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* pACES 13 TO 24.
j JANUARY 26, 1896. j
.-r nrJtOAM MADB BT THr: Mll.i.s-cojj
.eri,, rhronhle's" weekly flsur.'* of th? COttOaVCTOp
2aHon abow how rapldly tba crop la infting low
?"ua'^ luta eahauatlon of the
4rd/ *aecka ol American cotton ln Europa, fora
'or' a hy Selll and EHlia n. Thi long atride made
f"' ,?.', week ln thla dlrectlon waa aeen ln th. | aa
5aU8?bali -1" th>- Bhortened vlalble aupply. The vla
?". juj.j.iv of cotton of all klnda In th world fall to :..
2a?bal*a, agalnal I.896.88S laat year, 100A4W1 ln 18M
u",:j- ? ;'"- The total vlalble Buppl) of cotton
'"'ow :?:""?- halea leaa than Iaal year, 8*7,000 below
*n v . of ik''i and :'.4T...:j under the
1 f [8J8. Thls abrinkage durlng th- week
,.[,,, balea comj irea with an Increaae of 72.000
rL, . week baal year. This 8 of
i a'l k;n !"? Tno ^?M ln th'' 'Jalhle supply of
*_f. .,. itton, 72,000 balea for th.- week, waa pfo
awtjonately much i.r.at.r. for tbe vlalbla aunoly of
J^., ?-, :: ia now down I ? 556,000 balea.
Tbe ? plble aupply of ootton of all klnda reacbed
Ita roax num amount two weeki ago, when it
i:o?l al - I " halea. Last Baturday wi sk'i
?JjgWed tha: II had decreaaed durlng th.it ?.-k ?'?'? -
gg bai."?. itandlng at 4.015.000 balea, tbe Irat ?
crfas,. of the aeaaon. The week jus: gone ahowed
d,' ?.. gweUed to tt,OB0 balea. A- Immenae auma
?f money are daily loat or won on feara anl eon
. ng the ultlmate outoome of the
jrop. lt becomea interestin*; to note tho condltlon.
now ,. mpared with prevloua aeaaona The vl bli
gupi'ly ? ' ' otton last \<-ar dld not reach Ita maxl
mum untll the week endlng January 31, at whlch
date thi amount ln atnbt was 4,880,008 balea. Be?
tween that date and Beptember this anri.mnt waa
^j, . _ 14.000 balea, the loaa belng 2,550,008 balea
ln thlrty weeka, or, in round numbera, *" ""0 balea
gw-k. BhouM the aame average quantlty of the
vls;t,;e .;;? tr weekly between now an-l
ihe beglnnlng of ihe nexl aaaa n, Beptembar wlll
pa th.. aupply reducod lo aboul 1,000,080 balea.
In rh. aeaaon of isi*4 the vlalble aupply of cotton
rea,'- ? Ita maxlmum ln the- week endlng January
17, when the amount atood af?4.IO7,O08 balea. <>n
latembae i. lt had been reducvd to 2.006,008 bales,
lltwlng a loaa 1*>r the thlrty-two weeks of 2.801 8
bales. ? r, In round nuaabera, M.8M balea a week
The aame weekly loaa thi.* year wUI reduce the vi*
88 aupply to 1.460,000 balea. The lat:,- Ogurca
?Jai I I * the bear eatlmate. Thls was th'- panlc
year : America, the year of mlll-closlr.ij on a s;-aie
never k:: >wn before.
The vtatble aupply ln the aeaaon of l.w? reached
its maxlmum In the w<. k endlng January 10. when
It atood a* 4,807,000 balea. On Beptember l thls aup
ply hal been cut down to 2.227.000 balea, showlng
that th* world's requlrementa had been In the in
ten-enlng thlrty-throe weeka 1080,088 balaa, or an
averap*-. ln round nunii*r?. of 8g,088 balea ;i week.
This preat reductlon ln weekly takings was due to
the s'.r-.k*. ln loancbeater, wbich laated flve montha;
ther?f,-'>' Ita w ekly average is of no value as a
fuide to ti.is aoaaon'a probable wlthdrawata
The vlalble aupply of the year I89l-ag dld not n i h
lt*. maxlmum tmtii the week endlng February 21,
when lt atood at t,flv,aaa balea.
The?e Bgurea become eapeclally algnlftcant when
rkrwed In ronnection with tbe small vlalble aupply
of cotton ln thr- world now. thr- small crop to draw
on and the fact, whlch cannot be denled, that there
are more cotton mills runninp to-day than at any
other perlod of the world'. hlatory. Beventy-three
new cotton mills were bulll In this country wlthin
a yaai Not a m.ll anywhere, aa far as can br- aa
eartained, has atopped .a single aplndle runnlng,
desplte the talk of dull trade. North und Bouth
cotton mills are declaring fine dlvldenda. Mlll
ahares are steadily appreclatlng in valuea, Ol
was broken at S. !ma. Ala., tho paal v.-.-k t
other large mill. The bttllfl ask. Would they po on
buB3.nis cotton mills and not run them? I I
they do atop the mills. there ls good reaaoa to be
llave thut the ahortnjre of cotton prt-dicted by
JfatB, who la auppoaed to know u much about cot?
ton aa the averace man, will come to pass. Mr.
Nettl prcdictt-d an.exhau6tion of Amerh an cotton
In Kuropcan ports by October l unleaa conaumptlofl
la checked. lt haa been ahown above that a weekly
decreaae thla season ln the vlalble supply of cotton
of all klnda ln the world. lf kept up till Sf-pi'-m
ber, as large aa laat Boa?"n, wlll cut the- vlalble
-.- close down to LM0.008 bftlea. Then- is every
r^ason to belleve the averaga wc-kly dacroaae will
be nearex 100.000 than s: ?
