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Rcfcrrlnf? to tho fact that twrnty-two person*
have been killed at (trade croasings ln Raha-ay
g'nce February, 1S92, "The Newark Cnll'' *aya:
Th* f*ct I*. Ihe rallrwul company run* tta tralna through
jUhvvay Bt a terrlnv rat*. and. gate or M gat*. raiVJooa
r ??!? it net. th? efoaaaaaj of atreeta at grade with ?uch
ccndition* I* * crlm*. and the twenty-tw.v ki.llng* arn
murrter ?* much a* if the fatal Mowe wer* g*Bb*r*ta
torn a**a the baarlaaattar* B***ae* *? do with this *nd
?aay *HBllBf ca?e? throughout New Jersev ?
if the Lagtalatora doea its duty tho ataaglilei
frlU caaa*. Tho abolltton of prade firoaalnga bj
one of tho rryine; needs of the hour. Aa a matt r
of falrness it muat be adniitt.d, howevor. that tho
pmnaylvanla Rallroad has voluatarlty done
BMMf* Ul that dlraetloa than any other rallroad
eompany la New-jersrv. The track eievation in
Jersey Clty aad Kllzabotli bear tot-.timony to that.
gnd to tb**e eould be added the elevatlon of the
track* In Newark If tho Central Rallroad dld DOt
l r, |h? way.
-.' Dally Adv*rttaer" heartlly and Miaeotly a*eoB*M
t' * : atlon d Mr. Krankhn Murphy to b* ene of th*
golaget** at-large f* ? Noa lereej le th* Repubiiran Na
UomI Cnav*atloa. Tb* R*vabl8aaa* of New-Jenej ahould
ir.?lc* 1 ?'* aelecttea unur.ttiiou*.? (Newark Adverttser.
lf Mr. Murphy oaroe to s;o to St. Loula ns a
c". ajate-at-laraje his wiah wlll probably be gratt
fled. The Republlcan party ln Ncw-Jersey owes
klm a debt of gratltud* tbat caanot eaally bo
Repreeaatatlv* aatlo*)Bka*p*n cf the Ptate
> av.. ll I* reported. been aaked to attend a mect
\: antlc Clty to-algbt for the purpose <>f
takittc aetlon t.> "proteet their interosts." Ac
, f to tbe letter of lnvltatlon, Informatlon has
| ? Ived from th* most nliable aourcea that
a: tl.e next aaaalon of tho L*eat*latur* of thls
Btatt efforta wlll bo made to pass laws hy which
the ItQUO* business will be hampered and re
r i even more than at present. An attempt
mad* tb ei.se tho hotel and aaloon bara
on ek tloa days and all hollday* A blll (known
a-> the a ireen law) wlll be Introdueed, whlch pro
tbal ao palnt ornament, bllnd, acreen or
( ahall i over insi.ie or outalde the lower
} th?. glas* ln the witnlows and doora of I
I,' ? ?: i. Bunday or durinK the prohlhiting hotirs.
v . h wofiM have 'he effect of cloatag a place
glneaa *b*olutely tisht on Bunday, electlon
, -? etc.
u:h license bill la under cvnslderation
v . if passed. would stlll further lnorease the
ji-. inl of liiense fees now paid. The "olvil dnm
i . '." the "dlsorderly house act" and other r*>
Btrictlve measures- will be proposeJ by the enemlea
( ' ?'?>? li'iuor trade.
year* gone by those who presumed to speak
? saloinkeepers have freqtiently acted with
ua unwlaeneea in runnlng counter t>.
?entlment. Just now the feelitiR among
it maa* of the people appears to favor tho
:i of hlgaer license fees and a like obeerv
ance of the Sundays. Ry r*O0*ratslng that and
tryli c earneatly t.i put forward reasonable pr..;. -
; ? tendlng to anlve tho prohiem tho aaloon*
; - in help themselves lmmoasuralily. Tn
: . ;? aalUon of stubrxirn and nncompromle
* | ppodtton ls the Bureel way to provoke hca
tiiitj b und to reaull dlaaatroualy for their trade.
] ? to th*m*elve*, a majorlty "f the aaloon
k. ? i era are inciined to meet the popubtr demanda
n :? than half-way, hut the brvwersare agalnd
i ange in tho present ayatem.
1HV. ?? .n.;ri:ssional DBLBQATIOM has MANY
Waahiaajtea, r>ec. 29 (Speclal) -The New-Jeraey
t< .f^tlf.n waa aoUd for the Bond rneaaure aa
tn ende'l by the Waya and Meane Commlttee. Not
Ud they atteat their interest ln It by votlnK
1 it. bul they sat ln their scats and listened to
the lonjr dobate throughout.
A number of Mlls ln whlch the people of New -
jersey feel an Intered will be Introdueed ln the
House r.fter the holldavs. After theae, says Hep
resentative Qardaer, of tho Ild Dlstrlct. are aome
jiver and harbor matt.rs. Wlls. petitions and tn
rior.als on theae aubjeeta now ro t>> tl... Commlttee
rn Hivers and Harbora dlrect. Afterwurd, at a
r iltaMe time. the membors Intereated .md ench
frienda n* rr -y deslre the opprrtimlty, ar* admltted
lo the coeamlttee room and address pradlea] arKii
menta to the oommittee ln behalf oi the Improve*
inenl asked for.
X. w-Ji-rsey ls on* of tho Rteat pottery manufa't
urlng Btate* of the i'nion. He.- intereata are both
extenaive ar.d varied, and her Congreeamen aeem
x'-ry much allve to the qu.-stlon of nrote.-tim: them
> gialation of Congreaa Judge Buchanan, an
, RepreaentatlV* of the State in ConiJress, also
) ? .. matter at heart. He has boeti in eouaulta
t ... with various membera of both houses dnc*
t'hdetaaaa with repard to tbe restoratlon of tbe old
o ity red .' ed by the Gorman-W'iison bill. As it
waa . onsidered necessary to send the e*aerg*ney
8 i. through the House with as few amend
, .-?-..?. poadble, and there was no opportunlty for
an effort will probably be mad.- n< xt w ? -,-k
i ? nm. nd the pottery schedule in a.cordan. e with
the wisr.rs of the New-Jeraey and other pott.ries.
. ? . New-Jeraey people ber* are Am..- W.
? Livtngston; Walter Fieeeteae, ..f P*t
. - M I Isaannr. Mlaa F. Ussaner. Mr. arnl Mra.
1' Bramley, "f Newark. at tho St. Jam.s: H. C.
of Trenton, at the Natlonal: R. A. Nelaon, >,f
,n at the I'nlted Btatea; W. S. Blnas, oi New
, i . j. i;. Hagennan, of Red Bank, at
. i*on, nnd .1 B. Flelder, at the Normandl.
