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V1C8 THB rrniTAX 0080189 oit ov
?The comlng Of tho ClnctanutJ to the yard haa
...ene-l affalra aomewhat. and that ahlp, with
"v *? rk on th* Ammen ram Katahdin. and the ,
ali.hina or the monltora Terror and Purltan. ;
u-e an alr of llfe and actlvity to the rewervu- j
f;n whlch lt ha. nol had for aome weeka Of
JT raaawla awaiting c.mmiaslon. the Terror la |
"re nearly rendy than the other*. She ?aai
;" Z i , n Prlday. and workmen Immedlately be- j
n the task of flttlng the drydock for the re
Vn of the Clnrinnatl, whlch wlll come rut !
Tth* water t .-morrow. There is conalderabl* ?
':.rK m her whlch Bhould be done. but whether
* .,., ,.. . mpleted or not dependa upon orders
it * ?- - ? -
laayatlonai'an I Chlef Enajlneer Chasmar ls talk
ai>..ut ala weeka which ahould be apent In ta
ber englnea. ln his plea for this tlme. he has
, m waahlnfton. Tbe Department of Conatruc
' n and Repnlr wanta elghteen duya for Ita
ajgab ul ala weeka whirh should be apent ln flx
tbe Bupporl of Englneer-ln-Cnlef Melvllle, who
?nui ajreatly plaaaed over the work of the en
rlr'e-room force whlle the ahlp was on duty
at K-y VTeal Whlle she was there. her botler
rcqulred retublng, and. as ?.he had to ba ready
f,r v.-i at a moment'i notlca, th- problem of
\ .,.? the a rk wlthoul Impalring the efflclency
,*".?.. v.-sel was no easy one. Mr. Chasmar.
j'w, .- iolvcd lt. nnd. when a OJUOTy came
fr.,m Waahlnajton aa to whether or nol it would
, . ?<ble t . retub* two of the botter*. the
Mgwer wenl back that it was not only poaalMe,
bal 'ha: it nnd been done, and not two, but
four had been retubed, and lf a llttle more tlme
w,re allowed the other two would be treated ln
*h? aame wny, while. so far as her steam-gener
ttlng apparatufl was conceraad. the shiP nrould
be as g . d as new. As a result. she came to thls
Ptatl n wltb her boUera ln good order.
Her enplnes. however. are not ln so good
gaape, nnd need a thorough overhaullng, and
Ibe chlef englneer nnturnlly holda that. in view
o' the record made whlle the Bhlp was afb.at,
th- department can well afford to let hlm have
the tlme now to make on* part of her maehln
ery as good as the other is. AddUtonal credlt
?alM to the shlp'B force. in vlew of the fact
18*1 no ahore help was called on to do the work
,, Kev West. There la a chance that the tlme
W||| be allowed. es the date of ealllng of the
Kotth Atlantic aquadron on its Bouthern crafta*
has n?t yet been flx* I.
T*.or? bas been B fore* of about twenty-flve
rr.en at work on the Katahdin. under the dlrec
tlon of her bullders. fCT the last week. and tne
govel craft wlll be rendy to go into commlaalon
by the geeoBd week In Februaty. The men are
making no changes on the veaael save in minnr
points. and when she Is flylng her flag the
naval arm of the Natlon will have a most
fonnldable weapon of offenre and defence.
She has been taken from hor moorings r.t the
Cob Dock wall to the stone pler. just below the
iock where the Puritan is belng ?ompleted, aml
ls an Object of much Interest to the visltors at
the yard. The Katahdin is of the whaleback
tyj.e an,! ls UA feet 9 inehes long. 43 feet 5
?achea extrema breadth. and 15 feet rn^an drnft.
latended to ram an enemy's veaael. and ln that
?ay do her most effectlve work. her whol* c f
fenslve power is centred ln her ram head of
ca?t steel.
The vessel ls practlcally an automatlc niua
tlc projectile of 2.1S3 t'.ns. drlven by a double
art of trlple expanslon englnea and twln screws.
and aMe to deliver a b|oW of 1*081 foot t< ns.
Th? ram is so brmced that the whol,- structure
of the vessel sustalns tbe sbock of impact. nnd
the addltlonal destructlve power of what
amounts to an ennrmous knlfe blade ls ob
talned by the peculiar form of her bull. the
edge of her protectlve deek formlng a charp
junctlon with hor under-water body. When
abe ls readv for actlon thls edge Is a foot brlow
the surface of the water. nnd, as lt Btarts well
forward. it can b* aeen that Its penetratlng and
cuttlng power are promlnent faetors 1? the ef
ficlency of the ahlp as a destroyer. Thls de
lk-ctlve deck serves as a shield from the shot
of an enemy, and ranges from W to 6 lnclu-s
in thlokness, so that wh* n siie Is partlally sub
inerg-d. her smoke plpe, runnlng tower and ven
tilators are the only promln-nt objecta to be
nlmed at
Her conning tower, whlch ls placed well for?
ward. ts made of annor nenrly elchteen inehes
thlck, and ls capable of ausUlnlns ni ex
tremely heavy gun nre. aithough the coneua
glon would prohably kin every one withln ihe
t iwer if i' wer* atruck by a henvy shot.
Her englnea ar* of 4.800 Indlcated horae-power,
and nre dealgned to glve seventeen knota apeed.
It is |he allaht falling off in this matter i f epeed
which has cauoed the delay in her acceptance by
the 'Department. The pngrinea, Wbich are set In
? ,-'. water-tlght compnrtmenta, ?>ne set act
u ,'? 11- each acrew, have ryllndera of twenty-flve,
thlrty-alx and flftv-slx im-hes fHameter, wlth a
platon-stroke of th'lrty-slx inehes and a apeed of
150 revolutlona a mlnute. Her coal rapadty ls
"?/- tona The m<tln bollera are thlrteen feel elghl
ln h.s bv twentv-tw.. (><-t six inehes. and nhe har
a ixlllary boller thirieen feet elght Incbea by
e|?VM1 -. ,.t teven Incbea, wlth a total Krate sur
? . 4 rquar* feet, and a total heatinK aurfnee
of 181*0 s.iuare feet. the worklng preaaure of
fvam belng !"" pounda to the s-iuare inc-h.
The det.ill of her onieers and crew has n I yel
made up, bul the llal wlll be glven out aoon,
an : ahe wlll go Inl i commlaalon nccordlnf to tbe
p.-es- : t : r grwmme ? n l-"e;iruary 12.
