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you r,\...N?- 1W.
s |||?i?? IUMM Kon CAlUNd tiu: HK
aaRVt* WTTO W ivVi.-K wHOLBSAUC .\k
RF=T<! OF AHMi:\]AN>- tM <""NSTANTIX<>
ai;-ti THK BTUATIOM 1'is
r,n,iantn.->plP. NOT. 15. 11 is aaaerted that the
prveil !?? ontiy called u( by tha Porta, asten
?ib!y f?r t';,> PurPoa* of raatortng ordar In Aala
Minor, *rp really heing prapared for partlclpatlon
jn Iht European war whlch tho ?ultaa and his
Mtnlitrra belleva tc be InevttaMe.
An oflVial eommunlcatloa lnu?d this afternoon
gaaoaacea that. wi?h the o!..1.'i-t Of endlng tho
youblM in Anatolta and Inauring order and
nea^e. the Governmaal has aummoned W bat
tli .? .' reaervea, anart feona Um contlngenta
rftho Fourth and Fifth Army Oorp* It has alao
min instructed tlM Vaiis and mllltary com
gander* In peremptory Uanguaga t" ataurn Just
and equal treatment to all aubjecta o! the Sultan.
Intapective <'f race <??? reli>fi"n.
bond n, Nov. 11?"The Dalljf Newa" hai a dis
-,tcv from Conatantlnople, aaylng that tho pollee
wd gcndarmea, actlng under ordera from the
porte, are arreatlng a.l unemployed Armenlans
?th" capltal and ?hlpping them dally t <*\
jjlBc- The ArmMilana arraated are moatly in
ffen-ive. ar.d ar<? not eharged wtth wi mgdoini
;U order has been laaued for the removal ol the
BJlit.uT achool at l'i acaldl I i Bcutari.
.\ liapatca from the rtjwaaentatlve1 '<" the
Cnltp'! Trfss in Conatantlnople, under the date
?; X vember 14, aaya it araa announead that tho
paaa aalon appointed to put In lorce th-. re
,.;,-. idopted for the admlniitratlon of affaii?
toA?ia Minor would begln Ita alttlnga to-day. It
a aaaerted by peraoaa in a poaltion to obtaln tii"
best a: ? ':",fit tnistworthy informatlon that the
Mnaa f the convantloa algned bj the six Pow
tn agr?eing mi Jolnt actlon to compel the Im
media-- appUcattoo of raforma In Anpenta and
the other dlaturbed ?Jistruis, have been ke[>t
itrict;> necret In orde." to avold an upr.?ing of
th? Mal m ftan p >pulace
ndwi N iv. 15, -Nearly every ateamer arriv
inf fr ' porta In Aala Mlm r brlnga numbera of
Arme: ..:. refugeea, who are moatly deatltute.
?fr.y r elve aaalatance from ri'-h Armenlans
j,tre Ci wda of refugeea dallv Toaa the Ar
me:.. ' '??''? ?' Ruani*.
Rom-'. Nov. ?.- Blr Thonaaa Wemyaa Reld,
IDtor i f The Bpeaker," of London, has had an
'..-.? ,, wlth Baron Blanc Bllnlater of Por
vpr. Aflalra. The Baron aald he hoped that a
parlfi aolutlon of the Turktah queatlon would
Barearhed. He Inalsted tha1 It waa neceaaari
that deflnlte arrangemanta ahould be agi.I on,
g? temporan palllatlvea would only defer a
eataati , h-. He -leaired and hoped to raiiy
la the aupport of the vlewa of Italy.
i Qreat Briuln, and alao hoped thai
?aalllan e would be formed between the four
row,^ to regulate ihe Turkiah queatlon and
lJBn ?':>' nov. 15.?"Daa Tagehlatt" publlahea an
lmvrview whlch Ita i trreapondent has had wltn
H?';i Rlfaat Pacha, the Turkish <Jrand Vlaler.
wt ? ?*ld he was overjoyed to Jind ihat tne
rvM-te waa wi g.1 teraia wnn tho Powar* He
added ? .at h<- looked ho^-fully for a happy aolu?
tlon of the pendlng queatlona True. the Ar
m^nian agitatora were conUnuIng thelr cam
t<aiiir. againat Juatlce and humanit;.. caualng
freah murdera an.l maaaacrea, but. thanka to
the meaaurea the BulUn had d?cr<>ed. the dls
uld aoon be auppreaaed.
.,,... paper ais- publlahea an Intervlew
wlth the Armenlan Patrlaich of Conatantlnople.
e felt bound to admll thai the
Porte a! ne tnlght he expected t?. aaalai the Ar
.-? th-- Ruaslana n >r the Rngliah
had any aerl n Intentlona of I Ing anythli
Th? Patrlarch admltted thai
ked by Armenlana addlng that
lhe j. ry Commlttee waa trylng to In
and produce further confllcta.
>..ity of th?- Oovernmenl to pra
" ? shlngton. N .v. 15.-The aituatlon In Turkey
accupled the attentlon of the Praaldenl and hla
Ca(,jn.- at I regular meetlng to-day. B< r
u., oii - from in Intervlew concernlng
L ??. ? on ol Amerlcan mlaal narlea In
grmenla wlth the Rev. l>r^ Judaon Smlth and
B>nr, ;, Hvde t the Amerlcan Board of Foreign
tftalonn. waa able to lay before Wa colleaguea
al tl i al Inf rmatlon on ?.hat aubject, and aev
era: dlapai :hea from MlnUter Terrell were alao
r*a 1 and iieldered. fc .
Although the Navy Department preaumea that
th^ flagahip San Pranclaco left Maraelllea 1m
aied.atr.lv after Admlral Belfrldge boarted her.
the abaen.r any Informatlon to that effect
aaarcauaeH naval offlclala to thlnh that the ve+
Ul, tJ | ? ? have departed on her mlaalonto
irotoct Amerlcan cltlaena in the perturbed dla
trlcis of Aala Minor. lf thla la true, It la prob
able 'hat the San Kranrlsco 1? delayed t?y taa
lns on eoal and ato- i for the long voyage to
the Uvant. Ex?ept f -?- the moral eft< ct l nlted
State- naval veaaela are of Httle avall In the
na ? emergency, on accounl of the dlatance
fctw. i; the coaat and the acene of the Ar
a?nl;> dlsturbancea, and it la underatood that
tils fi .vernment placea its maln rellance In the
ictlvi- . of Minlater Terrell. The atatemenl
Imconatantlnople. publiahed thla morning. to
tae ..' . ,t th;.t Ilr Terrell had plalnly glven tne
Turkl- 'jovornment to underatand that I) would
fct hel ! reKponaible for any Injury done to
A-,. ? uizena or the property of Amerlcan
ddtens in Turkev, is conflrmed at the State
Ha'"nent. where dlapatchea from Mr. Terrell
?nbr^ ing thla inf-rmathm have been recelVed.
That Mr Terrell is KivlnK thorough aatiafactlon
to thi<- Oovernment by th<- vlgor he haa dla
Way?-d la not concealed, although almoat all
"Mr* pertalnlng to th?- Armei lan aituatlon is
Rgfded with the utmoat aecrecy.
