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Mi. Hill mual have Bhsred lir. Qrlffln's spprehso
. >_i an.i neaa degti-eua e4 hokUng ?t Jenef ons
n. ia of emlnence on the Demo-cratb stat- tleket.
for ba urged him vehementls n oj to wlahdrgn ? >? a
candldate. l'erha..* Mr. Hi:i *"? ra. nV., r*? the
-.-ene a yaar ago bc the D.-mocraih- state Ctv-..
tim at Barafc*\ when the ?h.pard Dem.
walked oul of thr hall m coneiNiuenfe of their re
jecttoa as delegatea, and alao reoglled tbe foct
that he was <lef,a*.. .1 . irtloVlrn r b> U-.MM ma
joritj . Mr. (_*Hm*>.how.-v*er. flrmly t -1st.*.'. all of
Mr. Hills Irtnportun-Wea that he shmild contlnue
as a .* indl late, and wlthdr. w from Ihe hall
Mr. Griifln this evenlng further arMreeaed the
Demoerata ot th.* stat.- nn th ? Mii.j.*. t of th'a ex
clusloa of the st.ee Democracy of Mew-Tork and
other Independent Demoerata tn irt pr-per rapre
aentattoa la tha -*onventiun. Ua said ln a atate
ment whlch he gnve oui f-r pul llcatton:
I have no HeMre to fttagule* ^A\r^nt%,mt%^l
'.'.'??' waa i ? ?>- ?' " .'!?'**' ' .,,. %_,e
- v rney-G* rAl to the W'tir-orrMi BUU
Conventlon. In polltlca. a*. 'n,*^* ?''Vrvnnce of he
truth and ent re frankneaa it la not ?""**?";,<.
XiOti when 1 ?.",,;? naea
to the conventlon l would tave neen n-^iJJJiTJ
unanlmoualy. But. after the report of Ihe>W?g
of ihe commlttee on Cndoatlab hadbeen^auopi?
? readv been alven n t^ <*...*.> ... K nge t oun >.
a.KI;tB\'?,v.^.r'V.i^.!.\-:.nV.:'?!':::.v,:.i :"f
& S'-S.-ar'aA'- sjskjs
SU^ta I.*.".. mv .."*?.;'?.?",?;.',.;:?''.""I
? ? ih? ivinvi>mlon for w 'uld not necome x i.u..
I inv own judamenl renUlred me toiart
here 1 l ? Vl * ?"??'?> *???*_.___ WLV.
SJK S-oi^^U."^^..^?"^
dlBapoolntmenl a. '"'' " '? '
? " '??? Btate. who. wlthoul ?*? (
rtven me thelr aupport I bave no
for any (joe. I onl* a?1''*,,VU _fr_lr t
in mv vlews with some othera. and in thi? affalr i
. decide my coura. m accordance
?arlth my own vlea -
it can 1..* auapected that Mr. Orlffln agreea
with Ueutenant-Oovernor Baxton, who while
here to-day aald th?t the sctton of the Demo
rntir Btate C< 'i\**iil"n in assaillng the Inde
pendenl elemenl ta the DethocVatlc paTty and
drlving moal of its membera oul of the conven?
tlon had los* 20.W) votea to it. Mr. Griffln 1s a
devotej. gnd prdihlSeBl m mbn* of the Roman
Cathofto Chnr.h. Some iv.lCIrlav.-? Ihink to
niaht that bla deelaton to wlthdrav- bla name
p.g a candldate f- - Attorney-Qeneval when ha
aaw the Btate D-:mocracy walk ou! of the con
" -"kJT I
ventloa was conBrmed when he read over the
excise plank of the conventlon and diacovn red
that it so fully commltted the Democratlc
party tn the policy of openlng the aaloona ?.n
Bunday. The largely attended m.etinp of the
Cathollc Total Abatlnence BoC-ieU" in Mew-Vork
this year and th- laiwe attendance of prelatea
of th*-* RoAsn Cathollc Churcb al Ita dellbora
ti..ns ahow that the autborltiea of the Cathollc
chui-.-h ara glvlng moal earneet aupport to all
t-t-mperance movementa among the member- of
that communlon nnd wlll dlacountenance aay
political actlon toward ll I I of llquor
efbrea upon Sunday. Mr. Griffln nndouhtedlv
was moved parl me auch conalderatlon
a? this when he wltbdrew hls nai .*? from cn
ratderattoq aa a candldal. for Attorney-GeneraL
A?= for Davld B. HIH. l-ft ln the lureh by -fr.
'.riffin. he was forced : ? mak.* rjulck dlf***p. .??!
tlona lo meel ti.e emerg**,ncy cauaed bj the nis
appearanee of a < tndldate for Attorney-Oen
rrai. But a polH cal biwa easily moves the
pawna In a polltlca] conventlon. Mr. Hill Bwlftly
moved Morton Chase. of Albany, w*ho wj.s "..n
tiie alate" for Btate Treaaurer, into the vaeant
plaee .f Att. i ??-'.-:.?. al. nnd a rural
banker ln the County of Bchoharle nanv?d De
Wttl C. DOW w.ts BWOO] 1 down upon end ln
sert. l in th place <?f state l-raaeurer. Thus
Mr. inn bad his tlckel of obacu-.aiee com
pleted, lt mad" people laugh wbo bad heard
Mr. Hlll deelalm about This Democratlc Btate
Conventlon belng free from "l osalam."
As a matter of fact, th ? conventlon was ab
aolutely under tht- control of four men- Davld
11. Hill. Rlebard Croker, Kdward Murphy, Jr.,
and Wllllam F. Bheehan and thty ran it in th.
usual I'..ss wi y. The platform pledglng that the
Democratlc policy would open th.* ealoona on
Bunday was thelr work. it w..s they who at I!
o'clock t*".-da>', whll Ihe conventlon was in Bea
su>!.. met in Mr. IIM':' roome at the Yutes HoUBB
nnd formed the Democratlc Statv tleket on
whleb Mi'. Qrlffln'fl nam. appeared untll it wts
erase^I by blm. Tiu- 12 o'clock slst.- ha.i on it
,he foiiowing namea: Por Judge of tbe Courl of
Appeala, John i>. Teller; *or Btate CoBtroHer,
john H. Judaon; for Btate Engi ieer; Ckorge Clln
ton Ward, rl Onrida County; f r t_tU>roey-(Jen
e-;*al. Danlel G (iritTin: for Blate Treaaurer, Mor?
ton Chaae, i Ubany; for s?- niary of State,
Horatlo C Klns
It wlll ba obaerved ;hat m..st cf theae men
wera nomlnated by ti.'- win of ihe u.ss--.-. of the
Democratlc party, and nol by the delegat b.
In one cas?. tiv conventlon dld the nomlnatlng.
