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Cooper, M. W., No. |] West E!ghty-seeond-at.
Carpenter. Kenjamin K., No. M Weat One-hundred
und-thu ty-second-at.
"Canipbi-u, T. C., No. 2?>r> Broadway.
Cantwell, J., No. 2.'*> Eaat Flfty-eiath-wt
Conkllng, Alfred R., No. 21 Eaal Tenth-at
Carroll, Frank, No. 1>>9 Cllnton Flace.
Clapbam, J. H., No. 169 Eaal Kighty tlfth-st.
cranc, l.e Roy B., No 123 East one-hundred-and
Cot.over, BamueJ, No. 134 Weat Seventy-flrst-sU
Cbapfaaa, F. 8., No. 210 East Etghty-Bfth-at
Curran, l'eter, No. 417 Weat Forty-iourth-at.
C'ar. y, Janut-, No. ?ill Ninth-ave.
Cunnlngh.im, Edward. No. 323 West Forty-Ilrst-st.
Ciark. Jahn, No. fK9 Wi?t Forty-sec-ond-at.
Cavanaufcn, H. J., No. 26 Jones-st.
Carroll, Tbomaa, No. 3*2 Eithth-st.
Coitiii, Jaied, No. IS Wt-st Twenty-fourth-et,
Cromky, Robert, No. 761 Seventh-ave.
Crow, \\. H., NO. 133 East Twenty-slxth-st.
Cavanaugo, Oeorge, No. 2$ Weal Tw.-ntleth-st.
Church. !?'. U., No. 4'i East Thlrtieth-st.
Couzzons. T. J. C., No. 2M Plftb-ave.
Cnaptn, .1. 1,., No. 24S Fourth-ave.
Cooke, Joaephj, No. 21 Morton-st.
Coughlln, Ihomas E.. No. 4.V. Hudson-st.
Cunnlngham, William. No. 851 Houaton-at.
Conroy, John J., No. ?.& East Tnirty-nfth-ai.
Cannale, l'a il, No. M Charlton-at
Conkiln, C. T., No. 417 Hudaon-at.
Conklln. Beth, No. *S8 Hudaon-at.
Coleman, BamueL No. s? Delancey-at.
Cravaut, E. M . jr.. Na ^"- Beaver-at.
Cronin, Patrtck, No. 10 Forayth-at.
Chapman. Wil.lam II., N->. UI Weat E:ghty-flfth-st.
Dennison, C. H., Hotel Winthrop.
Drake, F. C , No. ;<1 W.-st Nliietv-second-st.
l>aly, Wiillam F.. N\ 316 East Thirteenth-ft.
Douglaaa, wiillam 11., No. ;ii7 Weat Beventy-alxth-at
Deevt-s, Richard, No. M* West E!ghty-thlr.i-st.
Dlillngliam, Thomaa H., No. 8 Weat Forty-ninth-st
Dumar, Charlea J.. No. 60 East on.-hundred-and
Devlna, the Rev. JohrvB . No. W East Fourth-at.
Dlggelmann, l".. No. ewi West Forty-ilrst-st.
Diuy, Campbell, No. 554 Weat Poi ty-thlrd-st.
Decaa, Qe >rge, No. 8 Joaes-st.
Dooling, Jamea, No. 17! Bpring-at.
l>a;iiit7. F., No. mi Barrow at.
Dotzler, Frank J.. No. 2M East Thlrd-st.
Doreey, Jamea R., N 1. 214 Weat Twenty-eJghth-et
Dayton. It. A. H., No. M4 Weal Twenty-third-st.
Demeta, Frank, No. W Barrow-at
Doran, Bdward, No. 176 Hudaon-at.
Dufrane, Joaepb, No. 144 Houaton-at
Dwlght, Edward F.. Na M Broadway.
Erhar.lt, Joel i'.., No. 32 Uberty-at.
Egan. Thomaa F., No. 160 Eaat PH>rty-?econd?et
Einateln, Henry U, No. 3S Park Row.
Eaton, Dorman B,, No. 'i West Twenty-nlnth-at.
Egan. J. J.. N >. 1M weal Twefcty-aecond-at.
Emery, Joaeph H., Murray H'.ll Hotel.
Ellis, Raiph N., No. 22 Weat Flfty-aeventh-at,
Engiish. Oeorge W., No. 3u W<>st Eighty-thlrd-st.
Kdmonda, Waiter i?., No. 20 Unlon Square east.
Englehardt, I. Albert, No. 66 West Forty-elxth-st.
Emery, E. W.. No ta West Thirtv-elghih-st.
KaterbrooJ . C. R , No. 121 Eaal Mfteenth-at.
Ealln, James H., No. ? Jonea-at.
Ennis, J., No. 4."! Hudaon-at.
>'ord. John, No. M Broadway,
Elelker, Oeorge, No. 13] Eaal Beventh-at
Frles, Edward J.. No. 164 Alten-at
Prench, Bamuel <;., No. BM Park-ave,
Foote, Emeraon, No. 30 Weal Eleventh-at
Panntng, Wiillam, No. no Oonvent-ave.
Plscher, Bernardo F., No. 200 West Fifty-sev
Ftoher, Nathanlel C, Na 42 West Forty-fifth-st.
Plnley, James M., No. 117 Waverley Place.
Flahcr, Irv.ng K., No. 67 West F.ftH-th-st.
Finit-y. Jamea M.
Frer.ch, Stephm B., No. 47 Broad-at.
Flint. Charles N., Hotcl San F.emo.
Fccley, John. No. 43r. West Forty-thlrd-at.
Fergus, Eugene, No. 7 Oay-Bt
Falter, John, No. WJ Fifth-at.
Freendlitk. Jieiuard, No. 294 East Thlrd-st.
Flnkenaur, Oeoxgt, No 126 Weat Twenty-n:nth-ai.
Proat, W. H., No. 121 FIfth-ave.
Pltspatrlck, Eugene, Na 118 King-st.
Freeaman. H< njamin. No. tH Hndson-at.
Fnhr, I*aac H., Xo. 4io Hudson-st.
Fa!Iow?. Bdward- H., No. IS Wali-st.
Ooo iman, Elias, Citv Hall.
Gedncv. FTederlck OT, "Eite'" Build'.ng, West Thir
Qroaae, Frederlck. No. 2"> E^st Twenty-aecond-Bt,
Gaffney, T. St. John, No. Jx Weat Beventleth-Bt,
Guthrie, W, L?.. No. :tl Nassau-st
Oifforl. John N., No. 319 Wt-st One-hundred-and
-Greenwood. Wiillam. No. 2C? West Twenty-thlrd-8t.
Uorr. Edward H. L? No. 2>52 W.-st ur.t-hur.dred
Good, M. Q., No. 2.';i Ea-^t Eighty-elghth-st.
Orlffen, J.. No. (0 Roosevelt st.
Cough, Richard J.. No. 401 West Fortieth-st.
Cr.:i, Alfred, No. 777 Prospeet-ave.
Gregory, E. E.. No. ;>7o Ninth-ave.
Galhralth. Robert. No. 00 Ninth-ave.
Gough, James. No. #06 Weat Portleth-at,
Griridau, George. So. 44-> Weat Forty-flfth-Bt.
Gaakell, Henry C, Na B04 West Forty-thlrd-at
Oairetty, M., No. 91 Chrlatopher-et.
t;ies>r. Alfred B? No. li!>i Avenue D.
Gettler. John H., No. 2>a Eaat Fourtli-st.
Gjnipers. Henry. No. 42 Avenue D.
Graliam. Wlluam A., No. 63t Beventh-at,
c.a'.more, Robert, No. n> w.-st Forty-fourth-at,
Gordon, Rober:. No. 311 Weal Fortv-flfth-st.
Ouerdedt, Oeorge, No. BM Broome-at.
Guge:. A IV. No, 212 Eklrldge-at.
Glbbs, Herbert H., No. V> Wa!l-s:
Howland, Henry B? No. 4 West Ninth-st.
llealy, Martln, No. 3M Or.-enwich-st.
Hughes. Charles E., No. 9''. Broadwav.
Hull, Aleott A.. No. 2,183 SeVenth-ave.
JIuber. William 11.. No. 9H Avenue L>.
llarrlngton Thomas }'.. No. C Cherry-st,
Holllater, Martln 1... No. J4J West F;fty-flfth-at.
liood, 'J. (;.. No. s?'0 Becond-ave,. Brooklya.
Hawklna. Eugene l>. No. S Weal Thirty-fourth-st.
Hlgley, Waner. No. M \v,-st Fortieth-st.
Hank, Horace Traty, M. D., No. Jfl Madlaoa-ave.
