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DABflaXXra BKAY1 hanmiioap.
Bflj_tford, Pen*. $?.-A fln? mee* was heal by the
Hartfci Wneel Club In Charter Oak Park nr. a one
rnile track ro-day Over flve thousand t ersons w*re
preien:. ar-1. as most of th* fast men who wlll atart
at the Sprtngneld tourr.ament were entered, good
,; rl w** assured. ln aditlon to th* track racea
tn,re waa a fifteen-mile road race. the rid. rs appear
Wig twice on the track. The track had been ro'.'ed
vv: tt was a* smooth as a blillard table. A Btate
record ~"as broken, ond the time made throughout
?* u c\ t The dav wa* an Ideal one for racing. be
'.ne warrr. arid clear. wlth little wlnd biowing
Thfl one-mlle match race between C. R. Newton
ar.d F C. Hoyt was won by Newton bv three
lengtha ln 2-ASS-6. The men were paced by tar.dem
The one-mile op*n for C;_*s A men wa* run ln
heat*. ar.d whlle several fart rlders from New-York
were entered. none of them quaJlfled. Newton. a
(?-inr.ecticut Jroenflgstar, won eaally ln 2:05 4-6. heatlng
tbfl State record by or.e and two-flfths seconds.
Mueh interest wai felt In the one-mlle open, riass
P. as lt brought Bald and Cooper together for tbe
flrst time slnee Cooper began to crawl up the ladder
9t cycilng fame. The nnal heat was paced by a
quad manned br McDuff**. Butl?r. Plerce and Hag
Mu.-phy cau?ht the quad. with Bald aecond
The half was made ln 1:01 3-5. UM three-quarters ln
l.r and the miie ln 2.i?. Bald took the iead a hun?
dred -ards from the flnl?h. and won by ten lengtha.
Cabanne. Coop?r and Rllss flnlshed a hundred yards
back. elore together and all out.
Thfl nar.di'-apper *P'it Kay 1'a.vson on scrateh in
Ihe IWO-mlle handlcap. giving one riler a 28f'-yard
Dawaon coai i n'-t cat^h hla fleli. Summarles:
Krrr* heat:
Won bl C R. N*wtnn, Staffond Sprlngs; Fr*d Iving
h-a.* Sarnla. Oat **<-ofid. Phtllr Pl?ree. Wtacbafltar.
: Of. ?-*, W B Reynold*. Hyd* Fark. J. T.
i,. .ne' ??pringftei'!. E. H. BBOW. Porch?t*r, an'l F C.
Bon H".dg*T*" *iso startid. Wn hy four l?ngths; a
i-ngt'h b**?*en second and thlrd. beatlng the Stat* record,
ol l.'.T i<,
F.nal h*a:.
i. Bald. Buffalo. ....
i y hturpbjr, brooklyn
L. D. t ar*r.:.
L. uls. a
Time- -2:06 2-5.
i- -? . Na-W-Terk; A E Pr* wn. Oeveland; Ray
Mebonald New-Tork; W J H*l?n*rt. Ctlca. J. P. Flts*.
Thoma* .'ooper. Chlca? .. al*o *tart?d U or.
by ten laagtafll 100 yarda bflWBflB ae<-ond and thlrd.
- BBD mtibi *"***?*-*?'**?' **-?*? A.
F-.r.ai baat:
* y i BkllB. Uatoarllto (120 yardai-.- 1
j; aj tlexander, Hartford ilSOyardsi.- j
J I Adama. Hartford i8? yarda)....-. ?
U^-^^V'Bp^nrSeld^ 7*-?? . '? *??
wh, . i> U. R ll B*aml*h. Hartiord 170
,N:'i^F T Catl.n NiwH.vm (180 yarda,. H. .'. Schulfl
U jrren e Wlnati
BBataa; iwc -ength*
Utwoai -? ad and thlrd
nnal heat
i f Blaa. CBieafl?._.?..-.? l
; : - - :.-'ui*. ?
Ba, M tta-aM ^.J::^;,:M2.:,.
I A Broam. Cl.v*land: C M Murphy. Brooklyn.
-, ?_. Ooopar. Chl-ag.,. C. B Welto, Baa I'ran.-.sro. and
F J J*r.nv. Ctlea. a!* s-arr*d Woa bj *w? fee half a
-iween i-^cond and ih.rd. Laal .juar-er Ir. -- . I
Flnal heat.
F J Jenny. Ttlea (V' yarlai....-. 1
V F BlmB, WuMniflon CA> yarln-. -
C fi. ~->;:a. San Fra- - 18 vard*.-~- rf
Time-l:f>4 4-S.
Tata-aa CaaaBW. Chteag.. ?*??__: ?? P. Wto*. rhicago
j :. A. (allaiian. Buffalo (80 yardai. U D.
cabaaa* Ht _oala (acratcb); A J l.r wn 'ieveiand (15
yird.i. and Rav Mcl^ona'.d. N**?-\"rk _? rarda). alfo
?'art*d Won hy two length*: half a length be'ween *- -
oni and thlrd
F.nal heat.
J g Kelleher. Bprlngfleld iSO rarda)-.? 1
A H I.avev Ore.nfleil f? yard". 2
W t^ l*nil?r. Broad Broofe '?" yard*'. n
Tlm?- 2 16 1 .'?
F Hark r?oreh*at*r (30 yardai; R M Alexan-W.
ito yewtbtl J J- Adarri*. Hartford i.**' rarda);
mlla I'atoataa?i r7o rarda); K H Baoar, Dor
cn**.er iU> yardai. Fr?d Dawlla. Kawturker i*o yardi;
?"-amifl. Hartford '0" rarda) C J Oui L'Blonvllle
a-li F A r_r.-:rv. Sj-ringfleld <i0 yardu: H IL
araa Nortl Oroeedal* <1*? vardai. and F. C. Hoyt.
hT'Agtpr.c (18 yard*,. alao Btartad. Won by two lengtha,
aam* between e*e-nd and thlrd
Flnal h*a'
C e Bran^.'. .NV-.Yo-k <]20 yardai.-. 1
A W. Wai**, Hartford "*? yardai. 2
Hidney Harvey. .\*w-Hav*ri (155 >-ard.*i. 3
T.m*?2:14 4-6.
r. y. aaaaraoa '?nci.ic' '"" *ar?B_i f J[
? ?erateln; W A T*!-!-. Ban Franel*c. <3tO yarlf;
J'lhniK.r. ci*v*land i.v? yarda); Thoma* l
9 rardB) I- H Allen, Sprrngtield im >ar ?)
v a- Vlrtrland BB) yaffl* and w F Blma Wa*hmgton
i2?' >ard?. alaa itarred Won bv a leng*h and a half. a
i?-?.?n ?*e.,nd ar.d th'.rd
The fl't**n-m!le road race whlch Btarted ln th*
arounds and went through them twice during th?
raee ended th* aft*rn->on sports. L. *A flulllvan.
of Ne*-Haven <Z mlnu'e*;. wa* rtrat Thomas
Mullen. of Harrf'-rd (4 mlnutesi. aecond. C. B.
Pr.all*r of Ha*-tfor1 <f> mlnutes VI seconds). thlrd.
Tne actual tim* of the wlnner waa W) minutea.