A st; mg canvaaa had been w ide f..r ih
Inatl 'ii for State Engineei by Ruaaell K. B
.* Byracuae, .md by Tamman) Hall
Tammany delegat. - belng grateful t.< Wl i am
j: Kn'.. tl D ? i it!.' I...:-.. uf Byracuae, foi
bla Bld lo t'.< in ;ri the Comrolttee on Contaatad
.-. Kta i" ii nlght. Btuari waa nomlnated
thla wns the onlj caae where the boeeea' 'siau-"
waa broken. The Independrni Detnocrata, arho
entlced int.. the conventlon under a
?olemn pb Ige fTom Uavld B. Hlll th.-.t they
should i'.-.ei\. s.-ais ln ii proportlonate t.. th.-ir
own polltlcal rtreneth and v.k- t num
? ? f se;:ts !n the D-?mocratlc State ('ommitt.-e,
were all Ireated wiih had falth Bnd IBiuIt. Nol
?ne <>f these j ledgei was kept bj Mr. Hllt The
Snepard 1 ? told that they ahould
t. iva large authorlty ln the ranka of ihe Demo?
cratlc party. They found llal iney v.-re hnmll
ial.-d and robbed of all i.arty authorlty by belnx
pal under the \k<- ..t ti.- ii'-ii Democracy, of
Brooklyn, tbe .rganlaa lod arhlch Hugh M. -
Laughiln controla, by tbe ftlg** of a reeolu
iLwn ly the conventlon de^lArinj tha Beli Demo?
erata the repreaentatruaj t the Dem.
j.arty ln Klnga C mnty anu aole i uai tdlana of its
party aynibOl The State Democracj leadera had
lieen aaaure.i hy Mr Hlll thai Ihey ihould re
. t-ivc ..ii.-thir<i of the repreaentatlon fr.<m New
York Clty snd onedhlrd repreaentatlon from th?
rar.ie city ln the Btate Commlttee. Mt. Hlll
hl'tiself played ihom falaei voting in the Com?
mlttee "n Credentlala laat nlght, as they <ll.?
covered to-day, a-j-ainB* thelr havlng one-thlrd
repreaentatlon ta ti'" conventlon or on the oonar
tnittie Mr Hlll contemptuoual) ftuag t.- them
th^ Kmall bone of ? one-flfth repreaentatlon in
After Dinner
To peavent that f?-?-iii.?. .f foiiin-s* .u . ... ii >?,
md dlgMflOfl and aaatnillBtloa of foo I i iirt i.e_.i
a h<- and blll. u?n<
S> "SEC"
"SELECTED for the Banquet
in Bordeaux given to the
tho conventlon. Aa if thla W8T8 not a auftVlent
expreealon of the hat red ertth whlch beragaraa
the organtoatlon headed by Charles S. F8lr
chlld. William lt Orace, Robert Orier Monroe.
Wheeler H. Peckham, William B "??ol?wf!
snd Kverott P. Wheeler, he had the Commlttee
on dedentlala paaa a reaolutlon piacing the or
nnlaatlon comptotely I" tho power of Tamn,
Hall by decUring lhal ..rganlr.atli.ii the OOl)
repreaentatlvs of Ihe Democratlc party, nnd
that no one could use the aymbol of the Demo?
cratlc party ..n ita tlcket, loeal or Btate, without
tbe permtosion "f Tammany Hall.
As for the Cleveland Democrats of Erle, they
were sssured that they arould recelve representa
tion In the conventlon and oeata In tbe Btate Com?
mlttee. Bellevlng In this pledge, Wltoon B. Ble
aell and John ?'. Mllburn, tw i of tho moat proml?
neni leaders of the Cleveland Democrata con
aented I . aei as d< legatea to the onventlon. Mr.
Btoaell and Mr. Mllburn good-naturedly consent
,..', ;,, obey Inatructlona whlch thoy r.ilved to
aupporl Auguatua F. Bcheu, a Sheehan Demo
cral for C ntroller, Wn-n Ihey arrived here Mi
Btssell and Mr. Mllburn found Ihemselvefl lg
Mored The Hlll I rsses of the conventlon w uld
glve them n ? poaltlon of Influence, Bad treat
ment followed. Mr. Bheehan g"t together the
Erle County delegatea last nixht and had them
eiect three Sheehan Democrats as membera of
the Democratlc stat" Commlttee to repreaent
Erle County. The Cleveland Democrata clearly
were entltled to one member. Mr. Blesell was
profouhdly Indlenant, and refuaed to lift a ??ns,'r
further to n irolnate Bcheu for Controller. Thla
mornint,' the Erle C ?unt) delegatlon hold a meet?
lng, an i Mr. Blssell waa asked if he would make
., s|.h nomlnatlng Bcheu for Controller. He
peremptorll) decllned to do so. He ipoke frank.y
.,;? ti,- selaure of the Btate Commlttee seatfl bj
Sheehan, and sald thal this waa no way t i brinj*
about harmony wlthin tho ranka of th" Demo
. ul party In Erle County. in fa.-t. there could
be ii . reformation of the party there until it ?as
releaaed fr,.m the Rrasp of a polltlcal dlctator.
Mr Sbeehan was ma.le extremely angry hy nr.
BlM-ell'a speech, for Benator Hlll bad told hlm
thal n would be danger ous to nomlnate Bcheu
unleaa Blasell c maented. Bheehan bowed t Bla
s. ll's de itol m by telllng Bcheu that bo could n d
preaa hlm f.,r the nominati in, sim-o. if he flhould
be named f- r Controller by a Bheehan Democral
and should secure tho nomination. h- would run
; the Democratlc Btate tlcket at l^.st '.'"."""
. >tea Thla waa a aad confesslon for Mr. Bhee?
han to make, and Mr. Bcheu eadly wtthdrew his
name as ? candidate. Mr. Hlll :hon plcked up
j -hn B. Ju is m, of <'.l ? ersvllle, wh-. w?s .1 can?
didate for State Treasurer, and thrust him Into
the position of candidate for Controller. Thus
Mr. Blasell gave a return blow to Mr. Sh". han.
lt cannol be sald that the eoifvention **oted
ollndlj to drlve out of its doora tha Btate Dem?
ocracy delegatea. When tho conventlon mei
ihla mornlpg Charlea 1. Patterson, of the Bhep?
ard Den.rate, of H. toklyn, m,,ved tbal tbe
.*-'tate Democracy recelve one-thlrd repreaenta?
tlon from New-Tork. Then Mr. Patteraon, who
is a tall, athletlc and flne-looklng man. aith ?
.-? ice, took the platform and made .1 atrona.
argument In favor of his motlon. He alluded
to the report of the Commlttee on Credentlato,
whlch gave to th- Btate Democracy 8 repreaen?
tatlon of only one-flfth, and said tbat if har?
mony were t" ??? restored to the dlstracted
IXmocratfl of New-Tork Countj ii mrel be by
some other means than by a reaolutlon whoa
pasaage would furth r Irrltate an Importanl
branch of the Democratlc party In that county.
Mr. Patteraon further aald that ir ho underatood
the temper of the reaolutlon offered by the ma?
jorlty, it moant th.n the contestaBtfl could not
be Democrata unleaa they were Tamman) men
This atatemeni was greeted by applauee from
tbe Btate Democracj men and hlasea and eat
calla from the Tammany sympathlaera Th.
nolse became so s-teat ihat Benator Hlll srose
and t-aid: "1 oaii on the serg ant-at-arma ro pre
aerve order, The gentleman is entltled to be
heard." Then there was meat spplause.
