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The Uohert Hurns Club relebrnted the 137th annl
vr.-i.iiy of the birth of that poet wlth a dlnnrr an'l
entertatnment oa Prlday nlpht ln the hall of the
Teutonla Boclety, la Buana Vlata-ava city .ludgc
. ? >| Wllllam C. Kel'.ogg praaklad Otheri who tonk
parl v.er-- tha Rev. s. Parkea Cudroan, of tha Can
ni. m t. ', Bplae ; ai Cr.urch. of New-York City,
?who dellv 1 tha oratlon; Mlaa .loaephine Mae
] epajon, M'-s Marjon Mochrle. Andrew LJttleJobn,
Charlea \ it.i . John A. Forayth and K. Btylea i
Murray** i >- i -tr:; ; layed Scotcn airs.
Tha bo Py of i>r. Tbomaa Armltage, paator ameritua ,
of tha Plfth Avenuc Baptial Church, of New-York
City, 7i-.-t.-i taken yeaterday from rhe realdence of
?Wii1 Mr Larremore, hla aan-ln-law anl burled ln
Bleepy l! i*l< a i 'emel iry.
,; ,--.. v,,. .:-. pn ii lent; Oeorge Renaehler, vJee
prealdent; Otto Klebe flnanelol aecretary: Auguat
Xltach, tieasi-..'r; Il-nrv Wcemann. wrtrden; Frel
erlck ll ?? , tor; A. Mooe, i utslde aenl ne ;
John H jtchlobohm <?tto Fuhrmann and Joaeph
i. Henaiier, truatees, are tbe newl) eleoted offlcera
i l' - tia Lodge, i 'rl, - oi H irugarl.
At tlio I lurnamenl of the V nkera Bowllng Aaao
;. i ix ? ? ???-.,,.' a' nnt \ er
r.:n. defi il 1 Vonkeri Voung Min's Chriatlan Abbo
? :;?? to 872. an l A B. C. So. 2, '.?'.- t i 701, and
the Younn M ??'.-? fhrlstlan Aaaoclatlon defeated A.
B. C. X- -' ';' ' ? SSI.
A baakel bal leam araa orgarlaed nn Prlday nlght
by tbe in-rtii,, ??-? of the i: . Separate Company, N,
.;'.. fj N %. ? '?? itenant Wllllam B. Thompson,
i,resi lent- Prlvati lohn Ryer, captaln; Mualclafl
y. s ;?? rli . tenant: Prlvate Jamea Pltch, aec
;-e'ar.e, ,,? | prlvate Charlea WlKlama
Th*, Conccrdta Blnglr.g s '-ty arlll hold n rnaaxruer
al,j Boelabli In Doll'a I'nlon Hall, on Wednenday
evenlng nexl
At n meetlng of the T,iwn Board, of Harrlaoa the
th.-itiks of Ihe rommunlty were extended to Jamos
A I/ogan the miperlntendenl of Ophlr Farm, In
purchaa*. ror rurnkshlna atonc for macadam pur
poaei .ni tl:-- hlghwaya of the town.
"Open Doors" and "Raaj Comrrandmenta" wll!
be tiie toplcn on \\;.:,-n the Rev. J. .'? Gorham wlll
pr-e.v-h 'n >h( Flrai Qaptia' Chuarn th*a mornlns
?t . ? \ -:ilr?:.
H p fJriflin arlil iecture before the HiRh Bchool
rn FTldav ? -? ? ti his subjeet brlns "Carth
ege and Her Nobleat S >n."
In'th" Prenbvl rlan Cl.apel npxt Thnraday even?
lng Judge Bard, ??' Mount Vernon, wlll lectnra on
"Humorlama .,: Home and Abroail."
"A Ch'ldreni Mualcal ii>ur" la anuouneed for
Thurdaday next, from 3 to 4 o'cloek p, m.. at the
ll itiae of Naxar th, b Broadway.
The date of Un Repnbllcaa Town Conventlon of
Caatli ? i haa ii.-ei: ehai_ed from Prlday to Wednea
d.iy evenlng.
Btaten 1 lan::'* Chamber of C.-immerc* has electerl
t!-,e foiowin* offlcara: Praaldant, r. \v. Hunt; flrs:
rlca-preaklent Oaorga J- Oraanfleld: seco-.nl rlee
presldent, Prank o. r.annon; third rlce-prealdeot,
Louta Benalger; traaanrer, Adolph i- Kmn; Becre?
tary. C. ?:. Kolff.
The BouthfleM Repuhllcans held their town e?n
?? on Prlday evenlng, i>u: concluded lo daf?r
maklng a llcki t untll a conference could be ha I wlth
the Independents. .
The Kfll Von Kull TtowlliiK Club still malntalna the
',.,i,i in the stf'-:-. Island Bowllng League, wlth a
. n of .777 per ceni The other percentages are
Klngaton'a, 661: Aquehonga, .538; Pln Bmaahera, -144.
, ioe. .883, and Stapleton, :TT. In the N.,rth
Sh re Iveagne Ihe Ji lllera are on toj\ wlth 8B8 per
cen! ??'? Ihelr frcdlt. The Corlnthlana have .i,2->, the
SJai ona 5U an I Wcatcrl Isri ':.:.
Offlcera elected by Ihe l'oung People'a Aa?o.-!atnn
ol rd are: Prealdent, ^ H. 8trong; flrat vlee
prealdent, Henry Otto; aecond v!c*-presldant, vi 111
i-?m Ollver: Becretary, Charlea W. Otto; Ireaaurer,
Mian Mlnnle Wolf: libraiian. MHs Mnig.iret Schlck;
}-.\- -utlvo Committee, Mlaa Annle Bchlable and Mlaa
!>i :?:. Wolf.
Tternar, II >oh and I^adder Company will give ut
? lii-tii,::: ro-mori w evenlng In the Oerman
ma Sta leton. entltled "Uncle Danlel; or, tha
>:. r. -,,...- of .J.r rx i- Rtatlon." The *oramlttee ln
? i ?. Hari i i. Tli man, Ch irlea Bar U i ad -N
T Ward.
The Rev Dr. .f-ihn P. P-tere Wlll dellvar a
re '.- tlir Church of the lacenslon, fveal
llrlghto.' this evenlng, on "Our Duty Toward Ar?
menla" Pr Petera la reel tr of 'xt. Mlchael'a, New
York <'!tv. and N thoroughly famlllar wlth Arm, man
r-t'-r J Klernan, :he elerk of the Board of Aa
F .^.. ,. ppointed poatmaater rf Rose
bank. wlth n 3 ;-? r annuni aal iry.
The atrlklng operatlvea ln ihe Conao|lr1a*ed Flre
? rka Pactor>- v OranltevIHa returned :o work yea
tenlay mornlng.
