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hwatera over fencee, two of whi.-h were siv feet
in height. Th- Junlor Champlon BFlaja, <>i>en to
hackney atalllona which wera the wlnnara ra
ciaaaei N ?'. 84 36, M and r. waa won bjr
the beautlful Imported cheatnoi three-y.ai-.id
Langton Performer, exhiblted by P. C. Btavene,
.,?.. ,.,,. reaerve rlbbon ln the compctltlon waa
bcatowad upon Dr. W Beward Wabba baj atal
llon WHdOre.
No VACANT n.\?i:*
The crowd ln the QaraVn laal night waa enor
moua Moal ol tha bt aea and all of tha aaata
b?ck of them wera occupled. whlle tha areu"
promenade waa erowdad. and tha gallertea wara
packed. Karly in th,- evenlng the Duke and
Ducheaa of Marlborough and Mtoa Oertniae
Vanderbllt entered the Oarden and took eeata
ln the box of Wllllam K. Vanderbllt, No. 100,
frontlng the aouthweal end of tho rlng. raey
were thi objecte of conalderable ntaraat, but
people in tha crowda whlch paaaed In rront oi
the boi kept movlng. and thara waa no demon
atratlon of a kind to eall for arvara crltlclam.
The performaneea In the rlng laal night began
with a parade of the prlae-wlnnera, and thal
waa followed by tha dri\lng of nine hanaom
caba ln -?? mpetltlon for prtxea. The cab horaea
ki | ?red to be aomewhat auperlor to the horaea
whlch ordtnarlly draw hanaoma lei for nire.
gnd iha caba and appolntmenta were or tna
apick-and-apan order. . . . ,
Tandem teama, hltchod to Ight earta, frlaked
nboul the rlng for half an hour, and there waa
evldeni aatlafactlon mth the award of the biue
rtbbon to P l>. Beard'a brown geldlnga,Ouarda
maii and Benaatlon. Mr Beard'a auoceea con
tlnued for the real of the evenlng, aa be capt?
ured the aecond prixe ln the Jumplng claaa witn
bis wlfa'a hunter, Perfectlon.
Th" nKht in the Oarden appeared to mialead
a number of the huntera, who falled at the
jumpa Adam Beck'a Hurrleane waa the only
o,.f the atrlng thal cleared all the fencea
wlthout touchlng, and he received the flral prlxe
in Claaa No. 110.
The following priaea *>t<< awarded al the Horae
Bhow yeaterday and laal evenlng In the order ln
irhii h the claaaea were Judged:
Claaa No. 89: Hackney marea, four yeara old or
over (foaled It, or before 1891). flfteen handa and
under flfteen handa two Inchea Certlfli I to be ln
? .,.,1 ,,, to bave producad a foal ln 1008, To b?- ,
a n in hund or by the ol le ol a aaddle horae
j''in>t prixe 181501 to Imp. Peplta. eb., 18.1, 6 yeara, by ?
Cadel out .f Bella 6th, 11 McK. Trombly; Becond '
prlae (175) to imp. Dorothea, ch., 6 yeara, by Prlnce
Oeorge, oul of Dorothy, Joaeph E. Wldeneri third i
prlxe (888) to Imp. Vtacounteee, ch., 15.1, E yeara,
f.\ Caaaivelannua, out of Overton Princeea, H. G. & ,
H. Chei ?
Claaa No, ofc Hackaej marea, four yeara old oi ,
ovei il taled ln or before 1891); fourteen banda and |
under flfteen handa. Certlfled to be In foal or lo
I . | roduced a foal In 1896 To be ahown tn hand,
or bj the sid.- of a aaddle horae?Pirat prlae (8180)
to Imp. Nellj lli. ch., 11.3, 12 yeara, by Ivnmark,
oul "f Nelly. H. McK. Trombly; aecond prlae (875)
to Imp Prlnceai Flreaway, br., n.S'j. 10 yeara bj
?f By Elvlngton Wtldflre, H. <l. &
K Cheney; third prlae (Xtt) to Imp. Qarton Prlde.
br., 14 '?. ?? yeara by Flreaway, oul of PoUy Oarton,
.- Hlll BtocV Parm.
,- .,.. x, ;;, Tii" hackney produce pnze (Futur- ,
Itv of 1886 foi yearMng atalllona). The prlae wlll |
b. dlvided Into two claaaea?one for ooltF, and the ,
other for fllliea and geldlnga?the entran.-e money
trea t ? ?? dlvided equally between tho two
The aaaoclatlon to add 8500 .to each claaa.
\., i |, H th. groM value of th.- atakea ln
cludlng the added monej to be dlvided as followa:
10 |,: cenl to u'o to the ownei of the winner of the
,.. cent to the owner of the aecond,
h'.'.\ i" pei cent to the wner of the third; tho r>
malning 20 pcr cent lo go to the breeder of tho
? that la to s.iy. to the owner of Its 1am at
the tlme of foallng. To bi shown ln hand or by the
ild< : ,i aaddle horae?Flral prixe (888378) to Pour
Btrlper. br.. b> Cadet, ou of B'.ue Rlbbon, O. H. P.
Relmont; second prixe (826590) to Foreal iteau. ch.,
bv Rufua, |r., oul ol May Queen, Oeorge Oreen;
third prlae ($18275) to Sparke, br, by Dr. Parke, out
of Princeea Plreaway, H. O. & R. Cheney.