Mr. l'atteraon continued to plead for the
State Democracy. "Thla ls a niattor of polltt. al
conaclence, my frlenda," he crled, "and It hus
en." t,, stay." 'iii-.it appiuus" greeted this
aentlment. Mr Patterson, continulng. said thal
he did not Intend to say anythlng agalnat the
powerful. Tamman) Hall organtaatlon, ''Ut It j
w ta tor him to call th" attentlon of the con en*
tlon to th" aetual condltlon of thlnga In New
Tork, which made it rlght for the Btate Democ?
racy to go out and organlxe for better aml purar
jfovernment. Mr. Patterson then referred l 1
the corruptlon that had been unearthed ln New
York Clty bj tbe Leaow Commlttee. The re*
suit waa that ? large proportlon ?.f tho people
in New-Tork deemed ii a matter of conaclence
not to be allled wlth an organtaatlon that waa
reaponalble for these thlnk;-'. "Those men v.-ho
wen! out," erled Mr. Patterson, "wenl oul f.?r
ronsclence suk.-. for riichi aml justlc.', as they
saw it " Oreal applause followed this atate?
meni comlng from the State Democracy men.
Further Mr. Patteraon sald. the feellng was
nol conflned Io the clty of Ni w-Tork. lt \yas
belleved throughoul the Btate not onlj thal
theae corrupl condltlona ealstcd, but thal Tam?
many Hall was gullty, it letst to the extent
that Its membera did nol prevenl II wblle In
power Tb.- best thal could be said of Tam?
manv Hall a/aa that it did not Bnd lt out. "Then
,;,,?. ih. Bpectacle 1 t the Btate Democracy
comlng up wlth the Bhepard Democracy and
knookini,' at th.nventlon'8 doora, pald Mr.
Patteraon "Il la a timo r,,.- utterlng truth that
! wtll hurn Into men'a s.,uls Th" prlnclplea f.-r
; w'nlch we stand are nol lo be eaal down like
'this The Democracy is broad enough to take
ln both organlaatlona ln New-Tork. if you re
1. ,t us what ls the difference from turning us
' oui into the cold? We must unlte the Demoe
i racy of the Btate, Lei nothlng atand ln the
way We cannol bonorably aecepl thene seata
i Ton know thal acceptlng thla repori meana
turning tha stat. Dehuswcy away w.th ,1 klck
and a thruat."
Mr Patterson then in concluaton frnnkiy
sald: "The Btate Democracy delegatea hava
h"M ;i maetlng and hav.- declded that they can?
nol bonorably aecepl one-flfth repreaentatlon
from New-Tork Clty. if you n-fus" to granl
tham s largai repreaentatlon they wlll depart
from thla conventlon." The Democrata In the
eoaventlon Wi ra thus falrly warned tbat If
thoy should voi" down th" Patterson reaolutlon
th. Btate Democracy would leave tbe conveiw
lion. Hui the Machine wns d"lerniin ed tt
drlve the Btate Democi?cy out, Jamea l?. Bell,
ihe leader of "Bose" McLiaughlin'i delegatea
from Brooklyn, oppoaed the grantlng of an)
larger repreaentatlon to th" State Democracy,
and so aisn did Benator Charlea L. Ouy nnd
ex-Sertator Thomas r Oredy, of Tamman)
iiaii. Tho iiiiia.no of iiugh McLaugblln wlih
Rlchard Croker, Edward Murphy, jt . and
wtlliHiii F. Bheehan aKatnst thi Cleveland
Democrata ?' New-Torh Clty waa clearly ap
par.-nt. Perry Belmonl then pul t)"- motlon
of Mr, Patterson that the Btate Demo
should i" granted ? lariter representation in
iln stat" Conventlon, and tbe rn..ti,.ii v.h
nverwbelmlngly defeated by b elva eoce vote,
if a vote b) countlea bad been taken a good
manj re ala-lons ol Intereal would bave been
made, and th ral . tba Tamrnpn) llall dele*
ntea Inalated on a elvs xtoo vote. They
M.,,,.1 ie" HKe 1'Ulls of BBBbaU When th
Patteraon motlOB wa* put.
i*., ,!.t of THB BTATE i.km<h"i:a.v.
Th- stat- Demo ra ? aalegataB. M la nombet,
bo aooner underatood that thelr petltlcn hBd I.a
d( nied them than they aroae ta a body and, paae.
Ing down the aisle. walked OUl of the COBVBBtlM
han. Thelr departun araa tba BbaoA '"r *""1
hlaalng rr.,... th? Tammany Hall ben bea Then.
wll i th.* dteturbing elemenl ra.noved, the conven
t; ,1, we H on sm ...thly. l.ut neverthel.-aa lt aeemed
as though a blg wt blanBet bnd .ies,e,?ie.i on the
aeaemblage. Roawell P. Plower, whio followed
with a lons polltlcal ipeech sa permaneni chair?
man aeemed to thlnh that aomethlng was amiaa
f.,r he Mddenly abendopsd hla notea ar.d BBld
pjaintlvel) "Certaln of -Jur frlendB hnve departed
?nm the hall bul I im contldent we ahaU ftad
themal the polla In November votlns he i..,.,.
rratlc Btate tleket. Party Bueeeea to Impoeelble
wlthoul party unitv Then ^r. Plower con
cluded t.. drop fr "'! hla apeech. In vlea of the ra. r
ti..,, the sial- Democracy had been driven fr-.m
he onventlon ball, the foiiowing gema of polltlcal
thought: 'Polltlcal pi acrlptlon is aometlmea buI
clde and thla la no^tlme for Democratlc aulridea.
There is too mueh i > llve f-r. Rarmonj and nnlty
nr'<- eaaentlal condltlona o! Boceeaa ln this cam
pnlBix, ?"d I beapeah outhe part of the conventlon
,ha, tolerance and llberallt) whlch wlll Insure to
,,,* elemenu pf the party an tfigUBte volce ln
,,,,! rouncila." Mr. Flower avolded all mentlon
iti hla apeech of the Sunday llquor queation. Ha
evldently was afrakl of i'
Bui soon ihn conventlon ,vas in poeaeaalon ef
ihe Bunday '.i'i""' pisnk, arhlch was laborioualy
ahaped laal nlghl bj tha Oommltl.n Rea lu
t.fea. Danlel N. Lockwc id, fhe chairman of the
commlttee. read fhe platform to th- conventlon.
Every one Bl "ne,- percelved that its atylc nrai
modelled on thal of the platform drawn up for
tha Dem ?ratlc Btate Conventlon of 1^74 hy Mat
I .,, Marble, when Bamuel J. THden ran for Oov?
ernor. MobI Intelllgenl person" ihlnk that plat?
form wrltten by Mr. Marble was one of th- m.-st
unlateUlglble documenta ever framed Th.
,:,v ,.f it BlBO has that .lem.-rlt. wlth th
rentlon of irhere ll deala srlth the Bunday llqu r
ouostlon. This plank the wnyfarin* man, th..u,n
.. ,'nittk. could andersUnd. II was Intend. i
,., ,ivea pledge to the i.ple oi thi- Btate tbal
the Dem iratl. party. ahould leglalatlve and ex?
ecutive power be Ihtruated to lt. aould open the
llquor-atorea on Sunday. lt doea tflxt thal pledge.
