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No BA* to av \i i-.:m. OP tiu: CAM IMTCRKW
None of the clty B-il-i-l c .nncctcd w.th the
Financc or I.aw departments car.-d to express an
oplnlon yeaterday regarding the Statea suit against
the city to rOCOVOt Ncw-Yorks qiiota of back
taxes for th>- car.- Of tha insane outsi.le of the
cltv. awountlng to ?1.400. ono. whlch w*,* dccl l.-d
bv the v-eneral Term at Saraioga on \\ .-In.'-day
ln favor of the Btata ? '...uroller Fitch aaid thal
lt waa lapoaoiMa to tell from the telegraphlc re?
porta Of the case what the actual dctennltiaiion
"1 ha>e aent for the full text of the Bodtfoa."
Mr Fitch aaid. "and expect 10 get it to-morrow.
If, as I am Informed. the clty has been rellevd
from the pavment of Interest on ihe back taxes.
the judgment will Justify the WlBdO-B of conteatlng
the clalm in court and beneflt the clty fur beyond
the Mat. of suit. I do n -t belleve that there waa
anv atlpu'.rttlon on the part of the clty to accept
the judgment of the General Term as flnal or that
anythlng w:ll prevenl the forporatloi. Counael
from carrvlng the case to the Court of AppaaJa
Actlng Corporatlon Counse! Wllllam U Turner
a'.a. deciined to make any statenc-nt for pnhlioa
tlon aa to the gtatus of .he case
"I cannot do ao." he sald. "until I recelve an
?fflclal COpy of the declaion. If the clty's conten
flon that the State la not entltled to Intereat on
the amount adjudged due to the State has been
nuatalnrd. It wlll save conalderable money to the
City." Mr. Turner aaid that he, too. expected tO
have the fuil text of the decislon to-day.
Assistant Corporatlon Counael .lohn M. Wanl,
who had eharge of the delalls of the case and took
part ln the argument before the General Term,
eald vesterday that no sllpuiation had been entered
lnto on the part of the city to make flnal the
judgment of the General Term. The only thlng
agreed upon by the eounael on both Bldea, 1 e
aaid, was that the decislon aa to the elty-a llabll
lty for 1WW shouid exten.l IO the foUOWlOB years.
T?-ere was nothlng HOW, he aall. in the way of
%A* i.-ig ;hc o.tar- to the bighest iribunal.
The ataten nl - often haan J^da that lf
Mayor strong lm approved the blll relatlve to
the' care of the Inaane and provwina for the
gratuitous tranafer lo the State Of Wards IalanJ
"nd the mll'.lonB' worth of property and hulldlnga
where the cltv malntalns Ita lunatlc patlenta .hla
clalm of the State for Sl.tui.ouu back tax.* would
have t'?en extirgulshrd.
Preaident Harker. of the Tax Department aaid
yeaterdav tha; th.s repreeentatlon of the matter
wa. erroneoua and unfour.ded. The Mayor was
dlaaatisflel wlth the blll becauae It ma.ie no pro
vlalon to releaae the dty from thea- back taxee
for th.- maintenance of the Inaane of th* JBtate
outside of New-Tork. wn..e a: the same tlme it
aave the State real estate and other property ot
?reat value. Had the Mayor approved the Wll,
Mr Harker aad. II would not have relleved the
cltv from a dollar of theae unlual daims or tne
F'.ate The c'.tv governm.-nt of 1S93 refuaed to pay
them on the ground that the tsxpayer. of this
cltv could nol be law fully held f.r lha care and
ma'lntennnce of the pauper maam n the other
eountlea of the Btate, w.-en ihey took care of
thelr own unfortunates of tu.s rharaater at thelr
4.W11 cost. as well as of nll other inaane found
?within the bor lers of the dtjr.
BSTBD IN Ni.w TORB ?'>si:s
Albanr, Sept. 12.-The State l.un Bl y I'otnm.s
Pi .n expecta that the dedelon of the Oeneral Term.
compelllng N.w-Torh to pay ita qnota of tax for
?UM care wlll result in New-York County tum
tag over Ita pauper insane to the Btata aa aoon as
the neceaaary it-glsation can be BOCared. nnd lt
1? Bccordlngly Intereatlng :tself in the dlspoaltlon
ot caata of all.n pnupers reported from N<w-York
Cltv On the report of l"?r. MaclmiM. St p< rln
tandenl of tha Stw-Torli Clty asylum. tiie >'om
mission aecured avldence to lay before Cormmla
aloner of Immlgratl in Benoer ln two cases. and the
latter has agreed to aee that the patients are
tranaported by the ateamahlp eompanlea to the
countries from whlch they came.
Th.- caaes ar. those of Mra. Mary Hall. admltted
tO the New-Tork asvlnm on Aug ist lu. and Del
l.iugt admltted on Auguat :*.. The Hall woman
had been ln the Unlted States on'.y ten months
and In New-York Clty only thre? m antha before
her admlaalon t > the Instltirk.n Sh.- formerly
llved ln Ireland. and she sailed tr..m Uverpoo. to
Phlladelphla on the steamer K'-nsington. Aftrr
etavlng In Phlladelphla for a time Bhe came to
Albany anl than went to New York. reach.rg the
latter plaee In Junr. I.lugi came lo Amerlca wai
Mav He .tarti . from Oenoa and was brought
over frbm Ha\r<- in tho steamshlp Xormanu a.
N.. .-' MHIN tT* IM
Reporta fr n Phlladelphla conflmiing the rumors
of the raislrg of Ihe I rlcea Of coal from 10 tO K>
cent. a ton wera c rflrroed by Lehlgh Valley offl
clala yeaterday. Al the ofllce of the Pennaylvanla
Coal Company it u . ? -all tbal the I lvanee was
due lo no comblnal n, bul waa the normal result
of tha contlnued drwghl in Pen'taylvanla, ao that
the mlnea wen wltboul water, and cf the reatrlo
tlon of tonnagr
Ylco-Preatdeol llolden, of the Delaware, Lacka
vaana aad Waetern Rallroad. profaaaed litil^ faith
ln these reaaoa. for the advance, and sald: "There
has been a gradual broadenlng of the market alnce
lAugual i Prlcea wera hlghu- laat nreeh than the
week bofora, and are blgbar *t!l! thla week. We
are selllng 2.". per cent. more coal HOW than at the
eame tlme a year ago. No, I know of no coaa
tdnntlon what. ver." , _,_, __
The Pennaylvanla Coal Company alao denled any
knowledge of any comblnation.