Mat!>. -.v Izmirllan. the Arn?<Miian Patrlarch of
ttaaUntinople, who. aecordint? to the M.-rlin dld
P?:ch ? m tnakea adaalaaloni whleii be has inth<?rto
akta?i ialy dented, b*?can llfe ai ? c hoolmaater, in
?hlch eapaclty he proved himoeir an excallant dlacl
I'linariH' He waa ordalaad deaeoa in ItM, nomi
ratm irartabed. ol prieag and luatractor la ona, on
June y>, ;v... and racaived th?> paatoral atafl a faw
aor.u.* ter In l^1* be was alacted irlee-prealdeni
of Th^ .-.:.'?? II and advlaer to the
patr!a. .. ??? at tli. urgent re^ue?t
<-ftht Armenlan colony In Bgypt. he Rroeeeded to
fljttcountrv and held the bi l,,iiuLi wm
uVaaalt! brought on by the cllmate, obllg
tereelt-n and he retiirned In IW to < onBtantlnople.
>" h\f ineumbency of the Important 8ec of Con
?taattoo?> he mtroduced many reforma ]V*Zr't
trlarch took P?jce In the "',l%u.^rt
... ? year In the Cathadra of Koum
Kapou i appolntment belng duly ratuled by tae
t."JVE Hl is jx.is.i EVSRYTHINOl f'Ssini.i:
Wagafngtoa, Nov. is.-l>r. Judaon Baalth, aeoratary
'?? taa Prudaatlal r-ommittee of taa Ann
Baart of ComaUaalonara for Poralgn Mlaalona, ind
H D, Hyda ol Boaton, a maaabai of t .rnmlt
?"? aad an ntarvtew arltfi iacrataiy Olney ?
^t*te Dapartmenl thia aaoraiag. Tka pun
? .,.^ ;?. ..-.-!> tli- :>,;,
< i ihamaa of the -nty Raco I" m nom be.
lag praitad advarUaemaata ealUng for propoaa
aupplying tha Clty DepartaaaaU arltb thalr i.-.
Booka fiint.i aad UtkoaTaplM ? ?'"??'
i u artlcJea of gtttloiiery for - ?'
Th*.e ooatracu are of oaaaldarabi- magnltud^ .:??
voivmg an tagsragata aapandltura jfnearly BW*
Pun ana fa.r eoaapatltloa la aaaared by the w?ra
of Clty Raeard wbieh la aaaipoaad of tha Mayor,
Um Coaaaal to [be Corporatioa, and iba Commu
Moaar al publto Wrorka gpaaldcatlaBa can bafoono
M tha ofllca of tka Coeaaalaalonar ol 1'Milc"?^.
Md alao a: tha oaVca ai the iuaanrlaor of the .
' v. i cit, M..H. froaa ?bam fuU *"rn*T
tlf-n In roferenre to tha contiacta. aauudea. eu..
ba obta.ntd. ? Ad/.
Turkry, and rspe, lal'.y thelr frleoda in th> eOUB
try. th.it tho linvprnmi-nt I* iloln? a)l thal it ian
tea?.>nably be axptcted to do for thelr protectlon
> in tbeee troubloua time* in Turkey. "We found
j Seoretary olney," Kald Mr. Hyde, "koenly alive
| to ;hr> Isoportanoe ef thc gttuatlon in Turkey, and
. oonstantly In touch Wlth It throiiKh MUlleter T. r
I rell. \\> wrc gatlsfled hy nn expo.?ltlm, of the
j pollcy and. p?rformanre of the Departmenl ?f
j arhal we w. iv poraonally aatlrfl l before our eom
] Ihk? that tho Qevernment Im doing all that it <-.in
'. to protrr-t our mlaatonarhrl \V. had ione Informa
i tion to give regpectlng thc recent outrngee, and
the Sooretary hrt<; aome to glve u?. M< la in
j communlcatlon wlth one lourre and we wlth ;m
i other. There waa aoraethlng of <u-t.?il In the re
I porta ?mi lrttriF that wrc exchanged, but nothlng
. whlch ? e preaa haa nol had In ? general way.
I Tha ii.- ? tloni to Mlnlater Terrefl, whlch arere
ahown to Ua, l;av< been frequenl and emphatlc.
and they leave nothln^ to bc dealred n.v the Board
or the friende of tho misslonarlos."
"Wlll any American veaaels joln thc fleeta of
i other natlona in fiont o( Conatantlnople7" waa
n?ke i.
"No, I think not." Mr. Hyde replied. "No good
; onuld como of aucti a morement. The Marbl
; bead and the San Franolsoo are as well d
no* as they can be for tho protectlon of American
mlaalonariea In Turkey, whlrh la the only in
or eoncem the rnited Btatei Qovernmenl haa In
tho matt-r. To. ?< nd the ^hlps to Conatanttnople
would benefll no one. Our mlaalonariea In thal clty
are protected hy th. force and influence of th"
-1'. Juat as are would prol ct thelr* In a
port arnere they had no waranlp*. Ifoal of the
130 mlaalonariea and lh< i famlllei irhlch the
American Board haa senl to I'tuk'v are In tii"
Interlor and cannoi be alded by th- preaence ol
: warahlpa at Conatanttnople, So far, no American
mlaalonariea elther of our Board >>r of any other
denomlnatlon, bave been Injured In the i
"Another rcaton why the l.'nlted Statea ahouid
nol aend ararahlpa to Conatanttnople at thi? tlme,"
continued v.v rlyde, "ls that the movemenl on
th( part of tho Kuropean Poweri i- purely
lltical one. We an- not Intereated In enforcinf the
provlalona of *he H*rlin Treaty; w? are nol i
party thereto, and can have no parl In leterminlng
whether or not Turkey ihal) be apportioned irn na
the algnatorj Powera, and If ao, how. Xi
theae t ri: 11?~ ahould move ua, and none of them
do. The Admlniatratlon la conflnlng Itaelf to th ?
:? ?? ?? "ii ??:' American nlttwna In Turkey. and '?>
i al end )..i- done all th,d c;\n \>f aaked of It."
Mr. Uy'.o tnd l>r Bmlth returned to Boaton thli
? !!? rn.
< T.ivi:!> at TttK LKOATION IN wasui.vc;t<>n
WashitiB-ton. Not. 15.?Tho Turklah T^>>tati'>n
h.-ro has recelved the following dlapatch from
t)i-' Porte under yeaterday'a date:
The Armenlan n < ol itionlati of Blvaa, afti i taklng
out of tbelr ahopi all merchandlae, attacked the
Muaaulmana. Thei flred from the windowa of thelr
houaea and aeverely woundt i om aoldler, A platol
ahol broke lh< nrlndow of the room occupled hy tii"
Oovernor-Oeneral Thej alao attacked the village
I M irdjlllk, klllcd manv Muaa ilmana and engaged
In plunder. The authoritlei of Arabguit dlacovercd
forty of the bomba whif-h the Armenlan agltatori
I ad prepared In crdei to blow up publl ? bu
auch aa the barracka, the palace >>f the Oovernor,
;!)?? mllltary Btorohouae and the llke. The flre thal
broke out in the cify originated from bombt
pared i>r thal purpo ? Th( Turklah populatlon of
Arabgulr, belng attacked by 1.500 rlotera, perfectly
armed and equlppod. telegrai>hed to the Imp
nmenl foi p The provlm lal auth i -
iti.'S neglecl ab* lutely nothlng to preeerve pea i
The Armenlan rlotera of Crclndjar flred on th? M ia
tulmana and attacked the palace of th< Oovernor,
the mllltary autton and othei buiidingM The) \\>"o
repultted, how?*ver, bj Ihe mllltary
Thi Armenlan revolulloniata ol Arabgulr ha\inK
attacked tfn- Muaaulman quarter of Ikneplnar, a
bloody confllci en? i< i bet? ? n Muaaulmana and Ar?
menlan*. Anothej confllci took place nea ? ?
vtllaKe of h.-it.iv i\'.ini between Armenlan biia;an<1a
and gendarmo* The brigmnda fled to the village
>r Bogaakean, but they were dlaperaed . Manv
? et wr* kllted oi wounded Th>' Armenlan
rlotera of Sh*aa, after aecrrtly takinc oul of thoir
iil merchandlae and after ctoalng !h<-;r ahopa,
attacked the Muaaulmana A c nfllct t, .k place.