Boat ri
l. I
Krie. Penn.. S*pr. 9.- Rrle Clty 1? ln g-rlanda,
huntlng and Nationa! colors to-day, and trlumphal
m*mer!a: arcba. to Oeneral Wayne. Commodor*
tf? r._..-_-___-__.-_a_-fA^n
BtST r
Perrv and G*neral I>afaye,te adorn the prlncipal |
fltreets. Erle'a centennlal, coverlng ? perlod begln
ntng arlth th* arrlval on the penlnsula one hundred
years ago of the family of Colonel Seth Reed, has as I
Its central flgure ln a<x-lety a*nd wtalth tha, same ;
frimily Ip *b.. wlfe of t'.eneral Charies M. He*d. the
thlrd remove from the flrst r-ettler. and her son.
Charlea M }???. .
The prlncipal Incldent to-day was the m*et!ng of
the Offlclal Board of the Pennsylvani.i 1'lvlslon of
the I^eaguc of Amerlcan Wheeimen. Seeretnry \'an
Wort, of Scranton, prealde.l, and reported 4.200
l.eague members Ir. the R'.Mte. RaBOintlOBa were
adoptad asking maaufacturara of whe?is to en
flOUrag. Ix*airue membershlp by *endlng bl inks tn
Cat.log-ea. oontrlliutlng member?hip fee.* wlth
wheels. etc. Ther.- wh* a graml ll.umlnated whee;
parade this evenlng.
Sprlngfleid. Mass.. Sept. 1- (SpOClaD ?All Sprlng
fleld la ln gay attire to-day, prepared for the blg
blcycle tournament, whlch is scheduled to begln
here at 10 o'clock to-morrow mornlng. About 8
o'clock to-night dark cloudfl begBB to roll over the
cl.y, and this was followcd by flrfnl flashes of
llghtnlng, aad before 9 o'clflcl a downpour 0( raln
had oet in, and Sprli.gilrl.l wa* in the centre of
one of the llvelles: thunderstorms of the arason.
The rlders looked sad. The ofrVinls of the local
Clab, however. said that the traek at llampien
Park was In such superti oondltlon that th-' ra,n
would not hurt It. If lt clears up In the mornlng
the prellmlnary henr* will be ataited at 18 O'cloch,
and a* there are forty-flta heats to be run the
speedmakers will have a llvely day of it. A recess
will bfl t.ik.ti from noon to 1 p. m., to enahle the
r'.ders to rest ani fh* spectat..rs to ce* luncheon.
W. H. Itoblnson aill referee the ra ia
T.he track Is half a mlle in circumferenc*. and
lt ls almost as hard as cemenL Many r
were hroken last year, and the offlc.al* are con
fldent that th- best raclng of the year will take
place ln the next few days. All the Class A. '"luss
B and professional rlders of importanee are here,
the contlngent from Hartford arrlv'ng a* I ;.. m
Cabanne. Tltus and Murphy, who wtTn suapended
an I relnstated temporarlly, have rt celved .. ?
from Mr. Hober:. of St. Liottia ask'ng for ar. e\
rlanation o' ,he altoged " rooki '.' raofla
Txvils. Rober, was lnstrumeiita! .n harlng thfl
men Buspended The r;lers replled that they had
fiied their answer with Chalrman QMeon, or ibe
L.. A. W. Hacing Board. an.l they intimated that
thev dld not care to have anvthlnc further to do
w:rh Mr. Roben.
The handsome quarter* of the Sprtngflel 1 Blcy-le
V" '..2 vVorthlngton-fll . are crowded wlth
vlslting wheeimen. Man\ -.v,->men enthuslasts ar*
here from New-York. llrookiyn. Boston and other
N*w-Tork 4. Clnclnnatl I. Plllfllairg 9. Wnshlnat-m I
?hieage I, Brooklyn 3. 'Phlladelphla 18, Lo-ilaville 4.
Bo*.on ?. Bt I^u.f o. Loulivill* 8. Phlladelphla rv
BBlUaaMr* 4. fTfrtlaafl 1.
No more shall we see "Ruck" Kwlr.z's <~lne|n
r.atl Reds acain this eeaaon. They play*'! their
final gam* wlth the New-York team a, tha Polfl
Grounds yeaterday ln the plfleanue of a fair-slzed
crowd Although the home team came out ah ad.
there 1* nothlng to boa?t of. The ex-Glants had all
th* luck on their *lde. The Keds. hit clark s
eurves harder than the score shnws, but they were
unfortunate ln having the h:ta go rlght at the
Rhlnes pltch*d a maetarly gam*. ani wlth any
kind of eupport he would have won hlB gam*.
Latham and Smlth erred moat and at tim*s whe_
m*n wer* on bases. and errors meant runs.
Th* only thlng that can be aald in favor of the
home team is that the.y played brlillant ball In tne
The New-Torks seored two runs in th* opening
Innlng. Fuller. the flrst batter to face Rhlnes, aent
th* ball to deep ahort fleld for a ba?>e. Tlernan
followed wlth a sinele over second. Hoy fumbled
the ball long enough to allow Fuller to score. ar.d
Tlernan to reach aecond. The next three batters,
however. proved easy acts. The run credlted to
the Reds ln the fourth Innlng I* due to Smlth a long
hit Into the left-fleld bleachera for four bases
The ex-Olanta added two more runs to their cr*d!t
in the fourth. After Stafford went out on a fly
to Hoy. Burna found a safe spot in right fleld. Wll?
aon then gave Smith a chance for a double play, but
Smlth made a me** of lt, and In such a way that
lt eaJS*d I-rfUham also to err. and before the Reds
steadled down to work agaln two runnera had
flfl-eeeed the piat?. The aeore:
ab r lb po a e ab r lb po
Fuller. ii.. 3 1 1 4 H 0
Tlernan. rf. 4 1 2 1 " 8
V HaJ'n.cf 4 O 2 1 " <?
T'.ole. lb.,.4 O O 17 -? (>
l>avla. 3b.. 4 0 2 O i O
Hurni. lf ..4 1 I o " "
8ta.fi >rd. 2b 4 1 1 2 2 1
Wllaon. c. 8 0 0 S 1 1
Clark. p 3 '. O 8
Totala .Zn 4 ?27 17 2
v,w V, rk .2 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 x?4
.??uVlnnati .W.......0 0 O 1 0 0 0 " '- I
Enrn*<l n;n*--.\"?w Y>rk 2. Clnclnna't 1. Ftrs, Baa* iy
<.rrorB_New-Y-irk 2 CtadBBBtl 1 !<*?? or. baa** _**_*
fort 7 Clnclnnatl 4. Ba*e* on balla?^'ff <1ark 2.
s-na>k out?By Clark ll. by Rh.n** 1 Hom* ran
-?? \ ?? Davla Btolen ha*e. Kurk- Dou?
bl* plara?Fuller, Btafford and Doyle: Fuller an'. I
M.-Phee Ewlnc ?.rid BmlO. Hit by plf-h?d ball -"inrk
l';ia?od ba.ll? Vaughn. ITnp.re
Ke*f Tli ? *?' * 1*4*
("hieago won an unlnterestlng gam* from Brook?
lyn yeaterday al Baatern I'ark. llrookiyn. BtelB'fl
wll lneaa, with eoatly error* behlnd him. were the
chief causes of Brooklyn'? downfai: N-lther pitcher
?rafl batteil Imrd or often, bul th* hlts made off
b<ith were tlmely and came after ba--- BB balll
ha 1 baan giv..' ?r errors had been made. Two
thousan'i disguste-i pera ma wltneaaed the defeat of
the home team Th.- m
ab r lb po a * ab r lb po a ?
