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mjrra numau announck thk
Albanv Jan. lfc The poMlcal pllgrtma of th?
?jalelature who have been to New-York to aee
Th'mas C IMatt returned thla evenlng wlth the
aiatenient lhai "the Boaa" had declded to have
the Re ??? ?' '?'? state CoBveBtlon he,d ,n N'w"
' rk ctty about March 20. Byracuae and Buf
BJo and Albany had been conrldered aa placea
WB) h th<.iventfoa mlght be held, bu1 all
Ld be?n eel aelde in f:,v' '" "; N>*"*ork- New
York lt *ai *lM- NV;,S th" ,ll";,'"i"l!S ol
','rv with unequalled telegraphlc facHltlea.
- ,.;,ti in waa held there and a big
ba?= >'? "> * ,s beaten :.;i h nor i f the candldacy
of G.-v.-i-i.? : Morton for Prealdent. the ech ?
that drun .-beat would be heard around that part
of th? g\ > e Inhabtted by the ;???? pleof the I nlted
State- ?
Bn, ? re waa an addltional reaaon for the
Hkctloti f N'ew-Yof* perhapa the chlef one.
Thefr.. id? of the Republlcan primariea recentJy
held In New-York, the revelatton of a atu
--doua atufflng of the Republlcan enrolment
rolis wlth the Bamea of dead Republlcanl and
UvV Dem rata in ordar to give Platt and Lau
yrba h c ntrol of the machlnery of the Repub
?,,an party m the pMt eity-theae fa ta had
agocked RepublieaBa everywhere. Why not try
. th..ir memoo' by holdh B a Repub
??. gtate CoBveBtl. n in that clty, an ' glve the
fja r Uted Republlcan "machlBe," the ally of
jam, ;,-., Hall. a chaBce to poae asa moat loyal
Hepubll in rg inlxattoB?
lt I, n Mlble that the date of the convi i
ainoi be March 20. alB f??
, , . .. h :. already have dla overed that thli
HFriday. an "unlucky day." But th.nven
Uon ?, t ? be ab ut llarcb 20. Poaalbly II may
be Mar b H, aiBce Mr. Platt dealrea t . have the
conver.t: n of a "aBap" chara t< r.
governor Morton glvea hli receptlon to the
Larlalature thla week. and th? ? laion y.
ariiea ur n by hls lolitlcal mpportera 1 i -
Ert Impetua. If poealble. to hla boom or the
Kaldencj- Mr. Morton haa laaue<1 aomc
CSationa to thla receptlon. All the emlnent
K?blKn.l, the Bta/e have Jcen Invlted
S. ln i mpaay wlth theli arlvea. Ever> Cob
nmin, all the membera ol th R< ,????? 1 ."
aat^ C i mlttee. all the membcva ? I the Repuo
ELTc ruy corAmltteea. and all the Mayora In
?Jfstaterive recelved tavltatloBa to be prea
S lt laeapected that the geBtlemen who arlll
Sakabl) be Xew-Y irk'a del? K it< s-nt- arK.- to the
KV m Natlona! C^nventlon Chaunrey M.
S5i w.rB? Mlller. Thoma. C. Platt and
Pnvak Hlscock-wlll be preaent. Mr. Platt haa
JSVord that ho wlll be here on Wedneada^
fnVom; any with hla wife. Chauncey M. new
ST5?t.lnly behere. a. 1,- w;'. d.-I.v. :? m ? ;!;
4r?n i the BUte Bar AaaoclatloB here ob ruea
VNeS-TorkpllgrtBM.-y Ibat Mr PUtt I.
areafv Dleaaed with th* appareut aucci
Sdeb Slmma th ? colored janltor of the State
gJSe.wd^of Charle. W. Anderaon th,
ored orator and s.;retary to Btate Tr
Sff^SortS 1. a "aouBd-iBOBey" candldate of
proBounead wwa. _^_
AJtany, Jan. i? 0kjactol).-Oovern? X rton. lt la
naorted to-nlght. wOl a^ to the t
norrow Blght a Bieaaage calllng upon the genator.
.i;,, Aaaemblymen to be very econo, Ical hla year
thenthey come to eooalder th. a, " WHa
SfThuTwin aupport Controller Robert
ticn the totter haa ta!
,n h^ anaual report to the Le, ture *
neeeaalty for rco-..
Mr Roirta ?'>af .,
tie yearly expenaei of the Bt
tba cxtraonlinarv mn. of 120.457.081?. and I
clarea in hli reporl that "lt may be ai
neople to know now ? later that th, ?
,Hcy wlll be that a lo*. tax-rat, can never
ln thla state agaln unb mh
are dtacovered.- If Mr. Mort n had I
acqualntel with the aflaln of the Btate laat y> u
aa he la th.- r< r- ; ' ';1 '?"' hav* ,lg
aaaay BPPtoprlatlon WHa ai he dld and pe.
th* tax rate to run Up ta LU mllli on ? thounand
dollara of proi-Tty. The laxpayen
th*-m?elves that thls yeai h ! ? ? better
openel to the oaager of siaklng iry ap
propriationt.. Mr Morton. arhei
banv, haa a tbeory, apparently, that the
tur<> la a raapoaalhla and not an Irreapon Ible 1
a- I 'Ijrne.l mor.t of the acta whlch reached hlm,
whether they wtre appi iprlatlon bllla or n t. One
d the eWMaagBeBcea of thla pol! i a i largeat
bo-iy of State atatutei la thlrty reara and th< blgh
?ai state tax rate in a good naaay y ira
Mr Morton now irniKt eee eleaKy that the mem
ber. of tba LegiaUture aa a claaa hai
uror th.- tasparera. an-i that a Oovernor li com
pelicl to yeto approprlatloB bMla if be a
tect -he people. Mr. Morton beeaBM alarrn- I I
the apparant estravagaBca of the U ? > '? ?
dav? ago. Ma accordlagly bbbhbooi i l i blnt
tor EllawortB. the PrealdeBl pro tem. of the Kaate,
and Bpeaker riah, of the AaaemWy, and teld them
they muat pul ob the brakea al on - ? n th? api
prlatlon tratn. If many of theM appTOprlatlon W.ll
raached h:m. he aaM, he bbooM treto them. He
ca.i-i thf.r ? the followlng appr prlat .n
atla: For an armory.r.r (be 71th Reglment al BuT
faio. imjm; armory al Toaawanda, t?
atWhltehall, HtON; armory at Hu laon. ?82.000; arm
ory v icheaaetady. *0,.; Uth Reglment. Brooklyn,
PMa?; state Araeaal, Boffalo: ?25.0O0; geolog al
aarvey aod map eonatruetlOB, H6.000; addltl
Kewporl N rmal Bebool, 170,000; [mprovementa at the
liatteawan Asvium for Crtaalnals, 125.000; Normal
I I at liolland Patent 175.000; wprk on Btate
Capitcl. 1900,0(10. prlntlng for Conatitut,, ial ?