I'hlladelphia. fcept 12 Th. Readlng lUllroad
Corr.panv to-dav announced an advance ot :-om w
t? 18 centa a toi: on all slzea of Anthradte coal. ex?
cept pea coal. This appKes a.nly to lme and clty
trade and not to tidewatrr trade I hla actlon
ha- been followed by a almllar move on the part
Of the l.ehigh Vallev Company. and will presuma
bly also be followed by the Lehlgh Coal and Na\;
gatloti Ccmpanv an.l the pennaylvanla Rallroad
Company. An offl. ial of th,- Readlni Company
? tated to-day that the eonditlon ot the trade war?
ranted tha- advance. and that the movement has
beei antl.-ipated alnce Beptember 1. lt is aaid
that an advance ls customary at thla fleasuii of
the year.
The l'nlted Statea atatute paaBflrt Mar-h 2 last ex
tendlng the Insprction of Ilv- cattle for export from
th's f-ouniry 10 freah, salfd. canned, corntd or
pack-d beef will go into effect n.-xt Monday. The
Collector'a olll-r ls maklng speclai preparatlona for
lh.- .-xecut'.on of the law, ..nd l'eputy-l olector
.lawthorne, of ihe F.rst Divlalon. that for "..e
olearan . of veaaela gave warnlng yeaterday thal
no dearance papers would i.e glven to any reaael
tiavlng su.h meats aboard wblch had not Ihe n. -
Bary cortlflcate. of Inapfl tlon.
sin: l :.n BBB mxtf at BABBADOB8
Tlm Amerlcan barl: I.ottle Moore arrlv.d li< re
yeaterliy from Aleppy, India. As reported ln The
Trlbun,- al lha tlme, the Moore pal Into Barbadoes
on Augual -. w;th all hands ill of berl barl, a d's
aaae son.. what simllar to acirv>v All arr now
we i ex'rpt the mate, wbo waa lefl at Barbadoea
J hn >' Hatnea, |be prealdenl of the Amerlcan So
dety for the preventlon of Cru-lty to Anlm-ila, has
ten for lha october number of "Our Anlmal
1'ii'i la," a monthlv magaalne publlahed by the
an artlcl.- on the recent agltatlon against
flghtlng at Atlanta. Mr. Halnea crlt1clt?.-s li,
pevere ta-rma the parfonaanoaa of winiarn Hoata
Ballou ln regard to the reportad scheme of bull
flghts. Mr llalnes'a artlcle dooaa with the followlng
polnted paregraph:
No.v w.- modeatly dlaclalm any credM whatever
for ar.v part of Mr. \\. How* Ballou'. exploita ln
thla matter. They are exclufllvely hia own. and h.
o-u;!.t to have ihe undtvtded credll of them. We
tr .? . therefore, that our .?jiiteinporarlr? who havr
totimated lhal thi "Humane Bociety of New-York"
_s entltled to .mv part of Mr Ballou's renown shall
da lhal gentleman ihe justic.- lo say there ls no
Buch Inatltution, and.ihat the Ain.*rla-an Bociety for
the PreveuUon ol Crudty lo Animals. havlng Ita
tartera ln ihis clty, has nelther Inaplred Mr
Ballou'a crjaada nor l*en In any wa>- oonm
with lt. Whal lha aodaty dld waa to wrlte to the
Grorgia BOCletiefl to as.-ertaln whether there waa any
foundatlon for th<- n< wapaper r'pirt of a propoa>-d
hulil'ght at the exp'-altl .i. Recelvlng. as we ex
p- ??? . a perfectly aallaf' tory reply. a'.l that we
navr alae. done has t?-en t<> look on. noi alwaya
wlth ainusement. while Mr. \V. Hosea Hailoil has
made hlmaelf and a very aaered eauae rtdlculoua.
nn: at. FtBCBHT BB paci. 0O3TFBBBX0B
Tha representatlvea of the Bt. Vlncent de Paul
Bocletv Couneila ln aeaslon at the Miaalon of the
Ia..inac_:ate Vlrgln, I<afayette Plaee and Great
J..:,- .. ? , yesterday dlacussed Ihe queatlon of an
"Armrlcan Pulletln." to Ih- publlahed by the Bu
prer:? Councll.
The conference wlll meet agaln to-day and to
nlght the delegatea wlll attend a ban.piet glven
hy tbe Cathoi.c Club, aj, hUIpU Archblahop C'or
riAtkit wlll a"tal--.
TA.'KKI' rv llKM<?KltllA<:K OF THK. THH.'AT.
James Mlldiel. the ehalini.tit "f th* Btoc* Kx
chang.. yeaterday stru.k his ?..%.. up.?i ,l"'/1,;k
a: .t p. m , an i aralbad .
ni 1: COVETN.
To si i: Tili: IBA BBACM ROAD.
A.iR.'st Meldling wa. ye.terday appointed guar
ttaa ad Htam tar hta son. August. Jr.. fourteen
years old. who wna Injured ln th.- .;*??"' ?
on the Baa Beach Rallroad, for lha pur|
bringing .? auli f-? damagea ag-lnai the company.
judg.- Beekman mada she appolntmeat.
?aari-ai Omn Cha-ab-ta i>r.rr i..-.km;.n .1 - .'..i"
wpena ut 10-Ju a. m Hut lona Calendar called al 11
h .11 n 1. Raga* ** Mu-flBone: No - ?y*'*-""1 \"
Sul.-k.-r No .1 I'ln- va i:r.-.nl..r_. No, 4. 1 >? npli
! iVarlnV: No B, aame - mme; No. * Btmtn
Overbaufti, No, 7. Voaeeler v Jonea; No B ;,''' ,."
v.. Ai.ier. So '.'. matt? ot V v. Pruli Importlnfl i...
Na i". Jone* v?. Mndaa) Nn ? -.. ''""< **? p***? .?***"?J*
matter n( Hlgflln.; No 13. Yeople. eto ?* "?,ktSw A"
Na 14 Peoou >?? ? Nat lona N. iaa. ro.. wo. io,
.,.?r.|,. ' . . No. i'i. Coehran va >
N?. 17'. Be-fgtn v. Deerlna; No l?.FJ'nn '%*?_?/*!_?
IS Rapaport ra. N v. Mni Ua. I.ljrhl ?? . No. -?. Mul
Llfe li... ... x*. I"!. Al; No Sl _"?-???; ' .''''Vmo,i
22. Foote va. EmatM-haf; No ? MallMk'? - ? ''r* ?-? "'?
Nn -4 m?t'.-r of Maivlwr-ave.j Na .... Btoom ve.
Plumbera' Rupplle* Mfg Ce . s M *-?-'"??'- K'M,,r"!'
No tl. Cnlilw.ll *?* Aailnmatlc laib U. Nu. ?"*.-__"'
wteh ra Boetwtck; No -".'. Bchwwln vi Becond Avenue
It lt .'.. No :i". Lrwte ea mme; No 81, St*ven*on vb.
?am* N.. .12. BkrhmMl -..- Olrach i.iih Co.; No. al mai
t.r ..'f i.l.l *~'.t.n l.land U. Bat.; No M. .-..(T-n* ys.