Vietor J. Bradley, who haa been the e':n*r,'"!endent
c Branch Btatloa H of the PoatofDce untll Prlday,
gnd whoaa appolntmen! ?a lupertntendenl of ihe
llallway Hall aenice for the Becotfd Dlrlalon, whlch
Includea the Mlddle Atlantlc Btatea, haa been an
nounced, aald yeaterday: "Tha appolntment w.-is a
great aurprlae to ::k. i have become greatly ai
tac-hr 1 to the m?n In Statlon >I, an,l aliall he BOrry
to ga. My appolntment <iatea wlih Monday. i
shnll have I i ? mpl iyea :in,ler me.
"Imrlne my iur* rlntendency of Statlon II the re
celpti have exceeded greatly those of prevloui jraara.
itatloa handled more than 12,i>X','X'>" pninils of
gecond-claaa matter last year. I have heard ii"th
ln$r ln reference : > the eonaolldatlon of the poat
otncea of Sew-York an 1 Brooklyn The auggt-s
tlon la certalnly a tinlque one. Thla stutlon handled
aeveral tho n tnd bmgs of nmil matter for the central
offlce, and ih - prevented th* congeatlon whlch la
complaine'l of."
Mr. Bradley has been Aaalatanl Buperlntendent
of the Rallway Mall Bervl ?--, and hi? knowledge wall
flti hltn for hla new place He will have charge of
the malls ,,n the New-York Central, Pennaylvanla,
Phlladelphla and Readlng v-'.\ other large Kaatern
railroads, and wlll alao dlatrlhute the mall matter
throttgbout the Btatea of the Mlddle Atlantlc.
The eighth annlversary of Har!em Councll, No.
211. of Ihe Cathollc Benevoleal League, waa cele
brati l laat nlghi al th? Central Opera Houae, Slxty
geventli al . r:,-.-:r Thlrd-ave., wltb a iliniu-r al whlch
3Co men were present.
.Ijhn C. McOulra, auprema r>resident. was ln th<>
chalr. Some of thoae preaenl wi re ex-Aaaemblyman
,.'!ctor J. Dowllna, Aralatanl Ulatrlct-Attorney T. J.
McManua, Jonn Hennelwrry, R, L. Bamford, WKI
!ani Penny, Danlel lf llar.d, I), V Donohue, P, .).
Tlernan. P. J. Caaey. W. J. J..-i:> ani W. J. Dono?
hue. There was musi,' by ihe Oreenwlch Mllltary
! ir .. upd the foii"t\-:ii^ t-'ists ivrr* reeponded t.,.
??Patrlotlam." by Oeneral Jiimea H. O'lieirno,
Charltlea '.',ir.rnlssl,-jn?-r; "Harlem Councll." by .-^tato
Presldent Itlchard Hutchlnaon: "Praternlty," hy
Recorder John W. Ooff: "l.oyalty to the I..aKiie,
i-v Mr. McOruIre; "Charlty." by the State chaplaln,
Father McNamee.
Oer.era'. ri'Heirne, ln apeaklr.g on "Patriotlam."
aa;,' there vvas no nol.ler or purer aentlment ln the
maki up of the human famlly than the love of
try. lt upllfta tbl man from the jtrosaer
thoughia thal actuate so many ln th* struR?{'.e for
worldy Rnin aml rlchea, Bpeaklng >,f tbe Monroa
J^o.-tr;r.e, he sail it was a princlpB, tbe malntenanoe
?,f w.ikt' u.ts eaaential to thi- Integrlty anl i,rese:
vatlon of th:.s Natlon.
"Tlila eiuiitry cannot wlth aafety." he aald, "p*r
mlt ari>- forei_n Power wboae form of g.ivernm*nt
!.a Inlmicn! to our own to Intreneh lt?*'.f ln the
n*ar vlcinlty of our borderi so that ln a peiiod
of Weakneea they can atrlk'- n fatal blow 10 our
Rermblicin form of government. The iloetrln* la
almp'.y the volet "f the tru.- Ameriean aiilrit, anl
muat he malntal:.'-1 even to th- dggb af arm.a.
There are gone In thls broad land mote loyal to
the Stara and Strli'-s, none will be uulcker to ahoul
der g Kun In defeaai of O.d Olory than the dtlaem
of Irlah blrth or lrlah ancestry.'
The fljjht ln the amateur Mlttard tournament will
b,- from now on conflned to a Btniggta for aecond
and thlrl place. Ptark. by hls vlctory over Reeney
yesterday. haa WOB the ohamplonshlp trophy and
also fir;-'. money. II" haa played art'atlcally and
BtcatUgy throagboul tln* tournament, ar.d deaerrea
ail he has WOO.
Mlller beal roKge-nbiirK yeatafday ?>v a acore <>f
24n to 171 jioiPta It was Poggenburg's second de
faat diirlnK th.- tournament, an I w.ia a I'Ik aurprlae.
Miller*a avera=e waa SfaVB, and hla blgheai run ,^
i'oggenliurg's average was 4 8-42 and hla beal run 17.
Tie itrst Kjme in the afteraoon waa iron by .s:ark.
who defeate l !<? en< y by N pointa Btarka average
w*s .'i'.:.-.',! aml bla hlaheat run 4:'. Keeriey'a gver
a^'e waa 4te-B anl bla beal run 17. Ihe neXt
Ka-ne waa between Mlllerand Ranney, and the lat
ter geored another rlctory. alUler'a average waa
4-il-i:i and hla beal ,-un lt. Rannejra average was
4H-4D and hla blgheai run 23.
The gxtne laat nlght between Jennlnga anl o.ik's
was sron by the formcr. Hls average was IB-el
gnd h:a bigheai run as. uakea'a averaie waa
IB-S4 and hla best run 19.
The gtaadlag of th?- playara ia as foiiows:
\V?jr. Ua ' WaB I^oat.
Ptark . B " tiiniard .B 1
poarcenburg . ? *.' Viii.-r . 4 B
Keeney . ? ?'(, rak*s . 1
r.iwna'enrl . 4 4 Ranney . 1 I
llantner . 5 l|Jennlnga ..1 8
Kcvc-ral Republiran members of the I^-gislatur*,
among them Speaker Flah, were at the Flfth Av?
nuo Hotel laat evenlng and had a consultatlon wlth
T. C. Platt about the Greater N'ew-Vork blll and
the Ralnes Kxclse blll. They were as ilumh as
oysters when Ihey w^rt- leavlng the hotel. Another
man who had an Intirvltw wlth Platt was .). K
Burton, of Kansaa, who vrants'to b* a Republlcan
Vnltrd Btatea Senator. He aald he mlght be ln
duced to ald ln Governor Morton's boom.
terni Brothers
Annual Sale of
Boys' W-ashable Sailor Sultfi
of Ir.bh Linen, English Giietea. and Whlte Dril . S z?s 3 to 12 years.