Work on tha monltora ls gdng ahead rapldly,
The Terror look* aa afdch and span as a new
ehlp. as she has been treoted to a eoat of whlte
palnt on ber deckbouaes, her brldge, amoke-plpe.
and other upper worka retalnlng Ihelr warllke
hue of red, Th- prlnclpal w<>.-k remnlnlns on her
ls in th- wny <>r equlpment, which Includea tho
e:<- -r: ? appliancea and other i\,.rk'..f flttlns up
The Purltan. It La expected, wlll be tak-n OUl Ol
thr- .,? ned -k withln a fortnlght. in order to re
cr-ive hei connlng-tower and thlrteen-lnch guna
and ihelr mounta Theae welajhta are too mucn
for the trnvelllng derrlcb to handle, and the ft"at
lngcrane will bave to do tbe llftit,.:. The connlng
t .wer wblcb arrlved at the yar.i a few dnya aajo
from th.- Bethlehem Iron \V,.rks la a llne gpecl
men of the new proceaa of treatlng work of Ita
klnd, kn.-wn aa bollow fi.rging. K.>rm<-rly i-?n
nlng-towera ani other elrculnr plecea of heavy
metal-w-.,ik Wi re made hv r.dllng In eurved sec
tlons whl n were afterwnrd Btted toajether. This
t.wer for the PurlUn ia foraed from a a did blll-t
of steei, and ls ala feel t<-n Incbea hlirh. lot ln thea
ln exterlor dlami :? r, aeventy-elajhl Incbea neroca
Ita Interlor, and haa wnlla thlrteen in.-hes thiek.
it w. .- ? ; iund* There are aeven allta for
obeervatton, each an ineh wld* by elght Incbea
l?ng. and the big block ls believed to ba ahotproot
All har.ds ar.- ushing ahead on the blg tlm
ber dock, and the other Improvements around
the yard. The steam dredgje, cmtrary to the
usual prut-tlce, Is maklng on* Job of the dr-dg
lng in tho channe], in irder tlat the heavy
battle-shlpa may have no trouble with shoal
water on thelr way to :he new dock. A start
has been BBade toward concentratlnf the clec
trle power of th- yard in on- bulldlng, and one
of the dynamoa ia now runnlng ln the aton*
building oeeupied by Ihe Department of Con
atructlon and Repnlr. fctachlnea al pr?anl m
the WOOdWOrklna bUlldlna are to be rem ived,
l.r.,\ .1... Mfc.l. ........ U_ _ ... _ . .?
... m,^ iinii'js ,,i im- iiii.sn.TS
An examination for the place of master Bhlp
amlth ta to be held on Tueaday In tiie ConatrttC
tlon Dcpartmt nt. F'-w applk ations have lieen
recelved ao far. but. as the plaee ls worth SC
a day. ar.d all empl lyee are elltrlble. as well as
outslders, there wlll prohably b? some sliarp
romjK-tition for the Job.
No a'ord has come from Washlngton relatlve
to th? dlspoBitlon of the attack m.ide on the
Englneer Bureau^a Corpa ln the yard. and tho
eurvject ls the basls of cnnslderable filacuMlon
among the ofTioers. Thr report of the Board of
InveBtlgation was taken to Washington on
Monday last hy Lleutenant Knapp. who was
judge-advocate of the Board], and the men who
brought the chargepi are not yet through talk
ing about the aetlon of the Department In as
slgnlng the Lleutenant to that duty, ln vte/W
of hls prevlous cmnectlon wlth the lnvestiga
tlon of the affairs of the various bureaua ln
the yard, as they allese that he should have
been included In the chargcs agalnst the ofB*
cers an an aecessory to tho alleg-d state of
affairs ln the Steam Knglneerir.g Hureau.
The T?xas is still tho BUbJect of unfavoral.le
romment. anl the fa-t that the Department l.aa
declded to spend S40,0ii0 in making her avallable
for Fi-fvl-e is polnted out as one reau.t ?' an
attenipt to do too mueh wlth too llttle material.
The sh!p wlll not ba ready for uae for at lea?t
four months. and the modiflcatlons of h"r hy
draullc gttn maohlnery in the matter of 1 ,.'?
tlon are under conalderatlon by the Becretary.
Captaln Olaaa arlll contlnue on apeclal duty con?
nected with tli- v.-ssel. and her other > III ? ?: 1
have been ordered to other servioe. I.i-i;. r.ants
Colwell and Blow wlll - ime t" the Kal ihdln,
Ueutenant Hellni r goea to the AI mi.'tio^k.
].'? itenant Oleavea roroea to the New-York yard
and will take a detarhment of men to \Iare
Isiand, whlle Lleutenanta Morgan and Beecher
and Enalgn Douglaa, are to rome t,, th" yard
here "ti temporary duty. Chlef Enaineer .i. A.
B. Bmlth will Btay ln Norfolk ,,n apeclal duty,
whlle two ,,f th- membere of his s'.iff v.\M _o
t , the Monadnock, one goes on waiting orders.
aml one stays at the Norfolk Xavy Yard, The
Katahdln teta th- Paaaed Assistant 3ur_eon <f
the Texas, .1. A. Qlthrle, anl l.l-utr nant-Com
mander J. D. J. Kelley, executlve offlcer of the
Texaa, goea t > the receivlng ahlp Rlchmon.1, at
League isiand, rellevlng Lleutenant-Commander
)?:. I). Taussig, who g,,es to the Independence, tba
Mare Isiand re. elvlng ship.
An tnteresting report has b-en made to the De?
partment by Captaln Bofoley l>. Evana of the
battle-ahlp Indlana, relatlve to the target-prac
tlce on the trtp from Newp irt t,? Hampton Roada.
Only on- accldenl happened. a allght Injury to
the eyes of Enalgn Jos-ph BtrauM, cauaed by the
blail fr,,m one of the etght-lnch guns. Accordlng
to Captaln Evana'a report the practlce was ea ?> i
lent. only two ,,f th- thlrteen-lnch guna were
flred, th- ,,ther two belng Incapacltated on ac
oount ,,f defecta in th- rammers, whlch have alnce
been removed. of the other guns all were flred
wlth the exceptton of two one-poundera. Captaln
Evana reported that everythlng conneeted with
orilnanee whlch had anything to do wlth the
practlce functloned well The generai effect of
the flring on the ele-trloal flttings, etc, was prae
tically nothing. only ten electrlc-llgnt lumps
were br iken. It was found that after a thlrteen
lnch gun was flred the shoek eaused the turrel
to swlng aroiind a degree and a half. Tiier- waa
BO reoidl of the turret ln the dlrectlon of Its axls.
