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with the proceodlngl as far as they have fons?"
"Lord Dunraven dld nol express his feedngs s i
f.ir as I know."
Mr. AakWtth Bll iWSd so msrkald a dislnollna
tlofl to talk that it was aaeiaSB tO try 10 Induce
hlm to d ? BO. Ho read the newspaper COmmenta
upoa the proceedings of the lnveatlgatlon at his
breakfast yesterday morning, but made no ootn
inent. ftfr. Hamllton, the Bari'a Becretary, nnd
Mr. Kersey. apenl the greater part of ths day
together, an.l Mr. Kemey took the Becretary
out for a ride in his natty tsndem. Mr. Ham
llton, !n reply to a queation, asld that ho reslly
dtd not kn>w anythlng about the Barl'a rnove*
menta or wlah a furthei than he had aalled an.l
would he Informed >>f everythlng by telegraph.
There dld nol aeem to be much interest manl
fested sround the hoteis yesterdsy in th>- Dun?
raven eaae. Tho fact that tho teSSlona av,- lj-11
behlnd closed doora aad that nothing antheiiti??
can be learned, has not made ihe publle more
rurioua in the matter, A little group of well
known aportamen were aaated la the csfd of
the Brunswlck yeaterday, and the Dunraven
csae was mentloned. one member of the party, a
well-known yacntlng man, and one oonveraant
with all that la golng on, made the following
romment: "I seo the opinion la general Ihsl the
K.iri of Dunraven has falled t>> prove hla caaa
snd 1ih< gone home in a huff. When ho made
the > harp,. agslnat the Defender Byndlcste the
American publle waa charitablo enough to bs
lle\e that ho had b",>n mJsquoted In tho paper
which publlahed his iharues. When he relter
a;,d them i: waa Ol ly naturai that the men ac
i-used sh iuM be angry, and that the mon who
aro membera ,,f th<- club which laaued the chal
lenge, ahould bo sffronted. All thal aaved the
Bari of Dunraven from being expelled ;is an
honorsry member ...' the yaehl club, i belleve,
was the fact that ho was appareiitly Btnci re In
hls elaim, and that he at once placed blmaelf in
ilie handa of tho oommlttee for an Inveatlgstton,
and offered to OOQM over,
"Fnder those condltions he could not be dl
vestod of membeiship, as he apparently was
maklng a plea for Justke. If, however. ha fSJla
to prove hls c.ise, as it BOema he has. then he ll
atni op?n to c indemnstloa for his actlon. if
lt is proved. and, of c lurse, this is only auppoal
tion, that the Fari of Dunraven'a chsrgea sre
nn founded >n fact, and that ho brought them
simply ln a vlndlctlve nianni-r. then 1 OSU s'-o
no reason why tha club ahould not take aome sc
tion regardlng his memberahip."
The report of the Inveetlgatlng .omniittee wlll
bo swalted wlth greal Interest by many ysohts
men, if for n., other r.-as. :i thsn tit.it many
beiieve Lord Dunraven'a tonur.- of memberahip
ln the club dependa upon the kind of a csae he
makes out N i ? na for a moment thinks that
a siiiRle oll of evldence will l e adduced that
wlll Hff.-ct the ayndlcate; bul many aro inolined
to tak,> ii charitahle vlew of tne altustlon, They
belleve that the Karl was mlsiel, anl that he
jnado the eharges in good faith. and that once
dlaproved, he wlll i. among the ilrst to adtnowl
edge he waa Wrong. That is tho way many
yschtamen have exiues.'er' thomsehes in relatlon
to the chargea brought by tho Barl. x i one
ao far haa > apreaaed blmaelf ln favor of expelllng
him from th?. club, bui a'l aro incllned to wall
and aee if ho doe* not act the mnnly part when
he s- es that ii*. is arroag.
fR, on th,- other band, it is abown that the
PNrl of Dunraven wllfoBy br tugbt chargea, and
know tb?ni to be fahw; lf they are dlaproved
an 1 h? clti ts to them. then yarhtlnjr m
far as known, think liis expulalon should follow.
One rschtaman in :';.' H .ffmsn Houae said that
ln these rirrumetancea C. Ollver Is,-lin .-ught to
po to Irsland and pull Dunraven'a nose, and that
he would bo Justlfled in i i dolng,
"Do I know Hank Haff? Ho l know 'Im? Well, I
ahoulj aay i ?] ? ii. nk and me'a nelghbora over at
lalip, Long lalsnd I've known Hank for twenty
year. i w,s talkln' to Im only this mornln'. i
askod 'im about this eaae thia aaornln' an ! ho sa! i
to mo, aaya ho: -.lo-.n.- says be, 'ahe'a all ri<h:.'
"Wh.-i-.'s a'l right?" remarked an anxloua re?
porter; and iu an Inetaal tha new comer was s,;r
rourJod by a kungry ..? ed crowd of nev.s
paprr men. Ho had aomehOW dropped into tho
puniew of tho reportera gatbered ln front of the
Yaclit Club houso on Saturday afternoon.
Kobody pretended lo know him. but when he men?
tloned that ho kr.ow Hank Haff they ail WSated an
immedlate lntroduction. Ia a minuto he was off
wlth ono of them fnr a prlvato oonsu'.tatlon round
tho cornf. With him w.is an Engllahmsn, s . b ? h
aides of tho ir.temation.il eompllcatlon may appear
to have been falrty reprasented la th Ir aeedy per
The one whom Hank Haff had been reported as
fraurnaliy alluding to as "John" Blaapiy naad hls
friend as corroboratlve evldence, His preser.ee was
ni -esaary :;t every ? ne of the aubatQUenl iacrei
na held by the palr, alwaya accompanled by a
third party ln th. of a reporter, who to i<
a .iririk anl pald for all three. When cornered
w. -, the queation, "Whst'a all rljrh:"" John 8i 'k
on a look of preteraatural wtadon and aald, as he
toik a hltch in ; la trouaera ani pursed up his
;ip-? and alnke I hla lefl
I leU >? H it:k s ail right. 1 kaow hlm; llve rli;ht
next ii i to 'Im, and when hn was tellln' nn- 'bont
eaae but u's th" matter wlth drlnkin? iie
aaya to me, aaya he- that'a what he aald, isn't lt.
eh?" tarnlng 11 hla partner, who hnmedlstely anl
taraaly reapondi i "Il ar" Tea atr, as i was aayln*,
1 meeta the oM man waJhtn1 'croaa the park and he
aaya: "Why, what would I wanl to ballaal Defender
for? She ;s tho purtleet boal what l ever BteeredV
"But, aay, do nu kaow wh> Dunraven dldn't sail
tuat ti.iri race? No, of eourae you ion't, ha, ha,
teea be par;. eh? Well, i ahould aay ha don't. No
on? does. Why, If he had aalled that tidrd race in
lhal breese hi a iuldn't have been one. two, aix.
That'a wbat'a the matter w;th Dunraven, and he
knew it. too. Hut he couldn't g< t tne Uai of Hank.
Old Sycamore'a a Jockey. Ht used to do the ateerin"
tiil the boat crosaed th,- llne. but old Hank. you ?>? t
I wouldn't lel nobodr touch that thhr but hlmse'.f.
Know hla bua neaa! Well, I ahould aay. Let'a drlnk.
When I mel Hank tbla m rnin' ho abook mv hami,
lilir't he pai IT'
"That'a what he dM," s-.ii thi "pard" aolemnly.
"Yea i a s\ ? k n y I ar ! and ?:iys he: viohn. how'a
moneyT" and 1 *av>. v.ys I: 'Well, she'a scarc-e,' and
ha aaya ? va "?'? j m like a iritio?' and I
l> ks at "ini ir: I hi s wlth a roll ar.d glvea
me a roll. w^ii. i aln'l aayin' as v> how much there
waa In I t roll, but Hank Hiff ia all riKht. What?
Drii k? Wi 11. l doi 't mli
When darkneai wn over the s."?ne the
? i irties ro tbla Internatlonal comollcatlon wre
atlll endeavoring to explain to a no*- arrlval that
"ahe'a all right.
?a than both.
London. I?ec. 2. - "Th* Chronlcle'' to-mo-row,
NNnmentlng on the procsedlnga of tho oommlttee
mqulring into tho chargea made by Lord D inraven
agalnal thi Defender and h<-r ownera, wlll aay:
"Lard Dunraven'a failur*. to Incrimlnate thi D -
fendor's ownera and .-r'-w is ,, :..,;? ?, ];. anay now
In oold blood ??? i:.-,t ttnu i-.,- >,;,-; don,
^ad blood betwi .-n tho two ifr.'at natlona than Ti-, I
Jent Cleveland snd Mr. Olney comblned."
