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men-the ri.\/..\ qcnnoM ksld
Th<* Bridge TrusteeB did not tackle the Plaza
probiem yesterday afternoon. but th?y dld en
_, -,- rhetnselv.-s t.. Me] ci. -rlders by ndoptlng a
lth>n roduelng the fare t<? one cent each
WHv, iind a.*> goo.l as sald thnt when the I .? ^
laturo meets a bill arlll be introduced permltting
them to ailow people oo Mcyclea to croaa free.
jsuperintenderu Martin said t<> a Trlbune re?
porter. after the jc.*etlng adjourned. thai blcycle
tlck.*:** would be printed withiti tWO or three
Aays, and that as OOOO as they ar? ready they
WlU be pteOO- at the dlsposal of the publlc. The
Uiove ls sure to prove u popular one. and was
r.r ..a.'ht about by the agttati.ni. kng-continuod,
ln The Trlbune.
IV sfnt at the meeting were President Howell,
Jdayor Schieren, Controller Palmer and Messrs.
Pag*. Henriquea and Keeney. Mayor Schieren
jr. ned that tlckets for l>i< ycle-rld-rs be sold at
the rate of three for five cents. Mr. Pag<* moved
thnt the price be the same aa for the rallroad
ti kets?ten for twenty-tive vents. Mr. Howell
favored a one-cent fare, whlch waa adopted.
J. Seaver Page brought up the Plaza subject
and the presentment of the Kings County Grand
Jury. Mr. P_ge handled the delicate subject
w:th ao much tact and manifest good nature
that he avolded offending any one. He said:
I want to say that I have beer. i:i ornVe as truste^ j
tew months. When 1 errtered th.s |.os;t;on I I
? at care and pair"^ to examlne .mo what had j
? ine by the truateea, aad i mua* nay that 1 i
never aaw more orderly arrangementa than I found.
I an, Burprieed to nn.; ??? preaa rms attacked the
Bri ige ternnnal matter without K:vr:K thought to
tne fact thal :'i< utn i maldei n w.i*> given
th.s subject by thi are aware that
,: i . :r> ma le a iir*sentmer.t against the
trusteee relative to thia termlnal What they
ask>-d ta be done w,is .lone at atr ? Thia
Board aubmitted the proje ? to a board ??'. re.-.-.g
niaed experta onakatlna of Samuel Spencer, C ?.
Buckh -? A Plympton, of thr Brook?
lyn Pi ?
I the eu ' with prrat
eara .ir. I ma le a repoi thia Hoard of what
thev thought wai <ow, alnce wi have
pproved the actloi ... experta i
land. we ar.- tui! the requiremei nol ade
qnat?- ?'? -? ? .; th? publ ..:>.- ua .1 llttle tlme
___\ tbe i -- . ti .:' ;h.- ;. rmlnal
' Dl ex
pert enough to graap - i tor.ly.
The termlnal i* not ? na. We
- ayrl over here ma i
?he trar* hat we hav.- a bai
t to hai b a dlfncult i i I u ? - "
?si ? gera every nlm tj a. on la If tl
_ n v..;.. _ newapapei men, aad knew ?
rhe probli n ? solved; bu
are plaln, s n ; ?
.;. to -'hat.
Whe:, ? ompleted there wlll be one
'aree atalrv twelve
feet wide. leading 1 - - - . r""V,\rt
ver? m-.i'-h the complained-of "??
ahould be - g the ver) best, with
'he ail of ? ilnable.
lo -Met ?hat the publl iranta in the ma- ?
Mr. Page's addreaa araa reeetved with approval
fr^m al! gldaa
A lett.r frona Preal lent P.ossitcr. of the Brook?
lyn Heights Company, to tha truateea, sv?
In it he holda that his mad is as much :< publlc
rorporation as la the Br.!-- Itaelt and that its
first conslderatlon is to ftve the publlc con
v^-nient tranaportatlon factllttee. H*- says in his
letter relative t" tha polnt that the clty, only
6 Bhort time ago, b-ught a part of the Plaza
from the rallroad. that the company would buy
it back agaln lf tha: wera poaalble. Then Mr.
f-rs to n report publiabed by the
Bridge Truateea ir. 1IK givlng the report of the
board ta on termlnal faciiities. "The
whole aubject of this report." eontiu_eo Mr.
Roeelter, "araa to the effec; that th- fa' ilitles of
tra\,.; upper New-Y<.rk and Brooklyn
?w-r- . [equate, and .hat to reach
k almoat aa lonff, and was much
more ur.c^>mf>*rtnbi?. than to rea>.li PhilndHphia.
mllea ofT. lt further stat-d lhat every
?hat cnuld poeetbry be done to bring the
two <".!-,.-s nearer to*ether, and make travel
more attractive, aafe and comfortable, Bhould be
done. ev.-n at a lare- expen?< ir. order to aevelop
- nly the maln ;? .rtlon of Brooklyn, but th
tu.per ward* and outlytng aiatrlcta, whlch ln
turn would I ' w-York ln llke manj ?
emphaelzed at thal tirne the necesalt? of cloeei
Hn_ ,.. ? una wlth the aurface rall
If this wer>- tru** ln 1887, when the Bridge
----- la rertainly, rnore
an now when tbe bualneaa is more than double.
ntroller Palmer moved thal eonaideratlon
f thi Termlnal Commlttee'a report b*- put over
tlll Monday of nexi week at 2 o'clock, out oi
? rence to May. i Strom aad Controller Fltch.
