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\01~ f*v...n?. i7,s;r>.
captain aTfiiAuari station F1LLED
tjjsrsna from mrs hamii.ton s fi.at IM f.ast
aboit lUtOQ 8111 hiiaajlli
The Fi?t Slxty-seventh-st. statlon lo.>ked llke
jjj auctlon room last nlght. There wa* pretty
inurh r-vt -> tlilr.tr there, from a sllver manlcure
a*t to kitchen IfOTO and parlor grate furnlturo.
from flne la^r* handkerehlefB tO tXpanalTe tabla
'Inen. The large assomhly room was filled with
huge pa klng oases, trunks. parlor and dinlng
r^m ehalra, tabtaa anl other furnlture, pllea of
rug* ratrpata and portleres. nnd a (ood-ataed 11
brary (af mlsoetlaneoiiB llterature, from the latest
Frenrh n >vel to Rtiskln.
jn the aergaant*a rooan there was baral* spaoe
enough lefl ln whlch to stand to Inspeot the
remarkaMe dlsplay af wares. Thfre were dor
rri* of umbrellas, flne sllk parasol*. scores of
palrs of shoes. from the flnest Freneh kld to
No. 7 pebMe Ront: gloves ln grent varlety, sllk.
k!1 and la.e mltts. mlrrors nm! cbaral glasses.
wlne seis. ln rut glass and shell; llquor sets,
lemonade sets. solld sllver candelahra. sllver
rn- Ueatlcka silver and platad t?a servioes, flne
apeelBiena of g"ld and sllver ore, hundreds of
pieees of cut glass. for utllity and ornament;
r.'.ght robea and bed olnthlng of emhroldered
Btlk and llnen; women'e flnt- Unen underwenr,
rnurh r.f lt yellow from nge. and of style and
teiture rarely secn at the present dny; rare old
atcca, much of lt of Swlss and Irlsh Dianu
faetura; LUBOfjaa and flne chlnaware, nine full
dlnr.er nnd three complete ten sets. four o'clook
tea sets. tollet sets, plush. sllver, ivory and
eellul-'ld shaving sets. odd and antirjue Chlnese
and Japanese orr.aments of Ivory. Wedgewood
ware and *anh?n\var?. fans of many patterns,
autogrnph and photograph albums, aouaaatr
brlo-A-brao. etr.
pesUr-*s these there were hundreds of handker
ehlefs. hoae. rlbbons. gloves. shoes. etr., ln origl
r.il packagee. bearlng the dealer's priec tags and
aurchaae marks. ahoarlag that the atuff had never
been av.ld from the retall BtOTe. Much of the lat
|#r, amountlng to some hundreds of dollars in
value. was ldentifled by Petectlve Orstreichi-r. of
] : mlngdale Bros., No. 1,009 Thlrd-ave.
DaatflU the artic'.es enumerated. there was a
var>ty f bronzes. mosatca. and a huge table
Btacked full of Bllacellaaaoaa artieles, such as
cnera glasBes. fteld gla^ses. sdentlflc and surglcal
tnetruments, ach I nd msthematical nppliances
and upward of a thouaand dlffer?nt artldes of
Appraisers estlmated the value of the sturt at
814.M0 Detertive Qunaon said la.'t night that he,
Detectlra Oordon and several Central Offlce de
tectlrea had been working aii day in s.rting out,
rUaelfylng and arranglng the artlclea named.
The work waa BOt OOBiplatad at 10 o'clodl last
' all of thls stuff was taken from the flat of Mra.
Maafle Hamllton. No. 336 Baat Sixty-Mxth-st.,
who wlth her husband. Thomaa, has been ar
n-A ls now uwnltlng ft hearintr at the
- Ue Court. Detective CJunson sald that !n
addltlon to the four vanloads of stuff eaitcd to
the atatiOB. thev left a lnrg.- amount of property
thal had evtdently been stolen, but which pos
si-a*ed n^ aarpacsal value. t
Of the flne linens have the letter M
en-brddered ln red sllk. Some of thls has been
ked Thronga of people. many of them
vpil.rlrp.sed wr.men, calb-d at the statlon during
ifternoOB and evenlng yesterday. and ln
gpi ?? ?! taa ?ll ? ti""
A r.umber de-llned tO BJ1T8 tholr names, wh'le
d? :.iring that they were vlctlma of recent POb
Cine woman. faahloaably attlred and ac
companled by a man in blcycle costume. called
late last night and said she had rec ntly loal a
quantlty of allrerware and seven palrs of brace
atta Bhe foun.t notblna. h iwever, she eould
Identlfy ln the < ? ?
S t so wlth >?:? Btephen Mlller, of Hridge
y rt Coaa. fhe lelected frora the gem-ral aaaort
? Bllverware, bed llBea, etc, to the value of
aeveral hundred dollars that. she de.-lared, had
-? ilea from her clty houae ln WTaat Sixty
tblrd-at durlng one year that Mr?. llamilton was
ir b r emp] .> h? aervant.
Another woman. a banker'a wife, livlng at No.
81 Ka-t Eiftv-flfth-st.. ldentifled a miacellaneoua
aasortment of wares fr .ni th? p?neral collectron.
At tlroea tha atatlon was tiiie-i wlth w.n
dreosed rr,^n and aromen, wb i evlnced a deep Ib
t- ? ln Inspecting th<- layout
The pollca, who at first belleved they had
,- k|| [f ?. n ... are rat her inclined to the be
l'.ef that Mr.?. Hamllton arorked practleally alone
1: : .--ting the plunder. Rut they fall to ax?
ptalB how she could rarnove, unaldei. a bmnze
vace uf a;nio3t one hundred pounda weight.
Mrs Hamllton and her husband wlll be ar
raigned ln Torkvllle Court this m. rnlng.
CMcago, Bept. lt. Judfa J-nklr.s, r.f the t'nlted
Fta:e? rireult Court, handed lown an ordnlon yes
terlay *u*ta!ning the demurrer of Donohue. Ilenr.f
tarry & ('n. to the suit of infringement brouiht by
I . - Wei.deii Holmea. Jr.. ln the pabltcatloa of an
adlttoi of "The Autocrat of the Braakfaat Table."
H .ir..? illeajsd that the liate Dr. Holme* waa ae
cire! )., a copyrUht on the publtcatlon of the book.
and that the sketches flrst appeared ln serial form In
"The Atlantlc Monthly" ln laH, Uadef aa agrer-in. nt
?* ? H.'lme* waa to have all the property
r.ghtt in the b.e-k for publicatl >n. Donohue. Henne
berry A r? demurred 10 th.- .-Ulni of Infringement.
taelating that no suoh aKree^ieiit wlth The At?
lantlc Monthly" had been eet forth. and thelr pnb.l
eatlon waa from the original serinl.
Judg* Jenkln* sus'.alned the demurrer and i ?m
Holmea th.rty daya ln whlch to amend h.s blll hy
Mttlng up the pro')>erty rlshts of Pr. Holmea to the
?riglral *erlal._
STATF omCtALA nmso sovril.