? ^
Ei'toria. 8> -. ::. The trouble between tho forel -
readdentfl of th- Transvaal ani th<- h >.-r Oovern?
menl, growlng om of ihe r<-fusai of the :,ttor to
grsnl to foreltnera elvll righta egual to thoae ra
loyed by the i: rai Hy i.mlng more
is II is rumored h^re that the Bni
?ro armlng to aaforce th<ir Sema
Ia an intervtew, Prealdeal Kruger aald lhal tha
QoVernmcnt waa ahvo to the gravlty of thi
tion ar.ii tho threatenlng attltudi of the forelgnera
in Joaanneabura H addedi "lf fc'.-.e threate i
muat , -i ? ? ? .me."
N'umbera of woman and chlldren ar.- leavlng Iba
R ? . Buaineea la aer ? ali affected Many n ? -
- ? id at lohannei b ire. The
na and Oermana ar?. aldlng w::h tho Q .-.
Albuquergj-. M, hL, Dec Ci- - K P. HouatOS, re
re.var of ih,- l*aorla, Dacstur and Bvanavllle i:^:!
roadi J. W. Bayder, a buaineea man of Parla, iu.,
and L H. Stanioy, have r. turned to thla clty from
a few daya* trtp 8a aearch of the "healer," Bcblatter,
Th, >? found Boblatter In aa ab ? Mexl as aettle
ment, w,.s: af Cabauaaa, sboui ? ghty BbIIoa w,s; of
aittlng by the hre raadlna ? B
, He int preted the eoming af tha
oi ,.,i<- Bsst" nt tha resaoa arhy tho Pather ind k.-|it
h.ni th, i- ? long and lald hSBd* <:. .Mr. !l< . | i .
?om to cura b psrslyala ol ihe lefl
alde He held !..- handa for an hour >>.- more, and
afr. n .-. ar, atly tn r.enti -I
ar.d li pea ln tlm. i > be perfectly healed Bel .
t-i't them, ai i^.i ai he kn, iv, the B*ather 6
him to y . t', . 'entral Vmcrlca. but he will etop omi
Isya at s Zunl n ervation He bade the i angera
1 inti a r -. ? ii-,:.-?? ai I i'.",., oif
Utroagh tha aandy plaia 11 the aouthwi
( oullnnrd from flrat I'n?o.
'head Of the CUVtom* d-partment.. haa h-en
tr*naf?rr*d to Aleppo baeauaa of hla refuaal t>
place at th* dlapoaal of t.e palace tha cuatoma
reeelpta ael apart nnder Bpeclal a**lgnm*nt*
j The palace'* llnancl.il ads during the last ?lx
! weeks have been strangely fesllsh. The streets
i of thr clty were atrewn wlth handblllH Krld.-.y
' niitht. prOt**ttng agalnal the lnjtisticc of BDCnd
Ing U,*M for glfta to the C*ar while the ?ultaa'a
servaata are starvtng owlng to the non-payiment
' of thelr wajjes, which are long OVerdU*.
it is reported thal th* Inaurgenl Armenlana
at Zettoun bave hen r*iaforo*d by H* nvn
. from C.urtin. nnd that they hav* taken B*W poRi
tiotis of defoncrv
Dragomana from the Mx .mhansiep weni to the
Porte Saturday and Offered to n*gOtl*tC wlth
th.. Inaurgenta to brlng aboul the capitulatlon
?.f /..lloiin. The POTte wlll glve Its nnswer to
the offer nn Monday.
The Conatantlnople correapondenl i f "Tlie
?Undard" tolegrapba that M. Nelldoff, the tlu?
Btsa Ambsaaador, ha.l a long private audience
with the Bultan on Wedneaday. He adda that
it would cauae no sun>ris" ahould it be learned
'. that there Is a Becret Rua*0-Turkl*h tr. r.y.
: It is well known In COMtantlnople that the BO
1 called conceii ..f the Powera <? inatata of a con
fused entente eordlale between flve of them,
whlle Ruasla back* Turkey, whoae flnancea ar*
i in a helpleaa condltlon.
Ruaata, it is sald. Is now offerlng to Ican money
| to the Porte. a Ruaalan ayndlcate, which is
atrongly aupported by the Ruaalan Bmbasiy, has
applled for a conceealon for ? petroleum m mop
oly, offerlng therefor the eum of C250.0M yearly.
All the f..r.-ign Bmbsaslcf, with the exceptlon of
; the iiussian. ar* prepared atrenuoualy to realat
the grantlng of tba mon ipoly. Turkey'a flnandal
troublea reached such a plttb lnst week tbat the
Treftsury applled to every provlnce for ?20.000
wiih which to pay the troop* Bmyrna was the
only vllayet that was ahle to meit the demahd.
"The t'hronicle" will to-morrow puhllsh a
dlspatch from Conatantlnople aaylng that the
conatant movement* of the rtussian Black Sea
Oeet lead to tha bellef thal It may make a sur
prlse vlslt to Constantlnopl* on thepretext ofaa
sisting the Sultan to QUell c.rcftilly prepared
Conatantlnople, Dec. ft.?Beveral Turks were
arreated here <.n Frlday. it was charged that
th.-y intended t<> make a demonatratlon agalnal
the Bultan when ha drove from the palace to
the mosque to perform his usual Frlday devo
tion*. Among the prl*on*ra are two clerk* who
er* ernployed In the Mlnwtry ><t War and a
clerk ln the Minlatry of the Interlor. A mllltary
adjutant was als.. arreated on the same charge.
Th.- Bultan has preaented ta the Csar a mag
nlflcent palr of boraea and a quantlty of the
flneat Turklah tobacco Oeneral Arlf Pacha, ac
ccmpanled by the Thlrd Dragoman of the Rua
alan Bmbaaay, has gone to Bt. Petenrtrorg, where
he wlll turn the gtfta ov*r to the Caar. it la
said thal -\iif Pacha is alao Intruated wlth .1
;? 1 ? miaston to the Csar. 11 la evldent that
there is ? Ru**o-Turkl*h rapprochement, and
l):is is much t ommetited upon.
1,. ..iKi:ii iv\.-.-i\ 1 i.V OM WHILE CHRIBTLANg
BOH 1 I"N "AND KM'.I.ANi',
London, Dec. 2?.?The next i*?ue .,f "The Coa
temporary Revlew" wlll contaln a long artlcle en
tltled "Armenla: An Appeal." by i>r. E. .T. Dlllon,
of which the followlng 1* a aynopsla:
The time has come for every reasoning peraon to
accept or repudlate his ahare ot tha Jolnt ln.ll
rect r aponalbtllty of the I'.ritisi. natlon for ? aerle*
,.f tb* bugeat and fouiest erimes tn.it have evei
ata nt 1 tbe pagea of human hlatory- The Armenlan
p. ple ln Anatolla are belng extermlnaterl bj Turka
anfl Kurda, by auch Hendlen method* aa may well
cauae rhe most alngglah blood to boil with Khame
and Indlgnatlon.
The Armenlan* are not lawleea bsrbarian* or
hrlg-ands, tior at" tha Turks and Kurda the a, -
credlled torebbearer* >>f clviilzation. but If it be 1 *
pedient that Armenlan* ulioulJ he extermlnated,
wav ohop them ap ptecemeal? Why must an hon
.;.' bard-worklng man be forced ti wltneaa the vlo
latlon of h:n daughter, and then have his hand cut
off and atuffed into his mouth, while a aermon l*
I.. Ina nreaohed to hlm on tbe text, "lf your Qod
be Qod why doea He m-it BUCCOr you?" Then the
Other han I la hsckel oft". his ears torn o(T and his
feel ?*vered wltn a batehet. Buraly, r leetlng alive.
flHvins:. dlsemhowelllnif, Impaltng and other honor
have liothlng th.it can excuee them ln the tvtm ? >.
Chrtstlana nowever deeply abaorbed ln j>olitie?.
The Armenians COnstltUt* tl.e aol* ClVlllalng ele
ment ln Anatolla. Chriatlan* they ar.v and fl m
the middl" of the flfth century aoarcely .i year ha*
elapsed tn which Annenlan men and womi-n hav*
not unhealtatlngly lald down thalr llvea for thelr
rellgloua t^-llef. The murdered of Baaaoon, of van,
of Kraeroum, were Chriatlan martyra, and any "i'
all of thos" wboaa eyea wera aouged out. whoae
qulvarmg fleab waa torn from thelr bodlea might
have obtainel llfe by embraclng lalam and abjur
Ing rhrist. But. Inatead, they dled like Chrlstlan
martyra Why l? it thnt our compaaalon for th. *e,
om- fellow-men, has noi yet aaaumed the form of
effectlva belpl Kor reaeona of "hlgber polltlca"
The condltlon of Armenlan Chrtatlana, when we
Brat laterfared (1878), was daplorable. Lawa exlated
only on paper. Mahometan crimes were punlahable
only 111 tlieoiy. RuaaSa was wllltnR 10 Mlbatltule
law and order for crlme nnd chaOB, and tO guaranle*
t.. Chrtatlana the treatt.i.-nt due to hurnnn belnga.