No ne n.ls to read fcetween the llne* of ibe
plank. lt cannol be Ihterpreted to tbe rural
rat as almply a temperanee drlnk In dla
The plank refera to Sunday. and aaya that
the Democratlc party belleve* in "home rule ta
exciae as m other mattera." II then goea on to
iay thal th< Demo. ratlc party declarea as Ita
policy thai an amendmenl should be mada o
the exciae laws "whlrh ahall permH each munl l
expreealns its aentlmenta by a popular
?vote of .. majority of IU ItlxenB, I i detemlne
wlthin aucr pn pei leglalatlve reatrlctlona as wlll
bc ln tbe Intereat* of th.* enrire Stat- what may
he requlred by IU neceaalUea and condltlona
Tm- planh in full is w rth .juotinK to m m Ita
promlae to the llqu ?r-deal( ra that tbe aa
llquor on Bunday Bhall b? permltted:
Equal and honeal enforcemenl of all Ibe b\xtn:n
prop. i ohnervance ..: i daj ol I--* and an prti'r.y
Sunday; modlfleatlon oi repeal o' lawa unaupported
by publl. oi Inlon. no injuai - umptuarj aw no
blue !..ws. recoanrtior of the fun..ame*ntnl Amert
rai prlndpl. freedom ol ronaclenee; home ru e
ln exciae .. ? ln other mattera arithln reaeonable
HmltationB eatabllabed lo proteel the- Intereeta or
temperanee and morallty, an'i >" amendmenl of
the exciae and other law? by the Legtalature of
the Stat-- whleh -hall pennlt each munletpalltj ea
presslng Its sentlmenta i.v a popular voteol t ma
jorlt} ?>f ns cltlaena, to I lermlni wlthin auch
proper lealalatlve reatrlctlona as wlll be In the In?
tereata of the entlre Btate. whal nuy be requlred
i,., ,.. neceaaltli ? and eondltlona.
Mr Hill ilao Ihrual in a K'"*l word for per
?onal llberty." Ir reada: "Indlvidua! llberty; the
rieht "fai: cltleena t.. e.*u.U opportunltlea
the law; equal and exact Juatlce to uil men.
the nomlnation of the randldatea then followed.
whoae namea are glven early in thla dlapatch.
A n-w Democratlc Btate Commlttee waa
. ; on th" baala of th>* Benate dletricU Aa
examlnatlon of tbe namea of tbe Bfty BUte
Commttteemen tllaclooea th.* fact that Benatora
hui and Murphy. Hugfc McLaughlln. Rlcha d
Croker and WlMam P. Bheehai |. ?? i
cent of the voting atrength of the commlttee.
Tne;.- wlll therefon have the control of the ma
chlnery of tba Democrttlc party In the apriaa of
.-'.. when delegatea wfll : ?? elected fo tne D
, ,,,??; xat|, n il ' '?' ntlon Thei cab throw
,?,. vote if New-York Stati at the Natloha
venilon nf thelr party agalr foi Davl I B mn
,i- they enn blackmall vVWIam c Wnl*n*
pledglng the Federal pa ? lage to them ta re?
turn for their aupport of hlm,
s- ? icu ?? N. X Bt i r. .;. The Demoei Btat*
, wll ptlon of
_ou.. j,-.. . noon. lr i.? aa followa:
I. Jamei \v. Hlnkley.
..'i -.'! ar..>i M Preaton.
? perrj *'
2 .1 .? ? il. But| "".
:? .1. .1. iv Faa ii.
4 T I'.. Maxlleld.
;. john -i w.'iisii.
6 John W. Weber.
7 Th n ? F. Ma?n. r.
r -a AuauatuB Hei
I s* P. Bturges.
? ,, \ . t. T. Brown.
n Wllllam Bohmer.
12 Wllllam Bulaer.
U Then...-- F. Ora ij
. . ? arlea F. Murphy.
IS Jarne* J. Marl
v. Johi C Sh.
17 Hugh .1. Orant.
is Thomaa .t Du
,'. Thomas K Gllroy.
'?.. i.'.'.nt'.-t oe l '? .nioiir.
21 Henry D.-Purrov.
22 Andrew r F
.*;? Wllllam H. Ctork.
2* Tl -.... K
tt Mvui J. Quackenbush
.*? lohn Knwe.
' JO Francli J. Molloy.
?fl .leremlah T Finch.
r*.2 T. .i. Wbltney.
? ? ... Beckwith.
.14 Jatm ll. Tlanagan.
:::. VVIIbur P. P rter.
I .".". >lolui K. C.avnor.
' ;?; Charlea N. Htiluer.
... r. Keiioca.
?<!> i 'haunci y I. Becker.
10 Oeorge ll. Cotton.
41 Calvln J. Huaon.
12 John H Klanacan.
ir, w. Caryl Ely. ?
4_ Frank \\'. Hrown.
c lohn Cui ni > ii
ta I'harlei w Illnson.
IB Auguatua F.
Jamea W. Hlnkley, of Poughkeepal* was re
eiected chatiinan, John Cunneen, af Brle, aaa
choaen aecretary; Charle* R Defreeal aaa re
elected <*hi<*-f clerk. and L. II. Wxne, (^raeant-at
armi The election of h treaaurer was deferred
Tiie .hiir-u..n waa authorlaed to appolni ?n Exe?
cutive Commlttee.
ByraeuBB Bapt %. Membera ol the Commlttea i a
I *orm ol tbe Democratlc stat.- Conventlon to
day denounead aa an outrageoua "fake" the alleged
I ? rm Ben! oul i.v ih* Chlcago Aaioelated Preaa
laat niniii a*id publlabed ln "The New-Tork World"
ar,.i nthi r papera th.s mornlag. Tbey aald that it
mUrepreaented the poaltlon oi 'i.e party on nearly
e\ rj matter. Jacob Promme, x member of the
eommlttee from Mew-Yorli Clty, aald tiii" morning:
Tt Im to any newapaper to ptrlnl au h ..
diing. It i:i uil wmn-/. lt mlBrepreaenta the party
lae and Bunday lawa, xw\ on other queRtlona.
' . nol l. iow where they jjot \\ t\om. bul the man
nn:st have i\..lved i! 1 r?,m his own l.ra!n.,
Charlea M Dunialng, clerk <.f ttie commlttee, who
bad tbe platform In charge, last nlghl aaW
U argn ??< dlacredltabla piece of Journaliam f?.r any
..... t.. publtsh the matter aa the platform when he
knew lt was not.
membera ef tha Commlttee on Platform, aad
? wbo ra i tiie ilieged platform In the organa
..f t!-.-- Chlcago Aeeoclal-d Pr< -? . ex! emelj ln
ni al.out th< A. P \ . -f .' It Aa no auch
? !? i. i bj rl"* Bammlttee, ti.e ona
B'htch it l- aabl (?> have ado U i la wortb reproduc
tion. lt la ai folk r*
We . iiniiie.. di.- attempti '.f x -...rr.-t polltlcal
... 1.1 aithln tbe Republlcan per'. lo make ? re
??-: f..i partlrlpatlon In publlc aervlee
Tbe axctae plank, "... Rnanclal plank, and ln faci
u.e whol. alleaed platform ire aid* of tbe mark,
laon . itli the platform aenl oul by the
- wlll ahow,
Ciitt. ? pn
V..1 .itily ia It thenii-Hit efTertive ?ktn purifyln|(
i.,.l beaatlfyiag mbd la th.- world, imt it ls ihe
t.iireat, nweetent, and tiioa( it-l i.? 11 ii,r for toller,
ath, "iei anreeiy. UlaaeliaaamrltalrllnBBtiba
ranaa "t had i Maplexloaa, fallii.K halr, m?l ilmple
l.llo li|.|.llal|.-?, \ 17. . TIIE Cl.HiOl-l lRB(T*iTril,
Imi ?mi:ii. (im iiworkkji. on t-u..i-n I'oB.