tlon, ttS.000; . i. to atn id Mi aican l
tion. $40,000; Homi for Veterann' Mothera anu nmj
ow?. Jllo.O-ju. epileptlc colony. 1225.000: Improi . ? i -
at BlngBlng Prlaon, $76,000; anal bridge, \\i i u
JU.Oc^; canal bridge, Byracuae, $11,500: Btat? ta
llbrary, $5,000; Atl Qei
braaeaea Court of Appeala llbraryi ?;i !l ^'""; ?"'ni"I)
at Newburg, $7,ooo; Rrlcultural and hortl?uiturai
aaparlmentaj n .t. . |. ooa
Thls Ibt all th. appropi
bi::>i by ir:v tneai The queatlon of econon
iik> ly . attentl ?n on all -i l<
year, I iuae th nt i *;? rlei :ea of I
v ir wh< n the ? i rat< impe I ao hlgh, ??
b" ? ?/ irraaalng thla year to th<- Repub?
llcan party, al ? n i Pr - ? ? ? i to be elecb I. if the
Stat- tax rat< ouM be i?"-: .-.-t>< <1
Bx-Benator Qeorge \: Lord, ol Dundee, arrlved
b( .. ' ii the purpow of havlng a conference
w.'h ?; vi rnor Morton In r< latlonto hl? nomlnatlon I ?r
the offl.-.- of Clvll Bervlce Commiaaioner. Th< H
ate Flnance Commlttee win report thl-> nomlnatlon
farorebly to-eoorrow. Mr. Lord tia? amtwed every
polit). :.ii! Mnre hls arrival h< r<- to-nlght i>y declar
lnK th.u ho i? a civil Bervlce Reformer. Mr Mor
tan ha? no Intcntlon or arltbdrawlng the unfortu
nate nomlnatlon.
Clnclnnatl. Jan. B\?"The Trlbnoe" wlll to-rr.or
row ?ay: "There now ?aeaM to be no queaelon thal
John O. Carllala i? an avoared candldate for th'
nomlnatlon tor PreaMeat, an<i in aoma quartera it
lt aaUeved that he has b'-<--i telected t'? perpetuate
th*- f'U-veland dynapty. In Waahlngton laal w<-k
lt wa* definit'-ly aacTtal?d that Hr. Oveland
was not a eai illdati* ani nrould not aceept ??
fourth nomlnat.oi; evea If it w.\* tendered hlm. A
g*nt)*man who in known to l< tpilte ckNM to the
Presldent, Fald to a 'Trihune' reporter !n the
Arlington Hjte! !a?t Thur?<lay that Mr. dtrelan 1
dld not bellcve In thlr<l termi!. and tc'.i that the
rountry'f iafety depmded on fn-<i?ient rot.ition ln
"it wasa vary notloeable tad dvrtag th?- thre.- <i iy.
that the local comm'ttep waa ln WashinKton try
ing to gn the National Daioeratlc Coaventloa, thit
many of the delegatea dld not eara to exhlblt ?
?' wrr^'* "nt" ,h"v hl'' eonaulted th<- Becretary
?r the Treasury. Hla wl>h wai thtlTB, and at leaat
ITVlSW rune '" Clnclnnatl by reacon ol fealty
to farlmi? Governor ('il-l. Weat. of l:ah, made
SP foneealroent of hl? poaitlon. and he alainlr aald
SS # *.** for Oarllnle for Prealdent, and would
vote for the dty that Cariln!..- wanted."
John Carl la ;i walter in ;> reitaurant In Park-ave.,
or.ly hatf i block away from Forty-accond-at. .\t
1:50 o'clock ycaterday mornlng hr went I i thi reai
iloor nf thc reataurant t" r.<-t Ihe alr, and there
? I.. |i i imoke. li<- loat no tlme in t*lllng Patrol
m:i;i Ca*kln, of Ihe Orand Ontral Statton Bquad.
The latter rang an alarm, but before th? fln .i|>
paratua arrlved ;!)?? two-atory brlek bullding al
Park-ave. und Forty-aecond-at. waa blailn* vtgor
oukly. A Brcond and ;i Ihlrd alarm were at on i
rung, bul ii was aoon evldent thal It waa Impoi
to ?;!%-? ?.??? bulldlng, and the flremen turned thelr
ion to the adjolnlng atructurea. Ons i t tl
waa a llve-atory bullding, t'-..' :?<:> door of whlch l;
occupled aa ? lenement. Tha Inraatei haaiily pn -
/>/,'. HAYI.lss sf WIDE.
The aulc '? f Dr. Herberl Baylla, n deotlal ??'
r.? s y K\ , ?ti ,i iii.n rtf ? irly yeaterday n.. rn
Incin frani of No. m Weal Twenty-flfth-at;; Km
,.?. ,,..,.? MpUlned. N'o lettera arere found In W
cl thing leadlng I i an, egplanatlon ol hli J ?
of hla frlenda alled al the Morgue > ? ???.
D.-. Baylla loal hl wlt aboul aeven mont.a ago
and feli the loae an itl) "e-^^riH bv*hch ne
houae lefi hlm ny hla ?ife The. wtHb) ;? ?
pnred to leave the houae In raee the flamei ?
. bul the. d< partmenl au ? ? I
the flamei t< th( b ill lli ? In arhl( h th< y atarted. The
n Bafe Depoali fompany Bullding. on lh?
Forty-f? cond-at. al l< . al? i ea 'ape I Injury.
It waa two houra i?? f i ? ihe flamea wero
aubd ii d. leavlng the buil llng .1 mere ahi II. < ?nl; 1
outer walla remaln. The owncre, the Ni-w-iorK
1,. 1 h : ? Rlver Rallroad, eatlmate th< Ir
? ?!"?.-?. whll< the varl ui in,.za:
tlona thai occupl< ! the atructure, wl'.l '. ?? a l >tal ? I
ahoul Jfift.ooft. Arnunn the ' >a< ra are (] H. 'I Ii >mpaon,
Commlaal mer of I >? eda, an 1 the n ird ol
Vvenue Improvement Pommtaalonere, whlcl
many valuaWe plana and mapa Th<- atampa In the
I'oat'offlcc atatlon wen aaved. The m |oi tv of Ihe
losai - are caven ! I ) Inauram e. It la that a
.1. fe tlve fluc araa lh< 1 .-?? of th<
<;? 1: H 'i ha* ih in ?'?' '-' '
Ing ; ' In II tn ip >lla before the (
ea ? ? !?? rore the l*nlt< I 81 it< l
.... . ?;? . (0 |
-,... k, l":;
a 1 '.-? nement ? takei 1 weeH Kt
the caae In whl^h Oen ?'
wlll 1 ?? .... - . ... r T
thought It a irry 1
and then rome rlght bark agaln. Ae >rdln?
m Sow-York untll Tu< 1 laj 1 r R
day. and then arlll go t 1 P
mak--' hla atay In War.hlngton aa brlef aa p
fn m th? ??? arlll go to 1
the latt< r parl of I
to Mr*. Dimi
The ? '?? m I i" go to
n, an I al irted I ?'?
m'.ck to ir.pany her to
araa al 11 my, and aa the ex-Preeldenl
hotel. He aenl r meaaenger to lell Mra. Dlmi
aell ai ? Mra. Mi K ?
by "Llttle B< n," i alled upon hlm The Oen<
1 ; HIs eecri
E. F. TIbbiati aald j
. \ 1 ?. ? ildenl :??.:?? from I
i mpli ??? ai rang< > and make
an announe< l i h< had of h
I ?: ? ? ? . .