H.35 H.98 & $2,65
Formerly $2.98> $5.50.
Sailor Collars and Shields *. 55c
Spring Sailor and Middy Stnts
01 fine Englisli Serge. with long or short trcusers. handsome.y irimmed.
a. *3.95 & f4.9S
Double Breasted Spring Suits
of F.rig.isli Carsimcres and_Scctch Tweeds. * ^ /^O
Si7es 5 to I5y.-.nrs. at OoKJjrt
West Twenty-third St.
770.ii7'. VEW8.
CAMBRIDOK?BcnatOf Charlea H. Olbson, of
Maryland, and Hrrman Btump, Unlted Statf-s Com
mlaaloner of Immlgratlon. FIi'TU AVENLE?
Benator Nelacn W. Aldrlcb, of Hhode Island.
NETHBRLAND-L E. Holden, ol "Tha Cleweland
Fialn Dealer." WALDORF Prlnce Serjre Wol
k waky, F. B. Clouatnn. manager of the Hank of
Montreal, and Lynde Harrinon, of New-Haven. |
V. INDSOR -Mr. and Mrs. John Hare. of Umdon.
The Tradearnen'a Nntlr.nal Bank. now at Xo 7^1
Broadway, arlll move next Saturdny Into new offlcea
ln the rfti' vTool Fx<-hange BtBldlnf, ?t Weal
Broadway nt'1 Heach-at.
Mattbaw Nlcholaon, whose trlal ln the Prlmlnal
Rranr-h of the Unlted Statea Clrcnll ceurt on a
charge of harlng had r-ountorfelt money ln hla poa
aeaalon reaulted ln a dlaaajteeineol of the jury, has
been releaae I froni custody upon h'.a owa recog
A apcdal aervlce for tiie Young Men'a Chrlatlaa
Unlon of North New-Tork wlll he beld ln Bt
Mary*a Proteatanl Eplacapal Church, Ono-hundred
gnd-foity>aecond-st and Aleaander-ave., thla even
ing nt 8 'o'clock. A roncert under the attapleea
of the unlon waa held in the Bethany Preaby
tf-rian Chap.1 last week.
Tho Natlonal Chrlatlan League for th* Prom I
Af Boc'.al Purlty wlll hold Ita monthly me.Ui
morrow al ? p m. al No. S Eaal Twelfth-at., the
Chrlatlan Leaajue BToman'B Club hom.-. Th.
Ing wlll be addreased by the Bev. Barnuol B
Mra J. Powlnr Wllllng, Dr. E. P. Mlller anl Ihe
Rev. .?. M. Phllputt
"Egyptlan Art. as Vlewed from a TravHler's
Standpolnt." la the aubject of a leetura to ho glven
to-morrow at I r rn. ln the Macy Butldlng. TVach
era' College. Tho lecturer, Mlaa Hlnedate, arlll
.,.?.,? xhf loplc In a popular manner. admlaalon be
Ini irr* to the publlC.
Samuel Morrls, an alleged fenee on an extenalve
aoale. who keeps a aecond-hand atore at No. 42
Baxter-at, waa Indlcted by th* Orand Jury Prtday
and was yeaterday held ln 0,8* l.all. whl.-h he
(urnlehed. lt ls altesed that Morria ma-le a
a-.eclalty of borae blankets, and had a number of
thlevea worklng for him.
Al the annual meetitik- Of Ihe J.inr-oln T'nlon,
N'.t.th Ward. held at Its roima. No. ,',S7 Hudaon-st..
on January BX the followlng offlcera were elected:
Qeorge M. Hark. presldent; J. A. Vnti I'a Mnda,
m-t irtee-preeldent; w. H. Carbart, aecond vir-e
prealdent; W. K Halated, reecrdlng Becretary; J
E Lafabregue, rorreapoi llng aecretary, nnd A.
Thayaaen, ireaaurer,
Th.- Betropolltan Muaeura of Art ls oper. fr*? lo
the publlo from 1" a. m. to aunset on Tueadaya
Wedneadaya, Thuradaya and Baturdaye; on Bui Iay
lfl'-rnoons from 1 o'oloca to aurset. nnd on lha
evcnlnga of Mondaya anl FYldaya. On Mondaya
and FY.daya frorn W o' Jo.-k untll aunael copylsts,
a't Btudenta an-; rnembera of the Museum only are
admltted rree; othera have lo pay an entran - fee
of :'.", renta ,.n th.-s..' i?o daya
The M iseiim of NaturaJ H bi iry is open on areek
Oaya from ft to G o'eloi k. f,n Tueaday an.l Baturday
' avenlnga from s lo 10 o'clocli Ihi publlc la a la "
free. On Bundaya lt la opan frotn I lo .r. o'clo k
i Admlaaion la rharged on Mondaya and Tueadaya.
Al a apeclal meetlng of the Llncoln Club, al No
?8 CUnton Place. on i-'riii.y evenlng, renol
i were adoptei In memory of the late John '-. I*aw
Tha aubjecl for ? ' i at l 8 Reform
CJub, No. 81 Eaal Fourth-at., on Tueadaj evenlng
arlll be "The Merc*nttl? Inap l in " bi I \Ior
aay wiin.inis. ;?:. w. Uloomingdale, Mla. \ ?
Woo<l?.r:,i^,- and Mrs. Lowell i,r,- among thoae a-ho
hav been Invlted lo make apeachea.
X re?.-olutlun Indoralng Ooveinor I.'-vl V Morton
aa a candklate for Ihi Republlcan nomlnatlon for
thf Prealden y wob paased on btai Tueaday evenlng
at u meetlng <>r thi Roi - Conkling Republlcan
Crub, of tbe NXVlItn Aasembly DTatrlct, a) N".
j,i4 w.st Fort: -sevi nth-Bl
The Bhakcapeare Club of this clty will have a re
r^ption to-:n .rr.r.v ovenlng al the home of Mra,
Boatwlck, No. 21 Weal Blxly-nlntb-at. Thora arlll
I be musir, a paper on "Klng Lear" by Ihe K<-v. Dr.
I Slngletor. and n frcshments.