ABaUiy, Sej,t l.t.--PreparatlonB are under way for
th* trip next week of the (lovernor. State offlcials
ani MBunltteea of taa .Senate and Aaaembly to the
CalBkaraauaa anl Ctettawaooaa ba:ileflei^H and the
Atlanta 1-^cpoaltlon. Oovrnor Morton will be ac
Coraparlel h/ hla ataff and probably by Colonel
A?li>> w. .-ole, his prlvate aecreiary. The leglsla
?** eeauaHteee artXl comprise probably Ueateaaat
fjaaara - ;-axton and Benatora Caator, McMahoa.
ti^rr^, (rooaaor and Btaplatoa, AaaaaabTyaaeti
sssaaorth, Malby, OoodseU. Cutler. Stanchfleld, I^a
**ttra. \ B. tJardenler and Wleman an.l Speaker
?*l?h Tne t*rty will leave thla city at ? o'clock on
Tuetday evenlng on a apeeaBl traln. and wlll travel
b' ?ay of the New-York Central l>ake Shore, nig
fjaar an<] Queen and Creaceal rallroada, arriving ai
'*+ Chlckamai;ga nnd f'hafanocga flel.ls ln time for
gaa ledlcatlon of ihe Battleflelda Natlonal Paik on
iepttmber ll *r, i K. After the*ded.catory eere
PBalea at the iark -he party arlll start for At
?ma. which place will be raachad "",';?? m .rnlng
?f September 21. A atay of two daya will be made at
** *xpo*ition._
i nursKF.* MAWABBBT8 CKlur.
Orard I^d^e. Mleh.. Bept. 13.-Erank Forbea. man
ager of th,. Korbes & Ward Dramatlc Company.
?hlch lt playing an engagement ln thls elty. went
ak a *pr.e yeaterday He .juarrelled wlth hla wlfe
hi ther room at tne Mlddleton Houae, and threat
BB8i to ahoot her. Bhe ran out of the room. when
Forbea drea- a revolver and rtre.1 at hpr. the bullet
?trtklr.g r.^r in frie Jeft %uu% two Inchew above th.
ull> t^r.e. paaalng through her body and comlng out
o.'. th* r-fljht sldt. Deputy-Shertff Halliday. who
**? at th* hotel when the shootlng occurred. at
Umpted to arrest Forbea, when the .a.tter tarned
th<, raval*** ?.. .?,?. ,.m,,.r f.r.^ flrn,! tslce at nlm
?/// rtoi fBEUDEItt TO FBBAIPB.
?aaaaailaatoa. 111 , Sept. l3.-VI<-e-Prealdent Adlal
* aaeraaaaa haa acaaptad an Invltatlon to prealde
Mm iba ocaasion -f the dedlcatapa ot the Natlonal
J/r?; at Chlckamaufa battlefleld. He departs for
??* ?outa ri.il Monday.
\VITHT>RA\Y.\Us OF 84.200,ooo YEflTCRDAY.
The wlthdrawal of H,2rt0.aoo ln fcold frrm the
| Suh-Treasury yesteiday f..r ?hlpOMnt to-day, with
a depoalt of only $!*00,0oi. broufht the questlon nf
: the Rold reservo sharply to the f .re. The further
: fact that Lazard Kreres. arho withdrew 12..VK1.000.
or more than half of the total. are metntutl ..f
: the syndlcate lntem-lfled the lntereat and tnduc-d
; apeculatl.in as to whether the ayndlcate had
ahandoned Ita endeavire and had left eaoh mem
! ber to ptirsue his own courae, re*:anll?sa of fur
: ther susta'.nlnaT the Natlona! reaerve.
The shlpments to-day are made up aa followa:
I,n*nrd Kreres, $2,f?o0.000; W. H. Crosaman * Mr...,
$].000,000; Hoskler. Wood & Co., |500,00o; Hard &
| Hand. 8200.000; N-ssiaKe & Kuller. $100,000. Of
; th'.a amount tloo.ooo waa not taken from the
Treaaury. Hardy & llarman wlll shlp 12*>0,O00
; ln gold exchanired for smelters' bars. whlle 7.1m
mernian & Forahay wlll export 0,808 ln Knglish
From the aanoclatel banka the Snb Treaaury
acriulred $900,000, to w.il- h sum the Hanover N'a
I tlonal Rank contrlbuted jr.00.ooo, and th" Amerlcan
I Exchanife National Dank and the National Bank
j of Oommerce 1200.ono eaoh. The National Clty
j Rank, whlch keeps on hand more Rold than any
other bank !n thla country, stnnds ready to lend
a helpinjr hand.
J. Plerpont Moigan made the followlng state
It la the Intent'.on of the Government bond syndl
! eate to oontinue to assist the Trexxurjr ln malntaln
ing Ha KoLl balanee. The ayn.ilrate la const.intly
ae-umiilatlnif Kold. and aa fact aa any quantn. haa
been collected it will be turned over to the 3ub
Mr. tforgaa, arhea asked if he dld not antle*
pate a de-clded Increaae ln the stipply of Ml!s
Bfralnst otton and brc-adstufTs, replled ln the af
flrrnative and expresaed XUrprlXX that a jrreater
Btipply of bllls waa not ln the market.
When askrd If Lazard Krerea had n >t brokxa
the ayndlcate ai?reement that none nf the niem
berx of that body arrould export yj.ld. Mr. Mor
gan replled:
"There never waa any auch fltjreement, dlrect
or )ndlre~t, expressed or lmplled. B9ach house ls
at perfect ilberty to exerol*.*. lt* own dlscretlon
ln that repard."
The fOilOXrlnS Rtatement waa aUthtTliaad by the
bond ayndlcate:
The lmpre*sion has become R-eneral that the m?m
b rs of the t.nnl ayndlcate enteraad Into an agree
ment with the I'nited Btatea TTeaaury to malntain
the R(*.O00,000 reaerve untll Octob r 1, and thr-.t
upon that date said obllpatton wlll ceasc. Bach :J
no: the eaxe. The t.ond ayndlcate fulfllled xll II
obllgatlona to the Qovernment ln June last^ an '
haa not Btnce been bound In any way to the Trens
urv. It la true thai it has from tlme to time sir.ee
laiat June pald over varloua surns In gold i oln to the
Treaaury whlch have atifflced to malntain the re?
aerve, but lt has done ao voluntt.rlly. and wW con?
tlnue eo to do In the aame splrit. ar. 1 for the same
motive. It wlll contlnue to deposlt roM untll No
vember 1, an.l Pecember 1, and .lanuary I If neces
sarv. and If exlstlna condltlona make lt feflsible to
do so.
I.azard Kreres made the f .llowlnjr statement:
Hopinjr. that bllla of excharnre apair.st mer
indl e ezporta would come in th* market ln falr
amount durir*- the flrst half of Septemher. we eon
"tlr.ued for a lon? time to aupply our cuatomera with
bllta of exchan^e for whlch we could not at the
tlme flnd cover. A comblnailo.n of circumstancea
leavea the market bare of eomraaarajlal hllla and
makea neceasary the Bhlpm-ru of go\<\ to cover
part of the accumulated Fndebtednexi r.rA to con?
tlnue aupplylnx the dally derriar,da of the trade.
Kufrene Heyer, one Of tae repreeentatlvea of
the house in thla country. Bald!
The need of the aMpxxeat of ?2,MO,000 in Kold is
onlv n temporary one; lt does not come from any
permaner.t cause. As aoon as the cropv mak- :' r!r
effeet felt. the temporary neel -f BOld for fore.i?n
remlttera wlll paas bw?>. and that ..unlit n >t to be
m re than a week nr two off. I do no; antlelpate
any contlnned depletlon of th" reeerve. There is no
0 -. aakm for any alarm or excitenient.