.-,." aald Mr Palmer. Thla
?wa* done, as waa alao the quentli ir of llghting
the New-Tork termlnal ai.d th? acceptance ol
any bld relative to ar experim; - pment
forgwltchlni eara on ?- J~ ??<?? ''>' "1,'<
?ecretary'i trafl etatement f
Bl wa recelpta of I107.H I - agalnai |1M
for tbe same m-inth laal yeai
Mrs Mary OUlloan, her m >ther-ln-law and three
anall rhlldrea w< ?'' N""
Ul Berry-al . Brooklyn, :??-'
John Qir.ignn. the
lr.t.i tbe '' w"rK
-^ ir.nB-.-r un Qllllaan a^k.-l h. ? : t. be
qCie't _^1 n^'ar..;;. tne youngeat ch
_*j5volver and polnl Jifa. ?-??B J"?
-, a tm ih whlning pasl her head. ?-*.
OiHl__n ran Into the ' her hoahand
?.?**? . ? era ittlng il agalnet hls rl?h
U?e "M^VhS betn drinking heavllj Ha
wa.a a rl^r^r and htd 8 .k P ta tbe basement of
his home.
K.Ooaal H.nl.. B--l~. lo Dr- J- J- "JJJ ?
f?s?rJM*2**r_. _-aa
I-ermlssion to P]??_?n *i!*nrtr -eara a?o from
ry rrl\..-- .
? and conaecratea._^_
? '?' *u *:"Vr_.t.t-^ - wurd?
h,r hv snat'hinK bOT P< _
V; ur: ...terday mornlng.
Iha Qatee Av-noe PoUce . gnctry
?-? w";1' ' . ;.
'?" m, " !.- ?-M ""P
- ,. after H , d ,.x
. ?? ?
aa -
;, COll* ' B '
?r rria lara***!
' .??.??''? ?~ 'f ,,,.?iKn?. aaa
' i"''- ??* l/l" , aautti-Aunant ??
*-4? *|- ii.i 1!;.ii i.rnnn.".." '" "'] jn.ulur
n_u^|. i .,,,. ,.,?: AartM Omtn '? ( )<>t ____rt nn,
' ? !Tmtitt-VB* "" l''r""v
__,_ bt ???-''
aaii . i;..,,!!-!'-*" ottv?ry ?...<! un
.i"! >""""'";, U ,n.
__. __ 21*i ?"J "J
~* - ?. ? . * _ _.
Horse Show Tokens
in Sterling Silver
IN rccognition of the general inter?
est felt in the annual Horse
Show, the Gorham Manufactur?
ing Company offers as appropriate
mementoes a great variety of articles
expressly designed for the occasion,
and which will be instantly appreci
w?ed by those whose tastes lie in that
direction, as entirely fitting and re
markably realistic in ornamentation
symbolical of the Horse.
GORHAM Mfg. Co. S____*L
She besan to arcue wlth hlm. and rapldly became
BJuddenly ahe Rave a loud cry and fell dead.
An ambu'.an.-e gurfteon who waa -alled aaid he
thought Mra. Marqueat'a death waa caused by hrar;
diaeaae. Coroti.-r Crenrner ha? ordared an autops)
Rorraquara was held in $l.r?m baU for t-xamination
next Monday.
ANP CHARITAH-S iRgfiTtrnows.
The wlU of Joalah H. Low, of Brooklyn. who dled
on Bepteaiber 18 at Sewport. wai
bat. yeaterday moi - Burrogal Vbb -rr. The
,f the estat. la H.0 ???? . of whlch 1 ? ?
: - lonal property and the remaln ler la In
These flgurea lo nol -over th,- ei re i ?? ot the
estate, It Is belleved, aa Mr. Low owned mu.
property outslde of New-Torh Btate, pr
the Wfl - oth.
The wlll, whlch -a dated De ember 3, IH i
by Wllllam A Whlte, .lohn T. Prothingham
an I r-<:.k Lyman Th- execul
Maxlmlltan E. 8a ns-ln
lav. of rh" lea
The wlll leavea to Mary ll n 111 gl i
ewport houae an 1 Ita i lei I -
No >> Oraea Courl alley an I
with the us" of the town resi- ? ll S
Bt for flve yeara. a.'ter whi-h tlme lt Wlll |
Orne, another daught.-r, th- ? f. of Maxlmlltan i:
Sand. The contenta of the house r wlth the
ailver, are ut ba llvldi I betw.i Mn Rui
| md. The latter la alao to r< ehr? a ailver
how; presei l Mi Low bj hia brothei
Abbott Low, while a gold watch goea ro Joail
Low, a graadao- Bmaller pieces of Jewelry ar
queatr.ed to E'.helbar: I. Low, Harry Band, Ethel
ben L Band and Fr- lerlcli Huntlngton, grs
dren of the tesUtor.
..?her bequesta are K.onn each to L.len I.. Mll.s, a
sleter of Elwarl A. Low brother of the testator;
Cnarlea p Low, anorher brother. at. : Hei ry i Lk>
and Emma C. Low, :hil Iren of 8. Haske.l Low.
Kats Lomea. a niece. U I i get R.aOO; Mary
ar -her niece. ?.*"?: Mary A Portei ?