But we then denled her rlgbl to do this, ns she
refuaed to admU our clalm ta u lertftke lt ilngle
h.itied. Wa said. ln effect, "Though our polltlcal
!? tereal 1 nn y ? laah wlth tboae 1 t 1: .saia, we wlll
*ee io it that they are nol *ubveralv? of the 1 ?
mentary princlplea of human Juatlce nnd tbe lm
mutable laa ol Qod
^'<?t we 1 ? ? ? ? tooh any 1 fllcac on* *tep to fttll
eolemn promlae. Our conaul* forwarded exhauetlve
report*, ih* preaa publiBhed heartrendlng detalU,
Armenlaneaclealaatlcapreaented plteousappeala. Hut
we "plgeonholed" the conaulai reporta, pooh-poohed
ihe partlculars publlahed by Ihe preaa and Ignored
the petltlona of the prleata, We prea*ed a knob, aa
it were, ln London, and thorebj opened hell'* portala
ln Asin Mlnor. lettlng loose leglona of ilends In
human ahape, who ael about torturlng and cxterml
natliiK the Chrlstlan* there, And. h-st it ahould be
urged that ourQovernm. nt wa-- Ignorant of the wlde
reachlng effecta .-f Ita lll-advlaed aetlon. II w on
reeord that fot *avente*n y.arsii ronttnued to*
tbe harrowlng reaulta of thal aetlon without on. a
Interferlng to etop li
Iiurii.fc' all thoa* aeventeen yeara wrltten law.
tn itlonal cuatom the fundamental maxima of
human Hnd dlvin* juatlc*, w l*d ln favor
01 . alahometan aaturnalla. The Chrtatlana, hy
whoae loll nn 1 thrlfl the Bmplre wa* held logeiher,
e/ere despolled, besgared, ehalned, beaten ani ban
Ithed "r butcher*d. Thouaanda of Ann..:.i.ins wer*
thrown Into priaon ar.'l tortured and terrorlxed t.11
the-. ,i?.',i\..r. 1 up th.- ravlnga of a llfetlme. VNhole
vlllage* w. r, attacked. In * few yeoi : ie prov
aere dectmated, Aloghkerd, for Instan e, be
Hut aiiiiont entlrely deatltut* of Armenlan*, Over
?. ty th u*an l woi -sti I. k. n v\ r. ( ?;'..?.!:'
? 1 Perala. l m the *?? ay they .-. < re 1
: av. 1 again by ihe aol Her* of the Bulian
who deprlved them >.r then littli monej and
rlothes, ohtra?;ed the women and glrla, and
them over the frontler I 1 hungei .1 .1 leath
T . M ... ra r*malned for .1 llma behlnd wi ?? no bet
t<-: off. Turk.sh tax-gatherara followed
r'.eaning whal the brlgand* had left, tortu Ing and
flogglng thelr mal* tictlm* dlshoqorlng theli ?
and deflowerlng theli daughtera
Btoriea of ihis klnd ni conneci'on wlth Turkl '
mi* al* in Armenla hav.- grown fa nillar 10 Rni 1 ali
<;ir- of late. lt ahoutd be remembered that Ih*
-r.ts gr* neither rumora nor exaggeratlon*
roncerntng which we au- Juatlfied in auapendlng
our Judgment., Hlatory i.as set ita aeal upon then..
Tha Tutk:-- ):.-i\<- admltted theae and wora* acta ol
aavagery; thi. Kurda glory In them; truatwortl
opeana hav.. ". ..-. | deacrlbed ihern, and
Armenlana hi ? gr..i-ei them In blank despalr
Offlcera and noblea In t; ? Bultan'a own cavalry !<>g|.
ment* bruli abroad wl 1, prid* the atory of thi 1 1 *
...)?> .j rape* end inuraer* whl I marked inelr
offl lal carean
In accordanc* wlth tha plan of extermlnatlon,
whl.h haa I,-. n rarrled <.;ir w Ith *u. h 11.* 1 dur :.??
thes. long yeara of Turklah vlgor and ISngllah sIur
glahneaa, all Arn.utn* who poaaeased money er
money'* worth were for a tlme allowed to buy
Immunity from priaon. But, n> *oon as terror a id
conflacatlon loofc ihe place ..r exiortlon, th* dun>
goon* of Kraon im, ICrxinghan, Maraovan, llassan
aaleh at;d Van arer* fllled tlll there waa " ire. y
Btandlng room." ICducated achoolmastera, mlcalon
ar.e* pri. I nd phyalclan* were immured In thea*
nolaome hotbeda of Infectlon, and foi ??.?.! t.. *leep ,
nlghl af. 1 night itandlng on theli feet, leaning
? the foul, reeklm corner ni n<. wall I'e 1
????:?, thlral apd allmy watei. .!>.,
maddenlng V.-t theae wer* noi crlmlnal* n.
??i crlmlnal*, bul upriglil fhrlatlan men who
were no\ei even accuaed or an lnfia**Jlon ol tht laa *
Thoae among iiic-iu ?ho refuaed i? denounce tl.eu
frlenda or ooaaeal t<> som. atroetooa erimo, were
Bubjected lo torturea Indaacribablo, ott.ui occupylnn
daya. wlnlo th?ir tormentora laughod and, howieu
ln glee, Nighta were paaaed ln Buch belUal.ilea
! and daya in mventiii? new terturea or rellnlna upon
the o:<i Homo oi tnem eaauael ba dascrtDan, nor
even hlnted at, , ,,
la the homea >>f these wretched poopie tho n- noi i
fanatlca were equally active nnd aucceaaful Ra ??
and dlahonor, witn nameleaa accompanlmen i,
men ici l almost every | ri and woman iu iba ? o in
try. Chlldren were ofien marrled at ihe ?
eleven, even len, iu the raln how ot leaaenlna itila
danger. But the pr iteetlon of i huaband proi ? d un
availlna; H merely meani <.n..- murder more, and
one "Chrlatlan dog" leaa, and what aetonlehee me
throughoul this long, alckenlng al try of Bhame and
crlme la the rellgloua fauii ->f ih<- eufferera.
Buch In broad outllne has I.n the normal condl
tlon of Armenla ever sin,-<- Hm tr,.ity ,,f Bertli . on
im; hi flrst to the dlaaatroua actlon and sunse
| nu, ntlv to tho equally dlaaatroua Inactlon >.i tha
Hrltlah Oovernmenl The above aketch contalna
but a few Isolated Inatancea ..i the dally common.
plarea of the lifo of Armenlan Chrts lana l*he
Turks, encjuraged by the aeventeen yeara ?
ance of the only Powei whlch poesessed any
? chi to Intervene ln favor ,.f tne Armenl ma, 01 ra i
1 isvd a wholeaale maaaacre ol the Chnstlana ot
ga oon. 'i'h<- preparatlona wer< elaborate and
open. The projeci was known t,. and canvaaaed l?y
all A l,nur report waa addreaaed by Ihi A
Moueh to tho Britlsh repreeentatlve at Era
Informlng hlm of thla Inhuman plan. Bui Interna
Honal comity forbade ua to meddla with tni
; m atic affalra of a filendly Power," and Iho mn -
I tacre took plaee aa advertlaed. The r?vulet.4 v ???
