio ls oervlng b;<
aecond term. Meal yenr Bton i< Brown of Watei
town, wlll !"? lha only antl-Platl candldate ftghtlng
Henry J. Lane, Colonel A. D, Bhaw, Congreaaman
Chickerlng and laaac l.. llunt. aii of whom have
annotineeil th-ir randldacy. lf Judge \\ illiam. i*
, i down" by Platl In the Btate t'onventlon, ll
arlll niak. eure Mr. l.r,.Ao'- .ucceaa neW yenr for
i ? H -.-i. -- honor.
EEs-Qovernor Flower ba* taken up bi- reotdence
ln Water town, and ba* be-n elected a d*i*gai" to
tbe Democratlc Btate Conventlon. Ha will prob?
ably be ihe prealdlng oaVaar nl By rac uae. Water
town wlll furnlah t)i* Democrntl- eandldata for
ney-Oeneral Ihla fall. In Ihe peraon af Danlel
.; Orfftn, eg-chalrman of Ihe Democratlc Btata
Rxecutlva Commlttee. He la iba boi a of leaatar
Hlll. iitr- oni) opponeni waa Mi Btanchfleld, of
Elmlra, a fonnei partner of Benator mn Mr.
Btanchfleld wlll be Induced la wlthdraw before ih*
conventlon, aa Benator liill dealrea blm to I-- ome
? randidate for ibe Benate.
Mr .Iritfi.i waa born ln th* town of Wilna, Jef
ferac i ounty, In IM la I8N ha wan admltted lo
ihe I. r, and J. now a member of the Brm of Mul?
lln. Orlffln A Walker, wh,, nr* Ihi Sew Tork Cen?
tral Rallroad Bttorneya. Mr QrUBn la an aatuie
?i and polltlclan. iii.* ablllt) b,.a been .- ig
? New-Tork < entral offlclala, and more
ha. i.n aelecti i to carry on Im
:. :-? I b) th>
lhan '?""?? ti
portanl lawault.
Th* Mtleraal polltlcal iia'nt f.,r th- nomination
o- a Bupremc ''".rr lu.lge ln ih* v-b Itidlclal 01.
tr|.-t i. now on. Two lu.tlci i ? lo be nomlnated
one In place al Juatlce Irvlng ?} \'enn. of Ryracuae,
ni'i.M- term ?-x|.ir.-s, and the .oi l llonal luetlo* pro
-, ,.i,-.| for by Ihe ni ?? ' >m litullon V'ann wiif b.
renomlnated wlthoui opt r.ltlon, but Ihere .* a blt
lei .truggle for ihe othei place The judgei of ih
dlatrlcl now an Merwin, of Onelda rountv; Hardln
: ll. rkln ? ?. W llllama. of Jeff. raon; B gl
?? rego, ind V'ann and Mcl^nnan, of Onoi
1., w1..- ' oitnti haa rio luatlc* Hardln and Merwin
are on ih* Oeneral Term bench. II ba*. been r*on
? ???I. I thal Onelda County ih entitli l to Ihe flddi
llonal .ui.:- i-iio- tbe aecond largeal rotintj li
the dlatrlcl and would gel lt. wera ii noi foi the
? ibal ?." polltli il leader. ihere rnnnoi unlte
on a candldate W. K Bcrtptitra, of Bome, Im*
?-???. .in \ \\ \ Malt. ?
thre* ilel*gate*: tbe otber tbree delegate* ar* d
vldi I Oawego i'ounty ba* a candldate ln Judg*
Rtowell, and t,ewla County will preaenl 'h* nami
,,' Charlea B Mareneaa, of I.owville Jefferaoa *ni
Herklm??? havi no Bndldatea Onondaga I'ounly,
whlch baa two luatlcaa, wani. tha addlllonal on*
and wlll pfobabi) aecura i. on account of t*i* bltt.
Meaara Bayroond &? Whll arrangadfoe
an attractlve autumn tour lo <-'ifumia Tba
pnrty win i-av- New-Tork October --'. apand a -uv
in .'blrago, and p.oreed tii-r. .? ... BmM I ?.ego bv
wa, of Kai *a* rity an 1 rlanta I-'.- Th- return
. keta .'? i.i during in* winter and *pnng. and
.-. ..! ihree i miea homewand 'l bfl
tlme In Callfon i ? Itap -*? i of ta accor Mn ?
wiih Indlvidual prafereacta and ai th* advantag.
"f ii." annua! winter excuratona in Iba w,i> af alda
t.i|>j. reduced hotel raie*. *tr . n,ay lie avilled of.
v l>?*? rlpilv* book wll: b* n-atl*<l by Huymond A
Whll ointj. No Ji Baal
bulldlng, on au.li.-Uuu.
.'ourt--uih-.it., Unc .;,.