The vlalble supply of American cotton ls ;
balea less than the smali iisil.b- of all kin.ls. and
tha lnroads of consumption will tell upon it mora
h-avily The American aupply had decreaaed (2,008
bales laBt Baturday week, whlle the decreaae in the
week just pa?rd awelled to 72,000. lf the American
mpply fleLiuariaa ,n tbe same proportlon a? cotton
of all klnds .lisappear"! ir. tbe past week, the new
season wUI a ?<? tiie aupply of avaBable American
cotton radu - I lo tba polnl of extlncUon.
There ar.- many aound reaaona for bellevlng that
the weekly reductlons in the vlalble aupply will be
much heavler from n.w- oa than tti<: were Iaal
year. whlch averaK-d, as sliown above, 83,000 balea
a week for thlrty weeka. Loal yeor ti..- re
breakiriR crop kept pouiing into alsht ln aatonlah
Ing volume. The weekly decreaaea ln the vlalble
aupply wera small m conaequence, untll th. aeaaon
was far advanced. Buch la nol llkely to be th.
i ... thla year. There is no record-breaklni crop
. ason. The rocelpta an runnlng only one
half as large as Iaal jrear. The Invlalbli atooka pf
th. mills muat be low. for the Bp nnera ?
bcnly remalned out of tbe market and have
up to date 2.200.000 balea leaa in the open market
for the tirst flve montba ol tbe aeaaon than laat
year. The mlll atocka held ln Eurone ari alwa:
more or less eonjectural. Hut the known ;
t.cs abow that eaporta frorn America to Lurope
) . ,,..,, ; soo.000 balea lei - than laat veai to
whlle the vlslble Btocka abroad and afloal therefor
hav- decreaaed only 1.000.00U balea The aplnnera
muat have druwn the a'??"5f?,?f .^Trotdl
from thetr Invlalble atocka. Lndei theae condl
tloni lt la not llkely thal theae forelgn aplnni ?
, . any less cotton from i ow on than> they.wanted
The natural Inferenci la thal heyjrlM
want it irorne lf thej come In t? buy. the prlce
winVlae 1' they do nol buy more heavll) a
not ahut up thel/mlll. the |r??e?t ?pert. on .-..t
,a,i ir, the world oredlcl and ti.e Hjurea w<>-k i.\
v. ,. ,onflrm?M..-.n-a pracHcal 'xl.aiiMi,., .,,...,.
Btocka ir, Europe-an Impoiuilble 1??f??t?^
v . ... ; A ,ie auppliea are SO.OOO leaa than laat
vear and holdera ln no h irry to aen.
*??,, ont'ta'. rnarketB were wlthoul ?wmov*.
me,,, yeaterday worth recordlng. Llverpoolad.
.-': il 'her.- Were 8.000 bales
Th" to "tope.'?to4pont-h,^ .nd
doaed a ahade ui . <"(" f*"1 "B by v* eM *
Co Blu houses were promlnenl buyera. ite
eVapta contiSSed llaht. Lultpold Mandelbaum waa
on ,u fence. bul s.tid he was a bull at bea ,
Soaiy lark o7 ap. ilatl n." ?ld Mr Man l-lbaum,
"nrevent- a ri-.' of a '?' ;? pound.
Macr!. Oa. J:.: " ?"?*? ?***+
Ing aold there were feu aalea Iaal year. Orcat
manv dled for want of forage laat year Thla la
practlcally two yeara' bueineea. A areal manj
more farmera s.-n cotton leed now and buy guano
for fertillaera than formerly. tiimlnlshliiK us<- ol
aaed as fertlllaer and Increaalng Balea <>! ruarm l.
lt nol poaalble thal the many ex?ggerated reporta
of aaies of mulea, lncrea?e In acraage,, eti . i ,'l"n:'1'"
from th" rnam- ahorta Bouth, who hav- bom the
fai: montha, nalng theam rumora to depresa the mar?
ket and mak?- >|ul<-k proflts, and 10 be riillevi I 01
putting up thi aecond, thlrd nnd fourth margina.
whkh I think they will sun-ly be .-a.led ???; to .l"
t\"e bave had no ralns in tlve montlis They wlll
eorr.e I fear. niakiiig a late, cold s;.rinp. A bljr
Ucreage may not tn.-an a Imk <-rop
N'ew-Orleana, Jan. 26 Ni.tvaithatandlnc >'-w
Tork'a taHt about mule? and fertlKzers and acreare
Increaae, ll Ib doubtful if they ha\" oontracted a tn
the Weather Buroau for n perfer-t aeaaon 1, ".
even that crop outalde of Texas Is not <;,.yK),0u0 bales.
Albany, Jan. 2.".?It was aanotmoed to-day that
Btate Controller Hot>erta iiad diapoaed of $23'>,00O
worth of canal c>\ l bond.<. whlcb rrmalmal una ild la
hla hands, to the New-Vork I.ife Instirance Company.
? t the average prloa made at Ihe sale of the B,i70,000
worth aboul two weeka ago. a fractlon of 1 per cent
al?ove par._
Fall niver, Mass . Jan. 2.', (Bp clal) ? The cJOth
marke. j. dulb-r than ever, and maaufactarera are
beginnlng to weat >erl tui faoaa There has lieen no
aaie of extraa !n four weeka, and whlle the market
fhere la quotej at three cents it la a fact that In other
markrta good* ar<- Balllng for three-aixtemth* of a
BBM leaa. The sto. k contlnuea to aecumulate at
. rapld rate and la fast approachlnR the T.V'.tXKi mark.