Joslah o Ixiw. aor of Chauncey E. Low, li.ua'.
J >atah 0 Low. H.000; JoaUh Low Blackwe.l
R be-t W Ceorge I.. Joalah I.. aad Prank O
well 81.000 each, Ellen Milia Averlll. 11.800; Mary A
?\va.f 111 11.000; Charlotte A Horwlck ? nurae, ao.ow;
Mary Shaughnessy, mald ro th.- _.--t;itcr a wlfj '
Rl-hard Murray, a manservant, 8S00; uaniei e.?oui
llvar. gardener. $2M. F,.ch aervi nt .n thi
the famlly for more 'han a yeai r.Iver 1 00
Bamuel E. Huniingtor.. Mkxlmlllan E Sanu Mary
L'e Hine former wlfe of E. M. Low; Mary
irldow of Chauncoy P. Iaow, ?5.000 each; IM00 la
left to the I'o.vtechnlc Inatitute.
The r?al property at Newport Newg \.. . ra to
m ennallv dlvlded between Mrs. Band ano Mr-.
Huntlngion. TY.- executor* are Infltructed to take
charge of the toal land.- of thi testatoi in Mlnne
?ota and Nebraaka. anl a'.i :he other real property
outslde of this ?tate ln whlch he wa- Intei
wlth A. A Low, E. H. R. Lyman ar.d ithers 1 ne
revenue* therefrom are to go ln equal parta j.
Mrs Sand. Mra. Hunt'ngt.-.n. the chiidren of C I.
Low, and Ethelbert T. Low, ar.n of E. M L >a
The realluarv estate ia a? > to be dlvlded
p_rta one of whlch Is to t , to Mrs Bani ar .thei
to Mrs Huntlngton. the third to be held li
bv 'h.- Brooklyn Truat Company for the chiidren of
Chauncey E Low, aad the fsurth alao to be held
in truat for Ethe'.bert T. Low.
Mr L.w was born ir. Balem, Maas.. on Ma
I8_ He waa educated -.tr Sslem. anl In '?
beaan u? a clerk the auccesaful buslnesa career In
whi.-h he amassed hla fortune. In 11
.t partner with hls brother In rha flrm >f A A. uow
Mr. Low waa deeply Interested ir. Brooklyn's
chari table and educatlonal Instltutlons, and
me of the organ i - an 1 Poly
?? itut. In 1W. He waa a tni
..'?.n Truat Comnany, ai I a i
Downtown Club, of New-York, and the Brooklyn
Club __^__
To the Ei.r >r of The Tribune.
B r Bln ? mj arrlval from callfornla a few montha
M . i ,i.:-.. ; -.?? obaervlni aeveral thU -
eral prlnclples I am much ?; . to I ?
? ,.-h . ? Ingi thal can oi rlghted
tr of publl - .plnloi. ? i ?' n"'?
? nga agalnat tbe | mn tte I . ?
th(. pievfl ?? ? road riar run- ft im tl
Cypresa Hllla, In Brooklyn.
,.? . it- there waa a eold ra.n neai
Hundn i? of peopie wlth wel feel and el i
? -1 theae -ara to ko home The) wen
: rlde for half an hour In ean ia old u ?
houae. Thla w<--k II Ifl rhe aame. he com?
pany has appllancea f i heatlng, no heal I u
provlded thua far. Women and chiidren ai
ill f,,re | aiike. Ar. n I thooe who pa
i: mej entltled to ordlnary coml M
Thla aame eompany providea i ei i omi Pi m
all u lirii?e tralna It throwa Ita Cypresn H.iia r_s
spnger" ofr ai Van Blcklen-ave. compel lng "iam to
take anoth. r trair. ... rder 1 - - ? ' ?
or four statlona II i unfalr and unjust, ?
.lone to aave the companv thi rxpense ol I
?wltch anl an extra traln or two Manj pa-..(,,e
hn\" moved a?a.. anl manj mon wlll mov. away
unlesa thla deplorable Btate of thlnga ls ret..
Freuiia-'.t complalni haa been ma ia- to the mai ?
bu; he Ifl lieedVe-a. lf "ot h*-:-'
What can peopie do und?-r *n^h .-Ircumstancea
When a man nas purchased a home near thla line. It
? ,, f.'eacii of rru?: for rhe company to srive hlm
treatment. He eat onl: <?,. a-hal I am trying
to do Inl.ct the company ar the lar of publlc
?i am* aure you wlll confer a favor upon manv
Tribune reaiers if you aill give your ssslsi i
this matter JOHS A MERRILL.
Brooklyn, Nov n. U ?
j;,.... r > - k in?? >n dled on BatUTda) afternoon at
..... Ne '?*'? De Kalb-avi . Brooklyn after a
lotiK IllneSO, from Mrlit; I ?'rn OB
ii.-r 25, UBi, ln i.in " nahlre, England, and
was ado. *i ' ? '''' ' ?' ?" Ackworth,
where he was .. schoo.raate >.f .lohn liright Twenty
\...,r- latei he came tC thi-- cirtrv as aaent of (.
Bheffleld hardware flrm, aad opened ihe Weetera
Branch of the componj ln ladlana Latei hc
tnother branch m IVew-Vorh Clty In 1871 he be
partnei ln a banklna I al v
?I Mr r>i. k.n.-on waa a mlntstei In the Bo. ?'
of Prlendfl for forty yeara When, on ? couni
A)li. lou aa truati e of ihe
toclety'a funda | sstlmonlal t- hls raluable and
.... :-,-.-? es waa i tered In the m ?