TMMCBUt kp.iit THAT wn.t. rJBOW IN thi: HFS
AnnilH". T-\ . Bept ' When a stramrcr vlair-a
;h. -? ' -t ik' I l!i.: ? ?" of T.-xas. he Boon leartu
nol t-i !"? Burprlaed ai anythlng he bbob. Ha
has heard of thla regtOB all hla llfe as a p'.rtlon of
tbe "Oreal Amertean i ?> s.-rt-' and one of Ibe dry '
par--- of the arortd. He Bnda by aotuol ohaetratlon
t ii f. g eropa arttl groa here on accounl of the
ilryiiess It s<- ms to be tOO dry for corn, Wheat,
garden raBaiaklaa, or Cralt of any da
Bctiption. The few fartmnt m Ibe country contenl
th' tn-e'v. ? with ralatng hay or Borghum eane. v. t,
atranse lo tetate, ther.- la .me plaal la whose favor
nmir- eaeoeea to make nn ex.rptton Ihe Beema
to havo mai. l Ma forbld-llng food planta 10 grow
ln thla r.al..n. and then arbltrarlly to hava aaa
peoded ihia law in ..ne instanc. To hebjhlea . "
n-ioiltv of IhM move on ber part. sh-- BBoaae Ha
have r.i.k.d h.r iirain for the vaawUbM growth
which we wouM la i'i anpect to Ad here. Tbe
oaa ah.. aelected was the aratarmeioa.
Even f-..-i..'! bay knows lhal ardlnaiily the
wati-nn.-i.ui requlr s b b> ??" **1 "' Baototura be*
fore it win Ki"w .'.?.: II alao geoernlly requlree
ihade. ln Ihe Eaal ihe aatenaedon pateh la fre*
quently In aoaae oool and motoi cornei <>f the eorn
fleld, wh-ra- tha- growlng vlnea wlll t>on bc over
?hadowed by the atalka of corn. This ls n..t merely
f..r the beneflt of auch neephbortng b. y? aa may de
ilre to eal watermelooa wlthout dlaturbtng the
general publlc, bul tt la alao for ihe beneflt ..f Ibe
thems.iv.?-. Boya accuatomed to look for
melon. ln yuch plaeea as that would be Burprlaed
to flnd them ln thla n untry lylng oul on the op.-n
pralrie, where th- hol aua gtaree down on them
i.n day long. w,'n never a cloud to Interpooe and
never a tree ...- a buah for abade aa far us tha eye
,,., ,,.,.h Bometlmea roi a drop of raln Calla
from the tlm. tbe aeed ls ptaated la lha -prlna,' un
,n t|,,. i,i.-',.ii |a ..ii.-ti in the early aoiaiaer. Tel
they thrlve. And s.i-h in. lons as the,.- are,
l.or.K. slenl-r.a and Mg rouad ohea; Ushl green
.,.../ dark green anea, an.l ?tr,i.iaa and all
pond'eroua. Mg fellowa. To come aoaae aaornlng
aboul Bunrlae, while |t |* yel. and aee * vaat
atretcb of auch frult neatllng down amld th.- ahort,
ourly meaquRe groaa on aome forty or elghty acrea
of land if enoufb lo m ke ? ahlte man'a mouih
water like thal of a horse in a lald of new clover,
and t?? make a black man drop dead In hla tracki
,,,?? dcrangemenl of th- beart faactlona. This ia
nothlng thoiigh, eompared to eoartng upon auck
... about noon, when th.- vertlcal raya ot Ihe
BUn are pourlng down al thelr flerceat, and when
vulir throol i- pan.l alth a thlrat thal la flercer
H,,n At auch .. tlme as thla you allp your lefl
arm ti.igb the brtdle i.-m of your tired pony, llft
aome long, Btrlpod melon arlth both handa. drop ? .
and allow li to t.i. aU Into some ball a doaen piecea.
Then vou gulp down greal moiithfuls of the JuMy,
w-i'-m ."i pulp, and ror** thal there la not a
gsMi?-T3S?gfa i
JS..SS fAg r__V_a_ JTSSSS
-ommonly belleved "?" ,'"',,. ..,,1 thelr aeeda
Kn?ouhnVe- '??!;::;?-,;,,^m";;>;:."H.' i? * ?h.
? impoaalbl. lo "??????-,,? ^ , ,'. -,._?,., Ttl l
??; ?JfV_"rUta ee^SJ EnaidenSlr h-gher
nihtrRtt j
WV\Z s'uVfa... '-.-n'osesof IrtlKj..hin .hewho,,
problem of agrlculture In thla artd eoaairj can
"^h:.r,e,1a,.1:,:..:;';;;iire;.- wh, .h* ^bh?hii.;
of Teaaa haa not attracted am mor- attentlon than
lt ha- i? ihe watermelon marheta o the worw. io
,._':, wiiii, Ihe .my rallroad oaaalng Ihrpugb the
"ciintry a the rort Worth and Denver Many car
loada of melona are ahlpped over this llne evenreea
lot, m Denver bul they are all conaumed ln th.j
Rockv Mountaln reglon, and hence attract dme <>r
n.t.n'ion Ir, the Baat. Then. agaln, the averag*
Pan Han i.-i op< nly dlaregard* the Bcriptural 1
lunetlon about noi deeplalng th.. day of amall
thlnica. I'nleaa he can mmk.t ten or twelve car
loads he thlnk- it is to-. amall a matter to be
w-.rih foollng alth. He is generally a atock-ralaer,
aml cainalder* anythlng of an agrlcultural rvature aa
, trltle 1.w his dlgnlty, anyway. eapeclallj unleaa
? ,, ,, 1 | v. iv large ecale Hla 1 leaa of hoapltallty
l,.,,l inm io Invlta all his nelghbors to make :????
wllh his m.-loiis. nnd a Vlslllfiir "OUlBII ol rowboye
can make uav wlth .. gfeat many. After a whole
nelghborhoud haa aattafled Itaell from ? patcn, II
the remnanl ls nol enough to load ? arhole train
f,.r ahlpment, li ls uaually f"l t? the hoga. It ls
aaid thnt hoga ..!? extremely fond of waterm.
and thal they fatteo falrly well upon them.