Claaa No 16: Tho Hackney Proauce Prlxe Ifu
turity ol 1895 for yearling fllliea). The prlae wlll be
dlvided Into t? i claaae* oneforcoltt, and the other
r>r fl'.llea and gelding* the entrance mone) oi th.
marea ti> be dlvld< I equa:i> between the two
<i.i.-.-???-?. the aeaoclatl >n lo add 9500 to each claaa;
h claaa Ihe groaa value oi the Btakei I
cludlng the added money. to be dlvided aa followa:
!*? p.-r cenl to go to the owner ol l ?- ainner ol the
firs; prlxe 20 per cenl I rnei "f the aecond,
a;,d jo per cenl to th- owner of the third; the re
malnlng 20 p r cenl to go to the breeder ol the win?
ner -that Ii lo aay, t" th. owner oi ih. dam il
tinv rf foallng; to be ?hown n hand or by. thi
tat pi "'??"?''? ' ? }?' ')
Llmewood, ch., by Loi l Bardo.ph oui ol Woodb.nc,
Joaeph D. Widener; second prlae i$2. i lo Fri.i*
bj F tehl m ? il of Ready, Pn -- ti I>awrenc< :
third prlae (813275). to Her Hlghnea*. ha>\ b>
Matchleai of Londeaborough out of Her Majeaty,
r>r W. Beward Wi
riass No. ?: Trottin^ atalllona three yeara old
l I] 1383); to be Judged by IheJ" pedigree,
."i..r. aixe, conformatlon, apei I and general appear
;, . . , to ba shown ln hand ?r by the alde of a
h raa Flral prixe (8800), to Carrol, br., by
''. rtermaater oul of Belle Medlum, Kundle a
-. ..ii l prlae (8100), lo Vlce Regent. ch . bj
Mambrlno K.hk out of Estabella C. J. A.- Harry
Hamlln. No thlr i pi ???? waa awai le I.
? ? -- No. 10; Trottina fllliea, three yeara old
,i .. n 1SB ? ludi "d by thelr p
? ii 'i u ? and -i.': to bi Bhown
ln hand or by the sid.- of a aaddli horae Flral prUti
(?150), to !'? . b., by Chlmea out of
ttle, ' ,i. *.- Harry Hamlln; seeond prlae iJT.'a.
?]-,;.?, . : ;i .; \-?'--i bj Wllke* Boy oul of
Marle, Porent Park Farm >li R. C Wataon); thiid
to La r A:li n ?n, br. 15.2^?, S yi ira
? ? rharlea M Ri ed
flaaa No. 16: Pali of horaea. 4 yeara old oi
To .'e -?!'.? un to harneaB "i wagon. Flrat prlae (8250)
. b. m . 15.2, 8 vi-. and Mambrlno Belle,
18.2, ; vi-. Lawren ? K , . second prixe (8125)
. Leyburn, br, m, 16.2^, 4 yrs.. and ClaratJ.,
_?... : \:- . i harlea M. Reed: third prlae
IJ75) t. I.. Be.L '??- ?.'???. 15.3, 6 yra, u:id La Uosc, b.
m., 15.2, 5 \ ra., !. i ??
OlaM No. 7^: Pali of ? ivi twelve handa
i ? g fourteen om In -h. To be
Flral prlae (8M0)
to Bpot, b. m.. 111H. I yra., and Lightfoot, ekew g .
12.0?4, I yra. Mra R F Carman; aecond prlae (150)
to Imp i.a iv Elale. roan m., 14, i? yra,, and Imp
Lady Ethel, L:i 14 v yra., Marlon Rtorj;
third pi ?? (I to Imp Lavlna, oh. m., 13.3, S yra.
and Imp. F>ur-de-L k m., 13.3%, " vu-. Oeorge
?. No 89: Ponh b. u twi Ive handa t yeara
ov? i Th - ,:.-???. ' i ??? Flral p-'"'-'
(P>"i t : Jeni v. blk m . 11 3, I yra., Oeo/??
, prlxe (8??), to Topay. gT. m., U.3. I yrs.
Qreei '*-'"? to Bpot, aaeyi g ?
l -.. - Lemuel E. Wi lla.
Claai No, 118 (offered by Oeorge B. Hulmej
t.-.- beat bi lem; horae? te be over n ana
un | ? ..... , . ... ..: t , have Bubatance an i
?ctl ?-... ? ? ' ?? to i" a ah ?wy, wel.-brea, a ??
ad actor, with good m .utii ano manneri
Prlae CtlOO). ln money or plate, to The Rat, o |
it.', o yeara, and The Ferret, br. g., 14J, - yeara,
- Ghti
? No 87; Palr >f h raea; to be ahown before a
.:.am. the hor: int 80 per c< nl and the
.',i:i. and general appointmenta 50 pei ceni
? i.riz-- (8200) i i pa .r brown gi ih K* ? < '?
15.1U, , yeara, Joaeph K. Widener; aecond priac (81W)
to a pair ea ted b> F I*. Beard; tl Ird prlae iV
lo a ??? l by W. I. Etklna.
i \ ;i Trottina BtalUona. any age; to bi
judgi l ; llgree, color, si/.r. conformatlon,
.-;.-. ! inrl xeni . .i; ,? irai . to b< ahown to har
Flral priae (31^0) to 31 very Uum< J,
b.. c yeara, by Chlmea, out of Ladj tlmy, C. .). '-?
Harrj HamMn; i (875) to Ben Thuratpi,
h , i.-.- ? . i ? ? ; ? out of Ne ..".
W un .M V. Hoffman; ihlrd prlae (385) to Nero,
b. 18, 12 yeara, by W nooakl, ut of l*dy of the
Lake Wll'.lam Pol k Speclal menl m waa made
i ' ? nrad. ch., 18.2. I yeara i - ?. Carman
Harrl ?
Cutaa \'. "4: (Pour-ln-handa) for tho best road
team I ? u - old or ovei Thla i la
raea ihould have aub
a.1 I gi ? i n - nera, i nd n 't be under
flfteen handi I'r.z- <%???<. off. <?? '. In m ?ey or plata
),... ? il ibe ''' tchlna <'hii>. to An
gellca br. m., 16; Hexter, br. g., I6.1H; Erie, br. g.,
' 16.1, and l.fwi-t m Boy, br. >;., 16.0V?. 1 >r. W. Beward
Wi I b.
Cl -- No 116: (< ':T ?? 1 b] Ch irli - E Pi .-ti f..r
thi b-" road '? ' ? n-hand T im I i iui l
|0 pei i i I ai tnenta (tf pei
PrlZ" (31 : ' ln n ? '???. : a four exhlb
tho New-Yurk foach Horae and i ? Company and
driven b> c P. Bi
.: lor champlon priae, open to Ma!
llona ainnlng flral priaea In ? ?? -? ? N - 88, M :;?">.