Steffena No. .'lf.. Prlin-hel va. Drltachel; No. M. matter
,f Mooeypenny; No, 91, mat.er of Hamllton; IS
Nuhr v*. Kni.er. Na 80. Qoodman v. Feldnu-en.
Buprem* Court-Oeneral T-im --Ite. ...
Kiipreme Coorl apeclal T*rm l*aru i. II and Iit-Ad
1..urne,l f.r th. term. . ,
Circult courl l'art. I. II. III ar.d I\-Ad)oarn*d hn
1 S-ptrtor .'??urt ?pectal Ttim Befora Dagro, 1 Couit
?ti__?rlor1 Coirt-ai_eral Term AdJooraed for tbe tenn.
s_,.-ri., Coun Rquity Term.- Adjourned tor th.'term.
Bupfitor Court Trlal Trrm-l'nrts I. II and III?Ad
Purroaa't*'. C_*_ri Chamber* Before AraoM, t?Motion
ralendar <-?n-d at 10:30 a. m. Will* fbr probate: M.n- A.
reii r. Annle Bllimga. Hirhnr.i C. Combe. ****** *l
Wllllamaon, Doela L .earney, ... M40 a. ra.; Wllllam
W-V,r'r'".,"!-? c-.uT' -Tr.Hi Term Betoee niaaieaM. *
c.urt oi>en* nt 10:30 a. rn, No Aa) calen_ar,
Comi-on Mea. *P* lal Twm Bafore Daly. C J. Oearl
open.* al 11 h ni. M-.il 'n*
?common Pl*a* 'i-n-n.l, Term A.'i...i-1-..-i ..r"* Ma.
.-. ...... o vi.ua Baalt* T.rm adjourned K.r ')"? t-im.
.?.'.",",.". I'l""- t'm, T.-,n l-.irlA I. II an.l lll-Ad
3 ,'u? Courl Groerai Trrm? Adjourned .ln.*dt..
City c.ur. Bpeclal Term- r.-f r* Botty, J.-Coort open.
"oSV^ourt-TTl-rTerin-Paru i. tt Hl aad iv-AJ
?K.iiin-d f.?r tbfl term.
Suprem. Court.
P.y I.pckm.n J.
Kerr.rner va Mandelbaam DavM B. Og_ea.
Uoenaon ea. tteii Hl. har.l H. Bmltn
Haven. ?-. Weai Bld* Blecttrt. Llghl Powar cmpany
a. Wallter Ota
Common Ptiea,
By Daly, C. i.
K.rnan v.. Keenafl Meaea HerrBBaaa.
Sup.rlor Court.
By Dagro, i,
Baratflta va O-haa-Aagaat-fl H. Taadfltpaal
R_c_SVMm Aii'..inti:i>.
agpreaaa Cbart.
].-? iteekman. J.
Maitei of Atia* Iron Coaatractlon O nrpan] artafl 1
S'i[.erl"r c. art
Hy Dugra, I.
i...,,. M v Pililu-wr v*. Nqnltabl. Mntual Flra Inflnr
?nr* c..-i ratlon Loul. '' Raegen'r.
c.I.tk- KAil-y ?? Wlnceni Wobotawltfl aad otbera
Wuia.: a Ita
The culmlnatlng featlvltlea al Manhatun Beach
to-morrow wlll ba a ban-llt for Bdward E. Rtce.
There wlll ba mu.lc by Kerker'. Orcb-Btrm, 9Dti ll
voi.inte.rs for 'he far-w.-r. parfortnaneca of "Wl,"
nnd a flpecial Brtworka eahlWI by Paln Karker'.
Orcbeatra wlll glva concartfl al I* and 1 p. m. tho
programmea Inclndlng many of Mr. Rlca'a baat
known eompoaltlona. and hla new waltt, "Sw.pt by
Ocean Brnaaea.' dadlcated lo Auatln Corbin. Mlaa
Thereaa Vaughn ani Mark Bmlth wlll ba tho ? .: ,
Ist., and Maa Mar.-t/.k wlll per.onally ronduot his
"Kntakerbocker Dance** and his ovartnrfl to "Har
moza." Mr. Rlcfl *ill rondiut bls own coinpo.ltion.,
Hnd \v.il..T Jonea, mada up aa Boufla, wlll wbld ih.
baton for th<- ' Klng Cotton Marrh.''
Bunday wlll be the laat muafeal day of the aeaaon
at' the Beach and wlll be devoted to eompoaltlona
,,f nmertcan compoaar* glven by K.-.k.-r's Orcheatra.
Among the we.l-known compoaerfl who mrlll dlreel
ihelr own work* ui.- Max Maretaak, B. Q, i'm;.
Heimun Parlet, Rudolph Aronaon. --harle? Pucrner,
Qustave Karker, M. Buatla, Harry Braham and B.
K Rlce Tln* aololfltfl wlll be Thareaa Vaunhn and
Wllllam Pruatte. Pollowtng ara to-morrow's pro
i Royal Pn i.i - Mare- .J]'"'
2. Ovarture, "Coraalr".'*'''"
3 Waltaea ?A'lenna UI.I".Strauw.
i. Toreador h-.uk. "Cann-ii".uiaet
Mark Stni-.i.
.?.. Raln I'r-.p K---11- .'<'???
i;. March. "Kinir r iton". ~
; Uavoit., "Adi nla". ??? Rl J
a Knlrkerb rkei dan <? .Maretaek
Orcheatra Hr* l*d by l.et.
6 H nga, "Oerman".:" ' ' '?
Mlaa Tl.? * atigl "?
l" Dreain tttet th. Ball.Uimby.
ii Belertlon, "Ultle ChrHtopher".K. rk.i
1" m..|.|i. "Columblan Ouard". Rica
li, ,M. ited lo Qeneral E. A. M< Alpln.
i March, ' i: .yal Palai ? ' . ]'? '
?j Dverture, "Kvanawlln.". " '
.; Orand f-1-ni..n. "Pearl ol IVkln".K'"*_*'1
4 \Va;.7. "_hr.pl by Ocean Breei.- mew).
l?,ii. ?'...! id Auatln Corl lll
6 Bona, "Carm.n,.roi^ador".Blael
Ma .. Bmlth
6. a"Huah, UttU Glrl, Don'l <',->???.....Rlce
l Morceau, "She'a Captlvated .Me". R
7 March, ?K.nif Cotton".aou.a
Orrh.Btra dlrected hy iValter Jonea.
? Crnnd ?elwtlon, "Pearl of Ivk.n".K.-l.-i
:,; Oavotte. ?Adonhi"._'.""';
pi Ui-irn.-'.i Polk ...HK*.-s' '
Mi*. Thereaa Vaughn.
11 Overtare, "Hwinoaa".Marrtaek
Orehewra -Irecteg by Maa Marata**.