There is al leaal one ..ther anlmal In the Pan
Han lle ihn Is fond of watermelon". and that ls the
wolf. He is keen-witt.-.l enouifh to recognlae ihe
value of the watermelon a* .1 meana of obtalnlng
molature to alake bla thlrat In .1 dry country, an 1 ho
fc.vs th.- melon-ralaer no ? n 1 of trouble along that
llne He la the woral f.... the watermelon has on
t". siaked Plalna. lt ls ?.ii.l tbat a gang of thlrty
o- forty lean, hungry, thlraty pralrie ajrolvea, ?.r
eovotea, wlll come near cli irlm,- oul .1 large pal h
before th>-v leave lt. A coyote never dlaturba any
melon >-v > ot a rlpe one. tho.ia;h h-.w 1.m tell
v, hi. h tbe i-ip' onea are noim.lv aeem* to know.
perhapa he thumpa them wlth hla fore paw, but it
ls more llkely thal h< appllea hi- noae an 1 ludgea
by Hia- nr, Ht Wllh his loIIK. k.'ell f.llll-'S !|. '.1.1
open a melon aa r....iiiv aa a pickanlnn) alth i
1..11I1.W knlfe He eata llttle if anv of the melon
puip. bul contenta hlmaelf wlth lapplng ind aucklng
up tn. vaii-rv Julce Thla la why a pach can do so
n u. h dam ???- '" ?'. p-itch.
Vx.m The Ban Pranclaeo CaU.
Rdgrar B. Haymond, one of San F*ran laco'a ha:'
rliitera, haa I.:i a aloae atudenl of natural hiatory,
and h.is Biicceedetl ln gathering aome very lnt<
it'K Informatlon regarding the blrda of tne alr. th.
beaata <.f the land, Ihe ti^h.?s ..r the aea Incl
?lentally, he has been abl.- i.n. .1 fen snake
Bta tl* tl
? l one. knew a caae," aaid Mr Haymond 1 1 *om*
i, ui) iiBtem is ln the Occl lental Hotel laal 1 .
wi.In a Htiake dlaplayed nol ..n'v an ..
amounl of affectlon, bul ?. great deal ol mrage
l; appeara thal aome yeara ago b profeaaor of
natural hiatory from an Baatern unfverelts waa
aenl to ihe aouthern pan of Yucatan to I ?> itigate
the snakas of ihat aection, l mlghi atate thal he
wa* a very humane man, and frequeniiy dlaplay. 1
lt One afternoon, while walking over -. deaert,
thlnklng sf httle bul Ihe tlme he would ai
rl\e al ' amp, be heard a pecullar rattllng round
thnt aeemed to come :r<un under a plle of rocka,
He ,,. once made an Inreatlgatlon, and a
ararded bi the dlaeovery of .1 m^gtodon rattle
anake, whlch h.. waa on the polnt ..r dlapatchlng ao
? . [.. pul 11 OUI ot' I a a t ----- r % . as Ihe rOCkl
fal'.-'i lhal a portloii ol thi Hl'.-ik'-'s bodv vv .1 ? bi !lv
mangle.l and lorn. In mai matter ..r taklni
roptile'a Ife hi healtated, nwlng ti tii. pal het le
aml pleadlni expreaalon In *h. a*ounde>l creature'a
evea Ii qulte unnen 1 hlm t-> romml murd
lhal ihe i" ka off and awalted reaulta, arhlch
came ln n.lape ? ???iy pronounced gratltu.l.