Hayden, Bruce, No. ,"7 Eaal Beventy-nlntb-at,
Hyde, E. Francla, No ?'?--' Plftb-ave.
Hickoks, C. R? No. 499 Fifth-ave.
Hughea, w. ii. T. No. M Plne-at,
Holt. George c, No. 34 Plne-at.
Hairea, Eraatua, No. ajo Weal Flfty-elgbth-at
Ualaey, George A., No. 1.739 Madleon-ave.
Hall. Benlamin E.. No. 44 Eaal Flfty-Brat-Bt
Uenkel, wiillam, No. 2Y> Avenue a.
Halstead, C Stockton.
Jlealey, Jost-j h IV No. ?)"?'? Weal Tw-nty-flfth-at.
Hawea, Ollbert R? No. 120 Broauway.
Hurley, Thoma^. No. '.2 Lewla-al
Hutchlnaon, John William, No. 311 West Eighty
Hayes, John B.. No. lfd Waverley Piaee.
Hamilton. Ro:.-?rt. No. ti.!2 Elghth-ave.
Hobson, William, No. 313 West Forty-fourth-rt.
Harrlngton, Wiillam, No. 433 Weat Thlrty-nlnih-?t
Hamilton. Charlea, No. "-'"i West Forty-thfra-at,
Huiest. George, No. 7S Barrow-at.
Harlo.v, William. No. .':'', Harrow-st.
Hawley. Wiillam. No. 639 Slxth-st.
Howard, James. No. 141 West Twenty-MVenth-St.
Hardy, Edward II. No. 127 West Thirty-fourth-st.
Howard, James. No. 2?7 Weat Twenty-aeventb-at
Heim. Loula, Na NO Blxth-ave.
Horner. Robert J.. Weal Twenty-thlrd-at
Hall, Henry, No. r>t Naaaau-at
HaaaenmuUer, <b-orge, No. 4i>2 Ea=t -Twentv-nlnth-st.
Hamilton, Iaaac, No. 24V Baat Thirty-flfth-st.
Henderaon, Alexander, No. M t'iarkson-st.
Hueat, George. No. 7.'. BaiTOW-Bt
Hughes, Charlea E. No, 9C Broadway.
Have';, Jerrv, No. 72 New Chambers-at.
Harrla. Eouls, No. 1W Eldrllge-st.
Ivea Brayion, No. 120 Broadway.
laaaca, Meycr 8., No. 27 Plne-at
Isham. ("harb-s H., No. 12-"! Weat Thirty-seventh-st.
Ingaiis, E. i.., No. <;.'. frvlna Plaei.
Issner. Anare, \o. 420 West Fortv-llrst-at.
Jorgenacn, N. 1? W., No. 211 We?t Thirty-slxth-at.
Jaoobus, John W.. No. 108 Worth-at.
J.? ibaon, Wiillam ll . No. 826 Ma llson-ave.
Johnson, E. 1'.. No. &."> Uberty-at.
John^'jii, Columbua O.. No. n <'hambers-gt.
Johnson, D. V., No. 107 Bedford-at.
Jerome, Lovell n.. Na M Weat Nlneteenth-at.
Jefferaon, Taylor, No. BM Weal Twenty-aeventb-at
Johnson, W. Fletcher, No. CJ Weat Ntnety-alxth-at
Jennlngs. O. E., proprietor "Fl?hlng Oaaette," No.
317 Broadway.
..' ihna in, John, No. 313 I-,ro.ime.?it.
Jobnaon, Flel Im r. No. r*> Clarkaon-at
Xnevala, Bherman W., No. 32 Naaaau-at
Koenlf.-, S;-nui'-l J., No. 612 Blxth-at.
Kahn. A.. No. M Weat TMrd-at.
Krahn. Wiillam. No. 508 West Forty-thlrd-at
Keealer, Frank. No. 12." Cllnton Place.
Keelan, Edward, Na t.> Jonee-at
Kraig, K.. No. ^2.', T.-nth-ave.
Kohn, Bamuel B., Na BM Kast llouston-at.
Xenncy, John, No. 10J Weal Twenty-aeventb-at
Kahn, Loula, Na :'.?>'? Blxtb-ave.
Katham, Reld A.. No. ." W.-st Th!rty-thlrd-st
Kenyon, Roberl .\\. Na M \\>st Forty-aeventb-at
Kline, Jacob, No. 16 Cottage Place.
Little, I'atrl<-k, No. n'? Leroy-at
I.orengut. Peter, No. 2S3 Broome-at.
Learla, Bamuel, No. 97 Poravth-at.
Iji Grange, O. 11 , No. 157 East Slxtv-seventh-at.
Little, .John, No. |66 East Sixty-s<-\?< nt h-st.
Levl, Isidor. No. 12 ISaal Btghty-aeventb-at
Ludwag. <;.-"ri:- No 29)8eventn-ave.
Lewte, Danlel, No, 249 Madleon-ave.
Lalmbeer, Pranchi E., No. 2*1 w.-st Flftleth-at
Lewla, Richard 1.. No. 7.t Weal Forty-flfth-at
Lane, John. No. 231 West Thtrty-thlrd-Bt
Eane, J. H., No. UI East Twenty-hrst-st.
Lane, ii. A . No. Itl East Twenty-flrat-at
Ean', R. H., No. UI East Twenty-flrat-at.
MttlcfteM, Frederlek M . No. l.'d West Seventy
Ei-iimair, Jamea s., Na Mi Weal One-hundred-bnd
Lalmbeer, John.jr., No. na Weal Plftletk~at.
Lockman. John T.. Na h<i Weat Beventy-thlrd-at
Leaaler, Montague, No. M E!aal Elghtr-alxth-at
Lyon. Oeorge \\ . No. 2"" Weal Flfty-afxtb-at.
Lommea, Henry, No, 326 Weat Forty-alxth-at
Lcyckea, Peter, No. BM Weal Porty-thlrd-at.
Lu-lange, John, No. 571 Nlnth-ave,
Lunalr, Wlhwn S.. No. .",91 Tenth-ave.
I.awe, James, No. 70 Chrlstopher-at.
Lloy 1, James. No. i(i? Clint>n Plare.
Ix-'gan. J. F.. No. 6 Jones-st
Loderer, Bamuel J., No. 3is E Houaton-at
Langwaaaer, Jacob, Na BM East llouston-at.
I^ehman, Lepona. Na 371 Blghtb-at
[ . Charlea, No. 281 Bec md-at.
Loweaatelb, I'ei.-y No. M6 West 81xteenth-?t.
Ludwig. Caorge. No. 19 West Twenty-fotirth-Bt
Laior. Robert E . No. fti West T\venty-flfth-at.
Lowry, James E., No. .''07 West Forty-flrat-at.
Lamona, Wiillam, No. 115 Weat Twenty-alxth-at
Morgan, J. Plerpont. No. 23 Wall-at.
Mitch. 11. Edward. No. 4? Wall-at.
McCook, Anson G., No. ?K0 Broadway.
Milholland, J'lhn E., No. M Madiaon-ave.
McElhenv. \'letor K.. Jr., No. lof) FJroadway.
Moran. WiUlam. No 1U West Nlnety-fourth-at.
Monn^v. Robert J . No 4?i Irvlng Place.
MeXalvey, J. R. No 21 East Twen;y-seeond-at.
Murray, Gearge E.. No. IM Weal Twentleth-at.
MeM'irrav, James (r.. No. 43* Fourth-ave.
Milholland. Frederlck E.. No. 29 East Twenty
Regular Habit
Is brought ?bout by Hood's Pills, which
move the bowels e;isily, do not irritate or
inflame the intestines. Be stire to get
Hood's Pills
"The Winton is a winner,"
and is groomed at Cycle stall
No. 38,
Madison Square Garden.
Murray, George, Xo. IM Eldrldge-st.
Murrav, (ieorge J., Xo. IM W**l Twontictn
McOarvey, John C? Xo. 1JS East One-hUtt
thlrd-at. _
Melvllle, Henry, Xo. 10 Kast Waahlngton Pouare.
Murray. Daniel, No. 4.'. Broadway. .
Marlln'g. Alfrt-d E., Xo. .c Weat Forty-nlntr.-st.
Marrlam, Arthur L., Xo. M Cortlandt-at.
Marahall, J. T., Xo. 204 Weat ^venty-elghth-at,
McCarthy, John F. No. 221 Weat Thlrty-fourth-et.
Montgomery. Willlam M . No. 28 Weat Blxtleth-at
Mayer, Jullua, Crlmlnal Courta Bnildms.
Moran, BamueL Xo. 131 Wost Twenty-alxth-at
McAtamney, H., Xo. lil Kast Nlneteenth-at.
McCormack, J.. Xo. 73 East On.-hundred-.ind-thir
Motiowan, E., Xo. 242 Madison-: t.
