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Th.- eotton mark-t rloaed Btrong and alx polnta
hlgher last night than ih<- final aalea of Baturday
Toward Ihe ctoae the reporl came from Llverpool
that Mr. BUtaoa would come oul wiih a clrcular
Bhowtag that la vi-w of the world'a preaenl cpn
nimption of eotton a 7,888.088 bale crofi would leave
tho Burplua next fa'l roduced to the danger llmlt.
Thla report sturt.-d buylng, one flrm. Hubbard
Brothera _ Co., belng eonspi'-uou-iv aeavy buyera
ThO movoment of the erop was ]ight. There w-ie
reaewed Indtcatlena of actlvlty In Boutbern apol
markcta Wheat waa risir.g. Tho "war acare"
gboal thal affrighta the nerroua atock markel had
no off.-ct on eotton. lt ls overdone, Bo the price
went up and clos.-d ateady. March aold al tha clooa
nt 7.88 bid.
The port roeelpis were 18.278 balea, or 1.800 leaa than
irara expectad, againal 12,871 laal year. Recelpta al
New-Orleana to-day ara aatlmated at 9.0M to W.0O0
balea, against la\880 last year. Interior towna ran
far bahlnd last year Auguata gol W7, againal 879
la.st year; Memphla 8R againal 2.877 laal year; Bt.
T.onls. 4!.:'.. againal .".T'l: Clndnnatl, 885, againal 1,905;
Houaton S.4SB, against 8.S70. Houaton expecta to day
1,888, againal 13,192 last year.
New-Orlean ? aold 8.180 balea, Memphla 1.580 balea;
Oalveaton, 1488; Mobllle, 800; Auguata, r",846 and Bt.
Louls, M2. Exportera boughl 1,748 balea <n the local
markel and aplnnora 781 balea, Ihe haavleal pur
i-hftses her.- in n Io::g tlme. ExportS from all tho
ports were 18,000,
ln every dir-etion it i<.o'.<. d aa i'' lha imallneai ol
t'no visibio Bupply, the early di cllne In it thal haa sc
ln, an.l th- extremely Hghl recelpta are all tendlms
to conflrm Mr. Nelll'a Judgmi nl of this crop Llver
jiool apot aalea fell to S.000 balea yeaterday. This
aarved to call attantloa to lha altuatlon ;<t that
polnt. Tb? condltlon ti.. n a almply that unleaa :ii>
dady apot aalea ln tha- markel ar- reduced below
lO.oio balea, and remaln beloa Ibal untll n< xt N<>
vember, tbe Brltleh aplnnera arlll be forced to im
porl Aiaarican eotton a greal ileal I later than here
tofora, or tbe entire aurplaa ol cotti n of any klnd In
Llverpool wlll i-< wlped out. On this potnl tbe trade
movement at Uverpool In thi paai two yeara ought
-,o be a fall gulde to whai mlghl be expected thi?
Tho visibh- Bupply Of COtton Of all kin is in l.iv-r
pcol was reduced from its raaxlmum of 1.859,000
bab-s on March 28, 1884, to 888,000 balea on Sovembi r
8. ISH when the recelpta from tha new crop began
to come In. The atocka ai Llverpool are not Ukely
to K*t nucb ah .v. whal they an a- piesent unless
thera is some preat Increaac in th- imports or de
creasc ln the s.iles there. Ye- a reductlon in the
Liverpj .1 supplv on tho samc eoale as in that year,
beiinninjr as late as March 28, woulu by N-ivember >>
wlpe out the entire l.iverpool stooks. no: of Ameri
oan onlv. but of all klieui. On March 28. 1884. tne
Fupplv of Amerlean eotton in Llverpool waa 1.867.VW
bales." <>n November s fnilowlnp it had shrunk lo
f,"KO.io bales. a loss of 1,029.000 balea There can be no
lnoreaso ln Amerlean st...-Ks a: Llverpool this year
unleaa there is a aharp Increaae In exporta m.m
here over tho aupply now go:ng oul ?r a anarp
decreas- in the Balea, 'I'h- i ?? ' ' k "f -?"u'!''
. aa eotton In Llverpool is 923.000 balea. lt the
aarne reductlon i-i ato k- lakea place this pummei
and oarlv fall n Llverp i il'i suppllea of Vn
as took pla ?- :n l?t th- exhauatlon of the atock
of Am-r-an eotton predlcted by Mr. Nelll wlll
occur at that. the greateal i rtton port in tho wori .
The sto.-k of eotton of all kinds ln Llverpool
reached its maxlmum laal aeaaon on March .. wnen
lt stood at 1.880,000 balea Th- reductlon ihat be?
gan on that date ha i reduced this aupply by No?
vember l to Wi.000, a i";s dunnq; ihe lnter\enini
eight moi.ths of 879.000 balea. The Btock of Amei -
can eotton al Llverpool fell from LT18.no9 <-n March
7 ,o 76B.O00 on November 1. a falllng .-ff of ?45.a?
bales. Bh .uld the atocka of all kinda and of Am. - -
can eotton ai Llverpool nol Increaae from non on
and tho decllne ael ln on March 7. the aameda e ai
last vear, and the n-duction run along on theaame
B-ale the total exhauatlon .<f Amerlean Btocfca a
Ltveroool wiil be aeen before November I nexl anu
tho visiide aupply of all klnda left ln that por wlll
Ik- reduced to 132.000 balea. ._?__._.
One thing aeema plaln, that there must eltner oe
an abnormai fallln* off in tho dally aalea at Uver?
pool or a very conalderable Increaae In tho volume
of exports from thla country to tha' pori if the
nredlcted total exhauatlon of atocka there ls not to
take place. Dallv aalea as lOW hs 10.000 a day wiil
not pr-v-nt It, for dally s?ie< ,.f ihat amounl meati
a wlthdrawal of 2.4O8.000 balea from thajauvpl)
there or 1 rvr? *"?<?? more than Ihe total stock noai
held there.' H wiil be BOted that th- max.nium ,n
Btr.;-k? in Llverpool is generally reacned ln March.
Year before 1 .st lt was ar- late aa March Z8. Hi
at thal date ai ih-ir maxlmum have i.n for a< >??
tral aaaaona paai In exceaa of 1.500.000 balea Laa
week th- Llverpool atocka were down to l.lll.ooa
balea. an i the am .unl a ia 3.000 balea leaa than on
tho nravloua a-eok. ahowlng that the necitn.
already ael in thla year, or about two montha
abead of the uaual tlme, and wlth a aupp.y a
Llverpool half a mlllion balea leaa.
Mampbla Taan., Jan. 18. '?"?'? re wlll t.e a larco
attcn.lai ce of eotton plantera from all over Ihe <n
tiro South at tho eotton conventlon, to be I
this clty to-m irrow. Tho queatlon to be eonrfden i
ls :he reductlon of acreage 'or tbe comlng year.
Hector D. Lane, prealdent of the Cotton Oroa ?
Aasociation. ls her.- to-day. Mr. Lane aaya that the
crop this year !a nol over 6,800,000 balea. and but for
Che war acan and flnancial trouble, c .tton would ba
worth 10 eenta a pouad.
The ar.nual dinnor of the alumni of tha ?:?;>'
gnent of arta and aclence of the L'nlveralty of th.
Clty of New-Tork wUl be apread al the Hotel
WaMorf this evenlng al " p. av Tbe apeakeri
??.-ill be as foUowa: Chaneellor MacCrachen, Mayor
6trontc, tho Hev. Dr. lleorg- R Van De Water, Wiil?
lam Alkm Butler. claaa of'?i; the Rev. W. U., )'.
Faunce. Frank Hussak, '.-?. Wiillam I?. ..?!? .r?.-.
?7V W Flefher Johnaon, '79, and Cyrua C. Mlller,
?ML Thort- wlll be mualc by an orcheetra and coi
lego aonga Ovat aaa bundi i men wlll all dowa
VickVis' may be obtalned frr.m any of th< COI
tel-Bon'jamih H. Bayllaa. No 170 Broadwaj
C Pleraon No. 21 Courtlandt-at., or Dr. Albcrl
Warren Ferrla. No. 12 East Forty-aeventh-i . New
1'ork Clty. _^___
The twenty-fourth annual sta;en.< :.t of the Oer
tnan-Am-rl<an Insurance Company, of N-w-York,
whlch was pubUahad ir. hlll m The Tribune yeatar
day. ahowa that the company's caah rapital wa
Il.OuO.OOO on January 1, IBM. The aaaeta In bonda and
atocks are of the par valne of 84,864,888, and of the
market valua of 88,782,888. Other aasejla are: Caah
ln banka and ofllci', Prg,874 89; caah in har.ds <,f agenta
and ln courae of cotlectlOB, 8418,782 S; raal eatate
owned by the company, M*,808; acetHcd Intorost.
g7,so7c:; total assets. 1^188,88888. Th- UabUltlea ara:
Reservo for Insurance ln for-.-. 8X88L8028B; reaarve
for unpaid loss-s, >s.;s.T^i M: reaarve for all ?th<-r
clalms. 1j..iO,34S 4>>; eapltal s-t... k. 81.888,808; aurplua
beyond all UabUltlea, 92.412,086 82; total. 88,a.