12. Eacelalor Marek.-..??;;?,;.".
... Heated I ? - R R*y? ***?
<Tn.m Truth.?Copyrlght. 1-'..". i -. Truth Company.)
i WII 1 IK liri.Mi' OBT '.NT" DE BLOOMER8. 2 IIET, HERE! IT R*ID VI l: PI8TM! HOLD ll'
B. BOOMlll *> OWIlllllltl
.?\nu.iNi/.\TPi\ RA_mtK?D BT THI CCTTOK]
pactort mr.
\\ mhSngton, Bept M iflpedaD. The saying that
ibe completlon of modern battla-ahtpa lai.l
down developmenta In ordnance maka th.-m antl
quated, arhlla an eaaggaratlon :n the maln, may
.lMn i?. .ertfled In pan ln regard to araaor, at
i, ,?i K furtbei aad mon tborough aapedmenta
justify ih. expectatlona entertatnad by Naval or?l
, ipertB, ihe aajing wlll be appllcahla lo this
tsteni ;:. ? ie caae. of th.- Indlana, Maaaachuaetta,
Oregon, lowa and tha crulaer Brooklyn. Armor
platea lurni I oul la tha ITnltad Btatea to-day ar.
.uperior In balllatlc gnalltlaa to any nttnufactur d
abroad In the oontaal agalnal blgh-power ritiei.
American platea bava proved tholr i _ea!laaoa, and
the r.s.iiis of aavara triais bava boao ae...pte.i by
forelgn countriea as coodudve avtdanea of the fa.-t.
n n .s through tt"' bo* fainou. Harvey proceaa
thal American armor makara were enabled lo i.-ap
lo ihe fi ' - aml furnteb platea of ..: leaal "...
per .-ent greater readBtance ihan any made in k.i
rope, Thla proceaa wll! s....n have to giv- way to
another, whlch has been Inveuted by Lieutenant
Ackerman, of th.' N.-.vy. an experi .... duty In tho
Bureau of Ordnance, Navj Department, lf, as
Naval offlo-T. axpect, reault. whlch bave been
developed In recenl practlcal leata at Indlan Head
are conflrmed by further and more tborough irialc.
Lieutenant Ackerman- invention is a novdtr, nn.i
ba. attract. i favorable attentlon nmor.g ordnance
ixperts. In the Indlan Head ta-sts referr.-i to a
sev.-r.-lnch plate, treated I.y the Ackerman proceaa,
was Bttacked by four a-lacb Carpanter projectllaa
The average striklng valodty of the shells was
_.,..., fooi ida, and the average Btriklng eoergy
t.i... foot tona Tha- greatest panatratloo of any
ona ahot waa nhout six Inchea.
It must 1..- explalned thal th.- Harvey proc.ss is a
compromiae between tha eomWned armor, cotn
poaed of . soft wrought-lron ha.k wdded t?. n
iiari st.-.-; face, and tt." ho__o?nneoua itaol plato.
Before lts adopllon th<- war betWOen the artillerists
and the armor trak-ra advocatlng lha dlfTerent
typaa of plate was a bltter ona, and battlea were
fo.ight 0B almost ev.ry provtnf gTOUOd ln Kurope
between 1171 and MM to detarmloa whi-h klnd of
armor gava tho baal reault*. ?omatl-aea ooachar
n. r.r of armor won .-nd at other tlm.'S BUOther
Almost Invariabry, however, compound iron was
aeleeted by Oreal Britaln ror the protectlon of hf-r
veaaela while <>n the Contlnent there was wtda
rang- m tha i.vias uaed. Bofora IM tha ateel
mai- wa. of an Inferior quallty, comparatlvely
apeaklng. an l when carbon was Introduced to
harden and tempor lt to an extent sulllcient to
breah up the abol eommonly uaed, tha chllled iron
Palllaer, berore eomplete perforatlon reeulted, the
antire plate beeaaM brittle and hard and waa
badly eracked hy almost every Impact, large frug
mentfl of the plate belng dlsplaced and espoalng
tbe ahlp'. .Ida in plaeea. The objeel of tha com?
pound plate was to preaent .1 face BwnTdeatly hard
to break up this claaa of proJectUee, bai belni
I to b Bofl and e_tenalble back, ti.racka
whlch formed dld nol axtend through tha plat 1 s..
ns :.) ahow the veaad'fl Interior framea. It w.is
round, how.-ver. that. the huri faca peeled off tt.e
back, and the latter belng Bofl and bavlng In It
aell no great realatlng power, Bhelle of forged sta-.-i
were enabled to porforata it eorapletely wlth
peater eaae than In 'he mm ot all-st--.-: platea.
Certaln Inventora In this country nnd In Europe
tri.-1 t . ovir iodii th- 'l' r. is pe tullar 1 1 both i.
referred to by udng a "oundatton plate of
Bteel Introduclng on ?>ri" face ;i inllldenl amount
<.r carbon t.. make lt hard, while the remalnder of
the plata- would be s.ft.r than in tha caae ..f the
old all-ateel platea, and far tougher than the
wrought-lron back of tho compound platea. it waa
thought thal as there would t." no arddlng In such
i, plata there would i.e no tiaking on th. Burfaca
Tha Introductlon of earbon Into wrought-lron ln
the manufacture of Bteel, by what is known aa the
rementa'lon proof... la aa 0*.d BJ the knowledge of
.teei It.elf. Kor year. It wan employed a. a method
Of purlfvlng "nc* Improvlnj? varlou. low Krade. ?f
uteel and maklim then. res-mbl.* In quality __0N
expenalve varletle..
|fr llarvey's pl o. Mfl I ???tislsts ln heatlrm tbfl
melal t.i a ternper.ture BbOVO thnt of molten rn.t
iron, ir. aa alr-tlghl furnace, in i-onta. t arltb l ???
ipectally palantad alatrfra o( carbonaeaooa ma
teri.il. 1" .vp.-rlment. It h.is 1,. *i found that
deletertoufl oompoBanti in iba matal wara volatil
,-,. i ,,, , ombtaad arttb penetratlng carbon xa.es,
und were th... dtfltodgfld. Al thr .an.e flni.- u
Bufllclanl amount of carbon araa dapoMtad In ihe
aurfaca of tba metal to permll it I i ba bardeoed
und l.-mpered. Whlle tba reault. wlth tba lla-v y
pia.t-s hav* baan hlghly aatlafactary from ?? baU
latlc polnl of rtaw, there has nereaaatily been mueh
dalay ta lurnlng oni Iba ptal ?? by the manufac
turera, for ti"- raaaon thut the procaaa of ireat
ii).nt i. t-dious. Back plata for tba battle-flbtp
iindrrRoIng COOBtructlOO had tn remain in tln* fur
naea, undeg an iiu.-tis.- hoat, for nearly ? month.