H given I the a
1;.??. >ral Harrii ?n ma 1 and t< Ii grami had
. r voluroe 1 < iterday, in ? n
tary arai ? 1 all day anawerlni the m
Wh> n Mr. Tlbb tti aa 1 aaki I to
tell from whom the telegrama and lettei rarae, he
aald thal tha ex-Prealdent dld nol to have
them made public. The Oeneral read over a gi
ma f them hlma< .;. bul It arai U Im
llty 10 n ad thena all, a 1 1 he d< ? iated th<
taak t) hla ?< retary. In thi afti rn >n Qeni 1 il
Harrlaon arenl to call upon Mra. Dlmml k, bul re
tumed to lii* hut. l in th?- evenlng.
There wereyeetei lay three membera o( Mr. Ilarrl
. r Ct blnel In thla clty R< dfleld Pi
Benator from Vermont, arho ara Becretai ' ?Var;
Bi phen B. Elklna, Benator from Weat Vlrglnla,
arbo a Becretary of (Var, and J hn IV.
Xoblr, of Mlaaourl, arho araa Becretary <>r the In
terlor. All three pald thelr reapecta to Oeneral Har?
rlaon and congratulated hlm ararmly upon hla ap
hlng marrlage. Thelr preaenee in ihe elty and
viajit i" the ? a-Preaideni natuial
polltli mment, and the arlaeacrea w?re laiklng
:??. .. tlal plani ol the ex-Pn
They aay t1,.:' Oeneral Harrlaon, even In th< 1
llghl of a nomlna brldegr iom, la not overlo iklng anj
polnta In the polltlcal game, and thal he la mov.nj;
aa abrea lly aa ever In ihe polltlcal puzsle.
Chauncey M. Depew, Oeneral Horaci Porter,
Do<:k Commlaalonei E, C. O'Brien era are
among th ae arho have eongratulated Oen ral Har?
rlaon. All 1 f thoae aho have call l ?n hlm aaj ll il
he haa ateadlly dec Ined t<> talk polltl -.
? ?
l\.ll RED l\ A / OOTB ILL 0 1 VE.
A aarloua : : I great 1
Ai oclal n football game 1" tween lh< Inti rnn il
Athl< 1 Beottli h '?
il v.'ii'r m< ycr Park, Newark, N J. Th
he . ? nn inl ihe Xa
N latlon Football Leag te, an 1 Ih
tlme Ihey mel the 1 - ill a/ai a lle. Agaln, ?
day, aftcr an 1 xcltlng game, n 1 co/i lui: 1 1 eould be
? th team li:?\ ing thn ?? ga ila 1.redlt.
. internatlonala led al half-tlme by th< arore of
tu 1 goala to none. The 500 Bcottlah parl arh ?,
r>y:n ???' -K of anow, lined up behlnd th rop<
. f, ar thal thelr favorltea aroul 1 al length ???<? 11
defcat. Bul arben play waa reaumed thi
nulejtlj .I. Hardly had they notched thelr flrai
point when Oemmell, by 1 aplendld run, brought th'
Internattonal total up to three g *la.
?i-.v. ;..,,,. got i"'' and furloua, the Beota maklng
vi . ,,.,,;.. ruahea down the Beld. In -.I l u >e at
, , s, one of iii" Bcota' beal forwarda,
1 n-Li-il Into Flynn, th.> Internatlonal fullburk, who
'?'?;': ' la. In aome aay Flndley wa ?
ihrown vlofrntly to the gronnd and lay there ap
, . t v -i.-nl. Br. Robertaon, ol Newark. w^.
,??tlly aummoned, and hi manwed to revlve Flnd
',,,. ol whoae rlba wai badly broken, and who
:''-\ ''{,, rcpelved Internal Injurlea.
?/??r the Inlured player had been taken In an am
, 'V V Pateraon, where hla home la, the game
!,:,!'l"".',,1:' . , imi.. tua. The angry. although weak
???'Vc ?' ?,? --.'l the Internatlonala and w-ored an
'",' 'il Then Juai before iim>- wa? called, Ihey
ii'! 1 thelr thlrd point, ttms maklng .1 dra* of ona
*5 IwT i.L.t ronteata ever aeen
,:;V, Klndleyla llkelj to recover.
C08T OF VWK8BVRQ H\THi:in:i.i>.
Mf?t'1r,!lo. III.. -'an ? ?**? Th^ ^h"'<""
",' \,f the Vlckobon Xatlonal i'.??k Aeeoela
I? ??*? arai appolnted ta ?e?^ure opttoiu on the
' , M.v tka inaka of Oeneral Orant aiUl 0 n
rral I em > ,,.....rtl., for Washinuton to pre
arros, ccatloi $1'-.' ^
to know why h-- ahould have R7>ne to th.it i ir<
THE V 1*71 / I V/1 Kfl.Y ITORSMP.
, ippi ,.\r\ ??? iR A CAtTt'B
\i.'. i- ? ' a, M I . .' in. v< (fl n r|al) MI ? -
? : m i : : and th- other :? i ?
of t!. ? .ii i u ? . ? ? - in i he
I'nlted Btat< . I i ? I ? ? n f< 'tlng
morr<>w nlghi
arltl i even
it bj
lon Hi i e aa evi r,
rlll g> Il uit'ua pi
the Eaat i nol ?? I \
thal ?
? : ?. i>. : ? ihe ai
' , \
::: Il I
that If i fn len
ont and f power. the O
> I
? ?
han ?? of a
i ? n ill
:? .?. ?' '??
M8MT'Hx11\<; treasvry FMVRF.8.
]:< EldHTERN DAVII THIH >?'??? ,;! 1 IR OOVD RK
BERYR ! " ."?: I "'?'. AKD TIII
tjRKIiTT IV'lii
Waehlngton, Jan 19 (Bpeclai) The Treaaury <!aily
atatemenl of veeti rday, when eompared wlth Ihe
otic laaued on January 2, appeara aomewhat dla
? glng. The gold n ei i whl< h I.I al 881."