Th? mounta took up the *ec 'ii aatlsfactoiily. The
exhaust valve whlch permlts the escape of steam
ln the hydraullc apparatus of th- forward turret
falled to a.-t properly, and the exhaust valve ln
the aft thlrteen-lnch turret also falled to work
aatJafactorlly, None of the reporta recelved men
tlona the operatlon of the turret-turnlng ir ar. or
,.f the ammunltlon hotat, so lt ls preaumed by th?
Iiepartment ofllclals that lt performed K ?-> l Ber
vlce. Expeiimentl were made durlng Ihe prac?
tlce of the effect of the blast of the elght-lnch
guna on the thlrteen-lnch turrets and >n the (,fH
cers in the Btracture and the connlng-tow. rs.
The BUrgeon of the shlp. who was In the lonntng
tower, deacrlbea the effect of th- blast as ap
proachltiK that <>f a gale <>f win 1. Captaln Evana
stated that he flred the oight-lnoh ;runs at an
nngle ,f '. degreea wlthont damage, and that he
would have flred them ov.-r the t ip ,>f thethirte-n
lnch turreta had be not been afrald that th- blast
mlght Injure tho w >oden pilot-houae. Altogether
he la mueh gratifled with th- aetlon of the Indl
ana's battery and Its locatlon. The yractlce has
cauaed dlacuaalon as to the merlts ,,f 'he I icatlon
of the Indlana'a battery, and of that propoaed
for the Kearsarge and Kentucky.
rAPEns rnrrrD ON thi: boot or thh MAN taken
Th* BBlddbvaged mnn taken from Newtown Cr**k
Prlday nlght and who dli 1 a fevv mlnut*a later ls
now beUeved, from papera found in hla ro-k<t*, to
have l>*en the Bev. l.eonardo Sy.-yck, a Pollah
prlest, of Mllwuukea That the man waa und*r
the lnfluence of llquor when he fell into the creek
there la llttle doubc. as he hai Vlalted aeveral bar
rooma In the neighborhood of the brldge In th*
early part of the rvenlng. Among th* placea he
vtslted was the \\*n!te Houae, oppoatte the Mae
peth racr-courfe. Then h* went to M.-yenlx m's
jilace, at the Jun-tlon of Ifetropolltan-ave. and
Oraad-at, and had two drtoka of whbdtey. He dld
not seem to hav* mueh BBOney. N.\t he wfnt to
the barroom ol John Bruga and *xhiwte,l a roaary,
brevlary and Bcapular. .Mra. Bruga was in the j.iac*,
and th* man told her that he was a rn<->-t gnd
was KoinK to a ehurch '.n Maspeth. His money i ;
peare l to have been apenl by thls tlme, ai. I
gave Mrs. Bruga the hrevlary and a French fran ?
for two drlnks of whlsk-y. lt was 9 O'cloek wh. a
he left the saloon, Baylng that he lnter.de,] to nn
to afaapeth Aa bour Jat-r Captaln John Poley and
Cajitaln .lam.-s I'litran, In r harR* of canal-boata ln
the -r-r-k, were Rtartl-,1 by erlei for belp '-ftnliii;
frwtn the water. <'hnrles Williams, a motonnan
of a Grand-at trolb?y-car, who was croaalng the
Orand-at. brldge, also heard the erlea, and aaw
from the brldge railiiiK a man atniuKilnK in the
muddv water. Williams and the two eanal-bOfll
captalna went to hls reacue. A bidder wa? aecured
and pusheil down Into the mud, and. Wlth the a'l
of a. roi*-. they pulled ihe man from the water.
H- was then unconacloua, and they earrled hlm
to a saloon, where h- dled before th- arrival of the
ambulance from st. catharlne'a Ifoapltal. Th? pa?
pera and l,ooks In th- pooketa show-1 thal he had
been ordained at Lubllum, Poland, on June 20, 1870.
In the eariv part of inst year he was in Milwaukee
No or.*- ln Maspeth ,-ould be found who knew Ihe
l'rThe' Bev. Father Edward -I- kfcaoldrlch, of Bt.
Cecira's r'hiir.-h. in Herbert-at., yeaterday Informed
Coroner Xaaon thal he would defray the eapenaea
o' the pr:*sfs burlal, unleai frlenda or relatlv.
were found t? tak* chari<:e of the remalna rhe
body ls now In ihe undertaklng eatabllahment ol
the Coroner, at Franklln an.l India Bta.
The fur.eral of Feter Relyea took plare yeaterday
afternoon at th- Ontral Sfethodtat Bplaeopal
Chur-h. ln gouth Firth-st.. near Drlgga-ara The
Bev. \V. D. Thompaon, assisted by th* Hev. J. B.
Kandara uf Port Cheatar, and the Bev. J. U.
ctrmmburv Of N'orthport, I.?ng Ialnnd. were the
?Actattag clergymen. At tie Krav* m Qreenwood
"Vm. terv th*r- were impreaalve Baaonlc cere
mnnlea conducted by Worahlpful .lames s. rraeer,
r Amerl.'us l.odge No. US. F. and a. M. Among
"f ?ther mVm.ii.i- organlaatlona ln attendanca
?r* \ r-erl.-iis .'hapter N-. :V, It. A lf.. anl. th*
Maaonlc Veterana' Assodation of th* state of New.
Vork. _^_
The Ber Dr. D. (' ? hl>'- whl ?*? t*m B"*0'
b thi F rst Paptlst Church. at I.ee-ave. and Keap
i fvr' flfteen vears. wlll oelebrate the flftl-th
' nlver-arv of hls ordlnation on We.lnesday n-xt.
it I o'cloek in the evenlng a clertcal aupper will
' l ln the iecture-room of the church. whlch
Ih/nants pastors of the Long Isiand Asso-latlon
1 . . . Minl-ters' Assodation. of Brooklyn, Wlll
und lha Jiini . ..??,__ _H ,..
Bttend. At *>
-k the main celebratlon wlll I"
n,l tne ?????.?
the Lon* isla.
m'ki'i.way Tim coMMrrrn w-u
osr. wnmrxa to db hbabo
WILL uf. U8TKNKO to Tiinnr:.
When Fenntor Lexow annooneed yesterday
afternoon durir.g tha Qreater New-York la
c,iilry that the jolnt leglslatlve commlt:<-e would
eloaa Its hcnrlnRs In ltr,?,klyn with th- -urrent
Beaah n. a ajgh of rellef, notwlthstandlng tha
ir.tense interest felt on rhe r.uhj-et, was heard
on all Fid-s. Although the eommlttea dld aot
express Itaelf ln so many w ,r,ls. tbe Impres
sion was prevalent among tbe adh-rents l .
both sldes that they h-.ird rnougb, that fact
and logtc had done all that could ba done, and
now only remalned th- flnnl aetlon of the Legla
lature followlng the executlve dellberatloni of
the j.lnt committee, t i say whether or ar: ?-,"r"
should be ? Oraater New-Tork, and ccnaequent
obliteratlon of Brooklyn.