'I..- New-Jeraey delegatlon r.-sui.- In Waahlngton
^..,,,-.,,? .--i well, ;..; the Normandle; Ben
st tbe Arllngton: Repreaentatlvee Gard
Jl.i. and Loudensluner, of the Ist Dla
.. ai la: R< presentatlve Fowler, ot \w
Ijjatiict, at th.- Calro: Howdl, PHney snd
.,;, itlvely. of the llld, lVth and Vth dls
..- the Normandle; McKwan, ol the' Vllth
? No. 1,836 l--t : Parker, <>f the vlth, at
ihe Bhoreham .. <_? .. ii
Senator M< l'herson's succeaaor. Senator Bcaeii,
v | in th< Senate from 1881 to ISbi. I
? irm welcome from hla former coll. - i
H/hom ae v.w* extremely uopuiar. ne i* a
..... j,, ,. ,,,!_ ,,:?. 0f tl.-- few forelgn-born m< tn
r house. and has the kec-n sen ?? or
huroor, th* qulek reaponalveneas. the gonlallty or
i ? and the peraonal bravery charaeu-nauc oi
onailtv Senator Bowoll is about sSaty year*
old and fort ir-four reara of his llfe have been .-,?< n
country. He enllated at the begtnnlng <>,
tht war, and hla war reeord waa a briuiai
a* Chanodloravllla where he eommanded a brina ??
breveted ** brlgadler for bravery. and aaa
i . major-aeneral for hia algnal aeirv kes at
<,.,rc Benator Bewdl ls one of the hsndaom
? th. Benate, and an ardent admlrer ot
ex-Hrealdent Hatrlaon. wlth whom he wn? .?
ste and whom be counta aa one of his aarm
Haokonsack. Dee 2T> iSporial) - Paul Rodewelt. of
WeedcUff who was thrown from hls blcycle oa
( rtetmi Day and bad hla akull fradurod. died
early i . nlng He atarted to go to HlHedale. and
waa a.t half-way there when he received nw
whlch lerralnated fataiiy He loavea ?
bv ,.j ,? ?-.'i t wo chlldren.
DBATH OF john R i.orKWOop.
Taaaly N J . Dec. *A- Jaaa s. IxieJrwood. of the
brokoraKo flrm of Hubbard, I.ockwood * CO., of
Mew-York. who was drowned m Kow-Tdt*ea Batur
day alghl by falllng overboard whilo boardlng a
farryboal at tbsCteaabarsHS, farrjr, was well known
here, wl,cre )i>. Iived
He wa. about nfty-rive yeara old, and ilved wlth hls
Wlfe at the homo of Kllaa Blaaen. ln ^J*1^9^^
He had baea a restdent of this P*at of B*rg?
County for about thirty yars Mra. 8 ?"<?"?ent
lo New-york to-day to make arrangemenU for h<
faaeral. which will be held oa TumiMV at th*
heeae of Mr. Locksrood'a alstsr, Mrs. Beaaar, ?>
Arllnnton-avo., Jeraey Clty.
a*aaaaJe N J \>^ ? Tba Rsv. Mr Hwain, pasto,
t>f the DeUwaaaa naabgiaf*aa Chureh, ond Joaopk
9 Morrla Bdltor and paUiShor of "Tbe l'assa.,
1'a.ly Jo,rnal. ' were arroste.l laat nlght on eom
NalBI of Pollceman Wynne. of this city. who r-harg,?:?
then, with erlatlaa] Hbal. lt was recently aMeged
?hat oa ? hrlatmaa Bve Wynne was djunk.aadiwsi
taken home by other offlcera, who dtdjnot report
ti.. * currence. The matter waa gvast^ed by_thi
gollce ComtnlaBdonora sad found to be untrue.
Wynne threatena to brtag a further actlon for ctvii
OamagcE ajralnst tbe two g.-ntlenien. _
104 West 14th St.
Throe children and one man were terrlhly mutl
'.ated yeater.lav ln dlfferent aectlona of Arllnjrton
and Kearny by a large bliok Nowfoundlanl dou
whlch aeemed to bear a oharmed llfo, aa when he
waa flnally k'.lled be was Waodlng from ten wounds.
The CbaS* of the dOBJ wa* full of thrilllnw lncldenta.
and aeveral men and boya hal naiTOW cRca,.08 from
the drlppinc fanga of the enraite ! beaat Hla pas
a.iKo near Chlld Cbapd, ln Kearny-avo.. crealed
conaiernatlon amoni; the qulet worshlppera. and as
the doj? and hla pursu-ta dashed along-the realdents
of the thlnly populated atreeta near Hal.<tead-st.
rnshed In liors. elodng bllnda an I boltinK doora be?
hlnd them.
Tho vb-tlma of th" .l>tr are T. McClOOd, elght years
- n of l.eonar! McCloud, of Devon-st., Arllnr
ton. badly bltten on the lega and left arm; Wlllle
l'onath. sl\ yeara Old, bltten through the thip-h and
back; FYank l'onath. Bve yars old. bltten on the
alde, arm and both lega, and Matthew l'onath, bltten
on left leg and left fore.um.
The McCloud boy waa bltten early ln the morninp,
the dog auddenly appearlng and ruablng ui>on hlm
as he Btood aear bla home The llttle fellow araa
knock* 1 down with the first rush.
Fr.ni Devon-Bt, the dog ran toward Kearny-ave..
rludlnjr j..irr=uit In the h> avy bushes on tho Condll
trnct. Wlndsor and Halatead Bta ls about a half
mlle from Devon-at , where the flrat boy waa bltten,
and it waa only a llttle after 11 o'clock when Wlllle
and Kr.ink l'onath, who were playlng on the atreet
ln front of their home, were attacked. The chil?
dren wrre standinp tlde by alde nt the time, ani
bad no knowledge ..f th* .ioi--'.-' preaence untll the
elder one of the two wa*. knocked down by the ani
mal. Willie W0? a heavy overcoat, yet the flerce
head waa ao enraged thal he bll through the Beah,
otothlng and all. The boy ihrleked arlth paln and
fear and Btruggled to regaln bla feet Tha dog re
taine i his hold, bowever, and ahook tbe chlld a*
thoufh hl were a eat After a nunii.-nt or two the
lal managi i to regaln his feet. Aa he dld so the
iIok grabbed hlm i.y tli - ealf of th.- lea, almoat tear
Ing the flesh from th.- bon*. The llttle fellow fell
aaaln, ani the dog jumpt i fir his brotber Kr.ink.
who stood near by, shoutlng and crylng. As the lat?
ter was hurled to the ground. aeveral men, Includ
ing tho fath.-r of tbe children, rnshed to the acene.
I-'rank lay on the ground, and tba dog was llterally
tearlnfr at hut ll- ih
Mr. l'onath waa tlrst to reaeh the beast, and al
thoiifrh unarmed, he drove the <J,,g from his bleedlng
children. belnit bltten through the forearm and ealf
of hia leg in th" attempt. The nelghbors then cloeed
in, and wilh aticks and ston.s Ilnally be.it the mad
head off. He ran again toward Kearny-ave., thls
tlme followed I.y a large party of men and boya,
some of whom had arm. 1 themadve* The cnase
continued along Kearny-ave., untll, at Urove-at., the
dog turn.-1. takirm the rentre ..f the roadway. Kddie
Burna. one of th. pursuera, lal |ual t:m>. to Jump
on the platform of a pasaing irolley-car hs the dog'*
teeth mapped vlclouely behlnd hlm. Motorman Mc
Hrlde trled to nn. the dog down, but each time the
cai came near th.- ?!?.- trotted off the track When
near the Condll tracl again the dog hounded from
the i adway into tbe shelter of the buahes. where
:..- wa* lost.
A half-hour later Pollceman Halo. who hal been
informvd of the affair. * gg | aatalng along Kearny
ave., when he aaw the dog lylna pantlni on ;. stoop.
Th.- pollceman paaaed t.. the *ldt of lb* house, and
then, creeplng up, *hol the dog behlnd the ear.
With a bound it was off, an! tb, aearcher*, who
weri atlll ln th- nelghborhood, again lolned in the
pursult A* hi ran. Ra>, wbo i.s a crac ahot. flred
twice, each huiiet lodglni ln th* flylna anlmal, Wlth
our. however, checktng It* apeed. ln Wlndaor-at
William Roche ahol n wlth ,. full load from bla
ahotgun, bui atlll lb* beast ran untll it reached a
atable south of Halatead, ln Wlndsor-at,
\ Hale cam ap h? found th* dog atandlng n..ir
th.' doorway with his halr briatllng and as full of
llgbt as ever, Hal. .. ateady alm with his re
volver and flred. At the aame time ihe .]or lumped
forward, aelslng Ih* revolver in his month. Tbe re
volver w...- Ilachargi i three tlme* whlle ln this
poaltlon, and then tne dog ataggered back, and aa
he mj the offlce, flred a bullet through hla hraln.