Prexldent Pherman, of th? National Rank of
Commerce. ?ald thn: the J200,<yio pald In xxchange
for (rreenboeks by the banlc rxprxxented one-thlrd
of the Instltutlon'a boldlnaa, and that ir xll the
..?h.-r b?.nks eontrlhuted in the aame propoTtlon
the 81 no.fK-i.OfNO mark would rf-;.d:ly be reached
The nuestlon was? npain promlrently hroueht
up jrexterday as to xn inij.en.liiiK need of xnotber
>. nd laxue The oplnion ?v.is common that if the
fallli g off in the rexenre ehould contlnue for any
lciiaT'h of t'me the new lasue would he necessary.
sy\!>] atk's < i.rnsr:.
[BT TKl.K'lKAl'H TO T'lK TR1H' ' E.]
Washini?ton. Bept 13.-Wlll the bxttd ayndlcate
i maent aad be aWe la malntain the gold rexenre xl
j. o, "".'??.) untll tDctoher l althoul a (iuid pr-> quo la
tho shape of x new issue of Unlted Btatea bonda at
irvi, and if so, wlll It contlnue to malntain tha re
?erva on the nma terma untll after the Rovei
eiectlons' Thls ques'lon la on the tona
body ta Rfxxhlnatajn who ls a earefnl obaerver of
the flnanclal condltlon and operxllona of the Na?
tional Treaxary. DexpRx xll attarapta to eonceal
their anxiety and aollcltude XadXT expr-sr |
confldence and hope, it la only too apparenl that
ofiiciala of the Treaaury Depxrtment, from ,Se<-re
tnry Carlisle down, have hei?un to regxrd the pr .a
pect aa a K'o raay and UUI -rtain one. The lnf..rmi
tlon received from New-Vork to-day that notlce imd
been Klven of further wlthdrawals Of KOld fOT BX
port nmountlr.K to 14,2/i.OOri. of whlch n ore than half
waa by n flrm that R a BBXrnber of the ayndlcate,
aeeaxxtoaaxabeax aa unexpected as it wa* dlaxaree
able and dlslu-arteti'iiK, and the effed of It waa
Bcar'-ly modRVed by a repurt. vvhieh Could not t.e
verlfled, a? late as 2:30 o'c'ock, that the Byndleate
would depoatl 88888,888 of *ro'.d t.ef,.re the eloxe ol
bus'.neas hours to-duy. althoVxfb BUCh a depoall Wou?d
have earrled the reaerve $l.iXK?,u?) above the RtR.808.
or?j mark. 1" cninmentlriK on th? BitOatloa on
Trea-sury offlclal remarke.'.
"Oi, the faes Of the matter it mK'ht look aa though
there bad been ft disairreemeiu am ?g the meUlb r
of the Byndleate, axme of whom were dlapoeed to
plav for another taxttx of boada uader the optlon
whlch wlll explre october 1 I do nol think. how
ever. that such Is th* cas". if the Bgreeinent :/>
malntain th^ arold res.-rve should be carri*-!
good falth untll that date. and another lasue of
bonda should then be found aeceaaary. the ayndleati
woulu Xbtata the beneflt of lt, ln Xll hnman pr..t.
abillty. becauae it does not *"-m t.. l?> in tbe leaal
likely that th* Becrttary of tbe Treaaury maa'A be
ahie to aell new b.-nis in Oetoacr or Noveraber f..t
a hlKher prlce than he ol.m>n..| IX l'"> bruary."
?Tn other word*. the I'ebruary coi.tra.-t. In rour
op'nlon. fixed the hitrhest prtXX at whlch I'nited
States 4 per cent bonda cm be BOld by tha Secretary
??f the Treaaury this year." The Trlbunes
BBxaXdeat rexxxrl ?
"Yea. ano aaUl BeXBX further legdalatlon by Con?
urtsa " arax the reply. The otflcial ad.i*-.i:
"What the fJoTarxmxnl axeda xnd "iu?: have, in
my c-plnlon, in or.ler u> protxet Ita | 'Li rexenre, L?
Bufflclent revenue to meet current expenses."
He alao exprean-1 the oplnion that the re-e|pt* for
the <-urrent Baonth would equal the AuK.ist expen
dlturea, and that the tota! exceas of axpendtturee
over recelpta f'.r the tlrjt tievt n BBOntha of tba cur?
rent calend r y? ;ir that ls, down to ?he tln
the LIVth Congyeaa ?n, aaaambli >v-.u I n n
amount to more :hnn $2ai.i?*i.rta). but he waa not Wlll
IiiK to haxird an OptalOB aa to tha pr bal
another laaue of bonda before lha: IIXM In or-.-i
to proteel the gold reaerve.
The Treuanrj Btatemenl for to-day ahowed re
eatpta amountliiK to 81,178,497, of whl.-h 8Xtt,X88 m ia
from cuaioin*, 8jil.(68 from InternaJ taxes. and tne
remalnder from mltcellaneoua aouroxa. The axpen?
dtturee amounted to t9?f. 300, leivInK a balanee of
8iao,i97. Thn total recelpta for the m<t thlrteea daya
of the current inonlh have amouni.-l 10 813,1!
0f whlch aM,?:i5,7!2 wa* fr-.m cnatoma J.r.,l'in.3<Jl from
lnta-rnal tax.-x, and the remaiinler from nuecallane
oua aourcea. The experidltur.-* have amount -1 to
818,018,800, laxaxinaj a .l<-n.-li of t>.L'i.i2s#. Th?- <-x ???? <,f
tipendlturea over recelplj aln ?? lunc N ha* amount?
ed to $13.1C7.!?M Th.- total recelpta for the flrst thlr
i,.ii day*B of Ju;>. ik:.;. ajnonnted lo 818888,810, ani
for the Ilrit thlrt.-en daya of Auifiitn to 112.01' R
compared with 812.ihSa.<?7o for the flrst thlrtea
lUfur"- *r'(1 f*.18xJ88 ln Beptembtr ll ?!'i he n..ted
that tha recelpta from cuatoma for the flrst thlrtaen
days In September exce.vled those of the OWlWOnd"
Ing laya of Augusl by kuo.w. and those of th* nr .
thirte.n daya of July by aaSon. The total ex;-"'!
ture.- for the first thlrteen day* of July ?m:'u" ''
lo 828.748,000; for th< first thirt.en day* of Au>? i"t
to tl8.4u8.7W, and for ihe fir*t thlrteen day* 81 tne
current month to only p2,0U,BlB.
vVathlngton. Bspt 13-The Treaaury general bal
ance to-day is Jl?l.BO,100, of whleb 0*888,000 ia m
gold. The aafldl BO far thla BBcal year Is 114,
808,10a an.l Wlth the r-vnue* ru.nlng at the prea
ent flRures fhls d. II lt by Janunry 1 next will ap
proxlmate 108,800,080, or 888,000,000. The amoun' renl
lie.l hy the three. bood laauaa n'ade withln the :.ist
two years exceeds by 10,000,001 the total Treaaury
balance to-day. bo without tho*. bUBIH there would
now be an empty Treaaury. Wlth a full Treasury,
of i-ourse, lt follows that g"'d eaa always be had.
but with a Treaaury depi.-ied by aapoadltaraa ex
eeedlna the revenues, and wlth the tlde of com
mi r.'lal exchanae against thie country. gold Is
dlftVult to retaln In the Treaaury.