Durtng Ibal tlm? th.* Kreate.t '-nre had to l?' >-x
arclaed to ?ee lhal th** hent wa. nnlform; that no
? ,,,,. !,].,(,, rpr-eived more carbon than an?
other, or that the heat ran too hlith. whl.-h WOUld
re.ult In th.- BOftantng and ?aKKi.'? of the metal.
Bometlmea ihe ontaMa alr not into tbe rurnace,
caufllng the io*. of tbooaanda of doltara and greal
dalay ... tba eowpletloo of the armor for th<- tbipa.
Lattatiy, bowavar, experiment. have .hown that
a. the matirlal now Bfled ln the manufactUTfl of
nrmor i. of tba baal quality, no advantaga i.
Kalned by the employm-nt of tbe Intense h.-.C of
the coetty Harvay procfloa, nnd that th.- carbon
may be eaally Introducod throuirh any of the old
and well-known method. of cemeutatlon. In ad
dillon it h.is b. en found that the oarhonl7:at:on
can actually he more rapldly nc-ompllshed by an?
other carbonaceous mlxture ihan that hitherto
employed. The process, howev.'r, even wlth these
Improv. ments, Is tedlous and expenslve. In order,
for example, to Introduce a sufflclent amount of
< arbon lnto the fac- of a thl'-k plate a time eon
BlderaMy mor.' than prozlmate to the thlckneaa
of the plate must be employed. At th? same tlme,
tho carbon sinks to a certain extent deeply lnto
ih.- plata, a.. that th.- latter may erack. much
ln the same manner as the old ateel platea, whlch
contaln- 1 th" Bame arnniri! of carbon IhroughOUt
Then, agaln, th.- Immenee volume of heat contain.-d
ln th.- thl"k plat?s pn-vented tr..-',r rapld chllllng.
bo tt.it the futl advantaga of th? carbon actualij
iu t;;-> plate aurface was nol obtalned
Lieutenant Ackerman's pro.-css of tr.-atlng platea
Is simple, an.l at tha- same tlme comparatlvely lnex
paaatve Thay oan ba treati i by it in much less
tiina- than arhen the Harvey procaaa is use.1. Un?
der i.ieui.-nint Ackerman'a proceaa, the faoe of a
plate la cut into a numb"r of ga-h.-s, or pock.-ts,
with narr.w ridgea between. Th.. accompanylng
cut, whi.n is made from a photograph of tne plate
recently tealed at Indlan Read, ahow. how these
gaahefl anl rldaea .r.- apaeed, and bow Ihoy out
wardly affed tne appeamnce or th.- plate. It la
apparont that th-- carbonaceoua mlxture can thus go
int.. both aldea, and the top >>f th.- ridgea, an.l tne
carbon can actually p.-netrate In all plac.-s tha- de
leptb ..! ..n>- ai. i the aame tlme, Inatead uf
oo. ng ln .rom tl..' fl-' aurface alona. In thla araj. too
ih.- depth ..r per.etratl m can be regulated by changlng
the depth of th" gaahefl, maklng them shallow
f..r thln platea and deeper f.r thl.-k platea. Agaln.
ti..- percentage "f earbonate depth may be regulated.
II" lt ls .lesira-d to rarboniae very oulekly, to a h.gh
percentage, the ridg.-s would be thln. and be n.or"
quicklv Impregnated Another f"utur>- ls that the
Reat beeomea coneentrated ln tl..- ridgea, whlcb
reach a hlgh temperature much earller than the
body of th" plate, ao lhal tha carbonlsatlon i.a.gins
, irlier ln tt." eaaa <.f thln platea, these ndg.-s wlll
be forged d .wi. .\.'ii with th.- aurface of ti.e plate,
constltutlng a highiv carbonlaed layer, while the
whole plate has been beneflte.! by belng eubjected
to il.ls kn-adlng and compreaalon, afta-r the loosen
ing. crystalllalna effect "f the long-malntalned
.urnace beal
In the caae of th 1. k plates th" Inventor pr<
t., allow the ridg.-s to stand Intacl a propoaltl. n
alther ..f conalderable bardlhood. or howlna the
Dos-esalon ..r ,i knowledge vt the character ..f the re
siai ...'?? "i' theae platea, which artllleriati have not
hitherto ^? .11 i.t to dtvulge. Lieutenant Ackerman
savs in lact, small crack.s ur openlngs in ind COn
lin'ed to ih" hardened race of his plate. have no
matertal .-rY----t on thdr realatance. Craek. formed
bv 1b- Impaei o( .-i.'li wili not be Inlttated bv them.
run ? 1 them. n..r nece-aarlr) rollow them. Heaay.
thal they will atop cr.i.'ks whi.-h go toward them.
In the raae of thlck platea, if the ridga-s ar.- made
rath.-r thlck. anl the expoaure to the cementatlon
ls comparatlvely Bhort, carbon penet ratea only to
a certaln depth over tha- sid.-s .-md topa of tn?
ridg.-s leav Ing th.- cur<- tough and strong Supae
m.ently. in chllllng. th- actlon of tha codlng
me llum I. tell to the bottom of the 1.let- \\ hen
.-v.-r there ls carbon. an adamantlne envelope or
hardened st.-.-l is fonnad. and the reflultlng sun ..-.?
1- rompoaed of a nrlddle -.r lattlce w.rkorhai
w.v.s.,,,.! depreaalon. of conalderable depth, bedded
i,, ;, .,.rt.? r. bul very much tougher metal.
Thls Btructure, when eomparad to the ordlnary
.ace-hardenlng pUite, ha*. ll la .latmed, all the nl
vantagea of atrengtli and rlgtdlty tbal t- i alry
brldge work baa over tba aolM beam. Ordlnarlly lha
lepth of .1 hardened face la ab. ut one toch, and ln no
r:. ,-.r i? an elghteen Inch plata Iban ta ? Bta-lncb
bul by Ibe uae of tho gaebea employed In th?
- ,,i i.i-ut. n mt Ackerman the hardenlng
treatmem may beaunk to two Inchea In .l.-pth ln th
tin -k pi.it*-. '.md all tha beneflta of the treatmenl
obtalned at mueh leaa rxpenaa, to a greater depth
than tha o! I proceea.