Tho autborltlea, however, !<>nk neceaaa meaa
urea for the preaervatloi >i ordei Thi
thoritlea at Arabgulr dlacovcred In th<- houaea of
TarngadJI Oglon Berkla and otl Armenlan* many
bomba prepared for Incandlan i rpoaea. Explo
f'!\?- bomba w*>re alao found. The .. ;;tal ra Klroor
alul KovoiK. if th'' i :i;.ii;i- .f K.m?.i ihii.Hij. U'hO
"r.. i -nots nvj In whoa? houaeii ainniiinitb>ii and
cartrldgea were dlacovered, were arraated. More
than 1,000 Armenlan revolutionlata aro at Tchonk- <
mergen <Adana> and are preparing thamaelvea to
commlt gggreaalona.
Another dlapatch recctved at the Legation
A certaln number of Armenlan rlotera of Zeltoun,
wlth Naaaret, a aergeanl of tho gendarmerle) ;it
thelr head, ha\-o attacked and plundered the Muaaul?
man village of Bechan, near Zeltoun, and deatroyed
i'\ flre rlfty-aeven houaea. The Inaurgenta of
Zeltoun fell alao on ?h>- Muaaulman village <>f Kour
t-!. deatroyed by flr< all Ita houaea, wlth all theli
contenta, burned allve one Inhabltant and aeverely
wounded another. Tho number of Muaaulmana
killoi] by the retoela at Tchoukour llissa; la eighty
The wounded numbered flfteen. Tha villaga ia en
tlrely deatroyed.
The principaJ Byrtana eatabllahed at Harpoot !ia\-o
teatlfled ti> the authorltlea that durlng the dlaordera
provok d by tha Armenlana, aome <>f the lattor.
wearing Muaaulman coatumea and turbana, urgod
Muaaulmana to attack tho houaea Inhablted by
Byrlana. Thi' Byrtana have alwaya ?';,- ountenanced
tho d"i.i)cs of tho Armenlan revolutlonlata The
repreaentatlve of the Byrtan Patrlarchate at Har?
poot, together wlth two leadlng Byrlana, haa aenl to
the Mlnlater of Forelgn Affalra the followlng tele
gram "May Ood prolong the orecloua daya of our !
auguat aoverelgn and Increaae hli power. For th>
|a?t (no yeara that we have had tho happlneaa '.'<
Ilve under the protectlon of the Imperlal Qovern
mont we have nevr beon lll-treated elther by the
authorltlea or by the Muaaulman populatlon, and to
thi* day we have every reaaon to be aatlafled wlth
oui relatlona wlth our Muaaulman compatriota. Wo
aflirm under oath that our only dealre N to preai i ve
our Ottoman natlonallty. We beg Your Excellency ,
t.. glve th< above the wtdeat publldty abroad.
London, Nov. 15. A dlapatch to the Central
Newi from Vlenng aavg that a telegram re
celved there fr.'in Bl Peteraburg gnnouncea that
tho Ciarina waa aafely dellvered of a daughter at
10 o' lock thls evenlng.
Other dlapatchea from Bt. Peteraburg eonflrm :
the reporl of the blrth i ? i ghter t>< the Cxar,
Bt Peteraburg, Nov. i?. W:M a m. A bulletln
haa luat beon laaued atatlng that the rondltion
of tli- Csartna and hei daughter ;s entirel) aat
lafa< tory.
At the rellgloua aervicea held accordlng to I ?
Orthodoi ureek rite after the blrth, the Ii
?raa named < ttg*.
Efg IS ir.I, AND VI- :' ""-* AND KKEDfl JIOXB '
r7aabingtofl, Nov 15 (Bpeclal) Reporta publlahed
a few ia>s ago relatlve to the pre irtoua condltion
of ea-Conaul vTaHer'i bealth were fully conflrmed
In ., lettei to hla atepaon, Paul Bray, received
to-day. Thla la the flra letter wrltten i>> Mi
W'aller to hir- famlly ilnce hla removal from Clalr
raua to Nlmea, and for 'he Dtm tlme he explalna
the nature f hla Hli i ? ?? tt? - la dau I Oc
tober IA and reada a" followi
l,, ,r paul: Vour lettei of Beptember 1< received
.,, iay Am glad to hear from you 1'ou ^
..' ' | bave been tranaferred lo another i I
' wlit done "ii the 6th Inat. i am ? ?rr) to
v tf,ji i am 111. havlng been attacked wlth -? ?
vioient hemorrhage of the boweli on the flfth day
? fter my arrival here. i am gla i to aay, however,
ih-it tho doctor haa aucceeded in ntopping th< flow.
Lnd tln: I '"" hetter, though very ari ih i nm ;
?ure tliat I cann"t atand anothei auch il i
,Kia one The new d'r> tory h;i> arrangi . -
i may purchaae auch rationa f": food t? wlll i?- :
n* eaaary for rny health. Pleaae, ther?fore, aend '
,,,,. aome money an aoon ai you ?ei thla letter, as i
?iin in need of H badly. I am al* i iwed to bu)
flannela and I am in need <?( theae very mu
the cold ooason la now on. l hope, therefore, thnt
vou wlll aend aome money, ao thal l can receHve II
b? the mlddle of November. Bend by ezebange on
.,.irjy (U1. ,,t Qeneral Euatla, i am too sil and
nervoua to write more. Tell your mother tha 1
have wrltton h--i a:. I each of the chlldren. an.l
' ,\', i?n1 ihe lettera It ir< <?f Qeneral Euatla, n
,.'i i 'orward th-m to hor I^ove lo all. Am verj
wncerely. ' '? vvai.i.km.
, letter addi freah iroublea to the unfoi .
Waller famlly, who, owlng to thelr deatltnta elr
eumetaBoaa, are unable to reapond to Mi WTal i -
ippeal. Mr.j. Wallar and hei four chlldren ?????
brougnt to thla countrj al the expenae of the Oov
eriroent. but on thelr arrival al vTaahlngtMi iho |
duty of the fJoTeramanl oeaaed, and they wera loft (
utterty daatltute. There la an Impreaaton In tha j
painda of tha publle thal ?' conalderaKe fund w-^
, s.-i for the benefll of th< fVallei famlly by
- but Huch la not the caae. Whlle effort wai
helna made in thl? dlrectlon the Buti Departmen
Innotinced 'bat it would provlde for th?- tranaporta
i,'.',' tho Wallera to thla eountry, and the publle
.flrrod that. ai the Departmenl of Stat.- would
nrovidV foi them. fnrther fftort;. In thoir bahalf
',;,',. nol neceeaary All told. tha amouni nn
iHbutad from varioua aoureee did not exceod W>.
,i lhis ?mall aum could n I be axpaeted to provlde
(.,, , famlh of nvt verv lona.
iroRxa btkcial ordem to thk policb.