Fverltt 3b.. 5 10 14 (' 'Jrlffln. _... 4 I llli
i-.-k*r' lf .. 8 0 2 4 0 (.' Shrndl-. Rb. i 0 1 ?> 2 1
i_n?e cf ..*? 0 11" (' ? "rcoran. ?* 4 0 <> 4 4 1
an m. lb" 8 0 114 " OlAnderaon, lf,.. 4 0 0 j 0 0
DaM? m '. 8 2 0 4 7 1 Dalr. tt I IJM I
p-faji rf I 1 0 0 0 OLaChanea lb 8 8 ill 0 1
Trubr tt... 2 o o 1 4 0 Sboch. rf .41 I. "
' ... s 1 1 " ;i .' Orlm, . I 8 0 8 1 0
Iw.nahue. c. 4 0 1 11 1 *S'*'n. V. I 8 i 0 I I
TottU .5 I 6"2? 1? 2 Ti.I.'l .X2 ,'l T'-'T'.I fi
?Stein out; hit wlth batted bai!
n _, _,.800080108-8
"?' ?**' .- n i ,, i, it o.i -i
Ilnaiklyn ." ' " " " " - ? ?'
Flnt bas* nn errom-C^icago 4. Brnokljrn 1 I'-" oil
b ^ r-h'rag. 7 Brooklyn fi Flrai t*i*-* er. balli Off
T*-rv .1 off Sletn 4 Btruek OUI B) Terrv 1 bj .
T?-.-ba*e hl' ll '?'?" '""* ''??:' 1 '" Bloloti
,?*.* Dahloe 1-. Chane* 2, <lnm Doubl* pl?y*-Dahl*n.
Truby and ABflon; I'a'.y. Corcoran and l*> Claac*. BTIM
pltcb?Btaln 1. L'Biplr*?Murrmj Time \ a
Won Lo*. rr '?
New-Tork v*. Chtcaa* "' >' '" OromOa, Wew-Tarh.
Krooklyn v* ClBClBBatl, al Ea*te|- 1 ark, 1,'o.klvn
i:..?r-ri \-r Bt lx'ii*. i" 1
Haltimor- v* Cleveland, at I
llofton. P*p' '? I.r.lan pM'hed a magnirVent gam*
agn'rii' the Prown* I'.-d.i>'. allowlafl IbOBI oaly thr*
. .,-*?? 1 hlta. n-.t on* of them !.?lng m*<l* In ih* la*'
rtve Inninga Th* |v.*fon* won ?a*.l\. lal Uaa~ w*r* un
ah'? la B. mii-h wlth I'^n'-hue BBtO th* elghth inn-ng.
? a*. th*y made Baojr ?' lhal Mt. The balllng of Ba*.
?nd th* n-ld.na ot Baah, Oboi** BBd Dowfl" ?***. BM fe?i
ur*a. Attendano*. l.li?>. Th* *e.i??:
. " 0 I 0 O 2 O *, i fi
aa. i^njn. c o " .8 " 8 8
Raaahiu Boatea I .-? Lsah 8 F.rr .ra Bt. Lojil* 2.
Batterlea Dotaa and Byaa, l"-.n.l'i? ar.d Pelta. rrnpir*
I-hllad*lphla. Pep* I. Af'er wmnlng iw. 1\* ilralgh.
gam** ihe PMIad*lflflBafl dr"t>j>el on? 'l.i* nfrern"on ln
Ihe r.fth Innlng nft?r Hiillv^n lal Mafl* k fumMe nnd
Croa* a wild thn.w. I^^jl*vllle dmeloped .i liaitlng *.re?k
wli.oh with the art**** i,.'t?1 ?'"?n rin* BBd IB* gam*
H"lni*? waa BBtlcd lerrnVallf ln IB* opening Innlng. bui
h' F*;ti-d d< wn .'? flaal a ik in t.i* o?-"nd In Ihfl flrat
gam- ,h? Phlladelphla* aaa hand* 'l'*n. h.iilng W*>
hlng almoat at will Altfladaae. HMtl Thean.rea
Thlladelphla . 8 1 f ? f ? ? f #-*?
I. .ula.'.lle . O II O O I II I 1 4
naaaMla Ph'i?d*iphia ]?> L, alarll - **- Biwi _?__
flelphU .'I. Ix?ulavlll* 4 Hatt*n*a Ta>b.r and . |em*n(*.
Wayblng and Kpie* Vmgtro l?vn.
\|. (!AMi-:
ThUadelphla . f, 0 .) 0 2 " 1 o " *
Ui.uivlll* . 8 " I 8 7 8 ?' " i 8
H*?*hl'* raHaiaalaBI* '" I^ul*vlll? 1? Error* Phll.
! delphl* 2. Iy.ulavlll- 1 Hat!?r|e? .'**ey and i i*m*nt*.
i HoUna* ttr-d Wam-r I'mpir* Je.n.
Hultlm.ff* B?pi l? H"tT? .*?? the a.ar p*ifnrm*r In lo
I _a> a Bal'.m.ira fle.aland r..n.*ai Ha h*ld Ih* vlaltora
I flown io four aaf* hlta and alruck out a*ven ro*n. four of
recommended for both toilct
and laundry are best for neither
them while th" hsa-s were .x'.ipled H' w,<* "J**" l?W
siipp.rt. neltti-r .f fhr champ.'ns- m.srl"" ?" "___
,?.,n ?. ktm Teuag ale. pHefted - ********* 'Z\
and bu, fr 9k*9*Y* m-iff tt CW. By ln Ibe Btttb_WOUld
! have tad* um boaae taam down to twe raaa Attenoaace
.' " ? ? o B . 1
Cleveland. O II 1 ? ...
?Baeebtta Baltlaa_ra ?. CWeelead ? F.-ors _H,-'imore
I, nereUad 1 Ralterlea Befcr jwl derfce. Ytams aa.
Zimn.iT. I'mpiree? Harai ?n.i Kmsi.?
Plttabwt. Bepl i. i'i--si.ir? wo. rraaa Waabmgtee *?
iv. i.v aBgaarmoa Mtttag ..nd kmw Weehingwn could
ne. bat Hawle. Aadereoa ??ve *_> t. Boew.ll n tn.
seventl. innlfiK. an.l Iba laltef waa hH fer IWO ? ns.es
sten-i nnd Baeltk botk bntted if) ?:?-"?' f->rm Attmanvatt
MB Th. m .r?
_. ..nO',fi'*inji!i
rr. 1 ' '*..,? n i. t
WasVnctnn . 0.' . ? , l
BOaaMta Pinaburg 14, \Vi,shln?'.->n ? E_T\i_2Vm'
n Washmjtien 4. Batterlea Hae??" ??_? '''r . '
- mon, Boewell aa. MeOutre fmpwe M Doaa_a
THR si.kity ii..i.i.a.\v n.ni BROINfl TTt ANNUAL
?i-i ii RNAMRNT.