Tho prealdent <>: the company ls Kmii Oelbermann,
tho vice-preeldent, Rrneat l.. Allen: th<- aecretary,
William S New.-ll. The dlr-ct'.rs are C. K. Ackar
aaaaa, F. J. Ailen, K. L. Allen, Auatln P. Bahlwln.
Joaepb 11. Choate, l.oms F Dommerich, Quatav H.
Ootslor, C. F. A. Hlnricha, Charlea A lloyt. Charlea
H. laham. WooUbury Langdon, Lowell Llncoln,
c-harlos Mali. Kmii Oelbermann, Charlea Pflaer,
Jai'iIs Bchretbi r. Charlea B. Bmlth, Oeorge irV Bmlth,
Adcdph A Btrohn, ''enry C Ward, Hugo Weaei
donek, Alfr?-d n. '? ....-v. l.i.uis Wlndmuller and
William Wood._
A concert wlll be glvaa by tha Aeollan Company
tlUa earaauag at tha Mendelaaobn Olee Club Hall, In
whlch a large nrray oi promlneni BololaU wiil take
part. Th-y ara Mlaa LllUan Blauvelt, aoprano;
Wackenile Oordon. taaor: J Armour OaUoway,
basso; F. Toledo. planist, and A.lillio Rlvarde, mo
llnist. TMra ?iii aiso be a eboraa of fortjr roloea
>lr. Toledo WlU phi;, a number oi pteooa upon Ihe
Aooiian pin<- orgaa, lacludtag Bach'a Preluda and
KuKue ln l) tnajor, an arratuc-m-i.t of Saint-Saens s
aymphonlo poom. "l.o Rowet d'Ocapbala"; C. W.
Widor'a "Svniph.jnle Oothlque" (announced as tlw
flrHt tlme ln AmeriCii>. and Alexaiider Oullmanl l
"Marche Funebro ot Chanl Wrapblque ; a!s.< Men
delasohn'a planoforte conoarto ?l> ? M. Rlvarde
wlll play the adaglo and allegro from Brucha flral
vlolln concerto, an.l Hvendson's Romaiice and Hun
aarlan dances by Hr.ihms. Mlss Bwuvalt wiil be
heard In th.- t.oiero fium Verdl'a "Slcillan \ eapera,
and. Wlth tho aaaistan.- of Meaara (lordon. i.allo
way. Toledo and th.- ohorus. in tho cburcb seenc aml
hnal trlo from Gounods "Fauat." Mr Oalloway
wlll alnx an alr from HaMvy'fl "La Julva, and \]i:
Oortlon BpagB I.y Hidim and Hope T.-mple.
A delogation of North BMa Garsaana called upon
Mayor Strong yesterday anl ask-d hlm to algn tba
reaolution passed by the Hoard of Alderm.-a last
Tuea.lay acceptlng the Hoine memorial fomitam ...
behalf of the (lermans of the Twenty-third Ward.
The delogation was headed by Uor.tral Frann
Sia-el Tax Commissioner Wells and forptef Jud -e
Jamea R. Angol. Tho foontaln w.ll be givea to ilie
ciiy wiihotit co?t.
Mayor Strong sald he would eonalder tne matter
carefully, as the nowfpopors aeemed oppoaed la the
Slacing of tho monumont In any park or other pub
o place. One ?f th<- delejattoa said thal repprtara
wero not alwaya trutbful, and that they unloubt
edly opposed ihe a.-ceptance of ihe fountain for
aome uitorlor purposo.
"The Clty Hall reporter?, ' answered thi Mayor,
"a'waya tell the truth."
The allver men ar* dodglng Mew-Tork Juat now.
i _ ? aummer Benator Btewart, Banator Jonea, Ben?
ator Cameron und other* were In th* rttjr almost
the whob- time malntalnlng an educatlotial bureau.
l.ately they have kept clear of the metropolls, and
tha conclualon reached by polltldana is thai they
recelved littl* pomfort h.-r.-. Benator Du Bola, of
IdahO, was in the eltv the utlier day, DUl h* kept
pretty still He aald brlefly m apeaklng of the at?
tltude of the allver men in the n.-xt Republlcan Na
tlonal Conventlon: "1 do m>t car* to boll my party
untll I s.-e that it ls th* last hope. I prefer to Iry
to educate my party up t<> my atandard. I *'puld
not, to-day, Joln any Independent move even li it
was ln the Intereat of fre* allver. Anyhow, l do
not Ihlnk such an orgnnizuti.ui could achleve mu
good. lt la beat to aeek refonn ln th* old party
before braaklng away."
Theae ut,- j:ist th* aentlmenta thai Benator John ll.
Mltchell, of Oregon, uttered a few daya u*o> at the
Hotel Marlboroufb. n<- aald: "i iin.1 ihat a greal
many peopl* do not understand what fre* colnage
meana, and on* side ha* mi.de lt out auch a dtana
troua undertaklng, un.l tb* other side sur-ii gn
elyglum, thai of cour** the averag* dthwn naturally
holda back, fcarlng that nelther *M* can d*Hvar tha
good*. I do not thlnk that any md.-p.-ndeiit party
formed at this time ln the lnt*re*l of fre* allver
.-.mld accompllah much good. \\ <? muat atlck to our
old party un.l uy to Induce it to make aome allow
ance to us. In case i; refuses to hecd us. then the
alternatlv* of submission or a boit is at hand, I do
nol attempl to conjecture what will be done, but i
would healtate a long time before i would jump."
\\ ii-n Benator Mltchell was aaked about the report
thai Benatoi Cameron'a name would be preaented
to the Republlcan Conventlon by the fre* *llver
in. it and ti'.iit he would be voted for aolldly untll
aom ? compromlae could be made, he replled that all
auch rumora w*re mere taik and be di.i nol car* to
comment upon them. Upon thla potnl lt ls notlce
abl* that i.il allver men ar* keeplng qulct, and yet
th.re is certaln actlvity ln thelr ranka leadlng i?. the
biell. f thai aom* such move ls antlclpated.
Oeneral Oeorge s. Batcheller, who waa Mlntater
to Portugal un.ler Qeneral Harrlaon, was al tiie
Flfth Avonua Hotel yeaterday. The polltlclana w*r?
Incllned to think thai Qeneral Batcheller had com*
down from Saratoga to aee hls old chlef about poll
tlca, ai the ex-Prealdent ls atlll al the Plfth Avenu'
Hotel. Oeneral Batcheller had nothing to aay about
the .-x-I'r.-s: '. nt's chancea, bul apeaklng of Oov
ernor Morton i< a Prealdentlal poaalblllty, lie aald:
"I think lhal Q ivernor Morton'a chanceaauffer from
thr- fact that he haa n.-t been in the fteld aa long ?
McKlnley, Reed and the other candldates, and con
aeq lentlj hla ma hlne la no: ln as good order _a the
other*. All theae other candidatea have frtanda at
work for them In Waahlngton aecurlng pledgea. A
for Oovernoi Morton, i iinu thai e\<r\ one In tha
But* is enthuBlaatlcally for hlm, and he haa many
u.i-iii frienda outslde. He wlll, l thlnk, .-now np
well In the conventlon."
Ex-Governor Prancta, of Miaaouri, was at the wai
Aorf yeaterday. He was In Waahlngton wlth th-'>
Bt. Loula i-'? c.tlon wh'.-h liied to get the Drmo
cratic Natlonal Conventlon. ll>- aald lhal Bt. Loula
made a gallaat tigbt, bul that th.- only exptanai oi
poaalbi* wa* that Chteaco goi th* moal vote*, i>ut
he rather chuckled over Chieago'a defeal ln trying
to get the Republlcan conventlon. He tell* aome
good atorle* about polltlcal happeninga In his Btate,
and one of the beal h- tella Is about one of hla
predeceaaora In the oflkc. lt waa durlng the time
that the 1'r.r.ce of WaJea paid a vlalt to this country.
The Qovernor of Miaaouri was known all over th?
West aa "<>M Qovernor Rr.mk " H? waa a re
markablc cnaracter. with a fondnec* for whtakey
When the Prlmv passed through Miaaouri II waa
.!? :? 1 to give him a receptlon. A Urg.- parade
was arranged for an a part of th* featlvltlea. A
grandatand was er. :>? I, and tha day of th* parade
the Qovernor an i the Prlnce atood alde by alde upon
the platf rm watchlng company after company,
floal after H.-.t, organlaatlon after organlaatlon, go
paat xh. Qovernor every few momenta aampled
a flaak th il al to 1 n. ai hlm, and ai - ach au. i ?
organlaatlon wenl down th>- llne, be grew mor- and
more entbualaatlc. By th- time the parade w is
aboul :.:??) the Qovernor had reached a rath.-r ln
toxlcated atage, Buddenlv ihere was a bumt of
martlal muetc. A fine body of men, wearlng whlv
helmeta, red ahlrta, and carrylng glltterlng axea
came iramplng down the atreet. lt waa the flre
mi n, the Oovi i nor'a p. t oi t inlaatlon ll- looked al
th.-m and watched tne aun flaah and gleam on th-ir
bnlllanl regalla Then two teara rolled down bU
bronxed check, and be clapped tha aclon of Kngllah
roj ii:- up ..ii Ihe back, and aald, In a hu.-ky volce:
--,.. n . don'l vou wvh vou wer- the Qovernor of
Miaaouri?" Ex-Governor Franda .-an never t>. per
auaded to lell what Albert Edward sald.