An aocldenl ocvurred yeatarday In tha worfca
of lha Bruah Blectric ldnht Company, and aa a
reaull many of tha atraeta balow Porty-necond
st. were In darkneaa la-t ni^-ht. Tha aocldenl
waa made known al Pollca HaadqtMWtara late
yeatarday afternoon by ? meaaage from the De
partmanl ..r pubMc \\'<>rks. Thla abowed that
on accounl of the accldenl to the electrte llghl
planl there would be ? number <>f atraata tn
darkneaa A IUI of the atraeta thai would he In
k!? >? >tn waa Incloaed
The aerlouaneaa of th^ matt-r waa nt onca ap*
parenl to Actlng Chlef Conlin. He at onee stim
moned all the precincl commandera to Pollce
Headquartera. When thay wara all aaaamhled
he gave them a iis: of the atraeta and the fol
lowlng ordera:
"In conaequenca r,f tho ahaenoa of tho uaual
electfic ii?ht you wlll Inatruct the nembera of
your eommand perforratng duty in any of theae
mentloned atraeta, if wlthln yonr prednct, to be
extra vlgilant duiing tha ni^ht toura of duty.
You wdl als.i Inatruct your aargeanta and
roundamen, when vlaitlng the men on poat, to
aee that they are atrlctly attending t<> th.ir
duty; alao take auch other meaaurea as may be
nec< aaary to provlde ample protection to life and
The electtic llght planl where :!?<? accldenl oe
curred la al No. 210 Rllxabeth-at. II waa aald
there laat night that an exploalon occurred In the
mornlng In th" engine room 0 ?? of Ihe maln
plpea leadlng from the boller-room t.> tha englne
ro im blew out, Three men whi were in th ?
pnglne-roor.i al th^ tlme narrowiy es aped belng
acalded by lh ea iplng atea rt. They were the
engineer and two other employea
The buratlng plpe, however, cauaed aerloua
damage In the englne-room. Pnrtlona i f ma
chinery and a iitrg^ maaa of beltlng were t >rn
and broken by the force "f ih'- exploalon. Tha
hoiler dld n.u burat, although it waa thoughl at
flral it had, -? i greal waa the ahock. The beltlng
and machlnery coulJ nol be repalred In tln
have the llghta In aervlce last nizht, bul it is ex
pected that they wlll be burnlng as usttal to
nlght. Th" lampa affected number ni>>m l.WW
and were In atreeta betwean tha Battery and
At tba athletlc meetlng In the 12th R?Kiment
Armory, al Blxty-aecond-al ar. 1 Columbua-ave., laat
evenlng, a great crowd of apectatara, fncludlng
many aromen, aaw a ahocklng accident, arhleh may
1U1 "f the vi.-tlm.
Bla men were rtdlna the thlrd h"at of th" two
mlle Mcycle 1.1 ??. amoni whom araa J. Lambrecht,
of the yorkvllle w/heelmen, who la aa'.y aeventeen
>?.-ar.- old He had a ha idlcai >f 1? yardi
after golng four apa a ij ho llng bla own ,^"
B'ben ipproacblni tha lower turn he aeemad to
faltrr. and then the flylni wbeel veered ????
po'.lahi i floor atralfht for the gllded heater at
la??:.< i to the al le of a pai 1II
LambrecM waa thrown agalnat th" lron aurfaci
wlth terrlflc force, and thi li ft alde ot hla forehead
atruck the heatei He lay Inaenalble. whlle the
od guahed from hla head in a stream Eagei
handa qulckly lift"d hlm and carried him to a
pri\ ata 100m.
Ur. G*or*e Or?y Ward. Jt.. *nd three other pnyi
<-lnn?> att"0'le't th" vnnna* Tian They annoilficed th ?'
Lambrecht had luntatned ? depre?s"d fractura 01
the akull, and they feared thai he waa verj *
oualy injwred. perhapa fatally. He waa a pltlful
siKh'. and hla o-ft eyt waa eut iti two aa with a
Al 12:13 a. m.. three-quartera of an hour after th?
areideni occurred. Lambrecht was conveyed to the
!? tal, and al that tlme he waa atlll
unconaclou*. He la a atudent, and llvea at No. IH
!?:... 1 Nlnety-third-at. with hla aunt.
U'aahlngton, JCov. 16. The Bpanlah Mlnlatar,
Beftor Dupuy da LAme, has called the attentlon of
the Btate Departmeni to the rumor thai the Amer?
lcan ateamer l^aurada had rtolated the nectrallty
lawa of th" L'nlted Btatea In landlng an armed
. on Cuban aoll 10 ald the Inaurgenta there.
gecratary Olney tranamltted Beftor He Lome'a pro
? . .? .., the Treaaurj Department, and Becretary
Carllale to-day talegraphed to colleetora of ruatoma
along the Atlantli eoaat to look out for the Lau
rada and to aelae Iwt wberever found The D*.
partment of luatlca ha.l alao been advieed of Mln?
latar Da LOma'a communlcatlon, and the t'r.jte,!
Btatea marahala have been inatructed to eo-operata
wlth the Treaaury offlclala In detainlna th" veaael
The l.atnada waa former.y the Brltlah ateamer
Kmpreaa an.i obtained an Amerlcan reglatr) bj ..
une.dal blll paaaed by the laat Congreaa Shi li
nuppo?ed to have rleared from Xew-York aboul
rtotober 21 for Jamatca porta It la alleged that
after leavlng port ah< tooh on board al aome pnint
,m I 'iiu [aland Soui 1 Emanuel Ceapedea, a Puban
l, . -..r ai l forty-fl> ? followen. 1 . ? ther wlth a
l,,.. |oi of arma ai 1 amnriMtlon The men and
.,.,,?;, lin|| on ... aald to hav? been landed near
Karacca, on the laland of Ouba, durlna. the nlght
Ohar'eaton, 8 C, Nov IS The ateamahlp I.au- !
rad*. Captaln Bamuel Hughea, from New-York, to
take a earg 1 ol pj ? ? ' ; Phlladalphl >. ar
nv,.,l .,. thla harb ?t Ihla afl -n oon. lTpon her
, | | .,.:?_?- axalu ?? her for tlO.OOn wer??
Prei and Huett on I ?
. e K"i' ? of Sew-Y ? 1. The allegal
. , .,! f elghi \..i apolh d on ! oard the
l^aurada l>> reaa.?n of delaya, occaaloned by the
topplng to tal ? ? ? ? ? in Cuba.
If then are, or hav< been, anj contraband
.,.?',,. ,j .. , ihere are no algna of it. Captal 1
'?'1 1 rl to-nlpht that the atorl?a about the
1 111 rada belng n ftllbuater were atarted by Bpanlah
al|OI .. im h< had had dlffleultle*
. thi Cuotoma H lae n orda, the Lau
,.,),, |a , wn< i I ? vVIl im W Kerr, of Phlladelphla,
vvhit-h ao aa her home port Her
? waa, 1 1' Hart.