M and 4'. To '?> Bhown In bac i, r by tha ude "r a
snddle horae Prlae .?'j.-- rted Langmn Pei
former. ch.. u> s '; ) u I Oarton '? Duke of Con
r.i ;l-I t, >ul of Puaee II, F C Btevenn The '- -?
rlbl n waa glven to Wlldfli
the ;'ik r:i.h"n tn Claaa No. 88
? - No. ^2 Palr i f blgh Bteppi , nol und< r
utndi tw< ln ? ? - itvle, conformatl
? ? ihown to
? ir-wheeled ?? ?? igi ? ? in? excluded Flral
pr'.z- (8200) :.. Monarch, Ir *. . :'?".. 7 .\"Hr?. and
perfori br. t .. \ ?-;. rs
ir : aecond : rlx< (81 i l Ore<
T Ta
Before Winter
.^'n- ;n n.-e th:.: your blood la rtch and pure and
your phyalcal ayatem in perfeci order, ln ;h,s
way you may avold cougha colda and aerioua
diaeavea whlch ttack weak ayatema Avold dan
fi-r by ta;..
Prapared al] I C I Hood A Co., LowelL Maea
Hood's Pills '; !??Wtual congtlpation,
i . ? Zac. p< : box
Incxceiled for qualitya'^ fragrancc.
reara, aad Borwich, b g., tj ?'? r**** ;! SRjL*
Wldener; thir.i prlae ($50) to BunrlBe. r..g.. w g*
reara, and Sh'nin*; Light, b, g.. '??-"?? ? >'.
vork Coach Horaa and CobCoi
Ctaaa Ma Mf: Por the beal perfoi i ("' hnn.t"
era or jumpera over six fencea; iwo
two al Rv< feel ala Inchea. and two al al*
carry a mlnlmum welght of H" poundi l-.rai pn?
(fcjOO) :,-> t.aiv Blrd, br. m., IM, ? . ?rf M" , '
Howland; aecond prla? ($100) to Rurrli-arn. ?' ' ?
111. 4 vear*. Ada n Beck: thlrd prlae ($?> to m
fect! n. i>r. m., l?. I reara, Mr , Fi in ? U >?? " '
Claaa No. M: Horae and beat-app Inted ena i
hanaom eab ns lel f< r hlre. The I
per *ni and th.- cab appolnimenta to oount w p .
ceni Flral prlae (150) to Bplder, b. g.,
Wllltam Donovan; aecond prlae (?M) t Nero, di
16. ."> yeara, the Maaon Btable ("ompany, Llmiteo;
thlrd prlae ($10) to Pate, eh, g., II I, bi -i -'1hl1 >! '" ;
Qoa in.
''lnaa No. 7?: Harneaa tai.dem. the p.hecler to be
over flfteen handa two Inchea rlrai prta<
Quardaman, b. g., It, ag d, and Benaatlon,
aged. K. D. Beard; aecond prlae ($100) to i.ii> Jeaa,
ir m.. 1&.V4, >'? yeara ind High Flyer. br. g.,
l.r..l-%. 7 vears. H. H. Balmon; thlrd prlae -
Bueter, b. g., r6.rH, 7 yeara, Bnd Ttllby, b. m.,
'??':':?. 1 years. John 1\ Baudoulne.
, aai N,\ 110: Por beal performance of huntera
or Jumpera over alx aucceeslve Jumpa, five fe i
ingb. an-i to carry a mlnlmum welghl ol i*1
pounda Plral pri? ($200) to Hnrrlcane, b. "... Ie.1.
4 year*. Francla D. Beard; BCCOnd prize ($1 I
Perfectlon, br, m. It. 6 yeara, alra. Prancli D.
Heard: thlrd prlae it-'-o :-? Bport, b. g., 1$, ti yeara,
H. L, Herbert,
Horaea and theli admlrera eontlnue to in; the '
Madlaoi Bquar Qarden to Ita utmoat cap
Th- claaa ol the apectatora aurroundlng Ihe ahow
ring h,i- Improvi i fuKy as m ich aa the claaa of t.:
boraea on exhlbltlon. Then la a atrange attra
aboul the Horae Bhow that compela the ordlnary i
mortal to don hla beal "blb and tucker" and i ae
for a week bb an eaperl on horaea, Everj concelv
able aubjecl la chattrd aboul al Ihi Bhow B.I
the Bng'.lah grooma diacua* sveryl rom the
Monroe Doctrlne down to :h. alleged po
A Imlnlatratlon. Ona entcrprli ig ly en
deav ?;? l to Inatl! Into the mln la of hla fellowa
that th.re is an "H" in 'ay. "Prove It." aald Ol
,,,, to tl ? gr 'ii. "A-l-t-c-h" (H), anawen I
groom, atowlng apelllng the letter, and a ahoul
ol derlaton aroae,
um- of Charlea P, Batea'a footmen ihouti I:
'"Ere'a ha ch i|. from Hoxford a groon ng ol
aa ean a] ell a blo minh letti r ij apella 'I
Th.- educated groom aubalded al once.
iine of tha nio.-t amualng atot ea ol the Horae !
.Show is told at th- ? \: ? n.ii ol th
and hlB groom. The Judge is well known aa an ex
... ?? horaeman. H< owna i horae ran h In Texaa,
and la generaKy conceded by his aaaoclatea to be
an ? \ elleni Judge of all gradi
In one of ihe claaeea whlch hi Judgi I, ont ol the
priae-wlnnera was auch a llkely, promlalng horae
that he Benl one of hli ? buy hlm, B'hen
Claaa II, tr pi at
i S, tiiai prtse.
told thut the horae'a owner taked UM foi hlm
boi -? axperi cloaed the bargaln al once,
To th.- gn a; aurpr ae of thi
tho borae h. had purchaaed a*ai ont he aold a
ahori tlme ago for $50, The irate i. i
medlati ly dlaeharged hla gn ible to
dlaoharga aaything Bav< a cold , ttli .. n hla
frian la aak hlm If he i< - rea to ; ./..
Budd Uoble looka llkc a young man In .