\. ? ,t, i ,in experiment haa already l.n madi
.even-lnch pla:. al Indlan Head, nhlch waa
| bv the Ackerm in i ro eaa The pl ite aaa
?even Inchen thl-k. an i aaa attacked bj four ermor
ulerclna projectlle*. The eul repreaenta Ih* polnta
of Imoact. Th- Bral ahell .tru.-k the plate flboul
mldwaj between tbe top and bottom, toward tbc
riKht si.i.- and Ihe aecond In the aame relatu ? po
, lefl Blde. The thlrd ihol itruck near
the low*r left-hand eorner. and the fourtn al tne
upper kft-hand eorner All of Ihe projeotllea were
mor* .I ? - damaged In th* contact The .trlklt.K
? 0f the Bral ahol wa* I.SM fool Beconda, and
,?,',, 0j (h. ae nd, thli l an I fourth ihota ..100 fool
The loweal .tflklng energi wra-i 1,0
the hlg'heat aboui 4.000 foot ton*. Th.Bta aeem
atlefa"l .rlli t i d.monfltrate the pr? t iblllt) of
ii,. ,,,-..?. ? as --.11 aa the eorr.neaa of Ihe theorj
, f expedltlng th.mentatlon,.. polnl to ahlch Lleu
tenant Ackerman attachea mueh Importanc*.
-,-,,.. pute trled rontalne.1 g. hea ea i one Inch ln
denth The length of tlme requlred m manufacture
for carhonlaatlon was th- mme aa .ha: requlred on
an ordlnary Bve and one-half-lnoh plate Ihe many
ri'V...a contalned from W to 50 per renl mora carbon
ai the Bame 'lepth than Ihe Harv. ? p-ate*. In fact,
the rldxefl ? .ntalned more tarbon than wh* deMra
ble .nd were too brlttle, Inatead ?' pofleaaetng a
rouch core for the reaaon tha' they had been too
tona in ihe furnace. Ueutenanl A kerman state.*
that I. la pr.-f.-raM.- ln the r*a ? of mch plate. as
he one teated lo forge d .wn the rldgea or. lf they
.'. noi foraed .!? an, ... make them wlder, ln order
fhat thei may nol becom. hard through and
hYouah m the plate trled nearlj 1) pei renl of tbe
r ... , ,, . ut aa ??? b) the gaabea, the depth of
irhleh WBfl BbOUl 'li >'f tbe plate. thlck
atii| there waa abaolutely no era klng, ind
?* -?-,;.? i 'the penatratlon wa* aboui six Inchea
ii . I ihe 'rldgea been devlaed for n thlcker plate,
ihev w.uii have be.-n wi.b-r. the pocket* leaa numer
i ?? md ihelr depth ?? uld hava formed .< com
''. leaa parl of the**thleknean The leai wa?
',?..- ... detarmlne th. correctneaa of the In
v . ea theory of Ibe behavloi of tha rldgea under
':,,,, rat her than to determrne the romparatl*.
; ' ',,,. 0f a Dlata whlch In ? ?.*.?>? re.p-ct repre
' ," t hi* i.,,.?.?--< I' havlna been found thu th*
J**;';, *". .,?, md ...her platea wlll Ih- manufaotured to
lr\Tmor- Sp-ctallj thi raalatan ? ?.aetratten
Wlehltfl Kat... Bepl U PoHca OUI r Oa - - w
Huck'n. a Ualon ******** T**tttady eaaaad lha
arreat of tba antlre Pollca Commlaaion under tha
um ,-hiek rorMdfl publlc offldata lo llaerlmlnat.
. ,.,.., Ilu. kln- h id i'?' ??"'Iv I '?? n d.s
MiM^lh^Sra. comml-alon! bul r-Msc , , .
! , Unll -...,. ind ontlnu'-l 'o repori
d.i'v r.Vr" hiv Thfl --.lt is tba Brat one brnight
ft;r. U1;: a? Hi.and A-iiivrnvnaU'llitreEt.'.)
ln th. pruflc-cull-i-*
IM-,4 CHCBB TiU'MNAMf'-^"1"
Followlng are tb. a.ores of twelve ******
?,,?.... ? piayed ln thi lnteraatk*-J ****f_***Z
IXenl .1 Haatinga. Tb. total number of game.
pdntad ln Tbe Trlbune haa now reached IA out ot
230 actually conteated.
v.rg.uii. Plllabury. |
I I- K I I' K 4
-.' Kt KII.1 Kt g Bl
a b ii ? B-at
i I- ii ;i KI n.l
.-, ja. y .( a aatlea
.-, g Kt Q) I' g ?
;i'?r ki * P
s K. K I 11 K 2
:. . -,.-!.- p-K l< 3
p, I- K It 3 I'. K .1
II I-. Kl I V II ?
13 k< ki i g g J
i.i k it -. H g ?'
nit k ai k
ia ii ui g " -
ilq K 2 KI Bl
17 II x II Kl x 11
|N Kl Kt V K .".
1'.. K R Kt 114
20 y x |- IU Kt
.1 I' 4 1! Kl X P
23 y K 3 K. K 4
_:i 1' K' .'1 Kt V .1
.1 K l: - Kl X lt
13 Kl K ?-'
i.t n n.i
I 4 K l K i .1
II It x Kr
II Kl B3
17 1' x ll
is || x II
III 11 Kl 4
.?I v g 2
31 Reaajnfl
wiin k.
2.. II x Kt
MO n
'.7w 11 3
2HX' II 4
211 H II
:io Kt Bl
II 11 x aj
:;'_? B li -
xx r k n 4
il lt Kl
X, K ll
M ll K' 2
K7 ii g ii 'i
.'I'.i R ii II -
l>. It Kl 2
41 K-gul
43 K 112
4.1 K K
44 P x P
4". It II 3
41; Kt g2
47 R.-algna.
1 V g l
2 P g n ?
;i Ki K II 3
4Ki Bl
IV K :t
li II I' X 1'
7 i'. g :i
!a . iistl?i
iu ii g .
n it ii
I' y 4
r k :t
Kt K ns
I'- 114
Kt Bl
K 1' x I*
I- Q 11 I
ll x 1'
1! lt 2
I' yKt3
g g I
ii g
g go
y v. I
y x Q
ii -g I
Kt Hl
K' K i - ch
K Bl
I- QU 4
Il-K I
Kt Ii I
Kt x I' ch
Kt H " ch
P K Kt 4
i' x P
I' Kt i
h (K :.i -k n
H- Ki a
Kt K ft
Ki x P
11 x Kt
11 v Kt
y Kt i ch
y K R 4
B- K a
>.?>>. >n.
il' K .*
2 P ?- II 4
.-'. Ki K H I
4 1' y Kl 3
ft ll Kl 2
1. B K 2
7 I'natle*
h Kt K .">
I. P ll 4
MI' y4
11 Kl I' x P
1. H K B I
II 1' x P
14 g k 2
15 Ki g I
Hl It x 11
17 g lt ?
K R 3
Kt 4
K li .1
is |{
1'. P
... It
Kl K H3
I- g K. 3
1! Kl 2
H K 2
g Kt- g 2
P II 4
n p x p
Kl K 5
1'x P
O- II 2
Kt g3
B x B
g R n
k u-g
Kt 11
1! II 3
.j Kt 2
Maaon. B. hl?chi.-r.