McOarvey. J. B., No, 157 Baat Nlnety-flftb-at.
Mlller, J. C.. M. D.. No. SS3 W Fcrty-aewmd-at.
Metager, Horman. No. 501 Weal Forty-thlra-at.
Metager, Oeorge, No. 608 Weat Forty-thlra-at.
Maateraon B.. No. 221 West Porty-aeventh-at.
Martln. J. F., No. 337 West Forty-lirst-st.
McNaughton, Robert, No. 428 Weat Porty-aeeond-at
McXaughton, W.. No. IM Weat Forty-aeoond-st.
McLaren, Robert, No. 53S Weat Forty-aecond-at.
Maateraon, Joaeph B., No. 128 Wost Porty-aeventh-at.
Maateraon, Thomaa P., Xo. IM W*at l-orty
s.vonth-st. , .
Mci'rea. Robert J.. No. 504 Wea Forty-thlrd-at.
Muller, Wllllam, No 502 Wost 1-orty-thlrd-st.
Merklo, Edw.. No. 664 Bleyenth-ave.
Mastorson, Willlam. No. 32S Wost ]? orty-scyenth-st
Mulholland. John, No. 42" Weat Forty-fifth-st.
MUler. John. No. 4sr. Tcnth-ave.
Martln, Jamea, No. i"7 B*dford-Bt.
Malralson, Oeorge. No. 74 Weal Thlrd-at.
McOee, Wllllam, Xo. 37 Carminr-st
Malralaon. Charlea, No. 74 Weal Thlrd-at
McEMry, Davld, 159?,4 Varlck-at.
Murrav. D., Xo. SB Caralne-at.
Mettlemann, M., No. i"7 Bherlff-at
May. Davld, No. 3'.7 Elbjhth-Bt. ,.??,>, ??
Matthewa. Franklln, Xo. ..7 Wost Blxteenth-at
Maaaey, John. Xo. 223 Weat Tw.-nty-tlfth-st.
McAufey. Henry. Xo. 432 Fourth-ave.
MacLeod. Johnion. No. 247 Weal Twenty-thtrd-st.
McHale,"Martln, th* Qratnercy. _
MoMullon. BamueL Havemeyer Bulwlng.
Mcllheny, Vlctor, Jr.. Xo. 100 Broadway.
McCnlno. John, No. 32 Delancey-at.
Meyer, Wllllam. No. 23 Rlvington-st.
Mass, Willlam A., No. 468 Hudaon-Bt.
McCarthy Patrlck. No. 2M Weat Tenth-at.
McNally Sldney a No. SM Baal Thlrty-^eventh-rt.
MulvanVy lamr... No. M2Eaat Twen ?"*"?*-???
ul>in> p.v ii iiober No 781 Madlaon-ava.
gewelT'wflhimV .,No! W Weat Thlrty-ntotk>at
Nor<To?s C. P? Hotol Bninawlca
XeTvell. Kdwnnl A.. Xo. 140 W. st Twenty-flrat-at.
Nilos H B No. 3 Beekm.m-st.
Ntehofca. Jabea K. A. 11.. M. 1'.. Nt. 4 Eaat Ferty
Newkink, Adam, No 4n4 Hudaon-at.
O-Brlen, Edmund C. Pler A. North HUrr.
O-Conor. John C, No. 8E Wall-at.
Uppotiholinor. Benjamln. No. 21 1 ark-a\e
Oaklev Jamea A.. No. 1.SI7 Main-st.. Weal T-arms.
JyConne"! ?? H* No 140 West Thlrtleth-st.
uDell. Thomaa B., Xo. *7 Wall-Bt.
Opponhoimor, Bolomon. No. a para-ava,
uBrlon. J. V. No. 1<M Bedford-at.
O'NeU, Jo.-eph J.. Xo. i.tti" Thlrd-av*.
Oagood D H Na 270 Weat Thlrty-nlnth
O^Nelll', H., No. 685 Tenth-ave.
Osteiwald <>.. Xo. IM ?F/eet Iourth-sU
O'Donnell, J.. No. lwt Houaton-at.
Oaterwlta Joatph, No. 548 w.st Broadway
tiN.il John P., No 111 Wost Thlrty-thlrd-at
O'Keeffe, John. Xo. 112 Porayth-at.
O'Brlen, John J.. Xo. 73 Alten-at.
Porter, Oeneral Horace, Mills BmMIng.
Pavev. Frank I)., No. 4M Flfth-ave.
Peabody, Charlea A., Jr., No. 2 Wall-at
Ptetrcy, Henry *'.. No. 207 Tnompaon-at
Plckney, PrederiCk H., No. M Baal Twenty-flghth
Plice A H. Xo. H Wost Nlnetleth-*t.
Phelpa, Daacey, No. 4X Eaat Twenty-Blxth-at
Packham. B. 8., Packard'a College, rwenty-tblrd-at
and Fotirth-ave. ._._..
Payne, Loula, No. 101 Weal On?-hundred-and-alxth
Pfelffer, Rudolph, Xo. 602 Weat Porty-thlrd-M.
Pfelffer Oeorge, No. 502 Weat Porty-thlra-at.
Paotlne. A.. No. *"?'? Oanal-at.
Pfarr, Edward, No. 218 Beventh-at.
Plercy Albert 8., No. IM Weal Elcventh-at
1 range, W. H.. No. 68 Madlaon-ave.
1'iko Foater, No. 116 Weal Twenty-flfth-et.
Preaton, Wllllam 11- No. 2M Weat Twentyelghth
Pohlman. Edward, No. 334 Blxth-ava
Palno. J. Thomaa, No 212 Eldrldge-at.
Qulntard, K. A, No. 148 Weat Porty-elghfJM*;
Qulnn, Wllllam, No. 14 Clarkaon-at.
Root, Ellhu, No. 32 Naaaau-Bt.
Rooioveit, Theodore, No. 800 Mulberry-at
Rhlnelander, Phlllp. No. 41 Wall-at.
Ruhle. Theodore F,, No. 34! Baal Kighty-^eventh-at.
Bonsa. I). 11. St. John, N >. 20 Eaat Th;rt|oth-st.
Robertaon, Thomaa H., Xo. l", Kast 8Uty-*?v*ntti
Robeyon. John T., No. 52S Manh.ittan-nve.
Bindskopf. Harry, No 4-. Weat Forty-ae>*nth-*t
Renwlck, Edward 8., No. 19 I'^tk Place.
Rolllni, Daniel O.. No. 82 Naa?au-*t.
Rogera Belden J., No. 112 Kast Twenty-flfth-at
Rea I C W., No. 825 Becoml-ave.
Rlbberckv John. No. I.4SSJ Becpnd-ave
Rudolph. Charlea E., One-hundred-and-EIghty-thlrd
st. and Jerome-ave.
Rudolph, Quauve, No. 22 Cr -\. it.
Ryan Mllee, No. .';.'.; Weat Forty-ieventh-Bt,
Rellly, John, No. 165 Weal Korty-aecond-at
Rela, Jacob, No. 3<>4 Bleventh-ave
Kuahton, L.. H., No, 41 Eaat Twcnty-nrat-at.
Blohard M. 1>., Xo. 131 Weal Th.i :>-hfth-st.
Howan. Frank M . No. 334 Blxth-ave,
Ryland, J.-hn. No. 224 Weal Blxty-aecond-at.
Relffey. Wllllam, Xo. 124 '.\>st Twenly-nlnth-it.
RlcharJion, Willlam T., No. 2M Weal Thlrty-a*v
enth-?t. , .
Ryland, Benlamln, No. 224 Weal Blxty-aecond-Bt,
Rolllna, Jordan J.. No. 80 Madli n ave
BuFs.-ll V J. No. 340 \\.?t Twent) thlrd-at.
Hvai' j. J.. No. SM Weat P>>rty-?eventn-at.
Kiidolph. Henrv. Xo. 424 K.ist Elgbty-fourtb-at.
Reed, Jamea C. NO. 125 Beeond-ave.
Reed Oordon, No, ?^.'> Becond-ave
Rodjr'en'. James. No. 252 Bleecker-at.
Koindo, Arthur C, No. !W Broadway.
Bowan. l'ct?r. No. :? Dlvlalon-it.
Russoi). Charlea, No. 2M Orand-at.
Bwayne, Oeneral Wager, No. 82 Naaaau-Bt,
Smlth. John Sat.in'-. No. Q Wllllam-it.
Steeio a H., No. .(i Chambera at.
Soaman. Dr. L L., No. 1<< Wost Thlrty-flrat-Bt
Bheldon, Oeorge R.. No. I Wall-at.
Stegman. Henry N.. No. 222 Wea Plfty-nlnth-Bt.