The sales of the week were leas than a day's produc
tlon, and less than half a wcek's productlon Is aold
ahead for dellvery dm ing thi week 10 come. frlnteia
are manlfeating no Intereat ln thi market, anl there
ls abaolutely no demand for reanilar gooda. The
a-eekly atatement: Productlon, ?20,000 rriecea; de
uvartoe, tujm piecea; stock on band, C3fi,<a*<i plecea;
odd*. 281,080 plecea 84x64b, 34C,noo plecea. l^ast weeka
ftock. M7.KIU plecea; sales (all Odda), 18,000 idecea;
xpots. a.iajo plecea; futurt-s. 12,000 plecea. Balea for
weekly dellverv ln January, lOS.Wi placoaj K.ln-,iary,
latX* pleces, March. 64,<*Xi pleces; Aprll. 22,088 plecaa;
May. 20.000 plecea; June. n.t??> plecea Market dulL
"Ictv nominal, three cents for 61x64a.
Horner's Furniture.
Iznportant Reductions.
Having fioislied our annual inven
tory, ?re bave redaced the prices <>n
many pieoea in all linea to effect o
clearanoe of same. The reductions
range from 25 to 40 ]>er ccnt. They
apply to Sideboards, Bedrooni Seta,
Parlor Sota, Dressing Tablea, Gabineta,
Bookoases, Deaka, Eaay Cbnira, xv.c
ThL-x is the opportunity of the
scason to buy the finest Furni?
ture away below regular prices.
niiMTiiiK MAKBtaa A\n impohtf.hs.
61, 63, 65 West 23d Street
i AtljiiinliiK Cilrn Mim-r.
Th" Ileino M'-morlal Fotintair., whlch va" OBC*
offered to the rlUaa of Mayence anl DUaaeldorf and
rpfuseil l,y them for polltlcal reaeona, it has been
a'.:- k-- i. was agaln tbe aubjecl of esclted dlac ?
yesterday. Wealthy Oermam of thls city aub
acrlbed the OO.COO neceaaary to hrinr th<- raemorlal
t<> thls couatry, aad tben it was offered to the Park
Hour'l for erectlon ln Central Park. But thi- ad*
visory aocietlea of tba Board, thr Natlonal Bcu - ra
Boclety nnd tbe Plne Arts Federatl m. madi reporta
acalnst it on artlst:?? crounds. Thr- COOimlltee repre
s*ntlnR the Oerman doBora then wlthdrew Ihi lr
offer, nnd a reaolutlon was paaaed by ihi Board ol
Aldermen, unde.- th<> hoad of '*Ooneral Ordera." ac?
ceptlng the arorh aad lurnlng lt over t,, Comnt -
? ' Haffen, who ahnuld find a xlte for It on the
llna of th< grand eoncourae, lt waa gfterarai I ai
aerted thal this reaoluUon wa? adopfd onder a ml?
apprehenalon of its purport. It was reconi len I at
the last meetlng of the Board, an l tbe matter wai
referred to a committee of Aldermen to hear an;,i
m.nt ai to whether ihe memorlaJ to Helne ahould
be a ?<?? pted an i ael up north of Ihe Harli m or not
lt wa.- dealgned by Profeaaor Brneat Herter, a
toi In tbe Pln< Ar:- B m k ly of B< -1
Thi commlttgr held a two-houra' aeaalon yeatei la)
ln the ?' immon < v.-.moii Cbambar. Aldermen Ole itt,
Ooodman ani Brown compoac tha committee, bul
Ur Br wn dld nol appaar to take ;,art ln the pr^
.-s A'nl.-man olmtt prealded Ol
em were ex-Parb Ccmmlaalonar Paul Dana, Louli
? |er, Alfred Vlacher, W. W Klein. Anthony
Btumpf, Oeorge Flenke and AJ li rm< n ><'? ta, 0
Talt, Wlndulph and Muh.
Ueaara. Bchnelder, Vlacher, Kleln, Btumpf and
Flenke were preaeni i *half of the Oerman North
Bldera, who wlah the fountaln placed In the Anneaed
? '
Mr. Olcott announced that th* objectora to tbe a- -
. ?-,- ? if ha fountaln would be heard tirst. Mr.
Dana aroae and said that. the fountaln bavlng b
once paaaed upon advereely.tba htarins must r.atur
aJly be of the nature of an appeal from thr declalon
of a lower Wtrrt, and that thot?< who appeal ibouTd
be heard nrst.
A'.dcrrnan Olcott repllfd that thi Caar- was In no
way to be conaldeTed as an appeal, hut aa a pro
,.-?? Ung "do novo."
Mr. Dana cor.h-nded that. if thla were th* eaae,
tho commlttp* nhould look to the blgheai autborl
Uaa ln matteri of art and aculpturc
Ruaaell Bturgla, vic*-j>rc?ldi nl I of the Nal
Bculpture Botlety, fottowad. Ha aald that lf th*
committee wlahed to bave tbe oplnlon ol ti," Na?
tlonal Bculpture Bocfetjr lt ahould a*k for lt. lt
? .. i not expeel to aecure Indlvldual expn
plnlon from aculptora, becauae if ? ilptora 4i
i ahould differ it would only bt on amall
matteri thal mlght be magnlned Inl aa Im] rtai ??
far I- yon I thdb" ralue, whlle matteri of sr< ater lm
portance mlght be conaldered ,U1vlaL Thla ahowed
neceaalty for aecurlng tba oplnlon of tbe Na
tlonal Bculpture Bo ilety i ?
p. w. Ruckatuh ?'? ry of the Natl nal Bculpt
B ..., ?;. s ild that tba Invltatlon dl I not i i v
thi aociety i:. Ume forlt to take aetlon upon it. but
that the repori of th* soclety had beei prlnted tn
full In a newapaper, and ),?? refern I tfa i immlttee
to :? Bpeaklng ai un Indlvldual, Mr. Ruckatuh!
aald thal the Natlonal Boclety objected to Ihi
ceptable of tha fountaln becauae ll waa rococo,
w ilch, ;,?? deflned In French lexlcona, m nt j
leaque li ba I tai le, fantaatlc, lacklna i
ai l majenty. Anoi on waa to ihe materlal
uaed marble. Marble, n? aald, exnai
--.'..-..? i
ii\. yeori nrumb'.e into duat.