The annua! open tournament of the Sleepy
low I.awn Tennls Clut heKan at Tarrytown yes?
terday. The tournament haa beeome a feature n
the tennla world. l.ut this year lt ls partlculari)
so. becauae of the unusttally hiKh claaa of entrles
from all parts of the country. A allver cha.lenae
.?up. valued at lir,, has t.een offered, bealdea other
handsome pr.res. There are flve COnteBtB *>n the
projrramme, but only the smples were atarted i'"
terday Mlss HellwlK. of lirooklyn. tba e?-'-h.-in.
pion of Amerlea. shouid have tblnfll mih her
way in the l.idles' slnKles. while Mlss Atk.nson and
lar Fr.ue-. the -ra sk Urm.klyn palr. OUt claaa the
other double entrles. and shouid have tba Klxe
a: their mer.y. There are thlrty-three entrles In
the men a slngles. and eleven te.itns in th.
The seore ls as followa:
OeaUeaaea'a slncles irrellmlnary r-UU-i tl T Ifnlsmln
beat R. Mlll-r. ft-_.fi 1
Plrst round- H & Thayer beat .1 A BenJaaalB, ? J
fi ... E. R. haraennt teBt H Rockwell. ft I. '? al; ?' H.
Pnuer beat H j Hoit. 7 B, B-B; 91. xx Bewrgtn beal
W T Sal-erthwalte. av 4% ft?4 97. I' BMta bfat B 11
1...1.. f, 2 I B, t 1. 1 r I'are.t beal W H. I'nuch.
I | ? 2. 0 N. Po-twick beaf K XI Ya.e '? 0. a -
.' K Plmps^n h?s' W II laoujhty. Jr. ft I, 8-8; -
Whlttemor* feit R 1- Btrong. 'V 2 M I> d PilllnBe
ben' \V A W.irneck. rt 1. B 2. R L. Uttle !?"?< 9, ' .
atrong IV 2. a; .',. S M All?n N-a' A M --_____, 6-0.
Ijidle.' ?m_le.-Mlr? Helen H?llw1*- beat M ?? F.MIae
Unaon. fl-O. 0-0.
Hamllton. Ont.. fJept. 9 (Rpedat).?Ne?l and
Flacher for the third tlme. Wlthln tWO week?. wlll
meet each other ln the rtnils of a tenr.ls teurna
ment. On the courta of the Hamllton iTlcket C.ub
to-day N'eel b?_vt GeorRe Wrenn. the bn.ther of the
ex-champlon, In 8 four-set match. the feature* o?
whlch were Neel a splendld vodevinK and Wrenn's
drlvlnir, with Neel In the back court. N'eel ar 1
Wrenn b^at Placher and Kapelyea ln the eeml
flnal douh'ea. after a cloae match, the s-or* not
ahowlnn the. evennew? nf the fc,.ms ln the cham
pionahlp round of ladtes' slnples Mi?? Oaborno, the
challenirer. won from Mrs Whltehead. the hol-ler.
ln tWO strala-ht seta. A heavy raln aet In to-day
ar.d aoftened the courta confalalerably, but lt ia
hoped that the eourts wlll be Ir, fine shape for to
morrow. aa Bood tennls la expected by the en
thuslasts In the champlonshlp match. The s-'.re
M?n'i #lna>s 'srnl-flnal i?und>?O. I? Wrenn beat B
P Rapelva. fl?0. 6-0.
Flnal miind-Oa-T Tt. Neel h*at Geora" I- Wrenn. *-0.
2??. ft?o ??. -?
M*n's doublaa faefnl-ftnal rr,un1i-a' R Neel snd 0, I.
Wr?nr beat E T. riaeher and E. P Rapely?_, ??,1. B?l;
A 1' lla*M and E K .Ha-*-'' 1>?at M illaasco an.l H.
Amtvroae, f?fl, 0?*.. ft- 1.
Ml-ed douhles .s?m1-flnal ttliod) RL T. Flseher aad
Mlss Wwvt b?af H Ramard and Mlts Harv-ey. ft?1, 6?2:
. j. Reel and Mrs. Hmlth reat E. F. filaasco and Mna
Whltehead. ft- 1 ft I.
I.adles' sln?l?? f.-hamplnnahlp mundi?Misa Maud r?
bO-B. beaf Mr? Whltehead. ft .1. 11-8
The openlnK rounds of the tennls champlonshlp
of the OmttRB Ter.nls Olub bejran yes'erday after?
noon at Mountaln Statlon. There Is a new cham
plinshlp cup to be played for. D. >V. Condler/nav
Inn won the oM one The slnales was the only
contest Btarted. learned and Wrenn wlll play snm?
practlce sets at the eo irta to-morrow. as they have
to prepare fot thelr match In Phlladelphla this
week. The scores.
Mer'? slr.rles (prellmlnsry rmmli W. Ky|e t*at I Gtf.
fen, 7 B, a. 1 a. 4
Ptm r.unl- Itoberl M Ml>? Jr . bea> R W Tl.iri*
, i c f Wafain bea' E A Qaaapln, \r ?. .,
B .. Holeorabe Ward i-mnt Rtrety Rradahaw fi ?* .'. I,
6 _ r-mir. R Rnn)i>n heat Russell A <"lr1ffln 6- .' '? ?
rie.ri- H Mlles teat Stanley Ward, ft 0, ft- ?
FT Blgtelow won the tennis champlonahlp of the
dty of N'ew-oa-k. N' .1 . yesterday on the courta of
tba Newark Tennls f'lub. ln .Tohnson-#ave., defeat
tnat the holder of ihe tltle. D. Tt. Roberta. ln a four
set match. The aiimnmrv-:
Men's s'.nal's aflrs? ri.inl' R b'r1 __olden beat Murrav
Sandersf-e. bv default. Ham Blgalow beat \'.in D_rne
B?4 .'. 1 P ?" T' ln ler *>.-at E Hen.umtn. fl 4. H 1 I"i
rar. Nal PohBef 11 I !a T
pee^nd rrmnS Btoataw beaf H'.Men. T?8. 8?d fi a
Polnler hea' Iiur.ind fi 1. ft 0
Final BBuad Rlgelow baal Polnler. l?fl. T-g, fl-J, 8?I
rhamplensh'r Mtmt- 11 Mgeloai rf,..'|enrer. 1*a' D. D
R ,b*rta, h"lder '.' fi. ti n a; I a; 2
Men's dovblea 'flrst reuadl -Waal-W and Van n.l?ie beat
H l'-n bm! Holdea, T i ft 2 fl 2
nnai round m?el-w and ^'an Iauyne bea. Polnler an i
Roberts. fi 2. ft 2 1 fi 4 fl fl .1
fiaratoua N. V. Repf |.?Ol*1llg to the lnck of In
teres* and BCardty of enfries the \ew-Vork Ptale
tennls champlonshlp fournament for th? season of
'f.r,. to have b?en played here this week. hns been
declared off. No dtapotltton hia been m,->le as y??
of the Hlsrh P.ock .'hamplevnshlp r^up. whlch wa?
won b> Clarenee Robart in '9? and "Bl. or the Wood
lawn Oval I'ur. won by Mrs. Ide Ir -!?l Th- local
essoclntlain will endeavnr to seenre an eirller .la'"
for tbe tonmamenf next year.