Mr. Dlcklnson when In England w ?- ..
-'.' , ,. - ,r, the temperance ? luse, and the organlser
;:,' ,h,'. firsi .- ool esUblUhed b) the y
>n.-iet- n thla ' .untry He wai ai actlvi worker
uith Henry Ward Beecher In the fre. wreau
A .hou"h of Ensllah l.lrth v waa a aran ;i Amer
ican. an-' hla aympntho-.- ware alwaya arlth tba Re
publi an part)_ ^__i
,.-inf.; M..ran. by h.-r -[?-.. k ardlan. Thomas H
ar-of yeaterday uppllod to Burrogati Abbott
i>k.vrj r>r ?,. irdoi pi .hlbltlng Mra Uaale P
Mchmar. exec.tr x of ti,.- eatate of Pranda
i .,,??,,_er Moran, from golng to Europe arhle h.-r
; .,.7lriV 1,-fa.r.- A P la^sarafaraato IBsadtai
Ethel Moran Ib 8 daugrhtor ..-' Mi Moraa. who
i rortuae u- ? oootr*Jtor. and Mra Krotasch
'' -?a 1,1- WadOW. He lefi 10 hla Wldoa and
.fltate valu.i at HM.8B8
and Mra. Edlth Schriener. daughtera of Mr. Moran.
jolned In the applleatlon. DecUaion waa reaerveo.
Oeorga P. Elllott'* term of offlce aa prealdenl of
the Law Bnforcement Boclety expiree to-day and
h* nya h<- I- nol a candidate for ra-elactton. Four
..r five indlctmontfl for llbel are pandaJig agalnfll
him becauae of tha- Itsl of dlaordarly housea In .
Brooklyn whlch the aoclety publlehed aome tlme :
ago M- Elllott dlsclalms reaponalhlllt) ln the mat
:,.r. m - ti under no ir. un - n - ?""" '
be r> m - nl
. prealdenl of the
... ;: road. yeaterday aald thai no ?
n i i. by th. companj to m n
. B ..;? .., . me) Island, for th.
... .... i thal lf ?'" Ora. ?
,,.:.'. , .. red a rtghi of way ther.
thi Nassau Ele trtc .'ompany would ma ?
trol of lt.
er ll iward Van Auken, an norohar ,.ar-<,,rm- ,
, - ;, New-Tork. ha I
. ,..,. ,., arreal laaued agalnat him by Justlce
- m the Bupreme Courl la Broea
? the groui la aboul ro leave the
, lalnanl In the caae _ Van Auken -
,. f, u . \ an A ik. n, who is aulng h m for
,, .he ground of abandonmenl Bhi
he ireis a salary of S'.,{' a weak
len Hayea, of tne K.ns,* County Penttei tlary,
vesterdaj to I Dr Ortando E Bradford th.
terfelter, who la juar hegir.r.ins; ro ?erv
t,.,m ..... ? be would nol ba roaponslble for
the Bafekeeplng of the doctor'a .?v- laed ar. 1
l -orth M8.088 whlch he had depoalted wlth
!h,. w.:- ? \ frlend of the .... tor wll take
chargfl of them
The Brtgbti n Baa * Rallroad haa reduced ira
ratea i-.fwe.-n Brooklyn and Bhaapahaad Ha> from
. _ for the round trip. and from U to 10
cenU for a single trip The change took effi I
... - lay. This actton of the Brlghtor. Bea^h ?m
pany was a r?*.;;; of the redn rion m ratea
by rhe Raaaau Rallroad .'ompany.
Mrs. Ann Whlte of I'ay Pourtoenth-st., anl John
- | | Brooklyn, were marrie 1 ,.r. Buo
daj even na ai Bl Ptnbar'a Clrarch at Bath '??
The bride la a wtdow, slxty-n.ne years oll. and
the brldegroom ia a artdowar of ei*h:y years.
The Hoard of Bupcirlsora of Klnga Count-. - - :
a meetlng yeaterday afternoon at whlch a communi
,-i.,n from tbe Btate Commlsalon of Prtaona ?a.
eotlng that tbe Supervisors take aome
,i 'tion on the pr .poaltlon to have the short-term
?? in the Penltentlary work on the road* ir
ounty aftar January i. i?7. after whlch tlme
the law aaya the) may nol be employed al laboi
I, ..,,-. . ? ? . ? ui) tr. le or t rofee
matter was nol acted upon by the Supervisors.
however a ' lM that they are Im
, ,.<*.. . feaslblllty of the echetne rhe
rlty of the short-term prrsonera ara- now kepl
worklng ln .ther way?, bul the good roadji pro
,-.,,,-.-. want r?..-:t labor to bi used ln beautl ylna
epavlng the count) thoroughfarea. rhe.
eard the communlcatlon referred to as a nctor)
for th. _^_
johi Redfern, of No w> Proepect-ave., Brooklyn,
whoae richt arm wa? wrenched from hia body ln
? poruble rubble mlxer In Clark-at, laat Baturday
niqhr. dled on Bunda) nlnht in the Lona laland
. -..r inei Kene ? 111 ho i an Inqui al
v the mea ?- Brooklyn Board o( -:
i - ? .
thi various It-ms of ex
.,, nM tor tl - year 'hat conatltuti I ? ta?