Comn.andr Halilngton nnd Mra. Maud R. Booth
yaaterday lasuad an ofBctal at.nouncement nf their
far.-w II as .-omman lers In ,-harge of the Natlonal
Headquartera of th.- Balvatlon Army. Th* fact*
have alread) been print?d la Th* Trlbune. Th?
form.-ii manlfesl i ?ii be read with Intereat An a
counl of ta* work ol Ih* Balvatlon Army ln thla
country waa publlahed In The Trlbune yeaterday.
Pollowlm :-?. in part, th* odBetal announc*m?nt:
w,. ;. iire to make publlcly known thai arhen th*
rei irta of our farewell lirst reached the American
: . we had then recelvi i ba; very Bcanty Infor?
matlon from Internatlonal HYadquarter*, '??
Henci we wen nol In a posttl n to glv.- any
longthen. i explanatlon. Even now we hav- but
very nyagre newa, and ar- wattlng a raturn mail
^ an offlclal reply t<> our dlapatch to th< m.
Th.d< rs to rellnqulah our command are In ac
rordance wlth the dtoclpllne of the organlaatlon, ll
of a atrtctly mllltary character. we noa
learn thai other terrltorlal leadera are alao belng
Ch lUr" I. _.
\s yet t.o other command haa been ofrered u
and we hav* at preaenl no l.l.-a what wlll b* don*
in that matti t.
Th is* who know us throughoul :he lan! will. we
,,:.nfldent, i.I no aasurance that our love for
Amerl ? iti p ; le and Ita Intereata wlll n< v< r
wane Ive are wlth you ln feellng, thoiight and af
f. tlon,/and hall ? r?r b*.
w- mual h re n :ord an expreaalon of irlimie lo
our falthful, hard-working and efflclenl ^- iff of ofll
,, TJ ?,',.. have watched them groa up around ua
through darkeat atorm and ti.-r.-.-st battle. Out
m :- ial l ve .md confl li n. - In '.?? h other haa -
the famlly feellng run ilde by alde wlth the mlll
tai-v |t la natural lhal they and w*
shouid feel this aeparatlon. We -an aaaun I
American public emphatlcally that they are worthy
of all help, confldence anl reapert.
Th- ateamahlp St. Paul, aalllng to-morro
probably carry away a large amounl "f gold In
tended ahiptnenta ar.- tJ.O00.OO0 by Laaan
Prerca, ft75o,OW by U von Holfman h
1500,000 bj Heldelbach, Ickelhelmer a- c
ftSOO.OOO by Muller, Bchall * Co., a total of HSCO.OOi
Bterllng eachange la agaln atrong. Tb* bu
rate for gold eoln, ^old eertlflcatea and greenbacka
. ontlnuea al '; of l p.-r cent, and tb<- seiimn rate al
_ .,i i pei <<nt An uddltloiiiil Hiiiiply < r the clr
' all un.l of tbe
1 at
There was a llttl" llre ln the o.-llnr <>f the threc
Btory hou ?? N , WA L?laht-*t. early yeeterdaj
morning, and after the Hrem< n ha I b. ???? called t.?
attend l i II Patrolman Calhoun, a youn? pollceman
of the Leonard-st. *quad, ran upatalra to aee that
nii of lha Itallan occupanta gol oul il Iy Oa
the Btalra he m*l Joaeph Metal, ? BtrcH aweeper,
WhO was lugg.ng down hl* IWO ehildren. Calhoun
took om ol the chlldren away from the father,
and then, beeomlng bewlldcn I n th. amoke, he
. -?, ri ed th l to an atllc room, thrusi >n.- head
ou- of a wlndoa and bawled lo the firemen below:
"Pui a ladd. i up here, qulck!
"Ladder be blowed;" wai tb. anawer. "Come
down th- stalrs. The lite is oul long BgO."
Calhoun walked down th* atalra and golng to tb
pollce atatlon reported that he had r. icued a chtld
from the foirth Btory of the l.urnin.' houae. The
Comm'.aalonera will hardly promote hlm for hla
alleged h. rolam.
IIK U8UALLT K.\i >\\ S
oll Lady (to drug elerk) Voung man. w'li yo.i
kindly dlrect me to the b.-at r*o-ior in th* nelgh
borhood'.' , , ,, ,.
Drug <l?rk -My de.ir madam. we only aell tri'-ll
etn* nnd w* don't know whether it klils or cure*:
but 'if you'll ask the undertaker tx-xt door. he w.tl
probably tell >o>'. for a* **rta_aly muat know.
A Judgmaat for alleged daasage* and costa,
nmounting to MSJafT, waa obtalned In the BupreaM
Court on December t in ? auit which had b*en
broughl by Wllllam W. Welgbley agalnst Byrvcstei
li. Kneeland, ..r thls clty. The buII grew out of dlf
ferencea ariaing from th* purchaa* by Mr. Knee
lai l of the Texaa Trunk Rallro* I
Mr Kt eland waa nol aa ire ol the Judgment un
t;i tt had been obtalned. and hla attorneya at once
i, ,?,,-. pro . ?- llnga 10 have ii vacat. -I ln ..r ler to
d-fend th- ault. 'ih- Judgment waa vacated on
Janu iry 13.
Ti;- Oldeon-Dwyer llbel case w.is poatponed agaln
? : lay. Davld Ciboii. the u-i-known tutftn.in.
brought aull for |GO,O00 damag** agalnat Phlllp .1.
Dwyer on .rounl of asaertlona mad.- by th.- lattei
?11 a beat d controveray over lh? dedalon in th*
ta Ramapo-Banquet dead he.i., at Bheepahead
Bay, in June, VaM and Ih* lubaequent rua-off to
declde the race. Mr. Dwyer aald to Mr QMeon ln
the prcsence of a lan-,- number of promlnenl race
gcera and turfmen, who wer* on th- club atand at
the Bheepahead Bay racetra. k: ' Too ar.- no aporta
man. Vou had to - ive N'aahvtlle on accaunl ol
crooked.-s and were warned off th* Loutavllle
1.1 .:ia-k by c.ilonei Lewla M. Clarke."
When Mr Qldeon broughl aull Mr. Dwyer entered
a demurrer, whtcfa was ovrrruled b) t'..e courta aad
the caae went to a SherilTa Jury t<> a-sess daro
ages. Thi sn-riff's juri yeaterday poatponed IB*
... unti; Prlday at 1 o'clock
Colonel Lewla M. Clarke Bulled f-r Fnplnnd laat
week io meel hla brother, Jefferson Clarke, who haa
11,1... .1 fo.tun. io the Tranavaal gold mlnea
Th- caae has arouaed much Intereal among turf
11.-". and the nutcome la anxloualy awaited by horae
tii.-n and bri 1
The irlal ?<( gn actlon broughl bv Charlea Cooper
Clark, .r thla clty, agalnal Bayard Thayer, of Boa
ton, to racover 197,(100 for Injurlea caueed to hlmaelt
and hli yachl Idlewlld, when run down by the .le
r.?: lant'a achooner yachl Conatellatlon, on Augual
4, 192, near Newpori Harbor, was begun yeaterday
before Judge Bookatavi and ? |ury In th* Buprem*
Court. Mr. Clark allegea thai th* Conatellatlon waa
m unakllfnlly al ?red aa to come la \ini,-nt colllalon
wlth th,- idlewlld. Th- d f. ndant aaya that his yacht
was radttg at the tlm* under the rul-s 1 I th* N- w
Tork Yacht Club, and that when tha Conatellatlon
was ne.ir th* tinisb Ime Iu company wlth two other
yachi-;. th- Idlewlld croaaed hla courae In vlolatlon
<>f th.- rulea iti. harda A Heath appcared a1* coun?
ael for th* ptalntlff and Peter B. Otacy for th* d*
fendant. A number ?>t witnesaea waaa axamlned *nd
tha case was gdjourned tin thla morninn
T ta h. aring of Ihe ? ili of Kat* Darla, tbe a-trr?.?.
to recover IM** for an alleged breaeh of contract,
from Charlea Frohman and Davld Belaaeo, theatrical
managera, was reaum. 1 itei . ?? morning b.-fore
Krnest Hall. the referee, nt No. 0 Wllllam-st. MI**
Davta, at th* request <>r her counael, Wllllam P.
Hurr, took the atand 10 cnntradl.t BOBB* BJUrwer*
glven at th.- last hearlng by th* defence. Th* caa*
?ra* B IJOUnMd tlll January il"
JUStlc* Truax, in the Supreme Court ye-derday, 011
a motlon made by Charb-a M. Meatile. dlsmKsr-d the
proccedlng* taken by Mra. August C. Darldaoa to
colle- | J.Vi..?V> arr-ars for allmony from George I..
Davldaon Mrs. Davtdaon acured . ludgmenl ". II
rorci agalnal her huaband by default In IN*, h*
agreelng nt that time : > glv* ber I-'. a waek. Boon
after he became : ? . > ? ? mbarraaaed and she
:.: .i.:- | Ktitmequently Mrs. Davldaon in
li. i.t. i 120,000 from 1-: pareni and Ild nol bothei
hlm agaln about allmony untll recently, when ih*
cauaed Davldaon'a arreat on an attachment t>> col?
lect 150,000arreara ???? ? ? ?? .1 ..*: 1 Tt lai holda
th.r the papera on whlch Davldaon wa* arreated are
defectlve, an 1 aaya ahe ho il no: be allowed t,, en
force thla de ree, a* ahe hai walved hei righta
Th- flve luatlcea who aal ln the appeal a ? ?