' rnoked un wlth eorpsea; the itreama ran red wl n
human blood; the foreet gladea and
; were peopled wlth the dead and the dyim ; ami na
the niins of onc, prosperoua villagea lay i ? "
Infanta by th, ir mangli d m itlu . - t?rpi
iluu at nlghl l>v tha wretchea destlned to rill Ih m,
man) of wh un. fluna ln whlle i.ut lightly wonnded,
awoke beneath a m .untaln of elammy corpsi a, an .
valnly wreatled wlth ci.-.itii and Ihe dead. wh ?
them oui from llghl and llfe rorevci ! waa then
thal our preaenl Ambai aa I, r ai t'onatantln ipli lo .k
actlon and dispi.iv,-d th??-?? i-un nk ?''?'? ;'-' :
eneray and Induatry to whlch the 1'i.n.- ?
lately alluded wlth prlde. The Brltlah 4ml
dld his best, and at laal carrled the appolntmeni ol
a commlaalon ? f Int i atlga I. n. N '. whlle the l om
miBsl ii: of Inqulry wa 111 altl na al Mou?h, the
deeda of alroci. ua cruelly, whlch ll w.is assembled
to Investlgate, i ? ? i ! ne undi r the eyeai of the
! delegati a, Thn ita were openly uttered 11
theli wlthdrawal, maeeacres, ll waa aald, ... oora
: over the eountry masaacrea, ll wai aald, In com
parlaon wlth whlch ihe Baaaoon butchen
compare but aa dusl In the halance, ln due tlme
ihey began Ovei sixtv thouaand ATmenlana have
been butchered, and tne masaacrea an n ,1
pnd. il yet. in Treblaond, Brlngh in. Ila
and numberlesa other pla.i the Chrlatlana were
i ruahed like grapca durlng Ihe ?Intage. Th ? French
mob durlna the Terroi wero men nay, angela ol
' mercy?compared wlth theae Turka,
Atid these a:.- the Turks, whom unanlmoua Bu
j rope haa Judged worthy of eontlnulng to govern
' and gulde iho ChriatiSna of Asta MInor. The Sul?
tan uadertakes, If a reaaonaUe time be glven tim.
to n-estabiish tii- normal atsta of thlnga In T irh
- irh Armenla; nnd we know that the ncrmal ? ? II
Uon Impllea tbe denlal to Chriatkusa of the funda
mental rifchts of human belnga the abolltl
womanly purity, the dlslntegratlon of tha famlly.
the rape "f t? nder chlldren in a word, a Byatem ol
fovernmenl for wblch tbe hlatory of the world af
fo: ls no p.irall.-l.
Yet unanlmoua Europe, we are told, entertaina
no doubl that th,- tru,- Interesta of ChrlBtendorn
demand thiit Turklsh rule ahould be malntained.
li cannol be too ctearly Btateal tint what Ib aaked
for is nol t:.<- esUblishment of an Armenlan kii
dom or princlpallty, ti'-: i "buffer BI ite, ' nol ? v, ?
Chrlstlan autonuny In any senae thi: m8a it reniler
li offenalve or dangerou to an) ol Ihe Powera ol
Europe, but onlj thal by aome effl -i
the human belnga who profea* the t'hrisltan i
ii. Anatolla and who profeaaed and practlaed il ih re
for centurlea before the Turka or Kurd a
hi ir l of, shall be enable I to llve an i .li . :
i,. ;. . and thal ihe unparalli led crlm
for the i ,-t aeventeen yeara, thi
Bllenl vlctlma, aball apeedlly and ono for all l
'' Wh\l si rloua hope i i thi re tl al Ih lol ?
Arn nlana wlll bi bettered In the fi.tur. ,
. . iit.il jiirisconsulta ba i Ju l ;- > ??' ?' ?'"
? ? , pec.a
for th< Ai ? ' rould n*c,
. viol it: >n
. . onsulta ou ??>'?"? '? ?
I,; po the ?? ? ? fi iltan ???
. . ? , ?uch I.,'. ?:? ?-? .i aa an I godlea I
i m -. I .
mmend ( ,..-.-?
i, ; '
- , i rable ol ? ? ?
,. . im, albl, ... firat. the I'owei i have no ,
? . ? : , mterfi i ? i favor of the i ? '
i i ? i aubjeei i; seeoi
i.i ?: |v?s d, sire .. . - ?? i ri I.- ? '? ?
opi t i !.',-: .. an .. flna
all . tll neeeesai '!
clal i .forma for \i... nian i 'hi Istlans, b ait
krmenl ins, aa the n
dlaclpllned ? l< m, nt oi ':-'!> would proHt
bv the Improvi menta l n pollt.cal pre|
ance for themseh T
rt main as they are wlth th a ? >lea iie bt i
left out; thal la to aay, the n irmal
thlnga mual be re-eatal In a verj r, ,v
\, ii.? wlll eolve the Armenlan queation by exter
mlnatlna tho Armenl ma
And Bngland, Chrlstlan, mon! Bngland, appar
ently Ind .ra a thia vlew.
If th,-r>- atill be a apark of Dlvlnlty In oui
or a tra >? of healtby human aentlment
hearts, we shall n, l 11< ate to record our ve
h -i,, nt protesi agalm t tlus I ll-born ?! m. a, that
! ullul ? . of ti. - fa re ?? i ort i > of Ood'a ? irth,
and our atrong ? ?i " any an l > very lini
of j ii: y thal may i ?? I dln - llj or Indlrcctly to
j"-: petuate or c m ione
? - ?
London, Dec ?.?Dr. Henry B, Lunn, Edltor of
' the "Revlew of tho Churchea," and Percy W.
i. intlng, Edltor of the "Contemporary Revlew,"
have addreaaed the following communlcstlon to
all edltora ln England snd Amerli a:
"We Inclose >xtra- ls from a letter from a prl- '
vate friend whi apent aeveral mon tha of itiis
year In Armenla and who is i ne of the Hrsl au
thorltlea on tne queation, aa Indeed you ,\ uld
admlt, were we at llbei > to pubtlah bia na ne.
May we beg you to Ina, rt theae In the next leaue
i of your psper?
"Toura falthfully.
"HENRT s. LUNN, Edltor of tho "Revlew of
tho Churchea."
'TERCY w. BI MTINO, Edltor ot the "Contem?
porary Revlew'."
' Any aiiiision to Armenla upseta me. i am ashoraed,
esclted, 11, ii-imi i. when i think of what i saw In
that eountry, und of ihe conildcnce wlth which
1 consoled quallina women and weeplna men wlth
' hopea th.it Kngland would aee them through tbeir
' dlmcultles, and 8he word ol hcartfell lhanks they
uttered, often upon theli kneei In th, fleldaoronthe
des, and ihe chlldllke meeengea of anticlpatoi I
eratltude whlch Ihej asked n.<- lo dellvor t.> t!o
i^io.ii.-i people, now burn and ranklc wlthln :t.>- hii...
an '-n- > nomed woi nd.
Th>- V. ropean Powera are playlna a fai -Ical i ??
i. aentatlon around th,- kiiiu-? ol .. CI rl tlan p< ????\--.
If conducl slmllar to theli wai t" i ?? puraued by
an Indlvldual it prlvate 111 . II would be i
wlth soclal osti a old brand hlm wlth
i mai k of li I on/. Fan i a
neighbora paradlng aboul ihi loora ol hli
whlle he and hla chi Iren rush frantlcally from ;
room to room and '?..- to win low
Ina thim tn savi them from the devouring flames.
We have pity on ? rat, it u- hear ol ita pr i. icied
anl hopeieaa efforta to ? ip, from burnln
. : d women, boya and glrla wh i bi ? U lled
pl, tneal ai ighed al lhal I ? a i..ii ,t haa come
Tha Oovernmenta of Europi i e a speci
make angela wi p. They K'.at'i the ratea <,f Tur?
key, si to say, boI ronly d larlng that whal ? ri
may bappen to the C ibollcaily !
they may bo tortured i i death, n I ? ?? I ill h ,:>
pen to tho Turka -thev at aay rate mual anl wl i -
ba pn ? v,'d from harm. Is it a wondei
thal t.v- Turks ahould sel about fuinillng tii.'ir :
thront of wijii:i^ ,,ut Armenla ln Armenlan
Bvery one knew th.it th>- threat ? uld )? ? ful
Consula reported to Ihelr gov rnmenta thal tu.
? ii Mn tur<- of the Euroj an ' gaun from Moush
would mark tha beglnnlna of Ihe blood-bath, and
newapapera gava tha p ophecy publle -. \.
i.i the publl -,??,.
\..-r,- multlplli ind il lasi m< n verbal v i
a ive plaee to unml itak ib ? slgn and p
!',-t diplomaey turned a di i! ear, (T ? Arm I ?
are nobody'a klth and k.n.i Were tii \ iln r
Bulgarlana, Magyara oi ll.nd os, thej would have
I .'h and pow rful protectors, who tellingly talk
of the primai y duly of pi otectlng I
1'hrlatiana, Even Abyaalniana ars h
orthi.x wl i | lltieal ralcul itl na r me in, Bu
\ i ''?? ? ? a: ' Ai i ao none ol these aovernmeuta in
atated on the execution oi even rttsml ^.il uf /?!<;<;
Pacha and the auth r of thi s - - un aavan ry,
S i>\ thej were d n I . . ... : ...? th
lan a^ an ? ncour i remi nl ? th ? ? :- , and d
iikewlae. And now othera havi k ne and havi out
h.-ro led Herod, ai l n ? one acem d - .
'{ .-.-?; \ . M.l.s IT A ?' IMEDT.