On Sovembei 2 tht l<aurada waa entered Inward
1 Klni M ?'?'? I ? B iv. Bl Ann'a Bay
and Port Marla, all portu In the laland of Jama ? 1
Urltioh \Vi l I llea Hei rargo largel)
,,,,:? ?;.. bulk if whlch wai ? .11: K< rr
K. ,?, 0f ,k,'? clty. 8h? brought two paaaengera
III of !:? i p tpei - -' trip to thla pori were
regtilar The preaent agitatlnn hlngc on her
Ortober trlp to the i - - Ho 11 ? offlc al
.11 ada'i preaent napera llmil
i,. ,? 1., .1 ii ? b*in 1 en porta In lh* L'nlte i
It ia 11 . ? ? "or the ai real of < ap
taln H'ifhi lae, and that It ? ?? ? ?
hlm wltn prepat nat ar irmed exnedltlon againat n
? -a li h a hlcl ? ::? l'nlted Stati a la al peaci
.,,,?? |i aald. la baac 1 on aworn ? ?
,;,.,,.f witneaaea of the embarklng of Ceaped -
? .1. hla met tnd ihelr ammunltlon; alao of thelr
illaembarklng near Bai 1 1 Cuba
Havana, No\ IS, The rlllage of Babanllia da In
Palma In lh? C'ard#naa dlatrlct, waa burned by 1
band of rebela yeaterday. Troopa hava been aent
to d:aperac IIm Inaurgenta
I.ou WA1KR /A i.iur f.i.V.i/
Buffalo, N. v. Nov. 1". The graln blockade h'-re
rcaalng, and th< aituatlon la becomtng aerloua
All tha alaratora .1" full, and tka ralbroada cannot
mael the demand for cara ,\ acora ol ttt ?
tlad up at the docka all along tha eraak await.ru
thelr turn to gei t" rertaln elavatora The lacom
Ing th > t yeatarday detlven 1 ov? feaXCRi buahala of
graln, <:!ii there la 1 larga quantlty on tha way
lowt The rallroada mii praettcally have to baa
,11, .: all aftet Baturday, becanae tbc vaiioua in
auranca companlea Mv* decided 1 <<t to take aa)
aaora rlaka on ca ter mtdnlghl Baturday,
The low watei of thla dlvtalon of tha Brle Canal
hai dalayad iraflk to 1 conatderabla extent, and baa
belpad tn add to the blockade Yeaael ownara 1
ainlng bltterli aboul the delay In nnUaadlni
whl h in' in- a aerloua loaa to tbeafl
I^oekport, N I , N >v. 11 Tha actlon ol the canal
authorftlaa In cloalng thi i?.<t, of tha larga racewaj
In thla > u> meana tha ahuttlng down of a doae 1
birgc faustoi and Rouiing mllla along it.- Ilna, and
lh) ihrowlng out "f amployroem uf fullj :pj aai canl
oi ilic reaklenta ol thla 111v.
C. Aui?ii.?tti?t Ha\iland, the prosldetit of the
Depoaltora' Organixatlon of the Commerclal
Banh of Rrookiyn, whlch cloaed Ita doora on
Augual 12, 18*3, ..ii Thuraday aenl to Oovernor
kforton, bj regiatered letter, a damaging i""
- ntmenl of allegatlona agalnat Charlea M. Pren
tuti. siat- Buperlntendent of Banka, whoaeterra
explrea on May 9, 189a- Thla erttlclam of Mr.
Preaton'a methoda haa attached lo it, Mr. Havi
land aaya, teatlmony wnlch provea that Mr.
Preaton haa been derellct, negllgent and false to
hi? trual In doaling wlth tho affaira of the Com
merdal Bank, a state inatitution whoae fallure
waa followed by lltlgatlon thal haa been dlrect
ad prlnclpaily agmlnai threa <>f Ita dlrectora
Elbert Bnedeker, RoUnaon GHII and Beth I
Mr. Havlland aaya that the papera flled wlth
Oovernor Morton ahow thal th- Commerclal
Bank waa Inaolvenl f >r yeara wlth the full
knowledge of Mr. Preaton, and that thla charge,
made by the Depoaltora' Organixatlon aince the
bank'a doora w?re cloaed, ia now backed by
weighty evldence of gra>va fault on the part of
the bank auperlntendent
Tho atory of the bank'a troublea, and the
chargea madi agalnal Meeara Keeney, fSill and
Bnedeker, on accounl of dlaaatroua loana to O,
!.. Haaaell, Dcl Orme, Knowlton, and tho st.
Kevtn Minlng Company, have been publlahed In
the newapapera from Unae to tlme. This laal ac
tlon of the Depoaltora/ Organixatlon, however,
preaenta for the Oovernor*a conalderation aworn
teatlmony, on whlch, tho organixatlon aaaerta,
tho Oovernor wlll be Juatliled in auapendlng
Mr. Preaton from offlce pendlng Inveatlgatlon of
hla methoda whlch la wked for. The papera
were flled wlth Oovernor Morton yeaterday, and
were algned by Mr. Havlland, aa preaident of
the Depoattora' Organixatlon.
In epeaklng of thi<? lateel actlon of the or
ganlxatton laal nlghl M:. Havlland aald: "The
Depoaltora1 Organixatlon waa formed In Auguat,
1893, and repreaenta aboul one hundred of the
largeat depoaltora among aix or aeven hundred
of tho bank. it la detertnined that the three di
i 'tora it has aii along held to have proflted by
thoSt. Kevin Minlng Company tranaactloni ahall
be compelled to make good the preaent and re
malning deflc! ?ncy of 183,000. The bank falli 1
"ii Augual 12, 18ft, ot, al leaat, cloaed ita doora
>n thal day, vFe hav< had experl ac ountanta
untangllng the affairi of the bank alnce then, and
we ahowed by Bank Examlner L V Cahll
ho reported to Preaton, aa bank examlner, that
the i-ank waa inaolvenl In 1890 and 1891 In 1SM
we made general chargea agalnal Preaton, and
immiti ?? appeared before 0 ivernor Flower,
aho promlaed an Inveatlgatlon, and flnally, for
ii na known t> hlmaelf, 'whltewaahed' Mr.
"On October 29, 1195, Mi Cahlll, who waa Dep
iperlntendent of Banka, but afterward Ex?
amlner in th- New-Tork dlatrict, teatlfled before
the refere-, il T. Ketcham, thal he had aenl an
il report to Bank Buperlntendent Presfn
that the bank waa Inaolvenl In 1890; that he alao
examlned the bank In Uftl, an ! agaln reported II
ent, and that he called the attentlon of
Beth L. Keeney, the bank'a preaident, to the facl
that the banh waa inaolvent, and that Mr. Kee
. ii hla handa to t>li eari when he heard
it and went >ut of the bank.
"D. c Van Bokkelen, an experl accountant,
? \ imln< I thi affaira if the bank f >r the Dlatrtct
\- rne> "t* Kinga County, and reported Ineffl
ctenl inanagemenl if the bank for ten yeara;
thal acc unta had i.n overdrawn, thal debts
thai were paai due f??r ten yeara were put down
l onea In a aworn report, that thi bank'a
capltal and aurplui were wlped oul before 1890,
and that ita c ndltlon never Improved. The re?
port contlnued aa foUowa." aald Mr, Havlland:
"?'Plo iworn atatemenl of June I, 1893, ia falae
In twenty-flve Itema, oul of thlrty-four.'
"A i rtlfied opy of theae facta," aald Mr.
Havlland, "waa flled wlth Oovernor Morton to
day, and hli actlon la awalted wlth Intereat.
Tho Depoaltora* Organixatlon chargea the bank
auperlntendent wlth Incompetency, and thal hla
departmenl hajs foi yr%ru been condfcted in tlu
Intereat of apeculal ira Tho Madlaon Square and
Harlem Rlver bai ka falled owlng to thla llne of
actlon of Mr. Preaton, an I thoir depoaltora wlll
probably Joln In our endeavor to have Mr. Prea?
ton punlahed. All "r this important teatlmony la
annexed t" the reporta, aent to tho Oovernor, of
Mr Cahlll and Mr. Van Bokkelen."