. .: before tn- Appellate Divtalon ..f the Su
preme . "out ? lerdaj in con lullal ?:? Thej
?me flfty arj ind 1 ? -er de
up -n, bul th. \ 1 >. 11 ..'i ? l that no de.
? hande I d *
Among Ihe caa .-. tl il ??:? watched wit>. .-x'r.-me
that of the pi .| :? ag ilnei ex-lnep* ctor
u ,. | im W. M I-.i o Un, a I 1 waa argued on Prl
,1,-, ? ? .. : 1. lt la th- . iiiimon onlnlon
among 1 it? yen lhal th. appi al fn m Juti . :
ham'f .- talned. Co ?nel Jam. a,
Intenda, how.-,.:. -. argue another aspeal from
McLaughlln'a convlctlon ol extortloa bwor* JuaUc*
Barn ti
? ? ?
Waahlngton, Jah. 20 Bupreaai Court ?f th* Ualtad
Btatr-<, Monday, January ?"? !'*
No M6 Th* Pnlted Btate* agl H*nry ?' Puller
Appeal from ti.- Court of Clalma Jtalgmenl af
iinn. d. Oplnion by Juatlce Brown.
fio 1: B. Nalle A Co agl Wada lt Toung
nnd Mr- It. l'. Toung Appeal from ih? Clrcull
Court f-r ih* Weetern Dtotrici of Loutalana. i?
<r<.f Jun* '-. '.?-'. rever*ed, with coatfl and cauae
: ? ? ded, wlth d I a ...
rullng the objectlona to Ihe aale of J ?- . dia
1: the Inlunctlon adjudlcatlng the properly
to Mi- Mary Nalle, mf- ot Kuatla P Q<4aon, und
orderlng ihe del very ..r poaaeaaton 10 her. oplnion
by Chlef Jual
iurned untll to morroa Th* call wlll b* n-<
f ? . 1. lio (and ?i II (and
M2), 7* . SB1, ? -. Bl, -i'l (Hnd 4. ?>
? ? -
Albany, Jnn 2>. The Court r.f Appeal* ralandar
for to-morrow la No* 10, XM 177 and
I, 60
? ? ?
COCII ' \!.l \i'\i..-- i ? 11 TO DAT.
Appel i' '' ' ;?????< irl ':.-r- .r?? v ?-, 1
I" : . Ilarreti, w illlama, 11 i Inarah im I I .
110 111. II! !"-' IU, 23, ? '.a ?:? 100 13 n -J
U ?..:. >o '? IM. '.'7 1-7
Bu(.r*m? ? ., ? . . i-.-i: 1 ir. 1 n.-fir Tnaaa, J
- M ,:. ? . .,li.-l ,1 11 ., in
l_ri 11 H'f f Pryar, J.
m l.x i u la n...i!rri,
? ?? Beek
' 1 ? l . . 1 .. . ? pnrfrrred raa. ?:
N Iti '? lt. ?; bi< ??
Buprema < .un Bpaclal Ikih I'ail IV Hrf ira 1. .
1 .. ?? an.l facl Soa n--> -'--V. ].-.'.. t-t7 l.-<s. |_?.
1.::. 1 :? ; r.7i. ].?'.-; i:.-i. ^_m. i::-. t..:..-. tatxi p,:,
'.'i: l?47, i-'-l. I'.-'. I?M, 1' .7. 1061 IOU2 ItW* I'hH
1<^', IM0 IflffJ II ? ?
Rupraroa r ,url .-1 - ? i 1 ? ? -. Befor. t_.-.\r.-. ?
l fi mi Part IV f?r ti?'.. <'i-.ir.
- ? Viuii s; ? ? .1 'l>ir-i Pari VI Rafori M .
I. - ' -? lo I .- n. 1'art IV for irlal < :...r.
Buprem* 1 o- Hperlal T*rm I'arl vn li?f..r? An
I . ? ? . ? .! I 1 ? ,- - UI I'lllNIl- I.
; . 1 . Part vili a :, . - - 1
f t 1 he in
Part II lt.-r..re rraadman
?r 1 o ?? ???? I .- . iWMl, .'.7'o. r..l(.'. HN-2
I 71. ?'a?e unflnlahi
Buprem.- r??irt Trlal '1 ? 1 m i-,n 111 ,: t .re rhigrn J
WS, 7"". 71-.". 7M1. 7-7. 233, 4IB, I Ho. t.c.'.. 1 Nhl
l-. i ; ? i i '.i . -
? i?.- i un Trlal Term Pari IV ii.-f i- gadgwk-k,
?' ' ? ? ? ' - i ? "??< tt- i . Pari in f irlal . n. un
Suprern* .-..um Trlal Term Pari V Before MeAdaaa
J Caa* lo ln- a. ni fr-.m Pari ll! for irlal. Caaa unfln
Buprem* r Trlal Term Pari VI "..r-..- Dal) .1
' '?? ? lo be aent fl ' t III foi trlal ( I. ai
r.rm l-.o ? VII before (HMer
II ?? II '- 1717, IU33, :7o. 117. '.t. ,_,;,
m:.o i , - unOnUI
Term Pari \ III Befora Bnok
alaver I ? lo ba aem from Pari \n r,. u .,,1.
. n ? unnnli h. :
Buprem. .????ii Trlal Term Pan IX Dafora Otea>rlrh
?I '-.-.. i ? i ' , . n r ? |a| . .
io.i-i . :
Bupreme i irl Trlal Tern Part X Ilefnr* BlarhoB
Jr . -I "i--.< t , i.. enl f tn Pari VII f?r uii.i. i ,..
unflnia ???
rrlal Term Pan :.l Ad* urn. i t .r
i .m
- ? ? B.-fore r... ? ral i s
.\t- tion ? .d >ndar ? i I.--I n i ? :u> ., m \\ III l prolwie
'? II.OI..I, \','. i M ,,.,
'" Healh ? ??- Un ll ? II Iger, Jam. - \).
M.l.r. Murrla Ja. .ba, ..t p. .:> ... m , Am..- ( lai
i- m
KurroKHte'a >'m,m Trlal Term Before Arnnld s -
v, **] - alaa la
i'i'v <? -oi >i- ? lal T< rm H< I i- l)'I?a ? er, i .-.. irl
al IU :? 1" Uotlom .o. ln :o ;i m
ciiv ...iiit Trlal Term Pari I Before Van Wyek C J
us ::--l ..:. ... 7ti I - M J .,, i:;i. , .,-' ;c?*a)
:t:n7. ai-..:.1 :?'. . ." .i J7 .. ::->i. ...'?;?. UW, |.-,| ;v, 14,-,'
IHI 10 ?."'.:. ?-'-7. 2*1 I:..: 7:... ".:?; \UVi 7." I'leui
riv v ni- 'l r .il Term Part ll Befinra '? n. ,.. t -
? ?>? ::--. '??-:. -7... K_ llli, :,.;.i -.ij ?,, (
IHI ll?T,i UBV HI7, IMB, M'i '??- H_i, 'i..: ,
. it? Cotirl Trlal Term Pan li! lt fora PlUalm na
.1 N -i ok.'. 7i.s. 771. s','. Bw, s i.". 'i-.i '|| &M c.is
.;??." ..7'J 725, 7'o 7'': 7-.i. WUI, M | 77a (-.
CBy Court Trlal TVrm Part IV Bafure M.-Carthy, J
.-, - - 32Hli :;j.:". 2131. ITKll :ui7 ':n-.7
.'?.'.-s:.. -i'i-.".'.. :'.:'.i;t. :i2ll, lmikh ::i2'i .'??'.".. iWl, :.-.-js :ii7-'
:r;i ::ri :? :?- :::::.. :?-.'. :: i-7. :u:.7 :;.i:?i :;:.;>' :i.-,,,T
:iMT, :i;,|.:. ::,i7. 3472 K |U| N . IU1, ,?? . 1 ,:
Bup 1 in- '
B) Ti laa, .1.
Paupla '? ,va Madlaon Hqaare Bank Qtlberl M. Si.^tr
Baker ik u.-ir u rii.ua i> Burr
ii. QiM*a4a ra Janawav John Jemloman.
l?ean>- ra iiean. Charlea a Jaekaon
frh.e-nenberner v.?. Beh en .rger Iw.-il.l IV Ingraham.
Bradle) . -ur 11. r Ci.mpan) - -. I.ivlna.1 <;??<.rK. \v
II .|!l .-oi v-a. Blng Ll Davld Wel. '.
Ilv l...,l.-il .-. 1
m ? 1 vi llnffman Bllloti Banfi rd.
itiv ::i\ i- i:.' APPOINTBD.
gttpi I'i.- .