People ar. only Intereat, i to eel the latesl neivs
of fllvaa ni Treblaond, <?:? wherever the Iai,
?? ra have ot i orre I, al the r bn akfaai labli ?.. I;
Few peraona take even a remofe : the Ar- '
? ii nlan qi ation on the Coni t nt, and thoai ? ?.
are the adi i itea of Turkey, Th, Aualrlan
?nM t,, b ? ;. ild by ihe Pi rklah flovernmi nt, Im
'? . ?? -' ? maaaacrea, and a, -
euaea the Armenlana of havlng attempted to
?.- the Kui ;?? i.n.i Turks, The .;.rn,Hti ik-bh
thi bearer of ihe aame k'n-i of eulture to Ita
readera, ai i !i both theae i ountriea the t ubl
poatlvel] nothlni aboul the Armenlan
? ?? lon The Ruaalai papers, beglnnlna -.. ih the
"Novoe Vremya," cracka lokea at ito- Armenlana,
an.l ln the ast numtx i na read ask:
"Whl ahould .<?> Ruas'ana s., rifice a single ? ? ,
for tne ike v :.. : m'llloi 11 a,
fl bo nt ?? ii , i betti : ? f th.? ? are ouraelvi . lo
Ih t:- of Brltlah and Amei i .
have ? rol up th. Armenlan romi rtj '"
A couple of regimenta of Brltlah aoldlera or Coa
? ? -i. ? whal ij wanted The; would sel mat'orn
? rhl .n a few daya Bul even lf ihe ?
llan-aoeaklng people ahould ariae and demand thla, '
would lt I"- ai or led?
t ? I "Thi T nea" wlll to ... >, t ,
i ah i dli'..- ? h i'i ? n '' ii ' Vt
thal tba altuatlon thi ;>? la uuli ??? i ihi ol
furllid aXCltiiiK l.-i. tfi.tuii i.u.i, Inc I i ;i. I Mal-a
trnrtn **?? tmm iiolidayb.
r.-.i-i:i;.Mi.N'i i.i- ORAI B .nn
[?? ii- ' Vl.lVKItV Bt '? \i.'.'??'
m:w rORK, nin
iKI.YN nll .11.!!:???>
?rn BR Kii.:.i:n OfT.
i. ?,:.,? Dally Sewa" pr ata a ag letter In
Ita i ie of Di ? mber 17 c mcernlng tbe
of irmenlana by the Turka Th- wrlter, who ls
S1,:i to b* aa exceptlonalTj m II placi I for learn
Ing what haa been and is golng on throughout Aala
Minor ai the Ambaaaad ir i f any Power ln Burope,
: ?? ln Burooe and Uner! i bave
aacrlbed the dreadful maasacrea whlch have taKen
place ln Aala Mlnor to audden and ?P?"t"irau*
uthrrak* of M ?lem fanatlclam. Tha t. :,,. i- ' ;"
.,.,.,,: . , md precon ??''???"?
v, to tha rtatement* of many per
. iCngllsh, Canadlan. Am? i can and '<"'v'
J:.:,,;; truJtworthy and Int.lltgent, v.ho were ln
he plii ?. - where ti." m ? i urr l. and ?omj
of whom were wlll.- ?f the korrlbl* * en**
the ma.w ?:.-. m i Imlti I ln rcmrd to
tlme, natlonallty of the vjctlm*, i.-il. ?."'
. m regard lo tha method of kJUng nnd pll ag
"(vlth only four exceptlona of eopaaMMncaa. Jhaa
.,?.-,,., . have been conflned to ihe'terrltory ofthe
six pi ivlncea where reform* were to be i; -tltu-e .
w mi a ban I of mounted Kur li*h an i ..r ?:.??-. m
ral I. is, eatlmated al from one to I ire* 'housanj,
. ! ?.indary lln i oetween the 11 ?
..,,,,- oi Blvai a i An- ii ?- thej were mc an l
turned back by the lo al auth irttle* and ? er iln
Influentlai Muaau'.mai i I the latter pi win p. ? ?
: , ,i the ral ler* thal they i.. I no arithorltj to pa ?
, ,,,,?, . . p, ?:,.... 0f Blvas The pnly i
... icun 1 outalde of th ; aix provincea
n. flrat. ln the llourlahlng aeab ?i i ity oi i r -
hiz md; -? ind . In II u i ih and A ntab, and ln
M, .;. m fai ati. lem wa* ?peclally atlrred
.,.. th ? auccesa ol the Arm nlan m i mta ?;?? tb oi
/.. t.iun In i.."nl im vi. a. i. \. -' ag* n?t thelr op
ra and In capturlng ? amall rurklah ga.-r.aon,
and. Bnaliy, In Ca. ar. a, rtnd h. re, a* ln tn* iwo
.... |ual mentlon. d, the Moal. a.* were ei ;li I
nearnc - of the -? ni i of maaaacre, an I by
i ,.. report* of tha plunder a I i ? Nl ** ?"?-'
-,... r? :. curlng.
-;?,,.. maaaacra ln Treblaond occurred Jual befora
, g ,.,. after montb* of every klnd of i
tion, a i* al ? npel'.c.l bj Bnglan I, Franca and
.:...? rel irma aa if
the Powera of Burope thal ln caae thsy
. i. the mlne * alrea lald for the de
..- the Armei ' ina. In very fact. the ma*
, . ... : a :? il reply to
, Europe. From Tn blxond the wave
md i Uberv i m pt on througn i ,mo*i
,.: i to ... . nd ? age ln the *ix pi "?.!"?"
*/a* promlaed t . the Armenlai -
I ,, ,.. . of thi tli -' maaaa. ?? re hei ( on
rt. pl. :. high Turkl otl I rem irked to one
the \m iasaador* thal maaaacre waa llk* tne imaii
: ih all have It. I ul II *> ? " ' "' '
. it the ?e m i tlm. . thu* tjul. lly, II no m ?
? .
ihe rtu.n n:,.;. atrlvlng to avol l aaaenl to tne
. ieme di reforma, loIJ the Amba**ador?, by way
of Intl ? i might en
... m n i -. ?? .... knew ? hereo he spoKo.
?i ,, , , tima .?.? , I.- .-.?? uaively Arm. nlan*.
ln Tr. blxond thi ? .... Ureek popu '"?"'? ''"'
,,. th. ihere noi ? . ? re. nrlth poaalb'.j . ne or t ?ro
. . , ? ... -.,'??. 8p i'la
? .i; .il-, be. n tahi n lo av dd Injurj
i ii ...... - .' i. with th.*' ipin?
nt of inaemni
I, three bi ho l bull llnga be.onglng io
, . ,-, mlt alon w. ri ool d and one l?'-J?ft
..,:. u ,- burne I. bui Ih. h iu?i ai d the fllrl i
, ? i by Amerl 'i.n*. wi re ri il tou thej. ln
Kl:,'l| II .'-.,: :
? , th* Am. rlcan M *?loi were plun lered and ? an
bull ! ? ? ? Imerlcana
were hurt. th - i h it* were li'-d at tw i ol th. m.
ln thi . ind ln M ira* i, had the fanati i. M
01 b*. ;: i. Ml ll I bj : ? : . " ?
v. uld i ? ibab'.y h ir* k II. d tl. ? An i in*, aln ???
? .- r . ' ' - '
. . : .. .1: aa the i
... : . they
.!?... ?. ii .. |'.. an. ??? imbltloua
1!,.. .-, h. me ' f ref irma d. rolv. d clvll offlce, Ju Ig -
?hipa iu I po'.lce par Iclpatlon on M ihomel ina and
non-Mahometan* In the alx provlnci ? ling to
th- populatl n of < ach - lemt nt of the locallt; r i
B-a i ., bltti r pltl i . ':... Mah im ti ? Turka ?; .
i ruled the Armenlana wlth a rod of '.v<? tor ?' I
.. ir. Hi nce the r tolutl m of th ? Turka w i -
taken ll wa* to dlminlah the number of Armeni
.,,,., ... , ? ,. i ow .it thoje moal
, ar .I.. of i iklng n part I i anj w hem* of rec >n
, , an I, - ??: i ??'? ?'? l**vtnx aa manf 11
. to dle by *tarvatlo.i. expoaure. ?lckn<?e? and
,,,, ,,. j ir.ng th i gora of wlnter. fiure'.y. tl
?, n | ,.,?;,,] | ? ., .. ?ted i m !?? : rrlble and
., .,, tho l ? : ? rippllng an<1 rulnlng and t >rror
the Armenlana Chrtatlana In the entlre ^ix
^mav wonde'r I i* th* Turklah authorltlea
.., |)(I b* io bllnd b* to le*ti *uch i lnree part
of ih ir h*?l tax-payln.- *ubj ct* In Eaatern Aj' i
jtlnor Vi II :- '"'? ? : i ?' ' ' r Th* explanatlon
i- that fanati. al hall 1 ol tho.! * mm they had
h- i,i io lon ? ' on, ...i i wn ? vv re, i.
cordln* l i th. a u n ?? of reform*, ? m tp *njoy
,,,, ,,, . , ?, ? , a. . ?-..- g. :? than lelf-int ??:
, ? Th* thoughl of th ? T irk wa i tu maki aure of
th.. country, an I he c mld coi c ve of tv. oth*r wiy
th:n by tllmlnlBhing t'i- number of \rmenlana ..nl
utti-ih- terrorlalng and Impoverlahlng th* ?urvlvora.