The dellghted >'.-l thankful creature wr'^gle.1 0 ei
to hlm nr. i ii'"'??? I hla leg with a grateful alr that
waa bound 10 laal Thi profeaaor was move.i by
ihtbltlon. and havina aome .otton iu hia
v.iiis.. he bound up th* wounded pan and '.. ft 'he
-nake aa comfortabl. us poaalble, The n.-xt day
he lefl Tucatan f?.r tluatemala, an.i waa gone Bve
', ,,, on hla return lo Tucatan h>- agaln had
ocas; .n to paaa >\<r 'he deaert, an.l. greatly to
bla aurprtae, encountered the aame ra.ptil*. ? few
mllea from arhere Ihi prevlou acddent haj oc
curred The rooopnlilon waa mutual. and th.> jov
fui rattli r eolled aboui his leg llcked hla hand wlth
frlend ly tonpue, and ahowe.1 marked and Indua
ti aua ippie.-lHiioii. When the profeaaor took up
hla march agaln ihe s.i.ik. followe?l hlm, and even
- upon gettlng ln tha arap-n and b.comlng
i reaular occupani
? i.iok here, Bdgar, aln'l you .- .Ing a ilttl" too far
?rlih thal ) arnT" Inqulr. 1 .. frl. ml
? Not ai- far as the anake 1- going To continue:
He flnall) not back Baat, and bad for a travelllng
.. mpanlon 'he anake, ahlcb a ia alloaed t.> wander
ai wlll Aa a natural conaequence, the profeaaor
,1 in! hl* hiuih companlon became the beal of chuma,
and 11 oaa 1 common Ihing t.. k. ?? the naturallal
waikit.it oul l" ihe road v.ith bla anal ?? * l?l ng alona
tiealde hlm Well noi here. imea <ae real polnt -if
ihe atorj one nlghl af-.-r the profeaaor had retlred
and left the anake downatalri ln the dlnlna room,
he wa- audalenly awakened bv the crmah of uia-s,
foliow.-l by the fallii.,; of .. heavy bodj lle r.i ?
-11. ii hla bed onlj lo heai .. K.oan and the cruah
mK of bonea ln e Baak he bounded Itm. bla drea*
Ini uiii.11 and rapalred ta tba room when-.- came the
Bound* of atnfe. Imagine bla borror on atrlklng a
llabi to Bee his pei anake eolled around 1 man'i
,K body, ahlch ll had laabed to the atove aml
nat? hugglng v-lo...i!v On ihe floor waa a burglar'a
durk lanii-rn and .1 Kll ot toola. while the anake, 111
ordai lo dtaptoy lt* preoence ..f mlnd, had Ita tall
,,ut ..' 11." a 11..low"
"B'hal for"" Inqulrad a llst.tier In breathleaa ?x
. :?? menl
?iiaiiiina for 1 pollceiaaa,
sm .-in "Thla 1" thi n.ost enjoyabl* aeaaon of
? t__i v-.i for rou fellowa, l*n*t lt?" aaked the ln
qfteftlae .-Itlaen. aho, b> ihe nay. hal faild to
'"??'iih"ro" aaid I'lsinal Daweoti "WlntOT
s.iiaon of content They is plenty of aseabnUa lo
_al than." Unrtlararr'M JoaraaL
r. P. HOFFIfAK. JR. oives *ft vTBWI on
Tb* Brm of Moff-nm Brothera, ********* *
Charlea P. Hoffinan, Jr., and vYIUIa* M. V. He*
,,?,?. .. Mon -and- M.rren-at.. baal.alntbe
?,,i eatate ta-Btoeea In thta clty far a partodoj
Ofuen yeara. II Mm aaBoUatad many hn* .an,
trammcl.a and ha. ala. wltneaa
ln tha procraaa of tha r...*'.-?"- .--f -;.\'r*
,?ir,,,l.rnilnes. To a TfUmaaJ reporter ? h?r k I r.
Hoffman, |r., aaM yeaterday: _n___. ron
'Tha bualneaa of our Brm la atoaal arbelli .....
,-,,,.,, o tha nMrcaatll. dlatrtet. We buy and eeB
.'.a.n.-s prup^tl ta ihe ********^T!
,.,,. Tb. r...,, aouta buelaeae here ls dlvktod taa
,?,??, r almltar to th,.. whlch cliaractectaee other
enterprlaea iha. la M aay, II tunw teword BpecM*
?..s. Tb. Clty hasgrown.BT* .bat 1, Im*'" ;
,,,,?,. nece-aary for a man tfentlfled arltk tha real
o.,.ta bualaeaa to conflne blaaaalf BtrtaUy to aaa
locilty. -.' ib* and thal he may thoroughiv faaall
,irlz. hlmaelf wlth all tba .1.*, ********* "**'
??,, the like, l beltav. tha. a aaan aertlng r ..
..,,,'.. inveetmer,- gmwraBy knoara befen
,,?,,. wbnl be want* Buch a otaaooJ****1"
,?.,.,,. tb?n by golng ta a reputable Maker nno
confjnea hlmaelf te a oertala lmPor..-...t Mcall
who lathuaable ta repreaenl tb* real character af
property arhlch a cllent may deMre ta pureba_?
"Bualneaa property downtowa ta, m my juag
ment. held mora atrongly than ll baa ever beon ta
the htatory of tbe clty. Tb* late panle haa aat
ereated th. illghteat deprectatloa m tb* valuafl ef
downtown property, notwIthetandlBB th* facl tl
m?r,- rent lofti were carrled ever m the dryB.la
,?..,. | th,n during any perted of tn* IflaB tea
^With reference to aalei the prlcea ara a .bad*
higher th.:, li UM I thlnk lhal the Ind i '
th*. nexi Pebrunry rentlng aeaaori ar- mn.-n im
proved, ani that manv of the weuat loftfl wlll be
. ,k. ,, u.. | of a number of Inataneea
when loftfl whlch have remnlned vncani for ibe
iaa. two yeara have r cently been rented. I caa
glve you an Inatan..f i new buUdlng aboui tea
. bigh, m pi ? - onrtructlon by Joba T.