B] 'ir. I
I! Ellloti Mlnor m l.uibei r. HaiiwHI ll rauaM)
'ranrla lllvi a
I 1. . 1 'un . M '' -i ?>?.. ; fl n-ni-1 \'
Il-nry Klipi-l. alsty-thre* yeara old, Ih* own.-r of
a bakery al No IM Mxth-aL, commltted aulclde
then u-iriii nornlog i.y ihootlng h!ms*:f throuKh
Ihe mouth. ll- kaai . wtdoa aad aeven grown-np
rhiidren, iwo of whom are In Oernuny. Drlnk aad
lt.- inlty a-i? the ? . i -1 ol 11 - i i
Kilppel L-ame from Oermany twelve v.-ars aao
He wsa marrled twlce, Beven yeari ago he opened
the bak-rv. whlch proapcred, aad th* nelghbora
looked upon him in well-to-do. Por th* laal few
montha be h.-.d been drlnklng heavlly. nmi ai timea
be waa 0111 of ... mli I Oa aeveral occaaloni he
had th;. atened to iik ttii llf.
Thore waa no bualneaa transacted yeaterday at the
atieiion rooma.
ai the Broadway Real Kst.-.te Balearoom, stron* ?
* iroiand adjourned s.ne die ih- aale ot th- four
story bri.-k BatboiuM ln Bradhurat-ave.. near one- ,
hundred-and-flfty-flfth-at., lot 2S,8_a7.tea*x*2.2.
Tba Commlttee of s-v-n appolnted by the reoentl)
organtaed Real Batata Board of Brokora, canatatlng
of j Bdgar i.-av.raf, Frank R. Houghton, Charlea ,
F. Hoffman, Jr.. Alfred K Marllng, WUHam H. Fo?
,?, im-.. - s. Treacey and J. Clarance Davlea, beld .
I;::';,,,,.U:>Vi-.-.l by U,-ra.V.li,t.h-l-as-sin.lu
. were made t? Robert B. Valentlna. who waa
. ?u .poaed to i.- actlng for th- eoclaty. W t?< '
? onantVof the aoclety, it is sald. n ls debarred lu.in
ctl at, Bo 4>t Eaat; Edward Jacoba, referee, U>
i> .1 Itemstein.?. , '".;:
Dui al No 113 Baat; lludaon H Roaa aad wlf?
lu H i ii ii.'. .1 Siepneni. ??; ???"_ ,; ,
9oih "t Noa :?:?'.> and -TH Kaat; J bn ' Bteuei
;ml wlfe t. Ifannah Wallaeh..-????????
I27lb at. .. a, 247.8 f. <? of Bth ave "??????? ._,
s.,i a-!- llechl nnd wlfa 10 Jacob Reelil. ????
... ,,.. n w i-omer 97th al, 24 llxtoo; al*. w a
34-ava 78.5 f. n -f B7lh at, 25.0x100; l-ran
\ ITark and wlf? to Uernard MrMnnus........
?m' ,,-.-.- h w rornar Mlh al, 88.11x79; rraacla A
" ilark .... . wlfa lo aama.,_U" _?'' __ii_'
",l ,w Bo 1.888, ;. e rr.rner M8d at, ZBXiou.
" Hnntiah Wallach t ? J-lm V Bteuer _????_ , ;?;
12111. al a a. 348 ft - of llb ave, 1*8x73; Peter
s--?..m ..n.i wlfa to I'harlea Btewai' ... ? ???. ?
W..I -. n a. 880 fi - of ."?I. ave. - ?? 100 B >
i.a Uayer aad aaotaer io Maurl ?? B Barn
9m1;"",. ?-?.???:.-"ii-.'.i'fi'V.'.'f i^''?'?? ;-;\v\'""
, i wlfe to Bemard M Mn""'
... *, ii ri n of 184th al. 174 HxtlO;
ii , .,?, HtrauBB anl wlfa io Paullne Aai ?.???
332; Rllaa llaabrou. k to Pn I. rlck
.?1 800
,-,.,? :ia A ( and wlfe to Rernai l M. atanua. 1
1. ? ' , ... a a i rn?i IBJth at, 201 5 fl lo 85th at,
. 14... aama lo aama ? ? . ._ ?
|0ih ive So 773, w a, 24.2 ft ti ot ..--l al, -? i
\?. Prank W Arnold, referee, ??> Max Well,
\. 117 Weat; Cleorga M Van Roesen, rel
, rea lo Man P Da . 87.400
lot t. .,%?? N ? 778 ? a, I"".'. fl n of B2 i n ;.'....-\
lua Prank W Arnold, refaree, lo Magnua
WellB m . . aI'Zm
No T7I. aama l" l.at.M M.-.-tiu:. . 48,000
L'olumbua ave, So 811 l i 817, ? .rnei BOIh at,
N'athaa Lemleln and ?if<- t-> Juiu Vogal. '
B2d m Nn BOB Weat; Fraah W Arnold, referee,
?. i>aniei m-ii in. n??N)
ti.su, al n a. 848 ft w of rentral r>.rk Weat. l*?x
108.2; M.nli Itubens anl wlfe t> Wiillam B
Bmnh. 82 BM
,*.7-i. M n a. Xl'i ft ? of 8<1 a*e. arixionr.. Mk-hael
i La elle raoouior, lo lUnnai. Bheehy. 18,008
74th at. ? a. 188 ft w ?.f avaaaw A. B8X103.Z;
iVanUIn Blao, refavne, to 'i.? Murray iril
Ha-.< 8.888
a'.th at, ? ? oti ft ? ef Martlsnn ive, 2.?xt?nft,
Bva Bauer t. Wnr?r A Bchlffer I
II ii-rt al, a a. ?*> :? ? o| I". ? at, :.-ox.'.7.
.LiinfH A !?? Wlll In H C D* Wlll . 1
l,i!-iu- -t. No igi; William Nobta .u.-i wlfe lo
Irhi ii ti .1 . 1
William ?? \. it'i Bltner i: illana and wlfa lo
- I! llllllntllklr. I
i . ai. N . io. >xi;.... it-i.. ? i <; M t ?
.; . I . '
Ui:t. Bt. No :??.. .r-r-miaii c Lyona .>-"i wlfa
-? ? i. !?.- an'i annther............ I
8th at, h ?. n.i f. m nt A ? f>, -'..'.'? n Busen
A llr-ka and annth-r Iu Atn-r II MllN . 1
III nRton il, N -': - - 78 ft # "f Iherlff I
? ? U .. ? i ? ?? r ai I .r\ 1
pl ? -? Nna 88 bi l BT, w r. I7.'i f a of Bl ? ' i
ai, 50x112 .'.. J i.?a Well - al to Paulln* I
n - 2S4.8 fl w ol r.-ii n.. SBiSaB; Davld
II M Alpln ? ' al I" A:i IraW .t > ? m ? k
83.) at, a ? I"'.?'.? f" ? of ?"?! ave, 1-:.r'J.V lf
n ii Howland l.. Bl.hael K M.'.o.-n and wlfa I
MaJla.fl tve. a w c. roer ZTlh H *I?8H 1 >? lerl k
I wlfa lo Anilrew V Q 100
S3d Bt, ? a, I8aa fl ar ? I M av. ia.?a2S I ??
man Rowland. nn executor, ?? Blel.i K M<
<'srt?n Bn 1 *lfp ft 230
|07lh ?>.. n ? J<?> f w f Amsl a liala
1.?>ll I'rar.-la f*i"lr, Jr, a-..| Wlfa 10 A:i-luny
II Ruhl. 1
I2i?t at, N" 228 Weat; J ?-t \ R Bteln and wlfa
lo Isaballa L*vy. 2<"
1.14th at, v L-f.-. Weat; Aii.in k P Warner -. >
?n.ra!r-? A Warn?r anl an tli?.. I
Wv.r. ^- n ? ?.?. fl w nt 1>il.-*\?. M \?\ x's?
BM II; J.,hn Bttteblnaoa, .a axarutor, t.. John
1 ... Bgtiei 'i part. ... ..... 1
Wuh -t. t. a 4>'.i t? ft w ..f t.ti. ara 84 t-.xi.?> II;
\ . ,it;'- :i. aa axetutor, lo .1 ho 1 flal
i?k. ?". ', 1 art . I
-,.,.- prutMrty; Joha V Cainvt-ii and arlfa to
. ? -i 1 ... ..,' ? . 1
? Nua 1 ??' 180 ?n.l UI. n ?. 4'"> rt W of
1-1, r. ? C4 l.'x (MxlOM tl Th. -Ii' P
l> . ..; :. t , J hn t (lallaal.T . ... 40.000
No Ij.i V. ???. Wiillam BcReynnlilB ?o
. .; nynti " '?
. ... 100x100;
? llliam I' 11 in ??' ..: t ? T T ?'??? '<"t 10
1,-- ? n ?. il4'.' 7 ft o of Hergen iv?, U8 2i
>:.i .-?? . Jamea T Bal
; , ; , ? ? I' ?. 1 1 '.
: *???>
XI.; ? ive. n w a, lot lln. m.ip I
Mary E
U . 1
\ 11 n i . ?- 10 il- -ii. itin k-i ..."'. ? .- Bth
,? - '.-i II ft n of 134th at, 1 ??... ? lltai.onr)
Sim,-- Banie, aama pi ,-" . I rear. ?.??...??.
i:, . ? 1 ? 1.! . J. 1 . vVaahlngt -i II rayl . No
40m |>^. n.11 at, 1 v?ar . 1.268
. ? ? v. 11 . . 11 \\.,- -? rm "?? ? a
rrih'-at, 200 fl . ' 81 . B -' 1 ? . 1 B00
r ?:- .;. 1. .nt. ?? ... 1
, ,, v. Bua w - 48th at, ?". raai ? i.'?"?