\ey v -,,: ive' Tl total am bi l of mone)
ralaad la l_.481.18011 Thi largesi aanounta
.- , . (ax \ ' I ? :4 n. count) tax. 1- ; ?
ent. ?? debt, 1834,081 01. Inter
,..- on the publlc lebt, I M8.887 05; expensea
i. . g lightlng atreets ln first l
-.. : .: : Tnlrtleth an i Thin. -flral -
I'F.ini or f/va r.i.v webb
Bara Van Sees, a retlred maaon. aiie.i Bunday In
... \ .v Wa Brooklyn, In thi alna
tistl yeai of hii age Death araa due to oi 1 ..s-e and
Mi \.<r. Sesa wa* born ln Uttle Falia. N J and
hai llved ln Bro klyn for over Bfty y-ara
ia : ??-- man) yean agot and s;x v-ars
ago -elebrated, sritl hia wlfe, the Rolden a
sarv of thelr wed Ilng. Mra. Van >.'?-*.? haa i.p
lea'd ? a ? eara
Marj BUaabeth Hlll, the wldow of lohn J. Hlll
-I ed) on Bunday a.. the home of her *on-in-law Jamea
i. Mor_,,]!. |r., Ma T ^,!ert?ep.lnt-??. Brooklyn from
c.impllcated wlth h'-art trouhi^
Mra HUI waa born In Albany oa .lanuar> z\. iw
B|m ?a< marrled u John J. Hlll. a lawyer of that
??;>. and a partn?r of Oei-Cral QaoaaVOOTt Bhe ar.d
her huabai ? removed to Brooklya in iv,7. and had
Itved In ih- cltj ever atnca She waa a m-mt- r of
chrlst Protestanl Bplscopal Church, and was actlve
good worfca of the partsh. She took an Inter
??-? :ri anl araa conne with a number of
cbarttable organtaa lona, among the*e was the
I cnurch Chartt) Foundatlon, of whlch sh- ?n? a
manager Hei busband dled rn Decembei
Threi irvlve ber; .Mrs B B. Cblttenden,
? Mra .1 I-. Morgan. u . and Mr* p A Bloaaom
Mra Hlll had llvi I for nearly twenty yeara al No
? :'/>! Hlcks -' and before her ;e,iwi ahe Uv? I
, ..;.-.- ai N - -".- Columbls Hetghta It. I
| ta-r |...rr of - . ?? returned from Bi
, County auffering from lllneea, aad wa* never In
' L- , ,' | ? ifterward The funeral wlll be ;
1 .'hr; ? church this afternoon at 4 o'clock, and arlll
ted b) rha- Rei l<r a B Klnsolvtng, the
Burial a Ul be in) i' >mi I
n o'clock to-morro ^ m irnlng Th- dlspoeltion ul
Mr*. II late ls aa yel unknown.
All 88 i /?/' Kl W8 r>KAl>
\ . DHckei lled on Bunday ar bl -
So C ?-;?!? ?: ''??' ? Brookljm. ll- ?..-* born --n
geptembei tt, I8S8, al L'tlca, and whei .. young
tme :.. Sew-Tork Clty. Me had ? kmg
,r?-r aa a ablpptag merehaat, and hls ofllea
u: the nn." of hb death i-.a.< .it R i 101 Bouth-st
He wa- always an actlve church workar, and *f
-,, member of tha- Wnahlngton Avenui Baptlai
0f Qrook yn if .Mii"n !,.- was ai -ma t:m.
,i trustee and treasurei He ?a* a liba-ral con
? to benevoleni flodetlea The funeral a. r
I be at I 8 tbla rvaedag al hi- h.,n.
K/.r.i Hen.il. r. .,' Ra ni Macon-at.. Brooklyn,
dia-i on s.in ia\ Ha- waa born in Wow-Canain,
Conn., oa November ? Itta, an-i ln ltt? he entere.i
ma- Ah ..- buatnesa ta (Maaa Falia. tt. Y. il
became promlneni in pobU. ..ffaira. and dld much
ta, bulld ap tbo town Ha boM a number .f pubtk
ofii.e- tbere, aad ??* ar iifferent time? toam tr.-..
urer, prealdenl of ihe Moari of Health, praaMaat
of ih- Board af Truflteea of the town. an 0*888888
of the Poar, and a trustee* of the Preabyterlan
Me ua* one ..f the orlglnal ahareholdera In tha
Q.ene Ealla and Lake Oeorga rian__R?B<Ja *n4 ~?*
at on* tlm*. Its BUpertnteadenj In 1V>! he '-oat
murh valuahl. pruperty hv u flr*\ anl ln l**ir>. he
moved to Brooklyn, wnart he ha* lll ed He
conducted a wbo.eaele ah ... bu'lnesr1 in New-Tork
untll about rep veam ico. H< owned . hatids.nn*
houaa on i.-ike ij.org. an i paaoed hla aumraera
II ri
In 1M1 he mirrlel Ml"* Mary Ptr-ng Ptxley, of
(ll'ti'i Falls, wh.. dl*-l In 1881 H* waa the father
of f.hlmren C Bdward Benedlct, Mra E J.
,.i ii.e i-ninran -i . r.'iw.iri i>.-nr..i. .. ...,- .. ...