He h overjoyed t" ??? w man; of hia old rrlenda
Charlea llarvln, who Kain.-.i fame as the drlvi
tne staiiion Bmuggler, n 1174, was a vietor i the
Horaa Bhow The appearanca of the two veterana
1 eauaed the old tinaera t" light over agatn tlu .
| aquina battlea of 1876, between Bm ? | Oold
, amlth .Miiio, wlth aa much \.m, aa If nei
; yeara bui) not Intarvened atnci the
I twaen tha great trottera al Hartford ;? ,,]?, Dobla
I baa made many nea irottlngreco
? aad bonarabU career on tha turf, haa ba
j devlated from nis al!egianca i a/nlen,
I Doble aaya, waa the faateal trottei be avei .-aw ln
harii- aa
>>nv of thi moal ? \- itini ? leed
in ttir biatory of tbe Horai 8
day afternoon, whan Prandi i> Beard ..t i Rl
P. Caraaaa i Bteati for th< honora :: the P.ur-in
haad tiass. it araa a aplen Eld I :-.-.
i.Afi- ,iriv;n^. Ona of Mr Beard'a al. ? waa
rather a -irtg ta the othei horaea 1 Mr
Beard never appaared lo batter i Mr.
Carraaa arae calm ? ta an iceberg Hi mada
?a Baietakea and ii4 h r.-a! hampii n relnaman. Tha
teaefl be tooled :- owned by W. Bewai i w.-i.i,
Tbej were parfaci !n thelr actiea, and, unlei thi
-K.iru! rlvlai l ..:? ai aaa .- rr ? i ,.
ribbon amld much chterlni ll aa .. iwpulai ?!.
wi a eloei and l.. ?..-., ... at, t'.
Bataa won lha tally-ho rit.i>,.r. almoal without an
efforl Mr. Batea la ona ?f th" feitnr.-* of th"
Hora" Bhow Every prlae thai falli to thi lol ??'
m ? Batea li honi itlj an i falrly a*on. Many b< '"
men marvel al the large number of hlgh-claaa boi ?
? , n, pnti red by Mr Bel
Captala Plekett, of the "T.nl?ri-iin" prectnct,
has aecompllah d a dlflleutl taah ln prevent ng
coafuaton al the m.?ln entranca of the greal ?a
Th.- atrike of the cahcnea added to hla carea tti
li b] all eddB th- hardeat worker Ibal wai
tn t'he preclnct, and h.- has matng.d the la
r-rowd that ever rlsltal MaJlaon Bnuan Qai ?
wlf.oiit reaortlna ta cluba. Ph n naa nol been
a Bingli.mplalnt about thi pol Ing al Ihe Oar
di ti for th" Hoi
Th,- Duka and hl ??? '? dlned al the W Idorf wlth
wni; im K. V'anderblll laal nU'i;. John Jacob
\ator and hls w.fo wen in q ,.r .mln.-nt dlnera
at the raraoui hotel Wllllam K. Vand.ii.ilt. the
Duke and th" l>ueh. - arrlv. I al I le m iln en?
tranca of thi H ree Bh< a ? ib iui I o'cloek
Haml'.ton Cary waa polnt.-i oul aa the liike to
aome of the e'.lte from the VVeH Blde. Bomebidy
aald: "Tne Duke la a real aport He p'.aya the
racea l aaa hln al Uorria I'ark ln llag
itrloe Allen redeemed Boaton and ahould recelve
a v ,te of ibanki fi im thi Mayor and Alderm n
His box was lllled m th rome of the falreal women
ln the greal ahoa o( beauty, ani they were fi m
; he Phll 11- Iphla contlngeni ar
-, aad-eyed lot, and many of them apologiae for be
ing allve whi n In thi thi ei ry, mappy,
vlgoroua epeclmena of N.?-.-v..rk man and woman- |
>;,,,i ii wai reported thai a new woman ln bloom
;',, itart:ed the po ? ?- of Palrmounl I'urk by t1' ?
i i,i,-y. e wi.ei. !t w is lls-ovtred lhal ahe llved '
ln Qermantnwn, ahe waa i. tted to deparl wlth a
warnlng. Boroi ol the Pbllo Iclphlu horaemen ahoud
vialt Oermantown and collecl bcbbb modern i i< a*.
john Banford and PoxhaU P Keene talked aboul
the raclng proapecU foi nexl year. Poxhall P.
Keene Intendj to h ini In Bngland durtng the ?? i
. I
Hkely :- apend nexl aummar ln Norwa>
Huntlns - i -- paattme at the beat
nplng con'.eata for th, Ib-rse Bhow prixex
i, ;',at i- aalna addltional devoteea ?
' ,-,, .-,. i .!.. ..o Rup] rl waa <;, ? ???r< ??? promi
nadei Colonel Rupperi baa noi declded fullj iboui
th- dlap altlon of hla raclng atable nexl year
.1 Sewion Van Seiw I aproud Kaaex trooper from
i n ingi N J. Mt V'an Seaa I a bo rl and f<
rider. Th- Eaaex Troop la renowned foi Ita brlll
lanl ridera, A onteal foi choaen Blea aelected from
Troop A In thla clty and the Eaaex Troop, of New
ark. would certalnly arouae enthuslaam. Prank >'
o'Heilly, anothei of the I iremoal men of Orange, la
an enthualaatl hora man and ,i (irm bellevei In
? of Jerae) la Jer*
breri lorai a
It K. V'ln; ui and Mr. Pereae, the aro He ir s < p e
phaa. jockey, crltl lai i the entriea . -i the Jumping
elaaaea. Slr. V'lngut'i di i a lon to thi huntln -
has eauaed hlm much aufferlng, aa he waa tln
vlctlm ?f aeveral ai k*er< falla. II- ? und i i
however, and rldea aa feai eaaly aa ever
Th< endlna of th> Ho -?? Show will be regretted
!,\ all '\a.-.-< - ' f tr* leamen. Many of Ihe vls.t tb
n .[,i the countrj rlilagea llke < nicago, Pnl loeiph i,
? ? -
t al In thla -Itj, and have pui
.,? ;?::? ti:.- w ;: I la-. th. ai untll the llorse BtlOW
... .',? i\ ; - .<i.