?..??>?? t> ? latter date, ha ? -',nk to I' I 98|,1
? ; oi .ii the rate ..f half ? mllllon a
day. Th<- Treaaury holdlnga of greenbacfce feii ofr
i, and the I I Ti aaury notea ol I*
Iik rea ed li.w,j>.Mrt. leavtng a mt i<>** of legal-tendera
amountlng t>> 14,338,561 In the aeventnen daya The
holdlngrf <>f allver rertlflcatea Increaaed $3,110,000 In
lh< aame perlod, and the holdlnga <?( Natlonal bank
notea Increaaed $2,578,471 L'nder the former admln
latratlon <>f Preeldenl Cleveland the fraetlonal all
ver rolri und the mlnor cola In tlw- Treaaury were
reganled and rlaaaed aa "unavallable aaaeta," and
the Injpreaae In Ihe holdlnga of auch colna waa
,abou1 1700,000, and amounted "?> reaterday n> $n.
On Jai iry 2 the apparem "aurplua" for
the month amoi nted lo 1277,69, i, ing the exceaa ol
recelpta over expendlttirea for that day. Traterday
ii e "d< fli It," lx Ing lh< exei of i xpendltun a <>\'-r
recelpta fo Ihe flmt elerhteen <ia\x ,,r the month,
amo mt?d to $7,2*1. ???. and ihe delli II for Ihla flai al
! ear, a I i,(M on January .'. had
gruwn !?? t22,fW),id3, l?!ng an Increaa*] .,t $.:.?:?.?;'.
Th totul nvelpl - from all ourrea for the llral
clRhtefn 'ii\ oi llu month amounti'd i.. }i7.r,:i.?:??::.
\ '..I ti waa .i galn i II ; ? i'5i aa eompared nnh the
? i ghteen daj .' I >? mlx r, bul Ihe expendl
lurea for il" latt?*i perlod amounted lo only $19,
?? <?.pared with $34,iM.'i.iaii mi the former
perlod, ? . . ..!?:.f $.' '.:i iMa).
' 'ompai in.' thi r< i'lpi from varioua ourcea for
the -w> |i. i lod -. i; i found ihal i uatoma j lelded
i inoic, Internal r<?venn?- $l,4l)8.S2fi leaa. and
uil i ellan i>us aourres I th< fli t elghteen
I inuai j i han In i.re pondlng i?'i lod ol
11? inilxT. Thi niarkrd Incrcaae from cuatoma, of
... indlca li .i ? "i: ?? pondlni Im t eai ?? ol Iro
lable i.I- an in. i eaae of more
. <,?? r i ent.
THE FlttHT W \l\sr QV II'.
ONE OF lil HI I'l'ORTRRB BAYa THAT 910,000 V.'AS
Morrlatown, Penn., Jan. 19. From a Mau-ment
madi to la) bj Thomaa H. Barker, <>f Lower
Merton townahip, Ih'a county, the PJghl lo over
throw Ihe power ?: Benator Quaj laal aummer by
opponent: In thi party waa m.leaperate
than even ppeari I. Mr Barker waa chalrman of
the Montgomery County delegatlon t> the Btate
Conventlon laat aummer, The ti^'n between Quay
and hla opponenta for Ihe s;.. t.? chalrmanahlp hung
in the bilance, and if it had been announeed opealy
that the aeren n ti i "f Montgomery County wouM
have been caai agalnsl Quay ll mlgbl have changed
the reault It wlll ba remembered thal both alaea
held a cam la the nlghl before thi conventlon and
Qua) had a majorlty.
Mr. Barkei laa rta thal before ii?> eaucua hn
waa approached b) .i Philadelpblan, who offered
hlm $.*.,'?m !f hi would not go Into the <.i:*y eaucua
\iitii hla delegatlon. He refuai i thi money. and
then tli.-'ifr. i waa lncreaa< l to 96.000. i i 99,009 and
flnally 910,000. When II waa found tha: even tnla
mm would nol brtbe Mr. Barker the ?'fT,>rt to inaki
hlm prove falae to tiis pledgea w.i~ abandoned
Mr. Barker aeaerta the abaalute trutli of th:a
Btory, and .m>s ha haa i irroboratlve wltneaaea to it.
Cleveland, Jan. is A larga oetegatloa of atdp*
ownera fr.iin Detrolt, Mllwaakee, Dalutb, Chlcago
and other lak. porta are In CTovoland to-day, atni
n rec 4ved by the loeal vaaatl-ownera at th<- Wea
dtil Houae, The party, thlrty in all, ten of whom
vw!, cievelandera, lefl bere f?<r vYaadthtgton at l:.to
p, m. Th.- <,t..j?'-1 of th?- Vtetl t'i the <'a(iltnl In to
,,i-. upon C ngr< - the neceaejty of paaalnjr certaln
I ,, -,-i bllla Intended to '? tt? tii<- condltlona of
i;ik" marlne Intereata. The delegatlon deadrea to
have the ioo Cahal patrolled t'> prevenl aortdanta.
\ irenuoua effort wlll be mniU- to d?-f.at the pro
i Oetroil Ulvef iiruu- i"-^
A 'pecullar wrcck occurred ob the Harlem
branch of the New-York, New-Havea and Hart
f rd Rallroad, near Van Neet atatlon, yeaterday
mornlng. Paraeng r traln No. Ml, whtch left
New-Rochelle at I a m., ran Into part "f a
frelght trala The englne waa badly amaahed
and the Aremaa waa literally cul to plecea. Only
two paaaengera were aboard, and neltber waa
Injun l. The englneer eacaped wlth a shak'.ng
up and a rew brulaea The traln c nalated if
i fomotlve No. 220 and three auburban coacfi ta,
?uch as are uae l on Ihe elevated road ln thla |
clty. It atopi al all itatlona on the way, bul
goea at a good apeed, and makea the nfteen
milet to One-hundred-and-twenty-nlnth-at. In
thlrty-flve mlnutea.
A local frelght traln, No. 18S, in charge of
.i.* Flemmlng, had paaaed Van Neet only a
ahoii llme before the paaaengei traln waa due,
and bad dr pped half a doxen cara, le ivlng them
on a elde track lhal bran 'hea ofl from the down
t wn tra >k ol the maln llne aboul foui hundred
I arda ab ?ve the atatl< i. Thr ugh - mnebody'a
irei . neaa the frelght-cara were left too near
the awltch, and a projeotlng conier of the laat
r ir a ta dln etlj ab ?.ne ratl of the maln
ti i '
Englne No. 220 la n "dummv," wlth a llght
pll ? ,,i elther end. lt waa runrdng backward
pulllng the traln, and the nrcman'a alde of the
ib a ta m the rlghl a'.de of the traln. Charlea
ailbert; of New-Rochelle, waa Juat flrlng up aa
be tame ai und the citrve toward Van Neat,
when the broad beam of the t nder atruck the
? : ' the mlapl ie*d frelght-i ar. Tender an 1
tb w< :?? amaahed on 0111m rfa al le of the l m o
motlve and he was cruahed t.> death.