Mr. Ruokatuhl added that It would be neceaaary
to have a atandlni >n mltti ?? tu look aft<
fountaln to k--|, II In repalr. He nlu
$38,000, whuh th^ Helne memorlal i- i" ?
Oermana of th- city, could i"- taken, and 123.000 ,,f
it ael aalde for a competltlon f"i a l algn, better
di-algna coul . i? had at. : thi 15,000 rema
??? u>,.,i r, p?y thoar- who wen nol ful ln
th.- compi tltlon.
Ix)m.s s i:,. ider, in behalf of thi North Bld Oer?
mana, aald that Herter, tba aculptor of the rn*
morlal, atood hlgh in bla profeaalon, and urged that
thi- fountaln was an artiatic work that had Bof
fered itmplj I.auae Helna wai a prea !, r of
llberty, an opponent of monarchy, and, laat ?. be?
cauae ba waa a J--? Mr Bchnelder aald that all
that was aaked of the city was tn bulld tha foun
al ? . <',.""
Dr. E. Rlchardi followed. He said that Herter
had tecured Beveral prizis for hi- work ;:? the
i lumblan Expoeltlon, and that tbe rococo ar?u
m?-n: was a bad one. !!?? then d( u hai ihe
monum-tit was rejected by tbe cltlei of M ,
anl DUaaeldorf ilmplj becauai Helne wa- a Jea
and an advocate ol rellgloua llberty.
]?:. P, I'in'ti. an itallan aculptor, aald he thoughl
tbe* monumenl a work uf art. and E. Lablahlmei
,. ;. >ui i ed in I to- oplnlon.
p. \v. Ruckatuhl, replylng to the argument lr.
favor '-f the aeceptance of th>- memorlal, aald he
ha l :??> peraonal feellng in thi- matter, and that he
j, ?,.. i th<- Oermam fell the aame nay \i> de
i ,,'r l that thr- aaaerUon thi1 th* Natlonal Bculpt
iii. Soclety*! report waa mud.- up by a cllaue <,:
hoatlle aculptora, wa* not w*-ll founded. Of Ihe
twenty-one miinurn*r.ta In tlos city, he i marked,
fourteen were of forngn work. and ili were ahfo
lute a'rocltlea,
p, .; Dana then r>jio!<i- acain. H?' said lo- wllhi I
., reaenl th,- lniputailon that th>- facta of Helne'i
is irka or rellglon <-v?-r flgured before thi Park
Board Su'-h waa not the oaae, There wai only
one newapaper In thls city that ipproved the foun?
taln hut evi-:i It. thioUKh it- Hirlm rori-'"'pondent,
l'ad'v.rruglly atultito-d Itaelf, for itn eorreapondent,
a'-na- veilied ln th?> hlatory and the archltecture of
th- fountaln. d<"-larfl that 1' n in nn stirpriai- to
Ber'lnera when th- Park Board ,ir<-iar>-,i agalnat lt.
Tli'- i,i,r"'ori of :h<- Mi-liif Committee was clearly
,.'?.;,,.' ,\|r Dana aald, wh,.r, on- of tbe o-aluts
,1,,-lHred that If the commltt'-" rejerted the fountaln
would appeal to the v?r.uj> city departmenti
ha\dn ? 'Ltrol of any lands. He aald thal lf thll
Lrere done and th.- fountaln accepted It would aeem
?nllral to have two Mayors and two Boardl nf
AhU-rmen-'he law for Ihe North Slle should b*
oMfferen" from thal of the Bouth Blde. and the
s-a.,iard of >rt for the Anneaed DlatrScl ihould be
unl.k.- that of the South Blde.
Mr Dana polnt.-d out that th^-l'i rk D-i.artrTKi.t
h?d ten timer. as mueh land 10 auper.i.tend In the
Arnexed DlatHct as ln the low r ,.:.rl of the rlty.
?rd thrrefon- lt made a spe.'lal BUbjed of Its artis
S?d7rcbTt?ct??l f-a.ur,-. Booraad tbat the
V t,ie ahould l>.- heatititid. anl said he
North Bida' ?n?ui_i_rrrnen or the North-Bldera
'rt'Jve'th^^dlatrict beautiaed by appeallng ,io
:r;:"v t''o;. tt lV-,r,i ot Batlmata or ,h- Uagl.
"ffi aawanML f^^^&rilWZ
*?? wrdUe?^?tatntheWNorth".der: had pe
of warmih. :'<'ai" J,J{ ??., n0 ^.od effi I
tlttoned the Mayor. out "you dld nol do lt
witl^l.rTV" ?'?? ?^?!n?h.'l'r..;..TW..v V?u d. !
BOt backlt UP." .i.-iareil that the rla.m 888 I'
Oeorge Von ^^rtw wai unteown untll this
&?< __ ?_?!? \JK repost.-rous, as Mr. Herter
'1:' 'V'"," ??,;:. ~i';.trs'Sool.ty of Herlln.
WR"..M'ving \lr Ruc .M..nl aald he bainever before
poTt'frlln, t^-mnfl%?% ?* -fected fefore the
Utter part of next wctk.
w'.'.l offei to-morrow'
3000 Yards
Black Mohair
SO 1 "I D
54 in:h;> wlde, pjjj ??? p
at VV yd
Heretofore 95c.