WIIHama al No W <'?? *dway. nhtcb la
atlll unroefed, bul ln whlch every apartmeni la en
gaged froin Pebruarj. neat. Thla ta ta the nelghbor
ho,,i of li" mton ? . ind tbe tenanti repn ?enl a
wkl. varleft of trade Qulte a nu i Bhole
..,:. .. . : . .. ra ln la ea.
w- bulMlnga i ? ???l,*5jZ
... rem better next PVbruary tha:; , ? ?? year *l ha
agenta do i.??fln to make nntnrta """'"J
. ,,, ,,,!?., |, | qulte certain thal 11 w
new bulldinga are ro promptly taken iip ?he o.aer
i.uilding.* wlll nol .uffer. Th- money market^for thla
claR. ?r Inveatmenl wa* never eaalei Urge nima
ire av,lable al I per cenl per annum on a ?" P ?
rent and 55 per cen valuatl .n. The Inaurance ratea
a:-- atlttle higher, verylng ln thei. i ?; -irc ng
to th* termi of th* comblnatlon exletlng between
the Inaurance . .mpanle. lu m> down
town lnve.tn now a ? *'J***
return* Th-\ pay more lhan a ? "llnl
, ,,!i of coun . so far a. rocatlona are cemwied.
Kl pai v iluei for property are ln wall-at.
?vl Inlty Th, cream of Ua bua taeaa. how?
ever -?> far ia ou.- lln- extenda la on rlfth-ave. j."i
Broa iw ' from Twentleth to Thlrlleth flte.
?',--. ;. ha begun earller thla iear than laat.
when t Id no! tiow anj Hgn. t actlvlty nn.i
5on_j ln October. Thla > u ne ta ran to recalvfl
Inoulrlea na early at Augual I. end even ln duly
ln.^uameMon Broadway from Canal to Flfteenth at.
haa for nearly flfteen year. i.n In a .1 irmanl ?
. lth_fthatart-.-i_.tecn month-.^*"h*ahean
l*nl chang* ln th..idltlon here. When lm
nrovementfl began n ...??>< ?" aeveral yaani aao
rnany tenant. va. tted Br idway for tha th?....ugh
Vow, wlth the con.tructlon ol largi
1;,?,. ,,1?m,,i:??, bulldlng. in Broadway, enanta
in- returnli upylna the new ?t?**"***
Ti,..\- were ? f rouree, attrai '? 1 to i.reene- -
reaaon ol the In rea.e.1 fa lltle. aSarded. ;;? h aa
h-a.lni.' llghtlng. e evatora and ib- llk*. rhere 14
[Uy a -^ bulldlng of Broadway golng on now
!,;,u..t, I'anal and Fourteei ? ' there a a
atrong conti mi between th* rnla< i il [na ex
Ntlng flve yeara ag< and thoae whlch preval, n i*
? ?. -,,, ln ? ? inon Itapred
. .,,,,! , .,, ,nt. naturalb s?k butldlngra nhere
they ? an g< t tha ot il advantagi - "
jamea McBeyne'^Bi a carpanter, af Ma. IM E i ?'
Beventy-elghth-at., araa bafara Record-* <.'ff In
General 9e.?lom yeateadny for aentenea feeaaaanlt
Ing laaac frrommer, ef ihe aame banaa, wtth a
blackjack on Aagual I.
The Recorder had recelved aeveral !*tt*r*? ln Mc
Reynolda'a behalf, Ona wan wrltten by th* Rev.
Hugh Magulre, paal >r af th* phapH of tbe M<
No SM f/iat Nlnety flfth-at.
Tb" Recorder flcoved the grrlterfl of auch lettera.
Befora pasatng aentenea ha took up tha latter from
tb* Rev. Mr. Magulre ai l aal I
?Thei* lettera from e'ergymen ar* exceedltutly rr
freshlng. Tbey mak- atal menta arhlch ti.?-y wlab
ware tu*. ai though they were really true, Theae
peopta preaume to Interfere la the buolnese >.f tbla
.?our* aboui mattera of whlcb they know nothlng.
ind here li a ? tter from a : hy.l 'I in. Th<
lettera contrart. 1 Ki-.?? an extra .r.lli irj vlea of tha
matter. The clergyman ?ay. tha! McReynolda ama
1,,-tir,,. l undi r ih* clrcumetai ? ? In commlttlng the
, r|.1|t. t i lo. . ii iaj i McReynold* dld not c m
m't the erlme. Kvldently the> don't know what
they are wrlting abo-t Here I. a clergyman con
donlng i crln e, a hlch .* i id Theae
lettera wlll nol have any Influence wlth me '.. Im
poalng .entence. I .hall, however, take into ac
the recommen latl. n af the Jury thal
vlct* l th- man "
The Recorder ?entence?l M- I{*vnoida to the
Pi uttentlary '?'r Ihree im nl
Xbe contractora who are excavatlng for the
foundntlona for Slegel, L'o.r <v '?>.-> mammoth
atore, ln Blxth-ave., have i ?? n . >mp
mueh agalnal tbelr wHl and expectatlona,
- tbelr Intentlon to Mnk all feundattona ta bed
The dtacovery of qulckaand and an under
ground branch of Mlnetta Broob Ilowlng under
x-. ti nth ? ' luae I lha ' lonmenl
large ahafl whlch waa belng aunk to place the
orner pier ln poaltlon ai i delayed tha putttng up
or the ritm : ii ? '. ?? ?.'? iter i uahe! In ao
ti,,: :, . to reach b* l rock wlth ??