The colllalon threw the er.glne atdewlae, tear
Big the oppoalte rall away lt ran on, overturn
Ing a large awltcb-atand, tlll it atruck the Inner
i il| :' the upl iwn track. Thla deflected it agaln,
and after descrlblng an arc nearly two hundred
foet long lt ran bick to Ita own track, blt
a way along the tlea, and Bnally ended by galn
Ing the ralla agaln. Th.- englneer. Frank Ma y,
nl |.|..d the englue, every \ heel eaceptlng thoae
of Ihe hlndermoat Iru ka belng on the tracka
It had broken looae from th.ichea. They
went rwY Ihe Irack nl the broken rall. but kepl
. :, ? atralght llne. Pbr the wholt length of the
traln thej bruahed agalnat the wreck of th"
rn-lifht ira. umaahlng platforma. breaklng wln
. an l peellag a? >? g*eal patchea i t thelr
? ?
When the l ? motlve sti k the uptown track
nr.i waa thr.?wn hack I >\ ird lt- own the lunge
hurl< I < ? ? mangl< d body nver the bnllei
? i, r aldetra k nfteen feet away. II waa
i i. k.d up in a baak< ' <t 1 carrle l I i Ba* ln' i
tindertaklng r ? tns. oppoalte Rt Raymond'a
i ?> ii h, nearhj
Wlthln an I ui ifter Ihe a r. rk ? traln from
? . v..r\ n ? he I th* pl i< ? an I the tracka were
,,, ! .-: i repalrvd The ppllnti ?? ' ira were
I to M irrlaanla and trafflc
? i ''..ii. :?? ; \ ...
,,t M rrlaanl .????;?. i i il n II
, uid ? .. i x !? ??? . any ? wld
' ! -lt It I!--- I- t -v- .Ml
tater at Va ' tor nf
? ..? | the rear brakeman of the traln,
lt mual have !?? n to un< ouple
?. ? ? ? ld, and llved
. .,.. ii| i ... || ? mall ehlldn
i ngtne-r a ir allghtly hurt,
: |? ;? ?? h uai ? l a frlen l al
Vai Ni '. ai ; atci went h me
RODE Ol r mr ni i:< i: T\ PHOOS.
Ran Frai in H '?-:;'?,'" dl The rrulaer Ball ?
?, r, ? ....... |? ,, n(>a\)
v. i ? ? ? n a typl
? . n , . . . recentl] tol i In outllm
. ipi ,ir I'.r. mat v near an l lnt< r<
?,: ........ : ihowing that th ? Baltlmore mual
.;?!....- f ? beat m igolng
the > B< fore l< av ng Ti koh tm i I
... were houM d, ind fl II the
rpan were taken In Thl? proved to be a wlae pre
for whrt i dayi out the veaiel ran
Into ? gi nulne howlli ??? lyph on of gn at \ V
The pea a/ai made wore* by the arlnd bloa
,;,,.,;., agjti it the lapaneae rurrer.t. In thla way
the captaln aaya wavea were plled up iu h ai I??
i ..v. r aa* fon 1 be larg< il -?? i awepl the ireaael
ind r-, bed t? the brtdge, the heavy iteel i i
uhlch Ii warped. lt aJaa twlated a fool out of Ita
..;.,..,. the heavj r?kwat? Thli wave awrpt
Dnmin Jeaaen overboard and, tbough llfe buo)
,.,..,. thrown to hlm, there a i* tiothlng to da but
!? iv. 1.1xi* :?? hlf fate. One wheel waa broken iharp
,ff by th. Ice idirat, whtch t?-< .im>- looae, and wa?
i .?!?. labout the deck by the aeaa lt alao am
The beavleat Uai of the veaai l wai
u-tually thir'v-tiln- degreea. V.-t ahe obeyed her
rielm perfectly, h?*r englnea worked well, and In
every waj rtha urovnl aeaworthy. The captaln
.,,- i ,,,,? i 'ooptr, the ? n-|" nt< r, wa? fatall)
injured by belng thrown agalmt tha biilwarka eue
K ? onrunnlon of the braln He leavea u wlilow
and two chlMren ln Phlla?lelphla, from talki wlth
omcern and men lt waa learned thal they aacrlbed
ifety of the veaael to Captaln Day'a experl
lenmanahip und hla roolneaa He wai on deck f'>r
five daya, and bandled the crulter wlth conaummata
?? - ?
two nxmiiKa btobeh and a jewelbt btorb
The bulldlngi S'oa .'\ ?> and C Hewark-are.,
Jen > Clty, wera deatroyed by flre laat nlght, In
voladig a I.' : of about 170,000. The bulldlngi a i i
'????, . and were owned by the Clark
. ii ,-. The dr ? broke oul about 10:31 o'cfax-k In
the rlomlng atorc of Marahall g Ball. A general
?larm waa Immedlately aenl ln. but the flamen
ul ao rapidly lhal th ? Lon lon an l Mvi rp ?ol
t'lothlng Company, No. '-' Newark-ave., and the
j.-u.-ia atore of Carollne Krauee, neat door, were
, : on flre and practlcally ruln< d before the Bre
men got to v. rk.
Marahall .< Ila.ll extlmate th. r loa? at between
J.1"."'! and I25,(?J0 The I-? .rvl >:i and Llverpool
. i wlll be about $15,000, and the damage
t. > the |ea hy atore wlll he 130,000. The bu ;
an i mt< nta were In ure L
// 1/71 IRD i MVERftlTT CIA B.
Cambrldgj, afaea., Jaa. 1?. A eommltl ? of ten
hai b .ii appolnted to furtber the L'nlveralty tr.ub
proj *t at Harvard. It la eomp ?ed of Henry U
Hlgglnaon, 'tt; Charlea Praaela Adame, '56; Oeorge
0 Crocker, '#4; Jamei R Amea, "gli W. R, Tbayer,
?m; A. P, iVarner, >-; Thomaa Thatcher, '12; IVIU
lam Bndlcott, thlrd, 'ff; C, Nelaon Perklna, '01; J.
p Qreem 'M The commlttee wlll laaue a ctrc'i
l.ir outllnlng the plan of the club, whlch wll te
aenl to all graduatea. if th.- project le receiveu
wlth favor the commlttee wlll al once proceed to
ralae the neetaaary rooney.
Chleago, Jan. 19.--A dlapatca from Indlanapolli
aaya: "lateraat in the eaae of M. H. Holmei haa
been revtved here by tha emgloyment of ii. M.
Bullock m the eaae. Tba dlaeeverlea whlen he pro
j.^.-. * to have made, if tiue. wlll abow that Holmea
la p) ni meaaa aa bUck as ba haa been palnted.