21 it g k- 3 g- R l_
22 R g K I
38 R <; Ki I
24 P Q Bl
2? P x r
27 R
M Kt x n
2't c. x r
:to y K 4
:tl lt Ki I
:ej Kl Ql
?I K
i 34 K
88 K
M Q ' I
:t7 lt K 2
Ss K x R
811 K-g
g -Kt 2
1! li I
K' K
g g4
P X l'
H x Kt
li ig. B
g R 4
^ S,T_
g x P ch
g -lt 6ch
g Kt ? ch
Ki 113
Kt aP
R x R
R ll 7 ch
Kt-K ? matas
1 1- Q 4
2 r-g H 3
I ki g H3
4 H Kt ?'
. p k 8
i- 5 i
1- K I
Kt -K Bl
i- q bi
g Kt g2
P K 4
8 K. K Bl H -Ql
H <1 8
8 11 R 4
la . 'a-tl?M
la. I'-KI
11 Kt x I*
I.' Q K 2
I.i II x II
14 g x Kt
15 U !< I
II y It K
17 Kt K .'.
|8P K R 4
30 Kt g H 4
21 g K 2
22 Kt- go
LT'. K R
24 Kt x R
P K II 3
}' x K P
14-K 2
Kl x Kt
... v ii
1' K B 4
Kt K Hl
W l_
it g 2
g R- g
Kl-Kt 8
y H 8
y x P ch
y X IJ 11 P
R x Kt
.17 y K 4
3h |' ll..
3!l y U ti 4
40 lt II 2
41 g K 4
12 P 11 Hei.
4.-! g Kt 4 ii K
44 g x n p g
k R I g
it -
II i
K 2
Q K'
II ?* ch
H 7 ?';
. h
..-, !? y Kt 4 g x P
38 1! x 11 P
.7 11-Kt H
88 R -aj Kt
2ia g i: g
80 H Kt
II g
32 r
n o
34 H
II y x II
M K-Kt
K 4
K Kt 4
R 7 .-h
Kl 0
Kt li 3
y ga
Kt- g i
lt Q I
p g Rl
R x M
H I! I
411 I
47 g
41' g
."... y
SI g-g H
na it x ii
.-.3 a,. x aj
r,4 R It ."ch
Bl lt x P
.-.ai it- g H ft
.-.: K k. :i
r.s k ii 4
:,(. K K 8
H". K a.l
atl K K J
ac K h I
113 P K It 4
<M H x P oh
oc, it--n leb
tn; k x i
117 R
_BP ii:
0*. R?Kl H
71. P lt 'I
71 K-Kt .'.
gx P
B 3
-K. 3
-K ft
P K. ft
n g 4
K K 3
K 11 I
K-Kt 4
y x R
Kl x g
K Kl 3
K H3
}' Kt I
Kt -K 7cl?
Kt Q H
Kt li 'I rtt
P giu
P K It 4
K?K 4
P x P ch
K: x P
g Kt 6 K-g
K H i
Kt 110
Kt Q 4
BUT l-oi'EZ.
ITKIt-Qn B- B I7P*P P-Rg
~ lt iT R*R ' BMK U4 l? Iii
.. < -OB R x H 3ft 1* RO P-R 5
toB-R U Mn ?"?? R. Reaigna
T.chlaorln. J.now.kl. T*. hl*. nn. Jin'.wim.
I P-K 1 T K 4 10 Q Ifl tt-OJ
_ Kl-glU K'-KHJ II K' x Kl <v?Kt
!? </-, ,- Q* II Kl Bl 0 Rl
S ? x |* Kt x Y II I' Rl ? * P
IO Kl K.-^U3 MK.-Kt Hifch
? B y
B_K 2 U K<? <- ?11 .-h
TCaaHM Ce?l*e IfR 5 K' *-l
* ,; H t B K :t 17 R-slxn..
II K K. K 2 l'-HI
ixnm j CMUirt bayr thi-.t were ociltt or
In the courae of the pollc. trlal* h*M hy Coflfl.
ml?.loner Park-r foatafday h- r-cnt trouble be.
tween Um paH-e of tba Kaat Unty ao?antb-at *tv
tion ani the Cherok*? Chflb cam? u;. f'.r investlga
tlon. Roundsnan .lohn fl.i'kVv *ir pUCfld on trial
rliirite.l wlth falllng to execute certain ordflfl wn?n
put on apeclal duty at 8 p. m. on rfepterr.ber 1
Captala Btxwam aii.Rei that Bockley, -*:.h ?u
pollcemen. had br-'n ordered to ?ovaaty-aladHI,
,ml Flr.t-av*.. on the evenlnir mentlon?d, t> pre
vent any flreworks beinn .et off -MTlng the cherotoai
Club p.rade. He BflJd that he Is.ued the orderfl
n compllance wlth In.tructlon. recelvad fr m Act
tag .'hlef ronlln. and that they wer* glven to th?
roandaaean by Actmg ?ergaaol Hammond. Baak
ley contended that Hammond sent him t . Etgfcty.
Hixth-r.: whl-~h Is ln the Eaat 'Pgbty-elgbtb.Bt
preclnct. In the course of th. crofl*-examln_t|.,n
by the Acctiaed poilceman". lawyer. Loala 'irant,
Captaln .Strau.s became mueh confuaed In hla
"Dld you not talk wLh Bucfcley about a report
you were jrolnir. to .end to Chlef Oonltnf** asked
Mr C.rant.
The captaln an.wered that he had not.
yuestloned clo.ely. the capt.ln flnally admlttfld
that he had Bhown him a report. Then hfl -tMMf_|
hl. nnawer. and BbM lt was not ;i report, but a
"Now. dld not you show that m*m >rar,d im to
the rouiid.man and read from lt that you had aent
him tO Seventy-nlnth-st?"
"No. alr."
"Dld not the round.man tell you that :f y.-.u sent
i-.ich a report to Actlng CMaf Con'.in yoa WOUld be
sendlng a false one?"
?No, sir."
"Dld you not throw It away with some r-mark
about your belng obllged to .ee Chlef Con'.m be?
fore send'ng lt?"
"No," was the an.wer again glven
Actlng flergeant Hammond wa- called. Hfl .ald
that he had .ont th?- defendan; and pollcemen to
fleventy-nlnth-.t. and PTTBt-ave., near arhere the
cherokee Club'a bonaa is. an-1 on the defendan ta
returnlng he had rapeated the ordera. Whea
asked If he had told EtOCltlay thar he iH.mmonJ)
had entered him on the blotter a* havmg gone to
EiKthy-Blxth-Bt.. he -aid he had not He alao said
that the blotter had not been ..rat h.-t alnca tnea
and had only been scratch?d on. e before. when lt
wa. done by hlmself, actlng on hlfl o*n responai
biltty. ,, a v ..,*
When Round.man Buckley araa called he .ald
that he saw the captaln ln liis rmm or, the morn?
lng of Beptember 3. He aald that thfl captaln read
the report BA far as 'lt said that h* had sent
Huckley and llve pollcemen to H-venty-nlntn-st.
and Klrst-a-e. "I sall th.* n*port was wrong,
eald the witne... "I told Captaln fUrau.. that tha
order ahould read. 'I .ent Round.-man Buck ey and
six pollcemen to Klghty-~lxth-.t. and K.rst-ave.