And BO It was that abcUt 3 o'cloek, when flve
conaoUdatlon argumenta had been heard.
the suggestlon came from I'r-:-! lent Matthowr. of
the ConaoUdatlon League, thal hla alde w.is
ready to Btop or go on. Benator Lexow Intl
mated broadly thal the argumenta, whlle varled
and atrong In treatment, mlghl atop wbere they
wera withoul harm to elther Blde, or he was
willlng t,? go on and us- up the remalnder of the
allotted tlme for tbe eonaolldatlonhita Mr.
Matthewa aald that ao far an golng on was con
c-rned. he had nt least tv.-rr y-rtv- Bpeakara
w/ho w.-r- ready lo be heard, but he dld not
conalder it abaolutely neceaaary, as be was wlll?
lng to lei the matter real whete it waa
When tha committee was called together by
Chalrman Lexow In the mornlng he announoed
thal on- eeealon of four houra would be held.
glvlng each side the uaual two h >ura to preaent
thrlr argumenta, Preaident Redfieid. of the
Loyal League, was on band early and preaented
a IUI of -ii- following apeakera: F. V. Whlte.
Pranklln Woodruff, w. A. Bhort of Blchroond
County; Rlchard B. Btorra. D. D.; Bt Clalr
McKelway, Davld A. Healy, w. II. Maxwell
Buperlntendent of Public Instruetlou: Henry
Henti, ex-prealdent of tn- Sew-York Cotton l'x
change, and Joaeph K ehler.
Mr. Matthewa preaented thi* !!st. of whlch. as
ln th- caae of the oppoaite alde, only few were
call-d upon: Andrew D. Beard, Sllas F. Dutcher,
Jamea McMahon, Oeneral J. V. Meaerole. Tlmothy
Perry, .1. D. K>IIey, ex-Clty Treaaurerj Oarvln
R. James. Donald Ayrea, Jamea Townaend. Mlra
beau I.. Towna Rufua F. Grlgga n. w. Bherrell,
Predeiick L'hlmann, Henry A. Meyer, JameaOaa
colne and John Olbb.
The Beaalon yeaterday was remarknb> ln the
matter of petltlona and communlcatlona llled
with the committee for future reference. Mr.
Redfieid Introduced aeveral petltlona and lettera
for th" furtheran..f hla cauae, among whlch
were a eopy of a real-? per contalnlng an
artlele, "is New-Tork N t Large Enough?" b
petltlon contalnlng 170 names algned by mer
chanta, bualneai men and manufa turen ? petl
ti n c ntalnlng 158 namea of men wh ? ha I
formerly voted f-r - maolldatlon, but were now ln
favor of reaubmlaslon, and ali one algni '
twenty raal-eatate d< alera pra ng for n
f; n. Th- p.r klyn Women'a StitTrage Aaao la
,, ., rompleti I Mr Bedfleld'a llat wlth a aerlea '
petltlona praylng ' r lh? homogenelty of Br k
lyn. Mr. Matthewa preaented i >me petltlona, to
Kriher wlth lettera of ivgrel from men he had
invited t. apeak on his Blde. but wh-. wera n
able to atten l
n. V. Whlte waa Intr ; i ? i by Prealdeat Red
Held as the flrat Bpeaki r. and began hy snvlng In
nnawer t,. u queatlon pr ;> unded by the ibalr
m.-in t , Mr. Coomba yeeterdaj lhal the Bve mu
nlclpalltlea were i r>t v tlng upon ihe queatl ,:i of
conaolldatl m ln ISM.
??I don'l rare." aald Mr Whltt, "h ?w th* people
v ite -n this queatlon ? ? l >ng bi they v te under
Btandtngly, and l in aay thal ao ' .r a- Benator
Qrady la concerned there wlll be no ralny-day
bualneaa aboul ihe n< xl ?? ?- ? the prlvllega i
granted ua " Mr Whlte c mtlmied by aaylng thal
the law aa II bI.i waa a remarkable on-. it was
a caae of whal he -. Il< I i lapei led anlmatlon.
Mr. Whlte conti n i i thal the acta ?fa prevloui
Leglalature were not n< 'eaaarlly reapecled by a
aubaequent b ? ly an l '? r thal re iaon the ;
of Brooklyn had no aaaurance thal they w ul I
not be BUbJected I i meaaurea, Bt the wlll of the
Leglalature, detrlmental and BUlclJal to Ihelr
public Intereata.
"Why. Mr. Chalrman." Mr Whlte aaked, "do
you i, il iix up a charti r an I aend it i i us for
.mr approval? lt ls onr rlght. Now, I object
; to the prop .l llmlia of the Oreal r New-Tork.
I,,.; the pe >ple have whal they asic for al Ihe
' next electlon, lf it c moa, \t ll ahould, bul why
ln common aenae, I v.irt to know. ah uld the
llmlta extend to Tompklnavllle, Bouth Oyater
Bay and Hempstead, unlesa It'a an pxcu - f r
j,,bs , n a ayatem of aewera and other unnecea
I aary Improvementa? 1 csnno* understand why
we ahould ever take ln the pntato patchea, the
cornflelda and moaqull rs of Bl lei laland and
Hempatead. Don'l make any mlatake, Brooklyn
ls In favor, nol ? f eoua lldatlon nor of antl-con
aolidatlon, bul of a chance to be heard agaln.
Benator Lexow That'a why we are here.
Mr. Whlti That'a what l am lalklng about.
Horace Qreeley, ln one of his aphoriama, said
that "when the common people "r ",M eountry
g ,t mad, Ihey gol damn mad." That'a what wlll
bappen bera lf 'he people are eoerced. You gen
tlemen, Mr. Chalrman, go on the theory of a
popular expreaali n of government, lettlng tbe
people declde for themaelvea, and you wll! make
no mlatake,
The Rev. I'r. St rrs, ln addreaslng tbe corn
mtttee, aald thal he waa nol flnally commltted
ln hls own mlnd, whether conaoUdatlon or n-t
was the beal thlng. Bul on tbe queatlon of re
Bubmlaaalon he was aa aolld ns the County
Courthouae. "Bo 'ar ai I am concernad." said
j,r gj . ISi "and my frlenda, we have never ac
? cepted the vote ,.f ivit any more than an ex
presaion of oplnlon."