Mr. Baftacfe '':aim* that he baa traeed Hotmi
thr.nigh CbteagO, New-York, 1'htla l?dphla and other
eitlea, aad win ba abta to aboa all tba facta ln
coaneetlon with the 'caatle1 al Chlcag and with
the BuratettaBa Hatch, who i* aald to have ttgurad
with Holmea ln rarloue murdera. Tha evldence thui
collected. aaya Mr. Bullock, wlll demonatrata be
yand B ilouhl that Molme* wa?< not praaenl at tlu
tlmex and p'.ac-s wlir-re the murderM fi>r whl -h h.
I? alxiut t.i HufTer w?-re .'ommltted. fle aaya the
revalatlona wlll be in the natur.- of a aensatlon, for
they wlll ?how that the BawaasperB und not Holmea
have ?kiiic.r the vlctlma attrlauted to hlm. The
recorda of pomottii'd", rallroad tlekal ofllci,<, h.itel
reglatera and cabhbooka have all be run down and
thoroughly Inveatlgated, aad th.- reault, II is .dalmed,
im bucE n< t.i aauafy any unprejudii-eii tnind th.it
Hnim<i< la not tba viiiain le haa been hei.i up to th?
pnblle to be."_
Conn., Is rlear, rolorleas nnd alkallne. Stlll <>r
?i-iikl!n?r. lt u> thg beat, YuU ahoultl trv It.-A-lvt.
Cornlng, N. V., -lan. 13 (Speclal). The B publlcan
crntest In Bteuben County la [.ractir.illy ended, and,
aa foretotd In The Tribur?'s dbapatehea, the methoda
of John F. Parkhuret have reeulted In a temparary
vlctory fi r hlm, The paucuaea called for laat m^ht
by command of Parkhurat reaulted In glvlng hlm
control of the [at AaaemMy D!atrtct Otnweatlon.
Had the people a chanco to have the matter lald |
pioperly before th. m, and the caucuaea and eon- i
irentlon been held In accordance with Republlcan
cuatoma and honeaty, Mr. Parkhuret would 0 d
hlmaelf the worgt beaten man the county haa i rer l
aeen. He dared not truat the peop'.e to dlacuaa the
matl -. but e llpa .; D iv! I B. Hlll in hla Bnap MM
wlntcr Conventlon methoda. The Xlchola, <>r antl
Parkhurat, men ar.' jubKant, however, over the re
eulta !.. the rural towna laat nlght Three weeka
;.L',i there waa not a sembl-m-e of organlaed oppoal
tion t i Parkhuial In the dlatrlct; to-day every town
in the diatrld haa an organlxatlon whlch wlll ipread
and i lai e before the people th.- ahami ful conducl i t
i arty affalra In thla county. untll thi y wlll rlae up In
thelr mlghi ard cruah hlm. In Tuacarora,
..?I Olllet made peraonal appeala for help
f.ir Parkhurat, he only aecured a majorlty of 1.
in Erwln, wl.tre the dght haa been waged for
weeka and money aenl In unllmlted quantttlea, the
i ajorlty ?i? only 32, Out of K.' rol ? la Wayne,
whcre a Btate appolntment waa glven to capture
the town, Xlchola aecured the delegatea. In Caton,
where .. free-whlakey bar waa In operatlon and
money Oowed aa treely aa the whlakey, Ihe major?
lty waa only II. Th" amounl of m ?????>' -; <>: br ad
, 1S| ihr iua ':" thcu anda. It
ld tl u tpn ird ol >:."' wai b$m nt In * frultleea
attempi to carry ti.Ity of Cornlng and to cruah
the antl-Parkhurai aentlment. .\m blgh aa $100 waa
offn d for a Blngle arorker. Tammany wou!J i"
put t.i ahame In vlew of lome of the I
played. The clty of Cornlng ??:? ? I ? i ! ?'? tl
Parkh itlon, headed by ex-S< tor Hoyt,
A i: Houghl m, E J. Kelly. C. H. Deui r>ln and
A A Klng, and adopted the followtng reeolutton:
In th" belli f thal an t Rep I atrlct
haa an cqual rlghl with any other Republlcan to
aat thi ?upporl >f hla fellow-Republli ma for any
their glft, and that party n achli i
not be levoted to thwartlng, bul tc enabllng a falr
expn aaloi of the party'a wlll; an I that to i
the di Iberate judgmenl of thi people adequate pp
I ? ? inlty tnn.-t b afforded them for Invi itl
and dlai uaslon, thi n fore, be it
R( aolved, Thal thla coi eaentlng
Rppubllcana of the clty of Cornlng. here cond
and lep irea, tirst. thi tlmi al wnlch ths Diatrld
Conventlon in , alled, belle> i . f date un
pai ill. annala of Bteuben Iti [>ublli
iml wholly wlthoui excuae and In utfleienl to afford
Ihe people a proper opportunlty In whlch to ? ?
thelr deiiherate Judgment; and aecond, thi manner
In whlch Ihe namea of the membera of thi Dlati t
Commltti were obta m i an I appended to tl ? dla?
trlct call, bellevtng the aame to be unuaual, arbl*
trary, tticky and Irregular.
The Nlcbola men wlli nol conteat the Dght tur?
ther thla campalgn, bul retlre, well plea? l with the
work they have accompllahed agalnat I
force jot anap -onventlone, bi dle and bulldi slng
, ?,. r s en In th;.j part of the Btate,
the btorji xot to be a bevere oxe, 12$ mr
di'nns opinioh.
Promptly en ilme, the ar w pri mlaed by the Local
Weather Bureau arrlved, and a moel dlaagreeable
day II made for thoaa who were obllgi l to be
? . ii iw waa whal Ii known ta "wet,"
? ? ti I ai ii fell.
; therm im< ti r hi vi red ab mt $1 de treea, an I
.,' ti.e day. Mr.
Ounn aald yetfter ly thal the in witorm would
>?? of ' mui ii ? oi-. ?( ii i ?
i ? . for to lay ' r Eaal ? ??. Xew
y/ork !?? . .??-? id; ??! threateninn weather, with
? now In th" a< uthern part, and nu t .eaal wln la,
The tatk of VYall Btr al men wherei r they aa
I j . - ti r I i) waa chli "?? il i Ihe ? "? I I '
., . waa llki ly to hav on
the m mi ?- marki t It waa t - - I
Hecrei iry of the Tn aaury n
thal h" woul I pern told pald f r boi
? tnka actlng aa Ooven
. In thelr rei rv< i,
nroul l !?? a tlghtei r ol m ?ney.
It waa belleved. however, thal the aaaoelated
? \. I'ork, In pi
,. . (ti nt, in ? ' ?' ; '? 1?
to i. usi ! n paylng f r b mde. woul i tak oui
Clearlng Houae loan eertllV itea. If I ina for any
n | were called, a llq il latlon of -
ac ? ?unta woul I be f u < I, an ! it mlght
prove r ithi r ?? rl ua.