Ubany, Nov 18, Chargea agalnal Charlea
P ?) n, Bupertntendenl of Btate Banka, for neg
ligei.and fallure to dlacharge hla duty In refer*
ence to the affaira of tle Commerclal Bank of
Brooklyn came in the mall by apeclal dellvery
i" the Executive Chamber late this afternoon.
Th.- Depoaltora Organlsntl n of the Commei ial
R ink make* the i hargea
The xllegatlon la, In effect, thal the bank had
been Inaolvenl for four yeara and thal reporta
made by bank >xamlnera to Mr. Preaton'a de?
partmenl hav< ihown thal the bank waa In?
aolvent, and v-t. n itwtthatandlng ill this Buper?
lntendent Preaton haa falled t" take proper
regardlng the bank.
Th< Q ivern i la oul of town, and ao la Buper?
lntendent Pr?ston, bul Colonel Aahlry W. C<d?.
thc Oovernor'a prlvate aecretary, wlll communl
it< with i hem Imm dl itelj.
Hlmllar 'hargea wert flled arlth Oovernor
Fl iwer, and he found tha' thej were not aue
POSITIVB 7ll.il IIi: is RV88BLL
Waehlngton, Nov. IS, The Poatofllce Departmenl
authorltlea have received poaltlve proof of tho
identity of the poatofflce robber, Ruaeell, captured
In Brugea, Relglum There araa al the tlme he iraa
captured aome doubi aa to arbether be waa one
of tha notorloui crimlnala arhoec aenaatlonal eacape
from Ludloa Btreel Jall, New-Tork, cauaed auek
excltement. Chlel Poatofllce Inapector Wheelei I ia
r< elved a photograph of tho man non hoid at
Itrugea, and itatea poaltlvel) thal he la Ruaaell.
The Btate Departmenl I u been aak< I t.. prepara
papera looklng to hla extra lli
Raltlmore, Nov. U A peealiar condltion h.is been
produned m tbls .it\ by thc deatb on Wedr.erday of
John T. Oray, clerk of the Coort of Common Pleaa,
whlch eourl laaut ?? ?? ? i -??- No IWnac
n.ay ba laaued in Raltlmore wlthoui tha algnatura
of :hc clerk of tho eaurt, and, therafore, no liceaiaa
,-an !?? laaued untU Mr Oray'i aucceaaor la ap
p Inted. In the mean tinv tha unexpected obatacle
t. the courae ol iru.- have la eauatng dlaappoint
mont in man) bomea What wa? uitanded to ba
? Mg church waddlng, to take place laal nlght, waa
ned becauae the llcenaa waa not procured ba>
fore Mr <:ru> died
Towi oi. aeven mllea away, la now th.' neareat
place t" Baltlmare arhere llcenaea may n. obtalned
and the btile countr) offlce la d":iiK a ruahlng
i ??. The biw, however, requlrea that the
... -h.iii be performed In the county wbere
th?- Ucenaa n< laaued, and, thcrefore, thoaa arbo gej
iheli llcenaea In po? on cannol be marrted In BaTtl
r-1 ? r? Thoaa Baltlmoreana wt... wanl to *??< mar
r|( i iii.i cannot, "i wlll nol K''t marrled outalde
tha clty, wiii aave i" wall until a aucceaaor to
Mr. dra} is appobited
bronaa coplaa "t Mr. MacMonnles'i ilbab peai .
r.iu of Rohalllon. Bacchante, Boy and Heron,
i ...iiii. ii. ii ,v ? . ii. seen ai Theo loi?? B
Sinis atora BH Plfth avenue, Madlaon Bquara.
Readera of Wlll >i Low'? admlrable leacrlptlona I
ol :h..-. "..iik- in tha November Bcr.bner*! wlll
fln I apeclal pleaaura and Intereat in an Inapectlon
of them.?Adv. I
|30,0M <>lt MORK
Trenton, Nov. ifi (ipedal).?A aenaatlonal train
robbery la reported here u 130 o'docli thla
momlng. The atory I* thal robhara hald up an
cxpf'SH train on the Pennaylvania Rallroad Just
OUl Of Morrlsvillo. I'.im , and robbed tha **>
preaa car of 130,000. it la alleged that there
arara Bve maaked robbera and that they over
powered the expreaa meaaenger, after utopplng
tho train. and wenl through the expreaa safe.
The so.no i>f the robbery la the lonelleat apol
ln the Pennaylvania Rallroad Company'a entlre
route. All that could be learned here at flrst
?raa that the conductor of train No. 95 tele
phoned the Trenton pollce to have J. B <'ham
plon, tho pgenl of the Adama Expreaa Company
at tha Cllnton Btatlon of the Pennaylvania
Rallroad to meel No. 95. Following this came
the reporl aaylng the expreaa had been held up.
It ls known that the expreaa company had a
large aum of money on the train.
The pollce nay all they know about the alleged
hold-up is thai they re eived a meeaage to meet
train No. 96. It waa reported t.> them thal Bve
trampa had been pui ..rf t!i" train luat out of
Morriavllle, Tho pollce have alao been requeated
to have Mr. Champlon al the atatlon. Tho pollce
siv they would nol be taked to have the Renoial
agent at the atatlon if only trampa had
been pul "fr tho train. They belleve th- atory of
ih-> hold-up and the robbery of th" expreaa car,
whl h it is said contalned 830.009 or more. The
greateai excltement prevalla ln pollce clrclea
The Iraln was an Adama Expreaa, whlch
left New-York at 8:30 o'clock laat nlRnt for Baltl
in ir -.
Tho rallroad ofBclala here admlttad later that
they belleved the train waa robbed. Tho train is
aald to have been In charge of Meaaenger Cole
man. who flgured ao promlnently in the aenaa?
tlonal train robbery ln Vlrgtnla about one year
ago. No realatance of any kiml ls reported aa
tiavlng i.ii made by the meaaenger.
The train auppoaed to have '.n tobbed is aald
to have 11 ntaln d aev< ral of the Adama Rxpn aa
Company'a Bafea each one of whioh contalned
a large aum ??: mon?y. Reporta of the nmsi
aenaatlonal character were clrculated in pollce
clrclea One ia to the effecl thal nearly 8100.000
waa "ti the train and that tho alleged robbera
auci.led ln carrylng off Ihe entlre aum This
la ii"t belleved by the pollce. No poaae haa I.n
organlxed for the purault of the robbera for th"
wanl of deflnlte Informatlon. The country where
the alleged robbery took place is auch that thoae
committlng auch a deed would necetaaril) have
t" tak" i" tho woode, as the aurroundlng coun?
try la dotted wlth towna and elllagee
Phlladelphla, Nov, 16. Al the Pennayl
Rallroad Btatlon the offl ials deny that there waa
a hold-up, but say that the atory orljtinatH.l ln a
i iw between the train handa and four trampa
nrho were itealing a i Ide
Loula Konrad, a Frencb wok, who is alao one
of th>- clevereat hotel thievea known to the pollce,
waa arralgned by Detectlvea Prtce and O'Donohue,
of the Central Offlce, ln Jefferaon Markel r<
day, charged wlth two of a eerlea of thefta he la
known t" have commltted arlthln the las- year. A
year ago K inr.id and another weil-known thtef
ii,ini"i Thomaa Henderaon were ln prtaon together
ln the penitentlary on Blackwell'a lalaad for
burglary. They worked ln the aame room and be
came ao frlendly that. flndlng ;hat thoir torms of
lmprls<inniont explred about the samo tlme, they en
tered Into ? compacl to engage together on thelr re
leaae In robblrg the bi* hotels of this and other
Hoth men were releaae*] In January last. They
took a furnlahed room together ia Weai Twenty
fourth-st. They went to nrork and, hoth be:n? ex
perienced roguea, they aucceeded in uatherlng a
lar>te quantlty of booty. One nlgbt, however, when
tho partnerahlp had laated three or four months.
tha palr quarrelled over a hvi.-aon of thoir spoii.