BoM ri-Tvahcrt*. 1'rl. *, 1?. K Ni ' i mr i :i ,:.i,
l. _...._ .. I > . i nt . Ni ?*??.'...:., Lo_d.-u, k. O.
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
XJhoiI hy pejopta ol rctinomiMit
ior ovor B quartor of a ronturv.
si'I'.K'-H K.\'-ITI.Ni; BCKKC8
i i.N'\ KNTl'lN.
Byra ?^'?. v v - S,'P' -'? When Mr. HlH'a n
ventlon mei yesterday most of the delegatea en?
tered Alhambra Hall wlth high hopea of Buccesa
thlfl fall. Thoy taii-.-d of tho "victory" that waa
ln the alr, and told each "ther aboul the "h.r
mony" which thoy seemed to belleve was ro aii3
plcloualy lettllng down on tho repreeentatli i '
Democracy. When the. mei agaln this mornlng
|| was Btlll Wltb sott' conf.dor.co ln the future,
although th-* actlon of the Commltl.n c mtest
ed Beata lasl nlghl In cutting down tbe Btate D ?
, \s repreaentatlon I > one-flfth and put t Ing
such ref .rmers as Charles B. Falrchlld ar.d Bver
eti P. Wheeler under Tammany governance bad
brought mleglvlnga to th" hr?asta of botb clty
and country delegatea rhe Bklea were as brlght
this mornlng as they wer- yesterday. the air
was as balmy and dellgbtful, the blrds In the
beautlful trees <*f Byracusa sang ns aweetly; hut
eomehow ihe atm 'sphoiv of tho conventlon had
become oppresslvi to many Democrata who did
nol healtate to admlt to one another In under
tonea thal the party*a proapecta hard!;. m
si brlllianl and clear aa they had al yesterday'a
They bravely trled, however, to throw
off the gloom, and plunged Into the dlacusslon of
? ,.- Tammany-Btati Den vacy problem and tho
proapecta m* tho varlous candldates for nomlna
ii ,n as they whlled awsy the long period of walt
Ing for tho day*8 bualneaa to hegin. Compara
tlvely llttle w.is sald this mornlng aboul "bestlng
tbed Republicana**ea wpt l.y a few ex. eedlngly
young delegatea, who falled to raallaa the h i 11 -
ihat v4-ore comlng over tho Dem tcratle Bltuatlon.
The old aoldlera of tbe party, who had areathered
many campalgna. knew that there arere rocka to
b? av< Ided. ai l that If the ihlp w.-is nol aalled
carefully the anttrtpattona of th" men who had
coonl d ao confldently only yeaterday on au eus
lt; the Btate and another prolonged f.i at tha
publl ? .. re likely to I"- Bubmerged by the
wavea of defeat. Few of tho women who ha.l
with thoir bopefui facea and pretty at
tlre rh,- proceedlnga of ths prevloua day w.-r"
preaeni this mornlng. Perhapa tbej had pre
monltlona of th.- atorm which ultlmately broke
over the c inventlon.
The hour whlch had i""*i; sel for aaaembllng
this mornlng was lt o'clock but it waa nearly
half an houi later before the delegatea began
straggllng In. Many "f tho Tammany Hall dele
gatea looked eareworn ind appr'-hcns;'", and
i one of them seenv"d to havi paaaed a sleepleaa
nlght. Bx-Commlastoner William P Mltchell
hn.i ? long lelk wlth ex-Mayor Ollroy Both
wer- membera of the Commlttee on Contested
Beata, and they whlspered t" each other, Inter
, ?! anging viewa, doubtlesa, on HlU'a atUtude
snd ths posslble outcome of the contesl of the
stat" Democrscy. Ex-Pollce Commlaaloner
Martln Jolned the-other iwoi-end abon Colonel
\ -. Blrd c,ardlner and ex-|*o**ce Justlce fJrady,
wh... t,i the oplntbn of Wlgieaual men, "cnver<*d
hlmself all over with glory" at the commlttee
ng lail niftht. entered. Benator Guy came
ln. nnd lio, to ,. jolned the llttla coterle, and lt
so. n became known thal be jvas to sncrlflce
hims'-lf on the altr.r of Tammanv. even if rr*
dlsalpated his show for .-?-. Pction this falL
.\s the mlnutea allpned Blowly away. the prob
ablllty pl a flrst-class ??scrap" over the repori of
tne commltt.rn Contested Beata Increased, and
tho rumor thal the Bhepard Democracy of Brook
|j n would mak- common cause wirh th"ir reform
brethren .f New-Torh was co flrmed. Pretty
, .,, charlea J. Patteaaon, of ti'" Bhepardltea,
,..,.,,. t,, the reportera' table and showed to The
Tribune eiwreepondenl th" reaolutlon he after?
ward offered an the substitute for the resolutlon
Ihe immlttee had adopted. Al 11*15 ea-Oovernor
Flower came ln, and a eoupie of hundred dei -
_nd ipe -Ut. ra gol up and ihouted. Flvt mli il
later Benal ?r Hlll walked up thf aislo. and an?
other demonstratlon, a llttle mon bobii i rua, per?
hapa. waa ihe reault Btlll Perry Belmont. the
tempoi .i.\ ehairman, was ebeent. aii the regular
commlttee* arere ready I i report, bul Perry bept
the crowd asttlng. II was after 11-30 a. m. when
Mr. Belmont appeared oa Ihe platform, so/.-d his
ga rel and commanded quiet,
Th" v-acanl Beata ln Ihe bodj of the hai: n >w
mied up rapldly, for ;'io reporta of Ihe comlng
claah had been nolaed over tho town. Mr. Bel?
monl ,?;, ;.-1 for tbe report of the Commltl.n
Contested Beata, and a slngulatiy unhapp] e?>
,?.,,-.- n spread er the fa "ea of many *rell
known FJemocrata, Jamea D. Heii. of Brooklyn.
rhalrrnan of that commlttee, sprang up In re
?ponaeto Perry'a calL Mr. Bell'B ?? u ' ? ln ihe
froni row of the Klnga County delegatlon, rlghl
in froni of tb? platform. Ha reported thal the
. ;...,. had declded In favor of the slttlng dele
catt ma of Oswego and Queena countles, and the
-,.,,:. ndatlons were adopted. Then eame New
Yo.k County. Mr. Bell reported the followlng
reaolutlon ind naked Ita adoptlon:
f.,.,,iv.i Thal th" atttlng membera from
",,' N-..v. y ir_. belna th? delegates repn
:.:.,,,', ih* Tammanj Hall orpranlsatton,
i t , fleatfl In thfl convwitlon. * '.