St. Clalr McKelway was ihe next spcakcr.
Mr. McKelway made a long and able plea, and
one whl, h waa llatened t,. wi.h deep attentlon
by the committee, an l withoul Interruptkm. It
was in part ai f Howa:
The compllment and InvlUtkMB of some of your
menbers however, acqult me of Intrualon and affora
to m- opportunlty lo aay thal I aupporl tha aentl
ment of thoai Brooklynltes who aak for a reaub
mNslon or ii r<-f*ien,iuin <>f the matt.r Ol COnBOllaa
tioii to the vot. rs <,f this city. by th.- Leglalature of
the Btate The prefermeni of this requrai by a con
?<derable number of Ihe people anVct-d and con
,,,,,,! ihiiu <l li aeema to me, ba an Impreaalva
facl tn its.lf. It ahould be a fact whlch othera
shoulil b?- il.-siroiis of Kriinting. nol .pil-k lo resent or
glad to deny. 1 could nol comfortably contemplata
,i Drouosltion to refuae aucb a requeat, :f th- decl
aionof it ;--;.d i n me l ahould feel thal 1 bad de
prlved a man or a dty >,f aometblni akm to a
natural rlghl ,
ln ndi ell aa on n hlnge polltlcal deatlnlea have
turne! and the future can be made ^s Blantncani
w.th BucceBaea and w.th funeraia her- as Ihe past
has been noade for atateamen aml f?r partlea aii
n -iii revoliitloiia ln th.:. Sl.it- have had their lnllla
tlv* in Hrooktvn. H.-re vv IB the 111"' Bchool for gen?
erai free edueatlon eatabllahed in thi.-- eountry?not a
iiioek from where I atand. In thl? city now ls the
aecond aeademy founded and chartered ln thla
state by the Board of Regenta in the inter.-*t <>f
ii gher edueatlon. .
I a^k for a reaubmlaslon or for refereadam be
eauaa li is a Ume-honored Ameriean recouree.
S.av.-rv waaab liahed only by rapealed resiibmlsxlon
,,: ih- .-.?- -,,;i.i tjueatlon In laaue fr,,m the eandl
,1.f \ ,in Buren and Adama In ims to Hai of
Llncoln ar.d liamiin In IMe, Tweivi /eari of reaub
mlafllon or ,.f referendum, nona the leaa r-al hecause
Informa! waa bad. Th- effecl even th-n far ..utran
ihe ntent. Th. Intent was only :> ,-or.fln* human
bondage to prefcrlbed llmlts. The effect was tbe
fr*edom of a race, the emanclpatlon of labor and the
rebaptlam of tha rc-pulilc into the _ljry ui huuioii
rlghta. All the war nmendments to aeeure the po
lltlcal and moral reaultr. of the war were rejerted
by a aufflclrnt number of leglslature*. to rompel tha
repeated aubmlaakin of them 10 such k-glsiaturvis.
if i mlBtake not. Boch Sl itea aa < ihlo, ?*'wjJ?f,,?-Bf
New-Jeraej voted to retnln the word ??>"*???
race reatrletlon on auffrag. in thelr eonatliutlona.
bul h id lo vote lt oul at Iaal under the force of re
aiibmlBBlon of the queatlon to thelr ?otera.
ft is ,-, parl . f hlatory thal the lasue of the rJecla
ratlon of Independence by the conventlon whlch
adopted it wa. onlj reached hy a reBUbmlaelpn ot
tha Informally negatlved propoaltton tojaaue lt, on
the demand of Dr. vVltherapopaa of ?*?'"'-J?0"p.!'1i
Reaubmlaalon or referendura I* an ^??nortaJ
habli of hlgh clvlllaatlon. Wherever there to a
wrong th.-r- is a remedy. vVherever there la a
grlevance there I. a hearlng. Wkerever thetwlaa
mlsrepreaentatlve reault. there La a reeubmbwlon.
n la onlv a local queatlon now. Therefore, oetter
granl lt for the I.Ilty affected royeta not. yei
wlll not njeel the duty of making II a queatlon
declalve of Btate and Natlonal eontenUona.
.;.:.,! men. tha plaln people of Brooklyn ov*r 11
and wtoh to preaerve lt. They r?r?wat - njan
hood. the labor and that adinlrable mlddle^laaa
Who ar- th- salt of the earth. They aell what the>
own. They own whal they buy. hiey ar*,.there
for- not real ratate apeculatora who netth.-r own
nor'hold whal they aell or buy. but """rTron
phenated vlbratora, for a commlaalon or for a con
tlderatlon, between the property of eetuol ,?wn'"
and Ihe money of Intendlng l""-'-ha"':r*pa -*?? ,iir
Hr- theae plaln people legal or oth-r a*W?8ga>
"r of the money of othera. They earn thelr own
money and when they depaalt lt ln bonka or truat
Fompanfe. ihey do nol lar down a "frtfW on
thelr manhood wlth It. and they do no tr.k ognlae
the rlght of bank offleera to Blgn away thelr aenti
ment."when .1-..nVere mA'J??*J2
namea. "A man'a a man for a' that." and ever> n an
I. m Brooklyn the polltlcal peer ?.f mnniBl???t
or of every lot boomer. our people thlnk it uia
orderly thal InBtltutlon. lhat owe to ?"?*'?%?"
ihe nroaperlty they hav. recalved should le.i 1 ln a
movement to extlngulsr, Rrook yn. They do not
;:.,e-, thV N.w V.tli Wlll pay onr d*k? ? bMT
o?r burdena. and they know of no manljr man and
of no mar.li Ity thal ae thelr r!Khta or dod.e
Selr reaponalblllllea for dlrty money no ????
how hlgh II be heaped. Manhood countalfor more
Pban moneyhood here. and whether we hepooror
rlch we ar. , ? tl. f r conqueal n ?r for aaitejAn I
aald on another and In ? leaaer crlal. of BrMMyna
ir. when Brooklyn maRnlfl antly reaponded to rn>
?';. "itrooklvn for the rlghl and tbe r ght for
Brooklyn." ao wlll I noa confldently add: "Brook
|>n for and by Brooklynltea forevermorel
Henry Henta. ea-prealdent of the New-Tork
Cotton Eachange. aald durlng the courae of hla
remnrka thal he voted agalnal eonaolldntlon ln
ivii. Bb he underal.I, aa dld many other ettl
iena nf Brooklyn, thal the vote was merely
Informal, and nol Intended to be conaldered aa
blndlng. H- dld nol thlnk lhat eonaolldntlon
would help the clty In the leaat Brooklyn was
doirtf very well alone, and eould Just ns well
rontlnue to m mag ? ln r 01 n affalre. "I ho;-."
uld he, "thal the Leglslature wlll n-.t make
ua unwllllng cltlaena of New-Tork. Olve ua
another chan. - We wlll nol klck on the re
BU? | ..... p, ny rure thal eonaolldntlon would
?oi brlng th* progreaa here thal the frlenda
of. -m ct. Wc wo?id g-t a atrny
-. or two thrown ?t ua from New-Tork, and
thal ? ,;'..) |.. aboul all." Mr. Henta aald 'hat
Ild nol egr** wlth th- argument thnt con
anlldatlon would n.Baarlly lower tnx-s. II
waa :i taapa) - of New-Tork, and na such was
quallfled I ? Judg ??