Th loana ? been 1 trge,
md lt I raleed the auri I r ? of the aa
n : banka up to $27,000.1 i The banka are
? :,-.-i:.> in a atroi ? ? but for all th it
the monej market la nol In a good atate for ato?k
I ,,l., rutora i r for Inti ndlng puri ha ra of
,; ., : mi '.t i onda, The aggn a. ???> of bank de
|i v. ry low, compared with a year ago ind
. i.s not eaay to obtaln, nol eren In deraand
It ia nexl to Impnaalbli to ell eommerclal paper,
and thal facl la bearlng hard upon nferchants
and manufacturera. The banka cannot tell whit
may happen, and they wlll not place thelr money
where th. y car.not recall II m an ; rners
w, Streei haa a n tlon tl u the \ene?ue.an
., ? ,,. i. ..?.. dinturblna .. i ?
'Th a 'cumulallon of gol l la going on qulte i
Iv ,n | t'-. u too, wlthoui wli i Iraw ila ir m
freaaurj The lemanda up n thi Tr? ia ir> for ex
; ..? arenct large, and are not llkely lo be On y one
ilrm i- ahlpplng al preaent. II la nol to he i bidder
for bonda, otherwlae it would nol b i anlpper.
a iMi i:i.i.i:n to bleep in a cei.i.ar with
Pollceman Bryan. of the Mulberry-al uatlon,
w.,; ;.' ! : . . ' i : W0 ? < '": ::'~
day nlghl aboui II o'clock, ?? i told hlm thal a
llttla glrl, who waa almoat nak i and n
been Bleeplng In th. c IUr ol N t IM Mol -at. Thla
la under the drug atore condu i I by Ui i ai
The pollceman wenl to the r llar and K ind the
chlld in .. corm r. The only ' hl1 w" ?
narrow pli ? ol eloth - ? ?? ?'!? >ui hi r an I ? dlrty
thrown over hi r Bhe araa laki n
? , the Mu bem itl m, ahen ? I ahe waa
Bmma lannlchell, the aeven-year-ol.l daujrhter ol
I mgi lannlchell. who la employi i by Dr. Caaa la.
i In a i im In tiie rear i I
the atore, The <;.n' oclety \-i* Informed, and
N ? ? willlam ii. Klng learni i thal for
daya Bhe ha l alepl In the cellar, havln i
.,'.,, ,.,. ||y an) i iverl Bhe told Agent Klng
,,..,, ., fow weekt ago ihe llved al a houae furth r
up |j ,., ,| . whi re Bhe waa alao compelled to Bleep
I,, the cellar. Whlle there, ahe aald, Bhe had been
ati ked i>y rata and ahowed Innumerable acara 'nd
,,? her lega armi and body, where, ahe
aald, ahe hal been Wtten.
Klng learned from the chlld thal her fatli ?
t,r..in;ht her to thla :lty aomi tlme ago rrom New
Haven, Conn., where her mother now llvee. Bhe
had nothlng but pralae for her mother*a treatment
?f her, but Inalsted that her father had alwaya
tteated her bruully. The father waa takeo cut
,,r bla room and locked up In the Mulberry-at ita
tlon. The only excuae be offer l for bla conducl
waa that hla daughter had b habll of runnlng about
the atreeta and aaaclatlng with bad company. He
h"d trled on.v he aald. to have her commltted lo
,ome Inatltutlon. bul couhl not i- auae he had not
iv, i iii the county for one year. He waa held bj
Maalatrate Brann, In the Centre Btreet Court, y. b
, -[, mornlng >n <?>" hal| for examlnatloa o
morrow. IJti e Eroma waa commltted to the eare
of the Qerry aoclaty.
Waehlngton, Jan. 1!>.-Seeretary OtBey aald to-nlsht
lh?t he hal reeehvl 00 r.plv Bl yOl lO Wl tele
iSm. of InaulfT ?o MtalaUfTwrtl a J^"";
; n nd- aaklng e/hi ther or nol Ihe Bulun had dlrected
,.llt the Red Croaa offkslala ahould not entet hla
' :,:;,;in'ons ^ ^ ^^ ?t *wrihou?g ^,.f
,monl ii," Armenlkna. In ihe Bsean tJme Mlaa
? I.,.. n.r-.'i rareetdent. la buetly enj:'?" d ln per
fectlM t^paratlomi f" the voyage to Furltey. whlch
Ih, n.P her' aaioclatea wUI undertake, deeplte the
raoor that they wlll nol be permltted to dlacharga
ther e.nrlt.he IruM. ItM will hav WaihlngtOT
,,n Tueiday and Ko to N. w-k'ork, *ailin?- trom that
bjrt a i'av or tw?> lattl.
raa rainea exciii bill.
An Intexeating polnt was raiaei yesterday ag
to whether or got a btunder had beea made ln
the framlng of the Kalnea r.\ciae bill. by whioh
lt is propoa d that tba local authoritir-s of thls
clty ahall be deprlved of thelr eoatrol cver ex
clee llcenaee, aad tha clty troasury ahall be <le.
prived "f or.e-half th" ai nay accrulug from
t!i" prlvllege to aeil llquor within the dty limits.
Th. Ralnea bill, whlch, it haa beeti authorlta
tlvcly ann lunced, '.* to be push*?d tbrough the
Benate and Aaeembly thla week, transfers from
the l "tl authorttlei tha rlght 1i gr.mt th<> priv
llege "f aelllag llquor to Btate offlctala, and
dlvtdea tlv bubu l< vi.-.i f >r lucfc prtvllefea be
tween the dty an l the stat > i-.i equal amounte.
ls the bill whtch propoeea the?.. <hnnges un
i -..--.t.*ri mal .-o far aa it relatea to tba dty of
Lawyera of abfllty who have been < x.imining
th" <ju tJtlon are "f th.- oplBloa that tha m.'ustire
wlll not atand judtdaJ Inapectloa. Th?se
lawyera take th- K-.-..und that no Idll can be
! whlch wlll remova from the itan ls vt the
Mayor and the dty governnaent th** right to
grant llquor llc naea ..r tha rlpht to collvst the
money arlalng from the gfaat ..f theae lifer.sea
and t.? approprlate it excluaively to municlpal
PUN 004 B.
Th- argument a^aliiHt the Raincs bill Is that
it vtolatefl the Dongan charter ffrnntcd to the
clty by Charlea II ;:i ItW, th.- M iBtgomerle char
..:it. d by <'.?? irge II In 1730, and the Conrtl
tuti.in of 1777 conflnalBg tlv same. Both the
an ; at chartera glve to th>- Mayor of New-Totrll
th.- exclualve riKht to j?rant all Ihjuor lhenFea,
Tii" Dongan chart) r declarea thit th" -Mayor
Bhall have power to "grant llcenaea annually,
undcr the pu i al of aald '.ty, to a:i tavera*
keepera, Innkeepera, ordlnary-keepera, vt:ual!ers
and all publl ? aellera of wtne, stronj? waters,
, i ;. r. 1.. .-r -r any othei P rt of llqu >:s hy retall
wlthln th" dty af reaald, Ifanbattaa'a i^land, or
tii.-ir llbertlea or preclncta ;;..:? '."