The eroa I In th ? Qarden after dlnn n laai ? renlng
waa one of tl greateat of thi week. Bp rtatora be
gan to arrive ahortly after 7 o'cloek and the) i >n
tlnued t i pot r Into Ihe greal bulldlng untll after l"
o'cloek vVliilam K Vanderbllt, \\i:r thi Duke and
Duchea ? of Marlborough, entered the Qarden ahortly
after '< >?'? lock and they were a; one i -ognlsi
the throng B'hlch waa gathered aboul th, maln
entrance Th. partj waa ahown to Mr.
I- ii whl h waa througl o H tb-a . ren ng th- cyn ?ui ?
of many eyea Th- Ducheaa a ???? a atume of pale
i prls
? nmed wi:h whlte ehlff in 1 .
? .' ? ? ? ck of pale t>lue i ?
nall ii't waa ol biack velvei at i gold Mra
Pn Bcotl !.. n ren the pai ty, waa al
tlrt i .? . . . . moln an i crea n-c il. r> d
; i ?? Ml*i Evi lyn Burdei alao ol th. party, *?? ra
a Btriklng ? -: :?!.? ol ? Ik, rlah
embi Idered with tllvei inglei and trimmi
blu? velve* Th- Duke'l OU ?, i"j.>:i. | |,
waa ali i in the boa,
Mr. and Mra J tbn I i had a Ith
In theli boa Mr. aad Mi J Borden Harrlman and
Mr ind Mi r ii ivemeyi r an I peri j
Belm mi
Mr an i Mra. G k>u th ? latter In bla '
velvei and in ill le-fltting bonnei ol n vei
wlth ? eroa i of gold, had as gueeti Mr. and Mrs
Henrj ?'? i an M Cameron Mrs. Clewi ?i<i"
Btume ./ dark bluc illb ombined wlth biack
velvet, ai i i loqui to eorreapond Mlaa 'am<
?'ij m ?? gown .f i.i.i. k velvei and |et, and i
hat of velvei
ln i boa . away nren Hi ai I
Mr.-- Julei Mi i lant, Mr- c irtlan II U
aad Mr krthui U i> ???-? Mr aad Mra C, Alberl
Bteveni .??> Harria
!? N Tatler*i boa held mi-- Fannia Taller, In
-? bhu velvet, and Mra Henrj i. Burnett,
ln ? oi biack velvei brocade I a Ith i ? p
?"? n ? . aitb )el am: wblte
I ?? ???. an ... i of b ick relvi Ireaaed wlth
"i i iaei Mi an I Mi Reg i ? . Rivea and Mr.
aad .Mr- m ii on Bi >rj cupled 'he adjoinina box.
Mr aad Mi - E Iward C P ?:? r, thi Lattat in a
rlped llk an I a loejua of
ita, had wit!-. ibem ir. iheir boa H
? ? n Emmi i wn ol Iver graj
11* '-':- ? '.itt.ro i with Blivi r Bpan
made wlth a ?? Wk of certae velvei '?t- r bonn i
Mr. aad 'An ?.., ..... t,, \,it
Are Pure
Sweet Cientle
And Most
I Economica!
b?'fei>. waaatdPf ?4a>Bw. s M nVaaaaaal lae vtfkt, rad
r.p.c;ii,r -.v amrncanrh*art?i>in n le. utmmUl, ni?- Hr-i,.h
<trp..t- arawai?'?,. |,( ruiraa i>? .. * um. Cukr.,
*.,!<? rnaaki !?,??.?, I B a.
coeturae of pi irl-cobr l m >lre, irlmmed wl h |
i . . ... . inet of
i.. ick v Ivel an I prl n:-o h?d aa thi Ir . eata M'-<
Katbarlne Duer, In atriklna coatume ot blu?
relvi t, e . ire i wlth tlny blach Jel bead?,
an I a goM an i whlte a ittn tuque; Regtn H
an i H Tb ?n O. Rol blna.
;.;.. ;.; . iald Murray, in a gorgeouagown of Nlle |
green aatln, embi rlth ?ll%'er paasementerle,
and large slrevei of biack gauae, Bal In .. boa wl i
Mra \. Ca* Canfleld, wl i waa In a gown of whlu
chlff ?n draped i nel nd a ?tock
of mauve velvet, small bonnel t" con
..i.-- i.uc'j Ki em ; . ? ? a con
tume ol bUck at
irlmm I wlth frll t of n " n. :"> l a to?
agl o aatln lreaat.1 n i ! rot< ind whlte ,ace.
Mr and Mra. J llude Bi tkman. the latter wear
Ing a l^oubj \iv c .11 ol leep vi< '?? i ve\\ ???. wlth
revi n ol a hite i itii ci i.I arith bar ol ?abl the
walati ??? f lel ratln. and a small hat ol velvei
and whlti wlth thi m In thelr b x
Mr. and Mi i Jam. - Kn I irleae. Mra. An
arore a costu-.m la greei
trlmmed arith .1 :????? I ill of whlb lace and nabl
and a Marle Antola-tte cap of brlghl ecrlae jrelvet
Htud ! wlth biack bea ii and - Iged wltb a rufne of
whlte lace. i
Mr. an 1 Mra. u UKam F. Burden h id .1
gucata Mr. ar ! Mra. ki.-!..i l >yi r, ;i . whlle Mi
and Mra. Edmun l l. B m the'.r b >x Mr.
and Mra. Jame* Wrljrhl and Mlaa \ an Rem -?:.??:
<; ? in ? Peabod) Wi tm in ' box held M ? VWt
,:,.) Mr and Mra. V'lctor Borchon. tV.lver H.
p. Relinont oci i| on the T\v m'v-.-,--.
. i. f the garden. with a partj ln iu ling Mr. and
Mra. Whltw ) Wa
ln the t> ai
audltorlum were Mi and Mra. W. Pleraon Hamll
lon Mr. and Mr.-- Oeorge- Blrd. Mr and Mra. Jame*
ard Kernochan. Mr. .iv.'\ Mr-. Altred Seton,
ir.. Mr. and Mra Anaon Phelpa Stokea. Mr. and
Mr.< 1. ,.,... Rertachmann, Mlaa Jana Campbeil, Mr.
rlc 11 Renedlct, Mr. and Mra.