IU nl . W lll am, and arlfa 1 ? ... \ ?
l(^.,.f of Iteapet-Ub-.a Aaed Indlaeai
1 ? n . ? ? r N. a ^ ? .... .. ^ tlw.ii at, .:??? (< ?> I
I .,.* W. ? ."- I '. ? ? .-?? rj<> "oo
H .-? I, Barah E, and ibroi lo Bn I
.' 1 . x. ? -.? r w a Av. nua B, 'J-' -- ft n I
r.n, ... 1 x. - ....... 1 000
> Kdward I>. an.l arlfe I ' II <m II ? 11' .
a - K .ai- ?\. ;?.- s n p of V
ave, >; m mli<. . 1,080
r. At..ir.--v J, t . ih.- Beam, ? .. riana f 1
Bavlnca, N. ? V. ik. n a LKtli -... 224.8 t' ? of.
.?-..?..? g yaara i.'. n 11
''i-.i.. Banj J, .. Martetti A (lark, ? 1 I33J st,
78 fl a f :?:. , 2 m .? . 1 I 828
Bame t, AIImtI I . ,-k. atime 01 perlj 1 >ea 1,31.1
1 rk, v. IIII im K, 1 ? John 11 Kohde, N?i 2.4J4
2.1 ?? i.?i
N' ii it. n.i >n ?:. 1 Wiillam
? 'Hla Inisti ? ? :.;?). ... |_ t: ? r
' ' "I'.l f . > ?-. .'. v 1 . J'. ('.?.
U u.-i. M irala, io 1 . ? llai In, 1 % I47tl
473.4 fl ? of iu k .,-,.? ri, ,?.,: 1. ...
?- o.... ? ? KllaaUib Banala, aama p perty, i
''. '?? maa ii ? i-,,,.:, ,\ rVriia, ? a laVth it!
:.,i f: v. ,f Wllloa .... ;<?? t-aara .'..?'
H ima ? ? Tu: 1; . iranlrw and Ti ual ? m| iny, a a
i.tin, ... mi n ? ,.f u/iiioa iv*, ;i 1 .1 .-u- . 2^0
BV a- I, il- i !? r?,l a/|f? 1,. |-r.,i m ., \\. 1
"?"? --.':?: o..it avt, 7:1 ft ? if laoth *i -
Ki?li-r. xi?r. , to Snilili \\ llllama 1 .
- - 1 Pruape. ? ave il?K. ft .. . ,..- H im 1.
. . 1.7 4.-?
....ii .ai- '. .1 .hn I, ;., Th. ?1 tr K Haa.
r. n a MHh it, nm rt v il 0
half pai I, 8 y<
llf |,T.
Mary, and alari
II .". -x- "' ' "'. N.? 244 C-harrj al, 3 ^.?,..- . II i>?.
Il--n.li 1 un, .ni.,,., i>. 1,1 ,\ ?-,. ,1. Hoapltal
Nea 1 ..I.. No l.ngf Ma lll n ive .". - ., . J.hi
Hiwk m Henrj ui<1 aii, || Hlm.inaon
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Ban lo II i.-m Murray, ? ulor Ab am H.
'-?'"? -.... ? 1 .i..|"?? ly, ?? .- ?'? ? . ia .Hhi
. 1 hn J. 1 r>re?
??f H./ Meth pal t'hui ? v 11 131 1 1
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71 ?> fi n ol i ??'!. - 1 . .,? .... .,
Ja. ... a, 1;. ? lo N.-w \ .... ,.,,.. Inaura 1 1 .>
t ??> '? t. - 80th ? IHI :. ? ..- Ha.lli i.n ,..- 1
11 n,u.
2 .'? ^.
-.' .-.ss
33 i.n..
Jaequelln, Emnn I., ... Ellsabelh rull^i >. .?.,;
II ->--m nnd N.i L-?-.' Uowen and N.i ..".s- ku?
!.?''? '. tin. tiui.i part, i reara
I-'-.".". ' Iwrlea A, lo I aiatalm Mn'all 8 >:?.
N.i >i, \',...., n ^t, leaa,-, ,1. ,? ,,,... .
Ki.l oi.-k. i .1. 1,1, and ini.ih. r l<> Klli r
1 I 1 tal U. i.la.,, ::;., :; r. . . r
HaiVn it, 1 -.,
ol 1, .111.1 wlfe tu !'.. : 1- Neher n s
5"1h ai, T.l ft .- of lotli ... on. IhlaU parl 1 .la)
? '"? ". ri.. ... 1- K, and M .f. . , Thoin ? . I Kl.l
:"' ? - .-"in'iit ive, ;a. fi ? of 133d at, |
I- "'". I.l.i A. 1,, M.i,K,i. .'1'. t 1, ,',;i',' w'\
1 rlnlt) h\e, ;.<i n n ot mi 1 ? :i ,,.,,
Satii. lo >-i.'h-i..-,.. Townsend. :. - lOlal 1 n.n ri
? ol Trlnll) ive, 3 year*. 1 s_
?M-'.i Budolph, ... .;..,,.? k,,,,,.., t ????' ? .
? I ' '?.? n ? uf h?al*rn Itmt). 1,11 I all lltl.
.. niand. 11 .'? .
?v; "';- i*nli I, 1 ? -; ra ? 1. ?,' w i-.irn-r
1 ICM .-v.- and 52t| it, :i y, ...
Mame I 1 aama. *am- pi .|-,i.. 1 .,,,, . ;, :-NI
?'? "ai u II. .tiar.i. and arire 10 Krancii A riark,
a w raraei BWh ai and Ial ... 1 >>eai ;>;, ink.
N,;":""-- Kaile A, and huaband 1 ! Ueorn i:
a< 1. .i.m ,\- .-,. 1, a 5|(l ?, ,,?,,-, fl r ,lf _.h
a.?, 2. yeara.
j M-.'vi-ri. Mlehael K. and wlfa i.. tha thi. duai
V.r"r T_ '""".. ' ""fnnv. a - SSil-si, Ina i.
R W of H.I 11 \,. ;i v.a ^
, M..ri|... ..?^? -i. aad wlfa to'joiiph'T'Vlibney!
3 "y ***' '"'''' N" '' '"'" "V '" ' l,,,!
?'s "h ' alherla. iu John u BtVrHnir ' i,i
| VV ?I^_M- -'" " " "f ''"l"'"'-'" ave. 1 ?,..? : 1.000
1 N'-l-'i., rhonwa ...i.l wlfi lu Ih Kqull ibla I -.
\ Miraare s. . 1. n , ' th, I'nlted S1..1.?? 1, t
HUxt al, lia. fi a ul hi ..... 1 year ;i mort
?:'<-s . . laooo
(.im-.. Wiillam, and ?ir. .,, lielnrlch r and Kllen
1. ..ii.ni.-r. Riverdala ...-. -, ? ,.,r Hlvei 11
' ^.
Paalnaky, Henry, ,1.1,1 i/lfa to imi rxaeulura uf
Oeorge imi. V. Hi Henrj at, :. 1 t yMn ... . laOOO
Pottler, Lawrenee, 1 1 Kllaabeth s Penti ?< - ???.,
al. I2B f.r imi, ... 1 real _8o0
Powell II V.'l.?I'!. tu la, ..Ii l> lliitl'-r, 11 ? U7H,
288 ft ? of Orand Roulevard 2 montha.... 8,000
Kuhl Anthon) .;. to m,,<.-. t r ne, n - liilih
il. .'IIM fl v. ,,f An all r.ti.m a.-. I v.-nr l , ,,
.Sii.ii^ t,. Pranela si-.r. |r, a ? 107111 ?. 880 r. ?
<,f Aniai.-i.iii.ii nf, I vi-ir. |,.?,
aaltuary, i---..- and Jaaaana, ba Don \ Uaylurd
a a imii, at. 1^". f. - I 3 1 ave, 8 montha., 1 m.hi
St in...I.. Kllaabeth H. to TUIb Uuaraniaa ?n.|
Tru*t Cbcapaay, Na .'.n 1.1-1 84th at, .: yeara., 10,000
s, 1 1, ica. Ktancia I, lu I_aribar1 Boydam n a
misi st 100 ft aj ,,f Uh-avB, t rear. 88,080
Catt. ? tu aai..-, lolx' st, n h. '.-.a. ft a .,f lil, ave,
I yar .,' .-iiiimki
B'-i.i.uaa. Kranrla J, ln l.in.iieri Buydaai, n a
lolat-at, 108 f. w -f I'ark ave, I ysai . 3? .HK)
f.ime to fome. n a tovt-at. 200 ft w of P.trk-ave |
xm.i to OM I'o-t loud. 1 year.???______,' **?> ' ? .
Btephena, Hannah J. and hUfb ind I* Aa*** Dlnkel.
r. . uiat-M. IM ft e of P?rk-*v*. 2 raar*..-. ? *.??
Tavlor, Doroth-a. to John C BoettMT. a a 118th-at,
17.' ft W of Xth-ave. 3 years.'._''???'__.? 1',uu"
Bam? to aaaae. b b UBth-at. S3I ft e of oth-ave. ^^
\VelL I*--.' to .i.wtav,',, s-i.l,-i.i,-rK et al. eXe.-.itora. ?