The Injured "ierson* were promptly cared for, and
all of tlie bitea hav* been cauterlaed and no f?t...
effe.-t? are feare.|. Tb.- anlmal weich.d about IM
po.inds. nnd. so far as can be loarne I, did not be
lon*; ir. tne nelghborhood.
WHEN <vm; HBNCRMAN iaii.s hi; pcts ax
Camdfn. I>ee. ^> (Bpeclal). The tr.mble in the
offl, e of Internal Revenue Collector Butcber proves
to be the reaull Of the y- I. . tion of a dilef clerk wbo
was unable to perform the .i,.t;.s, but ?husc polltl?
cal pull was st: ong,
The appolntment of Joaeph R. Whlttlngton aa
clerk araa dlctated by his frlend and fellow-towna
man. William j. Thompaon, of Oloucester Clty.
Now Whlttlngton blmaelf admlt* that th.. work
Btaagered hlm, and tbat he gol Into a anarl. H<
aald last night: "Th- reaaon I gol ..ut of thi -?ni.-.
was becauae th.- work was t.,., exacting. Then
may have been .-rrots owlng t.. the compllcated *ya
tem of aecounts, but there is no ihortage or finan?
cial loaa, Rxamlner Bpaulding, whu overlooka the
books of the revenue offlce twice a vear, found that
a number of report* ha i noi been mbmltted at th.
proper time, and thls was due to the large amount
>.f work aaaigned t,. me, Th.- dutlea were auch that
I w.is conatantly wonied and wanted to realgn aU
montha ago."
H. M. Royal. now- Buperintendent of Thompaon'a
Oloucester trolley line, win eucceed Whlttlngton.
Waahlngton, N. J., Dec. 9 (Speclal).?The Hre ap
paratus. with whlch th.- large Needham plano and
orjran manufactury in thla place is equlpped, alone
aaved the bulldlng fi im deatructlon thla mornlng. A
piece of waste took flre from ?pontan. *ua combuatlon
in the flywheel ;.;: in the englne-room, an.i a *eri
oua conflagration waa narrowly averted. The ,,.....
age cauB. i by tir, and water will amouni to aeveral
hur:dr.-l dollara. Over one-half of tln- ?::?> employea
wlll i..- oul of work untll the m .. iry repalra are
tna kt.
Th* eleven Republlean Aaaemblymen-elecl of Ba*
s.-x county hcl a flnal caueua Saturday night at
the Republlcan Club, Newark, to deflnltely deter
ndne the queatlon of th,- Bpeakerahip, At a former
eaucue the Aaaembrymen adopted a reaolutlon fa
rorlng tbe candidary <.f Alfred \\ Bklnner. It has
been underatood tn.it two of ti..- Aaaemblymcn
were lukewarn. it: aupporl of an Bam x candldate
and favored Mr. Derousse. Before th" caueua met
it was aaeerted that flve ?..' the membera had been
aron over to l >ero i -
Aaaemblyman Harrison an* abaenl from the
caii'-iis, but his Rupport ,.' Rklnner is aaauretl. Aa?
aemblyman Chrisl e ..sk. i :.. be excuaed, and Bave
sailsfactory reasona, aaylng he would b, ln ihe
right plaee at the rroper tlme. The csucua unanl
mously adopted a resolution to preaent Mr. >k ln
ner's name In tho leglelatlve caucua as tho cholce
of Baaea County for Bpoafci r, aad to eupport him.
a coNc;nEi;.\Ti(iNs gTRAMOB way of proi/ing
Merchantvllio. N. .1.. DeC. 2!' (Speclali.-The oddoat
preaeatatton of aa odd glft was aaads to tho pastor
of the Pnlon I'hureh. I.eiiola. last nlght. The pas?
tor ia tho Rev J. F. KtHtiger, who also has ,harge
of tho pirst Methodiai Bplaeeaal Chureh here. iie
11 vo- in Merchaatville, and rldea the few mllos to
Loaon on tho Pennaylvanla Haiiroad each Bunday
evening, returnlng the same way.
Hla flock al the llttle scttlement notlced thnt fro
quently oa Bunday nlghta their paator would be
compelleil lo ,-ut short tbe s.-n iecs JuM when they
arere growlna moat iiiteroatina an.l hurry off to
catch hls train. It became n problam wlth them.
and they got thelr haada together to aolve lt. Their
actlon led to the alngular apectacle hisi night. The
Chriatmaa featlval waa about Hntahed, preaenta t<>
ih.- Bunday-school acholara had been glven and
every body waa merry, when euddenly a greal clat
f-r on the wooden front atepa waa heard The doora
were fliing open. and to the astonishniont of Mr
Btanger there came atamplng up the main aJale,
nniiii iho merry Bhouta of the throng, h aleek-looklng
bay horse. led by two small boya ln llvery. Before
\lr. Btanger could fully n ;ov r, the Buperlntendenl
Of the Siinda- -sehool oxplalnod to hlm that this was
his horae for keepe; that no more would ln- have t,,
< hop off tho ends of his aermona ln order to cati h
hla traln, nnd hereafter he could flnd the membera of
his floch .-it theli homea wlthout wadlng through
inml or anow. . ,
Tbe BUOCeaa of tho prosontritlon was huge, and
Pastor Btanger waa as bappy as a schoolboy wlth hla
flrst palr of akatee,
Paterson, N. .1 ? Pee. M.?Three hundred spoda
tors wire at dymplc Park. Lakevlew, on Batur?
day afternoon to aee tho flrst game <>i the American
cup tle between the True Blue olevon. of Paterson.
and tho Caledonlanfl, of Newark. Tho True BluOB
are the eraek tl am of Paterson at AaOOCtatlon foot?
ball. ond bad not been defeated this aeaaon untn
a wi >k ago, when they Buccumbed to the Inter
natlonata, >>f Ne ,v-Vork.
The True Bluea WOH tho tnss, ntiil Font thelr op
ponents fa.-lnc tho wlnd, but Iho visltors In tho
lirsr few niiiri!<? ahowed apeedy work. and Brown,
of the Caledonlana, aecured the flral goal. The
Paterson men then bra ? i up, and Bpencer, aaalated
by Captaln On wcock, ? ured the flral goal for the
home team Before the flral half was flnlshed, Tur?
ner ac t. 'I the aecond goal for the True H'u s
After the t-ii mlnutea' reat, the teama changed
sii|.-s for a aecond half, and the Pateraon ki.-ker.:
played fasl hall, Bpencei gettlng the thlrd goal for
them, an.l Captaln Grewcoch the fourth. Tho New
arkera falled to score agaln, and the game cloaed
wlth a vlotory for the True lilues, by four goals to
if the Internatlonala defeal the Kearny Pangers,
the True Bluea mual agaln meet tho Internatlonala
in the linal eonteat for tbe cup,
? ? - ?
Frederlck Thtele, a silk worker, was held In RM
ball by Record-r Bchlndler, of West Hoboken, on
Baturday nlght to awalt the actlon of the Orand
Jury on a chargo of blgamy.