Bome kind of a paace araa patched up between them
and each wenl to bed, but 'n th.- morntng when
Henderaon awoke he found that Konrad had dla
appeared, taklng with hlm the whola of tiu-ir
plunder, Bome 8801 In money and 81,000 worth of
The thief had acarcely the courage to reporl tha
??i ibbery" to thi pollce, but bi made a greal
to th ? '. in llady and tli the hooa Th ?
unexpected reauil waa thal a few laya latei I
landlady'a aon mel Konrad one night In Elghth-ave.
. ? hlm ovi r to a i ia a robber,
Koi rad waa locked up in the Weat Thlrty-aeventh
Bt. ?tation, and Henderaon, on being aummoned t.>
the il itlon by hla offlcioua frlen I, had no i ho re bul
t . ui.ik- i | i!'i~t hlm K- falled, how
'.i appeai agalnal hlm ln Jefferaon Market
i"ourt the n"xt mornlng
N" complalnant appearlng agalnal hlm, Konrad
waa dlacharged, but as he waa unable to prove hl?
clalm to the 81,000 worth of Jewelrj found In ! :k'
poaaeaalon, It was held and turned over !?> the
Property Clerk at Pollce Headquartera, .\ ahort
tlme afterward Henderaon reappeared In the city,
bul waa Immedlately arroated on ;? telegram from
Major Moore, Chlef .?i Waahlngton Pollce, who
wanti i hlm for a botel robbery In the capltal He
wai aent there on reqiilaitlon papei i, and waa aen
tenced to flve veare" Impriaonment
One daj a ahort tlme after he had gone t.< Jall
Konrad appeared at Pollce Headquartera and put
ln a clalm to the jewelry h.ld there He told a
Btory al.t havlng been robbed ol hls prperty by
Hend< r-"n bul the suapli k?na of the property clerk
were arouaed and he refuaed to hand ove? the
jewelry At the samo tlme the clerk Informed the
betectlve Bureau that aomethlng mlghl be dla
covered Ir iha eaai
\"tm>; Captaln O'Brien letatled D<
geanl Prlce and Detective Donohue ?k Into
the matter. Thej Bucceeded m identifying j gold
... .,-. h in i two illver eolns, Included in
as pirt of the proceeda of a robberj fom
ai the Vlot..ria Hotel ln .lanuary la<t. the vlctlm
of arhlch was D. M. Btanfleld. one of the n
Another watcb they found to have been atolet
gether wlth 8800 in money, from the Rev Davld
S'oyea, of Oraal Barrington, Maaa., al Bweeneya
Hotel, aboul thi ? ima tlme.
Blnce thal tlme the pollce have been looklna for
Konre.d, ? ho. atter hW frultleaa vlall to Pollce Hea
quartera, had dlaappeared, They found hlm on
Thuraday. Veateidaj he aai remandi I hack to
Po'.Icj Headquartera, to glve tho pollce an oopor
tunlty to iind th. ownera of lha remalnder o' the
Jewelry in thelr poaaeaalon,
vf.iinit i <>y < . ??Afl HWit thi: ri:\X9Tl:ta\u
Phlladelphla, Nov iv A lun ln tho caaa "f
George Burnetl agalnal the Pennaylvania Rallroad
Companj whlch was un actlon to recover damagea
for peraonal Injurlea received la a colllaton al iitr
rlaburg In June, 1881, lo daj readered a verdlct In
ravorof tho plalntiff, aaaaaahn tha damagea al 9*4,
80k Th- caaa was placed on tr.it reaterda) before
Juilg. Bregy. The teatlmony of the plalntiff, whlch
waa corroborated by a number of phyalcUna, araa
that his Injurlea arere of auch a uture thal he
aould be unable ever to earn a llva hood. Phe de
ontende I thal Burm tl waa rtdlng on .i free
,: the tlme, and thal be was not Injun I aa
s. rloualy aa he aaaerted
Btl nl.oiiv.lb-. OhiO, N>?v. 18 (Bpe.-lalt. An attorii.y
f... Raroneaa Lagerfalt, wlfe of Baroa I F. l-ujor
f.-it, Bwedlah Conaul al Pittabarg aeveral yeara ago,
flled a buII for dlvoroe and aHaaoay here to-day. al
leglni wllful abaeaea foe aaora thaa three yeara.
Tha pi|.i- -.' fortk that It ls not known whore he
Ir. Tho Baroneaa, who a <s the aaughtar of tha ktta
C. H. Doty a waa tn> Iran naanufacturec of tbis
iitv, w is miniod t.. Lagerfall la ihm They ilved
ln Plttaburg, arhere aeveral yeara ago he commltted
forKeri.-H. ift.i leadlng ? K-'V llfe, and was force.l
to rti-f tho countrj Mr t ?-? ts w.is bled bard tlnan
ctally n> bu tltled aon In laa Tha Baroneaa cpuld
nol Inbertl her ahara of ber father'a eatate a? lonjj
aa -?!"? waa aaarrted to the iiaroo.
auinanaiiL mkktin*. im thk histokv
In thr"e resp".'ti< the eleventh annual H^rse
Bhow, whlch wlll cobm to an aad in glgiif. la fg*
clarad to be th" m .?t atjcctaafUl entertalnnv nt
ever given at the Madlaon Bquara Oardan.
PlnaBCtally It hns heon ?o sueoessftil that the
Mook of th" Natkanal rloree show Aaaocfcarloa f
Amerlca, Whlch sold at 2)0 a year ag >, haa tv-en
advaneed t i :!!" this week. ita auacaaa ao< lai'y
has be?n ahown hy the unusual demanl for BOS
aeats and by tho |n- reased attendatve of fashp n
ahl" pe.iple fron distant cttlea of th" l'nlted
state.x. it is in respe^t to tho numbera and ajuaJ*
ity o? the boroea entarad in o.impetiti'?n for
prlz>-.-< at tho show. howo.er. that th" manageta
say there ha? baan tha m >-t dectded Bupartortty
thla year.
?'I was talklng the rhow ovar wlth Dr W.
geward Wabb," aald Jchn <'? h- ka ker, m
tary of the aaeoclatlon. laat evenlng; "and be t"Ue
ma th.u the competltlon baa been aharper thla
year than evat befor>- There was a tlme wh?n
Dr VYebb an<i othet araalthy Mew-Yorkera who
take dellghl in th" breed'ng "f Baa hor.?es eouM
wln prizes at the Horaa Sh >W wlthout moch dlf
flculty; bul now the exhIMtora from other oitiea
ai ? ikin*,' blue ribbona In nearty all i lasaea. it
is a fact, too, that th<- paopta who attend the
H'lrs- Bhow ara becomlng better Judgea of horaea
every year. The recogaltlofl of fine pointa In
horses i< becomlng more gen^ral, and oonse
quentlj there i- m< re thorough enjoyment of the
exhlbitlona The Increaaed gaJe of oflciaJ oata
luciies Is one proofof this advance in th" popajhaf
appreclatlon of tne rtoraea, and rhe discrlmlnating
applauaa when th. nne?t horse? are shown at
thelr beet is anotbei proof."