-h.ir11ri_,- wer* dt enrti ! Impractl -able. \ greal d< il of
monei had I I l i.'- xinklng ib- .haft, and
: to thi.- ?.;??' the coi tracton had ta en
. : to . ng '-? ? mra. tlu_ :; m mak
.pe. lalt) "' i ffli uli ro.
A pov ? i f il ati nm ?yp pt to work y ? .
daj an ! ihe wati ? u whlle thi o I ah ift
h | n .^ remove . placed ln
poaltlon and the w rk Irh g pl!e? waa I egun,
H w. Hagemann wrll to Thi Trlbune aa foi
Born* i tbat I had ma Ie aa
? renci i to Mrs. S.
Hai mann If vou n lll be kind onoiii '-"1 'lo me
Ui- |u.l ; ? ? ;">ur, ? ';i il ?'' haa
walved lhat I h ire n i?
ma Ie an aml' il ? ?>?? mi nt with a
and have reaumed bualneaa al in i of
No. too Plfth ivi me.
.4 A/\s ;>/>?, ur.' i> ./?/' ? r.lT_f.
I'ro.ii Tha Phlladelphla T grai h
john Pullman, a W ' hlta Kan.) fa i ?
. ., few daya ago for kle.li i ? hbor . wife
jn , -I ... i ho ateroua, felonloua, mallcloua and un
.?.nly manner, agalnal tba . and llgnlty of
the Btati of Kanaaa." Tbal l* luat k* .> i.
man' Pan'l evet '!" anythlng like human belng*
ai . a here, Kle.lna wlth ? nois.- |ike ih* poi plng of
a rham| ? '.."'t:,i to .1 rb lb pea. ?
and ilignitv oi ..'?' commonwealth *v*n Kanaa.
Pullman aggravat. h!? offenee by ? ghlng 800
Matllda Malonej She'? taklni oa .1 loi of atra
i .Id en ? ii a lor.lrk.
Kthel Mi ?' ? .: V< bui ibfl iln'i no heavy
.w.-il. fer no real ni don'l bi .-. ?-? ?
thoir coi Btati ? >f dar claihei i K--,iu;.
U'rvm 'liuu, . .. Mt. 1888, by Trutu "?-yi-p
r> t aLB.BIB N V. An arealtv tro-ihl?a w,,h ?_,
vous ??tremMing." -"" ai ittam.eaaaai beM aty han?
,.,-V Wii'" ? ****** ""'r '' ,r,bmrco
T-il-o Cembrlae, OBUMCl af """ hra'.n. ln flva.
,ir,!. doaea, on tha tonfao, three time* dally. *>,-.
contlnoa tobacco, and aaold Bplcaa .ind air-ohoL
r i <-hie-R. i BasTae arltk p-in? m aty Meaaaa. att*t
aall if.' Plaee* BUte a remedy.
Y.ui Bl* auiTi'rlr.g from Indlge-tl n Tak. r-ai.
trirc a teagpoonful nf"r .-.ich rneal, three timeg
n day, ll i" *** ** rn??'y' f"r "yBpapala.
Bath T I'hlh. Fnr the ITOVbM you atat*.
inn-mmatlon of the ovartes, take Ovartna, m
r rd.''. doaea, Iwlca dally, for tw. T,a.ntha
ReV-lato the bnweM wttB Nntr.Hthl Halte.
,? Uarn Vark l.a'.lv rny ekln l.a* BB-OBM rvhw
?Mingy" toek-ap. He ktad Biaag- t? Mgpeei * aaa_aay.
Natrollthlc riaita. a Magpooaful ln a haH tagfc
h|?r <,f wat'-r, one-lialf h.-ur befora bronftjhgt,
twice ft w?"k.
M r i^lcarn. Had 'h* Ofl;. ' ' ****** rttt
. . .'.,,, r..iK re. irared. Men M now hawa m?i?-4.
\v h .' wlll beneni n. ??
Kel.rl. id.? Illla, one. tlm- UnMB dally. for two
mTntfv V. Heteaa, Iftml BtmA fall name; wiij
advlae by malL parkf.r. m d.
4, j |?.,,, l.l '1 "1.1 C . V...-I :i.?! B, 1' C
DgMlMBMIBB. Krom ihe "r"?" "^'^'?"ft
t. ." l Dvoae. Pr ' Two Draa m4.ua.
I.?4e. i iir..p- BABT-liaM.
4 -?_? nrv.I v?p.-.Me r?me,ly f.r I'>?p'-."'-i II _*
H-BI-IOBPIM.il. Por Malarlal kftatt aa. Nea.
-.l-l-'i an-l .-'--I lleadarh*. "" ' ""??