"The afalntenanra of the Monree Doctrlna" la lo
be tbe eubjecl f.?r dlacuaalon al tbe u.-xt meetlng
of the Polltleal Bcience Club, al Ihe Ifotel Bavoy
on Thuraday evenlng. Qeorge Ounton, th. preal
dent of the club, has announced lhal among tn.
apeakera wlll bc Profeasor John Baaeett Moore, of
Columbla Col>ge, and t-iu-sts at tha dlnner arlll
be Invlted to Joln :n Ihe dlac laalon, Dlnner arlll be
aervf-d at 7 o'clock,
The Unlted s-'!t'-s Clvll Benrlce Commlaalon hy?
ordered that i.n eaam'.nati ,'i be h<-id by its local
t, ,.-ir i ln tii a c'.ty <>:> Baturday. March ". at I n n.<
for th<- grade. of rlerk. Btorekeeper and gauger la
the Internal Revi nue bi nrtce.
Th.- Iaal recorded aale rn:i lr- recently of a r< at
ln tbe New-York Stoek Exchange realiaed the aum
of $lfi/a"a?. Tn<- r.i'.o of th. Exchange requlrea Ihi
pui baaer to pay ln addltlon to ihe purchaae prlee
H,B80 for maklng the tranafer.' Baata w rre aelling
jn<- yar hko at aboul B>i.000
lt was reported yeaterday thnt among the paa
H?nKf-ra on the Vlgllancla, for Havana, waa Rear>
Admlral Wllluun A. K'.rkland.
Mrs. Vera rreaaaan, thirty-iive y?*ara old, nn nft
ress and wlfe of Max Freernan, the ctage manaui-r,
was found dt-ad In her room at the Hotel I'imeroy,
at Broadwav un.i *TuTty?nlnth-aL, yeaterday moni
lnjr. Mra. Kreenian arrlved at the botel on Wt-lti-?
day nli;ht ond took a room on the th.rd floor. She
| graa Iaal aeon niive by two ebamberinaida, Mary
oTonnor and Nellla Leghane. That was on Friday
ninht at io o'dock. Mra rreaaaan was then In h. r
room r<n.iln<. She r-ornp'.aln.-d t.. th>- ai-rvants .,f
her inublUty to aleep.
Th? door of her room was found looked yeaterday
morniiiK. ?"'' aoeeaa waa galned by a dupllcata paaa
key. The body was found lyltis !n a position whlch
aeemed to Indir-at*? that ahe had laln down to Bleep,
She was fully dn-ased.
Charlea Hoh<i", th.- proprtetor, summoned r>r.
ii f Bterena, of No. I7n Weal Plfty-fourth-BL, and
na Iri turn Informed D.-puty-Con.ner Weston. The
latter found ,i small bottle contalning morpliine
uilis He waa of the oplnion that the woman bad
dit i from an overdoae of morpatne, takt-n for ttie
purpoae of Indudng s:-?-p.
Some of the -crvanta at the hotel aay that the
dead woman was addlcted to tha uaa of morphlne.
Mrs Freernan kepl cloa. to her r.Kim and hai no
v'aitora. It was aald thal ahe had nol llved with
her hushand f,,r thr.- yeara A good many peop;e
creillt the Ihe.iry of BUlClde.
The Coronar gavi i permlt for the removal of the
body, and Jamea Blevin, und.rtaker, af No. ^
?'uiiig-8t.. touU charge oi the body. Max 1-reein n.
the dead woman'a husband, came on from l hlladel
t.hla last niirht and arrlved at the underl ikei ? at
t o'clock. The funeral wlll take place to morrow.
but the arrangement*. have nol yel been c mpkted.
~.. , , . . _....;..; ... VI r t. r.
Th- dead iv>
Bwadley waa the .la ighter ??( a nromlnent VVabaah,
Ind. drugglat. Thelr only chlld dled ln Infancy.
They aeparated ln is?2. Mr. Preeman allowtng bli
wlfe 130 a week for her aupp .rt.
The rooma of tha t*r: 1 r*-1 Bervlce .':,*.. al No M
Weel Thlrty-flrat-aL, arere ablax. with llghta Iaal
nlght. The cause of the lilumlnatlon waa a rec ;,
tlon whlch waa tendered by ti:.- club t,> Oeneral
Thornaa Ruger, 17, B \. th. newlj ippolnted cjm
mander .-f m* Departmem t, with he t I
quartera .? Oorernor'a I- ii '. Commodore
Montgjomery Bl ard, the ??? ?? th Brook
lyn Navy v.u.i An iwi ng; wa atretched from the
stroet :?? the d>or, and .i :: m orderly araa
t- 1...1 gi the :? ir :?? take tl k il 1 h< room. an i
h i v ?? .? . Ii rat# f thi aal -ti I ?
receptlon waa om .1 ? moat ' it thi
club haa ? ver I
The ? ' ? : f tl I? ? '. ' "?? ''?? ral
M irtln T. M -M ih n; flrat liee-pi .-:??.
.;, * eral .1 Frederl k Plei ? ?
1 John P Hatch
er.ii E. A McAlpln; -? r. :ntv. I. tenanl J
r V :i ll u
Thoae on the Committee, ?' ,;?
i-:i il- :.: | ?
I}.-: er ll .1 i-'r. I. I
1-. 1 ti!'. I Bl '
'? ' ? /'
Natlonal ?;
The receptl.?? ? l ??
With few
! i s i r i i. ? : ? ....
Oeneral R iger ...1 i
were Oeneral Hoi
Ii ctor Kllbi ? ? . ? I
Among t he * i- -t ? r.- Col I H
E. Corbln, Adlui - ?'
<;-!,. ral C o i l ? ? ?
Thom 1-. F. I'arr. Aaalatani Ju
<;???>.-r:...! a i : .-. | i
1 :.:??: H , - .'< ...
Aaalatani ?uri ind i l '?'
nlngton, (Jovein ir'a i .
Tl e Navy waa repr. i: M
Bcrry, i mn .- lei i J
Hunker, . ? ? i. . .
t>?n.-int-i 'ommati i. . \ ?
Pi ii, :|* T 11, ?
Uoller, Ullilngh im and 1
ga, Pa) maati t ? - ,? ? i
t ?: i: : W M I! W II , ? Fiar.k
. -;. ir.ds. I
i. il Park* -',, ? I
A ?' H Ru? . ?? \ . '? ?
t ? ? : l! E. Pearj. thi \: ?
A m,mi{ ti,
were lienera \
Uro ikl)... ?:? :..:.i R. S. Ollvi
Hr7ga le, Mbanj i ?
. , . i ?
I eton, the U ii Ri k mi i ?' i -'? i
ard, of the
\1 ?,-. mi,:::. .,' r) ?? I Itl
<,:... ne, of ' n. TlBl M
Ihe 8th llattallon; M., -
i.,:, A . . '.?-,,?.?-. .\ i Smll h, ol ? ? ?? i; .