Thiele was arreated, with Annio Arenz, whom ho
marrled two weeka ago, on complalnt of Mrs. Blvtra
Bacher, wh<> aaya ahe is his lawful wlfe, Thiele ad
mits bavlng gone through tbe wcjding cerem my
wlth both women, bul de larea th.tt n<-> la not ? blga
n-.is i
He marrled wifo No. 1 two an.l a half yeara ago.
and Bhe lefl hlm In Auguat laat. He wenl to Nve
8t Spring and Sm!:h ata., Hoboken. wlth Annle, a
good-looklng Oerman girl. whom ho flrst met \n Vnt
eraon. Thiele and Annle were marrled by Juatice
Karl. of Weal Hoboken. Tho huaband clalma thal
hl.a flral wlfe waa me wlfe nf another al the ilme he
wenl through a ceremony wlth her, iie aaya that he
haa aeen her weddlng certlflcate, hearing the nam.
Of I le, rgi r:: irm.
- ? ?
PAT lo.- \r, TAX R VTE8.
Henry V. Condicl is addreaalng t.'.e r;?.) oov?
ernmenl Clube of Hudaoo County nn the aubjeel of
"Bquai Taxatlon." *fr. Condicl propoaea that the
rallroad companlea should be compeltod l i pay lo ??;
tax ratos.
"Thero |.-." h? anya, "a greit deal nf discrlmlna
ti-ti agalnal Jeraey Clty, where thero is moro rail
roal property than in any o:her part nf the Btate,
and it la Increaalng all the time. rnir rate ol i iv .
very hlgh, whlle In the eountry dlatrtcta ll la very
low. Here propertj la aeaasaed 7". por cent of whai
it ib worth. There is in Jeraey Clty tUS,09tV*JOO worth
? if property, aboul one-elghth of ;'..-,? In ihe Btate
The rallroada oughl lo pay one-half of tho Btate
:,i\. but they pay only aboul one-fourth. If ihe
rural dlatrlcla were aaaeaaed as we are, we would
only havo t<, paj one-alxteenth w a pay throo
llmea aa much <.; the Btate t;i\ m> we oughl to,
and if tho rural diatricta pald only the:r share, are
pald 1157,000 more laal year than we ahould have
pald. We ahould g> t thla back Th,- ayatem >.f l,a-.
Ing the rallroada pay thi Btate l i\ la wrong. Tho
rallroada ahould be aaaeaaed proportionately
throughoul the State \v.- pay becauae of the larg
ami int of i > Iroad property here, whlle other por
tlona of the State paj nothlna becauae they baveno
rallroada. There are twenty-four townahlpa lhal do
ti ii pay one dollar. The t ?,! value of property tn
those townal 1.833.769. Each locallty s-houl.'
pay accordlng to .is valuatlon. and rallroada should
i,.- taxed al the full local rate. Then we would
have . iual taxal m The rallroada monopollxa .-no
thlrd of the area <>( Jeraey <'ity. If we d'.d nol tiave
? - rallroada here we would have itr^at manufac
ti.ri.-s. The rallroada have gobbled up the water
front and tbe beal property, ?n.i ,i., not pay thei>
falr ahare ol taxea The dtlaena of tiie Btate
ahould be Indlgnant. In New-York and Pennayl?
vanla rallroada have to pay the same tax,-* as ln
the rallroada only pay 7.", centa
dlvlduala. We pay a taa of t- 7.". por hundred, and
"Th.- property owned by rallroada ln Jeraey Clty
ls valui 1 :ii between Mo.iOO.OOO and tG0.000.OD0 gr?
T ? property, ll tazed al the aame rate as other
property la taxed, would have produced over $1.000,.
000 The rallroad companlea pald laat year $226.ou0
leavlng a balance of about 1775.000. whleh had to be
borne by thi other property. The rlch and poor
wio ixiy taxea In Jeraey <"i;v have t.intribute !??
the rallroada Bomc yeara ago Waahlngton, D. C,
wi? near being bankrupted becauae tiu- Oovern?
menl bulldlnga ?.!?? exempl !r m taxatlon, bul
Congreaa came to its ald and paaaed a law corn
pelllng the Oovernmenl to pay local r.it.-s of taxea,
and now Waahlngton la one of the flneai .-itie<. tri
th.- worM lf Jeraey Clty got her full Bhare from
tho rallroada she would nol he in debt."
Th.- Anti-Treat S<>??:?-ty. of Newark, has adopted
this reaolution: "Thal wo heartlly iiiilorv,- the
maaly, i<<-? t r-?. ?: i? ? and Intenaely American meaaas*
tranamltted to Congreaa by th.- Prealdenl or the
I'nited Btatea, toucnlng upon the dlapute between
Oreal Brltaln and Venexuela, and demandlng thi
upholdlng iiii'i enforcemeni of th<- Monroe Doctrlne,
and that we fully approve tiu- prompt actlon of
both braachea of the Natlonal Leglalature In .-u|.
port nf the I'res 'l.-iit."
THB BEV. DR. iiau/iran. of jf.rset riTT,
TBAR"- BB i:\ii.AIXS st. PAUL'g AH
V1C1 T'i THi; I'llII.UTt.vNS ANI)
TtONI POR l. I: \ t > IN ? i A
cHBiartAM urx.
The Rev. Dr. Ilalloran. paator of Simpson Metho
dut ICptacopal Chureh, Jersey Clty, preacbed yea?
terday mornlng on "Thought* for the New Year."
? rtnon. whl.h was int. t.s.ly IntereatlnR, waa
baaed on the pasaage from Phlllpplaaa iii. IS, ln
whi.-h the Apoatle *aya: "Porgettlng the thincs
whi.-h are behlnd aml reachlug forth unto thoae
arhlch are bi foae " 'i he ap. ,ik>-r said In pad:
We hav.- bad our Bl asor. of joy. w>- now come to
thai of thought w.. are in tbe last houra of an
expliini year ihe chlll >.f iis death is upon ua
Thla should lead u* t" aak ourselves Inclalve quea
i tlona and bal us to the full appioiatton of our
I prlvllege* as Chrlstlans. Wlth tius end ln dew we
1 have aelected the text, and truel we ahall be <iu Inely
aaelated n dlacoverlng Ita blessed truths,
Th* great Apostle exhorte theae Phlllpplan Chrta?
tlana to forgei thoae thitiKs whlch are behlnd, from
tli. depth of his own remarkable experience. Ii>.
well knew tbat whlle there are mattera whlch are
salutary in the retroapect, there are many othera
whlch, lf rcmembered, would welgh down the Chrls?
tlan and Jeopardlse ;,:. iplrltual llfe
On* oi tb.. flrsi thlnga t>. bc forgotten ls that of
tb. many fallurea thal atrew tbe path of the be
llever. Vou will riotic.. tbat our trunk railvvays
erect no monument* where wreck* occur, almply
b.-. auB* i!;.- remi mbranco would expose the manage
iii.-nt .-ind iniure ihe trafflc. So ln our Chrlstlan llfe
there are faTluree opportunltlea for good neglected.
attempta ln heaven* *ervlce that have proved
aboftive whi.-h ba,.- ca laed ns th,- deepeat paln,
but whlch, if dweli upon, would paralyse further
effort* in our Lord'* ?ervlce II. nol ,-t.t?-r th*
vlrgin year wlth an overwhelmlng s.-ns.- of your
Impotence in dlvlne thlnga. "Let tb.. .load pad
: i.uiv its dead."