? . il. Francklyn, Mr. and Mra. .1. Wadaworth
r ? ?. Th.lore Frel 1 Mr and Mi 1.
Hamilton McKay Twombly, Mr. and Mra. P. Lor
ilonalda, Mi and Mra. Arthur T? imbly,
\li and Mra, Rcberl Taller. Mr. and Hra. J. Lei
Ta'ler Mr and Mn llberl Hilton, Mr, and Mra.
.1 ;? Rn ??? il . Ii n Mr. ind Mra. R. ?. nald Hen
nhaw w ird M - Al ? ''? ird, Mra !'?? d n ind kVil
Ml?n Al ce Wllmerdlng Mra. Eu
uene Rloia, Mr and Mra Paul Otbert, Th -
Mra v> ?; iuld Brok iw, Mr,
, \. H iv >mej i: 1 :
1 \.: ?, ! Mra, Ch irli 1 M. Oelrl. ha,
Mr ... 1 Mr* !.? rt M irle, .1 Coleman l ?
and Mra. I^eyba, Mra. tawrence KIp, 31 ra. Rhett,
Harry Payn< Hi Hrs \ ? v
rirtaw ? ?-*' ' lr. a ':
H|, :??:.-: I. . ' K'.lla. Mi .i. i M a, .1 ?- >ph
L. Stlckney, Mr. . n . Mra, Jamea M
: ! m'i i. li ? . I. a tne, MIbj Ri ne< - '?
Baron ' ' Frank
\V ntni ; Mlai L > Grahn i Hi ? 1
1-. :.r Marle, \U u I Mn I M
\i ??. - : i rlou", De Foreal M u
'*: arl-s I' 8 in la. Mi ?''
?;. V-- !. ??? ?.. Baldw.:.. MI ilartlt John
MIk? lut Htrti
FI i !. Mr inl Mn J V] ?:.? n.
Marle. Mr and Mra Klngalei M-.-??-.: Mlaa riewa,
trust him
vvritcfl a prescription for which
]ie wants to gpet aspecial effect?
play thegame of lifeand death
for the Bake of b penny or two
more profit. You carit trust
that mav. Get what you ask
Get wliat you ask
for, and p:?y for, whether it is
Scott'a Emtilxion or unything
? ??'
Kaa Vorg
Mlirn II rioni.aii, i. .> . ie n iw?i ?,_????? ---? .
Btanl M irtlmer, fl. Madlaon Jonea, M; ana
Vfn -?. l.iwren - Perklna, Mr ?nd Mr? Qeorge
l.iv. v. v.n..r M Hadden, John 0 Neeeer. I""iia
Hatghl Jo! n Rl rtgood, Jr., Mra 0 Murray H*y
. | i h ? la, of vVilk ? rre. 1 mn.
iiits oy COWVERdATIOM oveehearo.
n brougham and palri wen being ???
... ?;?;. ere w ra thlrteen eoa
. ].??:? ? n.n -1 t , have a chan"e.
v , ,.;a,i m corduroya crept along the rall
ini ,..,;:, i., .-. od dlrectly under tha bara that
atand Aa tha teama went round
,..,?i til. rtn,, evary buckle glUtenlng and
natty tlger Blttlng lika a atatue, tha atabl"
man'a face waa a plctura of aaa aty. H? krpt
whlaperlng to blm II u '?> i eyaa followed tha team
,. t, partti .. - > inl ir iti I. vVhea tha
..... brougham and paii
,.,.,;, Wl ,, called up l ?gel the ribbop, th" man
Kave one warwhoop ai I itarted to run for i te an
'!>:.? ti un wlnnlng belonged to Joaeph n
Phlladelphla The enthualaetlc atable
man, forgettlng everything eiae ran up to hla v,ox
and lel out another yell, and th. n waa off fo?" the
itable.i, Mis joy waa ao real and unconflned that
rju apectatora 1 tugh,
lan'l ahe Jual .. beauty?" uld th.- woman
i i unch of v oleta In hi r .?"rs.ig...
"Yea," repiied her eacort, abaent-mlndedly, as he
aratched .1 statelj woman croaa from one aide of the
prom ? ide to 1 he othi
"Aiuj now Btyiuh .-n >??""
"Looka like .1 thoroughbn I," was ais muaing
'1 he w in 1 . in a" 1 and aald teatlly:
.. courae ?he Is .1 tnoroughbred. Th-.-y ijon't ea>
in) bul tnoroughbi
"WhoV VVhat? \.::".".' Ob. yt*. Of courae,"
waa hla a-. ? . i... 1. .1 anawer, j? he tinnci his
from the statelj woman to th" itai.opiua
hackney whlch bla wlfi had been admlring.
She ?tood "ii one f thi 11 per ti. n and awepl the
iir..".'. below wlth a hugi pali ol fleld giaaaea Occa
Kionall) thi ouid travel along tne llne "f
,- .: hei converaatlon waa aome
? - interpr t< d by her eacort.
- ... 1 ?? in 1... rlng, and ahe 11 Ii 1
Mi Bear I wiil get the
1 . Bure. He !i-<j 1 ?? moBt magnlllcent coach.
Aud thi hoyaea! Oh! ... " and ber r.'inirks dled
.1, 1 Uttle aq ieal, aa the glaaa swung around
lik" ' in elevator gauge.
"What'a the matter?" cald her eacort, who looke.i
foi m ?.[!!>?:' developmentfi aboul the conteetanta
- Jual horrld. Imaglne one wearing a
i laaa !
? NXK.
?, ; prlai
; prlaa
dn aa llke tl at, and if they lon l o k out that
wlll blte the other, tnd ihen H hy,
II then I t Mra. B I tho ighl th'.a ?as th?
il her uncle w ta i urle I, an l Tho-" h< t?. a
Iful" and ao li i tn untll hei -
'?' :t ? r, an i he turned away
wlth .1 - , taak of trylng t - k< ap
tra :k of her i mblli r remarka
. . n \ ;? ';?.-. u Ma iMonntea, th i
ilptor, haa indlca inwl llngm ? t. contlnue
relattona wlth the Indlana Monumenl Commlaalon
era ui ler ixi-tii"; rlrcumatancea, Two yeara a*;o
ered Into an igreemeni to daalgn tka aride
- :'or th>- monum 'nt, bul there was i mlB
? i' im nlaal nei . an I be re
irrj v. i ii The new r>< bi ?