Blr-ktnaon. Mra Robert J II i Bene
ilct of Brooklyn, and Mr.. Oeorge R Weber, of
Nen Ifork
? fineral aertvtCea wlll h? held it I - this ,
evening, al hls home, and th* burlal arlll be hl
ii>n's Ka'.ls.
-NDiunv o. corpnt, *- wealthi oitooKUtttrnt,
The m*ntal 'ondltion of Andrew ? . ColBn, n re
tlred merchant. llving ut N .. tt Cl Btl I Brook?
lyn, waa Inquired Into ) bjr a aherlrTa Jury
before Commiaaloner Wernberg.
Mr. I'ufUn ia ser.lor partner of the ir.iR flrm af
Coffln. I'enritngton & Co., of No. 73 Johii-st.. New
Vork. and a BPaetal partner In the flrm of I'enr.lng
ton A <'o. of Baa Praocla a H.* awna r.-ai eatate
ln Brooklyn. and la a atoekbolder ln the American
Natlonal Marrk if Kew-Tork, th* Blectro-iillcon
fompany, the Fifth Natlonal Hank of Kew-Tork,
the Manhattnn Blevated ''ompany. and other com
panle*. Hls- property is valusd nt over a mlllion dol?
lara H? la aeventy-ntae yeara old and bla -
i ' . wlth whom he ls now l.ving, la nearly Bfty
y*ars younger.
Mrs. I'offln appllci for rhe apj.olntment of a com?
mlttee of hla person and estate. She teatlfled yea?
terday thar her husband baa ahown unmlaUkable
slgns of lOBi of menr-i! power, lsn.t. Sherwooa
C'offln. a ton nf tha mllrloniilre by his flrst Wire,
B-M 'leclared that Mr. Ooffln was r.nr competi l
hav. r-narge ot hi* property. H aurprlsed tne |ury
bv aavlng tha; h* wante-l to object to thi
treatmer.t to whi'-h hla fathtl B ll
home. He aald thal hla fathei had 8ev*rai urnea
compiained of lll-treatment and bad begged n.m to
can fnr him , . .,
Br. Shaw. the jn?an!;v e.pert, declared thal Mr.
c.ifflti ii auffermi; from icnll demeiit.a ti
that he had bei >ma vlolenl ?n aaionB,
but that (V waa g.-nerally harm' s.
Ofllclala o' the Flre Department have beei ;
. tla ? bv falee alarma ft >m the Ea
Brooklyn. Ko leea lhan aeven
calla have been sent In during rh.- last m -nth, ?* i
from ri..- boa at loutb Tenth-at.
s iMifa Nlnth-et. and Drlg
from Berrj an i Bouth Third ata., an i h<
Bi if-.* I ... r. and t irth-at Thi
wai -?: ? ln from a box on a ': - ' '
llam Walker, arho ?
houae dlroetly eppoalte the b. a, aaya I
? *a m thal atdi of th;
Walker tavt he waa Btar ling ln *;:?
.,,:: :;-..- befor* the B-wm wai
e went ne.ii the b v ai
!n wltl
The preaenl F.r-.- i imm
Wurster h.is ha i hla beat men
neighborh ... i when tl ? alarma havi rei
Ir: A pe u!lai part of
- ,,v called hai urned n rh
? - reclaely ihe aame hour - ? ii
..,., hl the i.r-,.' or I
:, i ihe flremen and pollce io mu li
re.at will i.< deall barahly wltb.
Two of the Bmall parha in Brooklyn arhleh Com?
miaaloner So,ujer f'''1"11 uP?n hta -*nd"' J> '" ?"?'?
iok i-harr.- of the Department wen
Buebwick l'ark. Ir. tba oi'l ElghteenUi Ward, an l
the park in the twetfth Ward. Bometimea called
'?Coffey l'ark." after that enilnent stateyman, "tn*
Hon. Ifike" Coffey. These bad been boughl
bs commiaaloner Browar, but llttle bad beea
ln the way of Improvtng Ihem. Aa regardi
Tweifth Ward I'.irk. nothlng hai I.n dom
llttle haa i>eer. done ain-e \; la a blg |ob to make
B park cut of the ar.-a ln Red Hook purchas.
! irfc purpoa.? II la eirl ial'.j aa ol I bbIi heai
of . aaa. bo ipa, old Iroa u
nati r..u that gel toaeed tog
An attempl haa been n - we, bul
lt is a aorry bualneaa Aftei grading la completed
lt wlll laanda of dollara to cover tbe
w.th sn'.l, whl-h wlll have m be br .uarhr from a
long ! - tl.' rr'1"' ;''' '"' ha ' !!1 th"
The worh mi Buehwlch Psrk haa ad an Bd much
mor* aatUfaetortly. Tha gradli g then
pleted and the work of Impr rerm under
way. During rhe tumrner v*< rr- m o
ar. ! th' f tl ' f'v,r or f'v'
. - juirk hai
- '? ' '
be erected. One of tbe nga wl
ir, ?,i.> ihe work Of providing a
pond or ama I lake In 'his park, whi rh ha
underl iken by hla predec.