The Amerlcnn A'bleflc As?oc1fltlon. ef West IIo
boken, plaved a gr>od crlckei mat"h wlth the Ho
boken Crlckei Hub yeaterday ?t 'he f?t *;eorae
greund, and auffered defeat bv elchfv-seven runs
The cri-ketera of 'Tne Hli!" made a respecf.-^Mo
?bowtng however, and w K. GM11 especiaiu dld
brllliant work wlth the wttlow, and. ln partnershir.
or F riennalfv. nu' on V. for the aecond WlcK-t.
?Phe'scor. waa: Roboken, M; AmericoB.A. A., 70.
T/)ndon. P?pt I.?Tha r*ee for tha scullin/r chom
rlonship of Knrland between "WaR" Hardlng. the
prr.ent champlon. and 'Tom" Sulllvan. of N'ew
Kealond. the ex-chnmplon. took plaee to-dav over
the -r.nmpinn-hlo cour?e on the Thames. and re
aulted ln a Victory fnr Hardln*.
a nrmtfTFR RBOOYB at B r VRtdtlBT.
New-Ortaana, BRfA\ I W n fltoaabary, ?hn
haa been n reporter on "The Tlme?-Tiemocrat."
flred "wo shots from a revolver a' 1' <" OMillev,
s private deteetlve. who cBme Into notortety at
th.^ flma- of 'he ItnMan Ivnchlnas here. an 1 owner
of "The Dttlly I'em," In ''amn-si :hts mornlng
o'Mallev Hd rn' frv to defend hlmself He was
nol l.l'. and ftansbury was arrested The shont
ln_ crew ""' of s bl". r ufa^k made upon Stans
bury m "The Irem" o' yeaterday
^1_-__?--? ?_?-_-_----?___?__i
.ln.k il.r Otoal I - 111 -1
Was r ot a m"re perslsten' tn* vt the hue? oarr** he de
m..l!?t.ed than th- arent nstlonsl t-.ni<- Hosaetter's Btom
a-h Bltlerfl Hl le sll msnne- af dlsa?re?ah|e ?vmr">nia
rHii?e_ bv |n-1i?e?tl.n. constlpstlon or MIMMaaaa llean
bum. al. k hesidarhe. |aaa of aprae'lte, ?|.-et,|M*ne?? v.-l
i taauarn t the ?kin naataat), fur apaa the tatapaa, *re
r.h.i'fe?i%i|.,n? atwaya l.nnnabl. by ll.e lllttera Th-n
,|e rhararterlie |f? rerrae.llal trotR. As
a ?af-?'i*r.1 aeslnsa malarla It has BeMeeed a w-rldwlle
rapelatlaB the BMadatlaa nf whlrh waa lald fortv yeara
ar I'- |aaa apeak .f lt u. t'.e dialie.' lerma Ifa
efT|. a.v i. >heuma'lsfr, and kllnev tr-Mihle la me|| ascer
'alne-1 Appe.|ie Impn.vee aleep eMM weary braln* and
o.?rwr..u?hi nerv?? when It la n??.1 If la aulled to the
i ?? aalhaie .mi CaatMlaw .t mvaiida It fuiiy men.a
a fali and aontlnuoua trlal.
A QCBBTIOB Al T.i WOMKN'S ni<".HT T^ vote
<?N THK < ?< iNKTITCTliiN '! ANI 'II' \TF.S !"R
Fair Lake ("Iry. Sept 9 .Speclal).? Wlth the party
ot the L'nlted gta h Bei iti d*pending, to a
? xrent at |en?!. up.,n th- two addlUOBal VOtM
whlch I'.ah wll! fumlsh when she be-omea a Stat*.
lt Is not aurprlslng tb.it attention I* turnlng from all
p^rts of the country to this point and the election
whlch Is to take ptoe. here In November. Whi'.*
the election of Senifirs doflfl not oe*ur lhat tlme,
tiie l.eg|*;atiire whlch Is tu be chosen will *>ct two
I'nited 8tat(
"ne qoefltlOfl whieh I* h?tng n.*k*d with mueh
anxlety here la a* 10 'he attltud* of th* leaders of
th- Mornion communlty :n regird to Natlonal
' ? i that Bearty two-third* of th*
rotflri "f ITtab?three-?ftha, ar leaat?are Moiiuoaa
or lubjeci lo Uonnofl InBaflnce make.a this nn im
nl que*tlon. Not only so. but the Mormon
influ.-nce extend* far out*lde of I'tah. Th?r* are
Mormon C rnmiiriltle* all through the adjolnlng
State* and Terrltorie* The Mormons are especiailv
an BgrtctTtltral p*ople. ani When thaj. have ln tn*
paai found i rartJle apol taaoccupled in any of th*
fldjolntng t.rntory the'.r policy has b?*n to OCCUBy
lt Little BB?dl of young m*n ani women hav*
b**n sent out year by year fo "occupy the hn !."
Bad bave aon. *>, pers.stently and falfhfully. Th*
:e*'ilt !* tha, there are thousnjids of Mormon vot*s
ln ('olorado. Wyomlng. Idaho. Artzona and
N'ew-.\lex|co. Ther* ar- not enough to con.ru; :h >.**
Star-* and pro*pec,iv.- State* dlr**etly. bnt sufnc.ent
in n*arl\ all of ,h*m la hold the balance of power
betf/flffl the tao great partles. to glve to elth*r
on* with whom thev may dflCldfl 10 '"ast th*lr lot
th* cont.-ol of the Btate In whlch they are located.
HOW wiu. THK atOfUfONB Y<>TF.?
.?ther things helnir equal. Ir 1* nitural that th*
Morra. na ahould eaal their M wlth the Repuh'.i
'-an? They an naturally protfleUonlata That greal
prbidplc araa :h<- one upon whlch they bullt up their
erooa communlty, an l its proaperlty, in the
mldfll of this des*rt. has been BOroethlng wonder
f ll N ?? Only M, bai -her* are ,-her re.isons why
;nev ?*em like... to favor the Republlcan party.
Th* recent Demoeratle leglelatlon taklng the tariff
off of flrool wa* a serious hlow fo 'hem. for I'tah
!? a gr*at aheep ani WOOl productng country. Ther*
n ,* prlor ta thi rfliBwvol ot th* duty on wool no
surer lnv**,m*n, h**re than a large Coek of aheep.
Hut the reaaoral of the duty on a ? ol changed all
that. and has itrangthencd RepuhUcanlam .1 th*
rama tlme Ther., too, the repeai of thfl bounty on
Bugar wai a aerloui bloa to th* Morntona They
had establlshed ? heet sugar ladUBtry and Just got
it on a pajrlng baala arlth i - ?-;?? of greal flue
c**?. when th* Deraocratlc Con_r?aa iwooped down
upon 'hem am! took tbe bounty away Now Btagar,
bv r?-ison of th* overpr AaCtlOfl abroad, 1* cheap*r
than waa* before. and they ge, no bounty on what
thfly produca Ileaides thls. the three leadlng men
Of the Church. Wllllam Woodruff, Joseph Smlrh and
rjcorga g f'annon, are Republlcan* ln *entlment.