? ?????? Legli re re ipened
i tll recei tly it waa be
lleve . r.t nue thi work The R. genta
ughl to .-o.ne here from 1' >
to do Preal
rtent Kn rr. i. of i ita .,.- been In
New \ irk lookina foi aomi - erlcan ar:i?t
i rk of completlng
? nt.
a VHOSTlKk VRiBsn ;o\a umi:.
Wl :hlta, K u S ather J ihn BagWp, a
Klngn tn, th a Btate, ar
01.. of the
?oai .. record Mra. Quial tn, of
Naw-York. waa ? raaeh of her aoa la
tha artida of th.- p?n Handla of Texaa, and Patber
Bagley waa a^nt for to gtva ber lh< eaaa latkna aj
reliKion. Tha dletanca was JlO milea (w b in In I
.11 i alxtj niii" . ? ueui arai overland over
! |he a id pralrlea r IVeetern Uklahoma, No Man'a
l-ar.d and N'orthern Texaa .-..\ r aya of horaea
'??''? ''??"? arranged foi hlm b) tbe ranchmen on tha
rputc from the eod -?f ;he rallroad at Englea ?'
? Ihe a. Ifci im
nd ttrlved ..i tha ranch nve
1 H? ate ,.jti.
1 ? ?'''?' '??"?' '-'-. ??'--? i-A wiiij .:..- ir\;i wr
at THB
ajj prpTfJ AViA-fi
w.v. B. BRHtBBAR ?>c< TIO*g35a\
<?!? raa
r:KMArtKAi!i.i: I OLUKTnm
MoaraiBVR BjfgWBfBfal \i.i.\iv
47 Btoafa u I M ?? bbi ? Park Fi 1
(Coaaiaaaad esreei fr-.m Pai ?l
TO BI S'lt.ti at AUCTION
IMV*. at * i?. ???.
..,,,,! 11 1 n NOVF.MMF.lt 1*
Vsnetian Horse Linim
ln pim bedtBea f?r thc e?re ?>f rotlC, oto
aORBfifl, BPalABaTB, HKi ISB8B. at RATCBJBgv
Ai: \Mirrnnl.<l the !????? ?" IhO WOeld. fjag
by un iiritmiKi" ??"' aaaaaflaaw, ii?im??. 10 ?,,?
r?> Mtrc.-i. Bew?Yaa3t?________^_
OARDING Tttataf.
r.v FLORiara AWOOTHBRfl iirntRBaargaj
There ia much doubt among arholeee;e aad aatag
florlata ai.i all connected with thi teaaaa
.,s to arhether tho gun-iay law wtl! be Nrlrtty on
forced ln the whole rit: or whather .t wlll on.y
affoet tho .!..h!. rs !n th. Tendertoto pn .!. 1
floriita were reatarday meJtand to thi fciief that
tho potiee dld BOt mean to awaleat th m to-morrow.
Uthera malnUlned that. a< they 1
Dcatlon to doae tbeir aCacea of buelneai teaaorrow,
the Bunday '.aw WU reallf goteg tj be arr.-l Into
offeci and, aa thn ?:'1 rM w"rr '" pamtaedayhi
1 prlaon eell. they aaM thoir rtan
as ti?ht aa .1 druaa. There were manj ethar furi?u
who wera of the opinloa thal m i aaa aga aat
arhom the pollca racatvad con u aaaU oa
,, mpei 0.1 to oiose Thoaa wh ? 1 - ihl rtea aabj
that, no matter what the potl ? - 1
opaa their plaaaa to ti.i or* ? ? - -habiy
do busmeHs aa uaual.
The general aptnlon wa* thal n arkefc>
M e aad retall ti rlau would nly be at 1 1
of busineai to-morrow to fl I 01 ra 1 ?lved 11 onj
,rie ? thla v\ k. Thoaa who to roini to k?e9
cpen and try to do buetneei aa uaual I ? that the
.,w la uneon-tltutlonai. and ln caaa "? are ar
.. 11 1 wlll aaake a teat 1 .- ?????.
,,. in tha nalnda of tha rtreet venderi 4 flow.
ora ..- ? 1 adaat wl I ba tbeii fate If thi ? ire :?u*nt
-eiinx Bowera to-morrow, eapedally thoi vho at r
thelr atock wlthla the llmita of CapUln Ptckatt'i
preclncl thc 'Tenderloin." Only thi H ? faktr*
M-ho prefar the llkellhood of ! ?r.l
flned to remalnlng at bome and perhapi rtng w
..,, rtoait, ; , , an a r,-h SunUv aafveel wi.. be
ar thelr usua: piaeea to-morrow.
r.,- ...,.!?. are In ab wl the aame bUi i
the florlata regardltta what?la in atore for ,vi* ?ele
tn pf Bowera to-morrow, as the uu ?? th?r
aay, la not expJclt Baetlon 387 of ' ?? P?? ?' ??'oJi
111 mannor of DUOtlC ttW** "r Offering ' ' <<!?
of any%raper<y uponS^nday la 01 -^
trticlea of food may ba lold luppdeg a.
,. before W o'.-look in the mon
,.,., t a 1 that meala may b- . ? ' | ?
;.,?;,, . wher# .-, |d, or ?erved ela. .