2S_2ft?ss.r - ?. ? '"v '.?s;
v , , r ...?^tHn|i|,rH?- MALTS.
... Hll,.., | co, ti, itlon. Torp r of the BowjU an?
roi.l MBI * < HMMir \i < *?
Bead for l.lterntnra-. l1?l *A laO.iaai.t .n, II. ft
7///; COVBTS.
rudpa PMrhur m th* Oaart af Oaaaaea . .a,
v,' terday baaded down a daeMMa Invelvlng a goaa
tion m rapatd to the leoeitry tt royaUUi on pat?MB
of tba BdMon deaeral Wectr -.'oanpaoy, a . .-.
is eaateadai the I'nite-i rit-te? ciruii Court haa
_i ,.!ared invilld.
Th- eaae m ahleh Jadta Blaefeoff rei .-?? I h*
opinion was i.rought by 0 erge Maltland and tha.
Oeneral rixture Coaapeny apatnet Heon I' Wt*
ar.d .lohn May. The pfcnlatU-B aaad to n rer r,>
. nn . ... hem from tbe defeodanta, aho do baat
neea ln thi* "ty uader tha- Brm name ?< i,r..w 4
Th.- plataUffa al ' ,l "" N'A
the defeadanta entered lato an apn > I
Maltland aad the Bdlaea Oeaeral Rlecti
by wblcb MaltUnd and the Bdlaon Oei ?
Company authortaed aad Boenaed
manufa.re and aall etectrte Ilght liturei w
blned paa and electrlc Ucht flstm r eleg
trlcllghl appUancea, under twenty-ala letteri , itent
ln conalderatlon of paylng a reyalty of I per cent
on'all n-1 aal< a. Tha royalUea wer- ... i?- pald i iar
?. rhe piamtlffa -ber.
i.v,.;. and January I. U& the defendanta
araounted to M.OOB each quarter and that th. re U ue
then MM ln rov t.ti-s. Prlor to thi ; .na
MlMhTpLalnlfirg allege. the Ellaon O.
'. ompany a ialgi ed thelr Intereat In th ; - h>
vi.vel to the .'.eneral Ftxture Coatl
The defendanta alied an anaaei
complaul "ttlnK up bv wa;. of defei
natenta upon whlch royalthu were demanded had
Leeti decld*- Invalld by the I'nlted BUtea Orcuit
i-, iit and that th.- plalntlffa foi I ? bad no
Thi defendanta alao flled
whl.h thev said thev hid pfl I I I I
invalld oalcou Th.- plalntlffa demurred tq l ? in
sweV in'i Ju Ige ma'i .rt watalned the ?!? ? irraB,
Wi.ll ? _
A BBOttoa WH" tnade In ihe ^upr. n." "t**
day b. fore Juatlee Beekman to taa tl - ? ' a
la an actlon brouphi by Sorman Hul ? a
ateam pump manufacturer, of Xo. I
Brooklyn, agalnat tbe Jaeger Bl tr Lamp Com?
pany, of Ni. IM Weal Twent) The
j i iintit's attorney. <i Btorma Cai -?
vla iroua proteat apalnal tbe Bherifl i harge* .ind
received rrom i1" Pourt an oplnlon thal OM
ch-iri.'e< aeemed 'gorWtani
The jaeger Company awed Hubbard for a
pump, an l aftei th. ? ral urj to aettl* H
? ,t ,i arlt oT executlon agalnat th.- on
lyn-Bupreme Court. arhlch araa givei
?: bere to make a levy. After I*"""-"*"1*
, i. :!,, Sherlff handed n a blll for IH 92 ? t
, M ....,. . ... . Bl for keeper * feea, at ? a ... .
and MM fnr adverttolng.
Mr R'ella, for th* - ?-? r " * i Bl re. aal I that h
prove that the a Ivi rl alng bl l ahould he
.?,,., ;i- ilao ? mt. nded thal a keeper waa i
aary. nnd that Mr Carpenter had raca ?
notlce of the sale. Mr, rarpenter replled tha. the
onlv notlce thal the Bherllf had aaid he aenl f>
hlm was on a pootal card, arhl. h waa ina <
sunday, Augual u. aad whlch w.is never deBvered.
af ?
H'.peeme <-..'..t C-_yw>?.ra B-tore .B^f*-""-' ' ".r:
0B-.na ;.. lui'i a. m. Moilona. Calendar rall*?l ? H
,,, v t i,v - W if N - I" aareoa va. .lenklnt;
V,. l Knlaht vV Tiina X * lunker va Oallliu
y J.-. :'.%r.,..n. N.'. -i. He.i.ner va. BrMa*Ppri *!#.?.
..,, , .. , ,,-. No 7. matter ot Bharkmaa; N ? ?? "J
!....-?> ?? iterge.