The advlce* reeelved at the Treasury Department
from New-York stated that ll.200.ono In gol I had
been Wlthdrawa ta-daj for export and f:*?',""1 10
gold had been deposlted, maklng the net loaa for
ih.- day 0sJ0O,OM Thi* reduces the gold r?srrve
to aaajn,57i T1,p fentures, of ihe .lay, a* vlewed
frrim hire. were the eppearance of Laiard ""rOrea
ah gold exnorti rs; the deposit bv the Har >ver Na?
tlonal Hwik of 8800.808 ln gold, the ..ir*.' deman 1 ror
small noiet- at Bouthweatem point* in exchange
for legal-tendera deposlted at New-York, un.l the
readlneaa arlth whl.h banka avaiie.t themaelvea or
Becretary Carllale'a prop,,*uion to deposit g..ld ln
New-York for ovrrency dellverable at fJovernment
contract ratt? at W?st*rn and Northern polnta.
The gold exporta to-.lav nttract attentlou to the
fact that slnce July 13. when the gold export move
ment began, about H*,U?,0O0 baa been wlthdrawa
from the Treasury an.l about $ir..<co.000 deposit. I
From January 1 to July 31. 1W5, aecordlng to
atatlatlca fuinifhej bv Worthlngtnr Ford. chlef of
the Hureau of Sta.ilstl.-s, $ii."9? <w In gold was ex
borted from the [lalted Btatea, or a net loaa ol
il2.542.000. For Iba last three years the net i af of
gold by exi..Tt haa baeai 10H fnjl2.*a0; 1081, 17.018.
Foe the three months of July,
Auguat nnd S.-pteml?-r of Iaal year, gold exporta
only equalled 118.800,000, ar..', for the entlre month
of Beptember ihe exporta amounted to $237.o*.
a BOR Of" nrrvRon H, r*.tks, f'irmf.ri.t OOSf
KlUa hi.msim.k
Wllmlngton. r>el., BXXrt tl -Cha-!ea Theodore
Ruaaeil Hites, t\venty-f?ur years old, ah<U and
kllled hlmseif thls mornlng. It ls aaXXBOXXd, with
sulcldal Intent. He was worrled over family
troublxx, and was probably overworked. He >.v?<|
B law BRtdatnl !n the offlce of Krar.ri* Rawle. of
I'lilladelphla. Rxtxa araa a aon of OxofXje H.
Batea, of thi* clty, wh.. waa a Commlaaloner to
Bamoa ln T'resident Ovelnnd's nr.-1 Admlnlstra
tlr.n. anl Inter on a Commlssloner to Periln. sent
by Preal !ent H.arrl*on. The young BBXn'a m .ther
ls a slster of ex-i'.ov ernor Wil lam E. Itussell. of
Maaaachuaetta. Young Batea w.is brlght and
ta. His death occurrxd at the home of his
unclx, K. L Gllpin. He had Just been talkln*;
with a cousin aboul Bhootlng re?-Ibird*
I.ynn. Maas , Sept. 18.?J. L. Parfcar, iKputy-Ool
lector nn I laxpector of CuxtOfflX ln I.ynn. whl^h la
in the Marblehead Dtattict, has been removed by
Actine Bxcretxry of the Trxxaury Hamlln. Mr.
Parker la the managlng BdltOt Of "The I.ynn Item,"
and In that eapaclty he hae, It !s alieged, frequently
acourged the Admlnistratlon. Democrata tn Lynn
sent cllpplngs of the artlcles tO Mr. Hamlln some
tln:* jiro. Offenalve p.irttsanship ls the charg*
ma.le agalnst Mr. Parker by Mr. Hamlln.
When Mr. Hamlln received the cllpplnps from
"The I.ynn Item.' he wrote to Mr. Parker, and
atked lf he was the author. Tbe r.-ply waa no;
ICtory to hlm. for he wrote ugaln. and asked
dlrect queatl >n8, to whlch Mr. Parker replied to the
effeet tliat his peraonal senriments were of no cons
quence to the Treaaury Department as long as his
work was pmperiy performed.
?an Prxnctxco, Bepl 11 The proxBcntloa in the
Durranl eaaa haa glven up the hope of flnding the
"myaterloua woman," and no toaajxr bellevea ttrr*
ls stieh a pc-- .n. ulth .ugh ne? rumors as to her
Identlty art from ttnta to time given to the p-uiee
Tp to the pr. sent tlme rumors of 181 women. by
actual connt, have been lavxetlgated, and pr m I
faise When tbe trial is rxxumed on Moadxy th.
utlon wlll pul Bflaa I.anig.m on the stand te
eorroborxte tln- testira my of mi?s Bdwxrda and
Mrs. Dorgan, who textlfled f iterdxy to areing
Durranl anl Blaneha i^amont togethar on a Pow
?! al car m Ihe way fr rn the Normnl .Hchool on
tiie afternoon of April ? Bfm Vogel wil! th. n be
called to testify to aaelng Durranl ln fr.mt of the
Normal Behool on that fatal nfi*rnoon, and then
th* Journty nrri-aa th.- r|iv wlll be taken up.
Tims far the proaecutlon wiii -,a\-- -:. btx that
Durranl anl Rlxnche Lamont were together
on that Journey as far as Rarfcat an.l Pow
eii ua.. t.ut thera th- chain of etrcumatantlal
evtdonce ls br *--n. The pruateutlon has ao
wltaexx who ???? the ji.-iii together between
that point ani Twenty-flrsi and Rartletl ata.,
where Mxrtln Qulnlan saw tii?-rn. Bnt, taklng
Mr. Qulnlan'a atatement thai h<- ?aw rhe two youn*
people comlng from th<- directlon of Valenclx-at,
: ? .- itl :i wlll u.-t on ihe hypotheata Ihal Imr
r.uit ai '. '<'.-- Lamonl roda between the two polnts
on tiie It. car
On>- polni in the teetlmony already taken whl^h
rh- defenca wlll take advantage of wh?-n It com**
to prove th.it Durranl could n->t hav* carrled the
body -.f niancne Lamoni up to the be'fry i* the
evldence of tha wltneaa Chai I arho teetlned yea?
terday to bavtna ar< Ighed the two aletera on Mir-;i
'.lu.! Lamont .-n.-.- ttated n an Intervlew
? ..-.- the ai i h-r *iaier areri nol welghed at Charl
ton'a Btare for a mo'ith prevloua lo the murder.
Bhe atated in tha: Intervlew mat at the t.m.