Bouthworth, Cheater II.. No. 28 K.ist Tweaty-aac
Blmonaon! Btephen X , No. 241 Wi at Porty-*1ghth-*t
Bulllvan, C. 1>.. liall's Hotel, B.irk Bow and
Injane-st. .
Hrirtfs. Thomaa, Na IM Weat Thlrty-alxth-Bt.
Btewart, Thomas E.. No. 1.428 Broadway.
Beabnrv. Oeorge J. No 249 Weal Beventy-fOtirth-Bt
Btephena, George W., No. 122 Naai iii-at.
Srnlth. ('har)os St.-wart, No. 26 Weal Korty-s.v
Sarkett, Henry W., Trlbuno Bulldlng.
Blmpaon, John, No. 81 Chambera-at.
Beybel, P. W.. No 141 Baat Nlneteenth-at
Str-rn, I.'.uls. No M Plfth- ivi .
Stlger, Wllllam E., No. IM Weal Beventy-thlrd-at.
Bweet, 1.. w.
Bhalnwald. Raiph I... No. 2 Ubcrty-at
Bparrow, Willlam. No. 58 East One-hundred-and
twenty-ai cond-at.
Huthorland. Joaaph, No. 602 Weat Forty-thlrd-at.
Buppea, Oeorge H., No. r.K, Weat Forty-thlrd-at.
Sliroutt, Hugh, No 144 Weat Forty-aecond-at.
Bchmldt, B.. No. 111 Clinton Place.
Bhonkelater, Charlea, No. IM Weal Thlrd-st.
Btewart, w, II.. No. 41- Qreenwlch-av*.
Btewart, O., Xo. s Jonea-at.
shultz, Robert. No, ;?:? Barrow-Bt.
Btoll, Alex.. Xo. 07 Nlnth-avi.
Bondhelm, Oeorge, No. IM Pltl it.
Bchlneber, Auguat, No. 601 Eaat Houaton-*t
Bnyder, Francla, No. mi Plfth-at.
aohook. Wllllam. No. 2m; Blghth-at.
Btelfcl, I.. No. 141 Attorney-at.
Stimmer. S F., No. 414 Wost Twenty-nlnth-at.
Smith. John W.. No. 226 Weal Twenty-flfth-et.
Skinnor, B. C, M. D.. No. 25 Baal Twenty-flrat-at.
gchwlck, Charlea, No, m Beeond-ave.
Slmonjain. A . No. 7k Kast Blghty-flrat-at.
Bheflleld, Jamea it.. No. 167 Baal Slxty-aeventh-at
Bouthworth, Henry ('.. No. i"1* l-:.ist Porty-alxth-at.
Bherry, Thomas a., No. 4 Bt. Luke'i Placa.
Bauae, Patrlck, No 226 Hudaon-at.
Smlth, charles, No. f.27 Beeond-ave.
Bhay, Frank. No. M Bedford-aL
Bmlth, R. A. C. No. 12 Weal Beventy-aeeond-et.
Baarlea, A. n. No, ts Weal Thlrteentb-at.
Thomas, Oeneral Bamuel. No 80 Broadway.
Tucker, Dr. Bdward J.. No, 1.200 Thlrd ave.
Tr.KhrldKo. F. B., No. .".7 Weal Thlrty-aeventb-at.
T.-nnoii,., john 1... No ->'> Baal Btxty-elghth-at.
Tuft, Walter B. No. l". Wost Thlrty-alxth-?t.
Tlffany, C. L., Xo. It t'nlon Square.
Tompklna, Henry, No. *<?;, Broadway,
Trautman, Alexander, M. D., Xo u Wost Tw*nty
Thomas, J. I'lark.
Townaend, Jamea 11. No. \>f, Kast Thlrtleth-st.
Thlmm-I, Adam, No. *J| S:xth-ct.
Tenney, Amoa, No. R7 MadUnn-ave.
Tuttle. Nathnnlel, No. 3'.r, Weat Eighty-fourth-st.
Thompaon, lianifi. No. 3S!i Thlrd-ave,
Tterney, Jamni, No. 805 Flrat-ave.
Thomton. R. W., No 210 Eldrldge-at.
t'hrle, George, Jr., Xo. 421 Weat Fortleth-at.
Frnstoln, Otto, No. 64 Rlvlngton-at.
Vaae*, WHaon, No. 167 Weat Elghty-fourth-at.
Vlrgln, Bamuel M., Xo. W Wost Ono-hundrod-and
Valentlne, Henry C, Xo. II Kast Thlrty-slxth-st.
Varnum, Oeneral Jan-es M., Xo. M Wost Twenty
Van Ord*n, W. H.. No. 181 Eldrldge-st.
Wetmore, Kdmond. No. 34 Plne-Bt.
Wlso, John 8.. Xo. 44 nroa(1-i?t.
Yfaaian. the Rov. James B . No. 210 Went KlRhtloth
Whitaker, 8. A., Xo. 230 Wost Twonty-thlrd-it.
Wlntcrburn, Dr Oeorge w ? No M Weat Ono-hua
Wetmore. A. B.. No. 0 Kast Flfty-elKhth-st.
Walbrldge. W. D., Xo. 14S Wost Kightv-flfth-st.
Wood, J H.. Na 10 Broadway.
Wandllng, J. I*. No 66 W.st Thlrty-thlrd-ct.
Waio?, bv 11 . No. 2'. Baat Plfty-flfth-at.
Woodman. Collln II., X > 473 Wost Ono-hundrod-and
Wllllams. F.. Xo. 1? Kast Twenty-aeventh-at
Worrall, Wllllam B., Xo. 201 i Plfth-av*.
Wlnslow, Willlam, Xo. II W.-si Thlrty-llrst-st.
Wllkons, H. A.. Eleventh und Weal sts.
W00.1 i>r. E. I'.. Xo. 68 Baal Thlrtleth-at.
Walther, C, Xo. 227 Weat One-hundrad-and-fortp*
Wcaaler, IxjuIk P., No. 5M Rleventh-ave.
Walford, Wllllam. Xo. 6M w? | l\.rty-third-st.
Wanner, James, Xo. lOfl Clinton Place.
Webnter, A.. Xo. 7s Waahlngton Placa.
Wenateln. Paal, Xo. 201 Bleecker-sU
WilUameon, w. H.. No. 107 King-st.
Wllllama in, Oeorge. No. v,i Barrow-at.
Weat, Bamuel, No. 651 Flfth-at
Wiillam. J. D., No. 126 W.-st Twenty-sevcnth-at.
Waddr, William, No. 276 Weat rortleth-at.
Wrtnglon, Jullua, No 168 Weat Twmty-slxth-st.
Whlte w. C. No. 120 Lexlngton-ave.
Wllkinaon. John, No. M Chrystle-at
! Wak-rmm. Wilbur F., No. 111 East Twenty
fourtl -at
Watson Danlel, No. v.3'i. Barrow-at.
Walah, Thomaa l'.. Na 4t3 Hudaon-at
Wolf, John, No. tM Hudaon-at
Tale, Wiillam Henry. P. O. Box IJf*
Toung Charlea, lr., No. M West Fourth-at
Zimmerman. Edw., No. 58 Orove-at
Jacob, No. tM Hudaon-at
Zlpprecht, George. No. 419 Hudaon-at
prom?worr or Tiii-: coMMrrm op
There is no exaggeratlon ln aaylng that tiiere la
an uprtalng of honeal RepuMlcana In all tbe Aa?
aembly dlatrlcta of this cHy in conecquence i f the
expoaure of fraud, eollualoa nml awlndllng ln the
recenl enrolmenl and prlmarlea, aach aa aeldom be
fore haa been known In tha blatory of loe.il polltlce,
Honeat RepublleaBa are simpiy appeRed al tha
?Ituatlon. And yet they are not bo daaed aa to be
untit for actlon. Tbe number of ahrned proteata
already abowered npon tbe Commlttee of Enrol?
menl at its beadqoartere. Ma u.i w.-st Forty-flrat
st.. is upward of i2,eivi. Prom one Aaaembly dla
trlct alone the atgnaturea already aenl In fool up a
round 1,600. Prom an -tle-r Aaaambty dlatrlcl the
number of theae wrltten proteata haa reached I.O0O.
Bealdea theae formal proteata la wrttlng upon
prlnted blanka, lettera excortatlng tbe Platt-Lauter
bach freebooter metboda are eoming ln la large
To gel Bome adequate Mea "f tha enormlty of the
frauda ln tbe enrolmenl II is wall I i recall thal the
total enrolment was 77,000. Tha nexl facl to brlng
to bear la that al tbe Tammany prlmarlea lual beld
t!i.- total vote was only M.OIO! Bverybody knowa
th-u theae ara periloua tlmea wlth Tammany Hall,
and thal aba aet all her well-olled machlnery Into
operatlon to gel oul all h< r forcea al theae prlmarlea,
and the total waa only 26,000. Vel the Platt-I-auter
bach bandlttl made up a ao-called Republlcan en
rolmenl of more than three tim.-s the vote of Tom
many Hall al the prlmarlea In a t!1".- ..f need!