, ,? ,.?.,;.,-] ? . recognltlon In all
uonventloni a? regular. and Its ? .'?*-*?*??-? are i - j>
,,-,,..,, upon th* prrilmlnar) roll and other rpl'.fl
,,?,,., ? - appolntmen of InapeclorBof ol""
Ion :.' the part! emblem and Iti every wi
lefltlon ??' i - - intatlon m-y
. , Tamman) llall organlsatlon ahall be
r.',-, tnu-i and irerted aa the regular ora-anlaatl'tn
of the pirt\- and that In the lntereata of harmony
nl thl? tlme ti." rommlttfl* n-.-ommeniU. ?ubj
th,. ,r, i?f.ild .??>.?. IHl<n-. lhal the .Itl - del?gatlonB,
NA *,-ell a* ti"- diMecaten known an the .-ute r>.
moeracy delevatf*. he admltl I lo tl.mventlon
wi.v, or-lifli of ? v-,tH ro each Btate Hemoerari
.,,: Lf.ii* and four-flfth* of a vote to ea h rammany
Hall i!i legate
Tammany'a partlsana loudly applauded thli
solutlon of th- queatlon Mi Patterson mada
hlmaelf heard and prenented hla resolutlon,
readlng li hlmself ii provlded thal Ihe namea
,: i oth ?!? !? gatlons ahould be plac d ...i ibe ? >lla
,,f th- ronventlon; tbal Tammany Hall ehould
hnve ? "ni' votes and ti." Btate Democracy
ihlrty-flve vote.; uih; .inht of th.- twelve mem
of the Democratlc Btate Commlttee se
rorded to rfTew-Tork should be awarded to ,h.
Tammany organHUtli B, riml Ikat four flboliTd
i;,, to the Btate Democncj The riitht to usi
the party emblem In ea* of loeal dlfferencea
was to belong lo ih" regular ergantaatton,
Prolonged applauae followed m> l*atternoa*'8
readinK of hls reaolutlon. iii i'. Boonas to eatla
..r "Platform! Platformr* and amld me h eon
fuslon be ellmbed over il" r porters' table and
mounted thestaga 1 i? declared thai nol a atep
had been mad. by the rraolutlona ..f tho
machine In Ihe dlrectlon "f harmony, ? atate
mci.t which wan wlldl) cheered, Mr. Patterson'a
telllnu polnu ao uffevtcU BOBM ot the "anapiii '
polUlcians thnt they began tO nhout and Jeer In
th" boi.t drowailiiB i'i" rotee.
rjonfualon becanje so great and so llttle att.-n
tlon waa pald t.i Mr. Belo?oot*a gavel, whlch be
Inceaaantlp bamged for'some momnnii. thal al
la-t Benator HliTa pale and analoua face ap
,?.,,, i in th- mlddl" alale, and In a roice huaky
-Ith excltembnl he called for tlm sergeant-at
arms to onforee order. Aftet mi.* eplsode Mn
Patt.-1*1.11. was allowi : t go on wlthoul Inter
ruptlofi, He aal I:
Wfl are n.r maklng a itflp In the dlrectlon Of
,ecurlnglBtate harmonj In adoptlm the ? fdentiais
Commltieea resolutlon. lf we ar- to eecure har?
mony it mual be by aucl. meana lhat wlU! not
wl.tan th" breach exlatlng ln N'-?'- "ik ounty.
There ihould De no iiKht over a fllmple queetlon or
;ll repreaentatlon In 'he conventlon. Tn"
, ? mvolvee aeveral Ideaa II la un ust i?..*?
uMon ,!?,.!;,, |, .(,. rammany letegatea to
l,e ih* onl> regular onee. -.
The mmtaken Idea tbal Tammany waa minonsi
i.l" for the Blleaed comiptlonfl arhlch '*?^?
New-Tork Clty ha i coal the Democratlc ,.art> tnou
?anda and thousands of votei ln the BtsU of New
vork. it is tlme to turn now before l i ? to? laie.
before th. efflclency of the Kea - > ork ' ?n'0< " ?'
i?. impalred io tha- Ita ueefulneaiwlll be gone.
We mu.i unlte th? Democrac) of tha ?'????'""J
power. our exlfltence depend upon lt. Wa tnitt
let nothl.uc lUnd li thfl way _-,?,,, ,..rh
When th- Democratlc Commlttee "ommlttfl aucn
an error ns to offer iu. h r volce In -\ ' \el!.[t
they offer lomethlna thal wlll very much I >
men. The?e g< '?'"""*,- Ztn
,ccepl theae terma You, actlon ln ?mP*?;
Ing thom ro refu-i 'he one-flfth offer wlll be ln .
natun of i klck. This should aot be. The part) in
N'ew-York Clty la broad enough for an.
Mi Patteraon'a laal remar* was conatrued a<>
a threat tha. tba Machine mlghl expeel another
boll if the raqueat of the Reform Democrats
was dleregarded. The "Antt-jnapperg" ga*/?
Pattera n unstlnted appl tuaa
Mr Bnl aa ehairman of the Commlttee on
Contested Beata replled to Mr. Pattewon. He
Mr Pattorson was a memlvr of the .'ornm ittee on
ri? .,?; ii?. . re thal Commlttee on
S'redon all tbta^tloi: WBh.ll ihey havir one
Bwar^eja - -y,
large majorlty. Now, this la no tlme to go mio
,:.,.-.: biatory. I do nol propose o foi.l ov
vo-i arlll Btan.l hy th. repori ' " ''?'- 2.!
have.1. matter ??" we tho. ' i- ?? We
hi : ..'.:;.!.
falr, and n.i Ider lt mon falr, beea ?? ?"?"?? '
ttlsfli I wlth It. (La '?; ?te. and applauae.i
1 n?, Mr Chalrman. the qu _****&?
.-. .,,. ref rr. . to by Mr. I ?* ?? '
?,??' i- th* oueVtlon of tho ordinary udm ?? in y
?a__a?_tf . ittgg-S
. k ,,,..,, muft be Inaull ln ? rferIM oni
froai th. Btate Demoeracy.) II ther*
sanythlni ln He fraetlon, Itl- nothlng ai ? bu t
th- oui ' ,, ?
. | by theae reao utl mu
wuhone^fthvou ^-^-" ^'.;:':^;l^Z
the dlftlngulflheil 8*ntlemen ln the.[jnteatlng delega
tl.m Ror every me of th 'm ?? t h >d tho nigneei r*
spVei/lwii wi had to guard th. IntereatB of the partj
it, .- Charles L, Ouy, of New-Y rk waa
the noxt Bbeaker Mr Ou WM the man wh" last
itampeded the Democratlc Conventlon at
Baratoga for Hlll for Oovernor. He sald:
Th? Regular Democra ? of New-York aends rep
reientatlVM h-r. of VBJ. ' ?*.'>o ?too I by !s^"
candidate laat year. and an organlza ^ ?hich ns
i.e-n .ri exlatenee 100 yeara, and has bept all\< me
rtrei ,,f Democracj reprei niing .4 l-n';"''?;' >
n iti ml wboae v ite Grover Cl /eland could not
"to th- Whlte Houae, an organlBatto
whlch ha? aiven Democratl' government ln thta
State We a?:t no brlbe for future aupport. \JMi?
ever*.- d?i"Kate ir wi have nol an equal r ?.?? **.t.*i
"v-'-rv other counts ln the Btate. Comlng thua, wha:
are we mei wlth 1. propoeii n to *arriito^uom
rtshta? lf thla waa nol ? matter of *?-f:,nl_f"fi
we would gladly grani youi requeflt. li? ??V'?
ctabllah ? precedeni ivhlch would rauae dtarupUoo
rhout th- sta.e. w, >ay that whlle we telleva
... , mte.tantfl that they hav no nght her
except we are ro yleld enough to gain the Inde
pendenl votea. We do nn iW.we wlll not aMde
by vour a.-t'or or threaten revolt. We lo nol t?j
w. wlll n ? be anflwerabk for our conatltuentfl ??