25C0 Yards
Black Cheviot
C Oc
Serges 5 ?
54 ir.ches wide
Regular value $1.10.
West 23 d St
London. Jan 25 Lord Lelghl n, better known
as Blr Fredi rl k Lelghton, t).Icbral I palntet
an l presldeni bf the R j al a- adi mj .1- lead
!->? 1. r k Lelghl 1 wa horn 1
;?..-.., ;? H
phyi I lan of pi >m nenci fathi r. .
Jamea l.- Ight, ? . a h ? ? ? lona
. ? ' Bt 1 .? ?- g. wa
. ? ? g t a'. e n
thi drav
a ? ? ? and *
eleventh year. the) ippened 1
;.;.i ? 1 hlm un lei
and In thi
i; un. were
agaln. ar.d.
Hiram Powera
ne of the moal
He aaaured Mr U
tn arl 1
futuri len edb-ai
Ing !: for a 1 1 V ?
fr .tn then tir ?
Pi rofeaaoi
led hti ' ' ?. ' ' "
? ? ? pclle.lt
rded ll
V waa about thla
work in oila a tlon et
,. | 1... , ? ? | ? Ha wa*
? .
but In li * aubj. I I ?
? ?
am. back to Romi ndei ? 1
and under the for-. f Itallan he pi
A- a lemy ezblbllloi of :??' an I .' in 1 a pui
In the Queen. *r;s l.?:'? r f.i ?? haa often ad >aae l t-,
create a prejudlci In the mlnda ,,f aome of Lelgb
ton's critlca II is true tben the Queen'a artlatlc
pntronatje (lowa toward the Pblllai ne, In the maln,
an 1 from th.s lt ha- been aaaumi I that Lelght m
must ba b bourgeola beyond the ahadoa ,' a doubt.
As a mater ol fact, the pleture ol "Clmabue'i
Madonna Carrled In Proceaalon Tbrough tbe Bti
of Florence" waa a irthy of moi thaa i lyal ad
mlratlon, and li ael up a atandard arhlch th<- artist
only atret ?-?: I,-tn i aa tlme wenl i
Ha went tn Parla nn the morrow of hla aucceea at
the Academy, and from Ary Bcbeffer and Hohert
Pleury lo k i '?? '? roucb in artlatlc ?t,mulns; but
thr aghout t.-.e yeara followlng hi- tirst autborita
t!ve appearance bt . bei I to thi claaaic trai.tion,
niire Itallan than Prench, whlch he had earllast
Imblbed. ll- has palcted many aubjacta Mythoi
ogy. BlbUeaJ lore, Itallan blatory and poetry. Span
ich and M ? orii b tbetr.ea bava all been attaeked by
hlm, and h- baa done aome ramarkable portralta
Hut taV- hli work a- .. win.I.-anl i: la tba claagtcal
temper w gteh ,t h.. Bj refle
Tba Aeademy elected hlm an Aaaodata it. UH
and made h.r.i a full Academlclan Bve yeara later.
in un 'h ,i. i- i of si:- Prancla Orant made va -an:
tha prealdency of the Royal Aeademy, aad Lelgb
ton waa elected to MI that oftVe. Tbe Knlghthood
rame a few yeara after, the barooetcy m IfBt, the
peeraaje a' lha begl nlng ,->f the preaenl year
Bti t..- . le realdent of th- Academ ? B'.r
Frederlck i* gbt hai Bto i at the bead "' Bng?
llah art ln the offlclal -?:.--. thi type and the 'ju.ir
,., ,,f thoi qualltti s ',,r arbl ?' the \
atamls. He bai beei ? unlque prealdent, im: ol bla
purely ofh>lai cbaractei more mai be aald I loa
it ia neceaaary to gtaace bow at his artimic <har
The fr.tj-al amidtion of Blr Pn lerl k Letghtoa
api".ira toTtave been to say t omethlng whi never he
touched brush lo tanvas, not tj be nv r-ly anec
To-morrow, Mondiy
the followlng
Tea Gowns
Regular value $5.50 to $32.
g2J* ?10.75
Siiks J
Regular value $16.50.
West 23 d St.
? ,-.. b
. ? ? of I rymei
.,.,- .. ? the Imaginatioi aome h
. ??
e ai.hord nat. I
? ' ' - ?' '
- e x c; 11 Itl
t falai
r. the
.... ?? . ? .
' '
' ? ' ' ?
' ?'
. ' '
? I
re of Hei
rt t hi ??'???
thal ' lo ba
lldll lo
|e i elf a
with ?
,-. i|nn for whl h
..... n .xamplat tr.e ac?
I And though S r
than hi* Krenoh proto
| *.,-,,- of the
.,- to Ingreat, Had hla iemp?rament
perhapa have emialle '. him
, . . . i? it la. then h .- I een n i on.
t| \ , !- my, and
n revlaw you t agaln an I
I .,.. ? ,rm f hl. impoBltlon.
tj of hla Irawlng. the
. - lua to
tbe drawlng, due to th- dealgn, but nill more, lt
may be repeated. to that raaentlal alrn of wnoo :
. never well to loae alght ln eatlmatlng BirF rra?"
i,-k I.- Ighton'a w ,rk ll.- movea on j blgn P?ane.
li- itrtvei to reallae a noble coneeptlon. No moa
.::, ar;,-: haa en li ivored more ateadfaatly to mm,,'
hls work a trlbute t'> beauty in the fulleel aenaa 01
the word, for ba puti hl* upllftlng forma and m
ventlona al the Bervlce of an upllftlng laea
Oranl that he was Incapable of one of th >ae leapa
Int Imaglnatlve reaMty arhlch are the prerogaUve
of genlua, grant thal hU ? >lor la tl ln, devold of in
rilvlduallty, Th* fa--t remalm thal ln bla i >i<i. ue
Ulve faahlon. Blr Frederirk Lelghton atll bad
, iwer 10 exert a far-, ff. Id illatic apell. to brlng
upon his cautloua canvai ih* dellght??<*????