\,,i \,-; tbe work of unearthlng theae frauda
haa ??oiv l-. n entered upon. Only elghl of the
thlrt) iiv- Aaaembly dlatrtcta hava been explored.
That theae <-ight dlatrlcta were nol aelected merely
a^ the moal rotten aamplea --f the handlwork >.f
the Platt-Lauterbach people la ahown by tbe f->i
lowlng atatement made yeaterday by Paul 1>. Cra
rath. of thi Commlttee of Inveatlgatlon: "The
w,.rk whlch tbe commlttee has dou>- alnce laat
Thuraday, when Ita firal report was glven out,
ehowa thal the corrupi condltloa of the enrolment
in the elghl Aeeembl) dlatrlcta report?-d upon by
the Commlttee of Inveatlgatlon was only ? fair
average aample of the general eon-lltl-m ln all the
Aaaembl) dlatrlcta. We are goliuc ateadtly on with
our work. and honeal Republlcana wiil ln due tkm
have s::il in..r.- cauae for f< ? lin^s of Indlgnatlon
ovr the revelatlona "
Bven Tammany Hall m> n are aatounded at th"
unparalleled audaetty "f th.- Platl Ijauterbachgang.
<>:..? .-f th.- ini.st prominenl Tammany Hall men
aald yeaterday: "Never before in th<- hlatory of
polltl i has luch a revelatlon of i>ad?ling of rolla
and frauda at prlmarlea beeB baaoe. lt !* ilmply
mai velloua "
A iiie.-ting .-f the Commlttee of Twenty-flve wi:i
b? h.-id at the Wlndaor Hotel to-ntghl to tabe fnr
tber actlon, !n vlew ->f the dlarlomirea alread)
authorltatlvely made The Commlttee of Flve llun
dred wlll meei nexl week, when arrangementa
wlll be madi for a greai publlc mosa-meetlng of
Republlcana who proteai agalnat the fraud.
-?*? - -
r. i.mi:i>
\ i lualng meetlng of XXVth Aaaembly Dlatrlcl
Republlcana waa beld at th< Republli in Btate Club,
Na 9 Eaat Twenty-a? md-at., laal evenJng '
purpoae ol formlng a nea Republli tn organli
;.). |gi i ;, labor for the overthr w of the fraudu
lenl body known as the Machlne Countj Commlt?
tee, wMch exlata by meana of padded roll
bogua prlmarlea. Major J, lt McKeB t pi
and Colonel tovell H. Jerome waa m r.--.,r\. Thlr
ty-one "f tba thlrtj aeven electlon dlatrl i
ap mdi d. B| i rhea >u- larlng thal Ihe nn-- I i
ooma for a aeparato and untalnted organla i
w.-r.- made by John K Milholland, Jamea B Town
,. n i. Roberl C Bn kenrl Iga ? i \ ? .? rman J > '?
McMurray, Ja ob H. Slmma, C. v Bllaa Fn I
Oroaae and Ji bn H Mau ei
A commltl.' t.- ?-. to a hl< h thi
of Ihe in-' tlng ?? ie addi
polnted h preaenl Ihe plan of on mlaatlon al a
n,. etlng to tx beld m \- Tui i la'. al I p m.
Thi ?? :? ol itlone, rf. r- l by Mr. M
unanimoui I) ?> lopi
Ri i ilve I, That ihla eonfi rence. ??
thll ? 1 one of the tblli
the XXVth v ? mb 1 Uatrlcl, denoui ? I ?? , . I i
l,..,- m, ? In carrying
i he men w h - noa p -? -
? . what | ? ? ?
are i ommi n l ?1-' w.ok of ttn Com?
mlttee oi Tw? ? i- -i ? n eapoetng Ihe
pro<.I a*l i tha r iwd nan.f oui part)
ta I: and
l:. - .I-. I. Thal a ?? i l< dge ? ? l to
the < 'ommll ?????: 'I ?.-.- ? ???,-. i ,i rj
rk to the i nd, i." ma i ?? i a hai ..
auch woi i.
The actlon of the Commlttee of Twent]
Idi. .. Ol W in-b-i" !i-l- :.' R< publ ?'i org II -
Ind ?!-? d. The XXVth i lal n the lea I Ii i
: irmal m f the flral Aaaembl) dlatrlcl a iclatlon
<,f ihe ii'-w Couni ? ' ri nli itlon
Tb<- Btate Club i- preparlng to move to head
ui,,;?;.- , The i.-w XXVth Aaaembl) l)|a
t rlci < '? ? ? ? ? -
qiiartera In the iMillding occuped b) the Htati ?
No. -'?' Baal Tweni ?
? ?? ?
Edward Lauterbach, prealdeni of Ihi Rep
County Commlttee, yeai rda) appolnied the com
mlttee ob the revfcalon of Ihe conatltutloi provlded
f.,r by .'i reaolution or tbe County Commlttee on
Thuraday evenlng biat. Tbe Commlttee on Revl
simi la made npaa followa: Abrabam Oi .
\. V'an Allen, Charlea II Murray, Oeorgi R lo-l
well, Bamuel li Randall, Jamea W. Perrj and
Colon< I T. ?'? Campbell.
Tbe - ommltti e a III m- l al Republl an ('
headquartera In Weal Tblrty-elghth-al on Prl
day evenlng, to ia\ oul Ihi wort and dlvkle Ii up
?mong Bub-commltteeB, auch aa rommlttei
i. of Repreaentatlon, Flnance, Blertion U
lt Ii the purp
.-'?. I.ouls, Jan. SO The anb-commlttce deli
by tha Republlcan Natlonal Commlttee lo i
arrangementa for the Republlcan Natlonal Conven
tion on June II waa t> begln Its aeaalon al the
Bouthern llotel al i<> o'cloek this momlng, but
,,....-,.' to the d< la) oe< aaloned by uni i
ci.i". a, II noon i- foi ? i h-- membei ?
mel in eaectitlve ae? ion Plve membera ol the aub
eommlttee are here In peraon. Thej are Wiillam
Hahn. of Ohlo; Poat II Clayton, of \t>. m ta; lt. C
Ken na, of Mlaa mrl; .1 B CMrkaon, of l m i, and
Joaeph E. Manley, of Malae. Mr. Manley holda the
proxy of Chalrman Thomaa H, Carter, of Montana;
John 8, Tanner has tbe proxy of Wiillam I. Camp?
bell, ..r llllnola, and John U Rwlng, of Wlacnnaln,
'?;vri--s the proxy of Henry C Payne, of hla Btate
Otber Republlcana In attendance al the meetlng are
ll. T. Bworda, of lowa, aergi int-at-arma ol tba
Natlonal Commlttee; J. e. Blytbe, ihe lowa man
agei -if Benator Alllaon, and Cbauncey i. Fllley, ??.'
Bt i.la,
The maln conteal In the m'?-tini? to-day was the
aelactlon of n aatgeant-at-arma for He conventlon.
Among tha randldatea who preaaed thelr clalma ln
peraon and through frlenda, were W, w. Johnaon,
of Baltlmore; R, E Byrnea, of MlnneapoHa and
Oeorge M. Wlawall, <>r Hllwaukee.
Tha flrst bualneaa before n-e commlttee In ex
eeutlve aeaaion was the queatlon of admlttlng the
nroxlea lt waa iinaiiy decMed t.i recognlaa tbe
proxtea as preeented.
Ti.e eandMatea for aergaant-at-arma wera pre
aented by thelr reapectlve frlenda, and an Informa;
i.ailot taken. This was fu.iowed by a formal bal
iot, ani T. u. n>rn<s. of Mlnaeanolla, waa alecti i
by a rota of 4 to -i Oeorge W. Wlawall, af Mllwau
kee. was etected llrst nsslstant sergeani- it-.irms by
a iinaiihn m v ita, W. W. JohBBOB, "t Baltlmore.
was miai.iiih.nsiy olected accond Bsslstanl aergeant
at-arma The eontraci wlth tho Bualneaa Men'a
Leagoe, on babalf of Bt. Lotua, waa rattBed and
fermall) accepted, Tbla afternoon tha commlttee
examlaad tba p!aaa for tba Conveatloa baU.