Hut dl I n ?' the Turka '? ir thi tion of
Chriatlan Burope? Not much: certalnly not enough
to k. ;> them from carryina ? ut an efr* '.ijre, i laeii
. ?:.:. plan of vei gean r An 1 thev had rlght
, f,.,,- rery mti. h, for dl I i *t I0n.000.000
Chriatlan* wltn*** laal year the Rlaughter. ln 8aa
goun of aome thouaand* of Armenlana by inrks
nnd Kur I* wlth. u exl " na m the reaponalblc
Turk -ii auth i ll at of a alnp ie m in
! in the .li iboll -al work. or even the allarhtcal
h |< mnity for the utt. rly Imi ov. i lal ?? l *ur^ i '
.,;, re, ha* no the Suli in 1 mgh* l bur i
aoorn ??? decoratlna 7. kk: Pacha, mmal ler ol
. njrag. l In the ? irn iae, ai I H ibrl Pacha,
-.. f rmer cruel Qovrrnor of Van? And hav* not
the Kurda been again permltt. I to rob the ?ur
Sa*?o ni ma** icre, and even to deatroy
the llttle huta put up by Brltlah cbarlty during th^
Rul th. reflm mi nt of i ruelt) thls,
thu .. * th. Turklah authorltlea have thua de
n i . ? lermlnate, aa far aa poaalble,
the Armenlan elemenl In th* *lx provlnce*. they
have .'.?? mpti i lo r-over up i I* by thi moat
il lylng and ml i rntai Bj the pub
? . .- ;. legi,1 ma from provlnctel
h:i\,- trl I i.i mak ? Eur ?:??? an l
that tl Vrmei - iv* prov iked
ka on Mi ahlppera
fioura . prayi and by other like acta
... illy, im i hal on St ptemb. r
: . ... four hun I iui trmenlana, c mtrary to
. ? -i i- Vi '.i nlan Patrtar h and the
of tl ?:..'? npt. i ? . ? ike .. well
! petttl 'i. t . v?.? . ;? i :. the maln
.; ,. rnmni! ilktinR ln Btamboul, an.i thla preclpl
t it- 1 . mfl true that th* oppre**e<l
/'. . , iptur. 1 .i amall g trriann
, i ... li iwi ver, the> t: ited
trui . a v i.-i .ua
- am all ban N of \i mi nl <t:s. drtvi n lo ??
failure of Eui ? the fu
atlp r..i.;. ;.-? In b ibIi ? i thelr
peopl* ' ? ? ?? ? il warj at
have r, tall ite l by Imnrla
l rturing and klll ng hun lr. I* of Armenlana,
mai . f ?.. h im were Inn nl ' any rebejll :s acta,
Tl niversal te*tlmon) of Impar lal foi Ign eye
witm ?? i tha above exceptlona, Ih*
nl: ive ;:..?-. no prov ??? iti m, and thal
lf not oult* all thi ' ? ? i ??.
i a ??? ialng th* \i i"j-; ina ,,f pro
ma*aaci ? ar* - ? ? r I'. irl il lona of
lf the \: menl in * m i-lc ai tack i,
the Armen
n are numh, , i ??. ihe Ih .uaand, i ven
, ? rltl. :, iv* tn 'ntion* 1 but n i< a aa alaln
Turki ?? .? .. i n kll >? 1 ln onl.
?. ? pl* ?? ii..1 ln ??? If I. fenee, a* al I>i m:
proh ible th it ?.. i ut irm* l an i d*
-. ls i
i -?;.
Yet inl* ? <* V"
: - A rn" nl in
.. ?'. \ ea arould
-,. "| - ; ?'? < .? 'I V ."? .> ?, , 1
? Kur la ftt.u Turka ln :i :' Bltlla J
rt t-'U w >* the charre ? f th* Turklah auth rltlea
.1 flttlng dl '. 1. ' 10 .' iv. !? Up II .-'? bl i, |] \: ;K.
n i an utter mlatak. I i auppoae, aa many Buro
pean havi done, thal tha local authorltlea In the
cttle* of Treblaond Braeroum, Bralngham, intiia,
Kharput, Arabklr, Blvaa, Arnaauv, Maraovan, Ma
raah, Alntab and ? . ? i ould not ha ra aup
; ? I th. f.inatlrol Moal. m m< '?,: and reatralned
th" Kurda ' thal the author.tle* g. n
I. .i,..i ." wl.il.- th.- aloughter and plllage
on w Ithotii r il ilng a hand t.> atop lt
?.'? ln one or iwo place*, and the authorltlea
e ' ' ? ' ?? and ??; Ihe alaughter only wl.. n
Randel, Baremore & Billings,
I8IP0 .'. 1 : ' <>:?
>;.\s KACTI itii: "I'
ns gaoMia mi BB Hatldaa i..-, Hmm v.iru.
i ki ai.,1,.*. s. .. ., .u Circua Laagaa, i. c
the llmltad mriojTJurtng J"'** ?Jf ^fj&c^
allowed lo klll and rob had <??.??' ' ^Inalmosl
uoon th- chriatan*. wi'hin >? '? ""?;.... '.,, (n?r,
S^.I^Lltin^'ifi'iVii':' ?g
lt, nurclful ..,.;.?.?.., " ??'??,-,?,-,. :,,,,, ?.?k.
b^vv,;.!!.:,-:',':'.'/:./;;:1.::;.; '-:v,v:'?
contlr.i rr...... ........ tm-unari -I ...; !if;Vrw!,v:..
^rTkiued ""?l;vii,;;?h:':Vh :;i.-.- .-" -?
Srver,.SJL^^S^firTcnrtBUan ponula
, a? ,h( |, gooda but becauae thoee^ who ln
could Btand al one flms.
IN nis m:w ii.wkn CONOIaEOATiON.
New-Haven, Dee. ?<?k**taO.- The Rev. Dr, New
man gmyth, paator of tho Centre &>**?*? 'I?1
Chureh, one of tha targeet, oldeal and aaoal inlUen
.,, m com ectlcut, to-day preached a ri| ?
??,? on ? .Vrmenlan outragea. Hla deolsrstion
thst the I'eneauelan Queation Bhould bo put on i?
craated quIU i itlr m the chureh. Dr. imyth Hd
Th? flr8t and paramount duty of th.. Amer ...
,?,,,,;,. is ? . .ledge our whole support to Enflano
ahy actlon that -ha may Inltlate fw th, p.irp
reatorlna order throughoul Turkey We ca nproma
bly afford te pul the V'eneauela i ""**|b""k : {?
i... ,ii. uBseil over th. dlplomatlc table at our iar
.,.?.. nlence.whlTe .ur Congn -' " ??nV?n*.*B
hi .rt an.l hand of thla i- *pl I > ^?n*l*n^ '" "iH
d iBlve aci on on her pari to pul a atop o tne
coloSsal inarchy of history B*.t f*r hiuaanlty*
Bake i-i nol Ameriea walt toflnd her volce, when
on" word of brotherhood and trual mlgM bi.!
Bngland on ln her appolntad laak Our^ngreaa
could proclslm no holler ruce between two coun
trl ? now v, xed for I io trlfllng a caua . II could do
nothing to render arbllration bereafter more Irre
Biailbiy the wlll of two Imperlal peoplee than ba
g a resolution that we wlll atandby Kngland
# ,..., i be agalnal the world, when Bngland shall
.,.;;,. m her mlght and extend her arm_over
Armenla and laaue tln- ultlmatum nf n r law snd
order In behalf of 2.IWO.OO0 Chrlstlan people whom
the awful Turk la extermlnstlng from the eartn.
a ^_.
Th" aerxlcea ln Calvary Baptlat Chureh, ln West :
Plfty-aeventh-st., laal nlght, were devoted to the
Intereat of the oppressed Armenlana Bpeechea
were made by the pastor, the Rev. Dr. Robert B.
MacArthur: Oeneral Btewari L. Woodford, th<- Rev.
Bn lertok D. Oreen, eecretary of the Natlonal Ar?
menlan Relief Commlttee; Colonel Alexander S
Bacon, and the u>-\ Dr. Pboebe Hanaford.