I would bave you forget the oppoaltlon that has
come to you ln your Chrlstlan llfe, To some thls
llfe h.-.s Been tb.- uncot erlna >.t bacterla hltherto
unknown. Indeed, we have known men who atood
daaed al the confllct and aaked themaelvee whether
this a-ere tl..- Chrlstlan lit" that had ao much of
promtae in it. They forget thal when we become
Chrtstllke we must partakeol Hl* aufferlng*. Indeed,
we Invite attack from evll. Tb" memory of wronga
Infllcted, li Indutited In, wlll turn the honey of tne
Ooapel int.. vlnegar Korglvenesa is dlvlne, batred
la Satanlc, to clierlsh wronga reeelved ls to nurse
: the vlper 11 your ? .*??" boaom Brothers! leave all
: your contentfona in the grave of th.. buried year.
| trample on the mrface and *ay, vviih the help of
; Ood, they ahall have no resurrectlon.
I would have you leave th.- aflllctlona of tho last
year behlnd also. These an. closely related to the
? ipposlthma just mentli ned, bul in our phlloaophy th*
latter are rrom our human aaaociatlona, the former
are from Ood We av man opposea Qod affllcta.
Her.- l may be asking whal seema to vou an Impos
sibiilty. Disease ban blighted your fondeet
hope*. your bualn. is has been wrenched from you
by dtahonorable methoda; your templee ar.- bldden
by a -now that no aummer will ni.lt. I have no
doubt. .bar frlenda, bul you eould call up eufllclent
affllction that would ao embltter your soul tbat
prayer would i" Imposslble to you. But you forget
the ground ia arell as the purpoae of aftll.-tlon.
We ari human, wlth limitationa nnd tendenclea
that nccesaarlly Indtice paln and .lis.-ase. Iforally
we are unshapen. Heaven puta its .old chlaei on
us and we fllncn: but ,t is tln- only proeese poealble
t.. Omnlpotenc. bj whlch we may be prepared for
realdence with Ood, and for llkenes* to the anjrels.
Vou, Indeed, maj noi be able t.< become obllvlous
to all BfTllrtlon Thla were Impossible: but the stinu
may !>?? extrarted from lt and th" mercy of Cod so
J .lotnin.it, th, (Oul a* that the deep. st sorrows wlll
onlv reveal the gri itneaa of the Dellverer. Remem?
ber "tbat Ihe path ol ...now and that path alone
|e I to the land where sorrow ls unknown."
Th* lasl advlre on forgettlng whlch I shall men- i
ti..n la Belf-deproclatlon Pride is an overeatlmate
of one'* powi i and a rontempl for othera: becauae
i, o umptlon - it'-d. I'i'e. -latlon is the other
extreme of the % I brat lon of the pendulttm. Thi re is
ii m< an whl< h hould be pursued. We belleve
lhal there I* :.r ? ? each ol u? a con*clou* abllit)
for the performance of provldentlal tasks. l.et
there i ? no paling ln the presence of duty this
year, Chrlstlan* ln the name of Ood, le! ns artae t"
the conquesl .?: sin.
The ibitiLS vvlil.li ar" before. I.et us note for a
moment tb" Injunctlon In the aecond part of our j
lext, "reachlng forth unto thoae thlnga whleh are
Apprehenalon of Ood I* vltal to all chrlstlan llv- i
Ing That i ma> ? ad Ood as my peraonal
frlend. gtiide, dellverer; lhal he may pervade all j
department* of mj llf. and ne er be absenl from
me I* ? ?ubltme po dblllty ;..?... more, a podtlve
luty wlth me lf there I* one facl clearer than an?
other ln Revelatlons, ll I* thi* We must be ex
pllclt hi n Thi I dlff. n nl from the Divine nmtii
preaence whlcb aecuroa Ood everywhere. even in
nerdltl in The ann ahlne* upon our world In diffused
apjondor. but It* raya may be fo..us.se,l so as to pro- ?,
.tiico a conflaxration without deprlvlng Burround
Ing naltire of one whll of Its llght or force. Ood
In omnlpoten.-e, adlffn ?? If you wlll, but la focuBaer]
in thal nature thal ha* repented at Calvary. has
fell the atonlng blood nf Ihe Ri rlet mer lo the wash
!n^ away of transgresslon without deprlvlng an^el
or .-.ph, or man, heaven or earth of one beam of
Ilis glorlou* count. nan ?
Another thought is lhal Cod has ? deflnlte pur
,?,*,. in the creation of pach Indlvldual composlng
ih. humai ram l> T i i o ild addreaa >>nr
s,.|\e-; t.. and fllltll.
i would further have you conatantly remember
thal your stifflolencj I ol Ood Oul ... Hlm we are
nothlng, In Hlm we are Deltj In mlnlature; we may
draw on Inflnlte re*o irco* in labor for i lod.
i would have vou flnallj remember the reward of
the true bellever. Even In thla llfe we are the
vlctors. T*ll me nol thal Ihe age ls l.imlng more
corrupt, the world at large more slnful. Then, In?
deed, I* Chrlatlanlt) the roloasal failure of all titti"
To the cynlc* it ma; a] ;?? ar - i, bul II I* nol Every
sun wltne**i i new trophle* for tl.roaa, Chrlatlan
Ity ls belng Inrornorated Into new languages, and
lips that never pralsed Ood are now trembllng
wlth the hallelujahs <n" redemptlon The t'mal
reward la heaven Wegrow wearjr often, thejourney
-. . nis lona and haxardoua, and some may thlnk it
sltif.il to long for !>??'. Paul did tu.i s.. belleve* for
I , had "e deslre to depart and be wlth cbrist, wnlch
is far better." Thev t< ll you the ahadowa Indlcate
Ihe . lose of day. Vou are golng toward the Bun
down No" ti"' "The path of the Jual ls as the shln
i.i" il.-bt that shlneth more and more unto the per*
feet day "
?? ? ?
Plemlngton, N. J., Dec. SS (Speclal). The lumber
offlce of John Oortelyou, ln Neshanlc, near Plem?
lngton, waa entered by burglara ahortly aft-r z
o'clock tins mornlng and thoroughly ranaacked.
The large*afe was i : iwn open and Jpw ln caah and
postage atampa to t!..- valu.- of aeveral dollar*
Btol. n.
Th.- thlevea drllled i hole In the aafe into whi.-h
dynamlte was pla.-ed, Wel aacka were placed over
th. ife t. deaden the report. Mr. Cortelyou'a
coatly fur overcoal and a lot of valuable paper*
were alao *to!?n, ll i< auppoaed to have been tbe
work of an organlaed gang,
- ? ?
Camden, Dec. '-"? (Speclal), J B. Horafelt, a mllk
man, cauaed the arn il yesterday of <>. T. I.eo, of
No. 537 Newton-ave., Camden, on a charge of black
ibusf. i: sald thal rec ntly Lee wenl to his pl ?.?>?
.ii.l tei ed hl* mllk. l.>, aald the mllk was not up
to the Btandanl, and Rtarted away with the order
thal Horsfelt appear at lns offlce. Before he lefl
tl.- mllkman !??.? la >-\. i to hav* announced thal he
would aettle the cas. for t... The complalnt was
made before Justice Baldwtn, wbo held l.ee for
i'hrlstmas musle was ropeated In moat ef the
churchea yesterday nnd In aome of them apeclal
Chrlstmaa servlces wero held.
Mayor LobMebCff says that tbe proposltlons of
tho Kast Jersey Water Company to the city for a
new pipe llne and water atorage plant are very
llko tho hand> to a Jug-all on one alde. He does
not favor advuncing to the company any of the
HJOMN hold by tho clty untll the completlon of the
ooatraota of IfSk and ho thinks that the origlnal
contract Bbould !?? carrled out to the letter and tho
clty come into full posscsslon of th" plant in 1!*V).
A second COndult, tho Mayor thinks, ls deslrable,
but lt had not \<-t I.n clemonstrat.-d tbat the pres
ent plpo lire was not of the maximum eapaclty.