Bay Tammany Hall ta as loyal to ita partj aa to t?
H i? hardly neceeaary for me to r<=rer to
the unfortunate afrairfl whlch a gentleman wh 1 ' -
I nc- ho ? n ferred ro Sever wer? llfe snd ete ni
more flecure In New-Vork Cltj th^n when rani
many Hall rule.l It. The Lexow Commlttee,^wlth
all Ita poweri of Inveatlgatlon, brought torward
noi 1 char-e of wrong excepl in Uic Pollce De?
partment. whlch waa ln existenee f.-r lw*,n,y-nve
yearfl aftei Tanunan) Wall took charRf of lt. i h?
moai conaplcuous wrongfl proved were among
Repuhl ? - ???? ? h.vl he-n appointed Rcpub 1 1
fjrnmlflflloneri. We iay to you we wlll he loyal.
mand by tho judgmem of your com
M a afk you I 13 tti <: the door-- ol 1 -
mocracy are Oi*en t 1 every m.in and creeri, ana
arhoeve'i wlll come wlll be weleomed m tho- counci,
and w. re ro thi d rctrlae thal ih- wiu bi
th,* majorit) mu-?t pr. vall.
Whlle \ir. Ouy was s.-indit.,: Tammany a
pi iiaer, a vol - fn m the rear of the hall yelled
out: "Wh< sl I'ichtcr ??! Wlnfleld Bcotl Kan
, -k?" Tho query dtsconcerted the Bpeaker a
llttle, bui li ? so..:-, recovered and went on. He
did not anawer the questl in, however.
Ex-Juatlca Thomas F. Orady wa*- put forward
lo ? lloa Benator Ouy. Orady thought that ho
had another Bpeech In hlm equal to tho ,in? he
madi before the commltl *o lcst niRht but he
falled to make the Impreari m he had done then.
Hls argumenl was ln the nuir. the same as Im
had glven t-. the irommlttee. Orady Jumped
down from the platform and Chalrman Belmont,
coached by Seeretary De PVeeat, pul the vote
on Mr Patterson'a reeolutl >n and declared lt
loat. Ho then put th-* motlon of Mr. Heii to
adopt the eommlttee'l repori and pronounced It
carrled. The Cleveland iiemocrata did not com
pei n rollcall, a*1 thej mlght have done, bo hs to
put every delegate on the 1 >cor L
Aft. r the announeement of Mr. Belmont that the
invehtlon had adopted tho majorlty report the
Btate i> mo-ra y delegates remalned a few mo*
ni".its in th"ir s-.ts, then thej aroae as one man.
and, headed by Charlea B PalrchUd, walked down
tbe centre alale and out <>f the big door ot Alham
hra Hall. it was the aecond tlme wlthin a year
thal tii-y have performed thla ceremony. Their
departure last rear araa followed i>v a Democratlc
dcfi-it iif the Btate tlcket, the most overwhelmlng
thai partj has ever euffered. "I am gettlng used
to this thuig.' sald ".y-J'istl e Power as he strode
along ben '. Bverett P. Wheeler. Tin- "Antl
Sn.ipp. ra' " departure waa lha slgnal for s gr. at
demonatratlon by thi Bhepard Democracy of
Brooklyn. Thej waved tii ,1 hata o%*er thelr
heada and cheered Mr. PalrchUd and hls aeaocl
Rt?_ wlth luch ? rhemen ?? thal they Interrupted
the proceedlngfl of the c nventlon Thej
jolned by "Antl-Bnappera" all over the houae, and
the rackel became ao annoylng to tio- machine
men who remalned thal ex-Mayor OUroy gol up
.1 romplalned of "the nolse." aa he called it.
Davld B. hiii grew a ahadi paler aa be aat ri
lently ln hla place ln ip.- a'k.cw delegatlon and
The tronble with 11s now.v
,' % ra, thnt we do not lead
natatal livea The feminlne
portion of our socitty is e?p<
1 islly culpable in thia way. It
i-. really n woadei that woaien
_rc aa healthy a* thoy are
\'t!y few iv.iir.cn ajel -.ty "in
dooi eaerclfle. Very maa) get
no exerciae tt all Modea . 1
intcrftrc with the
proprr nn-.-ciiliir action and
arita the rirculation -.'f Ihe
blood. All the bygtenic laws
are broken II ia llttle wondet
lli.it nitic wotw 8 in ti n are
troublcd with ?."tne deraaev
menl or invgalarlty ln the ,-.<?
lion of the omana diatinctly
feminine Keglecl and arraaa.
lniiiir. v ill show Ibemaelvefl
Brri in the most delicate or
jt.in-. of the whoie body With
itt. 1: weakneaa and ^ickneflfl ao
prevalent, u ln t<> be eapected
that th' bearing of cnildma would l?- fmught \i:th
Jread and dangi 1 M ihould nol bc 10, of courae. N.i
,n.r uevei m 1!l" performance of tbe
hieher-l function of whii h .1 woman i- cipal.Ie should
nol bc ncrotnpanied b> pain If perfectly natural
livina were the ruli it would nol ?>e ao, A? livea are
Uvrd mmethina -1 - mual be done A remedy muat
l,c fonnd Porovei ttalrtv reara, l? k-lerce naabeen
t*hiel Confltiltlng Phyaician lo Ihe Inv.ili.ls; Hotel
and RtiTgical Inatitute, of Unflalo. N \ DttritH thal
lime he haa ireated thouaaada of womea. Ho h.i*.
found nt hi-* Pavorib Pn flcription" .1 ncver-Mling
?Dcrinc foi female romplainU lt Btrengthcna Ihe
whoie body and when taken during geatatiea, flhcel
eaa the period of laboi and makea chlldbtrth arell
?".?!. painb P ll alao pipmotca an abund...- -oie
lioii i?f nouti lnunit l"i thl shilO.
860 Broadway, Union Sq. A 18th St
Marbles, _.0PKN *******
Mosaics. WA,LS & *L00Ri
Klnest i;?io?Ib?MnUerB' Prleea.
A Pure, Natural Sprinsr. Water
Riieumatist, Gout, Kidney and Bladder
Dseases and Stomach Troubles,
OM! IHlif gfl (MMB F0M 1% DAVB Mtl \1
R|V. ?'!?'.?? II' l?l. I S F
'. I''
..,_ r_aTvtaa it B i. ? O., UO "?'
Tw"i *?S kindir ??? ' ~ut
? ll" 7(>, .tiatlp-..!. . UBtll ' ' .T?.
...... I ha"" MBfWU Bl . - ??r.
h.n ?? my ralth la rjui ?