Dr. MacArthur aald that the meetlng waa held for
three reaeona Flrst. to expreea Borrow for Ar
menlana; second, to urge upon the attentlon of ihe
Qovernment the neceaalty of protectlng American
people and Am Tlcsn propi rty everywhere, and
eapecially the property and peraona of Amerlcanfl
engaged In mlaetonary work ln Armenla, and. thlrd
ly, to urge Rueala and other Buropean governmenta
to protecl the Armentaaa.
The doctor then Introduced Colonel Baeon, of
Brooklyn, who aald in part: "Whlle the Powera of
Burope have been waltlna to deelde upon whal ac?
tlon to take toward protectlng Chriatlanfl ln T u
the Armenlana have been butehered. Thi Turk la
a Tarur, and a Tsrtar La a brute. Turkaarebrul i
and are I ad "
Colonel Bacon wenl on to say thal there were
t? , , laaai a ln England, the - *ai I Em
and Chrtatlan Eagland. "If commei :U I Bngland,"
added the apeaker. "would aci wlth Chrtatlan Bng?
land, the butchery of Chrlat8ana ln Turkey would
soou come to an end."
G neral Woodford aald that th" Turklah G
meni was malntalned by a ayatem ot taaattoo
whlch fell mi re heSvtly on th,. Chrlatlana than any
other elaaa; that whenever the Chrlatlana corn
plalned they were called rebela and were butehered.
BU ? Auguat, liK between 18,080 and 10,000 Chrte
tlanahad been murdered in Turkey. The ' ur greal
Kuronean Powera whoaa duty il waa to protect the
ing m Turk. y, had thelr own politl j! "?
,. . ? .,? i commerclal welfare at atake, and eai h
heait .t, l to t ik.- actlon. "1 know, aald Oen tral
. .,-,, -tl al Bngland would b. glad to solve the
Ti rkey. but her c immerclal Intereata
',,,',. her back. i know thal Ruaala haa her sol
., . . ,,, ,-,.,;..? to protect the Chrlatlana ln Turkey,
;,, i would only be too ni i l U aotve the problem.
t, it wanta Bngland's consent, and, 1 know that ,f
Bngland wlthholda ber conaent Ood glvea Hla.
The apeaker ended his r-.r irka by .-.ym.: that if
the four Po* ? i fai led to protecl the < hristlana
;,, ,; ,,,,, ., ., ; ., the I'nii. i BI itea wera nol ea
? -. none of thoae Powera ahould
', allowed to meddle wlth any eountry on the
An:, rlcan contlnent*
gpencer Trask, chalrman of the Baecutlva Com
mm.f the Natlonal Armenlan Relief Commlt?
tee, ii ii ; :^i l the fo lowlng ai :?? il
i,.,.. - ,i.i i- h is already been ma la ac?iualnted
through the prcs.i wlth the s:-;'f. r;:,.r ln p ???- ot the
Turklah Empire whlch la m al appalllng, both ln Ita
extent an,1 charaeter, and whlch la pure to oe of
long duratl m. ir la probable tha: ."?'.'"?> peopl* have
been p-it t.> death, and no lesa than 380,000 are now
entireiv destltute and In danger of periahlng unleaa
relief Ib promptly furnlahed.
Elelattvely amall amounta have already been
ralsed Iu Bngland and Ameriea and dlBtrlbuted
through loca channels, but it la elear that nothing
commonaurate wlth the i.la i in be acoompliahed
,\ ?? pt thr nigii a Btrong and thoroughly :? pn
tlve agi ....
Por the purpoae of ralsini; funda and auppllea
an adrquaie acale, the S'ational Armenlan Relief
Commlttee haa been formed, laith headquarl
New-York. Local co-operatlna committeea Im
been, or are i.einK, or<.iiii*"i tnroughout tbe coun
Davld J iir.-w.-r, Juatice of the Cnlted Btatea Bu
prrtne Court, i- prealdenl of th.- Natlonal Armenlan
Relief Commlttee, whlch Includea Archblahop Cor?
rigan Chauncey u. Depew, John B. Kennedy, A ?
ander !?:. Orr, Blahop Potter, Jacob Schlff, Everett
p, w I-., lei rn i othi r ?
The Natl mai Commlttee noa appeala ln the namu
of sufferina humanlty :.> the people of the I'nited
Btatea, irrcspectlve f race, party or creed, for im
medlate and gtn. ntrlbutloni for this pur
The Immedlate :inod la for money.
The '>ni\ Bi'ppUea whlch can be wlaely usr.i aro
!.m,i n and .arae cotton and wooilen *? >da ln the
bui no luch c ntrlbutlona ah uld be forward
? ? . iu. imm inl itlon wlth the i >m
mitt, ri refugeea thi mselv, a can be utllli I ln
maklna ?..;, thelr own clothlna ll iv materlal i
furnished, and ao modest are t lelr wants that they
c in auhslsi on a p mn I and hall I brea I al a
cosi of t.'. ' tenta a daj '. r each p- raon.
Funda should be aenl to the treaaurer, Brown
lir-ia. .<? ,'.i. v w-Tork, Boston and PhUadelphla.
Oeneral norrespondence ai I Inqulrlea regardlng lo
i-.tl committeea ihould be addreaaed to th-^ Natlonal
Armenlan Bellef Commlttee, No, ?)"> Will i
lt is requested thal boarda ot tra..-. mayora anl
other pr minent cltlaena take atepa al once to or
ganlze itrong repreaentatlve branch committeea In
thelr respectlve localltiea throughoul th, eountry,
and repori 'he s.-.m.. to tha Natlonal Commlttee fo>
:.t ...:! i auggeatlona.
Pall Rlver, afaaa., l?"- 9 The annual atstemenl
of dlvldenda pald by Pall Rlver milla In >8M was la?
aued yeaterday afternoon. The average aaaounta
; ' I are larger than ln many yeara The percentsga
la 109 on a capltallaatlon of 121,268,000, the total
amounl pald oui being 0,721,425, The year K'2
ahowed a greal gain, the average dlvldenda then
being 7.3fl per cent, and the earntnga being bi par
,<Nit. bui tii- year ICS exceeda th*--... totiiis con
atderably There were bul four corporal r.s ln tha
clty a*h, e stockh dders dld nol recelve some return
for thelr Inveatmenl durlng tha lasi you-. The
Anawan Mlll w.i-. en cted In iv. . nd ? icepl ln Buah
tlmea no great return* are eipected from :t.
Tha Bapiabj Manufacturlng Compan) haa auffered
!;i common with all the American "flne glngham
mllls." The Fail Rlver manufactory haa moderntaed
it< j i.mt and has paid :^'. iniis from Ita earnlnga,
Th,- Matacomei Mlll auffered loaaea through tho da
falcatlona of ? treaaurer, and under a new manage
manl tba plant la being modernlaed and Improved
None of 8he other corporatlona hava pald below 2
per cant, and all, wlth tn > exceptlons, li.iv,- | ild
more than ' [><?:? i mt, Beveral of tbe mllls ara mak
ink exten ? on i i ep ilrs.
Tiie Bourne mlll haa pald a proflt-ahartng divi?
dend nf 7 per '?? nt, ln a i lltlon to .i ai ckh I
d i lend of 18 | r cent A m ,nth ? waa i
proapeel of four new milla being ere, ?! here In
,t al the pr,-:-. nt wrltlng h ai ma d>-?uhtful
. - me ol them materlallae, owlng t.. the dulneaa
noa . x ating I" the trade,
Ban Franclaco, Dee t> MottC Uerker,of Roohssa
tar, N, v , v.iints 124,000 damagoa from the Bosthern
Paclflc itaiin i.i Compani for rough treatment ba
clalma he received from Conductor Hubbsrd \t
Pon Coata, Hubbard, who la on the lookoul for
sealper tlekets, aaked Merker t.> wrlte hla name to
compare hls Blgnature wlth lhal on ttn- tlcket,
Merker refuaed, and the conductor atarted i<> ,-i,-.-i
hlm M. rk.u atruggled lo rema.n and waa badly
Injured llubuanl falled to ejeel Merker, ,.?.i ar
i.iw ird learned tii<u Merker'a lukrt wm p.-iUctly
??; pEKOtmcaa thk pRg*wi>8Brra actiom m
Canbrtdg* Maa*., Dde, 8L-A larg**.y aiia***g
meeting for the purgoae ot r?Wng f*a i t? ail*
vvv.e the aufferlagi of the Arm nlan* waa held :n
ta* Bhepard Meaaorkel Charcli 'hi* *ft*va*ea Pre
f.. to* Charlea Eltot tforton, of Barvard, lea* wai
i(;i ., i Iroea during whtaa he aald:
The ataaaag* of 'he Prealdent r. ''^fj';** haa
lirmVenaely *%ak*ned the aaaaclly of hngland te at*
r,ri ar eff< itual remedy to the *un>ring* i.i Ar
?..,..;, a heavier blow wa* B'-vei - igmlmt
Amertca heraelf ihnn the laaue, hy Ih* ht - i of h*r
nZlrJ-n*. ofanieaBag*. ;,,..,.,,. .
fhiahbul of brutil applauae wnicn naa gon* m
from every nari of th. .????? ;
?.,,,.,?? b frlendly | ? ''?-+
. ..,.- tle* Ih* ?? " fr.gt-tful r-.-.