ICanche waa welghed laal her weiKh; w?* 121
ponnia. It - - . -i .- lefenee wlll recall Raud
l.iii,-.ti- t. leatlfy ..n 'hla polnt when th? propei
Bnffalo, Bepl 11 I momlng paper aaya "Ntagara
Palla la golng l i be tha e mventten city of the
fntura, aad tbe M ate Carlo .-f America. Already
pians ara far advanced looklng to the aatxbllab
ment ther.- of oni of the rnost giR.ituie permxnenl
.onventlon balia ever e ncervxd on ttiis elde of the
Atlantlc, and ;''??? erection of a clubhouae whlch
wlll be th.- wondei of 1 - rld Tl.lubhoua*
la to e.mi when furnlahed 8S0O.000. .md th-' Dalya nnd
f Baratoaa an - .i l to he in'- r- tted
in It. Th. 'all will have a *>-a:!n* <h
? if 11000, ?? ? ;,r- pi if "
Albany, Bepl 13 Ex-Benator Rranh Hlecock, of
Byracuae, repreaentlng the Ranufacturera' Lloyda;
Balnbrldge Polbj ot New-York, repr aenting the
Rutual Lloyda th* Mereantll^ Uoyda and the
Hudi -. Plra l. lydi xll of Rew-Tork, and Wllllam
H. Rlllxon, ?.' Rew-Tork, rapreaentlng th* Amerli m
L'.oj h ' tl Oreal Weatern Uoyda, n.et with
s;iite ? Koberta i.v appolntmenl at the
offlce thla uf;ernoon to dlscuas what State
if any. ih-ir eompanl ? ahould pay. The
Lloyda ... . ?? itlona >.f Indlvlduxl underwrltera,
and, no: h.'. . i- itlom iav< never i-.-n
taxed intll 'H- year, ?*ieu th. Pontroller, under
authorlty of an amendmeni to tha law, paaaed by
th. I<eglalature last wlnter, proceed d lo aaaesa
th,-m on the eapttal tbey employed ln the Btate.
The Lloyda doubl wh"th"r the law upholdx lha
u..i l- up..n iht-m. f'ntr.l'.-r Kot.*rts,
after llatanmg to xrgumenta, reaerved 1-. ision.
a tai.e iTUDl \ r mrs iBBOAkX
New-Haven, Bept !( News o.* the sud len death
,,f Qaaorge /. ti.ri-k:. ili.iy, of the BeatOt clasa of
Yale. waa re thls mornlng He vvia
?uickaa xrttb appendldtR in London, and died after
a ah-irt i: - il WXJ B in-n.h-r of the Bcroll
and K-' ? and treaaurer of
?he Y i l ~i | . Club, an t . p-.pular atudent. a?
*''"".?? . - elety man it- the univenity.
Hla falher ls u New-Tork clcrxyrnan.
Va. WBMmUTM uritm.AH ir>tstittrn
Roxtoa, Bepl Kt.-The burt;l.ir who entered the
hniiae of Rdward \v. Raaxble, tba xrttxt, kt Rea
RoeheUo, N Y. on Auguat 12, was Identlfled thls
18 from his pliotojuaph and a deacrlptloii a*
a aretl-kn ivn thlef from thla dty, who only re
eently flnl.-ihed ? slx-year tenltnce ln the i'.'
town Btata JVI-. n Hla name i* Rdwxrd I Itm
' n. i.at m .\*w-Vork he aai.l hla name waa Edward
rtBOM A *TASr CollKEsr )M)ENT 08 THB TBIBVira.
Baratoga, BBpt, IC. .Many of the leadlr.g dele?
gates to the Republlcan State Conventlon. whlch
will meai here on TUtada) next, are expected to
l>e In town to-morrow. Indeed, some of ihem have
engage.l tii.-lr rooma from Saturday untll Wednea
day next, and therefore thelr presence here ln
Bdvaaeo of the mactlni Of the conventlon 18 as
surcd. Judglng from the orderB for rooma at the
hotels whlrh have remalncd open after the sum
nier visltors have departed. the 7*>8 delegates to
the conventlon and a large peoportlOB of the alter
nates lntend to be present.
Th'- large attendance, desplte the gereral b0>
llef that the present Republlcan State offlce ra
wlll ba renomlnati-d without oppoaltlOB, and a
part* piatform adopiad without serious c.mfliet,
ih avidaaea of the haarty interest taken ln the
affalra <>r the Repubtteaa party thls year by Its
rotara and leaders. Tbla evldent deslre to partlc
lpate in the management of the party but repeata
what haa occurred at ill the local conveatloni
for the nomination of Judgaa and membcrs of the
l.eglslature that have prectded the h ildlBg of the
Hr.ite (' nventlon, narnely, an attendance at the
OOnrentl ns of Rapubllcaaa Of every shade ..p
oplnbn In the pirty ranks Evldently there Ifl
a general bellef amona Republleana that with
worthy oandldataa for state offlcaa and an equally
worthy candldata for Prealdenl in w.rt the Re?
publlcan party wlll OOBtiBUO its prtaent control
pf New-York State and carry the State next year.
An addltlonal reason for the larare attendan.-e
at the State Conventlon, notwlthstanling the ap
parent agreement already BPOB candldates, Is
the agltatlon of the proposltlon to enlarge the
Btate CUmmlttaa The lnformal cimmlttee, of
Bhlch Cornelliis N. Rliss Is chalrman, whlch has
been puihlog tiiis suggestlin of an enlargement
r.nl a ehange of the baslfl of representation in
lt. has re.vlved encouraglng reports from tha
delegates-eleet to th* conventlon regardlng lt;
although a majority of the delegates have not
yet eonimitted themselves In Its favor. With
nearly 200 delegates favorlng the plan of enlaig
ing the Btate Commlttee, howaaar, the supporters
Of the |aaa cannot but feei pleased. They have
had to OOmbat the Innate C..nservatlsm of party
laadera of a liherai mind and the Intereated oppo
sltlon of the preaenl possesfors of the machlnery
Of tlie Republlcan party. That they have made U
mu"h baadway an t<> collact Ml rotaa in favor of
the plan of <nlarglng the Stat- Conmlttee ls,
therefore. proof that the plan has popular sup
port among the Republlcan voters. Mr. BUaa
and hls assiclates wlll enm* here and open head
quarters in rooma BO, :<2 and 54, Congress Hall,
to-morr. w for thoae who favor an enlargement
of the con.mtttee.
Thomaa C. Platt, who wlll be here to-morrow.
has, lt is said, instruoted hln lleutenants to pre
tend to accept the Biiggestlon that the State
Commlttee be enlarged, only not to accept lt for
adoptlon thls year. Mr. Platt would have a com
.nlttee appointed to *leep over the matter for a
year, and ln the mean tlm* pcrrrrlt hlm to choose
a State Committee 00 the old llnes fovorable to
hlrnself. Buca a Platt State Committee would
have charge of the affalrs of the Republlcan
party in thls State whl'e tha delegates to the
RepubUcaa Natlonal Conventlon were belng
eleeted. afr. Platl daatraa, perhapa naturaiiy, to
be the governlog aptrlt of a majority of th
gates to :he National Conventlon. Nothlng OBdll
he done by the Republlcan State Conventlon of
thls year if he can prevent it Whlch would plaoa
obstaclea ln the pathway of his machlne whlle
working to eJect lMatt .lei.-Kat.i: to the Natlonal
Conventlon. He therefore, u la aald to-day, wlll
favor a p.>stp"iiement of any change :n the Btate
Commlttee this year. The argument wlll ba
made that ther? are a perplexlng number of
plana I # the tnUrgamaal of the c.mipilttee and
that the Siat-' Conventlon caaaot with wladom
hastiiy acoapt any one of them Conaequently,
it w.-uld be well to appolnl a o mmlttee of emi
nenl RepubMcariB to .-onstder tbe matter for a
year an.i r.-p >rt to the n-xt Htate Conventlon.