There was tlme enough to llnd that out. The con
BOBSUa of aontlmant among the members of the
Poard r,f Works is against any alteratlon of the
exiatlng contract. it la atatad that the pipe llne
could deliver 60,?00.000 gallons, the maximum amount
daily. If It was put to a full test. but that the ptpa
is not strong enough to boar the preasure. The
condult ls compoaed of stoel plates four feet square
und throe-slxteenths of nn inch tlilck. rlvetod to
gather. if atructural weshaaaa should be disdosed
ln the pipe tO make lt useless for the supply called
for by the contract. tho Kast Jersey Water Com?
pany would ba liound by Its contract to repiaee it
with a Btronger pipe and the clty holda 8,500,000 of
ti,.Mitract prlce to eompel the fulrilmont of tha
A. <;. Spaldlng & Co.. tho sportlng goods dOSlera,
have leaaed part of a factory at the corner of Penn
sylvanla-ave. and Lum-at.. preparatory to buildlng
a new factory on Kailroad-ave. The company wlll
manufacture foodalis.
lt was atated on Baturday by a olor.e friend of
M-rnard .J Ford that the latter spent part of the
tlme h<- was a fugltlve from N'ew-.Icrsey ln Ireland
Imrlng the o.ncludlng sesslons of tho Voorhees
Benate Commlttee ho ,-amo from Fiorlda. and io
cated in PhUadelphla, where ln- was ln eommunlca
tion with the New-J,rsey authorlt.os, and. it Is said.
Indlcated to them llnea of Investlgatlon. lu-turning
from Ireland. Ford livod In s.-.-lusion in N> w-York
untll hls recent return to New-Jeraey to i>lead to tho
Indlctmenta asalnat hlm In the Mercer County
Citizons who charit.ibly 1, nt their namos and atd
to ratalng a fund for a newaboya1 Chriatmaa dlnner
at th,- Baaex Nyceum have received lettera nlloglng
that th,- promotera of the enterprlae had not prop
oriv accounted for all the money collected and that
th,- proceeda of an advertiatng acheme g?tten up ln
connectlon with th" affalr had 1,,-on appropriated
by one of th,- men. Czal H. McCarter, who had
conaented to act as treaaurer of the fund, said ho
liad received lettera Of this eharactor and had con
aulted Mayor l^ebkucher on the subJect He had
Informed th,- orlglnatora of the affalr that ail
moiievs collected must be turned over to him and
thal io- WOUld pay all bills. It Is not known how
much was collected.
Tho I'hrlstmas ontortainment of tho New-.fersoy
Deaf Mutes' Boclety was held on Baturday nlght at
No. 756 Broad-et. A large Chriatmaa tree oceupled
on,- end of th- hall About ono hundred deaf mutos
were preaent and tho prealdent, A. Uncoln Thomaa,
made a apeech In algn lansuaga Mlaa Kizzle Crane
sang in the same slb-nt language and Mlss Kokels
reeited "Nearer -My <:<>d, to Tbee." Seoretary Nash
personatod Santa Claus and dlstributed gifts.
G. Lee Stout. chairman of tho Hloomfleld Town
shlp Commlttee, has appointed Thomas Oakes, James
H. Moore, Halaey M. Barrett, Dr. Harry K. Rich?
arda, Amzi Dodd, Theodore H. Ward, Dr. C, B,
Balley, tSdmund A. Bmlth, Harry L. Osborne and
FYancla Law, a ,-ummittee to act wlth tho Town
Bhlp Commlttee ln an effort to secure for Hloomfleld
its proper repreeentatlon in the systom of parks
projected by the Kssex County Park Commlsslon.
Tho funeral of Paul Pegenhardt, who ili^I on
Thuraday waa held ln Monteialr yesterday morn?
ing. The hearae was followed by tho membera of
Monteialr Clrcle, Brotherhood of the 1'nlon; Ameri
can Leglon of ii.in.ir anl the Kntghta an.l uadtea of
Honor. After the Bervlcea at the Pilgrlm Mls^ion
the body w.is taken to reteraon
The Mlzpah Brotherhood of th? Park Methodlst
Chureh, Bloomfleld, will recelve calla ln the chureh
parlora on New fear*a Day.
Ir l, Moody, the evangellat. wlll speak ln tho
Kirs: Congregatlonal <'hur>h, Monteialr, on January
,;, under the auaplcea of th.- Voung Men's I'hrlntian
As a reault of the reaurrectlon of tho old ehartor
law under whlch tho Bloomfleld Board of Bchool
Truateea haa been conductins affalrs sin.-e ihiii. a
Birange Btate ,f affalra has been brought to light.
The Bchool Board thar waa organlaed in 1834 under
the le.cott law has i.een dlshanded, and Truateea
flamuel Peloubet an.l Bdwln A. smith, who were
auppoaed t" be leglalated ..ut of offlee under the
law, have been relnatated. Tho newly eipctori trus
teea, Charlea i.. flelbert and Arthur J. Ixiekwood.
have been depoaed. Hy 'hic dlacovery lt is found
that the iaw of 1S?I did not apply to I-t.oomlleld, und
that tho town haa a apeclal eharter under which n<>
other achool dlatrict i an be formed in the townahlp
Somo exoitenient WBfl eauaed ln Orange last week
when lt became known that there hai been vlvi
?ectlona practlaed as a part of tho currleulum ln
the phyalology elaaa of the Kast Drange Hlgh
Bchool, In iho ,-lnss in phyalology, a year ago. the
teacher made a number of rivtaectlona on eata as
demonatratlona in anatomy. These had been eon
ducted in a palnleaa manner, tho eata boing un'lor
the Influence of chloroform an.l killed before they
became conactoua. This informatlon was ob
talned from Vernon 1.. Davey, the Buperintendent
of the Kast Orange achoola, who atated that auch
a thlng could very eaally i?' done by the uaeher
of the phyalology Claaa Wlthout his knowiedge, and
added that he bad not heard anythlng about vivl
aectlon for the last six months.
The i'hrlstmas bowllng tournament of the Orange
Athletle Club, whlch was ln progreaa all last week,
came t.> a Cloae on Baturday nlght. Tho scores made
wera exceedlngly good. The beet sons arere the
following. H. li Brown. 2:'.': Dr. Caraon, --'>; A. P,
Btone, 24; K, Codey, O0; P. F. Timpson, 114; Da.
Ludww, J":
The Rev. Henry <'ross, pastor of the Washingion
Btreel Baptlat Chureh, of Orange, has received a
.-all from his old chureh in Maneaquan, N. J. Re
haa not reached a deel lon as yet.
Colonel Abraham H. liy.-m, tho caahier of the
People'a Hank. of Baal Orange, who has been
traveiiing ln ltaly foi som. tlme pust ln the hope
of regalnlng hla health, lias realgned. Frank R.
Wickea, the paying teller of the bank, has been ap?
pointed t,, 1 ii.- vacancy.
Th,- Chriatmaa entertainment of the c.irls' Club,
of Orange Valley, on Baturday night was a great
auc . ss, and thirty llttle walfa wera taken to the
clubhouae, and each ona was glven a aubatantlal
preaenl and a good aupper. There was .1 large
Chriatmaa tree beautlfully dreaaed ami lighted.
Edmund Hoii, Aaalatant Chief of the Kearny
Fire bepartmont. is organlalng a hospltal eorpa
ln tho departmeiit. He arlll sen.l out lnvlt.itions
to-morrow t.? ail the lire companea in tho town
ahlp for a conference, to be he'.d in the Hlghland
Hoae House.