,, f.-w acreB In eatent. lt wa* '??'" '
rrendei anj ot ihe an
for thi ; md coul I onl] b. a - n; affali
proba more nance than a bei ?
and il , .
park la alreadj p ipular wlth thi
- I
a- far ai
they were when It waa purchaaed
a larae ea - - -' "'
sharo ? '' ' ?'*' : "' '''
I'omrntsslon. r lt ta w<
Hushwl k ."ark. six acrea I '
; ai |, whi - Lln ili Terra e wli intali
also dra- -
... nd wlll req i
aum ro - ;..; lete ll and Coopei l'ark, i
Ward. whlch la a omp.et. aa ll
rea. and
F- :i: Th* ChleBgO K\ ? ll ?
"JawB aa I Mr D
? b ii - ii ???.'? a*ai
- H ..- aaked Mr. McKenna
-Well. * ' ? ?
~ai .. . A;i. Ta li ?'- or thlrtj or a m hui l
min an boya i ima together ? -' '
had a roun
np an a?i th a i ar id '?? nt r-run - i '
. riewed-u| I i l . l ... n. nami
Iv McGuIn -
kick ai ' ' *. Thln thi bi ighi
lt bark. lh llttle la-...la lid an' I kl. ki
Brothera' ?
? ? down an' ?a\- he "I". ley, i'r'. kick -?
he ? iv? fl i I glva " wan t j? i< <? ?
|V me fut ar.' k:r h( I Hlm -?) ?' young
man tbln, In th* j
voung Kegan an Ke^Hn klcked Caasilj ..
a; ly kl k I ' ' ir- ? :. II ' ' Brli tl k bt! Bl '
Al*xi? an' '.ai to do -v atatlon* i i? an a
?T_ai ??'. .- fntl.. ' Bul l." wi '
ask*i m. fr to g . over l i th' ba k h rh J u
aee a gami 1 ' - :
Voung rta -' ?- l took Hinnlaay \. th me, ma)
tjawi frglve mi He'd ne'er aeen a |
Tn' la-i'*- ?..s ther* wini, we com* I luk. I
th" fleld an' aaya ! 'Whal la tblB? Mya l 'What're
.,.. y goli iy? Hlnnlasy ma le i
tweT Th Muicahy k. ! wai d ina U|
, -.' aai muffa -. i,.
:n ., can i
Hi a ir* n
halr li hea I llke roii ilaa
hlm > e eud iv ?>?..' i. wan ?
'.'... i alr >. rn-in blea
llttle Mulcahj reach. in' gii
son .. pun h in th' n '!? ?k
Mlke Mulcahj -:i ' '
... - nowan. aaya
Mulca .....
re'era Ivi r k. :ki
TH have th' lae I i
t. Ilttli M:'-<.
??Well. i i :?? -r ? ?
\l i ? ih. an' l . ? ?-" i
... toward brl Igc Jubi tl n Ho
gan ? .i - " ?" hla foi Into lltti
__n- 0|* j [j w nl .... r H.' 1 U.l< i T ? ' '?.'
ney'a noae. 1 tn.ik thlM apart gi 'r
. ome back |uat ar mm th lad*
v^.!- ,,n Tnmmj <''!?? ? dl ?'"?
? ,- . ? . run away with lt a
ii.tn ,i pu k .hi ih' Jaw an' r -
dowi i I ?' ? ' ?
n i.j. 1 I 'uiiK.ui u iti. <B k.. k .?!. ??? ba k an'
. ?- l iln
HU th i fell on Dugi . \ ..rr
O'Leary, aB bul w an Thal wai Dlnn; Caae)
The H>gi-ni- Treatment 0/ Constipa.^.i and
Ordinary Djspepsia.
BirJobn Aodwws, tbe Bnjcrlinli pto
fet-or, believeg rbut in t i??- teoi awjor
itv of nt-Ci eon?ti|?_itioii ma) be
rocoeMfnllv ovefcoitHi by tiikuij; a
teaspoonful of tlu' _i'iiuiu^ imported
Coriibail Sproil-J Rall diaaolTetl in a
tamblerfiil of water (b?lf 11 piut), <-olil
or hot, t'ltrly in tht* morniiiir, and if
nect'ssarv, OU |OiQf tO i??*<l- U?'st
taken wlieu out-door exeirise cau be
Physicians Urgently Advise Use of Dr.
Greene's Nervura.
Well Known Physicians EDthusiastic in
Their Statements of the Wonderful
Curative Powers of Dr. Greene's
L-R. jc>n B-'EET.
,,.. n, tlM BMt noted phystdaas and aavgeoM ia Dr.
rob BwMt ,,f New-Bedl rl. Ma-a He mokoo tba |
.. ... a., tte laLummaadsd tha- ass
V-rmra bh I Sltd Mtr* rame.lv ?
g na, rr ... na * h'"*
la a Urgs mimber * theae easso It has provsn
??..'"ard H. Hi-s.. r B 8 Be., of Weatn.M. N. J,
? ... paal eapen nn oedlclr? aaya ot thia mnrnA flaeoe.
'. ; .-- fo, nervoua llSMH ia T>r Or^nV.
' ? ',,??,.-.,. raamed Ir a-ta by affecUBg thfl
y??^S-S-y* fi_-_8
. ??aS --
"''w - Jaini' Dr "oriVnea ' aerve
S tMa hoapltal fof OO, pattaat. .1th fl-* SOC
..,?.,1 f wol ?? Vt.. statsss?
'7 :'-l ?l..iI Dr Qreer* - Servura blood and nerre
reme.'.y tot BOBM -BM flrat trylnit K BB myf*lf. ? r.4 I f?-B
ll <1M me n rriu h good thai l n ? racomn-?d H I '~y
Tha fart th?t ' - li m my owi ??