.?? .i... ? ?; Ed ? ? ?' ." ? ii -
?????? ? I ' ?
of tbe 11
II. >?? . K.i Bl S:k ? ?
mai : ? ? .?...,-.-, . ; ..
?ui i- r waa aervi
7 1/ K ABOl T II Hl ir/'.l 1RS.
E C ."V. 1 IN 1 ??ll.l. I THI I'.AXKB Ol M '
t Nl ?..,::-.
]?:. (?(?,..?..
turfmen. Mi ''?????? ' ?? u
,,i |i thal bi ? b. Ing ' t ilni l bj lan
Uneof them ial Ha I 11 of 11 < ,
other la a llk. ?? t ol
Mai la I. . .i I '? ? i - ' ' ? :oi..,: ?? \fl I'uwdfn j.iir
I Marla V ? ? Yi ung
i ? ? i Mr. f Iin I ...., ,
:??:.-, - iie, I l lealri to bi ?
? d br.
.!. i . I .,.' |. - !. ' Itl 1 >. .
Ri f \ m < ? I ? k C M ? I.' . ?? foi the
;..:?' Ri ...
paarancea aml perfi ? ? ie!y to provi .
valuabli bIh ..,..-. , ? ? i
aentlal In a aur-c.
Jam. R .'.-? -... ..-. i : ?
no,,-., an 1 I ? l -l
Row ?. hla wlfe, mail. heraelf Iil I oi hlm
Im ? ? hl* ? ?
.1 iiqi * -?-. eida, the Ii hoi ? i
from Jami Rowt* yestenla l . and so
t..... i : Inten-la ln n ma e turl
The Harato -,i i:.-. 'Ins ? I lae a Oul
.-. ex pi ea* ? ? ? ? . i .
. ; ii . that t wjiiI.I b
ii Hoi e-ov; era who an rai
(luttenburg m ? ,? u, . ? 11
thal aavoi - .: ti - .:? if ? bui
.;.i.., after" ih. WH
uaual mo, ty ?* ? ? '? I '?:? ;.?.-??-..
tlon, all lhai th -k?? i u.,s ? ? ? ? . i .,. . y
jala d J. . ? lub ahould glvn at lea
t,. Baratoga.
I >:iv. i .;, leon lefl the rltj : ir Ni ??.?' i Ii n--< al
?, .. o'clock y- aterday afl i n
ll.iiiv Harrla, arh i iraina n J M u mald,
ln in po >r he ilth, bul i tp. ol ? l . :? nily
to win iiianv racea for hla en I
lt la aald thal a brBther to Davld iJIdi m la now
n full-fledged turfrnan, nnd I the i a-ner of aome
horaea thal ar. irained ln Jamea M [^?ighlln'a
atable. Reporl aaya thal there la a tw.vyear-old
ln the Cumberland atable thal la , "?:,-? inter."
ii.- hc rims >.) f.i-i" that he rannot be Been arhen at
full apeed. ^
Plttaburg, Jan -'.'.. Ered Ely, Ihe ahortatop, wbo
myatertoualy dbtappaared aboul three week. ag i, if
ler b'-ing aecured bj th. Plttab iri Club in . ., -h in ??
for Hartj Croai and a caah i mu . haa been n i I
from. He write. from bla home, al (Jlt i. ublo,
thal h ? baa bi n on a buntini ? ,
I BEAR il ll. i> i r i TR i/v.
?aaleton (Penn.) i >ri -, ndence ol The Baltlmore
ll. ii. i
The novel atghl of a b :.t holding up a ii iln wa
?rHneaaed on the Lehlgh ?.'?.? ra . al Ueep
?.'ut, two mllea belon Prackvilie, thla mornlng. Tn<
traln waa tbe flral to ieave t:.. yurdi al Ii l.ino.
Th.- trarka lead ae *. the mountaln t,> Fi L-kvlll .
thenee down th<- r.i\. t.. i'otiavlllo. ,\ thi . .|
iiroached Deep Cui tbe rnglne heaiilighi revealed
u. form on the track whlch th. englne, thouirht
waa tbat ol a man. The a'.trm whlatl i\ i- aound
ei vigorouBly, but to no effect, ;? ii? l. :.* they ncared
tno auppoaed man, thi eng ni i aw hla arma <?>.
tended ^s ba walked toward the traln. Thk
enou^h. and the traln came t" n tan I.
'i i*. blowug of tbe whlatle ...i I already arouaed
the tralnmen, wha tnoughl .i man had been run
ovi-r. liy thls time brula reached the englne and
at.Mid with his pawa on the bumpera. ln tbe <iiiu
mrht tbe men eould nol dlatlngulah tbe figure unt'l
in, y y.,t n...ir to lt.
Ju.'.tthi-n th.- bear k >? down on all foura and made
for th. tralnmen. rhey fled preclpltately, Bruin
followlna. Th* englneer had alaed up the Bltua
tlon by thls tlnie ,-ui i i-i;in to move bla tr.un
alowly untll hi^ men got aboai i Beveral tlmea tha
n.-ir H..-.I to inoimt ti,>- Btepa, bul waa nol .\K'?'.?^
enough. Hc Bcampered ..rr Into ih>- wooda, evldently
aati.-uied with tbe excltemenl be had cr< ited, lt
iv., tiie I:,riiest bi-.ir ati-u un ?hai niuuntalu ;o
iifteeu raara.
ln th?ir
500 Pairs
IrUh Point Curtains, at
$1,75 &?2.90p'
350 Pairs
V/ith a large colecticn
cf v*ry deshabie
Brussels Curtains,
Oreatly Reduced Prlces
45 Pieces
Tapestries O
:st effects ^ *"
Formerly $1.40.
Cotton Af^ ?=? q
x - vd
ln the newes* efferK >"
Al! Sllk and
Sllkand Weol $^ 50 vd
Formerly $5.00 Yard.
West 23d St
Tha ti imbei "f arrlvala at th,> lea Itng hotela >**
.. ? : ,v -., ia fully ui> to l ivei n - al tl - laal daj
H.. j; Thi ? ? '' ni art thal thi romlng
r good oi ? ?
BKM M'.I.I ll' ?l TU vs
. ,i ? ? r> ?: a l lela I rfer, .^.in fran
. i .,? ! artf* 1. ' impb*tl, In llanapo
.r*. I'ltil ->?? T I l-it.: p, Trenton.
? ? ? . fe, llart
lll ' ' f?Td
? ? .,.. n uttn - ll >'?' ii ili. cm u
Mr, \\ ll ? '?
\ I ?
\< Kurbank. Phll i-i-i B ' ? ' tl i |
_ N II I" M.AM
K. F. Powi
i ? .1 ,: \t. i t. i- ? | rn in i'l i igo.