[erera and prepared tobacco ln placi - th?r thu
where BDlrttuoua or malt llauora n -Ir.ea m
kVpt or offered for aale and frulta conf tlonerj
newapapera, druga. medaclnea and urg.alap
pllancea may be boM la a qulet and orderlj ttm
n. r at any timo of day.
gi tloa 388, Penal Code, 1
\il labor on Bwoday at prohll Iti I ? - work
of neceaalty and chartty. ln worki -?>*
chartty i? included whatever la needf il ??? * ta
day for the good order, health and com r .a
Many florlata and capuina of the 1 aBaa
that the Utter aactlon modlflea the formei , ? 1 that
the aale of Bowera can be ctaeaed aa .1 * "'?? aaw
of neceaalty or chartty, besauai floa .- add tata
comfort and he.V.th of tho oommunlty. 'T.iouauii
of Bowera," aaM .1 Borlei reaterday. "are aaatki
the hoapitala on akinday to brlghten thi ihaaaal
roomi >f th. I'.tiii.'tei and MandUaa Taf ?f?
charltatCa ?rifts. and therafore batang to thf^aajaa
of charlty.' "
One man who ho.ds a hl?h place In the Po8ka v+
f.artr.i.nt s.iil that the posit' m of the | ?? ?' ?*?
gerda the Buaday iaw waa ??:? .r. "Sectl m 3*7, P'n1'
Code," aakj he. "prohlMta the ?.iie of II iaag* aal
there i?. tharefora, ao aeed ef baattng araana th>
buah. it is Nnlawfal for a lortat to ke.;. hl? ?ora
open on BttOd IJ
Conceralag th.- anfercemenl of the Bunday i?w?
Aet:r,g Chlef ConUn aaM reaterday: t .Mptiim
know what their diities are, and that ti. > *:* ?**
pacted to fultll them. Whenever my attaatlM !?
. led to any lnfractlon of the inc, I ahall aee that
the proper stet>n are taken tO enfr.r v II '
Captaln Plckett ^^ I reaterday whaa aakei ?.y^
er the florlsts would b* eonrel'.e I |
r. w: "The florist.? may ko.-p op. 11 01 - '
I Bg ga they lo not make a:iy gg
The questlon as lo what tlori-ts wl 1 romaill opea
on Baaday depeada muoh apoa tho actl ? ?f wimata
I'lhm. a I'.ori-t, of Xo. M V.'est On< ?. .. !r. i-and
twaaty-flfth-aL He can eloaa an> at< i h* eaoeeaa
by "titerlnt? a complalnt agalnal any fl *lal I
buataeai unlaaa tho pollce captalna - '' n?ttfn
to hla ooaaptalata Dmaa'a ittttuda I *^rJ aaveral
i.ir?e anhotaaala laarw deaiern la aaa . ? known by
the followinK' lett.T. whlch ho arrote l 1 aag CWal
yulte some tlme ago I araa reojueati 1 M wr1" l*
vou in relatton to the enforcement ot
nanee ns to the aaJa Of merchandise. H ~ '
partlcularly. The partkrlar part upon .vhi<
agniti oalled uiion to unte to fou la the II i
opaa of dorists' atorea, a? weii aa oedleri
t 00 publle Btreata, etC. As |a my prr. - I
. itated fact? that .?re proofn that tho ia>? b) aefcaj
kenored, I wlll now ask vou t" have th< iaaia ea*
; f tc i al nce l >n Bundai the ' ? 1
of flowera In thla dty di ea nol go to [
j the dty, but to tho peopta who rrstd.- oul ot ?>*"*?
\vk. and th^v ,ir^ the primar) lui >l Ita be:nf
Ignored. The law 1 have no Idea s :
bul wlll Bunph Buggeat thal If there were men^ia
r .- ?mman i aaked to do theli itj ind go 1 l
cut-flower markel In !'..s; Thtrty-fourth-Bt, or taa
N'ew-York Flower >' ca? ny. In Twentj
twean Broadway and Blxth-ava., or
It., or Thirt>tli-Ht . between Br.udw .' S ?
ava . thi re >? u w tul 1 have a ehance to get, I a ?
almost guaranl , fifty people vlotatlng the .a*.
i>pen v tnd in detlance >f lh? law, who ar. n?>t re:l?
dents of New-Yorh *"itv Th ae iro on i * lea BP
Btancea Ven reap etfulli WILLIAM IdllM
Bec N Y R il ill I': ???': ? iaa -I il ?
Many tlorlntn bellcv 'hat 1'i'nn *l!l farea M
pollce to .?' ???? v. h il - >! an ! retall -? ? - ;"
n w A ni.'inber of ib" !<ew-York Cu| Flower >'?m
| pany aald yeaterday that the compan) aaa aat ? *?
i pe?'t to do bualneaa to-m irrow
The extenaton oi tini.- gi\>ea by the polli ?
i ownerai . itr ?: atandi whl [dewalai
! ln vlolation of | i" clt) ordlnai ? ' vester
day The law authoriaea th< BoaH oi Aledrmea
to Iskii" piv,its for -' ii di i Ihe aale ot '>**"?
. papera, perlodlcala, frult and confectloner> ?'?''?
All th" other atanda muai go, lactud ng o\enti.t'?y.
; all ihe bootbtach atanda
grrra it/uwn * ttiBAtB* faxaomf
Cakaaaja, Kav. \:< DavM Haaderaon, ihe ihealBj
I manaaer, uhp >.-:?: IgJ aied la B*a .Si'perlor > "ourt
1 for bbV<B dabl and damages on I Mgjneai wliU'1
I waa obtalm . agalnal alai reeantly la N'*v.'*
! The p.rntiff i? M.\ M. Dow Cnrrlar, araa it'0^
j four yeara ago waa a ojember al Julla MariaeJlj
? .n\ Whlle BjUytag al lha Chlcago "P**
, Houaa a large pleoa of wo i fell fraai the eaam
! and stru.k her on the h.-a i. Sh.o *n- > .Jl
. jurei. aad for a tlme her llfe n .- deapalred of I*
1 bruughl hui; in Kew-York and obtain^d ? ^ *r*3
f l MX|;i. |'i,,. (.u... W4K .ippealed and th- vfJI3
<vai? recentiy afBrmed by the Bupreme ' ? urt ?
N'ew-York. Tho oblect .?' brlnetng s ilt here l?"
oi.i.ibi a tadgaaeni ln thi* state againut Heiiteraaa
Bf>oiir I'ontl lll?|re??e>i |aMB
TaJtO lt?r?ror?l'a \.l.l k'hovphitle.
Il ?? i etcenach to llgiMi i i iwU, ?... aoeaaW
w:o? Uaa (uli <??; ... ?;;.i aatlaa

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