*h?i I am talklns abottt. Aa a t nt
laoranl i- li rr.. besi of alll
Dr. Koberi W Lan * ' .
the good reaulta
,,?.. , ur* ot r??n ua *?_"??"?
Tn?. hava recelved i;r.rit good . ?
' ' nd lt."
Dt .- W .-,..;,..:? >'ai-rr.e|. In.l *ajn
Oraene ? Ker n i 8 .11 I n?r ?
remedv Ir my patienta an.1 lu. ? ' '."
? ????"?"-5 f ,r K ' ftw?5__-___'i?
? ? ry. 1 thmk it 1* wovt_y aad 1 reeeemaeaa t ?
'ttrneb e-.riu*ia?ti<* *rrior?*m*nt h> pbyatetaaa atampe the
remarkable medleal dlacovery aa th- ar*at*-- 1
health and itrength. I' -rtainlv t_tr*m n. 1 ., I
o_aeaei ther kaowa raaaady lt mik*a 1
tak* ll ?trona aad well li 1- 'he preecrliH n and *_
....rl .-? 1 w#n-ki ?" ??"????? ?C ? -*?t
14th s. nv? york -*** Ottb* a
-hara- peraonall] - Utr. . . _
# etc, etc.
$4.^ Per volume.
Greater than The \
Century Dictionary, is
The Century Dictionary
5 and Cyclopedia
_ Since the latter work includes the following: J
> 1. The Century Dictionary Proper, ,
J With revisions and additions. bringin? it right up to date. J
I 2. The Century Cyc!opedia of Names, 5
* With its wealth of .nformation about Ancicnt and lodern Per- ,
_ aorw Placea, Paces. Hietorical Event., Worke of Art Build- $
J inKV Institutions. Book*. Planets. Noted Animals and Vessels. ?
5 3. The New Oeneral Atlas of the World, J
t * Coverin. every eountry of the jrjobe. and invaluable for refer- 0
* ence in conneJtion ?Ith the above or for separate atudy. J
These Three in une ANo cyclopedia, *?* can be had *
,. L_.i_- ?_?- ?i ihe remarkably low wholesale price of s>
^ T-fl ? \\r THF TRIBUNE CLUB hai ben foraaad i
j ihlS Way re*fcn who I : " *?*? ,nd ,;,e Jl"-"yn* ?* ",,:' I ?
0 ("n?y . , tke wrkt aa- ?- ''-. ' ?. ***timt*4
0 "-""*<* :'"'.. Z ?????? VTVRY DICTIOMARY ASD
t ^loPPd/aT 3C ?? ??'?? '*""*????? /r^'"-v'""
_ ' >' /( V'7 ."' TRTBCVE CLl B ? %4 *J " ?'''"""? ?' "'""""' "1 ' 5-' >'"
_ ? - - rx/ra.ni?? tk l*k TkA
\ , -
\ What plan could be simpler ? Wtot Terms could be eas.er ?
1 This isanexceptionalopportunity, since
| it places each individual reader on a par J
J with the iar^est wholesale buyer. #
Everv one is hfvited to call and inspeet $
i .. i.??.:.... .ft...- ,?;il 1... *?
* the work, <>?* descriptive matter will be J
j sent on application. Address J
5 THE TRIBUNE, mNassauSt. j
?_r_5wss '
J",. nr.-. I.-'' Kn "???-< b. -
, i H ' -
l,.rr,n \1 i ?
' bbt"tt\\t }A M'nnla.) Adown.
J.. a th' lad ?>*">r-> "'""? ;* ,'1""
Hinnla ?*
?well tliln.' -<?- > nlaay, 'I'ai golo' hoaai be
aaya. 'Ifyi arumid to lave ye'er aaothea,
"?I took him o. ? : ar-rm a we wtai bome an
?av* i -Hlm '>'* * ma i 1 ? < '?
. 'HoWa that?
Wer an llltherate man.' I s..v? 'I can read an
: wrlte' h.- Bay* "an" glva >- th' wurruka Iv Wlllura
Carleton be heart Tbrue.' aaya i 'Bul -tin re
lnth*rf.*r.-l arlth thal game lid .e kapa that ye
waa atoppln' th' IducaUon Iv th youth Iv th laii.i.
1 ______] ;| n'. ti..t ne aaya. sa.lly An now th
thou.i.t cornea on bm *" i_*kea aaa heart grai with
\\ bln I rtitherfer* | arlth rh,.l
m lln' li '.'llhiti wi'li .1 baa 'ball r. > C
ya, 'dld I k.-ep antt) *u:i OUI ll a
" Te ni.i> ha\
a I
>_n lUrii-ia.
M il ll
i .-. ? .
- ?
Illl'.W "1
i .ii Cal u, \.. '.' ? >?>
, i ??
? -V-r. r?:
Hai. .\ N
NovWttWI It IWtf
U> T..-d?
li \|. . ,-? .??:
38 M.n..
;:. i>|.ror 1.88
:ti I'. : ??.-.
... - , u*>- *?<
:, -i-u N-u.li. ?*?'<
:..". I'bI?a i aaa I '88
:_ l i.,'i "T
tl V*r>* hYket. BB
1 ? I
? 4
KLINT West 23d St.
l-'ine, Kanoiful
Kor Kirsl Familles.

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