,. a. ?ai l ??? r
I 1 l V
\ , H*nd*ra n, N rth
r.i,t. I
,. .. i v Blaralhorn, UmkI n
IMI-i.ltl Al.
' ' ' ???.-, I- tt-i.nc
., ... v*t i . i .ti-i, ii a
1 "lr* it rt*ai i
' ' : ;'' T. guiiiron, Roal -
a s l^arlB (?hila.Wjhla.
1 . ? ? j. \ ,t, fell ,
P rt M ?
' r i. i, aml , i
.- ? ?????
v ?. .
u ?
. ,|:K AVKNl'B.
'?' '' ? i and arlf* Tn H . ,. . . Hyri
??''?' ii m I .'-. N ar
, . ? : % .. m"m'.:.. r.8 wlfe. Ituffak.
'? x .1 H ftlurphy. IVal ..
:,\i:r, ", ' ' ? "v:L*'
le. 8 .lf. I I
' , ' i- - - , Mai
?- ii
?'? I ? ' i ' ' ,. ....
Bl 1 V.MI *
T i ? :
,.;.'.fi",' \; ?- , t.'ir l ll I ??? itur
r. i* i -' "? ..": ... , , .
t. A. ' ' ' , '
arlf W ,'? -
8 arlf*
. r ? i ? ? N. J M
.. .I || ? ... 1 Hon
V , Mn i K ? ?' m
. .
?; i -.?,!'.
r ,- |l?nt*r. l, *rp
|i l ? ' ' l|:,r""
, ? u UJXIRF
\ ???????
, .- ? . , . ? | . ?
? ? I, i.i an ?'. i. n
' : ' ? tllNB
VV M 8 arlf*
lt. I*. II^W !?? II " - ....,,,
' V' ? -'-: I ' -, || t ,,. . s. ? .
',' ? M I
I. H I'.n' ix,!, i.ton i
l , ? \- ?? .>l .1 ' 1 .1 I ' ?. ?. .
\. I. ,;?.,.. . \,
- I AVKMK ^:-, -"V,?u
1: 1: I ?, ? i ? ? ? :
i ? ? f ii I'. rn-, ?. llartfonl
,, i- i. \v. ,:,-:. I'.in
? ^ . \l ..-. i...... . \n .
i m ?'. . , K M urif ??.. Bj.
KAllOMrTl i "i: OENFH 11*1.1 IUF N-: l IIH ll ?.. !?' l 1
THK tX)l N ' lti
Waattlngl ?. Jan. 88 ? ? ?? In all
. , . ?f tn* . ui ' v ,-x ?? ??! ti,.- n. , M. untaln dlalrlcti
Th* !..,'? . '?? llttle ni ?? ? ni, nt -,n, -
j,, ,iri!i.= . bul il la I-' ??!?; 11) iroa n? areak*r, and by
v.n; |. . i.iit-. : ? ii- iii) ulaappeared lt li noa
, n,ii.I wlihli ,: !? I I ??? '? i'"- - ?'?? ?'? relalli ly low,
Ihei :i N,?? Rnalai d lo , inlarto, A i ??!;
f i.ij., . . ? j .n^ iii-. i: i. m unl iln ilopa
, V canaUa fr*rh at?u m ,,r
,.i..,t *n*nt hai ipp*ared on tbe North I i : Ughl
? N v. Rngumd and tha lower lak*
, ,,. i i,. .,. ? raln la r*p rn I In Buuthraal Horldn.
I? ,,. pri i Ipli ,i! -ti i ii iii.n, i i , i f*n ae u
i,i..i ahow*ra, Th? l?np?raiur? hai remalned n*arlj
? ,., ,, .1,1 .a R ullteaal Men Kngland and lha
uppet Mi?nn V'all?y, arhara it la rolder, and In tli*
N-.irii,..rll H I ? II aintaln r*a* "? whera th, r.- i? h nurked
.,,,,;? i.itir- Tha areallW arlll probabl) rlear la
.\. v Rnaitind and Iht |,.?.- ink^ reglon in tbe aarly
mornlng, and gonerally r.? t? areaihat guadaj li ladleated
ihruuahoui lha eiamtry. Tba lemperatnro arlll rlaa la th*
it and banga bul allgblly la olber aaetleaa
f r Malne, rlaaHng i" lha rarly mornlng In th* In
i*rlor and durlng ihe lay un lha roaat; t-irlabl* arlnda,
l',,r V'-i-iii,nt. N'p" Hampehlra Maaaaehuaetta, ui?,,i*
, :,,,| ?? > ronneeileut, rtearlng it, tba r.irij- naomlag;
i. arlnda, bee ntlng areaterly.
l, r Raatera Nea v,,rk aad Weatara Keai Y,,ru, gea
erall) fa r Bundiy; wlnda beromlng aeeterly.
For Baatern Penneylvanla, Weatern Pennaylvanla, Kew
? ? . i ?:,,! |, i r, are. fali; Hahi ? ran rt] arlnda.
ti'.ihink ixxtai, oaacavATfoxa
nut:.'.s :i.ri,-<, m,t.
| 3 1 4 8 < ? ' I ?' l> 1 9 1 1 S 8 7 g aian
.3 ? CTi^'dii: liiilliv U4-U
:.lJ,4-^;- '
Mi 1 L-J4_j J.1UJJ..U L'LlLIJ J.' jJa'l JJQ
ln thla dtagrarn a eontlnuoui ?mi* iin* ahnwa th*
thangai :u |>i*jiuce ax Indlratad 1^- Th* Trll.une'i a*lf
r-,,i,in-c baromctex The d tt-d .llni repraaenti tba t*ni
i ratui i ? ,i,i-i ,it Kerry*i Pbgnaaey,
Trttnma OftVa, .Im. 18, 1 a. m. Tha araaiaier raatarday
wa* cl'ii.ly and inlld. The t<-m|i?nttiire rangad Balwaag
i> aad 4-- aagreea tha averaga ? ty? aagreaa) i>?iruc 9%
dagreei hlgher than that .,f Prlday nn-i 17T? il*ar'-ra
higbri ih,ui ii,.i' of th* innraanonillaa day af laat yeax.
Tbe Weather tu Uuy ?i.i be falr atid nilld.
It 1* our mnatant effort to break away from rontaml
natlng ronvenllonallly ln de*tgn-to produce aomethlng
dtatlBOt ann art.stlrally crrect-to make fumlture that
doea not auggeat the ftrnlture atore. Belng manufaet
,irer* we ran have nrlglnallty of dealgn. and for the aame
re?* ,,. we can he *ure of the quallty and tha workman
ahlp a* well a* of the prlce. .._.._
A dreadful. dreary e.-imeneaa rhararterlaea nlne-tentha
of the fn.-tory mad- furnlture that la offered In the atorea.