I -,,? I.e .Tlll. -i '-'I ' *?" "' ' , ,,r "
,'..p li hai areailr r..-r-tir-a-i i ?>
__. th_i Inrour ..' iUr II_t wl - ? ?
\t. later and two -..-nOrflBn BW - ct'h-w.
,r?,">, Vr C ??a me * -ir.
II 1.1 ll lir no r-1""!' '*? ?M ?l. "el MO-IM.
Naia imp ^
?M.5S l* 'I KrafV I'" -J-'eei ?*-'?'? ' **
/.ani i'i, -.Iviv .iii! ? ....... i-' ?
"rf'3? ';..:'? ? ? ? -m
., 'j5jj nMford .-?? , bb4 a ?? '"?: M>r.
' v"r, u':rv!<rr .^-.ti-F Hotahei. ' "" al
i ? -'- !? ;.'..-> m R. IVWte'a N ? ? * av#.
? . : .. r . . . . .??
1 '':_?,
Advertising Doesn't
Sell Furniture.
\\-r don'l eapect ll w'A\ The - -1^ la
!,, (.-is*_r.'-'T th? advtaabllit) of ra ant
?celng arhat pklll ln mikim? and ludgment in
bujrtng have broughl togethei - roof.
Then if ihe gooda do not .-*? II th maelvee, at the
prlcea ire have attached, ther | mora
t . ?
Tl*'s appll ? '" th* ?'"*' ""!??.??! -" k Of Kurti'.
tlii.- ln New-Y< rk Cltj I for every
ro an In the houae.
47 and 4U WeM 1 tth St.
how manv cameras you have
mrm SK1.I. THKM.
s; Brtaaaea i Suppllea,
2(1 Wr.t _BM "al.. I. V
1100 Pulton Bl , Br
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
haa been useu for over FIFTY YEARS by MiL>
by druirsrists in every iwrt of the world.
Twenty-live Cents a Bottle.
:v?rythlna r-?!mb!? Id Sllv.rwai*. st RaaeaBaMB Prie**
ST l nlon Iqaare, X. T
18 11AI1 I-.N LANE. K. X.
Ilatened to tho "nolee." it muat bave Wghji
hlm bb much ns it did Mr. OUr *- tnd his Tam
many friends. Th* Benator knea wl it l? metiiu
il,. kn.-w that the beautlful blrd of ?i?-;mf?J
Whlch he had spent BO man* aeeka 1:1 tr> nd io
eatch had apread IU arlngB and taken nicn "?
knew that he must (o Into another canvasa aniaa
dlvlded party and thal hla app alathai ? J
?hould 'fat t-itether" had falled I ? a. .mpliBB
the i..nKed-for resuit. No arondrr ba s^- tnem
sllent and sad
Mr HTU'B reverle was dtaturbed by i looe"
on hia ahoulder. He look d U| aad Ba? Danlel
O. (irittln. of Watertown, bendlnf over hlr"
Mr. Qriffln ls known na ex-0 vern. r F\
rlaht-hand man ln polltlca He had
aaplranl for the nonlnatl i for Ui
.ral. and Meaara. Hlll and Murph>" ???
atderatel) pttl his name oil th.
place "Senator." irhlapered Orimr . dont
think 1 r.-,re for thal nomlnation. [he ? ''?'1;\
hold the ?Antl-Si-.al.l..is' makiaa th" re."
uncertaln, and I belleve I ?ont try i ? ?
Hlll'a face aaaumed a atlll mora aahen , '? "'
he maatered his emotlona and ga'.;.._mn ?
cold nod. orders ?rere irlven P^mptb ??
nomlnate Norton Chaae lnat( x4
The Commlttee on Permanent Onantantkm m
man. Mr. Belmonl appotnted Bdward M >**p
ard of Ki.iKs. and John Boyd Thacher. ol a^
;,.,,, t0 eac-n Mr Plower to the platfora.,
Mr. Flower aald la part:
I ???..( mvseif ..,,. of actlve poll ?-"J5
earaeat a Uemo,*rat to refuai l IJJJJ
li* it needa my aervtceB . n auch an ."g;
and I feel prou I keked to pr< i ' ? !
dMIberattona of a e nventlon whoae ? -^
... reHect the Judaiaenl and opln * a-J
,/ ihe votera ln the Emplre Ot ??"?
?:':'' Simoerau nho adml Jj
frankneaa of Demo racy there Ib pa
i n ui i tnt.r.'st ln tiu- 'ampalan whion ia ? ?
!,J' 'Vt tabm. we,k aaa .**.i.t tir u-'i-uK. ??. p-^
ln conventlon aaaembled - lemn i ?'P1^
f-,*.|,.n.s .,r reform ahlch ftll* ? thelr ^?.^i?_orel
lio, and every ene o( ahlch waa t agranll * ^J
b) the parti aa -
to effeot reforma. Sothlna mor* ???.? ? ""i"** '" *^.
,i... n?a been heard In a lona Ume than theae *?J
?mn relteratlona of Republlcan vlri ? ,,.
wlthin four montha of u.e adjournmepi "
wltri.n rmir niontn? ... mr a-............. ?? _,.
M ,u. Uclatoture wblcb impartlul Jud?ment ?aa ?j
P-rihed Si the moat corrupl ln the .ii.|.? ; -f ^
s. tt*. aadof arhlch even th. kadlna l'*'.': 'V,'^ V>
; of the itate ... I Na'; w [h ? Vj?-J?J , .,,.
?aid: -It haa ..how from the l"^"M,.p;.. , ,w
? , paiter nlth the i- "pl;- *h?? ? ;',._.-"?
aad. n fai as ll rould. de area and betrai Ihem
Tbe nirm.iry of the peeplB of S a V ^ la ne
short aaoagh te torget already ih? promisea b"
ahtrh tha RepaMI aa pa ? ? - ' *'d*'
.a January I. backed b) an uaasaal eapreaalaa o
! ipttlar .o('.(i.lenee. BOT .1" l? f-?rK*l ;1"1' ? *""
cbOly, bumlllatliiK and INxia.-efu'. fall....* ^/.''?'^u
.ho?- promlaea, .n Iba anaarab.e Ba i ?*n- " '?""
followed Bvery ptetenslon of reforan .,,_.?, ,ha
So party haa wlthin recent yeara ??Ju"?7_.rl!;
,. aera ol g^ern.Bl ln our Stat.- ?u!> a laraj
men-.ii:e. or publlc conndenca or \>ith .. areater ?r
portunlty ot uratlfylna publl ? ;'' '\.
? month of power w.a BunVlenl lo expoa.- he ra^aj
pretence by nbleb pawer had been obta.?? *?"'
i.v.-al i>r..'eaie.l r.-for ti.-rH In thelr (rue llgnt ??
""Whlle a'u.-h a pollU. al betrajral la alwaya OJo4f
mht h ?? h brlnai advantage to i>?ri> ??
vr- .t!,-. or not. it la i im aure. n aourroe ar **'.'
tnxXion to l?. m.K-ia-s ivho f"lt lh? InJUBtleeJl we
poaltlon in wblcb ? comblnatlon tt . rcumatanc"
),,, I i.'.a'el tholr p_r!\ la.at autumn, tb '?'*"j__ J
- -llHlutl.-U OU ItlfUlU I'BBt.

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