Wllllam A Bh ?rt. of RI hm-m-l Countjr, and
j ,. | n r Koehler mnde ahort addreaaea, and
? ' , ,. ... | ?. ? k| n Woodruff. who made
? Hjueni proteal agnlnal conaoUdntlon un
leaa ihe people had another ehance lo aapreaa
ihelr win. He aald thal had the 18M vote been
,,,.!.-.,,...! t?, be flnal n t 16.000 rotera| would
have ,..*t Ihelr ballotB In favor ot lt. T sa>
h.ntlnued "II I b m atnke I ? any ttat there
ls i.. ;..ii. ? blll II i" far better thnt,
i:.; . ,. .,? .-. ImlnlBtratl n. war be declnred. >i
?.-!.. aenl d-wn lo flghl ?n Vene*uela. { can
aaeure you. Mr Chalrman. that If thla blll be
romea a li.? ?? ?< Republlcnn candldata
will i ?? burlH under 60.800 vote*.
Mr l. aow here Interrupted and gav* Mr.
\v. druff a t.-.iM ealllng d .wn for brlnajInB ?"eh
., threal bef i ? tb committee. "Don't you
thlnk." aald he. "thal any legl.lat r who would
be Influeneed bj a threal au h as you make
would be a ward ' There wa* ?PPJ*"* ?"?
,-heera ai this Bnd when lt had Bubalded Mr.
Woodruff .all aar-ai ' ??? ,'"', wa? "'?'
banklng on threal H wa. 'ImplrjjMtlnf
his vlewa ,.:, the queatlon. "If . ou do paaa thla
lot" rald h" "1 thlnk : ??? wlll Bnd my Btate
M7;;,,,i',:,,t':", qM.,,..,, r Scnator Leaow ..to
whether he ti, i.ghl he waa ualng^good judgmenl
ln dragging p dltlca Inl
the dli uBBlon
.....IriifT nald: "V u ean'l keep II out."
Buperlntendenl Maxwi II. ' the clty Bcboola, In
dulged larg-ly In Btatlstlcr. rndeavorlng to abow
? ,ng eomparlnon between the -cho la of
Bi Kikl; .. and N w-Tork In ravor of the former
clty. 11- wanted ll underal ?d that be dld not
,???. ftl a reprcaentatlvc of the Board of Educa
tion II- look the Health Commlaaloner a reporta
on the Iaal -ensui and ahowed thnt Sew \orka
??,??., ? wa, ,.9,0.395. whlle Br, dclyn-B w.a
I.1W,. The roglater of pupllB ??;?" ;?:"?' "'; ?
Sew-Vork on O lobcr 31 Iaal had is,.4..i. >-<
itSri 118251 for Brooklyn. There BgureaMr
MaxwellBald. ahowed lhat the ratlo of chlldren ln
the publlc achoola of New-Tork waa one to ten.
and on the conlrary. wlth leaa oopu atlon ln
Bro. klyn the ratlo waa only one to nlne. Thla
Bhowa. sald Mr Maxwell. thal the a hool ayatem
of Brooklyn la better than thal of Ni*'w>,'ri7; .
Benator Orndy anld: "Do you k.va out of
^MaKSf^'aT Ii":-'!'-.. by replyln. lhat
h.- dld, bul as a matter of fact l****"?*
Kr.-ai.-r proportlon of pupllB ln the poroehlul
ochoolB of Brooklyn than New-Yorn.
Mr. Orady: "Buperflclal clrcumatancea pr- w
dMr!^2iwell aald In replyi 'Thnt nmy be.
?,nt ?.- .I.. nol renuire BUperBjct.1 circum
",?-"" ,i...,:?i..- breath hedeclared thnt
Brooklyn hadbulll .no.--'"!.!?'"? '^*h""
ln any prevloua year of hei ealatence, and tba
'?. ichool ayatem of New-Tork w*. th. mo.
anllqunted one ln the country aad the worat
-ivsi.'m. Rlght here a aharp tllt c*?eo?; fj
tween Benntor Orady and Mr. Muaw.ll n r*
trard to tr:.- reiatlve ayatema prevnhml In Rrook
iyn nnd In New-Tork.
Stiia B. Dutcher, prealdent of the Hamllton
Trual Company, opened the arajumant for the
eonaolldntlon alde. Ha anld that when he
rame to Brooklyn thlrty-flve yeara aajo. n. be
,..??,. a untonlal and bad remnlned one ever
alnce He .rwued lhat he dld not a** hovr,
wi,u.,?. ttione?! Ihe Clty of Brooklyn *vM
hope to attaln tbe Importnnce whlch her slze
Bhmild gunrantee her. and for thal reaaon lt
H,:.m,-l .' i.in, tha. no annemnn eould reaaon
Mr. John I.yn h. a bttllder, aald that he was op
poaed to reaubmlaalon becnuee II waa mtlrely un
Amerl-an. 11- oppo?ed a i.-f-tendum alao on the
ground lhal any queaUon arlslng later whlch
mlght w irk b?rm, wouM b* Uken ear* of aa the
emercency nrlghl nrlae. Mr. Lynch etted armi
nSnta brought forth by st. Clalr McKelwny, Dr.
Biorraand othera, thnt the v ?te of the l*.t Legla
lature wus atalr and would have no bearlng on
any future body He though. thal jueh eora- I
m Hts came unamcloualy fr,,.ii men wh<> dld not
Ki\e wllllngly theoutalda town* whooppoaedcon
s lldatlon to Brooklyn a ehance to aa) whether |
'th,--. wanted ... come In >.r not.
Jam.s D Kelley, ex-Clty Tre**?r.r, aald that.