\- for i-xt year, ln Mr. Platt'e v!-w. lt is said.
there may be objectlona to ohanglng the state
Commlttee while the o.ntest for the Preslden.y
is in progreaa
Word comes from Kings C unty that Jeaae John
?on, wh<. was a promlneni rnetnber of tha Conatl
tuttonal <"' nv. ntlOB, and for many years has been
i leading lawyar ol Brooklyn, has broughl over
to hls BUpporl for Judge ><t the C Bri Of Appeals
a large pr.?p .rtion of the Klnga CbuBty delega
tlon. Mr. Jobnaon Wlll also naturaiiy have tha
auppoii of taa delegat ? from th- 11.1 Jadlclal
Dlatriet, which compriaee the countiea of Rlch?
mond. Suff .lk. Queena, Rfeatcheater, Oranga,
Rockland, Putnam and Dutcbeea.
Judga Pardon C. winiams, of Watertown, wh..
ala. ls a candldata for Judge of the Court of Ap
peala, haa n--.iv.-d a letter from Judge Leelle w.
Ruaaell, atatlng that the latter ls nol a candl late
for tne poaltlon and Int.-n Is t BUpport hlm. Judge
VYllllama, for tha honor. Judge wmiams aill hava
the aupport of 'he delegatea from the coantlea l
Onondaga, Onelda, Oeweg , Herkimer, Jeffers. u
and i.'-w la; and ala i prol ably of thoae <>f Warren.
Cllnton, Baeex, Waahlngton, Baratoga and st.
Judga Wllll.i-n R. Adams. of Canandalgua. for
one battot at leaat, wlll have th- aupport of the
delegatea from Ihe countiea of Wayne, Llvlnga
t n, Beneca, Tatea, Ontarl >. Bteuben, ftfonroe anl
< !aj uga.
Judge Henry A. Chllds. of Medlna, ls also a
candldata He wlll probably have a stions sup
porl in tht Vlllth Judlclal Dlstrlot. where he la
a popular Bupreme Oourl Judge.
Judge Celora B. Martln, of Blnghamton, wlll bo
aupported by the delegatea from the countiea of
<>t*e?,,. Delaware, Madlson, Chenango, Hroome.
T I i. chemunsr. Tompklna, Cortland an.l Beneca.
Mr Platl I" rep.rted to hav sald that he thotight
tha Btate Conventlon could dlapoaa of its work
o-islly on Tuaaday afternn..n. and that he saw no
reaaon whv there sh .uld be separate epeeches re
nomii.ntlng the pn bmI RepubUean State offlotra
Ea ellenl thlnga -an be aald aboul every one of
tiu- preaeal RapuMlcaa Btata offldala rs it pos
alble thal Mr. Platl doaa BOl care i.. have a eulogy
dei Lalmi d In regard t > aoma of them?
There la llkely, h..? avar, 'o be a coafllct over the
prop altlon to enlarge the Republlcan State Com
mlttee, n<> matt.-r what may ba afr. Platt'a plana
on thla auhjeel Aad people will be aatonlahed lf
the Commlttee on ReaolutloBa awallowi al oaea
any pi.-.nk whlch mai be preaented tO II rofc.irdini,'
the saie of llqoora ln clttea on Bundaya. There
ara radlcal dlffereneea of oplnlon on this topk ba
tween tto dty Republli m^ and tho rural Repub- i
lloanr, and lt Wlll take some time for them to :
raach an agraemenl about ihi? mi.tter.
Saratogi BprtragX, N V, Sept 11 (Mpeclall.
Whlle the Hepnlill.-an Ptate fonventlon wlll DOl
assemhle Mli Tue*1ny next. the advance guard wlil
reach here to-morrow
Among those who have niready engaged rooma
at the I'nited Htate* Hotel are Krank Hlacock,
Kran.-ls Hfi-.lrlcks, Thomaa C Platt. Charlea W
llackett, Lotlla K Payn. Hamllt.m Klah. S. V. |{.
? 'ruger, liwlght A. I.a*rence, ? YV Adama, ll i;.
Tr.-Tiialn. P ? Wlllluina. K.iw.ird LaUterbach,
i..--! .I! Feiat. Krank ? Wetherbe*. J. \V <}re?-n,
v* H CoUlna, ll Q Dewey. L N Llttauar, H a.
-..-.. K. II Ma.'k. A l! Steeie. <\ H Tr-it.
r*a?der1cB Btowi Henry Partah, Charlea 1 *<;*
ion, M Nauahawm. \V. C Wetherbee, J, 8. VVeavei
w. T. Houalnger. T. K n'Hrlen. K K. Punly. W B
?'lark. W. .J McCafriev- H (}. Burletgh, 0. V
I -her, ]r.. R. L Kox. \V J. Ark-ll. Theodore K.
Hancoek, john Paimer, L. H Olaaaon, .i?hn T.
ffoaa, Jamea A. IloL.-rts, T A. Hiara. Joka K.
MIlho.lHnl Charles I. Pblppa, W .1 Young, An
Braw UavKUoa. k\ W. Ulmmiam. Liaoeuard tUuwarL
S. D Coylter.dall. L. H. Vall, L. Emeraon. Martln
V. Wood. Auguatus Denton. Jcseph D. Sayre ar.d
H. J. t'r.derhlll. beatdea several delegafler.s.
conventlon engagements at Congresa Mall. tne
headouarter* of the Kepuhilcan Btate Commlttee.
already Indude W. L Proetor, W. H. Keyndd*.
Fradertek s Olbba, Coraellua Van Cott. Hugo
Hl! ti. Andrew Jacoba, W. l". Wakssaaa, Claranee
W. Ueade, II B Bteddard, E. B. McAipta. Wllilam
H. Hodgea. it. B. Ode'l. Jr.. Addiaon B. Colvln,
Wlllard A. r-ohb, M. J. Dalv, Andrew Tuck. Oeorge
E. Oreen, l.uclu* Van Allea, C. M. Herrian. Otto
Irvlng Wisr I?. |f Huriev. John H. Jewell. J A.
l>e Remer, M lt. Jaekett, E. B. oaper, 8. I, Maa>
dox. A. A Sweet. Illwln S. Wray WillUm J
Olenn. John Young-, Bdwsrd It. Phelp*. Ira C.
Mllea. F. J. Merrlman, John I. Mott, Davld Crom
well and Job E. Hedges.
Atlantlc Clty, N. J.. Sept. 13.-Ruslne*a at Ktrg
Harhor Clty to-day waa entlrely suapended, owlng
to the close proxlmlty of fhe foreat flreg to the
town. The c'tlzene turned out ln a body to flght
the flames and protect their property. May.c
Farr. the Colwell estate and Congre**man John J.
Oardner, of the Ild New-Jer?ey Dlatriet, are heavy
loj-ers. The llght of the flames can be platnly
aeen here, and thousands of people are watchlng
the glare ln the sky. Other flres are burnlng In
the swamp distrlcts ln and around Elwool, ar.d
ln the w"?stern part of the county. Thouaanda of
dollars have been lost by the ownen of cranberry
bogs. manv of whlrh wlll prove a total lots.