After authorialng th" Mayor to r<- ????Ive the
fees, th" charter provldea:
AU whlch money ai by th.- aald Mayor skill be so
recelved Bhall t.--i ??? I applk I i i the publlc aae
of the aald Mayor, Aldermen and commonalty of
' the s;.ii city of New-York and th* r Bucceartra,
mi th-1 ? if to be rendered, made
? the lleutei | rern re of
l . - ; . tha tlm.- belng, or any of thelr
di | titlea.
Th- Montgomerta charter of 17* g'.ves the
aame | ow< r of li i nae t i the May r, and absoivea
i i a ir im maklng any a ? >unt tbereof to the
Klng, hla helra, ?ucceaaora, or any other person
whata ?"? r.
The lav. y. ra hold that tho?e chnpters whlch
were conflrmed and contlntied by the people of
New-York in the CoBatllwtlOB of 1777 are Ir
revocable ;inl inviolate. and polnt to varloua
declalona of the hlgheal court.-* of the Btate and
th- t't.it 1 Btatea Whlch are declared lnferen
tially t.. cnf..t:i th"tn.
Thla was once the suhject of an
elaborate and Btudled oplnl m fr..m Rlchard
O'Qorman, the Counael to the CorporatkHa, Ib
1860 th" Leglalature created wbat was gnowa aa
the Metropolltan Pollce B ard, wlth Jurlsdlc
Hon over New-York. Klnga, RJcbmond and
w. it theeter countlea. One of the powera of tha
Board was t.i laeui cxclae llcenses. collect tho
- and apply the m mey t" d.-fraylng the ex
? of tii- malntenance or tln> pollce in tha
polltan diatrtct in 19(7 the Board ol Al
dermen called ln the Corporatloa Cunse). Mr.
i ii "tinaii. afterward JudgO of th" Superlor
Court, for ai oplnlon aa t.. wh.-ther the rlRnt
t . expend exch - m< ney >? dlected in New-York
,.,,- ... maintaln the metropolltan distrlct
pollce lawfully exlated Mr. O'OormaB exhaust
iv.lv reviewed ih.- polnte of the eaae. dtad tha
Dongan and Montgomerle chartera, whlch ooa>
fcrred the righl of lleeaa.t Ihe Mayor
and exempted hlm fn m ac ountlng to the Crowa
or Ita rcprei ?.?-:': I te maaner In whicb
tho exclae money waa expcnded, and al.-'o ..alied
ti : tlon ti th ? C matitutl n of 1777, whlch ape>
.iii.-aiiy conflrmed ull exietlng ehartara from tha
Crown of Bngland.
Al ar referen <? to the attempt of the LeejiahV
ture In lim to authorla the appolBtmeBt of an
K* lae Commlralon r. Mr 0"Q innu ahowa that
In !s-i an acl waa paai d whlch reatortd to the
Mayor, Aldermen and A-si^tarM Alderm.-n <>f
New-York full power aad c ntrol ovar exclae
llcenaea ln the clty. Kx.-'se lawa paaaed in i>30
and agaln In 1846 Bpeclally exempted Naw-Yort
Clty fr >m th.ir provlaloni becauae of the exist
?? the granu and prlvllegea convayed to the
clty by the i yal bartera ? l 1<M and 1730.
Mr O'Qorman referred t.> th- Act of l'SO,
whlch waa declared unconatltutlonat, i\m\ th<-r?
ttilly conatdered tii" acl paaai I i:i ls*7. provkV
Ing for the appolntment of Exclae Commlealon
<!s in New-York Clty by the clty auth u-itles,
whoae g^neral provlalona ha**e remalaed upoR
the atatute i""dc to the preacBt ttme. Thla
act as . rlglnally paaaed gave t<? theChlef Juatlca
of the Bupreme Court, the E*realdlng .Jlt^ ti'-e of
the Courl of Comm ;i Pleaa and the Recordet
the power t i ai polnt the C< mmlaatoaera of Kx
i is... But it dld not Interferc wlth the rlght of
th.- i:v i.Ilect and approprlate ?? 11 exclae
ill< cted within Ita Umlta.
lt waa nol untll I-**",;. Mr. O'Oonnan aald, that
it waa propoaed to Interfere with the mualdpal
offli tla in' thdr laeu i liquor llc< ',c?"s, ..r to
dlvert tho money from the tt^.'s decread hy the
clty authorlttea. \;: r '..'litimr many oaaaa and
Ii don*. Mr. O'Q rman concluded that
the act ol "";?'> waa ln vlolatlon <'f the Constitu
?? the .-':at" and alau i l the L'aited States,
. gated tho old charter riuhts of
the clty. The excltement whlch followed, con
!?? ted with the rlse ind downfall "f Tweed, o*>
I all mlnor f : a titr.o, and the
. ? ? i-- nol irrled fnt > tha courta, Rut at
tii,. .i.i . :' tbc Tweod regtma the new ih.irter
wiii.h v...s adopted aboUahed th" Metropolltaa
i. .!-.;. and aa the rlght of grantlng
h.;-i ?r llcenaea and t i recelve and dlepoee of the
.\ moBe) revsrted t.? the clty, the reaaoa
for a ludl.-lal determlnation of tho <iu.sti.nis In
volvi d dlsappeared.
The paaaage of th" Ralnea bill. It is contended,
wouid revive theae, aa it propoeea to interfere
wlth the clty'a andent prlvllegea. Tboaa who
have l".'k"d into the <iuestlon predlct that the
meaeure would not recelve the approval of the
courta If i:< cOBatltutioBgllty ahould be tested,
i .ovidod it paaaea.
'At M , .5"... i ,. polnt raised abcut th? bill la
an Intereetlng one.
i.i:.;i.-t.ATiv:; ACTIOK- THB manv mkas
Allimy. Jan. 19 (8peclaI).-The flenate Commlt*
tee on Taxatlaa and Retreaebataat, anateh is this
year thf Benate Bxctaa Coaaaaittae, and the VZxc.se
Commlttee af th. Aaeembty arUI hoid joint sessiona
! 0f reaaarkable interest on Tueaday an<l Thursday
? afternoona. Heariaga ^iii be glven on the numer
ot-s neaaarea Utfroeluoad relative to the llquor
tratri.-. WBlcb have been referred to the two com
I mltte-s. The laadlng temp-r.in'e men and llquor
doalem of tha rttit" ar.- aapectad here. And now
that the (Ir.Mter New-York question has been tem
porartty alde^reeked, i>"n.imK the report of tr.a
joint CanaolldatlM Coaaaaittae, the aaebw ojaaaUogj
wlll undoubtedly be the paraaaouai tbaaaa of the
vurroRB to the cycuc ihow.
Whaalajen arUI he latereoted ln our cycllsts' ap
rar?d. Speolal -Salts at *I0. formerly J15 and $18.
?MTll bT.--AdvU

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