The flrst two ar* o.rspoken R*puh!leans, and It Is
undenrtood that Mr Cannon'a aympafhlaa and vt*ws
ara wlth th* Republlcan.*. although he 1.1 on the
I'emneratlc std* wh?n he was a delegate ln Con
gres* Oolng even further baek. lt Is asserted that
the flrat Joseph Smlth araa a Prorec-lonlst, and
his writlngs BB thls subject hav* been made ua*) ?f
tfl a:;cr. the || ,rmons wlth th* Republlcan party
in former electlona
Whlle th* I.emocats r*cognl''* fh* fact *hat th*re
ls a t*nd*ncy In the dlrectlon of Republlcanlsm ln
tha vlews and surroundings of the Mormon*. th?*y
do not conced* that th* Itepubllcans are golng to
-nrrv th* comlng election. or that the Mormons are
llkely to eaat their lot wiih that party as a claaa.
Th?y call att-r.tlon to th* fact that the early He?
publlcan platform elaased polygamy and slavery as
"rw!n reUea of barbar1?m." that th* Hepubllcan
party orlgirvated the l*gl?iatlon under whlch the
Mormons were not only comp*Il*d lo glve up polyg?
amy but under whlch many hardshlps were endured.
and that the Republlcan* llme afrer tlme refused
admlttanc* ro I'tah as a State, even oppoalng lt in
,h? laar QangTflflfl They alao polnt out the fact that
untll the last election there has b**n little evldence
of R.-pnhllcan strengrh In fh* Terrltorla! electlons.
There are many atrong and promlnent Mormona
el iseiv ldentifled with the Deaaoeratlc party. The
flght whieh Delegat* Oaln*. na a I'emocrar. mad*
for th* Mormona whlle In f ongress str*rgthen*d
th* partv li'-r*. ani that whl--h I'elegate K,*w:ina.
who la not a Mormon. but a Deraocrat, made !n tha
ia** Congreaa fltrangthaned th* ii*moorats materi
aJiy wlth the Mormons as a mass I. wlll be re
mem!ier?d that Mr Hawllns made a sharp and vlg
oroua r*piv to rh* speech of COngieaaman Morse, of
afaaaachuaeta, who hai attachad the Mormons ln
tba Ilscusslon of thfl MI". for tlM admisslon of I'tsh.
Thls haa flndflarcd Hawllns to th* Mormons and
strengthened th* I>*mocra,s accordlngly. Ther* ar*
others who beiieve. -oo. that th* Influence of the
Mormona Wlll be cast in favor of a I.emocratic
I.eglslature at fh* comlng election for the sake of
maklng Bura that Prealdenl Cleveland issues the
proc-unatton a Imitting th* State in cbm the Kn
abling act ls adopted, as :: doubtkaa will b*.
Woman suffrag* Is to cu, qulte an lmi>ortan, fea
lur* Iti th* comlng election ln I'tah. and mlght
prove a serious factor ln the admisslon o' ,he T*r
rltory as a State. and in the adml?lon of Senators
to seats ln tbfl Senate The altuation Is a aome
?-ha- cimp'.l'-ated ani lnter*stl:ig ..ne. Women
formerly vote.l ln Utah. but they were dlsfranchlsed
aereral reara ago for ,he purpoae of maklng the
control of polygamy leaa dlfBcuh, for all the Mormon
women vote,) ln the Interest* of polygamy. When th*
t'onstltutlon for the propoaed new State wa* fram*l
II prOVkV I 'hat women should have th>- rlght to
rotfl ln the new Stat*. should hav*" all th* rlghts
that m*n have rn vtli.g. h<>; iing oftV*. fltc. This
new conatltutlon ls to be voted upon a, ,h* Novem?
ber election. ani at the aam. tlma the rotara ar* to
. ita for orhcera, a Oovflraor, members of the Legla?
lature, etc, who ar* to aasume ....* dutles of th*
offlees. provlded tt'e eonstltutlon ls adopted BBd th*
prealdenl laauoa hla proctaanatlon maklng i'tah a
Curloualy, lt ls aaaumed that th* women have th*
rlght tn rote ... tha election at whlch the propoaed
la to be vnie.l upon. Il I* on y that
conatltutlon whlcb makea them rotera if adopted,
wr M B BflBUmed that they niav vot^. not onl> on
IU adoptfon, bul bIbo for naetnban of th* Leglalat?
ure, Oovernor and other Btate oAcera at the up
proachlng November election Tiiis prop isition,
-?? ing. aa it se.-rna. has i>?-en Bubmltted to tne irl
Terrltory, a I'nited Btatea court, and th*
Democratlc .1. !?;e has decided In favor of the
w.imet; Th. flfl hai t>**n appealed. for the aake
of a Hnal l-'-;ji ?n b*for* the ,.,.? tion, t" rhe h:gh*at
Terrltorla! court, ar.'. Ihe decialon ls bow awai?*d
wlth mueh Interest hteafltlme the wom*n ar* reg
l*t*rlng and preparlng to rote Wha- -he efTe.-- ,,,'
thls may b*. elther on Prealdenl '"leveLanl's procla
matlon a imlttlng 'h?- Btate or on th* r*,-*ptlon of
th* Seraror.* elected bv a l>*g:s;ature choaen t>y tb*
all of wom*n'a rote* under th*se p*cullar clrcum
atances, :? hard to aay. It m.ght result ln a conteat
PLvACE?Bouth Parad. L'haapenham-on Baa,
Kdlih Mahfll, dear rould fOU grt me |ta*.
d*k*r'a "Swltierlanrl" and the Iaa: number of "The
Mabel Wha, do ynu wan, fhem for"
Edlttl Oh, I'm wrltlng l*,,ers, and we"re In th*
F.r.gadln*. you kno?. and I Juai wan. '?? daflorlba
aom* of our favorite ha.inta, and m*ntlon a few
of ,h* i.*opl* aho ar* ataylng there-here. I
What is
Castorin is Dr. Hiiniiiel Piteher's preseription for Infantfl
and Chilclren. It eontainn neither Opiutn. Morphine nor
other Nnreotic fl_.lfll_M.rin It in a harmless subfttitute
for Pnrefforlo, Drops, Hoothiiijj ftyrups, and Caator 0__a
It Ifl PJeasant. Itn jfitarantee ia thirty years* un* by
Itlillioiis of lf llllll il ? Castoria ls the Childrcu's Panacea
?the .MotherN Frieud.
Castoria. jfestorla.
?TastoHalsso welladapl-dtocblldtYatithat I Caat~-lactireaCollc, Conetlpetlon,
Jrecniiiiendlta-isuperlortoanvprewriptlon | Pour Ktomach. I)larrh~a, *********
knenan to me." II. A. Aa. t.-.u, M. D.. ' Kllls Worma, (an>es sleep, and promotea d?
111 80 Oxfor.l St., linxi-lyn, N. Y. (testlon,
Wlthout lnjurlous medlcatlon.
?*Th?nseof 'f'.i'tori.i' Is nn universal and j
rtsineritaao well known that ft seemsa work i -fo- a-reral years I hare reeomroendedl
of sup"erofrat ion loeadoraa i'. 99W are tho Taatoria,' and ahall alwaya ?~ntlnuaa to do
lntelllirent families who do not keep Caatorla ; ?>t M it baa In-arlebly produced beneaclai
wit_Une?_-y reach." reault*."