t-n-t: - ,,' a dream. Chooae the "Hen uli? of 171,
ihe "Summer M ion" of th* followlng year, theiUM
Plfleenl compoaltlon entltled "Th- Daphnephjrla.
whlch appeared In IWI. or, maklng along jump,
rome t,, ? ... "Pereeua anl Andromedj ol lan, or
the "Rlapah" of a Btlll later date. TouwaM
thal they all lack ipontanelty, swing. insjnia on,
and that the color ln them la unlformly ao awee
and pretty thal II aeemi Incredlble, fou w,-nd.r
boa th- palnter who could handle auck forma as
thea* ,-n.ii'i be bo trlvlal a .1 irlat. But you eome
back to the eonvletlon tha: n,mf i>"- try has been
arreated upon theae Btately canvaaee. that becauie
he a irked wt: i s,> aerenely elevated an Ideal their
authar a hi.-v-i what a more remarkabi- palnter
would get In th- mere natural rxpreaalon of hla ee
aentlal <i''?'ities Vou b.?m by fjellng that Blr
Fi lerlck was eblafly a technletan of oxtraoralnarj
.. , mpllBhment. rou end bi recognlalng ihe mter
pem tratton of his t- hnirjue by um-ommon <dem*nts
ot mln l. feellng. laat* Th* Aeademy may s.-em to
hav>- gol the upper band of th- nrri-t. bu that la a
:, mi, ,,.,:% Impreaalon. II la obvloue thal after all
the Aeademy had ln r*lr Frederh-k Murhton not a
alave to Its procedure. but an Indlvlduallty ln tune
wlth its blgheai Icleula and capable ui extra, tlng
from ::?'?? Ideali th- rharm wbleh a mlror talent
Invarlabls mlasea
Bil i>, h-rl, k I.eiRhton w?s, then. an Arademlrlan
with mnn- than mere dry arademle ,-haia.ter
letlce. That mueh may be aald of him as an artlst.
Regarded aa the offlctal lead*r of the a.ademli'
bodl he was ot.e of the moat remarkabl* men who
have ever held sueh an offlie ln any i-ountry. He
waa cultured to hls flnger-tlpa, a llngulst, a dlplo
desiyned hy li. AUnian ?' Co.,
patented in America, with patentn
pendlnff in France, Chfrmnnp,
AuMtro-Hungary nnd the l nited
An (deal LndieB9 Dpbbb fop
Wheellng, combinitia many nd*
vantaye* of style <nid utility, with
a graee/ui and yentctl appear
(I'atrnt njijiUrit for).
Venlgned by Jt. Attman <C* Co,,
ronsistiny of a Muff for ettch
fiand, with yauntlct attaehed, so
arranged as to fit on handle bar
and allow per/ect conlrol of ihe
18th St., 19th St, and Sixth Avo.
mat. .. iran who > r-:.: Pi ?; the
rnanner. 1 me o hla
. ? ,. , ? tha llgnlty wai
? ? ? ?? "^%:
? ??
,,...,.,. araa terrlbly bump
. lt la true J t a is not
... .-.- of hla Mgnlflranee aa l
iry Engllah art. Bul lhal araa pa
,; vlea of thi facl that that waa uet what
ippan l to :- ln bl. work you nnd tha a n
ly of Piirnn- -. tl-o .-,?? ' - lecution and thi- m
...;-.-. amona th.
, natle elementa of recenl ar- In areat Br I ?
la poaltlon h<- aum. up th.. art it ,i---:-it e*
rrf hla na:' "n. sr k-- i-.-i-k Lelahton al a Royal
\, ,i.:?v banouel or readlng oni of h ? acholarlg
iarfurea to a roomful of Royal A
wai '..,.. rnoat Imnoilng flgure In Burope. so Rar a*
.,. . ..,,. ,, .--.-? ? itationa ar.
-x cathedra. Sometlmei the
.,., s ,,,;,, ,., , ?? the young m-n were wounded. He
? k of ihem all the tlme. Bul ln thtnklng
.?...., Bteadih of whai la moel eonaervatlve ln hla
tried and nol found wantlng.
;% ' ,. .'. ... ler and for aane Ideaa. the
reaid'el l of the 1 ' " ' "? f','r
L i .loat j pla wUI adn I "? "Ody
. j ,. that he wa to eonUnue at hla
ch Btr Frederlck ?a< a medlocre aculptor,
ng more that i al mlghi be aald abou
? .. .. n. ,.: ?',--. art ni ..? hl.
e.tli gi een the preparatloi
?,,?-.- for :: ' '."
ntepalntlna '',?"?
the hlgh haracter of hla ? rk. and the good fort
uneof Engllah al ' ' >??**
,,.' ita ; -:iiiin._
ixapxcroB bbookb axd captaik chaphan to
The report li The Trlban. yeaterday gave l th.
latloi : it i a-J i Ife 8
-'?? H '.. ? n taken to H- > ln : fi ll ?
pltal rlng from :i broken lea. bi iken rlba and
; la :.i ???. and : I I that
hla Injurtee a -?? Infllcted by hlghwaymen, who bb
I robbed hjm early on Thuraday mornlng
.: Nafayette 1': ?-.