The Kearny Gun ciuh arlll hold another Hold day
siioot on New Yeaurs Day. Beveral metchee liav,?
already been made, the cblef of these being one
al twenty-flve blr-ls for tlOO. between .lohn Kouche,
of Arilngton, and Rlchard Marvln, of Texaa,.
Th? Teacbera1 Aaaoclatlon of the Pr.>*byterian
Chureh, of ArHngton, wlll glve a receptlon to tho
parents ,,f the Bunday-echo .1 pupUa in tho new
Sunday-seiiool buil-' .,<, In K> .irnv-avo., on Thura?
There was a Btrong meetlng of the Rutrterfbrl
Harriers on Baturday night. tho contentlon being
over tho croaa eountry run on I'hri.-'tmas bay. Cap?
taln flamuel T, Preeth dtaputed th" report of tho
tlmekeeper, - lalmlng t iat he had won tho race, but
tho club adopted tho report, and then referred the
matter to M. Forbuah, of the New-Tork Athletle
Club, who declded agslaat Freeth. The latter. how?
ever. entered g protest BgalBBt tho award of the
flrst prize. and left the hall before the meetlng was
ov,-r. The conteatanta ln th,- race ha.l tneir eholce
of tho numorous priz.-s for the r.ve ln the order <>f
tholr flnlsh, and the offlclal re.-ord of the run
placed tho mon as followa Firsf. Loula Oiapman;
se.-ond. Samuel T. Freoth, thlrd. l.ebbeus <""hap
m.m; fourth. M. M.-rry; flfth, Joseph Holbrow.
BlXth, T.iimas W Doyle.
The annual fi.ii- lr,-ss receptlon of the 1'nlon I'lub
will take plac to-moiTOW nlght In the I'nlon Club
Kxtenslvo arrangeni.nts hsve been made for a blg
llve blrd shoot on the grounda of the RoUlng Springs
Gun i'lub on Wedaeeday. 'I'he entnes aro numer
ous, atiil Include some <)f tho best BhOtB of the New
Jersey Trapehootera1 Leagua
Frsncla Ii iffman. an old and well-known resldent
of Cartatadt, dled on Baturday. He waa the father
of ex-I'ostmaster Albert Hoffman.
A young man. who descrlbed hlmsolf as William
Patty, of No M Delaneey-st. New?Tork, called
at Frank V.in Itiin-n's btcycle agency ln Jersey
Clty yeaterday and offored to sell a wheel ho rodo
for $1". As the Wheal araa of a hlgh grade and In
good oondltton, Mr. Van Uuren called a pollceman
aad eauaed Patty*B arraat At the Oregary-at poUca
station Pattf acaUaOWledgad that he aad hlred the
whoel la RlVlBgtoa-Bt , New-Vork. He ls held for
A poker giimo, OSrrlsd on |g the roonia of Frank
Connora, No, 571 Newark-ave., was broken up i>>- the
poiice at i o'eloek yeaterday morning. Coaaora aad
ten m, n who were playlng w,-re arreatad Thoy
gave haii t,, appear before Pollce Justiee Potta this
Mmi f Mi i io\ ,-i n. Blght) -seven ysara old, who llved
wlth her son'B famlly on the eanal-boat Keyaer,
lylng ln the Morrl* Canal baaln, fell overboard yea?
terday and wa* drowned. The body wa* recovored.
The Rev. Claude Raboteau. paator o/ 'he Parmly
Memorlal Chureh. Jeraey Clty. Ia*t night ddlvercd
a prelude entltled, "Patrlotlam In Jersey < Ity It
was Intended as a reply to crltlolam* of the local
newapapera upon Mr. Raboteau'* prelude of the
prevloua Bunday on the Venexuelan altuatlon. Mr.
Raboteau aald he belleved the people of fOroOTl ?f
were as patrlotlc a* the people of any other clty in
tho I'nion, and that If the time should ever ?M*
when thelr aervlcea were needed he belleved they
would reapond to their country'* call aa promptlv
and as freelv. He belleved. too. that the people
ahould *uataln the Prealdent. whether ltf> waa rlgrtt
or wrong. The p<-ople. havlng cboaen hlm to be th*ir
Prealdent. ahould austain the dignlty of tho offlce
and uphold Ita ooeupant. even If they dld not wholiy
agree wlth hlm at all tlme* In comlualon Mr.
Raboteau repeated what he aald In hla flrat prelude,
that whlle h* thought the Prealdent ahould be ati*.
talned and the Monroe Doctrine uphold. he atlll
belleved that a peaceful aolut.on of the trOUOM
ahould be found. and that lt waa the duty or all
Intareded to flnd auch a aolutlon.
Colonel Robert <i. lngerao.l le.'tured In the,Ae**>
' emy of Mualc laat niitht on "The Hible Ine
audlence numberei about ?"). The Bpaaggf waa
frequently applauded.
The Chrlatmaa collectlon at 8t. Patrlck'a churcb,
Elliahethport. amounted to the hanlsorr.e aum of
$.l.oV>?-. Of thla amount Thomaa Drum gave 80OO
and an unknown contrlbutor gave IMB*. The
Chrlatmaa collectlon Is to go toward paylng for tb*
chlef altar ln the magnlfloent new chur-h.
Wllllam Vroom waa arreated ln Kllzabeth on
Saturday charged wlth Btcallng 112" fTOB* Hahne A
Co., of Newark. Vroom la a young marriel man,
who llvea In Kllzaheth. He waa ernployed aa a
drlver of a dtdl very wagon by Hahne A Oa On
I.. lember 23. 24 and 2:,. lt la alleged, the prtaoner
collected from cuatomera to whom he deuvereej
gOOda an<h converted the money to hla own us*
He was committed to the county Jall ln defauit or
8808 bail.
Henry H.ir.e waa lodged ln Jall laat nightW*
atro.ious aaaault and mayhem. the vlctim be.ng
his wife. Josephine. He beat th* ?*?*? *???
she was unconacloua, and then wound up h.s brutai
pcrformancc by aavagdg bitlng her ln '?* *>?">/?>?
Sh- la under a doctor'a care and conflnei to ner
bed. ,
Miss Mary Ann Tlerney. a well-known member of
the Chureh of the Holy Koaary, dled auld-nly on
Saturday at h?r home from rheumatiam ol tne
heart She was forty-tlve yeara old. Hr latner
waa formerly aexton of the chureh.
Ellaabeth Clty Coundl at Ita meeting on Satur
dav night by a vote of 7 to 0 IndoTBod th* BBcaaag*
of'Prealdent Cleveland and the COUrae taken by
Congreaa ln tlie Venezuelan queatlon.
Patrlck Mdoney, ox-Counrllman of the Fourth
Ward. Hoboken. dled on Saturdav afternoon ln the
lnsane aaylum at Snnke Hill. He wa*- at one time
Janitor of the Hoboken City Hall.
The Hoboken pollce yesterday arreated flve trampe
for steallng bottle* of mllk from doorateps and
baaementa. The gang took poaaesalon of a deeerted
*hanty on the Rlver Walk and B*aat*r*d forth early
ln the mornlng to steal their breakfasts. Empty
bottles were found strewn over the floor. The tramps
were all aentenced to a term of slx daya ln Snake
Hill Penltentlary.
The hard tlmea and th* pollce have made the llfe
Of Charles I.oeffler. of No. 40 Willow Terrace, Hobo?
ken, a mlaerable one, and have convlnced hlm that
he will be better off lf he get* out of the polley
bualneaa. The IiOefflers have dealt ln po'.lcy ln Ho?
boken for many years and have often neen arrested,
for the offenoe The father and twelve-year-old
daughter LIHIan are now under ball, awaltlng the
adlon of the Orand Jury for dealing ln polley. The
chlld ls very pretty and was arreste.l by Detective
Qulnn on Saturday whlle maklng the rounda, at th*
requeet of her father, taking play*. I?effler'* fam?
lly conalata of hla wlfe and seven children. They are
ln destltute ctrcumstanees.