J H. Renault, an extenglve manufacturer of
ehampagne at Kfrg Harhor. lias a force of men out
flirhtlrig the flanv's In order to protect hla property.
Hundreds of acres of your.g tlmber land have been
devusfated and many people have been oompel.ed
to remove from their homea. Resl.'.ents of Kngllah
Creek are out In full force, uaing every effort to
protect thelr property.
it oin effectivt: WOBtt, however. ano now
in<; the DKATR of a OOMPANION.
John Colllna, fourteen years old, son of Mrs.
Marle A. Colilne. matron of the M*morlal Hospltnl,
in Iforrlatowa, yeaterday BBoralag ahot and kQad
: 1 Brueekmaa, a aeven-veir-old boy, who
Uved at No. W. nr>o-ne-st.. New-York Clty.
Young Brueekmaa was a patlent ln the hospltal.
H? was about to be dbaCbargad, and he and young
Colllna were ?!o?e eompanlons. Young Colllna sv
cured a .3?-ralll>r? revojver to cel'brate the Fourth
of July. Hl* m ither and the ->th*r attendant* ln
the hospltal thought the pUtol nothlng more thin
a toy. A ghort tlm* ago young Colllna seeured a
eartrldg* end plBCtd lt ln the rBVOlvar. He had n>t
irged the cartridge. and It waa the one whlch
ki;i?d young Rrue'kman.
The two boys wt* 1 .oklng at the pistol yesterday.
Colllns in some way pi.iled the trl?ger and the cart
rldge ezplodad. The buliet entered young Ilrueck
DOan'l forehead and pas*ed out through the back of
hl* h -nl. The nolae of the shot attracted Mra. Col?
llna and a nurse. They plcke 1 up your.? Hrueck
man, and were carrylng hlm toward the bath to
wa?h his woun I wh.-n he dled.
Justlee Axtell ordered Colllna pla^ei under arrest,
and wlth tears s;r-im'.r.g from hls eyes, the boy
w^s led off to th.> loi'kup. Ha wlll prorebly be dls
charged, aa the sh ooMng was pur'ly accldentai.
Iihpemlng, M!ch., Bept. tl- Colonel I.yon, In eom
mand of the :>tate troops here, Informed Roberts.
the leader of the Mlners' I'nlon, yesterday. that
any further outrages. such as strtkers had perpe
tnited, would result In the cltles of Negaunee and
Irhpeming belng placed under martlal law.
Roberts pleaded Inablllty to control the men, and
the Colonel suggested that he realgn.
Governor Rlch telegraphed to Mayor Foley, of
Negaunee, yeaterday afternoon, asklng why he
could not protect peraons ln hla clty. The Mayor
awore ln flfty deputy auerlffa laat night to aaalat
In keeplng the peace.
rolumbia, B. ("., Sept. 13.?To-day was an 1m
por'ant one In tne Constltutlonal Conven'lon. Th?
mornlng sesslon opened with a long wrangle and
a splrlted debate as to whether the conventlon
should go to the expense of bavtng each ordlnance
and resolutlon printed as aoon as presented. ind
lald on the deska of th* membera, or whether the
manuacrlpt eoplea ahoald be haro>d to the com
mltteea without prlntlng, allowlng the com
mltt*eB to r.-p-.rt recommunllng substltutes In the
shape of clauset of the ("onstltutlon. It was sald
that thla would stlfle all ordlnanees In commlttee
rooms and no one on the floor would ever know
whHt was propoxcd The membera wanted to have
the Idxxa of one another and consequently ordered
the prlnting of everythlng.
The conventlon sp-nt several hours ln dlseiisslng
thls feature of the rules. Then ln the laat flfteen
minutes of the long vep^lon the wheels of the resolu
tl?.n and Offdlnanoe null flew around with the ra
pldlty of llghtnlng. and about forty new proposl
tions were prexanted, some of them belng of great
Importance. It ls now pretty thopoughly under
atood that Mennlal aeaalona of the I^gisiaturo will
i.i- provlded for, Inatead of annual aeaalona; that
th.- '.-rnia of the Srate ofBcera Wlll be made Jour
yearx, Instead of tWO years. ai heretofore; that
s:n i.i. r countlea wlll he provlded for; that countv
courta will be eatabUahed, nnd that Ju.Iki-j wlll be
elected by the people direct, Inatead of by the
I.et-i>>!ature. _
Chatham, Mass., Sept. 11?A great Jeal of wrerk
age came ashore to-day on the beach between Or
iean* and Chatham A quarter-board marked
"A. Heaton," the e.gbook of the aame vesael and
the vexaei'B stern, bearlng th* name, came aahore
at North Chatham. Later the vease'.'a cabln driftel
down near I'hatham bars and waa boarled by
some flshermm. who an.-hored It.
Home pc-rsons think the HtatOX waa aunk by a
coi'.lslon with a ves?ei from the eaatward. whlch
vi.. loaded vvith smoked herrin*. at great quantltl?8
? >t boxed h*rrlng have bOtJO pleked up off here dur
Ing the last two days, and they aro atlll drlfting
aahora With wreckage from the Heaton. Others
think that both veaaela were caughl unnrepared.
and were overwhelmed by lha how.ing pa.e. whlch
aw-i-?;?> aud len I Bcroax this coxBt about ml.lnlght on
W ? ...
Vaiioua conjecturee un mi.de regardlng the fate
of both crewe, but very few people here 'hlnk that
an> of them ar" livt.-.g, aa the Heaton's yxwi Ixiat
drlfted aahora at Or'.eane to-day.
Albany. Sept. 11 -The State Roard of Regents
have taken a new aeparturc. and gotten out be?
tween 88888 and 25.00(1 quesrlon papers. neede.l for
the September examlnatlona, on Edlson mlmeo
graphs. kept In the department ln the Capltol.
The examlnatlons thls month are for professtonal
.nnd tecnnlexl BtttdentB, and are to be held ln Al
han-.-. Rew-York, Byrxeuae xnd Ifuff.ilo from Sep
? "I to Beptember tl Thev cover siihj-r?* ln
the practlce of medlcine, dentlstry and Veta nnary
mr llclne and surgery. Thla method la taken to
prei nt attempts b'lng mado to steal the papers
ln advance.
Sin Krancl.xco. Sept. 13. Itefcrrlng to the Btate
nent ln XX ev.-nlng paper yesterday to the effeet
thai QeneraJ Ilustamen'.e had been surrendered by
Captaln Johnxton, of the steamer Clty of Bydney,
on the demand of ConBiilar Agent Cooper, at I.u
I, bxrtxd, Captaln JohBXtOX dxntOO the Btory He
aay- ihat AgXBI Cooper telegraphed the t'onsal
i'.. nrral ...r the BtlbJXCt an'. received Instructlons BOt
arfere. Captaln Johnston aaya he had no cora
munlcation whatever with ('ooper oa the aubject,
an-t ne alao deBlXB the story that RltBtXXXXate aaa
burncd to death.
fior? ma ir.ns wf.rf. takex orr.
"Tony" I'rnvena, flve yearB old, of No. 80 Kront
it.. Urooklyn, was erxMetUg that atreet about 7
o'clock laat night. when ho waa struck by car No.
123. of thn 8eventh-ave. ilne, and badly Injured
He was taken to the Urooklyn Hospital. where hla
|.-g. were umputated. The aurgeona In attend
ance sald last night that hu would dle.