The wltness said he aaked Actlng flergeant Ham?
mond If he would acknowledge havmg aent him to
Klghty-.lxth-st. and Fir.t-ave., and t.'.at lurn
mond had .ald he would not
The .tation blotter wa. then produ. ed ln evt
d.*nce "To shorten mattera," Bald the Commta*
Bloner to Mr. c,rant, "I wlll have t* pla ed
dance, statitig fo.- your ben.flt that there haa beea
an f-rasure made. lt is plaln th.it 'Kijrhty-sixtn-it.
has been eraaed and ?Seventy-nlnth-.'.' aubatt*
tuted 'Eaat Rlver' ha* also been cra.ed and
'Firat-ave." wrltten over lt. The case is cloaed.
"Th.* Polbe Commlaalonera," .aid Mr i
"cannot help maklng charges agalnst th... 1
place, them on tria!. It ls a clear .'hsc of torgery
and perjury. They hav.- BUted under oatn that
no erasure. were ever made ln the blotter, ex?
cept one name that wa. changed."
The Commle.loners are . xpe< ted to take !mm*
diate actlon In the case of Captaln Strauss and
Actlng 3ergeant Hammond.
Isphemlng, Mlch., Sept. 12.-The woodsmen em?
ployed by a lumber company were set upin by
strlkers at Negaunee thls morning and et ?? y
beaten. The pollce force are powerlews. and BhO_
no dlsp^.itlon to enfo'ce the peace. The men were
attendlng to their legitlmate bu.lnes** .ind BOt lntor
ferlng wlth the mrikers. Half of the mCitary forcl
at Champlon Mine wlll return to <'imp Ishpemlnj
tO-day. The Champion Mlne Ifl working 11 ft) m-n
and evervthlng l. qulet. It !. ?ald thfl BOU ; t
of the union. Roberta, arlll re?ign.
He fears there will be tr>'Jb|e and 'hat he ?rll. K^t
Into prl.?on. Many striker-i are trrowlng their ploka
aarav and are applylng for w irk at the dlfferenl
mlnc?. It looks a.~ lf the ba-kbone of the trouble wai
Calumet, Mlch.. S-pt. II, It was decided that th*
nre whi.li Btartod in the Oaeeola Min. laat latur*
day must be out. and at 5 o'clock la.t niijht No. 4
ahaf:, where the flre atarted. w,i* opened and left
open all night. A senrching party aeacended thla
shaft early thls mornlng, and at noon twer.ty-'.hree
bodles had been found, and the Bearcbetl ha 1 only
gone down as far aa. the fourreentli leveL Oa
account Of the bad air lt had be--n v.o taaarf to
change the aearchtng partlc. fraajaently. The flrst
body wa. found on tlu* fourth leve!. The
Baarchara then daacended to tba t-Mith lev.-i before
flndlng anv more bodlea Of the unfortunate BieB.
Then two mor- arera foun I The fourt
found ln the snaft at tba eleventh level and three
mor* arera stumbled on just above the tarelftk
level. It wa. in the neli-hborhood of the four
teenth leve1 that th.* graateat numb. r ol ~
were dlscovcred. All th.- bodlea hav,- been ?
tled except one, whl.-h Is that of an AuMnan.
Cblc-go, Sept. 12.-The IHlnolfl St.*ei Company }*?*?
terday advancad the pri.-e of ataadarJ Bt? **
from |2o to $.9 a ton. fteel mil m_i. ..'i' '?" r*
throughout the country are in harmony i i laaklftg
thls advance. Thla I. one of :h# sharpeat adva *
In th? prlce of Btaal rall. that the trada ha- ever
known. la th.- early part of tba y-*?r tbfl prtcfl bl
Chlcago was 112 a ton. Th** aivancfl ?
Into effect yeaterday wlll muk.- ,, hrf rence ?;. tba
piortt. of the Iiiinois Stefl Company ?f I'.-'-"'/ ?
mor.th. The companv has U-a--? 1 Iifl Mlner ? ?l
in MKwaukee, and work there wl bfl
siarte.l ln a f.-?- weeka, t-iving miploymenl M l v
er.l hundred men.
Mthi: li I. Bt ut:: BBBBOBBCt BATtOB,
Deaver, Papt i.. Troopfl at Poet Logan ?;.ve
nnl- the flr.t te.t of the new ???? I
preaerfbod by the War DepartaaenL One e i
went out for thre dBJTfl of fOTCOd march - ia
the fOOtbl-la near Dfnver 1 iii- 1 Wlth l iff-M *
und compres.ed BOnp whlch w-r.* BttpgOaed 10 ".
ta!n All th** a li ui'.nt. I of Inrl IMfc and eeffM,
Laal night th.* nieli.-al ."H.-er who ls ha : I ?Hb
vveighlng 4iil watcblng ihe m*n rode Into *1
for as.istanc.*. 11.? r*-i>..rte.i that tliirl>-l\ o. th*
tlftv men In the detall are down Wlth grlpmi
reault Ing from the non-aa.lmllatlon of the *
ratlon The ord.-r rould not t>.- revoked. and ?:
ln the lield were Informcl that they .i i l to :>i.-iu
un the march two daya loager,
/ _
;/.s' CAPTTAl IXCBBABBD T<> ?>?.'->.?-'?
. \lbany. Sept. Lt Tl..* Municlp.il KactTta IkM
Compaay <>f Hrooki>n to-day eirlHad to ih-* I
tarv of st.te th.t it. cpitai had beea taeraaaed
from ?:."'-" to tLAoaABB, The *vaBa_nt ??f ?he com?
pany'a capital a.tu.liy pald In I* M ? ' ' -tJ
debtfl and lljbll.tl' -* *l? no' ???'.' <"'?""
(Ptir-ipcan ^JlDfrli.fmfnto.
L> I7ROPKAKI AND TRAVKI.l.KH**. wl? <???*
ut* i*..?io? .fflc -I Th* Trtbaa* ta n?i? au***
E C. ? ?_?..i**at p-aca a> l**v. Uunr ?d*..ru??-?***:'
, i.d ?-b*crtptk>a. tot The Tl_B*-__.
/orniin Rc?ori-.
123, Rue rit. Honore. Parta.
Between the Tullerlea Oardena Y\nce Vendoma
and New Opera. Advantageou- arrangementfl 9m
famlllc*. Beautlful Hall. Large niawln* Roon*
jhjctrio ugbw ac wB^-aasat

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