Thera are no dlatlnct chararterlBtlca-nuthlng to dla
"rSf 'at'yle aad quallty are .a argumeni. that you
Geo. C.Flint Co.
43.45 and 47 WEST 23?ST.
FACTOftY: 154 AND 156 WEST l9?8TrB?Er
Ladies' Wash Fabrics.
Grass Linen Batiste.
Printed Linen Lawns.
Th? aprlng Btylca of F.incy Sephyra ire very
atrlklug both in novelty and de?lKn. The Ch?cka,
StrtptB ar.l PIBIda are- stlll unrlvallcil foff dura
blllty and wear.
Th? American i.irk Etbel. raptain Hodgkln.
rr :n Montevi leo N- rember :t. paaaed .S:m ly Kook,
Uound .11 at 11 a rn, yeaterday H-r lower fore
maln topmaal Btaysal! and mlaaefi atayaall
,?'. badly torn. Tbe Etbel la the bark reported
;.-,i |a) by the llfe-aavera u* bolng at an.'hor off No.
j ,s - 11 lon.
Fr :n Th. Wa. hlngb n P ?t.
The i-i!h Of Tom H.itinum. ona tlme a well
Un. ;. - the.preea Baflerleaon hoth aldea
.?;' .h,. ? ,;,:?'. waa **> erely drplored among
m,mbVra yeaterdSy, and Bome amualng ane,
aoTaa waS. ? lifol the Popu^r nawapaper man by
?,? rr... |b ln ihi urae 1' the '. ij One ... tne
'{,',. . habll of taklng .1 late I
, . v?iy mornlng " ?"> on< oc
.. ., ?i,l> I " waa vlgoi ? i-lv ll.cuaalng a hi u i
? / ',,?,: and rgga. n blll e actor au Ide-nlv
I up to HannumT* alde an I la d hla ac ? >ur.t
.,;,.:. hlm Hanmim l< ked it thi an ? then at
... ... 1 .-, ,-i ',.???-?: ? >'?'??
..y ,. ? ,. , ? '.?,]. ,-Hn't you obacrve the amei ? 1
0f ,,-ilt.it ? .?.:'..'. l aoclety? Don'i you know '..let
, ! . . ; . ? h hi:-. an I t'l i! v."'! .1 r.-- ln
..- r belm: aummarll) -J '? i for onalng ui
vlt! ... a rard of membet ih'.p and with
,?,. -.,.. . ?? i,?-i ? The rulea of thi* -iub
reoulre lha! if you have btaalnea with a m*m
b, r to wa'.t In the lobb) ? intll a wa ter
'ik.* in your ? iri and eaeertalna whether th. gen
? ah, tn you have buain aa la pre?en:
N A \ ? .; , oul Into ihe lobb* take thla blll v..:n
i ? | !an i . ,!,,',.\ with I : ' ? > ? ' thla - Iub "
' The 'oliec: V npulogiged for the Infractlor of the
Pr, ** Club, a hl >h I '? ?'. the truth,
arere never e?l .rc< i on anythlng, and walted untll
(h- ate-n .1 .-1 - '?' BJ '? rtn ' - ? ahea,
?|.|,.,.., mnounce me to Mr. Hannum, ."all the
I hlm to wa t, in I h ? arrle I Ib ?
t innum, wh > look I It c irefully,
I - back : ? '':?? aten rd. ar.d aal I "Not
7 |3 ? -, '.,. M ?- ^, .? , Dl 1 11 M ? B'l ,;?- 11
lli<;'t v ATEB TO DAT.
c ..-.. ii b 3 <i tkrt laland * "l Heil '"???? ."? "
. |, |i i it .-, i |*lan<] I S8 tl- . II ita 8 88
IXCOBtNO sl l l VER8.
From. I.'.:.
.Ramhurg, lan .1 .
ll.1. i... Jan i".French
.. . lUmbur*,.* Jan IB .Ilaml I *
.|.:-t ??! Jan I". I' r-.uKu.*.
i rk*, n\ llle, ' i. '22.i lyde
.I'.iem. n Jan 18 . N U Uoj I
. - ,. i'-'"u a. Jan H . N .; U
... I, ?? ' ? .1 ?-. 10 .N ,
\, v. Orleana, J:,n '.'1. M
Mi.NI'AY. JAM'ARI '-'7.
r. iterdam, Jan !?">. N. th Amar
Ltverpa .1, Jan 17.Wlute Blar
_ l, (iuayra, Jan Sl. i.? l D
<, n.-,. ., .Havana, ?!? n S8 ,..N Y 8 Cuba
Bpa , i: 1 ,in
V\'e||* I'ltv
Jan M.Iitiht.i . ???,
I-,,?,?,. .Ulbrallar, Jan IS.ltali.m
T1TBBDAT, I Utt'ARl 88,
rrlaatand.?.niwarp, Jaa Is.Bed Bl .r
^n,.|,.,rlu .lllaagow, Jan 17.Anetmr
Ai^i .Klngaton, Jan 2'.i .\:u?
. Bl, Tu. in ,\ Jan 33 .^uebec
\e:,ael K,r.' I.lne. Mall* rt *e. Ve**el fall*.
\: I'lin t*Aarteaion, Clyde.- 180paa
r'uer*t Blw.uk Oeaoa, Harnb-Amar. - ll:(X)ani
Baale, Hr.-ii.-n. N U IJ'-yl . T:(*? a m 10 00 a m
Tuatonle, Uirarnoot, Whlte St.ir. 7:t?> a m 10:00 a ni
Sniithnni|it.>n. Amerlran. >> ,?> i m 11 ."' ,i i.i
N'oordland, Antwerp, Bad Btar.lo:iaiam IsOOpra
Trlnidad, Dennuda, guet?e. 8:08 a*a 10:00 a aa
i',.-,.:??? Dumola, Parl i.ini.m. Hatlaa.. BaWa *a tOaSOa m
An.ill.1, NaeNiin. N Y & N P .12:1111 ni 140pm
Beguranca, Havana, N V i Caba. imwjihi :i.?>; r.
I'ullT or Ni:\V TOBB BATCRDAT, JAN. 2.1. lsiVl.
Hteamer Campanla (Br), \vaiker, Uver|i,,<^,i Janaary IB
and (jueenatown IB, witii m.iae. sBa rabln and 17.'. atrarage
paaaangera t,> Varaoa ll Brown & Vo. Kaaaad Band)
1I....U iit III 20 u in.