, n 1>-cember II, I8M. Br -klyn was wlthln t2.m.- j
goo oi h.-r borrowlng caoa -Itv. T*"rtmlmton of ;
Flatland. on the followlna day added t>M.8M t..
ber borrowlng capaclty, nu.i thal runnlng ai.mg
t,. the preaei | day -he was wlthln J-'.">0i).i?)0 of her
debt llmlt, v.-ith more thm t89.0o9.000 In ban 1? pr...
vlded for by Ibe Leglelature witii no poaalble
,.,.., n ui band i.v wh'ch Bh* can b rrow more
t.um 82.000,000 untll Ibe nrweaeora meet agraln
neai fnlL H- aald that b* waa oppoaed to the
coneoHdatli n of the amall towna becauaa he felt
thnl conaolldatlon wlth New-Tork wa. Innvltabl., j
hla llne of argiiment bdnf tb.l an enormous
aajjuiit of u-rrliori' wae aJd-J wlthout auMlclent I
Brooklyn. N. V. *?> f_)Tl\AU5
Our unexampled sale of new and high class
Furniture begins its second week to-morrow with
unimpaired attractiveness, for values are as re
markable as ever. No one contemplating the
purchase of Furniture, either for present or pros
pective wants should fail to call during this week
?the sooner the better. Visitors are surprised how
mueh can be obtained for so little money. Deliv
eries made as promptly as possible.
China Closets. i Side Boards.
Large. wlth glasa top, back and ahelves.
Mahogany?regular pri-e n.voo.77.0)
Oak?regular prlce
Oak, wlth glass top, wood shelves,
Regular jirlce.5S.50 52.50 45.00 24.7",
Speclal Prlce.39.00 3.',.00 30.00 10.75
Oak and mahogany, carved wood tops,
Kegular price.52.00 45.00 63.00 85.00
Speclal Prlce.35.00 30.00 45.00 CS.00
< lak Buffet, wlth Incloaed glass sllv-r closet,
Hegular prlce C3.00.42.00
Oak Corner Closet, glass back, two compart
Regular pric-.63.00 55.00 21.00 22.00
Regular prlce.45.00 50.00 60.00 78.01
Speclal Prlce.38.00 42.00 48.00 60.00
Kegular prlce.90.00 and 115.00
Speclal Prlce.73.00 and 43.00
Regular prlce.73.00 100.00 145.00 193.00
Speclal Pr'cc.C0.00 60.00 113.00 133.00
Speclal Prlce.42.00 35.00 21.00 14.00
Oak cohbler reat Roek-rs.2.48
Mahogany flnish cobbler Bockera.2.4S
Upholatered seat Bockera In lapestry, corduroy.
Damaak and BrocateU.?that wera 4.50..2.9s
Same style wlth arm--w-re
Illrd'a eye maple Bockera, hlgh back, cobbler
lilrd's Kye Maple Tables, round tops?were
7.00 .3.98
Quarter-d Oak Tables?fancy tops, were
C.50 .3.48
Mahoganv Pirilsh Tables -fancy tops, wer?*
6.60 .3.48
Quarter?d Oak Tables. oblong tops wlth lower
chelf -were 4.00.1.M
Extension Tables.
Mahogany and oak, round and square, 8 and
10 feet.
Regular prlce.24.00 37.00 42.00 43.00
Speclal Prlce.19.00 30.00 25.00 23.00
Regular prlce.
Oak and Mahogany Side Tablese
.00 3,1.00 33.00 1 Regular prlce.33.00 45.00
Bpeclal Prlce.15.00 22.00 ll.OO 26.00 I Speclal Prlce.
23.00 20.00 40.00
Furnltura?3j floor.
at less than half value,
We soid Furs at ruinous prices this season,
but this purchase surpasses every record, The
assortment is larger, and in point of quality and
flnish, of the highest ordercannot be better. Fur
dealers have been taught such a lesson by this
season's reverses. that there is every reason to
beiieve there will be no such overproduction next
year nor thereafter, and prices will therefore be
mueh hi^her. Are any stronger arguments needed
than the following quotations:
e*t Bl
as ab
110 tO
atlk l'
Sealakln Jacketa, long and ahort now
?evea, collar and sklrt:
Formerly 850.00; n >w 12500.
Formerly 800.00; now 150.00.
F rmerly 880.00; now 175.00.
Lamb Jacketa, extra quality. ?ame style
Kormerlv 180.01; now 80.00.
Formerly 800.00; now 100.00.
Mink Clrcular Capee, 30, 83, 86 Ins. long.
125 ins. aweep, fancy and plaln br n ade
I-'.rmerlv 250.00; now 11000.
p ? n -il- 311 K); n"vv 160.00.
Formerly 2? >; D iw 14.1.
Alaaka. Bealakln Capes. extra full sweep, varloua
lenirths from 24 to 36 ins.. fancy brocade lln
Formerly 130.00; now 75 00.
Formerly l^o.oo; row fo.oo.
Formerly 280.00; now 140.00.
Perslan Lamb Oape*, extra full awe*p, flneat
selec.e i sklns. fine brocada silk llnlngs:
Formerly 90.00; BOW 45.00.
Formerly 160.64; now S0.O-).
Formerly 200.00; BOW 100.00.
All of our fancy ahort ann medium length CapeB
anl Collarettea wlll be elosed out at great ra?
ductl ?ns.
run? 24 floar.
m. 1.
aaaeeaed valuatlon to compenfate for the extra
:",:;:.'.--'\v Chauncey created aome amuaemcnt
by telllng how lan.rp ratlona pay ???'??
menta lr. Sew-York Inatead of Brooklyn. He
plted the De Kalb Avet ?;?? Ralli ?ad aa on* ??
these and he ala.. s.-.id thal tho Brooklyn Ware
houTe Company paya tax on >30...000 ln New
Tork and from th- day that Mr. Woodruff
ehaniied ht? mlnd on the c nsolldatlon qu-stion
he had no further Intereat In Brooklyn property
I;,- ,,,,. queatlon of consolldatl. 11. Mi'- Chaun -y
aald thal II waa the unpatrtotlrm I theae large
IntereatB ln paylng their taxea b roaa the rUer
th.u placed Brooklyn In euch a aerioua flnanclal
pre 1! am-iit.
Mayor Ol. ison a; ; ared at thla m iment bi I
the crowd, recognlalng him. broke Into ap
plauaeand cheera Mr. Oleaaon modeatly bowed.