Preatdeal s. M. Rennard, of tbe Pualnaaa Men'a
l.engue. preeented ihe Hnlabad plan f<u tha reeon
atruetion of Bxpoaltlon Hall. This provtdea for Iba
ii-- of tba nortii navi of the buBdlng runnlng from
Tblrteanth i i Pourteenth at and about nlnetj feel
ln d.-pth. The pl.itforin Wlll be I h.-.lf dr. ,. and
Immedlai i\ In fronl ara tablea for tba i>r-1? in
tha baaemani wlll ba ihe telegraph room wlth
pneumatlc tubei runnlna to tbe preaa aection
abovc, a nea featufe u lha He1,,iratii.n ol lha
apei tatora' gallerlea from the aeata allotted to dele
gatea. Th i-lans ahow fourt-ta cxlta. Tho iotu
Dr. Lyon's
Toofh Powder
TJsed by peoplo of refinement.
for over a quarter of a century.
that the aub-commlt
Wednesday. _#.__
Mancheater, N. H., Jan. "?.-Promtn*nt RepubU
(,,?s throughout theSUte * ? ln r*celpl of the fol
lowlng clrcutor letter from Oovernor Boaufl.
?,.,-,- Blr: Aft.-r a careful aurvey of the p->mica
?,:,, ?;,;,'?....? .r- conalderatlon of ** ffi>g? tBn1
obllgatlona of the Republlcan party pf thla 8ta e, I
have -i -t. rmtne l to become a candMate for t nitea
m.toB Senator at the electlon by tho Ualalature of
IW Aiaurancee received from a numb.r proml
'?? in? iv ,-ounoils in dlfferenl j.arts of tho m ,.,.,
have convlnced me. not only that I may, wlth entir*
i. ,..rf and wlthout vlolence to party pn-o.-dont
SJplrV ... Ma hixh offlc* at tho preaen hne, but
"ll, that I may oontld.ntiy expect Inl uenMal aup
i?,rt \n\ aaalatance you maj be able to renaer
m< ,',r luggeatlom you have to make wlll b* thor
??,?,? ^recutted. Yn.inj. verjf tjj-^ ^.^
There waa a iar>r.- attendance laal evenlng at the
annual meetlng of the Republlcan <'iui>, No. 430
Flfth-ave., called oul by the electlon of oihYers for
\vm). a. R. De Mllt preatded, and among thoae pro?
, nt wer* Mayor Btrong. Jamea w. Perry, Mnoristrnt^
Wentworth, John Bablna Smlth, Willlam Leary,
Adelbert ll. Bteele, Jullua M. Mayor. Oeneral s.im
uei Thomas, j. Bdgar Leaycraft, Bllhu Root, Ctor
&" m
atJce W Meade, Abraham Oruber, John Pn tot
r irke, J imea P l" ter and B W. Blfl imlna. I ii--.
Tl .? ? ? tlon reaulte l In th- chotc*
.; ke| presented b) the nomlnatlng commRte* aa fol
prt ildent rom IIiib N. BIIb*
Vlee-Prrsl.iti Flrat. Samuel Thomaa aeconu,
lohn proci.,1 ciark*; ihlrd. K W Bloomlngdab
Ke.rotartef U. inling. Jareri (1 Baldwln. Jr.; cor
.- J ?!-I-. 1.1
" '? ' ' 'f'
|-x.. :.? . . . tii-: ? rve untll Janu irj. 01)
i im, i : ira - T.ll ?ott, I.
.\ \. n-ell .: I Oe rg W Rngllih
ronimltt. M< mbei ihlptto aerve untll Janitarv,
i' Hitrhrork, Brace Hayden, Walter B.
? ll Page, P C Coa
:- ,i? i, i v.. Bowm . Robb ? B Smlth, John
. ommitter on i bi irj and Pnbllratlon Jamoa I.
\\?,,|||:,t M I ?--:?:. Hen iti.m K 11*11. T l>
Kenneaon. Claremce W Meade, Judah U Talntor,
llenr) \. I'araell, Phillp t'arpenter, <;ovrK<- A
On taklng th< halr, Mi Bllea had ? moal hatter
Ing '.ptlon. li. addreaaed th* club In part aa fol
Ii a
rjentb ? :? ? W ..? ? I wai Inf irnn l by o ir Nomf
? . ? ? ,? i hs i been i hoaen ai tn?
late for the pn '? i i ihi lub
lonrng \-ir I ronfeaa that I waa * llttli dla
.?.,. .1 b .i;... irei| ?., me ih r the club rui- whlch
i rohlb ? ? t : -1 ? 11 for a pn ji lent mtght bet
- I and thi ien i ea of my
.ii...- and eloquenl rrlend, our r.-!ir:i.^ executlve,
have been ???.?? I lurln* th.nlng Pn ridenttal
. ampalgii M iw. i er, 1 im a Iti ?? iblli an eoMler,
,,:,,i B|ihi i ?. ???-? a-hal dotrbtful of my abtllty t..
n.i youi i-xpi ini one, I an ??? i th. detall wlth
an rarneat exi my vitj hlgh appn .1
? th. honor ronferred bj tbe nomlnatlon, and
:,?.-,,.! ^ . unfli inai ...a ?<! It to ntgh 1 aa?
i fforta of mlne ma) be
? -, ? . . ? ? nue the buaineaa
,,r the club on thi wme hlgh plane 'hat hai Jta
be pai .
i Bep ibll.an rinii hol.l i i ? ultar i oaltlon m
ihli rommunii) ? illtleal organlaatlon
mands foi preelaeli .^.iii thil club d...-s. It is
nartlnan, hui Independeni It welcomea to fellow
ahip thoae who iupj ?ri the prtnclplea of the Re?
publlcan party, wltlioiil ?? ml to thelr peraonal
?mi .,,,,-.? witti anj ? i ? lal bi in h or alng of
tl,,. party, of oplnlon m iy for a tlm*
i ii ? entlal*. whlch van>
(-:. ? hen greal part> i mi i ? n< le arlie
?ii,,. ... .... i an honeal admlnHtra
lion of i ar:\ polttli ?, foi tait fi r< nentatton foi all
in party counctla. oonvenfona and prlmarlea. II
dupporti malorlt) i ile wlthln tha party, but It de
? ,? al .< ijorltl ha ? ??'? ''? ? : ???
able moani It ib-mandi thai prellmlnary conteala
m ,hm pRrt) ill l>< i-onducted with the aame
,jegr?o ol inti grlt) lhal ha i i.n obtalne?l foi i-.
ular eleetlom l>) Ih* imlloi lawi whlrh ha\.- been
,.,,.?.,.; |,\ Republl .in Legialaturea. (ertalnly,
nevii hn : there be< n gn at< ? n ? i of polltbal s;i
glt .:r, an i ? ?? ' m parii manage
ment lhan In thla -? <r of our !.??'.( IKM. whlch la
m .|, ? ? |.. vti.ih.i the evlli ??? hav* lunered siiaii
nedled or perpetuateil
V\> have een ln 'hrei ihori yeara of Hemocratl
I, n ,,? th< g ii.i.ii (1 ivernmenl the countrj
!,,... (,i ,ap. rlt) to a rondltlon ol
,.,., -,. ,i haiikrup ??'? b) th. tln m lal in i economlc
, ip iltix titn of theorlitta. . \ cuilve and legl al
B, .,,,. th rontt -t Ii tween the iwo gn al partK -
. , -.,,,,. ;,,. rtatn pn llmlnarlea to at
. ,i atti ntl m ' i ol . ?" :l- partlclpatlon
,, | |., wno .., i ,., : Repubtlran hoati to
n :-?? -i land?