" . , s . .? Bank of Britlah North Arnei
. >. ,-, Henchea ?. rnlted Orntt*tt*'
Ko ;.. !??- . l< ? t. va liarrahan; >??- la M
, , _... .. ,- ?,,.? Ko 1>? B-rtlner v? Btat*
SSSZfa* -,.- ?--;;'?!i":';i::,; &
i..i. v? Irt.-iii. N". tn. \ - _
lirancli i Ttl and Bewa C mpanj ra Itle-aBB
"SaTSSSS o'-:1^' Srtn 11 and Hl-f-h
.:,-,;;.r;.7:i. it m um --a_j
.",V roun Bpa ial Tarai Mafora Dapra, I
do. na it 12 m. Motloaw. ..,,/-?
s.iperior .-..'in Oener?ITerm A-11 ? nn-i ? _
Sup-rfor .our, 1 .,u' ?; ? T-rai - AdJ- ... n- .1 for I
Superlor Coafl Trlal Tena Parta i. lt BBd III *a
. , ? -re-Before A. LB Hei ?
,r ...II. I ... 10:30 ... a. WHli ? *}**?
i nr\>
tot ki i> B<r. al 2 p. m. .. . . _
-,.-,. ,.?,..> roun Tn .1 Tena Before Pltagerald, B
,...,, ,t ii.ito a m No da) caiendar.
,'.;?,? n I'l.-.r- Bpe Ial Term- Before Dall C. J aBl
,- nu"., Ir:-.., i:,.:-. Term Adjoumed foi
Common !".? as Trtil Term I'nr.s I. II an.l Hl *a*
tourned for lh* term, , , .
."."? i-i-irt Bpeciel Tevai BeCBte Betty. t.-43am *
al n i ni. M ?" "?" ,,
dt? court-Oeaeral T-nn Ainuin-.l *ln? .1 -
,-,ty Courl Trlal Term Parta L U. l" and M '***
j, iinej for the t> raa.
Cooubob i '?
H> lawiv a-. .1.
\. j. n-.n- nn RdwaN ?.. r
rt'B i.i ra. Bradlei Rb -ar i M. Henry.
E*B 11 r>.7? Hli YA ' i //"v
rrom Th.. Detrolt Prae Pn
liink-. Wb m li-i v.i'i apead v>:r va tlonl
lilnki i lldn-l ?pen i II M) arlfe anl l?'^' f
ap nt everythlng eise l had, und l tbouphl l i O't
:. i aava aometnlnp.
19 ., s. pt ii .sp.. Ial) Wkeal ?
bul rloaad Brm; Peeamber epeoeg ai M ?
.n.l DB%.. aad i k Bed al '??? .
?]?-,. >. ha tern recelptB arere l.iraa- i iu rar* ? I
.vi-, ; | .? ... -. h. ?- arere the e. p.. ? ? . ?
vv.akf.--- The vUll.le suppl v im-li- 1 I '<
. - . ii Kaallafa vlalW. la n uard I.UW.uw
\ rthWMtem countrj -:? '" "J
I i,-h Tl-e ^.-il>.>.-: I 1*1 ' Jai.iaai
I.,,.., fn m all p ala Tba ralli v...s h*lp*d hy a
|....,- in tha "on p.."...-'- >'?"' '..aa;n' ?.'"-"?;
Ti a_.or1.Vi ahlpmenu w.-re imatl ?.?a).000
Blan ahipmeBta *<*n i>Bly 2.-UU.0UU I -
nl, 14...nn. . isl ? :?? ?-- ri" ">*?? l
\'.-vV--k i.-t-.-:'-.l only i ".r i-arload* foi
? . ? BlaOUl priiil- ll | l-v ii'.i, .-I _;.>
ina la. ".ie of il..- priaet* arli - ' ? ? ,r;
iu m Ther have been l i-tng .. i i ' vvii-.o -.- . rt-> r-e
.. we.k an.l DOW ev? v - ii.- IB talKlr-.K al-ul *?lf h?a.
Thelr ? .... ? ? ,N, _*/',
Prlman reealpta noa ."? ahead I ' ? n*v.*am
buah ...l-v, ac.iii.?i 1.0DO.0U0 taiah u-f yor
i arowtng w.aiii.r ..p... ?; ?? m v?. ,-* . - ?
I rai||e_ |t at i '1' - ran?.' ? ?- i
.ilo.it \ S..plenil.r .,( n?.l *t :CS.'' BOM :
a.-.i :i.'.... and ckawd ?' WV t?*c#mb*i -".-i aa
27V' '?'?- '"--"I al -SS'-. afay, n? k>? ?* -'>'? '
<!,.? i ai -?*4'- Th- Inapeetlon v.h- ??-. rar* '"* ,_???
nu(? r..: Tue?.i_v. Tag .?.s .\.v? V-.i-k her* v.?- i iiaina
? prti. t-i - rn tv. m.n> i.n> nme in ;.n *ay* ''
,i,i io obuin '?' * wen rt...?ia. b ?
viBllalc ilecn . '. rt_-.H0O tmah; th- local atoct, I - " ""
buah i :?.-?'? -i.uuo buah. .
...... ra 'vit'iiu . aarrow range. They ?n vvea
?trenaih .-a*ai .vhen eora and wheal arer* areali Jepi*ta
: -. k ,i.i b*iwa*a IBe and IB%c May between '**?
2114c The 11 is.- w s bi .he top. The in*p..i>n ???
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