Oelob SUaTTN, I.. !>.. Y.D*n* Y. P.aDea, M. I>.,
...?iv YorkClty. 1 BBBt Street and 7th A-e^ New York <3ty.
Thb rarraif Comp.nt, T7 MiaBAT Sraarr, Naw Yoaa Cnr.
of the seats of the Benatora tn case either party eeea
anv adv.mtnge to t.< galr* I bv ;t.
I' ls elearly ln the power <?:' the Mnrmm le.iders
to drtermlne whether I't-ih ahall
Democratlc at the ,omln? electlon I h": wili te.i
you tha- It probjblv l.es in th. bandfl Of 'he women
of the Terntorv to determlne the reaull ?
on and that the tendency among thi aornen
ls toward Democracy. It araa the Repub, ai wno
took tlie rlght to vote away from trem, -
ago and II \* n Demccratla tu'iif who re-ently .e
clde'd that th.- V4.>ma:i ahould have the rlgnt to
..-,.:. m the comlng electloi Bo II li aeaumed that
the women's vote mr rarr) ? Btate for tlie
Democrata, ind re ' Democratic
I'nltH Btatea Benators Bul there can be no doubt
of -he power of the Mormon i-.-iit- l Influence tne
rotea of the women. lf they chooae to do so. and to
Inftuence the ?.-.,.. a of a large prop rtl >n of the m.-n
In the Church a'.s-. No organlaatlon known to .nu
countrv al the preaent laj haa been bept eo thor
c.ughly'ln the eontrol ot ? ard while there
l? somethlng Of -? of the sharplv dra? r.
llnes sino the dlaappearance of po.ygamy, the eon?
trol of the le.iders is atlll almost BM
To say that either of tbe great partles Is conflder.t
of aecurlng eontrol of the Leclatature of 1'tnh. and
the subsequent electlon of ITnlted States Senatora
from here. w uli he Inaceuraf- To say that t.oth
are hopeful woul 1 t.e ;- I
All State ofn.-?rs are to l>e chosen at the Norem
ber electlon. and the LeptBlature then elected wlll
be called tog.th-r probably ns -iion as the Presl?
dent Issues his pn.clamatlon admitt'ng the State.
anl the struggle for th.- Senatorshipa uegun The
fact _hat each party has strong hope of captuiing
the I^eglslature h?s produced a large and growlng
cr..p of candldate* for the l'nlted States Senat-.
On 'he Democratlc Blde the most prcnilnent are ex
Delegatee caine and Rawilna ' *f courae the rall?
road lnterests are not Ille, and the I'nlon HftCflc
candldate for the Benate on ne Democratlc slde is
ls P I- Wllllama, who hns been 'he attorney of that
road here i m fhe Republlcan alde there are more
camlldatea. une of the stmngest and most hlghlv
respect^d ,,f the Republlcun eandldates Is < . \\
Hennett formerlv of Chlcago. but for many years
a leading and actlve Republlcan here He ls .1
"Oentlle or non-Mormon. .ludge doodwln, the
Kdltor o. "The Trlbune/' formerly of N'evada but
a doaen veara a realdent her.-. is alao a candldate.
Colonel Isaoc Trumbo. ln his eandldacy for the Sen
ate haa a conaldernble followlng. Arthur Thomas
ls another promtnent candldate. Frank J. Cannon,
who ls the recently elected Delegate. la alao an
avowed enndldate. He Is a son of r.eorge Q. rnn
non. the rea! head of the Mormon church In a-ldl
tlon to theae, there Is a weil-dellr.ed belief that
Oeorge Q. Cannon hlmaelf would like a seat In th<.
Senate. _
PMCfl-DRNCT Of His 0 A. Ft 1"
dhtrict oroani-iation.
The reslgnntlon of Theodore Sutro as presldent of
the (Jerman-Amerlcan Reform I'nlon and the acion
of the County Convention of that body, upon motion
nf Sherlff Tamsen. ln tabllr.g the Tax (Vmmlselon
er"a letter advlslng patlen<-e |n awalt'.ng fhe rerult
of Mavor Stron^'s admlnlsrra'lon. have been irldely
dlseuaaed among Germans A < Jerman-Amerlcan who
haa been so d'.sgusfa-l with tr..- gra.lu.il Tam
manyl_lng of th" unlon by Messrs Rldder, Tamsen
A Co. that be has reslgii?d his plac- as prealdent
of the XXIId Assembiy IHstrlet * ;?rman-Amerlean
Reform I'nlon Asso-lation. is I >r. Alexunder
Rerghaua, of No. 138 Kast Sixty-flfth-st.. a
member of a.,, Arion. Sehlurafta and other
Oerman BOdettea He is an ardent reformer and a
thorough-gotng atudent of munlcipal questlons, as
well a-s l.-1ng a flrst- 'la-.s flghter. In conversation
wlth a reportei Ol The Ttlbune yester.lay. Iir H-rg
haus gave a .llsttnt rlew of the acrual sltuafion
and of tbe dlagual ot tha best c;a!(s 0f (lormnn
Amerl-ans over the a.-t.on of tbe Coun'y Conven?
tion He aaid
"The (Serman-Amertcan Reform I'nlon has be
eoma thoroughly Tammanylaed TMa has t.een
broughl aboul prlmarlly through Herman Rldder,
wlio, actlng under the protectlon of the name of Os
wald ottendorfer. has aucceeded, wlth the ald ol
Sherlff Tameen anl polltlcal wlrepullera of that
atamp either In drlvlng th- best men uut of the
tinl.in or In "a dlsgustlng them that they wlll hava
nothlng more to do with Rid ler and Tamsen and
have no use f..r men of the character of Ouetav ll.
S hwab and Arthur Von Brleaen, so they drove one
fnun th^ prealdency and the other from. l belleve,
the vi. ? presiden.-v of the Baeeutlve Commlttee I
say -.ir..*.-. l mean thal thej englneered them out.
a'Dr Anderaon, who pratea aboul havlng s.'./ani
Oerman Amerlcana behlnd him. came near splltting
ampalgn last tall ln his fant and
the unlon In the
furl'.us efforta l) get thi
i.otnlnatlon for Cot r
nate.nl of Dr OMeaghcr
"Iir Anderaon p>t up In the convention and mad-.
a Bap-doodle apeech ln whi.-h he boaated <>f his tn
fluence and all that sort of tr.ing Then a frlend ..f
I>r Anderaon capped the .-itmax by aetting up an.l
makmg a apeech Intended to be laudatonr, ln whl.h
he declared that he had known lu Anderaon ever
sinee he. Dr Anderaon, was a coachman
"Well. Dr Anderaon was eq lelched, but Rldder
anl Tamsen have kept at tha ga_M The name
of Mr i iftendorfer, as I have sald. has been uaae.l
bv Rldder as a cover all along As a matter of fact.
Mr Ottendorfer h.is attended but .me meetlng of the
unlon, and he i> am.- si-'k and had 10 be taken
home. He k no wa nothlng;. I eerlly belleve, about
Rldder'a a-'hej-ea an.l va Irepulllng.