\-. , thet . ihi II o ir leadi r be
Phall it i.'I' 'llatlngulahed and popu.ar Uov
, . .,, ,,, the . omm ir I m :.."i. the grenl
Hpeak< ? from tln Bl Be of Malne, or th H t.e ol
the American pollcy from (?hlr>, or the atateaman
from the gn-nl rttnte th.t llea between the M;--i
;,,.,, md thi dl 'in, Dr that other itateaman
from the Hooaler Htate who haa been trleil and noi
, , | ffantlng? i. m to be aome man unknown to
fame vei to h dlicoveri l h) a few emlnenl lead
. , ... |m Ing luxt a llttle bll fearl ii of truatlng
the Pon\ ii11 -ii. are patrl itlcnl y i;i.i::g thelr daya
an,| nlghti to decldlng upon a candldate who wlll
w. theli own ainhltloiii purpo*. ?, and wh ne
. | . ... ,, v. Ith unll di b gatloni wi II In h ind, wlll
the Conventlon ail trnuble? But ?i k] rul-s
and I have fnlth to l^lleve that the greal ?? piini ll of
the .p'?? whlch wlll ia ?! in 81 Louli In June wlll
i?. cndow, I wlth wl - !. an i ao illn cted b) Provl
,l..-?... that they wlll i ? ? ' <h.>e man to who??e
nomlnatl in all th !???:?? wlll aay amen. and who
a>li; i? ., worth) mc eaaor ti l.lncoln and i.rant,
H-hether it I* I" "'?'" or ln w.ir
Mennwhlle whll? we wall for tho openlng of the
ca'mnnlgn W ui atr ngthen our organlaatlon by ? n
?lailiiM ai man) recrulli ai poailb*.' There aro
. i Benub-Jrana In thla rt^.wh*
arould lad'.y connecl Ihemeolvea wlth a polltlcal
DO,l, ,r the charactei of thli club if opportunlty
,, ,.,. aiven th m !??' " gathi r th.-m ln and
,,,,.,,-,!?,. to mik' ? ' ? 'ord ror th.- Republlcan duh
?vithln i's own iplier? of clty and suii.- work whlch
,)m i he. neconil to i.thet organlaatlon in the
n'u't whlb enaag< i ln polltlcal labora for the uen
eral goml we muat nol loae alghl of our own home
int.'r.os ' i..: ui maki thli clubhouae < brlght and
checrful hoiio for om- yoiinger mcmbera who have
?,,t N,t eatabil he?l homei nf Ihetr own, and als.i a
.,',., Rn) reaor< for the veterana, whcre we may,
thrnugh aoelal contacl wlth the Junlora, keep allvo
ln our own hearta gomethlng of the dr"
Tli.it ni.-liH our w li. frnal and nn m
An.i in .1 ? I all ? g<
\ud ?<,. ifuini; oi. in th- pgerelae of falth and good
worka, wlth Increaalng proaperlty. may tho tlme
not be far dlstanl wh?n the Republlc-m Cluh sha.l
poaai <? a home of lt? own ai ipacloua and con
venlont as that of our opulenl nelghbor 0V*r tho
w iy.
Abraham Oruber oif*r*d,j reaolutlon that In the
future ail reaolutlona Introduced by th* Campalgn
Tlir rinmi.-t of Kk> |lt
Wera miahc bad Kol ao aertoua n-, theaa nre aarvooa
troublea, i.ur they are t-rrihu baraaatng aevertketaaa Thai
thrnugh aervtMa and tonle, ll atatt*r*a Btomaek itnterK.
renderi i!.- Bevaa traaqall aad Mrong promotta *4gai
n..n. appetHa oi i i| |.. aad eatabtlabea kaalth on i> finn
and (i-ni. no iii baeta NafToaenaaa kaa Iti naaM fraqaei
..iIk-ii in in.iii-.- i;..n aad :-t. :nii. ii.- weakaeaa, Thla eavaa
of aervoaa deblllty u r.-.noved bj tha Btttare, ivin.-ii langarl
a bealth) t"T)>- la tho gaatrtc r^Ki-.n. aam th^ ?oti\it>- af
whioh itie well belng ..f tha enttre lyaten i? htrget) .lo
pop.iont Thla Merlrag aad ilaii kaairad apatkia* ai?.>
n-niHI?i ati.1 BftveatB UlkMHMMBS, .onsllpatlon, rloiimiitl
aad kkhwy con plalnti and all fuimn of mularlal Jlne.ue.
Use It regularly.
Commlttee muat be nrinted and a Cfm eeitlteieuh
member of the club. and that sueh resolutlona ahould
not be acted upon egcept after ten daya notice.
Mr. Oruber'a propoaitlon was rccogniaed aa an at?
templ to hamper the Campalgn < ommlttee B? Itt
WOTk and was overwhelmlngly defeated, only three
or four votea belng eaat ln the aftlrmattve.
Chlcago. Jan. 20-In the Unlted States Dls
trlct Court thia afternoon Judge Grossoup
handotl down an oplnlon on the motlon to quash
the IndlctmenU ln the aUeged vioiatmn of the
Interstate Cc.mmorce act ?>y offlcials of the
Santa Fe and others. John A. Hanley. ex-gen
eral trafnr manager of the Santa Fe. and ex
Preaidenl Relnhart, of that rottd, were adjudged
to have been property Indlcfd on two counts
Whlch BOt forth that from Aprll to November
lSfl they vlolated the act by gtrlmj rebatea and
drawbacka, and that on October 15 of that
year they made the payment.
The IndlCtmenta agalnst laaac Thompaon. a
Ranaaa Clty shlpper. an'd Manager Jenklna. or
the Hammond Packltlg Company. and N-lson
Morrie, of Chlcago, were quaabea
Notice was glven by the attorneya that they
reoerved the rlght to appcal in the cases or
Hanley and Relnhart ??????
m deallng wlth the indlctmentg of Moma.
jenklna and Thompaon, the Court.kMdown
the nrat ju.iioi.il InterproUtloB of ^* f^S
ol the act making Bblpperg *??& jta**J?
the carriera to n vlolatlon of tha law ln ?b>
? mlnaMnZ The -.rta had aet forth thaitMr
rla i.all a gum of money less than the tcgultf
J ,,.' for a cartalB number of carioada of atUe,
and that Thompaon and Jenklna ^ ?>*"**
,i devlce for bc uring a reduced rate. The court
heflVSthaTth. latter ?**-?^*ag
wlth glvlng uaderwelghtg they would be gullty
, r ? HnJitlon of th- law. Aa to the three belng
? ?,; pera and not carriera, the Court held that
?,?*?'*ould nn? be indlcted, the broad cooatruc
l,n of hls oplnion belng that a ahipper eould
n'.t bJ held for a vi.i.-.tion lr acceptlng a rebate.
a, uuila Jan. an.-The reoent he?vy ablpmenaa of
groi'n to Oulf P'rt? from territory adjaeenl I i and
trlbutary to Bt Loula have arouaad th, buaine"
men and ahlppera here to Inqulre why the Bt Loula
baatng rataa are betng dlaregarded. At the cloeo
of the Mercbanta' Bvchange Baturday a moning
waa held. and the matter was aearehlngty revkmed.
Fmir Weatern and Boiithweatern lines were eharged
wlth making heavy CUta to the Quif from non-wm
petuui laterlor potata at leaa than tbe Bt Loele rate.
one of tbe reaolutlona paaaed reada:
,*""-, o '? their"tanreat market for the ptirpoe. of
?eeurtnr a temporary movement of trafflc whlch
can have no other effect for future buaaieaa than
their own ultlmate fltaedvantage.
Chlcago. Jan. 20.-A mornlng piper aaya: "The
atrieal compantea whlch hav.aalon to travel
between Chlcago and cineinnati. I.oulsvllle. Ind
lanapolia and other Intermedlata cltlea cannot
dow cbooae the r-iiirond over whlch they deatra to
?, ln other worda, the actora have been pooled.
and when they nre travelllng between ettlee la tbe
. namad territory they muat *?> on the imea
wnoM -,???? ;? la to carry them. Altbough this
agreemenl haa been ln effect for aome tlme. lt ls
, it, ? , aay thal nol Mty peraon.. ? utalde of Inner
. . . ?, clrclea know of ita exlatence. fn conaWer
ilti?n of e-u-h of th-,. roada gettlng 1" altotted
portion of thla boatneBe, ratea and rarea are atrictly
talned under penaUy of a heavy Bne. I nder
?tMin^'no r...:: bl.J?Jl ...T.J..|..mK::,:-.v ; ?
i:Z'\\ .:' ,;!:,:;t;:Vr,-'-,nyP-;rson.,rror
? , ? ? Jlthoul the aanction of Ihe ?ninii<
:,noU ?and'ol'iW other l". ln the pool. and all
;"iV/',-,.l| [hemailvea to have nothtng to do wlth
Unei nol In tba ? - n P? I
--?- ?