_ ?. ?
The dancera wlll contlr.ue to enjoy themselve* thM
week. Mlaa Measle Co.-hran will glve a maa- .
querade hall ln tho Fleld <"lub on Tueaday. Thla i
dance wlll be attended prlncipally by th*
vounger 8et of Ellglewood. On Frlday night
Miss Sarah Platt will glve a large cotlllon
at the armory, for whl.h conalderable prep- I
arations have been made. It ia probable. alao, that
the Fleld club wlll glve a dan-e in it* clubhouae
wlthin a week or ten day*. New Years Day wlll *
be celebr*ted at the clubhouae wlth th? usual gttb- ,
erlng of young people for tea in t'i* afternoon,
while the devoteea of golf will dlaport them**lv*0
throughout the day on th* links near the 1 lubhouse.
The Englewood Iltvk*** of the Poelety of Conee*
crated Talent will glve ita aecond beneflt dramatlo
p.-rformance at the Lyceum on Thuraday evenlng,
January 2. The proceeds of thla *nt*rtainment wlll
be glven to the People'a Palace. of .J*r**y city.
Many well-known people wlll take part ln the p>-r
formance. which wlll be un ler the g-meial dlr*e
tion of Miss Hard, of Knglewood. Frankiln H. Sar
gent, of t.ie New-York Academy of Hramatlc Art.
will glve the one-act comedy "The iiallad of
Boulllbaleae,'1 and Bvert .lanaen W'endell. of New
York, will slng aeveral songs. The last plece will
ba .1 farce glven by local talent
The greateat interest was taken ln the colebratton
of the annlversary of the Hattie of Trenton last
week by the l.iberty Pole chapter of the Paughter*
of the Hevolution. of thls place. Many people wera
present at the .?.-lehrarion. which conalata* of tbe
erectlon of a Lberty DOl* and the urfurllng of a
Hag on the lib^-rty pole plot of ground. Dwlght
Post. O. A. R., was present In full unlform. and
among t:-.<- Daughtera of the Revolutlon were Mra.
Oeorge H. Hodenpyl. State Kegent, Mrs. Charlea
B. Yardley, Mrs. O. E. Adama, Miss A. W. Torrey.
Miss Qall Treat and many others. Tiiere wera
music and addressvs by the Rev. Jamea Kells and a
paper on "The Hattie of Trenton" by Mr*. O. B,
crater, state Htatortan of the Daughter* of the
Hevolution. The offlcers of th- Llberty Pole Chap?
ter are: Regent, Mra. L. K. Miller; ae. r-tarjr, Mlaa
Ida Oorham; treaaurer, Mrs. W. A. Ohilds.
"There Is more,than terrltory. more than mate
rlal wealth. there ls that ln the hlstory of New
Jersey more valuable than money. more than wealth, 4
than acrea, that wlll through all time insplre ltaaona
to a noble devotlon to the prlnciplea that insplreo t
your revolutlonary fathera. In the heart of every
true, man, of every true woman, there exiata that
love for the glorioua, the patrlotlc, the herolc. whlch
conatltute* man and dlsilngiitsnes the ra. e from the
"Unremlttlng attentlon to high dutiea were tbe
charactertatlca of th..- Revolutlonlata. for they poa
aeeaed that spir't of llberty, that devotlon to the
truth and riglu prli-.eiples, that enablt-d th-'m wher
ever they atrayed on the fr.mtier to preaerva ln Ita
purlty that eentiment of patriotlam ani r'ghteous
ness an.i love of llberty whlch broke out la an un- .
.juenchable flame when the Hevolution burst on the I
country."?(Speech of Governor-eleet Gr.jfg*.
Rahway, H. J . Dec M>?The dedicatton ef henew ?
Becond Methodlat Bjgeeoopal '"hurch took pl*** to- *
? lay wlth Impressive ceremonlea. At a recent meet?
ing of the trustees the name was change.l to that
of the Trlnlty Methodlat Kplseopal Chureh.
The mornlng aervl.es beg.in at 10:3o ln charge <of
Hlshop Peaa, of Phlladelphla. who delivered an ea;
ceUent addreas and commende.l tbe congregutlon
for their havlng an actlve mlnlster, the Rev.
Thomaa C. Mayham. The afterno?}n exerclse* were
under the sup.-rvlsion of the Sunday-st hool, to
whlch vorda of good cheer were apoken by proml?
nent speakers. The Rev. Pr. J M. Huckley, of
New-York, was the pritulpal speaker at thi even?
lng aervlce.
From The Spokane Spokeatnan-Iteview.
rf. N". Malterner, of spokan... wear* an ovcrcoat
that ls bound to attract attentlon. no matter where
ll is Been. The coat la made out of fur of tha
unborn m.rak ox. ani. whlle not onlv verv rare. ls
exceedlngly pretty. The coal la Ught ln weight. and \
were it not for the welght of the llnlng, wouiil *eem f
aa though made of the aoftest down. The oolor I
ia a llght allver gray when the llght ls upon It front 1
one direction. and aa aoon aa ihe Ught is shlfted lt '
turn* to a clear gray. Whe.i *een under a llght
not v ry brlght it has the appearanca of Jet black. f
Mr. Malterrer aaya that lt has attracted s<> much /
attentlon ln the Baatern cities that he had to lay I
lt aalde to keep from b,lng bjther,-i anawerlng /
queatlona aa to what lt w.ia and where he got lt. )
"The fur of the unborn 111 i*k on." aald he, "1* '
very rare. Iu fact, cannot be haJ for money. Thai
way I got the fur to make thla one was pecillar \
Two yeara ago 1 made a trtp to the Gr?et Blav*
Lake, and tn tlttlng out at Aihabaaca l.andlng I
bought a canoe, payltig $100 for lt It waa along
toward fail when I got back to the landlng, andl
there I met an old trapper, who had been hu'ntlng
and trapping along the lake* and rivers for a num
bor of years. He aeemed to take qulte a fancy to
my canoe. although he dld not say anythlng. but
was looklng lt ov. r carefully and notlng Ita good
pnlntB. aa a hor?e fancier would a blood horse
Finally he steppc.1 up to me and sald: -Say mlater
what are you golng to do wlth that boatr A
that tlme 1 had no expectatlona of ever golng up I
that |?rt of the country again, and. aa the be* t
eould be of llttle value to me, l answered, Muat ?* .
ahow you that the Yankeea are all rlght I'H gp e '
vou that boat ' He waa greatly t.lea?ed, and. a> w
looking lt over agiln. he a.ili. 'W.ll. i'n iuM iri, w
VOU tlutt the oll trapper ia all rlght. too.' ati
t iklng me over to hla warehousv. he got a num' >r
of these fura and gave them to me At a c* h
value they would be worth many times tha can< a
ani they were hla accumulailon for a lumber af
yeara mmmm <**
"After maklng the co.it. l founj that j 0,.,_
Ueked two of havlng t-notigh to mak* a lackM
for my alster. ani when 1 went on my trlp dowa
the Mackenale thla year 1 met the trapper again
and told him that I would Uke to get three rnora
He loanad me that canoe that 1 heFg1ven%SuBi
rine^rhe^^ {
Tbe ru.h waa bo greut that umu, -grilnHa
de.lKne.l nuveltles for 1 hrl.tnia* are laaat
belng Halahetl n?w, ao wlll be aold al fcfjgf
eoat ot laaaufactnre at 4fi W rat kSd gtreel

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