"I believe myself that *h> re shoul 1 be two hours
of Sunday ln whlch th-' pur.hase of UqtlOT mai be
carried on at llcens-1 plaeea, but that hn* nolhlng
to do wlth the enfor ? meni ..:' th>> law on the atatute
bo'ilta Hut Rl l-ler and Tamaen <-are nothlna tol
that Thev .ir>' after potltlcal capital and woul.l
'deal' thelr h>-a ls off If they thought they coulil
carrv oul 'heir s-hemes "
I^xlngtoti. Kv Bepl !* CotaOal W O. Rr.i ilev,
nepubllcan candldate for Qoreroor of Kentucky.
?poka his mlnd r-gardlng the Democrata and what
he styled thelr "disgra. eful method of conducMng
? polltlcal campalgn." to-day at London It waa
the flrat publlc utterance ..f the Republlcan candl?
date aln'? he rjuit the Joint debatea wlth ileneral
Hardln at Bmlnence. Flve thousand people as
aembled at the falr grounla. l(efei.li)g to iba nna
4_r<-nter ^ew lork'a ?.re?_Ueet
Wednesday and Ttiursday,
Sept. ll and 12.
A m..gnificent Fhowlng of all that la ri-weflt la
Autlimn Millinery The flneat from Parla. Many
equally fine fr.m a.ur own workr.>oms. All wlll ba
shown ?.n Wndneodny and Thi.rsday.
Bloomingdale Bros.,
Thlrd Ave., a.f*lli and <Oth "ta.
Sick Headache
I*o?itlielv lured by
these I. a fl ls- Pllla.
They also relleve Platreaa
fr..m Dynpepala, Ind'.geatloo
and Too Hearty Eatlng. A.
_ perfect remedy for ni7._lne_a,
Iw FR Nauaea. DrowslneBS Ba<i
J_?_?^ Ta-'e |n the Mouth. CotltB
PIl.LS. : Tongot. Paln ln the Slda.
TOKPir* LIVER They reg
ulate the Howela.
(AltTF.R NlSICm CO.. R. T,
- 326 7th Av.,
Xr-IAR 2*>TH BT.
Telephoae. 1.1.12 3S.h at
bknp y.>r '-ir.'ii.ar
Rt KY 127 W iM-et,, N. V rVnd i'Hm|. fnr book. WW*
?_-!- *
treatment at Kminenc, Colonel Bra lley said tba
stenv.graphic repor: publlabed ln the R.publlcan pa?
pera told the arfair just as !t was. He redted how
h- had trlel s.x time- to speak to the unruly Demo
crats and tr.at they had cried hlm down on eacbr
att-mpt. Mh alluded to tbe fact that when tieneral
Hardln aros- he ha 1 no trouble in restorlng tiulet,
p.ntiftng ott: ;h:s fact to bear out the statemeni
that th- -i>?-.-..vt. " was prearranged.
The Exe.-utlve Coananlttoe .f the Independent
c'ounty i irganizatlon m-t at the Hroadway Central
Hotel last ev.-nlng an 1 made preparatlona for tho
comlng -ampalgn Krnest Harvler prealded, wltb
\'l??.?'halrmen Krar.-ds B. Murtha. Mlchael Madl
gan and Maa Silverstetn. Joseph Stelner and E. J.
Healy wera Bocrotorlea aod J <'haries Seligman
treasnrer I'rlmanes wer. or lered ln the several
Aaaembly dlatrleta for Monday, Sep'ember 30. at
whl.-h one delegate from ea.-h electlon diatrlct la
t.i t.e elected to the County .'onventton, to be hel4
at Coaprr ITatOO on Wednesday. October 9. at fl
p. m.. to nomlnate .-andldates for munlcipal and
Judl-ia'. oftVes and one delettate to the flenate anffl
Assemlaiv .'.ir.ventlona The flenate conventlonn
are t.. be held on Monday. nctober ". and the Aa
s.-tiii.lv- conventlona on Prtday. October U.
Reaolutlona .v~re adopted declaiina that the Indc
pendenl County ' irgantzafloti defends and upholdi
liberal lavas anl will aupport leg.slatlve candldatee
eommltte.i to .. pollcy that doee nof Invade tha
rlghta and prlvl'.egee of cirizene and glvea r.o oppor?
tunity for tyrannjr, oppreaalon and onVial bUck
ma.l." They ais.> demanded the atrict enforownent
of lawa aseurlng a fair ?ote, an honeat count and
honeHt. falthful, progresstw and cnpable adminfa.
iratloti of munlcipal affalrs.
ftprlngtleld. ohio, Sept 9 iSpe-ial) The, RepublV
c-ins , f . tllo wlll formallv open the campalgn of
lSa", ln this clty to-morr >w Every arrangemeng
h.4S been perfected for the greateet demonatratloaj
ever known ln thla aection of fhe Sta*e The at*
tendane* promlses :.. ba tr-nuniloua
lt was an unfortunate blunder to have fhe open?
lng during tne Natlonal (irand Army of the Repub>
Ue En.-ampmeii-. as tne OhlO vaterana alwaya tur?i|
out for Republlcan mee\ng? ttt :he RepubllcaBR
clubs of the state wlll make a magnlflcent ahowmg
and the par.i.le precedlng the ap?aklng wlll ba
large and novel S-nator Sherma/i wlll preslde. and
apeeebea Wlll be made bv Messra McKlnley. Buah
ne'.l, Foraker and Jonea. After the openlng t'-a
m irrow < >hlo Repub'.lcans will keep puahing tha
flght ln everv achool diatrlct The best campalgn
orators ..f other S'ties will t.,. here to aaslat ln tho
cause Alre^dv several Eistern Republlcans of ami
tience bave eoaaented to come. among them belng
U'arner Mtller. of New-York. Senator Krye. of
Malne; ("hsrlea Emery Smt'h. Congressman Rou
i ihn Dalae'.'. and Oovernor Haatinga. of l'er.n
-. ... .inla.
It Is alsn expected that Senator Quay wlll addreaa
s me great meetlnga to be held In October. ln eorne
t iwn Itke Warren a.r Youngat.vwn. near the Penn
aylvanla Une When Chaaneey M D-pew geta
back from Europe an effort wlll be made to have
hlm tnake ?? le,-- oaa speech In Clnclnnatl. Ex
flpeaker Reel has nany admlrera ln ohio, who wlll
aak hlm 11 tak- part In the campalgn Oovernor
M-Klnley has a'.wiys spoken ln Maine and Mr.
Reed |s *\peetel to rettirn tlie favor. e-en thougb
he anl >icKln!ev are considered rivala for tna
1'real.len'ial tnmlnatlon
Phlladelphla. R?pt 9 Davl.l Martln. of thla clty,
whe waa one of the leadera ln the re .ent Republlcan
r.i anal flght ln thia State agatnat Benator Quay,
and wiio. lt waa r-ported, woul-J realgn from tha
Republlcan Natloaal Commlttee be-auae of tbe Quay
Burrouadlnca. to-da) denled that he hal coniem
plate.1 su.-h a step Mr Martln woul.t not dlacuan
the matter further than t.? urer a denlal
__-. . . '~*?~^*"*_*"??"^?^^~^w
your Bfeara al the bara-ti). ln Pt>?perthwelt ? "Rellabla'*
rarpeis at HH W?( l?.h Ht. No mooey needed, oaly *A
call i- claooae your yattera id ba aiada

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