, ?-!,.- , ? nlln -.i:-l th.-it no.? i
? : been ma :? ? : i? ;? ? ? ? '? >' lyette
I-., ,? .. ln the dlatrlcl cover -1 by the |
the \l- r - - - ? Inapi >tor Rrooki
veaterda) communlcated with ictlng Captaln ?'hap
.iii.i Chapman aal i that no
luformatlon had been 1 Iged with hlm relativ. to
,,,, , ... Chlef >' II :-.:: aal 1 would
l,'? ., ,.| . but h. thoughl II wa? verj atrangi
,.N i : \Kc ii iuaton .,:. I !;.- frlenda ha I tn i !?? no
\; s- Vlneeni i M -?
a ta r il i that tn. ex-Ju Igc w.is gettlng along nlcely.
Cleveland, Jan. 8 flre Englne No. ?_'. with two
mea on board, plunged Into the Hver through the
drawbrldge .it th. fool ,>f Beneca-at. hlll, before day
Hghi 'hi- mornlng, The biidge la dangeroua aa it
is impoaalble to t.-n untll wlthin .i few feel of tha ao?
rt whether Ihe draw Ib open or not.
The engine waa drawn by :i team of aplrlb d horw s,
Bnrj the) wer. runnlng rapldly when they reached
tl,,. approa h Albert Rowe, the englneer, waa on
the s. it with Franh Plemlng, the ,ln\.-r. They
bolh lumped Im :>???? the eiiaritu went d iwn
Charlea Coolldge and Wl : am Uurgeaa were on th?
back "f the engine ... I dld nol hee 1 thi watnin? that
the men in ine fronl aeal ahouti i i. them They
weni down with th* engine. Both were reacueu.
Tlu- horaea were drownai.
Poughkeepele, Jan. B.?The damage done by the
fir.-. ai ib. Matteawan stat-- Hoapltal for the crimi
n.il Inaane last nbrht will not axceed Si.'Xaj. The
1.,-atns iin.br the Roora ar,- charrt-d and the cablea
carrytng tbe electrlc llshtlns wlrea wera burned out,
but all tha damage, it la thought, <-.in w repalrod to
day. Plre. wer. atarted ln the kltchen thla mornlng
acd a late breiakfaat aerved to tl a BM Inmatea ln th^
Inetttutlon. There wa-< no dlaorder durlng the nlght,
excepl among the women paUenta, aom.- of whom
were hy.terlcal. The Breaaea remalnad on guard
untll tliis tn,,i:,lr,r
Charlea .'?' Illtchell, tin> lunatlc xvho starled the
flve iim-s. has made no atatement, and Dr. Alllaon
aald thla mornlng 'hat !,?? mlgbl nol taik at all. It
wuuld depend upon his mood lt was a deluatonary
act. but he wlll be i-ared for ln the fiiture. so iliat
hla delualona wlll not threaten tht- aafety of the In
The tlr>- dld t!i<- moal damage under thr dlnlnp
room. where the flromen had liard work to aul)due
it. Bvery hydrant around the buildinK was in use
a: one rlri:.'. Thi- st<-am pump was worklng. anl
th*- flremen from the vlluige uaed apllt noaalea u
gei more atreama. Th.- bebavlor of thi- patlenta
undi: the trylng olrcumatancea waa exr-eiient <>niy
a amall aectlon of the st.-ani plpea waa burned out
and this ?as repUced this mornlng. ao the bul.dlng
ls now beated again.
Ilan^or. Ma., J;-" IT -The lumbermen. rallroad
m.ii bark dealar. and many othera are happy be
cauae I f thr snowfall of to-dny. whlch wlll ba worth
hundreda of tt*oanaada of aoUara to the stat.- af
Malne. With the exceptlon of two or thre. inches
carli la Deaoaaber, whii'h aoon MaafwaaawdL/thta la
the iirst bitow of the wlnter In thls aecUon. Th.- hwK
of anow haa caataed a curtaUment of lumberlng opera
tlon* ln many placee, but now It la expe. i.-il that
work will be reaewed. The cut of tlmber in Maine
forest* thla wlnter, however. must be rather amall
compared with what wa. expected early ln the
18th St., 19th St. and Sixth Ave.
Will sell 1o-movrow, Monday,
ComprUlng Antiauc *nd Mod~
em Shirvan* and Carabdffh*, in
sizrs avevafilna 3 feet ti x 5 feet,
and 3 feel H x 7 feet ti. at
7.50 ? 19.50.
Among the ahove will be found
some very desirable HALL RUGS.
?* follows:
$8.75 and 18.50,
originally $13,00 and 28.50.
Colored Cross Stripe Curtains.
And a nnmber of LACE CUR?
TAINS, in one and two pair lots, at
uar of BAjm poaaaaaow itaaaaaa or mors?
a oajm o?? ar_aa,aai ajatca the bank
Th* aCCtimuUUon Of go! 1 W preparatlon for the
purchaee of G irenuaent bonds, the b!di for whlch
are to ba op-'.ied on February 5. wjs asain re
:? ? ? ln the bank statemer.t yesterday. Tha
boldlnBa of apecle, arhlch partlcularly maana aold,
w.r- afcoan by the autement to be ?:?'?.'?? .'????
Her arltn la a Ual o< tha t,anks which poai -a
Sl.Ow.OW) or more. and appendel are th- IncreasOfl
in their boldlnga as comparad arlth the figurea
comaln, 1 In the Btatement of January 4. whlch
?raa tha one neat pracedlnf tha bond call:
-'? a?5-na.aai
Natl nal <', v.*i^..l-.-" Ut
N lonal. ''*:"": .'';r:j
imporiera ?nd'Tredera' Natlonal.. S-???-__ ,+".'.?'"_
rhemical Na I . ?* ""?) __*_
v- . *"?'' *?> ??*?__
r*ourth NaUrnal. r_LVL? ,-'," j?