..,,. m a lOth-ave, ?4.1 n a of RM-t. -t r**r*.... '*?""" .
Bl II.I'IN'J PtAKi nUKD. j
?n, / ?? ?>!_? buum of new bulldlaa* and ult.-rations
,..'??,,..:;; ,,.:"?;,,, ,1?..1,u.iom- l>pwin*Bt durlng .be
lurty elghi houra endlag a. nooa yerterday:
New bufldtBga:
l-.u.? BO fi s of 147th Bt, by Katharlne
,- KBchen. of Na MM Kast I0M-*I. -V*-*t*ry l
brlek atore and tlata .i?__l' ' .
Untllda-ai w a, IM fl n of Backet-ae*. Wata
? ii.. i by John Tr.-.i-. of nower-a* aad Oarden .
,-, . two-and-a-half rmaa* dwelltag . ***?? :
a^STmit. by Abbey i v*a w.rt. t-ar_t*nr
, ,,:v franw si. r-. .iw.-idmt and rtMbro<ma. ?"
Ucul Cstate.
Now offered by the I.awyers' Mortgage Insur
ar. ?? Company.
OrtMcmtea of ?.?oo nnd ? ?.??? at 4
paareaMBtafor ptrmanent or temporary Invest
nient. __ ____
F.uoli rortlfi. nt* ftwlBBM nn inidlwlaled
laterttl ln ? -|?e.l?.- Hoiid nnd Morfari.fft)
on New-York Clty proptrtjr dwcribed therein.
(juurnnlee ?? P?l"?'?l ?* |?rlo<lpal
nnd Inlrrcwt.
Tlt'.e lnsnred by
I.i.wyer*' Tltl? lii?uran?e Company of
Certlfleate* regtatarad by a Trust Company and
aaslgnablc on boolca of
1.?mj?tV MatrtapBtraj In-nranc*. ? ont
Apply at offlce of company. 37 and 39 LSberty
Q\nition Sulco of Ucal (fstatc ^_
JANES L. WELLS, Auctionccr.
,, cloaa tatate -f 0* rm Patt*. aaK****d. ?Hg**.
MN 2A, aoon, al m Broadway. .v \-. H"-l '-:>tjU
.322 East 5th Street,
ibim aioey blgh Btoap krtek awalllag. Lal Wala*
142 and 41 Acre Plots,
ii- v rrs knoava aa PaH* Horaeate*d, eaoai t.BWf*ei
r."n.'V,.. V."- A' B ad. M?M S. MrtMta n La,.
and Mlll Boad, and alMnln* v,.-ll kni?n AElB,.***u_ii1
;'' ? ?^x:r.j^
MriKulan wltk Charlea H Brwh, Attarajry
? .-. .,? : wlth Jamea L. Welto,
v . ? ? Htreet. X. ._
V gupreme . .... t. l.-t al 195 V/ater atreet, J^-Torfc
14 feel rr.-nt by B3 feet rll foUl r| lrl-k
nt ihrreon, near Maldei U ? ln ihe .-entre ?f
. ... WUI ... . Id Bl I'aCI. AuetlOO Bl h*
..,.,,.,.;.. ma ili Bmadway. on tha
, .',. . - r. inck. iv wii.i.ixM KE.V
jjku". rh ... apply f-r tarma at n-.m 1-.
ili Un rneni. _
(Titp JJrcpfrtn Sox Gnle
\o ITKT'I AVKNtfB e* blgh a
A', '?' well bullt brownai B? houaa 2" fi wt-ia; aaep
n ,? c-tad raar; Baw aantury pinmhinx. I ric.
Irkouv. mortgage. I?M0. Pannlia und all purtlculara
fcof) MADDJOM AV!-: M I.tl'KBTY ST.
twn eitr* flr.t claaa eornar apartmania, entire a-eaua
rrnnr. r-.a2f.-J. aioraa ind .aisee iiarter; irMn h?U* aaal
?talra marbla and Iron. pri\at? balla. at.v,m Beat, *???
': . . . - \* claaa tenania: lotal reoul.up
,- ive and T-I al_
BaKAITIKI I. Am b.ment 4-ai -? hou*a, BT*al Kn !?
|> .... . raaln BTBVEXa. 9-dal- car. Oat. aire.
Ho Cct for Bsfinetl PnrHO.efl
I'I^miI'.S AM' MAI.K r*UM>BH
' TO I.KT.
1 'l t.T-.i.iTAN BBAI.TT BClLoiKa
llntnrniohfij ^purtmcntj Za CtL
7-_ AM) 7U \Vi:?iT ?H?TH-!?T..
?..,r OalUaakwa l?a
BenU from *-?> w <"'' J"i;l r ' jiremuwa
JJnblic KottfCt.
f ihe Board f
I -, ,n of th* "'iiy
Ci I'UKMK I'oril
-? la _M ?' '" ' of
l.-l . i'i i. hy the l
n V<irk -?' "l ''"'.. ' '
AMerm. ? I . n i ? f the Cl'j of New \.r\. .
certain ;..n ? ? n Ih, ' ' '<;" ' \>h'. ,
\ - \ ... 1 B, In tha Nln.n
u ,,.; r i,| clty, Julj >. :? :? i and appn ? '? ?? '
II .o.i ii foi -..i.- aad m p'i:#
,_,., ... pter l?l ? f lha l.aaa ol
-. . hupter 39 f tt - Lawa -f ll?a
i-.,.. i,,. . ? ? - ? ? '? o ter IVI ef th* !???'
I". . I by iha| ?? i "??. t ' ??? La? - f l*1*1
n '.. I- nia.t-i
.- ... -.-:. urt f tha .- .'?? : New Y ik, ?t a
t ? ba h.-l'l in Pari 1. . ll??
. || ihe Clir of New Y .rk. on the
? : .- ? :..,. . i*o* ,- i ? pan ag ? ' th* ?' un
i thereaftei .* t unae! i an ba
for ihe app li ' ?? r.i ol Commlaal. i
i:.'in: .?.- in th i ? ? tled matl
.... i , ni pi ?. ? meni i.-1-1 > la -
I \ fhe Mayor, Aldermen
f N.-w \ ik, lo eert lin
.- ?? . . t ini.iii.aa th.
,,|._. ii ? t- oi.. - a. on Ihe a ulherly n.ie
. i Elgl ly - a I a Avenuea A and M. in
the si " : ild i-lty. la fee almpie iba lute,
-... 11- .i. i, j.i. pi lat. .1 and uaad t aad
f i il . | ...... :lle.| ,:i ... i il of the Uwi
. - iv-v ,. imen.lej :\ ,--i iiiaptai ? f lha Lawa -f
i-'^. i,i -r pert) havlna been duly aeleeted and ai
: '..?:.' ..,-:?? t ? .. ho .i
invi, i and la purauaaca ol ihe prerlaloaa of
- i iapti r-'i t tl a Lawa f is?s. ??. amended bj
aald chapier U f tha ! .?^ ^r 1*80, U-ina th? rullowtng
.1 - r'.-.^l ! .- i ? - - |-. ? ? I b| Ulet Maine:\:
All !' - - . ? .? p I. ?- ol lan I ai'uaie,
the N h W ,r?l ..f the i'im j
S'ew \ -ik. wtii. h i.ih.-. i<igether an bouaded ,.n.| di
:-..i ??? ' inri li.ylr.nlni .< .i poiai on ihe aoutherly
? , . .md atr. n laterlj '..-< fa, ? fi tn
tba polnt f'tri.' i-< ' -i- :;. ? ? ??? li r. - - ? i iv llne
:? i wlth ?:.-? eaaterly llna ol Avenua
1 pai ilM ? i-h A\enua \
irl r -.i- \ ... nlona the preaent alte of Qramoiai
N Wl. 102 ? . .- .-.-iitre I'ne ,.f the
bl '. thene. . irall* wllh Rtghty acrond >t.i
and i :i i ilong aald alta -f 11iamm_r s. I1....1 \... >.mi.
.;; feei and fl inoh ?; ihenca n riharly, para'.lej wlth
Wenue \ 102 feel 2 lt r;j ,,... ,,f
' alrett; than ?? vveateil) .. ng -,ul ! aoulh
? v llna - 1 Iokih . .:. - 1 ii inchea 10 t'le.
1 ? Ini ?" pl 0 ?? ' . ?
11.-. 1 New i ? 17th :v'...;
.'i:\\. is.m MiOTTa rounaei to the Corporation Ko '.'
Tl . 'i. II v. N. ? ^ -:k l*|l)
I MKNT, n ti.?? la herebj glven ib.it an Ai haa
i.-a paam-,1 to Uith brum-hea of the I_>gtalature, eatltle,)
an I arorde ! aa followa:
AN AiT lo authortae and rmpnwer ihe .'iu ?t n-.<.
Vork !?? puj eertarn ??? - lua and m nrr.Mi, t.. the
si ita al New Vork
Knrther notHe l- hereb) glvtn lhal m Publle llearlna
U|un aueh bill ?ill lie hrUI .,1 ihe offl.e nt i!,.. M,.
in Ihe Cll> Hall. In Ihe 1*11) of New-York, "ii Thuraday'
Jan 11 iCld, l-lMi. ai 2 ?'(I. . U p, 1.1
l?at<-1 i'ip lli.li. Ji nuun Soth Ihlkl
tcgul ^ottcc_.