The attendance it the Horse Show was light
in the forenoon yeatarday, bul it was greatly in
craaaad In the afternoon, although tha waatheff
oontlnued to ba utipleasant. and in th.- evenlng
there war a thron^ aearly equal '?< that of
VYedneaday nlght.
The httfh rhaiaoter of the parfOrmancea In the
rin^' waa auatalnad ihtouKhout th" day and
evenlng, and there was no apparent loas of In
terest in the horaea. Ind.ed, as the show haa
continued, the movemanta <>f th- horse* in the
aeveral rl iaara have been watoh'-d wlth gr"ater
and greater evldencea of appreclatlon, and th>?
crltlctam of faulta and recognltldn of th" real
merlta ><t the prize-'vinners have becoma gen
eral arlth the spectators.
The eleventh annual Horaa Bhow wlll ei.se
to-day with a long llet ><( hlghly Intereatlng
perfonaanoea In tha rlng, Prom l" a. m. until
after 10 p, m. the Judgea wlll i>" kept buay da*
ciding th<- awardl in cbi-,*-.?<( n,([ lieretofore
shown. and awardlng champlonahlpa arr.<-ng th<?
horaea whlch hav<- taken Brat prizes in other
olasses. Por tWO h>urs In tho evenlng the nudt
en?e wlll be delighted vlth the Jumping of
huntera, induding those competlaaj f"r the
Ilere Is the programme for to-day:
9 a. m. to lo a ba. Baddle horaea t'<r sale gaey ba
shown ln th" rhi*
10 a. m. to 11 a. m. -Harness horaea for sa> m*y
be shown In the ring;.
11J6 a. m.?Judglng two afddle hor^es. Claaa -.
ii:t"> a. m.?Judgiag aevea poelea und"r aaddta,
Claaa W, and t ur Bbetland ponlea, <"ass :<2.
U:i.". p. ,ii. .iw!?ir.K thre.- Morgan itallloaa, Claaa M.
l-::-t'? p in. -Judglng four hackney nillea for j iTiior
rhampionship. Plaaa 27. and three hackney mtrra
for the championahip, Claaa M
1 p. m. Beeeaa
'! p. m. Judglng thre*' patrs of ponlea, in barneaa,
Claaa 120.
2:2" p. m.- Judglng hai'knfy atalllooa for th" AmerL
can Hackney Horaa Bodety'a <*halleage C'Lip,
? laa
2:1" ;? m I . Iging .-lx trottlng atalliona, with a
racord of 22.', 1 r hotter. shown to harne?s, c 1-- 11.
^:ir> ,i 111. Ju Iging f"iirtfer, horaea aad b<-st ap
polnte 1 roa i t Iga, < 'laaa 22.
\ p. m. Judglng twenty-one palra of rarriage
horses. 1 ":i~- 58.
4t'i p. in Ju Iging Btx tinicorns. <"lass 11*.
5:18 p tn 1 1 !^i!i? eighteen quaUflad la lie?' hunt
, r- Claaa 1 '2
?^ p. tn - Receea
^ p, m.?Parade of a'.l prixe wlnnera.
> ;', p. in. -Judglng twenty-aix oarriage horaea,
? '..,^s ?::.
1:46 p m.?Judglng sixteen horaea and b"?t-ap
polnte ! runab iuta, < laaa 119.
tn J . Iging barneaa h->rse? having taken
flrat prlsea in Claaaea .". :,;. B ,ml 'H. <"as? 11;,
a-JD ;> i! Judgit.g alx th iroughbred acjultaaad or
: . 1 "l.i^s UR,
10 ;i m. lul^mu,* buatera for the championahip,
C !--? 111.
There waa a comparatlvely small attendance
,n th" Qarden yeatarday forenoon, bacaaaa tha
weather a 1 ao forblddlng that th.- woman and
chlldren <!ii nol vcntura to expoea themeelvea
to it in great nurabara The eabcnan'a atrike
alao may have had Boma affecl in reducing fhe
i ince at th- show. Ifan} <>f the tlckei
apeoulatora who iiaii Inveatad thelr caah ln tlck>
.?:s wh h thei iuld nol aall wera In deapalr at
lh- proapecv. and they were unuaually clamor*
oub In thelr appaala t.i peraona who app in i
anywhere near the lladtaon-ave. entraaca <>f the
afuch Intereat waa ahown in th." competltl n
for the hackney prodtaoa rrtaaa, of th.- odts 'in
the compatlng claaa, Pour Btriper i trrled "rt the
Brai prlaa "f faBSTa, and a tlrst prlaa for th*
aame amounl was awardad to Lady Llnnewood
ln Claaa No, M, Cotoaaal Lawrance Ktp'a pn/'1
wlnnlng trottlng teama alao wow more ptiaea in
th.- forenoon.
The proteat > f C. P. Batee agalnat the award
nf th.- tiist prlaa to Ifeteor and Bath, the i gtm
of high st tppera in ciass \ > 89, ,.n Tuaaday, waa
not Buatained y?aterday. Mi Bataa declaredthat
Meteor had a bone apavln The vetertnary mi!
geon admltted th" fg i. bul said th" !i iraa waa
not luiie in 1 was tharefore aound for all practl
cal purpoaaa Hateor and Ruth were purchaaed
by w. <;om!i1 Brokaw from Btrauaa d ii"\t.r
Immedlately aft"r th-- Wklte Plalna li irae Bhowa
and th?- price for the palr waa aald I ? be j
People continued to enter tha Oarder in the
afternoon In trowda unttl the} nunsbered ab'iit
',. Th.-v wltnaaaad th. drtvtng or aoaaa of tha
tinest teama of Amerlcan coach horaea i n i m i
in thla .'oiintry, hltched 10 the Mnest of brough
I'.ms. on whl.'h were the niinblost ai.d best
tralned ?>f footraea ctothed ln tho aattiaai <>f
iiv. iies. Joaeph E WKaaner, of PhUadatphla,
took th<* fiist prlra in thla Jaaa, to tka anvj <>f a
number <'f New?York exhlbltOTB.
Dr. W. Baward WTebb'a four-ln-hand leata waaj
the prlaa for the haai road team, offerad by
membara of th.- coacblng club, and a four-in
hand an 1 tally-ho coach, betongtng to th.- Naw*
York Coach Horaa and Coh Company and drlven
bj 1' !?' Bataa, took the apectal prlaa olbtred by
Charlaa P. Pratt, th.- oaaa and appo4ata>aotata
count r?o par oani m th.- eoanpetttlon,
The sp.?rt .f the aftamooa alao hacludad the
drlvlng of teii tandam taauaaa and of thirtoen
palra of high?ceppeni aad the jumping of ahaa
Qaatga '? BaaJwala offara tp?da) an iuiportfr*a
entlre Btoch <>f l>.- Jolnvllle acirfa at Ji ,v> ea,-h
Th<-?<" au- Hiw gooda off.!.'! .1 one-h<lf the 11,,
porter'a origlnal price. ?'.' ?BOK <l ItKNJAMIN,

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