Boaton. Jan. M The B aton Newi Bureau aayi
,,.,,,, ? wa pan noa itata offl lally that the Boa
t,,n ,,i \,ionv la Jon.t owaer wlth the New-York
Central of the mlnority Intereal In tha New-Eng
ind Kaliroad Company. A dlrector of the Boaton
a, i Albany aaya: 'II la true thal the Boaton and
ilbany la a part owner of th. Wock of New-Eng
Rallroad atocfc held by Cornel ua V'ander
,?;; m the Intereal of the New-York Central I id
The Boaton and Albany Rallroad Company haa had
for aome tlme B.OM,.* "i ita Improvement
. . and lt bougbt M.000 aharea of thbt New-Eng- -
tock of Mr. Vanderbilt. but II I itlon
of this atock or an> ue? of i a II be had Jolntly
.... Sew-Vork Central Int-ri ?a w e are not
. ,. any new a'.IKn ?? or I i ei ure ontro of |
any other roa la SVc boughl the New-England
ftock -i- .i matter of protectlon of our property
,. ? thi ?" roachmenta of tbe New-York, Sew
Ifaven an i Hartford road.' "
Phlladelphla, Jan. M (Bpeclal) Al tha annual
meetlng of lha atockl oldera <?f tbe Lahlgh Valley
Rallroad Company to-morrow tho preeent manaaje
in^nt wlll be r.--< b'.ted by what piuini-- tO bo
the largeal rote ever east Oul of the m.000 aharea,
!t is probabte lhal over IOMM wUI be roted for th.
preeenl Board of Wreetora Tha oppaattlon party
have vlrtuall) retlred from the Beld. Thelr lateet
clrcular, In whlch n was ?i:?t.?! thal proxlea glven
them would be \..t<sl foi only four membera ot tha
preeenl Board, haa evoked the following atatement
from the dlrectora ln queatlon. Joaeph Wharton,
Thomaa McKean, c-org. H Myera and Eugene
Delano "We beg t>> a'ati thal the requeat for
proxlea In our favor by l n k Brothera ^- Co was
whoilv unauthorlxed bj ua, and we take thla u
tunlty of requeatlng atockholdera of the Lchlgh
Valley Itallroad Companj t.> ilv. tb"ir proxlea t..
Charlea liartahorne, of Phlladelphla: John B Oar
rett. of Phlladelphla, or John R Fanahawe, of
Phlladelphla. aa aaked for by tl.mpanj in Its
clrcular of December 10, !?:?:?"
<ii:\. H \RRIHO\ 1/ M QO .IUIV TO D I).
Bx-Preeldi tn ItarrtBon la st II in Ni w Tork, bul he
wlll probably k" to Waahlngton elther to-day or
to-morrow, Tha Cellfonrla Irrlgatlon caaea are to
be argued the latter pan of the week, and is <:.n
er.il llarlaon la counael In rheae caaea, he wi'i have
to I.n 1'ind. He wlll onlj ataj In Waahlngton aa
long aa hla bualneaa detalna hlm, and then he ?di
go lo l ndlanapolla
Tha ex-Prealdenl haa learnrd of a move on (
(ndlanapolla to glve hlm a receptton wl i n he returna
to hls home wlth hla brlde. Frlenda of the Oeneral
hava wrltten to R. F. Tlbbetta, his aecretary, aaklng
for Informatlon as to tho date of Oeneral Harrlaon'a
marrtage and bis Intentlona afterward. Tha recep
tion may be held In the Executlva Chambera In tho
Btate Capltol Bulldlng. Oeneral Harrlaon, lt ls aald,
dlaapprovea the plaa. II is aecretary has been unable
to tall thoae who hav.- made Inqulrtea anythlna
aboul the ea-Prealdent'a Intentlona. Oeneral Harrl?
aon wiil not declde uim.-i an> deflnlte phtna for the
marrlagr untll after Be haa flnlahed hla biiBlneaa In
Mra l>immiek ls preparing for the approachlng
\\.,iiding at her home. Oeneral lla -rkaon has called
upon p.-i ainiosi every evenlng sin--.' hla arrl\ tl in
New-York. Bhe wiil remaln here untll the d.i> of
the marrlage. There is aome doubt as to whriher
lt wlll be a churcn weddlng or not. Both th ? \
Prealdent and Mra. Iummlek are aald to dea ?? i
qulei cereraony, and they may declde to be marrled
at the home of Mra. Dlmmlck.
Richard II t'larke, the litv.yer and author. Bjave
a receptton last evenlng ta tha New-York membera
of the Boetety Of the BOM Of the Amerlean Bevo
lUtlOB al hls home. No. 104 East S.-\ eiity-thlrd-si.
Mr. Clarke'a grandfather waa an ofBeer under
Waahlngton. lla is alaa ? daacandant of Robert
Clarke, who was ? cotonlal under tha Baltlmorea
ln Matyland ln lWl, and alao Waa a member of tiie
Aaaembly of k'<m. that paaaed the Brel act af re
llgtoiM toleratlon In Am.-il.-a
Thl:i Ifl the lirst tlme ln the hlstory of the asso
clatton thal a member i>as aatertalned at hla home
hls f.llow r.iembi>ra. The bnge number of gueata
preaenl gave evldenoa of lhair appreclatton of thia
ii. w departure,
There was no apaaklng A buffet lunch was
aerved by Clark. Tbe houra of tho reoeptloa wore
from 'i to n o'eio.-k. Ainong thoae preaenl wera:
Archblahop Corrlgan, Chauncey M, Depew, who la
orealdeni of lha aoclety; Robert B. Rooaevelt Beth
I.ow. Juatlcea Barrett, Daly, McLean, Bmyth and
Truax. Wheeler II Peckham, B. Bllery Anderaon,
John Qulncy Adama. H. C. I'u Val, James I,. Me
Keever, J. Wlnfleld Bcott, i: Hagaman Hall, John
C, calhoiin. Frederlck D. Orant, commlaaloner .\n
drewa wiiiium w j Warran, wmiam lt. Oraco,
Charlea B Palrehild, Doetora Rmmei and Keyea,
colonel Richard Lathera, i> J Craln, waltar s.
I.og.-m, Henry Hall, llugh lt. Uarden, Auatln Abbot
and Hamilton l-'lah.
Very Poputan
Nada RoseJ
display of
Sbirt Waists,
Tuesday, yanuary 21.
The newest niaterials?latest
Lord& Taylor?
Brjachvuy & 20th St.
Manufacturing Furrier,
Fine Furs.
Tlic exclusivenrss of my styles an
inilividuality of tlesign, together wit
the Diott teleeted skins and bett worfe.
niansliip, plaees before the niiblic For
(Janiients that are unparalleled.
An examinatioii of iny stock aad
prices is invitcrf.
Srnti for i'**U(nn plif:
11 East 19th St,
Batwta Broadway and Fifth Ave.
Is people won t pelieve II when you
advertise "'at cost" (unbss, of
course, they know you). The \v.iv
we do trith strangers is to show
them origmal invoices?that ptits out
any question of verucity on the spoL
:?-piece large si/e Bird's Eye Maple
4 feet ?; in. Brass Bedstead . . . $13.50
Solid Mahogany (large size) Cheval
Glass, ornamented.$20*01
Wilton Velvet C.arpets, made, laid
and Iined.89d
Phrvgian Lace Curtains .... $7*25
22, 24, 26 East 14th St.
i>.-nr I nlou <<<|iinr<-l.
m:\v york.
un'tM an Ineandeeerai eleetrl*'
llght eaataahadow. Wlll r-.my.
giv,? more llnht th.-in tbr** 0?"
ttiern toitetlnr. aad do It wlth,
linif ihaga* roa nowooai ia?a
fB?>- Ag.-ntt foi N Y i My- ? Bm?d???J
Bfinrh? ui? laKh m . J***! A??
Mrs. Winslow's Soothlng Syrilf
ha* been B**d Mr over Pf/TTT**** *_g|j
WHILE TEETHINO wlth g"^ *-^%55J
by imfraiata la every paii al d* wona.
Twenty-five Cents a liottle.
ARMt 0RDER8. ?
Waablattoa, Jaa H (?aaetal The MJJJJ
Armv or.len have B*M laaaad Th* f"',1,'*"T
tranafera m tha IM Infantry w*r* mad* ? ap?
Wllllam k Dougdwrty. froea Coaapanj B'?*5
p?ny ?.-. Capta a LeopoM 0 Parlaw rrora Coaaaaa
.? (l> Corapany it; riral Ucatenaal Thoaaa*^
nolly, from coatpaay H to Coaaaans B r"lret w
tcnanl Robwl H. Hobla froaa Compan) B2?ira*i
pany H The fo'.lowrng traaafera In th* ?? *\
alry ar* mad*: riral Ueuteoaal Oeorfa n- J ??T
?., from Troaa i. to Troop \; TW Uf"tn?
rtoyd w. Harrla, from Troop h lo Troop lj\^^
l.ave granted Lleutenant-Colon*l P*ter 0, ?"**
ins,.t.r-.;.n. ni. Occemher i. Mft ,;< *xrZZ
Bv* daya Tbe toav* of abaene* gr.int.-i a?^
Ueutenaat Jacojaca aa i.stitte, 8th inftntry. i?
t*rtd*d oa* naanta, captala ir* M.i.-N''t;
_.. ,..?..111 ,.r.?......l from BOUIB vpr
Miss Hi:i.r\ OOVLD'8 OlFT TO Fiflj
Pougbhe*p*le, Jan. 20 (Speclal) -Mln Helan W i
hai ient a eh*eh for ?.om to Vaaaar??a?"
found a acholarahlp ln menury of '"'r mo'g^p
is printed wlth

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