,-' me ignoranl and ba rlt apraadkaj
BThe*rational,. r^ght-rab?led_tovei ' tff
nnot bul feel In th* preaenre
. , . -. gn
?,. ,.-.. :.-.. ii it .-- rrosra I i i
T trk*
- the popular temparthe gn
?lon. whether w? are
t'onand becomtn* aUle* '??> *"'r.' ?? ??" ?, '.;?
fherneelve*. ln vfew ol
?h i-i. ii. >-...,- - ? . .
the f*t* of Americana ta l a aea***.
.ir.'Tiii: BRBWEB gATi BB Ba* BOT BB*K 4*K
appolnted hlm Chlef Juatlce ta iw?v Th*
would rr.Mlte an eaoclleat man for tle ?.
but, although he i.s wlry ar.d la capabte of
an immenae amount of work. I do not th.nk h?
would accepi the poeiUoa. Hla dat m ar*aM th'n
be too gre il f * aai buul
?Aa to Oeneral HArr - n. I do aol th.nk tbat h*
i omn.issiuii mw"'"! ,.?????.
ln your oplnlon?" waa aaked.
?It rould not help h;m any. rep ?>
Brewi.If ne wi r. a candldate, ne would mo*|
ibly want to be where th - p I
and he would not hav- the titn.- to k* thi II l.e aat
Chleag '. l -' ? ? ' ?rns':' ? F'"?"??'"? ' '
guprema Court i 1 alte i Bl it ??-?. ?rr n i in
THB TKNi'!'.N''i.'"^ OT THE i."\i'iN' BAR
nerlir,. Dec. BJ -Tha reaetlon l w?rd confM -*
in the future of Amerl an nnaneee, e*p clallj - i*>
feeting Internatlonal monetary relatlona
aurprtaingly rapld wlthln th* laal I Berli*
md Prankfort took the lead of London In j
latlve buytag of Aaterlcaa atocka, md oi -a
here have, on the arhole, beneflted by the - I i.
whi.-h waa don* ln London, and al ao tlm. lurlng
tbe Wall Btreet panle have the <i rman i iraea
),., n ? ' much Inftueneed aa waa tha EngHata '? iara*i
The t.uy.nar a.-t In ear l*r here. and BVCn taVWtOr*
took a chanca ln Bccurtag atocka al low val -
The Bourae cloeed n tably flrm on gaturdaf
after cenalderable buytag of Ameriean ra Iroad 88*
curtOsa Tha caurae of operatloa* here k hm r**?
denef of th* aacraaatng inahtaaee af L*adaa upoa
mattara of flnance, In which Oermaa flnanclera or
Inveatora are Intereated. Flnanclera are no I na r
I to aceej - ? ? the l.on loa
market aa a good gulde In lmportant moat :*r>
cnterprtae* at tn* present m<
lt i? n it for* t:-n how (Jermany .ihaorhe I tn*
Amei .'an I,. in- at low value* during tha war ot
the Ameriean Rebelllon, when th. b nda were al
moal unaalabl* in London Bo n iw when Lngllab
:'?? ,ui lal houae* ?eem t.i hesltatc over th.- recepuoa
of a aew b nd l**ue, the vVaahington government,
if it |a deelrous of havlng forelgn marketa tak*
li.irt.in th>. loan. might Bnd Qarman flrm* preparci
t, nVgotlate. The belief here In the permaneri of
p i,,- between the tTnlt I -- > -?> Oreat i t
.^ ..ii- lute, and gen r? the r ivery
<.r a heaithy condltlon of Ameriean flnance* 18 un
- ?
Chlcago, Dec 28. afieaael Davltt, the iriah Na
tloaallat and member of Partlameat fo* Kaet
Mayoi waa among the kh ^t--1 reglatered al
the Palmer llo i*e yeaterday. He his beea
maklng a tour of Auatralla, and .-ame to chl
cago from Ban Prancteco. Ha la on Ma w*f
beana *nd expeet* to ie ln hv <ieat when !'"- a
ment a**emMea VThen aaked abwat tha BaaaltMB
of the Iriah on the Venczueian cootroveray, he
aald tbat he dld not think there waa the ai:^hto?t
poaalbillty >if any a -ttiai .-onfll.t between th*
i:i:t. i Btatea and iirm: Brltaln ua that guegtlaa.
H* --a 1:
"Lord Ballabury is known ta Oreat Brltaln and in
'reland as a bully, whoae pof-cy, when he has b*ca
at He head of the Oovernment, haa been t.> try
io lb mldate llttle r.,i:io:i; and I'owora throagh*
out the or! i. He has been unio to do thla alli
Impunlty retofera bui naw h* Baala that be
h:mi r.ttie v ?leauela ataa la Aaiafica, aad he w..i
: over ih.it he will aol !??? *IMwad t.< ,a::v on
th.. aam* policy toward th b amaJl .-'tat,- 1a Boatl
Amertca thal I ? and other Engllah atateemen hav*
.mr toward ?>,.k peopiea and smaii <:ov
crnmi nt* n ..tner part* of th.- world.
"Por myaelf. l can only repeat that I am v.ad
such a Btand has been taken by th-' I'nlted fi
it araa aboul time, and the upahot of it wlll ba
th:ii the reaaonable demand mad.- i.y the i'r^ai
dent to have the whole matter BUbmltted to arl>i*
tratlon will b* accepted bj England, and th n ta*
.s.-at of operattona wlll be tranaferr. i fi m th*
? v apera t.> .1 plomaoy. i belleve thai a ir '?* 8*
far away ll :?? outalde the reatrn ?>: poa*
cauae, after all. look al ll ln this liuht Th. BH
merelal relatlona ti.tw,,ri thla countrj and Hreat
Brltaln are ao rnormoiis tl.at tln- people oi tne
I'nlted Btatea on tht one hand, and of 'Sr?at
Itr.t.i ti on the other, would practlcalli '?' laaa**
if they leopardlsed?theae trade relatlona >.n ac
counl ol a amall affa i like th's ln V ?' i,"*
llttle ie." I square mil.s of worthleaa countrj TBB
I* partlcu'arly plain wh*n ll la taken nto ea**
alderatlon tha; rhe Prealdent of the I'u'.te.l Btat**
makea s,> favorablo a propoaltlon as i , i-n' BB
b?'? ?:?? matter ?ubmltted for arbltratlon." ,
ii,, , l thi Home Rule cauae waa galningfr**aaa
Ta the Edltor of The Tribune.
Blr: ii m.i> tot*re*t your reader* to h?ve ?
gllmpa* Of the f. ellm' here as to the V.n.z :< lan dl?*
pUt*. There is no mit i- Aine! i.'at. fe. litn; 1:1 the ClaMj
or on the atreeta where men bjm l .itata
Ther,- is inataad a UutguM wonder aa t.> ?i :?? agj
what Veneaueta aa, and the guery <>f oul bonef
There is abaolutelv no ?..i ft-pling. but a ?'r'1n5
belief thal Ix>rd Ballabury wlll act as th* guaraam
of tha natlon'a conaclenoa and do what la rtgbt
I am, sir. faitliful." i our* _?-.
i.ondon. Dee, II, iv'.'..
- ? ?
To sair ?;.?kmi UOB8B8 to WXDOX.
BaffakT, !'? ' 9 The larg.<*t .'.mtra.'t Of U8 W *4
aver made with one tlrm ta this or pr beblf ?nf
..-.her country has .iu*: >><?.? i antefad lato arlth t*
commlaalon haaae of Crandall & Co., Eaat f?mtal>
who hav* eagaged to aupply feur of the targ*B
inis an i .-Bll companrea ln London wlth ?>."?** ?'? " "J
to be ?hlpped (lurlng th* v..?r 1888 Thi* andotaw
. mtracM enteted Into ahroad by the K.. "?*!2
iirm repreaant purehaae* ..>;4ies.iiii,K ovet ii.'ai.wbi
Th.- Hut ahlpment wil: be m. '?? next we.-k _?
When Bakf waa sl.V, wn g?v?? h^r Caiforlx
wlaa !?'??? wn* ? ciiiid, *:.? arlad for cantori*.
UTien xbo I. 'eatne Mis?. sh?? vlung to Oustorta.
Wbi-u ah* had Cuildrt a,*Ue ?Bv*thaiu <

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