"Rarney" Rloodjrxod. the motorman of the car,
waa BITexted und held to awalt the rt-ault of the
boya Injurlea
PATMnWtBB BOttM /.v/> r.ar/f//:.?.
Wear Knox r.ati. made by Amerlcan worklng*
maa. Tbav laaj tha ?ar><4_-AJvL
There wlll not be another Defender-Valkyrla
race. Notwlthstandlng the efforta of clubB and
Indivlduals to bring about another meetlng ber
tween these raclr.g machlne a, although pursea,
cupa and yachtlng h OJaOfO have been offered,
nothlng probably wlll come of lt all, and the hla
tory of the Internitlonal yachtlng season of 1891
wlll be wrltten ln three chapters. The flrat waa
a vlctory for the Defender, the second waa a de?
feat for the Valkyrie and the thlrd waa a aet?
back to lnternatloiial yachtlng for whlch Lord
Dunraven wlll re-elve the blame.
No aerles of Internatlonal raees ever clalmcd
so much attentlon as the one whlch ajagaa] with
the Defender's ealiover on Thursday. The buiid
Ing of the shlpa and the trlal races were fo[
lowed closely both here and abroad. and wh- n
the aspirants for cup honors finally met, the ln
terest reached the ollniax. The raees were un
aatlafactory to the frlends of both Bldee, and for
that reasori lt la but natural that many people
Bhould cllng to the hope that another meetlng
between the two raeers mlght be arrnngvd
All sorts of rumors hav> been clnulated, but It
ls safe to say that the two raeers wlll not meet
agaln. The fact that the Valkyrle la belng dls
mantled and belng made ready for her return
trip shows that the efforts were frultlesa.
To Oeneral Charles H. Taylor. Edltor of "The
Boston (ilobe," who offered lo give a $5,000 rur?
to be salled for by the Defender and the Val?
kyrle. Mr. Iselln rrsterday sen? the followlng
Many thanks for generou* offer. I must de?
clir.e at present to aa.l agalnat the Valkyrle.
The Atlantlc Yacht Club was also anxlous to
brlng about another meetlng, and there has beeti
some Informal talk about offerlng a valuahle cuf).
but the s.'heme has been abandoned, and no for
BBal action wlll be taken.
Rear Commodore Clennle was s?en aboard the
Clty of Brldgeport, the Valkyrle's tender. yeater?
"Is lt Lord Dunraven's lnt*ntlon not to raea
the Valkyrle here agaln?" he was asked.
"Emphattcally yes. Toa can aee the yacht la
belng dismantled, and that is a sufflclent anawer
to that questlon."
"But what of the cups that have been offered,
or which would be offered for competition be?
tween the Valkyrle and Defender ?"
"Forty cups would n>.t make Lord Dunraven
change hls mind. He has poaitively decided net
to race the Valkyrie here agaln."
"When do you propoee to Bend tha Valkyrie
"Ab soon as she la ready. and that will be prob?
ably in the courge of a week. She wlll uae her
ketch rlg on her journey home."
"Wlll the Valkyrle be raced ln England thla
"No; ah? would return too late for raclng. I
have no doubt she wlll be put out of commlsaloa
at once."
When asked lf he had anythlng further to
aay wlth regard to fhe commlttee'a declslon and
Lord Dunraven's refusal to race on Thursday,
he replled that all had been sald that was necee
rary. and added: "1 regret as much as any ono
that we could not have a falr race between the
boats, but under the clrctimstances it was Im
At H. Maltland Kersey's Flfth-nve. homa
last pviT.'ng were Lord Dunraven. Commodore
Arthur Glennte and Mr. Kersey himaelf. At
the Waldorf last evenlng a large amount of
mall awalted the Earl, but he dld not appear
there. Commodore Glennie left the Holland
Houae at 6 o'clock, and left no word aa to
where he was golng. Later ln the OTaaiaaj
both were found wlth Mr. Kersey. They de
cllned to talk. saytng that everythlng they
could posslbly sny way covcred ln the corre
spondence that had been prlnted.
Ex-Commod re Jam ** D. Srnith waa at hla
offlce la tha Htaoa Hulldlng yesterday. and
gave hlmself up to hls business eorrespondence
wlth a vlgor whlch Indlcated he was glad to
have somethlng else to do than to talk ya.-ht
Ing or to manoeuvre for posltlon wlth the Kart
of Dunraven Whafl asked atiout th? Amerlca'a
Cup altuatlon. Mr. Smlth looked dlsgusted, and
replied: "Ita all over and settled. There ls
nothlng more to talk about. No, there ls no
more correspondenee between the Amerlca'a
Cup Commlttee and Lord Dunraven than that
already glven out. Of course, Mr. Iselln's let?
ter to Lord Dunraven offerlng to declate tha
second race off haa not been publlshed. Mr.
Iselln wrote the letter after consultlng w.th tho
Cup Commlttee, and we declared our wllllng
nees to have the race declared off. I have na
deslre to make any comment upon Lord Dun?
Mr. Smlth grabbed hls stlver-headed cane,
whlch emlts a spray of cologne when a small
sllver buttoti in the hantlle 1b puahed. held the
cane under hls noae and walked rapldly away.
The New-York Yacht Club waa rather qulet
yeaterday. Th* races are looked urxui as over
by the memberst. the eup raaalM here and yacht*
Ir.g circles have raUpaed into thetr normal eon
dition. J. V. S. Oddle. the aecretary of the cluh,
who durlng the excltlng time pre-edlng and dur?
lng the races gav | valuaM" servlces to vlsltvra
and to the represeniatlves of the prtss, was at
the clubhouse yeat'Tdav. Hla mall contalned
many letters of congratulatlon and a number of
eomniunlcatlona ln rhyme pralslng the Amerioaa
boat and denounclng the Engllsh metboda.
The Amerlca'a Cup Commlttee held an Informal
meetlng at the club y-vterday afternoon whi^h
was attended by th.' R-g.itta Commlttee and by
C O. Iselln.
atr Im lln w*.s BBaa when he left the club and
was asked If he had anythlng to aay an to a pos
;?ible meetlng wlth the V ilkyrle. He would aay
nothlng on the subjecf.
CliUBtar Crlsv.old haid that the meetlng waa one
of no Importance, that lt waa of an informal
nature, and that nothlng had taken tlace which
would Interest tBJ publlc.
The Cup Comniltte.' and the Regatta Commlt*
tee of the New-York Ya.ht Club were at tha
cluh-house last nlght untll nearly 12 o'clock. and
Informally dlscusaed tbe whole altuatlon regard
Ing the Defender-Valkyrle ra~t. Mr. Iaelln ar
r'.ved early ln the evenlng and remained untll
after 11 p. m. He decllned 00 make sny atate
At 1130 p. m. Jamea D. Bmlth left the club
h BBjBk Before depnrtlr.g. he sald: "The Amerlca'a
Cup Commlttee formally Informed Lord Dunraven
thls afternoon of the termlnatlon of the race, and
wrote to Mr Iselln, thanklng him and hla aaao
clates for n-talnlng the Amerlca'a Cup on thla
alde of the water. Both lettera were short, not
over ten llnes ln length. Whether there wlll ba
apeclal races 1 do not know. I uailerstaatl thal

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