Addreaalng Chalrman Leaow, he aaked i; tb?
committee Intendcd l i all In any other city, to
Whlch the chalrman replled thal that had not
been declded yet. Mr. Oleaaon said:
The people of Long laland City dedared their ln
tenrio/Tb. ??? -f ;!r:!!?;;;;r"^r,;,Vhe
Ithe rVhV- -iv ln the gtate, ona lerlrg Ita a a*
but lf w" are called upon to pay any parl of the
i ir ,f liroVklvr. or N-.v-Vork. 1 ahould opi."pn
lloUJatlon Hut1 know the Leglalature w.u ba falr
an I Kive ui just lawa
Mr Oleaaon created ? laugb by referrlng to
the irlcked eorporatlona In Long l?l*nd city
Hiul Brooklvn that went orer t,, New-Tork and
awore o? on their taxea there. saylng thal they
pnid tax.- acroBB the rlver. "And whenl called
attentlon to thls fact In New-York, he ?m
tlnued. "the Long Isiand Ballroad made their
offlcea ln what ls known as the roundnouae ln
Jamalca. Jual In order to evade paylng taaea."
At thla polnt it waa mutually agreed to end
the hearing, and Chalrman Lexow cloaed the
aeaalon by announclng that there would i.ne
more hearlng ln Albany before the Leglalature
took flnal aetlon. and that. lf any one wani-d to
he heard. they had the prlvtlege of apeaklng in
Albany. m_
hr ayantT fi?'?i T1IB BBDtUDH \viii:n- hf had
Natbaa Reaeabarg, aerentaen yeara oid. attempted
?ulclde yesterday by Hhoot.ng and ls now In the
iiotnoeopathlc llospltal ln B cntl-al condltlon.
Teung Roaanberg*a home la at n<> 68 nayd-at At
noon yesterday the boy'l moth-r dl-,t from Brlght'8
I'.ls.-nse, and her death ao prr yed upon young Ivosen
herg'a mlnd that he '..erame tcmporarlly Insanc, and.
le&vtng the badchamber, went Into another room
an.l ahot hlmaelf.
Thr-e montha ntfo Mrs. Roaenberg beCBUM lll The
bay wn" xor>' r""'''1 attacbad to hia aaother, an.t
was conatantly at her lie.lside praylng for her re
covery. A week ago, when the doctors told the fam?
lly that the woman could not get well. Nathan at
once Krew despond. nt. M.-.". Roaenberg *aw the
sorrow of tf^r BOO. and trled to cheer hlm. hut K
waa no use. "If you are golng to leave ua." BU
rrled, "l want to go too."
Mra Roaenberg told the boy that he ahould not
talk that way, and should want to llve for hls father
and slster und llttle brother'a BttUe.
Vv lien Mra KoaenberK was dylng the llttle famlly
stood Bt bar hedsl.le She l.atle th.-m each un affec
tlonate fOCdby, and ar. the llfe left I. ir body tlt- boy
?tood Baatog upon her face autfoalena Ha then
? ret aaatarif upon the body. and after ra.aing his
mother , head In hla arm. he klsaed the llpa an.l
burst into teara. Afterward he left the room. and a
miauta uiw a ?Utol ahot wa* haaxd. Mr. Roicnben
An Old Fashioned
Lamp is sometimes more attractiva
than one of recent productlon, but tha
demand for the latest fashion compela
us to .sacrifice excellent good?, there.
fore we offer
50 Beautiful Lamps,
The Prlce. of Whlch Wa
Cut in Two.
Theae Lampa Are Vahted i-'rom 9&50 t>> $l.".n<?,
ar.d Wlll B* Sold at
Half Price.
Si iNiini Ploar, Utrga Annex, Front
Ovington Bros.,
Flatbuah Aveane, Junetloa Fulton Street,
?=-=- j_
an.l hls dauKhter mn to the room and dlaco\ered th*
boy lylng on tba BOor ln a pool of Mood.
Nctghbor. were soon on the a.-ene. and a call waa
aenl to th* Momoeopathlc Hoepltal for an ambu
lanca auraeon. The boy waa conaoloua. When aaked
by his fatber wny he had trted to klll himaelf, ha
anawered,.fntntly: "I lovcd motber too well, father,
10 Hva wlthout her." He then aank Into lnaenal
tullty. When the amLiilance arrlved he waa taken
10 the hoapltal. There an attempt waa made to ex
trnct th<- l.iillel. liiu wlthout BUec.aa. The revolver
had N-n found by the boy ln I'roapeot Park laat
Rlchard Matth.'wa. a rr>. kery merchant In Near
York. dlcd at the home of hla d.tughter. Mra. Rob?
ert*. of No. 42o ITnlQU at-. yeaterday. Rlchard Mat
?hewa whi waa aeventy yeara old. waa a well
known Mason. He llve.l ln Brooklyn for twenty
v,.,ira. and had many frlenda. The funeral eer
Vlcea wlll he held to-morrow afternoon. J8e ******
bera of Zeredatba Lodge. No. im f. .nd A. M, will
bt- pr.-ser.t.
The follawlng rontrlbutlona to the fund of tha
Hoanltal Batard*y and Sunday Aaaoclatlon of Rrook
'yn have been announced by tho treaaurer: Pr*?
vloualy acknowb-dgrd. $2.31* IS: ?*** Richardaon.
$;,. -Urooklyn I?a11y Tlmea." f). Jnhn 8. McKeon,
|15; Roaa rttr^et Fresbyterlan Church, $3.'.. Itoaa
Street Freahvterlan Sunday-achool. !?.'>. C.erman
Kartytertin PYledenaklrcbe. fi: South yongrega
tlonal Church. HS0; Mra. J. N. Brinamade. g*St.
Ann'" Church. PM*>; Bath Low. St. Ann'*. $100;
Becond I'nltartan Church. HT97: rhurch of the Fll
*rim? 1188ftl: employee of J. H. w llllama 8 ( o.,
S5 70; Wlllow Flace Chapa* (additlonal). 120, Hrook
Ivn Soclrty of the X?w Church. I2SK.,; New-1 ora
Produoa Kxchange. 1M0: New-Tork Cotton fe-x
,-hanne (through H. Ilentz>. 17.*. Flrat Preabytertan
Church. tli'7 31; Klrst ITaltartan Society. $18. M;
Memorial Preobytertan Church, 878 21, ChrlBt
Church. ati ?; total, Ji.m af.
Strphen B. Havllan l. a wol'.-lmown bullder. whe
to* many yeara llved at Na. Ml Cllnton-at., dled
veaterday. Mr. Hjvlland waa ixirti in 1K4. and at
aa aarly ag* waa marrled. He had been a llfelong
Kepublican, but had never UUtea any actlve part la

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