[N I'I i:si \\ii-: 0f an ordor made i?> Ot*
? H?n Bo_ei a Pri 1. .1 Juallci uf th? Buprem* Coun
of the Ktate "f New Vork ln and for the i'i!. .m.i Count)
? ?r Naw \ ?:',. a.iii.i .in ni. 11. 11. t v.?i notiee la herebj
al? a '" -ii credli 1-. and peraona havlna i-lalnia aaaln?<
Thomaa Haun, lately doing bttalaeaa m tha ?'r. and
. utii. uf New Vork, lo preeeni their ,-i?tni? wlth th.
1 ih-r-..r. Julj k-eriflad iu lha aubaerlber, the i>
siKn,..- of aal.l Thomaa llaaan f-r tha benafll <,f hla i-re.li
tora. ni hla .-m.-.-. \ - .?-; oni :-.-n Kaat Mlth Htreet, in
ih- Clty of New r?k, on or befora tbe aecond day ol
Aorll, IrIM,
ii.ii.-.i, New Vork, January iiin. ihiw
JOHN Mi-ntllMi:. Aaatunee
f a Aaaaatnav,
i:/.i:kii:i. iixm.w
1 nn.l _? N.
?et. New Y-rl;
lcet and ^ciniti
? out on .-1..1.KN
I- a ..rt.:. .0, af iu- hundred ehare* of fni-n PaetAa
ii..iii..?i M..-k. ?? .-I..1-. duled Ma) 13, Ihsi. m nama of
harah R. Daggeti ind Q.g* Whlte, trna.eea. aader tha
" lll -I II,-l 1 v I. I >a,:^-- 11.
11 .- No. (. Tran-.'.nt :<: . lloal .11
Boato*, Sfa?a.. Jan. lat, l.stMl
| 0JT Baakbook N... .17.1.'i?7. Bank f-r gavlnaa BM
Ij 1 >?e n.-? Y-ik 1'..mii,,,i atopped. PUaae
tiitn Ih..,I( 1 . ti mk
IOgT liinkb.
i Pourth iv- ,
?k No, MT.0M, Bank for Hmlnirs. BJO
N-rt ITork. Paymem attapped. Pteata
ti>rf?n Oieomcti
4 ri.AM'li' TRAN8PORT I.INK 0F TW1.V
KANlTOBA .lan. -J.'.. IMhJ
l-"or freiaht nnd imsaane u|i|.l) lo
NBW-YOBK BHIPPINO CO., Oeneral Aaenia.
Produea Esrhanga Bullding, a Broadwar. N>? Y,.rk.
St. uni-ia laava I'tar iW. N. B., fool ?f Weal ^Ulb-at.
Undsr Naw Managemant.
O. B. L1EBEV. I'roprlator.
tPor iweniy-tJve yeara at i"< iir*vu<.irt Ilousa.)
Tue locetlon uf this houaa Is most deairabW, oaiag ua.
tral to all pla.-ea of amusement and cunveoient to _
aluppiog dlBirlot. Thla hoUl haa bttn entlrely r?m<>?.
elled aid lelurnlshed. 1'ullsheO oak floors and ruaa,
throughaut tlie entlra HuUl. Speclal atlention aatae
glven to the culair.e to n.-ke It or..; of un*urpaa*?d axcaj.
lence. A number of very daalrabla aultes to r?at lor ta*
k. ..Mnii. Eurupeun plan
Btrtetly a familv hotel. CaOBBS aultea furnlahM or ui
furnlahad t. r-nt by ih- aaaaon -r year. Culatoa anl ,-,
vtoa of lha hiti.-st ..r.ter. it.iie? reav.mt.i-. i?atio
eoaveateai t.> all paita >.f ihe <??>.
WAI.TKH I.A'.VI'.llN.x
i~vlaanov BOTBb, ~~
.Al.aolute.y Flreproof).
p. o v H : = :' B R . N. V.
iXliutcr Rcsorto.
Gullea to Ihe fsmoua Batlle Fle! !s and BhMortc I'lacaa.
Beautlful Suburban Drivt-a. Mu>lc a-.U Every Mu
Hotel C .r.venlenca.
Informatlcn at N. E. Reaort Aiao.. 3 Tark Pla.-e. N.
TK3H [S(3M(?G0[I?Y;Era IG
AlluXii THi: i'l.M?:.-. BUMMBRVILLK, 8. C.
Ntwly bulll. Oaaly tutBlahed; ataam baa . -p^n
flraa alectr.c l.- Ie. fcjtniaiy pl.tnrnrm. modarata tetma.
THOMA* R MOORE. I- , -->r
\ lt ? ..'... KM,
For H?alth or Plaasura. Tne |'i?,lnt:nenta of a flrat.
r'aaa hotel, elevator, -:??' irlc t.'Ma. i-team. mn parl r aai
promcriad- -.n ih- roof. gultea i f ro> t.is wllh I itha, ma*.
aage, alectrtelty. all bathi ,.nd ht-alth applianrei .\>?
Turkikh. Ruaatan ?ii Natural Bulphur Water Bal - Dty
tMilr alr Sare--ir.. W-.t-r* ...il wi:.:. r -. - :. 1 for
llluftrated rlrr.iliir.
trWrilM WM&Xi
BORT. Alr bsimy and full af llf?-plvln? oxon*. Naw
?anltary plumblng and afl the comforts nt the rrK<i*ra
home. CASTAI.IA BPR1RO WATER ?uppl!ed to f-iaSU
wlthout charga. Ctrculara may ba had of
F H. scoKiKLt'. i MaBaaaa Av.. Maw-Terk.
k. B riKS.
1TKl[l"_[?KiL^(SilS" &0_K3(E.
opawB fkb ?, Maa
PAl'L B BODEW, Xlar.ager.
(At 3th Av. Rotat, N. Y . untll J.in. BM >
i?t? of ihe spnn: H ..?? BleBBaM sr-i'i- N V.. aad
Kowatala Parli Botel H ? Bprtngi B C_
A-cmni'^lati aa ' t ???" xuaata <> nipylag an an'tra
iniiar* in th<- m ai faal nal ?? parl of lha -? Coal M
M dernl.... ited I. .x .i ily fur>
nii>he.| T ... an wlll Bnd *a irnah ? -? f the i
l^reallng ind beaotil ' - -'h No plaeg
that -in l"- i.:mi..! la more healthful -.r dealrabla ,n a
placa of Wlnter r?B.-rt. A '!r>, averaga t. mi - ?:. ?? ,:t,
Of* Wrlta for lllastrated leerrlptlva bnoklel
WATaON <v POWB1U, l'K> iI'B.
"MiMB^rL k:. ?' ?
(>p?n for tha Wlnt?r "'-.Imate 'iry nn.l braclBg; all w.nlar
?por;a. Tarma, atc. of ' A PERRIS8. Mgr. _
TuliriElL lB(_b5_r"_aD_f8_p
At'.;r.-TA. OBORaiA,
B__taBNl aad ramodeUed. ?... up?n Uae. -.'. 1888. un:?^
fnraaar mar_g?aa*ai -f Mr. C. A. Linau-y. who haa givag
ih? hot-l w.drapira.i p..pu;aruy. K.n> ruo?s, moatlf T.ia
i :. ita batha hav. beea adaad lo tha h.tel. ki-n.? * uul
capa-lty of 227, !? .. Booklel .r.1 partleulam aidra*.* C.
A. LIN8LET, Auguata ''?? . .r t. 11 3o..fi-ld. Metrywll
tan b'jll'ltns. MadTlaoO Sguare. ___
8'4 r.oura fnir. N V., iar?- r. un.l t-ip. ?? i?J. atr.;l tha
famoua Berkabi.i Hilis; . hanninn aurroundlnga; aii pro
\i?i n for i--.it'. and e mf rt; ac mmoda ra l.a) auaacai
n.> malarla. jvMi?;!itf'.l f:.ll and wmt-i reaort; ? :#
buoki., CAL.BH TICKNOR A s-.N'.
WlndBor Hotel. , ,_
Bth Ave. New-Tork, warre.n t Lfa?4MTA
aft-r Mxy 1. M<1 PIIOPRISTOB.
K^RS0iL?Cu_ DOGDir: -?
Tor clrculars and Information >.1<lte*a
ill'AI' A BROOK8. XtiMltf*^
"Tiifl'iE Q_A\QU0B__(L WdDll
?ir [Lf_[h'3:rc/^odJ
DAVID B PH'MKR. Manar-r.
__a?aaad N?w-Jer?a?.
Ij?te -f Onental ll'tel. T. K SII.I.I-:. K L^aaB*
MaiiliUla.i li-a.h. LAKEWO. ?, N? _ +
kot$n ? ?.'?' Mii i
Off.-r- . aUa obtainabl..
NATURAL THERMAL WATKRB, ftne hatha. a ?;.':i8a
in rthaiimailam Oout * >' ?> '?' aarvoua ai?eaae?
l-.-rf-.-t rMaaata baaatll : accaary. l'ullman eara ? *ve
N-? V-.ik ilaily ,.t IUBJ p. I" . Ihrougai ln 21 h. u;>. v*
TOMir^^: DBDB KdDlfliL
AND OOTTAOBB. Btr, Harrj II. Va ?' ?}
Wlndaor Botel, N. \.. ui.-U r-- - l>'. lo attend ? ail
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