Chaa* Natlonal. 1 :-*.? i- > '?'-.'??,*>
im*rle?n Kxihang* Natlonal. l.vvJ.om) au.J '
.:,'.- Natlonal. !>?*''"' Z''.' I?
\.,-: ?:... . 1.7?0.8_J '};,]*"
,. |ia k if th* Republlc... , l.??8.a?i IJ8.JW
liank ? r New-t **. N B. A. i ? ?'?" *">
TiiiU Natlonal. l.ii\t??i -';'''k"
<\,rn Exrhang-. 1.8*1 "" ? ^ *?
Sl . 1.4SMHI .4lo.1>
v.in >\>. 1 ?!?"??? .<??? I"-1 '"?)
\Vmt*rn Natl.ioal. I.372..1IW ?? -'??
Klral Natlonal. l.J'k. .V-i ?1.3..HBJ
Uerrani ? nal. I.24D.098 I4T.UMI
| ? ? | rttatei Nitlonal. 1"- l?W 413.1MJ
ivintinental Natloaal. 1.227 -??' 881.anl
? x'aikmel. l.?ll.aaa ??).<*?
Where decraaaaa aapaar it Empliea that banki baaa
luptUled g< il to ciaaoaiera or h.ive i>een obtlge | to
iiae gold :n aettlemenl of their balancea at tha
Cleanni Houae. Th,- ecgregate >?;??? .<? holdlngi of
t7C.160J>uu n-preeent a galn of 17.206.200 alnce J.uiuarjr
i Other Dgurei ar?: i.-g.il tendera, I83.962.8w; In
?? , ?i- ..i.i1". depoelti, *489.74d.*?; decreaae, $1.
174.1(1); loane, 1447.858.900. decreaae, $18,730,800. Tha
heavi rontractlon In ioana in le*s than ona inonta
haa been l i fortlfy tha banka agalnat demanda for
funda to pi) for boada. The addltlon to the sup
i-.i.s of li-?..ii tendera araa :i reeult of ti-..- re.tuction
;:, : mi Legal tendera are requtred i i pay : ir aold.
There is an abundance of ailver certlflcatea, but
theae are nol avallable either for aettling balancea
ut the Clearlna Houae or fbr purchaaiaa fold. The
banka repori thal anecli aad bu l.?u dealera offer to
auppli c ild nei led t>> cuatomen of the banka at a
premfum of one-half of l p-r cent, provlded tha
banka arlll i>u> of them s-.:ver certlflcatea at a dta
count ,,.' one-a'.ateenth of l per i-.-r.t. In the propor
tlon of t>? per cent of illver certlflcatea to 4'' p< r
cent ol i-'o. l ln other worda, a bank ln order t)
obtaln SH"."-1"* of aold on theae lerma would bave l >
buy siiio.ox1 of illver cartUkataa. The banka have
reru ed to :.tke nold on auch ondltions. The banka
are now carrylng more Btlver certlflcatea than th-y
to hold.
The apecle dealera pay a premlum r,f cne-half an<i
rharaje a premlum of three-,iuarters of 1 per ccat
for gjM and greenbucks.
and Twn.N'TVForit m;:v,
Olouceater, Maaa., Jan. 2.",.?The gchooner F.ileon,
which aalled from thla port cn Novemb-r 21 on a
i :;lsh:nR trip to the OeorKes, haa never lieen he.trd
from, and her ownera to-day gave her up for loat.
.s:-.t carrted .i rew of t-n men, aa fo!low.?: Andrew
Nelaon. Bwede. maater aad partner: Fr^nk Red>
mond, cook, a iatlve of Newfoundland; Jabez r?mith,
I'ort Medford, X 8 ; Wllllam Mrown. Henry Thom?
as Tornelius Hatt. 1'atrlck Ryan, Th ima.? Murphy,
natlve of the Mrltish provlncea; Nel*on Jacobaon.
and Martin ilatteaon. Bwede.
The achooner John W. Hray, aeventy-flve tona,
owned by John F. Wonaos & Co.. and commandea
by Alexander McL^od. whlch aall*d from here on a
codflahlna trlp to the Georges on November tt, has
not been heard from, and wh!le th* owners wlll not
glve the namea of the fourteen members of the
erew for publlcatlon. they beileve the veaal wU
never return._
Muncle. Ind.. Jan. 2C?V.'lndow-glaaa factorlea of
tha We*tein Manufacturera' Aaaoclatlon wlll atart
ui, on February 3. Offtclala aay that th* glaaa
already ?hinued out of the faotores waa sold at aa
lacreaae of 28 ocr cent over last yeara prlcea.
? 9
St. Loula, Jan. 25.?An almoat suceeaaful attempt
was made laat nlght to lynch Samuel Foater, col?
ored. and Feter Smlth, whlte, who murd. red B. B.
Atwater. of C'hicago. on Tuesday nlght in Web
Mer Oroves. After the Inqueat yeaterday the altu
atlon became ao theatenins that !t waa decided to
bring thr p.laonera to thla city for aafety. They
arere hand< uffed together. aad atarted for the city
In a wagon driyen by Conatable i-'i.-lson. whea
wlthln sx i.illes of the city limlt*. at 7:*' p. m.. tiia
i-onveyance wa,i suddenly mrrounded by a mob of
alxty armid BMD, who demanded the j,.-i-;oiiers.
Constable I':elson aurrendertd, but the prlsor.ora he
K*n wh pplcg the horae, whlch atarted off oa a run.
A volley was flred after them, and one shot struck
the negro ln the rlght hlp. They were not pursued,
hat th,< horae became lame. It belng lmposslble
for them to eacape, they were overtaken by Flel
aon and brought tc the Four Pourts ln thla cltjr
early thla mornlng. Foater flred the ?hota thal
killed Atwater, and he admlta hla gullu

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