St.iiiner i nii.- iltii. I.nt .iiater. Llvatpool Junuary 14,
wtlh in.ifio t,> u M Keraay, Arrlved at the Hai ut 10:88
a m
st. .1 m.-r Hi l'luii. Jamiaon, Boutharaptmi .i.in-.inry \s,
with in,i*e, c.7 ralonn, 72 aecond rnbta Bad Itl ateavag.
paiaangara t-. InternallonaJ N.i\iaati.in Co, wirai a*h,ire
. rr i.i>k iti-iin ?:, in a dtnaa f,>a about 1 :.'io ? m.
riteiunei- i?i.iii.i ih.nii. Sl.J, ,lt, Copaaaagaa January 7,
\i,i Chrlatlanaand ln. arlth nalaa, 27 oaMa aad ?"><i ?t.*t?K,.
paeaanarara n> rnneh, Bdya & Co. Arrtvad at tha itar ut
1 p lil. M
Steamer Mannlielm iileii. n.kelinann, (}ee*temunde
January 10. ln halliiHt t,, ilnat Hajre. Arrlve.1 at Ih* Har
at U a in.
Bteamer Knerale (Oer), Fortmaaa, Itottenlam January 9,
in ballaal lo Oual Heye. Arrtvad nt ihe har at gooa,
Btaainai Panama iln, ?"uret, li,,nteaux Junuary l?, with
ni.lne t,. l-'uii.-h. Bdya ? Co. Arrlveil nt the Har at 1:40
p in.
Bteamer Bldllan (Br). fetmg. Paraaaabuoa Deoetaaer 27
ati.l St I.inla .laiiii.u v 11, vla I'eluwnre llrenkmatrr Junu ?
hi \ 2:1. itltli mifc.u ??,i^\inerl. un SuKar Iteflnlng Ouupany;
iea,.-l t.i |.'um:h, KJye & 1*0. Arrlied at tha llar at 8:30
a m.
hti-unu-r Advanc*. llcera. Colon January 18. with mdaa
with Potnt Veninc EdgM,
in trimminff widthn,
C yarrj.
28c. 32c.. 38
K M li lt 011> E li / ES.
18c, 24c. & 38c. -ar*,
18th St, 19th St., and Sixth Ati
Out on Time and
Up to Date.
Fresh, Accurale and Completa,
All the Valuable Oid Feature^
Some New Ones.
25 cents.
Srnt po?iaKP paid foi* ?'|l?* prtf*
and 38 paB.enK'r* to Stamford P.irTy. B*8teeB * Co. lf
rlx-e-1 ii th* Bar al 8J0 ? m. .,__,._. M ___
Steruner Oeorge Damola iXor). l-ermann *__>>*??
ryia aruE fruli to Blltager Broe. Arrlvel ?t tfa
' : ' :.. ? . ,., (Br), wvth.nii. TaaajMeo 'aaaawl
u ii.. na lf. with radae to W D Munaon. AjtrtaJM
fh* !.,' ,t 8 ? _ and an a red m aa '- th *????*&,
pt*am*r N*? fork, Oarvla, Aaaa- Jamry '"-.""'*
mti o ii, Maoorti in. Sancbaa IT. faanaa JT, BBBj
i -. i* M, nt* I'rlatl 18 aml Turka leland 19. arttar1"
ind 8 paee*n?*ra I W I' Clyda & ?'?>. Arrlved at tba
"W'.,?':-''vUara. C-rocker. Chffuegoa Jaruary lal_L_
ti.. is and Naaenii -i wlth mda* aad ??? P*?_aaa_?
? k wil I i- '? Arrlved a. r -.* Har .,' 12 2* p m
Habana irlpan). T> man:. Havana Jinuarfla
w . | g .? Arrlved al I ? ? Bar tl t- ? p
. , . .' h.-im ,S|an,. T- mas:. Havir. i ., muary
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ut Uverpool .litiuaiv B. ,.-_??
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Steamer Uaboneaaa iim. Coraoa, *.Uej fnrn Caaia m
' Nr? v ,ik January -i ,. _. _>
gtaamer Poeeboataa (Br), Jaaaaa, aalled fr?m \enic?p?
, Nea Jurb Jnnuar.v A H?
, Si.-atiK-r liilliiiinl.x iKil. ^airu'B. i?.ill*d IrOBI HBI9BBBB
for M?* V,,rk January fg. ^^
siennier p meraalan ,i( i. Btlrral, aalled froai aaagaai
' f,,r Kew-York January 24 . _.
Steamer Taurto iHri. Snillh. aalleg frum I.lverpool iw
Ne? Y,.rk J.nuury 24. ?_.
gteaaaar CliiaaajabkB dir). Payaa, aaBad fr.^m i.ona?n ibt
Ne\. y, ik January i"i. ._
Si-nnier Ludnta I1III (Br), Perry. aalled from lx>n<w?
for New-York January 98, Trfk
steamer galerao Kleii. gebarmberg, fn>m Hew^ig
December '.'.'t. vla llalllnn.re. arrlved at IVrn.mburo. J.ira
"' I -*-' Vrt*
sieain-r Aniati,- Prlnee (Br), Anderaoa, frjfi n*w-i<"?
Junu.ry r>. arrlved ut Pernamlnica lanaary 8* . .fc
Steamer Amertran iDutrh). Hull. truni X'? v',r'1 J*n"^
ary il. ntriv.M at Amaterdam Jaauan 24. ....??
Hteamer N'emadlc (Br), Clark*. fronr. New Tork Januirr
14. iirri\*,i ,?t Uverpool JaaaaTy 24. - ??
Hteamer Bndeaver Utr). Thempaoa. fr"m ^?',*?,0?
Jiimiaiy 7. arrlv.xl ni Llabon JaaoaO 88, . v,r_
nejaaaar VaneUa Klar). Voa Baaeeartia, froai >'w ian"
urrix ?>,! at Cuaenhagen Januarj 28 _ . ..._
M-um.-r II 11 V.-ur (Qer), M< nu. for New lo?. ?*"""
fromJSremerbaven Januan 13. ., x-o*.
steini-i- Iji Normandle il-n. l>,d,>n,-l*, for B8W ?**?
B.iiiej from Havra Jinnuary B*,
The best phyalrl.ins have longconceded thatta*
varlouB l.read*. Mnulti. rrnckera and waf*ra made dallT
th* ii*.ith PixmI faaaaaay. oi Fifth ftaaaae, from tha m*
#lut*n. BTkaat ry*. and oat*. ar* far auperlor ln nutrl
vulu*. ln bulldlng; up t?)?er and remedlal rr.*rlt. ** *^
oth*r known. ThlB reputntlon has b**n falrly aaroad af
over Ki y*ura of inteiiiKent Hili-ntlflc work In tha iBteran
of better fooda for alck and well.
E. * W. CHICO. _- *<%U
N.w CoIIm.. ANHKKftADA. " N?? W**"*

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